The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 2014 on Y&R

Billy learned that Victoria had kissed Stitch. Victoria threw Billy out when she found out he'd met with Kelly. Nikki revealed that she'd secretly recorded Ian's blackmail attempt. Noah quit Newman-Chancellor. Victor agreed to help Chelsea search for Adam.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, March 3, 2014

At Sharon's house, Sharon put away the photos of Cassie she'd found strewn about just before Avery arrived holding Faith, who was asleep. Sharon snapped, "What are you doing with my daughter?" Avery explained that Dylan and Nick were working together to protect Nikki and Summer. Sharon apologized for her rude greeting. Avery noted that she was no longer engaged to Nick, so her relationship with Faith and Sharon shouldn't be as awkward as it had been in the past. Sharon acknowledged that their worlds would still overlap since Avery was in a romantic relationship with Dylan.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan told Nick that Paul had arrested Ian Ward for extortion and placed the man in jail. Nick assured Dylan that both Nikki and Summer were all right. Dylan explained that it had been a wise move on Summer's part to alert Paul about Ian's motives. Nick said he was somewhat relieved that Ian would be unable to victimize Summer or any other young girls. Dylan added that Nikki had placed herself in a difficult situation in order to draw out a confession from Ian. Nick noted that his mom was a warrior.

Recalling his mother's past acts of boldness, Nick told Dylan that Nikki had fought for her life after being shot four times. Nick added that Nikki, who was much tougher than she looked, had also battled addiction and had endured a difficult relationship with Victor. Dylan said he was thankful to have inherited half of his genes from Nikki. Dylan said that his biological father, though despicable, had mentioned knowing a secret. Dylan quoted Ian as having said, "If you kill me, you'll never know."

Nick insisted that Ian's statements and actions were part of the man's head games. Nick added that a man threateningly cornered by another would say or do anything to survive. Nick cited the night Billy had taken Adam out to the woods to back up his claim.

Back at Sharon's, Nick arrived and told Avery that Ian had been arrested for extortion and that everyone was safe. Nick and Sharon thanked Avery for taking care of Faith. Avery left. Nick apologized to Sharon for placing Faith in Avery's care. Sharon praised Nick for being an excellent father.

Nick discovered the Ouija board and asked Sharon if she had been trying to contact Cassie. Sharon assured Nick that she wasn't delusional and had begun taking an additional medication prescribed by her therapist. Nick encouraged Sharon to lean on him. Nick explained that Nikki felt responsible for Summer getting mixed up with Ian. Nick said he had felt like ripping down the walls in Ian's room when he'd found Summer's "sister" bracelet.

Sharon seemed pained when Nick mentioned that Summer wasn't truly his daughter. Nick cried, "I mean, the thought of anything happening to my girl, not that she's not my girl. She's really not even Faith's sister, but it doesn't matter what any bracelet says." Sharon replied, "The test didn't matter when Summer was little. Why does it have to matter now? If we could all just forget about that test!" Nick explained that the test did matter to Summer, Jack, and to a lot of others. Nick added that the paternity test also mattered to him.

Avery met up with Dylan at Crimson Lights and praised him and Nick for working together and handling the situation with Ian without breaking the law. Avery said, "Ian Ward's locked up. It's over!" Dylan shook his head and replied, "It's not over at all." Dylan told Avery about Ian stating that he had important information that would be of interest. Avery warned that Ian had been desperate to protect himself from retaliation.

Dylan said, "This wasn't an off-the-cuff statement made out of thin air. Ian knew exactly what he was doing, and he enjoyed it as usual." Dylan vowed to learn Ian's secret.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily told Devon that the traumatic events that had taken place during the fundraiser for the Delia Project seemed to have compelled Leslie and Neil to separate. Lily assured Devon that their father wouldn't turn to alcohol to cope with his hurtful loss. Esmeralda emerged from her workout and stopped to chat with Devon and Lily. Esmeralda noted that she was energized and hoped Devon would visit her at her place later. Lily grinned. After Esmeralda walked away, Lily noted that Devon had quickly developed a relationship with the model. Lily added that she preferred Esmeralda over Hilary. Devon quickly defended Hilary when Lily referred to Hilary as a tramp.

At Jabot, Hilary entered a dimly lit office and was surprised to find Neil gazing out the window. Hilary said she thought perhaps she'd become lost and had walked into the wrong office. Neil replied, "You're in the right place -- just not the one who's lost." Neil added that the office, which he greatly missed, had once belonged to him. Hilary walked toward the door and offered to leave Neil in peace. Neil told Hilary that she fit quite well into the new world she'd created for herself after losing her mother. Hilary thanked Neil for having recommended her to Jack.

Hilary walked back toward Neil and noted that he seemed troubled. Neil admitted that he and Leslie had broken off their relationship. Neil turned the conversation around and asked Hilary what was new in her life. Hilary noted that she wouldn't be working late if she had an active social life. Hilary seemed disappointed when she told Neil that Devon was already seeing someone else. Hilary expressed her concern about Neil's loss. Hilary admitted that she might be overstepping her boundaries, but she cautioned Neil not drown his sorrows with alcohol.

Neil later joined Devon and Lily at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Lily bristled when Neil mentioned that Hilary had just given him a pep talk. Lily asked, "Hilary Curtis?" Neil explained that Hilary had weathered tumultuous changes in her life and had fared very well. Devon said he was happy to hear that Neil was feeling better. Lily looked away when Neil said that it was best not to judge others too harshly.

Esmeralda ran into Hilary at Jabot. Esmeralda said she was picking up her modeling schedule. Esmeralda added, "Got to see how good I need to look for the camera for now, at least." Esmeralda explained that she'd learned that Devon was worth billions, so she intended to help him "lighten his load." Hilary winced when Esmeralda spelled her out plans to marry Devon and ask him to purchase a home for the couple in the Cayman Islands. Hilary seemed disgusted after Esmeralda walked away.

At Chancellor Park, Billy reluctantly met with Kelly after she summoned him. Kelly seemed encouraged when Billy said that he'd gone there because of her. Billy added that he regretted admitting before a crowd of friends and rescue personnel that he had slept with Kelly. Billy insisted that winning back Victoria was all that mattered. Kelly recalled that the two hours she'd spent being intimate with Billy had helped to numb her overwhelming grief and heartache. Kelly agreed that their affair had been a mistake, but she added that it had also been a miracle she could never regret.

Billy grew fretful and told Kelly that he couldn't risk losing Victoria and Johnny. Kelly said she was grateful to have found someone like Billy, who understood her. Both Kelly and Billy admitted that they had given each other comfort and a sense of stability after suffering a profound loss. Kelly tearfully noted that she and Billy couldn't continue their friendship because it would be too much for Victoria. Billy said that Kelly's husband was an idiot for walking away from her. Kelly embraced Billy and suggested that in time they might be able to become platonic friends. Billy quickly turned and left without responding.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's gym, Victoria passionately kissed Stitch on the lips. Suddenly, Victoria pulled away and stepped back. Awkwardly, Victoria apologized to Stitch and noted that it had been stupid and foolish of her to arbitrarily kiss him. Victoria pressed her hand to her forehead and cried that she didn't know what was wrong with her. Stitch explained that Victoria wanted to hurt Billy the same way Billy had hurt her. Stitch consoled Victoria and reminded her that the kiss had just been one brief moment out of her very long day. He encouraged Victoria return to Billy and save her marriage. Victoria agreed to work things out with Billy.

