The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 23, 2013 on Y&R

Nikki and Paul learned that her first-born son had died. Jack and Adam discovered that Victor had sabotaged Newman Enterprises, and Victor announced that Katherine had left him Chancellor Industries. Carmine escaped from police custody.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 23, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Because various convention meetings had booked up almost all hotel rooms near Chicago, Nikki and Paul ended up staying together in a drab hotel room near Winnetka. Paul said that at least they were close enough to pick up authentic, Chicago-style pizza, and he sat the boxed pizza on a small table in the room. Paul added that he and Nikki were also close to the church, which would provide clues to aid their search for Nikki's son.

Nikki worried about lying to her family while searching for her long-lost son. Paul noted that the search had rekindled in Nikki the same feelings she'd had when she was a pregnant teen. Nikki said she'd be unable to absolve herself until she knew what had happened to her son. Nikki noted that she'd not discussed the matter with Victor.

A young man with blond hair appeared at the door and explained that Father Martin had sent him. Nikki began sobbing after she learned that the young man had merely stopped by to return a scarf Nikki had left at the church. Paul graciously escorted the man to the door, and the man left. Nikki composed herself and admitted that she had been about to welcome the blond gentleman into her family before she realized that he'd just stopped by to return the scarf.

Paul asked Nikki if she'd thought about how she might react if they did locate her son. Nikki said she hoped that her son had been placed with a loving family, had grown up to find the love of his life, and was perhaps raising a family of his own. Nikki added that she hoped the young man had understood that she'd lovingly given him up.

Paul listened sympathetically when Nikki said she hoped her son would embrace the idea of building a relationship with his birth mother. Paul cautioned Nikki not to raise her hopes too high. Nikki recalled the awful man who'd fathered her son and worried that her offspring might be unscrupulous like his biological father. Nikki noted how difficult it had been for Nick and Victoria when Adam entered their lives. Paul told Nikki that she'd be unable to control the outcome.

Nikki said that the search for her son was one of Katherine's last wishes. Paul noted that Katherine believed that Nikki's marriage was strong enough to endure the outcome of Nikki's search. Nikki replied, "What if Katherine was wrong?"

Nikki told Paul that Victor's own mother had abandoned him at an orphanage when he was seven. As a result, Nikki cried, Victor had felt utterly alone, and he hadn't forgiven his mother until she was on her deathbed. Paul maintained that Nikki had acted under different circumstances. Nikki feared that Victor would see her just like he'd viewed his own hated mother. Paul comforted Nikki and told her not to worry about anything until her son was found.

Later, when Paul and Nikki were about to go to bed, Nikki explained that she'd told Victor that her charity work would keep her away overnight. Paul bedded down on a cot next to Nikki's bed. Paul could sense that Nikki was torn about how to proceed. Paul told Nikki that she could stop searching, and he assured Nikki that he'd support whichever decision she made, even if she called off the search. Nikki agreed to rest before making a decision. Nikki turned off the light, but she didn't close her eyes after she rested her head on her pillow.

At the tack house, Sharon told Nick that she could tell by the look on his face that his relationship with Avery was over. While Nick took a call from Faith's sitter, Sharon glanced at the photo of Nick and Avery that Nick had angrily pushed off a table. The glass in the frame had formed a crack between Nick and Avery. Sharon swept up the broken glass. Nick retrieved the photo and said he wouldn't want Faith to see the mess he'd made. Nick said he'd explain to Faith that he and Avery were no longer together.

After the sitter dropped Faith off at home, Faith went to her dad and claimed she was to blame for his sadness because she hadn't been nice to Avery. Nick assured Faith that her actions weren't the reason he and Avery hadn't married. Nick told Faith that he'd cheer up if they went out to get ice cream. Faith invited Sharon to tag along. Nick agreed that Faith's suggestion was a great idea. Nick quickly stashed the broken photo frame in a cabinet before he, Faith, and Sharon left.

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Sharon sent Faith to toss their emptied containers away after the last spoonful of ice cream was gone. Sharon told Nick that he probably felt uneasy about being in the park where his wedding was supposed to have taken place. Nick later snuggled with Faith and gently explained that he and Avery had decided not to marry. Nick kissed Faith and assured his daughter that he wasn't mad at her. Faith promised Nick that she and her mommy would cheer him up.

Nick found a wilted flower on the ground and reflected about how Phyllis, Summer, and Avery could be present his life one day and gone the next. Sharon replied, "You still have Faith and me." Darkness had fallen on Genoa City, and Faith announced that she was tired. Nick said he'd stay behind and catch a cab later. Nick hugged Faith and thanked her for cheering him up. Sharon said, "Let me know if you need anything." Nick gazed at the dead flower and seemed lost in thought. In a dream-like trance, Nick saw himself kiss Avery after they were pronounced husband and wife. The faded flower fell from Nick's grip, and he walked out of the park.

Back at the tack house, Sharon sat alone downstairs. She composed a text message to Nick and hesitated momentarily before sending it. Sharon urged Nick to contact her if he needed anything. Faith arrived downstairs, carrying her favorite doll. The child appeared overjoyed to be reunited with her cherished toy. As Sharon and Faith headed out the front door, Sharon smiled contentedly when she turned out the light at the empty tack house. Sharon seemed relieved that Avery was out of the picture.

Avery and Dylan returned to her condo and discovered that the door had been kicked open. A box of Avery's personal belongings sat on a table, and some papers remained where Adam had tossed them aside. Avery noted that Adam had searched through her belongings in order to find out where Dylan had gone with Connor. Dylan said he regretted his actions.

Avery told Dylan that it would take time to accept that he no longer had a son. Dylan replied, "I'm not sure I ever will." Dylan busied himself with repairing Avery's broken lock. Avery told Dylan that the building superintendent could take care of the lock. Dylan snapped at Avery and said, "Will you just let me fix the lock?" Dylan immediately apologized for snapping at Avery.

Avery discovered that the photo of her and Dylan at the cabin was missing. Dylan noted that Adam must have showed it to Chelsea, who recognized the cabin. Dylan feared that Chelsea might press charges against him for taking Connor, but Avery explained that legally, Dylan was listed as Connor's father. Avery told Dylan that Chelsea had truly been concerned about Dylan during his horrific flashback of the war. Dylan said, "Just because you and Nick got your 'happily ever after' doesn't mean that the rest of us will." Avery recoiled and fought back her emotions.

Avery told Dylan that maintaining real-life relationships was hard work. She suggested that Dylan might be able to reconcile with Chelsea. Dylan replied, "You know as well as I do that when things get to a certain point, you can't go back." Avery offered to prepare dinner. Dylan's thoughts became a bit clearer, and he asked Avery about her wedding. Avery explained that the guests and the minister had left by the time she'd arrived and that she and Nick had agreed not to carry through with their plans to marry. Dylan blamed himself, but Avery noted that she and Nick had issues they had been unable to settle.

