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Nick and Sharon made love. Sharon insisted that Cassie was still alive. Chloe and Kevin got remarried so that he could become her legal guardian. The eyewitness to Billy and Adam's crash told Chelsea and Victor that both men had escaped before the explosion.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 10, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, March 10, 2014

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was stunned when the Cassie look-alike barged unannounced into his office. Victor checked outside the door to ensure that no one had spotted the young woman who, Victor noted, bore an uncanny likeness to his late granddaughter, Cassie. He asked the bold young woman how she'd slipped past his security guards. "Cassie" explained that she'd had prior experience slipping past security officers. Victor nodded as if he weren't surprised.

"Cassie" informed Victor that he'd have to find someone else to extract from Sharon the secret she'd been keeping from Nick. Victor suggested that the young woman reconsider. "Cassie" said that she would be satisfied with the money Victor had already given her. She announced her plans to leave town immediately. Victor noted that whatever plans "Cassie" originally had for moving to Genoa City seemed to have not have panned out.

Ignoring Victor's observation, the young woman set the key to Sharon's house on his desk and turned to leave. Victor, his arms defiantly folded, said, "I know what you did in Portland. I could have you jailed before you leave Genoa City. You know that to be true, don't you?"

The young woman threatened to expose Victor's plan to Nick, but Victor threateningly advised her not to because it wouldn't end well for her. Victor dangled the keys to Sharon's house in "Cassie's" face and ordered her to rummage around inside Sharon's house to search for clues about Sharon's secret. The young woman snatched the keys and marched out. Victor chuckled after "Cassie" slammed his office door.

Later, Victor poured himself a drink and stood near a window in his office. In a flashback, Victor recalled the day he'd covertly overheard Dr. Watkins discussing Sharon's case with a colleague at Crimson Lights. Dr. Watkins noted that Sharon, after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, had begun taking an antipsychotic medication. Dr. Watkins added that Sharon's marriage had faltered after her teenage daughter had died tragically in an auto accident. The doctor recalled that Sharon had later become obsessed with getting her husband back. Victor had also overheard Dr. Watkins tell her colleague that Sharon had admitted to manipulating a situation that had cruelly hurt her ex-husband. The doctor added that her patient had kept the hurtful act a secret because she feared it would ruin her chances of ever reuniting with her ex-husband.

At Sharon's house, Sharon led Nick by the hand upstairs to her bedroom after the couple began kissing. As Sharon unbuttoned Nick's shirt, she asked, "Nick, are you sure?" Nick said that it felt right. Sharon said she, too, was sure that becoming intimate felt right. Nick lifted Sharon and placed her atop the bed. He climbed into bed with Sharon, and the couple made love. As the couple later cuddled, Nick said he was glad that Faith had stayed overnight with a friend because he didn't want their daughter to get the wrong idea.

While Nick tenderly kissed Sharon's hand, she expressed her appreciation for his support. Sharon added that her newly prescribed medication had improved her mental stability. Nick said he felt hopeful about being with Sharon because their relationship was open and honest. Sharon offered to fetch some snacks from the kitchen. Nick stayed in bed, but he suggested that Sharon return with whipped cream and honey. Sharon fastened the belt on her robe and went downstairs.

The Cassie look-alike was moving about Sharon's living room, quietly rummaging through storage containers and drawers in search of clues about Sharon's secret. Sharon gasped when she spotted the young woman she thought was Cassie's ghost. Sharon refused to believe that the apparition was present. Sharon pressed her palms against her face and said aloud to herself, "This isn't happening. The meds are working! The meds are working!" Sharon walked toward the Cassie look-alike. Sharon said, "Is it because I made love to Nick? Is that why you're back?" The young woman replied, "Did you tell Nick the secret?"

The young woman glared at Sharon when Sharon explained that she couldn't reveal the secret to Nick because it would ruin their renewed relationship. Sharon added, "Phyllis is the only one who knows, and she can't tell anyone." The Cassie look-alike urged Sharon to share the secret with her. Sharon, confused, replied, "What are you talking about? I already told you." Upstairs, Nick heard Sharon's muffled voice and threw off the covers.

Back downstairs, the Cassie look-alike claimed she knew that Sharon really wanted to disclose the secret to Nick, and she urged Sharon to practice by saying it aloud. Sharon became distressed and asked "Cassie" why she'd spelled the word "phantasm" on the coffee table, using the lettered tiles. The young woman seemed befuddled when Sharon quizzed her about having scattered the photos all over the house. Confused, the young woman quickly replied, "What?" Sharon demanded to know why "Cassie" had suddenly begun tormenting her.

Sharon was shocked when she reached out and actually felt "Cassie." Sharon cried, "I can feel you! I'm not imagining this." Sharon tightened her grip on the young woman and called out to Nick. When the young woman forcibly freed herself from Sharon's grasp, Sharon fell forward on her face. "Cassie" ran toward the front door and left before Nick entered the room and knelt down to check on Sharon.

Nick helped Sharon to her feet. Sharon rushed to peer out the front window and cried, "She was here!" Nick noted that Sharon had hit her head when she fell. He guided Sharon to the sofa and gave her a glass of water. Sharon, lucid, said, "I saw Cassie. I touched her." Nick nodded and told Sharon to take a sip of water. Sharon said, "I'm not crazy. I really saw her."

Nick blamed himself and claimed that their intimacy had been too much for Sharon to handle. Nick added that the last thing he'd meant to do was to hurt Sharon. Sobbing, Sharon insisted that seeing Cassie had nothing to do with him. Sharon added, "It had to do with what I've done."

In Jack's office at Jabot, Abby excitedly shared her idea about to cross-promote Jabot's new fall lipstick colors during the Jabot Fashion Show Lily was holding at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Along with free makeovers and gift bags, Abby suggested holding a grand-prize trip to Paris for one big winner. Jack offered to bump up the prize package and send two winners to Paris. Abby asked what had put Jack in such a generous mood. Jack said that his faith in true love had been restored because Billy and Victoria's relationship seemed to be back on track.

Abby was elated for Billy and Victoria, but she criticized Kelly for seducing Billy and jeopardizing his family. Jack noted that Kelly had seemed like a perfectly nice person when she had made an appearance in his office and assured him that she wouldn't pose a threat to Billy's marriage again. Abby replied, "And you believe that hoochie mama?" Abby added that no one should ever threaten any committed relationship. Jack asked if Abby was actually referring to her own relationship with Tyler. Abby admitted that she didn't want to suffer like her mother had and hoped to find a relationship that lasted.

Jack's mood changed, and Abby apologized for reminding him about Phyllis. Jack noted that Phyllis was always on his mind. Abby asked Jack if he truly expected Phyllis to recover. Jack replied, "Phyllis never gave up on a fight, and she's not going to start now." Abby seemed to feel sorry for Jack and promised not to interfere. Before Abby left, she told Jack that the right woman for him might be waiting around the corner. Jack was disappointed after he phoned the clinic in Georgia and learned that medical staff hadn't detected any improvement in Phyllis' condition.

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy was confused when he returned from taking a shower to discover that Victoria was livid. Billy said, "What happened? Victoria, I thought we were okay. I don't know what I did." Victoria played the message Kelly had left on his phone. In a cheery tone, Kelly had left a message thanking Billy for having met with her at the park. Kelly had added, "Thank you for leaving me with hope for the future."