When Victoria returned home, she found Billy eagerly waiting just inside the front door. Victoria suddenly announced that she'd just kissed another man. Billy angrily replied, "Who's the guy?" Victoria yelled that what she'd done was nothing compared to Billy's affair with Kelly. Victoria cried that visions of Billy touching and holding Kelly haunted her every time she saw Kelly. Billy admitted that he'd been selfish and stupid, but he swore to Victoria that he loved only her. Victoria gazed into Billy's eyes and told him that she loved him. The couple embraced and kissed. Upstairs, Billy disrobed Victoria. The couple fell onto their bed and made love.

Stitch found Kelly sitting alone and sobbing in Chancellor Park. Kelly admitted that she didn't know how to put Billy behind her. Kelly confessed that she wanted to see Billy again. Stitch calmly listened. Kelly recalled that she felt comforted whenever she spoke to Billy about Sam and Delia. Kelly began sobbing and said she'd begged Billy to remain friends with her because she felt terribly lonely. Stitch comforted Kelly, placed his hand on her shoulder, and insisted that others desired to be her friend. Kelly recoiled and cried, "You? Never! There will never be forgiveness for what you did!"

Noah stopped by Courtney's apartment to pick her up for a date. Referring to files on a desk and a camera set up on a tripod, Noah asked if the items were related to an investigation. Courtney explained that she couldn't answer Noah's question. Courtney drew Noah close and kissed him on the lips. Noah smiled when Courtney surprised him with a birthday muffin. Courtney said the lit candle was ready for Noah to make a birthday wish.

After Noah extinguished the candle, Courtney teased that she might need to frisk him. Noah wheeled around to face Courtney and said, "That goes both ways." The couple kissed passionately. Noah became uneasy when he discovered a concealed weapon tucked into the back of Courtney's jeans. Noah seemed apprehensive, but Courtney explained that she usually kept her service weapon nearby whenever she was on duty. Noah said, "Maybe we should just slow down a little."

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tyler worked out at the Athletic Club, and Abby flirtatiously suggested that they hit the sauna again, but he was clearly distracted. She hoped that he wasn't giving her the silent treatment because she'd said the "M" word, since they weren't ready to settle down like Leslie and Neil. Tyler walked away, and she realized that he was upset about his sister's breakup. Tyler explained that he'd thought that Leslie had figured out how to have it all, but she hadn't been able to make it work. He wondered if he was kidding himself about relationships, and he worried that he was destined to blow it.

Abby assured Tyler that he was his own person and that he wasn't defined by his sister's actions, and she questioned what had happened to his faith in love and commitment. He replied that leaps of faith were for dreamers, but he had to be practical. Abby said that practical people could get hurt, too, and she encouraged Tyler to go for it all. He recalled that he'd been known for doing so in his old neighborhood, and she urged him to dream big. They kissed.

In the dining room, Colin discussed the hostage situation with Cane and Lily, and Cane said that things would have been worse if Colin hadn't been there. Colin said that he'd only done what any father would have done, and he was sorry that someone had died, but Womack would have killed Colin if Colin hadn't shot him. Cane asked why Colin was really in Genoa City, and Colin swore that he was only in town for Jill. Colin declared that he intended to prove that he was the man she deserved, and he mentioned that Cane had done the same thing with Lily. Colin hoped that Cane and Lily could trust him one day, and Cane acknowledged that Colin had made headway during the events in the ballroom.

Lily commented that she wouldn't have been surprised if Colin had shot Womack on purpose to walk away a hero. Colin reiterated that he was determined to prove himself, just like Cane had been, and Lily excused herself when she spotted Abby and Tyler. Cane told Colin that he didn't need to prove his love to Lily, but Colin clarified that he was talking about proving one's worth to oneself. Colin recalled that Cane had been the head of a huge corporation, but Cane swore that he was having the time of his life, working with Lily.

Colin contended that ambition ran in Cane's blood, and he thought that one day, the menial job at the club wouldn't be enough for Cane. Cane admitted that he'd enjoyed being CEO of Chancellor Industries, but he had no interest in working for Newman-Chancellor. Colin queried whether Cane would return if the right opportunity presented itself, but Cane was certain that Victor wouldn't let go of the company, and he maintained that he was happy where he was.

Lily approached Tyler and Abby's table, and Abby asked if Lily had recovered from the benefit. Lily angrily asked Tyler what was wrong with Leslie, and she barked that Leslie should have told Neil from the start if she hadn't wanted to marry him. Tyler replied that Leslie had told Neil, but Neil hadn't listened, so Leslie had accepted Neil's proposal to appease him. Lily argued that Leslie had led Neil on, and Abby countered that Lily had done the same thing with Tyler.

Lily corrected that Tyler had pursued her, and Abby blasted Lily for blaming Tyler for his sister's choice. Abby reasoned that it was a good thing that Leslie had broken things off before Leslie and Neil had gotten married, but Lily huffed that marriage wasn't a mistake, and she dared Abby to try it sometime. Cane pulled Lily away and sent over some complimentary desserts to smooth over the situation. Abby despondently conceded that maybe happy endings only happened in fairy tales, but Tyler reminded her that she'd convinced him that it was possible to live happily ever after. They decided to get a hotel room.

Lily told Cane that she could have handled the situation on her own, but he argued that they couldn't afford to scare customers away with a scene. She said that she'd wanted to defend her dad, and she asked how things had gone with Colin. She noticed Cane's distant expression and surmised that Colin was starting to get to him, but Cane insisted that nothing was wrong. He added that he had everything a man could want, but he seemed uncertain as he quickly looked away.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill stared at the photo of Rachel with a magnifying glass, and Esther furiously pounded on a chair cushion. Esther complained that Jill wouldn't let her clean up the mess, and Jill barked not to ruin her research system. Esther picked up a photo of Chloe and baby Delia and began to cry, and Jill swore that she'd do everything possible to get Chloe out of jail. A stunned Esther noted that Jill actually sounded human, and Jill pointed out that she was also a mother. Esther proposed that they focus on the journals and the photo, and she commented that they were the reason why Colin had a hold on Jill.

Jill denied that Colin was holding anything over her, and she snapped that Esther knew nothing about their relationship. Esther warned that guys like Colin were only out for money, but she could see that Colin wanted Jill, too. Jill admitted that there was something specific Colin wanted, and they were in a race to find out why Rachel had been important to Katherine. Jill added that there was a prize for the one who found out first, and Esther squealed with excitement. Jill said that Esther was the only one who could help her win it.

Jill asked if Katherine had ever talked about her father's war years, and Esther revealed that he'd had to keep his knowledge top secret, since he'd deciphered messages for the Army. Jill realized that the secret could be in the journals in code, and Esther wondered if Colin knew more than he had indicated. Jill decided that her first priority would be to find the missing part of Rachel's picture, and she remarked that Esther knew the house better than anyone. Esther asked what she would get out of it if she helped, and Jill replied that Esther could keep her mind off her pain. Jill proposed that they help one another, and the women shook hands.

Jill conceded that Esther could clean up some of the mess to avoid any safety hazards, and she focused on determining where the photo of Rachel had been taken. Colin returned to the mansion, and he asked how the search was going. Jill said that she was making progress, and Esther gestured wildly. Jill asked what Esther was doing, and Esther claimed that she was cleaning. Jill turned back to the photo, but Colin looked at Esther carefully, and he pointed to a spot that she'd missed. When she faced away, he grabbed the missing piece of the photo that she'd hidden in her uniform.

