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January 6 to 10, 2014
Someone kidnapped Jill and made it appear as though she'd left town. Jill recognized her captor. The Winters family celebrated that Lily was cancer-free. Devon purchased the Athletic Club, and he hired Cane and Lily to run it for him. Devon stopped Lily from throwing Hilary out. Kevin was concerned when he found that Chloe had included Connor's mementos in Delia's baby book. Chloe ended things with Kevin when he confronted her about her obsessive behavior. Dylan met with Willa, Ian Ward's ex-wife, who believed that Ian had changed his name and moved to Indiana. After a spat with Summer, Courtney broke up with Noah to protect her affiliation with Alex. Kelly abruptly left during an awkward evening with Victoria, Billy, and Stitch. Victoria and Stitch bonded. Billy and Kelly agreed to put their night of grief sex behind them and work on the Delia Project together. Billy learned that Adam had funded Delia's foundation. A witness revealed what he knew about the night of Delia's death, but Kevin's license plate search was fruitless. Adam proposed to Chelsea. Victor offered not to turn Adam in to the police in exchange for being part of Connor's life. Jack signed documents to become Connor's legal guardian if anything happened to Adam. At Connor's christening, the guests were stunned when an uninvited Victor arrived, and Adam allowed Victor to hold Connor.
January 13 to 17, 2014
Tyler and Abby placed an offer on a house, but he was later stunned when he learned that his girlfriend had supposedly called to retract their bid. Dylan invited Avery to travel with him to Indiana to search for Ian Ward. Leslie confided to Neil that she felt rushed by their wedding plans, and he agreed to wait. Billy thanked Adam for establishing Delia's foundation. Adam and Chelsea planned to move to Paris, while an obsessed Chloe vowed not to let anyone take Delia away from her. Billy found the same rare lily that Adam had purchased for Chelsea at Delia's roadside shrine. After Kelly declined Victoria's offer of friendship, the women were thrown together to plan a fundraiser for the Delia Project. Kevin refused to give up on his search for the license plate of the hit-and-run driver. Michael was disconcerted by the lack of evidence in Carmine's murder case. Womack made a mysterious call. Christine was upset by Paul's preoccupation with work and Nikki's problems. Noah caught Courtney buying drugs from Raven. Jack, Hilary, and Kyle suspected that Bonaventure Industries was illegally selling an energy supplement. Summer popped multiple energy pills before a photo shoot, and she collapsed on the stairs. Fen was arrested after breaking house arrest to search for Summer. Sharon found an unconscious Summer and got her to the hospital, where Stitch determined that Summer had experienced a cardiac episode. Sharon grappled with whether to tell Nick the truth about Summer's paternity.
January 20 to 24, 2014
Summer woke up in the hospital, and Jack was upset when she referred to Nick as "Dad." Stitch identified the drugs in Summer's system as VivaSurge, a drug distributed by Bonaventure Industries. Victor reported Jabot to labor relations, while Jack, Kyle, and Hilary gathered information to prove that Victor's company had been responsible for the drugs. Noah accused Courtney of supplying Summer with pills. The tattooed woman locked Abby inside a vacant apartment. Tyler and Abby fought when he didn't believe her conclusion that Mariah had been behind the stunt. David Tutera agreed to help plan Leslie and Neil's wedding, and Leslie warmed up to the idea of getting married. Devon offered to finance a fundraiser for the Delia Project. Michael plotted to tell Womack that Carmine had turned state's evidence against Womack. Womack refused to make a deal with Michael and threatened Fen in prison. Fen agreed to confess to murder in exchange for an out-of-state prison transfer. Lauren received a mysterious bottle of perfume. Dylan and Avery traveled to Indiana in search of Ian Ward, but when it seemingly turned out to be a dead end, Dylan agreed to give up looking for his father. Dylan and Avery made love. Ian arrived in Genoa City and confronted Nikki about his son. Adam and Chelsea remarried and prepared to move to Paris, but he secretly planned to turn himself in for Delia's hit-and-run. Billy realized that Adam had been responsible for Delia's death.
January 27 to 31, 2014
Sharon resumed having visions of Cassie. Lily was furious when she realized that Devon was attracted to Hilary. Kyle suspected that Hilary had a crush on Jack. Abby and Tyler made up, and she called Mariah to request that they meet. Ian introduced himself to Dylan, but Dylan made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with his biological father. Ian decided to extend his stay in Genoa City. Ian approached Summer and gave her a business card for "The Path." Fen prepared for his sentencing. Michael tracked down Carmine, who was alive. Chelsea watched Adam's video confession to Delia's murder, while the police searched for Adam. Word spread that Adam had been the hit-and-run driver. After Chloe realized that Chelsea hadn't known about Adam's guilt, she promised to help Chelsea provide a stable home for Connor. Jack blamed himself for not realizing that Adam had been the culprit. Jack informed a livid Nikki about Victor choosing to blackmail Adam rather than going to the police with the knowledge that Adam had killed Delia. Billy took Adam at gunpoint to Delia's memorial, where Billy forced Adam to admit he had killed Delia and to recount how he'd covered up his role in her death. Billy and Adam got into a horrific car accident. One man got out and staggered away, while the other was still inside the vehicle when it burst into flames.
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February 3 to 7, 2014
Michael presented video evidence that Carmine was still alive, and the murder charges against Fen were dismissed. Leslie admitted to Neil that she had no desire to have a wedding, but she loved him and wanted to be with him. Abby challenged Mariah to meet her and Tyler for coffee, but Mariah didn't show up. Tyler arranged to meet Mariah at her hotel. Noah discovered that Courtney was an undercover cop, but he couldn't forgive her deception. Sharon was stunned when she was able to touch Cassie. Colin revealed himself as Jill's captor, and he forced her to marry him. Jill consulted Leslie about getting an annulment, but she agreed to stay married to Colin if he provided information about the music box. Devon offered to replace Adam's contribution to the Delia Project with his own funds. Nick and Dylan declared a truce in order to protect Nikki from Ian. Nikki's health deteriorated. Summer decided to quit modeling, and she contemplated turning to Ian as a life coach. Jack identified a watch that had been found near the explosion as Adam's. A battered Billy showed up on Victoria's doorstep, but he remained tight-lipped about the events before the crash. The SUV sank into the river, and divers were unable to recover a body. Kelly admitted to Stitch that she'd slept with Billy. Jack and Victor fought over which one of them would protect Chelsea and Connor. Everyone except Chelsea believed that Adam was dead. A man's ringed hand twitched in the snow.
February 10 to 14, 2014
Summer asked Ian to help her find her path. Stitch confided to Dylan that his wife had filed for divorce, but he remained tight-lipped about the reason why. Dylan and Avery spent a romantic Valentine's Day together. Chelsea believed that Adam was alive, but Billy was adamant that Adam was dead. Victoria and Nick shunned Victor after they learned that Victor had blackmailed Adam instead of outing Adam as the hit-and-run driver. Cane surprised Lily with a suite at the Athletic Club for their anniversary. At the Delia Project fundraiser, Kelly mistakenly assumed that Jack was the blind date that Lily had set her up with. Hilary kissed Jack and immediately apologized. Hilary became jealous when she found Devon and Esmerelda making out in the steam room. Abby was livid when Tyler revealed that he'd left the fundraiser to see Mariah. Chloe lashed out at Chelsea at the party, but the women made amends. Womack and Colin conspired to steal a valuable snow queen doll that was up for auction. Lily discovered that the doll was missing, and Womack was caught with the doll as he tried to leave. In the ensuing chaos, diamonds spilled out of the doll, and Womack threatened the benefit guests with a gun. Chloe tricked Anita into leaving her alone with Connor, and she made plans to leave the country with the baby. After seeing Cassie again, Sharon confessed to Nick that she'd been lying to him. Victor met with Cassie's look-alike.
