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Nick and Jack worked together to throw a birthday party for Summer. Nick kissed Sharon, and they agreed to spend Christmas together as friends. Paul obtained a warrant for Fen's arrest. Devon was arrested for trashing a Las Vegas hotel room.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 16, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, December 16, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Victoria was startled to find a red rash on Johnny's upper body. She phoned the pediatrician and was told to take the boy to the emergency room. Stitch had just arrived and overheard Victoria's phone conversation. He told Victoria that he was a physician and offered to examine Johnny.

Stitch playfully interacted with Johnny by pretending to produce a quarter from the back of the young patient's ear. As Stitch did so, he felt the glands in Johnny's neck and assessed the rash. Stitch determined that Johnny's new sweater had caused an allergic reaction. After Stitch administered an antihistamine, the child's rash began to subside.

Victoria profusely thanked the doctor and apologized for overreacting. Stitch assured Victoria that the distress she'd felt over her ill child was normal. Victoria explained that she'd become overprotective after recently losing her stepdaughter. Delia, Victoria explained, had been killed by a hit-and-run driver. After Stitch and Victoria formally introduced themselves, he said that he'd been present at the hospital when Delia had been transported there after the accident.

Stitch said he couldn't imagine what Victoria and Billy were going through. Victoria cried that she'd tried to help Billy, but he seemed as if he was lost somewhere far away. Victoria added that Thanksgiving had been excruciating, so she didn't know how the grieving family might handle Christmas. Noting that Johnny had fully recovered, Victoria asked Stitch if he had a family of his own. Stitch said he did but that it was complicated. Victoria graciously thanked Stitch for his help.

Sharon, alone in her living room, swallowed her mood-stabilizing medication with a sip of water. She picked up a framed photo of Cassie and said, "That should make you happy. I'm taking my meds and doing everything right, so you don't need to supervise me anymore." Sharon rose from her seated position on the sofa, carrying the photo of Cassie. Sharon added that perhaps another step on her journey of recovery should include confessing to Nick that she was responsible for Phyllis' coma and that Summer was really his biological daughter. Sharon set Cassie's photo on the fireplace mantel.

Nick returned with Faith and sent the child upstairs. Nick told Sharon that she seemed lost in thought. He asked Sharon if she wanted to share her thoughts. Sharon claimed that she'd been thinking about Cassie a lot. Sharon added, "I've done some bad things that I know she wouldn't approve of." Nick comforted Sharon and assured her that Cassie would be proud that her mom had been working so hard to get better. Nick told Sharon that he, Noah, and Faith were proud of her.

Sharon thanked Nick for recently defending her against Victor's verbal attacks. Sharon noted that Nick's generous kindness and understanding were more than she deserved. Nick added, "You have a chemical imbalance in your brain, and it messes with your ability to think clearly." Nick sensed that Sharon was still troubled. Nick pleaded with Sharon to discuss her problems, so they'd no longer have power over her. Sharon agreed that Nick was right and started to say something before a knock at the door interrupted her.

Sharon opened her front door and found Noah holding the trunk of a Christmas tree. Noah enlisted Nick to help steady the tree near the front door. Sharon stepped aside and nervously glanced at the photo of Cassie perched on the fireplace mantel. Faith later arrived downstairs and sorted ornaments with Noah while Sharon directed Nick as he strung lights on the tree. Faith noted that they were all working together like a real family.

After Faith returned upstairs to fetch a cherished ornament, Nick recalled his favorite past Christmas celebrations with Cassie, Noah, and Sharon. Sharon said she remembered that Nick had relished their simple observances. Nick added, "As opposed to the typical Newman Christmases with a tree bigger than the one in Rockefeller Center." Sharon walked toward the tree and began placing strands of silver tinsel on the ends of each bough. Nick teased that Sharon should instead toss the tinsel at the tree.

Sharon playfully threw a handful of tinsel at Nick, but he caught it, chased Sharon, and threw the silvery strands back at her. Noah seemed very uneasy as he watched his parents behave like lovesick teenagers. Faith returned and hung her ornament on the tree before Nick plugged in the lights. The family marveled at their Christmas tree's beauty, and Faith begged to open presents. Sharon recalled that when Noah was young, he had begged to open presents early, too.

After Sharon and Nick reminisced about watching Christmas-themed movies, Noah urged his father to head to the Underground. Faith begged her dad to stay. Before he left, Nick told Sharon that he'd had fun. Faith returned upstairs to get ready for bed.

Noah offered to help his mother put away the ornament boxes. Sharon discovered a red glass ornament and went to place it on the tree. Noah mentioned Sharon's new job, and he thanked her for watching out for Summer. Noah added, "You know she means a lot to me. Whatever happens, she'll always be my sister." Sharon dropped the ornament, and it shattered on the floor.

After Noah helped Sharon sweep up fragment of the broken ornament, he told his mom that Nick was leaning on her too much. Sharon insisted that her relationship with Nick was one of reciprocal support. Noah pointed out that both of his parents were single. Noah added that Nick was still grieving the loss of his relationship with Avery. Sharon assured Noah that she wouldn't get hurt. Noah replied, "You've finally put your mistakes behind you, and that's where they need to stay." Sharon thoughtfully considered Noah's comment as she gazed at Cassie's photo.

At the Underground, Billy and Kelly, still reeling from another cathartic discussion at their grief-support meeting, sat together in a booth and waited to order margaritas. Both bereaved parents mentioned that their misguided friends often failed to speak words that brought comfort. Billy noted that most of his friends were secretly grateful not to be in his shoes. Billy took a sip of his drink and said that he should return home after he finished his margarita. He noted that he'd been unable to connect to Victoria. Kelly recalled that her husband had sought solace alone by fixating on his favorite outdoor hobby.

Kelly admitted that she'd resented her ex-husband for being able to move on from his grief, so their relationship floundered as a result. Noting a panicked look on Billy's face, Kelly said she believed Billy and Victoria would find a way to strengthen their relationship. Billy and Kelly ordered a second round, and Kelly said that Billy should "get out of his head" for a while. Billy replied, "Are you recommending that I get tanked?" Kelly smiled and noted that there were numerous ways to deal with grief.

Kelly explained that her work at the nonprofit organization had aided her because it was satisfying to connect good, generous people with others in need. Billy grimaced. Kelly assured Billy that there were angels in the world. She added, "He..." After Kelly realized that she was about to betray a confidence, her voice trailed off. Billy asked if Kelly was referring to a particular person. Kelly simply said that recovery was based on hope. She added, "We're supposed to put one foot in front of the other and make the most out of every minute."

Billy said that the only thing that seemed to help was talking. Kelly replied, "We'll keep on talking." Nick arrived. He stopped by Billy and Kelly's booth, addressed Billy, and said, "Who's your friend?" Billy explained that he and Kelly were both members of a bereavement group for parents who'd lost children. Billy paid for the drinks and left.

Kelly told Nick that she'd met his sister, Victoria. Nick glared at Kelly and noted that Victoria loved her husband. Kelly replied, "Is there something you'd like to say to me?" Nick took a seat beside Kelly and explained that he, too, had lost a child. Nick said that the loss had turned his and his ex-wife's whole world upside-down. Nick explained that it had taken both him and the child's mother years to get past the pain they'd endured. Nick advised Kelly not to repeat his and Sharon's mistakes.

