The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 28, 2014 on Y&R

Hilary and Neil had sex. The Cassie look-alike turned out to be Mariah. Chloe suggested that she and Billy conceive another child to replace Delia. Victoria learned that she was pregnant, but she was uncertain about who the baby's father was. Someone anonymously sent Avery flowers.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 28, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, April 28, 2014

A half-dressed Neil and Hilary kissed passionately, and Devon prepared to knock on Hilary's hotel room door, but he heard Hilary moaning not to stop. Devon walked away, and Neil picked up Hilary and carried her to the bed. After the couple made love, Neil teased Hilary for being unable to follow her own advice to stop, and she blamed him for being "so damn kissable." She said that it had been great, but it couldn't happen again.

Neil asked if Hilary was kidding, and she reiterated that their behavior had been unprofessional. She worried about what Jack would think, and Neil argued that Jack had hooked up with an employee himself and that Jack hadn't said a word about Neil and Leslie's relationship. Hilary looked uncomfortable, and Neil insisted that what had happened between him and Hilary hadn't had anything to do with Leslie. He was adamant that he wasn't on the rebound, but he was wildly attracted to Hilary, and he wanted to see where things led.

Hilary admitted that she felt drawn to Neil, but she still thought it was a bad idea for them to get involved. He swore that work wouldn't be an issue, but she knew that Lily would be. Neil said that Lily had to understand that Hilary wasn't the same person who had attacked their family, but Hilary believed that Lily would never accept Hilary and Neil getting involved, and she implored him to keep it quiet. Neil agreed, but he assured Hilary that there was nothing wrong with them being together, and they kissed.

Devon had a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Esmerelda grabbed his phone and griped that he hadn't answered when she'd called. He claimed that he'd been in a meeting, and she bragged that she had a fabulous dress that needed to be seen at the Velvet Room. She suggested that they invite some friends to join them and make a night of it, and Devon replied that it was just what he needed.

Devon planned to invite Abby and Tyler, and he mentioned that he'd been working with Lily to set up a dance program at the community center, since he hadn't had chances like that when he'd been growing up. Esmerelda rambled that she'd love to spend time with Lily to exchange modeling stories, and she mentioned her own recent swimsuit shoot on an island. She groaned that there had been no bars or phone service, and she'd thought that she would die. Devon half-heartedly replied that the experience sounded tragic, and he said that he had to talk to the chef before they could leave. She left to change her outfit, and he ordered another drink.

An exuberant Neil approached Devon at the bar, and Devon asked what he'd done with the real Neil Winters. Neil compared his mood to trading in an old car for a nice, happy new one, and Devon wondered who he had to thank for Neil's change in attitude. Neil literally sang that he'd woken up on the right side of the bed, and he was ready to live and have some fun. Devon offered to set Neil up with one of Esmerelda's model friends, but Neil replied that he preferred a woman of substance. Devon admitted that Esmerelda wasn't his ideal girl, and Neil asked who was. Devon spotted Hilary as she entered the room.

Hilary approached the men, and she asked if Neil was there for an early dinner. Neil replied that he'd just had the best workout he'd had in a while, and he took off to go to work. Hilary assumed that Devon was working, but he said that he was about to get ready for a big date at the Velvet Room. She said that it sounded like fun, and he bitterly stated that he always had a lot of fun with Esmerelda. Hilary said that she wouldn't keep him, and Devon called Esmerelda, hoping to meet sooner rather than later.

Sharon thanked Nick for driving her home, and he noted that she had been quiet on the way back from her therapy session. She admitted that Dr. Meade had encouraged her to get angry at Victor, but it wouldn't change the fact that she'd already gone through electroconvulsive therapy for nothing, and she might be missing pieces of her life for years. Sharon conceded that at least she knew that she wasn't crazy, but she had a lot of questions about the gaps in her memory and the girl who Victor had hired to pass herself off as Cassie. Nick was furious that Victor had tried to blame it all on Sharon for having a secret, and Sharon divulged that she had one.

Sharon explained that Dr. Meade had confirmed that Sharon had mentioned a secret but that Sharon hadn't shared any details about it. Sharon added that it might be a while before she remembered what it was, and she was frustrated that she couldn't. Nick warned her not to push it, but she fretted that it might be something important. Nick contended that nothing could justify Victor's actions, and he believed that Victor had just been trying to control Nick. Nick became increasingly incensed as he recalled the despicable things Victor had done, and he stormed out to handle it once and for all.

The Cassie look-alike paced in her motel room, and she hesitantly opened her door to Victor. He huffed that he'd paid her a lot of money to uncover the secret that Sharon was keeping, but "Cassie" had failed to do it. He further ranted that he'd told the impersonator to leave town, but she had returned and gotten caught. Victor admonished "Cassie" for implicating him in the mess, and she reiterated that she'd told Nick that it had been her idea to try to extort money, but Nick hadn't believed her. Victor testily inquired whether she'd returned for a bigger payoff, but she swore that she'd only wanted to make things right.

Victor said that there was no way for "Cassie" to make things right where Sharon was concerned, since Sharon had admitted to having a secret that would hurt Nick. Victor asked what "Cassie" was keeping from him, and he accused her of doing anything to benefit herself. She begged him to give her another chance, but he said that she'd only screw up more, and he warned her not to approach Nick or anyone else in Victor's family again, or she'd be in the custody of the Portland police department. Victor ensured that they understood one another, and he left.

"Cassie" left a message for someone to call as soon as they could, since she needed some help. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon called out that she knew the look-alike was there. "Cassie" let her in and assumed that Sharon had changed her mind about pressing charges, but Sharon maintained that she didn't want "Cassie" to be prosecuted. Sharon requested answers about who the impersonator was and why she bore such a strong resemblance to Cassie. "Cassie" replied that it didn't matter, since she was nothing like the real Cassie, who never would have pushed a person past the breaking point. Sharon had a fuzzy memory of "Cassie" saying that she was sorry, and Sharon wondered if "Cassie" had been at the hospital.

Sharon said that she had an image of "Cassie" standing at her bedside right before her electroconvulsive therapy treatment. "Cassie" said that she didn't have time to talk, but Sharon begged to know if she'd said anything about a secret. "Cassie" told Sharon to leave her alone, but Sharon thought that the look-alike owed her. "Cassie" wished that she could help, but she contended that she shouldn't even be talking to Sharon. Sharon understood that "Cassie" was scared of Victor, and she promised to make sure that Victor could never hurt "Cassie." "Cassie" ordered Sharon out.

At the ranch, Dylan stopped by to see if Ian had made contact with Nikki, and she informed him that Ian hadn't approached either her or Summer since the mistrial. Dylan worried that Ian wasn't done playing games, and he mentioned that Ian had changed his will to make Dylan the sole beneficiary. Dylan spat that he wouldn't touch a penny of Ian's dirty money, and Nikki found it ironic that a man who claimed to know the secrets of the universe was trying to buy a relationship with his son. Dylan explained that Ian considered it an insurance policy to keep Dylan from killing Ian.

Dylan swore that he had no intention of hurting Ian, but he was mad that Ian was free. Nikki agreed that it was awful to see Ian, but she was glad that the problems with Ian had drawn her family closer together. She noted that even Dylan and Nick had set aside their differences, but she understood Dylan's hesitancy to become part of a ready-made family. He joked that just figuring out how everyone was related took some effort, but Nikki argued that it was better than being an only child. She pointed out that it there was something about having a lot of people in one's corner, and the Newmans always rallied around one another.

