The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 19, 2013 on Y&R

The citizens of Genoa City grieved Katherine's death. Nick and Avery decided to proceed with their wedding plans, and Faith acted out. Sharon plotted to stop the wedding. Carmine stalked Lauren. Hilary conspired with Mason.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 19, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, August 19, 2013

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine's family and friends gathered after each received a postcard instructing them to gather together the evening Katherine had scheduled to return from a whirlwind trip to exotic locales. Thunder crashed, lightning illuminated gloomy skies, and a fierce wind howled as a storm hovered over Genoa City. After a power failure darkened the home, candlelight and flashlights were put into use to examine the messages Katherine had penned on the each recipient's postcard.

Jill became anxious when Katherine and Murphy failed to show up at the appointed meeting time. Chloe said that if she'd visited each of the well-known destinations, she'd be eager to share her adventures in person. Victor replied, "Doesn't this seem to all of you like a dream trip? I mean this is the kind of adventure you look forward to all your life."

Jill claimed she knew what Katherine had meant by mailing the cards. Nikki implored Jill to elaborate. Lily, Cane, Chloe, and Devon were startled by a particularly loud clap of thunder. Kevin arrived late and noted that heavy rain had delayed him. He asked about Katherine. Victor said that Jill was just about to share her theory about why Katherine hadn't yet arrived. Jill said, "I was just remembering something. Let's just wait for Katherine. She can shed light on all of this." As soon as Jill completed her statement, the power was restored, and the lights came on. Guests were somewhat relieved, but Jill seemed troubled.

Jill recalled a conversation she'd had with Katherine many years before. Jill said that she'd shared with Katherine a list places around the world that she'd visit if she had the money to travel. Katherine had noted that she had the money but not the time. Jill remembered that Katherine had vowed to someday travel around the world and see places she'd never before visited. Lily asked where Katherine had wanted to travel. Jill explained that Katherine had mentioned seeing the Seven Wonders of the World and all the places represented by the postcards. Kevin said, "She finally did it. That's pretty cool."

Jill became upset and cried, "Katherine has been jetting around the world, closing out her bucket list." Jill explained that a bucket list was comprised of things a person wished to do before dying. Tears streamed down Nikki's face, but she maintained her composure. Jill explained that Katherine's mysterious summonses had given her an ominous feeling in the pit of her stomach. Nikki insisted that Katherine had merely decided not to wait any longer to make her dreams come true. Victor agreed and noted that Katherine had merely savored her travel experiences. Nikki added that when Katherine shared her travel adventures, she'd add details that pictures could never match.

Esther peered out a window and announced that Mrs. C's limo had arrived. Everyone but Jill seemed relieved. Devon opened the door and welcomed Murphy home. Everyone greeted Murphy, and he asked about Neil. Lily explained that her dad was in London on business. Victor asked Murphy about Katherine. Murphy said, "I'm afraid my wife won't be joining us." Tears welled in Jill's eyes. Murphy noted that Katherine's trip had been everything she'd hoped it would be and more. Murphy added, "We traveled the globe, taking in all its wonders."

Each family member and friend mentioned the exotic locale pictured on his or her postcard. Murphy noted that Katherine had fully experienced all that each destination had to offer. Everyone laughed when Murphy described how Katherine had "zip-lined the Eye of the Jaguar in the Sacred Valley." Jill asked, "Where is she now, Murphy?" Murphy continued describing Katherine's adventures and noted that they had dined with Tucker during a stop in Hong Kong.

Guests laughed when Murphy shared the story of Katherine singing her favorite songs at a karaoke bar in Macau, which had been their last stop. Later at the hotel, Murphy explained, Katherine had closed her eyes and slept peacefully because her journey was over. He solemnly added, "She died in her sleep that night."

Jill sobbed softly. Nikki burst into tears. Victor seemed stunned. Murphy comforted Jill by placing his hand on her shoulder. Cane embraced Lily, and tears filled Devon's and Kevin's eyes. Murphy told the grieving family members and friends that he had been with Katherine when she drew her last breath. "There was this smile on her face," Murphy noted. Devon couldn't believe that his grandmother was dead. Kevin cried, "It's impossible. Mrs. C was going to live forever!"

Murphy said that he'd already contacted other family members outside of Genoa City. Jill realized that Katherine had known all along that she was dying. Murphy explained that Katherine had learned in April that she was dying, though she'd claimed that her brain surgery had been successful. Jill became upset and cried, "God! You selfish witch! Oh, God! How could she do this to me?" Jill sobbed pitifully. Murphy told Jill that Katherine's decision not to tell her family that she was dying had been made out of kindness and consideration.

Esther admitted that they all would have fussed and fretted over Mrs. C had they known. Victor said, "I think Katherine wanted our last memory of her to be of that strong, indomitable force of nature that she was and that we all loved." Jill angrily noted that she had a right to be angry because she and the others had been robbed of spending time with Katherine. Jill told Murphy that only he and Tucker had been fortunate enough to be with Katherine during her last days. Murphy noted that Katherine had carefully considered everyone's feelings and had planned everything in detail.

Murphy gave Nikki a letter from Katherine to read. Victor stood beside Nikki as she verbalized Katherine's last thoughts to her beloved family members and friends. Katherine wrote, "There will be plenty of time for speeches and sharing moments at the party you're going to have in my honor, and it is going to be a doozy! There will be time for serious matters, too. Now it's time to take me to my final resting place, and as you do, I want you to remember that you're not getting rid of me this easily. I won't be there with you, but I'll be watching from another room."

After Nikki finished reading the letter, Murphy said, "Let's take Katherine on her final journey." Murphy instructed everyone to think about the spirit of hope and determination Katherine had in abundance. He added that they should think about life and the moments they shared with Katherine whenever they thought about her. Thoughts of Katherine, in flashbacks of happy memories, made everyone smile. Victor raised his glass of champagne and said, "All right, everyone, to Katherine!" Others joined in the toast to honor their beloved Katherine Chancellor.

At Sharon's, Nick sat quietly while Faith napped in his lap. Sharon, with her head propped upon Nick's shoulder, pretended to sleep. Avery peered into Sharon's house through a window and seemed puzzled by what she saw. Nick was unaware that Avery had returned from her trip. A loud crash of thunder awakened Faith. Sharon quickly rose and answered a knock at the door. Avery entered and explained that the power was out at the tack house and that she'd just discovered the note Nick had left for her. Nick tightly embraced Avery.

Sharon said she had thought Avery's flight would have been delayed until the following day. Avery grinned and replied, "Obviously." Sharon seemed disappointed, and she asked about Phyllis. Avery explained that Phyllis' condition hadn't improved and that her recovery would likely be a long process.

Nick told Avery that he'd stopped by Sharon's to check on Faith, who'd had a tummy ache. While Nick hugged Faith, Sharon glared at Avery. After Nick and Avery left, Faith asked, "What's wrong, Mommy?" Sharon replied, "Nothing that Mommy can't fix, if she tries hard enough." Sharon found Nick's forgotten jacket and held it close to her body. She answered a knock at her door and greeted Noah.

Sharon explained that she had Nick's jacket because he'd stayed with her and Faith during the storm. Noah encouraged his mom to call him if she needed help. Sharon noted that Nick was close and that Faith enjoyed seeing her father. Faith interjected, "Mommy and Daddy were sleeping together!" Noah studied his mother's face for a reaction. Sharon explained that after Nick played a game with Faith, she'd fallen asleep in her father's lap. Sharon added that she, too, had dozed off.