Between serving drinks at the Underground, Mason phoned a resort and booked a suite. He arranged for a minibar and a masseuse, as well. Mason instructed the booking agent to place the charges on a credit card, which bore Devon's name. Mason confirmed that the credit card was his and that his name was Devon Hamilton. Mason initially thought he'd been caught in the act when Devon showed up at the bar seconds after Mason ended his call. Devon cordially greeted Mason, and the two chatted briefly.

Hilary arrived and thanked Devon for defending her against Lily's recent verbal attack. Devon replied, "She was over the top, and you didn't deserve it." Hilary noted that Lily had a storybook life. Devon explained that oftentimes, storybook lives appeared as such only from the outside. Devon and Hilary sat together at the bar and chatted. Devon explained that Jack had challenged him to find his passion. Mason checked on his two customers, and both Devon and Hilary ordered another drink.

After Mason was rude to Hilary, she told Devon that he should be wary of Mason. Devon noted that Mason hadn't asked him for anything. Hilary advised Devon to be careful. After Devon stepped away, Mason approached Hilary and said, "Are you trying to ruin this for me?" Mason said that Hilary owed him for his role in helping her punish members of the Winters family. Hilary said that if Mason was after Devon's fortune, he could count her out, and she hastily left the bar.

Devon ran into Hilary before she reached the exit. Devon smiled and admitted to Hilary that he'd enjoyed chatting with her. Hilary smiled and noted that Devon's attitude toward her had changed. After Hilary stepped out for fresh air, Mason invited Devon to join him at a club. Devon said he'd rather avoid being recognized. Devon agreed to meet up with Mason later at the gym. After Devon left, Mason grimaced.

After Stitch left Crimson Lights, he went to the Underground. Stitch took a seat at the bar. He ordered a drink and seemed lost in thought. Stitch scanned the faces of the other patrons that crowded the popular gathering spot. Stitch's eyes met Hilary's. She was seated at the opposite end of the bar. Stitch nodded at Hilary before he took a swig of his drink.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea and Adam reclined in his bed and kissed passionately. Adam stopped suddenly and rolled over on his back. Chelsea asked, "What's wrong? What are you thinking?" Adam hesitated before replying, "Nothing." He glanced at Chelsea, clad in a black, lacy bra, positioned himself on top of her, and added, "I'm thinking about the future."

After the couple made love, Chelsea asked Adam what he'd meant when he said he'd been thinking about the future. Adam tenderly kissed Chelsea's forehead and said that he'd been fixated on what had gone wrong during the past year. Chelsea snuggled close to Adam. He said, "I should be concentrating on how right this moment feels." Chelsea noted a change in Adam. She asked what had helped him get past the guilt he'd felt after Connor received Delia's transplanted corneas. Adam said he'd taken Chelsea and Jack's advice to stop living in the past because it was impossible to change what had happened.

Adam clutched Chelsea's hand and said he would concentrate his energies on making a better future. After the couple dressed and went downstairs, Adam explained that many aspects of their relationship were unchanged. Adam noted that he had changed because he would no longer waste his energy trying to cultivate a relationship with Victor. Adam said he had learned from having his own child that loving his son was effortless. Chelsea seemed relieved.

After Chelsea went to make pancakes, Adam logged into the chat room website Billy had set up and wrote, "Loss and pain and guilt can define your very existence, but they don't have to. Each day is a chance for renewal, a shot at redemption, an opportunity to balance the karmic scales. Today, that is what I choose." Adam's follow-up post, like his others, was signed "user anonymous." Chelsea later returned to tell Adam that his pancakes were ready. Adam said that though he'd changed and was ready for something new, he still loved her. Chelsea professed her love for Adam.

After Billy returned home, Victoria told him that Johnny was asleep. She asked Billy if he'd been drinking, and he told her that he'd stopped by the Underground. Victoria offered to reheat dinner leftovers, and she went into the kitchen. Billy roamed aimlessly around his living room and seemed lost in thought. He picked up his laptop. Billy seemed torn. He sighed and set the computer back down on the desk without opening the screen.

At Avery's apartment, Dylan stopped by unexpectedly and told Avery that he'd decided to have a look at the research she'd dug up on his biological father. Dylan, horrified by what he'd learned, cried that even after Ian Ward had stolen his followers' life savings and absconded after the commune dissolved, the cult's imprisoned leaders still believed that Ward was "some kind of savior." Avery interjected, "He got inside their heads." Dylan added that after his father had brainwashed his followers, he'd left a trail of destruction. Avery seemed to feel empathy for Dylan.

Avery asked Dylan if had a better understanding of why Nikki had made such difficult choices in the past. Dylan said he did understand Nikki's reasons for doing what she'd done. Dylan cried that he hated being related to Ian Ward. Avery noted that Dylan wouldn't be alive had it not been for Ian. Dylan said that Ara, Sully, and the men in his squad weren't better off because he existed because, Dylan cried, he'd failed to save them.

Avery reminded Dylan that he'd risked his life and had saved others. Avery added that it would be a great loss to her if she didn't have Dylan in her life. Dylan noted that Ian Ward's searchable trail ended after he'd been to trial and had served a short sentence. Avery and Dylan sought answers by conducting an online search. Their efforts produced no leads. Avery suggested that Ian had perhaps changed his name.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

At the Abbott mansion, Jack asked Kyle how work was going, and Kyle replied that Victor was working him hard, but it was only a matter of time before Kyle found something. Jack voiced his concern that Victor was playing with Kyle's head, and he warned Kyle not to underestimate Victor's guile. Jack said that he wanted Kyle to find out everything he could about Bonaventure Industries, and Kyle offered to photograph the files. Jack cautioned that there were severe penalties for committing corporate espionage, but Kyle was confident that he wouldn't get caught. Jack declared his belief that Kyle could do anything he set his mind to, but as Kyle's father, he was worried.

Jack informed Kyle that Jill had honed in on Bonaventure Industries, a cancer research company that might have cut corners where they shouldn't have. Kyle argued that Jill wasn't a scientist, and Jack conceded that it might be a fishing expedition, but the press wouldn't be good if the FDA investigated. Jack could see that Kyle was uncomfortable, and Kyle contended that the company could potentially save lives and that it might have done nothing wrong. Jack reasoned that Bonaventure would survive if that ended up being the case, and he wondered if Kyle suddenly felt squeamish about hurting Victor.

Jack acknowledged that Kyle had been close to Victor at one time, but Kyle insisted that he wasn't having second thoughts. Jack commended Kyle for helping both Jack and Summer, and he mentioned that Summer was in a better place, thanks to Kyle. Kyle said that he was always happy to tell his old man what to do, and he promised that he wouldn't rest until he got the information Jack needed. Jack advised Kyle not to let the job or his mission consume him, and Kyle remarked that he had an eye on a cute associate that he'd spent breaks with. Kyle guaranteed that nothing would go wrong, and he left.

Noah whisked Courtney off to lunch at the Underground to celebrate his work going well. She remarked that she'd never seen him that excited, and he revealed that Victor had put him on a special project that morning. Courtney gushed that she believed in Noah, and she said that she also believed in Santa, who wanted her to ask what Noah wanted for Christmas. He said that he had everything he wanted right there, and they kissed.

Courtney said that Noah spoiled her with sexy, private dates in the middle of the day, and he replied that he'd just learned that she liked pastrami sandwiches in an empty room. He added that he would prove to Summer that he knew Courtney better than Summer thought he did, and he thought that Summer was simply freaked out that he and Courtney were together. Courtney received a text message from Zach, saying that they needed to meet. Noah asked if the message was important, but Courtney insisted that it wasn't as important as Noah, and they kissed. Noah said that there was a lot more to know about Courtney, and he wanted to learn every single thing.