Dylan told Nikki to let him know if Ian bothered her, and Nick burst in and yelled for Victor. Dylan hurried off as Nick raged that Victor had gone too far. Nikki couldn't believe Nick's allegations, and she was sure that Victor wouldn't use Cassie's memory to torture someone in a heinous way, but Nick said that Victor hadn't denied the accusation, so he'd considered it to be an admission of guilt. He added that the haunting had been going on for months, and Sharon hadn't been able to understand why she hadn't been getting better after she'd worked hard to get healthy. Nikki was horrified at the thought that Victor had sabotaged Sharon's mental health, and Nick snapped that Victor had left Nick's children without a mother.

Victor entered and nonchalantly mentioned that a friend's daughter was getting married, but Nikki demanded an explanation for how Victor could do something as contemptible as hiring a Cassie look-alike. Victor scolded Nick for not wasting any time, and Nick questioned whether Victor had expected him to protect Victor, but Victor asserted that he'd been protecting Nick. Nick ranted that Victor had hurt the woman Nick loved, and Victor retorted that Nick didn't know the meaning of the word if Nick believed that he loved Sharon. Victor thought that Nick was setting himself up for a fall by investing in Sharon, who was keeping a secret.

Nick accused Victor of playing God by convincing Sharon that she had been losing her mind, and he recalled how difficult it had been to explain to Faith that her mom had been in the hospital. Nikki asked how Victor could have put a child through that, and Victor bellowed that Sharon's children were better off without her. Nick vowed that Victor couldn't erase Sharon from his life or the lives of their children, and Victor told Nick to wake up, since Sharon had manipulated him when he'd been in a vulnerable position. Nick refused to forgive Victor, and he flatly stated, "I don't have a father anymore." As Nick stormed out, Victor declared that he would always be Nick's father.

Victor said that it was a beautiful day to go riding, and an incredulous Nikki pointed out that his son had just walked out of his life. Victor replied that Nick always returned, but Nikki thought that Victor had reached a new level of cruelty. Victor asked if she believed the rants of a madwoman and the accusations of a grifter, and Nikki asserted that the imposter hadn't devised the plan on her own, since the look-alike had possessed personal family photos. Nikki angrily questioned how Victor could torture a sick woman, and she became irate when Victor simply rolled his eyes.

Nikki continued that Victor had also tortured Faith and Noah, and she couldn't believe that he'd make Faith think that she had been about to lose her mom after Victor had lost his own mother. Nikki spat that Victor was no better than Ian, and Victor was shocked by her words. He told her that she'd crossed a line and demanded that she take it back, but Nikki countered that Victor had been the one who had crossed the line.

Nikki argued that Ian had preyed on the weak and vulnerable and that what Victor had done to Sharon and her children had been no different. Nikki recalled that she'd forgiven Victor for a lot of things, but he'd done something unforgivable. Victor refused to apologize, since he'd done it all to protect his family, and he didn't care what anyone else thought. Nikki sternly replied that she knew he didn't and that he never had, and she stalked out.

Nick returned to Sharon's house and announced that his relationship with his "sick bastard" of a father was over. Sharon commented that she'd never seen Nick that angry, and he admonished Victor for going to such great lengths to keep him and Sharon apart. She mentioned that she'd had a memory flash, but it had hardly been worth mentioning. Nick promised that she'd get everything back eventually, but she worried about what she'd been keeping from him. Nick swore that it didn't matter because nothing would change the fact that he loved her. They embraced.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked if Summer was good at social media, since Avery's producers wanted her to generate buzz about her new show. Summer marveled that her aunt was going to be a star, and Avery admitted that the pilot had received good reviews, but the producers wanted to attract a larger audience. Ian overheard and offered his insight, and Summer coldly inquired whether he was offering the same kind of insight that he'd offered Nikki before he'd taken advantage of her.

Ian asserted that he was good at what he did and that he cared about people, and he could have helped Summer achieve her potential, but she was stuck in the same place because she'd chosen to listen to others. Avery said that Summer and Dylan were none of Ian's business, and Avery didn't want to see his face again. Ian pointed out that Avery's partner was the attorney who had helped set him free, and he wondered how many people Avery had helped after they'd been wrongly accused. Avery snarled that Ian would get what he deserved sooner or later.

Ian pointedly stated that he'd hate for Avery's words to be misconstrued in front of witnesses, and Summer chirped that she hadn't heard anything. Ian pointed out that as an attorney, Avery was aware of how statements could be turned around in a court of law, but Dylan was another matter, since Dylan had a habit of losing his temper when he was in trouble. Ian suggested that Dylan could manage his anger issues if he set aside his pride and asked for help, and Avery huffed that Dylan didn't need it from Ian. Ian speculated that Avery would be busy with her law practice and her web series, and he suspected that Dylan wouldn't understand when she had no free time.

Avery berated Ian for creating issues that didn't exist, and she anticipated that Dylan would be happy and supportive. Ian contended that it was only a matter of time until Dylan ran off the rails again, since a shrink wouldn't wipe out time in combat, but Ian could offer a cure. Avery asserted that Dylan had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Ian, and she threatened to file a restraining order. Dylan returned to the coffeehouse and walked past Ian without a word, and Ian remarked that Dylan didn't seem to mind Ian's presence at all.

Avery argued that Ian's observation proved a point, since Dylan had walked right by without flinching, and she cautioned Ian to stop trying to provoke Dylan. Ian said that it was a good place to meet people, and Summer surmised that he was searching for new recruits. Summer contended that she'd lost her way when she'd listened to him, but Ian replied that she had his card if she changed her mind. Ian walked off, and Summer couldn't believe that she'd once bought into his bull. Avery was surprised that Dylan hadn't thrown Ian out, and Dylan refused to give Ian the power to have control over him.

Ian ran into Esmerelda and commented about how striking she was. He thought that her face looked familiar, and she babbled that she was a model who was in tons of magazines. She proudly declared that there was an image of her on a billboard in a string bikini, and Ian asked if she had any goals for the future. Summer pulled Esmerelda aside and advised her not to waste time on a fake, and Ian suggested that Summer ask her aunt about laws regarding slander.

Dylan asked Avery when she'd shoot her next episode, and she informed him that the producers wanted to get right on it, so she'd have a crazy schedule for the next couple of months. He leaned in to kiss her to make the most of her down time, but her phone buzzed, and she read an online comment that congratulated her on the pickup of her show. She noted that not everyone was thrilled, and she referenced a post that referred to her as a "kitchen klutz." Another post suggested that she undo a button or two, and Dylan protested that the jerk should keep his opinion to himself. Avery suggested that Dylan take the same approach with the posters as he had with Ian and just ignore them.

Over the phone, "Cassie" asked why someone hadn't returned her calls, and she was stunned to learn that the person was right outside her room. She opened her door, and Ian stood before her, grinning.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At Jabot, Jack praised Billy for keeping the costs of the company's new packaging down while not losing the aesthetics, and he noted that going green had been Phyllis' favorite project. Jack thanked Billy for picking up the ball, and Billy replied that he had just been doing his job. Jack said that he also wanted to talk about Kelly, and Billy referred to their apology dinner. Jack disclosed that he and Kelly had decided to spend more time together and that he'd told her that Billy would be okay with it.

Billy's expression turned sour, and Jack surmised that Billy wasn't fine with Jack and Kelly's growing friendship. Billy conceded that Jack deserved to have a life, but he hadn't pictured Jack having one with Kelly. Jack argued that it could be a good thing for Victoria to see that Kelly had moved on, and perhaps Victoria would be more open to reconciling with Billy. Billy was unsure, since Kelly wasn't the issue anymore.

Victoria looked at a calendar, and she received a call from Stitch, who asked if she'd had more bouts of sickness. He playfully mentioned that he knew a doctor who made house calls, and he insisted that the next time, they could indulge in something classier than hot dogs in the park. He suggested that they have wine and tablecloths on their next date, and they hung up as Kelly approached Stitch at the gym. Kelly incredulously asked whether Stitch seriously believed that his relationship with Victoria would go anywhere.

