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Hilary kissed Jack. Womack was caught with the snow queen doll as he tried to leave the Delia Project fundraiser, and he threatened the guests with a gun. Chloe made plans to leave the country with Connor. Victor met with Cassie's look-alike.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 10, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, February 10, 2014

At Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, Victor tried to convince Chelsea that her late husband wouldn't want to keep Connor away from his father's family. Chelsea insisted that her husband was still alive. Chelsea added that Adam had made his desires quite clear. Victor said he'd give Chelsea time to rest and mull over his request to become an active part of Connor's life. Chloe arrived and berated Chelsea for letting Victor near Connor. She reminded Chelsea that Adam had wanted Victor kept away from Connor.

After Victor left, Chloe and Chelsea argued about whether or not Adam was dead. Chloe reminded her friend that Kevin had seen police photographs, which strongly indicated that Adam had been killed. Chelsea replied, "Why didn't they find a body? My husband is clever and resourceful, and he has every reason in the world for wanting people to think that he's dead."

Chelsea glared at Chloe when Chloe said that Adam's death was the best thing that could've ever happened. Chloe kept badgering Chelsea and said that Adam had never deserved to raise Connor. Chelsea's anger exploded, and she shouted. "Shut up, Chloe! I can't listen to this! I can't hear people telling me what to do, and what to feel, and what is best for my son!"

Chelsea raced to a cabinet, removed two passports, and said she planned to travel with her son on the next flight to Paris. Chloe cried, "There's not a chance in hell that I'm going to let you do that." Chloe realized what was at stake and immediately apologized. Sobbing, Chloe told Chelsea that she needed her best friend and begged Chelsea to put the passports away. Chelsea said she needed Chloe, too, and she handed over the passports.

Chloe placed the passports back inside the cabinet. The friends embraced, and Chloe repeated her apology. Connor cried out, so Chelsea went upstairs. Before Chloe left, she covertly removed the passports from the cabinet and placed them in her purse.

At Sharon's house, Nick and Faith returned from the coffeehouse and startled Sharon, who'd been walking around in search of Cassie's ghost. Sharon sent Faith upstairs to wash her face. Nick questioned Sharon, and she admitted that something was disturbing her, but she refused to elaborate. Sharon claimed that she was jumpy after having a run-in with Victor at Chelsea's. Sharon said that Victor had tried to convince Chelsea to move with Connor to the ranch. Nick said that Victor's offer was understandable. Sharon noted that Victor hadn't been pleased when she had mentioned to Chelsea that the move wasn't a good idea.

A noise upstairs startled Sharon, and she jumped up to a standing position. Sharon nervously exclaimed, "What was that?" Nick calmly explained that it was Faith closing a drawer. Nick added, "What is going on with you?" Faith interrupted when she ran downstairs and invited Nick to play a game. Nick said that he had to leave, but he let Sharon know that they weren't finished with their conversation. Sharon remained on edge and jerked her head in every direction in search of Cassie's apparition.

After Nick left, Sharon played a spelling game with Faith, using a set of cards printed with capital letters. Sharon laughed when Faith misspelled the word "cough." Sharon went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate. When she returned, Faith was upstairs. Sharon was taken aback when she saw the word "phantasm" spelled out with the lettered cards.

Faith returned with a different board game. Sharon asked Faith about the word. Faith appeared surprised and asked what the word meant. Sharon said that a phantasm was a ghost. Sharon sent Faith to get marshmallows for the hot chocolate. After Faith left the room, Sharon said, "Cassie, why are you doing this? What do you want from me?"

In the hallway at the hospital, Victoria thanked Stitch for looking after Billy. She asked Stitch if he would mind stopping by their home to check on Billy after his release from the hospital. Victoria noted that although Billy often acted on impulse, she was certain that he had strictly maintained their wedding vows. Stitch turned his back and muttered, "Glad to hear it." Victoria replied, "You don't sound very convinced." Victoria explained that Stitch might feel cynical about marriage because his own was unstable. Victoria insisted that she and Billy loved each other. Stitch nodded.

At the hospital, Jack was taken aback when Billy suggestively noted that he'd dealt with Adam. Billy added that he'd chosen not to end Adam's life on the side of the road where Delia had died because it was hallowed ground. Billy recalled that he and Adam had traveled away from the site. Jack asked, "What happened then?" Billy replied, "Let's just say mission accomplished -- Adam's dead." Jack cried, "I don't know what you're trying to say, but I hope it's not what it's starting to sound like." Billy assured Jack that Adam was dead. Using Adam's words, Billy said that Adam's death "had balanced the karmic scales."

Stitch entered Billy's room. Jack hugged Billy, and Billy whispered to Jack that what they'd said to each other shouldn't be repeated. After Jack stepped into the hallway, Victor asked about Billy's condition. Jack angrily replied, "He could be dead because of your son and your secrets." Jack said he hadn't told Billy that Victor had, for some time, been aware that Adam had been the hit-and-run driver.

Jack said he'd concluded that sharing the information wouldn't change what had happened. Victor asked Jack why he'd shared the sordid story with Nikki. Jack insisted that he'd had no intention of hurting Nikki. Victor replied, "You wouldn't hesitate to turn my whole family against me. Is there anyone I love that's safe from your need for retribution?"

Jack asked if it was Victor's deep and abiding love for his family that had inspired him to blackmail his own son. Victoria and Nick were approaching and overheard Jack's comment. Victor's children demanded an explanation from their father. Victor claimed that he'd launched an investigation involving Jabot Cosmetics for committing "serious improprieties." Victor added that Jack was retaliating by making outlandish accusations. Nick asked Jack if Victor's accusation was true. Jack rolled his eyes and replied, "Ask your father."

Jack walked toward the elevator. Victor yelled that the matter was none of Jack's business. Jack walked back toward Victor. Jack said that his brother was hospitalized and that his friend was dead. Jack glared at Victor and added, "You could have prevented it all, and it's none of my business?" Jack told Victoria and Nick that Victor had known for some time that Adam had been the driver of the SUV that had killed Delia. Jack explained that instead of urging Adam to step forward, Victor had agreed to remain silent about the crime in exchange for access to Connor. Victor glared menacingly at Jack.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily conducted a business meeting with Kelly while Mattie and Charlie colored valentines. During the course of conversation, Lily happened to mention that she and Cane had chosen to remarry on Valentine's Day and that her children's lunatic grandfather, who'd once attempted to kidnap the children and move them to Australia, had returned to town. Kelly, taken aback, said, "We should have a long talk about your life one day." Lily pointed out that she knew nothing at all about Kelly's life. Kelly explained that losing her young son hadn't been the only reason her marriage had failed, but she opted not to give any details.

While Kelly entertained Mattie and Charlie, Lily spoke to Victoria on the phone. After the call ended, Lily told Kelly that Billy had suffered a concussion and some bruising but was expected to recover quickly. Lily added that Victoria had managed to obtain a one-of-a-kind, museum-quality, antique doll. Lily proudly displayed the press release she'd written just in case the collector agreed to donate the collectible doll. Kelly read Lily's write-up and was impressed. Lily said she'd wanted to add, "Delia would have loved this doll."