Kyle arrived at the bar and asked Noah if Nick was around to discuss Summer's birthday. As Kyle and Noah discussed keeping the event drama-free, Zach sent another message to Courtney, telling her not to blow him off. Meanwhile, Noah asked about the marketing project, and Kyle reported that it would be a lot of work, but it was good. Kyle hoped that there were no hard feelings, and Noah bragged that he had a special project of his own -- overseeing what was going on at Bonaventure Industries.

Lauren and Michael dined at the Athletic Club, and he remarked that Fen seemed better. Lauren lamented that it broke her heart every time she saw Fen's eyes darting around, and Michael explained that it would take a while for Fen to adjust after being in prison. Lauren worried that Fen would wind up behind bars again for Carmine's murder, but Michael contended that the police had no proof other than Fen's confession, which had sounded like an obvious fabrication to save Michael. Michael insisted that the police had no grounds to make an arrest.

Leslie greeted Michael with a hug and said that she was glad that he was out of jail. Lauren snapped that Leslie had been the reason he had been incarcerated, since Leslie had gotten the drug charges against Carmine dropped. Lauren argued that if Carmine had been in jail, then no one would have been killed. Michael reminded Lauren that Fen had recanted his story about Carmine selling drugs and that Carmine had been innocent of that much.

Leslie said that she was sorry that the Baldwin family had suffered, and she pointed out that at least Carmine couldn't hurt them anymore. Leslie left, and Lauren grumbled that Leslie didn't have a clue. Michael told Lauren to let it go, and she noticed that he wasn't wearing his watch. He said that the police still had it, and she realized that she was late to meet Jill. Michael offered to go with Lauren, but she wanted some private time with her sister.

At her apartment, Avery sent a text message to Leslie, suggesting that they meet at the coffeehouse. Neil stopped by and requested Avery's help. He divulged that he was setting up a Christmas surprise for Leslie, and he hoped to have Leslie to himself around that time. Avery said that there were some cases that needed attention, but Avery could make sure to keep Leslie's plate clear. Neil thanked her, and Avery begged for a hint about the surprise. She peppered him with questions, and she realized that he intended to propose.

Neil made Avery promise not to say a word, and she declared her excitement that two people were actually getting it right. Neil commented that it had taken him a few tries, and he'd made mistakes with good women by going into marriage for the wrong reasons. Avery added that her marriage had been a big mistake, and she regretted that things hadn't worked out with Nick. She wondered why they were talking about relationships that hadn't worked when they could be talking about Neil's bright, shiny future.

At the police station, Paul continued to pore over the evidence files, and Christine entered and remarked that she'd woken up in an empty bed. She couldn't believe that he had spent another night at the office, and he explained that he'd promised himself that he wouldn't leave until he went over the evidence again. He revealed that he'd found one piece of hard evidence that could lead them to the real killer. Paul called Michael and asked him to stop by the police station to pick up his personal effects, and Michael said that he'd be there shortly. After he hung up, Paul told Christine that maybe they'd finally get to the truth that day.

Michael arrived at the station, and Christine told him that he didn't have to thank her, but Michael insisted that she had been a great friend to him and to Fen. She said that she would always try to help, and she advised him not to make things harder than they already were. Paul invited Michael into his office and asked about Fen, and Michael said that Fen was getting through the difficult transition. Paul apologized for taking that long to get Michael's belongings back to him, and Michael spotted the sobriety chip among them. Paul asked what Michael could tell him about the chip.

Michael admitted that the chip belonged to Fen, and he fibbed that Fen had given it to him right before Lauren's award ceremony. Michael added that Fen had proudly showed Michael and Lauren the chip, and Fen had wanted them to have it, so Michael had put it in his pocket. Paul said that covered what he'd needed, but he wanted to hold on to the chip. Michael grabbed his belongings and said that he'd have a lawyer present the next time they got together. Michael stepped out and left a voicemail for Fen, asking Fen to call him back to discuss a new development.

At Crimson Lights, Summer was relieved that Fen hadn't skipped town, and he said that he might not have to, since the evidence in Carmine's murder case was a mess. She inquired about the other things Fen had been worried about, like the inmate who had caused problems. Fen claimed that Womack had just messed with Fen to keep him scared, and Summer asked Fen not to consider running away. Fen said that Summer made it sound like he had nothing to be concerned about, but Carmine's case had been reopened, and the police could still figure it out.

Summer stated that Fen wasn't a murderer, but Fen recalled that she hadn't thought that when Jamie had accused Fen of pushing him off the ledge. Summer said that Jamie's assertion had seemed possible, and Fen countered that it was possible that he had killed Carmine. Fen was frustrated that he couldn't remember everything from the night of Carmine's death, and Summer was certain that even if Fen had shot Carmine, it had been in self-defense. She asked Fen to promise that he wouldn't run, but a cop entered and announced that Paul wanted to talk to Fen, who left with the officer.

Leslie arrived at the coffeehouse, and Summer approached her to ask for advice. Summer questioned what would happen if someone she knew had committed a crime but wasn't around to be charged, and Leslie asked how hypothetical the situation was. Summer swore that she wasn't in trouble, and Leslie explained that a warrant would be issued, there would be a manhunt, and the fact that the person had fled would work against him. Summer pointed out that she'd never said that the person was a male, but Leslie flatly told her to tell Fen not to run, because it wouldn't end well if he did.

Later, Leslie stopped by Avery's apartment, and Avery nervously said that she'd just been on her way to see Leslie. Leslie was surprised to see Neil there, and Neil claimed that Avery had left her water bottle at the gym, so he'd dropped it off. Neil kissed Leslie goodbye and left the women to conduct their business, and Leslie asked Avery why he'd really been there. Leslie assumed that Neil's visit had something to do with Christmas, because she knew that Neil was planning a surprise.

Leslie knew that Christmas was a big deal to people, but she complained that it stressed her out, and she hoped Neil wasn't planning anything too elaborate. Leslie said that the best surprise would be to take her someplace warm over the holidays to relax, because things had been intense. Avery asked if it had to do with work, and Leslie recounted her confrontation with Lauren about getting Carmine out of prison. Avery argued that Leslie had just been doing her job, and Leslie said that if she could do it over, she wouldn't take the case, but she had to live with her decision.

Neil checked in on Jack, who said that he was doing much better. Neil warned that the temptation never completely went away, but Jack swore that he was okay, thanks to Neil. Jack asked how the proposal plans were going, and Neil revealed that everything was falling into place perfectly. Jack wished that he had proposed to Phyllis before her accident, and he urged Neil to marry Leslie as soon as possible.

Neil said that Devon had told him that Jack had tried to fire Devon, and Jack replied that Devon's heart wasn't in the business, so he'd tried to get Devon to think about what to do with the rest of his life. Neil confided that Devon had been lost and that the inheritance hadn't helped. Neil hoped that Devon took some time to reflect on what would make him happy, and he wanted what was best for his son. Jack wanted the same thing for Kyle.

The cop escorted Fen into Paul's office, and Paul said that he had some follow-up questions. Paul explained that he'd had to review the evidence in Carmine's case again, including Fen's confession. Fen called himself an idiot, and he claimed that he'd only confessed to keep Michael from going to prison, but it hadn't worked. Paul asked if Fen wanted to withdraw his statement, and Fen confirmed that he did. Fen asked if that was all, and Paul placed Fen's sobriety chip on his desk and asked Fen to tell him about it.

