The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 12, 2014 on Y&R

Jack and Victor put their differences aside during Adam's memorial service. Chloe spiked Billy's coffee with an aphrodisiac, but he rebuffed her seduction attempt. Cane found a Bonaventure Industries business card inside Colin's wallet. Devon revealed Neil and Hilary's affair to a livid Lily.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 12, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, May 12, 2014

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack apologized to Kelly for cutting short their intimate date. Kelly reminded Jack that he'd told her that they shouldn't be together. Jack replied, "I was wrong, and I can't tell you how much I regret what happened." Jack added that he'd had another discussion with Summer, who had admitted that she'd been wrong to keep him from living his life. Kelly said that Phyllis might stand in their way, even if Summer wouldn't. Jack replied, "You said you understood how I feel about Phyllis, and you could deal with it." Kelly reminded Jack that even when she'd stood before him, dressed only in skimpy lingerie, he'd chosen Phyllis.

Kelly admitted that she'd wanted Jack so badly, she'd convinced herself that she could deal with getting her heart broken again. Jack insisted that he wanted more than just sex with Kelly. He told Kelly that he felt connected to her in a way he thought might never be possible again. Sobbing softly, Kelly said, "I've lost so much, Jack. I just don't think I can stand to lose much more."

Almost breaking down, Jack said he'd faced the truth and realized that Phyllis wasn't returning. Kelly said she couldn't get involved with a man who secretly hoped that the woman he loved never awoke from a coma. Kelly hurriedly left.

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Billy ran into Chelsea and little Connor. Chelsea told Billy that Adam's estate was being settled. She asked Billy to accept a donation from her to the Delia Project. Billy refused and said that Chloe would object, too, because it was still Adam's money. Chelsea said, "What about for your daughter? Could you do it for Delia?"

Billy asked, "Why? So he [Adam] can balance the karmic scales from hell?" Chelsea insisted that it wasn't about Adam. She explained that her gift related only to Delia and the miracle of sight she'd provided for Connor.

Chelsea told Billy that many children could be recipients of miracles if Billy would accept the donation. Billy agreed to take the gift to help enrich the lives of children. Chelsea thanked Billy and noted that he'd also been a great help when he had accompanied her and Connor to the hospital when the infant had fallen ill. Chelsea apologized for slapping Billy after he had kissed her the night he had been distressed about Victoria. Billy admitted that he'd been upset about Stitch.

Billy told Chelsea that soon Stitch would no longer be an issue. Billy added, "I'm working on a way for 'Dr. Feelgood' to stay out of Victoria's life for good!" Chelsea immediately replied, "No! That's not a good idea. If Victoria finds that you've been snooping around in Stitch's past, she's not going to be happy about it." Billy explained that his only aim was to protect Victoria because Stitch was hiding something.

Billy said he was convinced that Victoria still loved him. Billy recalled that Victoria had passionately kissed him the night of Abby's engagement party. Billy assured Chelsea that after he uncovered Stitch's secret, Victoria would no longer want to be associated with the doctor. Chelsea frankly replied, "I don't think it's going to be that easy to get Stitch out of her life." Before Billy left, Chelsea told him that he should feel free to talk to her about his problems anytime.

At Victoria's house, Victoria was packing for a trip when Stitch stopped by. Stitch asked Victoria why she'd lied to him about the reason she'd been at the hospital when they had run into each other. Stitch noted that he'd spoken to Nikki and discovered that Victoria had made up the story about the fundraiser. Victoria noted that she'd been more honest with Stitch lately than to anyone else. Stitch again asked Victoria why she'd lied. Victoria replied, "I haven't been feeling well lately." Stitch reminded Victoria that he was a doctor and knew that something more was going on.

Victoria claimed that she'd attended a hospital board meeting that her mother wasn't required to attend. Victoria added that while she had been at the hospital, she had picked up a prescription for Johnny. Victoria noted that perhaps Stitch's recent divorce was the result of lies and secrets, which might have caused him to distrust others. Stitch said he knew that it had been difficult for Victoria to be pulled between him and Billy. Victoria, frustrated, replied, "It's a lot harder than you imagine."

Stitch clutched Victoria in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Before he departed, Stitch promised not to interfere again. After Stitch left, Victoria phoned Billy and asked him to stop by. While Victoria waited for Billy, she swallowed one of her prenatal vitamins, pressed her palm against her abdomen, and said aloud, "You're going to have a good life, no matter who your dad is." Victoria seemed distracted and lost in thought.

When Billy arrived on Victoria's doorstep, he was eager to hear good news. Victoria asked Billy to stay at their home and look after Johnny while she was away, spending some time with Reed. Billy agreed to the arrangement and said, "You know my son always comes first." Victoria kissed Johnny and said, "I love you!" After Victoria walked out the door to catch her ride to the airport, Billy stood on the porch and said, "I love you, too." Victoria had already left.

Later at Katherine Chancellor Park, Stitch ran into Chelsea and Connor. Stitch said he'd heard about the discovery of Adam's body. Stitch expressed his condolences. Rocking Connor in her arms, Chelsea said she could at last move on and build a life with her son. Stitch asked about Connor's croup, and Chelsea said her baby's condition had improved so much that she hadn't needed the additional medication Stitch had provided. Chelsea added that she'd appreciated Billy's help the night Connor had become ill. Stitch advised Chelsea to seek medical care whenever she became concerned about Connor's health.

Chelsea noted that Johnny was fortunate to have Victoria and Billy. Stitch agreed that they were both great parents. Chelsea replied, "That doesn't mean that there's no room for you in Victoria's life." Changing the subject, Stitch offered to treat Chelsea to ice cream.

Chelsea laughed and recalled that there had been only two times in her life when ice cream had made her ill. Both occurrences, Chelsea noted, had happened when she had realized she was pregnant. Stitch reflected on what Chelsea told him and said, "Happens to a lot of pregnant women. Something that had never made them nauseated before suddenly does."

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Tyler discussed the impact Mariah was having on their relationship. Abby didn't agree with Tyler's claim that Mariah would leave them alone if they just ignored his ex-girlfriend. Abby insisted that Mariah would never accept the fact the Tyler had moved on. Abby said she had a plan to give Mariah the only other thing the woman wanted besides Tyler. Abby stormed out, and a worried Tyler quickly followed her.

At Mariah's motel room, Tyler knocked on the door. Mariah was thrilled to see Tyler until Abby stepped forward and announced that she had an offer that Mariah would be unable to refuse. Glancing at Tyler, Mariah replied, "I've heard that before." Tyler looked uneasy, as if Mariah's statement had a significant meaning only he could discern. Abby said she knew how to handle Mariah after learning that Victor had paid the young woman to impersonate Cassie.

Abby offered to pay Mariah double the amount Victor had if the young woman would leave town. Mariah, upset, looked at Tyler and said, "Is that what you want?" Tyler replied, "I want you to go on with your life." Abby thrust a check into Mariah's hands. Abby said, "Take the money, leave town, and we'll all be happy." Mariah ripped the check into small pieces and said, "No deal!" After Abby and Tyler left, Mariah sat on the edge of her bed and held a newspaper clipping in her hand. The title of the news story was "Portland West Hills Mansion Robbed: Culprits Still at Large."

