The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 16, 2013 on Y&R

Nick broke up with Avery. Dylan suffered a posttraumatic flashback and took off with Connor. Victor schemed to take down Newman Enterprises. A nun confirmed that Nikki had borne a son. Cane learned that Mason and Hilary were partners.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 16, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, September 16, 2013

At their home, Billy and Victoria planned a celebration of their remarriage. Victoria broached the subject of returning to Newman after Victor booted Adam to the curb. Victoria was surprised when Billy didn't lodge a protest. Billy said, "I'm ready to have that conversation if and when Adam gets gone." Billy and Victoria sipped champagne and kissed, and Billy snapped photos of the celebration with his cell phone. Billy noted that the sitter had arranged for the champagne and cake delivery before she left the house with Johnny.

A call from Chloe interrupted the celebration. After the call ended, Billy told Victoria that Delia would be staying with them because something had come up for Chloe. After Delia arrived, she said she wanted to practice for her role in her school play, The Wizard of Oz. Billy played the part of Toto. Delia drew deep within her soul and cackled like the wicked witch. After Delia collapsed to the floor when Billy pretended to drench her with water, Billy and Victoria cheered the young girl's brilliant performance.

After Billy tucked Delia into bed, he returned to the living room. He noted that Delia was exhausted and didn't seem fazed by the loud thunderstorm. Billy was pleasantly surprised when he saw that Victoria had changed into a body-skimming, lacy negligee. Victoria whispered a wish into Billy's ear. Billy said he could grant the wish, and he eased Victoria onto the sofa. The couple kissed passionately.

Jack showed up at Adam's penthouse. Instead of Adam, Victor greeted Jack. Victor said he knew that Jack was Adam's silent partner, code-named "Fishhook Capital," which was a poker term meaning "Jack." Jack replied, "You don't have a clue what's going on." Victor accused Jack of working with Adam on the inside to sabotage Newman Enterprises. Victor added that it was an act of vengeance on Jack's part to keep Victor away from his granddaughter, Summer.

Jack explained that he'd invested funds to help Adam because Adam hoped to impress his father. Jack noted that he'd warned Adam that his plan would blow up in his face. Victor scowled disapprovingly. Jack added that Adam had proceeded with the plan because he wanted to prove his worth to his father and return the company to its founder. Jack said, "The most important thing to Adam is being his father's son. You're going to let your hatred for me overshadow everything that you and Adam have accomplished?" Victor replied, "He knows I despise you!"

Jack told Victor that Victor was too paranoid to appreciate what his son had done for him. Adam arrived. Victor angrily announced, "I called a meeting with your partner. The game is over, son." Jack explained that Victor had used Adam's email account. Jack added that he had believed Adam had summoned him. Adam said he'd handle the matter, and he sent Jack on his way. After Jack left, Victor berated Adam for forging an alliance with Jack, who'd spent a lifetime trying to stab Victor in the back. Adam replied, "That man saved your old company."

Victor accused Adam of lying about wanting to run the family business with his father. Adam sipped whiskey while a thunderstorm raged outside. Adam said that Victor expected all of his children to respect him no matter what. Adam added, "The moment we need your trust, you start to act suspicious." Victor accused Adam of plotting against him. Adam insisted that he'd only plotted to get Newman Enterprises back, so he and Victor could work together. Adam said he had known Victor would never have accepted money from Jack Abbott, but without Jack's alliance, Newman Enterprises would still be publicly held.

Adam recalled that even though he'd taken a bullet for his father, it meant nothing. Victor yelled that Adam had betrayed his father by aligning forces with Jack. Victor said that Adam had disappointed him. Adam said that the moment he had learned he had a son; he'd vowed to be a better father than Victor had ever been. Victor asked, "What do you mean you have a son?" Adam replied, "I already have more love for him than you have ever shown me." Thunder crashed steadily as the storm intensified.

Adam explained that he had discovered he was Connor's father when the child was diagnosed with an inherited eye disorder. Adam added that he'd already consulted with a top pediatric ophthalmologist. Adam noted that his wife had grown to hate him because he'd devoted his life and attention to Newman Enterprises. Victor insisted that being the big man at Newman Enterprises had been Adam's choice. Adam admitted that he'd made the wrong choice. Adam vowed never to let Victor near Connor. Adam said that he and Jack owned a majority of Newman Enterprises and could force Victor out. Victor warned Adam that he'd have hell to pay if he joined forces with Jack.

Jack returned home in the midst of a severe thunderstorm. Jack's dearly departed father, John, greeted Jack. John noted that his son's plan hadn't played out as Jack and Adam had hoped. Jack said he was angry that Victor had so quickly accused him and Adam of committing sabotage and subversion. John pointed his finger at Jack and said, "You are getting pleasure of hitting him right where he lives."

Jack insisted that he hadn't sought vengeance by helping Adam. Jack added that he wouldn't mind if Victor choked on the humiliation. John warned his son that Victor would seek retribution, which would include a battle over Summer. After John's presence left, Jack toyed with a bottle of whiskey, but he set the bottle down without opening it. While thunder clapped and lightning intermittently flashed through the window, Jack fumed and disgustedly said aloud, "Victor!"

Adam summoned an eye specialist to the Genoa City Athletic Club. Dr. Lintz asked if Adam's son had been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. Adam explained that he was awaiting test results. Dr. Lintz said he'd need a complete copy of the infant's medical file before he could carry out his own assessment. Adam replied, "He's currently in my wife's custody, so I don't have access to that information." Adam assured the specialist that he'd have the baby in his care very soon.

At Dylan and Chelsea's loft apartment, Chelsea was surprised to find that Dylan had returned after being away for two days. Dylan refused to embrace his wife and said, "I'm seeing things more clearly now." Chelsea settled a sleeping Connor into his crib. Chelsea told Dylan that she considered him her son's only father, and she begged Dylan to remember all the special moments they'd shared as a family. Chelsea pleaded with Dylan to help her fight Adam because Adam wanted total control of Connor, even threatening to change the baby's name. Dylan's anger raged, and he told Chelsea that Adam had every right to know that Connor was his child.

Chelsea acknowledged that she'd broken Dylan's trust. Dylan replied, "It goes way beyond that. Being with you and Connor had given me a second chance at life, but now that's gone. I'm empty." Chelsea tearfully begged Dylan to let her make amends, but Dylan announced that he was moving out. Chelsea reminded Dylan that he'd forged friendships, built a business, and created a loving home. Dylan cried that he'd built a home for Chelsea and the baby. Dylan added, "My life here is over! I'm going to put it behind me." Chelsea look crushed when Dylan asked for a divorce.

Chelsea pleaded with Dylan to reconsider, but he insisted that he'd made up his mind. Dylan asked to spend a moment alone with Connor. Chelsea went to another room. Dylan hovered over Connor's crib and told the infant that a father's bond could never be broken. Dylan sobbed and said, "You're my son, and I love you." The baby fidgeted as a series of thunderclaps rolled outside. Tears streamed down Dylan's face, and he acknowledged that the squirming infant might not even remember him. The raging storm seemed to stir unsettling memories of battle for Dylan.

