The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 26, 2014 on Y&R

Jill and Colin found Katherine's necklace hidden in a chandelier. Summer and Austin kissed. Abby gave Tyler back his engagement ring. Chloe begged Kevin to make love to her before she left for a psychiatric facility in California. Chelsea inadvertently revealed Victoria's pregnancy to Billy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 26, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, May 26, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Dylan, still clad in his military uniform, returned after participating in Genoa City's Memorial Day Parade. Dylan added that he felt it was his duty to honor his friend "Sully" and the rest of his comrades who never returned from battle. Avery greeted her handsome veteran with a barrage of kisses. Avery told Dylan that she was proud of him for having served his country and for having bravely faced his demons. Dylan deferred celebratory closure and noted that he still had demons to battle. Avery nodded in agreement.

Ian asked Avery about her trip to Los Angeles and her appearance in a cooking segment on The Talk. Avery was surprised that Dylan hadn't watched the show. Avery kissed Dylan again and promised to cook a quick-to-prepare meal of scallops with mango salsa, so they could have time for romance afterward. Dylan explained that later, he, Summer, Austin, and Jack, if Jack could make it, would view Avery's premiere on national television together. Avery seemed nervous about watching herself on television.

At the police station, Ian Ward appeared to scrutinize the faces of men pictured in a collection of books filled with mugshots. Ian slammed the last book of mugshots closed after his failed attempt to identify the culprit who had beaten him in a dark alley. Ian said, "I guess the guy who mugged me is going to get away with it." Detective Harding noted that Chief Williams wouldn't allow the investigation to drop so easily. Detective Harding advised Ian, still sporting bruises and cuts on his face, to avoid people who might do him harm. Ever the slick charmer, Ian replied, "A man must follow his path, no matter where it leads."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Noah ran into his grandmother, Nikki. Smiling, Nikki said that Noah seemed happy to be living with Courtney. Noah explained that Courtney was no longer working undercover, which allowed him to breathe a little easier. Changing the subject, Nikki and Noah discussed the cruel mistreatment Sharon had endured from Victor's underhanded schemes. Noah said he was convinced that Nikki would eventually reconcile with Victor because she always did.

Nikki admitted to Noah that she and Victor maintained a complicated relationship. Noah said he couldn't forgive Victor for what he'd done to Sharon. Noah added that Sharon didn't deserve what Victor had put her through. Nikki agreed. Nikki cried that the things Victor did to protect his family members often hurt them, instead. Noah said, "Grandma, if you can't get through to him, nobody can."

After Noah left the Genoa City Athletic Club, he stopped by the police station. He watched as Courtney talked tough to a man who'd been taken to the station for attempting to rob an elderly woman. Courtney greeted Noah, and he invited her to dine with him after her shift ended. Courtney tilted her head playfully and said, "Maybe afterward, we can play our own version of cops and robbers." Noah smiled broadly and nodded in agreement.

Detective Harding approached Courtney and Noah. Courtney told the detective that the man she'd arrested for attacking the woman might have also attacked Ian Ward. Detective Harding suggested that Courtney not attempt to play detective. Noah defended Courtney and said, "Courtney earned her place on the force just like everyone else." Noah glared at Detective Harding. After Detective Harding walked away, Noah said, "That guy's a jerk!" Courtney agreed.

Later at home, Noah told Courtney that he was worried about Detective Harding's mistreatment of her. Noah added that he was especially concerned for Courtney's safety because he feared that Detective Harding might be the best backup protection. Courtney assured Noah that he shouldn't worry. The couple reclined in bed, kissing and fondling. Courtney reached out and grabbed her handcuffs off the nightstand.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor noted that Ian's unexpected visit had been reported by security when the man slipped inside Victor's office. With a menacing scowl on his face, Victor asked, "What do you want?" Ian replied, "I wanted you to know that I reported my attack to the authorities." Ian added that he hadn't told the police that Victor had orchestrated the attack. Laughing, Victor insisted that Ian had no proof of his wild allegations.

Victor bristled when Ian claimed that he was concerned about Nikki's well-being. Ian added that he feared that Nikki's health might suffer if Victor were to be arrested. Victor noted that he had no plans to write a fat check to Ian to quash his plan. Ian claimed that he could make life difficult for Victor. Victor replied, "Now you know what I can do to your life!" Noting the lingering bruises on Ian's face, Victor added, "You'll be back to your corrupt self very soon."

