The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 14, 2013 on Y&R

Word of Delia's death devastated the citizens of Genoa City. Adam was wracked with guilt when he found evidence that he'd accidentally hit Delia. Adam paid off a thug to obtain corneas on the black market. Chloe considered donating Delia's organs.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 14, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, October 14, 2013

At Billy and Victoria's, Nikki stopped by. Victoria, who'd been busily arranging festive decorations for Delia's party, was surprised when her mom arrived. Victoria had expected Billy and Delia to arrive after stopping to pick up ice cream for the party. Nikki asked about the decorations, and Victoria explained that Delia had performed as the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz at her school. Victoria noted that Delia had said, "Tonight will be the most important night of my life."

Nikki admired a photo of Delia wearing her witch costume. Victoria said she'd missed the performance because Johnny's sitter had arrived late. Victoria and Nikki discussed Connor's rare eye condition. Victoria said she felt fortunate that Johnny hadn't inherited the same eye condition. Nikki assured Victoria that every mother wanted what was best for her offspring, no matter who raised the child. Victoria drew a star on a poster, added Delia's name, and declared that Delia would be the first inductee into the "Genoa City Walk of Fame."

Victoria, growing concerned, said she expected Billy and Delia to arrive soon. Johnny awoke, so Victoria carried him downstairs. Johnny drew with crayons while his mother and grandmother chatted. Victoria said that Victor had asked her to oversee the merger between Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries. Nikki asked how Victoria would balance her roles as a business executive and a mother. Victoria said she'd thrive while happily managing both roles.

Victoria explained that she was apprehensive about using her friendship with Chelsea to forge a bond between Johnny and Connor, as Victor had requested. Nikki assumed that Victor wanted access to his new grandson. Victoria admitted that she was concerned about Chelsea, Johnny's biological mother, being intimately involved with the son she'd given up. Victoria said that she and Billy had no qualms about telling Johnny the truth about his parentage in the future. Victor said she felt pressured because Victor was forcing them to face the matter before her family was prepared.

Nikki, appearing distressed, replied, "You don't want to wait too long because things could be difficult." Victoria asked Nikki what was troubling her. Nikki replied, "I've just been thinking about all the decisions you have to make for children, and you don't realize how it's going to affect them. I'm about to make one of those decisions, and I'm not sure how to do it." Victoria received a phone call from Billy and left Johnny with Nikki.

After Victoria left, Nikki told Johnny that he had another uncle named Dylan. Nikki talked to Johnny about a parent's special bond to her child and about the pride a parent felt when watching a child learn to walk. Nikki recalled how she'd enjoyed reading to her two children. Nikki said that she'd missed all the milestones with her firstborn child because she'd been a teen mother who had been unable to support a child. Nikki said she wondered if Dylan's life might have been different had she had raised him. Nikki said that she wondered, too, what a difference it might have made had Victor raised Adam.

On the side of the highway, Billy sobbed. Flashing lights of emergency vehicles illuminated the dark stretch of highway where a vehicle had struck Delia. Paramedics hovered over Delia and attempted to stabilize her. Billy appeared to be in shock and begged the paramedics to help his gravely injured child. As the paramedics prepared to transport Delia to a hospital, Billy cried, "Save my daughter. You have to save my daughter, please!"

As Adam continued down the highway alone, he recalled an earlier conversation with Chelsea about Connor's need for a cornea transplant. Chelsea had said, "Wishing for corneas just feels wrong. We have to wait for someone to die." Chelsea had also mentioned that the family of the donor would experience the pain and grief of losing a loved one. Chelsea had sobbed and said she felt like a horrible person for wishing that a donor would soon become available. Adam had assured Chelsea that she was just being a good parent.

Adam heard the sirens of emergency-response vehicles as he continued his journey home in the dark. Adam parked his car in a garage and went inside his penthouse. He poured himself some whiskey. Chelsea arrived downstairs and asked where Adam had been. Adam said he'd taken the long way home because he'd needed time to think. Adam was in a foul mood.

Chelsea said she'd researched Connor's eye condition and noted that it was quite rare. Adam replied, "The universe is kicking me right in the face and doing this to my son." Chelsea assured Adam that Connor's condition wasn't "karmic payback." Adam cried, "I've got a son I just met, and he's named after someone I don't even know. And now my son is going blind." Chelsea said that she and Adam would have to hope and pray that a donor would become available in time to save Connor's eyesight.

Adam informed Chelsea that he intended to hasten the process and would contact someone about obtaining corneas on the black market. Chelsea was horrified and said, "I'd hate to think where those corneas come from." Adam replied, "Then don't think about it." On the phone, Adam asked the person on the other end of the call if he could provide what was needed. Adam promised to pay any price for what he needed.

After Adam slammed his phone down on a table, he poured more whiskey into his glass. He offered to pour a drink for Chelsea, but she declined and reminded Adam that she was breastfeeding. Chelsea said she wouldn't give up hoping and praying for a donor. Adam, frustrated, said he'd take a more realistic approach and do whatever was necessary to get donor corneas for his son. Adam said he knew what it was like to live in a dark world and would ensure that Connor would never have to live that way.

Chelsea acknowledged that she'd hurt innocent people by keeping Connor's paternity a secret. Chelsea apologized for hurting Dylan, Avery, and Nick. Adam replied, "Sounds like you regret what you did to everyone but me." Chelsea added that if she had it to do over, she'd devise a way to keep her baby's paternity a secret without hurting others. Chelsea said she feared Adam would cut her out of their son's life because Adam had been devastated when she ended their marriage. Adam yelled that Chelsea had unfairly cut him out of his son's life. Chelsea said she regretted that Connor had been denied the opportunity to get to know his father's face during the first few weeks of life.

At the hospital, Billy was encouraged when he heard one paramedic announce that he'd detected Delia's pulse. Billy pleaded with the paramedics to tell him that Delia would be all right. Billy became frustrated and demanded that his daughter be moved to a treatment room immediately. A paramedic told Billy that he could stay with Delia until a treatment room was ready. Billy assured his unresponsive daughter that the nurses and doctors would make her well. Billy pleaded with Delia to remain strong, and he told her he loved her.

After Delia was taken into a treatment room, Billy paced in the hallway. A paramedic emerged from the treatment room and gave Billy a ring that Delia had clutched tightly in her hand. In a flashback, Billy remembered teasing his daughter about walking down the aisle to marry in the future. A police officer approached Billy and asked about the accident. Billy slipped Delia's ring in his pocket, mumbled that he didn't know what had happened, and said he needed to phone his wife.

The police officer continued questioning Billy, but Billy angrily yelled, "I'm not talking to you, so you need to back away from me!" Alex arrived and took over with for the uniformed officer. Alex asked about the hit-and-run. Billy said, "It was Delia. She's going to be fine." When Alex asked what had happened, Billy said, "We went to get ice cream. She loves ice cream."

Alex asked Billy if he'd seen the car that had hit Delia. Billy said he couldn't respond to Alex's questions while waiting for Delia to awaken. Alex said he'd inspect the accident scene. Billy was mumbling, "I just don't want to leave her alone again, you know? I'm never going to leave her alone again." Alex left.

Billy questioned a doctor who'd stepped out of the treatment room. The doctor promised to update Billy as soon as possible. Billy phoned Victoria and told her that Delia had been in an accident. Billy cried, "It doesn't look good." Billy looked on in disbelief when he saw hospital workers roll a piece of life-saving equipment into the treatment room. All Billy could do was peek through the blinds on the treatment room's window, but he realized that Delia might not survive.