A frustrated Abby and Tyler returned to the coffeehouse. Abby told Tyler that Mariah was holding out for him. Tyler disagreed and said that Mariah just wanted more money before she'd back down. Abby insisted that Mariah wouldn't quit until she found a way to be reunited with Tyler. Abby, annoyed, cried, "Why did I feel like the two of you were speaking in some secret language that I didn't understand?"

In Dr. Janice Mead's office, Sharon underwent hypnosis and claimed to remember the secret that had been haunting her. Dr. Mead encouraged Sharon to reveal the secret. Trembling, Sharon cried, "I did something I shouldn't have." Nick, seated next to Sharon, appeared more concerned about Sharon's welfare than discovering the secret. Sharon said, "Someone's hurt. I didn't mean to." Nick quietly soothed Sharon and whispered to Dr. Mead that he wished to end the session.

Dr. Mead prompted Sharon and asked, "Who'd you hurt, Sharon?" Sharon cried that she'd been in a hurry to do something important. She added, "I just want her to stop! Oh, no! I didn't mean to hurt you!" After Nick convinced the doctor to end the session, Sharon asked, "Why did you have Dr. Mead bring me out of it?" Dr. Mead, displeased, reminded Sharon that Nick shouldn't have been present.

Sharon pleaded with Dr. Mead to continue. Sharon told Nick that if she were hiding a secret that might hurt him, she would never feel worthy of his love. Sharon told Nick that he had to let her continue with the hypnosis. Dr. Mead placed Sharon under hypnosis again and asked her about the night she'd been trying to get somewhere when someone had tried to stop her. Dr. Mead instructed Sharon to remain calm because a huge burden would be lifted from her shoulders.

Sharon, recalling what had upset her, said that she'd gotten into her car to go home. Sharon said that she'd heard a voice in her head telling her that she had to do what was right "for her." Sharon cried that she feared Nick would be angry if he discovered what she'd done. Dr. Mead asked Sharon if she'd faced Nick that night. Sharon replied, "Yes. I went back home."

Sharon was unable to remember any other details, so Nick suggested that Sharon's secret had to have been related to the fire she'd set at his dad's ranch house. Sharon, addressing Nick, asked, "Who was I trying to stop? No one was there when I started the fire. What woman would have been there?" Nick suggested that the other person might have been their little girl. Nick recalled that Sharon had later told him that Faith had begged her mother to take her home. Sharon nodded and recalled that Faith, in the back seat of the car, had cried out and begged to return home.

Nick said that Sharon had felt guilty about hurting Faith emotionally, so running away with Faith and starting the fire explained Sharon's mysterious secret. Nick added that everyone, including him, had turned their backs on Sharon at the time. Nick pleaded with Sharon to stop thinking the worst of herself and accept that he had forgiven her. Sharon asked to be alone with her doctor. Nick stepped out into the hallway.

Sharon asked Dr. Mead if she thought Nick was right about the burning of Victor's house being the secret. Dr. Mead said she couldn't be certain. The doctor encouraged Sharon to address the issue at their next session. Sharon seemed uneasy and nodded in agreement. When Sharon stepped out of the doctor's office, Nick embraced her and said, "Thank you for facing your fears." Nick told Sharon that they could move ahead with their lives, and he tightly embraced her again. Sharon seemed unsettled.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

After being dumped by Kelly, Jack ran into Nikki in the Athletic Club. Nikki explained that she was separated from Victor. Jack thought that it was his fault. Nikki took Jack to her room and explained that she approved Jack's reporting of the drug crime against Summer and that that had had nothing to do with what had caused Nikki to leave Victor.

Nikki preferred not to tell what had caused her split from Victor, and Jack was too much of a gentleman to insist. Nikki mentioned that Victoria had gone to see Reed and had left Billy with Johnny. Jack left to see Billy after assuring Nikki that she had family and friends if she needed them.

Kevin bought scones at Crimson Lights and discussed the crank email that Avery was receiving with Dylan, who was studying each one. Kevin said he could not blame Dylan for wanting to protect the woman that he loved. They chatted and then Dylan got a call summoning him to the police station later that day.

Billy, who was watching Johnny while Victoria was out of town visiting her other son, Reed, was none too happy when he answered the door and found Stitch there. Billy was delighted to tell Stitch that Victoria was out of town. After some male posturing, by both men, Stitch left.

A short time later, Jack dropped in. Billy thought that Jack was there to give more advice about Victoria, but Jack said that he had woes of his own. After Jack explained what had happened with Kelly, Billy said that he could sympathize with Jack's predicament, but that he was glad that Jack would not be dating Kelly. Billy then told Jack that he was convinced that Stitch was hiding something and that he intended to find out and tell Victoria before Stitch hurt her.

Jack told Billy that Billy ought to let Victoria find out on her own, or it might be Billy who suffered. Billy did not accept that advice and vowed to uncover Stitch's secret. The brothers parted amicably.

Stitch stopped by Crimson Lights and told Dylan about his confrontation with Billy. Dylan warned Stitch that Billy and Victoria had a long history and to not get his hopes up. Stitch went back to the hospital and convinced a lab technician to let him look at Victoria's test results. When he did, Stitch realized that Victoria was pregnant.

Paul was on his office phone, exchanging racy chitchat with Christine. She was home alone, wearing sexy lingerie, waiting for Paul so that they could start making a baby. Paul promised to head straight home but was stopped by Lauren and Michael, who wanted to know how Kevin could get out of his loveless marriage to Chloe. Paul said that the marriage could be annulled, but that Chloe would have to be institutionalized. Michael and Lauren did not like that answer but accepted it.

As Michael and Lauren left, Nikki entered Paul's office. When she told him that she and Victor were living apart, Paul assumed it was because Paul had found Dylan for Nikki. Nikki told Paul that it had nothing to do with Dylan, who she thought was the most important treasure in her life. Dylan arrived at Paul's office, just in time to overhear. He was overwhelmed by Nikki's words.

Paul returned a notebook that Dylan had left. It contained a photo of Dylan's adoptive parents, which Dylan showed Nikki. Paul rushed off to Christine while Nikki and Dylan shared a tender moment before she cautioned Dylan not to let Ian Ward push his buttons.

At the Athletic Club, Jeffrey ordered champagne and charged it to Michael while Gloria questioned Chloe about her marriage to Kevin. Chloe fantasized about getting pregnant by Billy, even as she assured Gloria that everything was working out between Chloe and Kevin. When Kevin arrived. Chloe took him aside and persuaded Kevin that it would be better if he allowed Gloria to think that they had a normal marriage.

Once seated, Gloria raved about an aphrodisiac that worked wonders for Gloria and Jeffrey. Kevin did not want to hear, but Chloe was all ears. Chloe was especially interested when Gloria pulled the bottle from her purse. Lauren and Michael joined them. Chloe stifled any comment from them by proposing a toast and then "accidentally" breaking her glass against Gloria's, which sent champagne spilling over on Gloria's expensive outfit, and Gloria running to the bathroom with Lauren in attendance.