February 17 to 21, 2014
Victor paid Cassie's look-alike to step up her efforts to discover Sharon's secret. Nick supported Sharon after she confided that she'd seen and touched Cassie. Sharon discovered a collage of Cassie's photos plastered all over her wall. Nick and Dylan agreed to work together to protect Nikki from Ian. Ian charmed Summer and Faith, and he lured Summer to his hotel suite to compile a personality profile. Womack held the guests at the Delia Project fundraiser hostage. Kevin used a secret burner phone to communicate with the police. Neil and Devon staged an argument while Tyler knocked out Womack's accomplice. A chandelier fell on Billy and Chelsea, and he was seriously injured. A delirious Billy revealed his one-night stand with Kelly to everyone within earshot. Jack offered Womack a plane in exchange for Chelsea's release. As Womack prepared to go to the airport, he released all of the hostages except Lily. Womack shot Cane, and Colin retaliated by killing Womack. Cane acknowledged that Colin had saved his life. Jill kissed Colin in exchange for information about the music box. Colin revealed that a card containing Rachel Berenson's name had been inside the box. Victoria slapped Kelly and confided her troubles to Stitch. Victoria agreed not to leave Billy, but she recoiled when he tried to kiss her. Chloe stole Chelsea's passport and fled the country with Connor. Victor and Chelsea tracked down Chloe in Paris.
February 24 to 28
Victor and Chelsea tracked down Chloe in Paris and took Connor home, and Chloe was arrested for kidnapping. Chloe preferred to face prison rather than a world without Delia, but Kevin begged Chloe not to leave him. Jack warned Chelsea that Victor was plotting to make her look like an unfit mother. Chelsea received a mysterious call from an unknown party. Jill found an old photo with Rachel's name on it. Courtney and Noah decided to give their relationship another chance. Sharon believed that the strange occurrences in her home were the result of paranormal activity, and she tried to contact Cassie with a Ouija board. Devon considered giving up the Athletic Club after the hostage incident, but Neil urged him to stick with it. Neil was devastated when Leslie broke up with him because of their opposing views on marriage. Cane and Lily postponed their anniversary celebration to comfort Neil. Nick punched Ian. Ian attempted to blackmail Nikki into giving him money in exchange for him leaving her family alone. Nikki discovered Ian with Summer and exposed his true identity. Ian pleaded with Dylan not to kill him, or Dylan would "never know." Paul arrested Ian. Billy and Victoria's marriage remained strained, and Victoria and Stitch shared a kiss. Billy reluctantly met with Kelly.
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MARCH 2014
March 3 to 7, 2014
Billy and Kelly covertly met and agreed that they could no longer be friends. Victoria admitted to Billy that she had kissed another man. Victoria and Billy made love, but their relationship remained strained. Billy learned that Victoria had kissed Stitch. Victoria threw Billy out when she found out about his meeting with Kelly. Stitch reached out to Kelly, but she said that he couldn't be forgiven for what he'd done. Kelly informed Jack that she'd quit her job to avoid being near Billy, and she confided that it was her son's birthday. A depressed Neil opened up to Hilary. Michael thought that Chloe's best alternative was to serve a sentence in a mental hospital. Jill discovered that the photo of Rachel had been taken in London. Leslie tried to get the charges against Ian dismissed due to lack of evidence, but Nikki revealed that she'd secretly recorded Ian's blackmail attempt. Paul and Dylan compared notes about Ian's cryptic references to a secret, but they couldn't figure out what Ian had meant. Victor learned that the FDA was investigating Bonaventure Industries, and he suspected that Jack had set him up. Victor offered to reinstate Cane as Chancellor CEO, and Cane grappled with the decision. Noah quit his job after he learned about Victor's knowledge of Adam's guilt. Chelsea remained certain that Adam was alive, and Victor agreed to her request to search for Adam. Nick and Sharon shared a passionate kiss.
March 10 to 14, 2014
Nick and Sharon made love. Sharon caught the Cassie look-alike in her living room, and "Cassie" later tried to convince Sharon to reveal her secret at Cassie's gravesite. Sharon insisted to Nick that Cassie was still alive. "Cassie" reported to Victor that Phyllis knew Sharon's secret. Jack tried to pay Kelly off to leave town, but she refused. Billy told Kelly that they could no longer have any contact with one another. Victoria asked Avery to draw up divorce papers, but Avery advised Victoria to take time before making any decisions. Jack asked Hilary to become Jabot's liaison to Forrester Creations and to go to Los Angeles with Neil. Lily caught Cane researching Bonaventure Industries, but she remained clueless about his interest in returning to his old job. Nikki was pleased when Nick and Dylan were civil to one another, and she was surprised when Victor accepted her need to be close to all her children. Chloe pleaded guilty to kidnapping, and the judge ordered her to have outpatient therapy. Kevin and Chloe got remarried so that he could become her legal guardian. Chloe felt awkward when friends and family threw a reception, and she insisted that it hadn't been a real wedding, but Kevin professed his feelings for her. The homeless man who had witnessed Billy and Adam's SUV crash told Chelsea and Victor that both men had escaped from the vehicle before the explosion. Chelsea believed that Adam was still alive, but Victor thought that the eyewitness was delusional.
March 17 to 21, 2014
Chelsea obtained a restraining order to keep Chloe away from Connor. Jill and Colin learned that Rachel Berenson had been a translator for Katherine's father during World War II. Colin feigned an illness to trick Jill into admitting that she cared for him. Tyler hesitated to share details of his past engagement to Mariah with Abby. The woman with the wrist tattoo slipped an engagement ring on her finger. Victoria took Johnny to Washington, DC, to spend some time away from Billy. Kelly accepted Lily's job offer to work at the Athletic Club. Kelly rejected Jack's attempts to make up for trying to bribe her to leave town. Lily lashed out at Neil for supporting Hilary. Nikki overheard Paul and Dylan discussing Ian's cryptic statements, and she suspected that Ian was still up to something. Willa Ward offered to provide information in exchange for money, but Dylan declined. Victor thought that the same person who had set him up for selling illegal drugs had also manipulated Cane into acquiring Bonaventure Industries. Nick admitted Sharon to the hospital after she suffered a breakdown. Victor ordered Cassie's look-alike to leave town. Sharon consented to electroconvulsive therapy in order to make her visions of Cassie go away. Cassie's look-alike sneaked into Sharon's hospital room and apologized, but a drugged Sharon passed out before she could alert anyone.
March 24 to 28, 2014
Leslie was upset to learn that Neil was going out of town with a woman, but he didn't clarify that it was a business trip with Hilary. Hilary became a contestant on The Price is Right. Neil and Hilary bonded when they were forced to share a motel room after their flight was grounded. Dylan filmed a sexy video of Avery on his phone and inadvertently sent it to one of his employees. Chloe and Chelsea clashed when they tried to work together. Kevin gave Chloe a wedding ring, but she maintained that she wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Sharon experienced memory loss after she underwent electroconvulsive therapy. Victor and Nikki celebrated their anniversary, and she was thrilled when he accepted Dylan as part of her family. Victor invited Tyler to join him for a sparring match, and he warned Tyler not to hurt Abby. Cane presented Victor with a trail that would lead to the person who had manipulated Cane into acquiring Bonaventure Industries. Victor hired an investigator to trace Chelsea's mysterious calls and to find out what Billy knew about Adam's death. Jack gave Kelly a white rose in an effort to declare a truce. Victoria presented Billy with separation papers, and he signed them. Victoria spotted Billy and Kelly talking in the park. Stitch found out that his divorce was final and that his ex-wife was taking his son out of the country. Stitch and Victoria commiserated over drinks, and Abby spotted them leaving the Underground together.
March 31 to April 4, 2014
Chloe accused Chelsea of shutting her out of Chelsea's life. Cane admitted to Lily that he wanted to work for Victor. Ian told Leslie his secret, and she hid her discomfort from Avery and Dylan. Summer confronted Ian about taking advantage of her. Courtney told Summer that she was an undercover cop. A television producer contacted Avery about appearing on a cooking show. Devon thanked Hilary for taking Neil's mind off his problems. Neil and Hilary decided to use real people as models in the fashion show, including Lily and Hilary. Lauren thought that she might be pregnant, and Michael had mixed emotions about the possibility of raising another child. Abby accepted Tyler's spontaneous marriage proposal. Tyler was relieved when Victor gave Abby and Tyler his blessing. After her electroconvulsive therapy, Sharon had no memory of Summer's DNA test or Phyllis' fall. Nick and Sharon declared their love and agreed to take things slowly. Billy asked Jack for a job at Jabot in an effort to prove himself to Victoria. Victoria and Stitch had sex in her car, and she assured him that she had no regrets. Nikki saw Victoria and Stitch kissing, and Stitch confessed to Dylan about the tryst. Abby told Billy that she'd seen Victoria leave the Underground with Stitch. Billy demanded to know if Victoria had slept with Stitch. Victor's investigator presented dental records that proved that Adam had died, but an unseen person paid off someone who had planted the evidence.
