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Stitch identified the drugs in Summer's system as VivaSurge, a drug distributed by a Newman subsidiary. Dylan and Avery made love. Ian confronted Nikki about Dylan. Adam and Chelsea remarried. Billy realized that Adam had been responsible for Delia's death.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 20, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, January 20, 2014

At the hospital, a worried Nick sat by Summer's bedside as the young woman remained unconscious. Nick reminded Summer that when she was a youngster, she'd lapsed into a coma after suffering a serious allergic reaction. Nick sobbed softly as he recalled having prayed fervently for Summer to recover. Nick tenderly kissed Summer's hand and said that his prayers had been answered because she had recovered. Summer's eyes remained closed, and she didn't respond.

Nick kept his eyes fixed on Summer's face and cried, "You came back just like you're going to do this time. Everyone's counting on you for a happy ending to this, okay?" While Nick petitioned God to answer his prayers, Summer opened her eyes. Nick quickly summoned medical personnel. Summer cried, "Dad?" A nurse sent Nick out of the room while Summer underwent an evaluation. Out in the hallway, Nick phoned Noah.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor met with Noah. Victor's aim was to question Noah about family matters. Exasperated, Noah cautioned his grandfather not to grill him about Nick and Sharon's renewed closeness. Victor said that while he admired Noah's loyalty to his mother, he shouldn't forget the difficulties Sharon had created. Victor cited the burning down of his ranch house as one particularly shocking act. Noah explained that his mother was taking her medication, had resumed counseling sessions, and was no longer seeing ghosts. Victor questioned his grandson about the ghosts.

Noah explained that Sharon had begun seeing visions of Cassie as a grown-up. Noah insisted that he was proud of the progress his mother had made, and he pleaded with Victor to leave Sharon alone. Noah received a phone call from his dad. Noah placed Nick on speakerphone, so Victor could hear news about Summer's condition.

Nick explained that complications had arisen that affected Summer's heart after she ingested pills given to her by someone on the set during a photography session. Noah insisted that Summer would never take pills. Victor said he'd be at the hospital shortly. Nick replied, "She really needs her grandpa right now. She really needs all of us, and I need you too."

In the hospital's chapel, Sharon pleaded with God to let Summer be all right. Sharon kneeled down at the altar and prayed, "If anything happened to her, I don't know what I would do. Her father can't lose her again." After Sharon finished her prayer, she rose to a standing positioned, turned around, and took a deep breath when she saw Jack a few feet away. Sharon feared that Jack might have gleaned more from what she'd said during her prayer. Instead, Jack thanked Sharon for having the compassion to pray for him and his daughter.

Jack assured Sharon that God would never allow Summer to suffer the same fate as Phyllis. Jack lovingly embraced Sharon. Sharon seemed taken aback because Jack had misinterpreted her prayer. Jack cried that he was certain Phyllis would soon return home. Jack shook his head in frustration and said he'd never be able to forgive himself if Summer had inherited his tendency to rely on drugs. Sharon cringed.

Nick entered the chapel and announced that Summer had opened her eyes. Jack asked, "Did she say anything?" Nick replied, "She recognized me. She said, 'Dad.'" Nick words seemed to stab Jack in the heart. Jack rushed out the door. Nick told Sharon that he felt sorry for Jack because of what had happened to Phyllis and to Delia. Nick added, "He's got to be wondering what the hell could be next." Sharon furrowed her brow worriedly and sighed.

Jack rushed to Summer's treatment room. A nurse told Jack to wait until the doctor had completed an examination before entering. Victor approached and made his demands known. Victor said that he didn't intend to leave until he visited with Summer. Victor added that he'd heard that Summer had acquired drugs from a model at the Jabot photography session.

Jack's faced reddened with anger when Victor said, "It is not too far-fetched to think that Summer used drugs just like her drug-addicted father used them." Jack replied, "Unlike you, I let my children know they are loved, supported, and cared for without judgment." Victor reminded Jack that Nick had raised Summer, so she trusted and loved Nick. Victor haughtily added, "A piece of paper ain't going to erase it! You will never truly be Summer's father." Victor glared menacingly at Jack before walking away.

Nick retreated to the hospital's chapel. Sharon caught up with Nick and explained that she'd phoned him first about Summer because she was in the habit of summoning Nick whenever a crisis arose. Sharon added she'd explained the situation to Jack, so he wasn't upset about not being the first to be informed. Nick reminded Sharon that she'd mentioned wanting to tell him about something while they had waited outside Summer's hospital room. Nick added, "Is there something going on between Summer and Jack that I need to know about?" Sharon appeared nervous and tried to change the subject.

Nick told Sharon to stop trying to avoid continuing a conversation that she'd started. Nick added, "I know there's something going on with you. I want you to tell me what it is, and I want you to tell me now." Sharon assured Nick that she'd tell him after Summer recovered. Nick asked Sharon to keep him company because he felt uneasy. Sharon embraced Nick. Victor stepped into the chapel and said, "Well, you're nothing if not predictable, Sharon." Victor blamed Sharon for what had happened to Summer. Nick defended Sharon and explained that Sharon was the one who'd found Summer and called for help.

Jack was allowed into Summer's hospital room. He sat beside Summer and told her he was thankful to see her eyes open. Nick, Sharon, and Victor approached Summer's room, but a nurse informed Nick that Summer could have only one visitor at a time. Nick cried, "She should have some time with her father." Victor said, "Son, you belong by Summer's side. I'll throw that parasite out." Nick said that Jack belonged with Summer.

Nick peered in through a window and watched Jack comfort Summer. Nick later told Victor and Sharon that the doctor was awaiting lab results to determine which type of drug Summer had ingested. Nick added that Summer's heart would have no lasting damage from the drug's effects. Victor suggested that Sharon return home to Faith. After Sharon left, Victor agreed to remain quiet about Sharon. Victor said he was very happy to hear that Summer would fully recover. Nick seemed relieved.

Noah met up with Courtney at Crimson Lights. Noah slid into a booth seat opposite Courtney and demanded to know what had happened to Summer. He explained that Summer had almost died when "her heart went into overdrive." Courtney was shocked and stuttered before asking what had happened. Noah accused Courtney of giving drugs to Summer.

Courtney swore that she wasn't using drugs and had nothing to do with what had happened to Summer. Noah called Courtney a liar. Courtney admitted that she'd been lying to him and to Summer. Courtney added, "I betrayed you and Summer, but it's not in the way that you think. Courtney promised to someday explain and said she hoped Noah might forgive her when she did.

At the makeshift memorial set up on the side of the highway where Delia died, Billy picked up a single calla lily. Billy seemed lost in thought as he contemplated who might have placed the rare flower among the memorabilia. In a flashback, Billy remembered seeing the same calla lilies in Adam's penthouse. He recalled that Chelsea had bragged that her thoughtful fiancé had tracked down a bouquet of the flowers, which were typically difficult to locate during the winter months. Billy lingered and seemed lost in thought.

At Adam's penthouse, Adam apologized after earlier lodging a heated protest against the idea of Chloe following him, Chelsea, and Connor to Paris. Adam added, "The idea of waking up every morning with an ocean in between my family and my father -- you can't put a price on that. That's why we have to do this." After Adam haggled with his Parisian real estate agent over the phone, Chelsea suggested that she and Adam marry before heading abroad. Adam said he was in a hurry to leave Genoa City, and he promised to arrange a fancy ceremony after they moved to Paris.

Chelsea told Adam that she'd hoped to begin their new life in Paris as a family, just as they had planned when they had initially decided to move to France. Chelsea added, "I would hate to lose the same dream twice in one lifetime. As long as the paperwork is legal, and you're the one standing across from me saying, 'I do.' That's all I need." Adam agreed and sent Chelsea out to choose a wedding dress.

