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Leslie accepted Neil's marriage proposal. Fen was arrested for Carmine's murder. Zach turned out to be Alex. Victor discovered his investigator's report, which implicated Adam in Delia's accident. Kelly and Billy shared a kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 23, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, December 23, 2013

At the Underground, Nick was busy wrapping Christmas gifts. Avery stopped by and delivered an electric guitar she'd given to Nick as a gift the past Christmas. Avery mentioned that she still cherished the Easy-Bake Oven Nick had given her for Christmas when they were a couple. Nick recalled how the couple had once dreamed of a life together. Their encounter was awkward, and Avery turned to leave. She paused before walking out and asked Nick how he was doing. Nick admitted that he and his family were "going through hell." Avery replied, "I've been thinking about all of you and how difficult this Christmas will be without Delia."

Nick asked Avery about Phyllis. Avery explained that there had been no change in her sister's condition. Nick said he assumed Avery would spend Christmas with Dylan, but Avery noted that she and Dylan were moving forward with their relationship one day at a time. Nick said he planned to spend Christmas with his family. Avery noticed that one of Nick's gifts had a tag bearing Sharon's name. Avery asked, "Family?"

Nick thanked Avery for her role in persuading Summer not to shut him out of his life. Nick added that Summer would never have been open to reconciliation without Avery's support. Avery nodded, and her demeanor changed. Avery hesitated slightly and said, "I was hoping for Christmas that you could find it in your heart to make peace with Dylan." After Avery left, Nick picked up the guitar and strummed it hard. The instrument yielded a steely, off-key riff. The spontaneous act seemed to help Nick vent his frustrations.

At the Newman ranch, Dylan showed up seconds after Nikki informed Victor that she'd legally made Dylan a member of her family. Victor immediately confronted Dylan angrily and demanded to know if he'd persuaded Nikki to reverse the changes Victor had made to Nikki's will. Nikki interrupted and explained that she'd made the decision on her own to give Dylan the same status as her other children. Victor, directing his question at Dylan, asked, "Are you here to get some advance inheritance? You've caused a lot of trouble for my family." Nikki asked Victor to leave so she could speak with Dylan alone.

Dylan inquired about Nikki's medical history, and she went to make a copy of the document. After she stepped out, Dylan admired the Christmas tree and noticed gifts bearing tags -- one for Nick and another for Victoria. Nikki returned and gave Dylan the copies she'd made. Dylan read over the report and asked about Nikki's multiple sclerosis. Nikki shared what she knew about the chances of her offspring inheriting the condition. Letting Nikki know that she'd misinterpreted his question, Dylan said, "I was just wondered how you were doing?" Nikki, touched by Dylan's concern, replied, "With medication, it's under control."

Dylan inquired about his biological father's medical history. Nikki said she hadn't seen Ian Ward since before Dylan was born, and she assumed that the man was dead. Dylan explained that Avery had conducted a search and had found no evidence of a death certificate or any proof that Ian had legally changed his name. Dylan sighed and added, "I found out what kind of man he was, but we don't want to talk about what kind of lowlife he was during the holidays." Before Dylan left, he said, "Merry Christmas." Nikki's face lit up, and she cheerfully replied, "Merry Christmas!" After Dylan left, Nikki was overcome with joy.

At an upscale café in Los Angeles, Abby teasingly demanded to know if Tyler had ever shared a meal or proposed marriage to another girl at the particular eatery. Tyler jokingly explained that most trendy cafés in Los Angeles specialized in serving dishes comprised of avocados and kale, so they were all the same in that respect. Tyler chuckled and assured Abby that they were making memories of their own and that his past relationship with Mariah was a distant memory. Abby smiled. Tyler moved in close to Abby. Abby outstretched her arm and used the camera on her phone to snap a photo of herself and Tyler as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

An unseen woman, bearing a tattoo of the sun with a face, accessed social media site Faceplace. The woman studied a posted update accompanied by the photo Abby had posted of herself and Tyler. The woman scrolled down and read a message. Below the photo Abby had posted, a description noted that she and Tyler had checked in at the Pendant. Abby had added that she and Tyler were set to make their own memories in Los Angeles.

Abby and Tyler donned swimsuits and enjoyed spending a romantic day exploring the beach and dipping their toes in the ocean. Abby employed a piece of driftwood to write her and Tyler's initials in the sand. She drew a heart shape around the initials, and the couple kissed. After Abby and Tyler returned to their hotel room, Abby said she wanted to go shopping alone to purchase items that would add a festive spirit to their holiday celebration. The unseen woman, standing out of sight in the hallway, watched Abby leave the room and enter the elevator. The woman used a keycard to enter the room while Tyler was showering.

In Paul's office at the police station, Summer was stunned when Paul threatened to send her to jail on Christmas Day. Paul noted that Summer could be charged with being an accessory after the fact if he determined that she'd withheld information. Paul pleaded with Summer to tell him about Fen, his whereabouts, and any particulars she and Fen might have discussed before he left town. Summer stammered, but she remained mum. Paul released Summer when she requested legal representation from her Aunt Avery. Before Summer left, Paul strongly advised her to let him know if she heard from Fen because it would be for his own good.

Victor stopped by Paul's office and demanded to know all he'd learned about Dylan. Paul advised Victor to direct his questions to Nikki, but Victor insisted that Nikki would never share with him anything about her past pertaining to Dylan's birth. Victor accused Paul of placing Nikki in a stressful situation, which could be detrimental to her health. Paul noted that Nikki had initiated the search and had sought his help because they had been together at the commune. Paul added that Nikki had been uncertain about how her family might handle the news.

Victor demanded to know why Paul hadn't protected Nikki from Ian Ward. Paul said that he'd had no idea at the time what was going on. Paul, exasperated, challenged Victor to support Nikki and be understanding. Paul added that he, too, was concerned about Nikki's health and had agreed to help because she'd been agonizing about finding her son. Victor rose to leave and told Paul to stay out of Nikki's business. Victor rudely walked out without closing the office door. Paul glared at Victor and slammed the door after Victor walked away.

Avery stopped by Crimson Lights and told Dylan that she'd stopped by to visit with Nick to discuss unfinished business. Dylan showed Avery the file containing information about Nikki's medical history. Dylan added, "I went to see Nikki. I guess my mother and I had some unfinished business, too." Avery noted that Dylan had just referred to Nikki as "mother." Dylan sighed when Avery added that perhaps his "business with Nikki [wasn't] so finished, after all." Dylan told Avery that nothing had changed between him and Nikki. Dylan asked Avery about their plans for Christmas. The couple agreed to spend the day, enjoying a turkey dinner and listening to Bing Crosby in front of a roaring fire.

After Victor returned to the ranch, he asked Nikki about her encounter with Dylan. Nikki explained that her visit with Dylan had gone well. Nikki told Victor that he didn't have to pretend to care. Nikki seemed apprehensive about Victor's reaction. Victor's demeanor changed, and he appeared remorseful after hurting Nikki's feelings earlier. Victor tightly embraced Nikki and said, "Baby, I'm not pretending. I care about you. Okay?" Nikki sighed.