Victoria angrily tossed the phone toward Billy and said, "That's what you did." Billy admitted that he'd met with Kelly after she contacted him. Victoria asked if the meeting had taken place before or after he'd assured her that Kelly was out of his life forever.

Billy told Victoria that he'd met Kelly at the park to talk after Victoria had returned to the gym, at which time, Billy added, Victoria had kissed Stitch. Billy said that he hadn't mentioned his meeting because he hadn't wanted Victoria upset. Victoria cried, "That's your fall-back position, huh? After you meet with Kelly, you come straight home to have sex with me." Billy said that during the meeting with Kelly, he'd made it clear that they could never be intimate again.

Victoria asked Billy why Kelly had mentioned that he'd given her hope for the future. Billy explained that he hadn't wanted to hurt Kelly's feelings when she had expressed interest in remaining platonic friends. Victoria became irate and asked why Kelly's feelings seemed to matter more. Billy left after Victoria asked him to give her some time alone. Victoria seemed despondent.

Abby showed up after Billy left. Abby delivered a gift-wrapped, hot-pink negligee, which she claimed would help any marital problem. Victoria dropped the silky nightie back into the gift bag and replied, "Not mine." Abby assured Victoria that the lingerie would encourage Billy to forget about whatever had prevented him for reconnecting. Angrily, Victoria cried, "Abby, my marriage is falling apart."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily approached Kelly about getting names of prominent donors to help with the Jabot Fashion Show. Kelly explained that she was no longer associated with "GC Cares" for a variety of reason. Lily asked if one reason included Billy. Kelly insisted that she'd never intended to hurt Victoria. Lily said she believed Kelly and knew that she was truly a good person.

Kelly explained that she had made plans to get her life back on track and needed Lily's help. Kelly added that she realized how much she'd missed teaching after spending time with Mattie and Charlie. Lily offered to contact a friend on the school board and give Kelly a recommendation. Lily also insisted on setting up a date for Kelly. Lily assured Kelly that she'd enjoy meeting Dr. Klein, Mattie and Charlie's pediatric dentist.

Kelly was reluctant and didn't immediately accept Lily's offer. Lily asked Kelly if she was still hung up on Billy. Kelly admitted that she and Billy would always have a connection. Kelly, however, insisted that it wasn't a romantic link. Kelly sighed and said she hoped to find someone special in the future. Lily smiled uneasily and nodded.

Billy showed up unexpectedly at Jack's office. Billy seemed stunned and asked if he could stay at Jack's house. Jack became miffed after Billy admitted that he'd met up with Kelly in the park. Jack warned Billy to keep his distance from Kelly. Billy asked how he could avoid Kelly completely because she lived in Genoa City, belonged to the same support group, and had friends in common with him. Billy added, "Kelly and I have a connection. Maybe because we both lost kids; I don't know, but I can't pretend it's not there."

Jack explained that Billy was bonding over grief, but it was a lot more for Kelly. Jack suggested that Billy allow a little time for Victoria to cool down. Billy shook his head and noted that Victoria would require more than a little time. Jack gave Billy the key to the Abbott mansion and assured his brother that a good night's rest would help him cope with his martial issues. After Billy left, Jack phoned Kelly and set a lunch date with her. Kelly agreed to meet with Jack at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

At the police station, Chloe thanked Michael for arranging a meeting to discuss her plea with federal agents. Kevin objected, but Michael maintained that going to trial was a risk, and the deal he'd proposed would avoid prison time. Kevin ranted that Chloe would still be in a locked cell at Fairview, and he griped that no one had charged Billy with kidnapping because Billy had been a grieving parent. Kevin suggested that Michael get the judge to see it the same way for Chloe, but Michael stated that they had to deal with the situation the way it was. Michael empathized with Kevin, but he said that the ugly truth was that no one would walk away unscathed, including Billy.

Kevin pointed out that no charges had been filed against Billy, but Michael mentioned that damage had been done to Billy's marriage. Kevin grumbled that Billy would get to fight from his own living room, and he ordered Michael to do his job instead of rolling over. Michael reasoned that the judge could rule that Chloe receive outpatient treatment, and Chloe told Kevin to stop blaming Michael, since it had been her choice to plead guilty. She conceded that she was tired of fighting, and Kevin offered to do it for her, but she contended that the worst had already happened when she'd lost her daughter.

Michael stepped out to see if Christine had reached a resolution with the Feds and the judge, and Chloe suggested that Kevin go home if he couldn't handle it, but he refused to leave her. Kevin insisted that he wasn't going anywhere and that she could count on him, and she credited him with being the only person she'd ever been able to rely on. She noted that despite all the drama, he'd never left her, and he promised that he never would. She said that he couldn't be there for her at Fairview, and she'd have to learn to cope without him.

Chloe begged Kevin to go before the police put her in handcuffs and took her away, and he recalled that she'd always tried to push him away, but it wouldn't work. Michael returned and announced that Chloe's plea had been accepted, and the judge had ordered her to receive outpatient treatment instead of going to Fairview. Kevin was relieved, but Michael added that there was one stipulation -- Chloe had to be remanded into the custody of someone who had to take legal responsibility for her. Kevin volunteered to do so, but Michael declared that it wasn't an option.

Michael explained that only a spouse or legal relative could accept responsibility for Chloe. Chloe groaned that her mother would have to do it, and Esther would constantly be hovering. Chloe continued to complain that she'd be forced to live with newlyweds, and Kevin suddenly asked Chloe to marry him. He dropped to one knee and requested that she let him have, hold, and take legal responsibility for her to keep her out of Fairview.

Billy worked out with the punching bag at the gym, and Dylan approached and asked if there was anything he could do to help. Billy replied that he needed a time machine or a miracle to take away the last six months, but he recognized that no one could give him his little girl back or repair his marriage. Billy recalled that Victoria had given him many chances before, and Dylan wondered what Billy had done this time. Billy revealed that he'd seen someone who he'd promised he'd never see again, and he swore that it hadn't been illicit, but he hadn't told Victoria about it. Dylan surmised that Billy had met with a woman, and Billy confided that Victoria had kicked him out because of it. Stitch overheard and declared, "Good for her!"

Billy suspected that Stitch was happy to have a shot at Victoria without Billy around, but Stitch asserted that Victoria loved Billy and that she needed space to make smart decisions. Stitch suggested that Billy concentrate on his marriage instead of seeing things that weren't there, and Billy barked that Stitch had kissed Billy's wife. Stitch snarled that Billy had been the one who'd stepped out on Victoria, and he chided Billy for cheating and then acting like she'd crossed the line. Stitch insisted that he was Victoria's friend, but he understood that friendship was a tough concept for Billy, given his "friendship" with Kelly. Stitch bellowed that Billy had tanked his own marriage, and it was time for Billy to shut up and fix it.

Billy accused Stitch of pulling a white knight routine to save Victoria from her husband, and Stitch huffed that perhaps that was what she needed. Dylan told them both to cool off, and he argued that Victoria wouldn't want them at one another's throats. Stitch stalked off, and Billy yelled after him that Victoria would never want Stitch. Dylan implored Billy to think about Victoria for once, since Billy had screwed up and Victoria deserved better.