Stitch groused that Kelly spent a lot of time butting into his life for someone who claimed to not want anything to do with him, and Kelly barked that he'd already blown up his own marriage. Stitch pointedly stated that he wasn't to blame for Billy and Victoria's breakup, and Kelly contended that Billy was the only man Victoria would ever love. Kelly warned that Victoria wouldn't have anything to do with him if she knew the truth, and Stitch reminded Kelly of her promise to keep her mouth shut. He begged her not to take away his second chance at happiness after he'd lost his wife and son.

Kelly conceded that Victoria wouldn't listen to her, anyway, but she chided Stitch for thinking that the past wouldn't catch up with him. Stitch asserted that Jenna wouldn't have ever found out the truth if Kelly hadn't told her, but Kelly accused him of building another relationship while living a lie. Stitch countered that he hadn't lied to Victoria, and Kelly questioned whether he thought that he could erase the past after what he'd done. Stitch replied that he was the one who had to live with it every day, and Billy overheard and asked what Stitch had done.

Stitch said that he didn't owe Billy any explanations, and Billy turned to Kelly and questioned whether she owed him anything. Kelly said that the issue was between Billy and Stitch, and she left. Stitch resumed his workout, and Billy headed over to the punching bag. In the foyer, Jack ran into an unnerved Kelly and asked if she was okay. She said that she was thinking about having a drink, and he suggested that they take a walk instead.

As Kelly and Jack walked through Chancellor Park, Kelly recited a poem about riding on the swings in the park. Jack said that it was lovely, and he tried to guess the poet, but she revealed that one of her students had written it. He bet that she had been a wonderful teacher, and she said that she'd put in an application for a teaching position in the fall. Jack commended Kelly's efforts to put her life back together, and he divulged that he'd talked to Billy about them seeing one another. He assured her that Billy just wanted them both to be happy, and she asked if that was possible. Jack couldn't see anything that could get in the way, but Kelly mentioned Phyllis.

Jack didn't want to talk about Phyllis, but Kelly suggested that she talk and Jack listen. She said that she knew that Phyllis was a part of his life, and she understood that Jack and Phyllis had shared a powerful love that had transcended Phyllis' accident. Kelly recognized that Jack still loved Phyllis, and she wouldn't expect anything different, since she admired his loyalty. Kelly pointed out that Jack's devotion to Phyllis had never faltered, and she didn't want him to feel that anything had to change. Kelly said that she didn't want Jack to be afraid to talk about Phyllis or his feelings for her, and she realized that Phyllis had really meant something to Jack. Jack softly stated that Phyllis still did, and Kelly hugged him.

Jack said that everyone thought that he'd called Phyllis "Red" because of her red hair, but it had really been because of her temper. He said that Phyllis had put up a tough exterior, but underneath, she had been scared that she hadn't measured up as a mother or a partner, and it had been the most amazing feeling when she had let Jack in. Kelly wished that she had known Phyllis, and Jack said that Phyllis would have taken Kelly's head off for showing interest in him. He sadly stated that Phyllis wasn't the same, since her passion and heart were gone. He added that Phyllis would always be part of his life, but she couldn't be with him, and he couldn't be with her. Kelly took his hand.

Billy approached Stitch and growled that Stitch had no idea how much Billy wanted to put a fist through his face, but Billy wouldn't give Stitch more ammunition to use against him. Stitch suggested that they get back to their workouts, but Billy grabbed Stitch's arm and demanded that Stitch hear what Billy needed to say. Billy declared that he had no doubt that Victoria loved him, and that was why she'd kissed him the prior night. Stitch disclosed that Victoria had told him about it, but Billy contended that what Stitch didn't know was that no matter how badly Billy had screwed up, he and Victoria had always gotten back together.

Billy recounted that Victoria had literally found him in the gutter and had been able to see past his flaws, and nothing could break their connection, since they shared a love that would never die. Billy dared Stitch to pour on the charm to try to mend Victoria's broken heart, but Stitch would never be anything more than a distraction. Billy intended to honor Victoria's request to give her space, but he promised that he would find out what Stitch was hiding.

Abby stopped by to see Victoria, and she announced that she wanted to ask a question, but she wasn't sure if she should. Abby hesitantly requested that Victoria be her matron of honor, and Victoria gushed that of course she would, but she wondered why Abby had thought that she wouldn't. Abby referenced Victoria's problems with Billy, but Victoria proclaimed that nothing would keep her from being part of Abby's wedding. Abby wondered if Billy was there, and Victoria reiterated that they were separated, but Abby pointed out that Billy and Victoria had left the engagement party together.

Victoria confirmed that she and Billy hadn't reunited, and Abby prepared to leave. Abby suddenly asked what had happened to "for better or for worse," and she questioned whether Victoria's vows had meant anything, since Victoria had just walked away. Victoria said that it wasn't that simple, but Abby contended that the only thing that made it complicated was Victoria's refusal to honor her wedding vows.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie asked if Dylan was refusing to serve her, and Dylan grumbled that it was his right, since she was all about protecting people's rights. She wouldn't apologize for representing Ian, but she understood that Dylan wasn't happy that she'd taken Ian's case. Dylan countered that he wouldn't be happy until Ian was gone for good, and he assumed that Leslie would represent Ian again at the new trial. She vowed to do what she needed to do for her client, and Dylan pledged to do whatever it took to keep Ian from hurting someone else.

Leslie warned Dylan that going rogue would get him into trouble, and she advised that Ian would back off if he didn't allow Ian to manipulate him. Dylan cautioned that she might believe that she was in control, but she was kidding herself if she thought that Ian wasn't manipulating her. Tyler approached, and he asked what was going on. Leslie remarked that her choices had made her unpopular, and Tyler worried that he was about to make a questionable choice himself.

Tyler informed Leslie that he wanted Noah to be his best man, but he thought that Leslie might want him to ask her husband, even though he had yet to meet the mysterious Barton. Leslie said that she was meeting Barton there, and Abby flounced in, rambling about the divorce rate and how people expected marriages to break up. Abby disdainfully announced that her father was having his attorney draw up a prenuptial agreement, but Tyler replied that Victor didn't have to bother because he'd already had Leslie draft one. Abby glared at him.

Abby concluded that Tyler was still in love with Mariah, but Tyler explained that everyone knew that Abby was worth half a billion dollars, and he was fine with the fact that Victor wanted a prenuptial agreement. Tyler added that he wanted Abby to know what he wanted out of their marriage, so he'd had Leslie put it in writing. Abby reluctantly read the document, which stated that Tyler had no intention of ever leaving Abby, but if for any reason Abby fell out of love with him, he wanted nothing of monetary value. Tyler and Abby kissed, and Leslie returned from taking a call and said that Barton had had an emergency, but the couple ignored her. Leslie told Abby and Tyler to think about getting a room.

Dylan dropped by Victoria's house, and she mentioned that she'd heard that Ian was back in town. He said that he'd seen Nikki, who wasn't afraid of Ian, and he swore to keep an eye on Nikki and the rest of the family. He quickly clarified that he'd meant Nikki's family, but Victoria pointed out that Nikki considered him to be part of it. He admitted that he was starting to get accustomed to it and to being Victoria's brother, and she jokingly asked if he planned to start pulling her pigtails because she could be as tough as her mom sometimes.

Dylan remarked that Victoria had needed to be tough, and she acknowledged that she'd had an interesting few months, but she was okay, thanks to Stitch. She wondered if Dylan thought that she and Stitch shouldn't get closer, and Dylan pointed out that both Stitch and Billy were his friends, but when three people were involved in a relationship, someone always got hurt. Victoria said that she and Stitch were just two friends getting to know one another, although Stitch hadn't revealed much about himself, and she wanted to know more. She mentioned that Stitch had avoided questions about why his marriage had fallen apart, and she asked what Dylan could tell her about Stitch.