Later, Adam and Chelsea made love. Chelsea told Adam that she was the happiest woman because she was about to become his wife. Chelsea added that for the first time in her life, she wasn't trying to cover up a lie and wasn't worried about a secret that might slip out. Adam kissed Chelsea and said, "I love you." Chelsea smiled contentedly and said she wasn't worried about anything.

After the couple fell asleep, Adam awakened when he heard the shrill barking of a battery-operated toy dog. He ventured downstairs. Startled by the strange appearance of the yipping toy dog, Adam picked it up and turned it off. Adam picked up a piece of a black scarf just like the one Delia had been wearing. He tossed it into the fireplace and watched as flames consumed the fabric.

The toy dog began barking again. Adam again silenced the toy and picked up another piece of the scarf. As he walked toward the fireplace, he suddenly noticed that many pieces of the scarf were strewn about his living room. Adam suddenly awoke. He was sweating and nervously rubbed his face. Chelsea awoke, but Adam told her to go back to sleep. Chelsea fell asleep, but Adam remained wide awake.

At the police station, Kevin was disappointed to learn that a search of motor-vehicle license plates produced no match for a black SUV bearing a plate with identification beginning with a "Q" or a "C." The police officer commiserated with Kevin and said that he was sorry the eyewitness' clues had led to a dead end. Kevin took a seat in front of his computer and said, "Back to square one. Hope Delia's killer is enjoying the last few days of freedom he's ever going to see." Kevin seemed determined as he peered into his computer screen.

Billy stopped by to question Kevin about the investigation. Kevin explained that he wasn't supposed to discuss the details. Kevin whispered that he had a theory. Billy replied, "So do I." Billy briefly mentioned a flower he'd found at Delia's roadside memorial. Kevin expressed doubt and recalled that Billy had mistakenly identified the wrong person just because the man drove a black SUV. Billy nodded and said, "I'm going to bring it to you."

At home, Billy stared intently at a printout of the comments an anonymous user had posted on an Internet chat room. Billy had set up the chat room to vent his frustration about the hit-and-run driver responsible for Delia's death. Billy read, "Each day is a chance for renewal and a shot for redemption. It's an opportunity to balance the karmic scales. Today, that is what I choose." Billy contemplated the peculiar message and said, "You're not going to be anonymous for long." Billy slipped the printed messages into an envelope, grabbed his scarf, and headed out the door.

At a vacant loft space, Abby wasn't impressed with the stark structure when she and Tyler unlocked the barn-style door and walked inside. Abby noted that she'd had her heart set on the other property they'd initially attempted to purchase. Tyler said, "According the broker, you were the one who called and said we weren't interested." Abby, perturbed, said she couldn't understand why someone would have imitated her just to ruin a real estate deal.

Tyler's invitation to escort Abby to the bedroom prompted her to kiss him on the lips. The woman with the tattoo of a sun on her inner wrist quietly opened the entrance door and spied on Abby and Tyler. Tyler showed Abby where he might set various furnishings. Tyler suggested that they situate their bed in the living room. Abby kissed Tyler and began pulling off his clothes.

After the couple made love on the floor, Abby declared that they should buy the property. After the couple dressed, Tyler received a text message from Neil. Tyler explained that Neil hadn't approved any of the pictures from the last photo session. Abby sent Tyler on his way and said she'd lock up and return the key. Abby said she needed to tidy up, anyway.

After Tyler left, Abby went to the bathroom to freshen up. While she was out of the room, the woman with the tattoo sneaked into the apartment and stole Abby's phone and the key to the door. After Abby returned from the bathroom, she discovered that the door was locked. Abby searched through her purse and realized that both her phone and the key were missing. Abby repeatedly slammed her hand against the locked door and called out, but no one responded.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At the police station, Paul told Fen, Michael, and Lauren that he didn't know when prison transport would get there. Paul wished that he could look the other way, but Fen had violated the terms of his bond, so Fen would remain in jail until proven innocent of Carmine's murder. Paul added that Michael and Lauren would be fined, but Lauren argued that Summer could have died if Fen hadn't acted. Paul said that he couldn't interpret the law, and he'd bent over backwards to make a difficult situation as easy as possible for Fen, but he had no room left to bend.

Lauren asked if Paul had tried to see if Christine could help, but Michael recognized that Christine had already cut Fen enough breaks and that Fen's fate was up to a judge who wouldn't care about Fen's good intentions. Michael stated that he was proud of his son, but the fact was that Fen had broken the terms of his house arrest. Fen accepted that no one could stop him from being sent to prison, and he remarked that he would have ended up back there anyway, but he'd be seeing his "friend" Womack sooner than he'd expected. Michael revealed that he'd taken steps to make sure that Womack wouldn't bother Fen.

Paul asked if there had been any more incidents since the cake, and Michael said no, but he was sure that Womack hadn't been behind it. Lauren agreed that they'd read too much into it, and Michael asked for moment alone with Fen. Lauren and Paul stepped out, and Michael stated that Fen would be protected until Fen was freed. Fen mumbled that he deserved to be convicted, but Michael ordered him to never repeat those words and to always assume that the wrong people were listening to him. He warned Fen not to compromise the defense Michael was building, and he encouraged Fen not to give up. Michael said that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Fen, and they hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Michael met with Leslie and noted that she had defended Womack. Michael disclosed that someone had turned state's evidence against Womack, and he wanted to know who that person had been. Leslie informed Michael that she had no idea, since it had happened after her time on the case. Michael explained that Womack had tried to leverage his knowledge that Fen was the former D.A.'s son by getting Fen out of a jam with other inmates, and Womack was looking to be repaid, so Michael was looking for anything to trade for his son's safety. Leslie mentioned that Womack was connected to a crime family out east.

At the prison, Lauren stayed with Fen while they waited for the guard to return, and Fen assured her that he'd figured out how to get along in there. She sobbed that she loved him, but Fen was determined to serve his sentence for killing Carmine and then get on with his life and dreams. He asked her to trust that everything would be all right, and they hugged.

In Indiana, Dylan marveled at the "shiny, happy people" pictured on the posters in "The Path's" office. Dylan wondered if Ian was connected to the organization, and Avery remarked that the phrase on the poster was similar to the one Ian had said to Nikki. Avery observed that Dylan seemed shaken, and he said that he felt like he was heading into war, unsure of what was on the other side. Avery suggested that they could leave and just not find out, but Dylan insisted that he was fine, and he thanked her for accompanying him. He asked if she was ready, and she replied that she knew exactly what she was supposed to do.

Avery said that everything about the place indicated that Ian could have landed there, and it was possible that the founder, John Darwin, had changed his name. Dylan said that Ian had likely needed to reinvent himself, and he fretted that he would never forget the look on Nikki's face when he'd told her that he'd started on a path. Avery assured him that it was just a figure of speech, but Dylan wasn't sure how he'd react if he faced the man who had taken advantage of Nikki. A door opened, and a man named Clarence welcomed Dylan and Avery to "The Path." Clarence asked how he could assist them, and Dylan introduced himself, while Avery claimed that she was Dylan's wife.

Avery claimed that the trauma Dylan had suffered in Afghanistan had resulted in problems in their marriage, and they'd split up a few times because they'd had trouble communicating. Dylan added that they wanted to change that by finding better tools, and Clarence referred to a new path. Clarence suggested a foundation group meeting at the end of the following week, but Dylan pushed for private counseling, since they'd driven all the way from Genoa City. Dylan insisted that they wanted to immediately begin their journey down the path that they were meant to walk. Clarence demanded to know who they were and what they really wanted.