Fen said that he'd received the chip after being sober for one month, and he'd given it to his parents when they'd visited him in rehab. Paul wondered whether Michael had carried it around since that visit, and Fen commented that he hadn't realized how much it had meant to Michael. Fen asserted that he hated that he'd disappointed his parents by doing drugs, and they had only tried to protect him. Paul knowingly said that they always would, and he told Fen that he was free to go.

Summer was glad when Fen returned to Crimson Lights, and he told her that he wasn't sure what Paul had been after. Fen said that Paul had asked questions, but he had handled it fine.

Paul reported to Christine that both Michael and Fen were lying. Paul also revealed that he'd had forensics analyze the chip, and it had residue that matched the crime scene and traces of Carmine's blood. Christine surmised that the killer had dropped the chip at the crime scene. Christine looked at the chip and called it a piece to the puzzle, but it didn't tell them who had pulled the trigger. Paul said that he knew how to find out who had.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill snapped at a customer service representative over the phone, and Esther asked what was wrong. Jill explained that she'd been on the phone with someone from the online auction site, and she groused that she'd tried to unload the music box, but they'd sent it back to her. Esther scribbled letters on a pad of paper, and Jill ranted that she couldn't track down the buyer, since she'd sent the package to a post office box. Esther commented that the buyer had a funny name, while Jill pondered why the buyer had bid $10.25, especially since October 25 was Katherine's birthday.

Jill asked what Esther was doing, and Esther explained that the buyer's name appeared to be an anagram. Esther shuffled the letters around, and she realized that they spelled "Katherine." Jill complained that someone was toying with her, and Lauren arrived. Esther offered to make some tea, but Jill said that they just needed privacy, and Esther left. Jill said that she was glad to hear about Fen's release, and Lauren replied that she and Michael would do everything they could to help him. Jill agreed that was what families did for one another.

Lauren reported that Fen had stayed clean and sober, but Jill understood that Lauren would always worry about him, just like Jill worried about Billy. Jill said that she'd tried to reach out to Billy, but he never wanted to talk. Jill told herself that things would eventually get better because they had to, and she pointed out that Fen's and Michael's lives were back on track. Lauren hoped that Fen would pull through, and Jill assured her that the police would find the real killer. Lauren wailed that everything had changed on the night Carmine had been killed, and she felt like it would never end. Jill hugged her.

Michael arrived, and he asked whether Jill had figured out why Katherine had left the music box to her. Jill revealed that she'd sold it online, but it had been returned to her, and she hadn't been able to track down the buyer. Lauren mentioned that Fenmore's required a phone number when processing online sales, and she suggested that Jill look it up on the transaction record. Jill proclaimed that it was time to put an end to the mystery.

Jill huddled over her computer, and Michael wished her luck. Lauren and Michael headed for the door, and Michael informed her that Paul had called to ask Michael to pick up his personal effects, but then Paul had asked a lot of questions about Fen's sobriety chip. Michael told Lauren not to panic, because he'd taken care of it.

Esther began to dust in the living room, and Jill cried out victoriously when she found the buyer's phone number. She called the number, and Esther's cell phone rang. "It was you?" Jill exclaimed.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cane and Lily had drinks at the Underground to celebrate Lily's clean MRI. Lily spotted Hilary at the bar and said that she was not wasting any more energy. Cane noticed Devon heading over to the bar and assumed that he would have something to say to Hilary. Devon stopped and watched as a masher hit on Hilary, and she dealt with him deftly by "accidentally" spilling her drink in the masher's lap. He swore at her and stalked off.

Devon chuckled when Hilary thanked him for defending her honor. They bantered, and Devon smiled again when Hilary offered him a drink because it was "Buy a billionaire a beverage night." Hilary got a call from Jack and had to scamper off after getting a rain check from Devon. Devon left the bar to sit with Lily and Cane, who had been surprised to learn that Devon had defended Hilary earlier. Devon told Cane that he had wasted enough time being angry and wanted to move on. Lily agreed.

Cane, Lily, and Devon discussed Cane and Lily's plans for the future and their possible career path. Lily was having a good time and said that she would try something new every day and that on this day, she was practicing batting her eyelashes in an alluring way. As she preened and blinked for Cane, she ask him how she was doing.

Devon said if they were going to flirt, he needed another drink. Cane said it was time to go home. As Devon stood up, two police officers walked in and arrested Devon. They told him that he was wanted for a crime in Las Vegas.

Billy and Victoria shared a brief moment before the mail arrived. A letter stating that an anonymous donor had contributed a large endowment to fund a charity in Delia's honor surprised both Victoria and Billy. Billy immediately questioned who would do such a thing and remain anonymous.

Nick went to Jack's place to talk about Summer's upcoming birthday. Both had planned a small family surprise party. Jack and Nick realized that Summer would again be torn between the two families. Nick offered to bow out, and so did Jack, but they decided instead to let Nick throw the party at the Underground and invite the members of both families. Nick said that he would warn Victor to play nice because the party was for Summer.

Jack was distracted by a phone call and as Nick prepared to show himself out, he met Billy on the way in. Nick told Billy that Nick has spoken to Kelly, whom Nick called a "nice lady." Billy agreed. Nick said that they all belonged to a club that no one should ever be in because each had lost a child. Billy said that Kelly had helped him because she was further along in the grieving process. Nick said that he was even further ahead and that if Billy ever wanted to talk, he would be there.

Billy talked briefly to Jack, who denied setting up the foundation for Delia. After brainstorming, neither could think of who the anonymous donor could be. Billy hurried out as Hilary arrived with financial reports for Jack. Jack told Hilary about Summer's party and how he wanted to give her the perfect present. Hilary said that her father had gone to prison when she was young, so Hilary's birthdays had never been celebrated.

Jack sympathized, but Hilary said that she was not looking for sympathy. She wanted to say how unfair it was that Jack had not gotten to spend those birthday's with Summer and to tell him how she had held on to the dream that her father would build her a present for every birthday that he had missed.

Jack saw the point and thanked Hilary, who told him that simple thoughtful presents would be best. Jack was full of ideas, but feared there was not enough time to get engraving done. Hilary said to leave it to her, and she would prove that she was the best assistant ever.

Adam went to see Kelly at the foundation. She told him that she had notified Delia's parents about the bequest. Adam once again got Kelly's word that his endowment would remain anonymous. She assured him that it would, even though she did not understand why.

Chloe had a gift for Connor, which delighted Chelsea. Chelsea apologized for not trusting Chloe when Chloe had taken Connor for an impromptu ride. Chloe said that she was the one who should be sorry because she had worried Chelsea. Chloe assured Chelsea that she would always look out for Connor because he had Delia's eyes and a part of Delia lived on through Connor.

Chloe noticed Chelsea's glow, and when Chelsea said that she was beginning to feel like a real family, Chloe recognized that Chelsea had slept with Adam. Chloe accused Chelsea of having Stockholm syndrome and falling for her captor, but Chelsea said that it was not like that. She said that Adam had changed. Chloe was in the process of giving another dire warning about Adam when he arrived home.

Connor cried, and Chelsea went to look after him, but not before telling Adam about the gift that Chloe had given Connor. Chloe told Adam not to hurt either Chelsea or Connor. Adam graciously told her that she had his word that he would never deliberately hurt anyone again.