Victoria phoned Chelsea and told her that Delia was at the hospital. Adam continued sipping his whiskey. After the call ended, Chelsea told Adam that she had to find Chloe because Delia had been injured in an accident. Adam was still sipping his whiskey as Chelsea filled in the sketchy details she knew about the accident. Chelsea said that Delia had somehow wandered near a highway and had been hit by a car. After Chelsea left, Adam remembered veering off the highway to avoid hitting a dog. Adam later went to the parking garage and examined his vehicle, but he didn't notice any damage. When Adam walked around the passenger side of his vehicle, he noticed that the lens cover on a light was cracked and that a piece was missing.

In a movie theater, Kevin and Chloe were more interested in kissing. Chloe said, "I can't believe we're making out in a move theater." Kevin wrapped his arm around Chloe. Chloe told Kevin that Delia had urged her mother to date Kevin. Chloe recalled that Delia had claimed that her mother had become a lonely and pathetic person.

At the end of the movie, Chloe cried and said that despite incredible odds, the movie's two main characters had managed to mend their broken relationship. After the theater was empty, Kevin and Chloe continued kissing. Chloe was unaware that she'd received numerous messages while her phone had been set on silent.

After the couple left the theater, Kevin drove Chloe to the coffeehouse. Chloe mentioned her desire to spend the night with Kevin. Chloe remembered that Kevin had been scheduled to work the midnight shift at the police station. Chloe suggested that she and Kevin slowly ease back into a romantic relationship for Delia's sake. Kevin agreed that he wouldn't want to rush the process and hurt Delia.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin kissed Chloe. Chloe announced that she had to be up early the next day for a meeting. Chloe checked her phone and discovered that she had several messages. After Kevin left, Chelsea rushed in and told Chloe that she was needed at the hospital because there'd been an accident. Chloe and Chelsea left the coffeehouse together.

Back at the hospital, a doctor stepped out of the treatment room where Delia had been taken. Billy studied the grim expression on the doctor's face. The doctor said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Abbott. Your daughter suffered traumatic injuries to her neck, head, and abdomen." The doctor added that Delia's compromised immune system had made it more difficult for her to survive her injuries. Billy sobbed pitifully and said, "Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!"

Billy was slumped in a chair when Victoria rushed into the waiting area. She knelt in front of Billy. Billy, sobbing, cried, "I lost my daughter." Victoria embraced Billy, and he cried on her shoulder. Victoria was sobbing when Billy rose from his chair and walked into the treatment room. Billy hovered over Delia's empty bed.

Chloe arrived and asked hospital staff where her little girl was. Chelsea was standing behind Chloe when the women saw Victoria crying. Chloe said, "Have you seen Delia?" Victoria looked away and mumbled, "No." Chloe spotted Billy through a window in the exam room and ran inside. Though Billy and Chloe's conversation couldn't be heard, Chloe held her head in her hands and cried when Billy delivered the tragic news of their daughter's death.

Alex arrived at the accident scene. A team of forensic investigators gathered evidence. Alex noted that the vehicle involved in the accident had left tire marks on the pavement. Alex said he hoped that the tire's tracks could indicate what type of tires and vehicle had made the tracks. Alex illuminated the area where Delia had been lying and discovered a sliver of broken lens from a vehicle's exterior light.

When Kevin arrived at the police station, Alex had returned from the accident scene. Alex, unusually quiet, was sitting in a chair. Alex was holding the evidence bag containing the sliver of broken lens from the vehicle's light. Kevin seemed to be in a jovial mood. Alex wondered why Kevin didn't seem upset. Kevin was confused when Alex asked, "How's Chloe holding up?" Kevin had no idea why Alex was concerned about Chloe.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

At the police station, Alex informed Kevin that Delia had been injured in a hit-and-run accident. A dazed Kevin said that it didn't make sense, because he'd just seen her in her school play, and she had left with Billy. Kevin tried to call Chloe, but she didn't answer her phone. Alex confirmed that he had been at the accident scene, and he pointed out that no one would have expected a kid to be out on the road. Kevin inquired where Billy had been, and Alex said that he still had to get a statement. Kevin prepared to go to the hospital, and Alex offered to drive him.

At the hospital, Chloe frantically asked a sobbing Victoria where Delia was, but Victoria was speechless. Chloe spotted Billy in the trauma room, where he was hunched over the empty bed. Without being able to hear the conversation, Victoria and Chelsea watched as Billy told Chloe the news of their daughter's death. Chloe became hysterical, and she screamed at Billy to shut up. Billy held a struggling Chloe until she broke down in his arms.

A trembling Chloe wanted to see Delia, and Billy protested, but Chloe begged Chelsea to help her find Delia. Chloe insisted that she was Delia's mother and that she could see Delia if she wanted to, because she had to say goodbye. Billy handed Chloe the ring that Delia had been wearing, and Chloe flashed back to giving the ring to Delia after the play. Chloe collapsed into tears, and Billy walked out as Chelsea consoled Chloe. Victoria stood helplessly by, coping with her own grief.

Kevin and Alex arrived at the hospital, and Kevin asked Billy if Chloe was with Delia, but Billy was unable to respond. Victoria intervened and informed Kevin that the doctors had done everything they could have, and he stared at her incredulously. She said that she was sorry, and he asked for Chloe. He followed Victoria's gaze to the trauma room, and he found Chloe in a heap on the floor. She looked up, and Kevin took her in his arms and held her.

With a note of hope in her voice, Chloe questioned whether there could have been a mistake, but Kevin remained silent. Chloe wailed that they had just been with Delia, and Delia had been perfect. Chloe realized that she'd already seen Delia's last smile and heard her daughter's last laugh. Chloe recalled that Delia had always talked endlessly, and Chloe had complained that Delia had made her ears hurt, but she hadn't meant it. Kevin said that he knew, and Chloe gasped for breath as she cried that she couldn't imagine not hearing Delia's voice again. Kevin pledged to be there for Chloe every second, and he swore that she'd never be alone.

Alex expressed his condolences to Billy and Victoria, and he apologized for having to follow up on his investigation. Victoria asked if it could wait, but Alex contended that someone had caused the accident, and the sooner he had details, the quicker he could get to work. He inquired whether Billy was ready to give a statement, and Victoria started to explain that Delia had been in a play that night. Billy added that Delia had received what she'd called a "standing O," and she had been amazing on the stage. He recalled that Delia had gotten all the laughs, and the audience hadn't been able to get enough of her.

Billy continued that he and Delia had headed home to have their own wrap party to celebrate, and they'd stopped to pick up ice cream. Victoria freaked out that it had been her fault for asking Billy to stop at the store, but he insisted that there was no blame over the ice cream. Alex questioned where Delia had been, and Billy choked back tears as he admitted that he'd left her in the car, but he'd seen her lock the door. Billy recalled that Delia had promised that she wouldn't move, and he had only left for a minute, but when he'd returned, she'd been gone.

Chelsea assured Chloe that she wouldn't have to get through Delia's death alone, and Kevin thanked Chelsea. Chelsea told Billy and Victoria that Kevin was with Chloe, and she said that she was very sorry. Chelsea left, and Billy noted that everyone was sorry, but he wondered why no one was stating the obvious -- that he'd left a little kid alone in the car. He said that he should have told Delia to pick out the ice cream and show off her costume to the clerk, and then he should have taken Delia home. Billy guiltily confessed that he'd found Delia on the side of the road because he'd left her alone in his car.

