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Chloe tried to seduce a drunken Billy, but he passed out. Kelly and Jack prepared to make love, but he backed out when Summer accused him of cheating on Phyllis. Stitch suspected that Victoria was pregnant. Sharon underwent hypnotherapy to try to uncover her secret.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 5, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, May 5, 2014

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea was taken aback when Chloe announced that she'd chosen a sperm donor, who was not Kevin, to impregnate her. Chloe said, "I know the guy to make Delia's brother or sister." Chelsea admitted that she wasn't the model of thoughtful family planning, but she reminded Chloe that a baby deserved stability and security. Chloe maintained that she was mentally stable and was only trying to return to the land of the living as she'd promised Chelsea she would.

Chelsea replied, "You promised me therapy, not pregnancy." Chelsea advised Chloe to thoughtfully consider Kevin and everyone else whose lives would be affected if Chloe charged ahead with her plan to have a baby to fill the void in her heart. Chelsea added that having a baby would turn Chloe's world upside-down.

At the hospital, Victoria stammered when she ran into Stitch minutes after learning that she was pregnant. Stitch queried Victoria about the nausea she'd experienced earlier at the park. Victoria cupped a prescription for prenatal vitamins in her hand to hide it from view. Victoria assured Stitch that she was fine and claimed that she'd stopped by the hospital to help plan a fund-raiser for the pediatric oncology unit. Before Victoria left, Stitch told her to take care of herself when she appeared nauseated at the mention of the hot dogs from a pushcart vendor they'd eaten.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Billy conducted a search on the Internet to find out more about Dr. Benjamin Rayburn, also known as "Stitch." After Billy's search failed to turn up any information, he said aloud to himself, "Dr. Rayburn, how do you not leave a trace -- or a record of any kind?" Victoria returned home and placed her prescription, which was packaged in a white bag from the hospital pharmacy, on a bench before greeting Billy and asking if Johnny was napping. While Billy rattled on about the games he'd played with their son, Victoria spied the empty box, which had contained the pregnancy test, atop some crumpled paper in a waste bin beneath the desk. She also spotted a white bag sitting on the desk and asked Billy about it. Billy said that Stitch had dropped off some chicken soup he'd hoped would make Victoria feel better.

Billy sadly noted that he had once been the person who had cared for Victoria when she had been ill. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes, and she told Billy that she wasn't all right. Billy asked Victoria to tell him exactly what was going on. Sounding exasperated, Victoria cried that their life would be easier if she could've forgiven him one more time. Billy assured Victoria that he still loved her and believed in their marriage. Victoria replied, "Without trust -- I just don't know how we can get that back." Billy cautioned Victoria about getting too involved with Dr. Rayburn.

Billy explained that he'd overheard a conversation between Stitch and Kelly. Billy recalled that Stitch had said he had to live with something every day. Billy added that he feared Stitch's deep, dark past, especially because Stitch's wife had felt the need to cut him off from their son. Victoria suggested that perhaps Stitch, like Billy, had cheated on his wife and had lied to her repeatedly. Billy said that Victoria knew nothing about Stitch's childhood or where he was from.

Victoria replied, "I know everything I need to know about Ben. He brings me soup, and he doesn't break my heart." Before Billy left, he told Victoria not to forget about his next scheduled visit with Johnny. After Billy left, Victoria realized that the pharmacy had accidentally switched her prescription with Connor's.

After Billy left home, he went to the Athletic Club and sat down at the bar. Chloe joined him and mentioned that he looked as if someone had rained on his parade. Billy explained that Victoria had forgotten about his scheduled visit with Johnny and was becoming more involved with Stitch. Billy lifted a shot of whiskey and cried that Victoria seemed to be slipping through his fingers. Chloe caught the bartender's attention and said, "Keep them coming for my friend!"

After Billy downed several shots followed by gulps of beer, his speech became slurred. Chloe told Billy that Victoria had taken him back before and would again. Chloe placed Billy's arm around her shoulder and led him up the stairs. In Billy's room, Chloe guided Billy as he fell onto his bed. She sat down beside him and removed his shoes.

Billy had fallen into a half-conscious, drunken stupor. Chloe said, "Man! I've seen you like this before." Chloe ran her hand up Billy's leg. Billy took Chloe's hand and said, "Victoria?" Chloe replied, "Yeah. Billy, I'm here. I'm right here."

At Chancellor Park, Kelly and Jack shared a passionate kiss. Jack paused and suggested that the couple should resume their intimate encounter in a more private setting. Kelly suggested a room at the Athletic Club, but she warned that people might see them together. Jack replied, "I don't give a damn about people right now." Jack and Kelly kissed again. When Jack and Kelly later arrived at the Athletic Club, he sent her upstairs so he could handle a business call from Japan.

Inside Ian's suite at the Athletic Club, Dylan confronted Ian and questioned the elder man's reasons for staying in town. Ian noted that Dylan had previously broken into his suite. When Ian threatened to alert the police, Dylan picked up the telephone receiver, handed it to Ian, and said, "Knock yourself out." Ian said he was surprised by his son's lack of respect for the legal system. Ian added that though he'd been put on trial, he'd been found innocent. Dylan replied, "No! Your attorney got the judge to declare a mistrial because someone hated you enough to sit on the jury and try to punish you for destroying a family with your cult." Ian claimed that the juror, a boy who'd been raised with lies and deception, had been mistaken.

Ian badgered Dylan by reminding him that Dylan's own adoptive parents had raised him with lies and deception. Dylan shouted, "You don't get to talk about my parents!" Dylan's eyes widened and he began breathing heavily. Ian lunged toward Dylan and said he could help Dylan reign in his rage. Dylan raised his arms, backed up, and ordered the elder man to leave town immediately. Dylan added that he had no money, so Ian had no reason to stick around. Ian turned Dylan's words around, pointed his finger at Dylan, and told his son that he needed help to handle his anger.

Dylan said he knew that Ian was going after Avery by posting comments on a message board and by anonymously sending her flowers. Ian picked up the phone and began dialing. Dylan warned that he'd tear Ian apart if Ian ever threatened Avery again. Paul answered Ian's call, and Ian explained that an intruder, still present, had again broken into his room. Paul agreed to hurry to Ian's room.

Ian and Dylan continued arguing. Dylan glared menacingly at his father. Ian strategically riled Dylan's anger by claiming that perhaps Avery had stepped over the line too many times while defending clients that might not have been wrongly accused. Dylan grabbed Ian's lapels and was issuing threats just as Paul burst into the room with his service weapon drawn. Ian claimed that he'd been forced to seek police protection after Dylan had begun issuing serious threats.

At Avery's apartment, the video crew had begun taping another episode of Avery's cooking show when Leslie knocked on the door. Avery took Leslie aside to discuss a matter in private while the film crew restlessly waited. Leslie informed Avery that Dylan was harassing Leslie's client, Ian. Avery failed to hide her disdain and replied, "Ian complained to you about a son he produced by violating a young woman? Leslie, how on earth has Ian sucked you in?"