Chloe said that she would make it easy on him and show herself out. Adam mentioned that Chloe had worried Chelsea when she had taken Connor for a drive. Chloe apologized for the miscommunication and said that it had been a crazy night. Adam murmured that "crazy" was the word for it.

Chloe was gone when Chelsea finished soothing Connor. She answered the door and received a delivery of roses. She was touched by Adam's note, thanking her for giving him the second chance that he never thought that he would have. They were flirtatious as they admitted how happy they were. Chelsea worried that something would mar it, but Adam vowed to keep their family safe and happy.

Nick visited Victoria with an invitation to Summer's birthday party. Victoria said that Billy was not ready for big events yet. Victoria told Nick that it was not getting any easier, partly because she and Billy had stopped connecting like before, and each tiptoed around the other. Nick mentioned that he had met Kelly with Billy.

Victoria said that she was jealous of Kelly -- not in a sexual way, but because Kelly was helping Billy cope when Victoria could not. Victoria said it hurt her that Billy sought out Kelly instead of her. Victoria added that she wanted to be the one who gave her husband what he needed.

Nick sympathized and told Victoria that he was telling her the same thing that he had told Billy. Nick said that he was available any day or any hour to talk if either Victoria or Billy called for help.

Billy cornered Kelly at the foundation and tried to get her to tell him the name of the anonymous donor who had endowed the charity in Delia's name. Kelly sad that she would lose her job if she told. Billy persisted, and Kelly slipped up and said, "he." Billy remembered that Kelly had also said "he" when she had talked about angels as they'd had drinks at the Underground.

Alex told Kevin that they had caught a break in Delia's case. The police had found a damaged black SUV, owned by a driver with a previous accident on record, which had been reported by an auto repair shop. Chloe arrived demanding to see the culprit. Alex asked Chloe to identify a scarf that had been found in the suspect's SUV.

At first Chloe thought it belonged to Delia, but when she smelled it, she noticed that Delia's scent was not there. She also noted that it still had its tag, which she had removed from Delia's scarf. After further investigation, Alex found that the driver had an airtight alibi for the time of the accident and was cleared. Alex apologized but said that another clue would turn up, and they would eventually catch the driver.

Kevin gave Chloe an envelope that had arrived for her at his apartment. Chloe and Kevin were stunned by the size of the donation. Chloe wondered what effect Delia had had on a donor that would influence that person to make such a generous contribution and yet remain anonymous.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

At the police station, Paul stared at Fen's sobriety chip, and he told Christine that it wouldn't tell them who had pulled the trigger, but he had found something else that would. Paul explained that he had asked Lauren to turn over the clothing that Fen had worn on the night of the murder, but Lauren had contended that Fen had returned to rehab in the suit. Paul disclosed that he'd filed a warrant to retrieve the suit once the case had been reopened, and the suit had been sealed in a garment bag at the rehab center. Paul said that he'd sent the suit to the lab to see if it contained any traces of blood or gunshot residue.

Christine knew that Paul was hoping that the forensics report wouldn't incriminate Fen, but Paul pointed out that the alternative was that they had no real evidence on anyone. Paul hated being in the position of having to put away someone he cared about when the victim had been a criminal, and he reconsidered why he'd taken the job. Christine reminded him that he believed in the system and that police work was in his blood. She called him an excellent investigator, and she asserted that he stood for right over wrong and was determined to make a difference. The phone rang, and Paul learned that the forensics report was available. He sighed heavily as he scanned the report.

Fen fretted that he and Michael had told Paul completely different stories about how Michael had obtained Fen's sobriety chip. Fen said that Paul knew that they were lying, but Michael pointed out that Paul had already suspected that they had been covering something up, and there was no cause for panic. Michael reasoned that Fen had already confessed to being under the influence on the night of the murder, so they could argue that Fen hadn't accurately remembered what had happened. Michael maintained that there was no evidence of wrongdoing.

Michael expressed certainty that in time, the case would go cold, and it wouldn't make sense for the D.A. to pursue a case with such little evidence. Lauren proposed that they put their worries to rest and do something fun as a family, like decorating for Christmas. Fen remained glum, and Lauren remembered that Summer's birthday party was that day. Fen said that he couldn't pretend that everything was okay, because even if everything played out like Michael expected, the case would never be closed. Lauren encouraged Fen to live a normal life, but Fen doubted that things would ever be normal again.

Michael conceded that some things had changed, but he, Lauren, and Fen were a family, and they had one another. He urged Fen to stay strong and to maintain his innocence, because Fen would have been arrested already if the police had evidence. Lauren added that they'd worked hard to protect Fen, so Fen had to enjoy his freedom. Fen agreed to try, and he prepared to go to the party. Fen hugged Lauren and Michael and said that he loved them. After Fen departed, Lauren confronted Michael about not being as confident as he had sounded.

Michael admitted that the discrepancies in his and Fen's stories could create problems, and he wondered why Paul had asked about the chip. Lauren inquired whether it could prove anything, and Michael speculated that the police could tie it to Carmine's murder but not to Fen being the killer. Michael advised that they just stay calm and hope that no real evidence turned up, and Lauren was glad that Fen was enjoying his freedom and his friends. Michael noted that Fen tended to act without thinking, and Lauren hoped that it wouldn't happen again.

Michael declared that he loved his family and positively adored his wife, and Lauren replied that she adored him. They kissed, but a solemn Paul arrived at the door. Paul said that he was looking for Fen, and Michael replied that Fen wasn't there. Paul revealed that he had a warrant for Fen's arrest.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack complimented the idea that Hilary had given him for Summer's birthday. Jack informed Kyle that he'd gotten a gift for every one of Summer's birthdays that Jack had missed, and he'd sent the presents directly to her, because he didn't want there to be any tears at the party. Kyle commented that it had been cool of Jack to let Nick host the event, and Jack remarked that both he and Nick wanted what was best for Summer. Kyle said that he was more worried about Jack and Victor playing nice.

Jack invited Hilary to the party, and she protested that she didn't know Summer, but he said that he would feel guilty if Hilary didn't attend. Hilary promised that she'd be there, and she left. Jack pointed out that Hilary was an attractive woman and that Kyle was single, but Kyle insisted that he was happily playing the field. Jack thought it could get lonely, and Kyle said that he hadn't met anyone since he'd dated Summer. Jack wondered if Kyle would feel uncomfortable at the party, and Kyle replied that the only awkward thing would be that Victor and Jack would be in the same room together.

At Crimson Lights, Courtney and Noah wished Summer a happy birthday. An unenthused Summer said that she just wanted downtime, but Noah declared that was unacceptable, and he and Courtney insisted on taking Summer bowling. Noah and Courtney jokingly threatened to sing to Summer if she wouldn't go, and Summer begged them not to. Summer agreed to go with them, but only if they swore that they wouldn't announce that it was her birthday, because she wasn't in the mood to be the center of attention.

As Nikki and Victor entered the Underground, Nikki suggested that they not discuss Dylan that day, and she wanted to focus on the family celebration. They spotted Sharon and Nick decorating the bar, and Victor grumbled that Dylan wasn't his only concern. Abby greeted Victor with a hug, and Victor made chitchat with Tyler. Nick groused that his bartender was late, and Mason rushed in to work the party. Nikki commented to Sharon that she was surprised to see Sharon at a party for Summer, and Sharon mentioned that she and Summer worked together and that Summer considered Faith to be a sister. Nikki thanked Sharon for being a friend to Nikki's son.