With Kelly's help, Lily posted the press release about the doll and praised Victoria for providing the choice item. Kelly noted that Victoria was evidently proficient in many areas. Lily explained that Victoria was a great mother and a wonderful wife. Lily added that Victoria was also a "steel magnolia," so no one should ever cross her. Kelly said, "That's good to know."

Lily changed the subject and said she'd select a date to accompany Kelly to the gala. Kelly, hoping to distract Lily, showed Mattie and Charlie the online press release about the doll. Mattie's eyes lit up when she saw a picture of the doll. Mattie seemed disappointed when Lily noted that it wasn't the kind of doll to be handled and played with. Kelly told Lily that the gala and the doll auction would be a great boost to the Delia Project.

Kelly said she needed to leave, but Lily again mentioned finding a date. Lily explained that Kelly would only spend one evening with her date, enjoying the fundraiser she'd helped plan. Kelly said she couldn't think of a possible candidate. Lily asked if Kelly wasn't interested in even one single man she'd met in town. Kelly widened her eyes and replied, "Not one single man." Lily said, "Leave it to me!" Kelly sighed.

At the police station, Michael, Lauren, and Kevin were present when Christine witnessed Fen signing documents that officially expunged his criminal records. Christine explained that an official ruling had concurred with surveillance video and proved that Fen had shot Carmine in self-dense. Noting that Carmine wasn't dead, Christine made everyone agree never to reveal that Carmine was alive. Christine added that Carmine was under federal protection and had been moved to a safe house.

Lauren asked about Womack. Michael said he hoped that Womack would murder Carmine if the two happened to meet by chance somewhere on the streets. Christine suggested that Michael not voice his wishes while the district attorney was present. Michael changed the subject and asked Kevin about Chloe. Kevin explained despite Adam's death, Chloe hadn't found peace and was still obsessing about Connor. Michael suggested that Chloe felt devoted to Connor because of the transplant Connor had received using Delia's corneas. Kevin shook his head and added, "It's scarily unhealthy, and every time I try to talk to her about it, she blows up at me."

Christine returned Fen's belongings before she embraced him and advised to him take care of himself. Fen removed his cell phone from a bag. When Michael asked where his son might like to go, Fen said to his own bed for a month of rest. Kevin teased with Fen and suggested the two should head to the gym because Fen appeared to have arms like string beans. The two young men playfully wrestled until Michael jokingly suggested they all leave the station to avoid being arrested.

At the penitentiary, a guard prepared to release Womack and admonished the man not to do anything that might land him back in prison. After the guard left, Womack made a phone call. He said, "Just a few more minutes, and I'll be free as a bird. How about that shipment? Find a way to get it back in the states?"

Womack seemed intrigued by the caller's response. Womack replied, "The G.C. Buzz, huh? I'll check it out." Womack logged onto a news web site and read an article titled "Priceless Doll to be Auctioned at the Delia Project Gala." The article was accompanied by a photo of a doll wearing a white frock.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren, Michael, Fen, and Kevin proposed toasts with mugs of coffee. They toasted Fen's freedom and expressed hope for Chloe's recovery. Lauren noted that Fenmore's Department Store had purchased a table at Delia's Benefit Gala. Michael asked Lauren if she was certain she wanted to attend. Lauren insisted that she wouldn't let one horrible night at the Genoa City Athletic Club hold her hostage and discourage her from participating.

Michael made a toast to the clearing away of the past and to embracing happiness in the future. The jolly group smiled and tapped their mugs together before each took a sip to ensure the unfolding of their shared hopes and dreams.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

At the hospital, Billy told Stitch that he wanted to go home right away, but Stitch insisted that Billy stay for one more day. Stitch offered to let Victoria sneak in a burger for Billy, but Billy pointed out that Stitch couldn't force him to stay against his will. Stitch advised Billy not to make things any harder than they already were on Billy's loved ones.

Outside Billy's room, Jack informed Nick and Victoria that Victor had known that Adam had been the hit-and-run driver and that Victor had made a deal with Adam for access to Connor in exchange for Victor's silence. Victor implored his children not to listen, but Nick and Victoria demanded to know if Jack was telling the truth. Victor refused to dignify Jack's accusations with a response, and Victoria tried to convince herself that Victor wouldn't keep such vital information from her. Victoria asked why Jack was making a painful situation worse, and Jack apologetically stated that he didn't want to hurt them, but it was the truth.

Jack told Nick and Victoria that Nikki could confirm his story, and Nick realized that Jack's allegations were true. Victor admonished Nick for turning against him and taking Jack's side, and he growled that Jack was only trying to get back at him for launching the investigation into the drug use at the Jabot shoot. Nick contended that he knew Victor was lying because Victor always shifted focus to something else when he was cornered. A horrified Victoria reeled from the knowledge of Victor's betrayal.

Jack stepped out, and Victoria tried to force Victor to admit that he'd known about Adam's role in Delia's death. Nick pieced together Victor's odd visit to Nick at the Underground, and Victor asked whether Nick and Victoria wanted to hear his side of the story. Nick said that the bottom line was that Victor had known and had said nothing, but Victor questioned what good it would have done if he had told them. Victoria told Victor not to dare say that he'd lied for his family's sake, but Victor referred to what Billy had done when he'd found out the truth.

Victor contended that a vengeful Billy hadn't cared about Victoria or Johnny when Billy had gone after Adam, but Victoria argued that she could have helped if she had known. Nick dryly noted that Victor had decided that the best course of action had been to blackmail Adam, but Victor reiterated that everything he'd done had been for his family. Nick snapped to tell it to Adam, and he stalked off. Victor told Victoria that he hadn't wanted things to end like they had, but she ranted that her husband had nearly died and that Victor's son actually had, and she couldn't believe that was all Victor had to say.

Victoria ordered Victor to stop using his family as an excuse because he didn't care about Billy, but Victor insisted that he hadn't wanted either of them to continue suffering. Victoria raged that Victor had only cared about having something to hold over Adam, and Billy heard her raised voice. Victoria recounted that she'd confided in Victor about Billy shutting her out to find answers about why someone had left his little girl on the roadside, and she yelled that Victor could have given them all peace. Billy insisted on going to Victoria.

Victoria bellowed that she didn't want anything from Victor ever again and that she was done with him. Victoria stormed off, and Stitch assured Billy that a strong woman like Victoria could handle Victor. Billy worried that he'd asked Victoria to be strong for too long, and he swore not to let her down again. Stitch reasoned that the last thing she needed was for Billy to end up in the hospital for even longer, and he offered to make sure she was okay. Stitch stepped outside, and he found a teary Victoria huddled in a corner.

Victoria anxiously asked about Billy, and Stitch informed her that Billy could go home the next day, as long as Billy followed doctor's orders. She guessed that Billy had been giving Stitch a hard time, and Stitch revealed that Billy had nearly ripped out his I.V. because he'd been worried after hearing her argument with Victor. She said that it hadn't been the first time Victor had disappointed her, but she was more concerned about Billy. Stitch sympathized that it wasn't easy to keep secrets from family, and she promised that she'd fill Billy in once he was stronger.

Victoria went into Billy's room and gently scolded him for giving the doctors a hard time, and he mentioned her argument with Victor. She downplayed it as a typical butting of heads, and she urged him just to worry about getting better and going home. Billy lovingly stated that he didn't want to wait to start taking care of her again. Later, Victoria tracked down Stitch and informed him that Billy was determined to leave. They entered Billy's room and found it empty.

