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Billy and Kelly shared a passionate encounter. Kelly and Stitch revealed a past connection. Nick and Sharon kissed on New Year's Eve. Jack agreed to become Connor's guardian if something happened to Adam. Victor concluded that Adam had killed Delia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 30, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Jack stopped by the Chancellor estate to visit with Jill. They discussed ways to distract Billy and help him deal with his grief. Jill noted that though Billy still seemed to feel sad and lost, she could tell that he was eager to gain control of his life. Jill added that Billy needed an outlet that would lift his spirits for his family's sake. Both Jill and Jack agreed that Billy needed to escape from his self-imposed isolation and spend more time around other people.

Jill and Jack discussed the charity set up by an anonymous donor in Delia's memory. Jack explained that the organization, temporarily left in the care of an attorney, wouldn't become operational until a board of directors was appointed. Jill immediately offered to sit on the board of directors. Jack said, "Billy should chair the organization with his daughter's name on it." Jill agreed that she and Jack should approach Billy guardedly with their proposal. Jill added that serving as the board's chair would be the perfect position for her son.

At Kelly's apartment, Billy and Kelly began disrobing during a fit of passion. The couple locked their lips together and groped each other as they kissed. Billy lifted Kelly's half-nude body, placed her on the sofa, and aligned his own body atop hers. Billy suddenly stopped kissing Kelly, moved away, and fastened his trousers. Both talking at the same time, Billy and Kelly each shouldered the blame for their inappropriate behavior and assured each other that it would never happen again.

Kelly cried that both she and Billy had been warned at their support meetings not to ever let down their guard. Billy muttered an echo of Kelly's words as he wrapped his woolen scarf around his neck. Kelly said that she and Billy had gotten carried away in an attempt to distract themselves from pain. In unison, both agreed that what had happened had been a mistake. Billy assured Kelly that neither of them would allow their lapse in good judgment to complicate their lives. Billy noted that he loved his wife. After Billy left, Kelly slumped against the door and sobbed softly.

At the Genoa City Airport, Victoria gently rocked Johnny while he snoozed in his stroller. She phoned Billy and left a lengthy message. Victoria told Billy that both of their flights had been canceled due to a storm. Victoria noted that she was disappointed about missing a visit with Reed. Victoria added that she was eager to enjoy New Year's Eve at home with Billy.

After Victoria returned home, she was surprised to find Billy's luggage in the living room. She called out, but Billy didn't answer. Victoria phoned a member of Billy's restaurant staff, hoping to glean information, but she learned that Billy hadn't stopped by the eatery. Jill arrived. Victoria explained that Billy, who'd changed his mind about joining her in the District of Columbia, had planned to take a separate flight. Victoria noted that Billy had never showed up at the airport.

Victoria told an anxious Jill that Billy had never stopped by his restaurant as planned and hadn't been reachable by phone. Victoria added that she'd left several messages for Billy, letting him know that their flights had been canceled. Jill suggested that perhaps the battery had died on Billy's phone. Changing the subject, Jill explained that she and Jack had put their heads together and decided that Billy should become chair of the board of directors chosen to head the foundation set up in Delia's name. Victoria agreed that it would be a good idea, but she turned down the request to recruit Billy herself.

As Jill listened, Victoria explained that while she understood Billy's pain, she'd been unable to successfully reach out to help him no matter how much she'd tried. Jill seemed to understand and nodded. Victoria agreed to lay the groundwork with Billy. She said she hoped he might return home soon. Jill asked if they should be concerned about Billy's state of mind. Victoria, fretful, peered out a window and worriedly said, "I just have no idea where he could be."

After Jill returned home, she phoned the attorney handling the foundation set up in Delia's memory. Jill introduced herself and said that she was calling on behalf of her son, Billy Abbott. Jill added that Billy was Delia's father. Jill, wishing to simplify the process for her son, asked, "To whom should Billy speak?" Jill, seated at a desk with her pen to paper, jotted down specific details related to the foundation. The person on the other end of the phone call replied, and Jill repeated the name Kelly Andrews as she wrote the name on a notepad.

After Billy returned home, he was surprised to find Victoria. He asked, "What are you doing here?" Victoria asked Billy if he'd received any of her messages. Billy replied, "No. My phone was turned off." Victoria, a bit miffed and confused, asked, "Where were you?" Billy seemed lost in thought and quietly sighed.

In his office at Newman-Chancellor Industries, Victor studied a list provided by his private investigator. The document contained details about vehicle owners that could have been involved in Delia's hit-and-run death. The investigator had highlighted Adam's name. Nikki arrived unannounced and noticed that Victor seemed troubled. She asked if he'd just received bad news. Victor put away the document and replied, "Possibly."

Victor quickly brightened his mood, kissed Nikki, and assured her that everything was all right. Nikki agreed to take a short vacation with Victor to a ski lodge in Vermont. Nikki could still sense that Victor was distracted, but before she could question him, Dylan phoned. Nikki dropped the matter with Victor and agreed to meet Dylan at the coffeehouse. As Victor kissed Nikki, she pointed at a folder on his desk and said that whatever was upsetting him was probably contained in a file folder on his desk. Victor escorted Nikki to the door and said that they could discuss their travel plans later.

Victor later met with his private investigator. The investigator noted that an eyewitness had seen a black SUV swerve and then stop on the side of a highway. The witness added that a man had exited the vehicle and watched a small dog run away. The driver then returned to his vehicle and sped away. The witness claimed that the first letter of the SUV's license plate was a "G." Victor pointed out that the witness might have confused a "G" with the numeral "6."

The investigator noted that among the registered SUVs fitting the description, one was registered to Adam Newman. Victor asked if his investigator had shared the information with anyone else. The investigator assured Victor that they were the only ones who knew. The investigator added that the eyewitness, a man who'd served a decade in prison, would never venture near a police station. Victor seemed uneasy.

The investigator agreed with Victor's claim that any of the persons named on the list might be the guilty party. The investigator assured Victor that he would safely guard and keep private the details of his findings. Victor instructed his investigator to gather additional evidence by tapping phone lines, hacking into personal computers, and carefully tracking each person on the list until the guilty party was found. The investigator replied, "What if the driver turns out to be Adam Newman?" Victor replied, "So be it."

