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Lily realized that Hilary was really Anne Turner. Katherine's will was read. Nikki instructed Paul to find the child she'd given up. Chelsea admitted that Adam was Connor's father. Avery stood up Nick at the altar to console Dylan.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 9, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, September 9, 2013

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Nikki studied the message Katherine had penned in a letter to her longtime friend. Nikki read, "Trust me, my dear friend. Your marriage is strong enough to survive this." Victoria joined her mother and asked about the message in Katherine's letter. Nikki checked her watch, noted that she'd lost track of time, and avoided responding to Victoria's question.

Victoria noticed that Nikki seemed troubled. When Nikki spoke of heading home, Victoria warned her mom that Victor had lost his temper with Adam. Nikki was saddened to learn that Victor had taken everything away from Adam. Victoria said, "We all knew that Dad working with Adam was doomed from the very beginning." Nikki was concerned because Victor had been forced to break ties with Adam on the same day he'd he mourned the loss of Katherine.

Victoria acknowledged that the rift between Adam and Victor was unfortunate, but she insisted that in the long run, it would be best for Victor and for Newman Enterprises. Nikki seemed concerned and warned that Victoria might allow herself to be dragged back into the company. Victoria noted that she'd just been present when Adam and Victor had had a falling out. Victoria added that she wasn't being dragged back into the Newman battlefield because she was content at home.

At On the Boulevard, Adam covertly overheard Dylan's conversation with Billy about baby Connor's degenerative eye condition. Dylan cried that the baby's condition could ultimately lead to blindness. Tears streamed down Adam's cheek as he listened to Dylan explain that the condition was hereditary. Billy noticed Adam wiping his cheeks. Billy said, "Adam, could I help you, bud?" Adam abruptly left without responding. Billy didn't seem curious about Adam's behavior.

Billy seemed confused when Dylan admitted that he'd been relieved when the doctor delivered the news about Connor's inherited eye condition. Dylan added that he knew it could be worse. Billy said he completely understood. Billy noted that in time, Dylan would realize that he'd become "the dad." Offering to help his son with puzzles and preparing the boy's oatmeal would become fatherly tasks. Dylan replied, "I'm just not there yet."

Billy told Dylan not to worry because it was a long process, and Dylan would have a lifetime to spend with Connor. Dylan was still reeling after hearing that his infant son might become blind. Billy commiserated and recalled that his daughter had once been diagnosed with leukemia. Billy mumbled about Victor Newman having kept him apart from Delia. Dylan asked what reason Victor had had for keeping Billy away. Billy merely explained that Dylan didn't have to worry about the Newmans, so he should be thankful.

Victoria arrived, and Billy explained that Dylan and Chelsea's baby had an eye disorder that could cause blindness. Victoria replied, "Oh, my God. It's genetic." Victoria added that she was concerned because Johnny was Chelsea's biological child. Dylan said he believed the condition had been inherited from his family. Before Dylan left, Billy assured him that everything would be all right.

After Dylan walked away, both Billy and Victoria said they wished they could do something to help the McAvoys. Victoria announced that Adam and Victor's relationship was on shaky ground. Billy asked Victoria if she was already planning to move back into her corner office at Newman Enterprises. Victoria said the thought had crossed her mind, though she insisted she remained focused on her family. Billy said that his conversation with Dylan had made him realize the importance of family.

Billy suddenly recalled that Adam's eye condition was similar to Connor's. Billy ascertained from Victoria's reaction that Connor was Adam's baby. Victoria admitted that she'd known the truth for a long time. Victoria said, "If you had to choose between Adam and Dylan for that baby's father, who would you choose?" Billy replied, "No contest." Billy realized that Adam had overheard him and Dylan discussing Connor's eye condition.

At her loft apartment, Chelsea cradled Connor. She rocked her baby gently and promised him that he'd see many sunsets with his mommy and daddy. Chelsea added, "The most beautiful thing that you need to see is the love in your daddy's eyes every single time he looks at his little boy." After Chelsea placed her slumbering infant in his crib, she prayed. Chelsea pleaded that Connor wouldn't lose his eyesight. She begged God to let Connor have the life he deserved.

Adam pounded loudly on the door. When Chelsea opened it, she said, "You're going to wake the baby." Adam replied, "My baby." Chelsea told Adam to drop his crazy accusations, and she tried to slam the door in his face. Adam barged in and said, "That's a hell of a con that you pulled."

Adam told Chelsea he knew that baby Connor had inherited retinitis pigmentosa. Chelsea claimed that anyone could be diagnosed with the eye condition. Adam recalled that all of his suspicions about Chelsea's stages of pregnancy proved that he'd been right. He said he wanted to hear the truth come out of Chelsea's mouth. Chelsea replied, "Dylan is Connor's father."

Adam recalled that he knew what it was like to grow up in a house with a blind parent. He noted that the sound of breaking glass at his mother's house had always made him panic. Adam added, "I want the truth, and apparently, you're the only one who knows what that is." Adam told Chelsea that he'd overheard Dylan talking about Connor's eye condition. Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd promised to leave her and her family alone after she'd convinced Melanie to drop her rape charges against Adam. Adam insisted that Chelsea had helped him because she had felt guilty.

Adam refused to leave. Adam said he wanted his son to look into his father's eyes while the infant could still see. Chelsea refused to let Adam near her son because Connor didn't need to be around people who might cause the baby additional stress. Adam backed off and said he didn't want to be responsible for making his son suffer. Chelsea repeatedly demanded that Adam leave at once. Adam ignored Chelsea's pleas.

Adam noted that a cruel act of God had taken his and Chelsea's first child. He added that his son had been taken from him because of Chelsea's cruel act. Adam said, "I know the truth. There's no way in hell that baby's being raised without me." Tears streamed down Chelsea's cheeks.

Dylan returned and confronted Adam. Adam said that Chelsea should explain what was going on. Before Adam left, he addressed Chelsea and said, "This is far from over." Dylan asked Chelsea what was going on.

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily enjoyed a break from work together. They discussed their beloved children. Cane mentioned that he dreaded the reading of Katherine's will because he'd have to face the future without his dear loved one. Suddenly, Lily became irate and raised her voice. She shouted, "Is this it with our marriage? Pretending day after day that nothing is wrong?" Cane replied, "I've given you no reason to be upset!" Hilary, standing out on the patio, watched Lily and Cane shouting at each other.

Lily yelled at Cane and cried that the whole world had seen the blog photo of him partially naked in a hotel room with his assistant. Cane raised his voice to match Lily's. Cane vehemently denied that he'd been unfaithful. Devon, shocked, approached Lily and Cane and asked what was going on. Lily lowered her voice and told Devon not to become involved. Devon mentioned Hilary, but Lily shushed him and said, "What do you know about relationships? You and Roxanne can't even make yours work." Devon abruptly left, and so did Lily.

Hilary took a seat beside Cane and claimed she'd been running late. Noting Cane's depressed mood, Hilary asked him what was wrong. Cane said he'd had a fight with Lily. Hilary admitted that she'd seen Cane and Lily fighting and said it had seemed like a serious argument. Hilary asked if she could do anything to help. Cane praised Hilary for being considerate of his feelings, and he noted that Lily stubbornly refused to be honest with him. Hilary moved closer to Cane and said that if Lily couldn't give him respect and love, then someone else should. Hilary kissed Cane on the lips.