Summer arrived at the ranch to see Victor, but Nikki informed her that he wasn't home. Nikki offered to talk about what was on Summer's mind, and Summer explained her discomfort about Victor's complaint against Jack, since it had been her mistake to take the pills. Summer complained that Jack and Victor were using her as an excuse to continue their ongoing feud, and she was trying to find balance with Jack and Nick. Nikki sympathized that Victor was forcing Summer to choose sides, and Summer wanted to find a way to make Victor see that she was the one who was hurt the most by the fighting.

Nikki encouraged Summer to remember that Victor always did things from a place of love, but Summer was determined to make Victor see that the complaint against Jabot was wrong. Summer lamented that she hated being stuck between two families, and she wailed that she wasn't sure what to do with her life. Nikki assured Summer that it was fine not to know, and Summer mentioned that she'd met a career counselor in the park. Summer insisted that the man was reputable, and a clueless Nikki trusted Summer's judgment. They hugged goodbye, and Summer pulled out John Darwin's card.

Victor returned home, and Nikki asked how Billy was doing. Victor poured a drink and said that he hadn't seen Billy, but Jack had been at the hospital. Victor relayed that Jack had told Nick and Victoria the same story about Victor blackmailing Adam, but he contended that Jack had no proof. Nikki realized that their children had believed Jack, and she declared that Victor had no one to blame but himself.

Later, there was a sharp rap at the ranch door, and Victor found a seething Billy on his doorstep. Billy demanded to know what Victor had said to upset Victoria.

At the penthouse, Chelsea cuddled with Connor, and she flashed back to her conversation with Victoria about Chelsea's new life with Adam in Paris. The baby gurgled, and Chelsea cooed that she knew everything had turned upside down, but she was there. She assured Connor that his daddy would walk through the door any minute, and the doorbell rang. Chelsea was surprised to see that Dylan had stopped by, and Dylan explained that he wanted to see how she and Connor were doing.

Connor fell asleep, and Chelsea reported that Connor hadn't been sleeping well because the tot sensed that something wasn't right. She vowed to be there for Connor, and she figured that people thought that she'd gotten what she'd deserved, since everyone had warned her about Adam. Dylan assured her that he didn't feel that way, and she called him the best man she'd ever known. She explained that she'd wanted to give Connor someone brave and honest to look up to, but Connor had ended up getting Adam as a father.

Dylan recalled that Chelsea had said that being a father had changed Adam, and Chelsea confirmed that she'd thought it had, but she couldn't believe that Adam had let Delia's corneas be transplanted into their son's eyes. Chelsea questioned whether Dylan could have done it, but Dylan couldn't imagine what he'd do in someone else's shoes. Dylan mentioned that he'd heard that Chelsea and Adam had gotten married before Adam had died, but she blurted out that the police hadn't found a body. Dylan wondered if she thought that Adam was still alive, and she reasoned that many people had wanted to see Adam dead, but she didn't think that Adam would give them the satisfaction.

Chelsea acknowledged that the news reports had indicated that no one could have survived the explosion, and Dylan pointed out that the water had been freezing. Chelsea reasoned that people survived incredible things, and she pointed out that Dylan himself had been presumed dead in Afghanistan. Dylan said that he wouldn't tell her not to believe what was in her heart, and he understood that she wanted her son to have his father. Chelsea asked if she was crazy to want Adam to be alive, and Dylan pointed out that Adam had hurt a lot of people, but she defended that Adam had been hurting, too.

Chelsea fretted that she was torn between hating Adam and loving him, and a voice inside her head was telling her that Adam would do anything to survive, even if it meant starting a new life without her and Connor. Dylan didn't believe that Adam would walk away after everything Adam had done to get his wife and son back, and Chelsea considered that perhaps Adam really was gone. Connor cried, and Dylan resisted the urge to tend to the baby, but Chelsea said that Dylan could pick Connor up. Jack arrived and told Chelsea that they needed to talk, and Dylan departed.

Chelsea asked Jack about Billy, and Jack anticipated that Chelsea might blame Billy for the accident, but she said that no one could have prevented it. Jack asserted that she was wrong, and Chelsea was stunned when he informed her that Victor had known about Adam's guilt. She realized that it was why Adam had let Victor back into their lives, and she condemned Victor for using a child's death to manipulate Adam. Jack warned that Victor would try to convince her that Victor had done it for his family, but he knew that Victor was only after his grandson. Jack assured her that she wasn't alone, since Adam had made him Connor's legal guardian to help protect her. Chelsea yelled that she didn't need anyone and that no one had known what Adam had wanted.

Jack conceded that Chelsea might be right, but he pointed out that Victor couldn't have blackmailed Adam if Adam had confessed. Chelsea imagined that Jack would have turned his back on Adam, too, since Delia had been Jack's niece, but Jack insisted that he'd cared a great deal for Adam. Chelsea proclaimed that it was too late and that she didn't need help from Jack or anyone else. Jack said that he respected her decision, and he told her to let him know if she changed her mind. He left, and Chelsea tearfully questioned why Adam had let her fall in love with him again when he'd known how things would end.

At the Athletic Club, Avery grumbled to herself as she did some paperwork, and Ian advised that stressing about work wasn't good for her. She sarcastically questioned if such insight had earned him his followers, but he insisted that his feelings were sincere. He dug for details about Avery's relationship with Dylan, but Avery wouldn't play his game of pretending to be her friend to get information from her. Ian declared that he taught and practiced directness, but Avery curtly inquired what he was after.

Ian realized that Avery assumed that he had an ulterior motive, and Avery told him not to deny that he'd arrived in town with an agenda. Ian argued that Dylan had sought him out, and Avery retorted that Dylan regretted it. Ian preached that people lived in the shadow of fear based on others' reality, but Avery asserted that Dylan knew what was real. Ian said that he was proud of his son for maintaining stability despite having an identity crisis, and he credited Dylan with following his own path, even though Nikki had pressured Dylan to embrace the Newmans. Avery refused to buy the garbage Ian had put in other people's heads, and he questioned where her anger and bitterness stemmed from.

Avery declared that she wasn't afraid of Ian, and he hoped that they could be on good terms, since she obviously cared for his son. Avery barked that Dylan wanted nothing to do with Ian, but he surmised that it was only because of what Nikki had told Dylan. Ian claimed that Nikki was confused about a trying time in her youth, but Avery countered that Nikki's life had been a nightmare because of Ian. Ian said that he wanted Avery to help Dylan find the path to truth, and he reached for her hand and said that he was glad that Dylan had her in his life. She snarled at him to take his hand off of her.

Ian said that Avery had misjudged him, but she testily informed him that she'd made a career out of successfully judging people, and she warned him not to ever touch her again. She concluded that he was accustomed to women giving in to his charms, but she snapped that if the statute of limitations hadn't run out, then she would have prosecuted him for what he'd done to Nikki. Avery suspected that if she dug deeper, she'd find dozens of innocent girls who he'd violated, but he received a call and excused himself. Over the phone, Summer reminded Ian of his offer to help her find her path. He said that he could, and he asked if could call her back. Ian mused to Avery that he had more than one reason to stay in Genoa City.