Wiping tears from his cheeks, Dylan told Connor to have a good life and enjoy climbing lots of trees. In a nightmarish flashback, Dylan recalled a battle in Afghanistan when he instructed his buddy, Sullivan, to keep his head down during an ambush. When the power failed and the loft became dark, Dylan promised to protect Connor. Chelsea appeared from the other room with a flashlight. She called out to Dylan, but there was no response. Chelsea cast the beam from the flashlight into the crib and panicked when she realized that Connor was gone. Chelsea walked to the opened doorway and cried out to Dylan repeatedly.

At Katherine Chancellor park, Avery, dressed in her diaphanous wedding gown, told Nick that she was late because Dylan had shown up at her place just as she as was leaving. Avery explained that Dylan had been devastated after discovering that Connor wasn't his son. Avery insisted she hadn't known what else to do. Nick said that Avery had chosen to stay with Dylan when she should have been at the park. Avery cried that Dylan had been upset about the war in Afghanistan, and he had talked about a little girl there named Ara, who'd died.

Avery told Nick that Dylan had tied losing Connor to what had happened to Ara. Avery insisted that she couldn't have left Dylan in such pain. Nick told Avery he knew she was still in love with Dylan because of the look in Avery's eyes whenever she mentioned Dylan. Nick added that Avery had deliberately not mentioned being with Dylan when she sent a message about being late for the wedding. Nick insisted that Avery and Dylan shared a profound connection. Avery seemed confused when Nick suggested that Avery had been lying to herself.

Avery sobbed and told Nick that she had never meant to hurt him. Nick explained that after he sent the wedding guests home, he had realized that Dylan had delayed Avery. Nick admitted that he'd initially swept aside his doubts about Avery and Dylan's deep connection. Avery said she'd convinced herself that marrying Nick would make everything work out because she loved him. Nick said he loved Avery, too, but it wasn't enough.

Nick advised Avery to work out her issues with Dylan on her own. Avery and Nick both agreed that they couldn't keep hurting each other. Nick kissed Avery on the lips. Avery sobbed when Nick released his grip and walked away. Rain began to fall as Nick disappeared from sight.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sharon arrived to pick up a food order at the Athletic Club, and she spotted Adam drinking alone at the bar. She assumed that someone was about to enter his line of fire, and he replied that she should be glad it wasn't her. She asked who was in his crosshairs, and he stated that it was a long, sordid list. She plopped down next to him and declared that she had time.

Sharon surmised that Victor and Adam were on the outs, and she remarked that it had only been a matter of time. Adam recalled that he had taken a bullet and had gotten back the company, and he believed that he should have earned Victor's loyalty. Sharon pointed out that it hadn't even been a year since Adam had made his sacrifices, and he coldly asked why she was still there. Sharon told him not to flatter himself, because she was very happy with how things had turned out for her. She noted that Adam had no one, and he retorted that he had someone who would be in his life forever -- his son.

Adam revealed that his son had been born with the same eye disorder that had affected Adam, and Sharon sympathized. Adam vowed that his son wouldn't lose his sight, and he realized that if Connor hadn't had the disease, Adam might never have learned that the baby was his. Sharon couldn't believe that Chelsea had lied to both Adam and Dylan, and she speculated that Avery would help bandage Dylan's heart. Sharon mentioned that Avery had been a no-show at the wedding, and Adam suspected that Sharon hoped that the next wedding would be Sharon and Nick's. Sharon went to pick up her food, and she hoped that everything worked out for Adam.

Adam met with the eye specialist and requested an appointment for his son. The doctor asked again for the boy's medical records, and Adam replied that he was working on it. The specialist said that he understood that Adam was a Newman, but he couldn't examine the baby without permission from a legal custodian. Adam huffed that if the doctor understood that Adam was a Newman, then the doctor also knew that Adam would stop at nothing to get what he needed. The specialist agreed to put the appointment on the calendar, and Adam swore that he'd have the medical records by then.

Noah returned to Sharon's home after visiting Nick, and he reported to Summer that Nick wasn't doing well. He was surprised that Sharon wasn't home yet, and Summer mentioned that Sharon had left the park before Nick had. Noah was concerned about what Sharon would do if she was off her medication, but he was relieved when he received a text message from Sharon about picking up takeout. Summer noted that Noah still looked worried, and Noah mentioned that Sharon had been acting weird.

Noah explained that Sharon had been spending a lot of time with Nick, and Summer wondered if Sharon wanted to get back together with Nick. Noah commented that first loves were hard to forget, and Summer groaned that she knew all about it. Noah apologized, and he asked how things were going with Kyle. Summer responded that she was learning to accept Jack as her dad, but she could never get used to Kyle being her brother.

After Summer left, Sharon returned home, and Noah said that Faith wasn't losing sleep over the aborted wedding. Noah asked if Nick had said anything to Sharon after Noah had left the park, and Sharon said that they had communicated without words. She added that she'd made Nick feel better, but Avery had shown up, and it was obvious that Nick and Avery were over. Sharon opined that it was for the best, and Noah asked for whom. Sharon insisted that it was best for Nick.

Noah said that Nick and Avery's relationship wasn't necessarily over, but Sharon was convinced that Avery had never gotten over Dylan. Sharon noted that Avery and Dylan shared a powerful connection, and she reasoned that if Avery and Dylan got back together, so could Sharon and Nick. Noah retrieved the prescription bottle and asked why Sharon hadn't taken a single pill in two months. Sharon claimed that she had looked all over for that particular bottle, and when she hadn't found it, she'd asked Dr. Watkins to write her another prescription.

A skeptical Noah said that the pills had been right there on the desk, and Sharon questioned whether he thought she was lying. Noah countered that he was worried, but Sharon insisted that she was seeing her therapist and taking her meds. She added that she hadn't staged any corporate takeovers or burned down any buildings, and she asked if she seemed strange to him. Noah admitted that Sharon had seemed off, and she promised to mention his observation to Dr. Watkins.

Later, Sharon napped on the couch, and she dreamed of preparing to marry Nick. She gushed that she couldn't wait to tell the world she loved him, but Noah snapped that she didn't love Nick, or she wouldn't have done what she had. Sharon turned around and faced a red-haired woman, and she asked what Phyllis was doing there. Noah said that Phyllis was awake and that she would tell Nick everything.

In the dream, Noah declared that it was Sharon's fault that Phyllis had fallen down the stairs, and this time, Sharon couldn't stop Phyllis from telling the truth. Noah taunted that Nick would never marry Sharon, but Sharon argued that Nick would understand that she'd done it so they'd be a family. Noah contended that Sharon had destroyed their family, and neither Nick nor Noah would forgive her. Sharon awakened.

Jack left a message for Adam, saying that they needed to talk about what had happened with Victor. Jack informed Kyle that Victor was ready to launch a war on their family, and he feared that Summer would get caught in the middle. Jack explained that Adam had asked for Jack's help to raise capital to buy back Newman Enterprises, but Jack's intention had only been to be a silent partner. Kyle thought that getting under Victor's skin had been a bonus. Jack swore that he didn't want Summer to get hurt, and he asked Kyle to help him protect Summer from Victor.