Ian said that he had some information that was vitally important to Victor and his family. Victor, scowling, rose from his chair, leaned close to Ian's bruised face, and said, "Be careful! There's no information you have that can impact my family!" Ian boasted that for a price, he could return Victor to the good graces of his family. Victor walked out from behind his desk when Ian claimed that what he knew was worth its weight in gold. Victor replied, "What makes you think that I'd buy your line of bull?" Victor ordered Ian to leave.

Later, Nikki stopped by Victor's office and pleaded with him to keep his distance from Ian Ward. Nikki asked why Dylan had stopped by. Victor claimed that Dylan had thanked him for protecting her. Frustrated, Nikki cried that she hated all the lies and deceit. Nikki accused Victor of trying to punish Ian for what he'd done to her, and she begged Victor to let go of his vendetta against Ian. Hurt, Victor said, "You're upset because I want to make sure that that slimeball is out of your life?" Sobbing, Nikki cried, "I'm upset because I love you as much as I do." Nikki rushed out the door.

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly and Jack were relaxing in bed after a night of making love. Jack asked Kelly if she had any regrets. Kelly, glowing with joy, replied, "Just that we didn't do this a lot sooner." Jack noted that they could make up for lost time just before he pressed his lips against Kelly's. Jack later apologized for skipping dinner and said that he was starving. He offered to fetch whatever Mrs. Matinez had prepared and left for him. After Jack left the room, Kelly reminisced about the flurry of emotions she had experienced when she and Jack had shared a kiss in the park after their date.

Downstairs, Jack was surprised to find that Summer had stopped by. Jack awkwardly stammered while he struggled to decide what to say to his daughter about Kelly. Before he could explain, Kelly, clad in Jack's robe, walked out on the stairway landing and asked Jack if he had some grapes. Jack apologized to Summer, but she noted that he already knew how she felt about the situation. Summer added that she'd stopped by to invite Jack to watch Avery's television appearance, so he could lend his support in Phyllis' place. Jack seemed torn, but Summer realized that Jack had moved on.

After Summer left, Kelly dressed, approached Jack, and asked about Summer. Jack noted that Summer was a tough girl who would triumph over a tough situation. Kelly said she was no longer hungry, but she told Jack that he could take her out to her favorite Thai restaurant later in the week. Jack announced that he'd be flying immediately to London on business. Kelly initially believed that Jack was attempting to flee a difficult entanglement. Kelly was surprised when Jack invited her to join him on his business trip.

Jack assured Kelly that his trip had been planned for weeks. Jack offered to wine and dine Kelly at London's finest restaurants. Excited, Kelly said that she'd never visited London. However, Kelly turned down Jack's offer. Noting Jack's disappointment, she said, "You're really not used to hearing 'no,' are you?" Kelly said that although Jack had swept her off her feet, she preferred to proceed slowly with their romantic relationship. Jack sighed, but he seemed to understand.

After Austin arrived at Crimson Lights and set up his video equipment, he asked Avery to tell him about her appearance on The Talk. While Avery and Austin chatted, Dylan stepped away to take a phone call from Victor. Victor asked Dylan if he'd heard from Ian Ward's ex-wife. Dylan said he hadn't, but he promised to keep Victor informed. Avery seemed uneasy after she learned that Victor had phoned Dylan. Summer arrived and casually noted that Jack couldn't make it because he had other plans.

After everyone viewed Avery's cooking segment, they offered praises for her performance. Summer added, "Mom would be proud -- and jealous." Avery laughed and said, "That sounds like Phyllis." Ian sneaked in. Addressing Dylan, Ian said that he wasn't ready to give up on reconnecting with his son. Avery ordered Ian to leave. Dylan said he was certain that Ian was the person who had been harassing Avery with online comments posted to her cooking blog. Avery admitted that she had no proof of Ian's involvement. Summer noted that Ian was as clever as he was evil. Summer and Austin quickly retreated to the patio.

Dylan asked Ian to leave. When Ian asked if he was being refused service, Dylan announced that his coffee shop was closed for a private party. Before Ian left, he promised to return at a later time to further pursue the progress he and Dylan had made. Avery embraced Dylan to comfort him. Avery asked about the bruises on Ian's face and why Dylan had been civil to him. Dylan explained that he'd discovered a better way to deal with Ian. Avery tensed up and looked worried.