At Crimson Lights, Avery became concerned when Dylan expressed a desire to dig deeper into the life of his birth father in order to find out more about his own past. Avery replied, "I don't think anything good is going to come of this, and you said yourself that you don't want to meet him." Dylan insisted that he needed to meet his biological father. Nikki arrived and sat at a table with Dylan and Avery. Dylan asked Nikki what she could remember about Ian Ward's life before he became involved with the commune. Nikki thought for a minute and recalled that Ian had been raised on a farm in northern Idaho.

Dylan pressed Nikki for more details about Ian Ward. She replied, "You're not going to look for him, are you?" Dylan said he wanted to know what had prompted Ian to become the person who'd victimized Nikki and others. Nikki assured Dylan that he was nothing at all like his biological father. Nikki told Dylan that Ian didn't even know that his son existed and might not react favorably if Dylan confronted him. Nikki added, "You've already been hurt by this and by my family."

Nikki, concerned about Dylan's motives, asked, "What exactly do you want from Ian?" Dylan replied, "I want answers." Nikki said she understood Dylan's intentions, but she only hoped that despite resistance, her family would someday accept Dylan. Nikki advised Dylan to be careful because she feared repercussions if he resurrected the past. Dylan said, "I'm just trying to get a better picture of the guy."

After Nikki left, Avery said, "Dylan, you were lying." Dylan remained stoic and hesitated to respond. Avery suggested that Dylan, angry, only wanted find Ian in order to "punch the guy out." Dylan assured Avery that he wouldn't put his life in danger. Dylan added that confronting Ian was something he needed to do. Dylan apologized for taking off on New Year's Eve. He told Avery that she was the one good thing in his life.

Nikki later returned to Victor's office. He was gazing out the window, sipping scotch. Victor said, "Did your son realize he wanted to be in your will, after all?" Nikki replied, "Do you really expect me to go on a romantic tryst with you when you talk like that?" Victor laughed and said that Nikki was right. He instructed her to head home to pack her luggage. Victor said he'd be along later. Nikki paused and reminded Victor that Dylan had done nothing to hurt anyone. After Nikki left, Victor said aloud to himself, "But your son is not the one I'm worried about."

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea smiled when Adam said, "You're divorced now. There's no reason we can't get married." Chelsea teased Adam and said she knew he was "just messing around" with her. Adam asked Chelsea about her plans for New Year's Eve. Chelsea said she planned to spend a quiet evening at home with Connor. Adam said he couldn't think of a better way to ring in the New Year than being home with Chelsea and their son. Adam recalled that though separated at the time, they'd made love the previous New Year's Eve.

Jack stopped by, and Chelsea went upstairs to check on Connor. Jack asked about Connor and Chelsea. Adam beamed and said that fatherhood was great. He added, "Chelsea's with me, now, and it's not just about Connor. Chelsea finally believes that I have nothing to prove to my father anymore." Jack noted that Adam still seemed distracted. Adam admitted that given his past, he couldn't trust that the good things in his life would last. Jack replied, "You started a new life, a new family, and you stopped playing Victor Newman's game."

Chelsea returned and was surprised to discover that an anonymous donor had set up a foundation in Delia's memory. Adam claimed that he'd just learned about the stranger's generosity, as well. Chelsea noted that it was odd for someone to honor Delia without wanting Chloe and Billy to know who they were. Chelsea told Adam that they should make a generous contribution. Adam agreed and went to his home office to get a check.

Adam later returned. He was proudly toting a babbling Connor. Adam handed over a generous donation to Jack. Chelsea noted that the gift to Delia's foundation was a special one. After Jack left, Chelsea told Adam that he was a wonderful dad. Connor's face lit up, and he smiled. Chelsea again broached the subject of marriage and told Adam that it was something for them to consider.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

At home, a worried Victoria asked if Billy was all right, and he stammered that he'd expected her to be in Washington, DC. She explained that the flights had been canceled and that she'd tried to reach him, and he apologized that his phone had been off. She noted that he never turned off his phone unless he was in trouble, and she asked if something had happened. Billy flashed back to being intimate with Kelly. Victoria pointed out that Billy hadn't known that the flights had been canceled, and she questioned why he hadn't gone to the airport.

Billy explained that he'd been ready to leave, but then he'd started thinking about spending Christmas without Delia, so he'd gone for a walk, and then he'd planned to go to a meeting. Victoria asked if it had helped, and she credited Kelly with being there for him through some tough times. He said that he was sorry that Victoria wouldn't get to see Reed, and she said that they could reschedule, but she was glad that Billy was okay. Victoria proposed that they cancel the trip, since the storm could have been fate stepping in to tell them that they should be honest with one another.

Billy assumed that Victoria thought that he hadn't been honest with her, but Victoria clarified that she hadn't been honest about how she felt. She mentioned that Jill had stopped by after Victoria had returned from the airport, and Jill had made Victoria realize that Victoria had been handling things wrong by insisting that Billy celebrate the holidays and go on with his life. Victoria said that she'd reacted that way because she hadn't known how to deal with the pain herself, so it was no wonder that he'd turned to group therapy and Kelly. Victoria begged for forgiveness for not being the wife he'd needed, but Billy guiltily mumbled that he was the one who'd done something wrong.

Victoria told Billy not to blame himself, and he called himself a jerk, but she recognized that he'd been in pain. He said that he should have handled things differently, but Victoria reminded him that there was no right or wrong way to deal with grief, and she shouldn't have pushed. Billy acknowledged that she had just been trying to help, but she promised to give him time and space, and she encouraged him to reach out to Kelly. Billy said that he only needed Victoria, and he kissed her and pulled her into a hug. She swore that they'd get through it together, and he murmured that he was sorry.