Lily caught up with Devon at Katherine Chancellor Park. She explained that she'd staged the fight with Cane at Crimson Lights because she'd spotted Hilary out on the patio, eavesdropping. Lily said she believed Devon's claim that Hilary had published a staged photo she hoped would break up Lily and Cane's marriage. Devon replied, "So that was staged for Hilary's benefit?" Lily nodded and said that she hoped Hilary had taken the bait. If Hilary let her guard down, Lily explained, Cane would be able to see Hilary for what she really was. Devon said he hoped Lily's plan didn't backfire. Lily said she didn't see how it could.

At the Abbott mansion, Victor stormed in and accused Jack of kidnapping Summer by putting her on a plane and flying her off somewhere. Jack noted that he'd sent Summer to visit her mother in Georgia. Jack reminded Victor that he'd flown Summer to a Newman-owned resort, so he could brainwash the young woman. Victor accused Jack of using Phyllis' condition to score points with Summer. Jack warned Victor not to mention Phyllis' name again.

Victor taunted Jack and said that Jack believed he'd found happiness. Jack replied, "Oh, I'm the one deluding myself? You don't even realize you're headed for the biggest fall of your life." Victor said, "That a warning?" Jack noted that Victor's grandstanding would lead him to humiliation and ruin. Victor said, "Do me a favor and try not to make points with Summer." Jack noted that he was giving Summer some space, which he and Nick both agreed was in the young woman's best interest.

Jack said that Victor had never been in step with any of his children, though Victor purported to be a family man. Victor said that Jack had repeatedly failed to live up to John's image. Nikki arrived, berated both men, and asked if their conduct was the proper way to honor Katherine's memory. Nikki said she hoped Katherine's legacy might lead to peaceful relations between the Newmans and the Abbotts. Nikki glared at Jack.

Nikki said she'd hoped she might convince Jack to agree to a truce in memory of their dearly departed friend. Victor noted that Katherine "believed in peace, but not in wholesale surrender." Jack replied, "On that we agree." Victor left. Jack and Nikki both agreed that Katherine likely had more surprises that would be revealed at the reading of her will. After Nikki left, Jack phoned Adam. Jack said he thought Victor had uncovered the anonymous investment. Jack added, "Not to worry. Victor doesn't have a clue."

After Nikki returned to the ranch, she told Victor she knew about the falling-out between him and Adam. Nikki said she'd hoped Jack might speak with Adam about mending fences with Victor. Nikki said she had realized it was hopeless when she walked in and saw Jack and Victor arguing. Victor told Nikki never to run interference between him and Jack again. Nikki said that Jack and Adam had become close. Victor replied, "Perhaps too close."

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In the park, Lily fretted to Devon that Cane hadn't responded to her text messages. Devon thought that she was asking for trouble by using Cane as bait to trap Hilary, but Lily declared that she trusted Cane, and she sent another message. She agreed that if Cane were a typical guy, she wouldn't have suggested that he cozy up to a lying home-wrecker, but Devon pointed out that Hilary was attractive, and Cane had eyes. Lily was positive that Cane had things under control.

At Crimson Lights, Cane's phone buzzed, and he pulled away from Hilary's kiss. Hilary apologized, but Cane took responsibility for taking advantage of her after his fight with Lily and the stress he'd been under. Hilary said that she understood, and she suggested that they forget about it. He said that it wouldn't fix things with Lily, and Hilary assured him that he and Lily would work it out. Cane pretended to be skeptical, and he said that he planned to get a room at the Athletic Club.

Cane got up to leave, and he said that Hilary had been a good friend. Cane, Hilary, Lily, and Devon all received text messages with an update on the GC Buzz, and they looked at an online photo of the kiss that Cane and Hilary had just shared. Cane realized that the blogger had been at the coffeehouse. Devon remarked that it was what Lily had wanted, but she was shocked that it had happened that quickly and had been that intense.

Lily thought that something wasn't right about the timing, and she wondered how Hilary had known when to have the photo taken. Devon guessed that Hilary was having someone tail her and Cane. Devon found it strange that Neil suspected Anne Turner of making the posts, but Hilary was using the blog to break up Lily and Cane. Devon thought that there was a missing piece to the puzzle.

Cane took a look around, and Hilary reasoned that the blogger wouldn't have stuck around, but Cane thought that the person might have wanted to see their reaction. Cane wondered how Lily would respond to the post, and Hilary expected it to make things worse. Cane groaned that he didn't think that was possible, and Hilary reminded him that Lily had already thought that something was going on between Cane and Hilary. Cane said that he had to tell Lily the truth, and he departed. Hilary tried to hide a smile.

Cane arrived in the park and apologized for taking longer than expected, and Devon remarked that they'd already seen why. Devon left, and Lily confronted Cane with the photo. Cane relayed that he'd made Hilary think that things were bad between Cane and Lily, and Lily huffed that he'd done a great job. He argued that he'd been surprised by the kiss, but it had convinced him that Lily was right about Hilary. He wanted to fire Hilary the next morning, but Lily said that he couldn't.

Cane thought the point was to get Hilary out of their lives, but Lily said that there was more to it than proving that Hilary wasn't the person she'd pretended to be. She found it odd that Hilary had shown up when the posts had first started, and the blogger had continued to post more after Hilary had accepted the position as Cane's assistant. Lily remarked that the content of the posts had shifted from Neil's journal to Lily and Cane's lives, and she theorized that Hilary was really Anne Turner.

Hilary returned to the hotel suite and gushed that Mason had been amazing. He was glad that she'd finally noticed, and she praised him for getting the photo online that quickly. They kissed, and she proclaimed that their work was finally paying off, because their efforts were causing problems between Lily and Cane. She imagined what would happen once Lily saw the photo, and Mason surmised that the Ashby marriage would be blown to bits. Hilary wished that she could be there to see it.

Mason worried that Cane had almost seen him and that things were getting complicated. Hilary seductively asked if Mason intended to back out on her, because she couldn't do it without him. Mason implored her to confront Neil directly, but she countered that it wasn't enough just to throw everything in Neil's face, because her mom had been all she'd had. Hilary snarled that she wanted Neil and his family to feel the pain that she had.

Devon returned to Crimson Lights. Over the phone, he accepted Murphy's invitation to the reading of Katherine's will the next day. He found Noah on the patio, and he inquired whether Noah had taken pictures of Cane kissing his assistant. Noah had no idea what Devon was talking about, and Devon commented that he was dealing with family problems. Noah said that he'd expected to see Devon at Jabot, and he grumbled about his job. Devon said that Noah had a good eye, but Noah wasn't sure he wanted to base a career on it.

Noah recalled the time when both he and Devon had been into music, and Devon remarked that he was too busy to record anymore, since he'd taken a job to avoid family drama. Noah thought that taking a job at Newman Enterprises would cause drama, and Devon asked if he was thinking about it. Noah inquired whether Devon liked his job, and Devon conceded that he'd do something else if he could do anything he wanted. Devon added that some people were born to tackle the corporate world, and Noah might be one of those people.