Victoria insisted that the accident hadn't been Billy's fault, but he reiterated that Delia was gone because he'd walked away from her. Victoria reminded him that he'd been the reason Delia had been in the world and that he'd saved Delia from leukemia. Victoria repeated that it hadn't been his fault, but Billy contended that Victoria hadn't been the one to leave Delia alone for some maniac to run her down -- he had. Victoria swore that she loved him and Delia with all her heart, and she continued to insist that it had simply been an awful accident. Alex declared that it had stopped being an accident when the driver had fled the scene.

Victoria noted that Alex was talking about the accident like it had been a crime, and Alex said that a hit-and-run was a crime. Victoria mentioned that Delia had been wearing black clothes in the dark, so maybe the driver hadn't known Delia had been there. Alex revealed that the tire tracks at the scene had made it clear that the driver had swerved and stopped, but the person had pulled out again. A murderous look crossed Billy's face as he realized that the driver had knowingly left the scene. Chloe overheard and cried that someone had driven away, leaving her baby girl on the side of the road.

Alex swore on his life that he would find the person responsible and that he would put the driver away. He requested that Billy stop by the station when he was ready to make a statement. Alex started to leave, but Kevin chased after him and inquired whether there had been any leads or witnesses, and Alex replied that the police were canvassing the area. Victoria asked Billy if he remembered seeing anyone else around the store, but Billy said that he hadn't been paying attention, because he'd just been trying to get home.

Kevin rambled about hacking into security systems to find the guilty party, but Alex said that Kevin was mourning a loss, and Alex vowed to find the driver himself. Alex assured Kevin that Kevin was part of the police force, but it had to be a clean bust for any charges to stick. Alex promised that he'd get justice for Delia, but he needed Kevin to back away. Alex pointed out that Kevin was needed elsewhere, and Kevin returned to Chloe's side.

Victoria called Nikki to ask her to take Johnny to the ranch. Chloe confronted Billy about leaving Delia in the car, and Billy said that he'd only been gone for two minutes. Chloe ranted that he'd left a child in the car in the middle of the night, and Billy hung his head and whimpered that Delia had locked the door. Chloe screeched that Billy had let Delia die, and she raged that Delia was dead because of him. Chloe howled that Billy had killed her baby girl, and she slapped him. Kevin held Chloe as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Chloe yelled that she wanted her baby back, and she lashed out at Billy and said that he had never deserved Delia. Kevin reminded Chloe that there were other patients and parents at the hospital, but Chloe sobbed that other people still had their kids. Kevin argued that it was the fault of the driver and not Billy, but Chloe screamed that Billy had never wanted Delia and had never deserved her. Chloe spat that she never would have left Delia alone, and because Billy had done so, the worst possible thing had happened.

Billy turned away in shame, and Chloe blasted Billy for staying away when Delia had been sick. Kevin defended Billy, because Kevin knew what it was like to make a mistake. Chloe snapped that it had been a mistake to go out with Kevin, because Delia had needed Chloe, and Chloe hadn't been there for her daughter. Kevin insisted that it wasn't Chloe's fault, and Chloe blamed Kevin for being the reason she hadn't been with her child. Chloe reasoned that if she hadn't gone to the movie, then her daughter would still be alive.

Chloe babbled that she never should have called Kevin or gone on their date, and Kevin said that the plan had always been for Delia to go home with Billy. Chloe regretted that she'd turned her phone off, so she'd lost her chance to say goodbye. Kevin gently reminded her that she'd said goodbye after the play, and the last thing Chloe had said was that she'd loved Delia. Kevin added that he knew that Delia had heard it, but Chloe was adamant that she should have been with Delia instead of Kevin. He tried to hug Chloe, but she ran off, upset.

Victoria gave Billy something for his cheek, and he said that Chloe had been right, because he'd never deserved Delia for a second. Victoria noted that Chloe was looking for someone to blame, but she maintained that it was the driver's fault, not Billy's. She asked a distant Billy if he'd heard her, but he replied that he needed some air. Victoria offered to go with him, but he wanted to be alone.

Adam inspected his vehicle and found a small piece of plastic missing from one of the light covers, but he reasoned that the damage could have been there for weeks. He went back to his penthouse and fawned over Connor, and he declared that Connor was the reason Adam existed. Jack arrived and groused that "the Moustache" was in fine form, strutting around as if he were king of the world. Jack suggested that they strike back while Victor was busy preening, but he quickly realized that Adam didn't seem interested. Adam half-heartedly said that he was on board, but Jack understood that Adam had just gotten back his son and family.

Adam said that he had to focus on his son, because Connor losing his sight wasn't an option. Jack contended that Victor had done everything he could to punish Adam, but Adam flatly stated that he was flattered that Victor made the effort. Jack declared that Victor had won the battle but not the war, and he couldn't believe that Adam would walk away. Adam admitted that he didn't know what he was thinking, and Jack noted that it wasn't like Adam to be indecisive.

Jack suggested that he and Adam proceed stealthily and hit Victor like a freight train, but Adam was clearly preoccupied. Jack asked what was going on, and Adam replied that he was at a precipice. Adam contemplated whether he'd look back years later and wonder what would have happened if he'd done things differently, and Jack said that only Adam could decide what to do. Adam decided to weigh his options and then go from there, but he didn't consider Victor a priority.

Jack assumed that Connor's eye condition was weighing on Adam, and Adam stated that his job was to make sure Connor was healthy and safe, but it was horrifying that Adam had no control over that, because the universe had its own ideas. Jack agreed that it was part of being a parent, and he wished that he could take away the months of pain that Summer had been through. Adam revealed that Connor needed a donor for a corneal transplant within a few weeks, or Connor would go blind. Adam stated that he had a lot of money, but it didn't do any good if he couldn't do anything with it.

Jack urged Adam to have faith that Connor would see, and Adam said that Jack sounded like Chelsea. Jack recounted that he knew from painful experience that donors existed, and he assured Adam that there would be one for Connor, but in the meantime, all Adam could do was pray. Adam worried that if he left it in God's hands, everything could unravel in one blink. Adam poured a drink and said that he'd drink for two, since Jack couldn't. Jack said that he understood the helplessness, but he didn't think that it was time to quit, and it was hard to fight from the bottom of a glass.

Adam defended that he had a full plate with Connor's possible blindness, Newman Enterprises slipping out of his hands, and Chelsea moving in. Jack wondered if perhaps it hadn't been a good idea for Chelsea to live there, but Adam refused to split time with the baby. Adam acknowledged that Jack had been right in that Chelsea and Connor needed one another, and Adam wouldn't separate them. A distraught Chelsea arrived home, and Adam asked how Delia was. Adam realized that Jack hadn't known, and he informed Jack that Delia had been in an accident.

Chelsea explained that there had been a hit-and-run, and Billy had found Delia on the side of the road after the girl's school play. Jack asked how Delia was doing, and Chelsea tearfully announced that Delia hadn't made it. Adam looked stricken. Jack became irate that someone had mowed a child down and had then driven away, and he bellowed that the monster deserved to rot in jail and "burn in hell." Chelsea cried that if the driver had just stopped and called 9-1-1, then Delia might still be alive. Jack wanted to find Billy, and Chelsea told him that Billy was at the hospital.

Jack rushed out, and Chelsea declared that she wanted to keep Connor in his room forever, because she could think of no other way to keep her baby safe with someone like the hit-and-run driver in the world. Adam asked if the police had found license plate numbers or witnesses, but Chelsea sadly replied that all she knew was that Chloe's little girl was gone, and part of Chloe was gone, too. Chelsea cried that it had been like seeing someone die inside because "some heartless bastard" had stolen everything that had meant something. Chelsea added that Chloe and Billy would be forever broken.