Colin asked why Esther had withheld the missing corner, and Jill covered by griping that Esther was always confused. Jill matched up the photo pieces, and she realized that the picture had been taken in London. Jill suggested that they focus on England, and Esther said that there were more boxes labeled "England" that she could retrieve. Colin proclaimed that it was cause to celebrate, and he leaned in to kiss Jill, but she pushed him away and ordered him to keep reading.

At Jabot, Nick informed Jack about how Ian had made a play for Summer, who overheard and lamented that she'd made it easy for Ian. She wished that she'd had Phyllis to turn to instead of confiding in a pervert, and Jack pointed out that she could have talked to him or Nick, but he realized that they were the problem. Nick insisted that none of what had happened had been Summer's fault, and he noted that Ian was an expert at fooling people. Summer whined that she kept going to people to have them tell her who she was, but only she could make decisions about her life. Jack opined that perhaps the mess could turn out to be a good thing.

Nick said that situations like the one Summer had just been through either made or broke a person, and she didn't look broken. Jack added that Summer would be a stronger person, knowing that she was the only one to find answers for herself. Nick encouraged Summer to talk to Nikki, who he thought would understand the feelings of humiliation and anger, and he offered to take her to the ranch. Jack declared that he was very proud that Summer was his daughter, and he and Summer hugged. Summer left with Nick, and Jack canceled his appointments for the rest of the day.

At the ranch, Nikki was happily surprised when Dylan stopped by, and they praised one another for standing up to Ian. Victor entered and remarked that Nikki and Dylan had had quite a day, and he groused that he'd found out about it second-hand. Nikki said that she'd thought Victor had left for the office, but he replied that he'd been on the phone, making sure the salacious details of Nikki's encounter didn't get into the press. Nikki handed Dylan an envelope and asked him to give it to Paul. Dylan left, and Nikki expected Victor to ask what had been in the envelope. Victor questioned why she'd want to spoil the secret, since all their marriage had been for months had been one secret after another.

Nikki said that she had been waiting for the right moment to tell Victor everything, but he countered that he never would have gone to Paris if he'd known that Ian had returned to town. He scolded her for tiptoeing around him as if he needed protection, and he proclaimed that he would have kept Ian away from Nikki and Summer if he'd known. Victor contended that keeping secrets from one another was no way for them to live, and he swore that he loved her. Nikki said that she loved him, too.

Nikki said that she knew why Victor hadn't told her the truth about Adam, and Victor replied that he understood why she'd kept her association with Ian a secret for years. Victor assured Nikki that she could tell him anything, since secrets led to mistrust. He asked if she trusted him, and she posed the same question to him. He said that he trusted her with his life, and they embraced. Nick and Summer entered, and Victor told Summer that nothing bad would happen to her as long as he was there.

Later, Nick noted that Victor had taken off in a hurry, and Nikki admitted that she'd never told Victor that Ian had been in town. Nick recognized that Victor had kept his own share of secrets, and Summer said that she was sorry if she'd caused trouble. Nikki blamed herself for keeping her past a secret, but Summer remained angry that she'd let Ian take advantage of her. Summer asserted that she wanted to look Ian in the eyes and tell him what she thought of him, but Nikki thought it was better if Summer never saw him again. Summer wondered what to do with her anger, and Nick told her to let it out.

Nikki suggested that Summer picture that Ian was there and rip into him, and Summer hesitantly pretended to confront him, but she complained that it wouldn't work. Nikki urged her to try again, and Summer recalled that she'd approached Ian for help, but he'd only wanted to use her to get revenge. Summer yelled that she mattered and that no one could decide what her future would be except her, so she wouldn't be Ian's student, blind follower, or victim. Nikki collapsed in tears, and Summer rushed to her side. Nikki wished she had been like Summer when she'd been Summer's age, and they hugged.

Nikki said that Summer didn't need a life coach, but she implored Summer to trust her amazing heart to take her where she was supposed to be. Summer stepped out to use the restroom, and Nick thanked Nikki for her help. Nikki wished that she could help herself.

At the police station, Paul announced that Ian was about to be transferred to county jail, where Paul hoped Ian would be wearing an orange jumpsuit for a long time. Ian countered that Paul had more of a chance of spending time in prison than Ian did, and he suggested that Paul thank him rather than admonish him. Paul testily asked why he should be thankful to Ian, who vaguely replied that he'd done Paul a favor. Paul snarled that he hated riddles, but he hated Ian even more, and he demanded to know what favor Ian had done for him. Leslie suddenly appeared and ordered Ian not to respond, and she revealed that she was Ian's attorney.

Paul advised Leslie to back away, but she replied that she knew Ian's history, including his background with Paul, and she cited it as a conflict of interest. She declared her intent to ask that the charges be dismissed, since there was no evidence to hold Ian. Paul referred to the million dollars in cash, but Leslie argued that there was nothing else. Dylan entered and asked for a word with Ian, who eagerly said that he had something to tell Dylan. Ian and Dylan stepped into Paul's office, and Ian admitted that he hadn't anticipated that Dylan and Nick would join forces. Dylan questioned why Ian had risked his new life and business to return to town.

Jack arrived and hoped that the police threw the book thrown at Ian, and Paul swore that Ian would go down for his crimes. Dylan and Ian emerged from Paul's office, and Jack snapped that he wanted to see Ian get exactly what he deserved. Leslie explained that extortion was difficult to prove, and she believed that there wasn't enough evidence to support a case against Ian. Dylan thought that Nikki would testify, but Leslie said that only one witness wouldn't make the charges stick. Jack groaned that Ian had weaseled his way out of similar situations before, and Ian crowed that justice would be served. "You're damn right it will," Victor declared as he strode in.

Leslie asked if Paul was going to allow Victor to harass her client, but Paul pointed out that it was the same kind of conversation that Leslie had held with Congressman Wheeler after his arrest. Leslie warned that there would be consequences if anything happened to Ian while he was in custody, and Ian seemed impressed to see Victor. Victor called Ian a worthless maggot who would soon be on the bottom of Victor's shoe, and Ian teased that he thought Victor had evolved past name-calling. Victor hissed that Ian emanated hypocrisy, and if Ian ever saw the light of day, he'd find out what Victor could do.

Jack said that there was some concern that the charges wouldn't stick, and Victor asked if Dylan had delivered Nikki's packet. Dylan reported that it was in Paul's office, and Victor revealed that it contained everything Paul needed. Victor told Ian to remember who had put Ian in jail, and Ian declared that it would be an honor to be sent away by Victor Newman. Victor announced that his beloved wife would be the one to send Ian to prison, and he ordered Ian not to ever forget it. Ian affectionately stated that he could never forget Nikki, and Paul had to stop Victor from lunging at Ian.

Leslie reported that the judge had ruled that there wasn't enough evidence, but Paul revealed that the judge hadn't heard it all. Paul played a recording of Nikki and Ian's conversation, during which Ian had promised that he'd leave Summer alone in exchange for five million dollars. Ian pledged to see them all again soon because they were destined to meet on the same path. Victor warned Ian to pray that he sat behind prison walls for a long time because if they ever crossed paths again, it wouldn't be pretty.