Jeffrey went to the bar, and Michael took Kevin aside for a private word. Michael told Kevin what he and Lauren had learned from Paul, but Kevin said that he was unwilling to put Chloe in an institution. With everyone away from the table, Chloe was unobserved as she removed the bottle of aphrodisiac from Gloria's purse and put it in her own.

As Kevin commiserated with Michael and Lauren, who were taking their leave, about the "dinner from hell," Kevin got a call from Billy, who wanted help uncovering information about someone who wanted to keep that information hidden. Kevin quickly agreed to help.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Billy found Chloe at his door, and she informed him that Jack had told her that Billy was taking care of Johnny while Victoria was visiting Reed. Chloe reminded Billy that he owed her something for getting him home safely when he'd been drunk, and she was there to collect by hanging out together. She complained that everyone had been treating her like a delicate flower or a wacko, and she hated seeing everyone look at her like they were waiting for her to do something crazy. Billy admitted that it had been freaky for her to ask him for his sperm, but she swore it had been a one-time thing that had happened after Delia's day camp had sent an email reminder about signing Delia up for the summer.

Chloe understood that it had been an honest mistake, but she'd been thinking about how she missed Delia, and she wanted her daughter back. Billy reiterated that they could never make another Delia, and Chloe insisted that her idea had been irrational and unrealistic. She said that she was nowhere near being ready to have another child, and he offered her a beer. She thought that alcohol was the last thing he needed, and he went to make them some coffee instead. She took the bottle of aphrodisiac out of her purse and smiled.

Later, Chloe praised Billy for being a great dad, and she said that she couldn't have asked for a better father, since he had loved Delia like no one else had. Billy fondly remembered that Chloe had been a nutty, crazy girl in the fashion industry when they'd made Delia, and although he and Chloe hadn't been meant to be, Delia had been. Billy recalled his crazy times in New York with Chloe, and he said that she had been hot. She declared that she still was, and he responded when she kissed him.

Billy pulled away, and Chloe purred that no one needed to know about whatever happened between them, but he insisted that he didn't want anything to happen. He thought that something strange was going on with his head, and she suggested that they do whatever they needed to do to ease the pain. Billy realized that Chloe had tried to seduce him on purpose, and she whined that she didn't want to be alone. Billy said that he understood, but another baby wasn't the solution, and he begged her to tell him that she knew it.

Billy wondered if Chloe had orchestrated the situation, but she scoffed at the idea that she'd slipped him a mickey. He wondered if she would have gone through with sleeping with him, and she pointed out that nothing had happened. Billy worried that she was spinning out of control and that she had to stop, and he encouraged Chloe not to ruin her memories of their daughter. Chloe whimpered that she needed Delia, but Billy gently stated that she had to get the baby idea out of her head for Delia's sake.

Chloe said that Billy had Johnny, so Billy didn't know what it was like to be alone in a quiet house. Billy said that he understood after what he and Victoria had gone through with Lucy and the fertility treatments, and he still held out hope that he and Victoria would have another baby. Chloe suggested that Johnny could have a half-sister like Delia, but she claimed that she knew it wouldn't happen. She requested that they never talk about her baby idea again, and he implored her to open up to her therapist to help get her through it. Chloe half-heartedly thanked him, but after she left, she reflected back on his words about fertility treatments, and she thought that she knew what to do.

Lily approached Cane at the Athletic Club bar, and she asked if he'd be done with his paperwork before dinner with her dad. He thought it was strange that he hadn't heard from Colin in a couple of days, and he was surprised that Colin hadn't returned his calls. Lily speculated that Colin was busy trying to find an investor, since he'd struck out with Devon, and Cane figured that Jill would have let them know if something bad had happened.

In the foyer, Kelly literally bumped into Jack, and he asked if she was okay. She replied that she was busy, and he mentioned that he was on his way to Adam's memorial. She hoped that it gave everyone closure, and he awkwardly stated that he'd left his phone upstairs, but he quickly clarified that an old, dear friend was staying there. Kelly asked why he'd bothered to explain, and he said that he cared about Kelly very much, but she reminded him that he'd already told her that his heart belonged to Phyllis. Jack stammered that he was sorry, and he left.

A flustered Kelly approached Lily and agreed to Lily's offer to set her up on a date. Lily asked if Kelly was free for dinner, and Kelly balked at the thought of the setup being that soon, but she said yes. Lily proclaimed that Kelly had a date.

Before dinner, Cane voiced concern about Lily setting up an employee with Neil, but she was certain that her father needed a distraction from his breakup with Leslie. Neil greeted them, and Lily complimented his new suit and announced that someone would be joining them for dinner. Kelly approached and made small talk about the next fashion show, since Hilary had already contacted her about it, and Neil perked up at the mention of Hilary's name. Lily suggested that they table the work talk and consider it a social occasion instead, and Kelly glanced uncomfortably at Neil.

Lily urged Cane to check on his dad, and he took the hint to leave to give Neil and Kelly some time alone. Lily raved about her dad's cooking, and she suggested that Neil cook for Kelly sometime. Lily pretended that she had to take a phone call and stepped aside, and Kelly jokingly asked Neil if Lily had picked out a wedding dress for her yet. Kelly said that she'd lived through her share of uncomfortable setups, and Neil said that he didn't want to mislead Kelly because he wasn't looking to date. Kelly said that she appreciated him letting her know, and she pointedly noted that the men of Genoa City were very honest in that way.

Neil wished that Lily had told him about her plan to set him up on a date, so he could have told her that it wasn't a good idea. He called Kelly a lovely woman, and he confessed that he was already seeing someone, but he said that the situation was complicated. An understanding Kelly suggested that he take off before Lily got back, and Neil said that any guy would be lucky to go out with Kelly. Neil approached Jack at the bar and wondered if he should be worried, but Jack said that he was just having some iced tea after a less than pleasant evening. Neil said that he'd be around if Jack wanted to call him, and he mentioned that Kelly had been a good sport after Lily had tried to set Neil and Kelly up, but he pointedly stated that Kelly had someone else on her mind.

Lily apologized to Kelly and asked where Neil was. Kelly said that it had been a sweet gesture to set them up, but it wasn't going to happen. Lily asked if Kelly hadn't liked him, and Kelly informed her that Neil had been honest about seeing someone. Lily assumed that Neil was trying to convince his family that he was fine by making up fake women so that he wouldn't get hurt again, and she assured Kelly that the right guy for her was out there somewhere. Kelly gazed over at Jack.

In the Chancellor attic, Colin clanged his chains, and he yelled that he knew that Jill could hear him. Downstairs, Jill suggested that she and Lauren put on some music or go out for drinks, but Lauren said that she was there to talk to Esther about Chloe. Jill divulged that Esther was out playing blackjack, and she had no idea when Esther would be back. Lauren heard noises from upstairs and asked what it was.