Later, Dylan fell asleep while Avery prepared dinner. He experienced a nightmare about being in the midst of battle. When Avery tried to awaken Dylan, he grabbed her arm and screamed, "Drop your weapon! Put it down, now!" Avery cried that Dylan was hurting her arm.

Dylan came to his senses and apologized. Dylan cried that he could have hurt Connor and Chelsea. Dylan told Avery that he needed help. Dylan removed his wedding band and rolled it between his fingers. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Avery quietly packed away her wedding gown.

At Chelsea and Dylan's loft, Adam held his swaddled son and informed Chelsea that he didn't intend to leave his son with her. Chelsea reminded Adam that Dylan was listed as Connor's legal father and that Adam had no legal proof that he was the child's father. Chelsea stood between Adam and the door and refused to let him leave with her baby. Adam handed the crying infant to Chelsea, and she soothed her baby. Chelsea told Adam that if he truly loved his son, he wouldn't take the baby away from his mother.

Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd abandoned her and that Dylan had been more of a real father to the child. Adam angrily noted that any father should know the difference between his own child and a long-dead child from a faraway war. Chelsea, expressing her feelings about the infant she and Adam had conceived, replied, "The only thing you've contributed is the possibility that he'll go blind." Chelsea immediately apologized for her insensitive outburst. Adam hung his head low, but he seemed humbled by Chelsea's honesty.

Adam gazed at his son sleeping in the crib and said that no one understood the bond between a mother and her son better than he did. Adam told Chelsea that he wanted her and the boy to move into Adam's penthouse. Adam added that he'd already set up an appointment for the baby with a top-notch pediatric ophthalmologist. Adam carried Chelsea's packed belongings downstairs, and Chelsea said she'd meet Adam downstairs. Chelsea carefully collected her infant from his crib, snuggled him close to her chest, and turned out the light before she left the loft.

At Adam's penthouse, Adam told Chelsea that she should have returned to him the second she learned she was pregnant. Chelsea insisted that she and Connor would never have been Adam's priority. Chelsea explained that she'd told Adam after he was injured by gunfire that he was about to become a father. Chelsea said she'd hoped that Adam would be able to hear her and would return to her and her unborn baby when he recovered. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes when she recalled that the first person Adam had asked for after he awoke was Sharon.

Chelsea told Adam that she'd sat by his bed and begged him to return to her and his son, but when Adam did, his first thoughts were of Sharon. Adam explained that he had still been drugged and confused at the time. Adam recalled that Sharon had been the last person he'd seen before he'd lost consciousness. Adam insisted that the situation would have worked out differently had Chelsea waited until his head had cleared. Chelsea said that Adam would have been the same, cold-hearted father to her baby that Victor had been to Adam.

Chelsea cried that Adam had broken her heart repeatedly, so she wasn't about to let him do the same to her child. Adam warned Chelsea that a judge would soon render a decision regarding the baby's future. After Adam went upstairs, Chelsea knelt down and gazed at her sleeping infant. Adam later crept downstairs and found Chelsea asleep on the sofa. Her arms were protectively enfolded around her infant. Adam noticed Dylan's wedding band on Chelsea's finger.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Abby and Traci rushed into the Abbott mansion, and Kyle asked if someone had scared them. Abby declared that they were moving in, and Traci explained that she and Abby had discovered a nest of rats when they had been preparing for a barbecue. Abby refused to go back until her home was rat-free, and Kyle suddenly pointed and exclaimed that he saw a rat across the room. Abby and Traci screamed, and Kyle chortled that he hadn't been able to resist. Abby said that she needed a strong, buff man to calm her nerves.

Later, Traci argued with Steve over the phone, and Abby remarked that Traci needed tension relief from more than one rat in her life. Traci contended that her husband wasn't a rat, but they'd reached an impasse. The doorbell rang, and Abby squealed that it was one hunk of a man and his hands. Abby introduced Traci and Kyle to Fritz, a masseur, and she revealed that she'd ordered massages for everyone. Kyle said that he'd pass, and he left. Traci wanted to take a shower first, and Abby offered to go first. Abby sent a text message to Tyler.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler read a cryptic text message from Abby about the world possibly ending. She warned him to watch out for the rest of the plagues, and she mentioned that she would need some TLC later. Tyler told Noah that Abby always kept things interesting with her wild text messages. Noah hoped that his own day would be less interesting, because anything could happen during his meeting with Victor.

Tyler affectionately stated that Abby always managed to attract minor disasters, and he gushed that she was really cute. Noah thought that Tyler was falling for Abby, and Tyler admitted that he liked her, but he insisted that they were just seeing each other. Noah suspected that there was more to it, and he wondered if he'd be referring to Tyler as "Uncle Tyler" soon. Tyler was relieved when Summer and Courtney arrived, and Noah asked if Courtney should be in class. Summer was surprised that Noah knew Courtney's schedule, but Courtney thought it was sweet that he'd remembered.

Courtney explained that her professor was sick, and she inquired about Noah's meeting with Victor. Noah replied that he was about to find out what it was about, and he questioned whether Summer had received a mysterious call from Victor. Summer revealed that she hadn't spoken to Victor since his latest fight with Jack. Tyler received another message from Abby, and he suddenly said that he had to take off. Noah offered to walk out with him, and Summer warned Noah to be cautious of Victor. Noah assured her that his eyes were wide open, and Courtney urged Noah to answer yes to whatever Victor asked.

The men left, and Summer objected to Courtney's advice to Noah. Courtney reported that Noah wanted to work for Victor, but Summer grumbled that Victor could be tough to deal with and that her family drove her insane. Courtney defended that all families did that to one another, and Summer revealed that she was deciding whether to accept Oliver's offer to introduce her to some people in Los Angeles. Courtney admitted that she'd be bummed if Summer left, but she thought that Summer should go.

Summer asked if Courtney would go with her, but she realized that it might interfere with Courtney's internship and classes. Courtney confided that something else was keeping her in town, and Summer realized that Courtney meant Noah. Summer wasn't sure about making the move, and she and Courtney reviewed the pros and cons of living in both Genoa City and L.A. Summer cited Kyle as a reason to stay, and she acknowledged that while they couldn't be together, he was still on her side, even though it broke her heart every time she was around him. Kyle entered the coffeehouse.

Courtney blabbed to Kyle that Summer was trying to decide whether to leave town, because Oliver thought that Summer had potential. Kyle understood that Summer wanted to get away from the fighting, but Summer didn't know what to do. Courtney supported any decision that Summer made, but she advised that if the Newmans were her family, she wouldn't move across the country to get away from them.

Courtney departed, and Kyle opined that Summer should take advantage of the opportunity. He contended that she had two families who loved her, but neither family was doing what was best for her. Kyle assured her that it would be a fun trip and that she'd never have it all if she stayed in Genoa City. Summer forlornly agreed that she couldn't have everything she wanted.

Tyler slipped into the Abbott mansion and discovered lit candles everywhere. He spotted the massage table, and he slipped Fritz some cash to leave. Tyler began to rub the feet of the woman on the massage table, and she moaned. He seductively whispered that he'd make her moan a lot more, and Abby descended the stairs and asked what was going on. Traci looked up from the table.