Ian guessed that Avery's hostility toward him was a direct result of her relationship with her own father, but Avery wouldn't discuss her personal life. Ian concluded that Avery had never resolved her issues with her father, so she was taking out her resentment on Ian. Avery hissed that Ian didn't know "a damn thing" about her, and he expressed his condolences that she hadn't been able to work things out with her father before he'd died, but he didn't want that to be the case for him and his son. Avery suggested that Ian would leave town if he cared about Dylan, and Ian said that he hoped Dylan realized how lucky he was to have Avery in his corner.

Later, Dylan greeted Avery, but he sensed that something was wrong. She revealed that Ian was still in town and that he had just been there. Dylan became incensed at the thought of Ian hurting her. Avery reported that Ian had tried to get inside her head, but it hadn't worked. Dylan wondered why Ian was still lurking around, and Ian spotted them talking.

Nick found Summer at Crimson Lights, and he noticed that she seemed down. She said that she'd felt better when she'd seen him, and she asked if he was okay. He replied that he didn't want to talk, but she gently pressed that he could tell his "Supergirl" anything. He apologized that all of his bad choices kept hurting her, and he wished that he'd run a second DNA test years before. Summer disclosed that she'd gone to the ranch to talk to Victor about easing up on Jack, but he hadn't been there, so she planned to go back later. Nick cautioned that it would be best if she kept her distance from Victor.

Summer suspected that Victor was hurting over Adam's death, but Nick contended that Victor had also hurt people. Nick couldn't stand that Victor was constantly throwing in Jack's face that Summer was a Newman, and he told Summer that she shouldn't have to feel guilty for being part of both families. She whined that she didn't know how to think or to feel, and she raced out to the patio. Ian returned her call, and he thought that she sounded upset. Summer rambled that she didn't know who she was or who she could trust, and Ian said that he'd helped lots of people her age who'd felt the same way. Summer asked if he could help her, and Ian soothingly stated that he was sure he could.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chloe went to the Athletic Club to sign off on details of the benefit. Chloe was sad because the benefit for the Delia project was on Valentine's Day, which was also Delia's birthday. Lily, Cane, and Kelly showed Chloe the antique doll, housed in a security case, which was the showpiece of the auction. The group discussed the gala. When Lily mentioned the children's performance, Chloe was reminded of Delia and grew choked up. Chloe pleaded exhaustion and left.

Lily worried that she had said the wrong thing, but Kelly said that any parent who had lost a child would feel the same way and what was important was to make sure that the benefit went off without a hitch. Kelly wanted to return the money that Adam had paid for a table, and Lily agreed. Lily and Kelly took a coffee break, while Cane took a phone call.

Lily wanted to fix Kelly up with a blind date for the benefit, but Kelly wanted to think about it for a while. Lily showed Kelly the costumes her children would be wearing. Colin interrupted and said that he could hardly wait to see his grandchildren in the costumes.

Lily had stern words for Colin. She told him to leave her kids alone and to stay away from them. Colin said that he would be at the fundraiser with his lovely wife and have his checkbook in hand. Cane asked for a private word with Colin. Lily said it was fine, as long as it was the last conversation that they ever had. Colin admired the doll, but Cane demanded to know the real reason that Colin had returned to town.

Colin said that he was there to make peace, but Cane said that he did not believe him. Colin said that if Jill could give him a second chance, he didn't understand why Cane could not. Cane said that it would not surprise him to find out that Jill was off somewhere trying to get a divorce. Colin said that he would not do anything to disrupt the benefit. Cane told Colin that if he did cause any trouble, Cane would ensure that Colin paid for it.

Chelsea was looking at a photo of Adam when Anita knocked on the door. Anita told Chelsea to pull herself together and move on with her life. Chelsea said that she still loved Adam, and as long as the police did not find a body, Chelsea would hope that Adam was alive. Anita said that Chelsea had to get back to living her life. Anita told Chelsea to go back to work, but Chelsea said that she could not face Chloe.

Anita pointed out that Chelsea had not known about Adam's crime and was not responsible for it. She suggested a kickboxing class so that Chelsea could beat up on someone other than herself. Lily dropped by to return the money and tickets that Adam had purchased for the gala. Chelsea was about to take them back, but Anita would not allow it. Anita told Lily that Chelsea would go to the benefit. Chelsea said that she had no intention of attending, but Anita persisted, so Lily left the tickets with Chelsea and told her that whatever Chelsea decided would be fine.

Anita told Chelsea that she was going to march into the ballroom and show the world that she was not going to be dragged down by Adam's actions. After attending to Connor, Chelsea told Anita that she would attend the benefit.

Nick went to visit Sharon. They discussed Adam and what he had done. Nick told Sharon that Victor had known about the crime, but had not told anyone, and instead had used it to blackmail Adam into giving Victor access to Connor. Sharon was not surprised. Faith ran downstairs and said that she was afraid of the "phantasm." Sharon convinced Faith that she had nothing to fear, because Sharon had made up the word earlier and had forgotten about it in the confusion of learning about Adam.

Nick told Faith that he wanted to talk about the gala that Faith was attending as Nick's valentine. Faith asked who would be Sharon's valentine. Sharon told Faith not to worry because Sharon had plenty of love in her life. Nick helped Faith get ready for bed.

Nick eventually got Sharon to admit that she feared that her meds were not working, but Sharon did not disclose that she had been seeing Cassie. Nick wanted to go to Sharon's next appointment with her shrink, but Sharon insisted that she had to get better on her own. Nick understood Sharon's need and agreed to let her handle her situation alone. As Nick put on his coat, he suggested that he, Sharon, and Faith go to the benefit together. Sharon agreed.

Stitch and Victoria went to Billy's hospital room and found that he was gone. They began a search for Billy. Stitch called Kelly. She sniped at Stitch until she found out that Billy was missing, and then she became concerned. Victoria returned from her search and realized that Billy had heard Victoria's argument with Victor. Victoria suspected that Billy had gone to see Victor and left to find him.

Billy showed up at Victor's door and demanded to know what Victor had said to Victoria. Nikki tried to get Billy to go back to the hospital, but he refused to go until he got answers from Victor. Billy told Nikki about the argument that Victoria had had with Victor. Billy said that he knew that they were talking about Adam, not Summer, as Victoria had told him. Nikki urged Victor to tell. Victor refused, but Billy, even in his weakened condition, was persistent.

Victoria arrived and asked why Billy had left the hospital. He said that he had needed to know the secret that they were hiding. Nikki said that she had only heard the day before. Billy said that he deserved to know. Victoria saw the logic and told him about Victor's cover-up and blackmail. Billy was incensed, despite Victor's explanation that he had done it for the family. Billy said that Victor had tried to play God and was just as guilty as Adam. When Billy refused to accept Victor's explanation, Victor blamed Delia's death on Billy because he had left Delia alone in the car.

Victoria defended Billy and lashed out at Victor. Victoria demanded to know why Victor had not told Billy as soon as he had found out about Adam. Victor said that if he had, Billy would have killed Adam and gone to prison, leaving Victoria and Johnny all alone.

Victoria did not accept that explanation. She told Victor that she quit -- she quit her job and she quit Victor. She told Victor that she was done with him and that he was no longer part of her family. Victor did not back down. He told Victoria that she would be back, but Victoria did not waver either. She voiced her anger with Victor and then persuaded Billy, after he collapsed on the sofa, to return to the hospital.