Dylan said that he didn't know much more about Stitch than Victoria did, and Stitch had talked about Jenna and how he'd been excited to be a dad, but he hadn't opened up much more. Victoria asked if Dylan found that to be strange, but Dylan chalked it up to some people being that way. He needed to get back to the coffeehouse, and Victoria thanked him for checking on her. He declared his certainty that Stitch was a good guy, but he thought that Billy was one, too, and he left.

After Billy and Stitch changed into street clothes, Billy told Stitch to be afraid, since he'd meant what he'd said about digging up Stitch's secret. Stitch claimed that there was nothing to dig up and that Billy had simply heard a private conversation with Kelly. Billy contemplated what unforgivable secret Stitch had to live with, and Stitch claimed that he'd been talking about losing his son, but Billy suspected that it was more than that. Stitch urged Billy not to waste time looking for something that didn't exist, but Billy replied that it was his time, and he stalked off.

Dylan ran into Stitch in the foyer, and Stitch mentioned that he'd had a confrontation with Billy at the gym. Stitch swore that Victoria was moving on with her life because of Billy, not Stitch, but Dylan reported that he'd gotten the feeling that Victoria wasn't sure where things stood with Billy. Stitch pointed out that he wasn't rushing in to anything, since his own marriage had just ended, and Dylan countered that Victoria's hadn't. Stitch asked if Dylan thought that Victoria and Billy would get back together, and Dylan recommended that Stitch back away.

Stitch was aghast that Dylan wanted him to back off and allow Billy to hurt Victoria again, but Dylan warned that Stitch could be the one who ended up hurting her. Dylan mentioned that Victoria had looked stressed out, and Stitch argued that it hadn't been his doing. Dylan conceded that Victoria had said that Stitch had made her feel better, and Stitch recognized that Dylan was in a tough position as her brother, but he cared about her and thought that she felt the same way about him. Meanwhile, Victoria opened a bag and took out a pregnancy test.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren informed Chloe that she'd heard that there had been a lot of drama at the fashion show, and Chloe figured that everyone had been talking about how she'd gone crazy by cutting up Chelsea's dress. Chloe remarked that Kevin had taken pity on her by marrying her to keep her out of Fairview, but she wondered if it had been worth it. Lauren pointed out that a lot of people wanted to help Chloe put things back together, but Chloe wailed that there were too many pieces missing. Lauren argued that Kevin was Chloe's husband, but Chloe said that he wanted to get back what they'd once had, but that would never happen. Lauren declared that two people who wanted to get back together could make it happen.

Chloe acknowledged that it took time to heal, but she woke up every morning and forgot about Delia's death for a split second, and it was like a wound was reopened every time she remembered. Lauren advised Chloe not to cut everyone off, and she insisted that Kevin loved Chloe. Chloe said that she loved him, too, but it hurt him that she wasn't in love with him. Lauren thought that eventually, Chloe would open up her heart to someone and perhaps have more children. Chloe angrily asked if Lauren expected her to simply replace Delia.

Lauren clarified that no one could take Delia's place, but she reiterated that Chloe could have more children when she was ready. Chloe said that she wanted Delia and not other kids, and she thought that Lauren couldn't possibly understand. Chloe cried that Delia had been everything Chloe could have hoped for, like someone had taken the best parts of her and Billy to create an amazing child. Lauren apologized for upsetting her, and Chloe confessed that she'd been more emotional than usual lately, but she was sure that everything was going to be fine.

Later, Billy found Chloe in Jack's office, and she said that she was there to see Billy. She said that she'd been thinking about their earlier discussion, when they'd talked about how nothing had been the same since Delia had died. Billy wished that they had a time machine to make everything right again, and Chloe agreed that she'd wished for the same thing a million times, but their perfect little girl was gone. Billy commented that they'd never do anything that amazing again, but Chloe suggested that they could -- by having another baby.

The Cassie look-alike said that she couldn't believe that Ian was at her motel room, and she invited him in. He said that he had been surprised to hear from her, since it had been a while, and she was shocked that he was in Genoa City. He noted that she had sounded desperate, and she thanked him for being there. Ian swore that he'd always be there if she needed him. Ian said that "Cassie" had been on quite a journey, and she lamented that it hadn't been the path that he'd envisioned for her. He observed that she had managed to survive without her mother, and he said that not many people stood up to Victor.

"Cassie" explained that Victor had offered her a sweet deal to pretend to be Sharon's dead daughter, but Victor wanted her gone. Ian asked if "Cassie" preferred to stay, and she said that she felt bad for Sharon, but Victor scared her. "Cassie" had no idea how far Victor would go to get what he wanted, and Ian mentioned that he and Victor had crossed paths, so he was aware of what Victor was capable of. "Cassie" asked if Ian thought that she should leave town, and he suspected that Sharon wasn't the only reason she didn't want to go.

Ian assured "Cassie" that it was the right thing to stay, since running away wouldn't be a solution. He urged her to stay focused on what she wanted, and her determination would take her where she wanted to go. He encouraged her not to let anything stand in her way until she achieved her goal, and he told her to call him if the Newmans gave her any trouble. He added that he was glad that they'd happened to be in the same town, and she asked what he was doing there. He replied that he was helping people find their way and taking care of some unfinished business.

Abby and Tyler stopped off at a motel, and she said that Leslie hadn't meant her suggestion literally. He dropped Abby off at their room and went to get some ice, and she amorously informed him that she was wearing the lacy thing that he liked under her clothes. He started down the hallway to get the ice, and he ran into the Cassie impersonator as she exited her room. He asked Mariah what she was doing there.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Victoria was thinking about two recent sexual encounters, one with Billy and one with Stitch, as she prepared to open a home pregnancy test. Victoria put the test aside when Nikki called and asked Victoria to meet her at the Athletic Club. Victoria gathered her things and met Nikki, who told Victoria about Victor's manipulations. Victoria was appalled, but assumed that Nikki would eventually forgive Victor.

Nikki was not so sure, but Victoria said that she had learned that couples were always bound together by their children and that was a hard bond to break. After their meeting, Victoria went home, took the pregnancy test, and called her doctor for an appointment to confirm that she was pregnant.

Chloe went to see Billy in his office at Jabot and begged him to have another child with her. Chloe was sure that she and Billy had the right genetic material to produce another wonderful child like Delia. Billy tried to convince Chloe that she should have a baby with Kevin. Chloe said that she did not have that kind of relationship with Kevin. Billy then said that Chloe should have a child for the correct reason, not to replace Delia. Chloe said that she was not doing that, but Billy was not convinced.

Billy told Chloe that he loved Victoria and that the only baby he wanted to have would be hers. Chloe was forlorn and distraught after her conversation with Billy. Alone at Crimson, she sat down and tearfully looked through her phone's photo gallery of Delia, pausing a long time on one that included both Billy and Delia.

Tyler confronted Mariah in her motel room at the same motel where Abby and Tyler were staying. Mariah taunted Tyler that he was only with Abby because of Abby's money. Abby called Tyler and inquired about the ice he had gone out to get. Tyler said that he would be back soon. Mariah declared her love. Tyler told her to back off and returned to Abby.

When Tyler returned to the room, Abby was dressed and leaving. She told Tyler that she was not leaving because he was late but because Nick had called with a family emergency. Moments after Abby left, Mariah knocked on Tyler's door. She warned that Victor was dangerous, and Tyler was only a pet project for Abby.

Mariah tried to seduce Tyler and managed a lingering kiss before Tyler stopped her and repeated that his heart belonged to Abby. Mariah did not believe that Tyler was interested in anything but Abby's money. Unnoticed by Tyler, Mariah left her bracelet on the floor next to the bed before Tyler ordered Mariah out of the room.