Tyler was horrified, and Abby was glad she'd stopped him before he'd rubbed any further. He referred to Abby's message, which had instructed him just to walk in. He said that he'd thought it was a romantic surprise, but Abby said that she hadn't expected him that early, and he apologized for the misunderstanding. Traci declared that she was going shopping to relieve her stress, and she said that Tyler had great hands. Traci left, and an amused Abby promised to make it up to Tyler by giving him a sexy massage.

Abby and Tyler made out, and she suggested that they get out of the living room before someone barged in. She led him to the stairway, and he offered to carry her upstairs. Charmed by the gesture, she casually stated that she loved him, and he looked uncomfortable.

At the motel, Nikki was startled when she awakened next to Paul. He apologized for moving up from the floor, and he pointed out that he'd slept on top of the covers, while Nikki had been firmly tucked underneath them. She hoped that he hadn't been too uncomfortable, and he revealed that he'd tweaked his back when he'd tried to sleep in the chair. He added that he'd discovered a bug convention on the floor, and Nikki bemoaned that he never would have been in that position if he hadn't been helping her.

Nikki and Paul laughed about their substandard accommodations, and she answered a call from Victor. Nikki claimed that her charity meetings were going great, and she covered when Paul accidentally made a loud noise. Nikki hoped to be home soon, and she said that she was optimistic that her business there would be done that day. Victor anticipated having an interesting day of his own.

Later, Nikki thanked Paul for letting her take the first shower, and Paul informed her that he'd used the time to check up on things in Genoa City. She felt guilty that he'd deserted his job to help her, but he said that he'd simply delegated. He asked if she was nervous, but she was hopeful that Sister Clare would be more lucid and able to give them information that would lead to Nikki's son. Nikki added that she'd always felt that her first child had been a boy, but she hadn't been able to admit it to herself, because it would have been too real and painful.

There was a knock at the door, and Paul invited Father Martin and Sister Clare inside. Father Martin mentioned that he'd taken Sister Clare to a doctor's appointment, and she had insisted that they stop by to speak to Nikki. Sister Clare proclaimed that she'd had an epiphany, and Father Martin explained that Sister Clare's mind was clearer in the morning. Sister Clare revealed that she'd recalled that a woman named Penelope had adopted Nikki's baby, but she couldn't think of Penelope's last name.

Sister Clare recounted that Penelope had been a young, single mother who had been very sweet and loving. Nikki found the information encouraging and reassuring, and Sister Clare continued that Penelope had attended church regularly. Paul realized that Penelope had lived nearby, and he hoped that he could track down more details. Father Martin volunteered to look for Penelope's records in his files. Father Martin and Sister Clare left to return to the church.

Nikki excitedly contemplated whether she'd get to meet her son in a matter of hours, but Paul advised that it might not happen soon, because her son could be anywhere. Nikki agreed to proceed cautiously, but she realized that her son could still live in town. Father Martin returned and announced that he had found her son. The priest said that he was sorry, but Nikki's son had died at the age of seven.

Nikki slowly sat down in shock, and Father Martin explained that Penelope had been a long-time parishioner who had adopted a son named Peter. Father Martin continued that Peter had drowned during an accident in the creek, and he told Nikki that her son was with God. Nikki began to cry, and Paul thanked Father Martin for delivering the news in person. Father Martin left, and Paul comforted Nikki, who sobbed that the outcome was the one possibility that she'd never considered.

Nikki bemoaned that she'd wanted her son to have a better life, but he'd barely had one at all. Paul assured her that she'd done nothing wrong, but she wailed that she'd left her child. Paul contended that she'd given her son a loving mother and a close-knit community, and he swore that what had happened hadn't been Nikki's fault. Paul stated that her son was in heaven, and he had no doubt that Katherine was watching over the boy.

Nikki asked for some time alone before she and Paul headed home, and she stepped outside. Paul answered a call from the attorney who had taken over for Scott Goodwin, and he learned that the lawyer had uncovered the records from Nikki's son's adoption. Paul initially said that he no longer needed them, but he ultimately decided to pick up the files in an effort to give Nikki some peace.

At his penthouse, Adam smiled as he looked around at the stuffed animals scattered around his living room. Jack arrived, and he mentioned that he'd gotten a glimpse of Chelsea and the baby leaving. Adam remarked that the infant was a good-looking kid, and Jack said that he was as ready as he'd ever be for a meeting with Victor. Jack asked if Adam had made peace with his ex, and Adam replied, "Not on your life."

Jack asked if Chelsea had been on the mark about Dylan having a meltdown, and Adam disclosed that Dylan suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder. Adam added that he'd moved his boy there to avoid taking any chances, and he'd given Chelsea an ultimatum to stay there with him. Adam recognized that he had no legal ground to stand on, and he conceded that a newborn needed its mother. He revealed that he was having Chelsea trailed, because he didn't trust her. Adam chuckled as he picked up a toy, and Jack declared that Adam was officially a dad.

Adam said that he'd stayed up late just watching Connor sleep, and he'd felt like he'd had the strength of ten men, but he'd felt helpless at the same time. Jack welcomed him to fatherhood, and he advised Adam to seize every moment for all it was worth, even if it felt overwhelming. Adam marveled that he had a son, and he swore that his child wouldn't grow up without him. Jack suggested that they reschedule their meeting with Victor, but Adam looked forward to taking on his old man. Jack commented that Victor should be the one who was running scared, and Adam professed his determination to hold on to Newman Enterprises so he could pass down his legacy to his son.

Jack and Adam arrived at the Athletic Club, and Jack asked Victor if they should frisk one another for weapons. Victor told Jack and Adam to relax and order a drink, and he assured them that their meeting would be painless. Victor asked how his grandson was doing, and Adam told Victor not to concern himself with Adam's son. Jack demanded that Victor get to the point, and Adam expected threats and blackmail, but he was confident that he and Jack had their bases covered. Jack taunted that Victor would lose, and he'd make sure that Victor's downfall was publicly humiliating. Victor shrugged and said that he might as well give up.

Jack asked why Victor had summoned Jack and Adam there, and Noah arrived. Adam snapped that they were in a meeting, but Victor excused himself to talk to Noah. Victor pulled Noah aside and said that he wanted to discuss the future of their family. Victor asked how Summer was doing, and he suggested that the Newmans rally around her. Noah agreed, and Victor reminded him that everything began and ended with family.

Victor proposed that Noah work with Victor and Victoria, and Noah said that he hadn't known that Victoria had returned to the company. Victor replied that Victoria wasn't officially back, but she was doing something for Newman Enterprises. Noah asked if it had to do with vendors jumping ship, and Victor vaguely stated that things weren't always as they seemed. Victor believed that they could do great things together, and Noah wondered if Victor had purposely had him interrupt the meeting with Jack and Adam. Victor called Noah smart.

