The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 17, 2014 on Y&R

Sharon discovered a collage of Cassie's photos on her wall. Womack held the guests at the Delia Project fundraiser hostage. A delirious Billy revealed his one-night stand with Kelly. Womack shot Cane, and Colin killed Womack. Chloe fled to Paris with Connor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 17, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, February 17, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Nick questioned Sharon after she ran away from the benefit without her coat. Sharon explained that she'd seen Cassie and had actually touched her. Nick said that he missed Cassie and often expected to see her in familiar places. Sharon, shaken, explained that she'd clearly seen and had actually touched Cassie. Sharon noted that she was back on her medication and had been regularly undergoing therapy, so she shouldn't be seeing visions of Cassie at all.

Sharon pleaded with Nick to help her. Nick caressed Sharon's hand and said that there had to be a logical explanation for what she had been experiencing. He suggested that her medication needed a dosage adjustment. Sharon noted that after she'd resumed taking her medication, she'd stopped seeing Cassie for quite a while. Sharon added that though her medication levels were perfect, visions of Cassie had suddenly reappeared. Sharon trembled when she described the day she'd reached out and felt Cassie. Sharon said she hoped the realistic visions of Cassie might be a temporary side effect. Nick told Sharon to arrange an appointment with her therapist, and he promised to help Sharon through the crisis.

At Chancellor Park, a young woman who strongly resembled Cassie met with Victor after he phoned her. Victor told the young woman that her services were no longer needed. The woman explained that she'd made progress because Sharon believed that seeing Cassie's ghost was related to the secret. The woman added, "Sharon totally thinks I'm Cassie." In a flashback, Victor recalled bumping into the Cassie look-alike at Crimson Lights when she had entered the establishment with hopes of landing a job as a waitress. Victor also recalled arranging for the young woman to alter her appearance slightly before paying a visit to Sharon at her home on the ranch property.

Standing in a dark area of the park, the Cassie look-alike thanked Victor for his generous payment. She said "Easiest money I ever made." Victor reminded the young woman that she should keep quiet. The woman replied, "Who am I going to tell? This is not something to brag about. My job is to wear a pink sweater and scare the crap out of someone's mom."

Victor told the young woman not to do irreparable harm to Sharon. He noted that the goal was to prevent Sharon from becoming close to Nick again. Victor instructed the young woman to uncover Sharon's secret as soon as possible. The Cassie imposter explained that Sharon didn't spend much time alone because Nick was often present. Victor told the young woman that he would make it worth her while to discover Sharon's secret.

Victor asked the woman why she'd moved to Genoa City. Before the Cassie look-alike could answer, she and Victor heard Nick and Sharon approaching. The young woman hurried away in one direction, and Victor went in another. As Nick and Sharon entered the park, Sharon said she was worried that she might "edit herself" if Nick accompanied her to a therapy session with Dr. Mead. Nick said he understood because he might feel the same way about having Sharon present if he were undergoing therapy with Dr. Mead.

Sharon said that Nick was the most emotionally stable person she knew and had no reason to consult a psychiatrist. Nick sighed and said he remained guilt-ridden about what he'd done to Summer, Jack, and Phyllis. Nick added, "There's nothing I can do about it." Nick had given his coat to Sharon, so he took her arm and said they needed to escape the freezing night air. After Sharon and Nick walked away, the Cassie look-alike stepped out from behind a bush and watched them.

After the Cassie look-alike left, Victor poured out his heart to Katherine as he stood near the plaque bearing her name. Victor said he knew Katherine would chastise him for paying the young girl to get information out of Sharon. He added, "You, Katherine, know better than anyone what it means to protect one's family. I'd do anything to do that." Victor acknowledged that he had everything he needed and had made a lot of money. Tears welled in Victor's eyes. He told Katherine that what he cherished the most was Nikki, his children, and his grandchildren. Before Victor turned to leave, he added, "I'll do everything in my power to protect them. That's an absolute."

At Sharon's house, Nick served Sharon a glass of warm milk. Sharon thanked Nick for being a nonjudgmental friend. Nick promised to remain by her side. Sharon sipped the warm milk and said she felt relaxed. The Cassie look-alike watched covertly through the glass in the door. She stepped back when she saw Nick walk toward the door. Nick got a throw and covered Sharon after she fell asleep on the sofa.

At the Delia Project Benefit, held upstairs at the Genoa City Athletic Club, shocked guests raised their arms when Womack brandished a handgun. Colin urged Womack to take dozens of large diamonds scattered on the floor near Womack's feet and leave the venue. Womack assured the guests that no one would be injured if they followed his instructions. After Womack locked the exit doors, he instructed Abby to collect cell phones, so no one could alert the authorities. He reprimanded Lily for spilling the diamonds that had been hidden inside the doll.

Lily did as she was told and collected the diamonds scattered about on the floor. When Abby approached Jack, he told her that everything would be all right. Womack yelled for Abby to place the bowl full of collected cell phones on the bar counter. Womack told Lily and Chelsea to add their own jewelry to the bowl with the loose diamonds. One of Womack's accomplices, also brandishing a handgun, warned that police had arrived.

Horrified guests darted away from Womack as he moved through the crowd and demanded to know who'd phoned the police. Devon stepped forward and admitted that he'd summoned police by tripping the silent alarm. Womack raised the handgun as if he were about to shoot Devon. Lily stood in front of her brother and screamed, "No! Stop!" Cane attempted to protect Lily, but the accomplice intercepted Cane.

Womack told Lily that her actions had placed everyone in danger. Cane called Womack a coward. Womack threatened Cane. Colin said, "There's no need for the situation to escalate. Cane's not going to do anything stupid because he loves his wife and kids too much." Womack told guests to sit. Lily gave the bowl of diamonds and other jewelry to Womack. Victoria and Billy sat together at a table beneath a chandelier.

At the police station, Detective Harding bantered with Paul and noted that crime reports seemed to decrease whenever Detective Chavez was out of town. Paul said that Harding must be bored. Harding admitted that he needed something to keep his attention. After Harding walked away, Fen entered Paul's office and said that he'd run into Womack at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Paul rose from his seat, approached Fen, and asked what Womack had said. Fen explained that Womack had ordered him "to pretend [Womack] wasn't there." Harding returned and announced that police had been summoned the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Paul and Detective Harding joined other police officers at the Genoa City Athletic Club. An officer told Paul that the silent alarm had been tripped in the ballroom upstairs. Paul leaned that the entry doors were locked and that security cameras had been disabled. Fen arrived just as Paul noted that the criminal act had been planned. Fen warned that Womack was a lunatic.

In the ballroom, Womack chose to use Lauren as a human shield. Kevin stood up to protect Lauren. Womack asked about Fen. Kevin became agitated when Womack referred to Fen as a skinny drug addict. From across the room, Jill warned Kevin not to provoke Womack. Kevin said, "We have to stand up to this after everything terrible that's happened this past year. This ends tonight!" Womack prepared to fire his handgun and replied, "Yeah. It does."

Fen bolted for the stairway when he heard the gunshot from downstairs. Police held Fen back. In the ballroom, guests looked on in horror when a huge crystal chandelier fell on top of Billy and Chelsea. Kelly called out to Billy. Jack called out to Chelsea. Victoria hovered over an unconscious Billy. Chelsea raised her head and called out to Billy. Jill and Victoria helped Billy sit up. Jack attended to a bloody scratch on Chelsea's arm. Chelsea cried that Billy had saved her life. Womack warned the guests to remain silent, and he threatened to aim his weapon lower the next time he fired.

Chelsea whispered to Jack that Connor had almost lost his mother. Kevin told Tyler and Abby that police would try to negotiate with Womack before attempting to enter the ballroom. Kevin added, "This could get very ugly." Leslie noted that though Womack had committed many crimes, he'd never killed anyone. Neil shushed Leslie and asked if Womack had been making empty threats with his gun. Tyler said, "People do crazy things when they've got nothing to lose." Tyler wrapped his arm tightly around Abby.