Noah directed Sharon's attention to the screen of his laptop and showed off the photos he'd taken at the Multiple Sclerosis Benefit. Noah was proud that his photos had been published by Sohphisticate, an online magazine. Sharon praised her son's photography skills. Sharon noticed a photo of Nick and Avery and said, "Tremendous, really." Noah said he would consider pursuing photography. Sharon encouraged her son to do so because he seemed to have an eye for composition. Noah said he wanted to show the photos to his dad and offered to return the jacket. Sharon said she'd return the jacket herself, so Noah could spend time with Faith. Noah agreed.

After Sharon left, Noah found the photo of Nick, dressed in his tuxedo, that she'd claimed was meant for Faith. Noah showed the photo to Faith and asked if their mom had shown it to her. Faith shook her head, indicating that she hadn't seen the photo. When Faith went to her room to find another game, Noah found Sharon's Notice of Traffic Violation that was dated July 22, 2013, the night of Nikki's MS Benefit. Noah seemed troubled as he studied the photos of his mother printed on the form, denoting that she'd run a red light.

By the time Nick and Avery returned to the tack house, the power had been restored. Avery told Nick that she'd left Phyllis in good hands with Daniel, who'd promised to call if there was a change in his mother's condition. Avery was pleased with the flowers, champagne, and candles Nick had set in place to welcome her home. Nick offered to prepare something for Avery to eat. Nick noted that Sharon had delivered groceries because she feared Nick wouldn't survive while Avery was out of town. Avery sighed and said, "How thoughtful of her."

After Avery and Nick shared a meal, she told Nick that Summer had stopped by to visit Faith. Avery told Nick that Summer had also hoped to see him because she still felt a closeness. Avery noted that there were all types of families that shared unique relationships. Avery sadly explained that she and Phyllis had been estranged for years and that they might never be able to heal their rift. Avery told Nick to be firm, persistent, and loving if he hoped to mend his relationship with Summer.

Avery turned off the lights. Nick removed Avery's blouse, and the two reclined on the sofa, kissing. The couple made love in the candlelit room. Afterward, a knock on the front door sent Avery and Nick scurrying to locate their clothes. Nick slipped into his trousers, but Avery wrapped a blanket around herself. When Nick opened the door, Sharon marched in. Seemingly unfazed by Avery's state of undress, Sharon cheerily said, "I didn't interrupt anything, did I?" Avery rolled her eyes, put on Nick's shirt, and asked Sharon why she'd stopped by.

Sharon said that she'd returned Nick's jacket. Nick told Sharon that she shouldn't have bothered returning it. Sharon was eager to mention that Nick had helped her when she sprained her ankle on the stairs. Avery pointed out that Sharon's ankle seemed fine. Nick took the jacket from Sharon and went upstairs to put it away. Avery thanked Sharon for looking after Nick. Sharon noted that she'd have a reason to stop by because she and Nick shared children together. Avery seemed worrisomely puzzled by Sharon's strange behavior.

After Sharon returned home, Noah told his mom about finding the photo of Nick she'd claimed was for Faith. Noah added that Faith had said she'd never seen the photo. Noah asked, "What's going on, Mom?" Noah showed his mom the traffic violation she'd received for running a red light. Sharon claimed that she'd hurried home from the cemetery to relieve the sitter because Nick had been away at the MS benefit. Noah pointed out that the red light was located near the MS benefit's venue. Sharon became defensive. Noah asked his mom if she'd stopped by the ballroom, where the MS Benefit had been held.

When Nick returned downstairs at the tack house, he began kissing Avery passionately. Nick, eager to make love again, tugged at his shirt that Avery was wearing. Avery paused and said that she'd changed her mind about postponing their wedding. Nick smiled when Avery announced that she wanted to marry right away.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

At the tack house, Avery told Nick that she wanted to get married right away, but he pointed out that they'd canceled everything so that she would have time to plan the perfect ceremony. She said that it didn't have to be extravagant, and he inquired whether something had happened to change her mind. Avery revealed that she and Jack had talked a lot about the time he and Phyllis had wasted, and she didn't want to put her own future on hold. Avery declared that she loved Nick and that she wanted to share a life together, unless he didn't want to.

Nick confirmed that he wanted to marry Avery, and he proclaimed that he'd do it right at that moment. He jokingly offered to get a minister or a ship's captain in the living room immediately, but she balked at getting married while half-dressed. Nick pointed out that they were already dressed for their honeymoon, but Avery insisted that his family be there when Nick and Avery started their life together. Nick said that he'd never thought that he could love her more, but he had been wrong. They kissed.

Avery and Nick decided to revert back to their original wedding date. Nick thought that Nikki and Victoria would love to help with the planning, and he recalled how quickly they'd arranged the fundraiser, but he quickly apologized for reminding Avery of Phyllis' accident. Avery said that it was never far from her mind, and she prepared to leave. She remarked that staying at her place would build anticipation for the wedding night, and they playfully bickered about not having sex until after the wedding.

Noah asked why Sharon had run a red light, and she stammered that she had thought the light had been yellow. He continued to pepper her with questions about what had happened, and she maintained that she'd had to relieve Faith's babysitter. Sharon fibbed that there had been an accident near the cemetery, so she'd cut through downtown. Sharon scolded Noah for giving her the third degree, and he advised her to be more careful, because she could have caused an accident.

Sharon admitted that she shouldn't have been driving recklessly, but she had wanted to get home because Faith had been having a hard time sleeping. Sharon added that Faith had been picking up on Summer's trauma, and Noah commented that it was weird how life could change suddenly. Noah lectured Sharon about not running any more red lights, because something could happen, and he cited Phyllis as an example. Faith ran downstairs and said that she wanted some milk. Sharon sent Faith to the kitchen, and Nick warned Sharon to be careful, so Faith didn't have to go through the same thing that Summer was dealing with.

Noah finished reading a book to Faith, and he noted Faith's look of disappointment when Sharon instructed her to go to bed. He asked if they hadn't had fun, and Faith said that it would have been better if Nick had stayed. Faith went upstairs, and Noah continued to interrogate Sharon about the photo of Nick. Sharon wondered why Noah was asking questions, and she assured him that there was no need to worry. Nick called Noah to ask him to be the best man at Nick and Avery's wedding the following Friday. Noah promised to be there, and after he hung up, he told Sharon that Nick and Avery were getting married in a week.

Sharon said that she'd thought that Avery and Nick had decided to postpone their nuptials, and Noah explained that Nick had given Avery a chance to deal with Phyllis' condition, but Nick loved Avery and wanted to spend his life with her. Sharon asserted that there had been a time when Nick had wanted the same thing with Sharon, and she contended that it had never really been over between them, as evidenced by Faith's existence. Noah agreed that Nick would always have a special place for Sharon, but he stressed that Nick was with Avery. Sharon affirmed that she knew, and Noah hoped that she did.

Once Sharon was alone, Cassie appeared and asked if Sharon was worried about Noah's questions. Sharon conceded that she hadn't liked lying to him, but Cassie insisted that Sharon couldn't tell the truth. Cassie assured her mother that only Sharon and Phyllis knew about Sharon's connection to the paternity test, but someone would figure out the truth if Sharon didn't pull herself together. Sharon vowed not to let that happen. Cassie blamed herself for Nick and Sharon's split, because if Cassie hadn't left, her parents would still be together. Sharon countered that Cassie had had no control over it, but Sharon could do something about Nick marrying Avery.