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APRIL 2014
April 7 to 11, 2014
Nikki and Jill decided to work together to reunite Billy and Victoria. Jill admitted that she loved Colin, and the couple had sex. Colin made a mysterious call to report that he'd won Jill's trust and would soon have her money. Dylan convinced Avery to audition for a cooking show, but he was concerned by a creepy message board comment that referred to seeing more of her. Victor presented Paul with proof of Adam's death. Chelsea wanted to see Adam's remains, but Victor and Jack convinced her to say goodbye at a memorial instead. Jack and Kelly encountered numerous problems on their dinner date, but they agreed to go out again. Victoria accepted Stitch's dinner invitation, and Billy spied them sitting on the couch together. Sharon and Nick almost made love in a bubble bath, but he pulled away. Lauren told Michael that she was pregnant, but she hesitated to have tests performed until she bonded with her unborn child. Lauren almost fainted, and Michael took her to the hospital. Cane conceded that Hilary deserved a second chance, but Lily was certain that Hilary had not changed. Leslie told Neil that she had started dating again and had impulsively gotten married. Neil kissed Hilary. Chloe sought Michael's legal advice to ensure Chelsea didn't shut her out of their design business, and she later threatened to sue Chelsea. At the Jabot fashion show, Chloe and Chelsea got into a bitter argument that led to a catfight.
April 14 to 18, 2014
Chloe overheard Rick Forrester make Chelsea a job offer, which Chelsea had no intention of telling Chloe about. Chloe cut up a dress at the fashion show to retaliate for Chelsea shutting her out of the business. Chelsea fixed the dress and was a smashing success, and she and Chloe made amends. Kevin admitted that it had been a mistake to marry Chloe. Lauren was distraught when she learned that her home pregnancy test had been a false positive. After a cameraman calmed her nerves, Avery was a hit during her cooking show audition. After a mistrial, Ian returned to Genoa City, and someone trashed his hotel room. Ian tried to lure Nikki into meeting him, but Victor showed up and warned Ian to stay away from his family. Stitch tended to Cassie's look-alike's injuries. Summer worried that Jack was moving on with Kelly. Nick and Sharon made love and decided to reveal to everyone that they had reunited. Tyler secretly met with Mariah. The Newmans and the Abbotts struggled to put aside their differences when they gathered to celebrate Tyler and Abby's engagement. Nick discovered Cassie's imposter outside the ranch. Victoria made it clear to Billy that she was moving on with her life by dating Stitch. Jeffrey tried to get Chelsea to give him another chance, but she realized that he would never change. Billy showed up at Chelsea's door.
April 21 to 25, 2014
Nick forced Cassie's look-alike to tell him about Victor's plan to drive Sharon crazy. Nick confronted Victor about the scheme, and Victor responded by trashing Sharon. Hilary admonished Leslie for hurting Neil. Cane convinced Devon to ask Hilary out, but Devon arrived at Hilary's door as she and Neil started to make love. Billy impulsively kissed Chelsea, who slapped him. Billy and Chelsea drew closer when he helped her deal with Connor's croup. Kevin accepted that he had no romantic future with Chloe. Ashley asked Stitch out, but she realized that he and Victoria were dating. Stitch clammed up when Victoria inquired about his personal life. Victoria became ill during her official first date in the park with Stitch. Ian made Dylan a beneficiary in his will, and Dylan surmised that Ian had done so to make Dylan a prime suspect if anything should happen to Ian. Avery learned that her cooking show had been picked up, but she received another strange post online. Christine questioned whether she'd made the right decision by not having children. Jack and Kelly attended a concert in the park together, and they shared a kiss. Jack was pleased when Kelly accepted his invitation to go on a date. Summer was disturbed that Jack appeared to be giving up on Phyllis. Cane and Lily reluctantly introduced Colin to their kids as the twins' grandfather. Jill overheard Colin mention that he'd married her for her money, and she vowed to make him pay.
April 28 to May 2, 2014
Hilary and Neil had sex, but she hesitated to go public with their relationship. Devon was upset when he overheard her having sex, and he assumed that she had a boyfriend. Lily and Devon worried that a rejuvenated Neil was covering up his heartbreak. Nikki left Victor after Nick informed her about the plan to drive Sharon crazy. Victor rejected Sharon's request for his help to figure out her secret, and he planted doubts about her relationship with Nick in her head. Nick sought Avery's legal advice to make Victor pay for his actions. The Cassie look-alike turned out to be Mariah, who tried to cause a rift between Tyler and Abby. Mariah called Ian for support. Ian reported to Paul that he suspected Dylan was stalking him. Paul and Christine decided to try to have a baby. Chloe suggested that she and Billy conceive another child to replace Delia, but he only wanted a family with Victoria. Victoria learned that she was pregnant, but she was uncertain whether the baby's father was Billy or Stitch. Billy overheard Kelly and Stitch talking about something Stitch regretted, and Billy vowed to uncover Stitch's secret. Jack and Kelly dated and grew closer during a heart-to-heart talk about Phyllis. Someone anonymously sent Avery flowers, and Dylan confronted Ian.
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MAY 2014
May 5 to 9, 2014
Jill locked Colin up and tried to force him to sign divorce papers, but he insisted that he truly loved her. Dylan broke into Ian's hotel room and was arrested, but Ian wouldn't press charges. Avery contemplated quitting the cooking show, but she reconsidered when she learned she'd been booked on The Talk. Victor pressured Nikki to move back home, but she refused, and her multiple sclerosis flared up. Nikki said that she loved Dylan for the first time. Billy was suspicious when he couldn't find any record of Stitch prior to Stitch's Army stint. Chelsea learned that Victoria was pregnant, but she warned that she wouldn't keep it a secret indefinitely. Chloe tried to seduce a drunken Billy, but he passed out. Billy admitted that he cared about Chelsea. Kelly and Jack prepared to make love, but he backed out when Summer accused him of cheating on Phyllis. Summer later gave Jack her blessing to move on with his life, and he attempted to reconcile with Kelly. Neil and Hilary continued to hide their affair. Lily decided to set Neil up on a date. Abby questioned Leslie about Mariah, and Leslie assured Tyler that she'd never reveal his troubled past in Portland. Dylan urged Stitch to open up to Victoria if he wanted to have a real relationship with her. Victoria scheduled a paternity test. Stitch found out that Victoria had seen a gynecologist. Sharon underwent hypnotherapy to try to uncover her secret.
May 12 to 16, 2014
Jack and Victor put their differences aside during Adam's memorial service. Sharon refused to attend the service because Victor would be there. A man disguised as a repairman placed a camera inside the penthouse, and an unseen man with a wedding ring watched the footage on a monitor. Mariah refused Abby's generous bribe to leave town. Mariah reviewed a newspaper clipping about a robbery in Portland. Sharon underwent hypnosis to try to remember her secret, to no avail. Chloe stole a bottle of aphrodisiac from Gloria and spiked Billy's coffee with it, but he rebuffed her attempt to seduce him. Billy asked for Kevin's help to find out what Stitch was hiding. Stitch obtained Victoria's medical file and confirmed that she was pregnant. Cane found a Bonaventure Industries business card inside Colin's wallet, but he didn't tell Victor. Noah agreed to testify on Victor's behalf at the FDA hearing. Colin discovered a journal in the attic, and he told Jill that he'd exchange the key to the music box for his freedom. After Kelly rejected Jack's plea for a second chance, Lily tried to set Kelly up with Neil, but Neil gently told Kelly that he was seeing someone else. Neil and Hilary prepared to go public with their relationship. Devon was disgusted when he saw Neil and Hilary kissing, and he revealed their affair to a livid Lily. Kelly agreed to let Jack court her.