Sharon arrived at the tack house with a huge wrapped box, and she presented it to Nick as his wedding gift. As Nick rummaged through the box, Sharon explained that she'd wanted to give Nick and Avery something fun, so she'd put together a variety of date-night options. Nick called the idea thoughtful, and Sharon recalled that he'd liked dates when they'd been married. Sharon looked around for her purse in preparation to leave, and Nick reached for it. He pulled out a child's drawing of a bride and groom with the bride crossed out.

Nick lamented that he'd thought he and Sharon had been making progress with Faith, but obviously they hadn't. Sharon said that she'd reassured the girl that they would always be a family, but nothing had seemed to help. Sharon remarked that the only thing Faith wanted to hear was that Nick wasn't going to marry Avery. Nick asked how they could make Faith understand, but Sharon didn't think that there was anything either of them could do. Nick worried what would happen if Faith never accepted Avery.

Sharon offered to talk to Faith again, and she planned to reassure Faith that everything would work out fine. Nick inquired whether Sharon believed that, and she promised that he'd get his happily ever after. Sharon left, and Nick glowered as he looked at Faith's drawing. Sharon watched him through the window and smiled.

At home, Sharon gleefully told Cassie that she thought that Nick had liked Sharon's gift but not Faith's. Cassie declared the trip an overall success, and Sharon wondered if she'd been wrong to have Nick find Faith's drawing. Cassie rationalized that Sharon hadn't asked Faith to draw it and that Faith was just showing how she felt about Nick marrying Avery. Cassie wondered if the drawing had been enough for Nick to call off the wedding.

Sharon didn't think that the drawing would stop the wedding, but she was optimistic that Avery's insecurities were growing. She mentioned that Avery had decided not to sleep with Nick until after the wedding, but Cassie said that it was only a few days away, and she asked if there was time. "There is no way that I'm going to let this wedding happen," Sharon decreed.

Adam pounded on Avery's door. Avery told him that she was on her way to see Nick, but Adam announced that he wanted to sue Chelsea for custody of her son. Adam demanded that Avery draw up custody papers that night, but Avery argued that he couldn't file a claim based on a lie. Adam declared that Connor was his son, and he mentioned the inherited eye disorder. Avery gasped in horror at what the baby might go through, but she pointed out that it wasn't definitive proof. Adam said that they had to start with a paternity test.

Adam recounted the conversation he'd heard between Dylan and Billy. Adam added that Chelsea had continued to deny that he was the baby's father, but he'd seen the guilt in her eyes. Avery said that Adam needed more to go on, because a judge might see Connor's eye problems as a coincidence. Adam argued that retinitis pigmentosa had run in his family, but Avery contended that it could be in Dylan's genes, too.

Adam noted that Chelsea had insisted that Connor had been premature, but he'd seen the baby, and there was no way the delivery had been as early as she'd claimed. He stated that he and Chelsea had been together eight months before, but Avery couldn't believe that Chelsea would tell such a huge lie. Adam begged Avery to help him get his son, and he mentioned that Dylan had been with Chelsea when Adam had left, so Dylan would soon know the truth.

Adam ranted that he'd missed out on the pregnancy and the birth, and he wanted Avery's legal representation to fight for custody. She advised him to hold off for a few days so that no one would get hurt if he acted in anger, and she implored him to think about what was best for the baby. Adam accused Avery of being primarily concerned about Dylan, and he declared that it was obvious that she still had feelings for Dylan. Adam pointed out that she'd be helping Dylan by helping Adam, because the sooner Dylan wasn't tied down, the sooner Dylan would be able to get away and live his own life.

Avery questioned whether Adam expected her to take his case in order to break up Dylan and Chelsea's marriage, and Adam replied that it would be a bonus. She snapped that he was making it hard to be his friend, and she told him to take time to think, because she had a wedding to plan. He dryly stated that he couldn't attend, because he'd be too busy fighting for custody of his son, and he stormed out. Avery left a message for Dylan and asked him to call her as soon as he could.

Avery arrived at the tack house, and she saw Sharon's gift card and Faith's drawing. Nick wished he'd thrown the drawing away, but Avery said that it wouldn't change how Faith felt. Avery informed him that Adam had stopped by with the intent of suing Chelsea for custody, because Adam believed that Dylan wasn't Connor's biological father. She continued that Connor had an eye disorder, and Adam had guessed that it was the same as his. Nick understood why Chelsea would want to keep Adam away from the baby, but Avery said that there was no excuse for Chelsea using Dylan, and she was sure that Dylan was devastated.

Nick empathized with how hard it was to find out that a child wasn't one's own, and Avery questioned what Chelsea had been thinking. Nick replied that sometimes parents didn't think when dealing with their kids, and Avery disclosed that Adam had asked her to represent him, but she had refused to get in the middle. She admitted that she felt rushed with the wedding rapidly approaching, and she wondered if maybe Faith was right. Nick suspected that Avery's reservations were about Dylan, not Faith.

Avery acknowledged that she was worried about Dylan, but Nick didn't want Dylan's problems to affect their wedding. Avery voiced her concern about Faith, but Nick thought that Avery was looking for an excuse. Avery admitted that she'd overreacted after she'd had a bad day. Nick assured her that she and Faith would work it out, and he and Avery pledged their love. She said that she couldn't wait to marry him, and they hugged, but both of their expressions seemed uncertain.

Adam sat on a bench in the park. He picked up a child's ball that someone had left behind, and he looked deep in thought.

At the loft, Dylan asked again what Adam had been doing there. Connor began to cry, and Dylan picked him up and cooed that his daddy had him. Chelsea fought back tears, and she claimed that she was just emotional. Dylan became irate that Adam had upset both Chelsea and Connor, and he vowed not to let Adam harass her. Chelsea replied that Adam hadn't, and she revealed that Adam had been there about Connor.

Dylan set Connor back in the cradle, and Chelsea claimed that Adam had felt terrible after he'd overheard Dylan mention Connor's vision problem to Billy. Dylan was tired of Adam's interference, and he didn't understand why something about their son would have such a major effect on Adam. Chelsea disclosed that Adam had suffered from the same disease, and she explained that Adam had been almost blind, but he had undergone a procedure that had restored his sight. She said that it was great news for Connor, but Dylan contemplated the odds of Adam and Connor having the same genetic disorder.

Chelsea said that Adam had had the same questions, and she had reiterated to him that Connor was Chelsea and Dylan's child. Dylan questioned whether that was the truth, and his voice shook as he inquired whether she'd allow him to name the baby after Dylan's father if Connor wasn't Dylan's. Chelsea faltered, and Dylan asked her to tell him that Connor was his son. She cried that she couldn't, and she finally admitted that Connor was Adam's.

Dylan asked if Chelsea had just realized it or if she'd known all along, and she confessed that she'd known from the beginning. A stunned Dylan demanded to know why she'd done that to him, and she swore that she'd never meant to hurt him. She recalled the day when Adam had confronted her about being pregnant, and she'd let Adam assume that Dylan was the baby's father. Chelsea rambled that she had been afraid that Adam would use his name and influence to take her child, and eventually she had gotten to know Dylan and had fallen deeply in love with the incredible man that he was.