Nikki stopped by Crimson Lights. Dylan greeted Nikki and told her that he had an errand to run. Dylan invited Nikki to stay and chat with Avery. After Dylan left, Avery told Nikki about Ian's unwelcome visit. Avery said that although Dylan had acted civil toward Ian, she knew Dylan well enough to figure out that he was planning something. Nikki and Avery discussed the recent unusual interaction between Dylan and Victor. Both Nikki and Avery agreed that Victor and Dylan were up to something.

Ian returned to the police station after Detective Harding prepared a lineup of suspects. Ian claimed that none of the men in the lineup was his attacker. Detective Harding, frustrated, replied, "Next time you get assaulted, keep your eyes open. It makes my job easier." Oozing with charm, Ian thanked the detective and the department for helping him. Detective Harding replied, "We want whoever did this to pay." After the detective walked away, Ian said aloud to himself, "I'm sure in time, he will."

In Victor's office, Dylan told Victor that Ian had stopped by to harass him and Avery. Victor noted that Ian had attempted to extort money in exchange for information Ian claimed to have about Victor's family. Dylan recalled that Ian had also approached him about some undisclosed truth. Dylan said he needed to get Ian's ex-wife to divulge Ian's secret. Victor agreed to provide a large sum of cash, so Dylan could pay Ian's ex-wife to disclose the secret. Victor shook hands with Dylan and said, "You find what you need to get rid of Ward." Dylan thanked Victor.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Austin asked about Ian. Summer explained that Ian had once run a cult and had taken of advantage of Nikki when she was a teenager. Summer noted that Ian had also used her in an attempt to extort money from Nikki. Austin seemed concerned when Summer added, "Ian's up to more bad stuff." Austin told Summer that she had seemed disturbed by something else when she'd first entered the coffee shop.

Summer admitted to Austin that she was also upset about Jack and his new girlfriend. Summer added that though she couldn't blame Jack, she also couldn't give up on her mother. Austin replied, "You shouldn't because she might come back -- not like my mom." Summer apologized for her insensitive comment. Austin said that he admired Summer for standing up for her mother. Austin embraced Summer and passionately kissed her on the lips. The couple left together.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Over the phone at the Chancellor mansion, Jill convinced Cane not to call the cops because she was sure that Colin would turn up. She glared at Katherine's portrait, and she wished that Katherine were still alive so that Jill could throttle her. Esther warned Jill to stop talking that way, since Esther had enough to deal with that day, and she mentioned that she'd hired someone to deal with the rat in the attic. Meanwhile, Colin yelled out that it was Jill's last shot at the money and at him, too.

Esther referred to the sounds in the attic, and Jill swore that it was a pipe, but Esther argued that it wasn't a clanking sound, so she'd called an exterminator. Jill chided Esther for not consulting her, but Esther reasoned that despite all of the things she couldn't control, she could control that. Jill apologized when she realized that Esther was about to head to the police station, and she said that it had taken a lot of guts for Chloe to accept help. Jill commended Esther for finding the strength to let Chloe go, and Esther wailed that all she seemed to do was say goodbye to people.

Jill entered the attic, and she called Colin a rat for claiming that he'd solved the riddle. He agreed to grant her a divorce if they split Jill's inheritance equally, since he knew the answer to the music box mystery. Jill huffed that she had plenty of air freshener and could let him rot, but Colin was certain that someone would eventually let him out. He began to hum, and she thought that it sounded like the tune from the music box. He revealed that he'd found the sheet music, and he implied that Katherine had cleverly hidden the answer in it.

Colin suggested that he and Jill could start spending the riches as soon as he was out of there, and Jill griped about the hoops Katherine had made them jump through. Jill imagined that Katherine was cackling in heaven, but she doubted that Katherine would have been pleased that Colin had figured it out. He recognized that Katherine had hated him, but he knew that she had loved Jill and had wanted to see Jill happy. Colin declared that he and Jill could be happy with their money, their family, and each other. Jill pulled out the key to unlock his handcuffs and ordered him to give up the musical treasure map, but he refused to let her see the sheet music until she released him.

