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Paul informed Nikki that her son was alive and in Genoa City. Connor needed a corneal transplant. Adam unknowingly hit Delia with his car. Billy found an injured Delia on the side of the road, and he imagined future moments in Delia's life.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 7, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, October 7, 2013

From the Newman ranch, Nikki phoned Paul and left a message. Nikki said that she was prepared to learn more about her son. Victor overheard Nikki's conversation and said, "Sweetheart, what was that all about?" Nikki lied and told Victor that a columnist from a gossip magazine had claimed she knew why Avery had stood Nick up at the altar. Victor said that Nick shouldn't be taunted just because Avery had stood him up in order to be with another man. Victor told Nikki that he intended to pay Victoria a visit. He added that Katherine's death had impressed upon him the importance of spending time with loved ones.

At the younger Abbotts' home, Johnny interrupted Billy and Victoria's "baby-making session" when he awoke crying. Victoria changed Johnny's diaper, prepared a bottle, and offered to rock him back to sleep. Billy instead said that Johnny might fall asleep after a relaxing car ride. After Billy left, Victor stopped by and congratulated Victoria on her successful business trip. Victoria noted that every vendor she'd visited had agreed to discontinue their business associations with Newman Enterprises. Victor noted that every vendor had since signed a contract with Chancellor Industries.

Victoria eyes sparkled, and she said, "I'd kind of forgotten the rush you get while negotiating a deal." Victor replied, "You're back where you belong, sweetheart. Soon we'll not only be running Chancellor Industries together, but Newman Enterprises, as well, now that I've forced Adam out." Victoria noted that Jack was out, too, because she'd convinced those vendors to end their contractual agreements with Newman Enterprises. Victor said, "Let's just say that 'Jack-ass' Abbott made a bad investment." Victoria noted that Victor had failed to disclose Jack's involvement because Victor's true aim had been to cause trouble between Billy and Victoria.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan told Stitch that he'd decided to stay in Genoa City. Stitch asked what had changed Dylan's mind. Dylan explained that he had no place else to go. Stitch thanked Dylan for letting him stay at the loft. Stitch added that he planned to stay at the loft at least until his wife and son, Jenna and Max, moved to Genoa City. Stitch promised to support Dylan's decision to stay in town and face his problems.

Billy stopped by the coffeehouse with Johnny. Dylan visited with Billy and discussed the issues that had sent him into an emotional tailspin. Dylan noted that after he and Avery split up, he'd been deployed overseas, where he had watched his buddies and other innocent people die. After losing his mom and his dad, Dylan explained that he'd embraced Chelsea's claim that he was the father of her baby. Dylan added that Chelsea and the baby had offered him a chance to start over. Billy commiserated and cited the numerous opportunities he'd been given to reconcile with Victoria.

Billy encouraged Dylan to make things right again. Dylan insisted that he'd exhausted his chances. Billy lovingly tickled Johnny's tummy and said he was grateful to have Johnny in his life. Billy admitted that his involvement with Chelsea had almost destroyed his relationship with Victoria. Billy said he was grateful that Chelsea had made it possible for him and Victoria to have Johnny.

Dylan said, "So you're saying that because Chelsea did you a favor, I should forgive her?" Billy explained that his involvement with Chelsea was different because he had never been in love with her. Billy added, "The reason Victoria and I are still together is because she loved me enough to forgive me." Billy asked Dylan what was stopping him from forgiving Chelsea.

Back at Billy and Victoria's home, Victoria accused Victor of purposely keeping silent about Jack's involvement with Newman Enterprises. Victor explained that if Victoria had known the truth, she would've been torn between lying to her husband and helping her father regain control of Newman Enterprises. Victoria replied, "You were hoping that Billy would find out that I was trying to help you get back Newman from his brother and that it would drive a wedge between us." Victoria added that Billy was being a fantastic husband. Victoria said Billy understood that she'd been doing her job when she convinced the vendors to break ties with Newman Enterprises.

Victoria told Victor that she wanted to work with him, but she warned Victor that he couldn't continue undermining her marriage. Victoria announced that she and Billy were trying to have a baby. Victor praised Victoria's abilities to perform as a capable businesswoman, but he added that she was unable to discern the true character of her useless husband. Victor cried, "Now you're considering having a child with him? What's the matter with you?" Billy returned, overheard Victor, and said, "She's more than considering it!"

Victoria told Billy that her father had stopped by to see Johnny. Billy, bouncing Johnny on his hip, replied, "You saw him. Now you can go home." Victoria told her father that Billy respected her decision to return to Newman Enterprises. In turn, Victoria added, Victor should respect her decision to build a life with Billy. Victor replied, "You are making a big mistake." Billy told Victor to go home and take care of his family. Victor glared at Billy and replied, "Don't you worry about my family Billy. They are well taken care of."

At the hospital, Chelsea and Adam kept watch over their infant son. Chelsea noted that Connor's fever had broken, and she told Adam that she'd stay with the baby. Adam refused to leave his son's bedside. Chelsea fretted about not being able to protect her infant from being poked and prodded.

Adam replied to Chelsea, "He knows we love him and will do anything we can to make sure he gets well." Chelsea said that it had been a long time since Adam had referred to himself, her, and Connor as "we." Adam admitted that he'd abandoned his family when he began making Newman Enterprises his priority. Adam added, "My son is my priority now."

Adam told Chelsea that he'd mistakenly believed he could earn Victor's love and admiration by giving Victor what he wanted. Chelsea said she was sorry that Victor had let Adam down. Connor grinned when Adam assured the cooing baby that he could always count on his father. Adam received a text message and said he needed to take care of a matter. Adam left the room abruptly. Chelsea seemed troubled.

Stitch entered Connor's room. Stitch explained to Chelsea that the hospital had recently hired him and he would be treating Connor. Chelsea said she didn't realize that Stitch had decided to live in Genoa City. Stitch replied, "Dylan's going to need someone to help him pick up the pieces of his life." Stitch, addressing Chelsea with resentment, added that Dylan had decided not to leave town. Chelsea sighed.

When Adam returned, he asked why Stitch was present. Chelsea explained that Stitch, whose name was Dr. Rayburn, had examined Connor. Stitch noted that Connor's fever was down and that the baby's vital signs were good. Adam asked the doctor to arrange a private room for the baby. Stitch promised to get back in touch with Chelsea after results from blood tests were completed. Stitch left.

Adam told Chelsea he wasn't comfortable having one of Dylan's friends treating Connor. Chelsea asked why Adam had left so abruptly if he was so concerned about the baby's welfare. Adam explained that he'd gone to pick up results of the paternity test. Adam stroked Connor's check and said, "It's official. I'm your daddy."

Chelsea asked Adam about his plans for the future. Adam said he planned to remove the fraudulent father's name from Connor's birth certificate and replace it with his own. Adam vowed to be a loving father to his son.

Stitch later returned to Connor's room. Chelsea, cradling Conner, had fallen asleep in a rocking chair. Adam lovingly covered Chelsea and the baby with a colorful baby blanket. The baby squirmed but seemed content in his mother's arms. Stitch informed Adam that his son would be all right. Adam let out a sigh of relief.

A frantic Lauren arrived at Avery's apartment and pleaded with her to help Michael. Lauren explained that Carmine Basco was dead and that Michael had confessed to murdering Carmine. Lauren became frustrated when she received a text message from Kevin informing her that Fen still hadn't been located. Avery seemed sympathetic when Lauren explained that Carmine had been fixated on hurting her and her family. Lauren, weeping sadly, said that Michael was in trouble.