Clarence indicated that married couples usually wore rings, and he suspected that Dylan and Avery were reporters. Avery defended that she and Dylan had stopped wearing their rings when they'd split up, and Clarence informed them that groups with conflicting agendas had tried to infiltrate the organization before. Dylan swore that they weren't affiliated with anyone else, and Clarence asked if he'd read the book. Dylan replied that he hadn't, and Clarence questioned what their goals and expectations were regarding "The Path." Dylan replied that he'd heard that John Darwin had impacted lives and that they wanted to learn from the founder himself.

Clarence advised that the program would only benefit Dylan and Avery if they were committed, and Avery promised to do whatever it took. Clarence told them to join the foundation group and read the book, and he flatly stated that they weren't looking for "The Path." Clarence started to leave, but Dylan blurted out that they were searching for Ian Ward. Avery explained that they believed that Ian had changed his name to John Darwin, but Clarence chuckled and said that he'd worked for John for years, and they'd wasted their time. Dylan asserted that he didn't intend to cause trouble, but he needed answers.

Dylan divulged that he'd learned about the New World Commune, and Clarence questioned whether Dylan had unfinished business with Ian. Dylan revealed that he was Ian Ward's son. Clarence said that he was sorry that he couldn't help, and he suggested that perhaps Dylan was searching for the wrong thing. Dylan thanked Clarence for his honesty and time, and he asked if he could buy a copy of John Darwin's book. Clarence offered him a complimentary copy of "The Path," and he instructed Dylan to read it with an open heart to find guidance.

Clarence returned to his office and made a call. He reported that Dylan McAvoy from Genoa City had just been there, claiming to be Ian's son, but he hadn't told Dylan anything. Meanwhile, Dylan wondered if Clarence had been telling the truth, but Avery doubted it. Dylan noted that they'd left enough information for John Darwin to find Dylan, and it was up to John to make the next move if John was really Ian.

At the ranch, Victor thanked a man for his diligence, and the man assured Victor that he'd deal with the situation. Nick arrived as the man was leaving, and he was stunned to hear that Victor had reported Jabot to the labor authorities. Victor explained that he'd told them what had happened to Summer, and he expected that as a result of the investigation, Jabot's fashion division would be shut down. Victor reasoned that he had been protecting his granddaughter and the other models, but Nick countered that no one would buy it. Victor proclaimed that Jack was responsible for what had happened to Summer.

Victor huffed that there had to be accountability, and Nick recalled that Victor had blamed Sharon the night before for Summer's overdose. Victor contended that Sharon had failed, but Jack had hired Sharon. Nick argued that Summer was an adult who'd thought that she'd taken a harmless energy pill, and Victor couldn't believe that Nick was blaming Summer and defending Sharon. Nick countered that blaming people wouldn't help Summer, and he'd stopped by to implore Victor to stop fighting with Jack in front of Summer, since stress might have caused her to turn to drugs. Victor vowed to protect his family, and he ranted that Nick was a better father than Jack ever would be.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack checked in with the hospital for an update about Summer. Kyle asked how Summer was doing, and Jack reported that she'd given everyone a scare, but she would be okay. Jack added that the lab report regarding the pills should be back that day. Meanwhile, Stitch reviewed Summer's file.

At the hospital, Nikki said that she was relieved that Summer would be all right, but Summer felt like a hypocrite for taking pills after she'd lectured her friends about the dangers of doing drugs. Nikki understood that Summer hadn't considered how wrong things could go, and Summer called herself an idiot, but Nikki said that everyone made mistakes. Jack and Kyle entered, and Nikki reported that Summer was doing well, but Summer said that she felt stupid. Summer apologized for making all of them worry, and Kyle offered to get Summer a latte, but Jack warned that they should talk to the doctor first. Summer insisted that she was fine, but Jack refused to take any chances with his daughter.

Summer questioned whether Jack still wanted to claim her as his daughter, and Jack declared that anyone who had lived had done foolish things. Summer thought that she didn't deserve his kindness, but Jack said that what mattered was that she'd learned from her mistakes. Summer suspected that Phyllis would have been disappointed in her, but Jack was certain that if Phyllis were there, Phyllis would say that she loved Summer and always would. Summer explained that she'd just wanted to do the best job possible at the photo shoot, and a nurse asked everyone to wait outside while she checked Summer's vitals.

Outside the room, Kyle left to make some calls, and Nikki imagined that Jack's mind had flashed to Phyllis when he'd heard about Summer. He confirmed that he'd gotten through it without using drugs or even being tempted, and he didn't want Jabot's models to think that they had to do drugs to keep their jobs. Nikki noted that the models were under pressure, but Jack pledged to do more to redefine the lines of beauty. Stitch approached with Summer's file as Victor and Nick arrived, and Victor demanded to hear the results of Summer's lab work.

Stitch explained that the pills had contained a stimulant that had sent Summer's heart into overdrive and had caused a subsequent drop in blood pressure, but he reported that Summer would be fine. The nurse told Jack that he could go back in with Summer, but Jack offered to let Nick spend some time with her. Nick visited "Supergirl" and said that she had to be doing better, since she was driving everyone in the hospital crazy. She joked that she was ready to branch out after driving him crazy for years, and he said that it was part of the territory of being a parent. Summer recalled that she had been pretty out of it when she'd arrived at the hospital, but she'd heard every word that Nick had said.

Paul arrived at the hospital, and Nikki commented that he was thoughtful to check in. He replied that he was there on police business, since a complaint had been filed against Jabot. Paul announced that labor relations would be opening an investigation into the working conditions and distribution of drugs at Jabot, and Jack asked who had filed the charges. Victor proclaimed that he had.

Jack suggested that Paul spend the taxpayers' money by finding Delia's killer, and Paul explained that he was obliged to follow up after an employee had suffered a cardiac episode. Victor bellowed that his granddaughter had nearly been killed, and he refused to let the matter go. Jack barked that Summer wasn't Victor's granddaughter, and Nikki chided Victor for his actions. Victor said that he'd thought about it all night, and he vowed to take action whether she liked it or not.

Nikki said that Summer was out of the woods, so it was inappropriate for Victor to go after Jack, but Victor retorted that it was inappropriate for Jack to claim to be Summer's father. Nikki disagreed, but she didn't want to argue, and she defended that Jack would never allow drugs at Jabot or harm his own daughter. As Nikki and Victor bickered, Jack yelled to Paul that it wasn't a legitimate complaint. Victor countered that Summer had nearly died on Jack's watch, and Jack stormed off to visit his daughter.

Summer recounted that she hadn't been able to open her eyes or talk, but she'd heard Nick say that she'd needed to wake up, just like she had when she'd almost died from her peanut allergy. She said that she'd heard him say, "Daddy's here," and all her fear had gone away. Jack overheard from the doorway. Summer spotted Jack, and he said that he had somewhere he had to be, but he told her to enjoy her visitors. Summer replied that she'd see Jack later, and he kissed her forehead and said to count on it.

Jack stepped out and said that he would be back when things were less combustible, and he left. Kyle introduced himself to Stitch and thanked him for taking care of Summer. Kyle remarked that it was hard to believe that such drugs were easy to get, and Stitch remarked that VivaSurge could only be obtained illegally because it wasn't FDA-approved.

Victor entered Summer's room, and Nick said that whether he was Summer's father or not, he'd always love her and worry about her. Nick promised that he would encourage her to make the best choices she could, and Victor added that they would always protect her because it was what families did. Victor said that she'd grown up into a fine young woman, and he insisted that the incident hadn't been her fault. Meanwhile, Nikki told Paul that she was furious at Victor and that she didn't believe Jack was responsible.