Chelsea recounted that it had killed her to see Chloe in that much pain, like Chloe's heart had been ripped out of her chest. Chelsea continued that she was scared for Connor, but at least their son was with them, and they just had to trust that they'd find a donor and that the surgery would go well. Adam pointed out that hoping and praying hadn't helped anyone that night, but Chelsea believed that God had made sure that Delia hadn't been scared and alone, since Billy had been by her side. Connor cried, and Chelsea asked Adam to tend to the baby while she checked the car for Connor's blanket. Adam flashed back to swerving off the road, and he called to Connor that his daddy was on the way.

Adam whispered to Connor that he was right there, and he swore that he wasn't going anywhere. Adam promised that no one would take him away, and he cuddled with Connor. Meanwhile, Chelsea found Connor's blanket in Adam's car. She dropped her keys, but she didn't notice a piece of fabric caught in the underside of the vehicle.

Alex ordered his team to assemble all the security footage they could find within a ten-minute window of the accident, because if they found the car, they'd find the killer.

Chloe prayed as Kevin stood outside the trauma room. Jack found a weeping Victoria, and they hugged. Victoria bemoaned that she couldn't help Billy and that everything she'd said had made things worse. Jack asked where Billy was. Meanwhile, Billy returned to the accident scene, and he despondently sank to the ground.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chloe stared blankly at the empty hospital bed, and Kevin looked in on her. Victoria approached Kevin and asked if he planned to enter the room, and Kevin worried that Chloe had been by herself for too long. Victoria pointed out that everything had happened fast and that maybe Chloe needed more time. Kevin grappled with what to say, and Victoria assured him that he would know the right words when he needed them, but he doubted that such words existed.

Chloe caressed the blanket on the bed, and Kevin entered and offered her a cup of coffee. She didn't react, and Kevin softly called to her. He said that it was time to get out of there, and he asked that she let him take her home and take care of her. Chloe flatly declared that she wasn't leaving and that the hospital staff would have to drag her out if they wanted the room back. Chloe added that she could still feel Delia there.

Jack reported to Victoria that he hadn't found any sign of Billy. Jack and Victoria both expressed concern that Billy would do something crazy, and they agreed to split up to search for him. Jack wasn't sure what to do or say if he found Billy, but he pledged to be a good big brother. Jack assumed that nothing would make Billy feel better that night, but Victoria contended that it could help if the police found the driver who'd hit Delia. Later, Victoria called for Billy in their dark home. She turned on a light, and she spotted the decorations for their wrap party.

At the ranch, Nikki told Johnny that his mommy would be there soon to take him home. She cooed that mommies like her and Victoria never forgot their precious baby boys, and Victor commented that Nikki hadn't lost her maternal instinct. Nikki remarked that she was surprised that they hadn't heard from Victoria, and she suggested that they go to the hospital in case Victoria needed them, but Victor insisted that Nikki needed her rest. Nikki hoped that Victoria and Billy were just busy getting Delia settled in at home.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and asked for Johnny. Nikki warned that Victoria would wake him up, but Victoria insisted that she needed to hold him, and she wondered why he was in bed already. Nikki pointed out that it was pretty late, and Victoria apologized for being unaware of the time. Victor asked about Delia, and Victoria tearfully informed her parents that Delia was gone. Nikki rushed over to hug her, and Victoria sobbed.

Victoria explained that no one had seen the accident, and Victor questioned why Delia had left the car. Victoria had no idea, and she asked Nikki to help get Johnny ready, because she wanted to get home before Jack and Billy arrived. Victor called Delia a sweet girl, and he asked if Victoria had told Nick the news yet. Victor offered to do it, but Victoria preferred to do it in person the next day.

Victor realized that Delia's death would be hard on Nick because of Cassie, and Victoria wondered if perhaps Nick could help her and Billy deal with their grief. Nikki returned with Johnny and handed him to Victoria, and Victor suggested that they spend the night. Victoria thought that Billy would need to see his son, and she left with Johnny.

Later, Victor noticed that Nikki had barely touched her food, and she said that even people without MS wouldn't have an appetite that day. He urged her to keep up her strength, for her sake as well as Victoria's. Nikki conceded that Victoria would need them, and Victor didn't understand how anyone could hit an innocent girl and drive on.

Nikki recalled what losing Cassie had done to Nick, and she imagined that Billy was going through a horrible time. Victor called Billy an idiot for leaving a child alone in the car, but Nikki implored Victor to set his personal feelings aside and have some compassion. Victor didn't think that Billy could possibly feel enough guilt.

Victor growled that Billy had never taken responsibility for his screw-ups, but Nikki argued that it had been a devastating loss, and Victor countered that Billy had been responsible for it. Nikki thought that the loss of a first-born child was punishment enough, but Victor proclaimed that Billy wasn't worthy of Victoria, and he expected Billy to throw the responsibility onto someone else. Nikki asserted that the loss of a child changed a person forever, and Billy would never be able to escape that, no matter how hard he tried.

Jack found Billy at the scene of the accident, and he said that Billy didn't have to say anything. Jack gave Billy his jacket, but Billy shrugged it off. Jack offered to drive Billy home, and he said that Victoria was waiting. Billy recalled that he and Delia had been driving home from the play, and he marveled that Jack should have seen her. Jack guessed that Delia had been amazing, but he suggested again that they leave. Billy declared that he had the performance on tape, and he wanted to get the family together to see how smart and talented Delia had been.

Jack urged Billy to go home, but Billy wanted to stay until he got answers. Jack vowed to stay with him for as long as it took, but he noted that it was cold, and he thought that Billy could think more clearly at home. Billy stated that he had been on his way home, and Victoria had set up a party for Delia, so Billy had stopped to get ice cream. He recounted that he'd told Delia to stay in the car, and he'd gone into the store and paid for the ice cream. Jack asked if Billy had heard or seen anything that might provide a hint about who had caused the accident, and through tears, Billy snarled that the driver had left Delia right there and had driven off.

Jack informed Billy that he'd spoken to Victoria, who would meet them at the house after she picked up Johnny. Jack reasoned that driving Billy home would make Jack feel useful, but Billy repeated that he'd stopped to get ice cream. Jack understood that Billy was trying to make sense of what had happened, but he reiterated that hanging out there wasn't a good idea. Billy suddenly remembered that Delia had wanted water for the dog, and he realized that he'd forgotten about Dash. Billy panicked that he had to find the dog that Delia had loved, and he called out for Dash. Jack reasoned that it would be next to impossible to find a dog in the dark, and he suggested that they resume their search the next morning.

Billy thanked Jack for the lift, and Jack offered to sit with him until Victoria and Johnny got home, but Billy said that he needed a minute alone before Victoria got there. Jack said to call him if Billy needed anything, and he volunteered to contact the rest of the family. Billy realized that he hadn't even thought of that, and Jack told him to prepare to be bombarded with love and support, because Billy's family would help him through it. Jack stepped outside and took a moment to grapple with his own emotions. He left a message for Jill to call him back as soon as possible.

Billy wandered around the house, and he looked at the balloons that spelled Delia's name. He found reminders of Delia everywhere, from the party decorations to family photos. Billy reviewed the video that he had made before the play. Billy and Victoria had discussed Delia's birth in a cabin, and Billy had told Delia that she would always be her daddy's little girl. Victoria arrived home and found Billy watching the video.

