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Womack rescued Fen from a prison beating. Avery told Dylan that she loved him. The DNA test results confirmed that Dylan was Nikki's son. Adam and Chelsea kissed passionately. Chelsea discovered that Chloe had left with Connor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 2, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, December 2, 2013

At the hospital, Ashley seemed instantly smitten when Stitch entered an exam room to evaluate her injured ankle. While Stitch carefully manipulated Ashley's bruised ankle, Abby mentioned that both her mother and the doctor had reached the top of their science-oriented fields of study. Ashley blushed, and Stitch grinned when Abby stated that the doctor and her mom would likely be perfectly matched if each consulted a dating website. Ashley shushed her daughter. Hoping Stitch might identify with her role as the parent of a headstrong child, Ashley asked the doctor if he had children. Stitch said he had a son.

After Stitch left the exam room to check Ashley's x-rays, Abby leaned in toward her mother and said, "He is totally your type." Ashley told Abby that the doctor was obviously married because he had mentioned having a son. Abby replied, "Not all men have wives or ex-girlfriends constantly lurking." Ashley said that Abby seemed to be referring to Tyler and his lurking ex-girlfriend. Abby admitted that she was disappointed because Tyler hadn't blocked Mariah's phone calls. Ashley suggested that Tyler hadn't thought about blocking the calls. Ashley advised Abby to trust her exceptional instincts.

Stitch returned to the exam room and confirmed that Ashley had sustained only a sprain to her ankle. He ordered Ashley to rest her injured ankle as much as possible. Abby suggested that her mom shouldn't travel to Japan with an injured ankle, but Stitch approved the trip. Abby overtly announced that she'd keep her mom in Genoa City after Ashley returned from the business trip. The doctor grinned and told Ashley to pamper her ankle as much as possible and enjoy her trip.

At Billy and Victoria's, Victoria sadly noted that it had been difficult getting through their first Thanksgiving without Delia. Billy picked up a turkey Delia had made from a pinecone and colored construction paper. Resuming normal activities, Victoria added, seemed the best way for them to move forward. In a somber tone, Billy mumbled, "Yeah, normal. Dee Dee made this last year." Victoria took the turkey decoration from Billy and packed it away in a box of fall-themed décor.

Victoria changed the subject and told Billy about Dylan being her half-brother. Victoria recalled how her mother's announcement had affected her family, especially Nick. Victoria asked Billy to help his new brother-in-law adjust to his new role in the family. Billy said he'd prefer not to put himself in the middle of Victoria's family drama. Victoria, exasperated, snapped, "This affects me, Billy. This is about me!"

Billy lovingly held Victoria's hand. Billy said, "We all lost Delia, and there's no time limit on grief. It's different for everyone." Victoria, relieved, said that grief counseling was obviously helping Billy. Victoria offered to attend the next session. Billy hesitated and told Victoria that he'd rather she not. Billy explained that he tended to open up more if Victoria wasn't present. Victoria failed to hide her disappointment.

At Newman-Chancellor Enterprises, Noah avoided Victor's question about Thanksgiving and said he understood Nick's reasons for avoiding the family gathering. Noah added, "I heard that my dad and Dylan were brothers." Noah requested that he be treated like any other employee at work because he wanted to earn his position at the company. Kyle interrupted when Noah brought up the marketing plan he'd devised. Victor said, "You both have ideas I want to hear about." Noah couldn't hide his discontent and glared at Kyle.

Victor listened intently when Noah proposed targeting very young teen girls with advertisements for the company's cosmetic products. Kyle claimed he could quadruple the company's market share. Kyle added that his plan included offering free samples, sending coupons via phone apps, and promoting the company's products through various means of free "guerilla" advertising. Kyle referred to Noah's former bartending expertise and promised that marketing expansion would become the company's "new vodka."

Noah, annoyed, asked Kyle how alcohol fit in with beauty and health products. Kyle replied, "People want to look good when they party, and we give them a chance to do it all with Newman-Chancellor lifestyle products." Victor praised Kyle's ideas and told him to move forward with his plan. Noah was taken aback, but Victor proclaimed that Kyle's pitch had been the best. Kyle beamed with pride.

After Victor stepped out, he hid and listened outside his office door. Victor overheard Noah clash with Kyle. Noah said, "We all know he didn't choose your pitch because it was better. My grandfather was just trying to get back at your dad." Kyle claimed that Noah couldn't handle competition. Noah angrily replied, "I feel like handing you something right now." Victor stepped back into his office and chided the young men.

Victor told Noah that Kyle's presentation had been better. Victor advised Noah to figure out how to improve future presentations. Noah heatedly attempted to defend his ideas. Victor interrupted and said, "Cool off!" After Noah left, Kyle asked if Victor was using him to take a swing at Jack. Victor said, "I chose your pitch on merit, Kyle. I think that if we implement your plan, we'll make profit for this company."

After Ashley left the hospital, she stopped by to visit Victor at his office. He was delighted to see her. Victor and Ashley sat together on a sofa in Victor's office. Ashley said she was relieved that Abby had finally given up her ridiculous antics to garner attention. Ashley added that at last, Abby seemed content. Ashley asked Victor to keep an eye on their daughter while refraining from dragging Abby into his business conflicts.

Victor agreed to keep his distance while maintaining a watchful eye on Abby. Ashley noted that she'd be a long way from home when Victor faced off with Jack again. Victor promised to exclude Abby from his business dealings. Ashley replied, "Don't say the next epic battle is not about to happen because I can see all the signs." Ashley warned Victor that neither he nor Jack was a young man. Ashley voiced her concern that Victor and Jack might not survive another hostile battle.

Abby met up with Tyler at Crimson Lights. Abby told Tyler that her mother had met a cute doctor who had determined that Ashley had only sprained her ankle. Abby added that she and her mom had also discussed Tyler. Tyler took Abby's hand and said that he'd blocked Mariah's phone number. Tyler said he didn't know why he'd hadn't done so long before. Tyler pulled Abby close and said she was the only woman he wanted. Abby embraced Tyler and said she was happy to hear she was the only woman in his life.

At Crimson Lights, Noah visited with Tyler. Noah explained that his grandmother had dropped a bombshell when she announced that Dylan was her son. Noah explained that his grandmother had been involved in a cult at the time of Dylan's birth and had been forced to give him up. Tyler shook his head in disbelief and said, "And Dylan McAvoy was the kid?" Noah nodded.

Tyler mentioned that the Newmans were the richest, most powerful family members in town. Noah explained that Dylan wasn't a Newman. Noah added that being a Newman wasn't as glorious as Tyler imagined. Noah told Tyler about the competition he'd faced while vying for Victor's approval against Kyle. Tyler warned that Noah would be putting himself under a lot of pressure, trying to impress his grandfather. Tyler added, "It's the people who are closest to you that can hurt you the most." Noah appeared to be troubled by Tyler's warning.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club gym, Mason menacingly teased Hilary about enjoying a free membership through her position at Jabot. Hilary explained that she'd paid for her own membership. Mason set down his gym bag and loosened his expensive wristwatch. Hilary spotted the extravagant watch before Mason slipped it into his pocket. She said, "Looks like you're doing all right." Mason claimed that he'd been working extra hours.

Devon entered the gym. When Hilary learned that Devon was Mason's sparring partner, she seemed uneasy and reminded Devon that Mason had aided her while she carried out attacks on Devon's family. Devon laid the blame fully on Hilary. After Hilary walked away, Mason said the confrontation had given him the incentive to be a tough sparring partner. Devon, not at all suspicious of Mason, laughed. After Devon left, Mason phoned in an order for training gloves and a sports bag. Mason, holding the credit card stolen from Devon, told the person taking the order that he was Devon Hamilton.