Lily blamed herself to grabbing the doll away from Womack. Cane asked how Womack could've have known about the diamonds. Colin said, "They're conflict diamonds that had been smuggled into Russia, then placed inside the doll in time for it to be sent to the U.S." Colin added that Womack probably wanted the doll to sell on the black market. Jill scoffed and said, "A doll black market? That's crazy." Colin noted that Jill planned to do the same with Katherine's music box. Lily argued that Womack had known about the diamonds because he'd referred to them as his retirement plan. Colin claimed that Womack had just gotten lucky.

Billy charged at Womack and tried to take the gun, but Womack punched Billy in the stomach. Billy had difficulty breathing, and Victoria comforted him. Womack threatened to shoot the next person who moved. Jack inched toward Womack, but Jill held Jack back. Jack sat down, and Kelly told him that she'd just discovered that he and Billy were brothers. Kelly explained that she and Billy had met at a grief-support group. Jack thanked Kelly for helping Billy put his life back together. Kelly lowered her head and began nervously biting her nails.

Victoria pleaded with Womack to let Billy seek medical treatment. Kelly volunteered to help Billy and Victoria. Kelly grabbed an ice bucket and attended to Billy, who was confused. Billy apologized to Victoria. He said, "I didn't mean for it to happen." Victoria told Billy that it wasn't his fault.

Billy, addressing Kelly, said, "You told her, didn't you? You swore you wouldn't tell her." Victoria asked Kelly what Billy was talking about, but Kelly noted that Billy was confused. Billy began sobbing, looked into Victoria's eyes, and said, "It only happened one time, and it meant nothing to me. I love you so much." Kelly began crying. Victoria said, "You slept with my husband."

Downstairs, Detective Harding spread out blueprints of the ballroom on the bar. Paul studied the drawings and said they needed to determine a way to enter the room without alerting Womack. Harding noted that the hostages were in grave danger. Paul phoned the ballroom. Womack answered. Paul asked what he could do to ensure everyone's safe exit from the ballroom.

Womack demanded that officers back away. He also demanded a plane to fly him to an island that had no extradition treaty with the United States. Paul told Womack to release his hostages first, but Womack said that no one would be released until a fully fueled plan was ready and waiting on the tarmac.

Back downstairs, Harding discovered an air duct that led into the ballroom, but he noted that it was too small for a sniper. Harding said that a camera could be navigated through the duct. Later, Harding became angry when he discovered that Fen had climbed into the ventilation duct, which had been partially closed off during the renovation. Harding and Paul chastised Fen for putting the hostages' lives at risk. Fen wasn't happy when Harding ordered an officer to escort Fen to a conference room. Fen reminded the officers that he knew Womack and could help. Harding ordered the reporters to back away, too.

In the ballroom, Jack stood up and negotiated with Womack. Jack offered to ready his jet if Womack would allow paramedics in to help Billy. Womack said that Billy was free to leave if he could walk out on his own. Victoria shook her head. It was evident that Billy couldn't walk out unaided. Jack asked if Chelsea could leave. Jack explained that he'd promised to get Chelsea out and liked to keep his promises.

After Chelsea was released, an officer whisked her away after she exited the ballroom. Womack instructed Jack to get his phone and call his pilot. Womack threatened to begin shooting hostages if the plane wasn't ready in twenty minutes. Downstairs, a paramedic bandaged Chelsea's arm. Chelsea told Paul that there were two gunmen. The one in control, Chelsea cried, seemed to be desperate. Paul said he'd heard a gunshot. Chelsea said that no one had been shot. Chelsea added that Billy had been injured. Paul replied, "How badly was Billy hurt?" Chelsea cried that Billy was in a lot of pain.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

At the ranch, Nikki snoozed in a chair, but the doorbell rang, and she opened the door to Ian. She moved to call security, but he told her not to be frightened. She barked that she wasn't a little girl who he could scare with his contrived tone, and she asserted that he didn't frighten her because he could do nothing to hurt her. Ian was impressed by her confidence, and he marveled at her big ego. He questioned whether she really believed that he'd returned for her, and Nikki suddenly woke up with a start.

At Avery's apartment, Dylan and a half-dressed Avery sipped wine, and he praised that dinner had been delicious. She asked if three servings had been enough, and he said that he'd just liked watching her walk back and forth. She gushed that she loved the necklace and the handmade box he'd given her, and they kissed.

Avery and Dylan discussed whether she would have been disappointed if his wooden box had been empty, and she insisted that it would have been fine as long as there hadn't been an engagement ring inside. She clarified that many couples got engaged on Valentine's Day, and she didn't want to be like them. He understood that she wasn't ready to talk about marriage, but he was just happy to finally be together without sneaking around. She commented that it had been wonderful and exciting, and he thought that marriage could be, too. They agreed that getting married was a nice thought.

Avery anticipated that Dylan would be the most incredible husband in the world, but she admitted that it had made her feel guilty to think about being married to Dylan. She explained that her divorce had been hard, but losing Dylan had been much harder. Dylan reported that he was watching Stitch go through divorce proceedings, and Avery expressed sympathy. Avery changed the subject to Dylan's visit with Chelsea, and she remarked that Chelsea needed to know that she wasn't an outcast because of Adam. Dylan asked if Avery had ever thought about getting in touch with Joe, her ex-husband, but Avery thought that Joe was best left in the past.

Nikki arrived, looking for Dylan, and he asked if something had happened. Nikki inquired whether Ian had attempted to contact Dylan, and Avery disclosed that she'd had words with Ian. Nikki said that she'd had a dream in which Ian had made it clear that he was there for reasons other than Nikki, and she urged Dylan not to let his guard down. Dylan asserted that Ian couldn't hurt him, and Nikki recognized that it had only been a dream. Nikki recalled that Ian had once been able to convince her of anything, but she was glad that Ian had no power over Dylan. Dylan said that he appreciated Nikki looking out for him, and she promised that she always would.

After Nikki left, Dylan noted that Nikki had looked even more worried than she had before, and he wished that he'd never tried to make contact with Ian. Avery assured Dylan that he wasn't responsible for Ian being a predator, but Dylan vowed to make Ian leave everyone alone. Meanwhile, Nikki returned to the ranch and shuddered as she flashed back to Ian touching her shoulder.

At Crimson Lights, Summer asked if Faith had been nervous during the performance at the fundraiser, and she said that Faith being brave onstage would help other kids. Summer encouraged Faith to help people, since everyone deserved the chance to explore their dreams. Ian greeted them, and Summer explained that she and Faith were celebrating Faith's performance for a good cause, but Faith complained that her grandparents hadn't seen her. Summer said that she'd taken a lot of pictures, and she was sure that they'd be up on the Newmans' wall by morning.

Summer sent Faith to the counter to pick out a muffin for the morning, and Ian said that Summer's sister was adorable. Summer explained that Faith wasn't really her sister, and she stammered that it was complicated. Ian asked if it had to do with what Summer had mentioned earlier about her life spinning out of control, and Summer replied that she was getting used to it, but he suggested that she find a new way. She referred to her path, and she asked if he could help guide her. Ian offered to her the tools, but he advised her that the moments and actions in her life had made her the special person she was.

Ian agreed to hear as much as Summer was ready to tell, and she declared that she was ready to tell all of it. Summer apologized for sounding like a drama queen, but Ian said that she was insightful about being pulled in many directions, and he could sense that she was almost ready to take the lead in her life. She felt that she could do it with his help, and he suggested that they talk more the next day at a certain address. He handed her a card.

As the police swarmed the Athletic Club, Detective Harding instructed officers to gather information about Womack and all of Womack's associates in an effort to find someone to talk Womack down. Meanwhile, Paul questioned Chelsea, who recounted that diamonds had fallen out of the doll. She said that Womack had appeared calm but that he had been waving around a gun and giving orders to an accomplice. Harding theorized that Chelsea's release indicated that Womack was getting desperate, and Paul reasoned that Womack hadn't arranged for enough manpower. Harding contemplated what else they could offer besides a plane to get the other guests out alive.

In the ballroom, a stunned Victoria asked Billy if it was true that he'd slept with Kelly, but he deliriously rambled that he loved Victoria and that he was sorry. Kelly insisted that Billy didn't know what he was saying and that he needed an ambulance, and she ordered Billy to stop speaking. Victoria demanded that Kelly start talking, and she asked Kelly point-blank if she'd slept with Billy. Kelly quietly admitted that she had.

