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Sharon stood up for Summer during an abusive photo shoot. Ashley returned home for Thanksgiving. Dylan demanded a DNA test from Nikki, but he wanted nothing more to do with her. The judge overturned Michael's conviction and reopened Carmine's murder case.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 25, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, November 25, 2013

At Billy and Victoria's, a brooding Billy fixated on the last message he'd posted on the online message board concerning Delia's death. Billy had written that the yet unknown hit-and-run driver hadn't even begun to suffer. In a flashback, Billy recalled removing a pistol from a case stored on the top shelf of the coat closet. Billy later collected his thoughts, opened the closet to get his coat, and told Hannah, Johnny's sitter, that he'd be out for a while.

Billy ran into Kelly outside the room where the grief-support meetings were held. Billy explained that his wife was attending a family event, so he'd arrived alone. Billy admitted that he'd whiled away hours, entering search queries on his computer, hoping to determine how to mete out justice to his daughter's killer. Kelly said that she'd taken a leave of absence from her job as an elementary school teacher because she couldn't handle being around happy, laughing kids. Billy expressed his doubts about benefiting from the meetings because, no matter what, he'd never see his little girl again.

After members of the support group arrived, Billy and Kelly joined them. A bereaved father recalled how his son had drowned during the brief period the man had turned away to pay for a pizza delivery. Billy cried that if he'd been a good dad, he wouldn't have left his little girl in the car unsupervised. The counselor advised the grieving parents to forgive themselves and the universe. Billy bolted from the room, and Kelly followed him.

Kelly tried to comfort Billy. He mumbled, "Forgive the universe? I'm not going back in there." As Billy pulled on his coat, Kelly offered to stay in the hallway with him as long as he needed her. Billy recalled the night of Delia's play and how she'd repeatedly run after her dog each time he'd scurried away.

Billy said he believed that a car had struck Delia because she'd run near the roadway while chasing after her dog. Kelly berated herself for not spending the extra money on the basketball hoop her son had begged for instead of buying him a less-expensive bike. She added, "If I had, he would've been practicing free throws in the driveway instead of being on that bike." Kelly assured Billy that the people gathered in the room knew exactly how he felt.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor, Nick, Victoria, Avery, and Dylan were stunned when Nikki suddenly blurted out that Dylan was her son. Victor asked, "What are you saying?" Nikki replied, "I'm just saying the truth. Dylan is my son." Dylan was taken aback and believed that Nikki had suffered a lapse of mental clarity. He said, "You don't know me, my parents, or how I grew up. I'm not your son!" Victoria chimed in and said that perhaps her mother was confused and mistaken.

Avery asked if Nikki could prove that Dylan was her son. Nikki explained that while she'd claimed to be in Chicago attending to charity business, she'd actually gone to Winnetka. There, Nikki explained, she'd hoped to learn more about a baby she'd given birth to many years before. Dylan turned to leave, but Nikki stopped him in his tracks when she said, "Penelope Harrison." Nikki said that she'd spoken to Pamela, Penelope's sister, and learned about Dylan's mother and his father, Terry McAvoy.

Victoria asked Dylan if his parents had ever mentioned that he'd been adopted. Nikki told Dylan that his father never knew about the adoption because Penelope had kept it a secret. Dylan, angry, insisted that his mother would never lie to him. Dylan said, "You're the one who's lying." Nikki explained that she'd learned from Pamela that Penelope and Terry had separated. After Penelope had heard that a baby was available for adoption, she'd hoped to reconcile and raise the baby with Terry.

Dylan refused to believe that his mother would so cruelly deceive his father. Nikki said she wasn't judging the woman who'd raised Dylan, but he refused to believe Nikki and stormed out. Nikki sobbed pitifully and said, "It wasn't supposed to be like this." Victor comforted Nikki. Nick and Victoria looked on in disbelief. Nikki reminded Victor that she'd once mentioned having briefly joined a commune before they'd met each other. Victor replied, "That was a cult."

Nikki told her family that the New World Commune was indeed an evil, miserable place run by a man who could sometimes be very charming. Victoria winced when Nikki recalled that a man at the commune had made her feel special. Nikki added that she didn't know that the man was preying on all of the young girls living at the commune. Nikki cried, "It wasn't until I was pregnant that I realized he was a sick and dangerous man. I couldn't get away from him fast enough."