At the penthouse, Adam flashed back to swerving in his car and witnessing a dog scamper away from the scene. Chelsea asked if Kevin had called to report how Chloe was doing, and Adam replied that no one had called. Chelsea recounted how terrible it had been to see Billy tell Chloe the news, and she said that she'd never seen Chloe that lost. Chelsea wondered if she shouldn't have left the hospital, and Adam asked where she'd just been. Chelsea mentioned that she'd gone to the garage to fetch Connor's blanket from Adam's car, and he snapped that he didn't appreciate her snooping. She countered that it had been a good thing she'd looked, because he wouldn't believe what else she'd found.

Chelsea revealed that the light had reflected off of a credit card that Adam had thought he'd lost, and she handed the card to him. Adam disguised his relief and thanked her. Chelsea said that she knew he was worried about Connor, and Adam vowed that Connor would get everything he needed and that their son would have the best of everything. Chelsea pointed out that Billy and Chloe had thought the same thing about Delia the day before, but there were no guarantees in life, and they could lose everything in a split second.

Later, Chelsea ran to answer the phone, and Kevin requested her help to get Chloe to leave the hospital room. He said that he'd done everything he could think of, but Chloe was adamant that she wanted to see Delia. Chelsea asked if it could be arranged, and Kevin reported that the nurse had informed him about a process they could go through, but he didn't think it was a good idea for Chloe to see Delia like that. He asked if Chelsea could return to the hospital, and Chelsea said that she would be there right away.

Adam went back down to the garage and examined the cracked light cover on his car. He knelt down next to his car, and he ignored his ringing phone. He reached underneath the car and discovered the fabric from Delia's costume. He sank to the ground in shock and horror.

Adam returned to the penthouse and anxiously looked around. He opened his liquor cabinet and stashed the piece of cloth behind some bottles of booze. He paused for a moment to regain his composure, and he went upstairs. He looked at Connor squirming in the crib and asked if the baby was winding down for bed.

Adam told Connor to sleep all he wanted, but Adam would probably be awake if Connor woke up in the middle of night, because he couldn't imagine how he could sleep. He picked the baby up and told him that he was right there, and Connor gurgled happily. Adam swore that he wasn't going anywhere, and he promised that he wouldn't let anyone keep him from making Connor healthy and safe, because being with Connor was all that mattered.

Chelsea arrived at the hospital, and she hoped that she could help, because she felt awful for Chloe, Billy, and Kevin. Kevin finally broke down and cried, and he declared his love for Delia. He acknowledged that he hadn't been Delia's father, but Chelsea understood that Delia had been like a daughter to him in every way that had mattered. Kevin said that he thought he'd prepared himself for the worst when Delia had been sick, but Chelsea remarked that no one could have prepared for what had happened. Kevin sobbed that it was unfair that Delia had died after she'd survived leukemia, and she had been a happy girl with her whole life ahead of her.

A woman entered the trauma room, and Chloe assumed that she was there to get the room back. Chloe numbly stated that she wasn't done there, and the woman said that it wasn't why she'd stopped in. The woman introduced herself as Julie Jackson, and she said that she was very sorry for Chloe's loss. Chloe thanked her, but she maintained that she needed to be there. Julie asked if there was anything she could do, and Chloe whimpered that she just wanted her little girl.

Julie claimed that she understood why Chloe didn't want to leave, and Chloe pointed out that Delia had taken her last breath in that room, but Chloe hadn't gotten to say goodbye. Chloe lamented that she hadn't held her little girl and said that she loved her, and she ranted that the doctors hadn't been able to get Delia out of there fast enough. Julie revealed that Delia was in room 254 if Chloe wanted to see her, and Chloe jumped to her feet and thanked Julie. Julie said that it was one of the reasons she was there, and she handed Chloe a business card and told her to call anytime.

Chloe discovered that Julie was the hospital's transplant coordinator, and Julie said that they could talk after Chloe had seen her daughter. Chloe flew into a rage that Julie had appeared an hour after Delia had died to get Chloe to donate her daughter's organs, and Julie stated that time was of the essence. Chloe angrily tore up the business card and screamed that no one would ever cut up her baby girl. Chloe yelled for Julie to get out.

Kevin intervened and roughly escorted Julie out of the room. He asked if she was out of her mind, and she reiterated that there was little time to make a decision. Kevin barked that she should have done her research, because Delia wasn't a candidate for organ donation since she'd had leukemia, and he accused Julie of causing unnecessary pain for Chloe.

Chelsea gently told Chloe that Julie was gone, and they'd abide by whatever Chloe wanted. Chloe wailed that Delia had had leukemia, but even if Chloe had a choice, she refused to let anyone tell her what to do. Chelsea begged Chloe to go home and get some sleep, but Chloe said that she needed to stay there. Chelsea asked if Chloe felt like she'd be abandoning Delia if she left, and she contended that it wouldn't help Delia for Chloe to remain there. Chloe said that she wasn't ready yet, because there was something she had to do first -- she had to go to room 254.

Later, at the Chancellor mansion, Kevin observed that Chloe was in shock, and he wondered if he should call a doctor. He offered to make her tea or food, and he said that he could look for some sedatives. He helped her to the couch and promised that he would take care of her. Chloe found Pinkerton, Delia's stuffed pony, among the couch cushions and began to cry. Kevin remarked that something good could happen from the situation.

At Crimson Lights, Adam looked at an online article about Delia's death. Two police officers entered, and one wondered whether there would be a press conference to try to get tips to help find the hit-and-run perpetrator. The other cop condemned the driver for leaving a little girl to die on the road, and he swore to find the culprit, even if they had to question everyone in Genoa City.

Chelsea cuddled with Connor, and Adam returned home. She asked where Adam had been, and he replied that he'd needed some air after what had happened to Delia. He asked how Chloe was doing, and Chelsea reported that Chloe was angry and devastated. Chelsea added that if the driver had stopped and called the paramedics right away, they might have been able to save Delia.

Chelsea hoped that the driver was suffering, and as Adam struggled to hide his emotions, he remarked that he was sure the person was. Chelsea realized that something was going on with him, and she implored him to tell her whatever he was hiding. Adam hung his head for a moment and admitted that she was right. "This is killing me," he said.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sharon awakened on her couch, and she spied her prescription bottle and called for Nick. He rushed in and asked if everything was okay, and she was surprised that he hadn't left. He explained that he hadn't wanted to leave her alone, and she was embarrassed that she'd had a meltdown. Sharon hoped that Nick could forgive her, but he assured her that there was nothing to forgive. Sharon asserted that she didn't deserve his kindness, because there was more that he didn't know.

Sharon confessed that when she'd gone off her medication, she'd taken advantage of situations to spend more time with Nick, and he guessed that she had faked her sprained ankle. Sharon revealed that she also hadn't done as much as she should have to discourage Faith from pushing for Nick and Sharon to reunite, because it had been Sharon's dream, too. Sharon confided that she'd been a mess when she'd stopped taking her meds, and Nick asked why she had done so. She explained that she'd been focused on him, and she'd never considered that perhaps he was the problem. Sharon added that she'd been desperate to feel truly happy again, and she'd last felt that way before they'd lost Cassie.

Nick couldn't blame Sharon for wanting those times back, and she remembered when they'd taken the kids sailing on a lake. Nick gently told Sharon that they couldn't recreate the past, no matter how magical it might have seemed. He stated that he wasn't happy with what she'd done, but he was proud of her for telling the truth, and he said that it wouldn't be fair to hold her illness against her. He urged Sharon to get back on her program and to keep taking her pills, and she swore that she would. Nick said that they'd always be in one another's lives because of their kids, but he reiterated that they couldn't go back to the way things had been.