Adam refused to wait any longer, and Jack thought that Victor was trying to show power when Victor had none. Jack insisted that he and Adam held all the cards with a majority stake in the company and that Victor was about to lose what he cared about most. Adam questioned why Victor was smiling if Adam and Jack had all the leverage. Meanwhile, Victor asked Noah to consider his offer, and Noah agreed. Noah left, and Victor apologized for keeping Adam and Jack waiting.

Victor repeated the story about how he'd built Newman Enterprises from the ground up with his own hands. Jack ordered Victor to stop grandstanding, and Victor huffed that impatience had always been one of Jack's greatest flaws. Victor asserted that he didn't want the company to become a battleground, and he swore that he would never work with either of them again. Victor announced that he intended to walk away from the whole thing, and he proclaimed, "Newman Enterprises is yours."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Billy stood in Chancellor Park and chatted by phone with Victoria, who told Billy that her business trip for Victor had been delayed. Victoria said that she had to stay in Dallas for a few days and could not return home that evening. Billy was disappointed but playfully engaged in banter as Victoria described the new lingerie that she had just purchased. Billy said goodbye when a gift he had gotten for Delia arrived.

At her apartment, Avery asked Dylan about his appointment with a psychiatrist. She offered to go with Dylan as moral support. Dylan pushed her away and told Avery that he did not need her help. Avery snapped back that Dylan was not in a position to know what he needed. Dylan said that if it were not for him, Avery would be married to Nick. Avery said that Dylan had not held her prisoner, and she begged him to let her help.

Dylan said that getting help was something that Dylan had to do on his own. After Dylan left, Avery got a call from Stitch, who was in Genoa City at Crimson Lights, ready to help search for Dylan. Avery apologized for not calling Stitch when Dylan had been found. Avery added that Dylan was on his way to see a psychiatrist. Stitch said it was a big step, but he did not think that Dylan should go it alone. Stitch said that he would head for the hospital, and Avery sad that she would meet him there.

At Crimson Lights, Delia and Chloe chatted about Delia's upcoming school play. Kevin joined them with a stuffed dog. Deli was delighted to have "Toto" to accompany her portrayal of the Wicked Witch of West, but she still preferred a real dog. Delia said that she missed Bob, the dog that Chloe had been forced to leave with a trainer when Chloe and Delia had moved into the Chancellor mansion.

Delia remembered how much she had loved the dog. Kevin and Chloe remembered feeding the dog and walking it in blizzards. Chloe said that a dog was a big responsibility, and they would discuss having one when Delia was older. Billy walked in with a surprise for Delia: a live dog. Kevin's gift was immediately forgotten as Delia took the dog from Billy. Kevin left the coffeehouse.

As Delia petted the dog, Chloe demanded to know why Billy had gotten a dog without talking to her first. Billy said that it was a win-win because Delia was happy, and the shelter dog got a home. Chloe asked what she got and then explained that Esther did not allow dogs in the Chancellor mansion. Billy said he would keep the dog, and Delia could care for it when she stayed with Billy.

Billy sent Delia to play with the dog and told Chloe that the dog would be good for Delia. As soon as Billy told Chloe not to worry, the dog ran out of Crimson Lights, followed by Delia and then Billy. Billy recaptured the dog, which he christened "Dash," and, abashed, agreed with Chloe that Dash needed some training.

At another table, Hilary gloated with Mason about her victory over Cane. She was sure that Cane would soon call. Hilary planned to act mortified, but she assured Mason that no matter what, Cane and Lily's marriage was on the rocks. Mason asked what Hilary would do if Cane fired her. Hilary scoffed that a sexual harassment suit would soon follow in that event.

Mason said that Hilary seemed awfully sure of herself. Hilary said that she knew men, who were nothing if not predictable. As if on cue, Hilary got a text message from Cane asking to meet in Chancellor Park.

At the police station, Lily and Cane were eager to find out how Hilary would react when she found out that Lily and Cane had foiled her plan. Cane got another call from a reporter asking about the photo in GCBuzz. Lily said that Cane could go attend to business, and she could handle the police. Cane said he would stay. Lily said that she was sorry that she had ever doubted Cane. Cane said that he would probably also have doubts if he saw a similar photo of Lily.

Neil and Leslie arrived. They were amazed when Lily said that she and Cane had proof that Hilary was the GCBuzz blogger. The recording stunned Neil, especially when he learned that Mason was part of Hilary's plot. Leslie said that the recording proved how cunning Hilary was. Leslie said that Hilary had committed both criminal and civil offenses. Neil said that he would not press charges.

Lily said that Neil could not be serious. When Leslie asked why, Neil said that he understood Hilary's anger. Lily wanted to know about her anger and Cane's anger over what Hilary had tried to do to them. Neil said that he would have to talk to Hilary and try to explain what had happened. He added that he would fire Mason. Lily thought it unfair to punish Mason and not Hilary.

Leslie told Neil that she was not sure that Hilary was someone who could be reasoned with. Neil said that even so, he had to try. Cane said that none of them knew how far Hilary was prepared to go. Neil said that what was happening was his fault, and he had to make it right for Rose. Cane sent Hilary a text message. Kevin arrived at the station as Neil left. Kevin was still upset about Delia and slammed his fist into a wall. The wall was undamaged, but Kevin shook his hand as though he had hurt it.

Kevin sat at his desk and listened as Leslie and Lily, who had left the interview room, talked about Neil's feelings of guilt. Cane finished a phone call and then told Lily and Leslie about Jill's sudden departure. Kevin said that Jill was probably still upset about her inheritance from Katherine. Lily said that other heirs were upset also.

Kevin asked if Lily was referring to Devon, who had inherited gazillions of dollars, which he had to figure out how to spend. Lily said that Devon had different burdens, but he was also being hounded 24/7 by the press, and he was hiding out. Cane said he wished that he could hide out. Lily said that it was all Hilary's fault.

Adam was waiting when Chelsea returned to Adam's penthouse. He questioned Chelsea about where she had been. Chelsea let Adam know that she knew that Adam was having Chelsea followed. Adam said that he was having his son watched.

Chelsea asked if Adam thought that she would skip town. Adam said that he did fear that. He also told Chelsea that he had hired two nannies to watch his son. Chelsea reminded him that Connor was a son to both of them. She told Adam that she could care for their child.

Adam rejoined that he had his doubts after the incident with Chelsea's shell-shocked husband. Chelsea said that Adam did not know what he was talking about. Chelsea told Adam to have some compassion and try to imagine how he would feel if he had been to war, a child had died in his arms, and he had then returned home to lose a child that he thought was his. Chelsea admitted that Dylan was going through hell because of her. Chelsea told Adam that they needed to focus on their child and fight for him.

Adam said that specialists had found a cure for Adam, and he was sure they would find a cure for Connor. Chelsea said that if there was ever a time to hope that Adam was right, it was that moment.

At the hospital, metal trays clattered to the floor, and Dylan ducked. Stitch got there in time to see. He comforted Dylan and said that Avery had sent him because Dylan needed a friend. Dylan said that he had tried to push Avery away because he had not recognized her at the cabin, and he was afraid that he might hurt her. Stitch said that Dylan should tell Avery. Dylan said that he was not sure she would understand. Avery arrived in time to overhear. Avery told Dylan that she did understand.