Victoria sat next to her mother and asked, "What did you do?" Nikki explained how she'd hidden her pregnancy and made plans to run away to Chicago, some distance away from New World. Nikki said, "I only made it as far as Winnetka. I guess the stress and shame brought about an early labor." Victor lovingly touched Nikki's hand when she recalled that a nun had helped her give birth in a church.

Nikki recalled that the nun had blessed the infant and promised to find a loving home for the baby. Nikki was grateful that the nun had kept her promise. Nikki told her family that she'd returned to Genoa City after giving birth and pretended that nothing had ever happened. Nick asked his mom why she'd decided to reveal her secret. Nikki replied, "You know better than anybody what a secret like this can do to your soul."

Victor seemed hurt when he learned that Nikki had long before confided her secret to Katherine. Victor asked why Nikki had never shared her story with her family. Nikki said she'd been too ashamed. Nikki added that her multiple sclerosis diagnosis had forced her to consider the genetic consequences for all of her offspring. Victor accused Nikki of not trusting him. Nikki said she'd kept her secret because she had feared hurting her family.

Nikki admitted that she had yearned to know about the child she'd given up after Katherine's posthumous directive had prompted the search. Nick angrily noted that he had no intention whatsoever of striking up a friendship with the man who'd ruined his relationship with Avery. Victor followed Nick after he stormed off. Victoria comforted her mother, but Nikki said she feared she might never repair the damage she'd inflicted on her family. Victoria, torn, was at a loss for words.

Victor joined Nick at the bar and advised his son not to down too many stiff drinks. Nick said, "Can you believe this? Dylan McAvoy? I already have to deal with Adam, and now this?" Victor said he was as shocked as Nick. Nick cried, "I am stuck with Dylan the rest of my life." Nick insisted that he had no intention of being part of the happy family Nikki had envisioned. Victor said he was just as shocked as Nick. Victor told Nick that his mother probably didn't expect everyone to live as one happy family.

Avery chased Dylan to Chancellor Park. Dylan was stunned and hurt when he discovered that Avery had already known that Nikki was his mother. Avery noted that she'd been bound by the attorney-client privilege. Dylan asked, "Is it true?" The look in Avery's eyes gave Dylan his answer, and he began walking away. Avery reached out, but Dylan shooed her away.

Dylan told Avery he was hurt because she had lied and likely had been leading him on about rebuilding their relationship. Avery cried, "You know how much I care about you." Dylan replied, "I don't know a damn thing. Everything I thought I knew has turned out to be wrong." Dylan insisted that Penny and Terry McAvoy were his parents. Dylan cried that Mrs. Newman meant nothing to him. Nikki hid behind a wall and listened.

After Avery and Dylan left, Nikki, sobbing, stood before the plaque honoring Katherine's memory. Nikki cried, Oh, Katherine! Why aren't you here? It went worse than anybody could have ever imagined." Tears streamed down Nikki's face. As if pouring her heart out in person to Katherine, Nikki cried, "I broke so many hearts tonight. I don't know that my family will ever be whole again."

Victoria returned home just after Billy got there. She marched past Billy and later emerged from the kitchen with two opened bottles of beer. Victoria gave one beer to Billy, took a long sip from the other, and announced that she'd learned she had an older brother. Victoria said, "I guess Mom was envisioning a warm, honest, cozy conversation with mind-blowing, earth-shattering news." Billy nearly choked on his beer when Victoria added that Dylan and Avery had been present when Nikki announced to everyone that Dylan was her son.

Victoria said that Victor left Nikki's side to comfort a distraught Nick. Billy said that he, like Victor, had a habit of ignoring his wife. Billy apologized for losing his temper with Victoria earlier. Victoria acknowledged that she shouldn't have packed up Dee Dee's things without first talking to him. Victoria seemed somewhat relieved when Billy told her that he'd visited a support group with others who'd lost children and understood what he was going through.