Jill claimed that it was an ancient house with a lot of creaks, and she speculated that Katherine's ghost was haunting her. Lauren suggested that a plumber could fix the problem, and Jill said that it was Esther's territory. Jill asked if she could do anything to help regarding Chloe, and Lauren confided that the more she talked to Chloe, the more she was convinced that Chloe wasn't doing any better, but she hoped that Esther had some insight. Jill wondered if Lauren was expecting too much too soon, and she said that Billy was finding his footing, so she was sure that Chloe would fight her way back, too.

Esther bustled in with an armful of shopping bags and crowed that she'd hit it big, so she'd bought presents for everyone. Esther fumbled around to find something to give Lauren, who said that she just needed to talk to Esther. Esther started to leave to put her things in her room first, but the banging noises started again, and Lauren asked if Esther could call a plumber. Jill insisted that Esther stay and talk to Lauren, and she offered to take a look at the pipe problem herself.

Colin talked to a tennis ball, and he threw it against the wall. Jill entered and ordered him to shut up, and he wondered if she'd told his son that Colin was locked in the attic, since someone was sure to miss him, but Jill just chuckled and said that maybe Colin's loan shark would. She ranted that his wife would have missed him, but he'd blown it. She barked that no one wanted him around, and he reasoned that if she was right then she should just let him go. She said that he could walk out as soon as he signed the papers to dissolve their joke of a marriage and relinquish his right to her fortune.

Jill tried to tempt Colin by talking about food, and she offered to get him some as soon as he signed the papers and burned the old ones. He said that she couldn't ask a man to give up on love, but she snarled that he didn't get to love her money, especially since she hadn't even seen it yet. Colin vowed to do whatever it took to prove his love, but Jill insisted that the punishment had to fit the crime. He said that their marriage was as real as the heat she was generating when she got close to him, and he reached for her with his unbound hand, but she backed away. He refused to give up on their relationship, but she replied that she already had.

Cane stopped by to see Jill, and he noticed that she seemed preoccupied. He wondered if it was because of Colin, and he thought that perhaps Colin had stolen the silver and left town, since Colin hadn't returned his calls. Jill assured Cane that everything was as it should be and that Colin was simply on a business trip. Cane pressed for details, but Jill simply said that the silver was still all there. Jill added that Cane shouldn't worry if he had left Colin a voicemail, since Colin was an idiot regarding his cell phone, and she suggested that Cane write a note instead. Cane asked if it had seemed that Colin had reverted to his old ways, and Jill recognized that Colin would never change, but she was resolved to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Jill was surprised that Colin had stopped yelling and banging, and he said that he had been pondering their relationship and envisioning her in a negligee. She said that she'd reward him for his good behavior with some news, and she divulged that Cane had dropped by. Colin surmised that Cane was worried about him, but Jill clarified that Cane had expressed concern about her and whatever nightmare Colin was putting her through. She taunted that Cane hadn't even wondered where Colin was, and no one would. She turned out the light and told Colin goodnight, and Colin demanded that she tell him what she'd said to his son.

Cane's pen ran out of ink as he scribbled a note, and he looked in the desk for something else to write with. He found Colin's wallet in the drawer, and he called out for Jill. Cane discovered a business card for Bonaventure Industries inside the wallet.

At the penthouse, Victor helped Chelsea fasten her bracelet, and she mentioned that Adam had given the trinket to her. She apologized for keeping Victor waiting, and he pointed out that the memorial service couldn't start without them. Chelsea couldn't believe that it was time to really say goodbye, but she felt that Adam had deserved a proper farewell from the people who'd cared about him. Anita arrived to babysit, and Victor objected to Connor staying with the person who had let him be kidnapped.

Anita contended that she was Connor's flesh and blood and that she'd had no way of knowing that Chloe had been plotting to take Connor to France. Chelsea explained that she'd let her nanny go, and Victor suggested that they take Connor to the memorial, but Chelsea didn't want her son around the pain and misery. Victor warned that Connor wouldn't be safe with Anita, but Chelsea asserted that she was moving forward, and she didn't want to hold Anita's mistake over her head. Anita promised to guard Connor with her life, and Chelsea and Victor left.

A maintenance worker stopped by to inspect for mold in the penthouse, and Anita made him wait outside while she called Chelsea, who confirmed that the building had sent a notice about the inspection. Victor spotted Jack inside the church, and he proposed that they get started, but Jack wanted to wait for Sharon. Chelsea revealed that Sharon wouldn't be there, and Victor added that it had been Sharon's decision not to attend. Jack suspected that Sharon's absence was linked to Nikki's move out of the ranch, and Victor testily inquired whether Jack was there to memorialize or pontificate. Chelsea intervened and said that the service was about saying goodbye to Adam, so the men could either show respect or leave.

Chelsea thanked Victor and Jack for putting their differences aside and concentrating on Adam, and she said that it would have meant the world to Adam that they were both there, even if Adam never would have admitted it. She asked Jack to start, and Jack lit a candle and said that it was fitting that the service was at the church, since there had been many things about Adam that only God had known. Jack acknowledged that Adam had hurt many of Jack's loved ones in horrible ways, but he'd seen Adam's remorse and guilt, and Adam had become a genuine friend.

Chelsea added that Adam hadn't known how to let people love him, and even though he'd had a wonderful mother and childhood, he hadn't felt worthy and had been broken and flawed, but the three of them had loved him anyway. She regretted that Adam had died before he'd found his way, and Victor put his arm around her as she cried that Adam had passed away before he could have become the father or man he'd wanted to be. Chelsea continued that the real tragedy had been that Adam had really wanted to be a better person, and she believed that it had almost happened.

Jack recalled that in that very church, Adam had made him swear to look after Connor and to protect his son from the same people and things that had changed Adam. Chelsea started to cut Jack off, and Jack said that Adam couldn't speak for himself anymore, but it didn't mean that Jack couldn't speak for Adam. Jack made a hasty exit, and Victor implored Chelsea to let Jack go, since Victor and Chelsea had been Adam's family. Chelsea asked if Victor had anything to say to his son.

Victor recounted that he and Adam had had many conversations when Adam had been alive, and they had each known how the other had felt. Chelsea asked if Victor had loved Adam, and Victor replied that Adam had been his son, but she repeated the question. Victor queried whether she thought that Victor hadn't, and she said that it didn't matter what she thought, but Adam had considered himself to be a disappointment compared to Victor's other kids. Chelsea advised that it wasn't too late, since the memorial wasn't just for her, and she left.

Victor echoed Jack's words that Adam had done a lot of damage against many people, but he realized that Adam had been looking for Victor's approval underneath it all. Victor said that he'd grown up without a father or a mother, so he understood Adam's anger. Victor recognized that Adam had resented him until the very end, especially because of the bargain they'd made about Adam's involvement in Delia's death, but Victor respected the fact that Adam had wanted to protect his family, and they'd had that in common. Victor admitted that it left a deep hole in his heart that he and Adam had never really bonded, and he murmured, "Rest in peace, my boy."

Anita told Connor a story about a princess and a frog, and she said that she knew a prince when she saw one. The maintenance worker reported that there was no mold, and Anita walked him to the door and wished him a good night. Anita took Connor upstairs to put him to bed, and in the hallway, the worker called someone and said, "It's done." A man wearing a wedding ring turned on a television monitor and watched video footage of Connor's room.