Avery mentioned the online comments and the flowers sent without a signed card, but she admitted that she couldn't directly link them to Ian. Leslie noted that the online comments and the flowers, even if Ian were involved, had given Dylan no basis to threaten Ian. Avery explained that the only reason Ian was in town was to taunt Dylan. Avery added that Ian would use her, Nikki, and even Leslie to get to Dylan. Avery's cell phone rang. It was Ian. Avery sighed heavily when Ian told her that his son needed her help.

At the police station, Paul berated Dylan for breaking into Ian Ward's room. Ian shrugged and said, "This is not how I hoped it would turn out." Before Paul escorted Dylan to another room, Paul ordered Ian to sit and wait for someone to take his statement. Avery and Leslie arrived. Ian told Avery that Dylan was out of control. Leslie advised Ian not to directly address Avery. Ian ignored Leslie and said, "I want to help him." Angrily, Avery told Ian to leave town and not to speak to her again.

Avery entered the interrogation room where Paul had taken Dylan. Paul explained that Dylan had broken into Ian's hotel room and threatened him. Avery told Dylan that he'd played right into Ian's hands. Later, when Paul, accompanied by Avery, led Dylan out of the interrogation room, Ian announced that he wouldn't be pressing charges. He told Paul to remove Dylan's handcuffs. Ian made eye contact with Dylan and said, "You're better than that, son. Actions have consequences. No more of that, son." Avery and Dylan glared at Ian.

At a bench in Chancellor Park, Summer and Fen discussed their journalism assignment concerning controversial workplace issues. Fen said he'd considering approaching Ian Ward. Fen said he'd ask Ian about the New World and the Path. Fen said he'd love to expose Ward's deceptiveness. Summer warned Fen to stay away from Ian. Summer added, "If you try to play the hero against Ian Ward, he will find a way to win."

In the lobby of the Athletic Club, Summer ran into Jack. Summer explained that she'd stopped by to interview Devon about undocumented workers. Summer thought for a minute and said that perhaps she should focus on the beauty industry and the pressure placed on models to look a certain way. Jack offered to help Summer later because he had an appointment. Summer replied, "What meeting are you going to? You look really nice!" Jack said, "It's not a meeting per se. In fact, I've got a date." Summer became annoyed and said, "You're dating Kelly, aren't you? How could you do that to my mom?"

Fen, with pencil and notebook in hand, approached Stitch at the hospital and explained that he hoped to interview the doctor about controversial workplace issues. Stitch laughed and said, "Back-to-back shifts and overtired residents?" Stitch agreed to let Fen conduct an interview. Stitch said he doubted his input would be of much interest to Fen's classmates. Fen explained that his findings would appear online, so many would have access to Stitch's interview.

Fen asked Stitch about his past. Stitch mentioned having been in the Army, but he didn't answer questions about his life before entering the military. Stitch suddenly claimed he needed to finish paperwork, and he referred Fen to Dr. Morris.

After Fen left, Chelsea approached Stitch. Noting that Stitch seemed distracted, Chelsea asked Stitch if he was all right. Stitch noticed that Chelsea had picked up a prescription from the hospital pharmacy, and he asked about Connor's croup. Chelsea explained that Billy had helped her with Connor. Chelsea mentioned the awkward encounter when she and Billy had found Stitch and Victoria together.

Stitch replied, "It's bound to happen. It will get less awkward with time." Chelsea told Stitch not to count on Billy and Victoria staying separated because the couple had a special connection. Chelsea added, "I don't think this will turn out your way." Stitch replied, "I'll take my chances."

After Stitch walked away, Chelsea opened the bag from the pharmacy and looked puzzled when she discovered a bottle of prenatal vitamins. Chelsea headed down the hallway toward the pharmacy. Victoria suddenly appeared and called out to Chelsea. Victoria caught up with Chelsea and explained the mix-up at the pharmacy. Chelsea noted that she'd already discovered the prenatal vitamins. Chelsea said, "Victoria, you're pregnant!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

At the hospital, Chelsea asked if Victoria was pregnant, and Victoria grappled for a response, but Chelsea reasoned that Victoria wouldn't have gotten prenatal vitamins unless she was expecting. The women traded prescription bags, and Chelsea sympathized that the timing was overwhelming, since Victoria and Billy were separated, but she gushed that she was happy for the couple. Victoria looked uncomfortable as Chelsea rambled that it was just what Victoria and Billy needed. Victoria said that she hadn't told Billy about her pregnancy yet, but Chelsea exclaimed that it was amazing news, especially after they'd gone to great lengths to give Johnny a sibling.

Stitch approached and was surprised that Victoria was still there. Victoria nervously revealed that her prescription had gotten mixed up with Chelsea's, and a confused Stitch recalled that Victoria had said that she'd been at the hospital for a benefit meeting. Victoria claimed that she'd multitasked by having Johnny's eardrops refilled as long as she'd been there, and Stitch suggested that he and Victoria hang out after he changed clothes. Stitch headed off, and Chelsea concluded that Victoria didn't know whether the baby was Billy's or Stitch's.

Victoria ordered Chelsea not to say a word, and Chelsea recounted how terrible it had been when she'd concealed her pregnancy from Adam, but Victoria warned Chelsea not to compare their situations. Chelsea asserted that a child would mean a lot to Billy after he'd lost Delia, and Victoria accused her of hoping that it would make up for her husband killing Billy's daughter. Chelsea said that she'd made the mistake of lying about her own baby's paternity, and the fallout had been a painful experience. Chelsea lectured that hiding the truth was the wrong thing to do, but Victoria didn't want to hear it. Chelsea refused to be part of another lie, but Victoria hissed that Chelsea didn't have a choice, and she reminded Chelsea that Victoria had protected her secret, so Chelsea owed her the same thing. Stitch returned and asked if everything was all right.

Victoria insisted that nothing was wrong, and Chelsea said that she was running late, but she pointedly told Victoria that she was glad Victoria had found the mistake, since someone could have gotten hurt if the facts hadn't been revealed. After Chelsea left, Stitch observed that Victoria looked like she was about to jump out of her skin, and she attributed it to her guilt over having to back out of their plans, since her sitter had canceled. She added that she wanted to spend some quality time alone with Johnny, and she thanked Stitch for understanding.

Later, Stitch arrived at Victoria's home and said that he didn't buy that nothing was wrong, and he sensed that something heavy was going on. He couldn't sit around while she was obviously torn up, and she admitted that there was something she needed to deal with. She claimed that stress was weighing on her, and she thought that embarking on a relationship might be too much for her. She recalled that they'd agreed to take things slowly, but she'd seen him every day, and she felt like they were steamrolling ahead.

Stitch recognized that he and Victoria been moving fast, and he didn't want to slow down his feelings, but he agreed to back off to give her the time and space she needed. He said that he'd received her message loud and clear, and he'd leave and wait for her to be ready. She thanked him, and he said that she knew where to find him.