At Crimson Lights, Neil and Leslie discussed tentative holiday plans. Neil kissed Leslie's hand and said, "Holidays are all about family." Neil said he and Leslie could prepare their own holiday meal with help from Moses. Neil explained that Moses would be spending more time with him. Neil added, "We never had to worry about arranging for a sitter or waking Moses in the middle of the night." Neil said he didn't want to expose his son to people who "were just passing through." Leslie replied, "If I'm just passing through, then I'm taking my sweet old time about it." Leslie said she was honored to be part of Neil's family.

At the Underground, Sharon stopped by looking for Nick. Noah greeted his mom and asked why she was looking for his dad. Sharon said she'd hoped to finalize plans for Thanksgiving. As Noah uncrated bottles of wine, he told his mom that Victor had hired Harvard M.B.A. graduate Kyle at Newman-Chancellor. Noah sarcastically added, "But hey, I know how to pour drinks and write music, so I'm sure we'll get equal treatment, you know?" Sharon assured Noah that he wasn't in competition with Kyle. Sharon added, "If you believe in yourself, Victor will believe in you, too." Sharon cautioned her young son not to base his sense of self-worth on Victor's opinions.

Sharon praised Noah's sense of loyalty and good judgment. Someday, Sharon noted, Noah would find a young woman who truly deserved him. Noah received a text message from Courtney asking about plans for their date. Sharon said, "I see somebody's already in the mix." Noah blushed and smiled sheepishly. Noah told his mom that he'd struck up a close friendship with Courtney Sloane, Summer's friend.

Sharon told Noah that she approved of his choice and hoped he'd enjoy the companionship of such a nice young lady. Noah asked his mom if she was still thinking about Nick. Sharon said, "Not until I officially get myself back together." Sharon said she dreamed of enjoying a coffee date with "a nice, new guy because it [was] great to experience 'firsts' with someone special." Noah nodded in agreement.

At Chancellor Park, a photographer snapped photos of Summer and a male model while Courtney watched. Reacting to the cold, Summer winced and briskly rubbed her bare arms. The photographer, miffed that Summer appeared to be miserable, ordered Summer and the male model to resume their pose. Summer noted that the weather was freezing. The photographer replied, "Then nail this, so you can go home to your footy pajamas and hot cocoa, princess."

During a break, Summer slipped into her coat and encouraged Courtney to meet up with Noah for their prearranged date. Summer and the male model resumed the photo session, but the photographer harshly criticized every pose. Sharon happened by and was shocked to see Summer shivering in the cold.

Sharon grabbed a couple of packets of chemical hand warmers off the crew table and instructed Summer to slip them into her shoes. Sharon said, "It's a modeling trick." Summer cried that she'd been posing half-dressed in the cold for four hours. Sharon approached the photographer and angrily noted that he'd been abusing Jack Abbott's daughter. Sharon abruptly ended the photography session and rushed Summer away.

Sharon escorted Summer to the coffeehouse and instructed the young woman to order something hot to drink. Sharon approached Neil and Leslie and suggested that Neil have a word with his fashion photographer. After Sharon explained what had happened to Summer, Neil asked Summer if she was all right. Summer said she was beginning to thaw. Neil told Summer to contact him if she encountered problems during future photo sessions. Sharon offered to run interference with pushy photographers.

After Sharon and Summer left to enjoy their coffee at another table, Leslie informed Neil that Jabot could have been sued if anyone other than Summer had been subjected to such abuse. Neil reminded Leslie that she was no longer Jabot's attorney. Leslie joked that she'd give Neil a family rate for sharing legal advice. Neil laughed and said they'd put aside business and look forward to enjoying a nice holiday with family. Leslie agreed.

Summer told Sharon she'd thought of Phyllis when she witnessed Sharon fiercely challenging the photographer. Sharon said that she had once been a spokesmodel for Jabot and knew all about photographers and their tricks of the trade. Summer said she was aware that her mom and Sharon didn't get along. Summer noted that she and Jack planned to spend Thanksgiving with Phyllis. Summer joked that perhaps she could force her mom out of her coma by mentioning that Phyllis and Sharon shared common traits. Sharon laughed nervously.