Chelsea looked in on Connor, and Anita assured her that there had been nothing to worry about, despite Victor's misgivings. Anita hugged Chelsea and wished her and Connor a good night, and she departed. Chelsea told Connor that his mommy and daddy loved him, even though his daddy wasn't there with them anymore. She mused that she and Connor had both been lucky to have love like that, even if just for a little while, and she cried that she missed his daddy. The man with the wedding band tapped his fingers as he watched them.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

In his office, Victor instructed someone over the phone to file a motion to delay the FDA hearing. Cane arrived in response to a message he'd received from Victor, and Victor informed him that the Feds were wrapping up their investigation. Cane said that he was still looking for the person who had set them up, and Victor reminded Cane that the Chancellor CEO position was at stake. Victor asked for information, and Cane flashed back to finding a Bonaventure business card in Colin's wallet. Cane requested more time, but Victor contended that they didn't have any, and he demanded that Cane spill everything he knew.

Victor suspected that Jill and Jack were trying to ruin him, but Cane said that he'd ruled them out, since they wouldn't have tricked Cane into buying Bonaventure. Cane theorized that it had been a very complicated scheme, since very few people had been privy to the details of Katherine's trust, and Jill had been honestly shocked when the trust had been read. Victor thought that there was something right before their eyes, but they couldn't see it. Victor told Cane to keep digging, and Cane left.

Noah entered Victor's office, and he said that he'd received a call from Victor's lawyer, requesting that Noah testify on Victor's behalf. Victor explained that he was working hard to clear his name with the FDA, and he hoped for Noah's help. Noah questioned why he should go out of his way to help after what Victor had done to Sharon, and Victor replied that it would be the right thing to do. Noah recalled that he'd confided in Victor about Sharon's visions of Cassie, and he admonished Victor for using the private information to get what he wanted. Victor said that he had issues with the things Sharon had done, but Noah retorted that there was no justification for warping Cassie's memory.

Noah acknowledged that Sharon had done some terrible things because she'd been sick, but he thought that Victor could have extended some compassion. Victor said that he wanted Sharon to get well again, and he recounted that he'd given Nick and Sharon his blessing when they'd gotten married. Noah asked if Victor expected him to forgive and forget, and Victor defended that he hadn't known that Bonaventure had been distributing dangerous pills. Noah blamed Victor for Sharon's decision to undergo electroconvulsive therapy, but Victor huffed that Sharon's choice hadn't had anything to do with him.

Noah chided Victor for paying Mariah to drive Sharon crazy but not taking responsibility for the damage it had caused, and Victor simply replied that he'd have his lawyer withdraw the request for Noah's statement. Noah agreed to confirm that to the best of his knowledge, Victor hadn't had any idea about the drugs, but he'd do it because his mother had raised him to tell the truth and not because he was Victor's grandson. Victor said that he'd made many difficult decisions, but most of them he'd made so that his children and grandchildren wouldn't have to experience the same tough times Victor had.

Jill delivered a "gourmet" breakfast of water and stale crackers to Colin in the Chancellor attic. She offered to make him eggs Florentine if he signed the documents, but he refused. Jill warned that she could be very patient, but Colin called her cute and careless, since she'd let him know that Cane had dropped by. Jill reiterated that Cane hadn't been concerned about where Colin was, but Colin anticipated that Cane would become suspicious in time. Jill was confident that she could deal with it and that Colin would remain at her mercy.

Colin recognized that Jill wanted to punish him because she felt hurt, and she countered that she was angry because he'd made her believe that they could have had a real marriage and partnership, but he'd broken their agreement to be honest. She ordered him to sign the papers so that she could get on with her life, and he contended that she didn't want a divorce any more than he did, but she maintained that she was ready to give up. Colin insisted that he wanted nothing more than their marriage and his family, and he asserted that Cane wanted his father in his life. Jill retorted that Cane knew that the only person Colin cared about was himself, and Colin blurted out that she had no idea what he'd done to prove his love for his son. Jill demanded that Colin tell her what he'd done.

Colin swore that he'd become a better man than he had been, and he'd gotten into a financial bind while he'd been in the process of proving it to his son, but it didn't change anything between him and Jill. Jill said that things had changed when Colin had kept things from her and lied about it, so she wanted him to end their marriage and be on his way. Colin professed that he loved and respected her, and he could give her what she needed in bed. She said that she'd return when he had his ego under control, and as she closed the door behind her, some items fell off a shelf. Colin managed to pull a journal toward him with his foot.

Jill found Cane waiting downstairs, and he said that he was trying to find Colin, but she feigned ignorance about Colin's whereabouts. Cane asked if Colin had mentioned Bonaventure, and he explained how he'd found the Bonaventure business card in Colin's wallet. Cane wondered why Colin had left his wallet behind, and Jill tried to downplay it, but Cane referred to her suspicions that Colin had been up to something nefarious. Jill reasoned that Colin could have used his passport for identification and traveled with cash, but Cane asked her to explain the Bonaventure card, and he admitted that his suspicions were getting the best of him, too. He said that he needed to find Colin to determine if there was any connection between Colin, Victor, and the company.

Colin hid the journal when he heard a key turn in the door, and Jill remarked that he'd been a busy boy. She asked what he knew about Bonaventure, and he claimed that it didn't ring a bell. She barked not to play innocent, since she'd found the card in his wallet, and she knew that it was a problematic company that Victor had inherited from Katherine. Jill suspected that the business card wasn't a coincidence, and she threatened to totally starve Colin unless he let her into his "other" life.

Colin swore that Victor's problems had nothing to do with him, and Jill warned that the crackers would be Colin's last food for a while. He dared her to threaten him all she wanted, but he wouldn't sign the contract. He commented that the attic had turned out to be a treasure trove of interesting information, including the key to the music box. He offered to share it with her if she let him out, and she asked if he thought she was stupid. She called him the biggest liar on the face of the earth and stormed out.

Victor arrived at the mansion to see Jill, and he informed her that she was sadly mistaken if she thought he would go down without a fight. Victor said that he knew that she had conspired with Jack and Kyle to take him down, and he asked if they thought that they'd been successful. She said that all she knew about Victor's difficulties with the FDA was what she'd read in the press, and she'd told Cane the same thing earlier that day. Victor found the timing interesting, and he left. Jill picked up the music box and cursed Colin's name, and Colin looked thoughtful as he perused the journal upstairs.

At the penthouse, Jack asked how Chelsea was holding up, and he said he was glad he'd had the chance to honor Adam, despite the tension he'd felt with Victor being at the service. Sharon entered and declared that Victor had been the reason she'd missed it, since seeing Victor's face would have turned her stomach. Chelsea pointed out that Victor had set aside his differences, but Sharon huffed that Victor had zero respect for the dead.

After Sharon explained Victor's plot to torment her by hiring a Cassie look-alike, Chelsea asked how Victor had found Mariah, and Sharon said that she hadn't uncovered the details, since Victor was still denying his involvement. Chelsea couldn't believe that Mariah had agreed to the plan, but Jack assumed that Victor had given Mariah very few choices and lots of incentives. Sharon reported that Victor had coached Mariah with photos and stories, and she explained that was why she hadn't attended Adam's memorial. Chelsea tried to understand what Victor's motive had been, and Sharon couldn't believe that Chelsea was defending what Victor had done.