Sharon couldn't believe that Nikki was giving her blessing regarding Sharon's friendship with Nick, but Nikki clarified that Faith had told her that Sharon and Dylan were friends. Nikki said that she appreciated Sharon letting Dylan be in their lives, and Sharon recounted that she had asked both Dylan and Nick to set down their swords, but she wasn't going to take sides. Nikki haughtily stated that even though it seemed as if the women were bonding, her opinion of Sharon hadn't changed, and Sharon returned the sentiment.

Victor asked what Nick and Sharon had been talking about, and Nick replied that they'd been discussing one of Noah's past birthdays. Victor huffed that it was Summer's day, and Nick defended that Sharon was his guest and that Summer liked Sharon. Victor warned that Sharon was working her way back into Nick's life, and Nick countered that it wasn't a problem. Victor said that he was trying to prevent it from becoming one. Jack and Kyle entered, and Jack said that the place looked great. Nick thanked Jack for letting him host the party, and Victor remarked to Jack that Kyle was a hardworking fellow. Jack wished that Kyle hadn't left Jabot.

Hilary ordered a club soda from Mason, and he dryly noted that her job appeared to be going well. She eyed his expensive watch, and he claimed that it had been the last big purchase he'd made with his modeling money. She pointed out that they'd been together when his modeling gig had ended, and she'd never seen the watch, but he retorted that she'd been too busy destroying lives to notice it. Abby signaled that Summer had arrived, and the guests grew quiet. Noah lured Summer into the bar under the pretense that he had to pick up his bowling ball, and a stricken Summer's eyes welled with tears when everyone yelled, "Surprise!"

Summer apologized for crying, and she claimed that she was just really happy. The guests took turns bestowing birthday wishes upon Summer. Summer asked how Nikki had gotten both Nick and Jack there, but Nikki credited Nick with putting the party together. Summer wiped away tears, and she told Jack not to get sappy, or she'd start crying again, but he softly said that he was glad that he could say happy birthday to his daughter, and they hugged. Noah told Nick that he didn't believe that Summer was crying tears of joy, and he relayed that Summer hadn't wanted to acknowledge her birthday. Nick approached Summer and asked what was really going on.

Abby gushed that she loved parties, especially in the middle of a workday. Tyler said that he owed her after ruining their time in Los Angeles, and he suggested that they go back and discover new places and do new things to make it theirs. She replied that she would love to give him reasons to forget about Mariah permanently. Tyler went to get drinks, and an eavesdropping Victor asked Abby who Mariah was. Abby explained that Mariah was Tyler's ex but that Mariah was out of the picture.

Nikki sympathized that it had to be a strange situation for Jack, and he confided that he was getting closer to Summer, but it was hard to accept all the lost years. Nikki confessed that she'd love to have a relationship with her oldest son, but she didn't know if it would happen, because Victor refused to allow Dylan to be part of their family due to Dylan's conflict with Nick. Jack questioned whether Victor could accept anyone as Nikki's first-born son, and Nikki admitted that it would have been easier if she hadn't turned to Paul for help.

Fen arrived at the party, and Courtney asked how he was doing. She said that she was glad to see him out of prison, but she didn't appreciate him telling Summer that Courtney was a drug addict. He asked if Courtney could deny ever using drugs, and she asked who had sold him an entire pharmacy of stuff. Noah interrupted and asked if everything was okay, and Courtney covered.

Summer insisted that she was having a good time, but Nick said that he knew her, and he still felt like her father. Summer brokenly reflected upon everything that had happened over the past year, and Nick understood that she was upset that Phyllis couldn't be there. Summer explained that she had felt like she had been starting to accept everything, but her birthday was like a timestamp on her life map. She recalled that on her last birthday, she had been happy, and Phyllis had given her the infinity necklace. Nick assured her that Phyllis had wished only good things for Summer and that the last thing Phyllis would want was for Summer to be sad on her birthday.

Summer said that she was trying hard not to be down, and Nick reminded her that when she had been sad as a little girl, he'd only had to hug her to make the sadness go away. As Jack watched, Summer crumpled into Nick's arms and murmured that hugging him still worked. Nick observed that Fen had arrived, and he told Summer to go have fun with her friends. Summer hugged Fen and said that she was glad he had shown up, and he proclaimed that he had to say happy birthday and goodbye.

Summer whined that Fen had promised not to leave, but he replied that things had gotten out of control, and he had to get out of there. She urged him to talk to his parents, but he asked her to mislead his parents about his whereabouts by telling them that he'd mentioned going to New York. He refused to pull Summer any further into his plan, and he thanked her for being his friend. He added that he wanted to be one to her, too, and he cautioned her to be careful about choosing her other friends.

Noah couldn't believe that his parents were giving his girlfriend the third degree, and Courtney said that she wanted to get to know them to find out embarrassing stories about Noah. Sharon and Nick laughed as they recounted a time when Noah had gotten his head stuck in a stairway. Victor griped to Nikki that Sharon was digging her claws into their son again, and Nikki hoped that Nick wasn't stupid enough to let Sharon do that again.

Jack told Summer that he'd sent something to the penthouse for her to open later, and he mentioned that it meant a lot to him. He wished that he could give her the one thing she wanted, and he reminded her that Phyllis loved her very much. Kyle congratulated Summer, and he said that she deserved to be happy. She replied that he did, too, and they embraced.

Jack noted to Kyle that they were starting to seem like a real family, and Kyle remarked that he had family business to tend to. Kyle thought that the timing was great to sneak into Victor's office to review the Bonaventure Industries file, because everyone was at the party. Jack worried about Kyle getting caught, but Kyle thought he could get in to photograph the file and get out without a problem. Jack glared at Victor.

Courtney chirped that she was officially Noah's girlfriend, since that was how he'd introduced her to his parents. Abby commented that Noah was finally heeding her words of wisdom about not trying to one-up Kyle in front of Victor. Noah wondered what she meant, and she mentioned that she'd seen Kyle going back to work. Noah refused to let Kyle get the upper hand, and he insisted upon getting to the office.

Esmerelda invited Summer to hit another party, but Summer mentioned that she had a photo shoot the next day, and her eyes were already puffy from crying. Esmerelda handed her a plastic bag containing a pill, and she said that all the models used them. Summer covertly swallowed the pill. A short time later, Summer giggled giddily, and she locked eyes with Fen for a moment before he took off. Nick looked around for Noah, who was supposed to pick up a tree, and Abby offered to do it with Tyler as a new experience that they could share together.

Mason said that he'd be back for his regular shift, and Nick warned him to be on time. Jack commended Nick for throwing a great party, and Summer reported that she was off to another party with her friends. Courtney asked if she could join them, and Summer assumed that it was because Noah had already left, but Courtney swore that she was Summer's friend first. Jack wished Nikki and Victor a merry Christmas, and Victor figured that Jack really hoped that Victor got coal in his stocking. Jack stated his confidence that Victor would get what he deserved.

Nick thanked Sharon for staying to help clean up, and she said that it had been a wonderful party. He wished that there was more he could do for Summer, because he knew how much she missed Phyllis. He took Sharon's hand to help her down from a ladder, and they gazed at one another for a moment. He leaned in and kissed her, and she responded.

Kyle found the file he needed in Victor's office, and he snapped photos of the documents inside. Noah entered the office and demanded to know what Kyle was doing.