Dylan thanked Paul for his help, and Paul expressed relief that Ian was someone else's problem. Paul mentioned that Ian had kept ranting about a favor, and Dylan divulged that Ian had made a vague statement about how Dylan would never know something if he killed Ian. The men agreed that neither of them knew what Ian had been talking about.

Victor looked serious as he ended a phone call. Jack remarked that they didn't agree on many things, but they were in sync about wanting to see Ian punished. Jack inquired whether Victor had received bad news, and Victor revealed that someone had pulled some strings to have the FDA initiate an inquiry into Bonaventure Industries. Jack feigned surprise, but Victor suspected that Jack knew all about it. Victor sternly asked when Jack would give up because Victor never lost.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jill and Colin listened to records on an old phonograph to put themselves in Shep's shoes. Shep had been Katherine's father. Colin took Jill in his arms to dance, but Lauren interrupted them. Lauren said that she was there to check on Esther. Jill said that Esther was having a very hard time coping with what had happened to Chloe. Jill commented on how much destruction and hurt Adam had caused. Colin lied to Lauren about the reason that he and Jill were looking through Shep's journals.

Jill said that there was no need to lie to Lauren because Lauren was her sister and that, unlike Colin, Lauren was more interested in helping Jill solve the mystery than finding any money. Jill then told Lauren that it appeared that Rachel and Shep had had a romantic connection during World War II. Lauren's phone rang as she showed Jill a journal entry with a reference to "R." The call was from Michael. Lauren said that she had to go to the police station. She asked Jill to let Esther know that she would be back.

After Lauren was gone, Jill stated reading from the journal that referenced "R." Jill and Colin had different interpretations of the passage. She thought that R was a civilian helping the war effort, but Colin suggested that R and Shep had engaged in a wartime romance. Jill jumped on that. She said that made Shep a philanderer and reminded Colin that Jill was the injured party in her relationship with Colin because, unknown to her, he had been involved in money laundering and drug trafficking. Colin replied that he had forgiven Jill for turning him in.

Jill protested that everything Colin had told her was a lie. Colin said that not everything was a lie because he had meant it when he had told Jill that he loved her. Jill asked how Colin could say that he was not interested in the money after he had blackmailed her and made her start the treasure hunt. Colin said that the money was important but had nothing to do with his feelings for Jill. Jill asked if Colin meant feelings of love like Shep and R. Colin said yes. Jill told him that Shep had been a philanderer. Colin asked why Shep had kept the photo, Jill said as a trophy, but Colin countered that it was a reminder of lost love.

Jill started reading the journal. She imagined R as a selfless heroine who stayed behind with a gun, guarding Shep's back as he fled two thugs. Colin said that Shep would never leave his woman behind. Instead, Shep would stay with Rachel and then kiss her and tell her that he loved her. When the thugs entered, Shep would let them take him away to protect Rachel, and she would never see him again. Jill thought that was a terrible story, but Colin said it was romantic because Shep had vowed his love.

Jill said that she would not fall for Colin's smarmy Australian charm, but when he dropped a stack of papers on the floor and both stooped to pick them up, Colin told Jill that he would love her forever, and they shared a steamy kiss. Jill pulled away and slapped Colin. She accused him of taking advantage. He said he had seen an opportunity. Jill told him to get back to work so she could get out of their sham of a marriage. Jill stalked away flustered, but Colin had a great big grin on his face.

Dylan was working on his account books when Avery stopped by Crimson Lights. Dylan told Avery that Leslie was representing Ian Ward. Avery said that everyone was entitled to a defense. Dylan said he just wished that it were not Leslie defending Ian because she was a good enough lawyer to get Ian off, despite Ian's abuse of Nikki and other young women.

Dylan said that he wished that he could go back to before, but Avery said that he could not do that because he would be living a lie, and Avery knew Dylan well enough to know that he would not want to do that. Avery said that Dylan had changed as a result of finding out his true parentage, but she thought that he had changed for the better.

Dylan agreed that he was not sorry that he had learned that Nikki was his mother, but he wished that he had not been responsible for leading Ian into town. Avery pointed out that it had been good for Nikki because she had gotten closure by asserting herself and proving that she could stand up to Ian. Dylan reluctantly admitted that Avery might be correct. Avery also teased Dylan about how well he and Nick had cooperated and shown a "brotherly" bond. Dylan and Avery kissed.

Avery said that it was great that they were a "normal" couple and that they did not have to sneak around. She apologized for not leaving her husband when she had lost Dylan's baby. Avery said that she had been punishing herself. Dylan asked what Avery wanted to do first, since they were a normal couple.

They decided to take a walk in the park to show that they were a normal couple. Dylan stood on a park bench and shouted that he loved Avery. She stood beside him. They kissed, and Avery told Dylan that she loved him too. Suddenly a crowd had gathered around and was cheering them. Avery was thrilled when Dylan said he could get used to normal.

At the police station, Michael and Kevin talked about Chloe and the serious charge of kidnapping that she was facing. Kevin did not understand why Chloe had to remain in jail, but Michael said that kidnapping, especially when the child had been taken to another country, was looked upon very seriously, and since Chloe had also stolen passports, she was considered a flight risk and would have to stay in jail until her trial. Kevin was not happy to learn that there was a very good chance that Chloe would be convicted.

Kevin expected that Chloe would be let free because she had been grieving. Michael said that in that case, she would probably have to spend some time in Fairview. Chloe walked in and overheard. She asked if Michael thought that she belonged in a mental institution. Kevin jumped to Chloe's defense when she asked if Michael thought that she was crazy. Michael said that Chloe had admitted that she needed help, and he added that both Chloe and Kevin had to face the possibility that Chloe might be convicted.

If that happened, Michael said that Chloe would be far better off to do her time in a hospital, rather than prison. Kevin begged Michael to try again for bail and pledged to put up his house or whatever it took to get Chloe out. Chloe thanked Michael for all he was doing and told Kevin that putting up his house was too much. Kevin replied that he had just gotten Chloe back, and nothing would separate them again. Michael left for court.

Chloe said that she was a kidnapper, and she deserved to go to jail. Kevin replied that she was grieving. Chloe said that her grief did not give her the right to take Connor and scare his mother. She said that maybe she did belong in a mental hospital. Kevin insisted that Chloe was not crazy. Kevin said that Chloe had been consumed with grief, and he had been also. Kevin said that he had tried to remain strong for Chloe, but had it not been for the car accident, he would have killed Adam himself.

Chloe apologized for not recognizing that Kevin missed Delia as much as she did. She thanked him for being there for her. Kevin and Chloe hugged.

Lauren met Michael at the police station. He told her that he had asked for bail, but he was not optimistic that it would be granted. Michael said that Chloe's sentence would likely depend on the court-appointed psychiatrist, so even if grief had been the motivating factor, it was likely that Chloe would have to undergo intensive therapy, which, in Michael's opinion, was better than prison.

Lauren told Michael that he was doing the best job that he could under the circumstances, but Michael was not sure that Kevin would agree with Lauren. Lauren saw Kevin and Chloe embrace and told Michael that her heart was breaking for them. Lauren received a phone call and told the caller that she had forgotten and would have to cancel the appointment because of a family emergency.

Lauren explained to Michael that she had booked a family spa day to help them relax from all the stress created by the trouble with Carmine and with Fen's incarceration. Michael told her not to cancel, because as Chloe had learned, people never knew how much time they had to spend with those they loved. Michael convinced Lauren that they would be only a short phone call away if either Chloe or Kevin needed them. A matron took Chloe back to her cell as Kevin watched helplessly.