Chelsea explained that she thought that there might be more to the story, and Sharon disclosed that Victor had found out that she had a secret that could hurt Nick, but she couldn't remember what it was, since the electroconvulsive therapy had wiped out some of her memories. Sharon mentioned that Phyllis supposedly had known what the secret was, and she wondered if Jack might know what it could be, but he had no idea. Sharon hoped that Phyllis woke up soon, and Jack expressed his doubts, since the doctors had told him for some time that it might not ever happen. He added that he had to face getting on with his life because recent events had forced him to consider the possibility that Phyllis might not recover.

Jack asked if Mariah would testify so that Victor wouldn't get away with it, but Sharon said that Avery didn't think that they had a case. Jack suddenly realized that Victor's scheme against Sharon was the reason that Nikki was living at the Athletic Club, and he figured that Nikki had been just as appalled as they had been by Victor's actions. Chelsea received a call from a property manager of a building Adam had owned, and she didn't know how to handle a prospective tenant who wanted to make structural changes. Jack offered to step in, and he left after Chelsea gave him the address.

Sharon said that she knew that Chelsea didn't want to think the worst of Victor, and Chelsea pointed out that Sharon was finding her way back to Nick, but Adam was gone, so Chelsea was alone. Sharon advised Chelsea not to get too close to Victor, but Chelsea believed that Victor had cared about Adam more than he'd ever let on, and she'd been struck how much Victor adored Connor. Chelsea commented that the best part of Victor was his love for his family, and Sharon replied that it would be if Victor didn't use it as a weapon.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly asked Devon and Lily to review the schedule for the next fashion show, but Lily was obviously distracted. Devon noted that Lily hadn't looked away from her phone during their entire meeting, and Lily explained that she'd been trying to get in touch with Neil, who hadn't been home that morning when she'd stopped by. Devon pointed out that Neil might have been at work, but Lily reported that his office had said that he hadn't been in. Lily fretted that it wasn't like Neil, and she wondered how worried she should be.

Devon rattled off numerous reasons why Lily hadn't been able to get in touch with Neil, and Kelly reminded Lily of what Neil had said when Lily had tried to set them up. Kelly informed Devon that Neil had graciously explained that he was seeing someone, and she guessed that was why Neil hadn't been reachable. Devon was shocked that Neil was involved with someone else, but Lily maintained that Neil had made the woman up to keep his family from worrying about him. Kelly said that she'd believed Neil, and Devon surmised that it had been why Neil had played basketball like he had been 20 years younger. Devon asserted that he couldn't be happier that Neil had met someone, and he wondered why Lily wasn't.

Kelly got a phone call, and she squealed that her real estate agent had just found a condo sublet that was perfect. Lily gave Kelly some time off to take a look at the place as soon as possible, and Kelly hurried off. Devon announced that he'd decided on some new digs, too, and he planned to move into the club's penthouse suite. Lily anticipated that Esmerelda would help him decorate, but he grumbled that he wasn't interested in Esmerelda's opinion because she wouldn't be living there. Lily was surprised because she'd thought the couple had been getting serious, but he replied that it wasn't that kind of relationship.

Lily assured Devon that the right girl was out there, and Cane kissed Lily hello and asked what he'd missed. Lily relayed that Neil had supposedly been seeing someone, and a stunned Cane wondered if it had been the reason for Neil's Michael Jordan impersonation. Devon said that everyone had the right to be happy without being judged, and he left to make some calls. Lily sensed that something was going on with Cane, and Cane confessed that Victor was worried about the Feds. Lily guessed that Cane knew something but that he wasn't sure whether he should tell Victor, and Cane confirmed that she was right.

Cane mentioned that Colin had left his wallet at home even though he'd gone on a business trip, and Lily theorized that Colin had taken fake identification that he used while conducting business. Cane contemplated what he would do if he found out that Colin had been behind all of the Bonaventure problems, and Lily wondered if Cane hadn't told Victor in order to protect Colin. Cane said that Victor would want proof, and Cane could only speculate. Lily questioned whether Cane would turn Colin in if proof surfaced that Colin had been responsible.

Jack called out hello at the condo, and Kelly appeared and asked what he was doing there. He swore that it was a total coincidence.

Hilary awakened in her hotel suite and found Neil staring at her, and she asked how late they were. He teased her for being all about work, and she replied that it was just like he had been the prior night. They kissed, and he commented that he liked everything about working together. She pointed out that there was one thing that he didn't like, and he surmised that she meant the sneaking around part. He declared that he wanted to go public with their relationship, and he asked how she felt about it.

Hilary worried that Lily's head would explode, but Neil said that they'd find a way to deal with it, since Lily had to realize that he had his own life, and Lily had no say over who he was involved with. Hilary pointed out that she had victimized Lily's entire family, but Neil called it ancient history, and he wanted to live his life out in the open. Hilary cautioned that his kids and everyone else in Genoa City would have their own opinions, and she asked if he was really ready to jeopardize his other relationships just to take her out in public. Neil said that he couldn't care less about what others thought, although he admitted that he was worried about how Devon would react.

Neil said that Devon had gotten past the things Hilary had done, and Hilary remarked that Devon had been a good friend. Neil thought that Devon would understand how he and Hilary had gotten together and that Devon could help convince Lily to accept them as a couple, but Hilary worried that going public would complicate Neil's life. She said that she didn't want Neil and his family to have any conflict over them dating, and Neil wondered if she was hesitant to reveal that they were a couple because she couldn't see the relationship going anywhere.

Hilary clarified that she wanted to be sure Neil was ready, and he questioned whether she still thought he was on the rebound. He said that it felt good being with her and that he didn't want to sneak around, and she replied that she'd never been with a man who had made her feel special the way he did. He said that she deserved all the happiness in the world, and he wanted to take her out and show her off to the whole world. She reminded him that he'd promised to take her to a basketball game, and he said that he had his eye on some playoff tickets. She recalled that they'd talked about going to a jazz concert in the park under the stars, and he replied that he'd settle for not having to hide out in her suite, even if it was a bumpy ride at first. He asked if he could count her in, and after a moment of thought, she relented.

Neil and Hilary kissed in her doorway, and she said that he couldn't leave looking too rumpled. He asserted that they wouldn't have to hide the telltale signs once they broke the news, and they kissed again as Devon entered the hallway and spotted them.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Jack said that he hadn't expected to see Kelly at the condo, but it was a nice surprise. She noted that they'd had a string of seemingly coincidental encounters lately, and she suspected that he had known that she'd be there. Jack explained that he was doing a favor for Chelsea, since Adam had owned the property. Jack asked if that changed things for Kelly, and she recalled that she'd helped Adam to start the Delia Project, although she hadn't known why he'd done it at the time. Jack asked if Kelly was still interested, and she said no, but he clarified that he'd meant the apartment, not him.