Kyle suggested that Jack call a truce, but Jack only wanted to make sure that Summer didn't get hurt. Summer entered, and Jack asked about the wedding. Summer disclosed that Avery hadn't shown up, and she wanted to check on Nick, but Jack advised her to give Nick space. Summer thought that she should be with the Newmans, but she had wanted to let Jack know what had happened. She started to leave, but Jack said that there was something she needed to know.

After Jack updated Summer, she complained that the feud would never stop, and Jack reiterated that he didn't want to fight. Summer questioned why he'd given Adam money when Jack had known that it would set Victor off, and Jack defended that he'd intended the gesture to help Adam and Victor mend their relationship. Jack accused Victor of causing trouble between their families, and he worried that Victor would poison Summer against him. She thought that Jack was trying to do the same thing, and she refused to listen to any of them. Summer stormed upstairs, and Jack cursed Victor, but Kyle said that Jack was no better.

Jack asserted that he was nothing like Victor, because John had taught Jack to be a parent, and Jack knew how to love his children without treating them like possessions. Kyle warned that Jack could lose Summer, and Summer returned downstairs and said that she was fine. Jack said to call if they needed anything, and he left. Kyle told Summer that Jack meant well, and she argued that Victor did, too. Kyle said that both men loved her, but the war would make them forget that. Kyle pledged to be on Summer's side.

Chelsea beamed a flashlight around the loft and called for Dylan and Connor. Chloe urged her to take it easy, but Chelsea panicked that she had no idea where Dylan had taken her son. Chelsea worried that Dylan hadn't returned her messages, and Chloe assured her that Dylan was a good man and father. Chelsea countered that Dylan wasn't Connor's father, and Dylan knew it. Chelsea recalled that she'd never seen Dylan that angry, and she worried that he'd take it out on Connor.

Chelsea blamed herself for leaving Dylan alone with the baby, but Chloe stated that Chelsea trusted and loved Dylan, and he loved Chelsea. Chelsea cried that Dylan hated her, and he might be trying to get back at her. Thunder boomed outside, and Chloe said that it had sounded like a bomb. Chelsea concluded that Dylan had freaked out because the thunder had reminded him of Afghanistan. Chelsea explained that Dylan felt responsible for people getting killed in the war, and she panicked that Dylan wasn't in his right mind. Chloe said that they needed to get help.

At the police station, Kevin and Alex bickered over their duties, and Paul reprimanded them. Nikki called Paul and asked if he'd learned anything else about the phone number, and he reported that it had belonged to Scott Goodwin, an attorney in Winnetka. She said that was where she'd given birth in a church, and Paul offered to track Scott down. She wondered if the lawyer could be her son, but Victor returned home, and she quickly hung up. Victor announced that he'd learned that they had a new addition to the family, and an alarmed Nikki asked how he'd found out.

Victor said that he'd heard it from the child's father, and Nikki struggled to respond. Victor continued that Adam had realized that Chelsea's baby was Adam's son, because the baby had the same eye problem that Hope and Adam had suffered from. Nikki covered her relief that Victor hadn't discovered her secret, and she asked how Adam was taking it. Victor said that Adam hadn't shared his feelings, and he wondered about Nikki's strange reaction to the news.

Nikki claimed that she'd thought that perhaps Victoria was pregnant. Victor grumbled that the last thing they needed was another Abbott in the family, and Nikki urged him to focus on his new grandchild. She thought it would be a chance for Victor and Adam to bond as father and son, but Victor proclaimed that it wouldn't happen, because Adam had lied and conspired behind Victor's back, and no one in Victor's family got away with that. Nikki covered her feelings of guilt.

Nikki wondered why Adam had turned to Jack for money, and Victor surmised that Jack had seen it as an opportunity to weasel his way back into the company. Nikki was surprised that Adam would jeopardize his relationship with Victor, but Victor thought it was obvious that Adam wanted to take over Newman Enterprises and Victor's position. Nikki contended that Adam could have just wanted to be close to Victor, but Victor barked that Adam had made the worst mistake possible by aligning himself with Jack.

Nikki marveled that Victor had a grandson, but Victor revealed that Adam didn't want Victor to be part of the child's life. Paul called Nikki and said that he had news, and they made plans to meet at the Athletic Club. Nikki fibbed to Victor that she had to go to a meeting for a charity event. She warned Victor that waging a war against Adam and Jack would put two innocent children in the middle, but Victor countered that Adam and Jack should have thought of that before they'd teamed up against him.

Later, Victor thanked a business associate for meeting with him privately. Victor explained that Newman Enterprises was about to go through some changes, and he didn't want the businessman to be caught in the fallout. Victor advised his colleague to send invoices and ask for immediate payment in full. The associate asked if Victor anticipated a cash flow problem, and Victor announced that Newman Enterprises was headed for a fall.

Alex picked up Kevin's skeleton key and jokingly asked if Kevin was a pirate. Kevin snatched the key back and explained that it had been a gift from Katherine. Alex called it a weird gift, but Kevin remarked that it wasn't strange to someone who had been locked in a closet as a child. Alex recalled that Katherine had been kind to Adriana, and Kevin said that Katherine had been one of the few people who had believed in Kevin. Kevin recounted that Katherine had told him that believing in himself was the key to his happiness, and he regretted that he hadn't ever been able to take her advice.

Over the phone, Paul assured Christine that he'd be fine until she got back from a business trip. He cursed at his computer screen, and Alex entered and asked if Paul needed anything. Paul explained that he was just trying to keep busy with his wife out of town, and Alex said to let him know if he could help. Paul thanked him, and he looked curiously at an email.

Chloe and Chelsea arrived at the police station to report a missing child. Kevin worried that it was Delia, but Chelsea said that it was her son. Chelsea explained that Dylan had taken Connor, and Kevin wondered why the women were freaking out that a father was with his son. Chelsea reluctantly revealed that Dylan wasn't Connor's father.

Kevin reported that there hadn't been any activity on Dylan's credit cards or phone. Alex added that Stitch hadn't heard from Dylan, and Avery's phone had gone straight to voicemail. Alex suggested that Dylan had just taken Connor out to get fresh air, and he advised Chelsea to go home. Chelsea departed, and Chloe blamed herself for encouraging Chelsea to name Dylan as Connor's father. Chloe couldn't imagine what Chelsea was going through, but Kevin noted that it "hurt like hell" to be separated from a child he loved.

Later, Alex presented Kevin with a piece of candy as a peace offering for making fun of the skeleton key. Alex confided that his own father had smacked him to teach him right from wrong, but otherwise his dad had been a good man. Kevin revealed that his father had been a maniac, but he didn't want to talk about it. Alex said that he was around if Kevin ever wanted to, and Kevin joked that Alex was breaking his heart with the attempts at male bonding.

Chelsea returned home and called for Dylan, and Adam appeared in the doorway behind her. He demanded to know where his son was, and Chelsea snapped that it was none of his business. They argued, and Adam roughly grabbed Chelsea's arm and accused her of plotting to flee with Connor and Dylan. Adam continued to pressure her to reveal Connor's whereabouts until she blurted that she didn't know. Adam admonished Chelsea for letting Dylan disappear with Connor, and he stormed out to search for his son.