A drunken Billy mumbled Victoria's name, and Chloe cooed that she was Victoria and that she wasn't going anywhere. Chloe stripped down to her underwear, and she purred that Billy was a little sleepy, but she'd make him comfortable and let nature take its course. Billy tossed and turned, and she asked him to make love to his sweet Victoria. Chloe tried to shake him awake, but she cursed when she realized that he was out cold. Chloe got dressed and groused that Billy was no good to her in that condition, but she promised that she wasn't done with him. She vowed that he'd give her Delia back, and she walked out.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Summer angrily asked how Jack could do it to her mom, but Jack defended that he hadn't done anything to Phyllis. Summer accusingly stated that Jack was going on dates when Phyllis was sick, and Jack replied that it wasn't that simple. Summer retorted that he was cheating on her mom, but Jack swore that he hadn't given up on Phyllis. He declared that nothing would make him happier than if Phyllis woke up, but Summer snapped that he was about to get it on with the woman who'd destroyed his brother's marriage.

A stunned Jack said that he'd thought that Summer liked Kelly, and Summer replied that she'd thought that Kelly's affair with Billy had been a one-time thing, but Kelly seemed to go after men who were happily committed. Summer pointed out that Kelly was fine with dating him until Phyllis woke up, and Jack recognized that things were hard on Summer. Summer said that she'd thought it would be hard for him, too, but apparently it wasn't, and she stormed out.

Noah met Summer at Crimson Lights, and he noted that she'd sounded upset when she'd called. She announced that Jack was hooking up with Kelly, and there was definitely more than friendship going on between them. Summer whined that Jack was giving up on Phyllis, and Noah asked if Jack had said that. Summer reported that Jack had said a lot of things, and Noah surmised that Jack probably still loved Phyllis, but his voice trailed off. Summer asked if Noah had given up on Phyllis, too.

Noah swore that he was still on Summer's side, but he could see Jack's side, too, and he felt for the guy. Summer argued that her mom was sick, and although Phyllis couldn't talk or open her eyes, Summer refused to give up, but she couldn't stand to watch others do so. Noah listed the various ways that Jack had proven that he hadn't given up, but he questioned whether Jack should give up the rest of his life if Phyllis remained in a coma for years.

Summer regretted going off on Jack, and she recalled that he'd looked really hurt by what she'd said. Noah called Jack a good guy, and Summer realized that she'd handled the situation wrong, so she should apologize. Noah said that he was proud of her for acknowledging it, and she said that she still wasn't happy about Jack and Kelly being a couple, but Noah thought that Jack would appreciate her acceptance of his choice to do what he wanted with his life.

Kelly prepared for her date with Jack in her hotel room, and she rushed to answer a knock at the door, but she was surprised when Lily entered with a bowl of popcorn. Lily explained that she'd seen Kelly head upstairs, and Kelly said that Lily had been a super pal, but Kelly's sex life wasn't a spectator sport. Lily wondered if Kelly had a man there, and Kelly informed her that he was on his way. Lily said that she'd just assumed that Kelly had needed a place to crash, and she had expected to have a movie night. Kelly giggled, and she was grateful that the laughter could release some tension, but Lily said that was what Kelly's sex life was for.

Lily asked what Kelly planned to wear, and Kelly remarked that her available wardrobe was limited to her business attire or the hotel robe, but Lily thought that they could put together something better. Lily asked who the man was, and Kelly cryptically replied that it was her companion from the concert. Kelly wondered if maybe it was a mistake to invest in something, and Lily asked if Kelly wanted to go for it. Kelly confided that she hadn't felt like that since her marriage had ended.

Later, Lily helped Kelly get ready, and Kelly thanked her for picking up some lingerie from Lauren's boutique. Lily noted that Kelly seemed nervous, and Kelly confirmed that she was excited that the night would be a new beginning. There was a knock at the door, and Lily assured Kelly that she looked gorgeous. The women hugged, and Kelly opened the door. Lily tried to cover her shock that Kelly's suitor was Jack, and she quickly left. Kelly told Jack not to say anything, and she slowly removed her robe and revealed that she had on a sexy black negligee.

Kelly amorously asked what Jack thought, and he said that she looked incredibly beautiful, but they couldn't go through with their plans. A shocked Kelly asked why, and she said that it had been his idea to get a room. Jack said that he felt terrible that he'd suggested it, and he felt even more terrible for putting on the brakes, but he wasn't ready. Kelly asked what had happened in the last hour to change his mind, and he disclosed that he'd seen his daughter downstairs.

Jack explained that he'd told Summer that he was there to see Kelly, who guessed that Summer had looked at it as a betrayal. Jack admitted that Summer had been very upset, and Kelly asked if Jack felt like he was betraying Phyllis. He replied that he had just started to allow for the possibility that he might not ever get Phyllis back, and Kelly surmised that Summer couldn't contemplate that yet. Jack said that he'd made promises to Summer, so he had to back off for the sake of both Summer and Kelly.

Jack said that Summer had made him face realities that he'd been avoiding, like what he would do if Phyllis woke up. He professed that he still loved Phyllis and wanted to marry her, and that wasn't fair to Kelly, but Kelly wanted to decide for herself what was fair to her. Jack understood that Kelly was angry, but she said that she couldn't be upset with him for loving his daughter and staying loyal to his fiancée. She told him to do what he had to do, and she requested that he leave so she could get dressed. Jack headed for the door, and Kelly quickly closed it behind him before she collapsed to the floor in tears.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Colin noticed that Jill was distracted as she toyed with a knife, and he asked if she wanted to cut someone. She replied that she'd need a much sharper blade, and he remarked that she seemed preoccupied with everything other than him. She teased him for feeling neglected, and he asked what was going on, but she countered that a better question was what was going on with him. He reminded her that she'd promised to share a romantic dinner and a memorable evening with him, but he was still waiting for it to happen. She referred to having a migraine the prior evening, but he suspected that she was angry with him, and he implored her just to tell him if he'd done something wrong.

Jill chalked up her attitude to it being Colin's preferred method of foreplay, since they weren't a comfortable married couple, and they liked to fight over things. He inquired what they were fighting over, since they hadn't seemed to get around to making up. She contended that extended animosity led to profound pleasure, but he thought that she was acting unnecessarily hostile. She pointed out that they'd just made vows, and he'd promised to make her angry more often than not. She asserted that the buildup would make the payoff that much hotter, but he thought that she sounded vindictive.

Jill assured Colin that everything was as it should be and that she treasured him as much as he treasured her. He suggested that they get back to working on the music box mystery, and she agreed that they should pursue it at all costs. Cane approached, and he handed Colin a picture that the twins had drawn of him. Jill grumbled that perhaps the children could depict Colin in a prison jumpsuit the next time.

Cane asked why Jill would say that, and Colin said that he could handle anything Jill threw his way, but he thought a softer approach was necessary with matters regarding the grandkids. Jill vowed to do anything to protect her grandchildren, and Cane admitted that Colin had surprised him by trying to turn his life around. Cane remarked that Jill had achieved the impossible by reuniting a father with his son, and Jill hurriedly left. Cane asked what Colin had done to upset her, but Colin honestly had no idea.

Colin said that Jill didn't like to show weakness, and he worried that she was having second thoughts about marrying him. Colin declared his intent to prove his love to Jill, starting with a new legitimate business, and he wanted to pitch an idea to Devon. Lily objected as she arrived, and Cane mentioned that Devon was still looking for places to invest his money, but Lily wouldn't allow Colin to spend Katherine's money on a con. Colin wished that Lily would forget the past, but he understood her mistrust, and he hoped that he could win her over one day. Colin took the twins' drawing and left, and Lily assumed from Cane's silence that he was on Colin's side.