Later, at the Genoa City Athletic Club's lounge, Hilary confronted Devon and told him to be wary of Mason. Devon rebuffed Hilary and said he couldn't trust her. Devon recalled how Hilary had repeatedly waged attacks on various members of his family. Hilary assured Devon that she was remorseful and was trying to put her life back together. Devon noted that Hilary had evidently fooled Neil and Jack.

Hilary reminded Devon that Mason had helped her steal Neil's journal. Hilary added that Mason had also snapped the staged pictures of her with Cane and had helped gather the information she'd used to hurt Devon's family. Devon said he was well aware that Mason had been Hilary's partner. Hilary admitted that she'd been seeking revenge against Neil, but Mason, she added, had participated because he wanted money. Defiant, Devon said that Mason hadn't asked him for anything. Hilary replied, "When you got all that money, I guess you inherited an ability to figure out what everyone's thinking all the time."

Jill visited Jack at his mansion. She told Jack she wasn't comfortable with his plan to plant Kyle as a mole at Newman-Chancellor because Victor would be too wary to reveal helpful information. Jack said, "Victor already suspects the truth, but he still hired Kyle. We'll use Victor's hubris as our ace in the hole." Jill still wasn't convinced. Jack explained that despite his warning, Kyle had gone ahead with the plan on his own. Jill, noticing the sparkle in Jack's eyes, replied, "You're glad he did it." Jack said, "No, I'm not, but I'm damn proud of my son for agreeing to do his part to right a wrong."

Jill maintained that Victor wasn't in the wrong for taking back a company that bore his name. Jack reminded Jill that Adam had rescued the company from the brink of disaster only to be forced out after Victor stepped back in. Jill noted that she would reap nothing through Jack's plan to sacrifice his son in order to resume a rivalry that he'd recently walked away from for the sake of his health and sanity. Jack insisted that he was perfectly sane and that Jill was the one who was losing her sanity. Jill sighed.

Jill acknowledged that she was fixated on her plan to reclaim Chancellor Industries in order to pass Katherine's "test." Jack warned that much work lay ahead before he and Jill could even consider divvying up the spoils. Jack mentioned his concern about Billy. Jill said she couldn't imagine how difficult the day had been for Billy. Jack explained that being with family had helped him cope. Jill said she thought that Jack and Summer had spent the holiday with Phyllis in Georgia. Jack noted that he'd hoped Summer could have witnessed a sign indicating that Phyllis was improving. Jill agreed that it was comforting for Summer to spend Thanksgiving with her father.

After Jill left, Kyle returned home. Bragging, Kyle said that Victor had approved of his business plans. Jack replied, "I'm having second thoughts about you going in any deeper at Newman-Chancellor. I think it's a mistake." Kyle explained how his pitch had impressed Victor more than Noah's had. Jack asked Kyle if he'd forgotten that he'd accepted the job only to help glean information. Jack added, "Victor is working you, son. He's pulling you in." Kyle shook his head, indicating that he didn't believe his father's warning.

Jill stopped by to visit with Victoria. Jill asked about Billy. Victoria explained how she'd tried in vain to get her family back to normal for Johnny's sake. Appearing at her wit's end, Victoria cried that nothing she had said or done seemed to help. Victor noted that Billy had hurt her feelings often and rarely touched her. Jill seemed pleased when Victoria reported that she and Billy had attended grief-counseling sessions.

Victoria told Jill she was concerned because Billy had insisted on attending the counseling sessions without her. Jill said that Billy probably felt free to express his feelings without holding back in order to protect Victoria. Jill assured Victoria that Billy would return to her soon. Victoria seemed a little relieved by Jill's words. Still somewhat unsettled, Victoria agreed that they should be grateful that Billy was reaching out to the members of his counseling group.

Billy ran into Kelly outside the meeting room. Kelly said she suspected that Billy had been dismayed to observe people gushing over pumpkin pie when there was an empty seat at the family table. Billy admitted that he'd had a difficult time. He said that being able to share his feelings with the group, though tough, had helped. Kelly advised Billy to take one day at a time, so he wouldn't become overwhelmed. Billy noted that Kelly's advice made sense. Billy admitted that he wasn't looking forward to returning home, so Kelly invited him to have coffee with her. Billy agreed and left with Kelly.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

At the gym, Sharon saw Dylan taking out his frustration on the punching bag, and she commented that he seemed ready to go ten rounds. She mentioned that she'd heard the news about Nikki being his mother, and she observed that it looked like he could use a friend. He said that Nikki wanted a relationship with him, but it would never happen. Sharon asked about the rest of his family, but Dylan barked that he didn't have one, because blood didn't change the fact that he and Nick hated one another. Sharon said that it would take time to adjust, but she pointed out that Faith was his niece and that Faith and Dylan already shared a bond.

Sharon suggested that she tell Faith that Dylan was the girl's uncle, and she wanted Dylan to be a bigger part of their lives. She added that Dylan had been alone since his dad had died, and Dylan sadly recalled that he had been proud of what he'd thought had been his Irish heritage. Sharon contended that blood didn't change who he was, but Dylan ranted that his mom had never told him or his dad about Dylan's adoption. Sharon offered to lend an ear, but she understood that the punching bag might help him more. She said that she'd be around if he changed his mind, and she left.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Summer greeted Nick, and he inquired about her Thanksgiving. She forlornly revealed that she'd hoped that Phyllis would have woken up during Summer's visit to Georgia, but it hadn't happened. Nick assured Summer that she'd given Phyllis the strength to fight her way back, but Summer grumbled that it hadn't seemed that way. She disclosed that she'd flown home to spend the rest of the holiday with the Abbotts, and Nick was glad that she'd been with people who cared about her.

Summer asked about Nick's Thanksgiving with Nikki and Victor, but he informed her that he'd spent it with Sharon, Noah, and Faith instead. After Nick told Summer the news about Dylan, she wondered if it was worse than having Adam as a brother, and Nick replied that it was a close call. Summer empathized that it was hard for both Nick and Dylan, and Nick testily questioned whether Summer was worried about Dylan. She explained that she could relate to what Dylan was going through, and Sharon overheard.

Summer insisted that she wasn't taking Dylan's side over Nick's, and she spotted Sharon. Sharon requested that Summer spend some time with Faith, and Summer apologetically stated that she'd been slammed at work, but she would work something out. They made plans for later that day, and Summer remarked that she was glad to have time off after her last shoot. Sharon explained to Nick that the photographer had taken advantage of Summer's inexperience as a model, and Summer credited Sharon with standing up for her. Nick thanked Sharon.

Nick entered the gym and spotted Dylan, and they glared at one another. Nick confronted Dylan and said that they had to get some things straight.

Later, at Sharon's home, Sharon explained to Summer that Faith had been making handmade gifts and cards for the family, and she coached Summer to act surprised. Summer thought the idea was sweet, and she said that it reminded her of the things she'd done with Phyllis. Summer recalled a time that she and Phyllis had dressed up and pretended that they were going to the Academy Awards, using towels as the red carpet. Summer wistfully stated that she really missed Phyllis, and Sharon looked guilty.

Summer whined that it had been awful to sit at Phyllis' bedside for hours, waiting for a sign that Phyllis would wake up, and Summer had noticed the stupid Thanksgiving decorations in the room. Summer had thought that the next month, there would be paper Christmas trees and then a New Year's banner, but Phyllis would be exactly the same. Sharon said that it wasn't necessarily true, and she encouraged Summer not to give up hope. Summer wailed that every time she saw Phyllis, she wanted to scream at how unfair it was, but there was no one to blame, and she could only question why such a terrible accident had happened to her mom. Sharon hugged Summer and tearfully said that she was sorry.

At the penthouse, a frazzled Chelsea hung up the phone after she'd found out that the deadline for her next batch of designs had been moved up. Adam remarked that he'd found a new picture of Connor in a drawer, and Chelsea mentioned that she'd thrown it in there while doing laundry. He said that Vanessa was compensated to do the laundry, but Chelsea declared that she wanted to be more hands-on. Adam encouraged Chelsea to find balance, and she groused that it was hard to be creative while working under a deadline. Adam pointedly commented that it was what happened when she had people who loved her that much.