Victoria reflected back upon all the time Billy and Kelly had spent together, and she noted that they had suddenly not been able to stand being in the same room with one another. Kelly explained that she and Billy had felt guilt and shame, but she insisted that Billy loved Victoria. Victoria hissed not to tell her how her husband felt, and she ordered Kelly to get her hands off Victoria's husband.

Colin reminded Womack that the objective was to get out rich and in one piece, and Womack warned that it was Colin's mess, so Colin would be the first to take a bullet for it. Jill approached and ranted that it would be nothing for Colin to take a thug like Womack out, but Colin declared that he'd reformed, and he cautioned her to stay out of the line of fire as he escorted her away.

Jack informed Womack that his pilot had fueled the Abbott jet, and once the manifest was filed, Womack would be home free. Jack pointed out that he'd performed an act of good faith, and he requested medical attention for Billy in return, but Womack threatened to put Billy out of his misery instead. Womack relented and said that he had no reason to shoot anyone, but it sounded like it would be a bit of a wait, and he hated waiting alone. Jill pleaded that Billy had just been released from the hospital and that he couldn't take any more.

Jack called Billy's name, and Victoria wailed that Billy was supposed to be okay. Kelly suggested that they get Billy's body temperature up, and Victoria cattily inquired whether Kelly intended to keep it up herself. Kelly countered that Victoria could hate her the next day, but they needed to make sure that Billy didn't go into shock, and she had medical training from her teaching days. Jack reported that Billy was getting worse, and Kelly instructed Jack to get something to cover Billy to keep him warm. Jack went to round up some tablecloths, and as Kelly checked Billy's pulse, Victoria begged God to let Billy be all right.

Leslie whispered to Neil that the last thing Womack wanted was to go back to prison, and she considered offering to represent Womack in order to make a deal for their release. Neil warned that while she was capable of many things, she wasn't bulletproof, and she conceded that Neil was thinking more realistically than she was.

Jill argued that it wasn't doing any good to keep Billy there, and Womack's cohort refused to go down for murder. Womack swore that they'd figure a way out of it, and he told his accomplice to keep everyone in line. The phone rang, and Paul informed Womack that they were working on getting him a plane. Womack revealed that Jack had already offered one, and Paul reasoned that Womack should release some hostages to prevent anything from going wrong when Womack was about to get everything he wanted. Womack hung up, and Paul cursed Jack's name.

Kelly reported that she'd done all she could do, but she couldn't fix Billy's internal injuries. Victoria tersely thanked Kelly and told her to move away, and she cradled Billy in her arms and promised to make sure that he got out of there safely. Victoria begged Billy to stay with her as Kelly looked on.

Kevin indicated to Lauren that he had an emergency burner phone in his pocket. Paul worried that Womack wouldn't play ball if Womack thought that he was in control, and Harding contended that they had to remind Womack that he wasn't in charge. Harding received a call from Kevin, and Kevin and Lauren feigned having a conversation in which they recapped what had happened in the ballroom, including Billy being seriously injured. Harding told Kevin to keep talking.

Harding relayed to Paul what Kevin had said, and Paul ordered a team to get in place to get the hostages out before the snipers took over. Chelsea asked if it was okay if she went home to her son, and she borrowed an officer's phone to call Anita. She left a message to let Anita know that despite what Anita might have seen on the news, Chelsea was fine and was on her way home to hold her baby.

Devon, Neil, Cane, and Tyler realized that they outnumbered their captors, and they began working on an idea. Lily fretted that the guests were starting to lose it and that Billy was getting worse, and Cane suggested that they break out the champagne. After the men agreed on their plan, Cane said that they'd move on his signal, and they moved into place.

Lily chastised Womack for terrorizing everyone at a charity event for a dead girl, and he grumbled that Lily's mouth just didn't quit. She insisted upon speaking out, but Colin interrupted and advised her not to waste her breath. Colin suggested that they just wait it out and sip some bubbly, and Lily eyed Womack and barked that she'd finally found someone as disgusting as Colin was. Lily stalked off, and Womack demanded that Colin figure a way out of the jam. Colin said that the wheels were turning.

Harding reported that tensions seemed to be rising, and Paul said that they had to prepare to make a strong move before things blew up. Neil and Devon staged a loud argument, and Womack yelled at them to shut up. Tyler suddenly hit Womack's associate over the head with a champagne bottle, and a gunshot rang out as the cohort's gun skidded across the floor. Colin covertly stopped the gun with his foot as Paul shouted to hit the switch. Cane prepared to strike Womack with another bottle, and Lily cried Cane's name as the lights went out.

Kevin relayed to Harding that Womack's wingman was down, and Paul announced that their odds had improved. Womack demanded to know who had the gun, and he made his way over to the ringing phone and ordered that the lights be turned back on immediately. Paul asked if anyone had been injured, but Womack ominously stated that he couldn't judge his aim with the lights off. Paul negotiated the release of a hostage in exchange for the lights, and Victoria helped Billy stagger out the ballroom door.

Paul mentioned to Harding that Womack didn't know that there were no flights being allowed because of the weather. Harding asked Victoria to tell him everything that had happened, and she recounted the attempted ambush. The paramedics tended to Billy, and Victoria asked why he wouldn't open his eyes. She asked Billy if he could hear her, and he replied that he could. She assured him that he would be fine, but he murmured Kelly's name.

Jack thanked Kelly for helping with Billy, and he asked if what Victoria had said was true. Kelly simply apologized, and Jack said that he didn't want to know any details. Jill approached Colin, who poured a drink and handed it to his "blushing bride." She surmised that the situation amused him, since he enjoyed threats and violence. Colin believed that everything would work out fine in the end, and he declared that he was an optimist who had a lot to live for, especially her. She urged him to tell her about the music box, since they might die, but he argued that if they perished, then it would be a moot point.

Over the phone, Womack bragged to Paul about the private jet that Jack had arranged, and Paul contended that they'd done everything Womack asked, so Womack should release the hostages. Womack hung up, and he called for everyone's attention. He proclaimed that it was time for some of them to go home.

As the hostages began to file out of the ballroom, Harding remarked that Alex had trained Kevin well. Kevin became incensed, but Harding commended Kevin for using his spare phone. Lauren anxiously asked about Fen, and Harding reported that they'd had to hold Fen in the conference room to keep him from rushing in to try to save the day. Lauren was relieved.

Victoria explained to Billy that the EMTs would take him out the back to avoid the press in front of the club, and she would meet him at the hospital. Billy didn't respond as the paramedics wheeled him away, and Kelly worriedly asked Victoria what the EMTs had said about Billy's condition. Victoria said that Billy would be fine, but before Kelly could express relief, Victoria slapped her across the face.

Jack told Jill that Billy would be okay, and Paul said that they were all lucky that there hadn't been more injuries. Jill asked where Colin was, and Neil reported that Colin had still been in the ballroom when he'd left. Jill groused that Colin was probably napping with a champagne bottle, and she asked Neil to tell Colin that she'd left to check on Billy. Paul crossed names off a list, and he determined that Devon, Lily, and Cane were still inside.

Womack released Devon, and he ordered Cane to go next, but Cane refused to depart without his wife. Lily begged Cane to go, and she promised that she'd be right behind him. Cane headed for the door, and Lily started to follow, but Womack grabbed her. Womack growled that he'd warned that her mouth would get her into trouble, and Lily and Cane locked eyes.

Chelsea arrived home and called out for Anita, but she was surprised when Anita arrived at the door instead. Anita said that she'd received Chelsea's message, and Chelsea asked where Connor was. Chelsea panicked that Anita had left him alone, but Anita reported that Chloe had relieved her of babysitting duties. Chelsea realized that Chloe had orchestrated the plan on her own, and she yelled out for Chloe.

Chelsea tried to call Chloe, who wasn't answering her phone. Anita reported that the doorman had said that Chloe and Connor had been all bundled up when they'd left, and Chelsea assumed that Chloe had taken the baby for a drive to get him to fall asleep. Anita complained that Chloe should have left a note, and Chelsea intended to mention it as soon as Chloe and Connor got back.