Cane urged Lily to give Colin another chance, but she wouldn't let Colin rip off her brother. Cane recognized that it seemed like a red flag, but Devon might be the only person to give Colin a second chance. Lily understood that Cane wanted to think the best of his father, and Cane requested that she keep her mind open. She agreed, but she said that she was only giving Colin a chance to show his true colors, whatever they were. Cane and Lily kissed.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy complained that he didn't appreciate Jill hovering over him, and she said that she'd thrown water on his face because he'd passed out. She warned that it wouldn't impress Victoria if he couldn't even stand up or keep his eyes open, and Billy quipped that it had worked before. He divulged that things hadn't been going well on the reconciliation front, and Jill urged him not to give up or wallow in defeat. He asked if she was there to harass him, but she said that she'd needed a sounding board, since she'd had to get away before she'd strangled the life out of Colin.

Jill noted that Billy didn't seem shocked, and Billy replied that he was surprised that it had taken her that long. She said that she knew Colin was a master manipulator, but he hadn't mastered his new cell phone, and he had been the victim of "the butt dial." Billy chuckled, and Jill divulged that she'd learned that Colin owed a lot of money. She added that she'd always known that Colin wanted Katherine's inheritance, but she marveled about the things Colin made her feel. Jill declared that she loved Colin and that he loved her, and although she knew she couldn't completely trust him, she'd made the decision to go for it. Jill lamented that she didn't know what she should do about Colin breaking their agreement not to lie to one another, and Billy implored her to kick Colin to the curb.

Jill said that she'd known who Colin had been when she'd married him, and she wanted to find a way to punish him. She couldn't blame him for wanting her money, but he'd made wedding vows of love and trust, and he'd broken them when the words had barely been off his lips. Billy called it a twisted situation, and he offered his help if Jill needed it. She insisted upon inflicting the agony herself, and Billy suggested that she deprive Colin of his payday, since it would hit Colin hard to lose every dime. Jill agreed that money was Colin's weak spot, and she suddenly thought of an idea and rushed off.

Jill returned home and cheerfully greeted Colin, who said that Cane had been able to tell that something had been off with her. She said that Cane was right, since she had been very frustrated about a surprise that she'd hoped to make happen, but she'd found out that she'd be able to pull it off. Colin asked when, and she replied, "Right now."

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea brushed past Chloe on her way to the counter, and Chloe asked if Chelsea intended to ignore her. Chelsea said that she hadn't seen Chloe, and she swore that her mood had nothing to do with their argument. Chelsea revealed that she'd found out some troubling news, and Chloe pressed for details. Chelsea thought it was best to keep mum, and Chloe accused her of keeping secrets and shutting Chloe out.

Chelsea swore that she didn't want to take a step back and end up on bad terms again, and Chloe contended that a friend wouldn't have attacked her for wanting to have another baby. Chelsea said that she was loyal to Chloe and that she cared enough to tell the truth, and sometimes she had kept silent when she should have spoken up. Chelsea said that she needed to say something, especially when there was a baby on the way, and a clueless Chloe pointed out that she wasn't pregnant yet. Chelsea covered the true meaning of her statement by letting Chloe believe it had been about her.

After Chelsea left, Chloe's phone rang, and she was surprised that Billy was in any shape to dial a phone. He said that his mom had sobered him up with coffee, and he thanked Chloe for getting him home. He added that he didn't remember anything about getting upstairs to bed, and Chloe said that it had been nothing, but he insisted that he owed her one. Chloe mused that she'd find a way for him to pay her back, and she researched aphrodisiacs on her tablet computer. Meanwhile, Billy found Chelsea at his door.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sharon and Nick took a walk in the park and discussed Faith and how happy she was to know that her parents were back together. Nick kissed Sharon and said he was glad that Sharon did not want to take a step back from their relationship. Sharon said that she was just trying to spare Nick the pain that her secret would cause him when it finally emerged. Nick said that he was not worried and did not want to hear any more about the secret -- he just wanted his family together.

Nick told Sharon that the more she worried, the more Victor won, and Nick did not want that to happen. Sharon laughed, and as they shared a brief kiss, Sharon noticed Mariah and called out, "Cassie." Mariah stopped. Sharon wanted to ask some more questions. Nick was hostile, but after Sharon told him that she had spoken to Victor, and Victor had revealed that Phyllis had had something to do with the secret that she was hiding, Nick agreed to let Sharon speak privately with Mariah.

Mariah said that she could not help because she had tried very hard to get it out of Sharon, but she had not succeeded. Mariah said that she had told Victor everything that she had found out from Sharon. Mariah asked who Phyllis was, and Sharon explained. Mariah asked Sharon if Sharon thought that it was weird that the only person who knew Sharon's secret was the woman who had fooled around with Sharon's husband. Sharon said that she did, and that was why it was so important to find the secret out.

Mariah told Sharon that she was not a hypnotist and could not help her and that Sharon's five minutes were up. As Mariah left, Nick looked on angrily, but Sharon said that unknowingly, Mariah had helped. Nick was shocked when Sharon said that she intended to consult with a hypnotist to help regain her memory and find out what she had been hiding.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki asked for a table for one as Victor entered. Victor told Nikki that he was there to work out in the gym. He asked to join Nikki for dinner, but she demurred. Victor told her that they needed to talk privately, so Nikki showed Victor to her room. Once there, Victor told Nikki that he loved her and that they belonged together. He begged her to return to the ranch. He told her that Ian Ward was down the hall and might knock at any time.

Nikki agreed that she also loved Victor and that they were soul mates, but she was at a loss to understand how he could engage in something as heinous as what he had done to Sharon and how he could continue to hurt and manipulate his children and convince himself that it was for their own good.

Victor tried to justify himself, but Nikki remained unmoved. She told him that they were supposed to be partners, and they were far from it. Nikki asked what had happened to the wonderful man and father that Victor had been. When Nikki asked if Adam had been the reason, she struck a nerve. Victor attempted to cajole Nikki into going home with him. Nikki resisted and told Victor that she needed time to think because even though she loved him and wanted to be with him, what she wanted and what she needed were two different things. Victor did not take Nikki's rejection well, and he stormed out. Afterwards, as Nikki tried to pour water, her hands started shaking uncontrollably.

Victoria imagined telling Billy that they were about to get everything that they had wanted because they had the opportunity to put their family back together. She then revealed that she was several months pregnant. Billy was happy at first and then asked who the father was. The doorbell interrupted Victoria's daydream.

Abby was bubbling with news as she told Victoria about Mariah and Cassie being one and the same. Abby told Victoria that Victor had spotted Mariah and hired her to pose as Cassie after "Mariah the pariah" had slithered into town in pursuit of Tyler. Abby noticed that Victoria was not feeling well, but Victoria said it was nothing and turned the conversation to Abby.

Abby said that she was there to ask Victoria to watch her back so Mariah did not cause any problems. Abby started gushing about Tyler and having babies and grandbabies and growing old together. Victoria interrupted and said that she hoped that her separation from Billy did not upset Abby's plans and then burst into tears. Victoria recovered quickly. She told Abby that she was ill and excused herself, leaving Abby gaping after her.