Avery explained that her law partner had once represented Carmine. Lauren became agitated and cried, "Carmine is dead, and Michael needs an attorney. Are you going to do it or not?"

At the police station, Paul refused to believe Michael's claim that he'd grabbed a gun from Carmine Basco before fatally shooting him. Michael claimed that he'd become enraged when he spotted Lauren with Carmine in the alley. Michael said he knew Carmine would never stop tormenting Lauren. Paul, growing frustrated, said that Michael knew he'd be facing second-degree murder. Michael recalled that he'd threatened to shoot Carmine if he ever showed up in town again.

Paul remained unconvinced when Michael claimed that he'd simply carried out his threat to eliminate Carmine as a threat. Paul shook his head in disgust and said, "Something's not right." Michael again insisted that he'd shot and killed Carmine in order to protect his family from a menace. Michael recalled that Paul had once faced a situation that had left him no choice but to fire a gun. Paul replied, "Before it's too late, tell me what happened in that alley."

Lauren arrived at the police station with Avery in tow. Avery insisted on speaking with Michael. Lauren and Paul left. Alone with Michael, Avery cautioned Michael to stop talking to police. Avery warned Michael that it wasn't wise to act as his own attorney. Michael claimed that he knew what he was doing. Avery cried, "This man threatened your wife and tried to kill you. You have a solid case for self-defense!" Michael replied, "I'm pleading guilty, Avery, and you're not going to talk me out of it."

In Paul's office, Lauren told Paul that she thought Carmine's death would be a relief. Instead, Lauren cried that Carmine's death had brought about another set of problems for her family. Paul asked Lauren how Fen had reacted when he learned that Michael had shot and killed Carmine. Lauren avoided answering Paul's question. She said, "We're all in shock, but we're just going to stay together as a family, and we'll be okay." Paul said he had to leave the station for a while, but he promised Lauren that she could visit Michael after Avery left. After Paul left, Lauren sighed and said, "Oh, my God!"

After Avery left the interrogation room, she ran into Nikki and apologized for hurting Nick. Nikki said she was grateful Avery hadn't gone through with the wedding because it would have hurt Nick even more had he married a woman who was in love with someone else. Lauren emerged from Paul's office and asked Avery if Michael had agreed to let her represent him. Nikki, confused, asked what was going on. Avery explained that Michael had been arrested for murdering Carmine. Nikki offered her and Victor's assistance. Nikki excused herself and said she'd been there to talk to Paul.

Lauren returned to the interrogation room and embraced Michael. He asked if Lauren had news about Fen. Lauren explained that Gloria and Kevin were still searching for Fen. Lauren became fretful and said that she and Michael should be helping their son.

Lauren cried that Michael should tell the police the truth, so the police could be searching for the real killer. Michael said, "What if it's Fenmore?" Lauren cried that she couldn't sacrifice her son in order to save her husband. Michael replied, "He's our son. We have to save our son."

Lauren pleaded with Michael to let Avery help him. Michael explained that the police had to believe he'd lost his temper and shot Carmine after seeing him with Lauren in the alley. Lauren begged Michael to claim that it was self-defense. Michael refused because he'd face a trial. Michael recalled that he'd fired a shot from Carmine's gun into a brick wall in the alley to create evidence linking himself to the murder. Michael added that his confession made it an open-and-shut case.

Michael warned Lauren that if the crime scene were too closely scrutinized, evidence would prove that someone else had murdered Carmine. Michael cautioned Lauren not to do or say anything to make Paul or Detective Chavez suspicious because they would begin searching for another suspect. Michael added, "It wouldn't take them long to figure out that it was Fenmore, not me, who put that bullet in Basco." Lauren sobbed, but Michael assured her that everything would be fine if she stuck to their story. Michael urged Lauren to find Fen as soon as possible and instruct their son to keep his mouth shut. Michael embraced Lauren, kissed her, and begged her to trust him.

Paul visited the crime scene in the alley. An outline in yellow chalk marked the position of Carmine's body. Numbered markers set up near the outline indicated areas where evidence had been collected. Paul fixed his gaze on a second-story window and recalled the day he'd shot his own son. In a flashback, Paul heard himself cry, "Ricky, let me help you! Drop the knife now! Drop it!" Paul's memory of the gunshot visibly upset him. Alex approached Paul and asked if he was all right. Paul said he was. Alex held up several bags of collected evidence and noted that no one had witnessed Carmine's shooting.

After Alex left, Paul surveyed the alley. Paul looked down and noticed black marks on the pavement. It appeared that someone had moved a large trash dumpster fitted with black wheels. Paul pushed the dumpster aside. He studied that area behind the dumpster and discovered a bullet that was lodged in the mortar between two bricks in a wall. Paul snapped a photo of the bullet before carefully removing it and wrapping it inside his handkerchief.

Alex later returned to the alley after Paul left. Alex instructed a forensics expert to process the evidence collected at the scene as quickly as possible. Alex spotted that hole in the mortar where Paul had extracted the bullet. Alex used a flashlight to illuminate the hole in the bricks. Alex said aloud to himself, "I never noticed that before."

After Paul returned to his office, he met with Nikki. She said Lauren had told her that Michael had been arrested for killing Carmine. Paul replied, "Yeah. In the alley behind the Genoa City Athletic Club." Nikki sadly noted that it was the same place where Ricky had died. Paul said he'd thought about Ricky while he was in the alley and that investing Carmine's death had stirred bad memories. Paul said he knew that Nikki wasn't there to discuss his son.

Nikki told Paul that she'd received the message he'd left announcing that new information had been uncovered about her son. Paul gave Nikki a file folder filled with documents and explained that Penelope Wayne's adopted son, who'd died at age 7, wasn't Nikki's son. Paul said that the attorney Katherine had left instructions for them to query had arranged an adoption for another woman named Penelope. Paul added that the other woman, Penelope Harrison, and her husband had both passed away.

Nikki was shocked to learn that her son was still alive. Nikki's somber mood abruptly changed. Smiling, Nikki said, "My son is all grown up and living somewhere." Paul replied, "He's here, in Genoa City." Nikki's jaw dropped.

While being transported to a holding cell, Michael asked if he could make a phone call. The officer in charge removed Michael's handcuffs. Michael phoned Lauren. Standing outside her room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren told Michael that she'd been unable to locate Fen, though she'd checked their apartment, Crimson Lights, and several other places Fen frequented. Lauren added that Gloria and Kevin were still searching for Fen, too. Lauren said she'd even questioned people at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Michael urged Lauren to keep looking for their son. Lauren said she intended to pack her belongings and return to their apartment. Lauren sobbed and said, "I hope Fen shows up. My God, Michael, what if something happened to Fen?" Michael told Lauren to stay strong and keep him posted. After Lauren ended the call, she opened the door to her suite. Lauren gasped when she discovered that Fen was asleep on the sofa.

Dylan later ran into Avery in Chancellor Park. Dylan noted that it might not be safe for her to tarry in the park late at night. Avery said that she remembered the self-defense moves Dylan had taught her. Avery asked why Dylan was in the park. Dylan said he'd been trying to figure out why everything had gone wrong. Dylan added that he always ended up at the same spot, though nothing had been the same.

Avery agreed with Dylan and replied, "We couldn't get back what we had. If I hadn't pushed you away, you would never have reenlisted. I wouldn't have met Nick." Dylan added that he wouldn't have married Chelsea.