Victor yelled that Victoria would return to him because she always did and then told her to get out. After they left, Victor turned to Nikki for comfort, but she told him that he had gotten what he deserved because he had no one to blame but himself. She urged Victor to admit that he was wrong and apologize to his children. Victor got angry with Nikki and told her to mind her own business. He walked away as Nikki shouted that it was her business.

Chloe went to visit Kevin at the police station. Chloe said that she was having a lot of trouble thinking about the benefit, and even though she knew that it would help other children do things, she was miserable knowing that Delia would never do any of those things again. Kevin comforted Chloe as they shared loving memories of Delia.

Chloe did not want to attend the benefit, but Kevin told her that he knew that Chloe would walk through fire for Delia, and that going to the benefit would be doing that because Delia would love that her death would benefit so many others. Chloe said that she hated Kevin because he made her a better person. Chloe agreed to attend the benefit, but only if Kevin went with her.

Kelly went to the hospital to check on Billy and ran into Stitch. He told her to get lost, otherwise Victoria would figure out that she had slept with Billy, just like he had. Kelly wanted to know why Stitch was so invested. He asked if Kelly had considered that Stitch was worried about her. Victoria and Billy returned. Kelly said that she had been worried about Billy. Stitch checked Billy out, and Victoria told Kelly how much it meant that Kelly was there. Victoria said that Billy would need Kelly's friendship.

Alone in his hospital room, Victoria said that she no longer wanted Victor anywhere near their family. Victoria told Billy that she, Johnny, and Billy were a family, and maybe Billy's healing could finally begin.

Lily met up with Cane at the Athletic Club. He told her that Colin would attend the benefit, but Cane had given Colin a stern warning. The talk turned romantic as the loving twosome discussed their anniversary, Valentine's Day, and the gala, which were all happening on the same day. Nearby, Colin made a call and told the listener that the doll was in the case, and the listener had the codes to open the case.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Dylan jokingly threatened to deny Stitch coffee if Stitch didn't reveal what he was stewing about, and Stitch confided that his wife had started divorce proceedings. Dylan pointed out that Stitch hadn't said much about his marriage, and Stitch clarified that he hadn't divulged anything because he didn't want to talk about it. Dylan thought that there seemed to be a big secret involved, and he guessed that cheating had led to the Rayburns' rift. Stitch defended that neither he nor his wife would ever do that, and he admitted that something big had happened, but he couldn't go into details.

Dylan offered to talk about himself instead, and Stitch expected Dylan to ramble on about how in love he was. Dylan mentioned that he'd visited Chelsea, and Stitch incredulously recounted that Chelsea had lied to Dylan. Dylan said that he was worried about her and Connor, and he thought that they might need support, especially since people might shun them because of Adam. Stitch said that he didn't want his kid to live like that, and he wanted to be there for his son, but his ex was making it difficult. Stitch lamented that he was down to only phone calls with Max, and Dylan implored Stitch to fight for his son.

Dylan insisted that Stitch had no choice but to be part of Max's life, and Stitch asked if Dylan had any words of advice about marriage. Dylan pointed out that his own marriage to Chelsea hadn't lasted long, and Stitch inquired about how Dylan and Avery's relationship was going. Dylan replied that things were good, and Stitch questioned why Dylan was at the coffeehouse on Valentine's Day. Dylan said that he had plans later, and he asked about Stitch's, but Stitch grumbled that the cardiac unit would be as close as he'd get to anyone's heart.

At the penthouse, Chelsea prepared to go to the Delia Project fundraiser, and she was surprised when Avery stopped by to offer her condolences. Chelsea caught herself talking about Adam in the present tense, and Avery noted that she had also had experience with a presumed death. Chelsea asked if Avery thought that Adam was really dead, and Avery replied that what mattered was what Chelsea believed. Chelsea pointed out that wasn't an answer, and Avery referred to her faith that Phyllis would wake up, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Chelsea admitted that she thought that Adam was still alive but that he'd never return, so she was effectively a widow. Avery suspected that Adam had intended to go to the police to confess, and Chelsea murmured that there was a lot she'd never know. Avery said that nothing had made Adam happier than fatherhood and being with Chelsea, and she urged Chelsea not to doubt Adam's feelings. Chelsea said that she needed to get ready for the benefit, and she thanked Avery for saying nice things about Adam. Chelsea added that it had been sweet of Dylan to stop by, too, and Avery covered her surprise.

Later, Dylan arrived at Avery's apartment, and she cheerfully asked why he hadn't mentioned his visit to Chelsea. He noted that Avery was smiling and not upset, and she said it had been a lovely gesture for him to check on Chelsea. Avery disclosed that she'd also gone to see Chelsea, and she declared that she had no reason to be upset. Avery wanted to celebrate finally being on solid ground with her guy, and Dylan offered to take her out, but she announced that she was making a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Dylan presented her with a heart-shaped wooden box that he'd made for her, and he said that there was something inside.

Avery was stunned to discover a ruby necklace inside the box, since Dylan had never been the jewelry-giving type. He said that he was evolving, thanks to her, and she asked why he'd chosen the necklace. He put it around her neck, and he said that it touched her where he liked to kiss as he nuzzled her neck. Dylan added that rubies were known for being strong healers of the heart, and Avery had healed his heart. They kissed.

Avery emerged from the bedroom in some sexy lingerie, and she asked Dylan how he liked it. He amorously replied that he'd take it however she wanted to offer it, and she said that she'd meant the necklace. He said that he liked it on her, and he liked her outfit. He added that she looked beautiful, and they professed their love. They began to make love on the sofa.

At the fundraiser, Lily anxiously tended to last-minute preparations as she made demands over the phone to ensure that the doll would be adequately protected, and Cane informed her that he'd already handled it. She fretted that her to-do list was getting longer, but he assured her that everything was all set, and he needed her upstairs. Kelly stepped in to take over, and Cane told Lily that his situation was an emergency. Lily whined that the event was about to start, but Kelly said that everything was running smoothly. Lily pointed out a man in a suit at the bar as Kelly's blind date, and Kelly spotted Jack.

Cane guided Lily to a suite, and he said that there had been a last-minute reservation. She inquired whether a V.I.P. guest would be staying there, and he replied that the person was very important. He lovingly wished her a happy anniversary and Valentine's Day, and she gently scolded him for faking an emergency. He kissed her, and she noted that they were in the suite where they'd first made love. Cane said that there was another part to the surprise, and he removed his jacket. Lily conceded that she could take a couple of minutes away from the event, and he seductively replied that it would take a lot longer. They kissed and collapsed onto the bed.

In the ballroom, Lauren observed that Leslie and Neil looked fantastic, and she mentioned that Michael was in Washington, DC, for work, but they'd celebrate Valentine's Day when he got back. Leslie commented that it was amazing that the Baldwins still liked one another after being married for such a long time, and Lauren gushed that she and Michael had stood behind one another unconditionally, just like Neil and Leslie would when they were married. Lauren asked if they had set a wedding date, and Neil tried to change the topic to Lauren's family's legal hassles finally being over. Undeterred, Lauren asked if David Tutera was creating a magical day for the ceremony, and Neil vaguely stated that he and Leslie had decided not to use a wedding planner.