At the police station, Neil bailed out Devon after Devon had spent the night in jail. Neil wished that Devon had called him sooner, but Devon explained that he'd thought the cops would realize that they'd arrested the wrong person for trashing a Las Vegas hotel room and then walking out on the bill. Devon insisted that he'd never been in Nevada, but Leslie divulged that his credit card had been used at a club and a bar, and there was supposedly a video of him gambling in the casino. Devon was glad that there was video footage, because it would prove that he hadn't done anything wrong, and his impersonator wouldn't get away with it.

The press swarmed around Devon as he entered the Athletic Club, and Neil fended them off. Devon encountered Hilary at the bar, and he compared his bad press to the stories she'd manufactured on the GC Buzz. Leslie guided Devon and Neil to a table to discuss how to proceed, and Hilary found an online article about Devon's arrest. Neil suggested that Devon slip out the back exit and spend the night at Neil's place, but Devon declined. Leslie promised to review the surveillance tapes, and Neil assured Devon that they would sort everything out.

Leslie and Neil left, and Hilary approached Devon and declared that she didn't believe the story. A reporter antagonized Devon by sarcastically stating that Katherine would have been proud of her grandson, but Hilary intervened and aptly steered the press away. An impressed Devon remarked that she had been scary, and she replied that it was the nicest thing he'd ever said to her. He asked why she thought he was innocent, and she commented that she'd researched a lot about him, and the behavior wasn't his style. Devon vowed to figure out who had made the cops believe that he had been in Las Vegas.

Friday, December 20, 2013

At the Abbott mansion, Jack left a message for Kyle to inquire about Kyle's search of Victor's office. Billy entered with a present for Summer, and he apologized for not being at the party, but Jack understood. Billy mentioned that he'd overheard Jack making moves against Victor, and Jack swore that he wasn't going to let Victor have the last laugh. Billy was surprised that Jack was using Kyle to get even, and Jack explained that it had been Kyle's idea to take a job at Newman-Chancellor.

Billy thought that the plan sounded risky, but Jack contended that he needed someone he trusted on the inside, and he would never ask Billy to choose between families. Jack asked if Billy had found out who had set up the foundation in Delia's name, and Billy reported that he hadn't, but Kelly had advised him to concentrate on the good the charity would do. Jack commented that Billy had gotten to know Kelly well, and Billy said that they had a lot in common. Jack questioned whether Billy had more in common with Kelly than with Victoria.

Jack recounted that when Cassie had died, Nick's life had spun out of control, and Nick had turned to Phyllis. Billy argued that Victoria was aware of his friendship with Kelly and that he wasn't cheating on his wife, but Jack countered that Billy was shutting Victoria out. Billy recognized that Victoria was grieving in a different way, but she could get past her pain to be there for Johnny, while Billy felt stuck. Jack urged Billy to talk to Victoria, but Billy thought that it would be too much for her to bear. Billy explained that with Kelly, he could unload emotionally and then go home and be a father and a husband, but Jack worried that it couldn't be good for Billy's marriage. Billy said that Kelly was the only thing holding his marriage together.

Jack recalled that Victoria had pulled Billy out of the gutter and had helped Billy to rebuild his strength and a family, and he urged Billy not to throw it away. Jack continued that he had some idea of what Billy was going through, since Phyllis had pulled Jack back from the edge, and he encouraged Billy to reach out to his wife. Billy told Jack to back off, and he quickly clarified that he appreciated all that his family had done, but he needed someone outside of the family to help him. Jack recognized that Billy had lost a lot, but he cautioned that if Billy stayed on the path he was on, Billy could lose everything.

Victor and Nikki returned home, and she remarked that it had been lovely that the Abbotts and the Newmans had gathered to celebrate Summer's birthday. Victor didn't think Summer would agree, and he recalled Summer's horrified expression when she'd seen everyone together. Nikki suspected that Summer's emotional outburst had simply been the result of missing Phyllis, and she praised Nick for working with Jack to make the party a success. She implied that Victor could learn something from their son.

Victor said that Nikki couldn't compare Nick and Summer's relationship to Nikki and Dylan's, and Nikki understood that Victor was angry that she'd waited too long to tell him about Dylan. Nikki said that all she could do was say that she was sorry and hope for the best for everyone she loved. Victor asked if that included Dylan, and she pointed out that Dylan had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her. Victor thought that Dylan would change his mind once Dylan realized what Nikki had to offer, but she was certain that Dylan had no interest in her money. Victor proclaimed that no one who had ruined their family would become part of it.

Victor handed Nikki an envelope with what he called an insurance policy. She found a copy of her will inside, and she discovered that Victor had deleted Dylan's name from it. Nikki protested that Victor had had no right to revise it, and Victor declared that she'd had no right to include Dylan, who he felt shouldn't be treated like their other children. Nikki questioned why not, because Dylan was her son, and Victor barked that he didn't "give a damn." Victor asserted that if Dylan wasn't in the will, then they never had to question Dylan's motives, and he stalked out.

Noah asked what Kyle was doing in Victor's office, and Kyle fibbed that he had just been closing an open drawer, but Noah thought that he was lying. Kyle ordered Noah out of his way, but Noah demanded to know what Kyle had been looking for. Kyle claimed that he'd just been looking for paper to write a note, but a skeptical Noah argued that a billion-dollar corporation had advanced communication systems. Noah blasted Kyle for cutting out of Summer's party, and Kyle accused Noah of spying on him to try to prove that Noah was more loyal than Kyle was. Noah spat that Victor already knew that he could trust Noah.

Victor approached his office, and he heard Noah and Kyle arguing inside. Noah asserted that Victor had just wanted to stick it to Jack by hiring Kyle, and Kyle shot back that Noah was only there because Victor wanted to get to Nick. Victor entered and said that both of their assumptions were ill-advised, and he rattled off the merits of both young men. Victor added that their last names helped, but it only meant that they both would have to work twice as hard to prove they had reason to stay there, starting immediately.

Victor requested that both Noah and Kyle take a look at the subsidiaries that Newman had acquired when they had merged with Chancellor, and he asked them to decide which ones were worth keeping and which ones they should jettison. Victor handed them each a folder of prospectuses and instructed them to do additional research online, and he mentioned that he was particularly worried about Bonaventure Industries. Victor ordered them to work together to cover all the bases. Later, Noah reported to Victor that he'd caught Kyle going through Victor's desk.

Jack was infuriated when Kyle told him that Noah had caught Kyle in Victor's office, but Kyle swore that Noah couldn't prove anything. Jack wanted Kyle to get out of Newman-Chancellor, because Kyle couldn't possibly get information if Victor was suspicious of him. Kyle revealed that Victor had asked him to research Bonaventure, and Jack thought that it wasn't a coincidence.

Chelsea and Adam cheerfully entered the Athletic Club, and she asked what they were celebrating. He proposed a dinner with no crying, and he mentioned Connor's uncanny ability to fuss whenever they were about to eat. He suggested that they celebrate that their problems were behind them, and Chelsea spotted Dylan, who asked about Connor. Adam mumbled that Connor was of no concern to Dylan, because Dylan had no connection to their son. Dylan mentioned that Chelsea hadn't been the only one who had kept things from him, and he revealed that Nikki had kept the biggest secret of all -- that she was his mother. Chelsea and Adam looked stunned.