Dylan noted that he and Avery were back at square one. Dylan added, "Makes me wonder if we could ever do it again. Would we get it right?" Avery explained that she wasn't ready to start over and couldn't promise that she would ever be ready. Dylan seemed disappointed. Avery left.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lauren watched Fen sleeping, and he stirred and called out for her. He asked where he was, and he said that things were fuzzy. She noted that he'd had a rough night's sleep, but she thought that was understandable after what had happened. She said that they had to keep it a family secret, but he wasn't sure what she was talking about. Lauren urged Fen to have faith that she and Michael were taking care of everything, and Fen asked where Michael was. She reluctantly revealed that Michael was in jail, and Fen wondered what had happened the prior night.

Lauren reminded Fen about the awards dinner, and he recalled that Lauren and Carmine's sex video had played. She told Fen to close his eyes and try to remember where he'd been, and he said that he had been out of breath and that he had slammed his hand on something. Fen figured that he'd done drugs again, and he asked what he didn't remember and why Michael was in jail. Lauren explained that Carmine was dead after being shot in the alley behind the club, and Fen inquired whether Michael had shot Carmine. Lauren didn't respond, and Fen realized that his parents thought Fen had killed Carmine.

Lauren reasoned that if Fen remembered hitting his hand, then he likely would remember if he'd shot someone, so maybe he wasn't guilty. She realized that someone else could have killed Carmine, and Fen asked why she'd thought Fen had done it. She revealed that his sober chip had been next to Carmine's body. Fen recognized that Michael wouldn't have taken the blame unless Michael had truly believed that Fen was guilty, and he wondered whether he really had done it. Fen insisted that he couldn't let Michael take the fall, and he prepared to go to the police and tell them everything. Lauren refused to let him go.

Lauren asserted that Fen couldn't confess when he didn't know what he had done, but Fen said that it was too much for Michael to give up the rest of his life for Fen. Lauren stated that she would have done it herself, since it was her fault that Carmine had been in their lives. Lauren loved Fen for wanting to help Michael, but she said that it would only make things worse if Fen confessed, because the police would know that Michael had lied. She argued that Michael was a brilliant attorney who would figure out a way to get a light sentence. Lauren suggested that Fen go back to rehab, and he protested, but Lauren insisted that it was the best way to keep Michael's lie from being exposed.

At the police station, Kevin informed Michael that Fen was with Lauren. Michael asked if there was anything else he needed to know, but Kevin assured him that Fen was okay. An officer escorted Michael into Paul's office, and Paul unlocked Michael's handcuffs. Paul questioned why Michael had lied about how Carmine had been shot, but Michael asserted that he'd given an honest statement. Paul showed Michael the bullet he'd found at the scene, and he said that it told a different story.

Michael claimed that he hadn't mentioned the second shot because it had been inconsequential. Paul wanted to go over Michael's story again from the beginning, but Michael complained that he'd already pleaded guilty. Paul warned that Michael faced life in prison, and Michael replied that he knew what he'd done and that he deserved what he got. Paul wondered why Michael had moved the Dumpster if the second shot had meant nothing, and he declared that Michael didn't deserve to be punished for a crime he hadn't committed. Paul asked who had really pulled the trigger.

Paul theorized that Michael had fired the second bullet to get gun residue on his hands and implicate himself. Paul asked who Michael was covering for, but Michael maintained his story that he'd shot and killed Carmine. Michael thanked Paul for believing that there was good in him, but he said that they both knew Michael had a dark side. Paul continued to believe that Michael was covering for a loved one, and he guessed that Michael was taking the blame to save Lauren.

Paul had sensed that Lauren had been hiding something when the police had shown up in the alley, and he understood why Michael wanted to protect her. Michael swore that wasn't what he was doing, but Paul argued that a case against Lauren would be easier to defend, and she would more easily gain the sympathy of the jury. Michael asked what Paul would have done if Paul's family had been tortured by a psycho who hadn't given up until his dying breath. Michael left it up to Paul to decide whether or not to keep investigating the case.

Lauren entered, and Paul gave them some time alone. Lauren reported that Fen was safe and that he didn't remember anything because he had probably been on drugs. She added that Fen had wanted to take responsibility for Carmine's death to clear Michael, but she had talked him out of it and had taken him back to rehab. Lauren contemplated the possibility that Fen hadn't killed Carmine, but Michael reminded her that they'd found Fen's sober chip at the scene. Lauren speculated that Fen could have dropped it, and she pointed out that she'd known that Fen hadn't pushed Jamie off the roof. She expressed her doubts that Fen had killed Carmine.

Lauren contended that Michael might have sacrificed himself for nothing. She pondered what would happen if Michael got sentenced to life, but he told her to concentrate on Fen. Lauren implored Michael to change his plea, but Michael said that his plan hadn't been foolproof, because Paul thought that Michael was covering for her. Michael worried that if the police uncovered the evidence against Fen, then Fen could end up in prison whether he was innocent or not.

Kevin insisted to Alex that Michael wouldn't shoot someone in cold blood, and Alex asked if Michael had a temper. Kevin argued that everyone did, but he thought Michael deserved a medal for shooting Carmine. Chloe arrived and asked Kevin if Michael was still locked up. Kevin was surprised that she was there that early after they'd spent most of the night looking for Fen, and she replied that she hadn't been able to sleep. Kevin was pleased that she'd wanted to check on him, but she clarified that she was also there for Michael.

Kevin told Chloe that he'd been stoked that she'd called to ask him to dinner, and they agreed that it had been a fun night until everything had gone wrong. Kevin remarked that he was supposed to be the one in cuffs with Michael rushing in to save him and not the other way around. Chloe reminded Kevin that he'd saved Michael when Lauren had been kidnapped. Kevin said that as great as it was to have her there, he had to ask what was going on with them.

Chloe said that she didn't know where she and Kevin stood, and Kevin understood, but he admitted that he really needed her. She affirmed that she was there for him, and she suggested that they try to go on another date. He replied that he had the perfect event in mind the following evening -- Delia's school play. Chloe informed him that he had the date wrong, because the play was that night. Kevin blamed his error on lack of sleep, and he promised that he'd be there.

Alex informed Paul that something was off about Michael's case, because he'd found a bullet hole in the wall at the crime scene, but the bullet and casing were missing. Paul commended Alex's excellent police work, but he revealed that he'd already discovered the second bullet. Paul explained that Michael had fired twice, but Michael had neglected to mention it in his initial statement. Paul declared that there was nothing more to investigate, and he ordered Alex to mark the file closed.

Paul reentered his office as Michael hugged Kevin and Chloe, and Michael said that it was good to see them together again. Kevin and Chloe left, and Paul announced that the case was closed. Paul hoped that the Baldwins were ready for what happened next. Alex stared at the case file and looked suspicious.

Courtney burst into Noah's apartment, carrying a garment bag. She said that she'd stumbled across a sample suit at Jabot, and she thought that Noah had to have it. He told her that he already had suits, but she insisted that he had to look spectacular when he started working for Newman Enterprises. He pointed out that it was his name on the building, but Courtney contended that his co-workers would think that he had only gotten the job because he was Victor's grandson. She assured him that he would have everyone shocked and awed at hello, but she ordered him to get out of his clothes.

Noah stepped into the bedroom to change, and Courtney asked if he was naked. He reappeared wearing the suit, and he asked if she liked it. She replied that she liked the man in it, and she tied his tie for him. He asked whether he was overdressed for a tour, but she said that the tour guide would soon be taking orders from him, and he wouldn't gain respect if he showed up in a t-shirt. She declared that she wanted him to be seen as a business genius, and she kissed him and wished him luck.