After an uncomfortable silence, Adam picked up the newspaper and handed Chelsea's favorite sections to her. He suggested that they have steak and baked potatoes for dinner that night, and she protested that they were falling into their old routines. She pointed out that they were roommates who were sharing the place for their son's sake, but they were acting like they were still married. Adam conceded that he and Chelsea knew one another's habits because they'd lived together, but he insisted that it was nothing more than a practical living arrangement. Chelsea recognized that she'd stayed longer than she'd planned, but she called it a temporary situation.

Adam wondered if Chelsea was still concerned about him, but she noted that he had seemed more comfortable with Connor every day, and Adam asked why she was still there. Adam noted that Chelsea hadn't mentioned looking at any places recently, and she claimed that the housing market was bare during the holidays. She added that she didn't want to move right away because it was best to give Connor the stability of having both his parents around. Connor began to cry, and Chelsea went upstairs to check on him.

Later, Chelsea rambled that she'd thought that she'd get a lot done during Connor's nap, but she'd kept checking on him. Adam said that he wanted things to be clear about their living arrangements, and he declared that it was best if Connor lived under Adam's roof. Chelsea assumed that he meant only Connor, not her. Adam clarified that he wanted her there, too, and she said that it was natural for the lines to blur with a new baby around the holidays, but she wasn't confused about why she was there. Adam confirmed that there was no confusion for him, either, and she said that it was time that they set some ground rules.

Chelsea asserted that she and Adam had to respect each other's space, and he offered to draw a line to divide the penthouse. Chelsea suggested that they allow one other to spend time at home alone, and she requested 24 hours notice if Adam expected to entertain a female friend, so Chelsea could find another place for her and Connor to spend the night. Adam called the offer generous, but he proclaimed that he didn't want any other woman there.

Michael suddenly awakened in bed, and Lauren assured him that he was home. He asked for the time, and she told him that it was late, but she hadn't wanted to wake him, since he'd been up until dawn. He pointed out that she'd only know that if she'd been awake, too, and he acknowledged that neither one of them would rest until Fen was free. She bemoaned that the worst feeling in world was not being able to protect their child.

Michael noted that it would be one more week until Fen's sentence was up, and he hoped that Fen took his advice. Lauren worried that Fen could potentially face additional charges when Carmine's case was reopened, and Michael recognized that there was a lot of contradictory evidence. Lauren wondered if any of it could be traced to Fen, and Michael wanted to find out what Paul knew.

At the police station, Chloe dropped by to see Kevin with leftovers from their Chinese feast on Thanksgiving. He surmised that she'd had another restless night, and she conceded that she hadn't been able to keep from thinking about how Delia hadn't been with them at dinner. Chloe stated that not only had it been the first Thanksgiving since Delia's death, but it had also been her first night without Kevin. Kevin volunteered to be there for Chloe, because it made him feel better to sleep next to her, but she reminded him that they weren't together. Kevin admitted that he wanted more, but he understood that she wasn't ready.

Chloe and Kevin laughed at an online video of a cat and a porcupine, and he offered to get doughnuts and search for more amusing videos. Chloe worried that his boss wouldn't approve, and she said that she had to get going. He thanked her for stopping by, and she started to leave, but she turned around and kissed his cheek. She said that the gesture was for making her laugh for the first time in a long time and for being in her life. She departed, and Kevin smiled.

Lauren and Michael arrived at the police station. Kevin hugged Michael tightly, and Michael remarked that they'd just seen one another the day before. Michael asked to speak with Paul about the evidence that the judge had considered to overturn Michael's conviction, but Kevin reported that Paul was in the field. Kevin became suspicious that Michael wanted to discuss his release instead of spending his first day of freedom alone with his wife. Kevin swore that Michael could trust him, and Michael claimed that although he was out of prison, he wasn't off the hook as long as the investigation continued.

Kevin revealed that that he'd been locked out of the investigation because of his relationship to Michael, but he suggested that there was a way to make incriminating information disappear. Michael objected, and Kevin confirmed that it wasn't who he was anymore, because he'd realized how much he'd lost when he'd messed things up with Chloe. Kevin wished that he'd been a better brother, but Michael insisted that he couldn't have asked for more. Kevin wanted to have a family party after Fen was paroled, but Lauren proposed that they take one step at a time, and the priority was to get Fen out safely.

Fen crossed the prison yard, and Womack asked "Mouse" how he was doing. Fen mumbled that he was fine, but Womack noticed that Fen still had the shakes, and he offered to help. Fen maintained that he wasn't interested in drugs, but Womack said that he'd be ready when Fen changed his mind. Fen snapped for Womack to back off, but Womack insisted that he was only trying to be Fen's friend. "Nobody gets by alone," Womack warned.

Later, an inmate hissed to Fen that "Daddy D.A." wasn't there to watch Fen's back anymore, and he taunted that he'd figured out Fen's connection to Michael. The prisoner added that Michael had locked many of the inmates up, and they hadn't been able to get near Michael, but he implied that there was another way to get even. Fen tried to step away, but he found himself surrounded by seething convicts.

At Crimson Lights, Billy recounted to Kelly that he'd been terrified to tell Delia about her baby brother, but Delia had simply smiled and introduced herself to Johnny as his big sister before she'd run off to play. Billy recalled that Delia had made friends with everyone, from clerks to waiters, but he hadn't been able to mention her death to them. Kelly said that there were still people she hadn't told about Sam, and she urged Billy not to put pressure on himself. Kelly thanked him for telling stories about Delia, and he admitted that he felt that he could talk to her and the support group, but he could barely say a word to his wife or family.

Billy recognized that Victoria was trying hard to deal with his moods, but he couldn't let anyone in. Kelly remembered that the first few months after Sam had died, she'd felt pain whenever anyone had touched her. Billy and Kelly commiserated over the way people looked at them, and Kelly said that people were fearful of what to say or do, when all she wanted was for them to leave her alone. She contended that if Billy was a jerk, then she was one, too, but he assured her that she wasn't. Billy added that all he knew was that his family deserved better.

Kelly pointed out that Billy was trying by going to meetings and talking, and she recounted that she hadn't even been able to get out of bed at first. Billy admitted that it took a lot of effort to walk past Delia's bedroom door or prepare for Christmas without her, and Kelly urged him not to get ahead of himself. He complained that it wouldn't do any good to analyze which stage of grief he was in, but he dryly noted that clearly he was still in the "anger" stage. He ranted that he was angry at himself for not protecting his little girl and angry with God for taking her too soon, but most of all, he was full of pure, unadulterated rage toward the driver who'd hit Delia.

Kelly believed that Billy's anger would subside, and he wondered which stage would be next. Kelly said that the only goal was to get to acceptance, but Billy vowed that he would never accept his daughter's death, and he asked if Kelly could accept what had happened to Sam. Kelly shook her head, and he called the stages of grief "a load of crap." He scoffed at the idea of moving on to a happy future without Delia after she'd died in his arms on the side of the road.

Billy apologized and offered Kelly a refill, but Chloe entered and declared that she'd take one, too. Billy introduced the women, and Kelly expressed her condolences to Chloe. Billy explained that Kelly was in his support group, and Kelly asked if Chloe had tried going. Chloe remarked that it wasn't for her, but Kelly insisted that it helped. Chloe bristled at the suggestion from someone she had just met, and Kelly took a rain check on the refill and quickly left. Billy said that Kelly had just been trying to be nice, but Chloe argued that therapy wasn't for everyone, and she had other ways to cope.

Chloe asserted that she had cried when she needed to and had stayed busy when she needed to be. She asked about Billy's Thanksgiving, and he replied that he had spent it quietly with Victoria and Johnny, waiting for the day to be over. Chloe thought it was progress that she hadn't had a total breakdown, and she felt lucky to have Kevin's support, because she had been relying on him more than she'd expected to.