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren was in tears after failing to glean information about Fen's whereabouts from his close friends. Michael noted that Fen faced ever-increasing threats to his safety the longer he remained on the run. Lauren, sobbing, replied, "He doesn't even know there's a warrant for his arrest. What if he sees a policeman and runs?" Michael assured Lauren that they would convince Fen to return home. Lauren didn't appear to be consoled when Michael announced that he had a plan.

Michael summoned Summer, but the frightened young woman explained that Paul had already warned her that she could be arrested for helping Fen. Michael assured Summer that he'd do everything legally possible to prevent her from being jailed. Michael added, "The cleanest way to keep charges from being filed is for Fenmore to come home of his own volition." Lauren pleaded with Summer to help them locate Fen. Summer hesitated before telling Michael and Lauren that Fenmore had confessed that "he'd pulled the trigger."

Michael and Lauren insisted that Summer tell them where Fen had gone. Summer said that Fen had claimed he was going to New York. Summer added that she was certain he hadn't gone to throw everyone off his tracks. Summer cried that Fen was determined not to let anyone locate him. Summer initially refused to help find Fen, but Michael explained that there was much less of a chance for Fen to get hurt or be killed if they could convince him to turn himself in. Lauren told Summer that if she cared about Fen, she would agree to help. Summer phoned Fen and told him that his father had been sent back to prison.

Summer was nervously waiting at the police station when Fen rushed in. Fen asked Summer why his dad had been sent to prison. Summer, wringing her hands, inched away from her bewildered friend. Lauren walked in and embraced her son. Michael and Paul arrived. Fen, stunned, faced Summer and glared at her. Michael faced Paul and said, "My son is here to turn himself in." Lauren and Summer sobbed softly as Michael arrested Fen.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Tyler and Abby's hotel room in Los Angeles, a woman with a tattoo on her wrist entered while Tyler was in the shower. The woman picked up Tyler's cell phone, and Tyler called out and asked if Abby planned to join him. A towel-clad Tyler emerged from the bathroom and called for Abby, and the woman quickly hid. Tyler returned to the shower, and the woman messed up the bed sheets and left. From down the hallway, Abby spotted the woman departing the room.

Abby entered the hotel room, and the shower stopped. Tyler remarked that her shopping trip had been fast, and she said that she'd returned for her sunglasses. She inquired about the woman who'd just left, and Tyler mentioned that he'd heard something, but he hadn't seen anyone. Tyler pointed out that it could have been a maid, but Abby reasoned that a maid wouldn't have worn four-inch heels or messed up the bed. Tyler wondered if someone had broken in, but Abby declared that she knew exactly who it had been.

Abby stared at the rumpled bed, and as Tyler got dressed, she huffed that she didn't need head games. Abby ranted that she'd never had a problem finding men, and she barked that she had lots of options, so she wasn't going to tolerate Tyler sneaking around with his ex. A flabbergasted Tyler reasoned that Abby had only been gone for a few minutes, and he thought that the sunshine was playing tricks on her mind. He stopped her from leaving and suggested that they go down to the front desk to straighten things out. He vowed to have a merry Christmas, even if it killed him, and she warned him not to tempt her.

Later, Abby and Tyler returned to their room, and she argued that it had been reasonable to jump to the wrong conclusion after she'd seen a strange woman leaving the room. Tyler implored her to admit that she'd turned into a raving lunatic who had accused him of something ridiculous. Abby defended that she couldn't have known that the hotel had mixed up the room keys, and she was sorry for being a jealous idiot. They playfully plopped Santa hats on one another's heads and headed to the beach, where they cuddled and kissed as they watched the sun set.

At Sharon's house, Nick carried in a large box that contained Faith's dollhouse. Sharon remarked that there was no room under the tree for it, and Nick asked if Faith was there. Sharon reported that she was supposed to pick Faith up from a friend's house in an hour, and she noted that the dollhouse would take time to assemble. Nick said that he could do it the following week, but Sharon pointed out that Santa's gifts never arrived in pieces. Nick gasped when he read that the dollhouse consisted of 500 parts.

Sharon read the assembly instructions aloud, and Nick wondered if kids knew what their parents went through for them. Sharon said that she didn't want to spoil the magic of Christmas, and she wished that Faith would believe in Santa forever. Nick recalled that Sharon had said the same thing about Cassie, and Sharon recounted the year when Cassie had told Santa that she'd wanted her family to be together. Sharon added that Nick had made it happen, and she looked at Cassie's drawing of their family.

Sharon imagined the look on Cassie's face when Cassie had seen that Nick had left the framed drawing, and Cassie had said that Santa had heard her. Sharon wished that they could keep Faith young and innocent forever, and Nick agreed. They returned to poring over the instructions, and Sharon joked that they should have gotten Faith a pony instead. Faith burst in and exclaimed, "My dollhouse!"

Sharon stammered that Faith was supposed to be at Kendall's, but Faith explained that her friend had gotten a tummy ache from eating too many cookies, so Kendall's mom had taken Faith home. A puzzled Faith said that it wasn't Christmas yet, and Nick claimed that Santa had needed to drop off the dollhouse early. Sharon reasoned that the dollhouse had been too big to fit in the sleigh with the other toys, so Santa had asked if he could leave it there. Faith wondered why the elves hadn't put it together already, and Nick replied that they'd asked Nick and Sharon to give them a hand. Faith skeptically asked if Nick was telling her the truth.

Nick reminded Faith of what happened to people who didn't tell the truth, and Faith proclaimed that those people wouldn't get any presents from Santa. Faith pointed out that Santa had lots of elves, but Nick contended that elves needed time off, too. Faith said that there were elves in the woods, and Sharon claimed that one of them had told her that they were all heading up to the North Pole, so they'd asked Nick and Sharon to help them. Sharon said that she and Nick were "helper elves," and Faith proclaimed that they were the best ones ever. Faith kissed Sharon's cheek and ran into Nick's arms.

Faith declared that she loved her dollhouse, but she didn't think it was fair that she'd gotten to see her present when her parents hadn't seen theirs. Sharon suggested that she and Nick each open a present, and Faith presented Nick with a "Best Dad" t-shirt. Faith proudly revealed that she'd made it, and Nick said that it made him love it even more. He instructed Faith to give a certain gift to Sharon, and Sharon was surprised that Nick had bought her a foot spa. Faith beamed as Nick and Sharon wished one another a merry Christmas.

Nick asked what Faith would wish for when she lit her candle at the ceremony in the park, but Faith said that she'd already gotten her wish. Sharon guessed that it had been the dollhouse, but Faith revealed that she'd wished that they would be together for Christmas. "Santa heard me," Faith chirped.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack gave Hilary an expensive pen, and he credited her with whipping the office into shape. He added that he'd emailed something else that she wouldn't like as much, and she checked her computer and found some sales projections, though he stressed that he expected her to spend the evening with friends. She mentioned that she hadn't made any friends, and he remarked that it was a time to be with people, singing carols and drinking eggnog. Hilary asked if that was what Jack was planning on doing that night. Jack revealed that everyone in his family had made their own plans.