Later, Courtney ran into Noah at Crimson Lights, and he joked that his tie had gotten its own golden parachute and corner office. He announced his intent to give the corporate world a shot, and Courtney giggled excitedly. He said that the suit had made him feel more like a player and less like Victor's grandson, and he invited her to celebrate over lunch at On the Boulevard. She said she had to change clothes first, and he offered to drive her home, but she insisted upon meeting him there. She kissed him and said that she couldn't wait.

Abby and Tyler ran into one another in the Athletic Club foyer, and she suggested that she play hooky that day so they could have some fun. Tyler replied that he was busy, and she asked when they could get together, but he wasn't sure. He said that he would call her, but she suspected that he had no intention of doing so. Abby incredulously asked if he was dumping her, and he denied it. He blamed work and deadlines, but she thought that he was putting her off because she had said that she loved him. He admitted that was the problem.

Abby said that her proclamation hadn't meant a commitment, and she wondered why she felt the need to apologize. She contended that she'd simply said what she'd felt in the moment, and she knew that the "L" word had baggage and implications, but she'd had no expectations or ulterior motives. Tyler stated that he didn't need an apology, and Abby asked why he was pushing her away. He explained that he'd flipped out not because she'd felt something, but because he'd felt it, too.

Tyler and Abby went back to his place, and they agreed that just because they'd been hurt in the past didn't mean that either of them would be hurt again. She remarked that it was just the opposite, because things were great, and she asked if everything had changed. He replied that nothing had to, and he proposed that they keep having fun and that they never use the "L" word again. She said that the word could be used in a lot of contexts, like loving coffee. She added that she loved his eyes, and he countered that he loved her hair. Ultimately, they kissed passionately, and he carried her to the bedroom.

At the hospital in Georgia, Jack told a comatose Phyllis the saga of Victor getting control of Newman again. He informed her that Traci and Abby were living with him because of a rat, and he'd tell Phyllis the details when they could both laugh about it. He added that he missed her laugh, and even with a house full of Abbotts, he was lonely without her and Summer. He declared that he wanted to be father to Summer, and he felt like he needed to be without Phyllis there. Phyllis squeezed his hand.

Jack informed the doctor that he'd been holding Phyllis' hand, and he'd felt a definite squeeze. The doctor examined Phyllis, and Jack pledged his love and told Phyllis to fight to get back to him. Jack stepped outside the room and smiled.

Sharon stopped by the tack house, and she apologized that it was early, but she'd been up for hours. Nick reminded her that he'd requested space and time, but she claimed that she was concerned about one of their kids. Sharon reported that Noah was considering working for Victor, and she wanted to do something to avoid the catastrophe. Nick disclosed that he already knew about it, and she asked what Nick's plan was. Nick replied that he wasn't going to do anything, because Noah was a grown man who could make his own choices.

Sharon worried that Noah would get hurt, but Nick thought that they could only offer advice and hope that Noah took it. Sharon surmised that Noah would never walk away from Victor's promises of money and prestige, but Nick maintained that Noah had to figure it out for himself. Nick pointed out that he and Sharon had both survived Newman, but she contended that she'd barely gotten out alive. Nick said that he had warned Noah and had put Victor on notice, but then he'd realized that Noah needed to learn and grow from his mistakes.

Sharon confessed that she still envisioned Noah as a baby boy bouncing around the ranch, and she recalled some hideous boots with spurs that Noah had loved. Nick said that he'd bought them for Noah, and he got up to look for some old pictures of them. Jack called Nick in an effort to find Summer, but Nick didn't know where Summer was. Jack reported that Phyllis had squeezed his hand, and Nick asked if Phyllis was waking up from the coma. Sharon looked alarmed.

Sharon suddenly stated that she'd forgotten something at home, and she rushed out. Jack explained to Nick that the doctor was with Phyllis, and Nick realized that Jack hadn't yet gotten a medical diagnosis. Jack conceded that the news might be premature, and Nick said to keep him posted. Jack mentioned that he had been talking about Summer when Phyllis had squeezed his hand, and he believed that Phyllis had heard him and was trying to get back to them. The doctor emerged from Phyllis' room, and Jack eagerly asked if Phyllis was waking up.

Sharon returned home, and she fretted that Phyllis would wake up and blame Sharon for Phyllis' fall. Cassie appeared and insisted that Sharon hadn't pushed Phyllis, but Sharon said that Phyllis was vindictive. Sharon panicked that Phyllis would tell the world that Sharon had changed the paternity test results and that it would shatter Sharon's chance to get back together with Nick. Sharon worried that Nick would despise her, and Cassie recommended that Sharon take a pill to calm down. Sharon ranted that it wouldn't help, and Cassie urged her to tell the truth.

Sharon thought that the truth could ruin everything, but Cassie contended that it would be better that Nick heard it from Sharon rather than Phyllis, or their family could be broken for good. Nick arrived and asked why Sharon had left that abruptly, because he hadn't had a chance to tell her about Phyllis. Sharon blurted that she could explain everything.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In Georgia, after examining Phyllis, the doctor told Jack that Phyllis was not getting better. The doctor said that there had been no change in Phyllis' cognitive condition and concluded that the hand-squeeze that Jack had felt was involuntary. Jack went back to Phyllis and said that he was not giving up on her. He was convinced that Phyllis had heard him and had reacted when Jack had mentioned Summer.

Sharon met Nick at her door. Before Nick could say anything, Sharon apologized and said that she could explain everything that she had done. Sharon said that her story began on the anniversary of Cassie's death. Nick interrupted her to read a text message from Jack with an update on Phyllis' condition. Sharon was relieved to find out that there was no improvement.

When Nick asked Sharon what she had been trying to say, Sharon told him that she was confessing that she had been glad that he and Avery had broken up because Avery had not loved Nick the way that Nick deserved to be loved. Sharon tried to kiss Nick, but he stopped her. Nick asked what Sharon was doing. Sharon said that she and Nick were meant to be together. Sharon insisted that Nick had to feel the same thing.

Nick resisted, but Sharon insisted that fate had determined that it had always been about Sharon and Nick, beginning when they were kids. Sharon told Nick that it was their chance to have another chance together and get their family back. Sharon told Nick to look her in the eye and tell her that he did not want the same thing. Nick replied that Sharon was not rational and that Nick and Sharon had been over for years.

Sharon started crying and said that she felt like an idiot because she had believed that she and Nick had been working their way back to where they had been before Cassie had died. Nick recognized that Noah had been right -- that Sharon was off her meds. Sharon admitted to Nick that she had stopped taking her meds because they had made her feel numbed to everything. Sharon said that the last time that she had felt normal was when she and Nick were together.

Nick told Sharon that they were not together and that Sharon needed help Sharon replied that Nick was right and that she did not want to spin out of control. Sharon told Nick to go, and she would do what she had to do to regain control. Nick said that he was not leaving Sharon in her condition. As Sharon cried copious tears, Nick held her close.

Nikki went to see Paul at the police station. Nikki wanted advice from Paul as she wrestled with the problem of whether or not to approach her son, whom Paul had learned lived in Genoa City. Paul told Nikki that she was a wonderful person who would handle the task in the kindest possible way. Christine interrupted them, and Nikki left after exchanging pleasantries. Paul and Christine talked bout Michael's confession. Christine did not think that Michael would kill anyone in cold blood. Paul said that it was really tough to be a good friend and to do his job.