Jack returned home and looked in the mirror. He flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Summer shortly after they'd discovered that he was her father. Kyle arrived home and reported that Stitch had confirmed that Summer had taken VivaSurge, the same drug that Bonaventure Industries had been profiting on. Jack hissed that Victor Newman was the reason his daughter had nearly died.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Tyler asked Leslie where he could find Neil, and she informed him that Neil should have met her there already. Tyler explained that Neil had sent a text message about tossing out the pictures from the last photo shoot, and he wanted Leslie to help him talk some sense into Neil. Leslie questioned what would happen if Abby told Tyler how to do his job, and Tyler asserted that he and Abby respected each other's opinions. Tyler referred to the fact that he and Abby had agreed to look at both apartments and houses in their search for a place together.

Leslie noted that Tyler was calm for a guy who was about to take such a huge step, but Tyler said that he and Abby practically lived together already, and the night before had been the first time they'd slept apart in a long time. Leslie pointed out that sharing a bed was different than sharing a life, and she warned that Tyler would no longer have the option to kick back by himself. He asked if that was why Leslie hadn't made any wedding plans, and she defended that she'd been busy with work. Tyler received a text message from the building's superintendent, asking about the key to the apartment. Tyler mentioned that Abby had planned to drop it off, and Leslie assumed that Abby had forgotten.

Trapped in the vacant apartment, Abby complained that there was no fire escape, and she pondered buying the whole building and razing it to the ground once she got out. She pounded on the window and griped that she'd broken a nail after being stuck in a cold apartment all night. She retrieved a nail file from her purse, and she tried to jimmy the front door lock open, but she threw the file down in frustration. The tattooed woman approached outside the door, and Abby's phone rang. Abby called out for help, but the woman saw a photo of Abby and Tyler on the phone, and she smashed the phone with her shoe.

Abby's nail file broke in the lock, and she continued to pound on the door. Tyler arrived, and the tattooed woman quickly scurried away. Tyler found Abby's phone outside the apartment door and heard Abby's cries, and he opened the door and said that the key had been in the lock. Abby whined that she'd spent the night in the dark by herself, and she blasted Tyler for not realizing that she'd been missing. He replied that his calls had gone straight to voicemail, and he apologized for not being there. He wondered how the door had gotten locked, and Abby was certain that someone had locked her in.

Abby recounted that she had been in the unit with the key and her phone, but somehow both items had ended up on the other side of a locked door, and she concluded that someone had taken them while Abby had been in the bathroom. Tyler offered to get the door fixed, but Abby declared that there was no way she was moving in after what had happened. Tyler argued that hardly anyone was living there, though he had spotted a woman in the hall. Abby questioned why the woman hadn't responded to Abby's pounding and screaming, and she thought that there had been too many weird things for them to be a coincidence. Abby suspected that the woman who had been in their room in Los Angeles had been the same person responsible for all the strange events in Genoa City, and she blamed Mariah.

Tyler testily repeated that Mariah was out of his life, and he reminded Abby that she'd watched him tell Mariah that he was in love with Abby. Abby assumed that Mariah hadn't been thrilled, and Tyler swore that he was trying to move on, but it would be easier if Abby wouldn't constantly mention his former fiancée. Tyler conceded that he might not have been sensitive enough to Abby's feelings, and he and Abby apologized to one another. He suggested that they order takeout and go back to her place, and he handed her his phone to call a Thai place while he washed up. Abby pulled up Tyler's contact list, and she spotted Mariah's name.

Tyler emerged from the bathroom and hoped that Abby had ordered something hot, but Abby remained silent. She called him a liar for saying that he'd deleted Mariah's number, and he swore that he had. She pointed out that it was still magically on his phone, but he didn't know what was going on. She snapped that she was glad they hadn't gotten a place together, and she stormed off. He checked his phone, and he sent a text message to Mariah, ordering her to stay out of his life.

At the police station, Michael assured Lauren that Fen could get through being in prison, but Lauren contended that they both knew that Fen wasn't safe with Womack around. Michael revealed that he'd spoken with Womack about what it would take to pay off Fen's debt, and Womack had agreed to back off in exchange for information about who had turned state's evidence against Womack. Michael reported that Leslie had disclosed that Womack had been associated with the same crime family that Carmine had been involved with. Michael planned to tell Womack that Carmine had been the snitch, and Lauren worried what would happen if it wasn't enough.

A guard escorted Fen through the prison, and he told Fen to wait to find out who his roommate was. Womack passed by, and he quipped that the cat had dragged in a little mouse who hadn't been quiet. Womack growled that it had been a big mistake for Fen to tell Michael about their arrangement, and the guard returned and asked if there was a problem. Fen said no, and Womack said that he'd see Fen around.

Later, Michael stumbled upon a conversation between Fen and Christine, and he testily stated that he should have been informed as Fen's attorney. Fen revealed that he wanted to be transferred to another prison because Womack had made it clear that Fen wasn't safe. Christine said that there was only one way to make it happen, and Fen understood that he had to take the D.A.'s deal. Michael protested that there was no way Fen would plead guilty to murder. Michael wanted to speak to Fen alone, and Christine advised Fen that he didn't need Michael's permission to make a deal.

After Christine stepped out, Fen reiterated that he had to get out, and Michael understood that Fen was scared, but he insisted that Fen couldn't accept the offer. Fen argued that he was guilty, and Michael conceded that Fen might have pulled the trigger, but Fen could be acquitted if they could prove that he'd acted in self-defense. Fen worried that it would take too long and that his life was being threatened, so he had to look out for himself. Michael said that he already had a plan to keep Fen safe while working on his case, and he asked Fen to trust that Womack wouldn't be a problem much longer.

In the prison yard, inmates glowered at Fen, who nervously crossed over to a bench and sat down. Womack stood ominously over him and remarked that it was scary to fly solo, and Fen admitted that he'd blown it. Fen asked what it would take to make things right, but Womack barked that there were no second chances in their arrangement. Fen pleaded that he didn't stand a chance against the other prisoners without Womack. Womack agreed with a sneer, and he walked away.

Christine met with Fen at his request, and she asked if he was okay. He said no, and he maintained that he needed to get out of there. She reminded him of the deal, and she confirmed that he'd be sent to an out-of-state prison where no one would know that he was the former D.A.'s kid. Christine wanted him to be absolutely sure before he agreed to anything, and Fen said that he'd sign the papers if it meant that he would be moved elsewhere.

At Chelsea's design studio, Gloria excitedly greeted David Tutera. He kissed her hand, and he said that he was anxious to talk about some ideas for the upcoming bridal expo. She informed him that Lauren would be there momentarily, but after some time, David said that he couldn't wait any longer. Neil arrived to speak with Chelsea, and he was surprised to learn that Chelsea was about to move to Paris. David insisted that he had to go, but Gloria refused to let him leave until he met Neil.

David and Neil made small talk about Jabot's fashion line and the bridal expo, but Gloria concocted a story about how Neil had won a raffle for a consultation with the famous David Tutera. Both men were befuddled, and Gloria raved that David would have a million brilliant ideas for Neil and Leslie's wedding. Leslie called Neil and asked if he still planned to meet her for lunch, and she heard wedding music in the background. He mentioned that he was at the studio, and Gloria grabbed the phone from Neil and asked Leslie if she'd heard the exciting news about the consultation with one of the best wedding planners on the planet.

Lauren arrived at the studio and apologized for being late. Leslie suddenly entered, and Gloria introduced Leslie to David, while Lauren went along with the story about the raffle. David suggested ideas for the wedding, and Leslie seemed agreeable, but Neil said that there was no rush to decide, since they were planning a long engagement. Neil suggested something small and intimate, and David pulled Leslie aside to show her some photos.