Chelsea held baby Connor and told him how much she missed Adam. She assured the baby that one day, the bell would ring, and Adam would be standing there. The bell rang. Chelsea called out "Adam" when she opened the door, but it was Anita instead. When asked why she was there, Anita said that she was concerned, and she could see from Chelsea's appearance that Anita was right to be concerned. Chelsea snapped back, but Anita dismissed Chelsea's remarks as misplaced anger.

Anita blamed Chloe, but Chelsea defended her. When Anita said that Chloe should be locked up, Chelsea replied that Chloe had been grieving, had suddenly learned that her best friend's husband had killed her daughter, and had snapped. Chelsea felt no need for retribution and made that clear to Anita.

Anita said that she did want to do a better job with Connor that she had done with Chelsea. Chelsea wondered if it was because of his trust fund. Anita said it was because she loved both Connor and Chelsea. Anita urged Chelsea to give her another chance. Anita encouraged Chelsea to get some rest and let Anita watch Connor. Chelsea said she was not tired. Anita worried because Chelsea had thought that Adam was at the door.

Anita tried to convince Chelsea that Adam was dead, but Chelsea said that until someone showed her a body, she would not believe that Adam was dead. Chelsea declared that she knew that Adam was out there somewhere. Anita tried to convince Chelsea otherwise, but Chelsea showed Anita the door instead.

Chelsea held Connor and told him that his daddy knew how much that they both needed Adam. Chelsea said that there were questions that only Daddy could answer. Then she realized that Billy might also have answers. Chelsea called Billy and told him that she had to see him.

In a sparse, grim room, a man's hand twitched. He was lying in a hospital bed and wearing Adam's ring on his left hand. A blurry figure, which appeared to be dressed in blue hospital scrubs, entered the room. The hand lifted and then fell back on the bed.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Cane informed Lily that the jewelry group who had been planning a big event at the Athletic Club had backed out, and she complained that reservations had been down. He anticipated that they would feel the negative effect from the hostage situation for months, but she called herself a marketing whiz, and she declared that she knew exactly how to turn it around. Lily ran her idea by Cane, and she started to hurry off to get the ball rolling. He pointed out that she'd forgotten something, and she leaned in for a lingering kiss. He told her to hurry back and that he loved her.

In the dining room, Victor read a newspaper article aloud to one of his employees about Bonaventure Industries allegedly selling untested and unapproved drugs. If Victor were found guilty, he'd face $300 million in fines and additional forfeiture of assets. Victor insisted that Jack had set him up, and his companion asked if Victor could prove it. Victor vowed to find proof that Jack was behind the investigation. Victor said that the government had to prove that he'd acted with intent to defraud, and he questioned what evidence existed.

The employee pointed out that Bonaventure's profits had spiked after Newman's acquisition of Chancellor, and Victor maintained that Jack had set him up. Victor requested that they postpone their meeting, and he approached Cane at the bar. Cane offered him a drink, and Victor asked if he looked like he needed one. Cane mentioned that he'd heard about Victor's FDA problems, and Victor inquired whether Cane had expected them. Cane asked why he would have, and Victor noted that Cane had urged him to hold on to Bonaventure.

Victor recalled that Cane had urged him to put more funds into Chancellor's biotech division, and Cane defended that Lily's health had been in jeopardy at the time. Cane swore that he hadn't known about the manufacturing of illegal drugs, but Victor pointed out that Cane had had reason to be bitter after being cut out of the company. Cane incredulously asked if Victor thought that he'd retaliated by risking the lives of innocent people, and Victor theorized that someone had put Cane up to it. Victor pledged to find out who had tampered with the manufacturing process, and Cane maintained that it hadn't been him.

Cane asserted that there had been no improprieties when Chancellor had purchased Bonaventure, and Victor conceded that any wrongdoing had happened after Newman had taken over. Cane regretted that the Chancellor name was being dragged through the mud, and he commented about how other Newman-Chancellor divisions had been doing well. Victor realized that Cane had still been keeping informed even though Cane hadn't been involved at the company, and Cane explained that Katherine's legacy meant a lot to him. Victor declared that he had a proposition for Cane.

Victor said that he wanted to make sure that the Newman and Chancellor names were cleared, and Cane asked what Victor would pay him to do it. Victor suspected that money alone wasn't Cane's motivation, and he offered Cane the opportunity to run the Chancellor side of the company. Cane confirmed that Victor was extending a CEO position, and he recalled that Victor had only wanted his family to run the business. Victor divulged that his kids weren't as interested as he'd thought, and he was convinced of Cane's abilities. Victor was also certain that running the club couldn't possibly fulfill Cane.

Cane noted that Victor had been the second person that day to refer to Cane's ambition, but he questioned what could be more satisfying than spending his days and nights with the woman he loved. Victor said that his offer was open if Cane had an epiphany, but he cautioned not to wait too long.

Hilary found Neil in Jack's office, and she wondered if he'd been sitting in the same spot all night, but he informed her that he'd actually left the building. Neil assured her that while he was blue about his breakup with Leslie, he wasn't in a catatonic state, and he thanked her for allowing him to bore her with his tale of woe. Jack entered, and Hilary started to leave so the men could talk privately, but Neil said that he was there to discuss business with Jack. Jack refused to let anything destroy his mood, and he displayed a newspaper headline that indicated that Victor was under criminal investigation by the FDA.

Jack ranted that if Victor had put an unregulated drug on the market, then Victor had been responsible for Summer's collapse. Hilary wondered if Jack was hoping that Newman-Chancellor would be shut down, and Jack replied that the law would decide what Victor deserved. Neil said that he was there to go over the budget for Chelsea's line, and Jack said that he had a meeting, but he instructed Hilary to start building a file with Neil's numbers. After Hilary left, Jack queried why Hilary had thought that he needed to talk to Neil privately, and Neil hesitantly revealed that he'd stopped by the prior evening to see Jack, but he'd talked to Hilary instead.

Neil added that he'd been depressed about his breakup with Leslie, and Jack was surprised that they'd ended their engagement. Jack offered to postpone his meeting so that they could talk, but Neil said that opening up to Hilary had helped. Neil explained that he and Leslie had had a fundamental disagreement about marriage because she didn't believe in it and he did. Neil continued that he'd tried to make Leslie see that marriage was an unbreakable bond in the eyes of God and the law, but Leslie didn't believe that people should stay together for artificial reasons. Jack lamented that a ring didn't necessarily make a relationship last forever.

After Jack left, Neil excitedly made plans for the rollout of Chelsea's line, and Hilary remarked that she was glad to see him energized. He said that work kept him sane, and they realized that they had that trait in common. Lily walked in on their friendly conversation and griped that she constantly found Hilary around the men in Lily's family, and Hilary retorted that she worked there. Lily said that she had business with her father, and Hilary contended that Lily would also have to deal with her, since Hilary was there on Jack's behalf. The women bickered, and Neil intervened and asked why Lily was there. Lily proclaimed that she had an idea that would be beneficial for all of them.

Lily said that Chelsea's new line was ready to launch, and she suggested that the Athletic Club would be the perfect place to reveal it. Lily gushed that they could accommodate dressing rooms and a runway, and they could make it a captivating experience for the audience. Hilary snarled that Lily knew all about a captive audience, but Neil said that he loved the idea. He promised to run it by Jack, and Hilary said that she'd take care of it. Lily and Hilary exchanged barbs, and Lily left to get started on her end. Hilary conceded that it was a good idea, and Neil hoped that she and Lily didn't kill one another.