Jill and Colin kissed and hugged each other as they stood in the Chancellor mansion living room. Jill convinced Colin that she had found a vital clue to the music box mystery. Jill said it was the clue that would get both of them what they deserved. Jill showed a skeptical Colin the picture of a dog that Jill said had been named Rachel and had been given to Katherine on her twelfth birthday, the date inscribed on the music box. Colin got interested.

Jill remembered that the dog had been cremated, so they began looking for its ashes. When Colin decided to search the cellar and left Jill to search the attic, Jill got a smug smirk on her face. Later when Colin left the cellar for the attic, he found that Jill had discovered a box containing the dog's ashes.

As Colin took the box from Jill, she sneezed and Colin's face was covered in ashes. Jill left to get a wet towel to wipe Colin's face. Jill shut the door, smiled, and locked it behind herself. Colin eventually noticed that Jill had not returned and found the door locked. He started calling out for Jill, who was smirking outside the door. As Jill left the attic, she whispered that Colin should prepare for a long stay.

Chelsea went to see Billy about Victoria, but Billy just wanted to get some rest after a hard night of drinking and told her he wasn't interested. Chelsea tried again, but Billy said that Victoria was not interested in reconciling. Billy stomped around, interrupting Chelsea and complaining about his hangover.

Just as Chelsea was about to tell her tale, Abby burst into the Abbott house and told Billy that whatever Chelsea had to say could wait because she had important news. Chelsea threw up her hands and said that she was leaving because it was clearly a sign from the universe that she should keep her advice to herself.

As soon as Chelsea left, Abby told Billy that Victoria had broken down in tears and that she was sad and vulnerable and needed comforting. Billy replied that he had tried without success. Abby told him to try again, but Billy said that Victoria would dig in her heels. Billy told Abby that he knew that there was a way to fix things; he just did not know what it was.

Chelsea went directly to Victoria and told her that she had just been to see Billy and had decided to keep Victoria's pregnancy confidential because Victoria had kept Chelsea's secret when she had been pregnant by Adam. Chelsea warned Victoria that Victoria could not keep her secret forever.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Billy stopped by the Chancellor mansion to show Jill that he was completely sober, and she remarked that it was a nice change. He announced that he was the new and improved Billy Abbott, and Jill hoped that he was still committed to winning Victoria back. Billy heard some thumping sounds from upstairs, and he asked what the noise was. Meanwhile, Colin pounded on the attic door and yelled for Jill to open up.

Jill claimed that some workmen were renovating the master bathroom, and she said that she was happy that Billy was fighting for his marriage. Billy wished that Jill had a marriage worth fighting for, and he asked whether she'd filed for divorce yet. Jill assured him that she had everything under control, and she vowed to make Colin curse the day he'd lied to her. The noise upstairs continued to get louder, and Jill led Billy to the door. After he left, Jill stared at the sketch of Katherine over the mantel and said that she could use Katherine's advice, even though she'd never followed it when Katherine had been alive.

Colin yelled for someone to let him out, and Jill cheerfully wished him a good morning through the door. He complained that he'd been there all night, and she asked if he liked his new accommodations. He wondered if he'd done something to upset her, and she sarcastically remarked that he was perceptive. Colin vowed to make it right, but she called him a gold digger who had only married her for her money, and she knew that everything else had been a lie.

Jill revealed that she'd heard Colin's associate say that Colin had gotten married to get his hands on her fortune, and she recounted Colin's assurance that the loan shark would recoup big on his investment. Colin feigned ignorance, and Jill angrily informed him that he'd accidentally "butt dialed" her during his meeting, so she'd heard every word. Colin swore that she hadn't heard the whole story, and she retorted that he hadn't given it to her. She accused him of making a fool of her, so she was returning the favor. She crowed that Rachel the dog had never existed, and she'd obtained the ashes from the fireplace.

Jill declared that Colin had been out-conned, and Colin marveled that Jill was some woman, so it was no wonder he loved her. He admitted that he had some financial problems, but he maintained that he'd returned to Genoa City because he'd missed her. Jill wished that she could believe him, and he implored her to let him out to talk face-to-face. She turned the key in the lock, and Colin declared his relief to be free, but Jill suddenly placed a cloth over his face until he passed out. She proclaimed that it had just been the beginning.

Colin awakened with Jill standing over him, and she asked if he'd had pleasant dreams. He grabbed his head in pain and found himself chained to the wall, and she huffed that he was lucky she hadn't strapped him into a straitjacket. He realized that she'd used the same cuffs he'd used on her, and he asked how long she planned to hold him. She reminded him that she'd asked the same thing when he'd kidnapped her and forced her to marry him, but the timeline was up to him. She handed over some paperwork, and she said that she wanted it in writing that he'd give her a divorce, stay out of her life, and forfeit all rights to her estate.

Colin adamantly refused to sign the contract because he loved Jill too much, and he knew that she loved him. She said that even if she did, she couldn't trust him, and she told him to do them both a favor and sign the papers. He promised to wait as long as it took for her to change her mind. "Then rot in hell, lover," Jill hissed, and she walked out, but she appeared to have second thoughts.

Nikki opened her hotel room door as she explained her symptoms to Dr. Costner over the phone, and she made arrangements to see him later that day. She discovered Ian standing in her doorway, and he asked if she was all right. Nikki huffed that her health was none of Ian's business, and she warned that Victor had hired a security team, so Ian had better keep his distance. Ian said that he knew that his presence was unwelcome, but he'd returned to town to be near his son. Ian hoped that Nikki would help him get through to Dylan, since Dylan had been arrested for breaking into Ian's room. Ian anticipated that Dylan's short fuse would get Dylan into serious trouble.

At the penthouse, Victor played with Connor and a soccer ball, and he said that he'd never had one of his own when he'd been growing up in an orphanage, but he'd eventually taught Connor's daddy how to play the game. Victor offered to teach Connor one day, and Chelsea expressed her appreciation, but she suspected that Victor had stopped by for another reason. Victor gently suggested that it was time to lay Adam to rest, and Chelsea agreed that it was time, even though she balked at the idea of saying goodbye forever. Victor said that they could take solace in doing it together, and she said that it would be an intimate ceremony with just a few people, including them and Nikki, but Victor mumbled that Nikki wouldn't be part of it.

Chelsea remarked that without Nikki, there would only be four people in attendance -- Chelsea and Victor along with Sharon and Jack -- and Victor said that they were the only friends Adam had had. Victor inquired whether Chelsea had given any more consideration about where to bury Adam, and she said that she hadn't forgotten Victor's preference to have Adam's grave in Genoa City. Victor reiterated that it would be close to Chelsea and Connor, but Chelsea pointed out that it would also be close to Victor. Victor handed over a squirming Connor, and he said that they could discuss details later. As Victor left, he discovered Billy at the door.