Dylan explained that neither he nor his dad had known that Dylan had been adopted. Adam realized that Dylan's mom had lied to them both, and he understood what it was like to be an interloper in the Newman family. Dylan snapped that he didn't need Adam's advice, because Dylan had no interest in becoming a Newman. Dylan left, and Adam remarked that it had been enlightening to watch the exchange between Chelsea and Dylan.

Chelsea asked if Adam thought that she was conning him, and she recognized that it was hard to trust someone who had spent a lifetime conning people, but Adam remarked that she was one of the few people who believed that he had a heart. She promised that she wasn't conning him, and he pointed out that anything could happen in the future. She agreed as she took his hand, and she marveled at where they had ended up. She added that she and Adam had spent most of their lives, thinking that they didn't deserve happiness, but they did. He looked uncomfortable.

Chelsea told Adam to stop waiting for a karmic atom bomb to fall on him, because the universe wouldn't punish her and Connor for Adam's sins. Adam said that the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt them, and she encouraged him to focus on being happy as a family. He said that he wanted that, but guys like him didn't get fairy tale endings. Chelsea pointed out that no one was perfect, and Adam replied that she had no idea how imperfect he was. She swore that nothing would change her love for him.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria greeted Stitch, and he inquired how Johnny was doing. Victoria informed him that the allergist had confirmed Stitch's suspicion that Johnny had suffered a reaction to his sweater, and she expressed her gratitude for Stitch's help. He assured her that she could have handled it herself, but she recognized that he had been the only one thinking rationally. He said that the trait was handy in his line of work, and she remarked that Dylan was lucky to have him.

Stitch said that a cookie could cure just about any ailment, and he wondered if Victoria doubted his medical credentials. She referred to his transition from being a military medic to a doctor, and she surmised that saving lives felt good, but he remarked that it didn't make up for those that had been lost. Victoria noted that Stitch seemed to be dealing with it better than others, and he concluded that she meant Dylan. Stitch figured that she wanted to get inside information on her new brother, and she lamented that she had no one else to talk to about it. She pleaded with Stitch to tell her something about Dylan.

Dylan arrived, and Stitch revealed that he'd been telling Victoria the camel story. Dylan defended that he'd had on a lot of gear when he'd lost his balance, and Stitch deadpanned that Dylan had stuck the landing on his chin. Dylan good-naturedly said that Stitch needed to get new material, because it was almost as funny as Stitch getting stung by a scorpion. Stitch explained that his buddies had set him up to videotape him screaming like a little girl, and Victoria guessed that there had been no scorpion. Dylan divulged that it had been retaliation because Stitch had stolen the last cookie from Sully's secret stash.

Dylan mentioned that Stitch's love of cookies had prompted Mrs. Sullivan to send Stitch care packages of his own each Christmas, and Victoria asked how Sully had felt about that. Stitch and Dylan grew quiet, and Stitch remarked that Sully would have been fine, knowing that his mom had found way to celebrate without him. Victoria apologized, and she acknowledged that the holidays could be hard. Dylan realized that they would be rough for Billy that year, and Victoria reported that Billy was doing better, thanks to group therapy.

Dylan presented Victoria with cookies for Johnny, and she invited Dylan to stop by and visit Billy. Victoria thanked Stitch for everything, and she hugged him goodbye. After Victoria left, Dylan wondered what the hug had been for, and Stitch explained that he'd gotten Johnny's allergic reaction under control. Stitch added that Victoria had wanted to know about her brother, so he'd relayed the camel story, and Dylan grumbled that Stitch had told her one story too many.

Stitch warned Dylan not to steal Mrs. Sullivan's cookies if they showed up at the loft, and Dylan wondered why Stitch wasn't going home for the holidays. Stitch claimed that he was the low man on the totem pole at work, so Jenna and Max had planned to spend the day with her family. Dylan mentioned that he'd be working, too, since people with no one to spend the holidays with needed a place to go. Stitch questioned whether Dylan was one of them.

Stitch thought that Avery or Victoria would love to spend the holiday with Dylan, and Dylan told him to get back to his patients. Stitch hesitantly mentioned Nikki, but Dylan ordered him to drop the subject, because the Newmans wouldn't be his family, no matter what the DNA test had said. Dylan ranted that Penny had been his mom and that Nikki was a stranger, and Nikki walked in. Stitch mused that Nikki didn't have to be, and Nikki asked if Dylan had a minute.

Nikki said that she didn't want to pressure Dylan, but she wanted to leave something for him, and she handed him an envelope. He insisted that he didn't want anything, but she implored him to read the contents. He took a look at it, and she explained that it was an addendum to her will, making him an heir. Dylan asked why she'd do that, and she replied that he was her son, and she intended to treat him like she treated her other children.

Billy returned home, and Victoria asked if everything was okay. He struggled to hide his anguish, and he asked her to close her eyes, because he had a surprise for her. She obliged, and he retrieved something from outside the front door. He told her to look, and he presented her with a small, scraggly pine tree. He conceded that it was little and crooked, but it had been the only option. He stuttered that it didn't look like much, but Victoria silenced him with a hug, and she cried that she loved it.

Billy and Victoria pulled out decorations, and she commented that Charlie Brown would have been proud. He ruled out a tree-topper, and he suggested that she pick out an ornament. She searched through a box, and he pulled out a homemade one with a picture of Delia. The tree branch drooped when he placed the ornament on it, and he declared that Delia would have loved it. Victoria wrapped her arms around him and promised that they'd get through it, and Billy replied that he knew they would.

At the Underground, Sharon pulled back from Nick's kiss, and he said that he was sorry. Sharon stammered that there was no need to apologize, but he insisted that he shouldn't have kissed her. Sharon assured him that it hadn't meant anything, and she joked that she knew how he got when he was about to take the trash out. Sharon downplayed the buss as just getting caught up in the moment, and Nick swore that they were just friends. She confirmed that there would be no benefits, so things didn't have to be weird between them.

Nick pointed out that he and Sharon had kissed plenty of times before, and they agreed that doing so again was old news. He went to throw out the trash, and when he returned, Sharon was about to leave. She mentioned that Abby had taken Faith to see the Fenmore's displays and to pick up a tree, and she planned to use the time to wrap presents. Sharon headed out, and Nick called after her. They nervously admitted that things between them were strange.

Nick apologized again for kissing Sharon, because she had done well to get her life on track. She pointed out that he'd been under stress because of Avery and Dylan, but Nick pledged not to lean on Sharon. Sharon recalled the many times she'd leaned on him, but he didn't want to give her mixed signals. Sharon said that friends understood when someone made a mistake, and she was his friend. She hoped that he would always be hers.

Sharon said that there were people who thought that she and Nick couldn't be or shouldn't be friends, and Nick replied that they'd never listened to those people before. He received a text message from Abby, who had to go back to work and needed to drop Faith off. Faith suddenly ran in, and Sharon asked what had happened. Faith forlornly reported that the Christmas trees had been sold out, and Nick pondered whether they should cancel Christmas. He tried to think of where else they could put the presents at the tack house, and Faith chirped that they could celebrate the holiday with her mommy.

Nick said that he had only been kidding about canceling Christmas, and he suggested that they still decorate. Faith whined that it wouldn't be the same without a tree, and Nick proposed that they chop one down at the ranch. Faith declared that she wanted to have Christmas with her mommy, and Sharon and Nick exchanged a glance. Sharon finally said that she couldn't think of a reason why they shouldn't spend Christmas together, since she and Nick were friends, and Nick reasoned that they'd already spent Thanksgiving together. Faith cheered and hugged her parents.

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