When Courtney arrived at the Underground, Noah was spiffily dressed in the suit she'd chosen for him. He sent her to the office to find an ensemble he'd chosen for her to wear. Courtney later returned wearing a blue dress. The couple danced in the empty bar illuminated by the flickering light from candles set throughout the room. Noah kissed Courtney as they swayed to the music. Noah pressed his body against Courtney's. Noah paused and said that their "first time" should be special. Courtney suggested that Nick's cozy apartment was a suitable spot, so the amorous couple raced upstairs.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

At the prison, Michael reported to Lauren that Fen had seemed tired and thinner than usual that morning. Michael optimistically stated that he thought the prison was serving pumpkin pie that night, and she asked how he was holding it together. Michael pointed out that Fen would be home soon, but Lauren wailed that Michael could be locked up for years unless a miracle happened. Lauren informed Michael that Jill had invited her for Thanksgiving dinner, but she didn't plan to go. Michael joked that there were more dangerous places to be, like Fenmore's on Black Friday, and Lauren cracked a smile.

Michael said that Lauren's smile was the image he had in his head when he closed his eyes and dreamed of his beautiful wife at night, and he asked her to promise to find a reason every day to smile. He understood that things were tough, but he implored her to remember what she had to be thankful for. He recalled that they'd almost lost Fen that year and that Michael and Lauren had fought their way back to one another, and they were still together. Lauren replied that they would be forever, and Michael said that the thought made him happy every second of every day.

In Paul's office, Paul and Christine kissed, and he wished her a happy Thanksgiving, even though they were working and not cooking together. She pointed out that nothing in their marriage had been traditional, and she eagerly anticipated finding out whether Judge Wayne had reviewed Michael's case to determine whether the conviction could be overturned. Christine left, and Paul called Nikki and left a message to inquire how her announcement about Dylan had gone.

Later, Christine and Paul visited Michael, who asked if Fen had been moved to a safer unit. Christine said that they were there to talk about Michael's conviction, and Michael refused to leave while Fen remained in prison, but Paul said that justice wasn't being served with an innocent man behind bars. Christine divulged that the judge had ruled to reopen the investigation and release Michael, but Michael protested that Fen would have no one to help him. Paul pointed out that Fen would serve his time no matter what, but Lauren was suffering without Michael. Christine begged Michael to stop lying, because they'd all have to eventually deal with the consequences of the truth.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill promised Murphy over the phone that she'd give his love to everyone. Chloe asked why Jill had summoned her and Kevin there, and Jill proclaimed that she'd arranged for them to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Kevin grumbled that he wasn't up for it, and Jill recognized that they were all still dealing with their grief, but she argued that they still had one another. Jill urged them to seize the day and to remember what they had to be thankful for. Esther remarked that Jill sounded like Katherine, and Jill suggested that they all take a page out of Katherine's book and make an effort that Katherine would have been proud of.

Kevin saw Chloe looking out the window and asked if the get-together was too much, but she insisted that it felt good to be with the people who had loved Delia. Jill mentioned that she had invited Billy, but Chloe was sure that he wasn't ready. Kevin remarked that it was strange to celebrate the holiday without Katherine, and Chloe recalled that she had announced at a past Thanksgiving that she was having a baby girl. Chloe added that experts recommended talking about the good times, and Jill said that they'd had plenty of them. Chloe said that she knew that Katherine was taking good care of Delia, and she noted that a little boy was able to see his first Thanksgiving because of Delia.

Esther said that she was grateful for her beautiful, talented daughter and the gifts that Katherine had left behind. Kevin recalled that one Thanksgiving after a particularly rough year, Katherine had said that she'd considered it a victory to stand there with all of them. Katherine had been thankful for the time they'd been given and the time they'd had with others who had no longer been there. Esther prodded Jill to share what she was thankful for, and Lauren entered. Jill cried that she was thankful for a lot, and she hugged Lauren.

Lauren complained that every day got harder, and Kevin felt useless because he couldn't do anything to help Michael, Fen, or Chloe, but Lauren insisted that he was doing more than he knew. Lauren told Jill that she was going to leave, but Jill ordered her to stay there until after they ate the turkey. Jill asked Esther when the turkey would be ready, and Esther replied that she hadn't made a turkey, because Jill had supposedly handled all the details. Jill said that it couldn't be Thanksgiving without a turkey, and she would figure something out. Kevin and Chloe agreed that they could always count on some things.