Billy said that no one was madder at him than himself, but he hadn't been able to cut Kelly off, since she'd deserved some decency and a proper goodbye. Billy explained that Kelly had dragged him out of a hole and had practically saved his life, and Dylan inquired whether Victoria had tried to do the same thing. Billy questioned whether Dylan had talked to his loved ones when he'd gone off the rails or if he'd turned to people who had understood, and Dylan countered that he hadn't gone to bed with the people he'd opened up to. Billy insisted that he only wanted Victoria and that he would never do anything to hurt her again, but he prayed that she wasn't done with him for good.

Dylan said that Billy had to earn another chance with Victoria, but Billy replied that Victoria knew that she was all that mattered to him. Billy vowed to make her understand that he had no feelings for Kelly, but Dylan noted that Billy would be lying to both himself and Victoria. Dylan repeated Billy's words that Kelly had saved Billy, and he said that emotional war bonds like that were unbreakable. Dylan was sure that Billy still felt something for Kelly and that Victoria would know that Billy was lying, and he urged Billy not to hurt Victoria any more than he already had.

Billy was adamant that his relationship with Kelly wasn't about love or infatuation and that he and Kelly were just friends. Dylan commented that Kelly was a friend who Billy had slept with, and he regretted not honoring Victoria's request to check on Billy more often. Billy pointed out that Dylan hadn't lost a kid the way Billy and Kelly had, and he hadn't anticipated sleeping with Kelly, but he wished he could take it back. Billy said that Kelly had only wanted a friend, and he'd screwed that up, too, but he wouldn't allow Stitch to move in on his wife.

Avery stopped by at Victoria's request, and Victoria said that she needed an attorney. Avery pointed out that Victor had several lawyers on staff, but Victoria asserted that Avery was the best person for the job, since Avery knew how to cut someone out of her life. Victoria noted that Avery had moved on from Nick, and Avery argued that it hadn't been easy or painless. Victoria clarified that she hadn't meant it in a bad way, but she surmised that Avery knew what it was like to always put someone else first, just like Billy had with someone else. Victoria declared that she needed a divorce.

Avery counseled Victoria not to make decisions she might regret, and Victoria ranted that she regretted loving and trusting Billy. Victoria contended that she had to do something to avoid giving him another chance to hurt her again, and she wanted the divorce papers drawn up right away. Victoria said that they'd figure out joint custody of Johnny, since she wouldn't take Billy's son away, and Avery thought that said something about how Victoria really felt. Victoria was adamant that she wanted Billy's clothes out of her closet and the images of Billy and Kelly out of her head, and Avery questioned whether filing the papers would make the thoughts go away. Victoria maintained that she had to do it before she forgave Billy, and she revealed that he'd met with Kelly without telling Victoria, so obviously Billy couldn't let Kelly go.

Victoria thought that she hadn't been enough to get Billy through his grief, and Avery said that nothing would have been enough, but Victoria noted that Kelly had understood how Billy had felt. Victoria explained that the worst part hadn't been the sex but that Billy had felt better being with Kelly than being with Victoria. Victoria wailed that Billy had broken her heart and had known it, but he'd still put Kelly first by going to see her.

Avery said that Victoria had compared Avery's relationship with Dylan to how Billy felt about Kelly, and Avery insisted that she had truly loved Nick, but Dylan was her soul. Avery called Dylan the person who she "could never not need or love," and despite all that had happened, Dylan had always had her heart. Avery thought that was how Billy loved Victoria, and she called it something primal and permanent. Avery believed that no amount of grief or loss could take away that kind of love, but Victoria whimpered that it wouldn't fix things. Avery contended that neither would divorce, and she urged Victoria to spend some time thinking and feeling before making any decisions.

Later, Stitch stopped by to see Victoria, and she said he shouldn't be there. He said that he'd seen Billy and thought that she could use a friend, and she concluded that Billy had mentioned that she'd thrown Billy out. Stitch assured her that she'd made the right decision, and normally he would have kept his mouth shut, but Billy had made it sound like she'd made a mistake. He recognized that he should have left it alone, and she wished that he hadn't said anything to antagonize Billy. Stitch said that the last thing he'd wanted to do was to make things harder, and he started to leave, but she called after him and invited him in.

Stitch said that he'd just wanted to check on Victoria and to apologize, and she replied that all he'd done had been to stand there while she'd kissed him. She revealed that her latest marital problems had occurred because Billy had lied to her again. Victoria recalled that Stitch and Kelly had barely been able to stand being in the same room with one another, but Billy couldn't seem to get enough of Kelly, since he'd turned to Kelly again. Victoria tearfully turned away, but Stitch put his arm around her and pulled her into a comforting hug.

Leslie and Neil ran into one another at Crimson Lights, and he awkwardly asked how she was doing. She said that she was okay, and she inquired whether he'd taken Moses to a Bucks game. Neil reported that the tot had loved every second of it, and he hoped that Moses would want to watch the Bucks instead of cartoon movies on television. Leslie teased Neil for keeping the cartoons on long after Moses had fallen asleep, and she received a text message about work. Neil commented that she still had her priorities, and he walked away.

Leslie suggested that she and Neil try again to act friendly, but Neil countered that they weren't friends. He labeled them as two people who had been planning a life together, but they no longer were. Leslie remarked that he made it sound like she'd wanted it that way, and Neil asked if she wanted him to be her husband. She reiterated that she was ready for a life with him, but her love and her word hadn't been enough. He accused her of not being willing to say the vows, and she questioned how many people had actually stuck to them.

Leslie asked if she and Neil would argue every time they ran into one another, and Neil said that it was best if they didn't try to be something they weren't, like friends. He stated that he hadn't given her a ring in order to be friends, and seeing her reminded him of every moment they'd shared. Leslie said that it had been hurtful of him to kick her out of his life, and he asked if it had hurt her enough to reconsider marriage. She maintained that her issue wasn't with him, and he kissed her and told her to take care of herself. As Neil walked away, Avery entered and rambled that family law broke her heart. Avery questioned how she could convince someone not to give up on love, and Leslie forlornly murmured that she wished she knew.

Avery reported that Victoria thought that a quickie divorce would ease the pain, but she thought that Victoria had to muddle through it. Avery noticed Leslie's downtrodden expression, and Leslie revealed that she'd backed out of her engagement because she couldn't be a wife. Leslie added that marriage was too important to Neil for them to go on as they had been, and Avery was shocked that they'd broken up. Leslie sadly revealed that the relationship hadn't been enough for Neil without a marriage certificate, and there was no middle ground. Leslie lamented that she and Neil were strangers, and she was back to being alone.

At the Athletic Club, Jack said that he was glad that Kelly had made it, and she remarked that a meal with another person was a treat. He raved about the kitchen and made recommendations, and she joked that she'd probably eat anything that they presented on a plate. She added that she didn't get many lunch invitations, so she was happy he'd asked her. She called him a kind man, but he replied that there was no such thing as a free lunch.

Kelly asked if she should be worried about Jack's agenda, and Jack recalled that Delia's birthday had been tough on Billy, so he'd wanted to find out how Sam's birthday had been for her. Jack claimed that only food and conversation were on his agenda, and she remarked that he was a good guy. She asked if he was the type of person who had a tough shell but also showed kindness and understanding, and he observed that she had cleverly steered the subject away from her. He again asked about day before, and she reported that she'd experienced some guilt about getting through the day successfully. Jack said that he knew something about it.