Chelsea insisted that it had been the right thing to do for her and for Connor, and she maintained that Connor was still Dylan's son. Chelsea sobbed that nothing had changed, but Dylan bellowed that everything had changed. She assumed that he hated her, but he said that he loved her and Connor. He stated that he'd given her everything he'd had, and he didn't think she understood what it had taken for him to trust her and to open up about Avery and the baby they'd lost. He added that he'd never confided in anyone about what had happened in Afghanistan, and Chelsea said that she was honored that he'd told her.

Dylan raged that he had changed his life to build something honest and good with Chelsea, and he angrily realized that it had all been based on a lie. Chelsea defended that she'd seen how much Connor meant to Dylan, and she hadn't wanted to take away the idea of being a dad from him. Dylan incredulously asked if she'd done it for him, and she said that she'd made herself believe that Dylan was the father, because she'd desperately wanted it to be true. She begged him to tell her that they still could still be a family.

Dylan said that Chelsea couldn't expect him to pretend, but Chelsea asserted that the truth didn't change how they felt. He retorted that she'd just blown his whole world apart, but she told him to look at Connor, and she reminded Dylan that he loved the baby. Dylan said that it didn't make him the father, but Chelsea insisted that they still had a connection. Chelsea reminded Dylan that he'd promised to take care of and protect them, and Dylan surmised that she meant from Adam. Chelsea cried that Adam would take Connor unless they fought him together, and she beseeched Dylan not to abandon them.

Chelsea admitted that she shouldn't have lied, and Connor began to cry. She declared that they could still be a family, and she picked Connor up. She said that the baby wanted Dylan, and she moved to hand Connor to him, but Dylan said that he couldn't. Dylan walked toward the door, and she pleaded that their son needed him. "He's not my son," Dylan said through tears, and he walked out, leaving a sobbing Chelsea behind.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

At the ranch, Nikki told Victor that she was too upset to go to the reading of Katherine's will. Nikki said that she especially did not want to see "Jill licking her lips." Victor offered to stay home with Nikki, but she insisted that one of them should be there. As soon as Victor left, Nikki placed a call to Paul, who had just said farewell to Christine as she left town on business. Nikki said that she needed Paul's help. They agreed to meet at Chancellor Park.

At Mason's apartment, Hilary speculated about Devon's inheritance. Hilary told Mason to get close to Devon and find out something that would help Hilary put the squeeze on Devon. Mason pointed out pitfalls, but Hilary was persistent. Hilary said that she could not get close to Devon because Devon was suspicious of her. Eventually, Mason distracted her, and they made love.

At the Chancellor estate, Murphy, Jill, Chloe, and Esther waited with Katherine's lawyer, David, for other the legatees to arrive. The lawyer jokingly said that he hoped that he had arrived with the right will. Jill jumped on that, and the lawyer explained that Katherine had changed her will the day after she had gotten out of the hospital.

Jill wondered about the changes, but Murphy said that Katherine had take care of all of them. He added that Katherine had made sure that everyone got what they deserved. Murphy told Jill that Katherine had meant what she had said in her letter to Jill and would not let Jill down. Jill imagined herself in a fabulous fake fur, draped in jewels, sitting in Katherine's chair, toasting Katherine and bossing Esther around after inheriting all of Katherine's assets.

Esther interrupted Jill's reverie. Jill sniped that she hoped that Esther was not disappointed. Esther had the same daydream as Jill, only Esther was sitting in Katherine's chair, bossing servile housekeeper, Jill, around. Esther started laughing out loud. Cane, Lily, and Devon arrived for the reading. Neither Cane nor Devon expected much. Both felt honored to have known Katherine. Devon was troubled because it had taken him so long to form a bond with Katherine, and he regretted all the time that had been wasted.

Kevin asked Devon what he would want. Devon said that he would be very honored if Katherine left her vinyl record collection to him. Kevin had a daydream, similar to the one that Jill and Esther had had, except in Kevin's dream, a down-and-out Chloe begged him to take her back, and they reunited. After Victor arrived, the lawyer began reading Katherine's will.

Katherine's first bequest was to her husband, Murphy, to whom she left 25% of her estate, her collection of vintage autos, a cabin on Lake Michigan, and a favorite fishing pole. Murphy smiled and said that he would catch a fish for Katherine. Katherine's second bequest went to Esther, whom she left $20,000 a month for life, with the proviso that Esther would continue to care for the mansion. Esther had joyous tears as she agreed gladly.

Katherine next stated that Cane would continue as sole CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill was very offended and imagined being tossed aside, even as Cane said that he valued her and would never push her out. Jill demanded to know who would get Chancellor Industries, but the lawyer said that the fate of the company would be dealt with much later. He returned to the will.

Katherine bequeathed her collection of first editions to Victor on the condition that he read them all. Everyone laughed when Katherine added that there would be a quiz when she and Victor met again in the afterlife. Devon was a little disappointed when Katherine's record collection went to Katherine's son, Devon's father, Tucker.

To Brock, Mackenzie, Phillip III, Phillip IV, and Nina, Katherine left 25% of her estate to be divided evenly between them. Katherine said that Nikki was the daughter of her heart and left Nikki all Katherine' writings. Katherine left Chloe her collection of couture gowns, as well as a $500,000 education fund for Delia. Katherine left Kevin an antique ephemera box that contained a skeleton key. Katherine said that the key would open any door Kevin wanted opened.

Kevin remembered how Katherine had supported him even when he had failed. Katherine hoped that no door would ever hold Kevin in and that Kevin would unlock the secret to his own happiness. When Chloe asked if Kevin was okay with his bequest, Kevin was misty-eyed when he said that he was more than okay.

Jill was getting very anxious as the lawyer noted that there were two final bequests. The room was speechless at the lawyer announced that the remaining $2.475 billion of Katherine's estate was bequeathed to Devon. Jill quietly simmered as she asked about the final bequest. The lawyer said that Katherine had bequeathed Jill one half of the mansion with the stipulation that Jill could never sell it. Jill was livid and cited the expense of upkeep, but Esther, ever chipper, said that she would help out.

Jill was hardly listening as the lawyer added that Katherine had also left Jill an item that Katherine called "her most prized and valuable possession." Jill scoffed when she was handed an old music box stamped, "Made in China." The group disbursed after the will was read.

Nikki waited for Paul in the park and pleaded with Katherine for direction. When Paul arrived, Nikki apologized for bothering him, but Paul said that he would do anything for Nikki. Nikki asked Paul to listen to her story and try not to judge her or hate her. Paul said nothing could make him hate Nikki. Nikki asked Paul to keep what she was about to tell him between the two of them. He said he would and also agreed not to tell Victor.

Nikki asked Paul if he remembered the cult they had belonged to as youths and a man named Ian Ward. Paul remembered Ian Ward as a motivational speaker. Nikki remembered feeling special when she had first been singled out to meet Ian Ward. Nikki had soon learned that she was to be used as Ian's sexual slave, despite her attempts to resist. Eventually, Nikki had gotten pregnant. Paul was astounded. He did not remember Nikki's pregnancy.