Chloe realized that Christmas would be even harder, and Billy thought that Delia would have been tearing through magazines to cut out photos of what she'd wanted. They fondly recalled how Delia had put hints in crazy places, and Billy recounted that he'd gotten into a wrestling match with another father over a doll. He added that he'd sworn to himself that he'd never do it again, but he'd give anything to have the chance. Billy and Chloe agreed that the best gift for Delia would be to find the person responsible for her death.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

At the police station, Paul told Michael and Lauren that they couldn't do anything to help Michael's case. Michael contended that he'd be back in prison once the evidence confirmed that he'd killed Carmine, but Paul ordered the Baldwins to get out. Michael griped that he still had a sword hanging over his head, and Paul remarked that the sword could fall anywhere. Lauren asked if she was on the suspect list, and Michael questioned how they were supposed to find peace if Paul wouldn't tell them what was going on. Paul vowed that the case would be solved legitimately.

Michael urged Paul to lock him up again to save the taxpayers' money, but Lauren wailed that she couldn't bear the thought of Michael going back to prison. Paul promised not to arrest more innocent people, and Lauren snapped that Carmine was the guilty party but that the Baldwins were the ones suffering. Michael instructed Lauren to go home and get some rest, and she begged Paul not to make her family suffer more than they already had. Lauren left, and Michael assumed his role as an attorney to request that Paul disclose what the new evidence was. Paul questioned whether Michael was ready to tell him who had really pulled the trigger.

Paul suspected that Michael was trying to keep Fen out of prison for the next ten years, but Michael claimed that he was representing himself, and he was entitled to know what information Paul had. Paul said that the investigation had been a mess, partly because Michael had tried to hide the bullet hole in the alley, and Paul regretted that he hadn't tested Lauren and Fen for gunshot residue. Paul added that the crime scene photos were missing, and the cops had found a napkin with Lauren's DNA in the alley. Michael realized that Paul couldn't pin the crime on anyone.

Michael said that the only things that Paul knew were that Carmine was dead and that Michael had confessed. Paul said that they both knew that he had another confession, and Michael inquired whether Paul was going after Fen as the prime suspect. Paul divulged that Fen was at the top of the list, and he and Christine were sick about it. Michael stated that there was nothing else to say, and he walked out. Paul continued scouring his files, and he started to walk away in frustration, but he suddenly turned back and opened the file again. "Who the hell is that?" he muttered to himself.

At home, Lauren received a call from an unknown party. She demanded to know who it was, but the caller hung up. Michael returned home and reported that Paul had nothing on any of them. She was sorry that she'd lost her temper with Paul, but Michael was sure that Paul understood. She mentioned that a handful of hang-ups on her phone had freaked her out, but she convinced herself that she was just being silly.

In the prison yard, Fen argued that he hadn't been the one to put the inmates behind bars, but one of the convicts snarled that the D.A. had to pay. Later, Womack confronted the inmates as they circled around a bloodied Fen, and he asked what was going on. A convict explained that they'd learned that Fen was the D.A.'s son, and Womack chided them for taking that long to figure it out. Womack warned Fen that it was the way it went in prison -- if someone screwed somebody else over, sooner or later, that person had to pay. Womack grabbed a terrified Fen.

An inmate yelled that he wanted the next shot at Fen, but Womack announced that playtime was over, and he ordered the prisoners to leave "Mouse" alone. A convict protested that they weren't done with Fen, but Womack told him to beat it. The group dispersed, and Womack reached out his hand and pulled Fen to his feet. Fen thanked Womack, and he asked why Womack had helped him. Womack claimed that he was a nice guy, but he added that Fen owed him one.

At the Athletic Club, Neil greeted Lily and Cane, and she proclaimed that she had great news. Lily explained that she'd received a clean bill of health three years before, and she'd had screenings every six months to make sure the cancer hadn't returned. She announced that she'd just had her last checkup ever, and while she hadn't gotten her test results yet, her doctor was optimistic. Cane stepped aside to take a call, and Neil gushed that he was proud of how Lily had handled her illness and her life afterward with grace and courage. He recalled her words on Thanksgiving about not avoiding love and commitment, and she asked how things were going with Leslie.

Neil said that he and Leslie were doing great, and he revealed that he'd decided to ask her to move in with him. Lily asked if they'd discussed the possibility, but Neil reasoned that it should have happened already, because he and Leslie spent a lot of their time together. Lily cautioned that he and Leslie might not be on the same page, but Neil believed that it was time that they had a little bit of joy in their lives, and he hoped that Thanksgiving had been the first of many happy holidays he and Leslie would share.

After Neil left, Cane and Lily searched for jobs that they could do together on his tablet computer, and he swore that they would be a great team. She said that they could become lion tamers since they'd managed to tame their children, and he suggested that they become circus clowns. Cane declared that they'd have a bright future, and Lily hoped that they weren't the only ones.

At the gym, Dylan barked that Nick had been adamant that Dylan stay away from him, yet Nick always sought out Dylan. Nick said that he'd lived in that town his whole life, and he thought that Dylan could do a better job of making himself scarce. Dylan complained that it was a stupid thing to fight about, and he ordered Nick to just let him work out his frustration in peace. Nick refused to leave until they straightened some things out.

Nick acknowledged that he couldn't understand how Dylan felt, but Dylan wanted to table the conversation until they got the results from the DNA test. Nick was irked that Dylan had asked for proof, and Dylan asserted that just because Nikki believed something didn't make it real. Nick argued that there was a paper trail, and he knew what the test would say. Dylan dryly called Nick an expert on DNA tests, and he refused to take Nikki's word for it. Nick questioned why a woman in Nikki's position would risk jeopardizing her family and reputation if her claims weren't true.

Nick insisted that Nikki was an honest person who wouldn't lie, but Dylan countered that he'd thought the same thing about his own mother. Nick swore that he wasn't trying to pick a fight, but he encouraged Dylan to get to know Nikki. Dylan conceded that Nikki had always been nice to him, but he argued that a genuine person wouldn't lie about her first-born child. Dylan added that he had ordered the DNA test for his peace of mind and not to start relationships, and he implored Nick to treat him the way Nick treated Adam. Nick said that the situations were different, and he wanted to make a deal.

Dylan asked why Nick was pushing, since they'd never be friends or act like brothers. Nick said that he didn't care what Dylan thought about him, but he was concerned about how Dylan treated Nikki. Nick recognized that he couldn't stop Dylan from walking out of her life, but he demanded that Dylan do it in the least painful way possible, because she'd suffered enough. In return, Nick promised that he wouldn't do anything to Dylan that would hurt Nikki, and he asked if they had a deal. Dylan wordlessly stalked off.

At Sharon's house, Summer apologized for crying, but Sharon understood that Summer missed Phyllis terribly. Summer whimpered that it was even harder because she'd lost her dad at almost exactly the same time as her mom, and a guilty Sharon said that she was sorry. Sharon received a text message from the mother of Faith's friend, asking if Faith could stay for pizza. Summer suggested that they reschedule for another time, and Sharon asked Summer to let her know when. Sharon mentioned that Summer could reschedule through Nick if she wanted to, and Summer asked what was going on between Sharon and Nick.

Sharon insisted that she and Nick were just friends, and she was glad, because she'd spent too much time leaning on the men in her life. She encouraged Summer to find herself and to not make the same mistakes, and Summer thanked her for the advice. Sharon walked Summer to the door, and they found Neil about to knock. Neil promised that Summer wouldn't see the bully photographer at any other shoots, because he and Jack had agreed that the shutterbug wouldn't work for Jabot anymore. Summer thanked him and left.