Jack explained that he'd gotten Phyllis doctors and treatment, but he hadn't been able to think about laughing or smiling without feeling like he'd been betraying her. He continued that he'd vowed to be by her side every moment, but weeks had turned into months, and the world had kept spinning. He said that life had gone on, and the people he cared about had needed him, so he'd had to find a way back without Phyllis. He advised that everyone had to do what they could to cope every day, even if it wasn't easy sometimes. Kelly regretted that one of the ways in which she'd coped had destroyed his brother's marriage.

Kelly said that she was worried about Billy, and she suspected that Jack was, too. Jack pointed out that Billy and Victoria had "been to hell and back," but they loved one another enough to do it again. Jack proclaimed that the day was about Kelly, and he knew what it was like to look at life and to realize that it wasn't what he'd expected or wanted. He encouraged Kelly to move forward and to give up her expectations, so she'd never be disappointed again. He showed her the daily positive affirmation that Summer had put on his phone, and Kelly affectionately called him a little nuts. He said that he'd never seen her smile and that she should do it more often, and she thanked him for everything.

Jack wanted to talk about Kelly's future, and he wondered if she'd return to her hometown. She replied that there were too many memories of Sam in St. Louis, and she intended to have only new adventures from then on. He asked if she had a city in mind, and he mentioned that there were many nonprofit opportunities in Washington, DC. Kelly said that she was considering going back into teaching, and Jack offered to use his connections at some schools out east. Kelly remarked that there were excellent schools there and that she loved Genoa City, which she considered the perfect place for her to call home.

After lunch, Kelly declared that she was stuffed, and she praised Jack's recommendations. She gushed that she hadn't felt that normal in a while, and Jack suggested that she'd feel more normal every day if she opened herself to other possibilities in the world. He handed her a check, and he said that she could consider using the funds for an airline ticket or as reimbursement for her time. She suspiciously questioned why he was giving it to her, and he encouraged her to get a fresh start, but she coldly accused him of wanting her to go somewhere. Jack admitted that he wanted her to go anywhere she liked, as long as it wasn't near Billy.

Kelly incredulously asked if that was how much Jack wanted her gone, and he recalled that she'd said that she had no friends in town other than Billy, but Billy wasn't an option. Jack asserted that she could have a wonderful life with a new job and home elsewhere, but she was disgusted that Jack had lured her there under the pretense of a meal and a conversation about her dead son. Jack declared that he was the head of a family, and he added that he loved his brother and that Victoria had been the best thing that had ever happened in Billy's life.

Jack advised Kelly to do what was best for Billy and to leave him alone. Kelly leaned in and hissed that she'd thought that Jack was a kind and decent man, and she pointedly ripped the check in two and handed it back to him. Kelly stalked off, and Billy called after her, but she rushed out. Billy asked what Jack had done, and Jack replied, "What you should have done a long time ago."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Christine ran into Lauren at the Athletic Club. Christine ordered a Cobb salad as a surprise for Paul. As she waited, Christine got a phone call. When Christine hung up, she told Lauren that Chloe's deal had gone through, and Chloe would not go to prison but would have to attend mandatory counseling sessions.

At the police station, Kevin proposed to Chloe. As Chloe took time to think, Michael questioned whether or not Kevin was making the correct decision. Kevin asked Michael to trust him. Kevin pressed Chloe to say yes so that she would not be remanded to either Fairview or Esther's custody.

At first, Chloe refused, but Kevin insisted, and his logic eventually prevailed. Chloe agreed to marry him. Michael called Lauren with the news and then arranged for a judge. Lauren arrived with a bouquet. While Kevin and Chloe talked privately, Michael and Lauren expressed their doubts to each other. When the judge arrived and the ceremony was completed, Kevin hugged Chloe and told her that everything would be all right.

Nikki took a Cobb salad to Paul to thank him for helping out with Ian Ward and for finding Dylan. They joked about the restraint that Victor had shown with Ian. Nikki said that while Victor always had the best intentions, his actions often had disastrous consequences, as they were having at that time with Victoria and Nick. Paul and Nikki reminisced about their years of friendship, which had begun when they were teenagers.

Paul and Nikki were laughing when Christine walked in. Nikki said that she had other places to be and left. Christine seemed a little put out that Paul had time to eat Nikki's salad after he had told Christine earlier that he was swamped. Paul replied that two meetings had cancelled and that if he had known that his beautiful wife had been about to surprise him with a salad, he would have told Nikki that he preferred Christine's salad.

Christine chuckled and told Paul that he had groveled enough, so she would let him have dessert. Paul kissed Christine, but Christine told him it was not that kind of dessert. Christine asked if Paul had told Nikki that Ian had said there was another secret. Paul said that he had not because it was likely that Ian was lying. Christine agreed but said that she was sitting in on Ian's deposition, and she would try to find out more.

In response to a message from Victor, Fake Cassie showed up in his office. Victor asked for a report about Fake Cassie's visit to Sharon. Fake Cassie reported that she still had not learned Sharon's secret, but she had learned that someone named "Phyllis" knew the secret. She also told Victor that Sharon and Nick were sleeping together. Victor told her to follow Sharon after she left her psychiatrist and find out what the secret was.

Fake Cassie told Victor that she had almost been caught, and she did not intend to help him any longer. Victor replied that with one phone call, he could either make the troubles in Portland that she was running from disappear or rain down on her. Fake Cassie said that she had escaped before, and Victor's threats did not worry her. Victor asked what she wanted to finish the job of finding out Sharon's secret.

Fake Cassie said that she liked Sharon and that there was no doubt in her mind that Sharon had loved her dead daughter deeply. Victor agreed that Sharon loved Cassie, but Victor said that Sharon was bad for his family. Fake Cassie said that she would find out Sharon's secret if Victor agreed not to hurt Sharon. Victor said that although he despised Sharon, he would agree to show her compassion.

At Sharon's home, Nick told Sharon that he had made arrangements for Faith to return home later that day. Sharon noted that Nick was taking charge. Nick said that he was not leaving her side. Sharon said that she was fine and Nick was not responsible for her, but Nick said that she had seen her dead daughter immediately after making love to him, and he was not leaving her side until she saw her psychiatrist.

Avery surprised Dylan as he returned to Crimson Lights. He responded by taking her into his arms and kissing her. Their conversation turned to the sad news that two couples were breaking up. Dylan joked that Avery knew how to take the mood in the room down, and she responded that she did have some good news. She asked Dylan to sample recipes that she was trying out for a contest.

Nick walked in while Dylan was trying to decide. Nick said that Avery's chicken cacciatore was the best and then asked if it was weird. Dylan laughed and asked if Nick wanted a cup of coffee. Nick, Avery, and Dylan drank coffee and chatted about their family. Nick thanked Avery for her interest and advice to Summer. Dylan got refills, and Avery took a call. Nikki walked in and told Nick that she was glad to see him talking to Avery and Dylan.

When Dylan returned with coffee, Nikki said that she wanted to follow up with him about Ian Ward. They went to the patio. Nikki said that she had followed up with Nick and Summer but not Dylan. Dylan said that he regretted causing Ian to return to town, but Nikki said that she had started the process by looking for Dylan, something that she did not regret. Dylan expressed admiration for the way that Nikki had handled herself with Ian. Nikki said that she had known that Ian would underestimate her.