Lily returned to the club and babbled to Cane about how they could have their own fashion week in Genoa City, and she asked if he was listening. He apologized for being distracted, and he relayed the details his conversation with Victor about getting his old job back. Lily questioned the sudden offer, and Cane said that it involved corporate espionage. Lily assumed that Cane wouldn't even consider the offer, but he looked unsure.

Billy greeted Victoria when she returned home in athletic gear, and he said that he'd realized that she'd already left when he'd woken up. He added that he'd hoped to pick up where they'd left off the night before, and she half-heartedly replied that it would have been nice. She said that she'd gotten her run out of the way, and he teased her for still having energy after the night they'd spent together. He noticed her discomfort, and he said that he'd thought that making love had meant something. Victoria acknowledged that it had, but she wasn't sure that it had fixed what was broken.

Billy thought it had been a breakthrough to express their love, and Victoria admitted that she still loved him very much. She added that it had been all she had thought about the night before, but after they'd made love, she'd realized that he'd expressed the same thing with Kelly, and it had hurt her all over again. Billy proposed that they get counseling, and Victoria sarcastically suggested that they join a support group. She turned away, and Billy assured her that it was okay, but she said that it wasn't all right that she kept blurting out vicious things.

Billy contended that it was better than Victoria kissing other guys, but he understood that she'd done it to hurt him, and it had worked. He said that the idea of her with another man was too much, and he wasn't sure what he would do if he knew who it had been. Billy acknowledged that what he'd done had been a million times worse, and he wouldn't stop trying to get her trust back, even if it took a million years. He said that he didn't believe that things were too broken to fix, and she admitted that she didn't, either. He pulled her into a hug.

Billy stopped by the penthouse in response to Chelsea's message about Adam, and she wanted Billy to tell her everything he remembered before the crash. He replied that he'd already told the police everything, but she pleaded that she was asking as a wife and not a cop, and she felt that there was more to the story. Billy said that he wasn't sure exactly what had happened after the car had gone off the road, but he had crawled out of the vehicle and had dazedly wandered home. She demanded to know why he hadn't called for help rather than leaving Adam to die, and Billy recalled that there hadn't been any sign of Adam, so he'd assumed that Adam had gotten away.

Chelsea inquired whether Adam could have gotten out of the car, but Billy didn't know. Billy said that the police had seen a man pinned in the car before it had exploded, but she pointed out that no one knew where Adam's body was. Billy wished her luck with finding closure, since he hadn't found it after Adam had killed his daughter, and he might lose his wife, too. Chelsea conceded that Adam had been responsible for some awful things, but she contended that Billy couldn't blame Adam for his marital problems. Billy argued that if Adam hadn't killed Delia, he wouldn't have been out of his mind with grief, and he never would have hurt Victoria.

Chelsea realized that it had been wrong to ask Billy to stop by, but he swore that he didn't blame her for Adam's actions and lies. Billy regretted that he didn't have answers to her questions, and she asked what had been the last words Adam had said before the crash. Billy replied that Adam had been talking about her and Connor, and Billy had said that Adam hadn't deserved them and that Adam would never see them again, but Adam had disagreed.

Later, Victor arrived at the penthouse at Chelsea's request, and he asked how Connor was doing. She reported that Chloe had been arrested, and Victor pointed out that Chloe had kidnapped a child. Chelsea defended that Connor hadn't been in danger, and she said that she needed a favor. Chelsea said that she wasn't convinced that Adam was dead, especially since Billy hadn't been able to confirm that Adam had died. She theorized that maybe Adam had been able to get out of the wreckage, and she relayed that the last thing Adam had said was that he'd see Chelsea and Connor again.

Chelsea stated that she couldn't believe that Adam was dead until she had proof, and she requested that Victor use his resources to figure out what had happened to Adam. She said that she knew Victor cared about his son, and she asked whether Victor wanted to know for sure. Victor promised to think about it, and Chelsea pointed out that she was the one who would decide whether Victor got to see her son. He asked whether she intended to use the boy as leverage, and she replied that she couldn't stand the questions and doubts. She begged Victor to find Adam, dead or alive.

At Crimson Lights, Abby ran into Stitch, who asked how her mom was doing. Abby reported that Ashley was working hard in New York, but Ashley was still alone and single. Stitch remarked that being single was a good thing, and Abby recognized that she shouldn't encourage things since Stitch was married, but he confided that he was about to be divorced. Abby seemed pleased by the news, but she quickly covered and said that she was sorry. She surmised that he was trying to put thoughts of another woman behind him, and he flashed back to his kiss with Victoria.

Abby said that she planned to call her mom later, and she asked if Stitch wanted her to deliver any message. Stitch asked if Ashley knew that Abby was playing matchmaker, and Abby referred to Stitch and Ashley's obvious attraction. Abby remarked that it would be nice if someone besides her was in a happy relationship, with Jack waiting for Phyllis to wake up and Billy and Victoria having problems. Stitch said to tell Ashley that he said hi, and he retreated to the patio and pulled out his phone.

Jack stopped by to see Billy, but Victoria disclosed that Billy wasn't there. Jack asked how she was doing, and she ultimately admitted that she wasn't fine. She divulged that she felt a thousand things, primarily anger, and she wanted to feel compassion and forgiveness, but she couldn't. She expected Jack to launch into reasons why she should forgive Billy, but Jack recognized that Billy had been reckless and selfish and that Billy had destroyed the one great thing he'd had. Victoria noted that it sounded like Jack was trying to convince her not to forgive Billy.

Victoria questioned whether she should throw Billy out, but Jack said that it wasn't for him to decide. She voiced surprise that he'd said terrible things about his brother, but Jack reasoned that Victoria knew Billy's flaws and that she knew what Billy had been going through at the time of his indiscretion. She contended that it didn't excuse what had happened, and Jack revealed that Billy had poured his heart out to Jack and that Billy was willing to do anything to make things right. Jack added that he would love to see Billy and Victoria work it out, but it was up to them. Jack advised Victoria not to look into the recent past but to envision the future and to try to imagine what it would be like without Billy in it.

Victoria said that she couldn't imagine a future without Billy. Jack mentioned that he'd told Billy to give her time to sort through her feelings, and he suggested that she not make any rash decisions. She wondered how she could trust Billy again, and Jack replied that Billy would have to earn it if she let him, but he honestly believed that trust could be rebuilt if two people loved one another and were willing to do the work. Victoria thanked him for his wisdom, and they hugged. He said that he had a vested interest, since his brother was a better person with her by his side. Jack departed, and Victoria received a text message from Stitch, who hoped that she was feeling better.

Abby called Ashley and made a big deal about Stitch saying hello. Abby suggested that Ashley hop on a plane to return the greeting, but she saw Jack enter, and she said that he was looking at her disapprovingly. Abby hung up, and Jack clarified that he'd been admiring her resemblance to her mother. He said that it made him miss Ashley and appreciate Abby even more, and Abby joked that he really appreciated that she wasn't like Victor. They laughed, and Jack remarked that he was in a good mood and that he wanted to focus on the positive.