An unrepentant Victor met with his private investigator and told him that it was important to find out Sharon's secret. Victor justified his hurtful actions on the basis that he had been trying to protect his family. Victor added that he did not care if Nick forgave him, he only cared that Nick did not get hurt. Victor told the man that the only one who knew Sharon's secret was Phyllis, and Victor could not ask her. After the investigator was gone, Victor called Summer and invited her to the ranch.

Nick and Sharon talked about Victor's machinations. Sharon feared that the secret that she could not remember would hurt them all. Nick said that no matter what, he loved Sharon and would stand by her. Sharon told Nick that she had seen Mariah, whom Sharon called "Cassie," and it was obvious how much Sharon sympathized with Mariah's plight as she defended Mariah's actions to Nick.

Nick warned Sharon not to let Mariah manipulate her, but Sharon replied that she was up to the task. Sharon said that she had to pick up Faith from soccer, and Nick said that he was meeting with Noah and Abby to tell them about Victor's latest scheme. Nick was not sure that he could ever forgive Victor for his actions against Sharon. They agreed to meet back home with both Noah and Faith, have dinner, and tell their children that they were back together.

At Crimson Lights, Noah waited for Nick and exchanged chitchat with Summer. Noah went outside to feed his parking meter but found a ticket instead. He declared that he would get out of the ticket without using his Newman connections. Summer got a call from Victor. Noah was curious as Summer left to meet with Victor at his home. Noah called Courtney and tried to get her to cancel his parking ticket. Noah pleaded his case, but Courtney could not be bribed.

Nick overheard the end of the conversation and wondered if Noah needed help, but Noah said no. Nick told Noah that Sharon was okay and had been all along. Abby arrived. Nick sat down with Abby and Noah. He told them about how Victor had taunted Sharon with her "dead" daughter in and attempt to break up Nick and Sharon. Nick said that Victor's excuse was that Sharon was hiding a big secret. Noah said that he could not believe that his grandfather would hurt him and his sister, Faith, by hurting Noah's mother.

Abby was equally incredulous, but was not as upset with Victor because Abby did not like Sharon, either. She promised not to let her dislike of Sharon get in the way of objecting to Victor's horrendous behavior. She left and went back to Tyler. Nick and Noah talked about Victor's unbelievable behavior. Noah could not understand how Victor could do something that would be so hurtful to so many.

Abby told Tyler about Victor ruse and how terrible it was. Tyler was sympathetic. Abby said that she did not want to think about her screwed up family, she just wanted to think about Tyler. They started kissing passionately as they fell back on the bed.

When Summer arrived at the ranch, Victor asked about Ian, and Summer told him about her various run-ins with Ian. Victor offered his protection. Summer told him that she was handling it so far. Victor inquired about Phyllis. Summer told him that there had been no improvement. Victor broached the subject of Sharon, whom Summer said had been very helpful. Victor warned Summer about turning to Sharon in place of her mother, but Summer said that Sharon had said the same thing.

Victor said that Summer would always be part of his family and did not have to turn to Sharon, and neither did Nick. Summer said that Sharon had been good for Nick. When Victor objected, Summer hugged Victor. Summer met Nikki entering as Summer left.

Nikki told Victor that she was there to pack a bag because she did not approve of Victor's behavior and would not stay with him. Victor got angry because Nikki did not support him. He told her that she would eventually admit that he had been right to protect his family from Sharon, and she would forgive him, but Victor wondered if he would forgive her.

Sharon and Faith returned home. Faith wanted to call Victor to tell him that she had scored her first soccer goal, but Sharon diverted her with promises of pizza. Nick and Noah arrived, and the family happily shared a meal together. Afterwards, Sharon and Nick told their children that they were back together. Both Noah and Faith were very happy for their parents. Noah said that he was sorry for everything that Victor had put her through, but Sharon said that Victor had not succeeded in driving her crazy. Sharon added that she was happy and had her family, and that was everything to her.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Over breakfast at the Athletic Club, the Winters family discussed Colin's introduction to the twins, and Lily assured Neil that the kids knew who their real grandpa was, but Neil declared that he still had a lot of life left in him. Neil spotted Hilary in the doorway, and he flashed back to making love to her in her room. Lily observed that Devon was quiet, and she teased him for thinking about his girlfriend. Devon also noticed Hilary, and he recalled standing outside her room and overhearing her in an intimate moment with another man. Lily followed Devon's gaze to Hilary, and she groused that she didn't know why Hilary was still there, since no one wanted Hilary around.

Neil said that he understood why the Ashbys weren't ready to forgive Hilary, but Lily noted that she was the last holdout, and Cane divulged that he and Hilary had agreed to be civil. Neil contended that Hilary had proven that she wasn't the same girl who had attacked them online, and Devon added that everyone deserved a second chance. Devon excused himself to wish Hilary a good morning, and he recommended that Hilary and her boyfriend check out the Velvet Room. Hilary questioned why he thought she had a boyfriend, and he vaguely replied that she always seemed to be smiling to herself. She attributed it to the success of Chelsea's line, and Devon asked if she was saying that she wasn't seeing someone new, but Hilary hesitated to give him a straight answer.

Lily disapproved of Devon wanting to be friends with Hilary, and she ranted that Hilary was a fraud who used people. Neil confidently stated that Hilary had no interest in Devon or his money, and he mentioned that he'd seen a side to Hilary that Lily hadn't. Neil explained that he and Hilary had clicked as colleagues when they'd traveled together, and Cane said that Hilary worked hard and deserved to get ahead in life. Lily huffed that Hilary had them both fooled, but she hoped that Devon was less gullible.

Devon surmised that Hilary had been seeing someone, and she made an excuse about forgetting some paperwork in her room. Neil watched as Hilary headed upstairs. Cane approached the bar to talk to Devon, and he asked if Devon had turned on the charm with Hilary. Devon grumbled that Hilary hadn't been alone when he'd gone up to her room, and Cane suggested that perhaps Devon had just heard the television. Devon said that she had been with someone or she'd been watching an X-rated movie, and he added that she hadn't denied seeing someone.

Lily asked how Neil was doing, and he recognized that she was worried about him, but he insisted that he was doing fantastic. She said that he didn't have to pretend because she was there to lend a shoulder to cry on, but he reiterated that he really was doing great. He commented that he was beginning to think that losing Leslie had been the best thing that could have happened to him, and he left to get back to work. Devon asked if Lily had gotten Neil to open up, and she worried that things were worse than she'd thought.

Lily reported that Neil had been acting like he was already over his breakup, and she surmised that he was trying too hard to seem happy. Lily concluded that Neil had just been putting up a brave front, and she left to return some calls. Cane suggested to Devon that even if Hilary had been seeing someone, it wasn't necessarily a serious relationship, and maybe it had just been sex. Meanwhile, Neil knocked on Hilary's door, and she pulled him inside by his shirt. They began to strip as they discussed an upcoming conference call, and they fell into bed.

After Neil and Hilary had sex, they cuddled in bed, and he chuckled. He revealed that Lily thought that he was still falling apart after his broken engagement, and Hilary remarked that everyone grieved in their own way. Neil suggested that they go public with what was going on between them instead of sneaking around, but she truly thought that it was a bad idea, since Lily and the rest of his family weren't ready to accept the truth. Neil wondered if perhaps Hilary was the one who wasn't ready to accept it, but she said that he needed to shut up and kiss her again, and he obliged.

Abby stared at the ceiling of the motel room, and Tyler stirred next to her. She said that she'd been thinking about what her dad had done to Sharon, and she couldn't imagine where Victor's hatred had originated. Tyler said that he'd like to stay in bed all day, but he had to get to work. They began to get dressed, and Abby noticed the bracelet on the floor. She assumed that the maid had dropped it, but Tyler informed her that it was Mariah's. Abby incredulously asked if Mariah had been in their room.