Dylan asked if Nikki would like to meet for breakfast sometime. Nikki smiled and said that she would like that very much. They agreed that they would put Ian in the past and move forward.

Avery and Nick talked. She was happy to see that he and Dylan were getting along. Avery said that she had had a good moment with Sharon also. Nick asked how Sharon had seemed. Avery realized that Nick and Sharon were seeing each other again. Avery told Nick that all she had ever wanted was for Nick to be happy.

After Nikki left, Dylan sat back down. Nick told Dylan how much it meant that Dylan was being kind to her. Dylan said that he respected Nikki and had no intention of hurting her. Nick replied that it was good to know that and then grabbed his jacket before leaving to pick up Sharon.

Dylan told Avery that his conversation with Nikki had gone well, except that he had told her that he had shut the door on Ian, but what Ian had told him about another secret was nagging at him. Avery said she would help him forget because she was cooking dinner, and what she had planned for after dinner would definitely help him forget. They kissed.

Sharon told her doctor that making love to Nick had been wonderful, but afterwards she had seen Cassie, who had seemed very real. The sighting had ruined her good feelings about Nick. Sharon said that she needed different medication. The doctor suggested that sighting Cassie and making love to Nick were related and that it was very possible that no medication would solve the problem until Sharon was able to unburden herself of the secret she was carrying.

Sharon listened to the doctor, and when the doctor suggested that it might help if Sharon unburdened herself to the doctor, Sharon said that she did not like lying to Nick and that she had decided to tell Nick everything the next time she saw him. Sharon said that she did not know where she would find the strength, but she would tell Nick.

When Nick arrived at the doctor's office, Sharon had already left. At Cassie's graveside, Sharon spoke to Cassie's headstone and said that Sharon had made a decision and wanted to talk to Cassie about it. Fake Cassie appeared out of the shadows and told Sharon that she was there to listen.

Victor was staring out the window when Nikki burst in. She told Victor that she had good news because Nick and Dylan were being civil, and Dylan was interested in forging a relationship with Nikki. Nikki asked Victor if he could accept that she wanted a relationship with Dylan. Nikki noticed the photo of Cassie and asked if thinking about Cassie was what was making him so quiet. Victor said that he was thinking about family, and while he could not say that he would ever accept Dylan, he could well understand the desire that she had to be close to her child. Nikki was astonished.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

At Sharon's house, Nick called out for Sharon, but Summer reported that only she and Faith were there. Faith ran over to hug him, and he mentioned that Summer was supposed to have dropped Faith off after Sharon returned from her appointment. Summer revealed that she hadn't heard from Sharon, so she'd stayed there. Noah arrived, but he didn't know where Sharon was, either. Nick tried to convince himself that he and Sharon had just gotten their wires crossed.

While Faith played a computer game upstairs, Noah announced to Nick and Summer that he had quit his job. Noah explained that he believed that Victor hadn't known about the illegal drugs, but he'd asked why Victor had kept the secret about Adam being responsible for Delia's death, and Victor had said everything except that he was sorry or that he had been wrong. Nick pointed out that those words weren't in Victor's vocabulary, and Noah recounted that he'd quit before he'd known the words had been out of his mouth. Summer suggested that Nick could help get job Noah's job back, but Noah maintained that it had been the right move.

Nick respected that Noah had stood up for himself, and Noah hoped that Nick felt the same way when he had to borrow rent money. Nick received a text message, and he worriedly commented that he'd thought that Sharon would wait for him after her appointment. Noah wondered if Sharon's absence had something to do with Cassie, and Faith overheard. Nick told Faith that Sharon had been sad about Cassie, and Summer suggested that Faith cheer Sharon up by drawing a picture. Nick asked Noah to stay there while Nick looked for Sharon.

Later, Summer showed Noah a picture that Faith had drawn of Nick and Sharon together under a rainbow. Noah commented that he couldn't be against a reunion if it made his parents happy, and Summer thought that his attitude had something to do with him getting back together with Courtney. Summer called Noah either brave or crazy for standing up to Victor, and Noah recognized that he was back to square one. Summer jokingly suggested that he consult with a life coach, and she said that the situation with Ian had led her to decide to go back to school. He insisted upon calling her "sis," and she wished that the truth had stayed hidden so that she and Noah could still believe that they were really brother and sister. They hugged.

At Cassie's grave, Cassie's look-alike urged Sharon to talk to her, and Sharon said that she knew that "Cassie" was there because of the terrible thing that Sharon hadn't been able to tell Nick about. Sharon suspected that she would keep seeing Cassie until Sharon was honest, and "Cassie" reasoned that Sharon would never be happy while she was carrying around the guilt. Sharon countered that she wouldn't be happy no matter what, since Nick would run in the other direction if she told him the truth. "Cassie" conceded that Nick would be angry at first, but she thought that he would forgive Sharon, and she begged Sharon not to go on like she had been. Sharon vowed to find the words somehow.

"Cassie" said that Sharon just needed to find the courage to speak the truth, and she proclaimed that Sharon was a survivor. The clone implored Sharon to take a deep breath and start talking, but Sharon balked at the thought of being alone, and she worried that everyone would judge her and leave her. "Cassie" argued that everyone would leave Sharon anyway if Sharon kept acting like a mess, and it would only be worse if Sharon pumped herself full of meds. Sharon said that she didn't want to live like that, and "Cassie" suggested that Sharon practice by telling the secret to her as if Sharon were talking to Nick.

"Cassie" contended that the more Sharon said it out loud, the less power the secret would have over her. "Cassie" prompted Sharon to start by saying that there was something Nick should know, and Sharon continued that she should have told him long before, but she didn't know if what she'd done had been worse than keeping it from him. Sharon complained that it was too hard to say aloud, but "Cassie" called Sharon a baby and chided her for not being sorry. "Cassie" refused to let Sharon trick her into disappearing so that Sharon could keep lying, and she declared that she was disappointed in Sharon.

"Cassie" barked that Sharon was a selfish, manipulative piece of trash who was unworthy of Nick, and she demanded that Sharon admit what she'd done. Sharon grabbed "Cassie" and was shocked that she could actually touch "Cassie" again. Sharon told herself that "Cassie" was in her mind and couldn't be real, but "Cassie" called her a "crazy bitch" and yelled that she was real, and she ran off. Nick appeared and asked what was wrong, and Sharon said that she thought that she understood what was going on.

Sharon acknowledged that sometimes her mind had played tricks on her, but she had truly felt "Cassie." Sharon insisted that someone else was buried in Cassie's grave, and Nick said that she was starting to scare him. Sharon declared that Cassie was still alive, and Nick knew how much Sharon wanted it to be true, but he stated that it wasn't possible. Sharon maintained that "Cassie" had been real and not just in her mind, and Nick promised that they'd figure it out. Cassie's look-alike watched from the shadows.

At Jabot, Chelsea apologized for being late for her meeting with Jack, and he asked how his godson was doing. She proudly declared that the doctor had informed her that Connor was in the top tenth percentile for height, and Jack imagined going to basketball games, but he hoped that Victor wouldn't be there, too. Jack inquired whether Victor was still working Chelsea, and she turned the topic to the fashion show. Jack wondered what she wasn't telling him, since he knew that Victor could be relentless when he set his mind to something.