At the Athletic Club, Paul told Nikki that Scott had been too old to be her child, and Nikki wailed that she didn't even know if she'd had a son or a daughter. Paul urged her to tell Victor that she had been seduced by a cult leader, and he thought that Victor would understand that it had happened during dark days for her. Paul flashed back to years before, when a very young Nikki had just returned to town and had confided to Paul that she felt lost and alone. Paul mentioned that the phone number had been disconnected because Scott had died a few weeks earlier, but Paul had found out that Scott had worked in family law. Nikki realized that Scott could have maintained records for her baby's adoption in his files.

Paul said that he could look into getting a court order, but they had no legal standing to search the attorney's records. Nikki suggested that someone at the church might remember her or her baby, and she recalled that the church's name contained the words "Our Lady." Paul searched on his phone and found eleven churches in Winnetka that started with those words, and he volunteered to visit all of them. Nikki asserted that he wasn't doing it alone, because she was going with him.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After visiting Fen in rehab, Michael and Lauren went directly to the Chancellor mansion, in response to an urgent call from Jill. Esther showed them to the living room. They discussed Jill's grief about Katherine. When Jill entered the room, she greeted them with the news that she wanted to contest Katherine's will. Jill said that Katherine had been "flying without a broomstick" when she had cut Jill out of Katherine's fortune and saddled Jill with an expensive house that Jill was not allowed to sell, as well as an overpaid lifetime servant.

Esther chimed in, but Jill continued to rant. Michael asked if Jill had inherited anything else besides the house. Jill reluctantly admitted that she had been left a cheap music box. As Jill picked up the box with the intent to smash it, Lauren stopped her and said that the box was more valuable than Jill thought. Lauren told Jill that if Katherine had intended the box for Jill, then Katherine was sending a message, and the box had to be important.

Jill sniped that the message was the Katherine did not care about her. Jill added that she had been aced out of the company by Cane, who had brainwashed Katherine. Lauren said that Cane loved Jill too much to do that and that Katherine had loved Jill like a daughter. Jill replied that the bottom line was that Katherine had not been in her right mind.

Michael burst Jill's bubble when told her that he knew for a fact that Katherine had been in full possession of her faculties. Lauren said that Katherine had wanted what was best for Jill. Jill said that all she and Katherine had ever done was fight. Michael told Jill that they had fought because Jill and Katherine were so much alike: tough broads who confronted life head-on, overcame every challenge, and solved every puzzle. Michael said that the music box was the final mystery.

Michael told Jill that to solve the puzzle, Jill would have to think like Katherine. Jill was suddenly intrigued. She remarked thoughtfully that Katherine had enjoyed making Jill work for what she got. Michael looked at the box and noticed that there was something inscribed underneath the date of Katherine's 12th birthday, October 25, 1940. Lauren noticed the pencil sketch of Katherine, the necklace, the book and the music box. Jill told Lauren that those clues had led her to Katherine's first husband, Gary Reynolds.

Jill said that the will had said that Katherine wanted Jill to have all that Katherine valued, and Katherine's letter said that it was in front of Jill, if she knew where to look. Lauren called the quest a scavenger hunt. Jill called it was a wild goose chase. Michael interjected that the box had held the necklace and that was what Katherine had intended for Jill. Michael told Jill to start looking because the necklace was worth a fortune. Jill murmured that maybe Katherine had been doing what was best for Jill.

Jill immediately accused Esther of stealing the necklace. Esther was miffed, but Lauren stepped in with questions about the riddle. Michael peeled back the label to reveal that the box had been made in Geneva, Switzerland. Michael made calls but did not find a record of the company that had made the box, anywhere in Switzerland. He said that there might be other ways to find out. Jill railed at Katherine for making it so hard. Lauren told Jill that solving Katherine's mystery would be an incredible journey for Jill.

Michael and Lauren were tired after their own journey. They left Jill and Esther with the promise to do more checking the next day. As soon as they left, Jill told Esther to pack Jill's bags because Jill was heading to Geneva. When Esther asked, "How long?" Jill replied that she would be gone for as long as it took.

Paul and Nikki waited for the priest of Our Lady of Home, the seventh church that they had visited in the town of Winnetka. Nikki was frustrated that she could not remember more about the birth. She also worried about deceiving Victor. Paul advised her to tell Victor the truth, but Nikki said that she wanted to wait until she had some answers.

Father Martin entered and told Nikki that she was in the right place. Nikki told her story: she had been young, had been impregnated by a cult leader, had run away, and had given birth in a church in Winnetka, but she was fuzzy on all the details, including the exact name of the church. Father Martin offered to check the records if Nikki could give him a birth date. Nikki wrote it down as she said that she prayed for her child every year on its birthday. Father Martin left to search the archives.

Nikki took note of a painting of a Madonna and child. Father Martin returned with a dusty box. When he opened it, he found a notation that the records for the year they were searching for had been destroyed when the basement of the church had flooded. Nikki was distraught. Paul asked if there was anyone else. Father Martin said that there was. When Nikki asked whom, the priest suggested that she talk to God through prayer. He added that "children are the gift of the Lord."

Nikki's memories flooded back. Nikki remembered a nun, holding a baby and saying the same words. Nikki looked at the painting again and remembered it. Nikki was positive that she was in the right church, and she remembered the nun's name was Sister Clare. Nikki was crestfallen to remember that the nun had been old and was probably deceased. Father Martin reminded Nikki that she had been young, and anyone over thirty would have seemed old to her.

Nikki was overjoyed to learn that Sister Clare was alive and living in the convent next door. While Father Martin sought out Sister Clare, Nikki told Paul that she was nervous. Nikki said that in the beginning, all she had wanted was to know what had happened to her child, but she realized it was possible that the nun had kept track of the child, and Nikki could actually meet her child. Nikki said that she did not know if she was ready for that, but it was obviously what Katherine had wanted.

Paul told Nikki that Katherine had set Nikki on the journey, but the path she took was up to Nikki. Father Martin returned with Sister Clare. Sister Clare looked at them and said, "I've been waiting for you."

Hilary met up with Mason at Crimson Lights. He slipped her a packet of drugs. Hilary told Mason that if she wanted to hurt Lily in the worst way possible, Hilary had to have Lily's husband on her side. Mason said that he could not help Hilary much longer because he had been hired back as a model at Jabot. Hilary said that was perfect because Mason could keep trying to befriend Devon and find out about Devon's inheritance.

Hilary said that she needed to know so that she could do maximum damage to Neil's family. Mason made excuses, but Hilary said that if Mason wanted to keep her in his bed, he had better find a way to get close to Devon.

Lily and Cane had a tryst in the Athletic Club room that Cane had rented to further the pretense that he and Lily had separated. Lily told Cane that she felt like she was having an affair with her husband. They both agreed that the sex had been terrific. They discussed Hilary and their strategy for exposing her. Lily wanted Cane to feign interest in Hilary, but she instructed him to keep it "flirty and PG." Cane said that he would tell Hilary that he was interested, but that he wanted to get to know Hilary better before breaking up his marriage.