The group dined on Chinese food, and Chloe asked everyone to open their fortune cookies. Esther's fortune said that there was an angel watching over her, and she remarked that it was true. Kevin read that big changes were headed his way, and he wondered whether they would be good or bad. Chloe's fortune advised her to never underestimate the power of the human touch, and Jill's told her not to fear the unknown, because if she asked the right question, she could find an answer worth knowing. Lauren read that the truth could set one free, and she prepared to leave. Lauren gasped when Michael walked in, and she tearfully ran into his arms.

Christine told Paul that they'd done the right thing, and Paul noticed that she'd placed a piece of pie on his desk. She said that it was pumpkin pecan, his favorite, but he wondered if they should have the rest of dinner first. She jokingly complained that it would be too traditional, and they kissed.

At the penthouse, Chelsea excitedly showed Adam a picture of a turkey made from Connor's footprints and handprints. She called their son a creative genius and gushed that they had a decoration for Connor's first Thanksgiving, because she intended to make it special. Chelsea dressed up Connor in a turkey costume, and she asserted that she wanted Connor to grow up loving the holidays, including pictures in goofy outfits that she'd never had in her childhood. She wondered what Adam's holidays with Hope had been like, and he revealed that if something had been hokey, then Hope had made him do it.

Adam mentioned that he hadn't celebrated the holidays since he'd moved to Genoa City, and Chelsea recalled that they'd almost celebrated the prior Thanksgiving, but she'd been jealous of Sharon. Adam admitted that he never should have given Chelsea a reason to be jealous, but Chelsea declared that what was done was done, and it was a new beginning with Connor. Chelsea marveled that their lives had changed a lot in a year, and Adam remarked that she didn't hate him as much as she once had. Chelsea insisted that she'd never hated him, but she'd hated that he'd shared a connection with Sharon and that he'd cared more about the company than their marriage.

Adam dryly noted that there was no Sharon, no marriage, and no business anymore. Chelsea asked if he was still happy, and he replied that he wouldn't call it happiness. She said that she was starting to see the man she once knew, since Newman Enterprises no longer consumed him, and she had witnessed his gentleness and humanity when he was with Connor. She added that Delia's death had affected Adam, but he said that he didn't want to talk about it. She pointed out that his reaction showed that he had a big heart, and it reminded her of the man she had loved.

Adam asserted that he wasn't the man Chelsea had fallen in love with, but she said that they'd both changed, and so had Connor. She ran upstairs to get her phone to take a photo, and Adam apologized to Connor for making him wear the turkey outfit. Adam playfully kissed his son, and Chelsea returned and found Adam fawning over Connor. Chelsea took a happy photo of the three of them together, and she proclaimed that it was their first family portrait.

Chelsea reported that Connor was asleep, and she declared that the holiday was an opportunity to thank Adam for not taking Connor away from her and for agreeing to live together for the sake of their son. Adam thanked her for seeing the good in him and for just being there, and they gazed intently at one another for a moment. After an awkward silence, Chelsea headed upstairs.

Nick stopped by Sharon's house, and Sharon assumed that he'd received her message about when to have Faith ready to go to Thanksgiving dinner. Nick announced that he wasn't going, and he informed Sharon that Dylan was his brother. Nick pondered how he could deal with the fact that he'd warned Dylan to stay away from his family, only to later learn that he and Dylan were brothers in name only. Sharon said that there was more to it than that, and Nick understood that Sharon and Dylan were friends, but he considered Dylan to be a manipulative jerk, and the men's blood tie changed nothing. Sharon countered that it changed everything.

Sharon realized that Dylan was Faith and Noah's uncle, and she thought that Victoria might be okay with Dylan being part of the family. Sharon speculated that Dylan could have good relationships with the people close to Nick, and she suspected that it was gnawing away at Nick. Nick wondered why Nikki hadn't told them earlier so it wouldn't have been as much of a shock, and Sharon admitted that she felt empathy for Nikki. Sharon recalled that telling Nick that she'd given Cassie up for adoption had been extremely difficult, and she encouraged Nick to find it in his heart to give Nikki a break, because it was harder on Nikki than anyone else.