Colin rejoiced at the sight of sunlight, and he asked what the stench was. Jill said that it was him, and she told him not to sit on anything. He suggested that she join him in the shower and then move to the bedroom, but she demanded that he tell her how he'd solved the riddle and how to find the fortune. He claimed that he wanted to prolong the excitement, and as he reached for Jill, she snatched the paper from inside his shirt. She realized that there was nothing on it, and she called him a liar.

Jill wished that she'd let Colin rot, and the exterminator arrived and said that he could provide a humane resolution to the issue, but Jill spat that she wanted to see the rat suffer. Jill barked that the vermin was out of the attic, but she would pay the exterminator for his time. She cursed at Colin and began to throw things at him, and she hit the chandelier. Jill and Colin were stunned when Katherine's necklace fell from above.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren implored Michael to eat, and she assured him that they'd get Kevin through the day. Michael lamented that Kevin was about to lose the woman he loved again, and Lauren argued that Kevin's way of getting Chloe back was to get her the care she needed. Michael complained that Chloe would be at a facility in California, far away from the people who loved her.

Across the coffeehouse, Abby ignored a call from Tyler, and Stitch approached and asked about Ashley. Abby replied that Stitch had missed his shot, since he'd been too busy chasing Victoria. Abby assumed that Stitch was thrilled that Victoria and Billy's separation had been finalized, but Stitch asserted that he'd never wanted to see a marriage on the rocks. Abby credited Stitch and Victoria for being up-front with Billy about their relationship, and she grumbled that being the last to know was the worst.

Abby apologetically recognized that she was butting into Stitch's business, but she warned that she was very protective. Stitch said that he appreciated it, and he asked how her fiancÚ was doing. He noted that it had taken guts for Tyler to step into the boxing ring with Victor, but Abby countered that it took guts to have an open, honest conversation. Abby ignored her ringing phone again, and Stitch commented that Tyler seemed like a good guy. Abby sarcastically stated that it wasn't like Tyler had a deep, dark secret or a criminal past.

Summer and Austin strolled through the park, and she said that she'd never done it before. Austin referred to walking aimlessly and talking, and she thanked him for being a great listener. They kissed, and Abby stumbled upon the couple. As Summer introduced them, she realized that she didn't know Austin's last name, and he disclosed that he was Austin Travers. Austin went to get some coffee, and Abby voiced concern that Summer had been making out with a guy she didn't even know. Summer downplayed it as just a kiss, and she marveled that she felt like she knew Austin better than most people in her life.

Abby advised that what a guy didn't say could ruin everything, and Summer surmised that something had happened with Tyler. Abby turned the topic back to Summer and Austin, and while she wanted Summer to meet cute guys, she didn't want Summer to make decisions when she was upset. Summer said that she'd had a great night and morning, but she and Austin had just talked. Summer mentioned that Austin was the cameraman for Avery's show and not a freak off the street, and she was sure everything would work out, just like it had for Abby and Tyler. Austin returned with the coffee, and he had correctly guessed that Summer liked hers with cream and sugar.

At the penthouse, Chelsea responded to a knock at the door, and Victoria sauntered in. Chelsea said that it wasn't a good time, but Victoria called Chelsea sadistic for suggesting that she tell Billy about the baby and then hanging up. Chelsea contended that not telling Billy was even worse, and Victoria pointed out that she'd kept Chelsea's secret about Connor. Chelsea countered that Victoria had used the information to blackmail Chelsea, and she wanted Billy to know that he might be a father again.

Victoria insisted that she would tell Billy in her own time, but Chelsea recalled how she'd wasted time when she'd kept Connor from Adam. Chelsea wondered why Victoria was punishing Billy, but Victoria explained that she was protecting him, since it would be torture for him to wait weeks until they could perform a paternity test. Chelsea snapped that Victoria wasn't protecting anyone but herself, and she thought that Billy deserved better. Billy dropped by, and he suspiciously asked what was going on when he saw Victoria there.

Victoria claimed that she was there to talk about Johnny, since his pediatrician had posed some questions about his medical history. Chelsea pointedly said that she'd wanted to help because it was impossible to move forward without the right information, and Billy asked if there was cause to freak out. Victoria said no while Chelsea simultaneously responded yes, and Victoria assured Billy that Johnny was perfectly fine. Billy pointed out that even though he and Victoria were separated, he hoped that they were still in a good enough place to be honest.