The lovers agreed that their marriage would never break up because it was too strong. Lily did not think that Hilary would reveal herself until Neil had lost everything that was dear to him. Cane said that he would do his part. Lily said that she would keep her anger in check and not blurt anything out. They laughed and decided to stay in bed a little longer.

Neil met Devon in the Athletic Club steam room. Devon quickly allayed Neil's fears about Lily and Cane when Neil was concerned about the photo that the blogger had posted of Cane kissing Hilary. Neil was speechless when he learned that Devon had inherited more than two billion dollars. When Neil asked what Devon intended to do with the money, Devon mentioned several charitable endeavors.

Neil said he understood why Katherine had left her money to Devon, because Devon would use it unselfishly to help others. Neil warned Devon about all the people, good and bad, who would be trying to make friends with him because of the money. Neil told Devon to take some time before making any big decisions about what to do with all that money. Devon thanked Neil for his words of wisdom.

Neil modestly said that Katherine had been the wise one and that the path Devon followed was up to Devon. After Neil left to visit Lily, Devon remembered a conversation with Lily shortly after he had become part of Lily's family. Devon had told Lily how good it was to be part of a family and that he had always thought that whenever he got something good, it would be taken away from him. Lily had then told him that he was part of the family, and no one could take that away. Lily had said that was when good things happened.

Mason joined Devon in the steam room and tried to strike up a casual conversation about being hired back at Jabot. Devon was not very responsive, but Mason kept on trying to be friendly, and eventually Devon warmed to him. Mason was stunned to learn about the enormity of Devon's inheritance. After Devon shared his altruistic goals for the money, Mason advised Devon to have some fun and spend some of the money on himself.

Lily ran into Hilary at Crimson Lights. Hilary apologized for the Internet photo, but Lily told Hilary to drop the act because Lily knew what Hilary was after. Hilary momentarily thought that the jig was up, but Lily just as quickly accused Hilary of trying to seduce Cane. Lily taunted Hilary about her visit to Cane bearing soup. Hilary said that Cane had instigated the kiss because Lily did not understand him.

Lily replied that Hilary was the one who did not understand. Lily said that she and Cane had separated before, but the lure of Cane's wife and children was too strong, and Cane always returned to her. Lily told Hilary to stay away from Lily's husband because Hilary would never succeed. Hilary mumbled, "We'll see," as she left the coffeehouse.

Lily called Cane and told him that she had ordered Hilary to stay away from Cane. Lily predicted that Hilary was on her way to him. Cane said that he was ready for her.

Neil joined Lily at Crimson Lights. He sympathized with her, but Lily explained that she and Cane suspected Hilary. Neil thought not, but Lily pointed out how opportune the suggestive photo shots had been. She also noted the coincidence that the photo postings had started at the same time that Hilary had moved to town.

Lily made her case that Hilary and Anne Turner were the same person. Neil protested that it could not be. Lily asked if that was because Rose Turner had been white. The light seemed to dawn on Neil.

Neil suggested that they tell the police, but Lily said that the police needed proof to act and that she and Cane had a plan to get Hilary to confess that she was the blogger. Neil worried that a lot could go wrong. Lily told Neil not to worry because Cane had everything under control.

Cane took off his shirt and answered the knock at his door. Cane pretended that he was expecting room service when he saw Hilary, who apologized for intruding. Cane said it was no bother. Hilary said that she worried when Cane did not show up for work. Cane slowly put on his shirt and told Hilary that he had endured a tough night because of Lily. Cane said that he had tried to explain but Lily would not listen.

Hilary said that she had also tried to tell Lily earlier, at the coffee shop, that the kiss had meant nothing, but Lily did not believe her. Cane said that he was tiring of the drama and a big part of him was ready to let go. Hilary asked if Cane wanted anything else before she went back to the office. Cane asked Hilary to stay for lunch.

Cane broke out the champagne. He said that they could celebrate the change in his life. He toasted with Hilary and told her that Lily was right about one thing; Cane was attracted to Hilary. When room service arrived with lunch, Cane went to the door and Hilary drugged Cane's champagne. When Cane returned with the food, Hilary handed Cane his glass, toasted him and watched as Cane drank the drugged champagne.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cane toasted to better days ahead, and he and Hilary clinked their champagne glasses together. He observed that she seemed quiet, and she replied that she hadn't expected his honesty, but she liked it -- and him -- very much. He asked how much, and he leaned in to kiss her, but she backed away and noted that he was married. He pointed out that he was staying at a hotel, but Hilary argued that Lily had made it clear that Lily and Cane were devoted to one another. Cane remarked that everyone had their secrets, and he caressed Hilary's cheek.

Cane raved about how well Hilary knew him, but he remarked that she'd never told him anything about herself. Hilary claimed that she was boring, but Cane implored her to talk to him. He edged in close to her again, but she protested that she loved her job and didn't want to sleep her way up the corporate ladder. Cane insisted that it was just a drink and that no one would know, and she seductively called him relentless. He suddenly felt a bit woozy, and he got up to splash some water on his face. He suggested that they have more champagne, and he staggered to the bathroom.

Cane returned to the room, and Hilary noticed that he could barely stand. He insisted that he was fine, but she called him a lightweight, and she helped him to the bed. She stepped into the bathroom and smiled as she wet a washcloth. She patted Cane's face with the cool cloth, and she assured him that they had all the time in the world. Cane passed out on the bed, and Hilary made a call and reported that Cane was out, but she needed a few minutes. She opened the shades.

Later, clad in Cane's shirt, Hilary greeted Mason, who bragged that he'd taken a nice shot from across the alley. She examined the photo and squealed that it looked like she and Cane had been exhausted after having sex, and Mason commented that he'd seen that look on her face before. She gushed that they made a great team, and they kissed. She wanted the picture to go live, and he reported that he'd already posted it on the GC Buzz. She cackled that Cane would never be able to explain his way out of it.

At Crimson Lights, Lily asked if Abby had received her messages about work. Abby commended Lily for putting on a brave face, but Abby understood what it was like to have a relationship fall apart. Lily downplayed the photo of Cane and Hilary's "semi-kiss," but Abby warned that it could be "the tip of the infidelity iceberg." Lily asserted that it wasn't cheating if Cane had her permission.

Lily revealed to Abby that the whole thing with Hilary had been an act, and Lily and Cane had arranged everything to trap Hilary in her own lies. Lily disclosed that she and Cane were sure that Hilary was behind the blog, but Abby was confused about why Hilary would go after Neil's family. Lily explained the connection to Anne Turner, and Abby questioned how Lily could send her husband to seduce a woman who hated Lily. Lily asked what could go wrong, and both of their phones beeped. Abby gasped in shock, and Lily's jaw dropped when she saw a photo of Cane and Hilary cuddling in bed.

Lily stormed into Cane's hotel room and demanded to know if he'd gone along with her plan with the intention of seducing his assistant. He pleaded his innocence, but she smacked him across the face and told him to "go to hell." He declared that he wasn't going anywhere until she heard what he had to say. Lily thought it was obvious that Cane had been naked in bed with Hilary, but he swore that he hadn't had sex with her.