Victor asked what Billy was doing there, but Chelsea intervened and invited Billy in. Victor said to let him know if Billy gave her trouble, and after Victor left, Billy jokingly wondered why Victor wasn't in his coffin during the day. Chelsea asked why Billy was there, and he said that their conversation the prior evening was a blur, but he suspected that he'd been "somewhat of an ass" to her. He vaguely recalled that he'd blamed Adam for his affair with Kelly, and he apologized, but he was still hazy about why Chelsea had stopped by in the first place.

Chelsea said that Victoria had confided that she was still hurt and confused, and Chelsea had offered to help in any way she could. Billy questioned how Chelsea could help, and she flashed back to telling Victoria that she'd backed out of telling Billy about Victoria's pregnancy. Chelsea covered that she had just been swept up in the moment, and Billy teased her for being a romantic, but he thought that she had enough to deal with without getting involved in other people's problems. Billy warned Chelsea to stay away from Victor, and he pointed out that the one thing he and Adam had agreed on was that they couldn't trust Victor. Chelsea asked why Billy was trying to protect her.

Billy quipped that it was the duty of decent human beings to protect people from Victor, but Chelsea contended that while Victor had his faults, he had his good points, too. She divulged that Victor had stopped by to talk about Adam's memorial, and he had been very kind and caring. Billy was skeptical, but Chelsea asserted that Victor had been there for her more than anyone else had been. Billy said that he cared about Chelsea, too, but after an uncomfortable silence, he quickly added that he should go, and he hurriedly left.

Victor saw Ian in the Athletic Club dining room and warned him to stay away from Nikki. Victor reprimanded Ian for approaching Summer, and Ian defended that he and Summer had run into one another at his son's coffeehouse. Victor sat down, and he suspected that Ian felt invincible, but he threatened that he was having "The Path" investigated. Ian considered it a shame that a dynamic, capable man like Victor had chosen to lead his life consumed by anger and bitterness, and he felt compelled to talk about what was going on with Nikki.

Victor said that he didn't want to hear Ian mutter Nikki's name, but Ian said that she could be in trouble, since he'd seen her rushing off to see Dr. Costner, and she hadn't looked well. Ian imagined that her stay at the club had been taxing on her, and Victor demanded that Ian remove himself from the building, or Ian would need a doctor, too. Ian complied, and Victor called Dr. Costner and learned that Nikki needed to be under as little stress as possible.

At Avery's apartment, Dylan thanked Avery for making breakfast, but she observed that he'd barely touched it. She asked if he was going to pretend it was just another morning, and she wanted to talk about the prior night. Dylan acknowledged that he'd been arrested because he'd let Ian bait him, and Avery was worried that Dylan would make an even worse mistake, since Dylan got worked up whenever Ian did something to provoke him. Dylan asserted that he wanted to protect her, but Avery snapped that she didn't need his protection.

Avery told Dylan that she was capable of taking care of herself, and the handful of nasty online comments and the flowers hadn't been a big deal. Austin arrived and hoped that they could pick up filming where they'd left off, but Avery said that it wasn't a good time. Dylan suggested that they finish taping the show while he went to work, and she asked for a minute to get ready. Austin explained to Dylan that he thought the producers were angry about the delay in shooting earlier, and Dylan reasoned that it couldn't have been helped. Austin acknowledged that Dylan was worried about people "hating on" Avery, but Dylan said that it wouldn't be a problem as long as she stayed safe.

Austin filmed Avery as she added ingredients to her recipe, but she realized that she'd said the wrong thing, and she asked to try again. Austin told her that the camera was still rolling, and she started again, but Austin noticed when she made another mistake. He asked what was bothering her, and she griped that she just wanted it to be over with. Austin questioned whether she was quitting the show, and she thought that it might be best for everyone.

Over the phone, Avery swore that she wouldn't walk out on her contract, but she thought it was best for the show to find another host. She was pleasantly surprised by some news, and she chirped that she'd love to do something. After she hung up, Austin asked if the producers wouldn't accept her resignation, but she excitedly revealed that they'd booked her to appear on The Talk. Austin enthusiastically stated that it would put her on the map, and he imagined that Dylan would be happy for her, too.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch lit a candle on a cupcake and made a video on his phone, saying that he hoped that Max got his birthday wish. Stitch told Max to never forget that Stitch loved him, and he wished Max a happy birthday. Stitch set the phone down and forlornly blew out the candle, and he noticed Victoria watching him. She said that Stitch didn't have to explain, since she knew what it was like to be away from her little boy on his birthday.

Stitch offered to share his cupcake, and he cut it in half. Stitch explained that he'd been making videos for Max since Jenna had taken the boy to Australia, but he had no idea if Max had seen them. Stitch compared the situation to being cut off from the world in Afghanistan, looking up at the stars, and missing his family. He'd told himself that he'd never take a loved one for granted again, and he'd broken down when he'd seen a small Max salute him when he'd returned home.

Stitch continued that it hadn't been long after he'd returned home when most of the soldiers in his unit had perished, and Victoria sympathized with how hard it had been for Stitch not to have been there when it had happened. He said that he still felt guilty, but he also felt lucky to have a great life. Stitch became choked up, and Victoria urged him to keep talking, but he replied that he was tired of hearing himself. She awkwardly excused herself to go to an appointment, and he called after her and thanked her for listening, especially since she'd asked him to back off. Victoria thanked him for honoring her request, and he pledged that he'd be there once she figured things out.

Later, Dylan arrived at the coffeehouse and noticed Stitch's cupcake, and he realized that it was Max's birthday. Stitch lamented that he was missing another one, and Dylan recalled how tough birthdays had been when they'd been overseas, but Stitch clammed up. Dylan said that Victoria had mentioned that she wanted to know more about Stitch, but Dylan hadn't been able to tell her much, since Stitch didn't talk about himself. Dylan knew that Stitch cared about Victoria, and he encouraged Stitch to open up to her if he expected to have a shot at a real relationship.

At the hospital, Nikki ran into Victoria, who claimed that she was there for her annual checkup. Nikki revealed that she'd just seen Dr. Costner because of her low blood pressure, but the condition could be controlled with diet and relaxation. Victoria fretted that the situation with Victor couldn't help, and Nikki said that Victor had tried to convince her to return home, but she'd decided to stay at the club. Victoria wondered if she should confront Victor, but Nikki urged her not to get mixed up in the mess, and she observed that Victoria looked pale.

Victoria said that she needed some sun, and Nikki understood that Victoria's rift from Billy had taken a toll, but she assured Victoria that she didn't have to get through it alone. The doctor called for Victoria, and Victoria hugged Nikki and thanked her for being there to lean on. Victoria went into the exam room, and the doctor said that she hadn't expected to see Victoria for a couple of weeks. Victoria swore that everything was fine, but she'd been thinking about the importance of having the father's genetic information, and she wondered how soon they could determine the baby's paternity.

The doctor informed Victoria that they could perform a fetal cell analysis after 14 weeks, and Victoria refused to put the baby at risk, but the doctor assured her that it wasn't invasive. Victoria wanted to schedule the appointment, and she said that it was best that she tell the father as soon as possible.