May 19 to 23, 2014
Chloe stole Billy's sperm sample from the hospital lab, but she later fled when she overheard her loved ones planning an intervention. Kevin tracked Chloe down at the movie theater and convinced her to get the help she needed. Victor hired a thug to beat Ian up, but Ian told Paul that it had been a random mugging. Dylan offered money to Willa in exchange for information against Ian, and he suggested that he and Victor work together to take Ian down. Tyler told Abby that Mariah had saved him from being arrested by sleeping with the man who had intended on pressing burglary charges against Tyler. Tyler refused to turn his back on Mariah when she was extradited to Portland, and his future with Abby remained uncertain. Sharon remembered that her parking ticket was somehow linked to her secret. Austin became irate when Dylan constantly interrupted the cooking show shoot. Summer opened up to Austin, who confided that he'd lost his mother, and Avery was concerned by their bond. Jack surprised Kelly with a romantic lunch, and they later went on a date and began to make love. Stitch confronted Victoria about her pregnancy, and she turned to him when she feared she might miscarry. Chelsea threatened to tell Billy about Victoria's pregnancy. Devon broke up with Esmerelda. Neil invited Hilary to move in with him. Lily declared war on Hilary, and she suggested that Devon seduce and then dump Hilary.
May 26 to 30, 2014
Victor gave Dylan cash to bribe Willa into providing dirt on Ian. Colin fooled Jill into thinking that he'd uncovered the mystery behind the music box, and she released him. Jill and Colin found Katherine's necklace hidden in a chandelier. Colin confessed to Cane that he'd manipulated Cane into buying Bonaventure in an effort to get back into Cane's good graces. Cane grappled with whether to tell Victor the truth. Lily tried to talk Devon into seducing Hilary away from Neil, and Devon refused, but he fantasized about having sex with Hilary. Leslie learned about Neil and Hilary's relationship, and she and Neil agreed to accept that they'd both moved on and to be friends. Summer was upset when she discovered that Jack and Kelly had made love. Summer and Austin kissed. Sharon discovered that she'd received her traffic ticket on the same night as Phyllis' accident. Against Nick's wishes, Sharon prepared to go to Portland after Tyler told her that Mariah had requested Sharon's help. Abby gave Tyler back his engagement ring. Chloe begged Kevin to make love to her before she left for a psychiatric facility in California. Chelsea inadvertently revealed Victoria's pregnancy to Billy. Billy was livid when Victoria informed him that the baby could be Stitch's, but he vowed to love the child regardless of the DNA test results. Stitch decided to tell Victoria the truth about his past. Kevin searched for Stitch's name in the police database.
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JUNE 2014
June 2 to 6, 2014
Jill accused Colin of stealing her necklace after it had gone missing, but she felt ashamed for blaming him when they discovered that Matty had pocketed it. Kevin received an email from Chloe, telling him that they had to go on without one another. Nikki and Victor kissed, but she said that she wasn't ready to forgive him for hurting Nick. Sharon went to Portland and got the charges against Mariah dismissed, but Nick was displeased when Sharon returned to town with Mariah. Mariah promised to stay out of Abby and Tyler's lives, but Abby refused to take back Tyler's ring. Nick suggested that Mariah work at the Underground. Dylan traveled to Idaho to pay Willa for incriminating information about Ian, but he discovered that she had disappeared. Summer asked Austin to make love to her, but he gently rebuffed her advances. Austin was revealed to be "4MJ," and he made increasingly threatening online posts. Dylan was upset to learn that Avery had filed a police report without telling him. Austin lured Avery to his studio under the pretense of conducting a photo shoot. Devon overheard Hilary tell Neil that she was ready for a commitment. Victoria ordered Chelsea to stay away from Billy. Victoria showed her baby's first ultrasound photo to Stitch. Chelsea suggested that Billy find out Stitch's secret by contacting Jenna, and Billy invited Chelsea to go to Australia with him.
June 9 to 13, 2014
Billy convinced Chelsea to join him in Australia, where they posed as documentarians to ask Jenna questions. Kelly tipped off Stitch about Billy's intentions, and Stitch informed Victoria that Billy had lied about going on a business trip and that Billy was really digging up dirt on Stitch's past. Mariah begrudgingly agreed to work for Nick at the Underground, but she later thanked him for the opportunity. Cane invited Colin and Neil to join the Ashby family to celebrate Father's Day. Hilary showed up at the family gathering to drop off Moses, who thought that Hilary was his nanny. Lily tried to convince Neil that his relationship with Hilary would have a negative effect on Moses, and Neil's solution was to suggest to Hilary that they get married. Cane suspected that Devon still had feelings for Hilary. A gun-wielding Austin tried to force Avery to confess that she had been responsible for his mother's death, since Avery had successfully defended the man who'd shot Austin's mom. Dylan tackled Austin as the police arrived, and the gun fired, shooting Paul. Courtney chased after Austin and grazed him with a bullet. Summer went on the run with Austin, and they started to make love. Nikki and Victor almost made love, but Dylan interrupted them with the news of Paul's shooting. Christine became irritated by Nikki's presence at the hospital. Paul needed a liver transplant to survive, and Dylan learned that he and Paul shared the same rare blood type.
June 16 to 20, 2014
Jenna uncovered Billy and Chelsea's ruse, and Billy told Jenna about how Stitch had moved in on his family, but Jenna refused to provide any information. Jenna threatened to never let Stitch see Max again if Stitch revealed his secret to Victoria. Stitch told Victoria that he loved her. Chelsea kissed Billy during a close moment, but they agreed to forget about it. Billy suspected that Stitch and Kelly shared a bigger connection than he'd thought. Hilary accepted Neil's proposal, and they decided to get married right away. Lily begrudgingly agreed not to interfere in Neil and Hilary's relationship. Cane encouraged Devon to share his feelings with Hilary, and Devon told Hilary that she'd be better off with him. Leslie introduced Neil to her husband, Barton, who was Paul's surgeon. Abby and Noah tried to set up Mariah for theft, and Sharon was appalled by their plan. Mariah quit her job at the Underground, and Victor witnessed Mariah turn to Ian for advice. Summer lost her virginity to Austin. Austin turned himself in, and Summer convinced Avery to give him legal advice. Nikki moved back to the ranch. Willa revealed to Victor and Nikki that Ian couldn't father children, and Leslie confirmed that it was true. Dylan learned that he wasn't a viable liver donor because of his war injuries. Paul's condition deteriorated, and Father Todd prepared to give last rites. Dylan overheard Nikki tell an unconscious Paul that Dylan was his son.
June 23 to June 27, 2014
Victor overheard a conversation between Mariah and Ian, and he appealed to Mariah to remain on his team. Mariah admitted to Nick that Ian had served as a father figure. Nick and Victor agreed to work together to find out the connection between Ian and Mariah. Sharon invited Mariah to a family dinner to celebrate Nick moving back in. Summer was upset when both Jack and Nick refused to help her get Austin out on bail. Leslie agreed to defend Austin. Devon and Hilary shared a kiss after he confessed his feelings for her. Devon declined an invitation to Neil and Hilary's wedding, but he showed up at the last minute and watched them get married. Colin drugged Jill and arranged for a colleague to steal Jill's necklace, but Lily interrupted the attempted heist. Victoria asked Billy for a divorce, and she and Stitch made love. Jack saw Kelly in Stitch's arms, and he overheard her tell Stitch that she loved him. Against doctor's orders and over Avery's objections, Dylan insisted on donating part of his liver to Paul. The transplant was a success, but Christine demanded that no one tell Paul that Dylan was his son. Dylan ignored Avery's orders to stay in bed, and he went to see Paul. After Dylan mentioned the shooting, Paul became confused and rambled about Ricky. Nikki calmed Paul by telling him that he still had a son -- Dylan. Dylan's monitors sounded an alarm.