Victoria urged Billy not to worry, since Johnny was healthy. Billy sensed that something else was going on, and he thought that Victoria had blown him off whenever he'd asked her about it. Chelsea looked uncomfortable, and Victoria claimed that she had been preoccupied with Victor's latest actions that had alienated the family. Victoria swore that she simply didn't want Billy to worry, and Billy gushed that his son meant everything to him. Chelsea suddenly said that she needed to go, and Victoria thanked Chelsea for their mother-to-mother talk.

Later, Stitch dropped off some food for Victoria and inquired about her cramps. She didn't know how he had energy after he'd spent the night on her sofa, but he quipped that it had been a four-star experience compared to the residents' lounge. She expressed her gratitude that Stitch had left before Johnny had awakened, since she didn't want the tot to be confused after Billy had just been staying there. Stitch understood that the father-son connection was sacrosanct, and he didn't want to mess with it.

Victoria informed Stitch that Chelsea had threatened to tell Billy about the baby herself, and Stitch was surprised that Chelsea knew about the pregnancy. Victoria said that Chelsea had found out by accident, and Chelsea sympathized with Billy. Stitch couldn't believe that Chelsea would pass judgment after what she'd put Dylan and Adam through, but all he cared about was Victoria. Victoria revealed that the women had been discussing that Chelsea would tell Billy if Victoria didn't when Billy had walked in on the conversation, and she wondered if she should tell Billy to avoid anyone else beating her to it.

Stitch pointed out that Victoria had told him, and the world hadn't caved in. Victoria fretted that Billy made stupid decisions in the heat of the moment, unlike Stitch, but Stitch replied that he wasn't a hero, or his ex-wife wouldn't have taken his son away. He continued that he wasn't wearing a white hat while Billy wore black, and she asked if he was defending Billy. Stitch reasoned that three people other than her doctor knew about her pregnancy, and Billy could already sense that something wasn't right. Stitch worried that Billy would keep digging for answers and then blame Victoria for not telling him herself.

Chloe and Kevin cuddled in bed, and she said that she could hear his brain racing. Kevin replied that he wanted to grab her, leave town, and never let her go, but she knew that he wouldn't do that, since she needed to get better. Chloe praised Kevin for always wanting the best for her, and he pledged his love. She recognized that he had been incredibly good to her, and she asked for one last thing before she left -- for him to make love to her. Kevin started to undress Chloe and mused that he'd missed her, and they kissed.

Later, Esther cried at the police station, and Chloe hugged her and said that everything would be okay. Michael announced that he'd just seen the judge, who had signed off on the final details of Chloe's transfer. He explained that a counselor would meet Chloe at the airport and escort her to the psychiatric facility, and Esther offered to go, too. Chloe expressed her appreciation for what everyone had done for her after everything she'd put them through, and Lauren said that they wanted Chloe to heal. Chelsea arrived and added that it was all that mattered, and Chloe was touched that Chelsea had dropped by to say goodbye. Chelsea clarified that wasn't why she was there.

Chelsea refused to say goodbye, since Chloe was a part of her. Chelsea recalled that Chloe had goaded her into following her dreams by starting her own line, and she called Chloe the best friend she'd ever had. Chelsea swore that they couldn't be divided by a few bad moments, and she vowed to have more laughs and fights. Chelsea declared that she loved Chloe, and Chloe wiped away tears. Esther promised that they would all be there, praying and cheering Chloe on.

Chelsea regretted that she'd made things worse for Chloe, but Chloe admitted that it had been wrong for her to take things out on Chelsea. Chloe proclaimed that she wanted to get better and feel normal again, and she hoped that she could become someone they could all count on. Chloe asked if it was time to leave yet, but Chelsea said that someone else was there to say goodbye, and Billy entered with Connor. Chloe smiled through her tears.

Chloe took Connor into her arms, and she fawned over how big and handsome he'd become. She imagined that Delia would have dressed him up for tea parties and bossed him around, and even though he'd never get to meet Delia, he could see because of her. Chloe hoped that Connor had other traits of Delia's, like Delia's heart and her wisdom, and she whispered that she knew he'd be amazing because he had a wonderful life with an amazing mom. Chelsea said that Chloe would also be part of his life, and Chloe hugged the baby as she said that she'd miss him.