At Crimson Lights, Summer assured Kyle that she was fine with him dating other girls. He said that he'd found a way to make things less awkward, and he offered to move out of Jack's house, so she'd be more comfortable stopping by to get to know Jack. Kyle suggested that Summer move back in with Jack, but she thought that she was better off where she was. Kyle remarked that she had a chance to experience the life that she'd missed out on, but Summer ordered him to stop trying to make her choose one dad over the other.

Kyle understood that Summer loved Nick, and she remarked that it would be easier if she didn't. Kyle sympathized that she was in an impossible position, and no one would judge her. She sarcastically asked if he'd met Victor, but Kyle encouraged her not to let Victor get in the way of her getting to know her family. She whined that she couldn't turn her back on the Newmans, and there was no middle ground. She maintained that she felt most comfortable at Phyllis' penthouse, because she didn't have to choose between families when she was there.

Avery entered and asked to talk to Summer about something, and Kyle left. Avery asked if things had been difficult for Summer and Kyle, and Summer confided that she had once been able to talk to Kyle about anything, but things had turned weird. Avery offered to listen, but Summer pointed out that Avery had needed to talk to Summer. Avery divulged that she and Nick had decided to go ahead with the wedding, and she hoped that Summer would be there, but not just as Nick's daughter. Avery asked Summer to attend as Avery's niece and the maid of honor.

Summer hesitated to answer, and Avery asked how she could help. Summer lamented that both Nick and Jack wanted to claim her as a daughter, and she couldn't choose one. Summer added that Victor had pressured her to stay loyal to the Newmans, while Traci and Abby had accepted Summer as an Abbott. Avery argued that there were worse things than being loved by many people, but Summer questioned how she could be both a Newman and an Abbott. Avery advised Summer to embrace both families with baby steps, and she suggested that Summer start with the wedding.

At the tack house, Noah and Nick celebrated Nick's upcoming wedding over some beers. Noah wanted to talk about Sharon, and Nick wondered if Noah was still worried that she was off her medication. Noah revealed that he was pretty sure that the problem was Nick, and he mentioned that Nick and Sharon had been hanging out a lot with Faith. Nick contended that Faith had needed stability, but Noah stated that he'd gotten the impression that Sharon thought that she and Nick were heading for a reunion. Nick looked alarmed.

Later, Avery reported to Nick that Summer had agreed to be her maid of honor. Avery asked why Nick didn't seem happy, and Nick disclosed that Noah had said that Sharon had seemed to be in a bad place. Nick suspected that Summer's paternity reveal had made Sharon wonder about what might have been if Nick hadn't lied about the DNA test, and Avery asked if he wondered the same thing. Nick swore that he didn't, and Avery assured Nick that he deserved to be happy. He replied that Sharon did, too. Avery declared that he'd found happiness, and she was sure that Sharon would, as well.

Jill arrived at the Abbott home, looking for Billy. She asked Jack when Billy would be back, and Jack assumed that Billy would be working late at the restaurant. Jack asked if he could help, and Jill questioned whether he could turn back the clock, because she needed "more time with her." Jack wondered who, and Jill cried that Katherine was gone. Jack looked crestfallen.

Jack couldn't imagine the world without Katherine, and Jill grumbled that Katherine had gone on a dream vacation, leaving the rest of them with false hopes. Jill regretted that she'd never told Katherine how Jill had felt about Katherine depriving Jill of the right to run the company. Jill added that she would never be able to tell Katherine that Jill would always love her, no matter how mad Jill had been. Jill wailed that Katherine had been like a mother to her, and it had been on Jill's bucket list to tell Katherine that, but she would never have the chance. Jack took Jill into his arms and assured her that Katherine had known.

At the police station, Michael threw a box of dead flowers on Paul's desk, and Lauren explained that they'd found them outside their door. Paul read the enclosed note, which said, "I only feel alive when I'm with you." Paul reported that Kevin had been able to trace the location of Carmine's text message to Elkhorn, but there had been no sign of Carmine. Lauren fretted that they had no idea where Carmine was but that Carmine knew where to find her. Meanwhile, Carmine watched the video of him and Lauren having sex.

Michael bellowed that he wouldn't allow Carmine to terrorize the Baldwin family any longer. Michael understood that Paul had to follow the rules, but he pointed out that Michael didn't. Paul pleaded with Michael not to make Paul put a tail on him, but Michael refused to give Carmine another chance. Alex reported that the police had traced Carmine's burner phone to Twin Lakes and that Carmine had just checked out of a motel there. Michael headed for the door, and Paul tried to stop him, but Michael punched Paul. Two officers held Michael down and handcuffed him.

Michael insisted that Carmine be taken off the streets, and Paul said that it would be stupid and dangerous for Michael to get involved, but Michael was still willing to go after Carmine. Lauren urged Michael not to let Carmine get inside his head, and she received a call from an unknown party. Paul prepared to trace the call, but Lauren answered to Jack, who said that he thought that Jill needed her. Lauren asked what had happened, and she became upset. Lauren said that she would be there right away, and she tearfully relayed to Michael and Paul that Katherine had died.

Paul couldn't remember a time when Katherine hadn't been part of his life, and Michael mused that it had seemed like she would always be there. Paul wondered if Michael wanted to go be with Lauren, but Michael was determined to make sure that Carmine paid for his crimes. Paul warned Michael against making threats. Meanwhile, Alex and some cops burst into Carmine's motel room. Alex called Paul and informed him that Carmine was gone, but Carmine had left a message. Alex turned to the wall, which had been painted with the words, "You can't erase me."

Paul and Michael arrived at the motel, and Alex assumed that Carmine's message had to do with the sex video, but Michael was certain that Carmine had been referring to Lauren's life. Alex found a video file on Carmine's computer. An image of Carmine appeared on the screen, and Carmine snickered and said, "Nice try, counselor." Michael ranted that he was tired of the sick games, and he wished he had killed Carmine when he'd had the chance. Michael swore that he wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Kyle returned home, and Jack observed that Kyle looked like he'd had just as bad a day as Jack had experienced. Kyle revealed that he'd offered to move out so that Summer could stop by more often, but Summer had said no. Kyle asked why Jack's day had been bad, and Jack revealed that Katherine had died. Kyle recalled that Katherine had been a close friend to John and the Abbott family, and Jack declared that he would miss her. Jack stated that he was glad that Kyle wasn't moving out, because Jack wasn't ready to say goodbye to one more person he loved.

Later, Summer stopped by the Abbott mansion with some Chinese food. She said that she'd taken someone's advice to take baby steps, and she thought that she and Jack could start with mu shu pork. She asked if he was hungry, and he replied that he was starving. Kyle descended the stairs and was surprised to see Summer, and she announced that there had been a change in plans. Kyle asked if they wanted forks or chopsticks. In unison, Summer and Jack both answered chopsticks, and they smiled at one another.

Lauren visited Jill at the Chancellor estate, and they hugged. Jill explained that Murphy and Tucker had been the only ones who had known how sick Katherine had been, and Lauren remarked that Katherine had done things on her terms until the end. Jill was upset that Katherine hadn't considered anyone else's feelings, but Lauren suspected that Katherine had wanted everyone to remember her being strong and vital. Jill said that she had last seen Katherine in the room where they were standing, and Jill had been angry that Katherine had put Cane in charge of the company. Jill sobbed that she had deserved to know the truth.

Jill cried that Katherine had cheated her out of telling Katherine how Jill had felt, and Lauren speculated that perhaps Katherine had been scared of saying goodbye. Lauren imagined that Katherine had made peace with leaving the world, but Katherine might not have been able to bear saying goodbye to the people she'd loved. Jill criticized Katherine for sailing off into peace and eternity, while everyone else had been left alone. Lauren swore that they weren't alone, because they were lucky to have each other.