Nick hoped that Sharon would be happy again one day, and she replied that she wanted that for both of them, but she'd have to find a way to do it without him. She promised to make an appointment with Dr. Watkins, and she assured Nick that she felt like she could stand on her own two feet. Sharon declared that it was time for him to go, and she said that the best thing he could do to help her was to go home and take care of Faith. Nick told Sharon to call if she needed anything, and he left.

Sharon left a message for Dr. Watkins, and Cassie appeared and praised Sharon's strategy, because Nick was still worried about Sharon. Sharon insisted that Cassie had it wrong, but Cassie was sure that Nick would drop by even more often to make sure that Sharon was getting better. Sharon swore that she really needed help, but Cassie continued to rave that Sharon's move had been brilliant. Sharon vowed to move on and to find peace without a man, and Cassie suggested that Sharon prove to Nick that she was well enough to be with him again. Sharon declared her determination to get healthy again the right way, and Cassie wondered why she was still there if Sharon was telling the truth.

At the Underground, Avery stood next to her private booth, where a bottle of champagne chilled on ice. Nick set a large bouquet of red roses on the table, and she gushed that he'd set the stage for a romantic evening. He confirmed that he'd assembled Sharon's favorites, because he'd planned the whole night for him and Sharon. Avery incredulously stated that he couldn't be serious, but he declared that Sharon was the love of his life, and he'd never gotten over her. Suddenly, Dylan appeared and chimed in that it was the same way Avery had never gotten over Dylan. A dreaming Avery stirred in her sleep.

Avery dreamed that Dylan said that it was time to take the next step, and she had to cut ties with Nick so that she and Dylan could be alone, the way it was meant to be. Dylan accused her of being afraid to moving forward, but it was her choice and her dream, and he thought that she knew what she wanted. Dylan urged her to wake up and grab it, and Avery awakened with a start.

Avery went to the Underground, and she stared at her empty booth and flashed back to Nick's proposal. Noah emerged from the back, and she noted that the bar was quiet. He explained that he'd closed up early, and she asked if Nick was around. Noah suggested that perhaps Nick was out on a date, but he quickly admitted that his statement wasn't funny, and he offered to let her wait to see if Nick stopped in to check on things. Avery remarked that she hadn't seen Noah since the wedding had fallen apart, and she assumed that he hated her. Noah commented that Avery wasn't the only one to blame for what had happened.

Later, Noah surmised that Nick wouldn't make an appearance that night, and he asked if Avery wanted to leave Nick a message. She said that she'd drop by another time, and she thanked Noah for inviting her to wait. She ran into Nick on her way out, and Noah awkwardly said that he'd go clean something to give Nick and Avery time alone. Avery asked if she and Nick could talk, and she started to head toward her booth, but she apologized for the force of habit. Nick stated that he didn't see a reason why they couldn't sit there, and they agreed that they'd shared a lot of great evenings in that booth.

Avery stammered that she had been doing a lot of soul-searching and that she had a lot of regrets, and she hated that she'd hurt Nick. Nick replied that he'd made peace with what had happened, and she countered that she hadn't, but she was trying to do so. She added that part of her was holding on to what they'd had, and she couldn't do that anymore. She handed him back her engagement ring, and their hands touched as he took it.

With tears in her eyes, Avery said that Nick should find someone worthy of him, and she was sorry she hadn't been able to be that person. She called him an incredible man, and she wished great things for him. An emotional Avery rushed out, and Nick gazed at the ring. Nick thanked Noah for cleaning up, and he asked if Noah would be okay with locking up on his own. Nick removed the plaque with Avery's name and handed it to Noah to dispose of.

Dylan closed Crimson Lights for the day, and he flashed back to running into Avery in the park, where she'd said that she wasn't ready to revisit her feelings for him. Stitch entered and said that he could use a few drinks, and Dylan wondered if the new job had gotten to him already. A downtrodden Stitch realized that Dylan hadn't heard the news, and he revealed that Billy's daughter had died that night. A shocked Dylan murmured Delia's name, and Stitch recounted that it had been gut-wrenching. Dylan reflected upon the tea party he'd just had with Delia at Billy's home, and Stitch angrily stated that "some bastard without a soul" had killed her in a hit-and-run accident.

Dylan asked if Chelsea knew about Delia's death, and Stitch reported that she'd been at the hospital with Chloe. Dylan commented that Chelsea and Chloe were best friends, and he assumed that Chloe was a mess. Dylan contemplated calling Chelsea, and Stitch advised him to do it if Dylan's instincts told him to do so. Dylan thought that it might make things harder if Chelsea was still hoping to get back together, and Stitch concluded that it wouldn't happen because of Avery.

Stitch didn't believe that there was nothing left between Dylan and Avery, and Dylan tried to change the topic to getting a drink at Jimmy's. Stitch warned Dylan that life was short, and even wasting a day wasn't an option. Dylan countered that rushing into something could screw things up, and he thought the timing was wrong, because he didn't want to add to Avery's pain. Stitch commented that it was Dylan's fear holding him back, and he advised that no one got through life without some pain.

Later, Avery found Dylan at Crimson Lights, and he informed her that he was closing up. She apologetically said that she hadn't realized how late it was, but she hadn't been able to sleep. He wondered why she'd turned up there.

Billy watched the video footage that he'd recorded before Delia's play. Victoria arrived home with Johnny and called to Billy, who didn't react. Victoria told Billy that Johnny seemed to be feeling better, and she suggested that the tot needed them both to tuck him in. Billy couldn't take his eyes off the video, and Victoria said that Johnny wanted to see his dad. She placed Johnny in Billy's lap, but Billy asked her to take Johnny back, because he couldn't do it. She said that she understood, and Billy continued to watch the video again.

Victoria put Johnny down to sleep, and she volunteered to fix Billy something to eat, but he mumbled that he wasn't hungry. Victoria answered a call from Jack, but Billy refused to talk to Jack, and he flatly turned down Jack's offer to drop by. Victoria hung up and told Billy that she'd been worried about him, and she was relieved that Jack had found him. She asked if there was anyone else he wanted her to call, but Billy silently stared at his computer screen. Victoria advised that it was doing more harm than good for him to watch video over and over again. She reached to turn off the computer, but he ordered her not to touch it.

Victoria agreed not to touch the computer, but she saw that the video was tearing Billy up, and she couldn't bear to watch him suffer. Billy said that he was doing what he had to do, and Victoria asked if she could watch it with him. He conceded, and she sat down next to him. Victoria said that she understood that he felt the need to watch it, but she reminded him that the part in the play where the witch crumpled to the ground was about to happen, and she didn't want either one of them to see it.

Victoria pleaded with Billy to stop watching the video for his own sake, and he threw the computer aside. He ranted that the entire house had his daughter in it, and he pointed out the shoes that Delia would never put back on her feet and the couch that he'd never snuggle on with Delia again. He blamed himself for Delia's death, and Victoria yelled that it wasn't his fault. Billy headed for the door, ignoring Victoria's pleas not to leave.

Victoria packed up Delia's things in a backpack, and she placed it in a closet. She looked around at the party decorations, and she popped the balloons that spelled Delia's name as she cried.

At the penthouse, Chelsea asked what was going on with Adam, because she could tell when he was hiding something. He admitted that she was right and that the guilt was killing him. She asked what he had to feel guilty about, and he vaguely responded, "A poor, defenseless child." Chelsea assured Adam that he wasn't to blame for Connor's condition, and she understood that it was frustrating that no matter how rich and powerful Adam was, he couldn't save Connor's sight.