Jack offered to give Kelly the property manager's number so she could discuss the structural changes she wanted to make with someone other than Jack, and he promised that he would respect her space. She thanked him, and he started to leave, but then he turned around and questioned whether she couldn't even say goodbye. Jack asked if Kelly wouldn't allow for the possibility that their meeting there hadn't been an accident and that it had been meant to be. She pointed out that he had just been doing a favor for a widow, but he thought that fate might have been doing a favor for him.

Kelly declared that fate was a lie that people told themselves as an excuse to avoid owning up to their actions, but Jack didn't believe she thought that. She thought that Jack was too pragmatic to be the "fate type," and she reminded him that he'd given her a check to leave town. He conceded that he'd been wrong, but he mentioned that he'd also taken her to a Vivaldi concert. They discussed the changes she wanted to make to the condo, but as they talked about putting up walls, it was clear that they were alluding to their relationship. Jack asked whether Kelly was in the place where she wanted to stay or if she wanted to walk.

Kelly started to leave, but she heard the strains of a violin in the hallway. Jack said that the tenant had the door open, but the walls were thick enough to protect her from a violin student. She recognized the music as a particular Vivaldi concerto, and Jack guessed that it was a different one. He offered to hum it, and she jokingly protested. He dared her to tell him that he was a fool to believe in fate.

Kelly wondered if Jack had paid the violinist, and Jack asked why she was afraid of fate. She countered that she couldn't be afraid of something that wasn't real, and she reasoned that Vivaldi was simply a popular composer. He said that he would pass the word along to the building manager that she wanted a wall put up, and he headed for the door. She called after him and said that if he believed in fate then perhaps her neighbor was the first chair of the Genoa City symphony, and the violinist might fall madly in love with her. Jack asked if that was what she wanted, and she replied that she didn't know.

Jack told Kelly to figure out what she wanted, and she slowly walked over to him and gently put her hands on his face before planting a passionate kiss on his lips. Kelly awkwardly stated that she didn't know what that had been, and Jack said that it had been wonderful and brave. She blamed her actions on Vivaldi, and Jack sympathized that she'd been hurt. She bemoaned that she'd lost everything, and she couldn't lose anything else. Jack admitted that he was scared, too, since he'd had it all and had lost it, but he thought that maybe he and Kelly could make something new.

Jack said that he'd already asked for a second chance, and Kelly acknowledged that she had been mean when he had. He understood that she'd been scared, and she confessed that she still was, but she wasn't saying no. He realized that he'd have to work for it, and she thought an old-fashioned courtship sounded appealing. The music stopped, and Jack took it as his cue to leave. He asked what he should tell Chelsea about the walls, and Kelly replied that walls were overrated. They put their arms around one another and left together.

Devon stopped in his tracks when he spied Hilary and Neil kissing in her hotel room doorway. Neil said that he'd see her later, although it wouldn't be soon enough. "There will be a lot more laters," Hilary purred, as Devon watched in disgust. Neil kissed Hilary goodbye one last time, and he left. Devon pounded on Hilary's door, and she anticipated seeing Neil again as she opened it, but she quickly fastened her robe when she saw Devon standing there.

Hilary said that it wasn't a good time, but Devon barked that she'd been having a great time a second before, and he confronted her about seeing his father. She informed Devon that Neil had planned to tell Devon and Lily about his relationship with Hilary that day, and Devon suggested that Hilary had daddy issues, since she'd hit on Jack before she'd turned to Neil. Devon wondered if she would have gone after Victor if Neil hadn't paid attention to her, and Hilary angrily asked whether Devon had a car to buy or a gold-digger to bed. She ordered him to get out of her room, but he pointed out that the room was his, since he owned the place.

Devon commended Lily for having Hilary pegged, and Hilary countered that neither Lily nor Devon knew her. Devon admitted that he had fallen for Hilary's act and had given her a second chance, but she'd used it to lure his father into bed. Devon recalled that Neil had taken Hilary's mother back to a hotel room, and he accused her of also having twisted mommy issues. Hilary smacked him across the face and growled that he could say what he wanted about her, but she wouldn't allow him to talk about her mom. She added that Neil deserved respect, and Devon retorted that Hilary had made both Winters men look like fools, but at least Neil had gotten something out of it. She ordered him out, and on his way to the door, he said that he'd send up housekeeping to make her bed.

At the Athletic Club bar, Victor advised Cane that the clock was ticking, but Cane maintained that he had no new information about Bonaventure. Victor accused Cane of lying both before and at that moment, and he mentioned that Jill had indicated that Cane had been asking questions about Bonaventure. Cane explained that he'd gone to her because she knew more about Chancellor than he did, so he would have been a fool if he hadn't found out if she knew more about the Bonaventure acquisition. Victor pointed out that Jill and Jack would both love for Chancellor to fail under Victor's leadership, and Cane swore that he would relay any new information he uncovered.

After Victor walked off, Lily approached Cane and wondered why he hadn't told Victor about Colin, and Cane reasoned that he had to find out if Colin had been involved with Bonaventure first. Lily warned that Victor would be upset if he found out that Cane hadn't told him about the business card, and Cane remarked that six months before, he would have handed over the card without hesitation. Lily thought that the card made it look like Colin had set up Victor, and she thought it was bizarre that Cane was giving Colin the benefit of the doubt. Cane said that Jill had done so, and he thought that it was possible that Colin had changed.

Cane said that he needed to find out where Colin was, and Lily jokingly suggested that perhaps Colin was with Neil. She thought that Neil was acting weird because he was hiding his hurt from his breakup with Leslie, but Cane thought that Neil might really be seeing someone. Neil approached, and Lily requested that they talk over coffee, but he said that he had to get to the office. She noticed that Neil smelled like perfume, and she blurted out that it was true that Neil had been with "her." A shocked Neil asked if Lily knew, and she replied that she hadn't believed it.

Neil stammered that he'd planned on telling Lily that day, and he added that he hadn't wanted to upset her, but she gushed that she was the first one cheering him on. Lily asked for the woman's name and details about how they'd met, and Neil realized that she didn't know about Hilary. Neil proposed that they schedule a dinner to talk about it, but Lily swore that they'd make the woman feel welcome, and she continued to push for information. Cane suggested that Neil wanted some time alone with his new girlfriend, and Lily agreed to back off, but she still wanted to know the woman's name.

Neil said that it wasn't the right time to talk about his friend, but Lily teased him for not at least spilling the woman's name. Neil said that there were some things Lily didn't understand, and Devon approached and coldly remarked that he was glad that Neil had decided to put his pants back on, since he'd seen Neil upstairs. Neil repeated that it wasn't the right time, but Devon announced that the person who had tried to trick Cane into bed had succeeded with Neil. Lily flipped out as Hilary entered the dining room.

Hilary faced the Winterses' icy stares, and she hurried for the exit. Neil chased after her, and he apologized that things hadn't gone as he'd planned. She said that it hadn't been his fault and that it was what she had expected, since she'd told him from the beginning that it was a bad idea. She raced out, and Neil followed her.