Hilary remarked that Jack was all alone, and she mentioned that she'd spent many holidays and special occasions that way. She asked what Summer was doing for the holidays, and Jack replied that he didn't want to push. Hilary suggested that he wouldn't have to be alone if he reached out to Summer, but he didn't want to make Summer feel uncomfortable. He insisted that he was happy being by himself, and Hilary left to get started on the projections. Jack walked her to the door, and after she left, he looked around the empty house. He gazed forlornly at a photo of him and Phyllis, and John questioned whether Jack was really happy.

Jack recalled that the last time John had appeared, John had indicated that he was proud that Jack had stepped up to be the head of the family. John confirmed that Jack had been wonderful with taking care of Jack's siblings and John's grandchildren, but he thought that Jack needed someone to take care of him. Jack defended that he hadn't turned to pills or booze, but John asserted that Phyllis would not want to see Jack home alone, talking to a ghost. John urged Jack to get back to life among the living, and Jack agreed that he should be with the people he cared most about, but he had to do something else first.

Jack called the hospital in Georgia, and he talked to Daniel and asked him to put the phone next to Phyllis' ear. Jack said that it was cold in Genoa City, but they could still go to Maui like they'd planned. He suggested that they take Summer with them, and he reported that he'd given Summer a mountain of gifts on her birthday. Jack said that he had something there for Phyllis, too, and it would be waiting for her when she got there, just like he would be. He continued that he missed Phyllis, and he pledged that she was with him in his heart, but he wanted her in his arms. He stared at the photo of them on the mantel, and he wished her a merry Christmas and professed his love.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Charlie and Matty repeatedly chanted, "Christmas presents." Lily reminded them to use their inside voices, and Cane informed the kids that Santa was probably in Australia. Cane suggested that he take them outside to try to see Santa and his reindeer fly by, and Lily apologized to Neil, Leslie, and Devon for the kids' rambunctious behavior. Neil commented that the decibel level would have been through the roof if Moses had been there, too. Lily sympathized that Neil had to split the holiday time with Sofia, and Neil acknowledged that he'd miss Moses the next day. Leslie looked uncomfortable.

Lily advised Devon not to let the bogus charges against him ruin Christmas, and Neil had faith that Leslie would straighten out the mess. Leslie reported that the hotel's security department was shorthanded over the holidays, but they'd agreed to turn over the video surveillance. Neil toasted to nothing spoiling the holiday, and the twins ran back in, screeching loudly. Cane prompted them to apologize to Lily for ruining dinner, but she said that they hadn't, and she loved them just the way they were. Hilary observed the close family moment.

Lily suggested that they head to Chancellor Park for the candle-lighting ceremony, but Devon opted not to go to avoid causing a media circus. As Lily headed out, she spotted Hilary sitting alone at the bar, and she begrudgingly wished Hilary a merry Christmas. Hilary asked Devon if Lily had amnesia, but Devon simply chalked Lily's greeting up to it being a season of miracles. Hilary insisted on buying Devon the drink she owed him, and she mentioned that she was surprised that he wasn't at the park. He explained that he'd wanted to be there, but the paparazzi would have been a distraction.

Devon said that Katherine would have given him advice about how to handle the press, and her plan probably would have involved an obscene gesture. Hilary realized that Devon missed his grandmother, and Devon disclosed that Katherine had only entered his life a few years before. He added that losing Katherine was part of the reason that he didn't have a clear picture of who he was, and Hilary commented that it was easy to lose perspective after losing an anchor. Hilary offered to help by telling him who had been causing trouble for him, but she thought that they both already knew who the culprit had been.

At the police station, Paul read Fen his rights, and Fen lashed out at Summer for tricking him. Michael explained that he and Lauren had convinced Summer to help get Fen to return, but Fen spat that he'd go back to prison. Michael said that wasn't necessarily true, and he locked eyes with Christine. Christine said that she was sorry that Fen's arrest had had to happen on Christmas Eve, and Michael surmised that there was enough evidence to make an arrest necessary.

Christine pulled Michael aside and said that she'd turn over the evidence to Michael after Fen was arraigned, and Michael requested that it be done right away, or his son would spend Christmas in jail. Christine pointed out that Fen had been trying to leave town, but Michael asserted that Fen had turned himself in by showing up at the police station. He contended that Christine didn't have to believe it, but they could make sure that the judge did. He begged her to help his son.

Later, an officer fitted Fen with an ankle monitor, and Michael thanked Christine for pushing for an arraignment. Lauren explained to Summer that Fen would be monitored, but he'd be released into Michael and Lauren's custody. Lauren praised Summer for helping Fen to return home safely, but Summer fretted that Fen hated her. Lauren assured Summer that Fen would realize that Summer had done the right thing, but Summer remained sure that Fen would never forgive her.

Michael lamented that he'd failed Fen, but Paul said that parenting wasn't an exact science, and he implored Michael to enjoy Christmas with his family. Paul went to get the paperwork for Fen's release, and Christine informed Fen that he could go as soon as Michael signed the papers. Lauren said that she was grateful for everything Christine had done for them, and Fen halfheartedly agreed. Christine warned that it wasn't just Fen's freedom on the line, because Michael and Lauren would be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive if Fen fled.

Paul told Michael that he'd had no choice but to arrest Fen, because the lab had found gunshot residue and blood splatter on Fen's suit. Christine apologetically stated that between the forensics and the conflicting stories about the sobriety chip, they'd been forced to issue a warrant. Michael conceded that the situation hadn't been easy on Paul and Christine, and he thanked them for spending their Christmas Eve ensuring that Fen spent the holidays at home. Paul said that he had to get to the park.

Summer approached Fen, who blasted her for lying to him. She insisted that she cared about him and was his friend, and she recalled that she'd once tried to run, but she'd learned that it wasn't the answer. Fen snapped that he could have handled it on his own, but she argued that he hadn't needed to when he had people who loved and cared about him. He barked that he didn't want her help, and she testily stated that he could push people away, but he had no idea how lucky he was to have his parents. She added that she'd give anything to be with both of her parents on Christmas, and she stalked out.

The Baldwins returned home, and Lauren said that it was never too late to decorate. Fen had no interest, but Michael offered to help. Lauren said that Fen had once loved her positive outlook, and she remembered the long lists he'd sent to Santa. Fen said that all he'd done was disappoint them, but Lauren assured him that Michael would get Fen acquitted. Fen admitted that he was scared, and Lauren hugged him and promised that she and Michael would be there to get him through it.

Paul greeted everyone who had gathered for the first holiday candle-lighting ceremony in Chancellor Park. He announced that it seemed strange that Katherine wasn't there to share the holidays with them, and he missed her terribly, although he knew he wasn't the only one who did. He said that Katherine had been the embodiment of the spirit of the season, and she'd never lost faith in the resilience of the human spirit. He added that above all, Katherine had believed in hope, and he invited everyone to join him in each lighting a candle to honor their beloved Katherine and to make a wish.