Esther wondered when she'd get to see the snow queen, and Chloe explained that it would be auctioned off that evening. Kevin wished that there were sports tickets up for auction instead, but Chloe countered that Delia would have loved the doll. Chloe recalled that she'd intended to get a special doll for Delia's birthday that would have looked just like Delia, but her voice trailed off, and she stepped away. Leslie remarked to Chloe that she hadn't known Delia, but she surmised that Delia had been incredible to inspire such a wonderful event. Chloe thanked her, and she confirmed that Delia had been really incredible. An upset Chloe excused herself, and Kevin chased after her.

Neil greeted Jack and asked how Billy was doing. Jack reported that Billy had just gotten home from the hospital and shouldn't attend the fundraiser, but he suspected that Billy would probably try to be there for Delia's sake. Neil recognized that it couldn't be easy for Jack, but Jack vowed to be strong for Billy. Neil encouraged Jack to seek him out if Jack needed anything, and Jack assured Neil that he was okay. Jack told Neil to have a happy Valentine's Day with his fiancée, and Neil looked uncomfortable.

Abby wished Devon a happy Valentine's Day, but Devon remarked that he wasn't a big fan of the holiday, and he noticed Esmerelda arrive. Tyler informed Devon that Esmerelda was a model, and he urged Devon to talk to her. Devon approached Hilary at the buffet table instead, and he greeted her as a friend. She marveled that the place looked great, but he called it a dumb holiday. Hilary found nothing objectionable about romantic gestures and pretty presents, but Devon groused that there was too much pressure about love.

Kelly tentatively approached Jack, and she said that she wasn't sure what Lily had told him, but she was in no mood for romance. A baffled Jack suggested that they start more slowly, and she asked if he'd rather go out for coffee. He introduced himself, and she responded likewise. He praised that she'd made a great first impression.

Kelly spied Hilary waiting behind Jack, and Jack asked if Hilary needed him. Hilary replied that she'd just wanted to say hello to her boss, and he introduced the women, who recognized one another from the fundraiser planning meeting. A man approached Kelly and said that he was James, her date for the evening. An embarrassed Kelly realized that she'd mistakenly assumed that Jack was her date, and she told Jack to forget everything she had said. An amused Jack chuckled and said that he couldn't forget if he tried. Kelly led James away.

Jack complimented Hilary's dress, and she observed that he looked sharp. He asked if his tie needed an adjustment, and she leaned in close to take care of it. She suddenly planted a kiss on his lips, and she immediately pulled back. Jack hoped that he hadn't given Hilary the wrong impression, and she blamed the champagne and romance-themed atmosphere for her actions. Hilary offered to tender her resignation, but Jack insisted that they not let an impulsive kiss ruin their business relationship. She thanked him for understanding that she'd gotten caught up in the moment, and she promised that she would never jeopardize the opportunity he'd given her at Jabot.

Jack stepped out to the empty foyer and called the hospital. He asked the nurse to put the phone by Phyllis' ear, and he wished that Phyllis were there. He imagined her wearing a sexy gown and being the most gorgeous woman in the place. He informed her that he was also apparently looking good, since two women had hit on him, but he only had eyes for Phyllis. Jack hoped that one day she'd open them and let him know that she loved him like he loved her, but his voice broke. He choked back tears as he said that that he missed her, and he wished her a happy Valentine's Day.

Kelly awkwardly informed James that she wasn't looking to date and that Lily shouldn't have set them up. She hoped that he found the right person, and he wished the same for her.

Devon contemplated going up to Esmerelda, but he ran into Chloe and hoped that she was pleased, and she thanked him for doubling Adam's initial donation. Devon replied that Delia had been a special girl, and he left to mingle and solicit some donations. Esther asked if Chloe was okay, and Chloe snapped that she was fine, but she thought that Esther should go home if she couldn't handle Chloe being antsy. Esther declared that she wouldn't miss the special night for anything.

Devon asked Esmerelda if she was enjoying the party, and she griped that it wasn't her scene. He said that the club was in the middle of an overhaul, and he requested her input. She asked if he knew the owner, and he revealed that he owned the club. She instantly warmed up and cooed that she'd love to see the place, and he offered her a private tour.

Lily and Cane returned to the ballroom, and she asked if he'd seen Colin. She said that the twins would be there soon, and she swore not to let Colin anywhere near the children. Cane said that the event looked amazing, and he urged her to remember that they loved one another, so nothing would ever get between them.

Neil told Leslie that although they'd talked about tabling their wedding plans, he thought that they owed people an explanation. Leslie asserted that it was no one else's business, but he worried that people would start to wonder. She assured him that they'd handle it, but he replied that he was starting to wonder, too, and he wanted to decide how they'd proceed from there. She promised that they would, but she had something for him first.

Leslie presented Neil with tickets to a jazz concert in Chicago. She said that she'd called in some favors after they'd missed Kurt Elling's New York show, and he called the gift amazing. She suggested that they make a weekend of it, and he admitted that he hadn't expected anything after their wedding conversations, but she pointed out that they were still engaged. He thought that Valentine's Day was too traditional for her, but she called it an opportunity to show that she loved him whether they were married or not.

Tyler received a call, and he stepped aside to answer it. He told Mariah that he couldn't meet her then, but he ultimately gave in and said that he'd be there. Tyler told Abby that he had to take care of something, but he promised that he would be back in plenty of time to celebrate. After Tyler left, Hilary asked Abby if she'd seen Devon, and Abby pointed her toward the gym. Hilary walked in on Devon and Esmerelda making out in the steam room.

Leslie asked Abby where Tyler was, and Abby reported that he'd needed to take care of something at the office, but he would be back soon. Meanwhile, Tyler knocked on a hotel room door, and the woman with the wrist tattoo let him in.

Abby babbled to Kevin and Chloe about Adam's despicable behavior, and she wished that her family could make a gesture to show that they regretted Adam's actions. Abby suggested that she and Tyler devise a marketing plan for the project, and Chloe barked that her daughter had been her child, not a project. Chloe quickly apologized and hurried off, and Kevin raced after her and asked if she was okay. Chloe ordered him to stop asking, but she was obviously becoming increasingly agitated.

Chloe asked Kevin to fetch a drink for her, while she had a few minutes to herself. Lily and Cane approached Chloe, and Chloe credited them with transforming the place. Lily said that it had been an honor, and Cane added that he was glad that Chloe was there. Chloe remembered that Cane had named her daughter Cordelia Katherine Valentine, and Cane recalled that Delia's name had meant "heart." Chloe brokenly stated that Delia had been her heart, and Cane said that he was sorry.

Esther offered to go home, but Chloe insisted that they were where they should be, and they hugged. Esther realized that she'd forgotten a collage of Delia's artwork, and she thought it would go perfectly with the other decorations. Esther promised that she would be back before the action started, and she rushed off to retrieve it. Neil told Chloe that it was a wonderful cause, and it was great to see her there. Chloe looked distant, and she abruptly walked away.

Kevin informed Lauren that he'd talked Chloe into attending, and Lauren thought it would be good for Chloe to see the outpouring of love for Delia. Kevin worried that it was hard for Chloe to be around a lot of people, but Lauren pointed out that Chloe had him. Kevin revealed that Chloe had been pushing him away because of his concern about her obsession with Connor, and Lauren noted that at least Kevin and Chloe had attended the event together. Kevin hoped that he and Chloe were inching back together and that Chloe would gradually be able to face the future.