Billy assured Victoria that he knew that she was there for him, and he called her the most beautiful, loving wife. He apologized for hurting her instead of appreciating her, but she insisted that he was a good man, husband, and father. Billy protested that he hadn't been any of those things, but he promised that he would be.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Stitch if Dylan was there, and Stitch replied that his bunkmate was out of town. Sharon realized who Stitch was, and he jokingly advised her not to believe everything Dylan had said about him. She wondered if Dylan's words that Stitch was an amazing friend and a brilliant doctor were all lies, and she introduced herself. She said that she'd stopped by to wish Dylan a happy new year, and Stitch promised that he'd pass the sentiment along. Stitch questioned whether she was getting a caffeine fix to prepare for a party that night, but she reported that her evening involved only takeout and a good book.

Stitch scoffed at Sharon's idea of a celebration, but she defended that after the year she'd had, she wanted to start the new year off quietly and peacefully. Stitch said that he would give Dylan her best, and he ran into Kelly on his way out. Kelly referred to him as Ben, and he demanded to know what she was doing in Genoa City. She coldly stated that she lived there, and replied that he did, too. She surmised that he'd become a doctor, and he confirmed that he was resident at the hospital. She venomously snapped that she bet no one suspected a thing about "Dr. Rayburn."

Stitch panicked that Kelly would tell everyone about him, but she informed him that she hadn't intentionally said anything. He remarked that things had been going well, and he wanted to keep it that way, so he suggested that they stay out of one another's way. Kelly hissed that it was a great idea, and she stalked off.

Neil met with Sharon to touch base to see if she had any questions or suggestions about her new Jabot gig. She surmised that he had plans for New Year's Eve, and she said that business could wait until after the first of the year. He asked what she was doing for the holiday, and she replied nothing exciting. He declared that he was about to change her plans.

Neil invited Sharon to celebrate his engagement, and she congratulated him. He noted that he'd walked down the aisle before, but it would be Leslie's first time, and he wanted to make the night perfect. Sharon imagined that Leslie was excited, and she fondly remembered her first wedding. Neil asked what Sharon was doing for New Year's Eve, and she said that she wanted to have a quiet evening by the fire and then start the next day fresh. Neil suggested that she stop by the Athletic Club if she changed her mind.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack listened to a radio announcer urge listeners to find someone to kiss before midnight on New Year's Eve. Jack gazed forlornly at a photo of Phyllis, and Traci entered and declared that she hoped that wasn't how he planned to spend the evening. A stunned Jack asked what she was doing there, and Ashley appeared and proclaimed that they were there to make sure the Abbotts started the year right. The siblings hugged.

Traci and Ashley insisted that Jack join them at Neil's party, but Jack opted to spend a quiet evening at home. Traci whined that he spent all his time on the phone with Phyllis' doctors or traveling to Georgia, and Jack asked what was wrong with that. Ashley asserted that he was spending his life hoping for a possibility that might not happen, but Jack huffed that he was capable of taking care of himself. Ashley urged him to start living his life again, and Traci added that they were just worried about him. Jack condemned them for pushing him to abandon the woman he loved.

Traci recalled that she hadn't wanted to go on living after Colleen had died, but Jack had helped her to face life again. Jack argued that the situation had been different, because Colleen had been gone, but Phyllis was still there. Traci conceded that Phyllis was alive, but she asserted that neither Phyllis nor Jack was living life. Ashley contended that Jack had withdrawn from the world, and Traci added that Phyllis would want him to be involved and engaged for Summer's sake as well as his own.

Ashley reasoned that when Phyllis woke up, Phyllis wouldn't want to feel like she'd robbed Jack of the time she hadn't been there. Jack lamented that it felt like he should be with Phyllis, but Ashley countered that Phyllis wouldn't want that. Jack testily asked if he should just forget about Phyllis, and Traci said that he didn't have to give up on Phyllis, but he shouldn't give up his own life, either.

Over the phone, Victor told his investigator that he had information regarding Adam's whereabouts on the night of Delia's death, and he ordered the investigator to get security footage from the hospital to rule out Adam as the driver who'd hit Delia. Victor stared at the list of possible drivers, and he placed another call as Nikki appeared behind him. Victor left a message to ask Adam to meet him as soon as possible. After Victor hung up, Nikki wondered why Victor needed to speak with Adam that urgently.

Nikki mentioned that Adam had done far worse things than Dylan had, and Victor shuddered at the idea of Adam raising his grandson. Victor inquired why she wasn't at home, packing, and she reported that they couldn't fly due to a big storm on the east coast. He complained that he'd been looking forward to their trip, but she insisted that she only wanted to be with him. Victor suggested that they build a fire and toast to the new year, but Nikki preferred to attend Neil's engagement party. She wanted to kick off 2014 the right way, because she thought it would be quite a year for all of them.

At the tack house, Nick attempted to jam on his guitar as he followed an instructional video, but he complained aloud that his fingers didn't bend the right way. Abby stopped by to wish him a belated merry Christmas, and he asked about her trip with Tyler. She said that it had been amazing, though she was a bit sad that she'd missed the big Newman Christmas. Nick revealed that he, Faith, and Sharon had kept it small, and Abby chided him for spending Christmas with his ex.

Abby warned Nick not to get back together with Sharon, and Nick insisted that Sharon was just a friend and the mother of his children. Abby advised him to stick to co-parenting from a safe distance, and he told her to go meet up with Tyler, because he had a date with his guitar. Abby said that it sounded cute but pathetic, and Nick groaned that he couldn't win. Abby suspected that Sharon would try to pop in just before midnight with an excuse, and Nick grabbed Abby's coat and guided her toward the door. She implored Nick to meet her and Tyler at the Athletic Club later.

At the Athletic Club, Cane popped a bottle of champagne open, and he and Lily expressed their best wishes to Leslie. Lily called Leslie's engagement ring beautiful, and she recalled Leslie's comment on Thanksgiving that Leslie had been happy with the way things had been. Lily pointed out that it couldn't have been true, or Leslie wouldn't have accepted Neil's proposal. Devon and Tyler arrived and congratulated Leslie with hugs. Devon asked if Leslie was ready to join their crazy family, and Lily toasted to the newest member of the Winters clan. Leslie looked uncomfortable.