Neil informed Sharon that he was there with an offer, since he had been very impressed with how she'd handled the photographer. Neil thought that Jabot's young models needed a mentor with expertise and maturity to watch their backs and to teach them how to deal with certain situations, and Sharon realized that he was extending a job offer. She excitedly asked when she could start, and he welcomed her back to Jabot with a hug. Neil told Sharon to stop by Jabot the next day, and he left as Nick arrived.

Sharon explained about her new job at Jabot, and Nick surmised that it was the result of her intervening at Summer's photo shoot. He said that Summer could use a maternal figure in her life, but an uncomfortable Sharon insisted that she could never take Phyllis' place. Nick clarified that he wasn't asking Sharon to replace Phyllis, but he was glad that Sharon was there for Summer in the modeling world, and he thought that Sharon could be a positive influence. He handed Sharon a pair of gloves that she'd left at the gym, and she thanked him for saving her a trip, but she could tell that something else was on his mind.

Nick recounted his argument with Dylan, and Sharon was glad that the men hadn't hit one another. She had hoped that Nick's conversation with Summer had helped him to empathize, and Nick grumbled that he'd always wanted a brother while growing up, but he'd wound up with two he didn't want. Sharon asserted that Dylan wasn't Adam by a long shot, and she listed numerous traits that Nick and Dylan had in common. She believed that one day, they could get past the shock and hurt and really be brothers, but Nick couldn't see it happening, because the problem between him and Dylan would never go away.

At Crimson Lights, Avery told Leslie about Nikki's public confession regarding Dylan. Avery said that she was worried about Dylan, because he felt like he'd lost everything that had mattered in his life, but Leslie pointed out that he still had Avery. Avery insisted that she and Dylan were just friends, because Dylan wasn't ready to move forward while he was in pain. Leslie thought that Dylan wouldn't be upset forever, but Avery fretted that Dylan felt betrayed because Avery had known the truth all along. Avery added that he hadn't answered her calls and hadn't shown up at work, and Leslie urged her to give him time.

Leslie commented that relationships were tough enough without having to deal with something unexpected, and Avery suspected that Leslie was no longer talking about Dylan. Leslie remarked that everything was fine with her and Neil, but Avery sensed that something wasn't right. Leslie admitted that Thanksgiving had been less than ideal because of all the kids present, and she wasn't sure she was ready for it. Leslie steered the topic back to Avery and Dylan, and Avery noted that it wasn't healthy for Dylan to keep everything inside.

Avery said that she wasn't sure how Dylan would get past everything he'd lost, and Leslie encouraged her to show him what he did have. Dylan entered the coffeehouse, and he quickly made an excuse to leave for some fresh air, but Avery offered to join him. He helped Avery gather her things, and they left together.

Neil surprised Leslie with flowers, and she fawned over them and kissed him. She wished that she had more time to spend with him, but she had a meeting across town in a matter of minutes. He urged her cancel and promised that she wouldn't regret it, and he smiled broadly. She asked him to tell her what was going on fast, and he said that he loved her.

Across the coffeehouse, Courtney reported to Summer that her night with Noah had been amazing. Courtney rambled that Noah had set up the Underground for the two of them, and Summer asked if they'd stayed the whole night. Courtney pointedly stated that they hadn't slept there, and Summer squealed that they'd done everything else. Summer didn't want any details, but she wondered if the relationship was serious. Courtney hoped so, because she really liked Noah. Summer hoped that she found the same thing one day, and Courtney assured her that it would happen.

Courtney went to get a refill, and her phone buzzed with a text message. Summer read it, and when Courtney returned, Summer asked if Noah knew about Zach. Courtney became incensed that Summer had read the text message, and Summer commented about Zach's bossy tone regarding Courtney's whereabouts. Courtney claimed that it had to do with work and that she'd probably forgotten a meeting. Courtney hurried out.

Avery chased after Dylan in the park, and she asked if he was angry with her. He replied that he felt angry with everyone, and she apologized for not telling him about Nikki. He started to walk away again, but Avery demanded that he tell her what was going on with him. He informed her about his confrontation with Nick at the gym, and Avery understood that Nick had wanted to protect Nikki. Avery pointed out that Dylan was doing the same thing by denying Nikki's claim was true to protect his mother's memory.

Avery suggested that Dylan wait for the test results before making any decisions, but Dylan ranted that he no longer knew who his friends or enemies were. Avery insisted that he knew her, and she swore that they'd get through it together. He acknowledged that she'd just been following the rules when she'd kept the secret from him, because that was part of the person she was. He stepped in close, and he said that at that moment, he was sure of one thing. He leaned in and kissed her.

Avery murmured that she'd missed being with Dylan, and he started to kiss her again, but she backed away and refused to let him change the subject. He insisted that it was just a kiss, but she countered that she wouldn't let him divert the conversation by kissing her. She pleaded with him to talk to her about what was going on, but he replied that he didn't know how to feel, because he didn't know who he was anymore. Avery proclaimed that she knew exactly who he was -- he was her Dylan, the man she loved.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A frazzled Victoria stopped by the ranch, and she told Nikki that her job made her want to rip her hair out, but Nikki sensed that there was more to Victoria's mood. Nikki sympathized that grief made people push others away, and Victoria complained that the harder she tried to get closer to Billy, the further away he got. Nikki counseled her to give him time, and Victoria remarked that Victor had said the same thing, but she wanted to hold Billy and take away his pain. Victoria confessed that she also wanted Billy to hold her and make her feel better, and she felt guilty for wanting that. Nikki hugged her and promised that it would be okay.

Victoria didn't know how Billy would survive Christmas, and Nikki encouraged her to have a little joy in the midst of the sadness. Nikki asked how the group therapy was going, and Victoria revealed that she'd attended one meeting, but Billy felt more comfortable going alone. Nikki recounted that she hadn't been able to share her grief with Jack after they'd lost their baby, and Victoria was afraid that Billy would continue shutting her out. Nikki said that Victoria had to believe that her marriage would survive the tragedy, and Victoria replied that she was doing everything she could.

Nikki reported that Dylan had requested a DNA test, and Victoria assumed that Dylan needed proof before forging a relationship with Nikki, but Nikki lamented that Dylan had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Nikki. Victoria declared that it was his loss, and Nikki reasoned that she couldn't lose something she'd never had. Nikki said that Nick wanted even less to do with her and that Victor wasn't happy, either. Victoria said that Victor was just upset that Nikki hadn't told him earlier, and she thought that Victor would accept it in time. Victoria stated that she was glad that her parents were no longer keeping any secrets from one another.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle bragged to Jack and Adam that the executives at Newman-Chancellor had thought that Kyle's marketing idea was genius. Jack reminded Kyle why Kyle had taken the job, but Kyle argued that he had to convince Victor that he was a loyal employee. Jack warned Kyle not to forget where his loyalties were, and Adam cautioned that Victor had a way of getting to people. Kyle asserted that he would always be an Abbott, and he said that he'd let them know what he found out. Kyle stalked off, and Jack observed that Adam had barely said anything during their meeting. Adam asked if Jack believed in redemption.

Adam questioned whether people who had committed bad acts deserved good things, and Jack commented that there were few things that couldn't be forgiven. Jack contended that Victor didn't deserve to be happy, but Adam said that revenge wasn't as appealing as it once had been. Jack asked if Adam's view had changed since becoming a parent, and Adam replied that Connor made him want to become someone who he was afraid he could never be. Jack agreed that everyone wanted to be better for their kids but that they sometimes fell short, and he insisted that Adam shouldn't feel like he didn't deserve his son. Adam revealed that it wasn't about Connor, and Jack wondered if Adam was talking about Chelsea.

Adam admitted that sometimes it felt close to the way it once had been between him and Chelsea, but things could never be the same, because too much had happened. Jack mentioned that he'd felt that way about Phyllis, but they'd found their way back together, and time had fixed things. Adam said that there were some things that time couldn't fix, and Jack opined that a person should be judged by the sum total of his actions and not just by his mistakes. Jack added that they couldn't change the past, but it was always possible to right a wrong by doing the right thing. Jack insisted that everyone deserved a second chance to find love and a family, and he encouraged Adam to let go of the past and stop beating himself up for something he couldn't undo.