Lauren said that she still felt Katherine's spirit, and Jill expected that Katherine would continue to haunt Jill. Lauren recalled that her first conversation with Katherine had also taken place in that room, and Katherine had called Lauren a younger version of herself. Lauren asserted that everyone had had his or her own special, unique relationship with Katherine, and Lauren wondered what Katherine would tell her to do about the mess with Carmine. Jill apologized that she'd been too busy feeling sorry for herself to consider someone with real problems. Lauren hoped that her problems with Carmine would go away soon.

Once alone, Jill looked at Katherine's picture and asked how Katherine could have left her. She heard a noise, and she discovered that a book had fallen from the mantel. She retrieved Katherine's letter and read aloud that no one would get rid of Katherine easily, because while Katherine might not be right there, she would still be watching from another room. Jill gazed lovingly at Katherine's photo.

Lauren arrived at Paul's office, and her phone lit up with another call from an unidentified caller. She expected it to be Jack, but after a moment of silence, Carmine asked if she'd liked his gift.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

At the Abbot home, Abby and Billy listened as Jack read Katherine's obituary from the local newspaper. Jack remembered how he had battled Katherine for control of Jabot. Billy remarked that Katherine had loved a good fight. Jack was proud that he had remained friends with Katherine even after Jabot had been returned to the Abbots. Jack vowed to make both his father and Katherine proud and to keep Jabot in the family.

Abby imagined running the company one day, while Jack thought of Summer and Kyle. Billy added Delia and Johnny to the Abbot legacy. Billy announced that Katherine and the family would be glad to know that he and Victoria had reconciled and that he was moving home that very evening. Abby and Jack were happy for him. Abby teased Billy when she asked if Victoria had made Billy grovel.

Billy joked and then admitted that he would have done anything to get Victoria to give him another chance. He apologized to Jack for leaving him high and dry, but Jack said that he had Kyle and newfound hope for his relationship with Summer. Jack wished Billy well before Billy went to find Victoria.

Abby and Jack continued to reminisce about Katherine. Abby remembered many of her own mischievous deeds, including ruining an art fundraiser that Katherine had held. Not only had Katherine forgiven Abby, but she had honored Abby's wish that Katherine keep Abby's large donation -- made as an apology for lost funds due to Abby's stunt -- secret. The only person Katherine had told was the only person who had needed to know, Abby's mother, Ashley.

Jack said that Katherine would be proud to know that her death was causing them to look out for each other, just as she had always looked out for all of them.

Victor, Nikki, and Victoria shared thoughts about Katherine at the Newman ranch. Victoria said that she had never seen Katherine back down from a fight. Victor said that Katherine had not been able to cheat death but had gone out on her own terms. Nikki added that Katherine had ended her life with the man she loved, seeing all the places that she had wanted to see. Nikki said that maybe it was time for her to make a list of her own.

Victor remarked that he felt the same way and that it was time for him to get his house in order. Nikki said that she thought that their house was in order. Victor replied that it was time to make things right with everyone, especially Summer. Nikki told Victor that Katherine would like that. Then, after saying that she had a few errands to run, Nikki left Victor and Victoria alone to continue their conversation.

Victoria told Victor that Nick and Jack would be very happy to hear that Victor was doing what was best for Summer. Victor replied that there was no way that he was going to let Jack be Summer's father because he was not going to let Jack lay claim to Victor's family. Victor said that Summer was a Newman because Nick had raised her. Victoria's retort, that Jack never had a chance, fell on deaf ears. When Victor accused Victoria of taking Jack's side, Victoria said that she was not thinking about Jack's feelings, but about Summer's.

Victoria told Victor that he could not stop Summer from seeing or caring about Jack. Victor replied that he had gotten Billy out of their family, and he would do the same with Jack. Victor was stunned when Victoria told him that Billy was not out of the family because Victoria and Billy had reconciled and were moving back in together that day.

Victor asked Victoria what was the matter with her. Victor said that Victoria was a smart, capable woman, and he could not understand why she would allow a "worthless punk" back into her life. Victoria said that Billy was not worthless, because she loved him. Victor said that Billy would eventually wind up in the gutter, and Billy would take Victoria down with him.

Victor said that he would not allow Billy to drag Victoria down. Victoria asked if Victor intended to kidnap Billy and imprison him like Victor had done once before. Before Victor could answer, Victoria said that his attitude was not honoring Katherine.

Jack was alone when Nikki rang his doorbell. They commiserated about Katherine's passing. Nikki said that she had not erased Katherine's last telephone message, which had been an invitation to lunch. Nikki said that it gave her comfort to play the message. Nikki told Jack that she had not gotten back to Katherine because she had thought that there was plenty of time.

Nikki cried as she told Jack that she had been able to tell Katherine anything. Nikki said that Katherine knew things about Nikki that even Victor did not know. Jack told Nikki that she was lucky to have a friend like that. Nikki asked if she was selfish to want more time with Katherine, who had been her best friend and confidante.

Jack said that there was never enough time, and that was why he intended to make the most of any time he could have with Summer. Nikki said that there was another reason that she had dropped by. Nikki told Jack that she had good news. Nikki said Victor had been so affected by Katherine's death that he wanted to stop fighting about Summer. Jack was skeptical but said that he would try for Nikki's sake.

Tyler caught Devon at the Athletic Club and asked Devon if his offer for Tyler to return to Jabot was still on the table. Devon said that he did not have time to deal with Tyler because Devon's grandmother had just died. Tyler offered his sympathies to both Devon and Lily. Tyler was surprised to learn that Katherine Chancellor was Devon's grandmother but not Lily's.

Devon said that he did not need Tyler's fake sympathy, and he did not need Tyler to hold his hand. Tyler was very empathetic when he told Devon that Tyler had felt the same way when Tyler's mother had passed away. Devon shared his regrets for acting like a jerk when Katherine had first reached out to Devon after learning that he was her grandson.

Tyler said that everything had turned out well in the end and assured Devon that Katherine had known how Devon really felt about her. Devon said that Tyler probably thought that Katherine deserved a better grandson than one who was going to a business meeting like Devon was about to do. Tyler replied that Devon should not beat himself up, because he was coping as best he could, just as Tyler had done when his mother had died.

Devon warmed to Tyler and inquired if Tyler wanted to be back on board at Jabot. Tyler said it could wait, but Devon joked that he was coping. After a little good-natured bantering, Devon agreed to rehire Tyler and to hire Noah as Tyler's assistant.

Billy met Victoria at their home. She told him that Victor was putting a lot of energy into breaking them up. Billy joked that Victor needed another hobby, like alligator wrestling. They also joked about the wood that had been delivered so that Dylan could make a custom bookcase for Victoria. Billy insisted that the bookcase was something special for Victoria. She said that it was not necessary, but Billy said that he wanted to prove to Victoria and everyone else that Victoria was right to give Billy another chance. They smiled and kissed.

Billy asked about how Nikki and Victor were taking Katherine's death. Victoria said that her mom was devastated, but her dad was still Victor. Billy said that people did not change and used Katherine as an example. Billy said that Katherine had grabbed life and remained fearless until the end. Billy said that he wanted the same for them. He asked what was next and suggested that they try for the baby they wanted. Victoria said that she had stopped taking her hormones. As Billy led Victoria upstairs to their bedroom, he joked that they could get in some practice before Victoria started hormones again.