Neil and Hilary laughed as Neil finished telling a story, and Jack returned to the office. Hilary informed Jack that they'd been working on the latest fashion project, and Neil proposed that they introduce Chelsea's new line at the Athletic Club. Jack approved of the idea, and he reported that he was pleased with his own impromptu meeting, since he might have saved a marriage.

Victoria arrived at the hospital, and Stitch spotted her and asked if everything was okay. She explained that she was meeting Billy there for his follow-up appointment, and she said that she'd received Stitch's message. Stitch said that he'd been concerned, and he pulled her into an empty exam room. He stressed that she didn't have to worry about their kiss because he knew what it had been and what it hadn't. He noted that it sounded like she had taken his advice and was trying to make things work with Billy, and she informed him that while she was still furious, she and Billy had gotten closer.

Stitch joked that kissing him sent women running back to their husbands, and Victoria revealed that she'd told Billy about the kiss but not who her victim had been. She suddenly saw Billy in the hallway. Victoria and Stitch nervously rambled about how they'd run into each other, and Stitch left to get the doctor. Billy realized that the man Victoria had kissed had been Stitch.

Friday, March 7, 2014

At the hospital, Sharon greeted Stitch, and she informed him that she was doing well, according to Dr. Meade. She guessed that he was wondering why she'd needed to see a psychiatrist, and he said that it wasn't his concern, but she replied that everyone in town knew that she'd struggled with emotional issues. Sharon explained that she had suffered a loss and had done regrettable things afterward, and Stitch said that he could relate. He looked anxiously toward the room Billy and Victoria were in.

Sharon assumed that Stitch had heard that Dylan was a hero for taking down a con artist, but Stitch pointed out that Dylan wasn't big on taking credit. She noted that it was a trait Dylan and Nick had in common, and Stitch remarked that Sharon and Nick had a good relationship. He mentioned that he was going through a divorce, and he couldn't imagine getting to a friendly point with his ex. Sharon revealed that she and Nick had gone through rough patches, but there was always something to remember about why a person had really loved someone.

In an exam room, Billy pressured Victoria to admit that she'd kissed Stitch, and she asked not to discuss it there, but Billy asked if it would be easier someplace else. She confessed that the kiss had been with "Ben," but she had been the one who'd initiated it. Billy asked if Stitch hadn't responded to a kiss from a beautiful woman, and Victoria argued that Billy had no right to question what had happened. Billy assumed that Stitch had responded, and she stopped him from rushing out to confront Stitch. She said that it had been her fault, but she wasn't sorry that she'd kissed someone else or that the person had been Ben.

Victoria acknowledged that she'd hurt Billy by betraying him with someone he'd liked and trusted, and she compared it to his indiscretion with Kelly. Dr. Price entered and conducted Billy's exam, and he determined that Billy was doing fine. The doctor left, and Victoria suggested that she and Billy finish their discussion at home. They left the room and saw Stitch, and Victoria tried to stop Billy, but Billy confronted Stitch and ordered him to keep his hands off Billy's wife.

Billy asked if Stitch could deny that he had kissed Victoria, and he ranted that Stitch's own marriage was in ruins, so Stitch had messed with someone else's. Victoria pleaded with Billy to stop, and Stitch pulled Billy aside and told him to get a grip. Stitch encouraged Billy to try to make things right with Victoria, since Billy was already close to losing her. Billy snarled that Stitch was the last person who should hand out marital advice, and Stitch agreed, but he maintained that it was good advice that Billy should take. Billy vowed that he and Victoria would get through it, and he demanded that Stitch stay away from both of them.

At the penthouse, Chelsea explained to Victor that no one had found Adam's body and that there was no evidence that Adam had died. Victor recounted that Paul had seen a body inside the vehicle before the explosion, and no one could have survived. She declared that she wasn't satisfied, and she didn't believe that Victor was, either. Victor conceded that he would have liked the opportunity to bury his son, and Chelsea vowed to stay positive until there was proof that Adam was dead.

Victor questioned why Adam wouldn't have contacted Chelsea if he were still alive, and Chelsea reasoned that Adam could be hurt. She mentioned that she had received a call, and she'd only heard a crumpling noise on the line, but she'd felt in her heart that it had been Adam. Victor considered it more likely that someone had misdialed, but Chelsea urged him to acknowledge the possibility that Adam was still alive, unless Victor never wanted to face Adam again. Victor told her to never presume to know how he felt or thought, and he confided that the loss of his son had hit him harder than he'd let anyone know.

Victor said that Chelsea didn't have an exclusive right to mourn, and he admitted that he'd had a lot of disagreements with Adam, but Adam had still been his son. Chelsea recognized that Victor loved Adam, and she implored him not to give up on the chance that Adam was alive, since Adam might need help. Victor asked if Chelsea would be willing to accept the police's version of what had happened if Victor's operatives confirmed that Adam was dead. She agreed to give Adam a proper funeral if she had proof of his death, but until then, she refused to give up hope.

Victor argued that there were no facts to support that Adam was alive, and he inquired whether there had been any activity on Adam's credit cards or bank accounts. Chelsea said that she didn't have access to all of them, but she was sure that Victor's people could get all the information. Victor reasoned that if they found Adam, Adam would be charged with the hit-and-run, but Chelsea said they could deal with it if they had to. Victor reiterated that the chances of finding Adam alive were slim, and he advised her not to torture herself. He said that he would visit Connor on another day, and he left.

At the Athletic Club, Nick sat down at a table as Noah finished a business call. Noah said that things had been crazy, and he'd just found out about the situation with Ian. Noah referred to Nick and Dylan working together as brothers, but Nick told him not to get ahead of himself. Noah wished that he'd looked into Summer's life coach earlier, but Nick contended that Noah was supposed to live his own life and be happy. Noah reported that he definitely was, and Nick remarked that everyone he cared about was healthy and doing well. Noah asked if that group included Sharon.

Nick reported that Sharon had filled him in about seeing Cassie again, and Noah ignored his continuously beeping phone as they talked. Noah said that he was glad Nick had been there for Sharon, and Nick replied that it went both ways, since Sharon had also been there for him. Noah commented that his parents had a lot of history, and Nick remarked that he and Sharon were building a new relationship. Nick guessed from the activity on Noah's phone that things were going well at Newman-Chancellor, and Noah said that it had been challenging, but he hadn't been thrilled with some of Victor's decisions.

Noah surmised that Nick had heard about the problems with the FDA, and Nick confirmed that he knew that Bonaventure Industries had sold the drug that had almost killed Summer. Noah asserted that he didn't believe that Victor had knowingly let it happen, and Nick grumbled that Noah didn't know what Victor was capable of. Noah said that he was aware that Nick and Victor weren't on speaking terms and that Nick had advised Summer to stay away from Victor, but Nick didn't want to talk about it, since Noah had the right to form his own opinion. Noah contended that he deserved the facts, and Nick revealed that Victor had made a decision that had started a chain of events and had hurt a lot of people.

Nick told Noah about Victor using his knowledge of Adam's role in Delia's hit-and-run accident to blackmail Adam, but all Victor had said was that everything he'd done had been for his family. Nick said that what Noah chose to do with the information was up to him, but Nick was done with Victor's need for control and tests of loyalty. Sharon approached, and Nick asked her to join them for lunch, but Noah said that he had to get back to the office to take care of something. Noah thanked Nick for his honesty, and he left. Nick informed Sharon that they'd been talking about family and about her.