June 30 to July 4, 2014
Jill gave Colin her necklace to pay off the thugs he owed, but he refused to take it. Jill later revealed that she'd had an exact replica made, and the real and fake necklaces got mixed up. Ian wanted to sue Nikki for infliction of emotional distress, and he threatened to report Leslie to the ethics committee unless she took the case, but she declined. Devon got drunk and pledged his love to Hilary. Hilary told Neil that she wanted to start a family, but he wanted to wait. Sharon was adamant that she and Nick never remarry. Kelly admitted to Jack that Stitch was her brother. Victoria confronted Stitch about his deception, and he swore that he wasn't hiding anything else. Kevin discovered that the real Ben Rayburn had died after graduating from high school. Chelsea heard a buzzing noise in Connor's room, and Billy investigated it as the mysterious man watched them on the hidden camera. Paul learned that Dylan was his son and that Dylan had saved his life. Paul contemplated what would have happened if he and Nikki had known all along that they shared a child together. Dylan battled an infection, but after having visions of Sully and Paul, he pulled through. Summer bailed Austin out of jail, and they got married to avoid her having to testify against him.
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JULY 2014
July 7 to 11, 2014
At Ian's urging, Mariah convinced Sharon and Nick to let her move in with them. Paul and Dylan looked forward to getting to know one another as father and son. Paul reconsidered his and Christine's plan to have a baby. Ian refused Nikki's offer to settle his emotional distress lawsuit out of court, and the prosecution intended to call Dylan as a witness. Dylan was released from the hospital. Nikki was tempted to drink. Neil was livid when Lily pushed Hilary into the pool. Neil planned to surprise Hilary with a dream house. Billy and Chelsea made love, and Victoria was livid when she overheard them discussing their night together. Victoria scheduled a paternity test. Chelsea attempted to end her friendship with Billy to avoid being hurt, but he protested by pulling her into a passionate kiss. Jack threatened to have Summer and Austin's marriage declared fraudulent. Austin told Summer he loved her, and they planned a church wedding to prove their love was real. Kelly tried to convince Jack to walk Summer down the aisle, while Austin pleaded with Nick to do the same thing. Sharon had a flashback of dropping her lipstick in the stairwell.
July 14 to 18, 2014
Jack and Nick both walked Summer down the aisle at her church wedding to Austin. The police arrived to arrest Austin for violating the terms of his bail by committing fraud, but the guests banded together to convince the authorities that the wedding had been legitimate. Sharon tried to piece together her memories to figure out her secret. Victor attempted to manipulate Dr. Mead, and he contacted a doctor about a drug that could reverse comas. Nikki presented Michael with a journal she'd kept during her New World days in an attempt to prove that Ian had forced himself on her, but she was terrified that people would learn of its contents. Paul was released from the hospital, and he and Christine argued about his bond with Nikki. Hilary and Devon started to make love, but Cane interrupted them. Devon considered leaving town to avoid his feelings for Hilary, but Neil convinced him to stay and face his unfinished business. Jill and Colin decided to use the funds from their bogus insurance claim to expand Fenmore's, and Lauren reluctantly agreed to allow Colin into the family business. Traci finalized her divorce from Steve, and Abby comforted her. Kelly confessed to Jack that Stitch was a murderer. Kevin discovered evidence that Stitch had stolen Ben Rayburn's identity, but Chelsea opted not to tell Billy. The mysterious man watched Billy and Chelsea flirt via the hidden camera. Someone unlocked the front door as Billy and Chelsea were about to make love.
July 21 to 25, 2014
Victor attempted to get Phyllis into a clinical trial for a drug that reversed comas, but he ordered her doctor not to tell her family about it. Nikki read from her journal in court to defend herself against Ian's emotional distress claims, but she was afraid that Paul and Dylan would blame her for keeping them apart. Abby made Kelly and Austin feel uncomfortable at an awkward Abbott family dinner. Barton planned to recommend Stitch as chief resident. Kelly confided to Jack that Stitch was a murderer, and Jack struggled with whether or not to tell Billy. The mysterious man sent his assistant to pose as a maintenance worker to stop Billy and Chelsea from having sex. Kevin presented Chelsea with a yearbook that proved Stitch had stolen Ben Rayburn's identity, and he provided evidence that Stitch had killed someone. Billy later discovered the yearbook, and Chelsea reluctantly revealed what she'd learned, but Billy was livid that she hadn't told him earlier. Billy confronted Kelly about Stitch's true identity and was incensed to find out that Jack had already known. Billy and Jack forced Stitch to confess to Victoria what he had done, and Stitch revealed that he'd killed his father, although he insisted it had been an accident. Kelly was angry with Jack for betraying her, but he admitted that he hadn't gone to Billy with the information because he loved her. Victoria contemplated whether to lie about the paternity test results for the sake of her child.
July 28 to August 1, 2014
Fen decided to attend college in Arizona, and Michael and Lauren pondered how their lives would change. A thug returned the fake necklace to Colin and threatened to go after Jill if Colin didn't satisfy his debt. Colin whisked Jill off on a honeymoon. Dylan was disillusioned when he learned that Stitch had lied about his past. Kelly returned Jack's declaration of love. Jack decided to go to Georgia to tell Phyllis about his relationship with Kelly. Victor tried to bribe Dr. Cutler into admitting Phyllis to his clinical trial, but the doctor insisted upon getting the family's permission. Nick hired Austin to work at the Underground. Summer bristled at the thought of Austin working with Mariah. Sharon had a memory of lurking outside the hospital's diagnostic laboratory. Abby's jealousy flared when she spotted Tyler with a model. Devon and Hilary shared a close moment after his car broke down, and she later avoided being intimate with Neil. Devon and Abby agreed to go on a date. Victoria decided not to have a paternity test, and Avery agreed to advocate for Victoria and her baby. Barton named Stitch as the hospital's new chief resident. Kevin was arrested for stealing Barton's identification badge and breaking into the hospital's computer system. Chelsea and Billy ended their sexual relationship. Chelsea presented Billy with Stitch's personnel file, and Billy pondered whether to expose all of Stitch's crimes.
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August 4 to 8, 2014
The judge dismissed Ian's lawsuit against Nikki. Nikki was devastated when her journal was leaked to a tabloid. Nikki struggled with the temptation to drink. Christine was shocked when she found Nikki in Paul's arms during a vacation getaway. Ian taunted Dylan, who released his anger by trashing Crimson Lights. Austin simulated a Hawaiian honeymoon for Summer in their living room, and he informed her that his trial had been set for the following week. Billy exposed Stitch's lies to Barton, and Stitch was suspended from the hospital. Mariah made Nick's favorite dessert and pranced around in skimpy clothing. Nick learned that Mariah had lied about her mother being dead, but Sharon understood why Mariah had done so. Nick performed an online search for Mariah's mother, Helen. Sharon fired Dr. Mead after she caught the psychiatrist talking to Victor. Victoria returned to work as a distraction from her personal troubles. Victoria and Billy shared a kiss. Abby and Devon enjoyed a date, but they agreed they were just friends, and he admitted that he had feelings for a married woman. Hilary threw a drink on Lily. Cane and Lily argued about her preoccupation with Neil and Hilary's relationship. Hilary admitted that she loved Devon, and she prepared to end her marriage to Neil. Neil was knocked unconscious by an electrical spark at the dream house he'd bought for Hilary.
August 11 to 15, 2014
The mysterious man watching Chelsea sent a clown to Connor's birthday party and later became irate when he watched footage of Connor referring to Billy as "Dada." Chloe sent Kevin divorce papers, but he remained determined to fight for her. Jill received a letter Katherine had written to ask Jill to host a party on the anniversary of Katherine's death. Kurtz informed Colin that Jill needed to do a job to repay Colin's debt. Paul and Christine cut their vacation short after Nikki unintentionally led the press to their private cabin. Nikki struggled against taking a drink. Dylan told Paul that he wasn't ready for a father-son relationship. Summer and Austin celebrated various holidays as they awaited his trial. Dylan was livid when Avery agreed to submit a letter to the court on Austin's behalf. Stitch was kicked out of the hospital's residency program. Victoria asked Abby to be with her in the delivery room. Jack told Phyllis goodbye in order to move on with Kelly. Phyllis' hand and eyelids moved. Neil discovered he was blind after an electrical shock. Lily blamed Hilary for the accident. Neil asked Devon to watch over Hilary, who pushed Devon away. Sharon warmed up to the idea of remarrying Nick. Helen showed up at the Underground, and Nick questioned her about Mariah and Ian. Nick recorded Helen telling Ian that Nick had no clue about who Mariah really was. Mariah had a romantic fantasy about Nick.