The attendees began to sing "The First Noel," and they passed the flame from one candle to another. Jack smiled at Summer as they lit their candles together. Nick and Summer hugged, and Nick and Sharon shared an affectionate gaze.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nikki and Victor celebrated Christmas Day at the ranch. Nikki hoped to see her children and grandchildren later in the day but told Victor that she understood why they would want to be with their own families. Victor grumbled about Nick spending the day with Sharon but said that he did not mind having some alone time with Nikki. She was pleased by his compliment.

Victoria stopped by with Johnny. Nikki and Victor worried that Johnny and Victoria had not had a good Christmas with Billy, but Victoria said that it had been very good because Billy had gone out for a tree and had been smiling and trying to make sure that Johnny had a good Christmas. Victoria told Nikki that Billy had done so much that she just wanted to give him some space, so she and Johnny were making their Christmas visits to friends and relatives.

Victor told Victoria that she was welcome all day, but Victoria said that she had plans to visit her son, Reed, later and have Christmas with both her children. Nikki gave Victoria presents to pass along to Reed and Reed's brother, D.J. Victor gave Johnny the first shares in the new Newman-Chancellor conglomerate. While Nikki was out of the room, Victoria noted that Victor treated Johnny like family, even though he was not biologically related, and wondered why Victor could not treat Dylan the same way. Victor said it was not the same thing and that Dylan would never be a member of the family.

After Victoria went on her way, Victor opened a gift from Nikki. It was a pair of riding boots, and they decided to go riding together more often. Victor gave Nikki a gift, which was a pair of tickets to Tahiti. Nikki kindly thanked Victor, but told him that she did not want to go away from home just then. Victor realized that Nikki had seen through his ruse to get her away from Dylan. Nikki told Victor that she understood that he did not like Dylan and did not want him to be part of their family, but the fact remained that Dylan was Nikki's son.

Nikki insisted that she had to stay close to home in case Dylan needed her. Victor said that Nikki was too kind-hearted. Nikki said no, that she was just a mother. Then Nikki told Victor that she just wanted to enjoy the day with him and not stress over anything else. Victor agreed.

Victor told Nikki that he loved her, and she responded in kind. They hugged and shared a brief kiss. Victor gave Nikki another present, a first edition of Bach's Prelude and Fugue in "C" Minor. As Victor stood by the piano, Nikki played the priceless prelude for him.

Adam and Chelsea celebrated Christmas with Connor. Chloe dropped by with a toy. Adam watched thoughtfully as Chloe played with Connor and the gift she had given him. When Chelsea took Connor upstairs for a change, Adam sparred with Chloe. Instead of saying "Thank you" for the gift, Adam told Chloe that she had not had to do it. Chloe said that she had not noticed Adam complaining when she had given Connor the gift of sight. Adam was abashed.

Chelsea returned as Chloe prepared to leave. Chloe told Chelsea that it was hard to be in her house, but being with Chelsea and Connor put the "merry" in Christmas for Chloe. Chelsea assured Chloe that she was family to Chelsea and would always be in Connor's life. Tearfully, Chloe wished them Merry Christmas and left the penthouse.

To Adam, Chelsea expressed sympathy for Chloe. Chelsea was genuinely happy to see Chloe forming a bond with Connor. Chelsea said that Chloe loved Connor. Adam added that Chloe especially loved the part that was Delia, but Chelsea was not swayed.

Chelsea told Adam that she wanted to ask Chloe to be Connor's godmother. Adam was not so sure, but Chelsea asked him to humor her because she wanted to thank God for their miracle. Adam held Connor and said that Connor was a miracle and so was Chelsea, and Adam would do whatever Chelsea wanted him to do.

Chelsea looked at Adam and told him that it was the best Christmas ever. Adam agreed, but when he looked at the Christmas tree, he saw Delia, who smiled and waved at him.

Avery found Dylan stuck at Crimson Lights, waiting for a plumber. Determined not to let anything get in the way of their plans, Avery took the Christmas dinner to Dylan. Avery had cooked enough to feed an army. She told Dylan that she was making up for all the Christmases that they had missed. As they prepared to feast, a man, looking for an open restaurant, knocked on the door. Dylan and Avery invited him in. Before long, the restaurant was filled with people looking for a place to share Christmas.

The plumber arrived and he ate the Christmas feast, too. Both Avery and Dylan were overjoyed with the way that their Christmas had turned out. Avery and Dylan shared a kiss as their guests applauded their generosity.

Billy was home alone when he saw Delia standing by the Christmas tree. The doorbell distracted Billy, and Delia disappeared. Billy was not very welcoming to Jack, who gave Billy and ax with a bow on it and said that they were going ice fishing. After determining that neither had any experience, they decided to try ice fishing another time. Billy said that he appreciated the distraction, but Jack said that the distraction was not just for Billy's sake but for Jack's also.

Jack said Christmas was not the same without Phyllis. Billy shared that he had seen Delia by the tree, smiling at him. Billy said that Delia should be there with them and that the only thing that would satisfy Billy was to see justice done for Delia. Jack said that it was a new year with a fresh start. Billy said that the grief group had taught him to manage his expectations, and all Billy could manage was to get out of bed every day.

Jack recalled being in the same place and told Billy that when Jack had finally managed to crawl out, he had found people who loved him, supported him, and were there to help him. Jack told Billy that he would not feel the way he felt forever. Billy said that he would like to believe Jack, but he was just a dad whose kid was gone, and that would not change. Jack told Billy that he was already changing, and evidence of that was the effort that Billy had made for Johnny and Victoria, starting with the ugly little tree that Billy had found. They laughed.

Neil followed Leslie to the police station. She said that she could not celebrate Christmas because she owed it to her clients, like Devon, to give them the best representation possible. Neil said that Devon was at Neil's place, and he was not worried, so Leslie did not need to be, either, because the work would still be there the day after Christmas. Leslie almost put on her coat but said that as long as she was at the station, she would look up some information for another client.

Neil was standing around when Jack arrived with a donation for the Officer's Fund. He wanted to know why Neil was there and not celebrating. Neil explained that flowers and champagne were waiting if he could ever get Leslie to stop working long enough so that Neil could propose to her.

Jack noticed Chloe, who had met up with Kevin, and told her she looked great. He said he was making a donation because the police were being so diligent in the search fro Delia's killer. Chloe told Jack that he had been a good uncle. Jack said that Delia had been an incredible little girl. Chloe said that she was glad that Jack could mention Delia to her without worrying how she would take it.

After Jack walked away, Kevin told Chloe that he had been woken that morning by a dream about Delia trying on Katherine's jewelry and that he knew that Katherine was taking care of Delia. Chloe said that ordinarily she did not believe in that sort of thing, but in this case, she believed.