At the airport, an airline employee handed "Ms. Lawson" back her passport, and Chloe cooed to Connor that they were all ready for their big trip. As Chloe nervously waited for the flight to begin boarding, the clerk reported that there would be a short delay while they were deicing the plane. Later, the clerk announced that they would be boarding soon. Chloe requested priority boarding because she had an infant, and she proclaimed that they were ready to go.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Paul told Detective Harding to find out what was going on with the rest of the hostages, and Neil demanded to know what was happening. Victor finagled his way into the club and asked Paul for an update, and Paul informed him that the Newman family was fine, but Billy had been injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. Victor asked Neil how his family was, and Neil replied that he didn't know. Devon descended the stairs and reported that Cane and Lily should be right behind him.

In the ballroom, Cane begged Womack to let Lily go, but Womack barked not to tell him what to do. Lily insisted that she would be fine, and Womack declared that he wasn't going to ride to the airport alone because he needed insurance. Womack yelled for the cops to back off, or else things would get ugly for Lily.

Neil asked Paul why Lily and Cane hadn't emerged from the ballroom, and an officer reported over the radio that all the hostages had been released except one and that Womack was using Lily as a shield. Neil bellowed that they had to get Lily out of there immediately, and Paul assured him that they wouldn't let Womack walk out with her. Neil barked that the police didn't have things under control, and he tried to go upstairs, but multiple officers held him back. Paul ordered Neil to stay out of the way, or Neil could get Lily killed. Leslie implored Neil to listen to Paul, and Hilary pointed out that Cane was still upstairs, so Lily wasn't alone.

Cane calmly asked Womack to release Lily and to take him instead, but Womack argued that Lily was more valuable. Cane contended that no one would risk shooting a dad with small kids, and he pleaded with Womack to let the mother of his children go. Womack growled that he wasn't playing around, and he commanded that Cane get out and shut the door, but Cane repeated that he couldn't leave without his wife. Cane stepped toward Womack, and a gunshot rang out. Neil heard Lily scream, and Womack locked the door. Lily tended to Cane, who had been shot in the abdomen, while Colin appeared from behind a curtain with the other gun.

Harding reported that Cane had rushed Womack, and he asked his men who had fired the shot. Harding learned that Womack had fired, but he was unsure if anyone had been hit. Neil pressured the police to get to Cane and Lily, and Hilary assured Devon that Womack could have fired at the ceiling or the floor. Neil panicked that Womack was feeling trapped and could take everyone down with him.

Paul yelled through the door for Womack to talk to him, and he requested proof of life because Womack wouldn't get a plane unless he delivered the hostages alive. Lily wailed that Cane had been shot, and Womack ordered the cops to back off. Paul said that he would call Womack on the house phone to talk, and Lily begged Cane to hold on. Lily tearfully insisted that Cane needed to go to the hospital, but Womack hollered that Cane shouldn't have tried to play hero. The phone rang, and Womack pounded it against the wall in frustration. Cane tried to assure Lily that he was okay.

Leslie comforted Neil and assured him that the police were doing all they could. He worried that Lily might have been shot, but the police were trying to negotiate with a madman. Leslie said that Neil was always reminding her to have faith, and he'd taught her that even in the darkest hours, they had reason to hope. Leslie pointed out that they'd all had their fair share of miracles, and she urged him to give it a few more minutes. He agreed to try to have a little faith, and Leslie prayed that Lily and Cane would return to their children.

Devon called Esmerelda to cancel their plans for that evening, and he said that he would call her when he could. Hilary said that the turn of events hadn't been Devon's fault, and he asked how she'd known what he'd been thinking. She referred to his fight with Neil, and he revealed that it had been staged, but she figured that it had hit a nerve.

Devon thought that he should have been more prepared, but buying the club had turned into a nightmare. Hilary joked that Devon had probably thought that her broken shower was the worst thing to ever happen, and he realized that the construction workers had uncovered an old dumbwaiter when they'd torn down the wall to perform the repairs. Hilary noted that her room was just above the kitchen, which was next to the ballroom, and Devon announced that he knew of a way to get in to stop Womack.

Lily sobbed that Cane needed a doctor, and Womack asked Paul about the plane. Paul said that transportation was ready outside to take Womack to the airport, but Womack had to let Cane and Lily go. Lily swore that Paul would keep his word, but Womack groused that he didn't trust cops, so he was sticking with his own plan to use her as a shield. Lily refused to leave Cane, but Womack roughly dragged her toward the door. Cane struggled to his feet and threw Womack across the room, and the men scuffled.

Womack drew his gun and declared that it was over, and if Cane and Lily didn't obey orders, they'd both die. "No one's dying, except maybe you," Colin snarled. Colin told Womack to drop the gun and kick it away, and Womack complied. Cane groaned in pain, and Lily helped him to his feet. Colin opened the door, and Lily yelled to the police that they were about to exit. After Cane and Lily made it safely out of the room, Colin said that he and Womack had unfinished business.

Womack hoped that Colin had a plan, since the heist had been Colin's idea. Colin grumbled that Womack had botched a simple plan, but Womack blamed Lily for butting in. Colin chided Womack for turning a robbery into a hostage situation, but Womack contended that they were stuck together until they were out of there with the diamonds. Colin retorted that their deal had ended when Womack had decided to shoot Colin's son. Colin and Womack struggled over the gun, which went off.

Colin stared at Womack's motionless body, and he eyed the diamonds that had spilled out all over the floor. Harding instructed Colin not to move, and Colin claimed that he and Womack had grappled over the gun, and Womack had lost. Harding said that he didn't care, and he commanded that Colin put the gun down.

Devon reported to Leslie and Hilary that Cane and Lily were all right, and Hilary hugged him. Neil asked if Cane was okay, but Cane was more concerned about Colin. Harding reported that Womack was down, but Colin was fine. Colin fondled the diamonds, and Paul remarked that he understood that they were tempting, but he needed to take the gems into evidence and to get a statement from Colin. Colin told Cane that he'd better get his wound looked at, and Cane acknowledged that Colin had saved his life.

On the plane, Chloe cooed to Connor that they would be in Paris the next day. A woman across the aisle remarked that she hoped that the weather didn't delay the flight, and she imagined that it was much nicer in Paris. The woman asked if Chloe's baby was a boy or girl, and Chloe smiled lovingly and replied that he was a boy. The woman introduced herself as Barbara Ann, and Chloe replied that her name was Chelsea and that her son's was Connor, a family name. Barbara assumed that Chloe was nervous because she hadn't flown with the baby before, but she doubted that Connor would be any trouble. Barbara remarked that he looked like an angel with the most beautiful eyes, and Chloe agreed.

Chloe fretted that it was taking a long time to board, and Barbara complained that airlines always made passengers rush to get there only to take forever to close the door. Barbara noted that Connor wasn't being fussy, but Chloe commented that it would be a long flight. Barbara recommended that Chloe keep the baby moving, and Chloe said that they'd roam around once they were up in the air. Barbara inquired whether Connor could sit up by himself, and Chloe proudly reported that he could scoot along the floor. Barbara observed that it was clear that Chloe loved her child very much, and Chloe mused that she did.

Chloe cuddled with Connor, and Barbara said that there was nothing better than feeding one's own baby. Barbara added that babies could be very sensitive, but she was sure that as soon as Connor knew that his mommy wasn't going anywhere, he'd be just fine. An airline attendant announced that they were about to close the cabin door, and Barbara asked if Chloe had other children. Chloe hesitantly revealed that she'd lost a daughter, and Barbara extended her condolences. Chloe declared that she still had Connor and that she wouldn't let anything take him away from her.

The flight to Paris reached cruising altitude, and Chloe smiled at Connor. Barbara babbled that she didn't know how she'd see everything in Paris in a week, and she asked how long Chloe was staying there. Chloe mused that she didn't plan to return.

At the penthouse, Chelsea phoned the police to report her son missing. Kevin arrived and asked if Chelsea had seen Chloe, and Chelsea cried that Chloe had taken Connor. Kevin surmised that it was innocent like it had been the last time, but Chelsea divulged that Chloe had lied to Anita about babysitting Connor. Kevin promised to find Chloe, but his phone call went straight to voicemail.