Victor was waiting when Nikki returned to the ranch. He was very upset that Billy and Victoria were reuniting. When Nikki said that Victoria loved Billy like Nikki loved Victor, Victor replied that Victoria's sham marriage to Billy could not compare to theirs. Nikki hotly replied that she thought that Katherine's death had changed Victor. Victor barked that he would not let a "worthless bum" ruin his daughter's life.

Nikki said that she had thought that when Victor had said that he would allow Jack into Summer's life, he had intended to make peace with the Abbotts. Victor said that he had no intention of letting the Abbott boys into his family. Nikki pointed out that Jack was Summer's biological father and that the only person being hurt by Victor's vendetta was Summer. Nikki said that Jack understood that and was willing to give Summer whatever time she needed to adjust.

Victor demanded to know when Nikki had seen Jack. He told Nikki that she had no business discussing Summer with Jack. Nikki said that she had gone to see Jack because she had thought that Victor intended to back off. She said that she had also gone to see Jack because he had loved Katherine like she had.

Nikki said that Victor walked around all stuffed up and did not show his emotions. Nikki broke down in sobs as she told Victor that she wanted to know that Victor was as devastated as Nikki was that she had not been able to say goodbye to her best friend in the world. Nikki said that she felt very lost because she needed to talk to Katherine one last time. Victor held her tenderly and crooned that he was sorry.

Summer bumped into Noah at Crimson Lights when she walked through a practice photo shot that he was doing. He told her about his online photography class and the prospect of a new job. Noah asked if Summer had seen Nick. Summer replied that all she could think about was her mom. Noah said that he could relate because Sharon was on his mind. Summer said that if Noah's mom could walk and talk, she was doing better than Phyllis.

Noah urged Summer to call if she needed to talk. Noah told her that she was his little sister, and she was not getting out of it. Summer asked if Noah had any idea of how she could get out of being Avery's maid of honor because she felt weird. Noah jokingly asked what was weird about her aunt marrying her dad who was not her dad. Summer gave a little laugh and kidded Noah about giving up an awesome bartending job to become a photographer.

Noah showed Summer the photos that had been published in an online magazine. Summer realized that it was the party where Phyllis had been injured. She said that she was glad that the party had been good for someone.

Dylan and Chelsea introduced Connor to his home at the loft. Chelsea was impressed by all the research that Dylan had done on parenting. They were carefree as they bantered about being parents and tending to all their child's needs. Dylan said that he would care for Connor and chase the monsters out from under his bed.

Chelsea told Dylan how happy she was and what a great dad he would be. Dylan replied that he was just a guy who loved his wife and wanted to protect his son. Dylan and Chelsea shared a tender kiss. When Connor continued to cry after Dylan changed him, Chelsea went to the kitchen to heat up milk that she had pumped earlier.

While Chelsea heated milk, Dylan held Connor and told him that he would always be there for his son and that he would do everything that he could to keep Connor safe. Dylan told the baby that he would make things right for Connor just as Connor had made things right for Dylan. Chelsea returned with the bottle and heard Dylan say that he hoped that Connor grew up to be a better man than Dylan.

After Dylan fed Connor, Chelsea asked Dylan what he had meant about being a better man. Dylan said that he wanted Connor to avoid Dylan's mistakes. Chelsea said that Connor was lucky to have Dylan for a father. Dylan replied that Connor had won the baby lottery when he got Chelsea as a mom. Chelsea said that Connor would have the best of both of them.

Dylan and Chelsea looked at a photo album of Connor's life so far. Dylan noted that Connor did not look like him. Chelsea pointed to a photo and said that as a baby, Dylan had not looked like his dad either. Dylan was mollified. Dylan wanted to take more pictures and went searching for his camera. Adam called Chelsea and told her that he wanted to see her.

Devon met Summer at Crimson Lights. She asked about Katherine. Devon said that work was helping him cope, and he hoped that it would help Summer also. Summer said that she was not feeling any better. Devon said that he was sure that Phyllis would want Summer to keep going on with her life. Summer remembered how she had always wanted her mother to butt out of her business. Since the accident, she told Devon, Summer wished she had Phyllis to talk to her.

Devon asked if there was anyone else. Summer said there was her dad, but she felt weird about that as well. Before leaving, Devon told Summer that he would be there for her if she needed him. Jack overheard and approached Summer after Devon left. Jack said that he had enjoyed dinner with Summer the previous evening. Jack asked if Summer wanted to have coffee and talk.

Jack admitted that he had heard Summer say that she want to talk. Summer said that she had meant that she wanted to talk to her mom or dad. Jack understood that Summer did not mean him. Summer apologized, but Jack said there was no need. Jack told Summer that he knew that she was not referring to him as her dad. Jack acknowledged that Nick had been a good father to her, and Summer should talk to Nick if she needed to talk.

Jack said that he had been lucky to find out that he had a bright, caring, beautiful daughter and that he would always care for her and would do anything for her, including taking a step back, because Jack loved Summer. Summer said that she did not know what to say. Jack lovingly replied that Summer did not have to say anything.

Abby caught up with Tyler and Noah at the Athletic Club just in time to snap a picture of Jabot's newest creative team. Noah was very grateful to Tyler for the opportunity. Tyler said Noah could repay him by cleaning the bathroom for six months. They had a good laugh before Noah left to give notice on his bartending job.

Abby flirted with Tyler and surmised that with Tyler back at Jabot, she was his boss and could give him orders. Abby whispered something in Tyler's ear. He asked, "Right here?" Abby said that she thought that Tyler's place might be better. Tyler smiled and said that he thought that he was going to like his job. As Abby and Tyler left the Athletic Club, Noah was looking at his tablet and admiring his first paid, published photos.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cane fended off reporters over the phone, and Lily asked if he'd seen her heels. Cane complained that the press wouldn't leave him alone regarding Katherine's death, and he absent-mindedly handed Matty's shoes to Lily. Lily joked that they were too small, and he apologized for being distracted. She reported that Neil was back from London and that he wanted to tell her something in person. Cane found Lily's shoes, and she asked what she would do without him. He replied that she wouldn't have to find out, and they kissed.

Hilary arrived at the Ashby home, and she and Cane worked on a statement about Katherine's death. Cane lamented that Katherine's life had been reduced to a press release, but Hilary assured him that Katherine would always be more to those she'd touched. Cane remembered that Katherine had confided in him when she'd first learned of her illness, but he didn't understand why she hadn't told him the truth after her surgery. Hilary gently stated that she understood, because she hadn't been there when her own mother had passed away, and her mom had died alone. A tearful Hilary wished that she'd taken better care of her mother, and Cane comforted her with a hug.

At the police station, Neil met with Leslie and Kevin, and he mentioned that he'd just seen Jill. Neil commented that it had been surreal to walk into Katherine's house, knowing that she would never be there again. Kevin added that Katherine had been larger than life, and it was hard to accept that she was gone. Leslie understood if Neil wasn't up to discussing his trip, but Neil said that he had a lot to tell, and he hoped that it would help find the woman who blamed him for Rose's death.

Lily arrived, and Neil asked if Paul and Alex would be joining them, but Kevin reported that they were working on Carmine's case. Neil disclosed that he'd found Anne's last known address and that Anne had been working for a prominent financier, but she had abruptly quit on the day Gus had been released from prison. Neil continued that no one had seen her since, and her landlord had informed Neil that she'd left most of her things behind. Neil had paid off the landlord to get a look around Anne's apartment, and he'd found a bunch of newspaper clippings about Gus.