Kevin caught up with Alex, who would not give him any details about Fen's case but said that the previous week's near miss on Delia's killer "sucked." Alex said he was not losing hope, and neither should Chloe. Alex said that he expected to find Delia's killer before the new year.

Neil took Leslie to an interview room and got down on one knee and proposed. Neil told Leslie that he loved her and did not want to spend another Christmas without being married to her. When Neil asked Leslie to spend the rest of her life with him, she said yes. As they kissed, Alex, Jack, Kevin, and Chloe applauded.

Billy was gone when Victoria and Johnny got home. Victoria was in the process of leaving a message on Billy's phone when he walked in. Billy showed Victoria a box of cookies that he had gone out to get because he remembered how much Delia had liked cookies, and Christmas was not Christmas without cookies. Billy told Victoria and Johnny that he loved them. Billy held his family in his arms as they ate cookies and shared Christmas.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

At the Athletic Club, Sharon invited Adam to join her, and he informed her that he had spent a nice Christmas with Chelsea and Connor. He added that he'd almost forgotten what it was like to have a real family Christmas, and Sharon inquired whether they were a real family. Adam confirmed that they were, and Sharon noted that it had been a long time since he'd spoken that positively. He said that he'd embraced the notion that people could put the awful things they'd done behind them.

Adam credited Chelsea with being patient and not judging him while he'd figured out his priorities, and he'd realized that it had been a waste of time to try to prove himself to Victor. Adam proclaimed that he had a son who needed his father, and Sharon marveled that Adam's attitude had changed drastically. He said that he had a real shot at a future with a family who believed in him and made him want to be a better person, and Sharon replied that she was truly happy for him. Nick glowered when he saw them talking.

Nick asked what Adam was doing there, and Adam replied that he'd been having a pleasant conversation with a friend. Nick snarled that Sharon didn't need Adam, and he warned Sharon not to let Adam mess with her head. Nick barked that Adam always destroyed everything he touched, and he wouldn't let Adam do that to Sharon. Sharon explained that Adam had just told her that he and Chelsea were back together and that they were beginning a new life with their son. Sharon congratulated Adam and pointedly noted that it was a gift to have the chance to start over.

Sharon said that a year had made a big difference, because she'd known that Adam had belonged with Chelsea, and she was sorry that she'd gotten between them. Adam pointed out that they'd moved on, and he suggested that Nick go somewhere else to puff out his chest. Adam remarked that Nick had a new brother to hate, and Nick snapped that Adam couldn't run from his true colors and that Chelsea would eventually see them, too. Nick stalked off, and Sharon warned Adam to be careful, because both Sharon and Adam had a tendency to think that they didn't deserve the things that made them happy, so they sabotaged themselves. She urged him not to let that happen.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther and Jill bickered over whether Esther had forced Jill to eat two pieces of pie on Christmas Day. Esther said that Katherine would have settled the matter, and Jill forlornly stated that she missed Katherine. The women realized that they hadn't exchanged the gifts they'd bought for one another, and Jill huffed that Esther didn't deserve one after the incident with the music box, but Esther thought that Jill would thank her one day. Jill ordered Esther to take down the decorations, but Esther thought that they could use the extra cheer. Chloe entered, and she acknowledged that Christmas had been depressing without Delia.

Chloe spotted the music box in the garbage, and Jill snapped that it was where it belonged. Esther scolded that the gift wasn't a joke, and she believed there had been a purpose to everything that Katherine had listed in her will. Esther added that Katherine had had a vision for the people she'd loved, and Katherine hadn't loved anyone more than she'd loved Jill. Jill stormed off, and Chloe commented that it was hard to see things clearly after losing someone important. Esther worried about Chloe dealing with the first Christmas after Delia's death, and Chloe conceded that it had been awful, but she had gotten through it with help from Chelsea and Connor.

At home, Billy read Adam's anonymous blog post that stated that each day was a chance for renewal and an opportunity to balance the karmic scales. Billy posted that he was trying to find balance, but while each day was an opportunity, it was also a reminder.

Jill stopped by to see Billy, and he informed her that Victoria and Johnny were out shopping for their trip to Washington, DC. Jill asked what Johnny had thought of her gift, and Billy questioned her decision to give a toddler a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. She admitted that she'd thought it would keep Billy busy, and Billy asked if she'd consulted with Jack about the ice-fishing idea. Billy said that he didn't want her to worry, because he'd gotten through Christmas and was trying to take one step at a time. They hugged.

Billy apologized for not having a gift for Jill, and he asked how her Christmas had been. She replied that it had been quiet without Katherine's "foghorn growl," but she'd sensed Katherine's presence because of the music box. Billy thought that there was a reason Katherine had left it, and Jill speculated that it was a message to stop hoping for a windfall and to make her own future. Jill vowed to be a player at the top of the corporate ladder, and Billy hoped that it would make her happy, but he advised her to stop and appreciate what she had along the way. Jill assured Billy that he'd find his way through his pain.

Jill returned home and informed Esther that Billy's demeanor had seemed lighter, although he was still struggling. Esther pointed to an unwrapped gift that remained under the tree, and Jill saw that it was for her, but there was no indication of who it was from. Jill shook the present, and Esther warned her to be careful. Jill gushed that she loved surprise gifts, but she yelled out angrily when she discovered the music box inside. Esther swore that she'd had nothing to do with it.

Later, Jill groused to herself that the music box kept turning up like a bad penny, and she wondered how to get rid of it. She theorized that Katherine had intended to improve or change Jill's life in some way, and she recalled when Katherine had given Jill a bowling ball to encourage Jill to let out her anger. Jill had thrown the ball at a hideous garden statue, and she and Katherine hadn't spoken for weeks. Jill bemoaned that Christmas hadn't been the same without Katherine, because although everything seemed the same, the holiday magic was gone. She begged for Katherine's help to figure out the meaning behind the music box, but she realized that she had to discover it for herself, and she made a New Year's resolution to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Adam ran into Billy in the Athletic Club foyer, and Billy asked Adam to thank Chelsea for the Christmas gift she'd sent to Johnny. Billy realized that Adam hadn't known about it, and he surmised that Chelsea was only staying with Adam to hold on to Connor. Adam reported that it wasn't the case anymore, and Billy questioned whether they were a happy family. Adam called himself a lucky guy, and Billy urged Adam to enjoy his beautiful life. Adam commented that the universe was allowing him to balance the karmic scales, and Billy's ears perked up.

Billy inquired about Adam's statement, and Adam said that he'd just been talking about forgiveness and how the universe had given him another chance, but Billy repeated Adam's words about balancing the karmic scales. Adam called it a common expression, but a skeptical Billy argued that it wasn't that common. Adam referred to Congressman McKinney's latest talking point, and Billy expressed surprise that Adam followed politics. Adam claimed that he'd watched a debate regarding an issue that could cause him to gain or lose a lot of money, and he asserted that the phrase had stuck in his head.