Cane explained that Hilary had drugged his champagne, but he had suspected that something had been wrong with the drink, so he had only pretended to consume it. He added that he had really poured it out and had acted as if he'd passed out, and Hilary had arranged for Mason to take the shots. Lily wondered how they could prove it, and Cane revealed that he'd recorded Hilary and Mason's conversation on his phone. Cane proclaimed that it was over, and Lily said that he was amazing. She apologized, and they hugged.

At the church in Winnetka, Nikki asked if Sister Clare remembered her. Sister Clare replied that she'd wondered about Nikki many times, and Nikki rambled that she'd tried to put the baby out of her mind, but she couldn't. Nikki begged Sister Clare to reveal everything that she knew about the child Nikki had given up, and Sister Clare vaguely stated that all of God's children were blessed. Paul asked if Nikki's baby had been adopted locally, and the nun appeared to be confused by the mention of Nikki's name.

Nikki surmised that she might not have given her name, but she recalled Sister Clare holding her hand and telling Nikki to squeeze as hard as she'd needed to. Sister Clare referred to Nikki as "Mary Katherine," and Father Martin gently led Sister Clare aside. Paul asked what was wrong, and Father Martin explained that Sister Clare sometimes became disoriented. Nikki bemoaned that Sister Clare was her only hope.

Nikki told Paul that Katherine had known that the secret had been like a stone pressing on Nikki's heart. Nikki contemplated whether she might have not become an alcoholic if she hadn't kept the secret, but Paul pointed out that she'd been sober for a long time. Nikki confided that she'd never gotten the baby out of her mind, and it had been a lie to regard Victoria as her first-born. Nikki lamented that her child was out there somewhere, and she needed to know that her child had grown up happy. She prayed to God to let her know.

Nikki called softly to Sister Clare, and she credited the nun with saving Nikki many years before, when Nikki had been scared and in labor. Nikki added that she'd left the church alone, and she'd never seen or held the baby. Nikki begged Sister Clare to remember anything she could, and Sister Clare babbled about delivering triplets with curly red hair. Paul asked Father Martin how long Sister Clare would be like that, and the priest replied that her clearheaded moments were becoming less frequent. Sister Clare suddenly declared that Nikki had delivered a son.

Nikki became emotional about having another son, but Paul wondered if they could be sure. Sister Clare recounted that she had held Nikki's baby in her arms and had said a prayer. Nikki flashed back to witnessing that moment, and Sister Clare confirmed that she'd kept her word to find a good family that would love the baby with all their hearts. Sister Clare added that the adoptive mother had been a member of the congregation.

Nikki inquired whether Sister Clare could remember anything about the woman who had adopted Nikki's baby. Sister Clare recalled that the woman had had kind eyes and a gentle voice, and she turned to Father Martin and dazedly asked if it was time for her tea. Father Martin said that Sister Clare needed her rest, and he started to walk her back to her room. Sister Clare thanked Nikki for visiting, and Nikki thanked Sister Clare for helping her and her son. The priest led Sister Clare away, and Nikki began to sob.

Paul wanted to stay at the church to talk to Sister Clare again, but he encouraged Nikki to go home to avoid any additional stress. Nikki countered that her own lies were creating stress, and Paul warned that it was a mistake to cover up the truth. Nikki vowed to share everything with Victor once she knew more, but Paul wondered why she was stalling. Nikki thought that she could get through to Sister Clare again, and she refused to go home until she knew more about her son.

At her apartment, Avery placed her wedding dress in a box. There was pounding at her door, and Adam stormed in and demanded to know where Dylan had taken Adam's son. Adam looked around Avery's apartment, and Avery reprimanded Adam for showing up uninvited and searching her home. Adam snapped that he had no reason to trust her, since she was still in love with Dylan. Adam recounted that she'd said that she wouldn't be responsible for Dylan losing another child, and he barked that just because Avery was a sucker didn't mean that Dylan got to keep Adam's kid.

Adam reminded Avery that she was an officer of the court, and she told him to slow down and listen. She revealed that she'd seen Dylan the day before, when he had been upset and in need of a friend, but he hadn't mentioned anything about taking Connor. Adam was further convinced that Avery still loved Dylan, and she ordered Adam out. Adam worriedly considered what Dylan might do to punish Adam and Chelsea, and he begged Avery to tell him if she had any clue where Dylan could be.

Avery said that Dylan was a good man who would never hurt a child, but Adam didn't want Dylan anywhere near Connor. Avery argued that Dylan had lost everything he'd loved in one second, and she urged Adam to let Dylan grieve, but Adam refused to allow Dylan to do it with Adam's son. Adam contended that Dylan needed to be in a jail cell, but Avery pointed out that Adam had made mistakes and had been forgiven, and she believed that Adam was capable of compassion.

Adam recalled that he'd held his son but hadn't known it at the time, and Dylan had walked in and had demanded that Adam hand over the child. Adam continued that he'd walked away and left a con and her mark with Adam's little boy, and he asserted that it should have been Dylan who had walked away. Adam wanted to see his son and to have Connor see him while Connor still could. Avery sympathized, but she maintained that she didn't know where Dylan was. She said that she had to meet a client, and Adam vowed that Avery wouldn't be able to protect Dylan once Adam found him.

Later, Adam broke into Avery's empty apartment and searched for clues. He found a photo of Dylan and Avery at a cabin, and he wondered where it had been taken.

At the loft, Chelsea was relieved when Dylan returned with Connor. Dylan apologetically explained that he hadn't been ready to let go of Connor, and Chelsea said that he didn't have to say goodbye, because Connor could still be his son. She pledged her love, and Dylan put his arm around her and held her close. Chelsea awakened from her dream to a ringing phone, and Alex informed her that there had been no sign of Dylan or Connor.

Chelsea left another message for Dylan, begging him to return Connor home. Anita entered and asked what had happened, and Chelsea cried that Dylan knew the truth and that he'd left with Connor. Anita pointed out that a soldier like Dylan knew how to stay off the grid, and Chelsea angrily stated that Chelsea had never had a chance as a parent with Anita as a role model. Anita assured her that Chelsea was the mother that Anita never had been, and Anita was ashamed of herself and proud of Chelsea. Anita sincerely said that she wanted to be a mother to Chelsea, and Chelsea sobbed as Anita held her.

Anita said that the baby was with someone who loved him, but Chelsea was worried about Dylan's nightmares, and she confided that sometimes it had been terrifying to go through them with Dylan. She continued that loud sounds had done something to him, and certain noises triggered flashbacks for him. Chelsea added that Dylan wasn't the same person when he experienced them, and he had become confused and disoriented in previous episodes. Anita said that Dylan was a strong man who had made it out of the war, but Chelsea realized that the nightmares had followed him.

Later, Anita covered a sleeping Chelsea with a blanket and opened the door to leave, but Adam burst in and woke Chelsea up. He showed Chelsea the photo, and he asked if she knew where Dylan and Avery's "love cabin" was, but Chelsea didn't know. Adam ordered her to think if she ever wanted to see her son again, and Anita threatened to call the cops. Adam roughly escorted Anita out the door, and he pressured Chelsea to remember if Dylan had ever talked about a cabin or other hideaway. Chelsea stammered that Dylan's father had owned a cabin, and Adam ran off.