Tyler explained that he'd thought that Mariah had left town, and he'd had no idea that she was in the room next door when he and Abby had checked in. He revealed that after Abby had left, a delusional Mariah had barged in and had tried to convince Tyler that he wanted Mariah back. Abby was angry that he hadn't told her the night before, and Tyler defended that he hadn't wanted to pile on even more, since Abby had already been upset about what Victor had done. Abby suspected that Mariah had left the bracelet there intentionally, and she prepared to leave. Tyler begged her not to go, and Abby replied that she forgave him, but she was going to kick Mariah's "skanky butt" out of town.

Abby banged on the door to the adjacent room, and she turned around and gasped when she saw Mariah, who snarled that it had taken Abby long enough to find her. Abby ordered her to leave town and never show her face again, and she accused Mariah of profiting from the pain of others. Mariah said that she'd just been staking a claim on what was hers, and Abby became irate that it had been all about money. Tyler appeared in the hallway and suggested that they get everything out in the open, and Abby declared that Tyler didn't know who the woman was. Tyler was stunned to hear that Mariah looked just like Cassie, and Abby was equally shocked when Tyler blurted out that "Cassie" was Mariah.

Abby raged that Tyler's ex-fiancée was the person who Victor had paid to torment Sharon, and she headed back to the room to call the police. Mariah taunted that Sharon wouldn't press charges, but Abby threatened to have Mariah arrested for all the stunts she'd pulled on Abby and Tyler. After Abby sauntered off, Tyler scolded that pretending to be someone's dead daughter for cash had been the most horrible thing Mariah had done, but Mariah countered that he knew better, and she ordered him to call off his guard dog, or he'd regret it.

Tyler grabbed the phone away from Abby, and she accused him of protecting Mariah. He contended that they had no evidence to show that Mariah had done anything to either of them, and he urged Abby to let it go, since Mariah couldn't hurt them. Abby countered that they didn't know that after what Mariah had done to Sharon and Nick, and she wouldn't just forget about it. Mariah smiled as she heard the couple arguing from the hallway.

At the ranch, Victor left a message for Nikki, stating that she'd made her point by getting a room at the Athletic Club, but eventually she'd realize that he'd done the right thing. Victor groused that Sharon had gotten her hooks into their son, but Nick would be destroyed by Sharon's secret. Victor ordered Nikki to be sensible and to return home, and he hung up.

Sharon pushed past a security guard to see Victor, who informed her that she was on a list of people that he didn't want on the property. She pointed out that she lived on it, and she said that she needed to talk to him. She mentioned that he'd been willing to wreck her progress because he'd believed that she was hiding something, and Victor accused her of harboring a secret that would harm Nick. Sharon requested that Victor put his hatred aside long enough to help her uncover what it was.

Sharon revealed that her therapist had confirmed that Sharon had mentioned a secret, but Sharon had to remember it on her own, and she didn't know how long it would take because of the memory loss from her treatment. Sharon begged Victor to tell her anything that could help her find out the truth, and Victor said that whatever secret she was keeping would shatter Nick. Sharon professed her love for Nick and appealed to Victor's love for his son, but Victor refused to be swayed. She recalled that Victor had paid for her mother's hospital bills when her mom hadn't been able to afford them, and she wanted to repay the act of kindness by figuring out the secret to protect Nick. Sharon urged Victor to help her for Nick's sake.

Victor wondered if Sharon was faking her memory loss, but she swore that it was a side effect from the electroconvulsive therapy that she hadn't even needed. He asked if she was blaming him for her decision to undergo a dangerous medical procedure, and she argued that she'd done it to save herself from losing her mind. Sharon contended that the memories might not ever return, and if her secret was a threat to Nick's happiness, she needed Victor to help her figure out what it was. Victor remarked that her memory loss was convenient, but he didn't know anything more than she did, but he knew someone who was aware of what Sharon was hiding -- Phyllis.

Sharon contemplated why she would have confided in Phyllis, and Victor pointed out that the women hadn't been friends. Sharon said that she'd heard about Phyllis' accident and that she felt awful for Summer and Avery, and Victor found it curious that Sharon remembered things that had happened more than a decade before, but her memories from the prior year were spotty. Sharon asserted that she wouldn't have missing pieces if he hadn't hired Cassie's look-alike to taunt her, and Victor admitted that he believed that Sharon loved Nick in a strange way, so he was sure that Sharon would do what was best for Nick, no matter what the cost.

Sharon said that she would do anything for Nick, and Victor questioned whether it was the right thing to get closer to Nick, knowing it would all fall apart. She argued that she and Nick were a family with children, and she thought that she was good for Nick and that Nick was good for her. Victor conceded that Sharon might be good for Nick at that moment, but eventually, Sharon's secret would destroy Nick, and Nick would resent her. Victor implored her to do the right thing and get out of Nick's life. Sharon realized that Victor would be of no help to her, and she walked out.

At her apartment, Avery looked at her computer, and Dylan hoped that she wasn't fixated on her fans' comments. She replied that she was fascinated by their responses, and he asked what she was going to do for her second episode. She informed him that she'd invented a new recipe that she wanted to try out on him, and she went to the closet to find a special dish to serve it on. The doorbell rang, and Dylan let Nick in. Dylan asked if Ian had done something, but Nick pointedly replied that Dylan's father wasn't the reason he was there.

Avery reentered, and upon seeing Nick, she also concluded that Ian had done something else. Dylan assured her that everything was okay, and Nick informed her that he was there because of what Victor had done. Nick continued that he needed legal advice, and Dylan moved to leave, but Nick asked him to stay. Nick said that Victor had been responsible for causing a lot of pain, and Nick had to do something that he'd never thought he would have to do again.

Nick explained that he'd caught Mariah peering into Victor's window, but Victor had denied his involvement, and Sharon wouldn't prosecute the girl because she looked like Cassie. Nick recalled that he had once reported Victor to the Feds, and it had caused problems in his family, but he hadn't cared because what Victor had done had been wrong. Nick said that it made him sick that Victor had made Sharon think that she'd seen Cassie's ghost, and he wanted to see Victor pay for it. Avery advised that it would be difficult to press charges without a victim who was willing to cooperate, and Nick angrily asked whether Victor might get away with it.

Avery said that she'd gotten to know Victor when they'd worked together, and she thought that the harshest punishment would be if Victor's family turned away from him. Dylan asked how Nikki was dealing with it, and Nick fretted that Nikki became stressed out whenever Victor messed in their lives, which wasn't good for Nikki's multiple sclerosis. Dylan said that he had some business to take care of, and he kissed Avery goodbye. On his way out, Dylan remarked that he and Nick had one more thing in common -- lousy fathers. After Dylan departed, Nick told Avery that he'd tried hard to hate Dylan, but it wasn't going well.

Nick suddenly realized that Avery had been busy with something else, and she informed him that she'd been preparing for her second cooking show. He congratulated her on her successful pilot, and he recalled that she was really good in the kitchen. He asked for her chicken cacciatore recipe to give to Sharon, and Avery wondered if Nick and Sharon were back together. He said that despite everything that had happened, he thought that they could make it work, and Avery half-heartedly said that she was happy if he was happy.

Nick stated that Avery had seen Sharon at her worst, but he remembered the woman he'd loved for years, and he believed that he and Sharon had a shot to build a life together. Avery urged him to focus on the good things in life and to forget about Victor. Nick asked what he owed Avery, and she said nothing and hugged him. Later, Avery answered her door, and no one was there, but she found a box on the windowsill. She took it inside and smiled when she found that it was full of red roses.