Tyler admired Leslie's ring, and he commented that he was glad that he wasn't the one headed for picket fences. Leslie reasoned that she couldn't imagine her life without Neil, so they might as well make things official. Leslie asked how things had gone with Abby in Los Angeles, and Tyler relayed that it had been an amazing trip, other than Abby's moment of temporary insanity when she'd thought she'd seen Mariah leaving their hotel room. Tyler gushed that Abby was everything he wanted, and Leslie thought that he'd find his picket fences sooner than he thought.

Cane and Lily wished Charlie and Matty a happy new year over the phone, and they laughed about the twins' resolutions. Cane asked Lily if she had any resolutions of her own, and she promised to make every minute of every day count. Cane promised to turn those minutes into years, and they toasted to their future.

Devon threw a reporter out of the club, and he ordered the reporter to get his facts straight, or Devon would sue him for libel. Devon spotted Hilary, who apologized for putting him on the press's radar. She asked if his family was meeting there, and he informed her of Leslie and Neil's engagement. Hilary said to give them her best, and Devon thanked her for telling him about Mason, although he wanted to look at the security footage before he decided how to handle things. He asked if she was going to stay, but Neil rounded up his guests to start the party, and Hilary watched them go.

Victor shook Neil's hand, and Nikki asked if Neil and Leslie had set a date. Neil replied that the wedding would be soon, but Leslie countered that it wouldn't be too soon. Victor noticed that Nick had shown up, and Nikki thought a night out would be good for their son. Sharon arrived, and she and Nick exchanged stories about how they'd ended up there. Sharon asked if he preferred that she leave, since his parents were glowering at her, but Nick and Sharon agreed not to let Nikki and Victor get to them.

Victor and Nikki seethed, and Abby glibly asked if Sharon had put a tracking device on Nick. Nikki suggested that they not let their disdain toward Sharon ruin the party for Neil and Leslie. Traci, Jack, and Ashley entered, and Jack spotted Victor and quipped that some old acquaintances should be forgotten. Ashley remarked that they could use some peace on earth, and Nikki added that it was never too late.

Nikki stepped out to call Victoria, and Victor asked Ashley if she seriously thought there could be peace between him and Jack. Ashley urged him to let their battle go. Abby excitedly greeted Ashley, who was glad to see that Abby was as happy as her text messages had indicated. Abby rambled that she was thrilled to ring in the great new year with almost everyone in the room, and she glared at Sharon.

Sharon asked Nick to check her back for knives, because she felt like no one wanted her there. He replied that he did, and she pointed out that people might think that they were a couple if they hung out together. He reiterated that they were friends, and she considered where their relationship had been on the prior New Year's Eve. She remarked that the fact that they were friends made her think that anything was possible.

Victor reminded Jack of what had happened the year before on New Year's Eve, when Jack had picked up a prostitute who had wound up dead on Jack's floor. Jack pointed out that Victor had forgotten some details, because her body had been found in an alley. Victor contemplated how different the year would have been for Jack if Adam hadn't covered up for Jack. Victor asked what Jack had done for Adam in return, and he voiced his suspicion that Jack was covering up another egregious transgression. Jack said that if he had, Victor would be the last to know.

At the bar, Jack greeted Hilary, who had been talking to Traci while waiting for a takeout order. Once alone with Hilary, Jack confronted her about filling in Traci and Ashley about how Jack was doing. Hilary defended that she had been worried about him, but he pointed out that her concern wasn't necessary or in her job description. Hilary apologized if she'd overstepped, but she explained that she was grateful to him and had wanted to do something to help. He implored her to get on with her own life instead of focusing on his, and he suggested that she start doing it that night by looking for someone she'd like to kiss.

Devon asked Neil and Leslie when the big day would be, and Neil wanted to get married right away, but Leslie preferred a long engagement. Neil called for everyone's attention, and he thanked the guests for being there to celebrate his and Leslie's engagement and to ring in the new year. He declared that it was an evening of new beginnings, since the universe had given him one more shot at happiness. He recounted his unorthodox proposal at the police station, and he promised that he'd make it up to Leslie. She displayed her ring and announced that he already had.

Neil proclaimed that the ring was just a symbol of his love, but he planned to show Leslie every day how much he loved her. Neil toasted to the beautiful fiancée who had made him the happiest, luckiest man alive, and everyone raised their glasses. Neil whispered to Leslie that he couldn't wait, but as he hugged her, she looked troubled. As the radio announcer counted down the final seconds of the year, the guests celebrated at the Athletic Club.

Stitch watched Kelly leave the coffeehouse, and Billy and Victoria kissed. Jack thought of Phyllis as Ashley and Traci fussed over him. Devon wished Hilary a happy new year, and she hoped that it would be a happy one. Sharon walked through the club foyer, and Nick planted an innocent kiss on her, but they were drawn into a more passionate embrace. Victor glowered when he spotted Nick and Sharon kissing, and he swore to make the following year a happy one for his whole family.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Chloe cooed that Connor looked more angelic every time she saw him, despite the fact that Adam was his father. Chelsea hesitantly stated that she had something to say that Chloe wouldn't like, and she revealed that Adam had asked her to marry him. Chloe remained uncharacteristically silent, and Chelsea hoped it meant that Chloe was taking the news well, but Chloe shook her head. Chloe said that she had literally been biting her tongue, and she inquired whether Chelsea was out of her mind. Kevin entered, and Chloe bitterly announced that Chelsea was going to marry Adam.

Chelsea clarified that Adam hadn't seriously proposed but that he had only made an offhanded comment about how they could get married, since Chelsea's divorce was final. Chloe wondered how Chelsea would have responded if Adam really had popped the question, and Chelsea asserted that she wouldn't want her decision to affect her relationship with Chloe. Chloe insisted that she just wanted Chelsea to be happy, and she swore that they would be best friends, no matter what happened. Chelsea went to get a refill, and Kevin asked if Chloe had just given Chelsea her blessing to remarry Adam.

Chloe confirmed that Adam made her skin crawl, but she recognized that Chelsea thought that he was a changed man. Kevin grumbled that the only thing Adam had changed had been his winter wardrobe, but Chloe pointed out that Kevin had done bad things, too. Chloe contended that she wouldn't let Adam near Chelsea or Connor if she believed Adam would physically hurt someone, but she didn't think that Adam could commit to anyone but himself. Kevin argued that Chelsea and Adam had more reason to make things work, since they had a kid, but Chloe commented that Connor also had Chloe.