August 18 to 22, 2014
Victoria experienced a scare with her unborn baby, but she was relieved to learn her child was fine. Stitch informed Billy that Victoria was in the hospital. Billy struggled with whether he could love the baby as his own if Stitch was the father. Chelsea decided to leave town for a while to get over her feelings for Billy. Michael had performance issues in the bedroom. Devon was upset when Hilary vowed to remain by a blind Neil's side. Neil took his anger out on Lily after she had moved around some furniture. Kelly agreed to move in with Jack. Avery and Paul asked the judge for leniency in Austin's case, and Austin accepted a deal with no jail time. Dylan and Avery clashed over her role in setting Austin free. Leslie ended her law partnership with Avery. Victor tricked Summer into signing consent papers that authorized experimental treatment for Phyllis. Sharon discovered a lingerie-clad Mariah setting the scene to seduce Nick, and she threw Mariah out. Mariah and Kevin prepared to leave town together. Grace returned to Genoa City and informed Nick that Helen had served as a nurse during Sharon's delivery. Nick tracked down the doctor who had delivered Cassie, and he learned that Sharon had given birth to twins.
August 25 to 29, 2014
Katherine's friends and family gathered to commemorate the anniversary of her passing. Nikki showed up at the ceremony after having a couple of drinks, but she hid her inebriated condition from everyone and vowed to get through her relapse on her own. Jill left the music box in the park, and someone took it. Jill accused Michael and Avery of having an affair, but the attorneys revealed that they'd formed a law partnership. Jack noticed Hilary and Devon's closeness. Neil continued to struggle with his blindness. Jack and Kelly moved in together, but Summer pledged never to give up on Phyllis. Abby kissed Stitch to irritate Tyler. Billy took Victoria home from the hospital. Kevin decided not to leave town. Nick told Sharon that Mariah was her daughter. Ian and Mariah prepared to leave town together, but he whisked her off to a storage locker, where he drugged her and dressed her in a wedding gown. Ian forced Mariah to marry him, and he demanded ransom money from Sharon. Sharon and Nick tracked down Mariah at the storage unit as Ian showed up at the Newman ranch to see Nikki. Dr. Cutler administered his experimental drug to Phyllis and reported to Victor that her brain activity had increased. Victor sat at Phyllis' bedside as she opened her eyes.
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September 1 to 5, 2014
Billy and Victoria signed divorce papers. Ashley hired Stitch to help her develop a revolutionary new fragrance for Jabot, but she informed Abby that she'd done it to distract Stitch from Victoria. Jack agreed to make Ashley co-CEO if she provided a viable product. Stitch told Victoria that Abby had kissed him. Michael and Lauren continued to drift apart when he was unable to perform in the bedroom. Neil wanted to return to work, but he decided to take a leave of absence when he realized the limitations his blindness caused. The doctor informed Neil and Hilary that there was no indication of when or if Neil's sight would return. Avery and Jack packed up the rest of Phyllis' belongings. Phyllis showed no response when Victor was present, but once she was alone, she said Summer's name. Mariah learned that Sharon was her mother, but she rejected Sharon's attempts to make amends. Summer was jealous of the father figure role Nick had assumed with Mariah. Nick tried to talk Mariah into staying in town, but she later told Austin that she was done working for Nick. Dylan walked in on Ian threatening Nikki, and he chased Ian out. Dylan later returned to Crimson Lights with a cut hand and a blood-stained shirt.
September 8 to 12, 2014
Malcolm returned and forced Neil to admit he was scared of being blind forever. Lily set her anger aside and thanked Hilary for being there for Neil. After dreaming about Adam, Chelsea called Billy, but she freaked out when she learned his divorce was final. Victoria learned that Stitch was working for Ashley, and she informed Victor that Jabot was developing a secret new product. Paul found blood on the Newman ranch, and a DNA test determined it was Ian's. Ian's car was found near a racetrack, and Jeffrey reported that he'd seen Dylan there. After an argument with Victor, Nikki got drunk at a bar with a stranger named Maureen, who turned out to be Kelly and Stitch's mother. Maureen supported Stitch, but her relationship with Kelly was obviously strained. Summer had a change of heart and sent flowers to welcome Kelly home to the Abbott mansion. Maureen was stunned to learn from a newspaper article that her new friend "Sherry" was really Nikki Newman. Jack was unnerved by a dropped call he received from Phyllis' nurse, but Dr. Cutler convinced him everything was fine. Victor bullied Dr. Cutler into continuing Phyllis' treatment. Mariah agreed to stay in town to repay her debt to Sharon, and her friendship with Kevin grew. Nick proposed to Sharon, and she accepted. Phyllis bolted upright in bed and screamed, "No!"
September 15 to 19, 2014
Devon and Hilary gave in to their passion and made love. Neil decided to let Hilary go, but she refused to leave him. Michael rebuffed Lauren's attempts to discuss their sexual problems, but he later asked a doctor for a drug that would help. Billy and Chelsea agreed to explore where their relationship might lead. Victoria admitted to Nick that she still had feelings for both Billy and Stitch, and she struggled with her jealousy. Sharon and Nick planned to marry right away. Victor told Mariah that he would protect her as part of his family. Mariah overheard a sleeping Sharon having a nightmare about telling Nick her secret, and she went to Victor with the information. Victor tried to pry details about Jabot's new product from Abby, to no avail. Maureen promised to maintain Nikki's confidence, and the women shared another drink. Jack tried to understand Kelly and Maureen's estrangement, but Kelly and Stitch hoped Jack's questions didn't stir things up. Dylan reached out to Stitch for assistance with managing his anger, and he had memory flashes of chasing after Ian. Paul was suspicious when he spotted red mud on Dylan's shoes that appeared to match the mud found on Ian's jacket. Victor pressed Dr. Cutler to continue Phyllis' treatment, despite possible side effects. Dr. Cutler discovered Phyllis' bed empty, while Phyllis made her way along the side of the road.
September 22 to 26, 2014
Michael secretly took medication to overcome his problems in the bedroom. Neil arranged for Jack to send Hilary on a business trip to New York. Billy and Chelsea spent their "first date" playing ball and making love. Stitch tried to make another confession to Victoria, but Maureen interrupted his attempt. Maureen pressured Stitch not to tell Victoria the whole truth. Victoria wondered if she'd made the right decision by pushing away both Billy and Stitch. Nikki showed up drunk at Crimson Lights, but she allowed Dylan to believe she was showing symptoms of a multiple sclerosis flareup. Christine was livid when she discovered that Paul had withheld evidence from her that linked Dylan to Ian's disappearance. Ian was presumed dead. Paul arrived to arrest Dylan, who offered his help to figure out what had happened to Ian. Mariah told Victor that Sharon had talked in her sleep about Faith not being Nick's daughter. Nikki caught Victor paying Mariah off. Mariah and Summer's animosity toward one another escalated when Sharon asked them both to be bridesmaids. Victor took Nick and Faith's DNA samples to Sweden for testing. Jack suggested that Kelly remodel the Abbott mansion to make her feel more at home. Phyllis was stunned to see the date on a newspaper, and she hitchhiked back to Genoa City.
September 29 to October 3, 2014
Paul arrested Dylan for Ian's murder, but the men conspired to lure Ian out of hiding. Nikki continued to hide her drinking from her loved ones. Victoria and Chelsea clashed after Connor bit Johnny. Those attending Nick and Sharon's bachelor and bachelorette parties were arrested after a brawl broke out, but Billy paid everyone's bail. Mariah invited Kevin to Nick and Sharon's wedding, but they agreed it wasn't a real date. Kevin removed his wedding ring. Fen returned for a visit, and he warned Austin not to hurt Summer. A doctor was concerned by some of Michael's lab test results. Joe passed through town on business, and he and Avery made peace with how their marriage had ended, but she didn't tell Dylan about the conversation. Kelly wondered if marriage was in the future for her and Jack. Phyllis returned to Genoa City but didn't make her presence known. Phyllis started to write Nick a letter, but she stopped when she spotted Sharon's traffic citation. Nick found the letter and thought the handwriting looked familiar. Phyllis prepared to attend Nick and Sharon's wedding, but a cop stopped her. Mariah threatened to tell Nick that Faith wasn't his daughter before the wedding, but Victor ordered her to stay silent. Sharon and Nick's wedding began.