Sharon mentioned that she'd had a good session with Dr. Meade and that she hadn't had any visions of Cassie since she'd started her new medication. Sharon declared that she felt good, and Nick observed that she looked good, too. Sharon excused herself to talk to Chelsea at the bar, and Chelsea said that she was meeting Lily about having a fashion show there. Sharon remarked that it was nice that Chelsea was feeling well enough to get back to work, and she asked about Connor. Sharon commented that Adam's death was easier for the baby than for the rest of them, and she asked if Chelsea had still been imagining that Adam was alive. Chelsea snapped that she hadn't imagined anything because Adam wasn't dead, and she pointedly stated that she wasn't crazy.

Sharon calmly replied that she didn't appreciate Chelsea calling her crazy and that she had just been empathizing. Chelsea barked that they had never been friends, despite the bonding moment they'd shared over Adam's disappearance. Nick intervened and defended that Sharon had been trying to be nice, but Chelsea ordered Sharon to stop trying, and she walked away. Nick asked if Sharon was all right, and she replied that she wouldn't take it personally. Nick pointed out that at one time, Sharon would have been shaking or crying, but she reminded him of the feisty girl he'd met in high school.

Nick accompanied Sharon home, and she thanked him for lunch and for saving her from Chelsea's wrath. Nick said that Chelsea had had no reason to attack Sharon, but Sharon sympathized that Chelsea had lost the love of her life, and Sharon understood what Chelsea was going through. Nick marveled that Sharon hadn't lost her sense of compassion, despite having her own issues to deal with. Sharon remarked that he knew her well, and he replied, "I sure do." Nick pulled Sharon into a passionate kiss.

Victor entered his office and found Noah waiting for him. Victor said that he'd been meaning to set up a meeting to make Noah a spokesman for Newman-Chancellor, and Noah replied that he'd need to know what the company stood for first. He asked if Victor had known that Bonaventure had been distributing illegal drugs through a Mexican website, and Victor asked what Noah thought. Noah noted that Victor had responded to his inquiry with a question, and Victor insisted that he'd had no knowledge of the alleged illegal activity. Victor added that an investigation didn't mean any wrongdoing had occurred, and a skeptical Noah asked if the FDA had invented the charges.

Victor contended that he'd been set up, but he would cooperate and answer the FDA's questions. Noah asked if Victor would answer Noah's questions honestly, and he stated that Victor had covered for Adam. Noah asked if Victor was sorry for the pain he'd caused, and he questioned whether Victor would do it over again. Victor admitted that he would do the same thing because family was more important than anything else in life, and he hadn't wanted to lose his grandson.

Noah said that he understood perfectly, and he realized that Victor wasn't sorry at all. Victor declared that once he made a decision, he stuck by it, no matter how unpopular it was. Noah announced that as a result of their talk, he'd made a decision of his own -- he couldn't work for Victor anymore, and he quit. Victor protested that Noah was making a big mistake, but Noah silently walked out.

Victor looked at the family photos in his office. Meanwhile, Chelsea returned home, and she raced to answer the phone. Victor requested that she assemble any records of Adam's that she could find that might help locate him, and she asked if Victor intended to find Adam. He told her to pull together the documents as soon as possible, and they'd go from there.

In his office, Jack smiled as he read the newspaper, and he was surprised when Kelly knocked on his door. She said that she wanted to talk to him about her future with Billy, but she quickly clarified that she meant the future of the Delia Project. She explained that she hadn't wanted her association to be a problem, so she'd removed herself from the foundation by quitting her job. Jack called it a big move, and Kelly said that she thought it would be the best thing for everyone. She added that she didn't know what she'd do next, and Jack wondered why she'd shared the turn of events with him. Kelly replied that there was something else she wanted to discuss with Jack.

Kelly said that everyone in town saw her as a home-wrecker, but she insisted that she cared about Billy and that she'd never expected more than friendship from him. Kelly continued that she didn't want Jack to have the wrong impression because she was really a good person who'd made a big mistake. Jack asked why his opinion mattered, and Kelly said that it sounded weird, but the night they'd met, she'd looked into his eyes and felt like she'd known him. She called him a decent and honorable man, and he replied that some people might argue. She contended that if someone like him could forgive her then maybe she might be able to start forgiving herself.

Jack said that it wasn't up to him to forgive anyone, but he was most concerned about Victoria forgiving Billy. Kelly stammered that it had been a silly thing to ask, but she hadn't been thinking clearly, especially that day. Jack asked why, and she started to leave, but he insisted that she sit down. He fetched a glass of water for her and questioned what was going on, and she ultimately divulged that it was her son's birthday.

Kelly said that she'd been determined to do something positive, so she had volunteered to read at the library and had gotten through it without breaking down. She disclosed that she'd handed in her resignation, and she had been conscious of the fact that she had been doing pretty well until the sense of loss had suddenly washed over her again. Jack said that he was sorry, and she didn't expect him to understand, but he replied that while he wasn't the right person to turn to for forgiveness, he understood her pain.

Jack said that grief caused people to act recklessly and to make mistakes, like Billy had, and Kelly recognized that Billy hadn't been the only one. Jack said that he didn't hold her solely responsible, but he wanted her to understand that Billy and Victoria were putting their relationship back together. Kelly assured him that she got it, and she handed Jack the Delia Project file and asked him to give it to Billy. Jack agreed, and he hoped that Kelly found a healthy way to find peace in her life. She thanked him for the water and started to leave, but from the doorway, she turned around and said that she still thought that Jack was a decent guy. Later, Jack gazed at Kelly's business card.

Stitch approached Kelly at the Athletic Club bar, and he asked how she was doing. She spat that she was exceptional, and he remarked that he knew what day it was. She declared that it was Friday, and she sarcastically stated that soon, Stitch would move up to shapes and numbers. He said that he'd seen a reminder about Sam's birthday on his phone, and he said that he was sorry. She cried that she missed her son, but she was doing better than she had been the prior year, since at least she had gotten out of bed and had been productive. She mentioned that she'd cleaned up a mess she'd made, and Stitch hoped that he hadn't created a bigger one.

At home, Billy conceded that he had no right to be upset with Victoria, and he only cared about fixing things between them. She suggested that he start by apologizing to Stitch, but he flatly refused. He suspected that Stitch hadn't pushed an incredible woman like Victoria away, and he wanted to make sure that Stitch hadn't gotten the wrong idea. Victoria reiterated that her only interest in kissing Stitch had been to hurt Billy, and he asked if she was sure that she didn't want Stitch. She countered by questioning whether Billy wanted Kelly.

Billy said that he didn't want to waste time on Kelly or Stitch, but he wanted to focus on his and Victoria's relationship. He said that their anger was a sign that they loved one another, and he thought that they'd been getting back to a good place before he'd overreacted. Victoria contended that it would take some time, and he swore that he wasn't going anywhere. She said that she was willing to try to get past the hurt, and he hugged her and promised that they'd get through it if they focused on the prize. He went upstairs to shower, and his phone rang. Victoria saw an incoming call from Kelly.

Victoria waited for a voicemail notification, and after a brief pause, she listened to it. In the message, Kelly informed Billy that she was off the Delia Project, and she thanked him for meeting her in the park the day before. Kelly said that their meeting had left her with hope for the future, and she hoped he was doing well. A stunned Victoria set down the phone as an oblivious Billy descended the stairs. Victoria angrily ordered Billy to get out.

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