Nikki entered Crimson Lights and greeted Dylan and Stitch, and she mentioned that she'd stopped by to say hello on her way home from the hospital. Stitch asked if she had been there about the charity event that Victoria had been working on, but Nikki replied that it was news to her. Stitch said that he had misunderstood, and he took off for his shift at the hospital. Dylan said that he'd been worried about Nikki, and she surmised that he knew that she'd moved out. Nikki said that Victor's actions had been inexcusable and unforgivable, and she might not ever be able to go back, but she was trying to sort through everything while she stayed at the Athletic Club.

Dylan panicked that Nikki was staying at the same place as Ian, but she informed him that Victor had security watching over her, and she refused to let Ian get to her. Dylan cautioned that Ian knew what buttons to push, and she said that Ian had told her about Dylan's arrest. She advised Dylan not to let Ian rile him up, and he said that Avery had given him the same lecture. Nikki blurted out that she and Avery had done so because they both loved him. Dylan pointed out that it was the first time Nikki had ever said those words, and she said that it was true and that he would make any mother proud.

Dylan thanked Nikki, and she gushed that she'd never thought that they'd get that far. He replied that he was glad they had, and she said that she'd let him get back to work, but she nearly fell as she turned away from the counter. Dylan helped Nikki to a table, and she reported that her dizziness was gone. He reminded her to pay attention to her blood sugar, and they saw Ian arrive. Nikki stopped Dylan from getting up, and Dylan vowed to try to ignore Ian, but he wouldn't sit back and watch if Ian made trouble.

Victoria ran into Stitch in the hospital corridor, and he said that she was full of surprises, since she hadn't told him that she'd be there. She said that she'd just had a routine checkup, but he noted that she'd been spending a lot of time at the hospital. She rushed off, and Victoria's doctor exited the exam room. Stitch introduced himself to the doctor, and he asked what her specialty was. The doctor replied that it was obstetrics and gynecology, and he remarked that it sounded rewarding, but a knowing look crossed his face.

Friday, May 9, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Lily presented Kelly with a mimosa, and she asked about Kelly's big night with Jack. Lily indicated her surprise that Jack had turned out to be Kelly's mystery man, but she insisted that she wasn't judging, since obviously Kelly and Jack had gotten past the obstacles of Billy and Phyllis. Lily suggested that Kelly sneak off to meet Jack again, but Kelly hesitated to respond. Lily figured that Kelly was embarrassed to talk about her "hot and sexy" evening, but Kelly revealed that Jack had bailed.

Kelly recounted that she had paraded around in her lingerie and had been ready to give herself to a wonderful man, but Jack had stopped her. Fighting back tears, Kelly whimpered that it had been humiliating, but she explained that Jack had seen Summer right before he'd headed upstairs. Kelly understood that it had been horrible for Summer to think that Jack was cheating on her mom while Phyllis was in a coma, and Lily agreed that it was impossible to blame Summer or Jack. Kelly recognized that Jack hadn't wanted to hurt his daughter, but Lily sympathized that Kelly had been hurt instead.

Lily regretted getting Kelly the lingerie, but Kelly said that it would have been a nice touch if Jack had been willing. Lily optimistically pointed out that lacy undergarments never went out of style, and she was confident that Kelly would find someone else who didn't have a comatose fiancée. Lily thought that the only way to get over it was to find someone perfect, and Kelly remarked that Jack was perfect, but she took what had happened as a sign that she wasn't ready to get involved again.

Jack sat in his office, and he flashed back to kissing Kelly in the park. Hilary called to Jack and asked if he was listening, and she referred to the papers in front of him that he needed to sign. She wondered why he was uncharacteristically distracted, and he claimed that he'd seen a movie that he couldn't get out of his mind. Hilary requested to leave early that day, and Jack inquired whether she had a date. She said that it kind of was, and he told her to take the afternoon off. Hilary started to leave, but Jack said that she couldn't go anywhere until they discussed Neil.

Hilary apologetically struggled to explain, but Summer entered, and Jack said that he'd see both Hilary and Neil at their meeting at the club later. A relieved Hilary said that she would be there, and Jack mentioned that he was going to make a big announcement. Hilary stepped out, and Summer blurted out that she needed to say something about Kelly. Summer stated that she had been out of line, and she knew that she couldn't stop Jack and Kelly from being together.

Jack said that he'd never expected Summer to change her mind, but he was proud of her. Summer clarified that she still didn't like the idea of him being with anyone else, but she recognized that it was his decision. He was impressed, since it took maturity to admit to making a mistake and to have the strength to rectify it. Summer said that she'd had no right to ask him to put his life on hold, and he sympathized that things had been tough for her with Phyllis in limbo.

Summer said that she felt the need to stick up for her mom, and Jack hoped that Summer always would. Summer asked him to promise that no matter what happened, he'd be with Phyllis when she woke up, and he gave his word that he'd be by Phyllis' side the moment she opened her eyes. Summer hugged him.

Neil played basketball with Devon and Cane in the park, and he proclaimed that he was on fire. Neil asked if they were up for another game, and Devon wondered where Neil had found his sudden energy. Neil claimed that his secret was super foods, but Devon scoffed at the idea that carrots and kale were behind Neil's good mood. Neil proclaimed that he felt great, and Cane remarked that it seemed that Neil had a new lease on life. Neil walked off, and Devon asked if Cane thought that Neil was putting on an act to hide his heartbreak. Cane quipped that Neil was better than Meryl Streep if he had been acting, and Devon wanted to know what had caused Neil's turnaround.

Neil approached Hilary at the club, and she remarked that he looked nice. He noticed that she was alone, and he amorously speculated that she'd set up a fake meeting to lure him upstairs, even though she didn't need an excuse to get him there. She informed him that it was a real business meeting, and they needed to stay focused. Neil replied that it was difficult, and Hilary revealed that she'd misinterpreted something that Jack had said and that she'd almost apologized for her affair with Neil. Hilary said that they couldn't let anyone find out, and Lily overheard and asked what dirty secret Hilary was keeping.

At the bar, Cane observed that Devon couldn't take his eyes off Hilary for more than five minutes, and he suspected that Devon was still into her. Devon denied it, but he admitted that he was curious about the identity of the guy she was messing around with. Cane teased Devon for wanting her more than ever, but Devon said that the idea was crazy.

Kelly and Jack bumped into one another in the foyer, but she hurried off. Jack greeted Hilary, Lily, and Neil, and Hilary pretended that Lily had overheard her mention Jack's surprise announcement. Jack said that Jabot was still raking in profits from the fashion show, and he wanted to do another one. Everyone thought that it was wonderful news, and Jack explained that while he had anticipated that it would be an annual event, he wanted to do the next one in a couple of months.

Jack said that the last show had been a giant boost for revenue, and Lily boasted that it had helped put the club on the map. Neil squeezed Hilary's hand under the table, and Hilary claimed that she had forgotten about a dentist appointment. Lily asked Jack for feedback on the last show, and Hilary shot Neil a suggestive look on her way out. Neil excused himself to get in touch with Chelsea, and he checked to make sure Lily and Jack weren't looking before he headed upstairs.

Hilary smiled when Neil knocked on her door, and he pulled her into a kiss. Hilary teased Neil for grabbing her hand on purpose, and he claimed that he hadn't done it intentionally, but he hadn't been able to control himself after it had happened. She chuckled as she imagined Lily's expression if Lily found out what was going on, but Neil didn't want to talk about his daughter. Hilary mused that she should get back to the office, and he replied that he probably should, too, but they began to disrobe and make love.