Chelsea realized that if she and Adam didn't find a donor, they would have to face the inevitable -- their son would go blind. Chelsea begged Adam to believe that it wasn't his fault, but he said that she didn't get it. She contended that it wouldn't do any good to beat themselves up, and she was determined to stay hopeful and pray that corneas became available. Adam reminded her that it meant hoping for someone else to die, and the miracle they were wishing for would be a tragedy for another family.

Chelsea was surprised that Adam seemed to be agonizing over the situation from the perspective of the donor's family, and he considered it to be punishment for the things he'd done. Chelsea told Connor that his daddy needed him, and she handed the baby to Adam. Chelsea told Adam that they had a lot to be thankful for, and the only person who should feel guilty was the monster who'd left Delia by the side of the road to die. Adam flashed back to swerving off the road, and he asserted that the person responsible needed to own up to it.

Chelsea said that the driver had already proven himself to be a coward, and she called the person's actions despicable. She recognized that Adam didn't get along with Billy and Chloe, but she believed that as a parent, Adam would have been heartbroken if he'd seen them at the hospital. Chelsea hoped that the police found the perpetrator and that the judge showed no mercy. Chelsea encouraged Adam to set aside his emotions and be there for his son, and Adam vowed to focus on Connor and nothing else. He reached for his phone, and he swore to make sure his son saw every square inch of the world.

Adam put a large amount of money in an envelope, and he inquired whether Chelsea was judging him. He suspected that she'd made plenty of cash deals in her time as a con, and she admitted that his plan made her nervous. She pointed out that untraceable cash was any con's dream, but Adam argued that his contact had been highly recommended, and he said that he didn't care about the money. Chelsea suggested that they proceed the right way and only turn to the black market as a last resort, but Adam contended that it could be their only option. He implored Chelsea to make peace with it, and he left.

Chelsea told Connor that neither she nor Adam had always played by the rules, but she had been trying to clean up her act so Connor would have an honest person for a mother. Chelsea conceded that maybe Adam was right, and the rules needed to be broken.

Adam met with a man in the park, and he groused that the man had been vague about his services. The thug replied that it was safer that way, and Adam handed him the cash wrapped in a newspaper. The man promised to have "the product" lined up within 72 hours, and Adam revealed that his son could be permanently blind without a transplant. Adam threatened that if the man was scamming him, then Adam would track him down and personally cut his eyes out.

Adam's contact said that he could get the wheels turning since he had the down payment, and Adam pushed him to make it happen quickly. The men parted ways, and Adam closed his eyes for a moment as he contemplated everything he'd done. Adam turned to head home, and he ran into Billy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

At the police station, Kevin anxiously asked Alex if there were any new leads, and Alex swore that his team was working hard to find the hit-and-run driver, but Kevin yelled that it wasn't enough. Kevin divulged that he had been working on something legitimate to help with the investigation, and he showed Alex a list of auto body shops within a 20-mile radius, because Kevin figured the driver would want to cover up any damage to the car. Alex instructed Kevin to hand over the list and go home, but Kevin bellowed that he wasn't leaving until he found the "son of a bitch."

Kevin pounded on his computer in frustration and vowed that he wouldn't stop until he found Delia's killer. He wished that he had a gun and badge to track down the culprit himself, and Alex urged him to go be with Chloe. Kevin bemoaned that Chloe didn't want him there, and Alex contended that she was too distraught know what she wanted, but he was sure that Chloe needed Kevin, whether she admitted it or not.

After Kevin left, a woman arrived at the police station and introduced herself to Alex as Laura McCleary, and she said that she had information about the hit-and-run. She told Alex that she'd been at the market just before 8:00 p.m. and that she'd seen a driver appear to lose control of a car and swerve. She added that the tires had screeched and that the car had skidded sideways, but she hadn't realized that someone had been hurt until she'd returned home. Alex asked about the type of car, and she revealed that it had been a black SUV.

Alex quizzed Laura about the car, but she didn't remember any details and hadn't seen the license plate or any identifying marks. She defended that she hadn't realized that it would be important, and Alex turned his line of questioning to the driver. Laura thought that it had been a man, but she wasn't positive. She wished that she could be of more help, and Alex asked her to call him if she remembered anything else. Later, Alex instructed a police officer to notify the body shops on Kevin's list that they were looking for a black SUV.

Chloe slept on the couch with Pinkerton, and a sick Esther entered and said that she hadn't known that Chloe was home. Esther stated that she'd taken enough cold medicine to choke a horse, and she wanted to hear all about Delia's play. Esther regretted that she'd missed it because she'd been sick in bed, but she insisted that Chloe tell her everything about Delia's big night. Chloe stared blankly at her mother.

After Chloe broke the devastating news about Delia's death, Esther lamented that first she'd lost Mrs. C, and it was too much to handle losing her precious granddaughter, too. Esther apologized that she'd been thinking about herself instead of Chloe, and she offered to make some tea, but Chloe numbly said that she was fine. Esther rambled about the arrangements they'd need to make for a memorial service, and she asked what Chloe wanted. Chloe tearfully asked Esther to hold her, and Esther took Chloe in her arms and rocked her back and forth.

Kevin stopped by the Chancellor mansion, and he and Esther comforted one another. Esther said that she was worried about Chloe, and Kevin wasn't sure if he should be there. Esther insisted that Chloe needed him, and she revealed that Chloe was in Delia's room. Kevin said that Chloe shouldn't be by herself, and Chloe appeared on the stairs. Esther went to make some tea, and Chloe asked if Esther had called Kevin. He replied that he'd stopped by on his own with some encouragement from Alex. Chloe reminded Kevin that she'd told him not to return, but he said that he needed to be there.

Chloe refused to talk about her feelings, and Kevin promised that he wouldn't push. She told him that she couldn't bear to hear the word "sorry" again, and he said that they didn't have to talk, but he just wanted to be there with her. Chloe walked over to the window, and she asked for the time. Kevin replied that it was past 1:00 a.m., and she said that soon it would be morning, and she'd have to see the world without Delia in it. Chloe said that she wanted to scream, and Kevin told her to go ahead, but she was afraid that she'd never stop.

Chloe wailed that she had enough rage to tear the house down with her bare hands, and Kevin said that she had every right to be angry. She admitted that she wanted to strangle Billy for leaving Delia in the car, and she swore that she'd kill the driver if she ever found out who he was. Chloe didn't know how she could wake up every morning and not see her beautiful little girl, and Kevin pulled her into his arms.

Chloe forlornly asked Kevin where her little girl was, and Kevin assured her that Delia was somewhere nice with Mrs. C. Chloe remembered that Delia was supposed to go on a field trip the following week and that Chloe hadn't yet finished Delia's Halloween costume. Chloe began to cry again, and she didn't see how she'd be able to go on, but Kevin said that there was no rush. She realized that there was something that couldn't wait, and he surmised that she meant getting back to the transplant coordinator. Chloe understood that she had to make a decision soon.

Chloe thought that she was in an impossible position, and Kevin said that he didn't want her to regret any decision she made. Chloe contemplated how she could even consider giving away pieces of her little girl, and Kevin suggested that she think about what Delia would have wanted. Chloe asked what Kevin thought, but he insisted that she and Billy had to make the decision. She barked that they wouldn't even be having the conversation if it hadn't been for Billy, but Kevin argued that Billy and Chloe had to make the decision together as Delia's parents. Chloe conceded that he was right, but she refused to ever forgive Billy for what he'd done.