Paul apologized for rushing Christine into marriage and not having any honeymoon. Christine said that she would not have had it any other way. Christine added that since she was home, they could plan a belated wedding reception for all their friends, as well as plan a honeymoon.

Christine looked over Michael's file and realized that the shooting had occurred in the same alley where Paul had been forced to shoot his own son, Ricky. Christine asked how Paul had felt. Paul said that he could not help wondering if things might have turned out differently if he had been able to know his son and help raise him. Paul said that he and his son had been total strangers, and Paul had never had a chance to make an impact or help make Ricky's life better.

After exercising in the park, Stitch and Dylan rested on a park bench. Stitch told Dylan that he was glad that Dylan was seeing a doctor at the VA. Dylan was hopeful that he would get his head straight. Stitch blamed Chelsea, but Dylan said that Dylan was responsible for his own actions. Dylan wondered about Connor, and Stitch said that Connor was getting over an infection.

Stitch said that he had seen Chelsea and that he got the impression that Chelsea was holding out hope that she and Dylan would reunite. Dylan said that it would not happen. Dylan told Stitch that he was not thinking about the future, but the past. Stitch realized that Dylan meant Avery and said so. Dylan acknowledged that his relationship with Avery, and what they had lost together, had set the whole chain of events in motion.

Nikki walked through the park, and Stitch called out to her. Nikki greeted Stitch and Dylan and moved on quickly. Dylan said that Nikki probably blamed Dylan because Avery and Nick had broken up. Stitch said Nikki was not the type to hold a grudge. As they left the park, Stitch complained to Dylan about his aches and pains. Nikki watched them leave.

In her office, Avery remembered a recent conversation with Dylan where they admitted that they still had feelings for each other. Adam slammed in and demanded to see Leslie. When Avery said that Leslie was out, he demanded that Avery start the process to change Connor's birth certificate to reflect that Adam was Connor's father. Avery asked if Adam intended to cut Chelsea out of his son's life.

Adam felt that it was his right to do so, since Chelsea had tried to cut Adam. Avery pointed out the disadvantages to Connor of such an action. Avery said that it was obvious that Adam and Chelsea still had feelings for each other. She said that Adam and Chelsea had suffered the loss of a baby together, and they shared the blessing of creating of another life together. Avery told Adam that he needed to work with Chelsea to do what would be best for Connor. Adam walked to the door and told Avery to have Leslie call him. When he opened the door, Jack was there.

Jack asked if Adam was pursuing custody of his son. Adam was noncommittal. Jack told Adam to let go of his loss at Newman. Jack urged Adam to take advantage of his opportunity for a fresh start. Adam said that he got the message and left.

Jack told Avery what had happened in Georgia. He said that despite what the doctor had said, Jack believed that Phyllis had had a cognitive moment when he had mentioned Summer and then had lapsed back into her coma. Jack said that he sensed that things were moving in a new direction, and he would keep talking to Phyllis until she sat up and talked back to him. Avery was encouraged by Jack's enthusiasm.

Chloe visited Chelsea in Adam's penthouse. Chelsea told Chloe that Adam had gotten proof that he was Connor's biological father. Chloe said that she thought that Chelsea was living with Adam so that Adam would not take Connor from Chelsea. Chelsea said that Adam was turning out to be a great dad who was putting all his energy into Connor, despite his losses at Newman.

Chelsea turned the conversation to Chloe, who admitted that she was giving Kevin a second chance. Chloe said that she was taking things slowly, but she had hopes that it would work out. Chelsea said that maybe there was hope for her and Dylan as well. Chelsea hoped that Dylan would forgive her. Chelsea said that she could not continue to stay at Adam's place, but she knew that Adam had rights, and she had to put Connor's needs first.

Chloe said that Adam would never forgive Chelsea for lying to him. She advised Chelsea to be careful because Adam was all about Adam. Adam entered silently and overheard Chloe's comment. Chloe noticed him and left quickly. Adam asked about the baby and then told Chelsea that they had to talk. Adam was about to lay down the law about how things would proceed in the future, when they got a call about a cancellation. A specialist could see Connor immediately.

Stitch was waiting in Crimson Lights when Dylan finished his appointment at the VA. Dylan said that the appointment had gone well but that he had not been cured in one visit. Nikki entered the coffeehouse and paused when she saw Stitch and Dylan talking. Dylan went to work, and Stitch noticed Nikki as he left. He jokingly asked if she was following him and then left after telling her to take care.

Nikki stood at the counter, looking at Dylan. Dylan asked her if everything was okay.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

As Chelsea got Connor ready to go to the hospital, she told Adam that she felt that getting the appointment with the eye specialist was good news. Victor arrived to drop off some paperwork, and Chelsea snapped that they didn't have time. Adam dryly asked whether Victor had become a courier or whether Victor was simply there to agitate Adam, and Victor replied that once their business was concluded, he could get to know his grandchild. Chelsea snarled that there was no way Victor was getting near her son, because she'd seen the way he'd treated his own.

Chelsea lectured that a real father made decisions that were best for his child, and Adam had bent over backward to get Victor's acceptance, yet Victor disowned Adam every other week. Chelsea barked that Victor could forget that he had a grandson, and Victor chided Adam for playing house with a scam artist. Adam told Chelsea to take Connor to the appointment, and he'd be there as soon as he handled Victor. Chelsea left, and Adam repeated Chelsea's order that Victor forget about Connor, because Adam and Victor had cut all ties, and Adam didn't want Victor near his son.

Victor contended that Connor was a Newman, and Adam countered that Adam was one, too. Victor huffed that he had created a legacy to pass down to his family, but Adam had shared the company with "Jackass." Adam argued that Newman Enterprises would have had zero power without Jack's money, but Victor accused Adam of trying to con him. Adam stated that he wanted to focus on his own family, and he'd spent too much time trying to make nice with Victor. Victor said that neither Adam nor Chelsea deserved to be a parent, and Adam sarcastically thanked him for being the kind of father that no one should aspire to be.

Adam arrived at the hospital, and he informed Chelsea that he'd signed the papers to sell his shares and to cut ties with Victor for good. She contended that Victor was his family, but Adam proclaimed that he had his own family, and she questioned whether she was a part of it. The doctor entered and informed them that Connor had Peter's anomaly, which could cause the baby to lose his sight if left untreated. The doctor continued that they'd caught it early, so a corneal transplant was a treatment option. Adam worried that there was a chance of rejection, and the doctor advised them that if a transplant within the first six weeks of life didn't work, then it was unlikely that Connor would ever see.

Adam grumbled that the condition didn't sound treatable, and Chelsea panicked that they only had three weeks to find a match. The doctor explained that since there was no blood in the cornea, a match wasn't needed, but ocular tissue was in high demand. Adam asked what it would take to put Connor at the top of the list, and he offered to make a significant donation to the hospital. The doctor said that he would call the donor bank to check availability, and he left them with consent forms. Adam was perturbed that all he could do was wait for his son to go blind, and he swore that he would do whatever it took for his son to see.

Chelsea sadly pointed out that it felt wrong to wish and wait for someone to die. She imagined the pain and grief that the donor's family would feel, and she thought that she was a horrible person for still wishing for it to happen. Adam assured her that she wasn't, and he stated that they were just parents who were focusing on their family. She reminded Adam that he hadn't answered her question about whether she was a part of his family. Adam replied that they were both Connor's parents, so they were a family with Connor. She asked if Adam was going to try to cut her out of Connor's life.