Chelsea criticized the hospital color scheme for being too cheerful as she waited with Adam to hear the specialist's conclusions about their son. Adam asked if Chelsea preferred dark colors in the waiting room. Chelsea snapped that she preferred to be at home instead of in the hospital with their sweet little boy and Adam's cursed genes. Chelsea was immediately contrite and admitted that she was scared and taking it out on Adam. Chelsea told Adam that she was glad that he was there with her.

The eye specialist said that the baby would go blind, but not from retinitis pigmentosa. The specialist said that Connor had corneal keloids, which were caused by a traumatic birth. Chelsea immediately realized that if she had kept her mouth shut, she could be happy at home with Dylan and Connor, and Adam would never have know about his son. Adam asked if he was supposed to feel sorry for Chelsea, who had given birth in a dirty warehouse.

Chelsea took her son from Adam. As she held the baby Chelsea told the child that it was all her fault. She sobbed softly as she said that every time she looked at her child and he could not look back at her, she would know that it had been her fault.

Hilary did not act surprised when Neil, not Cane, was waiting for her in Chancellor Park. Hilary assumed that Neil was there to warn her away from Cane, but Neil said that he was there to apologize for what had happened to Hilary/Anne's mother, Rose Turner. Hilary said that her mother was alive and living in California, but Neil said that he knew otherwise.

Neil said that he had met Rose when they were both lonely and broken. Neil told Hilary the story of meeting Rose and apologized again for not being more aware of what had been going on at the time. Neil said that he knew that an apology would not get Rose back, but neither would going after Neil's family. Hilary asked if Neil was warning her.

Neil said that he was only apologizing and would be glad to answer any more questions that Hilary might have. Neil left the park after telling Hilary that sometimes talking helped. Hilary met with the editor of GCBuzz and said she had something new for him.

Dylan met with a psychiatrist, who seemed both unsympathetic to Dylan's problem and unaware of correct military terms. As the psychiatrist continued to fumble and mumble apologies, Dylan got angry and demanded to know how the doctor could help Dylan if the doctor did not understand war or what Dylan had been through.

Avery and Stitch waited. Both worried because Dylan kept so much bottled up. Stitch suggested calling Chelsea, but Avery said that Chelsea was the last person that Dylan needed. Chelsea and Adam emerged from the examining room. Chelsea asked about Dylan. Avery jumped on Chelsea. Avery told Chelsea that it was all Chelsea's fault that Dylan was broken. Dylan left the shrink's office in time to overhear Avery's comments.

Hilary met Mason at the coffeehouse and told him that she had been set up. Mason said that she seemed awfully happy.

Neil went back to the police station. When Lily asked how it had gone, Neil said that he had told his story, and Hilary had listened to his explanation. Neil said that he hoped he had gotten through. Kevin showed Leslie, Neil, Cane, and Lily the newest post on GCBuzz, which stated that Neil had admitted responsibility for the death of a woman in Evanston. Lily asked if Neil was ready to change his mind about pressing charges.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

In Chancellor Park, Michael, Lauren, and Fen prepared to have a picnic, and Fen wished that he were out of rehab for longer than just the day. Lauren assured Fen that he'd be home for good soon, and Fen acknowledged that his therapy sessions had been tougher than he'd thought they would be. Michael empathized that it was hard for people to work through their feelings, but it was worth it to walk through the pain, because life was full of possibilities on the other side. Lauren said that she and Michael were proud of Fen for getting his life back on track.

Fen disclosed that he'd learned in therapy that he wouldn't be ready to return home until he could accept responsibility for his mistakes. Fen admitted that he'd screwed up, and Michael promised that he'd never take Fen and Lauren for granted again. Lauren added that she was grateful for second chances, and she grabbed Michael and Fen's hands. Michael declared that they were three screw-ups, and he suggested that maybe they all had had to mess up individually to realize how much they loved one another. Fen pointed out that Carmine had also caused problems for their family, and Michael mentioned that Carmine's trial would start the following week.

After the Baldwins' picnic, Michael remarked that he and Lauren would probably next see Fen when they took Fen home. Michael bemoaned that it wouldn't be early enough for Fen to see Lauren accept her award as the Genoa City businesswoman of the year, and Fen lamented that he'd missed a lot since he'd been away. Fen contemplated what to do with the rest of his life, and Lauren implored him to take time to make any decisions. Michael said that he was proud of Fen, and they shared a family hug.

At the police station, Kevin griped to Alex that Billy had given Delia a puppy, and Kevin didn't know how to compete. Alex suggested that Kevin buy the girl a pony, but Kevin thought that his efforts were a lost cause. Alex recognized that Kevin still loved Chloe, but he advised Kevin to look in another direction if the feelings only went one way. An officer escorted Carmine into the station as Kevin pondered whether to give up on Chloe for good. Carmine insinuated that Kevin didn't really love Chloe if Kevin was willing to walk away, and Carmine proclaimed his intent to never give up on Lauren.

Kevin became incensed at Carmine's mention of Lauren, and Alex ordered Kevin not to let Carmine get to him. Carmine taunted that Kevin could end up behind bars for harassing the prisoners, and he crowed that Lauren had loved Carmine's sense of humor. Kevin called Carmine delusional, and Alex rattled off the list of charges against Carmine and spat that Carmine would be an old man before he got out of prison. Carmine snickered.

Alex warned Carmine that the courthouse wouldn't be as comfortable as the holding cell, but Carmine would be convicted and sent to the state penitentiary soon enough. Alex instructed an officer to take out the trash, and Carmine yelled to send his love to Kevin's family. Kevin shouted back that he hoped that Carmine died in lockup, and he told Alex that he wanted to wipe the grin off Carmine's face. Alex promised that Carmine wouldn't get away with his crimes.

Alex caught Kevin looking at pictures of kittens on the computer, and Alex asked if Kevin intended to get a pet to score points with Chloe. Kevin conceded that adopting a kitten probably wouldn't work, but he didn't know what else to try. Alex cautioned that cats and dogs didn't always get along, and Kevin mumbled that he might pick up an iguana while he was out for lunch. Kevin left, and Alex answered the phone. "How the hell did that happen?" Alex bellowed.

Later, Michael and Lauren rushed into the police station, and Alex informed them that Carmine had escaped during his transfer to the courthouse jail. Lauren looked stricken.

At the Athletic Club, Jack confronted Victor about an online article that questioned whether Adam was running Victor's company into the ground, and Victor stated that the answer to the article's query was yes. Jack said that he wasn't surprised that Victor would hurt the people who only wanted Victor's love and approval, and Nick overheard and assumed that the men were talking about Summer. Victor reported that they were discussing Newman Enterprises business, and Nick remarked that it didn't concern him, but Jack contended that it did.