Jack warned that it was just a matter of time before Victor used Chloe's kidnapping of Connor against Chelsea, but Chelsea asserted that she wasn't that easily manipulated. Jack cautioned that Victor had pulled Adam's strings and that Victor would use the fact that Chelsea was alone to his advantage. She suspected that Jack was trying to put her in middle of his feud with Victor, but he insisted that he was just looking out for her and Connor. Chelsea declared that she was happy to be getting her life back on track, and she wanted to focus on her line and the fashion show. Chelsea contended that she'd created her best designs ever, and she had a strong feeling that things would be okay.

Hilary entered to meet about the fashion show, but Chelsea received a call, and she handed over her portfolio as she hurriedly left. Hilary noted that Chelsea had been in a good mood, and she looked through the portfolio and praised that it contained some of Chelsea's best work. Jack thought that Chelsea's tone had been too upbeat, and he suspected that Chelsea was overcompensating to avoid thinking about her problems. Hilary pointed out that Jack had done the same thing after Phyllis' accident by focusing on Jabot and helping other people, and she recognized that she'd reaped the benefits.

Jack asked Hilary to become a liaison to Forrester Creations, and he requested that she join Neil on a trip to Los Angeles. Jack apologized for springing the idea on her, but she replied that there was nothing keeping her in Genoa City. Jack asked about Devon, and she called it a victory that Devon didn't hate her anymore, but Devon wasn't available. Jack conceded that he hated when people tried playing matchmaker, and he commented that he was in no place for it. Hilary asked about Kelly, since she'd noticed their lunch on his schedule, and she wondered if it had been social. Jack divulged that it hadn't gone as planned.

At the Athletic Club, Lily pretended that the twins' paper dolls were asking why Cane was working so hard, and she suggested that he could use a break. She noticed that he was reviewing a file on Bonaventure Industries, and as Colin eavesdropped, Cane revealed that Victor suspected that someone had set him up. Lily incredulously asked if Cane was helping Victor, and she recalled that Victor had accused Cane of putting the pills on the market. Cane contended that Victor had only wanted to look him in the eye when Victor had asked the question, and he thought that it made sense, since Cane had persuaded Victor to keep the company.

Lily questioned whether Cane felt that he owed Victor, and Cane replied that Bonaventure's research to fight cancer was revolutionary. She realized that Cane had wanted the trials to remain funded because of her health scare, and he recounted how helpless he'd felt when she had been sick. He declared that the research was important to make a difference with her and other sick people, and she commended him for having a big heart, but she didn't want him to get involved with Victor's corporate espionage. She remarked that it wasn't like he wanted his old job back, and he half-heartedly agreed. She stepped away to say hello to Devon, and Colin approached and asked why Cane was lying to his wife.

Cane swore that he wasn't lying, and a skeptical Colin asked if Cane had no interest in Newman-Chancellor. Cane told Colin not to try to second-guess him, and Colin pointed out that there was nothing wrong with wanting more than running a hotel to fulfill Cane's potential. Cane explained that he'd pushed for Victor to put more funding into Bonaventure, and Victor was facing legal problems due to Bonaventure's activities. Colin asked if Cane thought that Victor was innocent, and Cane replied that he did.

Colin applauded Cane's desire to right a wrong, and he thought that it was no wonder that Victor wanted Cane back at the company. Cane suspiciously noted that he hadn't told Colin anything of that nature, but Colin said that he could see it in Cane's eyes. Colin thought that no one could blame Cane for wanting to grab the opportunity, including Lily. Cane reiterated that he was building a dream with Lily and that he had everything he wanted.

Devon commented to Neil that he couldn't believe that Neil and Leslie had broken up, and he remarked that he knew nothing about relationships. Neil hoped that he hadn't scared Devon off, and he advised that it was just about finding the right person. Devon said that he'd thought that Leslie had been right for Neil, but Neil argued that the right person for him wouldn't be against marriage. Devon asked if Neil felt that marriage made that much of a difference, and Neil was adamant that he wanted a lifetime commitment. Esmerelda approached and made a show of kissing Devon.

Lauren made a reservation for a reception for Kevin and Chloe, and Lily thought that it was romantic. Lauren wished that Michael saw it the same way, since the marriage had been a condition for Chloe to be released from jail, and Michael thought that it had set Kevin up for failure. Lauren contended that things always worked out when the love was there, and Colin overheard and said that he was glad to find someone else who believed that love conquered all, just like it had for him and Jill. Neil interrupted and groused that love didn't conquer all and that there wasn't always a happily ever after.

Esmerelda asked Devon if Neil would be okay, and Devon thought it was best to give Neil space. Esmerelda sympathized that Leslie had dumped Neil, but Devon explained that it had been the other way around, since Leslie had refused to get married. Esmerelda cooed that she'd known how special Devon was when they'd first met, and Neil approached the couple and apologized for his outburst. Neil announced that Esmerelda would be the featured model for Chelsea's line, and Esmerelda excitedly kissed Devon. Lily gushed that they made a cute couple.

Later, Devon asked if Neil was feeling better, and Neil advised Devon to be careful of what he was walking into, especially since Devon had inherited a fortune from Katherine. Devon insisted that he was just having fun and keeping it casual, and Neil cautioned that Devon could be missing out on something better. Devon watched Hilary as she sat down at the bar.

Esmerelda boasted to Hilary that Lily thought that Devon and Esmerelda made a good couple, and Hilary grumbled under her breath that Lily would approve of anyone other than Hilary. Esmerelda proclaimed that great sex was the way to every man's heart, so she intended to have it with Devon in every room of the hotel. Neil suggested that he and Hilary go over things with their new star, Emerelda, but Lily snapped that Hilary wasn't part of the fashion division. Hilary revealed that she was going to L.A. with Neil to make a pitch to Forrester, and Lily threatened to complain to Jack. Hilary sweetly offered to make an appointment for her.

Lauren demanded to know what Colin was doing in Genoa City, and he replied that he was there to be with his lovely bride, but Lauren huffed that no one believed him. She pointed out that Cane clearly didn't want Colin in town, and Colin suggested that Lauren was jealous of his relationship with Jill. Lauren asserted that she was concerned that Colin would hurt Jill again, but he countered that Jill was a lioness who didn't need protection. Lauren called him a heartless scoundrel, but he insisted that while his love for Jill was unconventional, it was also genuine. Lauren suspected that he was only in it for the treasure hunt, but he contended that Jill loved trying to solve the mystery, and he left to go help her.

Victor reflected upon Cassie's look-alike's report that Phyllis knew about Sharon's secret. He called the hospital in Georgia and inquired about Phyllis' condition, but a nurse informed him that all she could tell him was that Phyllis' fiancÚ had hired her. Victor introduced himself and explained that Phyllis' daughter was his granddaughter, and he asserted that Summer was very concerned about her mother's well-being. He wanted to be able to convey that Phyllis was making a full recovery, but the nurse reported that there had been no sign that Phyllis would wake up from the coma. Later, Jack talked to the nurse, who revealed that Victor had called to inquire about Phyllis' chances of recovery.

Michael Robinson entered Victor's office, and the men shook hands. Victor remarked that Michael had traveled all the way from Seattle, and he suggested that they discuss Michael's marketing proposal over lunch. Victor said that he was glad to have someone on his team who understood teamwork, and Michael left. Chelsea arrived, and she relayed that Jack had spent most of their meeting warning her about Victor. Victor hoped that she hadn't let anyone know that he'd called, and he revealed that his investigator had found something.