Nikki reminded Paul about a trip that she had taken to Chicago. Nikki said that she had delivered a premature baby in a Catholic hospital. Prior to the birth, Nikki had shared her sad story with the nuns and had told them that she could not care for a baby. When Nikki had awoken after giving birth, the baby had been gone and Nikki had never seen it, so she did not know if she had had a son or daughter.

Nikki had confessed all to Katherine, and when Nikki had been diagnosed with MS, Katherine had suggested that Nikki find her long-lost child if for no other reason than to let them know about the MS. Paul asked if Nikki's story was related to the phone number that she had asked him to trace. Nikki said it was in the letter that Katherine had left for her. When Nikki and Paul parted, Nikki was still indecisive about what she wanted to do.

Jill was still stunned as she sat looking at the music box. She was even polite to Esther when Esther offered to get food or drink for Jill. Once she was alone, Jill started working herself up into a snit, and she asked Katherine how Katherine could treat Jill so badly. Jill said it was the unkindest cut of all and that Katherine has shafted her. Jill said that she was shattered and that Katherine had done it to have the last laugh. Jill vowed to track Katherine down in the afterlife and make her eat the "stupid" music box.

Jill attempted to smash the music box, but Esther returned and stopped her. Esther told Jill that Katherine had loved Jill like a daughter. Esther told Jill that there was a message there for Jill, and once Jill calmed down, Jill would figure it out. Esther handed Jill the music box and walked out. Jill tossed the music box on the couch, and it started playing. Jill picked up the box and then got a magnifying glass.

The date on the bottom of the box was October 25, 1940, Katherine's 12th birthday. Jill called Katherine an "insufferable sadist" as she noticed that the music box appeared in the pencil drawing that had been found in Katherine's safe and noted that she had never seen that particular music box before it had been handed to her earlier that day.

Nikki was still distraught and had trouble opening the door to the ranch. Paul had followed Nikki home to make sure that she was safe, and he helped her. Nikki was grateful. Paul said that no matter what Nikki decided to do -- forget her child or pursue looking -- Paul would be by her side.

Victor made a phone call and told a confederate to get on with the plan before his opponents realized that Victor was onto them. Victor went to Katherine's plaque at the park and told Katherine that she was in a better place. Victor told Katherine that a storm was approaching and that it was going to get ugly. Victor laughed and reminded Katherine that she knew him, and he would be the last man standing. Victor told Katherine to rest in peace, and he walked away.

Lily and Cane, also in the park, discussed the implications of the will. Lily was happy for Devon and proud of the faith that Katherine had had in Cane, but Cane feared that it would lead to an all-out war with Jill, which was the last thing that Cane wanted. Cane said that he was headed back to try to make peace with Jill.

Cane and Lily decided to keep up the pretense that Cane was sleeping at the club. Lily wanted to get proof that Hilary and Anne Turner were one and the same before Neil returned from New York. Cane was as sure as Lily that Hilary had a hidden agenda, but Cane was also concerned that Lily would be hurt if Hilary cozied up to Cane again and made something innocent appear as something else. Lily said she could handle it if it meant trapping Hilary.

Devon went to On the Boulevard and downed three quick shots as Mason tried to sympathize and Hilary spied on them from a nearby table. When Mason asked Devon if things were "that bad?" Devon responded that they were "that good!" and walked out of the bar after promising to return with a big tip, because Devon only had enough cash to pay for a taxi and drinks.

Hilary called Mason, who told her that he thought that Devon had hit the jackpot. Mason and Hilary went back to his place. She told him to keep working on Devon, while she worked on Cane. Mason advised Hilary to be careful of Cane because he might be onto her. Hilary said that she was almost sure that Cane and Lily were onto her, but she intended to play them while they thought that they were playing her.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

At the loft, Chloe asked if Chelsea had heard from Dylan, and Chelsea reported that no one had seen him in two days. Chelsea worried that he was gone, but Chloe pointed out that he had a lot to think about. Chelsea urged Chloe to get back to her own life, but Chloe stated that Chelsea was more important, and she encouraged Chelsea to pull herself together. Chloe assured Chelsea that Dylan would return because he loved Connor, but Chelsea wailed that he hated her more. Chloe advised her to give him time, because he was invested in their family and wouldn't walk away.

Chelsea recognized that it had been cruel of her to let Dylan get attached to a baby that wasn't his, but Chloe urged her to think about why Chelsea had lied. Chloe implored her not to give up on Dylan, because he was a good guy who would eventually forgive Chelsea. Chelsea hoped that Chloe was right, but she feared that Adam wanted to punish her for keeping him from his son. Chelsea affirmed that in her heart, Connor was Dylan's son, and Chloe encouraged her to fight for her family. Chelsea whined that she couldn't fight Adam alone, and she would die if she lost Connor.

Chelsea fretted that Adam would win a custody battle and that she'd never see her son again. Chloe contended that Adam was a convicted felon, and there was no way a judge would give him custody of a newborn. Chloe suggested that Chelsea let it go to court, because Adam would lose, but Chelsea expected Adam to tell the judge about Chelsea's sketchy past. Chelsea worried that it wouldn't be hard to make her look unfit, especially with Adam's unlimited bank account. Chloe presented another option -- Chelsea could take the baby and disappear.

At the tack house, Noah helped Nick get ready for the wedding. Noah reported that he'd received a text message from Summer, who'd said that she couldn't make it. Nick presented Noah with a money clip engraved with Nick's initials. Nick explained that it had been a college graduation gift from Victor, and it was supposed to have held the money that Nick made in the family business. Nick was thankful that he'd been able to carve out his own path to make a living, and he said that if Noah ever started to doubt that Noah could do the same, he'd have the clip to remind him. They hugged.

Faith ran downstairs, and Nick noted that she hadn't gotten dressed for the wedding. She complained that she couldn't find Miss Patsy, and she refused to put on her dress until she found the doll. Nick tried to entice her with a present, but Faith immediately declined the gift when she learned it was from Avery. Noah talked her into just seeing what it was, and she discovered another doll that she'd asked for. Faith threw it across the room and yelled that she didn't want it, and she dashed out the door.

Sharon flipped through old family photos, and Cassie remarked that they had looked incredibly happy. Sharon said that she and Nick had been very much in love, and it was hard to believe that he was about to promise to love, honor, and cherish someone else. Cassie called it a mistake that he'd regret, and Sharon insisted that Avery wasn't right for Nick and that he should be making vows to Sharon.

Nick followed Faith to Sharon's house, and Faith sobbed that Avery had thrown away Miss Patsy. Nick explained that Avery had simply bought Faith a new doll, and Noah and Sharon stated that it had been a nice gesture. Faith hollered that she hated Avery, and Nick said that made him sad. Noah contended that he loved Avery and wanted her to be part of their family, and after that day, Avery would be. "No!" Faith belligerently protested.

Sharon reminded Faith of their talks about families, but Faith declared that she didn't want Nick to marry Avery. Sharon sympathized that change was scary, but she insisted that it just meant that there would be another person who loved Faith. Nick told Faith to get dressed, but Faith maintained that she didn't want to go. Nick huffed that he didn't have time to mess around, and Faith bolted upstairs. Sharon volunteered to try to get through to her, and Nick instructed Noah to go to the park.