Adam wondered why Billy was asking a bunch of questions. Billy mentioned that it wasn't the first time he'd encountered that particular phrase that day, and Adam suggested that perhaps Billy had heard it on television. Adam tried to dismiss it as nothing, but Billy remained perplexed.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria hugged Kevin, and she complained that spending Christmas in Bora Bora had been dull. From a nearby table, Alex commented that it sounded like "pure hell," and Gloria grumbled that she'd thought her conversation with Kevin had been private. Gloria said that she was looking for information because she hadn't been able to get in touch with Michael or Fen, and Alex informed her that Kevin wasn't a cop, so Kevin had limited access to Fen's case and the investigation of Delia's death. Alex swore that the police were working hard to find Delia's killer, and Gloria huffed that Kevin's genius talents could help.

Gloria contended that her son and grandson had experienced a Christmas that would make Scrooge shudder, and she worried that Fen's ankle monitor would chafe his skin. Alex sympathetically asked Kevin if that was what Kevin had had to deal with his whole life, and Kevin said that he needed a shot of something stronger. Gloria demanded that Alex tell her what the police were doing to find out who had killed Carmine and Delia, and Alex said that he wasn't allowed to disclose details. She haughtily told Alex to go back to where he'd been before he'd arrived in town, and he claimed that he had been born in a salsa club in Queens. He rattled off something in Spanish, and Gloria assumed that it was an insult.

Alex claimed that he'd said that Gloria was a woman with much passion and love who had the mouth of a fiery angel. A flattered Gloria stammered that she'd had no idea that Alex was that insightful and handsome, and Kevin looked disgusted. Gloria told Kevin that he could learn something about women from Alex, and she went to turn down the heat. Kevin asked Alex what he'd really said, and Alex chuckled and replied that Kevin didn't want to know. Alex left, and Chloe arrived and explained to Kevin that she'd needed to get out of the house. Gloria hugged Chloe and surmised that Chloe had suffered through a dreadful Christmas, and Kevin reprimanded Gloria.

Chloe admitted that she'd had a terrible Christmas, and she recognized that Gloria hadn't been trying to be insensitive. Chloe explained that she could get upset and start crying about anything, from a song on the radio to seeing people eating ice cream. Chloe added that she'd cried when she'd heard someone say "scuttlebutt" because it had been one of Delia's favorite words, and Kevin fondly recalled that it had cracked Delia up. Chloe and Kevin laughed about the words that Delia had mispronounced, and Gloria smiled at their rapport. Gloria concluded that Kevin and Chloe were back together.

Kevin swore that he and Chloe weren't a couple, and Chloe added that they were just really good friends, but Gloria maintained that any fool could read between the lines. Chloe excused herself to get coffee, and Kevin told Gloria that Chloe was in a vulnerable place, so he didn't want to scare Chloe off. Gloria noted that Chloe didn't seem scared, and she observed that Chloe had left her purse open. Gloria pulled a onesie out of Chloe's handbag and asked Chloe if Chelsea had expanded her designs to include baby wear. Kevin realized that it was Connor's outfit, and he demanded to know why Chloe had Connor's clothes.

Chloe guessed that she'd accidentally picked up the outfit when she and Chelsea had been going through swatches. Gloria suggested that Chloe give Chelsea a call, and she left for the spa. Kevin handed Chloe his phone, and Chloe realized that he didn't believe that taking the onesie had been an accident. Kevin swore that he wasn't accusing Chloe of anything, but she surmised that he thought she was a stalker. Each accused the other of blowing the situation out of proportion, and Chloe stormed out to return the outfit.

In the park, Noah asked if Courtney was sure that she wanted to go ice-skating instead of seeing a movie, and she insisted that it would be fun. She pointed out that he'd been preoccupied with work, and he mentioned some of the changes that he wanted to pitch to Victor. Courtney said that it was hot when Noah showed his enthusiasm about his job, and he jokingly stated that he had a PowerPoint presentation at home that could set her hair on fire. She wondered if he was suggesting that they skip the rink and go back to bed, and he recalled that was where they'd been for two days, other than the time they'd spent with his family. He said that he couldn't remember a Christmas he'd enjoyed more.

Later, Noah and Courtney left the rink, and she asked about the last time Noah had been skating, since he'd lived next to a lake. Noah divulged that he'd fallen through the ice, and she wished that he had told her, but he explained that he hadn't wanted to let her down. He assured her that he always had fun with her, and he wanted to learn everything about her, including her mysterious family. Courtney realized that Noah wouldn't stop pushing until she disclosed something about herself, and she revealed that she had a mother, a father, and an older sister. Courtney added that she and her sister had been close when they had been young, but her voice trailed off.

Noah said that losing Cassie had been the hardest thing he'd ever been through, and after his parents had split up, he'd expected everyone to leave. Courtney was glad that he trusted her enough to confide in her, and he implored her to tell him what had happened with her sister, but she received a text message. Noah asked if it was from Zach, and he explained that Summer had mentioned that Zach was a troubled member of Courtney's family. Courtney claimed that was why she didn't talk about Zach, and Noah jokingly questioned whether Zach was the other guy in her life. Courtney confirmed that there was no one but Noah, and they kissed.

Nick escorted Sharon home, and he said that he wanted to apologize for overzealously protecting her. She insisted that he hadn't needed to, but she appreciated his concern. He contended that he had good reason not to trust Adam, and she promised not to let down her guard, but she thought that Adam seemed like a different person when he talked about Chelsea. Sharon added that knowing that people could forgive and forget gave her hope.

Sharon admired an ornament that Faith had made, and Nick called Faith an independent kid who knew what she wanted because she had learned by example from Sharon. Sharon said that she'd been trying to be a good role model, and Nick acknowledged that Sharon didn't need him to run her life. She said that it was fine to voice his opinion, but he worried about giving her mixed signals, and he wanted to be clear that he respected her and didn't want to be careless with her feelings. It appeared as though they were about to kiss again, but Noah suddenly entered.

Noah said that he should have knocked, and Sharon told him not to start with the comments about her and Nick spending time together. Noah suspected that something had been going on, but Nick said to give him and Sharon credit for learning from their mistakes, and he gave Noah the right to judge once Noah had experienced what they had. Noah cheerfully said that he had been working on it, and Sharon knowingly asked if that was why they'd barely seen him on Christmas. Noah gushed that he'd had an amazing time with Courtney, and he happily declared that things were definitely getting serious.

In the park, Courtney looked at a photo of her and Noah on her phone as someone approached her. "Hi, Zach," she said to Alex.

Friday, December 27, 2013

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill mumbled to herself that the music box had reminded her of what an ogre Katherine had been. Jill ranted that the headline about Devon trashing a hotel room should make Katherine proud, because it was what happened when someone left billions of dollars to an irresponsible kid who couldn't handle it. Jill grumbled that the money should have been hers, but Katherine had squandered it on nonsense. Hilary entered and questioned whether Jill thought that a million-dollar reward to help find Delia's killer was frivolous.