Chelsea reminded Kevin that he'd thought that it had been a bad idea for Chloe to spend time with Connor, and she thought that she should have known better than to let Chloe be around Connor as much as she had. Kevin admitted that there had been other signs of Chloe's fixation, and he revealed that he'd found Connor's birth announcement in a baby book with a lock of Connor's hair. Chelsea freaked out that Kevin hadn't told her, and Kevin defended that he'd convinced himself that it had been part of Chloe's healing process. He couldn't imagine that Chloe had hatched a plot to steal Connor, but Chelsea wondered if Chloe had snapped after she'd learned about Adam being the hit-and-run driver. Chelsea speculated that perhaps someone else had been involved with the plan.

Victor called Victoria, who told him not to visit her and Billy at the hospital. After he hung up, Chelsea called Victor and asked if he'd had something to do with what was happening with her son. Victor said that he had no idea what she meant, and Chelsea demanded to know if Victor had helped Chloe to take Connor. He told her to explain herself, but she hung up, distraught.

Chelsea relayed to Kevin that Anita had been driving around to look for Chloe and Connor, but Anita had turned up nothing. Chelsea wondered if the police were taking her call seriously, especially since they were probably shorthanded because of the hostage situation. Kevin swore that they'd find Connor, and he was sure that Chloe would return. Chelsea anxiously answered a knock at door, and she asked what Victor was doing there. Kevin insisted that they had the situation under control, but Victor refused to leave until he knew what had happened to his grandson.

Chelsea briefly explained that Chloe had taken Connor while Chelsea had been at the fundraiser, and she didn't know where they were. Victor became incensed that Chelsea had thought that he'd been a part of it, and she angrily rattled off the shady things Victor had done to insert himself into Connor's life. Chelsea informed Kevin that Victor had known that Adam had hit Delia, but Victor had used it as leverage over Adam. Victor promised to help find Connor, but he warned that if Chelsea didn't accept his assistance, she might lose her boy. "Do you know what pain it is to lose your child?" Victor huffed.

Kevin was certain that Chloe would never hurt Connor, and Chelsea agreed that the problem was that Chloe loved Connor too much. Victor asserted that it was ridiculous to bicker, and he thought that they should work together, since they all wanted Connor home safely. Chelsea discovered that some of her clothes were missing, and Victor asked where she kept her passports. Chelsea found that her and Connor's passports were gone, and she realized that Chloe had taken Connor out of the country. Victor promised to find Connor if it was the last thing he ever did.

Sharon suspected that Nick wanted to get home, but he insisted on staying in case she got scared. He offered to sleep on the couch, and she admitted that she would feel more comfortable with him there. Nick gently reinforced that Sharon couldn't have seen Cassie, and Sharon recognized that her vision had been in her head. She hoped that her doctor would know what to do to help, and he told her to get some rest. Cassie's look-alike lurked outside and peered through the window.

Later, the look-alike quietly entered the house, and Nick stirred on the couch. Sharon called out for Nick, and he turned on the light and asked if she'd seen Cassie. Sharon replied that the flimsy blanket he had wasn't enough, and she handed him a heavier one. He recalled that it had been a wedding present, and she thought that it was funny that he'd remembered. They both acknowledged that it was their anniversary that day.

Sharon said that it was terrifying to think about how young she had Nick had been when they'd gotten married, and he asserted that they still were young. She remembered the details of their wedding, like the glow of the candles and the scent of the flowers. Nick fondly recalled the taste of the cake, and she remarked that it had been the best icing ever. She gushed that she hadn't thought that such an elegant wedding had been possible, but it had been perfect. Nick declared that nothing would have stopped him from marrying Sharon because it had been all he'd ever wanted. He flashed back to saying their vows and exchanging rings.

Sharon said that she still loved the house as much as the day Nick had told her it would be theirs, and the many good and bad memories they'd shared had made it home. Nick recounted that they'd been able to get past the rough times until Cassie had died, and Cassie's look-alike listened closely. Sharon and Nick discussed the joy Cassie had given them, and Nick softly remarked that he hadn't been able to handle the thought of not seeing Cassie walk through the door again. Sharon pointed out that they'd both grieved in different ways, and he regretted that the vows that they'd made to one another hadn't survived.

Sharon said that although she and Nick were no longer married, she felt like she couldn't ask for a better friend, and she commented that perhaps some of their vows had stuck. Nick imagined Cassie looking down on them and smiling at them getting close again, and the doppelganger covertly departed. Sharon told Nick to get some sleep, and they wished one another a good night. As Sharon headed off to bed, Nick called after her and said that he hoped that her doctor had the answers she needed about her visions of Cassie. Sharon hoped so, too, and he said that if she was ever nervous or just needed company, he'd stay there again.

Cassie's look-alike informed Victor that she hadn't been able to uncover Sharon's secret, and he sternly ordered her to figure it out. The look-alike countered that she'd been lucky that she hadn't gotten caught, and Victor told her to step up the plan. She asked what he meant.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

At the police station, Michael caught up with Lauren after she'd given her statement, and she worried that she hadn't been very coherent, since the hostage situation had been chaotic. He said that he was sorry that he hadn't been there, and she joked that she'd been held hostage often enough that it had been old hat for her. She added that it was a good thing that he hadn't been there, or he would have tried to stop Womack and ended up like Billy had, fighting for every breath. Lauren reported that Billy would recover from his physical injuries, but she wasn't sure that his marriage would ever be the same.

Michael was astonished to learn that Jill and Colin had reunited, and he remarked that Jill was too smart to let Colin suck her back in again. Lauren said that Jill knew what she getting into, unlike Victoria, who'd had no idea that something had happened between Billy and another woman. Lauren reflected upon her own lies, and she said that she was grateful that Michael had forgiven her. He remarked that life without her hadn't been an option, and they'd been through too much to give up. Lauren wondered if Victoria would feel the same way.

Michael contemplated how Womack had known the combination to the doll's security case, but Lauren didn't want to relive the incident. She said that Womack was dead and no longer a threat, so she could breathe for the first time in months. Michael wished that he could think that way, and he showed her a postcard that had arrived from Puerto Rico for Lauren. Lauren read the unsigned card on which someone had written that they wouldn't see one another for a while, but she would never be far from his thoughts. Lauren said that they both knew who it was from, and she thought that Carmine would never stop.

Lauren wailed that it was like dealing with Sheila all over again, but Michael assured her that Carmine was under surveillance and couldn't hurt them. Lauren worried that with Womack dead, there was nothing to stop Carmine from returning. Michael called Ronan and verified that Carmine was in Puerto Rico and that Womack's loyal associates still had a contract out on Carmine's life. Michael reported that Carmine would be hunted down if he left witness protection, and Lauren realized that they really were free to move on. Michael asserted that they couldn't let Carmine and his pathetic messages keep them from living their lives, and he tossed the postcard into the trash.

Jill greeted Billy as he woke up in a hospital bed, and he asked for Victoria, who got up from a chair and said that she was right there. Victoria expressed relief that he was okay, and he struggled to sit up, but Jack told him to take it easy. Billy asked what had happened, and Victoria asked if he didn't remember. Billy replied that things were a little hazy.

Jack mentioned that they had been at the fundraiser, where something had gone missing from the auction. Billy recalled that someone had tried to steal the doll, and he recounted that a chandelier had been on the floor and that a gun-wielding Womack had ordered everyone to do what he said, but Billy hadn't listened. Victoria wished that Billy had, or Womack might have killed him, and Billy reached for her hand. Victoria abruptly pulled away and ran out to tell the doctor that he was awake.

Billy asked Jill and Jack why Victoria was acting weird, and he wondered if Adam's body had been found. Jack said that it had nothing to do with Adam, and Jill left to find the doctor. Billy surmised that Jill and Jack knew what was going on, and he asked if the doctor had given them bad news. Billy begged Jack not to make him play guessing games, and Jack disclosed that it had been a stressful night for everyone, especially Victoria. Billy assumed that it was because he'd put himself in danger again, and he conceded that he never should have attacked Womack.