Nick realized that Faith would only act out more if he let her have her way, but Sharon warned that Faith would just resent Avery more if he pushed. Nick lamented that Noah was the only one of his kids who would be at the ceremony. Sharon suggested that Nick postpone the wedding, but Nick said that they'd waited long enough. Sharon implored him to go to the park, and she would try to talk Faith into making an appearance. Nick left, and Cassie observed that he was having doubts. Sharon said that it wasn't enough for him to call off the ceremony, and Cassie proclaimed that Sharon had to do it for him.

Faith begged Sharon not to make her be in the wedding, and Sharon offered to go with Faith and stay where Faith could see her. Sharon gently pressed Faith to put her dress on, and Faith hesitantly went upstairs to change. Cassie commended Sharon for giving herself a reason to be at the park, so Sharon could stop the ceremony.

Summer walked into the Abbott mansion, and Jack was surprised to see her. She informed him that she'd headed straight there from the airport, and he wondered why she wasn't at the wedding. She announced that she wasn't going, because she couldn't pretend to wish Nick well after his lies had ripped up their lives. Summer said that she wanted to forgive Nick, but she wasn't ready to yet, and she thought that she'd be a hypocrite if she pretended to do so.

Jack wondered if Daniel had influenced Summer, and she replied that Daniel had listened, but she'd realized that she'd been dealing with other people's feelings and not her own. She knew who she had been, but she had to figure out who she was, and she wanted to get to know her Abbott side. She hoped that Jack could help her, and he was glad that she was ready to move forward, but he advised that it didn't have to be at the expense of the rest of her family. He suggested that there was somewhere she had to be, because Avery needed her family, and Phyllis couldn't be there.

A bathrobe-clad Avery crossed things off a list at her apartment, and she worriedly looked at her phone. She left a fifth message for Dylan and asked him to call to let her know that he was okay. Leslie arrived, and Avery called her a lifesaver for stepping in as maid of honor. Leslie received an incoming call from Adam, and Avery instructed her not to answer it. As he chugged a drink, Adam left a message to request Leslie's services to get custody of his son.

Avery explained to Leslie that Adam was shopping for a lawyer to prove that he was the father of Chelsea's baby, and he had a strong case to file for custody. Avery said that she'd already turned him down, because she couldn't be responsible for Dylan losing another child, but Leslie argued that Avery couldn't protect Dylan from Adam simply finding another attorney. Leslie said that Avery shouldn't be worrying about Dylan on her wedding day, and Avery vowed that nothing would stop her from walking down the aisle. Leslie wondered if Avery was trying to convince Leslie or herself.

Summer arrived, and she and Avery hugged. Summer said that being with Phyllis had made her feel better, but she wished that Phyllis would recover. Leslie left to change clothes before the ceremony. Avery informed Summer that Leslie had been about to step in as Summer's replacement, and Summer apologized for almost bailing after she'd promised to stand up for Avery. Summer offered to act as maid of honor if Avery still wanted her to, and Avery happily smiled.

Avery sent Summer to retrieve a garment bag, and Summer excitedly assumed it was Avery's wedding gown, but Avery disclosed that it was a dress for Summer. Summer said that it was perfect, and Avery handed her a present. Summer found a bracelet inside, and Avery mentioned that Nick had picked it out. Summer objected to a lecture about giving Nick another chance, but Avery said that she'd already given Summer one, and it was Summer's choice. A relieved Summer thanked her.

Adam arrived to visit Jack and poured himself a drink. Jack remarked that it was early for scotch, but Adam announced that he was celebrating being the proud father of a beautiful boy. Adam declared that he was getting a court order to prove that he was the father of Chelsea's son, because he'd learned that the baby likely had the same genetic eye disorder that Adam had suffered from. Adam vowed to sue for custody once the paternity test was in, and Jack questioned whether that would be a mistake. Adam contended that he didn't want to end up in Jack's shoes, and he refused to miss another day of his child's life.

Jack agreed that Adam owed it to himself to find out if he was the father, and Adam said that Chelsea and Nick had no right to decide whether Adam and Jack were in their children's lives. Jack warned that Adam might not be any happier with a judge's decision, but Adam asserted that he'd have no parental rights unless he went to court. Jack asked if Adam was surprised by Chelsea's reaction, considering how Adam had treated her, and Adam asked if he deserved to lose his son. Jack countered that Chelsea didn't, either, and he advised Adam not to set up a situation where Adam's child resented Adam like Adam resented Victor.

Jack recounted that Hope had asked Victor to keep his distance so that she could raise Adam with her values, but Jack believed that Victor had had a right to know Adam, and he thought that Adam would be a different, less bitter man if Victor had fought for his parental rights. Adam argued that he didn't want his son to go blind, and he could do something about it as the boy's father. Jack encouraged him to put his anger aside so that both Chelsea and Adam could be parents. Adam ranted that another man had played father to Adam's child, and he refused to allow Chelsea and a stranger to play house with his son.

Jack empathized that it was hard to be patient, and he understood what it was like to want to make up for lost time, but he had learned that it was best to take things slowly with Summer. Jack suggested that Adam do the same, rather than allowing his emotion to take over. Jack cautioned that the stakes were too high to inflame the situation.

At the ranch, Victor ordered his investigator to find out everything he could on Fishhook Capital. The investigator left as Nikki descended the stairs, and she asked what the meeting had been about. Victor vaguely replied that it had been business, and she suspected that he was keeping something from her. He countered that he could say the same thing about her.

Victor pointed out that whenever he asked Nikki if something was wrong, she had averted the question. He assumed that she was still upset about Katherine's death, and she admitted that she shouldn't have shut him out. Victor conceded that he hadn't paid as much attention to her as he should have, because he'd been sidetracked by Adam's secrets. Nikki hadn't realized that Victor had been that worried about Newman Enterprises, and he promised that the issue would soon be resolved.

In the park, Victoria tended to arrangements for Nick and Avery's wedding, and she asked Billy to get flowers out of the car. Billy lovingly stared at Victoria, and he said that watching her walk up the aisle reminded him of their wedding. She asked which one, and he replied all of them, because marrying her had been the best decision he'd ever made. She noted that he was in a romantic mood, and he asked her to marry him again right there.

Victoria remarked that the guests would be there soon, but Billy declared that he'd tell everyone how blessed he felt, and he would be willing to renew their vows every day. She replied that he'd done so every night with the way he looked at her. He called her an incredible mother, artist, and businesswoman, and she said that he'd made her a better person. He clarified that they'd done that for one another, and she proclaimed that was why they'd make it forever. They kissed, and Abby and Tyler clapped for the happy couple.

Abby said that she and Tyler were there early to help set up, but it looked like everything had been done. Billy remarked that the gazebo had been getting a lot of action, and it was available if Abby and Tyler wanted to get hitched. Tyler and Abby looked uncomfortable.

Victoria asked Victor if he'd obtained any clues about Adam's real investor, and Victor said that he was working on it. She reminded Victor that he had trusted the wrong child, and she wanted to help him rectify things. Noah overheard and said to count him in, and Victoria snapped that Noah didn't understand, but Noah asserted that the company was his birthright, too. Victor agreed, and he anticipated that Noah would one day be an asset to the company.