Jill wondered how Hilary had gotten into the mansion, and Hilary explained that she'd entered through the kitchen to say hello to Esther on her way. Hilary said that she'd keep secret that Jill had been talking to a picture on the wall, and she handed Jill a copy of Bonaventure's financial records. Hilary spotted the music box and surmised that Jill had decided to keep it, and Jill complained that it had boomeranged back to her. Hilary suggested that Jill take it as a sign, but Jill griped that she'd gotten nothing, while Devon was blowing his money in Vegas. Hilary refused to believe it, and she defended that Devon didn't deserve to be vilified.

Devon overheard Hilary's statement as he entered, and Jill chided him for disgracing Katherine's memory, but Hilary questioned how unloading the music box was any less disrespectful. Hilary departed, and Devon explained to Jill that he'd made a mistake by trusting the wrong person. Jill retorted that the mistake had started when Katherine had left Devon her money. Jill scoffed at the idea that someone had stolen Devon's identity, but Devon maintained that he'd never been in Las Vegas, and he had to prove that he had been the victim.

Jill advised Devon to keep his distance from people who were only out for themselves, like Hilary. Devon remarked that he'd learned from Katherine that everyone deserved a second chance, but Jill warned that money could change people. Devon pledged to work hard to not let it change him, and he assured Jill that he was doing his best to honor Katherine and the gift she'd given him. He suggested that Jill do the same.

In Victor's office, Kyle presented Victor with his research on Bonaventure Industries, and Victor noted that the assignment wasn't due until the following week, but Kyle explained that he'd made it a top priority. Victor advised that the devil often lay in the details, but Kyle insisted that he'd gone over everything with a microscope, and the company was on track to post a profit. Kyle concluded that it looked like a keeper, but Victor had doubts. Victor told Kyle that Newman-Chancellor was only as strong as its weakest links, and he didn't want any of them among his people or his subsidiaries.

Kyle pointed out that he'd always delivered, but Victor revealed that Noah had beaten Kyle to the punch by dropping off his own assessment earlier, and he looked forward to finding out who had provided more useful information. Kyle argued that Victor had asked Kyle and Noah to look into different things, so it hadn't been a competition. Victor asked why Kyle had rushed to complete the project, and Kyle asserted that he'd simply put in the hours, just like he always had. Victor observed that Kyle and Noah had spent the hours competing, when he had specifically instructed them to join forces.

Kyle conceded that Noah's name was on the building, so Kyle felt like he had to work harder to prove himself, but he was up to the challenge. Victor said that he didn't doubt Kyle's abilities, just his sincerity. Kyle asked if it was because he was an Abbott, and Victor recognized that things would be easier for Kyle at Jabot. Kyle reiterated that he wanted to succeed at something meaningful, and he had the opportunity to shine by proving himself every day. Victor offered him another chance to do so.

At the Athletic Club, Jack told Adam that he'd had doubts about Bonaventure at first, but the company's quarterly report had indicated that the sea of red ink was about to part, and they'd report a profit ahead of schedule. Jack suspected that Victor would hold on to Bonaventure for long enough to give them time to figure out what was going on, but Adam informed Jack that he had to bow out of their plan. A surprised Jack thought that Adam had wanted payback, but Adam disclosed that there was something else he wanted more.

Adam regretted that although Chelsea had wanted a life with him, he hadn't been able to give it to her because of his unhealthy obsession with Victor and Newman Enterprises, only to find out that Victor's approval didn't mean anything. Adam announced that he planned to build his own empire, using his hedge fund money to make a fresh start, and he recalled his prior talk with Jack about redemption. Adam credited Jack with allowing him to stop looking back and to start focusing on the future, which included Chelsea and Connor. Adam vowed not to let anyone or anything from his past get in the way.

Victor greeted Adam and asked how his grandson was doing. Adam repeated that he didn't want Victor in his life anymore, and he declared that Connor and Chelsea were his only living family. Victor huffed that playing house with Chelsea wouldn't last, but Adam coldly replied that Victor's opinion was meaningless. Adam cautioned Kyle not to buy into Victor's promises, because there was more to life than being smothered under Victor's thumb. Jack praised that he couldn't have said it better himself, and Kyle offered to get a table for his and Victor's business appointment. "Thank you, son," Victor replied, and Jack glowered.

Hilary arrived and informed Jack that she'd dropped off the file to Jill. Jack tried to listen to Kyle and Victor's business meeting, and Hilary observed that Kyle seemed comfortable. Jack thought that Kyle might be getting too comfortable, but he recognized that Kyle was an adult who could make his own decisions. Hilary pointed out that it looked like Kyle was selling his soul to Victor, but Jack was confident that Kyle was only pretending to. Hilary worried that it could be easy to get caught up in a lie.

After their meeting, Victor complimented Kyle's rapport with their business associate, and Kyle said that he'd learned from the best by watching Victor. Victor praised that instinct couldn't be taught, and Kyle hoped that his performance had put Victor's doubts to rest. Victor said that he'd see Kyle at the office, and he left. Kyle joined Jack and Hilary, and he crowed about how he'd impressed Victor. Hilary wondered if Kyle's excitement stemmed from getting a new lead about Bonaventure, and Kyle assured her and Jack that he was perfectly positioned to get something soon.

Kyle got up to leave, but Jack asked about the meeting. Kyle bragged that he'd get the client to sign on the dotted line, and he relayed the praise that Victor had heaped on Kyle. Jack warned that Victor was buttering Kyle up, but Kyle asserted that he was good at what he did. Jack remained skeptical, but Kyle promised that he would be careful, and he swore that his loyalty was to Jack and the Abbotts. Jack commented that a reminder was never a bad thing.

Victor reviewed some files in his office, and he found a note from Noah on a folder that had gotten mixed in with Noah's things. Victor opened it and found the investigator's list of DMV records. Adam's name and license plate number were highlighted.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Mason expressed sympathy to Devon about the bogus charges in Las Vegas. Devon asked how Mason had known that it had been a case of stolen identity, and Mason said that it had been all over the news, but Devon pointed out that there had been no mention of an imposter. Mason covered by saying that Devon wasn't the type to party or to skip out on the bill, and Devon commented that he was glad someone believed him. Mason suggested that they go to the gym for a few rounds, and Devon agreed. Devon suddenly slugged Mason.

Devon confronted Mason about going to Las Vegas on Devon's dime and getting Devon arrested. Mason contended that the Las Vegas scam reeked of Hilary, but Devon accused Mason of lying to his face. Devon yelled that he was disgusted, and he vowed to find proof to ensure that Mason paid for it. Later, Hilary asked a disheveled Devon if he'd gotten into it with another reporter, and he disclosed that he'd paid back a friend. Devon admitted that he should have listened to her warnings about Mason.