Alex knocked on Billy's door, and Billy hopefully asked if Alex had good news, but Alex announced that he was there to talk about what Billy had been saying online. Alex reported that they had been legally monitoring sites for people who had lost loved ones, and they'd specifically been following Billy's exchanges with "Anonymous." Billy testily inquired whether there was a law against needing an outlet for his anger, and Alex warned him to stop threatening people. Alex wondered what was on Billy's laptop, and Billy barked to get a warrant, but Alex implored Billy to show him if Billy had nothing to hide.

Billy played the video of Delia that he'd filmed just before her school play, and Alex was clearly moved when he watched Delia promise that she'd always be her daddy's little girl. Struggling to mask his pain and anger, Billy told Alex that every day, he watched videos, because that was all he had left. Billy icily stated that whoever had killed Delia had taken his life, too, and he wondered how Alex could tell him that he shouldn't wish the driver were dead. Alex vowed not to let the case go cold, but Billy grumbled that after two months, the police were no closer to solving it.

Alex promised not to give up, but Billy was aware that it was less likely they'd catch the driver as more time passed. Alex swore that he wouldn't stop until the driver suffered, and Billy commented that "Anonymous" seemed to think that the person was already suffering. Alex pointed out that many cases had been solved because guilt had forced people to confess. Billy scoffed at the idea that the driver would suddenly turn himself in, but Alex said that it had happened before.

Billy refused to sit around and wait for a murderer to find God, and he questioned where God had been when Delia had been dying. Alex said that God had been holding Delia's hand, but Billy countered that Delia had only had Billy that night. Alex asked him not to do anything stupid, and on his way out, Alex ran into Jack and asked him to try to talk sense into Billy. After Alex left, Billy said that Jack could report to the family that Billy was doing fine. Jack mentioned that Ashley and Summer had been at Thanksgiving dinner, and Billy realized that he hadn't even asked about Jack's trip to Georgia, but Jack understood.

Billy said that he didn't understand how he could be a good brother, father, and husband, because he felt like every piece of his life had been slipping away since Delia had left. Jack replied that he had some idea of what Billy was feeling, and he guessed that Billy wanted to hold on to the pain because it kept Delia's memory alive. Jack added that Billy would stay in limbo until he was ready to return to the land of the living, and he thought that Billy could and would find his way back because there were people who loved him and wanted him there. Jack conceded that the healing power of love was a cliché, but it was also true, but the catch was that Billy had to let it in.

Victoria arrived home, and Jack said that her timing was perfect. Jack hugged both Billy and Victoria goodbye, and he told her to take care of Billy. Victoria started to go upstairs to check on Johnny, and she asked if Billy wanted to join her. He declined, but he called after her and said that he loved her. She returned the sentiment.

At Crimson Lights, Noah griped to Abby that Victor had chosen Kyle's idea about selling vodka over Noah's marketing pitch. Abby asked what was wrong with vodka, and Noah explained that the company's lifestyles line was about healthy living. Abby noted that she'd warned Noah that working for Victor wouldn't be easy, but Noah said that his beef was with Kyle. She suggested that perhaps Newman-Chancellor wasn't big enough for both Noah and Kyle, and Noah agreed.

Abby explained that she hadn't wanted to work for Victor because she couldn't stand constantly being tested, and Noah replied that he didn't mind proving himself, but he wanted to punch Kyle for wanting to see Noah fail. Abby saw Kyle enter the coffeehouse, and she tried to cut Noah off, but Noah continued to rant about Kyle. Noah finally noticed that Kyle was standing right behind him. Noah and Kyle bickered about how the other had gotten his job, and Abby tried to change the subject to how much she enjoyed working with Lily. Abby added that she was sad Lily would be leaving, and Noah pointedly stated that Jack was happy to have Abby working at Jabot, since it was a family company, just like Newman.

Kyle asked if Noah was suggesting that Kyle go back to Jabot, and he countered that Noah could always go back to work for Nick, especially since Noah had made a good bartender. Noah spat that he made a point of being good at everything he did, and Abby demanded a truce. She declared that she knew the history between the Newmans and the Abbotts better than anyone, and she refused to let the feud pass down to the next generation. She ordered the men to shake hands, and they reluctantly did.

Kyle conceded that the family feud had gone on long enough, and he suggested that he and Noah find a way to work with instead of against each another. Noah agreed that he and Kyle should combine their talents, and Kyle declared that together, they could crush the competition and impress Victor. As the men approached the counter, Noah said that he was only doing it to make Abby happy, and Kyle remarked that Abby scared him. Noah and Kyle began to quibble about which one of them would buy the next round of coffee.

In the park, Tyler was relieved when Lily showed up in response to his message. She asked why he'd requested to see her alone, and Tyler wanted to start by clearing the air, because he and Lily had maintained a decent working relationship until things had become weird between them. She professed her love for her husband, and Tyler said that he knew that she and Cane had a great marriage. Tyler apologized for trying to mess it up, and she pointed out that he hadn't. Tyler said that he needed to thank her, because if it hadn't been for her, then he never would have been able to move on with his life.

Tyler explained that he'd still been stinging from a breakup with his fiancée when he'd met Lily, and Lily was stunned that he'd never mentioned that before. He admitted that he'd thought that he had been done with love after his relationship with Mariah, but Lily had made him see that there were still honest, beautiful women in the world. He credited Lily with him being able to open his heart to Abby, because otherwise, he would have just been a blur in Abby's rearview mirror. He said that Abby made him happy, and he wanted to do the same for Abby, so there was another thing he wanted to talk to Lily about.

After Tyler revealed his plans, Lily promised that no work projects would ruin the special weekend he was planning with Abby, and she mentioned that Abby would be running things by herself soon. Lily explained that she wanted to work with Cane, and she planned to resign as soon as they decided on a project. Tyler was sure that Lily and Cane would be awesome together, and she thanked him for reminding her that Cane was the only man she wanted to be with. Lily hoped that Tyler and Abby were as happy as Cane and Lily were, and Lily and Tyler hugged. Abby arrived and asked how many women she had to push out of the way to get to him.

Lily claimed that she and Tyler had bumped into one another, and she made a hasty exit. Abby seemed suspicious, and Tyler insisted that Lily was in love with her husband and that Tyler had Abby. Abby pointed out that Tyler also had an ex-fiancée waiting in the wings, but he reminded her that he'd blocked Mariah's calls. He asked if Abby needed him to say that she was the most important thing that had ever happened to him and that he'd never loved anyone as much as he loved her, and she laughed and said that she knew that he was crazy about her. They kissed.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea finished a meeting with a colleague, regarding a preview of her spring line. Afterward, Victor approached her and ominously inquired whether she thought that she could take Connor out of the country. Chelsea said that it was none of Victor's business, but Victor argued that Connor was his grandson. Chelsea countered that Victor had no say in Connor's life, and Victor dared her to take him on. She informed Victor that she wasn't going to Milan with or without Connor, and she was having meetings in Genoa City to avoid leaving her son.

Victor questioned whether that made Chelsea a fit mother, and she huffed that she had nothing to prove to Victor. Victor asked about his grandson, and she blurted out that it was beautiful to see the baby taking in the world with his new eyes, but she refused to let Victor get to Connor through her. Victor chided her for cheating the boy of a relationship with his grandfather, but Chelsea contended that Victor had done that himself when he'd rejected Adam. Victor asserted that Adam had gotten what he'd deserved, but Chelsea insisted upon respecting Adam's wishes. Victor threatened that Chelsea and Adam couldn't keep Victor from seeing Connor.