Gloria scolded Neil for putting up roadblocks, but he maintained that Leslie wanted something simple. Gloria contended that if that were true, then Leslie wouldn't be getting married, and she insisted that a bride's first and hopefully last time down the aisle had to be done right. Gloria added that Leslie might be nervous, but she suspected that Leslie wanted to go all out for her wedding.

Leslie reported that the assistant manager at the Athletic Club had invited them to stop by to check out the ballroom. Neil said that Leslie didn't have to go along with the consulting deal, but she insisted that she wanted to, and they left together. Gloria praised herself for saving the day, and Lauren thanked her for covering. Gloria inquired about Fen, and she was shocked when Lauren tearfully revealed that Fen had broken his house arrest and was back in prison. Gloria worried how Fen would make it without Michael there, and Lauren whimpered that she didn't know.

At the Athletic Club, David told Leslie and Neil that he would need to know if he should plan big or small before he could do anything, and they agreed to meet again in a day or two. David left, and Neil said that she'd surprised him, since she'd been adamant that she wasn't in a rush to get married. He swore that he'd had no idea that Gloria would spring a wedding planner on them, and he didn't want to pressure Leslie. Leslie said that she might not have dreamed of a fancy wedding, but she loved him and wanted to marry him, and she was ready.

Lauren met Michael at the club, and she said that she hadn't been able to concentrate at work and that she couldn't bear to be at the apartment. She asked if he'd seen Womack, and Michael lamented that he hadn't been able to make a deal. Michael divulged that Womack wanted revenge, and Lauren handed him a perfume box that she'd found outside their apartment door. Michael read the French label aloud, and Lauren translated, "Forget me not."

In an Indiana hotel, Dylan perused a copy of John Darwin's book and declared that everything pointed to John really being Ian Ward. Avery noted that John had stayed on the right side of the law, and it could put "The Path" out of business if the truth surfaced that John had been convicted of fraud under another name. Avery suspected that word that Ian had a son would get around, and Dylan pointed out that it was in Ian's best interests to keep the past buried. Avery suggested that maybe it was in Dylan's best interests, too.

Dylan wondered whether he'd find answers to figure out who he was, and he explained that he wasn't sure who he was after he'd stopped being Terry and Penny's son. Avery asserted that he was still the same boy who had grown up down the street and who had broken his arm while rescuing a cat out of a tree. She called him a strong man who could have done anything, but he'd chosen to serve his country, and he'd found his way home while never forgetting those he'd left behind. She added that he'd been the person who'd taught her about love and holding on to dreams, and she believed that finding Ian wouldn't change the person who Dylan had always been.

Dylan said that the one thing he couldn't get past was his mom's lies, and while he'd always consider Penny to be his mother, he didn't understand how she could have lied to him. He figured that perhaps it was why he was driven to get everything out in the open, and he told Avery that her feelings about him being good and brave were mutual. Dylan commented that Avery was still the same person she'd always been, and she wished that she could make things easier. He assured her that she had, and he suggested that they go home. Avery asked if Dylan intended to stop looking for Ian, and he replied that he had everything he needed right there. They hugged.

Avery asked if Dylan regretted inviting her on the trip, but he replied that he wouldn't have missed out on seeing her play the part of Mrs. McAvoy. She admitted that she'd always wondered what it would be like, and she remarked that it had felt right. She nervously turned away, but Dylan reached for her hand and pulled her into a kiss. Avery pulled away and questioned what she and Dylan were doing, and he said that they could do whatever she wanted.

Avery stammered that she and Dylan hadn't been together in a long time and that they weren't the same people they once had been. Dylan murmured that one thing hadn't changed -- he wanted her as much as he ever had, though he loved her even more. She said that she'd made mistakes in the past, and she wanted to get it right. He agreed to do whatever made her happy, and she started to head for the door, but she turned back toward him. "You," she firmly stated, "you make me happy." She rushed into his arms, and they kissed passionately. They began to make love.

Over the phone, Clarence assured his boss that he'd told Dylan that he'd never heard of Ian. Clarence cautioned that the woman who'd been with Dylan had been a reporter type who had seemed like trouble, and he described Avery. Clarence promised that he'd look into the situation, and he pulled out a laptop and searched for Dylan McAvoy. Later, Clarence reported that he'd found something interesting about Dylan.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Indiana, Avery and Dylan cuddled in bed, and she read aloud from John Darwin's book. Dylan couldn't imagine that people actually believed the drivel, but Avery thought that a promise of peace and serenity might have seemed like a blessing to a teenage Nikki. Dylan recognized that Nikki had ended up pregnant when she'd looked for guidance, and he considered that perhaps it was better if he didn't find Ian. Avery asked if Dylan was thinking about letting the search go, and Dylan stated that even if John was the man he was looking for, he didn't need the answers that John had to offer. Gazing lovingly at Avery, Dylan added that he had the answer that mattered, and she replied that she did, too.

After Dylan and Avery made love, he said that it felt good to touch her like no time had passed, and he wished that she'd told him that he'd been stupid for keeping his distance. She said that she'd tried, and he said that she'd been right. He thought that their next move should be to return home, and she asked whether he was done with Ian Ward. Dylan said that he didn't need anything from Ian, and Avery declared that the search was over. She wondered what they'd find to talk about, and Dylan replied that she left him speechless. They agreed not to talk, and they kissed.

Dylan and Avery packed up their belongings, and Dylan pondered what to do with the book. Avery said that John and Ian had both known what they had been doing, and Dylan remarked that a person who had exploited a young girl in need of help wouldn't be any kind of father. Avery said that there were many other reasons why Dylan existed, and one was so that she could be with him. Avery added that Nikki was grateful that he was in the world, and he admitted that the more research he'd done, the more he understood Nikki. Avery asked whether Dylan was ready to have a relationship with Nikki.

Dylan sympathized with Nikki, and he thought that it had taken guts for her to look for her kid, but he wasn't sure if he was ready for a relationship. Avery assured him that he didn't have to get too close, and he said that he couldn't see Nikki as his mother yet, but he respected her. Avery mentioned that Nikki had been worried about him, and he decided to call Nikki and tell her that his trail had ended there.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack had problems with his tie, and Hilary arrived with a package she'd received from Mexico. Kyle reported that he and Jack had been up all night, trying to find the trail from the VivaSurge website to Bonaventure Industries, when the key had been in her mailbox. Jack opened the package and pulled out a bottle of pills, and he spat that it was the drug that had nearly killed his daughter. "Victor will answer for this," Jack pledged.

Hilary said that she couldn't let her boss go to a wedding with his tie askew, and Jack said that he didn't want to let Adam down, since Adam was a friend who had been through the fire. Kyle grumbled that Adam had lit it himself, but Jack insisted that Adam had changed. As Hilary fixed Jack's tie, she summarized the history of how Newman had acquired Bonaventure. Hilary wondered whether Victor might not be aware that Bonaventure was selling drugs from Mexico via the Internet, but Jack contended that ignorance wasn't a defense, and if they got enough information, then they could let the FDA finish the job for them.

After Jack left, Kyle revealed that Chancellor had acquired Bonaventure before the subsidiary had turned a profit, and Hilary noted that the timing of when the company had started selling the illegal drugs was important. Kyle concluded that the sales had started after Newman-Chancellor had been formed, so Victor was responsible. Hilary noted that Kyle seemed disappointed, and he explained that he'd respected and admired Victor as his stepfather. Kyle added that working for Victor had caused those feelings to resurface, and Hilary questioned whether Kyle had really accepted the job with Victor for Jack's sake.