Neil handed the clippings to Leslie, and she saw her name highlighted in an article about Leslie joining Jabot and reporting to Neil. Neil revealed that he had also found the Newman Enterprises business card that he'd given to Rose. Neil presented a phone log with a Wisconsin number that Anne had called repeatedly, and he asked Kevin to track down the person Anne had contacted.

Hilary rearranged Cane's schedule, and Lily returned home and coolly greeted Hilary. Cane explained that he hadn't been able to go to the office because of the press, so Hilary had stopped by to get some work done. Hilary expressed her condolences about Katherine's death, and she departed. Cane asked Lily how things had gone with Neil, but she didn't want to get too excited until Neil followed up on his leads. Cane and Lily cuddled on the couch together, and she noticed that he smelled like "Ashley," a Jabot perfume.

Cane realized that the scent was Hilary's, and he divulged that he'd hugged her. Lily couldn't believe that he'd hugged his assistant, and he defended that they had been talking about the deaths of Hilary's mother and Katherine. Lily asked if he'd ever opened up about his life to Hilary before, but Cane insisted that the hug had been nothing. Lily looked irked.

Lily didn't doubt that Cane's intention had been a simple hug, but she advised him not to have personal discussions with Hilary, because he had a wife to open up to. He suggested that they go on a walk with the kids and Humphrey to forget about everything. He went to get the kids ready, and Lily glowered at a file with a note from Hilary, who had offered to get Cane anything else he needed.

Chelsea abruptly ended Adam's call when Connor began to cry. She remarked to Dylan that it was weird that Adam had called, and Dylan revealed that Adam had stopped by a few days before to ask that Chelsea testify as a character witness. Chelsea asked why Dylan hadn't told her about Adam's visit earlier, and Dylan explained that Adam had made the request when Chelsea had been experiencing labor pains. Dylan stated that he was grateful that Chelsea had gotten away from Adam, because Melanie hadn't been as lucky. Chelsea refused to believe Melanie's story, and she theorized that Adam had betrayed Melanie and that Melanie wanted revenge.

Chelsea wondered if she should help Adam to make up for the cons she'd pulled, but Dylan questioned whether that was enough reason to get involved. Dylan pointed out that Adam was resourceful, and Chelsea agreed that Adam had managed to wiggle out of messes before. Chelsea concluded that she had to put her family first. Dylan said that he had to fill in at the coffeehouse, but he would be right back. He kissed her goodbye, and he left.

Sharon dropped off Faith at the tack house, and Faith went upstairs to put away her things. Sharon saw the newspaper headline about Katherine's death, and Nick sadly stated that he'd thought that Katherine would outlive them all. Nick commented that Katherine's death and Phyllis' accident had put everything in perspective, and Sharon inquired if that was why he'd moved up the wedding. Nick said that he'd planned to tell Sharon about it in person, and she admitted that she had been surprised by the news. He asked if she had a problem with it, and she replied that she had something to get off her chest.

Sharon said that she felt that she and Nick had gotten close, and she didn't want him to feel like he had to pull away once he was married. Sharon assured Nick that she hadn't grown more reliant on him, and she didn't expect anything more than his support and friendship. Sharon wished Nick and Avery a long and happy life, and she went to check on Faith. Avery burst in and rambled about wedding preparations, and she kissed Nick hello. When he responded passionately, she reminded him that he was out of luck until the honeymoon, and Sharon watched them from the stairs.

Nick revealed that Sharon was upstairs, and Sharon called out goodbye to Faith. Sharon congratulated Avery on the wedding, and she offered to take Faith for a few more days, but Avery insisted that Faith stay at the tack house. Sharon said that she hadn't mentioned the wedding to Faith, and she cautioned that Faith was sensitive about the topic. Sharon wished them luck, and she left.

Nick suggested that he and Avery start with the catering, but Avery thought that his first priority was to tell Faith. Avery was afraid that Faith might hide her reaction if Avery was there, and she thought Faith needed to hear the news from Nick. Nick didn't expect the conversation to go well, but he thought that Faith would adjust in time, and he knew they'd be the family that they hoped to be.

Kevin stopped by Crimson Lights to get some coffee, and Dylan imagined that it was strange for Kevin to be on the other side of the counter. Kevin apologized for bailing on his offer to pick up shifts, but Dylan understood that Kevin had stumbled upon a better gig. Kevin commented that he had many memories at the coffeehouse, and Dylan offered to let Kevin take anything he wanted. Kevin went to the back room to get some boxes, and Avery arrived. Avery informed Dylan that she hadn't been able to do anything more for Phyllis, and he apologized for being out of touch, but he explained that a lot had happened.

Avery noticed Dylan's wedding ring, and he added that Chelsea had given birth right after the ceremony. He declared that he was a father, and Avery forced an uncomfortable smile. Dylan informed her that his son had been a little early, but he and Chelsea had named the baby after Dylan's dad. Avery announced that she and Nick were going ahead with their wedding the following week, and she joked that hopefully it wouldn't involve the paramedics. Dylan said that Avery and Nick were great together, and she mumbled that she just had to convince one more person of that.

Avery said that she had to leave, and Dylan called Nick a lucky man. She asked Dylan to pass along her congratulations to Chelsea, and she found it amazing that they were wishing one another well with other people. He said that he would always consider Avery a friend, and they agreed to call one another if either of them ever needed anything.

Nick engaged Faith in a heart-to-heart talk about his wedding to Avery the following week. He understood that Faith was a little sad about it, and Faith asked if Avery would be her mommy. Nick clarified that Avery would be Faith's stepmom and that no one would ever replace Sharon. Nick promised that Faith would always be his fairy princess and that he would love her, Summer, and Noah forever.

Nick mentioned that Summer and Noah would be in the wedding as the best man and the maid of honor, and he requested that Faith be the flower girl. Faith yelled no, and she screeched that she didn't want him to marry Avery, because she wanted him to marry her mommy. Meanwhile, Sharon cried as she looked at photos from her wedding to Nick.

An irritated Nick stopped by to see Sharon, and she asked if something was wrong. Nick angrily told Sharon not to pretend that she didn't know what was going on, and Sharon insisted that she wasn't pretending. Nick disclosed that Faith was holding on to the notion that Nick and Sharon would get married again, and Sharon asked where Faith would get an idea like that. Nick accused Sharon of putting the thought in Faith's head.

Later, Avery told Faith that she'd sent the babysitter home so they could have some private time together. Avery asked if Nick had told Faith about the wedding, and Faith declared that she would be the flower girl at Nick and Sharon's wedding. Avery assumed that Faith had misunderstood, but Faith insisted that Nick would marry her mom. Avery tried to explain that nothing would change between Nick, Sharon, and Faith, but two people didn't have to be married to be parents. A sullen Faith shot Avery a dirty glance.

Adam ran into Melanie in the foyer at the Athletic Club, and she started to walk by him, but he said that he had something she might want to hear. He understood why she would mistrust him, but he contended that her lie could backfire and that committing perjury could land her behind bars. Adam said that he didn't want to see her go down because she'd gotten mixed up in his drama, but she spat that he didn't have a conscience. Adam conceded that he didn't apologize often, and he left the choice up to her about whether or not to accept it.

Adam said that it would be in Melanie's best interests to call a truce, but she argued that he hadn't cared about her best interests when she'd been fired. He pointed out that it had been Victor's doing, but she retorted that Adam hadn't helped her, and she called Adam a poor imitation of his father. Adam contended that he was his own man, and he was just as capable of crushing her as Victor was. She spotted Neil and Leslie, and she suddenly yelled for Adam to stay away from her.