In the foyer, Chelsea greeted Jack, and she said that she was sorry for lashing out at him about Victor and Connor, but he told her that there was no need to apologize. She said that Anita had convinced her to be there for Delia's sake, since Connor would have been blind without Delia's corneas. Chelsea was afraid to go upstairs in case everyone hated her, and Jack reasoned that they'd also have to hate him because he had loved Adam, too. Jack contended that his niece would have approved of him escorting Chelsea upstairs, and he offered her his arm.

Lauren told Chloe that Kevin had been caught up with some coworkers, and she innocently inquired how Chloe's work was going. Chloe replied that it wasn't, and Lauren surmised that it was because Chelsea was grieving. Lauren asked how Chelsea was handling Adam's death, and Chloe angrily retorted that Chelsea was doing just fine, since Chelsea still had a child. Chloe spewed that Chelsea's "sick, selfish bastard of a husband" had killed her little girl, and she turned and faced a horrified Chelsea.

Friday, February 14, 2014

In the Athletic Club foyer, Victoria asked if Billy felt okay, and he said that he needed to be there as the foundation's chairman and Delia's father. Nikki called Victoria and said that she didn't feel up to attending a big function, and Victoria worriedly inquired whether stress had caused Nikki's MS to flare up, but Nikki replied that she was just exhausted. Nikki requested that Victoria take over hosting duties, and she hoped that it was a successful evening.

Billy suspected that Nikki was keeping Victor on a short leash, but Victoria didn't want to mention Victor's name again, and she declared that all that mattered was her and Billy. They kissed, and he warned that if she kept it up, they might be very late. They recalled when they'd slipped away to a room there, and he amorously suggested that they do it again, but Kelly cleared her throat as she descended the stairs. Kelly remarked that Billy looked much better and that everyone would be thrilled to see him, and Billy and Victoria headed upstairs.

At the ranch, a tuxedo-clad Victor asked if Nikki wasn't feeling well, and she informed him that she wasn't up to attending the fundraiser. She added that he was out of his mind if he thought he was going, and Victor questioned why he shouldn't go. Victor offered to stay if Nikki needed him, but Nikki suspected that Victor wanted to go to the benefit to try to work his way back into Victoria and Nick's good graces. Nikki cautioned that it might not ever happen, and she thought that Victor would risk ruining the evening.

Victor proclaimed that he wanted to fix things, and he'd had to make some tough choices when he'd found out what Adam had done. Nikki informed him that Summer had stopped by to seek out Nikki's support to stop Victor from attacking Jack, but she suddenly seemed to get weak. Victor hovered over Nikki with concern, but she asked why he couldn't see that the things he'd done in the name of helping people had only hurt them. Victor told her that it wasn't good for her to get upset, and he thought that she shouldn't concern herself with it.

Victor told Nikki that he didn't want to talk about Adam or their children, and he addressed what day it was. He presented her with a card and wished her a happy Valentine's Day, and he said that he meant every word he'd written. Nikki called the gesture thoughtful, and Victor added that he'd had Forrester Creations design a dress for her for a night out on the town. Victor said that he loved her more than anything, and he swore that nothing that had happened had diminished his love.

Victor handed Nikki some chamomile tea, and he asked what she thought about his gift. She thought it was romantic, but it wouldn't change what he'd done. Victor insisted that they wanted the same things for the future, and Nikki wished that she could believe it, but she needed time alone to think. She went upstairs, and Victor placed a call, requesting to see someone right away. Later, Nikki called out for Victor, but she received no response.

At the Delia Project benefit, Chloe asked Chelsea what she was doing there, and Chelsea replied that she was there for the same reason Chloe was. Chloe ranted that Chelsea's husband was the reason they were all there because if it hadn't been for him, then she would be celebrating Delia's birthday. Kevin tried to intervene, and Jack acknowledged that they were all upset by what Adam had done but that Chelsea wasn't Adam. Chelsea contemplated leaving, but Neil stepped in and offered to introduce Chelsea to a distributor.

Kevin offered to leave with Chloe, but she maintained that she had to stay for Delia's sake. Chloe decided to dig herself out of the hole her mouth had gotten her into, and she pulled Chelsea aside. Chloe conceded that she could be a loudmouth jerk, and Chelsea commented that Chloe had never directed it at Chelsea before. Chloe apologized, and she explained that everyone had been talking about Delia and calling it an amazing event, but it had only made her miss Delia more. Chloe begged Chelsea to accept her apology, and she insisted that she wanted Chelsea to be there. Chelsea hoped that the night would get better, and Chloe was confident that it would.

Sharon marveled that the ballroom looked like a fairy tale, and Nick held Faith close and remarked that it wasn't as enchanting as his valentine. Faith ran over to hug Summer, who gushed over Faith's costume. Sharon noted that Nikki and Victor weren't there, and Nick barked that he had no interest in seeing Victor.

Hilary ducked out of the steam room after she saw Devon and Esmerelda kissing. Devon heard the door close, but Esmerelda convinced him that it had only been the sound of his heart beating.

Abby asked Neil why he had made Tyler work that night, but Neil insisted that he hadn't. A perplexed Abby surmised that she had misunderstood, and Leslie looked concerned. After Abby walked off, Leslie informed Neil that Tyler's ex was in town, and she wondered if that was why Abby was having trouble finding Tyler.

At the closed downstairs bar, Jill steeled herself to pretend to be happy when she entered the ballroom with Colin. Jill reminded Colin that the only reason she'd stayed married to him was to find out about the music box, and she griped that he'd promised to tell her over a romantic dinner, but he'd lied again. Colin countered that cheese and crackers hadn't cut it as a romantic dinner, and Jill would have to do more than that. He suggested that she start by convincing everyone that the only place she wanted to be was on his arm, and he promised to give Jill a night she'd never forget.

In the ballroom, Lily told Cane that she was looking forward to getting back to the hotel suite that he'd surprised her with, but they had to wait for the snow queen doll to be auctioned off. Lily wondered if Colin might not show up, and Cane stated that Colin had better stick to his promise not to cause problems, or Colin would regret it. Later, Cane prepared Charlie and Matty for their performance, and Lily said that she couldn't wait to see them on stage. Cane noticed Jill and Colin enter, and Lily instructed the twins to take their places.

Lauren hugged Jill, and she bitterly asked what Colin was doing there. Colin said that he followed his bride wherever she went, and a horrified Lauren incredulously inquired if Jill had been hiding out because she'd married Colin again. Billy overheard and demanded to know if they were kidding. At the podium, Victoria called for everyone's attention, and Lauren sternly told Jill that they'd finish the conversation later. Colin tried to put his arm around Jill, but she warned him not to touch her.

Victoria asked everyone to take a seat, and she explained that her mother hadn't been able to be there, so it was her honor to present the night's theatrical event, since one of the foundation's goals was to provide enrichment programs for underprivileged kids. Victoria added that Delia had loved the arts, so it was another way for Delia's memory to live on. Victoria introduced the performers, and the audience gasped excitedly as the children appeared on stage. Leslie cooed to Neil that she couldn't wait to see Moses in performances when he got older, and Neil looked pleased.