Chloe handed Connor back to Chelsea, and she pulled Billy aside and reassured him that Delia's death hadn't been his fault. She pointed out that she wouldn't be there to tell him what an amazing father he'd been to Delia, and she admitted that she had been wrong to think that they could recreate someone as magical as Delia. Billy said that no harm had been done, and Chloe cried that she had woken up every morning and had felt like she'd lost Delia all over again, and she'd just wanted to get Delia back. Billy encouraged Chloe not to let the loss be the biggest part of her memory, and Chloe replied that it was why she had to get better.

Chloe asked Billy to look after Chelsea and Connor, since they needed someone snarky around, and Billy remarked that Chloe would be a tough act to follow, but he would do his best. Chelsea hugged Chloe and made Chloe promise that she would be okay, and Chloe vowed that she would. Chloe requested a private moment with Kevin, and they stepped into Paul's office. Chloe said that her mom would drive her to the airport, but she and Kevin needed to say goodbye there.

Kevin protested that he wasn't ready to say goodbye, and she suggested that he follow Chelsea's lead and just say that he'd see Chloe soon. Kevin forlornly stated that it wouldn't be soon enough, but Chloe argued that if they didn't say goodbye there then she might not be able to do it. Kevin pointed out that she could go to Fairview instead, but she thought that there were too many memories of Delia nearby. Kevin countered that he could visit Chloe if she stayed in town, but she was concerned that she would cling to him and tell him that she was doing fine like she had for months. She asserted that it was the first step in her battle, and she had to do it on her own.

Kevin conceded that Chloe was right, and she sobbed that he had been a better friend than she'd ever deserved, but everything had changed since the night of Delia's play. Kevin tearfully professed his love, and Chloe returned the sentiment as they held one another close. Kevin agreed not to go with Chloe to the airport, but he promised that he would write to her, and she could call him when she was ready. They emerged from the office, and Lauren took Chloe's hands and said that she knew what it was like to lose her way, but she was proud of Chloe.

Chloe told Michael that she'd never meant to hurt Kevin, and she asked Michael to look after his brother. Michael promised that he would as long as she took care of herself, and he said that Chloe had been a huge breath of fresh air and had held her own in a family of misfits. Michael thanked her for being brave enough to get well, and he kissed her cheek. Esther announced that they needed to go, and Chloe told Kevin she loved him. She added that she loved everyone there, and Esther led Chloe out, while Lauren comforted Kevin. Esther told Chloe to stay there while she drove the car around, and once she was alone, Chloe gazed at Billy's sperm sample in her purse.

The man with the wedding ring watched the video feed from Connor's room, and Billy opined that Chloe had seen Connor for his happy self and not as Delia. Chelsea complimented Billy for being great with both Connor and Chloe, and Billy sympathized that Chloe had had it tough. Chelsea pointed out that Billy had, too, and Billy remarked that Johnny was the reason he was still standing, so he felt like he owed Chelsea one. Chelsea said that she was glad that Billy had his son, and he replied that he was glad that she had hers. They agreed that it was weird but good that they'd become friends, and the mysterious man angrily snapped his pencil in two.

As Billy and Chelsea headed downstairs, he exclaimed that babies were awesome, and spending time with Connor had made him miss when Johnny had been that age. Chelsea remarked that it sounded like Billy would like another baby, and Billy replied that he and Victoria had tried, but Victoria no longer wanted anything to do with him. Chelsea thought that Victoria still cared, but Billy suspected that Chelsea knew that Victoria wanted to pull the trigger on a divorce. Billy begged Chelsea to tell him if Victoria intended to make a life-changing decision, and Chelsea blurted out that there was something he needed to know.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

At the Chancellor mansion, a stunned Jill marveled that Katherine hadn't just left her a portrait and the music box, and she declared that Katherine had really loved her. Jill crowed that it had been genius for Katherine to use clues to lead Jill to the priceless necklace, but Colin clarified that what was Jill's was his, and the necklace was communal property. Jill called the prenuptial agreement a glorified piece of blackmail that wouldn't stand up, since Colin had been holding her prisoner. He countered that she'd done the same thing to try to force him to burn their agreement, but she'd let him go.