Jack mentioned that Kelly had been upset, too, and Billy chalked it up to being held at gunpoint by a desperate ex-con. Jack flatly stated that Billy had taken Kelly to bed, but Billy defended that he loved his wife. Jack revealed that Victoria knew about the affair because a delirious Billy had admitted to everyone within earshot that he'd had a one-night stand with Kelly. Billy tried to get out of bed to find Victoria, but Jack reasoned that Victoria had left because she'd needed space, and the least Billy could do was give it to her.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Cane processed his release paperwork, and he smiled when he looked over at Lily playing with Charlie and Matty. Cane announced that it was official that he could go home, and the twins ran over to hug him. Lily warned them not to squeeze Cane too hard, but he called himself a superhero. Lily pointed out that he was in no condition to leap over tall buildings, and she said that the night before would have been a close call if it hadn't been for Colin. Colin overheard his name and proclaimed that he'd been happy to assist, but Cane grumbled that nothing made Colin happier than someone owing him a favor.

Colin said that he wasn't there to collect on his debts, and he swore that he was capable of thinking of people other than himself. Colin added that Cane and Lily were special to him, which had been one of the reasons why he'd wanted to get them out alive. The twins begged to leave, but Lily said that there was someone she wanted them to meet. Lily explained that Colin had helped their daddy when Cane had been hurt, and she said that they owed Colin their thanks. The children wrapped their arms around Colin's legs and thanked him.

Lily said that she considered things even with Colin, and she and Cane left with the kids. Jill congratulated Colin on winning Lily and Cane over, but Colin griped that the Ashbys would call the cops if he looked twice at their children. Jill doubted that Lily and Cane would go to that extreme, given Colin's heroics at the Athletic Club, and Colin crowed that Jill was impressed that he'd become a model citizen. Jill countered that he'd kidnapped and blackmailed her, but he reiterated that the love of a good woman had changed him. She huffed that she didn't love him and that she was immune to his charms.

Jill recognized that Colin was accustomed to getting exactly what he wanted, but he pointed out that he was still waiting for their romantic dinner, and he suggested that they have it that night. He made a reservation for a corner table that evening, but she said that it wasn't necessary. She presented him with a bag of potato chips, and she contended that it was as good as he'd get after all the lies he'd told her. He said that he was just looking for a little effort on her part, and she pulled a flower out of a nearby arrangement, handed it to him, and informed him that it was as lovey-dovey as they'd ever get. He challenged her to keep telling herself that.

Jill surmised that Colin had moved on to mind games, since coercion hadn't worked, and he replied that he liked a good mind game. She called him relentless, and he accused her of loving that quality about him. She warned that she didn't believe for one moment that he was the man she'd once thought he was, and he understood that he had to earn back her trust. He grabbed her and suggested that in the meantime, they go for a repeat performance of what they'd done in Lauren's office, but she swore that it would never happen again.

Colin appealed to Jill's interest in the music box, and she offered to give him one kiss in exchange for the information he had about the box. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and she breathlessly pulled away and told him to start talking. He revealed that he'd overheard Katherine talking to her attorney about putting something in the music box for Jill to find after Katherine had died. Jill pointed out that the box had been empty, and Colin divulged that he'd recovered its contents before the box had been consigned for safekeeping. He declared that if Jill wanted to unlock the mystery, she would have to go through him.

Jill demanded that Colin make good on the terms of their deal, but he claimed that his memory was fuzzy, and he suggested that they share another kiss. She ordered him to start earning back her trust, and he said that what he'd found had made no sense to him, but it had meant something to Katherine. He pulled out a card with the handwritten name Rachel Berenson, but Jill didn't know who it was. Colin refused to let Jill pursue the mystery by herself, and he vowed that he'd be right there with her.

Stitch chased after Kelly in the hospital corridor, and he mentioned that he'd seen her on the news. She informed him that the hostage incident had occurred during the fundraiser for the Delia Project, and he imagined that it had been terrifying. He asked if she'd seen a doctor, and she insisted that she hadn't been hurt, but it was her fault that other people had been. Stitch suspected that Victoria had found out about Kelly and Billy's affair, and Kelly clarified that it hadn't been an affair but one mistake. Stitch inquired why Kelly was there if it hadn't meant anything, and Kelly defended that Billy had been a good friend, so she wanted to make sure he was okay.

Stitch refused to give Kelly any information because she wasn't family, and she stormed off. Victoria approached and assumed that Kelly had inquired about Billy, since Kelly and Billy were closer than she'd known. Victoria spat that her husband had revealed his infidelity in a room full of people, and Stitch said that he was sorry. She said that it was even worse that Billy didn't remember doing so, and nothing compared to knowing that he was still lying to her. Victoria contemplated whether she should confront Billy or wait until he admitted that he'd slept with Kelly, and she ranted that he'd been in no hurry to tell her the truth.

Victoria apologized for unloading on Stitch, but he said that he had two ears to offer. She recalled how scared she'd been when she'd thought that the chandelier had crushed Billy, but she couldn't stand to be around him, knowing that he was lying to her. Stitch reported that Billy would be in pain from his fractured ribs, but there would be no permanent damage to his brain. Victoria realized that eventually Billy would remember that he'd confessed, and she'd have to listen to his excuses and pledges of love all over again. Stitch asked if Victoria still loved Billy, and she admitted that she did. Stitch advised that she hear Billy out.

Victoria entered Billy's room and asked for a moment with her husband, and Jack offered to ensure that they weren't interrupted. She sternly told Billy that there were some things they needed to discuss, and he revealed that he knew what he'd said about him and Kelly. Billy explained that he'd been out of it at the time, but Jack had filled in the missing pieces. Billy apologized that the truth had been exposed in public, and Victoria testily inquired how he'd expected it to happen. She barked that she could think of a dozen ways he could have told her, but he'd chosen to lie to her for weeks, and she questioned whether he had ever intended to tell her about having sex with Kelly.

Billy said that he'd known immediately that sleeping with Kelly had been a terrible mistake, and he would undo it if he could, but Victoria ordered him to answer her question. Billy said that he'd planned to tell Victoria right after it had happened, but he had seen the love in Victoria's eyes and hadn't been able to hurt her. Instead, he had made a vow that he would try to be a better man and that he would never do anything that would make her want to leave him. He explained that his encounter with Kelly hadn't been out of love or lust but because of the pain of losing a child. He continued that both he and Kelly had been trying to stop hurting, and Victoria asked if it had helped take away the pain. He admitted that it had made everything worse, and Victoria snapped that he'd thrown away their life and marriage for nothing.

Billy pledged his love and begged Victoria to tell him that he hadn't screwed up everything. Billy pleaded with Victoria to stay, and he promised to do anything to work things out as long as she didn't leave him. She conceded that she wasn't saying it was over, and he swore that she wouldn't regret it. Billy said that he loved her, and he leaned in to kiss her, but she turned away and coldly said, "I can't."

The Ashbys stopped by the Athletic Club, and Lily promised that it wouldn't take long for her to discuss the ballroom repairs with the contractor. She suggested that they have a party at home after she had the plans in motion to eliminate any reminders of the hostage situation. She instructed Charlie and Matty to take care of their daddy, and the kids led Cane to sit down. Cane assured them that he was okay, and Matty asked if it was because the man they'd met had helped Cane. Cane recognized that for once, Colin had helped.

In the ballroom, Lily left a message for the contractor, and she turned around and saw Kelly, who was there to pick up her phone. Lily pointed to the bowl of cell phones and pointedly remarked that it might not be there, since some people had taken other people's things. Kelly nervously asked how Cane was doing, and Lily reported that Cane had been released from the hospital. Lily surmised that Kelly hoped that Billy would be, too, and Kelly suggested that they address the elephant in the room. Kelly sincerely stated that she was sorry about how Victoria had learned about Kelly and Billy's indiscretion, and Lily commented that Kelly should be sorry that she'd slept with Victoria's husband.

Kelly said that she would take it back in a second, and she hoped that Billy and Victoria could get past it. Lily noted that it wouldn't be easy to get over a betrayal like that, no matter how strong the couple was. Kelly explained that she'd wanted a fresh start in Genoa City after Sam had died, but she would accept the blame if people shunned her for what she'd done with Billy. Lily conceded that it had taken two people, and Billy wasn't blameless. Kelly thanked Lily for not attacking her, and Lily said that she wasn't a fan of cheating, but she wouldn't pass judgment, either.