At the cabin, Dylan flashed back to carrying Aura through the desert in Afghanistan, and he had promised her that everything would be okay. He referred to Connor as Aura, and he swore that they would get out. Dylan cradled the baby, and he flashed back to assuring Aura that no one would hurt her and that they just had to be quiet. He heard gunfire in his mind.

Dylan comforted a crying Connor, but he heard a noise and held out his flashlight as if it were a gun. Avery entered and called for Dylan, but he envisioned her as an enemy soldier and commanded her to stay back. Dylan demanded a doctor, and Avery softly requested permission to make sure that the baby was okay, but Dylan refused to believe that she was really Avery. She pleaded with him to look at her, and he hallucinated that she was very pregnant.

Dylan told himself that the baby was gone, but Avery assured him that the baby was in his arms, and she asked to see the tot. She promised that she'd be careful, but he continued to point the flashlight at her in a threatening manner. Connor cried, and Dylan again imagined that he heard gunshots. He suddenly realized that Aura had died, and he had been holding her when she had passed away. Dylan broke down in tears.

Avery informed Dylan that the child in his arms was Connor, and she knew that both Chelsea and Dylan loved the baby. Avery thought that Connor was tired and hungry, and she asked Dylan to help her take Connor back to Chelsea. Avery soothingly stated that Connor needed Dylan, and Dylan slowly began to turn the baby over to Avery. Adam suddenly rushed in and bellowed, "Get your hands off my son!" A startled Dylan backed away with Connor still in his arms.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer stopped by the tack house to check on Nick, and he said that he was fine, but she looked skeptical. He clarified that he was as okay as he could be, and she commented that she'd taken his breakup with Avery harder than he had. Summer didn't think it made sense that Avery had left him, and Nick remarked that Avery had never been his to begin with.

Summer knew that Nick and Avery had loved one another, and she didn't understand what had happened. Nick said that the situation was both simple and complicated, because Dylan had needed Avery, and Nick had realized that Avery also needed Dylan. Nick said that he'd get over it. He encouraged Summer to go out and have fun with her friends, but she invited Nick to go to dinner with her. Nick balked, but she plopped down on the couch and declared that she would sit there until he agreed to join her.

Summer swore that she and Nick didn't have to talk about Avery or weddings, and she suggested that they discuss movies or even "boring baseball stuff." Nick admitted that it sounded tempting, and Summer asked if she had to play the guilt card by mentioning the DNA test. Nick relented, and he offered to meet her at the Athletic Club, but she anticipated that he'd back out. He promised that he wouldn't miss the chance to spend time with her. Later, Nick looked at family photos on the shelf before he headed out.

At the Athletic Club, Jack proclaimed that he had an offer for Victor that could change everything. Victor huffed that he wasn't interested in anything Jack had to say, and Jack surmised that Victor was furious with Adam for turning to Jack for financial assistance. Victor contended that Adam had proven once again that Victor couldn't trust him, but Jack countered that Adam had just wanted a relationship with Victor. Jack pointed out that it had meant everything to Adam that Victor had been proud of Adam for taking Newman Enterprises private.

Victor said that Adam and Jack deserved each other, but Jack maintained that all Adam wanted was Victor's acceptance, and he urged Victor to give Adam a break. Victor ordered Jack to cut out the bull and reveal his proposal. Jack offered to find someone that they both approved of to buy Jack out, and he'd walk away if Victor allowed Adam back into his good graces. Victor demanded to know what Jack was really after, and Jack asked that Victor back away from trying to influence Summer. Victor accused Jack of using Summer as a bargaining chip, and he taunted that John wouldn't approve.

Jack suggested that Victor focus on Adam and Adam's new son, but Victor insisted that Summer needed her family, and Jack stated that she had one. Jack asserted that Victor wouldn't care about Summer if she had anyone else's genes other than Jack's, but Victor refused to walk away from family. Jack barked that Summer was Jack's blood, but Victor retorted that she'd grown up as part of the Newman family, and he loved her. Jack demanded that Victor leave Summer in peace to work through her confusion, and Jack would give up his influence over Newman Enterprises. Summer overheard and berated the men for negotiating a deal with her as the prize.

Summer was livid that Jack had tried to bribe Victor, but Jack defended that he'd only tried to get Victor to give her space. Victor admonished Jack, but Summer snapped that Victor would do anything for Newman Enterprises, and she was just another thing for the men to fight over. Nick arrived, and Summer filled him in about Jack's offer. Jack insisted that it had been his intention to look out for her, and Summer reluctantly agreed to hear Jack out.

Nick contended that Summer didn't owe anyone anything, but Victor swore that he hadn't even considered Jack's proposal. Jack said that he'd simply been trying to protect her, but Summer cried that nothing he could say would make her feel like anything other than a bargaining chip. She ran away in tears, and Nick comforted her. He said that he was sorry that she was in the middle, and she sobbed that she wanted it to stop. She rushed into Nick's arms as Jack watched from across the room.

Jack bashed Victor for trying to make himself look good rather than making Summer feel better, and he pushed Victor to accept the offer for Summer's sake. Victor refused, and Jack pledged to be involved in all things Newman from that moment on. Victor suggested that Jack stop by the office to run errands, and Jack declared that he'd be happy to be a thorn in Victor's side. Victor announced that he had news for Jack and Adam, and he requested that they meet Victor there the next morning.

Jack left a message for Adam about Jack's conversation with Victor, and he suspected that Victor was up to something. He mentioned that Victor wanted to meet with them the next morning and that Victor had seemed unreasonably confident.

In the park, Noah removed his shirt, and he caught Courtney as she nearly ran into him on her Rollerblades. He said that she'd almost wiped out, and she called him her hero. Noah tended to Courtney's ankle, and he called her out on faking an injury. She defended that she liked having her feet rubbed, and she offered to do the same for him. He reported that she'd be just fine, and she offered to buy him a drink at Crimson Lights to thank him.

As Summer walked through the park, she received a call from Oliver Jones. He explained that he'd been overseas, but he was back in the country, and he complimented her shots from the Jabot campaign. He revealed that everyone at Forrester Creations was talking about her, and he invited her to fly out to Los Angeles to meet the Forrester team.

Sharon ran into Dr. Watkins at Crimson Lights, and Sharon curtly wished her a nice evening. The doctor worried that Sharon hadn't been back for any sessions, and she offered to meet wherever Sharon felt comfortable. Sharon replied that it wasn't necessary, because things felt right in her life, and all the pieces were falling back into place. Sharon told Dr. Watkins that it was obvious that Dylan and Avery still shared a strong connection, and she believed that her own connection with Nick was even more intense.