Nick returned to Sharon's home and informed Sharon that he'd gotten some excellent legal advice, and he felt good about things. He pulled her into a kiss, but she pushed him away and said that she didn't want to hurt him. She added that she couldn't take the risk that she'd break his heart, and she asserted that she had to end it before things went any further. Nick demanded to know who had put doubts in her mind, and she worried that Victor was right. She wondered if she and Nick were just fooling themselves into believing that their relationship could last, but her secret could blow their world apart.

Nick swore that wouldn't happen, and he assured Sharon that they'd be strong enough to deal with her secret, whenever they figured out what it was. She fretted that it was something terrible, and she didn't want to drag him down, but he asserted that they'd proven that they held one another up. He added that if something happened, it would happen to both of them, and he refused to hear about secrets or breaking up. Nick declared that he didn't want to talk at all anymore, and he kissed Sharon and led her upstairs.

Dylan entered the ranch and remarked to a drink-wielding Victor that it was early for happy hour. Victor asked how Dylan had gotten in, and Dylan said that security had let him through. Victor snapped that Nikki was out, and Dylan asked where he could find her. Victor told him to call her and find out, and Dylan wondered if Victor didn't know. Dylan surmised that Nikki had left after she'd learned what Victor had done to Sharon, but Victor wouldn't discuss his personal business. Dylan pointed out that Victor had made it easier for Ian to get to Nikki, and Victor swore that there was no way he'd let Ian get to his wife.

Dylan asked if Victor was having Nikki followed, and he suspected that Victor's surveillance was more about Victor's need for control than keeping Nikki safe. Victor growled that Dylan should have thought about Nikki's safety before Dylan had led Ian back to Genoa City, and Dylan admitted that he regretted tracking Ian down. Victor reiterated that he would do anything to protect his family, and he was certain that one day, Nikki would realize that Victor had done the right thing.

Victor told Dylan to leave, and Dylan's phone rang as he headed out. Avery gushed that she'd just gotten his surprise, and the roses were beautiful. Dylan looked concerned as he informed her that he hadn't sent her any flowers.

Friday, May 2, 2014

At her apartment, Avery informed Dylan that the person who'd sent her the roses had paid in cash and that the florist couldn't remember anything about the person. She added that she'd called Marcus, her producer, to inquire whether he'd sent them, but he hadn't known anything about the flowers. Dylan found the delivery suspicious, and Avery commented that her secret admirer wanted to stay secret, but Dylan concluded that Ian had sent the roses. Avery reminded Dylan of his promise not to let Ian get to him, and Dylan conceded that he was making too big a deal about it. Avery answered her door to let the film crew inside.

Dylan remarked that he was excited for Avery, even though he could hardly believe that her show had been picked up. Austin said that he'd never doubted that Avery would win people over, and Avery attributed it to her persuasive skills as an attorney. Avery went to finish setting up the kitchen, and Dylan asked Austin to keep an eye out for anything that seemed off, since he wanted to be cautious after the anonymous flower delivery. Austin commented that overzealous fans were better than not having any, but Dylan said that he could do without the nut jobs and hatred he'd seen online. Austin advised Dylan not to let one gift bother him, but Dylan pledged that if someone were messing with Avery, they wouldn't be doing so for long.

Avery asked Dylan how she looked, but he was distracted, and he said that it would be better if he weren't there. She agreed that she needed to focus, since she wasn't totally comfortable in front of the camera, and Dylan told her to be herself. Austin announced that they were all set, and she thanked Dylan for being supportive and kissed him goodbye. Dylan promised that he'd always have her back, and he left as she prepared to film her next segment.

Avery applied lipstick, and Austin asked what recipe she was making. She told him about her crème brulee French toast, and he mentioned that his mom had made great French toast, but his girlfriend hadn't been able to master it. Avery offered to show him and his girlfriend how easy it was to make, and Austin suggested that they put the roses in the shot. Avery hesitantly agreed, and Austin commented that it was too bad that she couldn't thank the person who had sent them.

At the police station, Ian arrived to see Paul, and he claimed that someone had been following him the prior night. Paul asked for a description of the stalker, and Ian couldn't provide one, but Ian suspected that it had been the same person who had broken into his room. Ian theorized that his son was terrorizing him, and Paul asked if Ian had proof that someone had been following him. Ian replied that Dylan had shown him nothing but contempt since Ian's release, and Paul argued that the county jail would be full if he arrested all the people who despised Ian. Ian asserted that he just wanted to prove that his fears were unfounded, and Paul accused Ian of playing a new game.

Ian claimed that he didn't want to believe that Dylan was headed down a dark path, and he asked Paul to find evidence that someone else had broken into his room. Paul reported that the culprit had evaded security, but he would make note of Ian's complaint. Christine entered, and Ian remarked that he had no hard feelings that she'd worked with the prosecutor in Madison. Christine reminded Ian that he'd be tried again, and Ian asked Paul to let him know if there was any new information about the break-in. Later, Ian returned to his room, and he found a glowering Dylan waiting for him inside.

Christine asked how far Paul thought Dylan would go, and Paul admitted that it was possible that Dylan had been harassing Ian. She contended that Dylan wasn't the only one who wanted to see Ian gone, and Paul recognized that it was his job to protect all the citizens of Genoa City. Christine praised that Paul was decent and honest, and she wanted an honest answer to a question. She noted that they'd never talked after she'd told him that she might want to have a baby, and he said that he'd thought a lot about it. She asked whether he wanted another child.

Paul explained that Heather and Ricky hadn't been born under ideal conditions, but he'd tried to make up for it. He continued that he'd never thought that he'd have another chance to be a dad again, but the timing was better, and he and Christine were in a position to provide for a child. He questioned what had made Christine change her mind, and she recognized that her biological clock was winding down, but she also admitted that she'd never thought she could be a great mother. She tearfully stated that she hadn't wanted the same relationship with her child that she'd had with her mom, so she'd devoted herself to work instead.

Christine added that she'd thought her work would be enough, and she loved her career, but she felt that something was missing. She said that her life had been perfect when she'd married Paul, but then she'd started imagining having a little boy or girl with him, and her definition of perfect had changed. Christine professed that she loved Paul and their life together, but one thing would make it better -- having his baby. He suggested that they start trying that night, and they kissed.

Michael arrived at the police station, and he mentioned that Kevin hadn't returned his calls. Kevin claimed that he'd been busy at work, but Michael said that Lauren had talked to Chloe, and he knew that Kevin had given up on his marriage. Kevin confirmed that he had because he'd finally realized that a piece of paper wouldn't make Chloe fall back in love with him. Michael was skeptical that Kevin had suddenly realized that Chloe would never love him, and Kevin divulged that he'd overheard Chloe say that her life was nothing without Connor and Chelsea in it, so he'd read between the lines.

Kevin said that he was relieved that he no longer had to spend time and energy, trying to convince Chloe to have a life together, and he could focus on his own life. Michael implored Kevin to talk to someone, and Kevin confided that he'd thought that if he and Chloe got married and lived in the same house, they could get back to what they'd had, but she hadn't wanted that. Kevin was determined to accept the fact that what he and Chloe had shared no longer existed. Michael pointed out that the couple was still married and living together, and he offered to get Kevin out of his legal commitment.

Kevin suggested that Michael get back to Lauren and Fen, but Michael insisted on finishing the conversation. Michael asked if Kevin wanted to end the marriage, but Kevin refused to send Chloe to Fairview, and he vowed to stand by his commitment. Kevin said that he owed it to Chloe for all the times she'd stood by him, and Michael hoped that the sacrifice paid off. Kevin reported that it already had, since Chloe had been doing better after he'd backed off.