Chloe stopped by the penthouse with more fabric samples, and she nonchalantly mentioned the onesie she'd accidentally taken when she'd been there before. Chloe noticed that Chelsea was distracted by some paperwork, and Chelsea explained that her divorce from Dylan was final. Chloe contended that Chelsea had only moved in with Adam because Adam had threatened to cut Connor out of Chelsea's life, and if he hadn't, Chelsea would still be with Dylan. Chelsea countered that it wouldn't have worked, because they'd been living a lie, but Chloe questioned whether Chelsea's love for Dylan had been a lie.

Chelsea said that she didn't regret signing the divorce papers, but getting the final documents had been a reminder of how much she'd hurt Dylan. Chelsea swore that she was okay that Dylan had happily moved on with Avery, and she was happy that she'd moved on with Adam. Chloe said that Chelsea sleeping with Adam had been a lapse in judgment, but Chelsea asked her not to bash Adam. Chloe proclaimed that Adam wasn't capable of transforming into a decent man, and she wondered how many times Adam would crush Chelsea's heart before Chelsea realized it.

Chelsea acknowledged that Chloe was trying to be a good friend, but she believed that Adam had changed and that he was determined to be a better father than Victor had been. Chloe wasn't sure that it was a good thing for Adam to be in Connor's life, and she wondered if Chelsea wanted to see Connor become cold and ruthless like Adam. Chelsea asserted that Adam just hid his emotions, and she thought that he cared deeply about the people who were important to him. Chelsea swore that she and Adam finally had a chance to get it right.

Chloe jokingly threatened to strap Chelsea to a chair and read a breakup book aloud until Chelsea returned to her senses, but Chelsea groaned that she didn't want to have to constantly defend Adam, and she ordered Chloe to respect her life and her decision. Chloe cautioned that the situation wasn't just about Chelsea, but Chelsea said that Connor deserved to have a family, including a mom, a dad, and a godmother. Chelsea added that she was looking at Connor's godmother, if Chloe said yes. A touched Chloe happily accepted, and she promised to love Connor as if he were her very own. The women hugged.

After Chloe left, Adam kissed Chelsea hello, and she reported that she'd put Connor down two hours before. She assumed that the tot was on sensory overload from Christmas, and Adam remarked that it had been one of the top ten best days of his life. Chelsea said that she'd always imagined what having a family had felt like at Christmas, and she was glad that Connor would never have to wonder. She added that if they weren't there to show him, then Chloe would be, and she revealed that Chloe had agreed to be Connor's godmother. Chelsea asked if Adam supported her decision, and Adam said that he just wanted Chelsea to be happy.

Later, Adam found the divorce papers on the table, and Chelsea cheerfully reported that Connor was still sleeping. Adam asked how long she'd had the papers, and she said that they had arrived that morning. She noted that it was just a formality, and she wanted to focus on the future. Adam asked if she envisioned having more kids, but she suggested that they concentrate on taking advantage of the fact that their son was still asleep. They kissed passionately.

Connor woke up from his nap, and Adam told Chelsea that their son had an amazing sense of timing. Chelsea asked what Adam saw in their future, and Adam replied that he envisioned a big house with a big yard for their kids to run around in. She questioned whether they'd have multiple children, and he responded that in his vision, they were married with kids. She was surprised that he wanted to get married again, and he noted that since her divorce was final, nothing was standing in the way.

Chloe returned to the mansion, and she saw Jill with the music box. Chloe teased that she'd known that Jill had wanted it back, and she confessed that she'd put it back under the tree. Chloe explained that there were many things she wished she'd kept that she hadn't thought were important, like Delia's first pair of ballet slippers, and she would give anything to have them back. Jill argued that Delia had loved the slippers, but the music box was a worthless knickknack. Chloe was sure that it had meant something to Katherine, since she'd passed it on, but Jill countered that Katherine had never mentioned the box.

Chloe reiterated that she didn't want Jill to eventually have regrets about getting rid of the box, and Jill swore that she wouldn't. Chloe tearfully implored Jill to hold on to it, because sometimes it was impossible to get something precious back. Later, Jill read the Bonaventure report, but she remained preoccupied with the music box in front of her. She picked it up and listened to the tune it played. She looked up at Katherine's portrait and testily slammed the music box shut.

As Victoria prepared to head to the airport, Billy suggested to Johnny that they play a game to determine what she was forgetting. Billy named off things that she needed for her trip to Washington, DC, but she replied that she had everything except Billy. He announced that she wouldn't have the chance to miss him, and he pulled out a plane ticket for a flight later that day. Victoria excitedly hugged Billy and said that Reed would be thrilled, and Billy vowed not to rest until he beat Reed at a video game. Victoria remarked that it felt good to have things back to normal, and Billy's expression soured.

Victoria apologized for how her statement had sounded, and she clarified that there had been nothing normal about the past few months. A car honked outside, and Billy helped her with her bags. Victoria offered him the chance to back out if the trip was too much, but he said that he'd be on a flight as soon as he took care of things at the restaurant. Billy insisted that everything was okay, and he and Victoria kissed goodbye. Billy reentered the house, noticeably upset.

Billy walked through the park and found Kelly, alone and crying on a bench. She turned away, but he said that she didn't have to hide from him, and he took her into his arms as she sobbed. Billy mentioned that he had been about to go to a meeting, and he invited Kelly to join him. She rambled that she couldn't sit in a circle and listen to everyone discuss how hard it was without their kids, because she was living it herself. She felt that she shouldn't be falling apart after almost a year, but Billy recounted that there was no time frame for grief. Kelly cried that she just wanted the agony to stop, and Billy insisted on driving her home. They departed together.

Kelly thanked Billy for taking her home, but she said that she was accustomed to being alone. Billy replied that he'd probably never get used to it, and she offered to make some coffee. He looked at photos of a young boy on the mantel, and she explained that one of them had been taken after Sam had scored his first soccer goal. She proudly recalled that Sam had smiled for weeks afterward, and Billy recounted that Delia had been the same way, making everyone around her happy.

Kelly realized that she'd forgotten to ask how Billy's Christmas had been, and he said that he had tried to do all the things that Delia had loved, but it didn't make up for Delia not being there. He confided that he felt like he'd seen Delia on Christmas morning, and Kelly divulged that she saw Sam all the time. Kelly explained that even though she knew that Sam wasn't really there, it helped her to imagine him still having fun. Billy said that Delia had looked beautiful and at peace, but he knew better, because his daughter couldn't be at peace when her killer was still out there.

Victoria left a message for Billy, saying that she'd forgotten to check the weather, and there was a huge storm, so flights were delayed. She said that she might end up seeing him at the airport or at home if the weather didn't let up, but she was looking forward to spending time as a family. She professed her love, and she hung up.

Kelly handed Billy a cup of coffee, and she said that she felt worse when she got caught up in her rage, so she preferred to think about happier times with Sam. Billy realized that he needed to let go of his anger, but every time he thought he had it under control, it surged again. He mentioned Victoria's comment about things getting back to normal, and he'd tried to not get mad, but he thought that nothing would be normal again. Billy got choked up as he talked about the day-to-day things he missed doing with Delia. Kelly pulled him into a comforting hug, and they ended up in a kiss.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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