Jack stated that Victor's latest stunt would affect the entire Newman family, and he suspected that Victor had been behind the latest wave of nasty press. Jack continued that major clients had suddenly opted out of their Newman contracts, and key suppliers had stopped delivering. Jack added that Newman Enterprises was at a standstill, and thousands of employees stood to lose their jobs because Victor didn't want to work things out with Adam. Victor retorted that Adam had sealed his fate when Adam had lied about his secret investor. Victor was certain that Jack and Adam had plotted to get the company for themselves, and Jack questioned whether Victor would destroy his own empire and name in an effort to seek revenge.

Jack argued that the entire business world considered Newman Enterprises to be Victor's, and Victor's reputation would go down with the company. Victor huffed that he didn't care what others thought about him, and he barked that they were finished. Jack stormed off, and Victor told Nick that he'd had no choice but to make a move. A disinterested Nick said that he had his own things to deal with, and Victor suspected that Nick was upset with Avery, but Nick clarified that he was angry with himself.

Nick pointed out that something had always been in the way for him and Avery, and he thought that a relationship should be easy if it was right. Victor advised Nick to move ahead, because the best revenge for a broken heart was success. Nick said that he wasn't looking for revenge, but he was trying to figure out how he'd gotten where he was with the decisions he'd made. Victor offered his support, but he warned Nick that beating himself up would be a mistake.

Nick thought that he needed to take some time to reflect on why his relationship with Avery hadn't worked out. Nick thought that relationships were a gamble, and he referred to the countless times Victor and Nikki had broken up and gotten back together. Victor pointed out that he and Nikki had ended up in a good place, and Nick credited their endless capacity to forgive. Victor said that he and Nikki had always known that they'd loved one another, and Nick thought that he'd had the same thing with Avery, but he hadn't wanted to see what had been going on right in front of him.

Victor asked what had gone wrong, but Nick insisted that he was fine, and he got up to leave. Victor was confident that Nick would get over the disappointment and move on, and he told Nick to remember that when one door closed, another one opened. Nick said that he wasn't looking for another door, but Victor anticipated that eventually Nick would be, and he encouraged Nick to seize the opportunity.

At the hospital, Avery blasted Chelsea for breaking Dylan by lying about the baby's paternity, and she snapped that neither Dylan nor Adam had deserved it. Adam responded that he could speak for himself, and Dylan added that he could, too. Chelsea begged Dylan to hear her side, but Dylan coldly informed her that they'd said all they needed to say, and he only wanted to speak with Adam. Dylan assumed that Chelsea and Adam were there to meet with the eye specialist, and Adam grumbled that it was none of Dylan's concern. Dylan recognized that Adam didn't have to give him an update, but he wanted to share a few things about Connor with Adam.

Dylan offered a few suggestions, including singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" if Connor couldn't fall asleep. Adam said that he was going to take their son home, and Chelsea quickly explained that she and Connor were staying with Adam, but her voice trailed off. She said that she loved Dylan and was sorry, and she followed Adam out. Dylan struggled to maintain his composure, and Avery asked how the therapy session had gone. Dylan claimed that it had been very helpful, and Avery offered him a ride back to her place, but he insisted upon going home.

Stitch gave Dylan a ride to the loft, and Dylan said that he didn't need a babysitter, but Stitch didn't buy that Dylan had been cured in one therapy session. Dylan said that it had been his last, because the therapist had been a jerk who had no idea what war was really like. Stitch suggested that Dylan find a doctor who did, because Dylan could snap again. Stitch asserted that Dylan's problems went a long way back, and he urged Dylan to find someone to talk to. Dylan said that he'd talked to his wife, but she'd turned out to be the person he could trust the least.

Stitch didn't think it was a good time for Dylan to shut people out, and he pointed out that both he and Avery were willing to listen, but Dylan complained that Avery just felt sorry for Dylan. Stitch thought that Avery and Dylan shared something deeper, and Dylan confirmed that she had been a good friend, but he'd paid her back by screwing up her relationship. Dylan said that he didn't want to drag anyone into his problems, but Stitch vowed to help him whether Dylan liked it or not. Dylan asked Stitch to find him a divorce lawyer.

Dylan admitted that he hadn't been in control at the cabin, and Stitch assured him that everyone had made it out fine. Dylan agreed to talk to a doctor, and Stitch volunteered to contact the local veterans' affairs office. Stitch swore that Dylan would get through it, but Dylan was more worried about Connor. Dylan said that he had expected to be the one to love Connor and to give the boy a good life, and he hoped that Adam was capable of providing the love that Connor deserved.

Stitch pledged to lend his support until Dylan figured everything out, and he left to retrieve his belongings from the motel. Dylan turned to the cradle, and he gazed at his painted marriage proposal on the wall. He threw a stool against the wall and picked up the teddy bear on the couch before he sank despondently to the floor.

At the tack house, Sharon prepared some food, and Faith retrieved the mustard that Nick liked. Sharon asked if Faith was excited to surprise her daddy with a lunch to cheer him up, and Faith asked if he was still sad that he hadn't married Avery. Sharon assured Faith that he would get over it and that having Faith around would make him happier. They hugged.

Faith wondered when Nick would be happy again, and Sharon said that every day he'd feel a little better until he forgot about being sad. Faith declared that she hated that Avery had made Nick sad, just as Avery walked in. Avery explained that Nick's car had been gone, so she'd stopped in to pick up her things. Faith said that she and Sharon had made lunch, so Nick didn't need Avery anymore. Sharon scolded that it wasn't a nice thing to say, and Avery asked Faith to take care of Nick for her. Faith haughtily replied that both she and her mommy would.

Sharon told Faith to go upstairs and put on one of her favorite dresses, and Faith chirped that it would be like a party. Faith and Avery crossed paths on the stairs, and Faith snottily told Avery goodbye. Avery opened the door to leave, and Sharon said goodbye in the same condescending tone that Faith had used. Avery slammed the door and proclaimed that she and Sharon would have it out once and for all.

Avery asserted that she'd respected that Sharon was Faith's mother, and she'd tried very hard to get along for Faith's sake, but she would no longer keep quiet about her resentment of Sharon. Avery accused Sharon of actively encouraging Faith to act out, and she referenced Sharon's numerous attempts to spend more time with Nick. Sharon retorted that Avery couldn't get over her paranoia, and Avery called Sharon one of the most manipulative people she'd ever met. Avery believed that Sharon had never stopped loving Nick, and Sharon countered that Avery had never stopped loving Dylan.

Sharon confessed that she was glad that Nick and Avery were through, because Avery didn't love Nick the way he deserved. Avery huffed that Sharon might think that Sharon had won, but Nick and Avery's breakup didn't mean that he would run back to Sharon. Nick appeared in the doorway.

At the penthouse, Chelsea wanted to talk about what the doctor had said, but Adam preferred to wait for the test results before they prepared for the worst. Chelsea promised that Connor would have a full, happy life with everything he needed, but Adam dryly added, "Except a family." Chelsea asked Adam to watch the baby while she prepared a bottle, and Adam picked Connor up and wondered if the boy could see Adam. Adam introduced himself as "Dad," and he softly began to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Chelsea returned and was clearly moved by the sight.