Kyle assured Hilary that he'd always side with Jack in the Abbott-Newman war, but he conceded that Victor was an easy guy to look up to. Kyle worried about letting Jack down, but Hilary pointed out that Kyle was the only reason that they knew about Bonaventure's seedy dealings and the drugs being the reason Summer had ended up in the hospital. Hilary insisted that Jack was grateful and that Kyle was lucky to have him, and Kyle recognized that it was hard for Hilary not to have a parent in her life. Hilary said that having a good job and a boss like Jack made it a little easier.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victoria met with Lily and Cane about the fundraiser for the Delia Project. Lily was excited to host the event and help a worthy cause, and Cane remarked that Delia had been close to all of their hearts. Victoria said that she'd expected Billy to be there, but he'd had something urgent to handle first. Devon joined the group and offered to help however he could. Nikki suggested that they discuss financial matters, but she got up to get a drink at the bar first.

Victoria approached Nikki at the bar and said that she'd missed seeing her mom in action, pulling together an event on short notice. Nikki recalled that she'd organized the Veterans Day party in under a week, and even though she'd manipulated the situation to get close to Dylan, she'd shared her first hug with her oldest son. Nikki reported that she hadn't talked to Dylan recently, but she believed that he was still trying to find Ian. Nikki conceded that Dylan had a right to answers, but she worried that Ian was dangerous, and she hoped that the men never met one another.

Nikki requested everyone's input to make an elegant evening a success. Nikki said that they needed a vineyard to supply the champagne and a florist to donate some arrangements, and Cane asked if that was possible on short notice. Victoria suggested that it would be better if they found someone to finance the whole thing, and Lily eyed Devon and implied that she knew someone with deep pockets who wanted to make a good impression with his first venture. Nikki asked if Devon would consider it, and he replied that it was the least he could do. Nikki said that Katherine would have been proud.

Nikki thought that the fundraiser's theme was crucial, and Lily, Devon, and Cane bickered about which one of them had brainstormed the best ideas. Nikki suggested a sweet, childlike theme, and Victoria proposed having tables of candy. Devon said that kids in need had a lot of energy, so perhaps extreme sports could work. Lily argued that the guests would be rich adults, and she liked the idea of ancient Egypt with lots of gold. Hilary overheard and piped up with a recommendation for a winter fairytale theme. Lily immediately shot it down, but Nikki thought it could work.

Nikki reconsidered and proclaimed that Hilary's idea would be perfect and that Delia would have loved it. Victoria agreed, but Lily protested that Hilary wasn't part of the committee. Devon asserted that they simply needed a good idea, and Nikki asked Cane what he thought. Cane replied that whatever worked for Nikki was fine with him, and the meeting broke up. Devon offered Hilary a drink on the house for her contribution, and they moved to the bar. Lily blasted Cane for leaving her hanging and backing Hilary instead, but Cane recalled their promise to Devon to take it easy on Hilary. Lily vowed that it would never happen.

Hilary told Devon that Lily had loved hating Hilary's idea, and Devon conceded that Lily hadn't been receptive, but he urged Hilary to give it time. Hilary thought that Lily would always despise her, and Devon was forced to agree that Lily enjoyed hating Hilary. Hilary contended that Neil had been the injured party, but he had forgiven her and so had Devon. Devon balked, and Hilary clarified that at least Devon was civil to her. Devon attributed it to her being his tenant, and she wondered if he'd shun her if she moved elsewhere. He deadpanned that he would, and she called him a terrible liar. They clinked their glasses together.

On their way out, Victoria remarked to Nikki that Billy had been spending time online again in the grief chat room, searching for something, but she wasn't sure it was support. Victoria had hoped that the foundation would have given Billy something positive, and she was convinced that strangers on the Internet wouldn't help him find answers. Victoria left a message for Billy to inform him that they'd had a productive meeting. She commented that despite all the wars they'd had with Adam, Adam was the one person who had made the project happen.

At the ranch, Nikki poured some tea, and she jumped when a man touched her shoulder. The man greeted Nikki by name and asked if she remembered him. A horrified Nikki recognized Ian.

Adam hurriedly led Chelsea and Connor through the courthouse to the judge's chambers, and she asked him to slow down. He said that they had a schedule to keep, and she questioned whether he felt that she was forcing him into marrying her. Adam replied that no one ever forced him into anything, and he pointed out that they had their marriage license and their pint-sized best man. Chelsea inquired why Adam seemed to be rushing to get it over with, and she wondered if he wasn't happy.

Adam said that Chelsea had saved him and that they were a team, and he was surprised that their wedding day had finally arrived after he'd thought that he'd lost her. She asked why he seemed jumpy, and he commented that they were about to jump from one continent to another. Billy arrived and wondered what Adam and Chelsea were doing there, and Chelsea replied that they were meeting with the judge. Billy asked if Adam had been arrested.

Chelsea laughed at Billy's presumption, and she informed Billy that she and Adam were getting married. She explained that they wanted to wed before they left that night, and Billy blurted out that it was too soon. Billy pointed out that Paris would still be there if they waited, but Adam countered that the house they wanted might not be. Chelsea wanted to retrieve Ellie, Connor's stuffed elephant, from the car, and Adam joked about her trying to leave him at the altar.

Chelsea asked Billy if she could stop by to say goodbye to Johnny, and she said that both Johnny and Delia would be in her heart. She added that she would think of Billy and Chloe every time Connor opened his eyes, and she said that Billy deserved to be happy and to find peace. As Chelsea hugged Billy, he stared icily at Adam and pointedly said, "I hope you get all the happiness you deserve."

In the judge's chambers, Chelsea told Connor to focus on his pacifier so that she could marry his daddy before Adam saw all the gorgeous French women. Adam proclaimed that there was only one woman he wanted to look at, and Anita arrived, thrilled that Chelsea had asked Anita to stand up for her at the wedding. Anita was worried that Chloe might have swooped in, and she marveled that Chelsea would have it all. Anita remarked that she'd been wrong about Dylan and that Adam was the right man for Chelsea, and Chelsea smiled at Adam and said that everyone deserved a second chance.

Anita pressured Chelsea to take some earrings to fulfill the tradition of something old, new, borrowed, and blue, and Chelsea protested, but Anita warned that it would be bad luck otherwise. Jack entered and extended his best wishes, and he suggested that he and Adam find the judge, but Chelsea begged them not to leave her alone with her mother. Adam commented that Paris was looking even better, and the men stepped outside. Jack asked why Adam was rushing to get married, and he assured Adam that he had a new sword to hang over Victor's head. Jack insisted that Adam didn't have to run away to get out from under Victor's thumb, but Adam planned to take his family far away from Genoa City.

Adam recalled that Jack had stood in front of God and the law and had promised to be there for Connor, but Jack wouldn't have to step up if Adam left the country. Adam thought that his travel plans would solve everything, and it was what had to happen. Jack said that they both knew that Adam was running from something, and he pleaded with Adam to trust him enough to tell him what Victor had on Adam. The judge approached and asked which one of them was the groom.

Adam and Chelsea exchanged vows, and the judge started to declare them husband and wife, but Adam interrupted and said that he wanted to make something else an official part of their vows. He said that Chelsea had made him happy in a way he couldn't explain because she'd allowed him to live a life he hadn't had the nerve to hope for. He continued that after the mistakes he'd made, she and Connor were proof that he could do better and be better, and he promised that he would spend every day finding ways to deserve his life. Chelsea said that the biggest mistake had been hers by keeping the greatest gift in the world from him, but he'd forgiven her with a heart that was bigger than he gave himself credit for.

Chelsea insisted that Adam was a good man, and she was proud to be his wife again. The judge pronounced them married, and Adam and Chelsea kissed, while Anita tossed flower petals over the couple. Jack said that Adam was a lucky man, and they shook hands. Chelsea cuddled Connor and announced that she and Adam were officially married and that nothing could ever separate their family again.