Noah meandered off, and Victoria insisted that Adam was out to hurt Victor and the company, but she pledged not to let that happen. Victor revealed that he was about to make a move, but he needed Victoria's help to get rid of Adam. Victor told her that things were about to change dramatically at Newman, and he wanted her by his side. She asked if he was willing to trust her with his plan to take Adam down.

Leslie arrived and greeted Tyler, who remarked that he'd debated whether or not to wear a tie. She commented that it was important to make a good impression when he'd be meeting Abby's family, but he replied that he already knew most of Abby's relatives. Leslie asked if he'd been formally introduced to Victor yet, and Tyler said that he wasn't trying to impress anyone. Tyler snapped that his relationship with Abby wasn't serious, but everyone was already pushing them down the aisle.

Abby worried that Nick was late, and Noah explained that Faith had freaked out. Nick arrived, and Noah reported that Avery wasn't there yet. Nick wondered what was keeping her, and Abby rambled about everything a woman had to do to get ready. Abby went to see if she could get the minister to push back his next appointment, and Nick questioned what else could go wrong. Noah replied that he could name one thing that had gone right, and he pointed out that Summer had shown up. Summer specified that she was there for Avery, and she said that Avery should be there any minute.

Avery looked at a reflection of herself in her wedding dress, and she glanced again at her phone. She told herself that she was about to marry the man she loved, and she pumped herself up for the wedding. She opened her door to leave, and she found a despondent Dylan sitting in the hallway.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jack recalled that Adam had always wanted a real family, and he had expected the move to take Newman Enterprises private to get Adam both the company and a relationship with Victor. Adam was more concerned with the idea of being a father to his own son, and Jack reiterated his advice not to cost Connor his mother. Adam questioned whether Jack had forgiven Nick for lying about Summer. Jack asserted that the only thing that mattered was Connor, who needed both parents to work together.

Adam wondered whether Jack expected him to share custody with Chelsea, and Jack counseled Adam to get legal backup and proceed slowly, because the baby could get hurt in the fallout. Adam vowed to protect his son, and Jack warned him not to take his focus off Victor. Adam huffed that Victor had no real power, and Jack marveled at the glory of Fishhook Capital.

Chelsea couldn't fathom leaving town, but Chloe said that Chelsea had contemplated getting away a million times before. Chloe worried that someone as mean and rich as Adam would get what he wanted, and she urged Chelsea to run and never look back. Chelsea remarked that she had taken off frequently in her days as a con, and Chloe urged her to get out of town fast and find fake passports, but Chelsea argued that her baby needed eye doctors and specialists. Chloe suggested that Chelsea find them in Europe, and Chelsea recounted that she'd run her entire life, but Connor didn't deserve to grow up that way.

Chelsea reasoned that she couldn't outrun Adam, and if she left town, she'd never see Dylan again. Chloe doubted that Chelsea and Dylan would reconcile, but Chelsea said that Dylan needed to know that she loved him and that being a family had been the happiest she'd ever been. Chelsea added that Dylan loved her, and the feelings wouldn't just go away. She hoped that she could convince him that what they had was real, but Chloe said that he was gone and might never return. Chloe implored Chelsea to make a plan, but Chelsea thought that the only thing she could do was talk to Adam.

Chloe said that Adam had time to plan a war, and Chelsea thought that she couldn't fight him alone, but if Dylan were there, they could show that they could provide a stable home. Chloe again stated that Dylan was gone, but Chelsea staunchly refused to run, and she thought that talking to Adam was her only option. Chloe conceded that maybe Chelsea could catch him on a good day, and Chelsea vowed to be strong and make him listen.

Adam found Chelsea with Connor at the Athletic Club, and he asked why she'd summoned him. She declared that she was Connor's mom and that the baby had known her voice since before he had been born. Adam demanded to know her point, and she asserted that Connor needed her. She compared the way that Adam had loved and needed Hope to how Connor needed Chelsea. "And to hell with the father?" Adam questioned.

Chelsea pleaded with Adam not to separate her from her child. He pointed out that she hadn't even admitted that Connor was his son, and he pressured her to admit the truth. Chelsea requested that he respect that Connor was her blood and that he promise not to take her child from her. Adam remarked that he could do that, and she confirmed that Adam was Connor's father.

Adam announced that he'd be changing Connor's name, address, and possibly even diaper brand. Chelsea called Adam out on breaking the promise he'd just made, but Adam clarified that he'd stated that he could promise, but it hadn't meant that he would. He said that he wouldn't take the baby from her yet, but he suggested that she take a lot of pictures so that she'd have something to remember Connor by.

Sharon fixed Faith's hair and said that Faith would be the prettiest girl at the wedding. Sharon acknowledged that Faith didn't want Nick to marry Avery, but she pointed out that he really wanted Faith to be there. Sharon held Faith close and said that sometimes they had to do things they didn't want to do to show their love for other people, and the day was about showing Nick that they loved him.

In the park, Nick reviewed a card with the heartfelt vows he'd written. Nikki overheard him practicing, and she told him not to make her cry before the ceremony started. Nick was afraid that he would freeze up, but Nikki assured him that the way he looked at Avery meant more than the words. Victor congratulated Nick and said that Avery would make a good wife, and he was glad that one of his children was faring well. Nick pointed out that Billy had been there early to help set up, but Victor snarled that Billy could help the most by leaving town.

Nikki greeted Summer, who clarified that she was there for Avery. Nikki thought that being torn between two families had been exhausting for Summer, and she hoped that the time away had helped. Summer said that she'd only become more upset and frustrated, because she had two dads but felt alone. Nikki swore that Summer never would be, and Summer questioned whether nature or nurture was more important. Summer confided that she loved Jack, but she didn't feel like he was her dad. Nikki asked if Summer would rather not have known, but Summer was grateful that she'd learned the truth, because it would have been awful not knowing who had given her life.

Billy jokingly guessed that a distant Victoria was contemplating getting him home to have her way with him, and she deadpanned that she was delirious with lust. He asked why she seemed distracted, and she informed him that Victor had asked her to return to Newman Enterprises. Billy griped that the news that she'd be working with Adam had killed the mood, and Victoria mentioned that Victor was done with Adam because of Fishhook Capital. Billy reacted to the firm's name, and Victoria asked what it meant.

Billy explained that "fishhook" was a poker term that meant a really good hand. Billy tried to downplay it as a useless piece of information, but she thought there was more to it. He claimed that he was getting itchy talking about gambling, and Victoria agreed that it wasn't the time to discuss business. Billy left to fetch Victoria a drink, and Victoria told Victor that she'd informed Billy about Victor's proposal. Victor said that they'd talk as soon as he knew more about Fishhook Capital, and Victoria mentioned that Billy had known that the term had something to do with cards.

Noah startled a jumpy Nick, and he said that Nick would be a good husband because Nick was a good man. Noah declared that he was proud to be Nick's son, and they hugged. Noah stated that he might have forgotten the rings, and Nick momentarily panicked, but Noah revealed that he was joking. Noah said that Nick just needed the bride.