Chelsea took Connor upstairs, and Jack arrived and asked if Adam had seen the headlines. Jack explained that a majority of Newman clients had made a mass exodus and a significant number of suppliers had quit. Jack declared that there had been a reason that Victor had dropped out and had let Adam have the company, because for all intents and purposes, Newman Enterprises was worthless.

Adam theorized that Victor had offered the clients and vendors incentives if they resumed business with Newman once Victor was back at the helm. Jack realized that they were at a stalemate until they worked out a compromise with Victor, but Adam was more concerned about his son. Chelsea returned and reported that the baby was asleep and that she wasn't going anywhere without being followed, so Adam could tend to business. Adam understood that Chelsea didn't like everything that he'd done, but he swore that he'd made all of his decisions to keep their son safe. Adam left with Jack.

Chelsea searched for Connor's teddy bear, and she spied a box in a cabinet. She opened the box and found the blanket that Adam had given her that she had later donated. She noticed the tag from the thrift store and realized that Adam had repurchased it. She covered the baby with the blanket.

At the Athletic Club, Jack told Adam to let him do the talking, since the situation was less personal for Jack. Victor greeted them, and Adam accused Victor of taking down his own company to spite Adam. Jack proposed that they sit down and talk rationally, and Jack and Victor sat, but Adam remained standing. Jack conceded that Victor had crafted a clever plan, but it wasn't sustainable, and they had to work something out so Victor could begin to woo Newman's business partners back. Victor questioned why he would do that, because Adam owned the company, and that was Adam's job.

Jack couldn't believe that Victor would let Newman Enterprises crash and burn, but Adam wondered if Victor would lose the company just to retaliate against Adam. Victor chuckled and scoffed at the idea of losing anything. Victor asked if Jack had checked his business transaction feed lately, and Jack looked at his tablet computer and discovered that all of the clients who had left Newman Enterprises had signed contracts with Chancellor Industries.

Jack commented that the news put a thorn in Victor's plan to entice the clients back anytime soon, and Victor revealed that he hadn't planned any such thing. Adam wondered if Victor intended to blow up his own company, and Jack was incredulous that Victor would sit by and watch Newman crumble while Chancellor built an empire on Newman's ruins. Victor announced that he owned Chancellor Industries.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Alex escorted Michael and Lauren back to their apartment. The Baldwins didn't understand how Carmine could have escaped from an armored vehicle with trained guards present, and Alex suggested that Carmine might have had outside help. Alex reported that the police had established a perimeter and put out an APB, but Michael worried that Carmine could be anywhere.

Alex inspected the Baldwins' apartment, and Lauren said that Carmine would be crazy to go somewhere that was crawling with cops. Michael pointed out that Carmine was crazy and obsessed, and Alex suspected that Carmine would try to find Lauren, so they all needed to be prepared. Michael vowed to do whatever it took, and Alex said that their building was on 24-hour watch. Alex went to check on the surveillance system, and Michael assured Lauren that everything would be okay, but the couple agreed that neither of them really believed that.

Michael said that they couldn't sit around waiting for something to happen, and he suggested that he and Lauren watch a comedy on television. Lauren couldn't imagine laughing, and Michael offered to make some food. She didn't think that she'd be hungry again until Carmine was back in jail, but Michael asserted that they had to live their lives and not let Carmine control them. Alex returned and said that there were cameras at every door, so there was no way Carmine could get inside. The Baldwins' home phone rang, and Lauren noted that it was from a blocked number.

Lauren was relieved to answer a call from Fen's psychiatrist. She reported that if Fen continued to stay on track, then she and Michael could take him home the following week. Michael and Lauren hugged, and Lauren contemplated how to tell Fen about Carmine's escape. Michael didn't want to set back Fen's recovery, and he pointed out that Carmine might be back in custody before Fen returned. Alex promised that the police were working to make it happen.

Michael made a reservation for him and Lauren to stay at the Athletic Club. Alex thought that it would be safer for them to stay at home, but Lauren thought that she'd be too jumpy. Alex offered to set up a security team at the club, and Michael told Lauren not to forget her dress for the Businesswoman of the Year banquet the following evening. Meanwhile, Carmine read the newspaper at a coffee shop, and he saw a headline about Lauren being honored at the banquet. Carmine considered himself invited.

Nikki and Paul walked through Chancellor Park, and she gazed at Katherine's memorial plaque. Nikki said that she'd found her son, but it hadn't turned out the way Katherine had hoped, because Nikki's child had died at the age of seven in horrible accident. Nikki lamented that she'd had no idea, and she had thought he had been alive and living a wonderful life, perhaps with a family of his own. She told Katherine that it was over, but Paul inquired whether it really was.

Nikki said that she had followed Katherine's clue and had learned everything there was to know. Nikki confessed that she felt guilty, because if she hadn't abandoned her son, maybe he'd still be alive. Paul insisted that her son had been the victim of sad circumstances and that Nikki hadn't killed him. Paul asked if she'd ever seen a path other than adoption, and she said no. Paul told her to hang on to the fact that she'd done the right thing, and she bemoaned that she couldn't do anything more about it. Paul replied that there was something she could do.

Paul explained that he'd obtained the file from Nikki's son's adoption, and while he hadn't read the file yet, it might contain information about her son's adoptive mother, Penelope. Nikki conceded that part of her would love to find out more about her son from Penelope, but she recognized that she would also remind Penelope of the pain of losing a child, and Nikki couldn't justify doing that to satisfy her own curiosity. Paul wished that Nikki would at least tell Victor what she was going through, but Nikki worried that Victor's own history of being abandoned by his mother had nearly destroyed him. Nikki argued that even if Victor accepted what she'd done, he would worry about her, and he'd already been concerned enough. Nikki pledged to put her past behind her and focus on her family with Victor.

Paul went to the police station and made arrangements to send back the adoption files, but as he picked up Nikki's son's folder, he spotted the program from Katherine's memorial on his desk. He opened the file and was stunned by something he saw.

At the Athletic Club, Jack asked what was really going on, and Victor repeated that he was the new owner of Chancellor Industries. Adam surmised that Victor had shot down Adam's idea to acquire Chancellor and had snapped up the opportunity himself, and Jack condemned Victor for dancing on their friend's grave while everyone else had been in mourning. Victor revealed that he hadn't purchased the company, but rather, Katherine had left it to him in her will. Victor presented Jack with a letter from Katherine.

Jack read aloud Katherine's words that she'd had no regrets except one -- she had needed to save the longevity of Chancellor Industries, so she had decided to name Victor the sole owner of the company. Jack acknowledged that it looked like Katherine's handwriting, but he didn't think that it made sense that she had given the company to Victor. Victor declared that Katherine had wanted it in capable hands after she had passed, and he added that Katherine had requested that he move to Genoa City years before because he'd known how to successfully run a business.