At the Athletic Club, Chloe admired Chelsea's latest designs, and she suggested that Chelsea raise the hemline on one dress. Chelsea agreed to make the adjustment and send Chloe the revision, and Chloe asked if Chelsea had heard anything from the Forresters. Chelsea promised that Chloe would be the first to know, and Chloe gushed that she was excited to be working together again. Chelsea replied that it was nice to see Chloe happy, and Chloe revealed that it wasn't just because she had her best friend back. Chloe excitedly announced that she was having a baby.

A stunned Chelsea assumed that Chloe and Kevin were thrilled, but Chloe clarified that the baby wouldn't be Kevin's and that she wasn't pregnant yet. Chelsea was confused, and she remarked that she'd thought that Chloe and Kevin had been doing well, since Kevin had checked in with Chelsea about her offer to give Chloe a second chance. Chloe surmised that Kevin had been making sure that she'd have Chelsea, since she could no longer lean on him, and she explained that she hadn't been able to go on letting him think that they had a future together. Chelsea asked who Chloe was having a baby with, and Chloe grinned broadly.

Chloe said that she had someone in mind to father her child, but it wasn't Kevin. Chloe confirmed that she wasn't seeing anyone else, but she knew the kind of father she wanted for her baby, and she intended to use a donor. Chloe rambled on about all the qualities that her baby's father would possess, and she declared that the man would help her make another Delia. Chelsea understood why Chloe would want that, but she contended that Delia was irreplaceable. Chloe anticipated that the baby would fill the void in her life, but Chelsea protested that a new baby wouldn't make everything okay.

Chloe compared her desire for a child to how Chelsea had wanted another baby after she'd given up Johnny, but Chelsea pointed out that she and her husband had been starting a family together. Chloe's voice began to rise in volume as she insisted that she was thinking clearly, and other patrons began to stare. Chelsea expressed concern that it was too soon, since Chloe was still mourning, and Chloe said that she would mourn for her entire life, but she couldn't let it stop her from loving again. Chelsea agreed, but she suggested that having a baby might not be the right way to move forward, and she asked what Chloe's therapist had said. Chloe admitted that she hadn't talked about it with her shrink, but she knew that having a baby with the right man would make her whole again.

Chloe wondered if Chelsea wanted her to find happiness again, and Chelsea swore that she wanted nothing more, but she didn't think a new baby was the answer. Chloe argued that it would be great for both of them, since Chloe could focus on her own child rather than on Connor. Chelsea asked Chloe to promise to think about it before she went through it with it, but Chloe marveled that she and her donor would make an amazing child.

Kelly picked up coffee at Crimson Lights, and Stitch approached and said that he was glad to see her. She barked that they'd said everything they'd needed to say at the gym, but he asked for a few minutes, and he followed her to a table. He acknowledged that she hated him for what he'd done, and she pointed out that he'd destroyed her family. He retorted that she'd destroyed his, and he questioned whether she was going to blow up his life again or keep her mouth shut.

Kelly asked why she shouldn't spill Stitch's secret, and she stood by her decision to tell Jenna. Stitch testily inquired whether Kelly got a sick thrill from holding it over his head, and he worried that Billy had been asking questions. Kelly recalled that she'd been in a bad place when she'd told Jenna what Stitch had done, but she was getting better and starting a new life. Stitch remarked that he was starting to believe that he deserved one, too, and Kelly said that she might not ever forgive him, but she didn't want to punish him anymore. She decided that it was time they both moved on.

At Jabot, Jack reminded Billy that he needed the international sales figures, and Billy apologetically stated that he'd thought that he'd already handed them over. Jack mentioned that he had a conference call with the Asian office later, and he asked Billy if something had happened. Billy revealed that he'd run into Stitch and Kelly, who had been arguing about something Stitch had to live with, but they'd both clammed up. Billy was certain that Kelly knew Stitch's secret, and he implored Jack to find out what it was before Stitch got closer to Victoria.

Jack understood that it was difficult for Billy to see Victoria with another man, and he thought that perhaps Billy was looking for something that didn't exist. Jack disclosed that Kelly had said that she and Stitch had once been close, but they'd had a falling-out. Billy suspected that Kelly was covering for Stitch, but Jack refused to spy on Kelly. Billy recognized that it wasn't fair to put Jack in that sort of situation, especially since it was the first time Jack had been seeing someone since Phyllis' accident. Billy vowed to find out what Stitch was hiding on his own.

Later, Kelly stopped by to drop off the final invoice for the fashion show, and Jack pointed out that she could have emailed it. She said that she'd wanted to see him to make sure that he was okay after their talk about Phyllis, and she hoped that she hadn't pushed him to do something that he hadn't been ready for. Jack replied that sometimes people needed to be pushed, and she said that she'd once believed that nothing could have pushed her past losing Sam, but she'd taken steps back and forth until she had. Kelly invited him to an Italian film that was about to start playing.

After Jack and Kelly watched the film, she surmised that he hadn't liked it, and he explained that his issue with all foreign films was that they didn't have a single honest character. He wondered why the characters couldn't just meet and fall in love, but Kelly objected that there would be no story without romance and drama, and she wanted to be swept away. She referred to the point in the story where the man had opened his eyes and had seen the incredible beauty that had been in front of him the whole time, and Jack suddenly kissed her. He apologized, worried that he'd overstepped, but she said that he hadn't, and she kissed him again.

Over the phone, Victoria thanked her doctor for fitting her in, and she mentioned that her home pregnancy test had been positive. Victoria ran into Billy on her way out, and he reminded her that it was his day to see Johnny. Victoria realized that she'd forgotten, and she informed him that Johnny was out with Hannah. Billy recalled that Victoria had promised not to keep his son from him, and Victoria swore that she'd just mixed up the dates. She anxiously looked around for her phone, and Billy picked it up and pointed out that she didn't have her keys, either. He asked what was going on.

Victoria claimed that she'd overslept and that she was late for an appointment, but Billy remarked that she knew how important his visits with Johnny were. Victoria insisted that it had been an honest mistake, and she reiterated that she wouldn't keep his son from him because she wouldn't hurt either Billy or Johnny like that. She arranged via text message to have Hannah return Johnny home, and she offered to let Billy wait there. Billy said that it was good to know that whatever happened, both of them would always put their son first.

Billy played with Johnny, and he was surprised when Stitch arrived. Stitch stammered that he hadn't expected to see Billy, who coldly explained that he was spending time with his son. Billy started to close the door in Stitch's face, but Stitch mentioned that he was there to drop off some chicken soup for Victoria, who hadn't been feeling well. Billy said that Victoria hadn't said anything about it.

Stitch said that Victoria's illness hadn't been serious, but Billy countered that it had been serious enough for Stitch to make a house call. Stitch started to leave to avoid intruding on Billy's time with his son, and Billy pointedly stated that it was still his house and that Victoria was still his wife. "For now," Stitch replied, and Billy snapped that Stitch was awfully cocky for someone who was hiding something. Stitch dared Billy to look all he wanted because he wouldn't find a thing, and Billy told him not to bet on it. Later, Billy performed an online search for Dr. Benjamin Rayburn.

At the hospital, Victoria's doctor put a rush on the test results, and she congratulated Victoria on her pregnancy. Victoria was stunned, since the doctors had told her that it would take a miracle for her to get pregnant again. Victoria asked if everything looked okay, and the doctor informed her that her lab results were normal and that she was in excellent health, but Victoria was worried about her history of miscarriage. The doctor said that they'd keep an eye on her and the baby, but it all looked good, and she imagined that Victoria was anxious to give her husband the good news.

Victoria confided that Billy would have been overjoyed a few months earlier, but she didn't know if Billy was the baby's father. The doctor assured Victoria that her medical records were confidential, and there was no rush to get the father's medical history. The doctor recommended that Victoria start taking prenatal vitamins right away, and she told Victoria to call with any questions before her next appointment. Victoria thanked her with a hug, and she stepped out to the corridor, where she bumped into Stitch. He asked what she was doing there.

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