Chloe explained that she was Connor's godmother and that she'd promised that she would take care of the tot if Chelsea weren't capable of doing so. Kevin noted that Connor wasn't Chloe's child, but Chloe reasoned that an illness or an accident could happen, and there was nothing wrong with being prepared. Chloe told Kevin to stop making an issue of it, and Chelsea returned to the table. Chloe remarked that being a godmother to Connor was a commitment for life, and she would always be connected to Connor. Chelsea said that it was a relief to know that her son would always be loved and taken care of.

Chelsea said that there were many factors to consider if Adam actually proposed, and she wanted to do what was in Connor's best interests, because things could get ugly if she wanted to leave. Chloe pondered why Chelsea would want to leave if Adam was truly a changed man, and Chelsea said that she was just being cautious, but she felt like she and Adam had a second chance. Chloe cuddled Connor, and Chelsea stepped away to use the ladies' room. A woman approached Chloe and remarked that Chloe's baby was adorable. Chloe cheerfully thanked her.

Across the coffeehouse, Noah observed that Summer didn't look happy, and she complained that Fen wasn't answering her calls. Summer explained that things had been good with Fen until he'd tried to run away and she'd tricked him into returning. She added that Fen had been placed under house arrest for Carmine's murder. Noah assured Summer that she'd done the right thing, but she lamented that Fen hated her for betraying him. Noah recalled that his attempts to keep Adriana from being arrested had resulted in disaster, and he contended that Fen was lucky to have a friend like Summer.

In the park, Courtney flashed back to Noah confronting her about Zach, but she had maintained that Noah was the only man in her life. "Hey, Goldilocks," Alex greeted, and he asked if she had been waiting long. She ordered him to get it over with, and she refused to act pleasant when he'd constantly been sending her text messages. She barked that it was bad enough that she had to lie to Summer and Noah, but Alex said that he didn't care how his messages had affected her romance. Courtney asked if Alex was jealous, and Alex quipped that Noah wasn't his type. Courtney asked if Alex had something for her.

Alex warned Courtney that she was in dangerous territory and that she had no business getting close to Noah or anyone else, and it was important for both of them that she not screw up. A suspicious Noah approached, and Alex covered by cautioning Courtney to be careful around the park because the police had received reports of muggings in the area. Courtney pretended to heed Alex's advice, and Alex meandered off. Courtney griped that Alex thought that she couldn't take care of herself because she was a woman, and she suggested that she and Noah get some coffee. Noah questioned what Courtney and Alex's conversation had really been about.

Alex returned to the police station, and Kevin said that he was worried about Chloe. Alex reported that there was a possible new eyewitness who had seen Delia's accident, and Kevin marveled that the person might be able to identify Delia's killer. Alex explained that the potential witness had a mile-long rap sheet, and the guy wanted to exchange information for a deal. Alex advised Kevin to keep his emotions in check, because people sometimes made up stories to get out of legal trouble. Kevin pushed for specifics, but all Alex would reveal was that it was possible that the witness could lead them to the killer.

Sharon entered the Underground and asked Nick if he wanted company. She said that she'd driven by to take Faith to a play date, and Faith had mentioned that he was there to pack up food. Nick explained that he was taking the leftovers from New Year's Eve to a homeless shelter, and Sharon offered to help. Nick remarked that he was glad she was there, because he had a burning question. She eagerly anticipated that he was referring to the kiss they'd shared at the party, but he simply asked whether he should wrap the food in foil or plastic.

Nick asked if Sharon had had fun at the party, and she replied that she hadn't stayed up that late in a long time, but she'd crashed the minute her head had hit the pillow. Sharon thought to herself that the truth was that she hadn't been able to sleep because she had been thinking about their kiss. Nick recounted that he hadn't been sure that he'd wanted to go, but his club had been in good hands, and he was glad he'd attended Neil's party. He silently thought to himself that their kiss had been great, too. Nick asked Sharon to do him a favor, and he requested that she hand him "that kiss."

Embarrassed, Nick said that he'd meant the ketchup, and Sharon passed him the bottles. She suspected that he'd been thinking about their kiss on New Year's Eve, and he defended that they'd just been talking about that night. Sharon opined that it had been nice to spend most of the holidays together, and she remarked that it was the time of year when feelings surfaced because people got lonely and nostalgic. She asked if that was what the kiss had been about, and Nick leaned in close, but Summer interrupted.

Summer wondered what she'd walked in on, and Nick explained that he and Sharon had been packing up leftovers to take to the shelter. Sharon made a quick exit, and Summer pointedly noted that she'd never seen such enthusiasm about leftovers. Nick remarked that it felt good to help, and Summer asked if that had been all they'd been doing. Nick insisted that he and Sharon had just been packing up food, but Summer was skeptical.

Nick said that it was great to see Summer, and she disclosed that she was there to thank him for raising her to be a good person with a conscience. He appreciated it, and he thought that Phyllis deserved credit, too. Summer explained that she'd recently made a decision that she'd thought might have been a mistake, but then she'd thought of how he would have handled the situation, and she knew that she'd done the right thing. Nick asked if she wanted to talk about her decision.

Summer clammed up, and Nick asked if her decision had put her in danger. She assured him that it hadn't, and he offered to be there for her if she wanted to talk. He said that he loved her and always would, and she replied that she loved him, too. She asked whether his New Year's Eve had been as mellow as he'd hoped. Nick flashed back to kissing Sharon at midnight, and he murmured that his evening had turned out okay.

At Crimson Lights, Noah said that Courtney's conversation with Alex in the park had seemed intense, but she insisted that she'd just run into Alex when she'd been taking a walk. Noah asked if Alex had been hitting on her, and she denied it. Courtney turned the topic to Noah's resolutions for the new year, and he resolved to be taller and to spend as much time as possible with her. They kissed, and he said that he was glad to have her in his life. He implored Courtney to continue opening up because he wanted to know everything about her.