Dr. Watkins wondered if Sharon expected to have a romantic reunion with Nick, but Sharon said that there was no need to put a label on their relationship. The doctor pointed out that Nick had been prepared to marry Avery, but Sharon considered Nick lucky that he and Avery hadn't made it to their vows, and she thought that he would realize it once the sting wore off. Dr. Watkins worried that Sharon was seeing things that weren't there, but Sharon countered that the doctor didn't know Nick. Sharon asserted that Nick was a strong man who didn't show his wounds to most people, but he'd shared his pain with Sharon after Avery had abandoned him, and Sharon had been the one constant in his life.

Dr. Watkins said that it was very important that Sharon resume her private sessions and go back on her medication, but Sharon wouldn't admit that she'd stopped taking her pills. The doctor mentioned that Sharon's prescription hadn't been refilled, and she warned that going off the medication was physically and mentally dangerous. Sharon reported that she'd had no negative side effects, but Dr. Watkins pleaded with Sharon to let her help Sharon get back on track.

Sharon gushed that she felt wonderful, but Dr. Watkins was concerned that Sharon's progress had been compromised. Sharon complained that the pills had made her feel less than herself, and she questioned whether she was a threat to public safety or to herself. Dr. Watkins advised that Sharon was likely in a manic upswing, and there would be a downside. Sharon refused to give up the hope and optimism that she felt, and she approached the counter to order a refill. Dr. Watkins looked worried.

Dr. Watkins handed Sharon a prescription for a lower dosage to help keep her moods in balance. The doctor reminded Sharon that the first two years of treatment were crucial, but Sharon reiterated that her mind was operating perfectly fine, and she'd get medical help if she needed it. Dr. Watkins warned that Sharon's condition wouldn't simply disappear, and she recalled that Sharon had originally sought treatment to save herself. Sharon maintained that she hadn't done anything to indicate that she was out of control, and she knew in her heart that she was doing the right thing.

Later, Sharon hugged Noah hello, and he introduced her to Courtney. Sharon remembered seeing Courtney at the ranch with Summer, and she remarked that it was nice that they were all friends. Courtney headed to the counter, and Sharon said that she liked Courtney better than the last girl she'd seen Noah with. Noah insisted that Courtney was just a friend, and he asked how Sharon was doing. Sharon teased him for worrying about her because he didn't have enough going on in his own life, and she told him to enjoy his date.

After Sharon left, Courtney handed Noah a drink. Courtney asked if Sharon had given them her blessing, and Noah asked whether they needed it to drink coffee, but Courtney flirtatiously inquired whether that was all they were doing. Courtney asked what concert she and Noah would attend next, and she said it was more about the experience than the music for her. They discussed their families, and Courtney commented that everyone knew the Newmans. Noah said that there were plenty of perks and just as many drawbacks to being part of the Newman family.

Noah showed some photos on his phone to Courtney, and she asked if he intended to stick with photography. He wondered if she thought he shouldn't, and she pointed out that he was a Newman, so he could become a senior vice president the next day if he wanted to. Victor called and asked to meet Noah for lunch the next day to discuss Noah's future.

Nick returned home to an empty house, and he knocked the family photos off the table in frustration. Sharon called his name from the open doorway, and Nick apologetically explained that he hadn't known she was there, but she replied that he didn't have to explain an emotional outburst. She counseled that it was better to let it out so he could move on, and she added that he didn't have to pretend with her, because she knew what it felt like to watch a loved one walk away.

Nick recognized that he'd done exactly that to Sharon, and he considered it karma that Avery had left him. Sharon insisted that it wasn't payback, and it was part of life for the heart to make decisions that the mind wouldn't. Sharon said that Avery's decision hadn't been Nick's fault, but he didn't know what to do next. Sharon thought that the worst was over and that Nick could proceed with healing. She promised to be there for him.

At the cabin, Avery urged Dylan to help her get the baby back to Chelsea, and Dylan slowly moved to hand Connor to Avery. Adam burst in and yelled for Dylan to get his hands off of Adam's son. Dylan brandished his flashlight like a weapon and ordered Adam to stay back. Adam demanded his son, and Avery quietly advised Adam to lower his voice and to back off, because they both knew that she was the only one who could get through to Dylan.

Chelsea arrived as Adam and Avery argued, and Chelsea begged Adam to let Avery help. Dylan urgently requested a doctor, and Chelsea tried to explain that Dylan was no longer at war and that he was holding the baby that they'd named after Dylan's father. Adam threatened to call the cops, but Avery warned that it would only make things worse. Chelsea implored Avery to calm Dylan down and to help Connor.

Dylan mumbled that he had to wait for Sully, but Avery appealed to Dylan to recognize her. Dylan continued to insist that Sully could help Aura by getting a doctor. Chelsea realized that Dylan thought that Connor was Aura, and Avery gently asked Dylan if she could see Aura. Dylan heard gunshots in his head, and he ducked for cover. "My baby!" Chelsea screamed as Dylan protectively huddled over Connor.

Avery told Dylan that they were in the cabin and not in Afghanistan, but Dylan instructed her to get down so that she wouldn't get shot. Avery reminded Dylan that he'd turned to her because he'd known that she would understand, and he was in their safe place. She encouraged him to let her help him find a way home, and Dylan covered his head with his hands. Chelsea panicked because the baby wasn't crying, and Avery pleaded with Dylan to return home to her. A disoriented Dylan recognized Avery and murmured her name, and he was shocked that she was really there. He dazedly realized that he was holding Connor and that Chelsea and Adam were looking at him.

Chelsea called to Connor, and Adam hissed that Dylan would be a dead man if he'd hurt the baby. Connor began to cry, and Chelsea thanked God that he was okay. Avery comforted Dylan, and Adam struggled to control his anger as he quietly asked Dylan to hand the baby over. Dylan gazed blankly at Avery, and he gave the baby to Adam. Chelsea rushed over to Connor, and she and Adam hovered over the infant, while Dylan remained despondent.

Adam cooed to Connor that his daddy was there, but Chelsea coldly stated that Connor didn't know Adam. Adam retorted that she'd made sure of that, and he walked out with the baby. Chelsea silently stared at Avery and Dylan before she followed Adam. Avery assured Dylan that he was safe at home and that everything would be okay, but he contemplated what might have happened if she hadn't found him. "But I did," she responded.

Dylan didn't know how or why he'd ended up at the cabin, and he said that his flashback had felt real. Avery was certain that he never would have hurt Connor, but Dylan recognized that anything could have happened. Avery promised that they'd figure it out and make sure that it didn't happen again, but they had to get back to Genoa City. Dylan stated that there was nothing for him there, and he forlornly added, "There's nothing for me anywhere."

Avery worriedly watched over a depressed Dylan. He said that he'd lost their baby, Sully, Aura, and his son. His voice broke as he repeated that he'd lost his son, and Avery stroked his hair as he cried.

Chelsea and Adam returned to the loft, and Chelsea expressed relief that Dr. Woods had confirmed that Connor was perfect. Adam grumbled that it was no thanks to Chelsea's lunatic husband, and Chelsea said that Connor just needed a bottle and some sleep. Adam ordered her to pack a bag, but Chelsea argued that Connor needed to feel safe at home. Adam insisted upon taking his son somewhere safe before Dylan returned, but Chelsea barked that Adam couldn't take her son from her. "Watch me," Adam retorted.

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