In the park, Adam told Billy that he'd heard about Delia, and Billy coldly ordered him to get out of the way. Adam sincerely said that he was very sorry and that he knew what Billy was going through. Billy snarled that Adam didn't have a clue what Billy felt, and he angrily dared Adam to tell him how it felt to watch his only daughter die in front of him and to not be able to do anything to help her. Adam conceded that Billy was right, and Billy hissed that he wouldn't wish the way he felt on anyone, even Adam.

Adam asked if the police had an idea who had been responsible, and Billy replied that they were looking, but he blasted the driver for being too much of a coward to confess. Adam contended that perhaps the driver had never even seen Delia, but Billy was skeptical that someone wouldn't have seen a kid in the middle of the road. Billy recounted that he'd left Delia and Dash in the car together, but he'd never imagined that something that horrific could happen. Adam urged Billy not to blame himself, and Billy growled that he'd never believe that Adam cared about what had happened to Billy and his family. Billy demanded to know what Adam wanted.

Adam said that he wasn't heartless and that he felt awful for Billy. Billy said that his daughter hadn't deserved it, and Adam added that Billy hadn't, either. Adam insisted that it had been an accident, but Billy stated that he'd chosen to leave his daughter alone in the car, and the person who'd run her down had chosen not to help her. Billy asserted that he was paying for his mistake, and the driver would also pay when the cops found him. Billy vowed to find the driver if the police didn't, because prison was way too good for the person who'd killed his daughter. Billy walked away.

Victoria took down the party decorations and threw them in the trash basket. Abby arrived to offer her condolences, and she hugged Victoria. Victoria said that the evening had been unreal, because Delia had just been there a few hours before, excitedly getting ready for her play. Victoria added that she didn't know what Billy would do without Delia, and Abby asked to see him. Victoria disclosed that Billy hadn't been able to stand being around all the reminders of Delia, so he'd taken off. Victoria confided that Billy was blaming himself for what had happened, and Abby wanted to find him.

Victoria and Abby fretted that Billy hadn't responded to their text messages, and Abby asked how long he'd been gone, but Victoria said that time had been a blur. Victoria resumed cleaning up, and she explained that she'd put together a party to celebrate Delia's stage debut. Victoria cried that the party had been the reason that Delia had died, but Abby insisted that only the careless jerk who'd hit Delia was to blame. Victoria thought that if she'd gone to the play, then she wouldn't have thrown the party to make up for missing the performance, and Billy never would have stopped for ice cream.

Victoria sobbed that Billy was blaming himself, but she felt that it was her own fault, because if she'd done even one thing differently, then Delia would still be alive. Victoria ranted that the house would never be the same, and neither would Billy. Abby sympathized that Delia's death was incomprehensible, and she guessed that Victoria was trying to find a way to make sense out of what had happened. Victoria couldn't stop thinking about her part in the night's events, and Abby reiterated that nothing Victoria had done or hadn't done had caused the accident.

Victoria recalled that Billy had told her the same thing, but she couldn't help replaying the night over in her head. Abby implored Victoria to stop beating herself up, because thinking about the "what ifs" would only make her feel worse. Abby suggested that they look for Billy, but he arrived home. Victoria expressed relief that he was back, but he said that Abby shouldn't be there. Abby said to call her if he needed anything, and she tried to hug him, but he pulled away.

After Abby left, Victoria asked where Billy had gone, and he tersely replied that he'd gone for a walk. He noted that Victoria had taken down the decorations, and she explained that she'd thought he wouldn't want to see them. He inquired where Delia's backpack and belongings were, and Victoria revealed that she'd put them in the closet. Billy questioned whether Victoria thought that they could just erase all traces of Delia from the house, and Victoria apologetically stated that she had only been trying to make him feel better. Billy snapped that she couldn't fix it, and Victoria begged him to let her try to help him.

Billy took Victoria's hand and assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong. She offered to do whatever he needed, but he replied that he didn't know what he needed. He said that he wanted to walk into Delia's room, surround himself with her things, and remember every moment of her life, but he also wanted to forget everything. He continued that sometimes he couldn't stop crying, but then other times he was numb, and he felt guilty that he couldn't cry anymore. Billy whimpered that the only thing he knew was that he couldn't do it alone, and Victoria hugged him.

Billy said that he couldn't believe that he wouldn't see Delia again, and someone pounded on the door. Victoria remarked that it was really late, and Billy hoped that it was the police with an update. He discovered Chloe at the door, and she declared that there was something they needed to settle.

At the Underground, Noah teased Tyler for not having anything better to do than to spend the night watching Noah clean up. Tyler reported that he was supposed to meet Abby there, but he hadn't known that Noah had closed early. Tyler jokingly pointed out that most bars stayed open once in a while, and Noah defended that the bar had hosted an event earlier that night. Noah added that it was better for Tyler that only Noah was there to witness Tyler getting stood up.

Noah said that Tyler was losing his touch, and Tyler was concerned that while it was normal for Abby to be late, it wasn't like her to not show up at all. Noah thought that Tyler could get Abby to splurge on a nice dinner to make up for ditching Tyler, but Tyler grumbled that it wouldn't do him any good that night. Courtney arrived and volunteered to keep Noah company while he closed up, and she went to the ladies' room. Noah invited Tyler to hang out with him and Courtney, but Tyler said that would be pathetic, and he told Noah to have fun.

Courtney marveled that Victor had worked fast to wrestle Newman Enterprises away from Adam, and Noah commented that Victor went after something when he wanted it. She thought that Noah took after his grandfather, and she couldn't believe that Noah was continuing to work elsewhere while he learned the ropes at Newman. Noah revealed that he'd given his notice to Tyler, but he wasn't looking forward to telling Nick that he was leaving the bar, since Nick didn't want Noah climbing the corporate ladder. Courtney believed that Nick would support Noah's decision, and Noah admitted that he and his dad could always count on one another.

Courtney and Noah made out in a booth, and she received a text message from someone named Zach, who asked where she was. She claimed that there was a problem at home, and she had to go. She kissed Noah goodbye, but once she left the bar, she sent a message back that stated, "This better be good."

Tyler met Abby in the park, and she ran into his arms and sobbed that it had been a horrible night. After she told him the bad news, Abby said that the park had been one of Delia's favorite places, and she recalled taking Delia there to get ice cream and to play. Abby said that Delia had loved the swings, and she recounted that Delia had always wanted to go higher. Abby said that she had been afraid that Delia would fall, but Delia had always pleaded with Abby to make her feet touch the sky. Tyler took Abby's hand and suggested that they go for a ride on the swings.

Later, Abby recalled racing with Delia on horseback, and Delia had won. Abby said that she'd had to pay Delia 20 dollars and brush Delia's horse, but Delia had admitted later that Victoria had shown her a shortcut. Abby bet that Tyler was sorry that he'd responded to her text message, but he was glad that she'd shared her memories of her niece, and he pledged that he wasn't just with Abby for the good times. Abby warned that the next few days would be anything but good, and Tyler promised to be there for as long as she wanted him.

Adam looked at his vehicle again in his garage. He knelt down by the light and touched the spot that was missing a small piece of plastic. Adam returned to his penthouse and swigged a drink. He opened the liquor cabinet and took out the piece of fabric that he'd found under his car. He stared at it for a moment, and then he returned it to its hiding place.

Adam set down his glass, and he was tormented by the sound of squealing brakes inside his head. He collapsed on the stairs, and he put his head in his hands, overwhelmed with guilt.

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