Nick conceded that although he was angry, he had seen how hard it had been for Nikki to tell her story. Sharon said that she wouldn't wish the situation on anyone, and Nick realized that he needed to talk to Nikki, but he couldn't pretend that everything was fine that night. Sharon offered to explain the change of plans to Faith, and Nick felt bad for letting Faith down. He asked what Sharon was doing for dinner, and she said that she didn't have any plans. He suggested that they give Faith a family dinner after all.

Sharon loved the idea but said that she hadn't shopped, because she had planned to eat a frozen turkey dinner and watch old movies. Nick said that it sounded like a plan, and he reasoned that he and Sharon were friends and that Thanksgiving was a time for families. He declared that he'd like to have dinner with his family, and Sharon said that she'd see him later. Nick left, and Sharon grinned excitedly.

Avery and Dylan entered Crimson Lights, and he apologized for having to take care of some work on Thanksgiving. He admitted that he didn't know how to handle the news about Nikki, and he lamented that he couldn't talk to his parents. He wanted a DNA test, and Avery offered to help him get one, but she was certain that Nikki had done her due diligence. Dylan wondered how he could accept that Nikki was his mother and everything that went along with it.

Dylan refused to accept that Nick was his brother, and Avery mentioned that she knew what it was like to be at odds with a sibling. She said that she was glad that she and Phyllis had made peace, but she had no idea what things would be like when Phyllis woke up. Dylan didn't believe that he'd ever make peace with Nick, and Avery recognized that Dylan had a right to be hurt and resentful, but she argued that although his parents were gone, he had blood relatives. Dylan flatly stated that the Newmans weren't his family.

Dylan ranted that all of his memories were tainted, but Avery contended that Terry had still been his father. Dylan recalled that he'd considered his mom a saint, but she'd lied to Dylan and his dad. Avery said that they didn't know his mother's reasons, but Dylan pointed out that he hadn't forgiven Chelsea for a similar lie, and he couldn't fathom forgiving his mom when he couldn't confront her. Avery argued that Dylan's mother hadn't kept a child from a father who'd wanted to raise him, but Dylan retorted that he didn't even know his biological father's name, unless there was something else Avery was hiding.

Avery said that she didn't know much about Dylan's birth father other than that he hadn't been a good man. Dylan groused that he'd gotten half his genes from a lowlife, and he wondered whether he had more brothers and sisters. Avery asserted that Dylan knew where to get answers if he wanted them.

At the ranch, Nikki worried that Victor was exhausted, because she doubted that either of them had slept after her big revelation the night before. Victor acknowledged that it had been a shock to find out that she'd had another son and that, of all people, it was Dylan. Nikki apologized for blurting out the truth to keep Nick and Dylan from killing one another, but Victor said that what bothered him was that she'd kept the secret for all the years they'd been together. Nikki contended that she hadn't only kept the secret from Victor; she'd hidden it from the entire world.

Nikki questioned how she could have shared something when she hadn't been able to accept it herself. She explained that she'd lived through horrible things that she hadn't wanted to relive, so she'd buried the guilt and shame and pretended that her first pregnancy hadn't happened. Victor didn't understand Nikki's choice to suffer in silence rather than tell the one person who could have helped, and she asked if he would help her by accepting that Dylan was part of their lives. Victor sighed heavily and mumbled that she was asking for a lot.

Victor huffed that Dylan had caused Nick misery, but Nikki requested that Victor acknowledge Dylan as her son and find a way to be civil. Victor vowed to support Nick, and Nikki pointed out that Nick was her son, too. She said that maternal feelings for Dylan had stirred in her when she'd learned that he was her child, even if Dylan never felt anything other than contempt for her. Victor promised that he wouldn't cause Dylan any intentional harm, but he couldn't treat Dylan as a son, and he warned Nikki not to get too close to Dylan, because Dylan would have to deal with Victor if Dylan ever hurt her.

Nikki didn't want to fight on Thanksgiving, and she thought that Dylan's reaction to her proclamation had indicated that he wouldn't become part of the family anytime soon. Nikki pledged not to expect too much too soon, and she begged Victor not to draw parallels to Victor's relationships with Adam or his own father. Victor told Nikki to expect Dylan to want nothing to do with her or their family. Nikki conceded that Dylan might not want to be part of their family yet, but she was willing to work hard and be patient to build a relationship with him.