Lily incredulously observed that Neil had chosen Hilary over his family, and Devon said that Neil had made his choice when he'd taken Hilary to bed. Cane suggested that they talk things through with Neil, but Lily said that it was about Hilary, not her dad. Lily vowed not to let Hilary get away with it.

Sharon found Nick looking for a picnic blanket, and he suggested that they sit in the sunshine and do things that would scare the birds. She mused that it would be like old times, and he replied that some things got better with age. She proposed that they do it the next day, since she was about to visit Cassie, but she quickly corrected that she'd meant Mariah. Nick objected to Sharon spending time with Mariah, and he worried that Sharon saw Mariah as Cassie in her mind.

Sharon said that she'd simply misspoken because of Mariah's resemblance to Cassie, and she wondered what Cassie would have been like if she'd lived. Nick was certain that Cassie would have been a good person, but he couldn't say the same thing about Mariah. Nick didn't want Sharon anywhere near Mariah, and he wished that Mariah would leave town. Sharon reiterated that she knew that Mariah wasn't Cassie, but she had questions about why Mariah had done what she had. Nick told her not to expect answers, and he refused to leave Sharon alone with a con. Sharon insisted upon visiting Mariah alone, and she kissed him and departed.

Mariah sent a text message from her hotel room, and at Crimson Lights, Tyler received a photo of him and a raven-haired Mariah in bed together. Abby approached from behind and freaked out when she saw the "smutty selfie." Tyler surmised that Mariah had wanted to get a rise out of Abby, and Abby pointedly countered that Mariah had wanted a rise out of him. Abby wondered which of her family members Mariah would target next, and she called Mariah a menace who needed to be stopped.

Leslie overheard and guessed that Abby was talking about Mariah, and Abby showed her the photo and asked if they could get the police involved. Leslie said that it would take more than a photo, and Abby realized that she'd almost forgotten about a meeting. Abby promised that she wouldn't let Mariah get to her, and she deleted the photo and declared that Mariah could get a rise out of someone else.

After Abby left, Leslie realized that Tyler hadn't told Abby about what had happened in Portland, and she cautioned that a wife deserved to know. Tyler thought that things would turn ugly, and Leslie questioned whether Tyler was worried about Abby or Mariah. Tyler insisted that he was over Mariah, but he didn't want anything bad to happen to her, and he referred to Mariah's terrible childhood. Leslie contended that Mariah had made a choice, but Tyler said that Mariah had no one. Leslie noted that it sounded like Mariah had him, and that was his problem.

Victor returned to his office and found Nick waiting, and he said that he was glad to see his son. Nick admonished Victor for trying to manipulate Sharon into breaking things off with Nick, and he said that Victor had crossed the line in a million ways. Victor contended that Sharon's damaging secret was a reality and that Sharon had sought him out to ask him about it. Victor conceded that it had been obvious that Sharon didn't want to hurt Nick, but he thought that she needed to keep away from Nick to avoid doing so.

Nick divulged that Sharon had recovered her secret under hypnosis, and it had simply been her feelings of guilt about burning down the ranch. Victor pointed out that the fire hadn't been a secret, and the real secret had to be powerful and destructive. Nick accused Victor of stirring up trouble, and he warned his father to back off. Victor inquired whether Nick had said what he'd needed to say, and Nick replied, "Not by a long shot."

Nick said that he wanted to know everything about Mariah, but Victor replied that she was long gone. Nick revealed that she was still in town, showing up in Sharon's life, and Victor swore that he'd had nothing to do with it. Nick snarled that Victor was either lying or slipping, and Victor reiterated that he didn't want Mariah anywhere near his family. Abby stormed in and ranted that Victor's Cassie impersonator was Mariah, who was Tyler's psycho ex-fiancée. Abby testily declared that Victor had tanked her and Tyler's relationship instead of Nick and Sharon's.

Abby complained that Mariah had made Abby's and Tyler's lives a "living hell," and she was livid that Mariah had been on the Newman payroll. Abby rattled off all the things Mariah had done to harass her and Tyler, and Victor called Mariah a sociopath. Nick pointed out that Victor should have known that when Mariah had agreed to play Cassie, and Victor apologized to Abby. Nick warned Abby not to do anything crazy, since Mariah was unpredictable, and he left to tell Sharon what Mariah was capable of.

Abby said that she wanted Mariah gone, and she accused Victor of inflicting Mariah on them by giving Mariah a reason to stay in town. Victor said that it was shocking to him that Tyler had known Mariah, and he suggested that Abby take another look at Tyler's background before she planned a future with him. Abby said that she loved Tyler, and she implored Victor to crush Mariah for Abby's sake. Victor hugged her and promised he'd take care of things.

There was a knock at Mariah's door, and Mariah put something in a drawer before she opened the door to Sharon. Sharon said that she was there to thank Mariah, but Mariah couldn't believe that Sharon was even talking to her after what Mariah had done. Sharon revealed that she'd undergone hypnosis to try to remember her secret, and Nick thought that he'd figured it out, but Sharon thought it was still locked in her mind. Sharon hoped that she might remember more if she and Mariah got to know one another, but Mariah said that it was a crazy idea to hang out together. Sharon swore that she knew that Mariah wasn't her daughter, but she wanted to know about Mariah.

Sharon couldn't help but wonder if Mariah and Cassie had somehow been related, but Mariah stated that she didn't have any family. Sharon contended that everyone did, and Mariah mentioned that her mother's name had been Helen Copeland. Sharon asked to see family photos, but Mariah repeated that she had no family, so there were no photos. Mariah snapped that she had to go to the store, and Sharon offered to drive her there, but Mariah reiterated that it was a deranged idea for them to spend time together. Sharon begged Mariah to help her to remember, but Mariah told her to look at a photo of Cassie, since Mariah was nobody.

Sharon said that wasn't true, and Mariah told her to stop being nice, since Mariah never should have gone near Sharon or her family. Sharon asked Mariah to tell her about their previous encounters, but Mariah reiterated that they shouldn't have happened. Sharon said that she knew Mariah wasn't Cassie, and she imagined that Mariah had experienced a very different childhood than the one Cassie had, but Mariah declared that she hated victims and that she wasn't one. Sharon pointed out that Mariah had done something hurtful, and she thought that Mariah owed it to her to at least talk to her sometime.

Sharon returned home, and she lamented that Mariah was barely an adult who was making her way in the world alone. Nick grumbled that Mariah seemed tough enough to him, and Sharon remarked that Mariah wasn't a victim, but Mariah wasn't a monster, either. Sharon understood Mariah's need to not let people get too close, and she wondered what would have happened if everyone had written Sharon off because of her mistakes. Nick called Sharon a good and decent person, and Sharon asserted that Mariah was one, too, but Nick revealed that Mariah had also messed with other people.

Nick said that there was a lot they didn't know about Mariah, but she was nothing like Cassie. He explained that Mariah had been hanging around town for months to cause trouble for Abby and Tyler, and Victor might have paid Mariah to haunt Sharon, but Mariah had played other mind games on her own. Nick warned that Mariah was playing Sharon, and he begged Sharon to stay away from Mariah.

Mariah returned to her room with groceries, and she looked at the receipt. She searched through her drawers and panicked when she couldn't find something.

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