Courtney went to the counter to get some coffee, and Noah reached inside her purse for her ringing phone. He found a stash of prescription bottles and loose pills, and Sharon approached and asked if everything was okay. He quickly covered by asking if Sharon had stayed home on New Year's Eve, and she told him that Neil had invited her to a party. Noah was glad that Sharon had experienced some excitement, and she daydreamed about Nick's kiss. She confirmed that her night out had been exciting.

At the Abbott mansion, Adam saw a missed call from Victor on his phone, and he deleted the message. Jack entered and inquired why Adam had urgently wanted to meet, and Adam replied that he needed a favor. Adam asked if he could count on Jack to protect Adam's family if anything ever happened to Adam. Jack contended that Adam was young and healthy, and he couldn't imagine what Adam was worried about. Jack wondered whether Adam was in trouble or in danger, and Adam responded that he wasn't, but Chelsea had gotten him thinking that Connor needed to be protected if they weren't there.

Adam insisted that he didn't want Chloe to raise his son, and he reported that Chelsea had appointed Chloe as Connor's godmother. Jack realized that Adam didn't approve, and Adam explained that Chloe had been behind the paternity lie and that she obviously didn't respect Adam. Jack understood why Adam harbored resentment toward Chloe, and Adam refused to allow Connor to fall prey to Victor. Adam worried that given the chance, Victor would fight Chelsea and Chloe for custody of Connor, and he asked Jack to be Connor's godfather.

Jack said that he was flattered, but he pushed to find out what Adam was worried about, and Adam chalked his concern up to having a son and a new outlook on life. Jack noted that he'd only seen Adam agitated when something serious was going on, and Adam again asked Jack for assurance that Adam's family would be protected. Adam added that he wanted to draw up papers for Jack to become Connor's legal guardian if anything happened to Adam. Adam asserted that his family was everything to him, and he vowed to do everything possible to keep his family with him, but he wanted Jack to have rights to protect Connor as Connor's godfather and guardian.

Adam pleaded with Jack to say yes, and he said that he admired Jack and that there was no one else he'd trust to raise his son. Jack accepted, and the men shook hands and hugged. Adam thanked him, and Jack said that he admired Adam for turning his life around and fighting for his life after taking a bullet for a man who'd undermined Adam. Adam declared that he wanted no part of Victor, and Jack commended Adam for setting his priorities and focusing on what was important -- building a life with Connor and Chelsea. Adam revealed that he'd suggested that he and Chelsea get married again, and she'd said that she'd consider it.

Jack contended that a child was a good reason to tie the knot, but the most important one was that Adam loved Chelsea. Adam declared that he'd never stopped, but Chelsea was afraid he'd break her heart again, and Jack realized that Adam was afraid she'd break his. Jack said that he knew the risks of falling in love again, but it was worth it with the right person, and he encouraged Adam to take the plunge. Jack urged Adam to trust his feelings for Chelsea, and he reiterated that Adam deserved to be happy by moving forward and freeing himself from his sins.

Jack said that he was looking forward to watching Connor grow up, and Adam mused that he wanted to see that more than anything in the world. Jack walked Adam to the door, and he counseled that all parents made mistakes, but the important thing was that Connor knew that Adam loved him. Adam promised that he'd make sure Connor always knew that he did, and he departed. A look of concern crossed Jack's face.

At the Baldwins' apartment, Fen assured Lauren that he would be okay, and he urged her to try to get some sleep. Lauren tossed and turned in bed, and she looked over and saw Carmine next to her. Lauren suddenly woke up from her nightmare, alone. The doorbell rang, and Michael found a box outside the door. A panicked Lauren emerged from the bedroom, and Michael asked what was wrong. She looked with alarm at the box, and she wondered who had sent it.

Michael noted that there was no card, and he mentioned that he hadn't ordered anything. Lauren suggested that perhaps it was a gift from Gloria, but Michael pointed out that Gloria always took credit for her generosity. Michael opened the box and discovered a cake with the phrase "forget me not" written in frosting on top. Lauren concluded that Carmine had sent it.

Michael checked with the doorman, who reported that the Baldwins hadn't received any deliveries since before New Year's Eve. Michael surmised that someone had left the box in front of the wrong apartment, and he said that it was irrational to think that Carmine could harm them with baked goods. Lauren divulged that she'd just had a nightmare about Carmine, and Fen entered and asked what had happened. Lauren informed him that someone had sent them a cake. Fen looked at the cake and said that it had been meant for him.

Fen surmised that the cake was a message from Womack, and he recounted how the convicts had cornered him in the prison yard after they'd learned that Fen was Michael's son. Fen explained that Womack had made the inmates back off, and he believed that Womack had sent the cake as a reminder that Fen owed Womack. Lauren asked if Womack was still behind bars, and Fen revealed that Womack had said that he'd be getting out soon.

After Michael spoke with the warden, he reported to Lauren and Fen that Womack was still locked up. Fen believed that Womack had people on the outside, and he recalled that Womack had promised to collect. Fen continued that it had been one of reasons he had run, and he worried that he was a sitting duck. Lauren swore not to let Womack near Fen, but Fen said that Womack knew where he lived. Michael asked what Womack wanted from Fen, and Fen had no idea, but he anticipated that it was nothing good.

Fen saw an incoming call from Summer on his phone, and he groused that he didn't want to talk to her after she'd wrecked his life. Fen stalked off to his room, and Michael planned to visit Womack to find out what Womack wanted, because something didn't feel right. Lauren asked if Michael thought that someone else had sent the cake, and Michael vowed to make it clear that he wouldn't allow anyone to harass his family.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Victoria arrived home and rambled that Johnny was at the ranch, and she had a million work emails to answer. She was shocked when Billy presented her with a bouquet of red roses, and he explained that it was his attempt to be less of a jerk. Victoria gushed that the flowers were beautiful, and Billy recalled that Victoria had saved him on a prior New Year's Eve. He said that he'd gotten lost, but she had saved him again, and it hadn't been okay for him to shut her out.

Victoria understood that Billy had been hurting, but he pointed out that he'd hurt her, and he vowed not to do it anymore. He promised that they would heal and get past Delia's death because they were still a couple and a family with a life together. Billy said that he loved Victoria, and they kissed and held one another. She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the stairs, but her phone rang, and she remembered that she'd asked Nikki to call before Johnny's nap. Billy told her to take the call, and he went upstairs to wait for her. Later, Victoria joined Billy in the shower.