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October 6 to 10, 2014
Sharon and Nick exchanged heartfelt vows, but Phyllis interrupted the wedding and collapsed in the church before the minister pronounced the couple man and wife. Sharon hesitated to make the marriage official until she uncovered what Phyllis knew. Nick and Sharon individually visited Phyllis, who was coy about what she remembered. Sharon recalled that Phyllis had overheard her talking to Cassie in the cemetery. A devastated Kelly moved out of the Abbott mansion, while Jack remained torn about his feelings for Phyllis and Kelly. Austin was upset when Summer introduced him to Phyllis as a friend. Phyllis informed Jack that she'd heard his proposal while she had been comatose, and she accepted. Devon dodged Lily's questions about his personal life, and he planned to meet Hilary on her business trip. Avery was unnerved when Joe returned to town for a real estate deal, and he researched Dylan. Victoria experienced false labor, and Chelsea encouraged Billy to go to Victoria's side. Chelsea assured Billy that she'd let go of Adam, but she later murmured Adam's name in her sleep. Mariah started to have regrets about scheming against Sharon. Victor received Nick and Faith's DNA test results. Paul planted a personal ad in the newspaper to try to lure Ian out of hiding, and Nikki received a cryptic text message.
October 13 to 17, 2014
Devon and Hilary continued their affair in New York, and they were stunned when Neil showed up, with Cane's help, to surprise Hilary. Someone left behind a cell phone in the hotel bed. Cane was resentful that Devon had put him in the position of lying to Lily and Neil. Dr. Botnik requested that Michael make another appointment. Sharon decided to see a psychic to try to get to the bottom of her secret. Chloe returned to town for the anniversary of Delia's death, and she told Kevin that her future didn't include him, but she kept her pregnancy a secret. Billy told Chelsea that he loved her. A mysterious man placed a calla lily at Delia's memorial. Victor informed Mariah that her claim that Nick hadn't fathered Faith was false. Ian contacted Nikki, who moved into the Athletic Club as part of the plan to lure Ian out of hiding. Paul was in Nikki's room when Maureen stopped by with a bottle of vodka. Dylan revealed that there was a secret trap door at the club. Kelly was devastated when she realized that the engagement ring in Jack's office wasn't for her. Jack took Phyllis home from the hospital, but he hesitated to divulge the major events that had occurred while she had been comatose. Phyllis reacted badly when Summer claimed that she and Austin were engaged. Victor revealed that he'd been behind getting the experimental treatment that had allowed Phyllis to wake up.
October 20 to 24, 2014
Neil recognized Devon's ringtone, but Hilary fibbed that the phone Devon had left in the hotel bed was hers. Hilary turned down Neil's suggestion that they relive their wedding night in New York. Lily suspected that a nauseous Hilary was pregnant. Summer learned that Victor had tricked her into signing documents for Phyllis' experimental treatment. Phyllis found out that Summer and Austin were married, and she demanded that the couple get an annulment when she discovered that he was a felon. Phyllis met Kelly and concluded that Kelly had broken up Billy and Victoria's marriage. Stitch kissed Ashley in response to her "love potion," and she was thrilled that the compound worked. Stitch was arrested after Jeffrey filed a lawsuit against the hospital because Stitch had treated him. Billy and Chelsea decided to move in together. Ian was arrested. Victor was livid when he learned that Nikki had put herself in danger to trap Ian. Nikki denied Paul's accusations that she'd fallen off the wagon, but she continued to drink in secret. Dylan was released from prison, and he wondered why Avery hadn't told him that Joe was in town. Michael scheduled more tests to determine whether he had cancer. Madame Isadora predicted that Sharon wouldn't need Mariah's blue anklet. Nick and Sharon planned a Halloween wedding. Mariah told Sharon that Sharon had said something in her sleep about "her" paternity. Phyllis confronted Sharon.
October 27 to 31, 2014
Nikki overheard Stitch mention to Maureen that he hadn't killed his father, but she agreed to keep mum because Maureen knew she'd been drinking. Victoria turned to Ashley for advice about Stitch. Ashley realized that Stitch had taken the fall for someone else. Cane objected to Joe's commercial real estate deal, which would force small business owners out. Dylan was furious when he learned that he was losing his lease on the coffeehouse. Devon suggested that he and Hilary continue their affair behind Neil's back. Neil was disappointed when Hilary told him she wasn't pregnant, and he wanted to start trying to have a family right away. Kevin suspected that Michael was having an affair, and Lauren overheard him talking to Michael about it. Michael had a core needle biopsy performed to determine whether he had prostate cancer. Chelsea left Adam's handkerchief in a church after she pledged to move on with her life, and she professed her love to Billy. Chelsea was shocked when someone returned the handkerchief to the penthouse. Kelly demanded that Jack make a choice between her and Phyllis, and he replied with a passionate kiss. Nick and Sharon happily prepared for their Halloween wedding. Phyllis lured Nick to the Underground before the wedding, and she confronted Sharon. Victor learned that the hairbrush he'd had tested against Nick's DNA was Summer's.
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November 3 to 7, 2014
Colin spied Devon and Hilary sneaking into a hotel room together. Cane admitted to Joe that he'd return to the corporate world for the right opportunity. Dylan punched Joe after he learned that Joe was behind the real estate deal that would force the coffeehouse to close. Victor revealed to Jack and Nick that Sharon had switched the DNA test, and Nick was really Summer's father. Phyllis tricked Sharon into returning to the stairwell, where Sharon's memories returned. Nick left Sharon and announced that Faith would live with him. Jack was angry with Phyllis for not telling him the truth about the paternity test switch. Kelly vowed to fight for Jack. Phyllis found Kelly's photo in Jack's desk drawer. Nick and Summer had a touching reunion as father and daughter, and he supported her desire to maintain a relationship with Jack. Stitch made plans to tell Victoria the whole story about his father's death. Chelsea told Billy about the mysterious return of Adam's mother's handkerchief. The woman from the church tended to a bandaged man, who became agitated when she told him about her encounter with Chelsea. Kevin accused Michael of having an affair, and Michael blurted out that he had cancer, but he refused to tell Lauren.
November 10 to 14, 2014
Maureen confessed to Victoria that she'd killed Stitch's father to stop him from abusing her children. Maureen locked Victoria in a storage room in the Jabot parking garage. Maureen called Stitch as she experienced a cardiac episode, and she underwent surgery. Victoria tried to keep calm by envisioning what her future would be like with Billy or Stitch, but she began having contractions. Nikki left a message for Maureen to beg her to keep quiet about Nikki's drinking habits. Phyllis kept mum about finding declarations of love between Kelly and Jack on Jack's phone, and she insisted on proceeding with her wedding to Jack by hiring Kelly to plan it. Avery convinced Dylan to let her take legal action to prevent Joe from closing down Crimson Lights. Joe kissed Avery during a heated argument. Paul and Christine resumed their baby-making project. Nick decided to fight for sole custody of Faith. Grace visited Sharon and was stunned by Mariah's resemblance to Cassie. Chelsea discovered the hidden camera in Connor's nursery, and she and Billy were perplexed when they learned the camera model hadn't been released until after Adam had died. Adam's caretaker, Constance, believed that Adam was her grandson, Gabriel. Adam's bandages were removed, and he'd had plastic surgery to look like Gabriel. Adam declared his intent to reclaim his life.