Adam surmised that Chelsea had agreed to move in because she had wanted to convince him that the baby needed her, and he acknowledged that her plan had worked. He added that watching Chelsea with Connor had reminded him of how he'd felt when he'd been with Hope, and he wasn't a big enough jerk to deny Connor that feeling. Adam recognized that it would be hard to forgive Chelsea's lie, and he believed that he would win if he took his case to court, but then Connor wouldn't have a mother. Adam declared that he would give Connor the sun, the moon, and the stars -- and a family. Chelsea threw her arms around Adam and thanked him, but she quickly backed away.

The doctor returned and disclosed that no donor corneas were available. Adam offered to send a plane to another country if they were available elsewhere, but the doctor said that the protocol could take weeks. Adam asked for the names of donor banks, and he refused to just sit there and let his son go blind. Adam explained that his mother had been blind and had lived a rough life, and he wouldn't allow his son to do the same. An upset Adam took off, and he raced down the road in his car with music blaring.

Delia called out to ask if Billy was ready, and Billy announced her grand entrance. Billy videotaped Delia as she descended the stairs in her witch costume for the school play. She asked if she looked scary, and Victoria said that she would have to hide her eyes during Delia's scenes. Billy recalled how small Delia had been when she'd been born, and he scooped her up and playfully said that she'd turned into a ton of bricks. Billy stated that Delia would always be daddy's little girl, and Delia added that she still would be even when she was big.

Delia pretended to be melting, and Billy gushed that she would steal the show. Billy tried to get Dash into a basket, but the dog ran off. Victoria worried that there had been no sign of the sitter, and Billy remarked that they were already running late. He suggested that they take Johnny with them to the play, but Victoria reasoned that the baby was too cranky, so she'd stay and wait. Victoria told Delia to break a leg and promised that she'd be there later.

As Billy drove Delia to the play, he asked if she had any opening-night jitters, and Delia chirped that Chloe had already taught her to pretend that the audience was in their underwear. Billy said that when he had to speak in public, he always took a second to think of what made him happiest, and he knew that everything would be great. He encouraged Delia to think of whatever made her happy, and she asked what his happy thing was. He declared that it was her and that he was the luckiest guy in the world.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe was touched when she saw that Kevin had bought flowers for Delia. Chloe asked if Kevin was still freaked out about Michael, and she understood if he didn't want to go to the play. Kevin replied that he wouldn't miss seeing Delia on stage, and he didn't want to disappoint the girl. Chloe commended Kevin for always being there for Delia, and Kevin pointed out that Delia had been like his kid while his marriage to Chloe had lasted. He admitted that it was his fault that he'd messed it up.

Chloe asked what Kevin was doing after the play, because Delia was going to spend the night at Billy's. She added that it could be the most amazing night ever, because Pretty in Pink was playing at a local theater. Kevin inquired whether she would be okay with seeing it together, and she excitedly said that she could wear the Andie wig from her Halloween costume. Kevin refused to go as Duckie, but he agreed to go on a date.

At the school, Kevin and Chloe fussed over Delia before the play. Billy snapped photos of Delia on his phone, and Kevin took Delia and Dash backstage. Chloe admired Delia's nerves of steel, and Billy said that he'd given Delia a pep talk in the car. He teased Chloe for recommending that Delia envision the audience in their underwear, and she countered that it was better than telling Delia to imagine them naked. Chloe declared that Delia was a born star, and she and Billy discussed getting seats in the front row to prepare for a standing ovation. Chloe marveled that it would be the best night ever.

Victor stopped by for a visit with Johnny, and Victoria handed the boy over. Victor remarked that it was easier than it had been at Adam's, and she asked if he'd gone to Adam's to see Connor. Victor revealed that he'd needed Adam to sign papers so that Adam would never be part of the family business again. Victoria was skeptical, but Victor vowed that he'd never allow Adam back in the company. Victor told Johnny that the tot was a Newman and that Victoria would ensure the future of their family.

Victor cooed to Johnny that he'd seen the boy's brother earlier, and Victoria clarified that the babies had different moms. Victor noted that one child was a Newman by blood, and the other by love. Victoria suspected that Victor was envisioning the next generation of Newman leadership, and he conceded that he'd like to get to know Connor. Victoria wondered if Victor considered her big role in the family to be booking play dates so Victor could have access to Connor, but he clarified that Newman's merger with Chancellor Industries would require massive restructuring, and he wanted Victoria to head the effort.

Victoria rambled excitedly about the changes she could make after the merger. He wondered if she could handle balancing work with family, and she contended that it wasn't 1955. Her phone rang, and she remembered that she should be at the play. She informed Billy that the sitter had had a family emergency, and she regretted that she couldn't attend the play. Billy promised that he'd videotape the performance. Victoria volunteered to decorate for a cast party, and she asked Billy to grab some ice cream on the way home.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan observed that Nikki looked pale, and he offered her some water and suggested that he call Stitch. Nikki explained that she had a condition that caused flare-ups when she was under stress, and Dylan asked if she felt stressed because of him. Nikki nervously questioned why Dylan would think that, but Dylan said that Nick held him responsible for the botched wedding. Nikki assured Dylan that no one blamed him, and she thought it was better that Nick and Avery had realized that their relationship wouldn't work before they'd gotten married. Nikki added that sometimes the bravest thing to do was to face the truth.

Nikki said that she was sorry that Chelsea hadn't been honest with Dylan, and she empathized that it was devastating to love a child and then have to let it go. Dylan said that Connor had always been Adam's son, and he echoed Nikki's sentiment that it was better to face the truth rather than to live a lie. Dylan asked if he could get Nikki anything else, and she accidentally knocked over a drink. She apologized for mentioning Chelsea and Connor, and Dylan replied that when he'd been a bartender, people had always been willing to talk, but he wasn't accustomed to answering questions about himself. Nikki said that she owed him a confession.

Dylan volunteered to listen, and Nikki confided that she'd drowned herself in charity work, but part of her devotion had been about her own shame and fear. She contemplated whether doing enough good could wash away the bad, and Dylan said that he knew what that felt like. Nikki revealed that she'd made a decision many years before that she'd thought had been for the best, but she'd realized that she couldn't continue living with the sin of omission. She tearfully said that she had to tell the people she loved the truth, and she didn't know if they'd forgive her. She worried that they might even hate her, and she began to cry at the thought of losing them. Victor entered and asked what Dylan had done to upset her.

Nikki insisted that Dylan hadn't done anything, but Victor reminded Nikki that she was supposed to avoid stress, and he demanded to know what Dylan had done. Dylan said that he'd let Nikki explain, and he returned to work. Victor asked how Dylan had made her cry, but she maintained that Dylan had been an innocent bystander. Victor barked that Dylan had been the reason why Avery had broken Nick's heart, but Nikki defended that Dylan had no family or home.

Victor asked why Nikki had been crying, but she ordered Victor to leave Dylan alone. She added that she'd prefer not to tell Victor anything if he intended to bully a stranger. Nikki rushed out, and Victor ominously approached Dylan, who hoped that Nikki had been able to explain the situation. Victor ordered Dylan to stay away from his family, and he stalked out.

Nikki stood by Katherine's memorial plaque in Chancellor Park, and she said that her son was a good man, but she hadn't been able to say the words that she was his mother. Nikki considered that he might not want to hear it, and she wondered if the only way to get to know him was to deceive him. She declared that Katherine had been right, and she wanted her son in her life.