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Tyler told Ashley about their trip to Los Angeles, and Abby mentioned that the only glitch had been when she'd reverted to being a drama queen, but Tyler had handled it like a champ. Tyler swore that he could take whatever Abby dished out, and Ashley noted that the couple seemed stronger than ever. Ashley asked what Tyler's intentions were toward her daughter, and Tyler said that Abby knew how he felt, but he thought that Ashley deserved to know, too. Tyler recounted that he'd made a name for himself on the west coast, but the fame and fortune hadn't been enough for him to get over his horrible childhood.

Tyler admitted that he'd been really angry for a long time, and he'd eventually reached out to his sister, who had been his only constant, but he'd found a new home with Abby. Tyler kissed Abby's hand, and Ashley said that she was glad they'd found one another. Stitch arrived, and Abby asked if he remembered her mom. Stitch wondered if Ashley was back in town permanently, and she revealed that she was on her way back out, but she promised to return if she broke something. Stitch flirtatiously said that he would keep his schedule open, and he wished Ashley a safe trip.

Kelly approached Stitch and coldly remarked that he had an interesting bedside manner, and she assumed that he and his wife were over. He refused to talk about it, and she snapped that they had no business talking about Stitch's wife or anything else. Stitch reminded her that they were bound to run into one another, since they lived in the same town, and he suggested that they keep it simple and not talk. Kelly agreed.

Tyler said that he was sorry to see Ashley take off, and Abby added that she was happy that Ashley had been in town. Abby said that she loved having her mother there, and Ashley mentioned that she had to make a quick stop on her way to the airport. Ashley promised that she'd back more often, and Tyler comforted Abby after Ashley left.

Victoria greeted Stitch, and he observed that she seemed happier than the last time he'd seen her. She divulged that Billy had realized that she and Johnny were there for him. Kelly spotted Victoria and quickly grabbed her things, but Victoria approached her and asked how Kelly's New Year's Eve had been. Kelly flashed back to getting passionate with Billy, but she managed to stammer that the holiday had been uneventful. Victoria expressed her gratitude toward Kelly for helping Billy with his grief, and Kelly forced a smile.

In the park, Abby praised Tyler for brilliantly handling Ashley's questions, but Tyler replied that he'd simply told the truth. Abby asked if he'd meant all the pretty things he'd said about making Genoa City his home, and he confirmed that he hadn't stuck around just because of Leslie. He wondered if Abby was going to pick a fight and take off, and she jokingly questioned who would ever do that. He wanted to talk about where they were headed in the future, but she reminded him of their "one day at a time" philosophy. He said that it had been their thing, but maybe it was time for something new.

Tyler reasoned that he and Abby had been spending time and money going back and forth to opposite sides of town to see one another when they could be spending that time together. He suggested that they get their own place, although he was fine with keeping things the way they had been. Abby asked what he wanted, and he replied that he didn't want to wonder when he'd see her next, and he preferred to know that he'd be going home to her. He left the choice up to her, and she exclaimed, "Let's call the movers!" They headed out as they excitedly discussed their plans. The woman with the tattooed wrist watched them and clenched her fist.

Ashley stopped by to see Billy, and she thought that he seemed a little better. He said that things were a little less brutal every day, thanks to Victoria. He revealed that he'd hit rock bottom, and he'd realized that he couldn't keep drowning in his own grief and dragging his family down. He continued that he'd needed to reach out and grab on, and Victoria had been there, just like she had been when she'd driven him home from Jimmy's. Billy declared that he was back and that he would hold on, because life without Victoria, Johnny, and the rest of his family wasn't a life he wanted to live. Ashley smiled and hugged him.

Victoria returned home, and Ashley promised Victoria and Billy that she would be back soon. Ashley wished them a wonderful new year, and Victoria pledged that it would be. They said goodbye, and after Ashley left, Billy asked what was in the bag from Crimson Lights. Victoria remarked that he'd never guess who she'd seen there, and Billy said that it could have been half the town. Victoria chirped that she'd bumped into Kelly, who she'd invited to dinner.

At the Athletic Club, Victor stared at the list of possible drivers who had hit Delia. Adam walked in, and Victor remarked that Adam hadn't returned his call. Victor warned that it had been a mistake for Adam to ignore Victor's message, but Adam doubted that Victor had been calling to wish him a happy new year. Victor said that a new year was a new beginning, but some people had a difficult time forgetting the past. Victor questioned whether Adam had forgotten what had happened during the prior year.

Adam replied that he'd become a father, which had been the single greatest thing that had ever happened to him, and he'd walked away from his own. He declared that he was only interested in the future, and Avery joined them. Victor asked if Adam was in legal trouble, but Adam announced that he was meeting with his attorney to make sure that Victor had no legal rights to Connor. Victor doubted that Adam could focus on the future when it seemed as if everything Adam did revolved around Victor.

Adam proclaimed that he would do anything necessary to ensure that Victor would never be responsible for Connor, and he reiterated that Connor was off-limits to Victor. Victor vowed to fight for the right to see his grandson, and Adam contemplated how many times Victor had disowned Adam. Adam asserted that he was just repaying the favor, and he demanded that Victor accept the fact that Adam was in control. Victor chided Adam for keeping a child away from its family, but Adam contended that Connor had what he needed with a mother and a father, while Victor had everything he wanted in Newman-Chancellor.

Victor swore not to walk away from a child who needed protection, especially after what had happened to Delia. Adam spat that Victor had kept Delia from her own father when she'd been sick, and he suggested that Victor find another child to control. Victor refused to give up the right to protect his grandson, and he barked that Adam would regret turning his back on the only parent he had left. Adam retorted that he wished he'd cut Victor loose a long time before, and there was no room in Connor's life for Victor.