As the children performed, Chloe sadly watched and flashed back to giving Delia a ring after her school play. Chloe jumped up and said that she needed to go, and she told Kevin that she wanted to be alone. He said that he would call her later, and she fondly recognized that he'd always taken care of her. He swore that he always would, and she thanked him for everything he'd done for her. The guests applauded as the kids took their bows, and Kelly and Billy tried to hide their pain. Kevin chased after Chloe, but he was unable to catch up with her.

Billy commented that it was a shame that Nikki couldn't have been there, but Nick was glad that Victor hadn't ruined the event by showing up. Nick picked Faith up and praised her amazing performance, while Billy uncomfortably witnessed the moment. Summer said that she had two movies lined up that night, and she planned to have popcorn and chocolate shakes at her slumber party with Faith. Victoria praised that Faith had been a great narrator, and Billy added that he was sure that Delia had been proudly smiling down from heaven.

Cane told Colin that he would have enjoyed the performance more if Colin hadn't been there, and Colin remarked that Cane and Lily should be proud as the twins' parents. Colin pointed out that he'd respected Cane's wishes by not even trying to talk to the kids, and he imagined that Cane wouldn't let him do so until Cane believed that Colin had changed. Cane flatly declared that it would never happen.

Jill asked Kevin where Chloe was, and he reported that Chloe had left because the event had been too difficult for her. Kevin blamed himself for talking Chloe into being there, but Jill advised him not to be that hard on himself. Kevin suspected that it had been too much, and he hoped that it hadn't messed with Chloe's progress. Billy wished that he'd gotten the chance to talk to Chloe, since he'd spent all day thinking about Delia's birthday. Billy said that he'd been trying to hold on to the good memories and not think about the loss, but he thought that Chloe was having a hard time doing so.

Jill apologized for not being there for Lauren, but she was glad that Lauren was getting her life back on track. Lauren expressed shock that Jill had married Colin, who joined them and declared that a reunion had been in the stars. He noted that Lauren was skeptical, and she contended that she had a right to be, but he countered that the love of a good woman could turn a man around.

Victoria asked if Billy had talked to Jill, but Billy wanted to stick to their bargain and not mention their parents. Billy informed Jack that he was aware that Victor had blackmailed Adam, but something positive had happened as a result -- Victor was officially out of their lives. Victoria confirmed that she'd had it with Victor, and Billy added that their primary goal was to create a bright future without Victor in it. Billy admitted that he'd wanted to punish Victor, and Jack stated that there was no greater punishment than Victor's kids seeing Victor for who he really was.

Esmerelda and Devon returned to the ballroom, and she suggested that they continue getting to know one another at his place. He said that he needed to stick around, but he offered to meet her later. Esmerelda sauntered off, and Hilary approached Devon and grumbled that she'd thought that he would aim higher than a model. He wondered why Hilary cared about who he was seeing, since she had insisted on being just friends, and she claimed that she was invested in protecting him from being ripped off. Hilary admonished Devon for mauling someone he'd just met, and she cautioned him to slow down, but he argued that he was just having fun.

Fen chased after Summer and Faith in the foyer, and he told Faith that she'd been fantastic in the play. He asked if they wanted to do something that evening, but Summer informed him that she'd promised to have a slumber party with Faith, and she suggested that she and Fen get together the next day. Fen said that he'd call her, and they hugged goodbye. Fen encountered Womack and another man in the foyer, and Womack greeted "Mouse."

Womack claimed that it was a coincidence that he and Fen were both there and that he simply wanted a drink to celebrate his freedom. Womack added that Fen could repay his debt by not telling anyone he'd seen Womack there, and Fen agreed. Womack told Fen to beat it, and after Fen departed, Womack told his companion to have the car waiting.

Sharon remembered that she had a congratulations card that she wanted to give Faith, and Nick suggested that it could wait until morning, but Sharon raced off to try to catch Faith and Summer. Sharon went to the foyer, and she saw Cassie appear outside the door. Nick saw Sharon make a quick exit, and he followed her.

Sharon ran after Cassie and ordered her to stop, and she refused to let Cassie go until Cassie explained why Sharon had been seeing her everywhere. Sharon asked if Cassie was there because of the secret Sharon had been keeping from Nick, and Cassie asked what secret Sharon meant. Nick called out for Sharon, and Cassie slipped away when Sharon turned around. Nick wondered what Sharon was doing there without a coat, and he wrapped his jacket around her and led her away.

At Crimson Lights, Nick offered to get Sharon something hot to drink, and he confronted her about what was going on. Sharon confessed that she had been lying to him. Meanwhile, Victor walked through the park, and he spotted someone and said that he had been beginning to wonder if they'd show up. "Where else would I be?" Cassie replied.

Tyler returned to the party, and Abby asked where he'd been. He said that he would fill her in later, but she testily inquired how she was supposed to have fun when he was keeping a secret. Tyler admitted that he'd gone to see Mariah to tell her to back off for good, but Abby was livid that he hadn't told her. He argued that he'd thought it had been best to do it on his own, but Abby spat that it had only been the best thing for him.

Womack surveyed the ballroom, and his eyes were drawn to the covered case that contained the doll. Colin covertly told Womack that he expected everything to go smoothly, but Womack worried that Michael would spot him. Colin reported that Michael was out of town, and Womack crowed that the news made his night. Colin looked over at the doll and said that Womack knew what to do.

Lily caught Womack hovering near the stage and surmised that he was a late guest, and she directed him to the coat check in the corridor. She offered to help him find his table, but he said that he'd spotted his companion. After Lily walked away, Womack covertly plugged in the security code on the doll's case.

Chelsea thanked Jack for his help that evening, but she wanted to get back to her son. She added that she didn't want to make Billy uncomfortable, since facing Chloe had been bad enough. Jack offered Chelsea a ride home, but she said that she had her car there. Lily announced that the auction was about to begin, and Jack pleaded with Chelsea to stay for the main event.

Lily declared that it was time to unveil the snow queen, and she described the one-of-a-kind collector's item. She removed the sheet from the case, and she was stunned when she found it was empty. Lily noticed Womack heading for the exit, and she yelled that there was something under his coat. Guests lunged to stop Womack, and Lily ran over and grabbed the doll from him. Diamonds spilled onto the floor, and Womack whipped out a gun and demanded that everyone stay right where they were.

At the penthouse, a frazzled Anita cleaned up baby things, and she was surprised when Chloe arrived. Chloe announced that she was there to relieve Anita from babysitting, and Anita stated that Chelsea hadn't said anything about it, but Chloe asserted that everything had been handled. Anita asked why Chloe wasn't at the fundraiser, and Chloe replied that it had been lovely, but she hadn't been able to handle it. Chloe appealed to Anita's understanding as a mother, but Anita wondered why Chelsea had decided to stay at the event.

Chloe revealed that she'd said something awful about Adam, but she and Chelsea had talked it out, and everyone had made Chelsea feel welcome. Chloe claimed that Chelsea had needed to decompress, and she thought that Anita could also use a break. Anita admitted that it was exhausting to take care of a baby, and Chloe chirped that she'd take it from there. Anita said that she hoped that the next day would be a better one, and Chloe was sure it would be. Anita left.

Chloe made arrangements for a car to take her to the airport, and she said that she'd be waiting in the lobby with her son. She grabbed the passports and got Connor ready to leave.

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