Colin took credit for leading Jill to the treasure, and she huffed that she'd been trying to hit him and that she wouldn't miss again. They both spotted a slip of paper on the floor, and they tore it into pieces as they fought over it. A police officer knocked on the door and announced his presence, and Colin and Jill quickly hid what they'd found. Jill invited the officer in, and he stopped in his tracks when he saw Colin -- the missing person he'd been looking for.

Cane entered and asked where Colin had been, and Colin replied that it was nice that he'd been missed. Jill declared that Colin was back from his business trip, and Cane apologized for the false alarm to the cop, who left. Cane observed that Colin needed a shower and a shave, and Colin started to head off to bathe, but Cane demanded to know why Colin hadn't replied to any of his messages. Colin said that he'd been tied up, and Jill claimed that Colin had been in a remote area of Canada, pursuing an energy deal. Jill said that the point was that Colin had returned safely, so there wasn't anything to worry about, but Cane was skeptical.

Cane asked if Jill had told Colin about the Bonaventure Industries card that Cane had found in Colin's wallet, and Colin claimed that he'd obtained it from a guy in a bar, but Cane suspected that Colin had set him up. Colin confessed that he had, but he'd done it for Cane. Colin explained that it had been important for him to rebuild a relationship with his son, and he'd truly believed that Bonaventure had been a good acquisition and that the company had been doing good research. Colin had hoped that Cane would become a billionaire because of the Bonaventure deal, and if Colin had paved the way to Cane's good fortune, perhaps Cane might have welcomed Colin back.

Cane barked that Bonaventure had been selling unapproved drugs, and Colin insisted that he hadn't known. Colin swore that his sole purpose had been to draw him and Cane closer together, and he never would have gone down the path if he had known, but Cane stormed out. Colin said that his efforts had also been about Jill, and she asked for the other pieces of the note. Colin willingly handed them over, but she placed them back in his hand, and he reassembled them.

Jill recognized Katherine's handwriting, and Katherine had written that she'd known that Jill would find the necklace eventually. Katherine had instructed Jill to wear it well on her journey to find out what was really important, and Jill cried that Katherine had really loved her. Colin maintained that the jewelry was theirs, but Jill countered that they hadn't even had it appraised yet. Colin grinned at her reference to both of them, and he hoped that he was back in her good graces and ultimately would be in her bed. She told him to take a shower, and he suggested that they put the necklace in a strongbox upstairs, but she refused.

Jill pledged that the necklace wouldn't leave her neck, and Colin tried to help her with the clasp, but she commanded him to keep his hands off both her and the necklace. She looked in the mirror and admired the necklace, and he called it beautiful, but he wasn't talking about the diamonds. She said that he was as close as he'd get to the necklace and her shoulders, and he chuckled as he realized that the music box had meant nothing. They went upstairs together.

At the penthouse, Billy pleaded with Chelsea to tell him if Victoria was planning to cut him out of the loop by making a life-changing decision, and Chelsea admitted that there was something he needed to know, but she didn't want to be the one to tell him. Billy told her to stop dancing around the topic and just tell him, and Chelsea apologetically said that he should ask Victoria, since Victoria should be the one to tell him. He asked if it had something to do with Stitch, but Chelsea reiterated that Billy had to get answers from Victoria. He grumbled that he had no other choice, and he headed for the door. Chelsea said that she would be there if he needed someone to talk to afterward.

At Victoria's house, Stitch wondered what Victoria wanted to do for the rest of the day, and she said that she had to tell Billy that she was pregnant before he figured it out or heard it from someone else. Stitch warned that it wouldn't be easy, but Victoria noted that it would be fair, and Stitch surmised that she wanted to invite Billy over to tell him in person. Victoria thought that she owed Billy that much, and the longer she waited, the harder it would be. Stitch asked how he could help, and she replied that it helped that he was there. Stitch confided that he might be even more nervous than she was, since he knew that a baby could lead to a reunion for Victoria and Billy.

Stitch apologized, since he'd agreed to back off and give Victoria space until she had the paternity test results, but it was getting harder to stay away from her. Victoria recognized that he missed his little boy and that he wanted another child, but Stitch swore that it was more than that. Victoria admitted that it was difficult for her to stay away from him, too, but she couldn't put off calling Billy. Stitch suggested that he calm her nerves by massaging her shoulders, and he unbuttoned her shirt. She stripped down to a tank top, and he began to rub her back.