Once they were alone, Adam told Avery that Jack had agreed to be Connor's godfather, and he wanted Jack to become Connor's guardian if Adam were out of the picture. Avery explained that Chelsea would retain custody, and she didn't want to play games behind Chelsea's back. Adam swore that Chelsea was and always would be the most important thing in Connor's life, and Avery noted that it sounded like Adam was in a good place. Adam said that he anticipated a lifetime of familial bliss, but things could happen, and he wanted to make sure Connor was cared for by someone other than Victor. Adam stressed that he didn't want to give Victor even a sliver of opportunity to influence Connor, and he insisted that the paperwork that legalized Jack's role as Connor's guardian be "Victor-proof."

Avery explained that a grandparent's rights were limited, but Adam warned that Victor would fight to gain control of Connor. Avery asked if Chelsea was on board with the plan, and Adam was certain that Chelsea would approve. Avery advised that it was important for Adam and Chelsea to be in agreement, and he said that he would discuss it with Chelsea when he got home. Avery remarked that she was glad that their meeting had been about contingencies, because she'd expected it to be about the video. Adam said that everything had changed, and he would take the video back from her.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Avery wished Stitch a happy new year, and they compared notes about how they'd both spent the holiday working. Stitch thought that things had to be rough for Dylan, who was looking for information about his father, and Avery received a call from Dylan. Stitch took off, and Avery asked Dylan what he'd found out. Dylan reported that northern Idaho was cold, and he'd figured out that when he was away from her, he missed her a lot.

Dylan explained that no one wanted to talk about a black sheep with a stranger, and Avery sympathized that he hadn't found what he was looking for. He said that there was one person who was willing to talk, and they were going to meet the next day. Avery asserted that no one else's mistakes could taint the person who Dylan was. After a moment of silence, he thanked her, and he said he'd call her the next day.

At the penthouse, Chelsea looked at the wedding rings. Anita stopped by to wish Chelsea a belated merry Christmas, and Chelsea asked how Anita's trip to Florida had been. Anita said that she'd gone on a shopping spree for Chelsea and the baby, but Chelsea mentioned that Connor was out with the nanny. Anita questioned how Connor's eyes were, and Chelsea reported that Connor could see everything perfectly. Anita noted that Chelsea seemed happy and content, and she was glad to see Chelsea smiling. Anita freaked out when she spotted the wedding rings.

Anita suspected that Adam had been carrying a torch for Chelsea all along, and she asked if Adam had mentioned making it legal again. Chelsea replied that he had, but then he'd brushed it off, and she pointed out that just because she and Adam shared a son and a home didn't mean that Adam wanted to marry her. Anita contended that wanting a family and a marriage were the same thing, but Chelsea said that both she and Adam just wanted to put their son first. Anita wondered if Chelsea was ready to put the ring back on her finger and make things right.

Anita thought that Adam and Chelsea were due for a reunion, and Chelsea expected Anita to drool over Adam's bank account. Anita said that she believed in love, fun, and financial security, but it was easier to put her faith in money rather than love. Anita said that she'd never had real love, but she'd seen how Adam looked at Chelsea, and it was the real thing. Chelsea realized that despite being a grifter, Anita was really a romantic at heart. Anita said that Adam and Chelsea had done a number on one another, but she implored Chelsea to figure things out. Anita said that she had to get to a beauty appointment, and she advised Chelsea to get a bigger ring if Adam popped the question.

Adam returned home and called out for Chelsea, who ran downstairs and said that they needed to talk. He replied that he'd been thinking the same thing, and she babbled that she knew that he'd kept their wedding rings in his drawer, but she was confused after he'd blown off their discussion about marriage and the future. She wanted to know if there was something real between them, and he assured her that they had something very real.

Chelsea asked if Adam had meant it when he'd mentioned getting married again, and Adam questioned what she would have said if he'd seriously proposed. She said that her answer would have been yes, and he admitted that he had been serious. She grinned broadly, and she repeatedly said yes and rushed into his arms. They kissed.

At the police station, Kevin watched an officer escort a man into the interrogation room, and he asked Alex if the man was the witness to Delia's accident. Alex reminded Kevin that the potential witness wasn't an upstanding citizen, and he handed Kevin an extensive file on the guy. Kevin argued that it didn't mean that the witness hadn't seen something, but Alex advised him not to get his hopes up again. Kevin marveled that they might finally be able to identify Delia's killer.

Alex went into the interrogation room, and he intentionally left the door ajar so Kevin could overhear. Alex said that he'd heard that the witness wanted to make a deal, and he admonished the man for withholding information when the whole town had been heartbroken over Delia's death. He demanded to know what the witness wanted, and the man replied that he wanted to walk away from armed robbery charges. Alex mentioned that the crime had been the man's third felony, so he couldn't make it disappear, but he could go to the D.A. to try to negotiate lesser charges.

Alex berated the witness for dancing on a young girl's grave by demanding a free pass. Alex threatened to throw him back in a cell if the man didn't tell him everything, but the witness said nothing, and Alex started to leave. The man blurted out that he'd seen it all, and Alex mentioned that the man lived a mile from the accident site. The witness claimed that he'd seen the car leaving and the driver who had killed Delia.

The potential witness left the station, and a panicked Kevin asked where the guy was going. Alex explained that the man wouldn't talk unless they could make a deal with the D.A., and Kevin implored Alex to talk to Christine right away. Alex reiterated that they had to do things by the book, but if they made a deal, then the witness could lead them to Delia's killer.

The investigator handed Victor a file that contained information about the whereabouts of all of the suspected drivers on the night of Delia's death, and he had ruled out all of the drivers except two -- Adam and one other person. Victor asked if the investigator had researched Adam's appointment with Connor's eye specialist, and the investigator reported that he'd logged Adam's entry into and exit from the parking garage. The investigator noted that if Adam had gone home afterward, then the accident site had been out of the way. Victor theorized that if Adam had received bad news, then Adam might have driven around to clear his head. The investigator noted that it was possible that Adam had been at the accident site.

Victor pointed out that there was no definitive proof that Adam had driven the car that had hit Delia. The investigator revealed that the other possible driver had been laid up with a broken leg, but Victor contended that someone else could have borrowed the car. The investigator showed Victor evidence that Adam had purchased a replacement turn light from an auto supply store. Victor noted that the order had been placed under a corporate name, but the charge had been made using Adam's credit card. Victor reeled from the implication that Adam had killed Delia.

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