Victor compared the situation to the adult relationship he'd developed with Adam, and he recounted that Nikki and their children had resented Adam from the moment Adam had arrived. Nikki chided Victor for boosting Adam to the top of Newman Enterprises despite the fact that Victoria and Nick had worked there for years, and she declared that Dylan wasn't Adam and that she wasn't Victor. She refused to pit her children against one another to prove their loyalty to her, but Victor called guilt a powerful motivator. Nikki swore not to favor Dylan because she'd given him up, and Victor said that he would hold her to it.

Nikki said that the family would be there soon for dinner, and she suggested that she and Victor declare a truce in order to have a nice holiday. Victor contended that it wouldn't be easy to ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the room, but he agreed that he wanted peace at the dinner table, and he left to make some calls to Europe. Nikki answered the door and faced Dylan.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On the plane to Georgia, Jack comforted Summer, who was beginning to lose hope that Phyllis would ever recover from her coma. Jack remained optimistic and vowed that he would never give up on either Summer or Phyllis. Summer asked Jack what would matter if Phyllis did not wake up. Jack replied that Summer would matter, and life would matter because every day mattered.

Jack told Summer that she was like her mother, who always grabbed a giant bite out of life and would expect no less of Summer. Jack told Summer that she had a part of him in her, also, and the only thing that would hurt him was if something should happen to Summer.

Abby, Tyler, Traci, and Kyle gathered at the Abbott home for dinner. They bemoaned the smaller than usual gathering, so the group was delighted when Ashley made an unexpected appearance. As they joked about Abbott family traditions, including breaking the wishbone and someone always managing a clumsy accident, Tyler got a call from Mariah. Abby was noticeably tense.

Privately, Tyler shut off his phone and told Abby that he loved her and had made it clear to Mariah that he loved Abby. Tyler left with Kyle to make drinks while Ashley got the story out of Abby. Ashley told Abby not to worry about Tyler deserting her for Mariah, because not everyone always went back to his ex as Victor had.

Ashley had just voiced surprise that Kyle was working for Victor when Jack and Summer arrived home in time for dinner. The Abbotts laughed and celebrated as they all went in to dinner. After dinner, Tyler left for Neil's place after he and Abby agreed to meet later. After he was gone, Ashley told Abby that she approved of Tyler. Ashley went to the kitchen for the coffee tray but dropped it as she was returning.

The Abbotts laughed about the clumsy tradition and then Traci assigned the wishbone to Jack and Summer. As each took a side, Jack and Summer were told to make a wish and that the one who got the bigger piece would have that wish granted. Traci said that she suspected it would not matter who got the bigger piece because both wishes were the same. Jack and Summer grinned at each other.

Cane, Lily, Charlie, Mattie, Neil, Leslie, and Moses gathered at Neil's house. The kids played, and some of the adults watched football games. Neil watched Leslie, who was uncomfortable at first, care for Moses. Devon arrived with sugary treats for the kids. Devon had been at the homeless shelter, serving meals and making a generous contribution. He said he had forgotten who he was and needed to remind himself after the way he had treated Roxanne.

Lily told Devon that he would find the right woman. Leslie found colored paper and entertained the kids. Lily said that she and Cane were working on a business venture that would let them live life their way. Lily said that her life was perfect as it was. Tyler arrived and kidded Leslie about how maternal she was getting. He told her that not only did he smell gravy, but he smelled a wedding as well. Leslie was not amused.

At the table, all gave thanks. Cane was thankful for family. Lily said she was grateful for good heath and that the kids were thankful for sugar and Uncle Devon who provided it. Devon chimed in that that was what uncles were for. Leslie said that she was thankful for a new home and a new life. Everyone laughed when Tyler added that he was also thankful for a second dinner. Neil was thankful for family and a perfect day that was exactly as he had imagined it.

Victor went to the office and found Noah there. Victor wanted to talk about Noah's ideas over dinner, but Noah said that he was having a low-key dinner with Nick, Faith, and Sharon. Victor immediately blamed Sharon for manipulating Nick, but Noah assured Victor that it had been Nick's idea because he needed some space. When Victor continued to insult Sharon, Noah said that his mom was in a good place, and he respected it.