Victor vowed that his grandson would know him, and Chelsea retorted that everyone knew what kind of man Victor was. Victor crowed that his business was the envy of the world, and Chelsea snapped that Connor would know that Victor had walked over everyone who'd gotten in his way, including his own son. Victor stated that Connor would know that Chelsea had gotten pregnant with Billy's child to ruin Billy and Victoria's marriage, and Chelsea countered that Victor had hired her. Victor accused Chelsea of using her children as a pawn, and he barked that she didn't deserve to be a mother. Adam overheard and ordered Victor not to say another word to the mother of Adam's child.

Adam told Victor to attack him and leave Chelsea alone, and Victor pointed out that it made sense that Adam had compassion for someone who had taken a child from a parent, since Adam had done the same thing. Victor stated that Sharon might have forgiven Adam, but Victor wouldn't. Adam said that he had regrets, but unlike Victor, he was trying to make up for them. Victor snarled that it wasn't good enough, but Chelsea contended that nothing Victor said mattered anymore. Adam added that he didn't think it ever had.

Later, at the penthouse, Chelsea reported that Connor was still asleep, and she thanked Adam for standing up for her. Adam said that Victor was the last person who should accuse anyone of being a bad parent, and Chelsea recalled that she had been scared that she would be an awful one. Adam assured her that she wasn't, and she recalled their conversation about how it sometimes felt as if nothing had changed between them. Adam countered that a lot had changed, and Chelsea recounted that Adam had chosen Newman Enterprises over her to win Victor's love. Adam recognized that he'd lost a lot because of his decision, and Chelsea noted that the thing that had torn them apart no longer existed.

Chelsea imagined where she and Adam would have been if Victor hadn't gotten between them, and Adam said that he'd thought about the same thing. She murmured that they had been close to having it all, but it had slipped through their fingers. Adam blamed the choices they'd made, and she agreed that they'd both made bad ones that they couldn't undo. He said that she was the second person who'd made that comment that day, and she wondered if he'd go back and change things if he could. He replied that he would in a heartbeat, but they couldn't go back, and all they had was that moment. Chelsea added that they also had what they made of it, and they kissed.

Nikki left a message for Paul and sadly revealed that her announcement to her family hadn't turned out as well as she'd anticipated, although she hadn't been sure what to expect when they'd started the search for her son. She hung up, and she saw Victor hovering over her. Nikki said that she hadn't heard Victor return home, and he coldly remarked that he'd thought that only Katherine had known that Nikki had given birth to another child. Nikki offered to explain, but Victor was livid that Nikki had kept something that important from him.

Friday, December 6, 2013

At the Athletic Club, Lily looked nervously at her phone, and Cane asked when her doctor was supposed to call with her test results. She insisted that she wasn't worried, and they agreed that they loved saying the words "cancer-free." She said that she had just been checking her email about a gift for the twins, and they happily discussed their plans for Christmas. Lily spotted Chloe at the bar, and Cane said that they had a lot of things to be grateful for.

Chloe and Jill hugged hello, and Jill commented that she hadn't seen Chloe around the house. Chloe explained that she had been busy with work, and Jill hoped that Chloe was taking care of herself, because she understood that it was hard to get through the holidays. Chloe replied that she'd manage, and Jill mentioned Billy's support group. Chloe snapped that it wasn't her thing and that she didn't need anyone to tell her how to take care of herself, and she stormed off.

Over lunch, Jill said that the house was empty without Katherine insulting her and Delia begging to know when they could put up the Christmas tree, but she recognized that it was even more painful for Chloe and Billy. Jill stated that she'd tried to reach out to Billy, but he wouldn't let her help. Jill said that at least Billy had taken Victoria's advice and joined a support group, but she groused that Chloe had acted like Jill had slapped her when Jill had suggested that Chloe attend. Lily suspected that Chloe was trying to get back to normal, but Jill said that it was a mistake for Chloe to bury herself in work, because the grief would eventually catch up.

Cane said that it was good to hear Jill laugh again, and she said that getting out was more fun than reading the newspaper at home. Jill admitted that she didn't know what to do with herself, and she mentioned that she'd read a blurb about Chancellor's biotech division having an operating loss in its first year. Cane said that he'd acquired the companies before they'd turned a profit, but they were doing great things with their research. Lily objected to business talk during a social visit, but Jill thought that Cane might have some insight as Chancellor's ex-CEO. Cane theorized that Jill was looking for a chip in Victor's armor.

Jill asserted that she was simply getting back something that was rightfully hers. Cane pointed out that the merger was legal, and he worried that Jill would only be frustrated by her plan. Jill complained that Katherine had handed Chancellor to Victor on silver platter but had only given Jill a music box. Cane mentioned that Jill had already spent a lot of effort figuring it out what the box meant, and she wouldn't have bothered if she didn't believe that it served a higher purpose.

Lily thought that the music box could become Jill's prized possession once Jill understood what it meant, and she urged Jill not to give up. Jill griped that it would drive her nuts for all eternity, and she was done with it. Jill decided to go home and sell the music box online, and she left. Cane noted that Jill had been more upset than he'd thought, and Lily got a call from Dr. Kershaw. She excitedly answered, but her smile soon faded, and she informed Cane that the doctor wanted to see her the next day.

At the police station, Kevin looked at a poster offering a reward for information about Delia's death, and he told Paul that he kept waiting for answers. Paul remarked that sometimes a tiny detail or a sudden witness could make a difference, and Kevin referred to Michael's release from prison. Kevin contended that Michael had already paid more than he should have, and Paul countered that he was just looking for the truth. Paul stepped into his office, and he listened to Nikki's message about telling her family about Dylan. Paul left a message for Nikki, and he asked her to call him back to set up a time to meet, because he was worried about her.

Chloe stopped by the station and invited Kevin to dinner to thank him for making her laugh with silly videos, and he argued that her laughter had been his reward, but she playfully ordered him to take a meal when she offered one. She said that she had to handle some things at the office, but she would call him later. He remarked that he was glad she'd be at the office instead of at Chelsea's, and Chloe insisted that she was fine being around Connor. She barked that she was sick of everyone thinking that they knew what was best for her, and she wished that people would stop judging her and just be supportive.

Kevin swore that he wasn't judging Chloe, but he wanted to look out for her. She apologized for snapping at him, and she revealed that Jill had provided an earful of unwanted advice earlier. Chloe added that she felt like everyone was talking about her not handling Delia's death the right way. Kevin assured Chloe that the people who cared about her were just trying to help, and he pointed out that Jill was mourning, too. Kevin suggested that Jill was trying to cope by giving advice, and Chloe vowed to be more patient. Chloe said that she would send him a text message about dinner, and she left.

Adam and Chelsea broke away from their kiss and stared at one another for a moment, and they resumed kissing passionately and tumbled to the couch. Connor began to cry, and Chelsea ran upstairs to tend to him. Chelsea carried Connor downstairs and remarked that he'd taken a shorter nap than usual, and Adam grumbled about their son's sense of timing. Chelsea wanted to talk about what had happened, and Adam assumed that she considered it a mistake. She pointed out that they'd worked hard to get to a good place, so she didn't want to screw it up.

Chelsea imagined how terrible it would be for Connor if she and Adam got back together and things didn't work out, but Adam wondered what would happen if they did work out, and he questioned whether she wanted them to. Chelsea admitted that she would like to see where their relationship could go, but they would have to take things "super slow," and Adam agreed. The doorbell rang, and Adam invited Chloe in. Adam left to give the women some time alone, and Chloe assumed that she had walked in on a fight. Chelsea revealed that it had been just the opposite, and a horrified Chloe flatly stated that Chelsea couldn't get back together with Adam.

Chloe reminded Chelsea why Chelsea had left Adam before, but Chelsea noted that Adam was done with Newman Enterprises and his father. Chelsea adamantly believed that Adam had changed because of Connor, but Chloe didn't buy it. Chloe recalled that Chelsea had been terrified to tell Adam that she was pregnant because he'd keep Connor away from her, and she was sure that Adam would eventually revert back to type. Chloe insisted that Chelsea had to do everything possible to protect Connor, and Chelsea promised that she would keep her eyes open.