Adam privately explained to Leslie that he'd been trying to make peace and that Melanie's outburst had been for show. Leslie sternly advised him not to talk to Melanie, or he would need to find another lawyer. Leslie complained that it was already tough enough to build his defense, and he mentioned that Jack was willing to be a character witness. Leslie stressed that Adam's best defense would be for a female witness to take the stand on his behalf. Adam said that he'd handle it, and he left.

Leslie joined Neil, and she grumbled that Neil had a better chance of finding Anne than she did at winning Adam's case. Neil wondered what he should say when he found Anne. Leslie suggested that he tell the truth and admit how sorry he was, and then it would be up to Anne whether or not to forgive him. Neil thought that he owed Anne more, but Leslie argued that Neil hadn't killed Rose, and his responsibility had ended when he'd walked away. Meanwhile, Kevin found something that piqued his interest.

Neil thought that Anne had too much invested to let him off the hook, and Leslie proposed that Neil go after Anne for harassment, but Neil didn't want to make a bad situation worse. Kevin arrived and reported that he'd traced the number Anne had called to a corporate cell phone registered to Newman Enterprises. Meanwhile, Hilary entered a hotel suite and declared that everything was going perfectly. A shirtless Mason appeared and stated that was what he wanted to hear. They kissed.

Chelsea fawned over Connor, and she promised that she would give him the best life possible. With the baby in her arms, Chelsea was stunned when she answered a knock at the door and found Adam. Adam said that he needed to see her, and she assumed that his visit was about her being a character witness. Adam remarked that the baby looked like her, and he called Connor beautiful. Chelsea went to put Connor down, and Adam envied Connor's ability to go right to sleep, because Adam felt like he hadn't slept in weeks.

Adam observed that Chelsea was glowing, but she said that only happened during pregnancy, not afterward. Adam declared that she'd proven that theory wrong, and she agreed that she had been meant to be a mother. She admitted that she hadn't been sure that she could do it, but the second she'd seen Connor, she'd known that everything would be okay, because she was where she was supposed to be -- with her child and husband.

Adam confirmed that he was there to ask Chelsea to testify on his behalf, and Chelsea asked what he'd done. He denied raping Melanie, and Chelsea asserted that she hadn't even considered that he had. Adam explained that Melanie had lost her job at Newman, and Chelsea remarked that everything about Adam was linked to the company. Adam contended that was the reason he needed Chelsea to testify, because he thought the jury would believe the ex-wife who had nothing nice to say about him but who would swear that he wasn't capable of rape. He asked if she would help him.

Adam asked Chelsea to stand up for him if he'd ever meant anything to her. Connor cried, and Chelsea ran to grab a burp cloth. Adam peered in on Connor in the cradle, and he whispered that Connor's mom would be right back. Adam picked up the baby and softly talked to him, and Chelsea was shocked when she returned and found Adam holding her son. Dylan arrived home and demanded to know what was going on.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Nick confronted Sharon about why Faith believed that Sharon and Nick would remarry, and Sharon didn't know whether to laugh or to be offended. Nick wondered if perhaps Sharon had said something that Faith could have misinterpreted, and Sharon remarked that it was natural for a little girl to want her parents to be together. Nick realized that all the time he and Sharon had been spending with Faith might have given Faith the wrong idea, but Sharon defended that Nick had needed a friend, and she had wanted to be there for him. Nick was proud that they could work together as parents, and he asked Sharon to help make Faith understand that Nick and Sharon would never get back together.

Sharon said that Faith would get the idea once Nick and Avery were married, but Nick pointed out that Faith had known about the wedding for months. He thought that he'd done his best to prepare Faith, but he realized that he'd stopped talking about it after everything that had happened with Summer and Phyllis. Sharon assumed that Faith hadn't taken the news of the rescheduled nuptials well, and Nick asked if he could count on Sharon to help Faith distinguish between fantasy and reality. Sharon vowed to make Faith feel safe and secure, because she knew that Faith wanted the same thing that Sharon did -- for Nick to be happy.

Nick mentioned that Noah still had some concerns about Sharon, but she swore that she had been taking her medication. Nick elaborated that Noah was worried that she didn't have anything of her own to focus on, but she believed that Noah himself was floundering, so Noah had made her his project. Sharon maintained that she was doing what she needed to be doing with her life, and Nick left. Sharon told herself that Nick's request had been like a knife in the gut, and a sympathetic Cassie appeared and inquired about Sharon's plan to stop the wedding.

Sharon fretted that it wouldn't be as easy as she had hoped, but she wondered if Faith might be taking care of it for her. Sharon reasoned that she wasn't using Faith to promote her own agenda, because she couldn't help if Faith happened to feel the same way Sharon did. Cassie said that it would be all the better if Faith caused trouble, because there wasn't much time left before the wedding. Sharon was determined to figure out something big that would seal the deal.

At the tack house, Avery asked Faith to take a break from her puzzle so Avery could show her something, but Faith didn't look up. Avery displayed pictures that she'd spent hours clipping from magazines to get ideas for the wedding, and she asked for Faith's opinion, but Faith didn't respond. Avery offered to buy Faith a new dress for the wedding, and Faith snapped that she didn't want one. Avery proposed that they look through Faith's closet to find one, but when Faith remained fixated on her puzzle, Avery decided to fetch some dresses from upstairs on her own. Faith watched Avery leave the room, and she tore one of the photos in half.

Avery returned with a pink dress, and she found all of her photos torn to shreds. She confronted Faith about why the girl would do that, especially when Faith knew how much the photos had meant to Avery. Avery scolded that it hadn't been a nice thing to do, and Nick entered. Faith mustered up tears and ran into Nick's arms, and she whined that Avery had been mean and had yelled at her.

Nick said that he and Faith would talk about it later, and he sent Faith upstairs to get ready for bed. Nick told Avery that he knew that Avery didn't have a mean bone in her body, and Avery explained that she had been trying to share some meaningful wedding photos, but Faith had destroyed them when Avery had left the room. Avery understood that it was a difficult situation, and she had explained everything to Faith, but obviously it hadn't worked. Nick divulged that Sharon had agreed to help Faith accept that Avery was in Nick's life for good.

Avery worried that talking wouldn't work and that Faith wouldn't accept the marriage, but Nick swore that wouldn't happen, and he didn't want to postpone the ceremony. He promised to marry Avery on schedule, and he was confident that Faith would get past her issues. Avery was doubtful, but Nick pledged that they would get through it as husband and wife. They agreed to start over with their wedding plans at Avery's place the following morning, and they kissed goodbye. Faith glared at them from across the room.

Later, Nick said that it wasn't like Faith to hurt Avery's feelings, and he recognized that it was scary to go through changes. He maintained that he loved and would marry Avery, and he hoped that Faith would love her one day, too. He insisted that no one could make Faith feel something that she didn't, but he asked her to respect Avery. He asked if Faith knew what that meant, and she nodded. They hugged.

Sharon wasn't sure how to proceed with her plan, but Cassie pointed out that the fact that Nick had raced over to ask for Sharon's help had meant something. Sharon suspected that Avery was feeling insecure, and she figured it wouldn't take much to crack the foundation of Nick and Avery's relationship. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon expected that Nick had returned, but she found Avery there.

Avery stated that she wanted to clear the air. Sharon asked if there was a problem, and Avery asserted that she respected Sharon as Faith's mother, but Avery was about to become Nick's wife, and she warned Sharon to back off from her fiancÚ. Avery stalked off, and Sharon smiled at Avery's insecurity. Cassie encouraged Sharon to find a way to use it to Sharon's advantage.