Kevin and Chloe congratulated Delia after the play, and Delia proudly stated that there had been a standing ovation. Chloe praised that Delia had star quality, and Kevin requested a hug from Delia before she became famous. Kevin presented Delia with flowers, and Chloe gave Delia a ring. Chloe noted that the ring was a bit big, and she cautioned Delia not to lose it before they got it resized. Billy returned from loading the car, and Chloe mentioned that she was going to a movie with Kevin. Delia seemed pleased.

Chloe and Kevin said that they loved Delia and would see her the next day. Billy spotted the ring and remarked that Delia's husband had competition. Delia said that she wasn't married, and Billy replied that the guy would have to jump through hoops before Billy allowed his girl to walk down the aisle. Billy, Delia, and Dash left to go home and reenact the scenes for Victoria.

At the theater, Chloe eagerly anticipated watching the movie, and she ordered Kevin to turn off his phone, or it could ruin the experience. Kevin looked at a photo of Delia on his phone and called it "witchy perfection." Chloe remarked that Delia was just like her, and Kevin tentatively leaned in for a kiss, but Chloe reminded him that it was a first date. He put his arm around her and jokingly wondered if he'd get to second base.

Billy called Victoria from the car to tell her to make room for an Oscar. She reminded him about picking up ice cream, and he pulled over to a store. Delia cheered from the back seat and called Billy the best daddy ever. Billy told Delia that he'd be back in a minute, and Delia asked if he was leaving her alone. Billy pointed out that she had Dash, and she said that she'd lock the door. Billy started to head into the store, but Delia opened the window and asked him to get water for Dash.

While Billy bought ice cream, Dash whimpered and barked, and Delia thought he needed to go to the bathroom, so she let him out. Dash ran into the street, and Delia yelled after him. She looked for Billy and then chased after the dog. She knelt next to Dash by the side of the road, and a car appeared around the bend.

Dash scampered into the street again, and there was a squeal of brakes as Adam swerved to miss him. Adam stopped and got out of the car, and he spotted Dash trotting away. He got back into his vehicle and drove off. Billy returned to his car and discovered the door ajar, and he yelled Delia's name.

Friday, October 11, 2013

At the hospital, Chelsea tucked Connor in with his blanket, and she promised that his mommy and daddy would take care of everything. Meanwhile, Adam drove down the road with music blaring, while Kevin and Chloe kissed as they watched Pretty in Pink.

Outside the store, Billy told Delia that he'd be back in a moment, and she complained that he was leaving her alone. He pointed out that she had Dash, and she promised to lock the door. Delia called after Billy to request some water for Dash, and Billy entered the store. Dash barked and whimpered, and Delia thought that he had to go to the bathroom, so she let him out. Dash ran into the street.

Delia ran after Dash, and she huddled over him by the roadside. A car appeared around the bend, and Dash darted onto the road again. Adam swerved to miss the dog, and he stopped and got out of the car. He saw Dash trot away, and he got back into the car and drove off. Billy emerged from the store and found his car door ajar, and he yelled Delia's name.

Billy called out to Delia that he wasn't mad, but she had to answer him. He started to count to three, but by the time he got to two, he spotted Delia's witch hat in the road. He frantically searched for her, and he found her unconscious by the side of the road. He screamed for help.

Billy called 9-1-1 and reported that Delia was breathing, but she wouldn't wake up. He pleaded that she was just a little kid, and the operator told him that it would take five minutes for help to arrive. Billy said that they needed to be there immediately, and he looked down at his cell phone, which glowed with the time of 8:00 p.m. Billy tried to keep Delia warm and begged her to answer him and to open her eyes. He told her that Victoria would be wondering where they were.

Billy imagined how things would have been if he and Delia had arrived home safely. Billy entered the house, which Victoria had festively decorated for a party, and Victoria noticed the stern look on his face and asked what was wrong. He claimed that the evening hadn't gone well, and then he declared that it had been great. He announced Delia's grand entrance, and Victoria asked to see the video, but Billy claimed that he'd forgotten to push the record button. He quickly revealed that he was just kidding, and Delia and Victoria playfully pushed him onto the couch.

Billy told Delia to put on her pajamas and get ready for a big scoop of ice cream, and she ran upstairs. Billy told Victoria that Delia had killed it on stage, and Victoria teased that he wasn't biased at all. Victoria declared that it had been a perfect night, but Billy pointed out that she hadn't been at the play. Victoria asked if the evening had otherwise gone as planned, and Billy mentioned that he'd had one scary moment when he'd exited the market. Delia returned for her ice cream, and she proclaimed that she wanted to be an actress. Billy replied that Delia would be whatever she wanted, because the world was all hers.

On the roadside, Billy assured Delia that she had a great life ahead of her. Billy said that she was a baby, but she was tough and fierce like her mom. He recalled that Delia had beaten tougher things, and she would beat that night, too. He said that her favorite holiday was around the corner, and he'd bought a big, fuzzy spider for Halloween, but he needed Delia's help to put it in the right place to scare Victoria. He continued that Thanksgiving and Christmas would follow, and then he'd take the training wheels off her bike in the spring. He lamented that time went by fast, but she had a lot ahead of her. He anxiously noted that it was 8:01 p.m.

Billy envisioned pacing around the house, nervously anticipating Delia's first date. He fretted that Delia was too young, but Victoria told him to stop obsessing. A teenage Delia descended the stairs, and she complained that Johnny had been teasing her about her date. Billy suggested that she fix the situation by canceling her plans, but Victoria offered to talk to Johnny, and she added that she'd also talk to Delia's younger sister about leaving her bike in the house. Delia remarked that some kids were weird, and Billy mentioned that Delia had carried around Pinkerton for years.

Billy proposed that Delia opt for some "Delia and daddy time" that evening instead, but she staunchly insisted that she was going to the movies with Jason. Billy asked about her date's plans for the future, and she dryly replied that Jason was 15, so he was focused on finishing ninth grade. Delia asked Billy to wait in the kitchen so he wouldn't embarrass her, but he declared that because he loved her very much, his sole purpose was to keep her safe from "Jerome." She called Billy demented, and she went upstairs to change. On the way, she asked Victoria to make Billy stop.

Victoria urged Billy to let Delia enjoy herself, but Billy felt like he was at war with the enemy. Victoria reminded him that he had been a boy once, and Billy recalled that he hadn't been much older than Delia when he'd passed out drunk in the snow. Billy recognized that he had been a menace, and his mission was to protect Delia from guys like him. Victoria advised him to trust Delia to make smart choices, and she assured him that he was a good father. Billy recounted that he'd promised that he wouldn't let anything hurt Delia after she'd been sick, and Victoria warned him not to be an overprotective father like Victor.

Delia returned and asked how she looked, and Billy said that she was beautiful. Victoria complimented Delia's shirt, and Delia replied that it matched the color of Jason's tattoo. Billy looked horrified, and Delia asked him not to make fun of Jason's lisp, because Jason had just had his tongue pierced. Billy raced to answer the doorbell, and he found a clean-cut boy who politely asked when he should have Delia home. As Delia headed out, Billy asked to see Jason's tongue, but he realized that Delia had fooled him. Victoria remarked that he'd gotten the daughter he deserved.

At the accident scene, Billy whimpered that he wasn't sure he deserved Delia, because she was one in a million. He said that no one got to him like she did, so they'd get through that night, her first date, and a million other nights. He swore that they could beat anything, because he'd always be there for her, and she'd always be there for him. He pleaded with her to wake up. The time changed to 8:02 p.m.