At the police station, Billy handed Kevin an envelope with printouts of the posts on the grief message board, and Billy informed him that "Anonymous" had taken an interest in Delia's hit-and-run. Kevin said that a lot of people posted anonymously online, but Billy begged him to look into it further. Billy referred to the posts about the driver's guilt, and he thought that the poster wanted absolution for the driver. Kevin realized that Billy believed that the poster had been the driver, and he called it a "time suck." Kevin contended that the police had a real lead, and he couldn't waste any time.

Billy demanded to know about the lead, and Kevin informed him that they were waiting for a license plate search from the DMV. Billy swore that his theory was more than just a hunch, and he worried that waiting for the DMV would take too long. Kevin asked if Billy knew who had killed Delia, and Billy remarked that he would be elsewhere if he did. Kevin suspected that Billy had an idea of who the driver had been, and Billy said that he felt it in his gut. Billy pointed out that Kevin could use his hacking skills to confirm Billy's suspicions, and he beseeched Kevin to do it not only for Billy, but for Chloe and Delia, too.

Kevin pulled Billy into a private room and divulged that the police had a witness who had seen the driver get out of a black SUV. Kevin added that their initial search for a license plate hadn't returned any hits, but Kevin thought that the witness might have seen something else, and he was having the DMV pull plates that started with the number six. Billy chided Kevin for waiting for a response when Kevin could hack into the database, but Kevin explained that the evidence had to be legitimate if they wanted the guy to fry. Billy growled that he not only wanted to see that happen, but he wanted to flip the switch.

After Billy left, Kevin called the DMV and pushed them to expedite the search, since the fatality of a small child had been involved. Kevin looked at Billy's printouts, and he highlighted a passage about not being able to escape what had been done.

Billy went to the parking garage, and he found Connor's stuffed elephant on the ground. He checked a nearby SUV for a baby seat, and he assumed that the vehicle was Adam's. Billy placed the elephant on the windshield, and he mused that if Connor loved Ellie half as much as Delia had loved Pinkerton, then Ellie was loved indeed. Billy started to go to his own car, but he stopped and looked at the license plate of Adam's SUV. Billy's expression darkened when he saw that it started with the number six.

Friday, January 24, 2014

At home, Victoria told Johnny that the Delia Project would do wonderful things in his big sister's name, even if Billy never attended a single meeting. Victor arrived and asked how Billy was doing, and he sympathized with Victoria over the strain of helping Billy cope. Victoria hoped that Victor didn't still blame Billy for Delia's death, and Victor confirmed that he didn't. Victor disclosed that the investigation had stalled, and despite police efforts, the odds of finding the driver were diminishing.

Victor questioned how Billy would react if the police never found the driver, and Victoria was surprised by Victor's concern, but she reported that Billy was getting through it with professional help, a support group, and his family's love. She said that Jill and Jack had encouraged Billy to get involved in the Delia Project, and she mentioned that Adam had set up the foundation. Victor remarked that Adam was trying to buy himself a place in heaven, and Victoria acknowledged that Adam had committed many sins, but she thought that no one could question Adam's motives where the foundation was concerned.

Victor asked if Billy had made peace with the possibility of never finding the person responsible for Delia's accident, and Victoria recounted Billy's progress with reconnecting with Johnny and confiding in Victoria. She said that things were better than they had been since the accident, and although Billy was angry, he was putting blame in the right place and trying to move on. Victoria pledged to be there for Billy, and Victor advised that the best thing she could do was to help Billy move forward.

In the parking garage, Billy stared at Adam's license plate, and he flashed back to when Adam had suggested that perhaps the driver had never seen Delia. Billy recalled Adam's comment about balancing the karmic scales, and he remembered confronting Adam about anonymously setting up Delia's foundation. Billy considered Adam and Chelsea's decision to suddenly leave the country. "You son of a bitch -- you killed my daughter!" Billy snarled. Billy loomed ominously over Adam's SUV with a tire iron, but he stopped himself, and he got into his own car.

At the courthouse, Anita snapped photos of Adam, Chelsea, and Connor, and Chelsea objected to any more pictures or flower petals, but Anita said that they would thank her for the memories one day. Anita pulled Adam into a bear hug, and Jack wished Chelsea a long and happy life. Anita warned Adam not to mess up again, and she suggested that he take Chelsea on a ritzy European honeymoon. Chelsea said that she didn't need it because they were going someplace much bigger and better. Adam declared that they'd have a new life in Paris with their boy.

Chelsea said that she had a few million things to do before their flight, and she asked Adam to take Connor home. She remarked that she wanted to remember her life in two parts -- before and after she'd forever become Mrs. Chelsea Newman. She kissed Adam and said she'd see him at home, and Anita said that she'd walk out with Chelsea. Anita cooed over Connor for a moment and demanded that they send her lots of pictures. Adam grabbed Chelsea for one last kiss before she took off. The women left, and Adam commented to Jack that it felt like a dream.

Adam said that he would miss Jack and his advice, and Jack teased that Adam had consistently ignored his words of wisdom. Adam recognized that Jack had believed in Adam in spite of everything, and Jack urged Adam to stop giving up on himself. Jack pointed out that Adam was fortunate to have someone wonderful to share his life with, and Adam apologized for not asking about Phyllis sooner. Jack reported that he'd visited Phyllis over the weekend and that he was still hopeful. Jack remarked that life went on and that Adam's was just beginning.

Adam praised Jack for being the father figure to him that Victor never had been, and the men hugged. Adam said goodbye, and Jack noted that Adam sounded like they'd never see one another again. Victor appeared and asked why that would be, and he inquired whether Adam was going somewhere. Victor announced that he'd followed up on the investigation into Jabot's practices and the drugs that had caused Summer to go into congestive heart failure. Jack swore that he'd answer the investigators' questions honestly, since the guy at the top should be responsible for what happened under his watch, and Victor haughtily stated that Jack would be held accountable.

Victor spotted Connor and asked what his grandson was doing with an Abbott. Jack announced that Adam had gotten married and was going to France to get away from Victor's controlling influence, and Victor offered his congratulations. Adam extended his hand to Jack and thanked Jack for everything, and Jack told him to enjoy Paris. Jack exited, and Victor insinuated that Adam needed to stay in Genoa City so that Victor could keep an eye on Connor. Adam asserted that he was leaving, and Victor reminded Adam that Connor's vision had been restored by two corneas from the child Adam had killed.

Adam pointed out that Victor had plenty of other grandchildren, and Victor said that he considered all of them to be his family. Victor chided Adam for running away, but Adam contended that he was choosing to remove himself from Victor's world so that his son wouldn't grow up with the same baggage Adam had carried. Victor warned that the past had a funny way of following people, and he gave Adam the option to change his mind about moving, or Victor would tell the police that Adam had been the driver who had killed Delia. Victor expressed confidence that Adam would make the right decision, and he walked out. Adam gazed at Connor and swore that he would.

Adam cuddled with Connor and said that they needed to have a little talk. Adam told his son that he had to say goodbye for a while, or else he would never be at peace or get out from under Victor's thumb. Adam promised that no matter how far he went, he would always love Connor, and Connor happily gurgled in response. Adam said that he knew that Connor loved him, too, and he vowed that he would be back with Connor and Chelsea as soon as he paid for his crime, which was something he was ready to face.

Billy returned home, and Victoria rambled on about Johnny giggling after he'd tried unsuccessfully to blow raspberries. She started to inform Billy about finding unexpected support, but she realized that something was wrong. Billy explained that he'd been thinking about Delia and how she'd died, and he thought that he'd finally figured something out that had been haunting him. Victoria wondered if Billy had experienced an emotional breakthrough at grief counseling, and she said that she was really proud of him and that she was grateful that he was taking steps to get his life back.