Dylan asked what was going on, and Chelsea explained that Adam had stopped by to see her. Adam added that the baby had been crying, and Dylan took Connor from Adam. Dylan warned Adam to stay away from Dylan's wife and son, and he huffed that he'd already told Adam to get out of trouble by himself. Adam contended that Chelsea was capable of speaking for herself, and he asked her to help. Adam stated that he hadn't committed the crime, and all Chelsea had to do was to tell the truth.

Chelsea explained that if she were under oath, she would confirm that she believed that Adam would never force himself on a woman, but the prosecutor was bound to ask more questions about Adam and the things he'd done. She continued that there would be questions about her own character, and she didn't think she'd be a credible witness who could help his case. Adam argued that he was willing to take the risk, but Dylan barked that Chelsea was trying to nicely say no. Chelsea apologetically maintained that she needed to focus on her new family, and Adam thanked her for her honesty. Adam called Dylan a lucky man, and he told Dylan to take care of both Chelsea and Connor.

Dylan noted that Chelsea had been quiet since Adam had left, and she said that she'd felt for Adam, because it couldn't have been easy for Adam to see them as a happy family. Dylan said that Adam had thrown away his chance when Adam had chosen Newman Enterprises over Chelsea, and Chelsea commented that Adam stood to lose that, too. Dylan understood why she cared, but he reiterated that Adam was responsible for his own unhappiness. Connor coughed, and Dylan worried whether it was normal. He panicked that it was a respiratory infection, and he and Chelsea decided to take the baby to the hospital.

Later, Chelsea and Dylan stopped by Crimson Lights with Connor, and they laughed at how embarrassing it had been to rush to the emergency room when Connor's lungs had just been developing. Dylan defended that the doctor had told them to err on the side of caution, and he poked fun at himself for freaking out, but he had never heard his son cough before. Chelsea instructed Dylan to take Connor to the car while she grabbed some coffee, and she spotted Melanie at the counter.

Nikki read a letter, but she quickly set it aside when Victor entered. He declared that she didn't have to hide it, because Murphy had dropped off a letter for him, as well. Victor explained that Katherine had sent one to each of the people closest to her. Victor revealed that in his letter, Katherine had reminded him that she had been responsible for his arrival in Genoa City, and therefore, he owed everything good in his life to Katherine. Nikki remarked that she was very happy that Katherine had led Victor there, and he added that Katherine had told him not to take his life for granted. Nikki called it good advice, and they kissed.

Victor said that Katherine had been a very good friend, but he knew that she had been even more than that to Nikki. Nikki recounted that Katherine had been like a mother to her, and Victor compared the special bond between Nikki and Katherine to the one Nikki shared with Victoria. He hoped that Nikki had been comforted by Katherine's letter, and Nikki disclosed that Katherine had written what Katherine had thought Nikki needed to hear. Victor marveled that if his letter was any indication, Katherine was continuing to tell everyone what they needed to hear even after she was gone.

After Nikki left, Adam arrived at the ranch, and Victor was surprised that he was back from Green Bay. Adam reported that he'd closed the deal, but his colleagues were leery of associating with Newman Enterprises. Adam asked if Victor was still behind him, and Victor mentioned that Katherine had passed away. Adam expressed his condolences, and Victor admitted that it had hit him harder than he'd anticipated. Adam suggested wrapping Chancellor Industries into Newman Enterprises, and Victor questioned whether Adam expected him to take advantage of his friend's death.

Victor asserted that Katherine should be remembered and honored the way she had deserved, and stealing her company days after her death wasn't a fitting tribute. Adam said that he hadn't meant any disrespect, and Victor advised him not to even think about it until after Adam had dealt with the charges against him. Adam pointed out that it was an amazing business opportunity, and he warned Victor not to let sentiment cloud his judgment. Victor refused to dance on his friend's grave, and he doubted whether Adam had a heart. Adam admitted that he'd been heartbroken when he had visited Chelsea and had held the baby that should have been his.

Victor assumed that Adam had asked Chelsea to testify, and Adam reported that she'd refused. Victor asked why Adam had held the baby, and Adam explained that Chelsea had left the room, and he had reacted when the infant had started fussing. Adam couldn't help but think about how things would have been different if his and Chelsea's baby had lived, and he lamented that at one time, he'd thought he could have the whole package. Victor assured Adam that once Adam was out of his legal predicament, Adam could have it all. Adam was skeptical, and the men bonded over their losses.

Adam recognized that he'd been hypocritical to accuse Victor of being sentimental when Adam had gotten the same way about Chelsea and the baby, and Victor reminded him not to take important relationships for granted. Adam agreed to take it under advisement, and he asked Victor to keep an open mind about Chancellor, because someone else would snap it up if they didn't. Victor didn't want to discuss it, and he expressed sympathy for Adam's pain. Victor contended that they'd both had tough childhoods, but it had made them who they were. Victor patted Adam on the back and assured him that it would all work out.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill read a newspaper headline about how Katherine's death was impacting Chancellor Industries, and she told Esther that she still expected Katherine to walk downstairs and tear into Jill. Esther presented a letter that Murphy had dropped off with a personal message from Katherine to Jill. Esther said that she would always treasure her own note from Katherine, and she read aloud that Katherine had called Esther a lousy maid, but Katherine had thought of Esther as much more than a housekeeper. Katherine had acknowledged Esther as her protector and confidante, and she had stated that Esther was part of the family.

Jill opened her own letter, and Esther asked what it said, but Jill snapped that it was private. Esther was sure that Jill's letter contained something equally meaningful, because despite the insults Jill and Katherine had traded, Katherine had loved Jill. Esther left, and Jill read that Katherine had wanted her to have all that Katherine had valued. Katherine had written that everything was right in front of Jill, but Jill just had to look in the right place. Jill assumed that Katherine had left her entire fortune to Jill, but she cursed Katherine for giving Jill a riddle to solve. Jill pondered what "the right place" could be.

Nikki arrived to go over details for Katherine's memorial with Jill. Esther offered to help, but Nikki revealed that Katherine had already made the plans, and she and Jill just needed to carry out the specifics. Jill dismissed Esther, and Jill commented that it was amazing that Katherine still controlled everything from the grave. Jill complained that Katherine had left Jill with cryptic instructions on purpose, and she wasn't sure what to do next. Nikki bemoaned that unlike Jill, she knew exactly what she was supposed to do, but she didn't know if she could do it.

Nikki and Jill checked items off their lists, and Nikki remarked that Katherine was still getting in the last word. Jill recalled that the last time she and Katherine had been together, Katherine had chosen Cane over Jill to be CEO. Jill had thought that the arrangement would only last while Katherine had been away, but she realized that Katherine had known that she wasn't going to return. Nikki remembered seeing Katherine for the last time in the hospital, and she'd thought that she'd convinced Katherine to surround herself with people to share her pain and fear. Nikki imagined that Katherine had no longer been scared by the time she'd left on her trip.

Nikki prepared to leave, and she thanked Esther on her way out. Esther asked Jill if she needed anything and confided that she didn't know what to do with herself without Katherine there. Jill said that she would call if she needed Esther, and she read Katherine's letter again. Jill guessed that Katherine had been referring to the safe, but she became frustrated when she couldn't figure out the combination. She yelled for Esther's help.

Nikki returned home and reread Katherine's letter. "Damn you, Katherine. Why have you done this to me?" Nikki sobbed.

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