Billy said that Delia was doing great, and he was proud of her. He promised that help would be there soon, and he thought that maybe she could sit in the front of the ambulance and turn on the flashing lights. He added that she'd proven that she was a great actress, but he was freaked out, so she could stop acting. He speculated that maybe she was trying to get out of school, but he realized that she would never do that. He said that she was smart and beautiful with gorgeous eyes, and he implored her to think about what she'd be able to do with everything she had going for her.

Billy pictured Delia's college graduation party at On the Boulevard, where Billy dazzled her with a signature cocktail. He bragged that she'd left the other college grads in the dust, and Delia was glad to finally be out of school and getting started with her life. Billy replied that she had been living it since the day she'd been born. Victoria reported that she had taken three loads of graduation gifts to the car, and Billy inquired whether Delia's new car had a moustache on the side. Delia said that it had been sweet of Victor to gift her with the car, and Victoria mentioned that Jack was sending Delia to Bali. Delia commented that the one constant in her life had been the feud between Victor and Jack.

Victoria left to get home to a house full of teenagers, two cats, and a dog. Victoria informed Delia that Chloe was waiting outside, but Delia wanted to talk to Billy for a second. Delia thanked Victoria, and Billy asked if he should be scared that Delia wanted to spend more time with her old man. Delia thanked him for the party and everything, and he said that she could do anything and be anything. She mentioned that she had earned a business degree, so she had options.

Billy pointed out that Jack and Chloe would love for Delia to work for Jabot, and Delia countered that she could also work for Newman Enterprises. She asked if Billy would be okay if that's what she chose to do, and he reasoned that Victoria owned the company, so he would learn to live with Delia learning from Victor. Delia liked the idea of being a part of a family business and working with people she trusted, and Billy said that he had her back. He asked whether she'd decided to work for Jack or Victor, but she revealed that she wanted to work for her dad.

Billy imagined that he and an adult Delia good-naturedly bantered over how to run the restaurant, which they had renamed Dad & Delia's. She said that most of her friends couldn't stand spending time with their parents, and Billy pointed out that he and Delia butted heads, too, but she countered that their arguments had never lasted or changed their relationship. He said that nothing would ever change the fact that she was his girl. Delia displayed a ring on her finger, and she announced that she'd gotten engaged that morning.

Billy hugged Delia, and he said that her fiancé was a great guy. She said that her future husband reminded her of Billy. Billy asked if Delia was sure that she was ready, and she replied that she wanted what he and Victoria had. Billy was confident that she would have it, and she wondered if Billy was happy for her. He said that he wanted what she did, but he got choked up, and he admitted that he wasn't ready to let his little girl go.

On the dark road, Billy pledged his love for Delia and cried that he couldn't let her go. Billy said that help was on the way, and he asked if she remembered when he and Delia had agreed that heaven smelled like cookies. He again pleaded with her to open her eyes, because the sky was clear, and she could see to the moon. It was 8:03 p.m.

Billy visualized Delia's wedding day, and he was about to walk her down the aisle. He said that she was shaking, but she observed that he was the one doing so. He said that there was time to cancel, but the wedding march began, and he led her down the aisle, lifted her veil, and kissed her forehead. Billy shook the groom's hand and sat down. Delia beamed at Billy, and he winked at her.

After the wedding, Billy gave a toast at the reception, and he joked that his daughter was abandoning him for another guy, but Delia's husband was a good man who made Delia smile. He wanted to tell Delia's new husband a few things that he should know about Delia, and Delia shot Billy a look. Billy declared that there was only one thing Delia's husband needed to know -- that Delia was a miracle. Billy said that Delia had grounded him, and he fought back tears as he remembered almost losing her when she had been little. Billy said that would have changed his life, because she had changed his heart and soul.

Billy continued that Delia had made him a better man, and he was truly happy that she had a chance to make her husband a better man, too. Billy professed his love for Delia, and he lifted his glass to the happy couple. Delia and Billy hugged, and she announced that she wouldn't have been able to find an amazing man without Billy's example, because Billy had taught her to know what she was worth. Billy and Delia laughed as they shared a father-daughter dance. Delia promised that Billy would never lose her, because she would always be his little girl.

In the present, the time changed to 8:04 p.m. Billy whispered that he needed Delia to listen, because he had to tell her a secret, and he confessed that he was scared. He said that it probably seemed crazy to her, but it was part of being a parent. He prayed that they would get past the scary moments and get back to the awesome ones.

Billy imagined entering a hospital room after Delia had given birth. He saw her holding the baby, and he said that Chloe was crying outside. Delia suspected that Billy had been just as emotional, and he admitted that his eyes had been watery, but he blamed it on dust. Delia teased him, and he said that he was having a hard time wrapping his head around his baby having a baby. She offered to let him hold her son, and she handed the baby over.

Billy said that Delia had done great and that she would be there for her son in ways that Billy hadn't been there for her when she'd been little. He knew that she'd be an incredible mom, and she praised that she'd had two great examples in Chloe and Victoria. Victoria entered with flowers, and she called the baby perfect and beautiful. Victoria urged Delia to get some sleep, but Delia said that she couldn't. Billy fondly recalled that Delia had always thought that she'd miss the party if she went to sleep.

Delia thanked Victoria for always being there for her, and she realized that she hadn't always made it easy, but Victoria pointed out that it hadn't always been hard. Delia said that Victoria had taught her to color inside the lines, and Billy had taught her to color outside them, so they'd given their children the best of all worlds. Delia announced that she had known the baby's name for months, but she had waited until he had been born to reveal it -- she had decided to name her son William. Billy quipped that it was like Shakespeare, but he was clearly touched.

As Adam continued to drive, the radio announcer stated that it was a chilly night and that the time was 8:05 p.m. Billy heard a siren, and the ambulance approached. Billy yelled for them, and the paramedics rushed over.

Billy envisioned that an adult Delia entered Dad & Delia's, and she told Billy that he couldn't hide. She said that saying goodbye wasn't that scary, but he replied that he couldn't do it. She assured him that she was only moving to California, and he tried to convince himself that being a thousand miles apart wasn't a big deal. She said that they had phones, and he suggested that she use one to call her employer and tell them that she was staying in Genoa City. She thought it would be a chance for Will to get to know the other side of his family, and Billy jokingly wished that he'd scared off her husband when he'd had a chance.

Delia promised that she and Billy would talk all the time, and he wondered how he was supposed to run Dad & Delia's without Delia. She contended that even if he changed the name, she would always be part of it, just like Billy would always be part of her. She said that she'd never really go away, and she suggested that he look at the stars and think of her, because she'd be looking at the same ones. He wondered how they'd get through it, and she said that he had to let her go.

Billy advised Delia to squeeze every ounce of joy out of life as long as she had it, because she deserved that and more. He added that she had no idea how much he loved her, but she replied that she did, because she loved him just as much. They hugged, and she said that she had to go. Billy started to walk her out, and she turned around in the doorway and waved. "Bye, Daddy," Delia said. Suddenly, adult Delia morphed into a young Delia, who smiled and waved.

At the accident scene, Billy hollered for Delia not to go, and a paramedic ordered Billy to stay back. One of the EMTs reported that Delia's blood pressure was dropping, and they were losing her. Billy begged them to save his daughter.

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The leading ladies who lunch:
Y&R's Camryn Grimes makes a holly, jolly return as Mrs. Claus
J. Eddie Peck returns to Y&R, and he's ready for the ride ahead
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
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