Avery said that she'd left messages for Dylan and that people had been worried about him, and he slurred that he'd had nowhere to go. She realized that he'd been drinking, and she helped him inside. Dylan revealed that Chelsea's baby wasn't his, and Avery said that was why she'd been calling him. He expected Avery to tell him that he was a fool for falling for Chelsea's lies, but Avery said that he'd had no reason to think Chelsea hadn't been telling the truth. He called himself stupid for not asking for a paternity test, but Avery contended that he and Chelsea had fallen in love.

Dylan realized that Chelsea had offered him a life that he'd wanted, and he had considered it a fresh start with a clean slate. Dylan cried that he loved Connor, but he couldn't deal with the rage he felt. Avery quietly sent a text message to Nick to let him know that she would be there soon. Dylan recalled that he had felt like he'd had a brand-new life and that the baby could make up for everything Dylan had done. Avery wondered if he was referring to the loss of their own baby, but Dylan rambled that Aura's family had saved him, and he had led Aura to her death.

Dylan contemplated whether losing his son was payback, but Avery assured him that Chelsea's decision had had nothing to do with the war or what Dylan had done. A tearful Avery contended that Connor was alive, whereas her child with Dylan had never had a chance. She surmised that he had tracked her down because she knew what it was like to lose a baby. Dylan recalled that Avery had left him, and she reminded him that he'd left her, too. She took his hands and whispered, "But we're here now."

Avery told Dylan that he was one of the strongest people she knew, and she assured him that he would survive. Dylan recounted all he'd done to give Connor everything, from building the cradle to starting a college fund with the first day of receipts from the coffeehouse. He worried what would happen if he saw Connor and couldn't be his dad, and he sobbed that he wasn't that strong. Avery insisted that he would get through it with his friends, and she started to make a pot of coffee to help him to think straight. As she removed her wrap, he noticed her gown and asked if it was her wedding day.

Avery informed Dylan that she was late, and Dylan apologetically got up to leave. She instructed him to stay to sleep it off as a wedding present for her, because she didn't want to worry about him. He told her to go get married, because she deserved to be happy. She hugged him and hurried out, but she still looked concerned.

Noah told Leslie, Tyler, and Abby that Nick and Avery deserved a drama-free wedding. Faith and Sharon arrived, and Nikki dismissively thanked Sharon for dropping Faith off. Sharon disclosed that she'd promised Faith that she would stay, but she offered to leave. Faith protested and clung to Sharon, who remarked that she didn't see the bride. Noah reported that Avery had been held up, but Nikki haughtily stated that Avery would be there and that the wedding would be glorious.

Nick asked Leslie if Avery could have been delayed by a case, but Leslie revealed that Avery had cleared her schedule for the wedding. Leslie relayed that Avery had said that nothing would stop her from marrying Nick, and he thought that it had been an odd comment to make. Summer asked Nick if he'd heard from Avery, and he reported that his calls had gone straight to voicemail. Summer hoped that Avery hadn't passed by an animal in need, or Avery would never get there.

Later, Noah said that they'd have to make some adjustments, because the minister had to leave. Victoria pledged to find someone else, and she added that the musicians had also taken off, but they could hook up speakers to music on someone's phone. Nick addressed the guests and announced that there wasn't going to be a wedding that day. Sharon tried to hide her glee.

Noah offered to try to salvage the ceremony, but Nick barked that it was over, and he told Noah to go home. Faith asked Noah what had happened, and Sharon explained that Nick wasn't getting married. Faith was ecstatic, but Sharon told her that they should be sad for her daddy. Sharon asked Noah to take Faith home.

Abby was incredulous that Avery had left Nick at the altar, and Leslie believed that there was an explanation, but it was up to Nick and Avery to deal with privately. Leslie departed, and Tyler mused to Abby that people were crazy for getting married. Abby quipped that it had been the least insane wedding she'd been to, and she thought they were doing things right by not even being exclusive. Abby and Tyler confirmed that neither of them was seeing anyone else, but they agreed that they could date other people.

Victor invited Nick to the ranch, but Nick wanted to stick around. Victor said that he loved Nick, and Nick promised to call later. After Victor stepped away, Summer silently hugged Nick, and he was clearly touched. Victoria didn't want to leave Nick with a mess to clean up, but Nikki offered to take care of it. Victoria vowed to crush any girl who broke Johnny's heart, and she took off. Victor informed Nikki that Nick wanted them to go home, and Nikki told Victor to go and that she'd follow shortly.

Nikki told Nick that there had to be an explanation. Nick said that Avery had had something to take care of that had obviously been more important than the wedding, and he had an idea of what it had been. Nikki assured Nick that Avery loved him, but he recalled the struggle it had been to get Avery to accept his proposal. Nikki urged him to speak with Avery, and she offered to drive him home, but he wanted to be alone. Nikki said she loved him, and she left.

Nick sank into a chair and dejectedly removed his boutonnière. Sharon touched his shoulder and sympathized with Nick, but she suggested that somehow it was for the best. Sharon told Nick that marriage couldn't change things if all wasn't well, and she swore that she was there for him. They hugged as Avery arrived. Nick thanked Sharon and said that he needed a minute. Sharon departed, and Nick glared at Avery. "Please tell me I'm not too late," Avery pleaded.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria bemoaned to Billy that they should be having cake and champagne. Victoria wondered how Avery could not want a lifetime with Nick, and Billy said that he and Victoria had gotten lucky with their marriage, kids, and work. Victoria reminded him that she hadn't said yes to Victor's offer, because Adam wasn't out of the company yet, and that wouldn't happen until Victor got answers about Fishhook Capital.

At the ranch, an investigator handed Victor a dossier on the members of Fishhook Capital. Victor mentioned that a degenerate gambler had told him there was a term in poker regarding a fishhook, and the investigator researched it on his laptop. Victor drew a fishhook on a pad of paper, and he noted that it resembled a "J." Victor wrote out Jack's name, and the investigator reported that a fishhook was a slang term for a jack. Victor murmured Jack Abbott's name, and he told the investigator to gather all the correspondence he could find between Jack and Adam.

Later, Nikki called out for Victor at the ranch, but the house was empty. She phoned Paul and informed him that she wanted to move forward with finding the child she'd given up.

Noah and Faith finished a game, and he sent her up to bed. As Noah cleaned up, he noticed something on Sharon's desk. Summer dropped by to check on Faith, and she remarked that she was sorry Nick had been hurt, but she was more worried about the parent in the coma. Summer lamented that it should be the other way around, with parents worrying about their kids, and she asked if Noah was still concerned about Sharon. Noah showed her Sharon's prescription bottle, and he pointed out that it had been filled two months before, but it was full. He concluded that Sharon was off her meds.

Jack entered Adam's penthouse, expecting to meet Adam to discuss a text message Jack had received about something that Victor knew. Instead, Jack faced Victor, who stated that he knew everything.

Leslie met Adam at the Athletic Club, and he informed her that he'd received confirmation from Chelsea that he was the father of her child. He declared that he wanted full custody of his son and to make sure that Chelsea never saw the boy again. Meanwhile, Chelsea returned home and found Dylan waiting for her.

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