After Victor updated Chelsea with the news from his investigator, she thought that it meant that Adam was alive, and Victor conceded that it was a possibility. She insisted upon talking to the eyewitness herself, and Victor revealed that it had been the homeless man who had been at the scene after the accident. Chelsea wanted to look the man in the eye and hear what he had to say. Later, Victor thanked the homeless man for stopping by the office, and he offered to pay cash for any information the man could provide.

The homeless man recounted that a black SUV had been out of control and had crashed through the guardrail. Chelsea asked what had happened to the people inside, and the man divulged that one passenger had run off, but someone else had still been in the car with his clothes on fire. He'd seen the second man crawl out from the wreck, and Victor confirmed that it had been before the explosion. Chelsea excitedly concluded that Adam was still alive.

Friday, March 14, 2014

In Victor's office, Chelsea repeated the homeless man's assertion that a man had crawled out of the car after the accident, and she gushed that she'd known that Adam was alive. She reasoned that it was why the police had never found a body, but a skeptical Victor asked the vagrant if he was sure that the person had survived. The homeless man nodded, and Chelsea fretted that Adam could be hurt and that she had to find him. She asked the homeless man where Adam had gone, and the man replied, "He went home."

Victor inquired whether the homeless man had talked to Adam, and Chelsea mentioned that Adam hadn't turned up at home. She assumed that Adam had gone to the farm in Kansas because he'd felt guilty and ashamed, but Victor contended that they needed more information, and he urged her to consider the source. Victor asked the man if he'd helped Adam get home, and the man replied that he and Adam hadn't exchanged any words, but he had been able to hear Adam thinking the word "home." The man implored Victor and Chelsea to listen, and they would be able to hear it, too.

Victor handed over an envelope of cash to the homeless man, and the man again advised Victor and Chelsea to listen for Adam. After the man left, Victor said that they still had no answers, but Chelsea contended that Adam might still be out there. Victor called the homeless man delusional, but Chelsea pointed out that there had been some truth in what the man had said, and she believed that Adam had been trying to reach her. Victor asserted that he also wanted to believe that Adam was alive, but he thought that they had nothing to base the theory on.

Chelsea argued that nothing had proven that Adam wasn't still out there, and she speculated that Adam might be on his way to the farm. Victor reported that he'd already sent someone to Kansas to check it out, and there had been no sign of Adam. Chelsea thought that perhaps Adam needed assistance to get where he was going, and she reminded Victor that he'd promised to help find Adam. Victor clarified that he'd promised to find answers, but Chelsea urged him to stick it out until Adam was home.

At the penthouse, a man set down a bagged garment with a dry cleaning receipt bearing Adam's name. The man removed the clothing and carried it upstairs. Chelsea returned home, and she saw the empty plastic wrapper from the dry cleaning and Adam's name on the receipt. She gasped and raced over to the stairway, and Jeffrey appeared in an expensive suit and greeted, "Hi there, sunshine."

Jeffrey said that he'd missed Chelsea, but she demanded to know how he'd gotten into the penthouse. He reported that the maid had let him in, and he remarked that Connor was a good-looking kid. She testily asked if Jeffrey thought that he could just steal Adam's suit, and he reasoned that it wasn't as if her husband needed it anymore. She called him sick for digging through Adam's closet, and she freaked out when she saw that he was wearing some cufflinks that she'd given Adam as a gift. She ordered him to take the cufflinks off, and she barked that Jeffrey had no idea how to be a father and that he never had.

Chelsea questioned where Jeffrey had been after Adam's car crash, when she had been alone. Jeffrey admitted that he had been a jerk for not being there, but he wasn't good at being a dad, and he'd never had to think about anyone but himself. He contended that his usual "yuks and chuckles" wouldn't have done her a bit of good, but he wanted to try to do better for her and his grandson. She instructed him to hand over the cufflinks and to put everything back where it had been, and he said that Anita had mentioned that Chelsea was having problems letting go. Jeffrey remarked that no one would ever bet on him, but his money would be on Chelsea because she had brains and heart to get through it. Jeffrey headed for the door, and Chelsea wiped away tears.

At the Athletic Club, Chloe complained that she needed a legal guardian as a babysitter because she was incapable of being a rational adult. Kevin insisted that he was just looking out for her, and she replied that he was crazier than she was, since everyone knew what she'd done. He pointed out that he'd been "the Chipmunk," so he'd win if there were a contest over who everyone was whispering about. Kevin mentioned that Michael just needed them to sign some papers, and he was sure that no one would notice them. As they entered the dining room, their families yelled, "Surprise!" Chloe looked horrified as the group tossed flower petals over the couple.

Chloe asked if Michael had documents to sign, but he confessed that he'd gotten Kevin and Chloe there under false pretenses, though it had been Lauren's idea. Michael declared that Chloe was part of the family again, and Lauren added that they were celebrating. Gloria babbled that Fen was at an evening class, but Jeffrey would stop by later. Esther pulled Chloe aside and said that she was happy for both of them, but she wondered why Chloe hadn't told her about the ceremony. Chloe explained that it hadn't been a real wedding, just a legal agreement. Esther gushed that Chloe was free and with a good man who wanted the best for her.

Kevin complimented Michael's efforts to congratulate Kevin and Chloe on their marriage, especially given how much Michael had hated the idea. Kevin insisted that he and Chloe would be all right, and he vowed to do whatever it took for Chloe's sake. Meanwhile, Chloe called the reception nice but bizarre, and Esther asked if Chloe knew how much Esther loved her. Esther gushed that she'd seen her amazing little girl turn into an amazing woman, and she would do anything for Chloe.

Chloe pointed out that she wasn't as strong or mean as she once had been, and she thought that the fact that she wasn't being awful to Esther was an indication that the world had turned upside down. Esther said that the way Chloe had felt about Delia was the way Esther felt about Chloe, and she considered Chloe to be the best thing that had ever happened to her. Esther added that she couldn't imagine losing Chloe, and Chloe assured her mother that she was right there. The women hugged.

Gloria huffed to Lauren that it meant trouble when Kevin was the stable one in a relationship, and she blamed herself for his issues. Lauren contended that Chloe needed love and support, and she reminded Gloria that it was a celebration. Gloria said that a mental wreck like Chloe should be on medication and in therapy, and Kevin overheard and snapped at Gloria to eat the free food and not talk. Gloria countered that they all loved Chloe, but they had to face Chloe's extreme emotional problems head-on. Chloe admitted that she was a mess, and pretending that she wasn't wouldn't make it go away.

Michael proclaimed that the court had made the proper decision and that they were all grateful to have Chloe with them. Gloria pointed out that Chloe had almost been thrown into Fairview, and Chloe said that the party had been too much too soon, since the wedding had only happened because she'd kidnapped a child and fled to Europe. Kevin protested that it hadn't been the only reason because his feelings for her were real.

Gloria greeted Jeffrey and admired his suit, and he said that he'd borrowed it from Chelsea, who was still pining for Adam. Gloria wished that Adam hadn't died because she would have preferred to see him go to prison, so Chelsea could get over him the right way. Jeffrey hoped that Chelsea didn't fall apart completely over scum like Adam, and Gloria said that Adam had been despicable, but at least he'd had excellent taste in clothes. She amorously suggested that it was time to get Jeffrey out of the suit.