November 17 to 21, 2014
Jack proposed to Phyllis, and the couple made love. Jack tried to keep news of their engagement private, but Phyllis threw an impromptu family party to announce their upcoming wedding. Jack hesitated to tell Kelly about his reunion with Phyllis after he learned Maureen had suffered a heart attack, but he found Kelly and said they needed to talk. Stitch and Billy found Victoria in the Jabot storage closet, and they helped deliver a healthy baby girl. Victoria decided to have a paternity test performed. Maureen threatened to reveal that Nikki was drinking again, but Nikki argued it would be Maureen's word against hers. Victor vowed to take legal action against Maureen. Michael went to an oncologist, who wanted to run more tests to determine the stage of Michael's cancer. Mariah raved to Kevin about an online fantasy series, unaware that he was the author. Summer told Austin that she had been in love with Kyle. Devon paid Colin two million dollars to keep him from telling Neil about Devon and Hilary's affair. Thanks to a photo Jill provided to the police, Kurtz was arrested before Colin could pay him off. Grace visited Nick, and they almost had sex, but Nick pulled away. Nick left town for some time alone, and he befriended a dog in a remote cabin. The dog showed up at Constance's home, and she identified it as Gabriel's. The dog growled at Adam.
November 24 to 28, 2014
Nikki was touched when Victoria named her daughter Katie, after Katherine. Victoria, Billy, and Stitch learned that the paternity test results were in. Before Jack had a chance to break things off with Kelly, Phyllis interrupted and bragged about her engagement to Jack. Kelly was further blindsided by Stitch's admission that he hadn't killed their father -- Maureen had. Jack presented Phyllis with the prior year's Thanksgiving wishbone, which he'd glued back together after he and Summer had both wished for Phyllis to wake up. Lily sensed that something was off with Neil, and she asked Hilary and Devon to help her ensure Neil didn't turn to the bottle again. Noah and Mariah spent a simple Thanksgiving with Sharon, who vowed not to let Nick take Faith from her. Dylan made a heartfelt toast to Nikki and Paul during the Newmans' Thanksgiving celebration. Nikki struggled with her addiction as she served alcoholic drinks to her family. Sage helped Adam cover when Constance overheard him blurt out Chelsea's name in his sleep. While on a retreat at a remote cabin, Nick drank himself into a stupor and envisioned the women he'd loved throughout his life. Nick resolved to give up on love forever. Nick stumbled into the woods, and his foot got caught in a bear trap.
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December 1 to 5, 2014
Hilary arranged for a coworker, Gwen, to pose as Devon's girlfriend for his family's benefit. Adam reluctantly agreed to help Sage release Nick from the bear trap, but he was afraid that Nick had recognized him. Sage called an ambulance, and Nick later vowed to find the woman who had saved his life. Adam and Chelsea saw one another at the Athletic Club. Sharon filed a countersuit against Nick for custody of Faith. Jack named Phyllis the new head of fashion at Jabot. Phyllis fired Sharon. Kelly lashed out at Jack for making her fall in love with him. Nikki paid Maureen to leave town. A DNA test revealed that Billy was Katie's father. Stitch witnessed Victoria and Billy in a close moment and assumed they were back together. Stitch removed the horrible scent from Ashley's new product, but he was unsure whether it still had the same potency. Chelsea paid Jeffrey off to drop his lawsuit against Stitch, but Jeffrey reconsidered after a drunken Stitch confronted him. As the fight for the warehouse district escalated, someone threw a brick through the coffeehouse window. Dylan prepared to ask Avery to marry him. Michael learned that his prostate cancer was in stage III, but he refused treatment to avoid ruining his family's holidays.
December 8 to 12, 2014
Stitch drank himself into a stupor after he assumed Victoria and Billy were back together. Ashley attempted to sober Stitch up by throwing him into a shower, but he pulled her in with him, and they had sex. Victoria gave Stitch another chance, but he said he had to tell her something about Ashley. Ashley witnessed Tobias taking photos of confidential Jabot files. Jeffrey dropped the lawsuit against Stitch after Chelsea paid him off. Christine informed Paul she was pregnant. Avery accepted Dylan's proposal. Hilary was jealous when Gwen showed real interest in Devon. Sage coached Adam about how to pose as Gabriel. Adam pretended to be a stranger when he approached Sharon and Noah, and neither of them recognized Adam. Noah refused to get in the middle of Sharon and Nick's custody battle over Faith. Phyllis was livid when she learned Jack and Summer had sold her penthouse. Phyllis had a heated confrontation with Kelly about Jack, and she was infuriated to find out Jack had gone to Georgia to say goodbye. Phyllis decided to try to move past it out of love for Jack. Nick was stunned when he saw Sage at the Underground. Kevin kissed Mariah, but they agreed to stay just friends. Lauren was upset when Michael didn't show up for their anniversary celebration, and he finally told her he had cancer.
December 15 to 19, 2014
Neil told Lily that he was tempted to take a drink. Lily relayed her concerns about Neil to Devon and Hilary, and Hilary pushed Devon to spend more time with Gwen. Nikki refrained from speaking when she saw Neil at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Kevin accidentally informed Fen that Michael had cancer. Michael balked at starting cancer treatment, terrified that he'd become dependent on Lauren. Joe taunted that Dylan had only proposed to Avery because Joe was back in her life. Joe planned a fancy event to convince people to support his revitalization project, while Paul played Santa at a children's party at Crimson Lights to get the community to rally around Dylan. Nikki asked Paul to co-host an engagement party for Avery and Dylan. Nick thanked Sage for saving his life. Noah and Mariah unsuccessfully attempted to talk Nick out of pursuing full custody of Faith. Faith disappeared while in Nick's care. Mariah resisted her growing feelings for Kevin. Jack refused to give Sharon her job back. Chelsea presented Victoria with a christening gown for Katie. Billy and Stitch made amends. Billy and Chelsea spotted Sage at Delia's memorial. Adam had conversations with Victor and Chelsea without being recognized. Adam plotted to pose as Gabriel and win Chelsea's heart in an effort to reclaim his life. Adam revealed his true identity to Jack, who wanted to notify Billy.
December 22 to 26, 2014
Faith turned up at Crimson Lights, and Sharon and Nick put their differences aside to make Christmas a happy one for their daughter. Victor and Joe secretly worked together on the redevelopment project. It was considered a Christmas miracle when the electricity remained on at Crimson Lights during a power outage, and friends and family gathered at the coffeehouse to celebrate. Billy was upset when Victoria wanted Katie to have the Newman name. Victoria arranged for Stitch to talk to Max on Christmas. Phyllis warmed up to Austin after he gave her a video summarizing what had happened in Genoa City during her coma. Neil remained mum when he was able to see a candle flicker. Devon presented Hilary with an eternity ring, which she agreed to keep hidden until they could be together. Victor learned that the formulas Tobias had stolen from Jabot were bogus. Ashley and Joe discussed their previous relationship, and they made plans to spend New Year's Eve together. Michael quit as Joe's attorney. Constance told Adam and Sage that Gabriel's father had committed suicide after Victor orchestrated a hostile takeover of the Bingham family business, and she requested that "Gabriel" make Victor suffer. Constance's health took a turn for the worse. Jack threatened to turn Adam in to the cops, but Adam contended that if he went to prison, so would Billy.
December 29, 2014 to January 2, 2015
Adam blackmailed Jack into keeping quiet about his true identity by threatening to expose that Billy had shot him. Nick recognized "Gabriel" as a childhood pal. Paul overheard Nikki admit that she'd been drinking, but she assured him she had her addiction under control. Phyllis suspected that Kelly had siphoned the gas out of her car to keep her from attending the New Year's Eve bash. At the party, Phyllis was stunned to see that she and Kelly were wearing the same dress. Kelly was convinced that Jack was still in love with her. Avery was unnerved to see Joe and Ashley on a date. Posing as Gabriel, Adam initiated a conversation with Chelsea. Billy took an immediate dislike to "Gabriel." Mariah and Kevin kissed on New Year's Eve, and Detective Harding planted a surprise buss on Abby. Courtney was disappointed when Noah remarked there was no wedding in his future. Jill resolved to get Chancellor Industries back from Victor. Lily supported Cane's desire to return to the corporate world. Neil suggested that he and Hilary have a baby, and she pretended to throw away her birth control pills. Neil hid his returning eyesight from his family. Nick and Sharon reached an agreement before entering mediation, but things turned nasty when her lawyer pushed for Sharon to get full custody of Faith, and they prepared to go to trial. Constance died. Sage revealed to Adam that as Gabriel's wife, she was entitled to half of his inheritance.
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