Lily understood that couples drifted apart and sometimes found other people to relate to, and Kelly asked if Lily was speaking from experience. Lily vaguely stated that she'd been lucky enough to get through it, and she hoped that Billy and Victoria could, too. Kelly confided that she and her ex-husband had stopped trying to make their marriage work after Sam had died, and she realized that it was hard for people to understand, but Lily pointed out that Billy had. Kelly remarked that she and Billy had been living the same nightmare, and Lily said that the difference was that Billy had had a family and a wife to lean on, but Kelly hadn't had anyone.

Kelly confided that it was a relief to talk to someone, and Lily asked if Kelly had offered to help set up the charity to stay connected to Billy. Kelly contended that she worked for a nonprofit and that Adam had approached her for help, and she enforced that neither she nor Billy had gone to grief support looking for anything other than human understanding. Kelly swore that she wasn't under any illusions, and she promised that there would never be anything more between her and Billy, although she was sad that she'd lost him as a friend.

Cane held up a picture that the twins had drawn of their family, and he remarked that they looked happy. Matty said that she was happy because her daddy was okay, and she asked if he had a daddy. Cane replied that everyone had one, and Charlie queried why they didn't know Cane's father. Cane said that maybe one day, they might get to know him, and Lily approached and sent the kids to get some candy from the desk clerk. Cane realized that Lily had overheard, and he assured her that he hadn't been tempted to tell the twins that Colin was their grandfather.

Cane confirmed that he knew that Lily didn't want Colin in their lives, and he promised that their recent contact with Colin wouldn't be a gateway for more. She acknowledged that she was grateful that Colin had saved Cane's life, but Cane still thought that Colin had an agenda. Cane said that they'd never finished their anniversary celebration, but she pointed out that he was due for his next dose of pain medication, and she wanted to wait until he had healed to really celebrate. He promised her candles and champagne, but she replied that she only needed him. They tenderly kissed.

Jack stopped Kelly from entering Billy's room, and he cautioned that she shouldn't be there. She said that she just wanted to apologize, but Jack explained that Billy was talking with his wife. Jack walked away, and Stitch echoed Jack's sentiment that Kelly didn't belong there. Stitch ordered her to leave before she made things worse, and she barked that he was the last person who should ever tell her that.

Friday, February 21, 2014

At the police station, Dylan mentioned that he knew that Paul had helped Nikki figure out that Dylan was her son, and he was there about her. Dylan said that Ian Ward was in town, and he wanted to make sure that Ian didn't make trouble. Paul explained that he couldn't take action unless Ian broke the law, but Dylan didn't want to sit back and wait for Ian to hurt Nikki. Paul offered to keep an eye on Ian unofficially, but Dylan contended that it wouldn't be enough. Paul noted that Dylan sounded a lot like Nick.

Dylan explained that he was there because Paul and Nikki were friends, and Paul replied that he'd known Nikki for a long time. Dylan said that although Paul had also been in the cult, Ian hadn't been able to manipulate Paul, and Paul reasoned that Ian had only been interested in young girls. Dylan couldn't comprehend how someone as strong and smart as Nikki could have been drawn in by Ian, and he was angry at himself for pulling Ian back into Nikki's life. Paul realized that Dylan really cared about her, and Dylan revealed that Nikki had been having nightmares, so he had to get Ian out of her life.

Paul warned that Ian had gotten away with only a slap on the wrist for fraud, so he had to make sure that any charges stuck. Dylan worried that Ian had the opportunity to hurt Nikki or other people in the meantime, and he thought that it would put a lot of people at risk to wait for Ian to make a move. Paul said that Ian operated carefully and methodically by drawing in his victims with charm and fake concern until they were most vulnerable. Dylan refused to sit around and wait, but Paul cautioned him against making any threats. Dylan maintained that Ian had to be stopped, and if Paul wouldn't help, Dylan knew someone who would.

At the ranch, Summer dropped off Faith after their sleepover, and she reported that Faith was excited to spend the day with her grandparents. Nikki revealed that it would just be her, since Victor was out of town. Faith complained that Victor had promised to play chess with her, but Nikki said that she knew how to play and was a better teacher. Faith set up the game, and Nikki explained to Summer that Victor had said that he'd needed to go on a business trip, but she suspected that he'd wanted to get away from the media frenzy over Adam's death. Nikki wondered if Summer had planned a big day at the spa, but Summer mentioned that she was meeting her life coach.

Nikki referred to Summer's first meeting with the counselor in the park, and she asked if he had a website or a degree. Summer assured Nikki that she was a big girl, but Nikki hoped that Summer knew that she could turn to her grandma if she needed anything. Nikki warned that sometimes people could appear to be something they weren't, and Summer said that she'd looked into the man's credentials. Summer promised to take it one step at a time, and Nikki wished that she'd been as wise at Summer's age.

After Summer left, Faith won the chess game, and she declared that Victor had told her that the queen was the strongest piece because even though the king was the most valuable, it was vulnerable. Nikki confirmed that was right, and she asked Faith about her sleepover the night before. Faith chirped that she'd had cocoa at Crimson Lights, and Summer's friend had called Faith "mademoiselle." Nikki remarked that Summer's friend sounded charming.

Paul arrived at the ranch, and Nikki thanked him for saving her from total humiliation. Faith squealed that she'd beaten Nikki at chess three times, and Nikki remarked that Faith had the Newman killer instinct. Paul suspected that Nikki's son carried the same chromosome, and he revealed that Dylan had stopped by the station. Nikki sent Faith to the kitchen to get some cookies, and Faith asked if Paul wanted one. "Sure, miss," he replied, but she declared that she was a mademoiselle before she ran off. Nikki explained that a friend of Summer's had called Faith that, and Paul said that the friend sounded like a charmer.

Paul thought that Dylan wasn't sure how to deal with his feelings for either of his parents, but it was obvious that Dylan cared about Nikki. Paul mentioned that Dylan had said that Nikki was having nightmares, and Nikki admitted that she'd had a few. Paul assured her that Ian couldn't hurt her, and she figured that Ian was too smart to go after her, but she was concerned about the people she loved. Paul was surprised that Victor hadn't taken matters into his own hands, and Nikki looked away. Paul realized that she hadn't told Victor that Ian was back in town.

Nikki defended that Victor had a lot on his mind after Adam's presumed death, and Paul imagined that it had taken a toll on her, too. She admitted that she was worried about Victor, and Paul offered his emotional support, but she replied that some things had to stay between a husband and a wife. Paul agreed that spouses should be able to trust one another, and he didn't understand why she didn't trust Victor enough to tell him that Ian was back in her life. Nikki insisted that Ian would never be part of her life again.

Later, Faith called to a distant Nikki and asked if she was okay, and Nikki said that she was fine. Faith displayed her tray of cookies, and she asked where Paul was. Nikki replied that he'd had to leave, but they could save a cookie for him. Faith suggested that a cookie might make Nikki feel better, since her daddy had said that they were the best medicine, but Nikki countered that she'd heard that hugs were. Faith hugged Nikki and asked if it had worked, and Nikki said that she felt much better.

Summer arrived at Ian's office, and she asked if it was where he helped people get their lives together. He called it simple but functional, and as she looked at a diploma on the wall, he joked that he'd bought his degree online. She informed him that she'd done her homework on him, and he applauded her efforts to gather information to determine whether he could help improve her life, but ultimately, she would be the only one who could do it. He offered to show her the path that he believed was right, but it was up to her to follow it. He asked her to tell him all about Summer Newman.

After Summer recapped her life story, she complained that she had no idea what she wanted to do. Ian said that some people aimed for wealth, but she replied that wasn't an issue for someone with the Newman name. He mentioned that Victor was her grandfather, and she bemoaned that everyone knew her as Victor's granddaughter. Ian remarked that she could have anything but her own identity, and she realized that she hadn't thought of it like that, but she agreed. He argued that financial security made it unnecessary to take risks, and Summer countered that she'd done plenty of crazy things, but Ian clarified that he meant a risk like leaving her comfort zone.