Kevin proclaimed that he'd meant every word of his vows, and he commented that his and Chloe's latest wedding had been less bizarre than the double wedding they'd had with Gloria and Jeffrey. Chloe said that she wasn't the same brat she had been, and Kevin pledged not to mess up another marriage. Chloe told Esther that she was ready to go, but Kevin pointed out that Chloe had to stay with him. Michael announced that he had to say his piece first.

Michael said that he'd argued against the marriage out of fear and concern, but hope and love were more important, and their entire family adored Chloe. Michael proclaimed that no one should underestimate Kevin's strength and bravery, and he was sure that Kevin would be there to catch Chloe when she fell. Michael added that their families would be there to support both Kevin and Chloe, and Esther began to cry. As the group clinked their glasses together, Chelsea entered the club with Connor, and she locked eyes with Chloe.

Victoria answered the door to Billy, and he stated that she'd kicked him out, but she couldn't keep him from seeing his son. Billy stared at family photos as Victoria descended the stairs with Johnny, and Billy took the boy into his arms and said that Johnny gave the best hugs in the world. Victoria assured Billy that she would never keep him from Johnny, and Billy called the boy the light of his life. Billy asked if Johnny had learned any new cool dance moves as he bounced the tot around, and he begged Victoria to let him return home.

Victoria balked, but Billy said that he recognized the smile that had just been on her face as one that had appeared whenever they'd been together with their kids. He knew that Delia was gone, but he asserted that the rest of them could make her smile like that every day if she'd let them. She urged him not to read more into it than the fact that she loved seeing him with his son. He pleaded for forgiveness, but she said that her heart was still hurting, and she didn't know when it would stop.

Billy playfully asked why Johnny had let him keep talking, and he thought that he hadn't properly spoiled his son. Billy said that he'd missed Johnny, and he suggested that he take Johnny out for a treat. Victoria protested that it was late, but Billy joked that Johnny wouldn't miss his economics class in the morning. Billy promised to have Johnny ready for bed by the time they returned from their guys' night out, and Victoria reluctantly agreed. Billy said that he missed her, too, and he wouldn't give up on them, since what they had was too good to lose.

Later, the doorbell rang, and Victoria called out that the door was open. Victor entered and cautioned that it wasn't a good idea to leave her door unlocked, and she surmised that he was there to tell her that he had been right about Billy. Victor said that he just wanted to make sure that she was all right and to say that he loved her. Victor informed Victoria that he'd thought for a moment that Adam might have been alive, but the eyewitness had been delusional. Victoria sympathized that it had been hard to find out that it wasn't true, but Victor remarked that he'd lost Adam many times before, and it had been just one more time.

Victor maintained that he loved Victoria and wanted to help her, and she questioned whether he could help her work things out with Billy. Victoria told Victor not to start celebrating the breakup of her marriage yet, since she still had to make the decision about whether her future was with or without Billy. Victor said that he hated to see her unhappy, and he noted that she'd once been full of life and optimism, but her marriage had dragged her down. Victor recalled that working at Newman Enterprises had made Victoria happy, but other things had pulled her away.

Victoria clarified that sometimes she'd been shoved out of the company, and her life was also about her family. Victor said that it was wonderful to have one, but things didn't always work out, and staying in a marriage sometimes hurt more than it helped. Victoria pointedly stated that other people had also hurt her repeatedly, and Victor asserted that the relationship between a parent and a child was different because people could fall out of love, but the love for one's children never changed. Victor added that his love for her never had, and he invited her and Johnny to stay at the ranch. He asked her to think about it, and Victoria declared that she knew exactly what she was going to do.

At Crimson Lights, Kelly spotted Stitch, and she said that it was getting old. He pointed out that he hadn't said anything, but she expected him to dig around to find out if she'd been harassing Billy, since everyone thought that she was waiting to pounce on Billy. Stitch replied that he hadn't spoken to Billy lately, but he suspected that Billy and Victoria would probably get back together, so it was better if Kelly forgot that Billy existed. Kelly inquired whether Billy and Victoria had finally broken up.

Kelly pushed Stitch to tell her what he'd heard about how bad things were between Billy and Victoria. Stitch said that she needed to stay out of whatever the couple was going through, and he warned her not to go near Billy, even as a friend. Stitch sympathized that she felt alone and wanted something to hold on to, but she doubted that his concern was about her. She wondered what Stitch was leaving out, and he contended that everyone involved needed space. Kelly thought that Stitch wanted everyone to think that he was a good guy who was looking out for other people, but she knew the real him.

Kelly continued to push for details about Billy and Victoria's rift, and Stitch recalled that he'd found Kelly crying over Billy in the park. He asserted that Kelly's association with Billy wasn't good for her, Billy, or Billy's marriage. Kelly noted that Stitch had always seemed to be the one to mention the topic of Billy and Victoria, and Billy overheard and snarled that he knew exactly how Stitch wanted things to turn out. Kelly commented that Johnny was beautiful, and Stitch abruptly retreated to the patio.

Kelly asked Billy why things had seemed hostile between the men, and Billy revealed that Stitch had kissed Victoria. Kelly remarked that she'd thought that things had been getting better for Billy and Victoria, and Billy reported that he hadn't told Victoria about his meeting with Kelly, but Victoria had heard Kelly's message. Kelly blurted out that Jack had been right about it being best that she leave town, and Billy realized that was why she'd rushed out of the Athletic Club. Kelly divulged that Jack had given her a check and had told her that she could go anywhere in the world, as long as it was far away from Billy.

Billy thought that Jack had crossed the line, but Kelly understood that Jack considered her to be an intrusion, and she'd had no business begging Billy to be her friend after she'd messed up his marriage. Billy took responsibility for his own mistake, but he stressed that it had to be the last conversation they could have. He called Kelly an amazing woman who didn't deserve it, but he needed Victoria and his family. Billy got Johnny ready to go, and Kelly approached Stitch on the patio and demanded to know why he was trying to wreck Billy and Victoria's marriage.

Kelly chided Stitch for lecturing her about Billy when Stitch had made out with Billy's wife, and Stitch downplayed the incident as a mistake made by a woman with a broken heart. Stitch swore that he didn't want anyone else to get hurt, but Kelly accused him of attacking her for caring about Billy, while Stitch had wanted Victoria. Kelly recognized that she'd slept with Billy and hurt Victoria, but nothing would compare to Victoria getting mixed up with a murderer.

Victoria left a message for someone as Billy returned home, and he went upstairs to put Johnny to bed. Victor told Victoria to let him know whatever she needed, and Victoria answered a call and found out that someone could fulfill her request. Victor said that it was a good decision, and Victoria remarked that she needed to keep moving in the right direction. Billy reported that Johnny would be asleep soon, and he told Victor to keep his voice down if he felt the need to unload about what a rotten person Billy was.

Victoria said that Victor had been fairer than Billy could imagine, and Victor departed. Billy observed that Victor hadn't seemed the least bit worried, and he pointed out that he'd shown incredible restraint, given that Victor's son had killed Billy's daughter. Victoria said that they should be talking about them, and she announced that she'd made a decision.

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