Victor declared that the meeting was finished, and he coolly told Jack and Adam to enjoy sharing nothing. Victor began to leave, but Adam questioned whether Victor had received Katherine's letter before or after Adam's suggestion to acquire Chancellor Industries. Adam suspected that Victor had acted like he wasn't interested in Chancellor simply to screw Adam over. Victor huffed that Adam's narcissism knew no bounds, and Adam asked if he'd been thinking of himself when he'd taken a bullet for Victor. Adam realized that his father-son connection with Victor had only been a pretense.

Victor said that he and Adam had entered a partnership with equal amounts of trust, and Adam conceded that there had been very little of it. Victor admonished Adam for pushing the envelope by involving an outsider to privatize Newman, and he contended that Adam's fate had been sealed once Victor had learned the investor's identity. Adam barked that he had nothing more to say to his father, and he walked away. Jack said that Victor might think that Victor had won, but eventually Victor would see that he'd lost. Victor countered that he never lost.

Later, Nikki met Victor at the Athletic Club, and she said that she'd missed him. He asked if she had accomplished what she'd needed to do on her trip, and she confirmed that she had. He said that he'd been busy, too, and he showed her something on his laptop. She was shocked to discover that he owned Chancellor Industries and that Newman Enterprises was in ruins.

Nikki questioned how Victor could walk away after everything he'd invested in his company. Victor replied that certain people had tried to ruin him repeatedly, but they had always failed, and they had done so again. He proclaimed that Newman Enterprises would be his again.

At Adam's penthouse, Adam informed Jack that Chelsea and the baby were at the park, and he anticipated that she'd have fun rubbing his fallout with Victor in his face. Adam mused that he'd had it all for half a second, but he no longer had Chelsea, Newman Enterprises, or a healthy baby. Jack assured Adam that Adam had enough money to get his son the best care available. Jack added that while Adam had lost a chance to run Newman with his father, Adam had gained a chance to build a stronger company for his son.

At the tack house, Sharon admitted that she was glad that Nick and Avery were through, because Avery didn't love him the way he deserved. Avery warned that just because Nick and Avery had broken up didn't mean that he would run back to Sharon. Nick arrived and wondered what was going on. Avery explained that she'd stopped by to get her things, but she had just been leaving. Nick followed her to the door and stammered that he'd send over anything else he found. She awkwardly stepped past him and quietly said goodbye.

Nick asked what Sharon was doing there, and Sharon claimed that Faith had wanted to surprise him. Sharon said that she knew he had been upset, and since he had a tendency to neglect himself, she'd decided to cook a healthy meal. Nick said that she literally shouldn't have, because she had to stop doing things like that for him. She contended that she cared about him as a friend and Faith's father, but Nick insisted that he had to get along on his own, and he couldn't accept what she was offering. Sharon concluded that he was pulling away because of something Avery had said.

Nick asked what Avery had said to Sharon, and Sharon claimed that she sensed Nick pulling away, but it wasn't like him to reject her. Sharon stated that she knew that Avery didn't like her or the fact that Nick and Sharon shared children together, but Nick insisted that his demeanor had nothing to do with Avery. Nick explained that he was preoccupied with thoughts about why the wedding hadn't worked out and where he should go from there. Sharon volunteered to help, but Nick reiterated that he had to do it alone.

Sharon said that she respected Nick's wishes, and she asked him to promise her that he'd call her if he wanted to talk. He said it was a deal, and she commented that Faith had been looking forward to their lunch together. Nick told Sharon to eat with Faith and to tell Faith that he'd see her later, and he left. Sharon threw the silverware in the sink and started to cry. She wailed that everything she'd done had been for nothing.

Avery found Summer waiting outside Avery's apartment, and Summer explained that she wanted to tie up some loose ends before she left for a possible job opportunity in Los Angeles. Avery asked if it was modeling work, and Summer remarked that it was a chance to get away from everyone who had messed up everybody else's lives. Avery assumed that Summer was talking about Avery, and Summer blasted Avery for breaking Nick's heart. Avery regretted what had happened, but Summer thought that Avery was just as big a liar as everyone else. Avery defended that she'd never lied, but Summer snapped that Avery had lied when she'd told Nick that she'd loved him when she had really been in love with someone else.

Avery swore that she still loved Nick, but Summer argued that if Avery did, then Avery wouldn't have shown up late to the wedding. Avery explained that she had been using marriage to resolve her issues, but Nick deserved a wife who would be there for him. Avery said that she had to face things head-on if she ever wanted to have a real life, and she hated what she had put Nick and his family through. Summer whined that she'd turned to Avery for advice, but Avery couldn't even handle her own life.

Summer spat that Avery was a fake and that Phyllis would have been happy that Nick had called off the wedding. Summer wished that she knew how to make it better for Nick, and Avery declared that she was glad that Summer still loved him even after everything he'd done. Summer recognized that even though she was mad, she still loved Avery, too. Avery pulled Summer into a hug, and she hoped that things would get better for all of them.

Stitch returned to the loft with a six-pack of beer and some cans of paint. Stitch told Dylan to channel his inner Van Gogh, and Dylan pointed out that the artist had cut off his ear because of a woman. Stitch opened a beer and commented that it wasn't healthy for Dylan to be surrounded by reminders of Chelsea, but Dylan said that he couldn't erase what had happened there. Stitch contended that Dylan didn't have to, but Dylan didn't have to be slammed over the head with memories, either. Stitch suggested that they start by erasing the proposal on the wall.

Dylan and Stitch began to paint, and Dylan said that it meant a lot to him that Stitch had dropped everything to help Dylan. Stitch divulged that he had been headed to Genoa City, anyway, because he had accepted a job at Memorial Hospital. Stitch explained that the Army had paid for him to attend medical school, but he hadn't wanted to announce it in case it hadn't worked out. Dylan proudly called him Dr. Stitch, and he inquired when Jenna and Max would arrive in town, but Stitch said that he wanted to get his feet wet first before he uprooted his family. Dylan joked that he was stuck with Stitch, and Stitch replied that Dylan had thrown away his only other friend in town.

Dylan said that he'd pushed Avery away because she had enough to deal with after her breakup with Nick, but Stitch maintained that Avery cared about Dylan. Dylan admitted that he cared about her, but Stitch thought that Dylan's feelings ran deeper, and he recalled that Dylan had carried her picture everywhere. Dylan remarked that it had been a lifetime before, and since then, he and Avery had found other people. Stitch pointed out that both Dylan and Avery had ended up alone.

Dylan admitted that the hard work had made him feel better, and Stitch jokingly suggested that Dylan wash and wax Stitch's truck the next day. Dylan said that physical labor had taken his mind off of things more than the therapist had, and Stitch revealed that he'd gotten the name of a therapist who had actually been in combat from the veterans' affairs office. Dylan said that he needed some fresh air, and he promised not to do anything stupid. Stitch advised him not to be alone for too long.

Nick went to the park, where he sat on a bench and sipped from a flask. A short distance away, Dylan appeared with a bottle in a brown bag.

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