Cane told Devon that Hilary had left, and Lily asked why they were wasting their breath on Hilary. Devon noted that Lily had actually been civilized to Hilary, and Lily realized that she'd have to put up with Hilary a little longer, since they'd be hosting another fashion show. Devon and Cane raved about the fantastic news.

Kelly eyed Jack from across the dining room, and Lily suggested that Kelly talk to him about their unfinished business. Lily said that she'd found a folder with Hilary's name on it, and while she was tempted to throw it away, she'd slip it under Hilary's door, since they had to work together. Jack approached and offered to take the folder to Hilary at the office, and he asked for a word with Kelly. Lily said that she'd be around if Kelly needed her, and she left. Jack sat down, and Kelly told him that he didn't have to apologize.

Kelly continued that she understood Jack's position, and she was moving on, but she thought it would be easier if they didn't interact with one another. Jack countered that it wouldn't be easier for him, and he informed her that his position had changed since the prior night. He hoped for a second chance, and she incredulously stated that he was already on his third or fourth one. He said that he would take as many as he could get, and he asked if it was even possible.

Lily told Devon and Cane that she had an idea about how to cheer Neil up, but the men said that Neil seemed happy. Lily scolded them for having no intuition, and she thought that it was obvious Neil was still hurting over Leslie. Cane protested that it really didn't seem that way, but Lily was certain that Neil was putting on a show, and she thought the answer was to set her father up on a date with a particular woman.

At Crimson Lights, Abby said that she was thrilled that Leslie had been able to get together with her, and Leslie replied that she wanted them to be close. Abby suggested that Leslie could start by telling her everything about Mariah, so Abby could "take that bitch down." Leslie asked why Mariah was even an issue, and Abby realized that Tyler hadn't told her about Mariah's latest antics. Abby explained that Mariah had gone after her family, since Mariah looked like Cassie, and Victor had paid Mariah to try to get Sharon to mentally break down. Leslie couldn't believe that Mariah had taken things that far "this time," and Abby asked what Mariah had done before as Tyler walked in.

Tyler worriedly wondered what Leslie had told Abby about Mariah, and Leslie informed him that she hadn't said anything. Leslie left it up to Tyler to tell Abby, and she commented that Mariah was trouble, so they all needed to stay away from Mariah. Abby asked Tyler about the rest of the story, but Tyler grumbled that he wasn't interested in reliving the details of his relationship with Mariah. He asked why Abby had gone behind his back to talk to Leslie, and Abby defended that she'd wanted ammunition against Mariah. Abby stepped aside to take an urgent work call, and Leslie promised Tyler that she would never tell anyone what had happened in Portland. Tyler vowed to never let Abby find out.

Leslie cautioned Tyler against hiding things from Abby, but he said that he had it under control. Leslie said goodbye to Abby on her way out, and Abby complained that Leslie had left before they could strategize about how to get Mariah out of town. Tyler suggested that they stop wasting time thinking about Mariah and focus on their wedding, but Abby countered that she couldn't just let it go after she'd found out the twisted things Mariah was capable of. Abby suddenly had a brainstorm about the perfect way to get rid of Mariah.

At the hospital, Nick told Sharon that it wasn't too late to change her mind, but Sharon was eager to undergo hypnosis. She admitted that she was nervous, but she was also determined to get her secret out in the open, and she vowed that it was going to happen that day. Nick suggested that Sharon recover her memories naturally, but Sharon groused that it hadn't happened, and she needed to know her secret right away, especially if it could keep them from being happy together. Dr. Meade entered, and Sharon declared that she wanted to be hypnotized as soon as possible. The doctor questioned the urgency, and Sharon asserted that she needed to recover her memory, since her secret could hurt Nick.

Dr. Meade explained that since Sharon's memory loss was due to electroconvulsive therapy, the memories might no longer exist in her brain, but Sharon countered that they wouldn't know until they tried. Nick asked about the downside, and the doctor said that if Sharon's memories had been emotionally suppressed then Sharon might not be healthy enough to face them. Nick didn't want to take the chance, but Sharon contended that her secret could destroy everything. Dr. Meade warned that triggering the memories could cause harm to Sharon and her mental stability, and she asked whether it was a risk Sharon was willing to take.

Sharon insisted that she was willing to take the risk, and she believed that having the secret out would make her stronger. Nick didn't want to risk a setback, but Sharon argued that she was healthy and strong, and the only thing causing her distress was the secret. Sharon reiterated that the secret could hurt Nick, and she couldn't carry forward with their relationship without knowing what it was. Nick pointed out that she had nothing but time, but she considered the secret to be a ticking time bomb, and she was the only one who could defuse it.

Nick assured Sharon that nothing would change his feelings about her, and Dr. Meade urged Sharon to evaluate her decision carefully. Sharon maintained that she was willing to risk losing Nick if it spared him pain later, but Nick said that he loved her too much to let her go through with it. Sharon acknowledged that she was playing with fire, but she wanted to do it for Nick and their relationship. Dr. Meade conceded that Sharon seemed strong enough to face whatever she was holding back, and she asked Nick to step outside before they proceeded.

Sharon requested that Nick stay, since she thought that he needed to hear what she'd been keeping from him. Dr. Meade noted that it was highly irregular to have someone else in the room, since Sharon needed to concentrate and relax. Sharon insisted that having the man she loved there would put her mind at ease, and Dr. Meade agreed that Nick could stay. Nick said that he was behind Sharon all the way, and the doctor explained that once Sharon emerged from her hypnotic state, she would feel refreshed and remember everything. Dr. Meade started the session.

Dr. Meade asked if Sharon felt safe, and Sharon replied yes. The doctor requested that Sharon take her back to an earlier memory of a happy time, and Sharon flashed back to planning a private birthday party for Nick in high school. Sharon said that there had been something good and trustworthy about Nick, and she'd wanted to spend her entire life with him. Sharon recalled being taken aback by the grandeur of the Newman ranch, and Nick had said that they could design their own house on the property. Sharon gushed that Nick had made her dreams become a reality, and Dr. Meade suggested that they shift to more recent times.

Dr. Meade asked if there was something that Sharon needed to share with Nick, and Sharon replied that there was, but she couldn't remember what it was. The doctor said that the memory was right there, and the weight would be gone once Sharon uncovered it. Sharon became increasingly agitated, and Dr. Meade instructed Sharon to take deep breaths, but Nick pulled the doctor aside and demanded that they stop. Dr. Meade told him to keep his voice down, and she promised that she would end the session if it got too stressful. The doctor assured Nick that Sharon's reaction was normal as she struggled to get to the truth, but Sharon was getting closer to it rather than running from it.

Dr. Meade told Sharon to dig deep into her memories to find what she'd kept hidden from Nick. Sharon shook her head and rambled about a secret, and the doctor asked what Sharon was feeling. Sharon sobbed that Nick couldn't know, and the doctor inquired whether Sharon felt guilty. Sharon suddenly cried that she remembered.

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