Noah left the office as Victoria arrived. Victor voiced his anger over the secret that Nikki had kept from him. Victoria defended Nikki because Nikki had been ashamed and afraid to tell her secret. Victoria asked Victor if he was angry because Nikki had lied or because she had told the truth. Victor said that Dylan had made a fool out of Nick. Victoria defended Dylan. She said that Dylan had been a good friend to Billy and had always been kind to her.

Victor said that they would discuss it over dinner, but Victoria said that she and Billy would not be there because Billy was not ready to celebrate anything. Victor was disappointed, but Victoria said that he should pay attention to Nikki, who needed him more than ever.

Nikki was surprised when she opened her front door and found Dylan there. Dylan asked for proof that he was Nikki's son. Nikki did not have a birth certificate but quickly agreed to an immediate DNA test. When Dylan asked about his father, Nikki told him that Ian Ward had been a charismatic cult leader who had not been a nice man. She added that Dylan was nothing like Ian Ward. Nikki said that Dylan resembled her grandfather, who had been a good man, unlike her sick, vicious father.

Nikki said that she was grateful that Dylan had had a good father and family life, which she would not have been able to provide for him at the time. Dylan told Nikki that even if the DNA test proved that they were related, he did not want another mother, and even if he ever did want a family, he would not choose hers.

Nikki was crying when Victor arrived home. She told him that the reason that she had not confided her secret was because she had known that everyone would hate her, and that was why no one was attending Thanksgiving dinner. Victor said that he did not hate her and neither did her children, who had problems of their own.

Nikki told Victor that Dylan wanted a DNA test, and once it was done, Dylan wanted to forget everything that had happened. Victor said that it did not make him happy to see Nikki so sad. Victor told her that he had feared that she was holding back information about her M.S., but instead, it had been a secret child. Nikki said that she wished it had been the M.S.

Victor comforted Nikki. He held her close and told her that she had made him happy during all the years that she had been by his side, and he looked forward to many more years together with her. Nikki looked Victor in the eyes and asked if he still loved her. Victor told Nikki that he loved her more than she would ever know.

Victoria ran into Dylan at the club. He asked about Billy. Victoria said that Billy was in a support group and that talking helped. Dylan did not want to chat, but Victoria insisted. She told Dylan that he knew Nikki as a wealthy, charitable woman, but Nikki was also a very kind and loving person. Victoria apologized for how Dylan had gotten the news but said that time would make everything better. Dylan said that he had asked for a DNA test but vowed that nothing would change for him regardless of the result.

Victoria said that things would change for her because she would be gaining a brother. Dylan resisted the idea, but Victoria said that Dylan had been a great friend to Billy and to her when he had offered her a shoulder. Victoria said that she wanted Dylan to know that he was not alone and that he could lean on her as a friend and as a sister. After she left, Dylan was thoughtful as he had a drink and looked over photographs of himself with his father, Terry.

Sharon and Faith were talking about their family Thanksgiving when Nick showed up loaded with dinner items. Noah arrived, and Sharon took Faith upstairs to wash her hands. Noah told Nick about how Victor had started blaming Sharon because Nick had declined dinner at the ranch. Nick then told Noah about his relationship to Dylan and said that "this" was all the family he needed because Nick did not want to join hands and sing "Kumbaya" with Dylan.

After dinner, Nick overheard Faith tell Noah how disappointed she was that she would not get the dollhouse that she wanted because Nick had gotten mad at Dylan and would not let Dylan build it for her. Noah told her that Santa had magic fairy dust that would make whatever gift she got just perfect. Faith was satisfied and went off to play.

Nick asked Noah how he had liked their Thanksgiving. Noah said it had been okay. He told Nick that he and Faith were permanent fixtures, and Nick could always count on them. Noah also said that Sharon was in a good place, and he did not want to see her hurt. Nick said that he would not hurt Sharon. After Noah left, Sharon thanked Nick for dinner. She said that it seemed like life was getting back to normal. They hugged.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 2, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

We'd like to take a moment to thank our Soap Central family of fans and readers a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Your love and passion of all things soap and your continued support of our site is more than enough reason for us to be thankful -- not just today, but every day of the year.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 2, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

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