Ian explained that some people never stepped outside of places where they felt comfortable, while others wanted to experience more. Summer asked how she would know what type of person she was, and he suggested that one way to find out would be to put together a personality profile. Summer wanted to get started right away, and he presented her with one condition -- she had to agree to put herself completely in his hands.

Ian claimed that he'd left the forms in his suite at the Athletic Club, and he proposed that Summer take the test there. Summer prepared to leave, and he remarked that she reminded him of someone he'd known years before. She hoped that it was someone he'd liked, and he replied that it was someone he'd liked very much.

Sharon wished Nick a good morning, and she said that he hadn't needed to stay the night, but she appreciated that he had. She commented that she couldn't remember the last time she'd slept that soundly, and she confirmed that she hadn't had any dreams or visions of Cassie. Nick surmised that it had just been Sharon's mind playing tricks on her, but she reiterated that Cassie had seemed real. He hoped the therapist would be able to help, but Sharon sounded unsure that she'd be able to get better. Nick comforted her.

Nick offered to wait for Dr. Meade with Sharon, but she wanted to learn to get through the rough patches by herself. He encouraged her to ask for help when she needed it, and she replied that it was what she was paying Dr. Meade for. Nick told Sharon that she should be proud of herself, and she knew her disease wouldn't go away, but she was determined to get better by doing everything she was supposed to. Sharon admitted that sometimes she was afraid that even if she followed her regimen of medication and therapy, it wouldn't work, and she would never get better. Nick held her and promised that she would.

Sharon assured Nick that she was okay, and she said that leaning on him wouldn't solve her problems. He asserted that he was her friend, but she wanted to rely on her own strength and not him or a ghost. Nick said that Cassie had been much more, and he was glad that Sharon had found a therapist she could trust. He said that if she maxed out her insurance, he could be the person she told her secrets to, and she replied that she'd keep it in mind. He jokingly suggested that she think about getting a more comfortable couch, and he departed.

Dr. Meade arrived, and she said that she didn't usually have sessions in her patients' homes, but she thought that she should examine the environment to figure out why Sharon's visions had returned. Sharon confirmed that they were in the room where she'd usually seen Cassie, and she reported that she'd been taking her meds every day. Dr. Meade explained that managing Sharon's condition was an ongoing process, but it was manageable. Sharon revealed that her visions had become more real, and she'd even thought that she'd touched Cassie. The doctor sympathized that it had been unnerving, but Sharon was more concerned about the change in Cassie. Sharon recounted that she'd once been comforted by the sweet, loving Cassie she'd envisioned, but it seemed like Cassie was taunting her.

Sharon said that she'd also seen Cassie outside the window, and Dr. Meade asked if Cassie had spoken. Sharon disclosed that Cassie had mostly just given her a haunting smile, and the doctor suggested that perhaps Sharon was in a struggle with herself, with part of her focusing on what was real and the other part not wanting to let Cassie go. Sharon swore that she wanted to get better, and Dr. Meade said that therapy was the first step, and the next one was to change her medication. The doctor handed Sharon a new prescription and suggested that they talk in a couple of days. Sharon was afraid that it wouldn't work, but the doctor recommended that Sharon fill the prescription and see what happened.

After Sharon picked up her prescription, she left a message for Nick about her session with Dr. Meade, and she expressed confidence that everything was under control. She opened her front door, and she discovered a picture of Cassie in the entryway. She then spotted a trail of photos leading to the mantel, where there was a collage of pictures of Cassie plastered all over the wall.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Dylan that he'd gotten Dylan's message, and Dylan presented Nick with an espresso. Nick asked how Dylan had known how he'd liked it, and Dylan said that he liked it the same way. Dylan stated that they were just two guys who happened to have the same mom, and he had summoned Nick to talk about them protecting Nikki from Ian. Nick asked if something had happened, and Dylan relayed that the cops would do nothing to keep Ian away, so it was up to them.

Nick balked at the idea of teaming up with Dylan, but Dylan contended that Ian had pushed too far and that they had to take action. Dylan revealed that Nikki had been suffering from nightmares, but Nick argued that dreams couldn't hurt her. Dylan disagreed, since some things were impossible to forget, and he wished that he'd never looked for Ian. Nick said that Dylan's regrets wouldn't protect Nikki, but he conceded that perhaps working together would. Dylan noted that Nikki wouldn't like them taking on Ian, and Nick suggested that they find a way to protect her without her knowing.

Nick and Dylan agreed to keep their arrangement to themselves, and Dylan remarked that Nikki hadn't wanted Dylan to go after Ian, so he was sure that she wouldn't be thrilled that he'd dragged Nick into his plan. Nick protested that no one forced him into anything, and Dylan warned him not to make it a contest. The men recognized that nothing had changed between them, and Nick asked what they should do next. Dylan suggested that they convince Ian to leave town.

In Paris, Chloe pretended to be Chelsea, and she told the caretaker of the property that Adam had purchased that she and her husband were aware that the renovations weren't complete, but she and her son would be staying there. Chloe claimed that her husband had been delayed by business, but she wanted to get settled before he arrived. The caretaker maintained that the home wasn't ready, but she swore that she would be fine. She handed him some cash from her purse and said that she'd call him if she needed anything, and she escorted him out.

Chloe told Connor that the flat didn't look like much, but she would make it a beautiful home for them, just like she had for Delia. Chloe gazed at the baby and pledged to make him happier than Adam and Chelsea ever could have because they hadn't deserved him. Chloe tearfully pledged never to let anyone hurt him, and she held Connor close.

On the Newman jet, Victor informed Chelsea that they would land in Paris soon. She fretted that it wouldn't be soon enough, and he assured her that Chloe would be in Paris when they arrived. Chelsea cried that she just wanted to hold her baby, and Victor promised that she would. Chelsea noted that while Victor sounded confident, he couldn't be certain, and he urged her to trust him. Chelsea snapped that he was the reason Adam was dead, and Victor calmly asserted that it wasn't true.

Chelsea apologized, and she wished that Adam had accepted responsibility for Delia's accident, but she recognized that he'd been afraid of losing his son. She regretted that she hadn't had a chance to tell Adam that she'd forgiven him, and Victor pointed out that Adam hadn't been able to forgive himself. Victor vowed to find Connor, and he asked if Chloe had known about Adam and Chelsea's new home in Paris. Chelsea said that the address had been on the passports, and Victor suggested that they not notify the police to avoid putting Chloe under more stress. Chelsea realized that Victor was helping her for a reason other than guilt.

Chelsea noted that Connor was Victor's only remaining tie to Adam, and she imagined it was hard for Victor to see pieces of his family slip away, like he had during his childhood at the orphanage. Victor pointedly stated that he wasn't the only one who'd had a rough childhood, and she joked that maybe she would have been better off if she'd been raised in an orphanage. Victor admitted that there was nothing worse than being abandoned by both parents, and she replied that Adam had said the same thing. Victor said that he'd never understood why Adam had felt that way, since Adam had had a loving mom and dad in Kansas, but Adam had always felt abandoned.

Chelsea assured Victor that he'd done what he'd thought had been best for a young Adam, but Victor contended that Chelsea didn't know the trouble that Adam had caused when he'd arrived in Genoa City. Victor recounted that he'd offered Adam every chance at Newman Enterprises, but Adam had conspired with Jack to take over the company. Victor stated that it was all inconsequential, and Chelsea wished that Adam had known that Victor had kept Adam's crime a secret to protect Adam. Chelsea guessed that Victor hadn't wanted to turn his back on Adam the way Victor's mother had turned her back on Victor, but Victor simply said that they were about to land.

Once the plane was on the ground, Victor checked in with his investigators, but he told Chelsea that they hadn't learned anything. He considered contacting the authorities, and she objected, but he worried that Chloe's trail would go cold. Kevin called Chelsea, and she wrote down some information. Chelsea informed Victor that Kevin had hacked into Chloe's credit card accounts, and Kevin had found out the address of where a hired car had dropped Chloe off.

Chloe prepared to take Connor out to get some food. She opened the door and faced Victor and Chelsea.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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