Billy started to explain, but Chelsea arrived, and Victoria invited her in. Billy asked if Adam was with her, and Chelsea replied that she'd stopped by alone to say goodbye to Johnny, since she and Adam had just gotten remarried and were moving to Paris. Victoria observed that Chelsea looked happy, and Chelsea gushed that they'd have a fresh start with their son. Billy coldly asked if Chelsea thought that they could walk away and just leave everything behind.

Chelsea said that the plan was to start with a clean slate, and Victoria thought that it was exciting. Chelsea conceded that she'd miss some things, but she had plenty to leave behind. Billy grumbled that he bet Adam felt the same way, and Victoria commented that it would be a great change for Adam to get away from Victor and the past. Chelsea said that Adam had admitted his mistakes but that he shouldn't have to spend his life being punished for them, and Billy questioned whether Adam had ever been punished. Chelsea believed that Adam just wanted Connor to be proud of him, and Billy acknowledged that a child deserved a bright future.

Victoria asked if Billy was okay, and he pointedly replied that he would be. Billy recognized that the move meant a lot to Chelsea, and he apologized. Chelsea explained that she wanted to leave on the best terms possible, and she would think about Delia and what the loss had meant to Connor every day. They heard Johnny cry over the monitor, and Victoria said that Johnny didn't want to miss saying goodbye to Chelsea. The women went upstairs, and Billy retrieved his gun from the closet.

Later, Victoria and Chelsea were surprised to discover that Billy had left, and Victoria surmised that he'd gone somewhere to blow off steam. Victoria inquired whether Chelsea had thought through the move to Paris, and Chelsea confirmed that it had always been her and Adam's dream. Victoria handed Johnny to Chelsea, who murmured that he would always be her first-born, but she was happy that he'd have the best life ever with his mommy and daddy. Chelsea told the tot to be a good boy, and she said that she loved him before she passed him back to Victoria.

Chelsea hoped that one day their kids could be part of one another's families, but she understood if Victoria was glad that Chelsea was leaving. Victoria said that at one time, she might have been, but things had changed, and she had a feeling that Chelsea and Connor would be Adam's first real shot at happiness. The women hugged, and Chelsea said that she'd miss them.

At the penthouse, Adam pulled out the video camera and penned a note. "I love you. I always will," Adam wrote. He grabbed his coat and opened the door to leave, but he found Billy lurking outside.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle reported to Jack that Bonaventure Industries' illegal drug sales had started after the company had been under Victor's umbrella. Jack couldn't wait to alert the FDA and other agencies, and he crowed that Victor would never see what was about to hit him. Victor interrupted Jack and Kyle's discussion, and Kyle hoped that Summer was okay, but Victor groused that it was no thanks to Jack. Kyle defended that blaming Jack was unwarranted, but Victor threatened that by the time he was done, there would be few people willing to stand at Jack's side.

Jack cautioned that Victor was overestimating his power, but Victor vowed to make sure that Jack was held responsible for Summer almost dying. Kyle abruptly quit, and Victor said that it would save him the trouble of firing Kyle. Victor huffed that he'd known all along that Kyle had been spying for Jack, and it was too bad, since Kyle was actually good at his job. Kyle left to work out, and Jack said that he knew that Victor was holding something over Adam's head to get to Connor, but Adam would soon be leaving. Victor doubted that would really happen.

At the ranch, a terrified Nikki faced Ian, and he seemed pleased that she remembered him. She asked how he'd gotten in, but her phone rang, and she dashed over to retrieve it. Ian saw an incoming call from Dylan, and Ian remarked that it was his son on the line. Ian reached for the phone, but Nikki quickly backed away. Nikki threatened to call the police, and Ian told her to go ahead, since he hadn't done anything illegal.

Ian informed Nikki that he'd told the guards that he was an old friend, and she angrily asked if that was what he called all the young girls he'd taken advantage of. He calmly stated that they'd shared confusing times when they had been searching for something larger than themselves. Nikki snapped that she'd heard enough of his propaganda to last a lifetime, and she ordered him out. Ian looked around at the posh surroundings and credited his teachings with helping her to find what she'd been looking for, but she barked that her good fortune had had nothing to do with him. Ian said that he was hurt that she'd never told him about their child.

Nikki questioned how Ian could be shocked about her silence, given how she'd become pregnant, and she accused him of filling her head with garbage about walking down a path when the only path he'd led her down had been to his bed. She spat that Dylan had been the product of an ugly, loveless encounter, but Ian contended that she was misremembering. Nikki barked that it had haunted her for decades, but Ian chalked her resentment up to the shame inflicted by the backward sense of morality in society. She blasted him for explaining his abuse as her false perceptions, but he encouraged her to remember that she'd been a willing participant in a beautiful experience. She smacked him across the face.

Ian said that he was sorry to see that Nikki was determined to deny a past filled with good moments, but she retorted that she could no longer be easily manipulated. He called her a beautiful woman with all the signs of a successful life, but he lectured that "true happiness came from within." Nikki hissed that there was a "special place in hell" for a person who used spiritual enlightenment to prey on others, and she contemplated how many lives he'd ruined. She bellowed that he hadn't changed, and she suspected that he didn't have an ounce of remorse or humanity. He hoped that she hadn't taken out her bitterness on their son.

Nikki demanded to know what Ian had told Dylan, and Ian revealed that he hadn't met Dylan, but he knew that Dylan had gone to great lengths to find Ian. Nikki surmised that Ian was there to ask her to tell Dylan to back off, but Ian declared that he and Dylan had something important in common, and he looked forward to meeting his son. Ian told a horrified Nikki that he was glad that he'd reconnected with her and that he planned to stick around town for a little while. Ian said that he would see her soon, and he turned to smirk at her before he headed out the door.

In Indiana, Dylan was disappointed that Nikki hadn't answered his call, but Avery said that he could try again later. Dylan regretted that he had caused Nikki pain, and he thought that she would be relieved that he'd never laid eyes on Ian. Dylan remarked that it had been fun pretending to be married, and he wished that he'd thought to get rings. Avery pointed out that modern married women sometimes didn't wear them, but she added that she would if she were married.

Dylan referred to one piece of Clarence's "cult speak" that hadn't been nonsense -- that Dylan had been searching for the wrong thing. Dylan regretted that he'd almost jeopardized the most important relationship in his life while searching for his father, and he declared that he loved Avery and felt blessed to have her. Avery understood that Dylan had been through a lot, and she ordered him to stop beating himself up. Dylan said that letting Ian go was a relief, and he believed that Nikki would feel the same way.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan teased Avery for her off-key singing on the way home, and she remarked that she was happy that they could be natural with one another again. He confided that the toughest thing he'd ever done had been to see her after all the time they'd spent apart, and he admitted that he hadn't been ready to commit. He gradually raised his voice as he proclaimed that he wanted to get on the roof and announce to the world that he loved Avery Bailey Clark. They agreed that they wanted to be a real couple, but her beeping phone interrupted them. Avery said that they had to get back to reality soon, and Dylan looked at her lovingly and said that being together was a reality.

Avery and Dylan kissed, and she remarked that their public display couldn't be good for business. She reluctantly said that they both had to get back to work, and he suggested that they have a romantic night out that evening. She loved the idea, and he offered to make a reservation. Avery departed.

Nikki stopped by the coffeehouse, and Dylan asked if she'd gotten his message that his search for Ian had been a dead end. Dylan assured her that he'd decided that it was for the best that he hadn't found Ian, but she revealed that Ian was in Genoa City.

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