Chelsea asked why Chloe was there, and Chloe said that she needed Chelsea's latest sketches to show the people throwing the fashion show in Milan. Chelsea knew that the drawings were in the office, but she wasn't sure exactly where. Chelsea prepared to take Connor to the office, but Chloe offered to watch him while Chelsea ran out to get the sketches. Chelsea hurried out, and Chloe cooed over the baby.

Chloe picked Connor up and said that she saw her little girl's eyes and that she missed Delia. She added that she would give anything to hold Delia again and have one more chance to keep her safe. Later, Kevin received a text message from Chloe, saying she couldn't make their dinner plans that night. Meanwhile, Chelsea returned home with her sketches and called out to Chloe, but she only found Connor's empty bassinet.

At the roadside memorial site, Adam heard squealing tires in his head. He said that Delia was the first thing he thought about every morning, and he hated himself for not checking more carefully and for not confessing. He didn't think that anyone would believe that he hadn't known that he'd hit someone, and he was haunted by the memory. He regretted causing pain for the people whose lives he'd turned upside down, but he swore that he couldn't be locked away from Connor. He promised Delia that he'd find another way to repent, but he couldn't let his son grow up without him.

Nikki told Victor that she was sorry for keeping the truth from him, and he angrily pointed out that she'd gone to a man who she'd almost married to help her find the child she'd given up for adoption. Victor questioned how he could ever trust her again, and he reminded her that he'd asked point-blank if she'd had any more secrets, but she had sworn that she hadn't. Nikki informed him that she'd only told Paul about her first-born child a couple of months before, when she had decided to take the journey. Victor contended that she could have done it with Victor, but she explained that she hadn't been ready to tell Victor until she'd gotten more answers.

Nikki reasoned that she'd gone to Paul because he'd known the players in the cult, and he'd had the resources to hunt them down. Victor asserted that Victor was her husband, but she explained that Paul hadn't had an emotional attachment. Victor reiterated that Nikki and Paul had been involved, so Paul couldn't be objective, either. Nikki said that she'd expected a simple investigation, and she'd had no idea that Paul would go with her on her journey. Victor recalled her trip to Chicago, and he realized that she'd been pursuing the trail to her child. Victor demanded to know if Paul had gone with her.

Nikki unapologetically admitted that Paul had been with her, and Victor yelled that she'd told one lie after another. She insisted that nothing had happened between her and Paul, but Victor was appalled by how many parts of her life she'd kept from him. He barked that he was her husband, but he'd found out from Jack that Nikki had MS, and then he'd learned that she and Paul been looking for a child that she'd never told Victor about. Nikki cried that she hadn't wanted to worry Victor, but Victor said that after all the obstacles and pain they'd overcome during their years together, what hurt the most was that she didn't trust him.

Nikki swore that she trusted and loved Victor and that she hadn't wanted to hurt him. He reminded her that he'd met her when she'd been dancing at a strip club, and she'd told him about her abusive father, but Victor had never rejected her. Victor continued that when they'd remarried, he'd vowed that he'd stay with her for the rest of his life, and Nikki said that she believed him. She explained that her past sins were difficult for her to face, and she hadn't been able to bear telling him that she'd given up her own child.

Victor realized that Nikki had thought that he'd be upset because his mother had left him at an orphanage, and Nikki tearfully replied that it killed her to think about him as a sad little boy whose mother had never returned for him. Victor declared that he was no longer that little boy, and he had a lot of experience and wisdom under his belt. He pledged that he would never turn his back on Nikki just because she'd given a child up for adoption, and she conceded that she had been wrong not to tell him, but she hadn't known how she could ask for his forgiveness when she hadn't been able to forgive herself.

Victor asked if Nikki had forgiven herself, and Nikki replied that she was taking baby steps. Nikki said that she had been resistant, but Katherine had put her on the path, and she was starting to see the wisdom in Katherine's advice. Victor wondered if Katherine had put Nikki up to asking Paul for help, but the doorbell rang. Victor opened the door to Paul.

Paul said that he was there to see Nikki, but Victor mumbled that it wasn't a good time. Paul insisted on seeing her, and Nikki greeted him. He said that he'd responded to her message, but he'd gotten worried when he hadn't heard back. She revealed that she and Victor had just been talking about how Paul had helped her find her son, and Paul surmised that the conversation hadn't gone well. Paul told Victor that he'd assured Nikki that Victor would support her after the shock had worn off.

Victor recognized that Paul was trying to help, but he didn't appreciate Paul interfering in a private matter. Paul argued that Nikki was his friend, but Victor countered that she was Victor's wife. Paul asserted that she was suffering and that she needed people who loved her to support her, but Victor barked that he could handle his own affairs. Nikki received a call from the genetics lab.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch asked Dylan about his therapy session, and Dylan quipped that he was surprised that the therapist hadn't charged him triple. Stitch asked if had been a bad session, but Dylan grumbled that he had other things happening that day. Stitch guessed that Dylan expected the DNA test results, and Dylan confirmed that at any time, he'd know whether Nikki was his biological mother and whether he had to add his adoptive mom to the list of people who'd lied to him.

Dylan pondered whether it was worse to have Nick for a brother or a cult leader for a father, but he reasoned that the latter might explain a few things. Dylan said that Terry had been the best man he'd ever met, but Dylan had never measured up. Stitch though Dylan was being too hard on himself, but Dylan pointed out that Dylan had a dark side. Stitch argued that everyone did, and he stated that Nikki seemed to be a good person. Dylan ranted that everyone said how great Nikki was, but he had issues with how she was handling things.

Stitch asked what Avery thought about the situation, and Dylan revealed that she had wanted to talk about it, but he had shut her down. He divulged that Avery had said that she loved him, and Stitch lectured that Dylan had been waiting a long time to hear those words, but Dylan had thrown up a wall. Dylan defended that he'd made it clear that he hadn't wanted to talk, and Stitch wondered if Avery had professed her love to provoke Dylan. Dylan firmly believed that she'd meant what she'd said, and Stitch urged him to hold on to that, because Avery's love might be what got Dylan through it.

While jogging through the park, Avery literally ran into Nick. They awkwardly greeted one another, and Avery inquired how he'd been doing since Nikki's announcement at the Athletic Club, but Nick said that he couldn't lean on Avery like he had in the past. Avery wished that wasn't the case, and he complained that things would be even weirder if the DNA test proved that Dylan was Nikki's son, but he thought it would even things out. He explained that he'd hurt Phyllis badly when he and Avery had gotten together, so it would be payback if the love of Avery's life turned out to be Nick's brother.

Avery wondered whether she'd been drawn to both Nick and Dylan because they had similar qualities. Nick reported that Sharon had said the same thing, and Avery thought that it had to be true if she and Sharon agreed on something. Nick questioned why he and Dylan couldn't stand the sight of one another if they were that much alike, but Avery pointed out that the men had the effects of Nikki's secret in common.

Nick said that Nikki wanted Dylan in her life, but he was concerned about Dylan's attitude. Avery replied that Dylan was as upset as Nick was, but Nick was afraid that Dylan would lash out and break Nikki's heart, and Nikki didn't deserve that. Nick understood that Dylan didn't want anything to do with the Newmans, and he thought it might be best if Dylan kept his distance. Avery considered whether things might have been different if Avery hadn't been in the picture, but Dylan overheard her statement, and he said that she was, so they'd never know.

Avery suggested that she, Nick, and Dylan all get back to what they had been doing, but Dylan received a call from the lab with the DNA test results. Avery and Nick anxiously watched as Dylan listened to the results and then silently nodded. Dylan confirmed that Nikki had been right. Nick turned and walked away, and Avery hugged Dylan.

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