As Billy started to use his key to open the front door, Stitch inquired how Victoria wanted the test results to turn out. She replied that she just wanted the baby to be healthy, but it didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl. Stitch said that wasn't what he'd meant, and he got up to answer a knock at the door. Billy walked in and saw Victoria putting on her shirt, and he coldly hoped that he'd interrupted something.

Stitch griped that Billy should have called first, but Victoria said that she was glad Billy had stopped by. Billy noted that it looked like Victoria and Stitch could use their privacy, and Victoria pointed out that she didn't owe Billy an explanation. Billy contended that Stitch owed her one about his past, since no one knew anything about it, and he vowed to uncover Stitch's secrets. Stitch dared Billy to try, and Victoria said that she had something she had to tell Billy, who mentioned that he was there because Chelsea had told him.

Victoria asked what Chelsea had told Billy, and he divulged that Chelsea had said that there was something he needed to hear from Victoria. Stitch offered to stay, and Billy became irate that Stitch wouldn't give Billy time alone with his wife. Victoria said that it was fine, and Stitch said that he would leave as soon as Billy dialed things down. Billy snapped that the last thing Stitch wanted was for Victoria to dump Stitch and take Billy back, and Stitch encouraged Victoria just to tell Billy the truth. Billy concluded that Victoria wanted to be with Stitch, and he asked if Stitch was moving into Billy's house to be with Billy's wife.

Victoria assured Billy that Stitch wasn't moving in, but Billy called Stitch an opportunist who hadn't been able to hold on to his own wife and kid, so Stitch had needed to replace them with Billy's. Stitch barked to leave his family out of it, but Billy taunted that Stitch didn't have one, and he wasn't about to let Stitch have his. Victoria urged Billy to listen to her, but Billy said that if anyone was leaving, it was Stitch, and he pushed Stitch, who bumped into a table. A knickknack crashed to the floor and shattered, and Victoria wailed that it had been a wedding gift. Billy offered to clean it up, but Victoria told him to leave it alone. Billy apologized and tried to hug her, and he proposed that they start the conversation over, but she ordered him to leave and to call first before he dropped by the next time.

After Billy left, Victoria said that Billy hadn't meant to break anything, and she wondered if she had just been looking for an excuse to put off telling him about the pregnancy. She worried about Billy's anger when he had seen her and Stitch together, and she could only imagine how Billy would react when she told him that Stitch might be the baby's father. Stitch wanted to be there when she told Billy, who he thought was out of control. Victoria reconsidered waiting for a paternity test, but Stitch questioned what would happen if someone else told Billy first. Victoria thought that Chelsea had had plenty of opportunity to tell Billy, but she had to figure out a way to keep Chelsea quiet a little longer.

Sharon and Nick went to the cemetery on the anniversary of Cassie's death, and Sharon murmured that the day never got any easier. She placed a bouquet of yellow flowers on Cassie's grave, and she said that every year, she missed Cassie even more. Nick pointed out that some things had changed since the prior year, and Sharon assumed that he was talking about Mariah, but Nick stated that he and Sharon had found their way back to each other. Sharon smiled and remarked that it didn't seem as monumental to her because part of her had always thought of them as being together. She hoped that somehow Cassie knew that they had reunited, and Nick bet that Cassie did and that she was very happy about it. Victor approached, carrying more flowers.

Nick snarled that Victor had no place there, and Victor solemnly said that Cassie had been his granddaughter, so he had every right to pay his respects the way he had every year. Victor set the flowers down by Cassie's headstone and bowed his head in prayer, and he mentioned that the blooms were forget-me-nots, since he would never forget Cassie. Nick admonished Victor for his hypocrisy after Victor had exploited Cassie's memory by hiring an impersonator, but Sharon implored Nick not to argue there. Victor explained that he'd expected Nick and Sharon to visit the cemetery earlier, and he hadn't meant to intrude. Victor recalled that he'd talked about Cassie's grace and dignity at her memorial service, and he'd never forgotten about it and never would.

After Victor left, Sharon said that she believed what Victor had said about not meaning to interrupt them, and Nick noted that she had been awfully nice, given that Victor had tried to cause her more pain by using her deepest wound. Sharon commented that she didn't understand it herself, and Nick suggested that they talk to try to understand it together. She explained that Cassie had been frozen in time for her, but Mariah had given her a glimpse into what Cassie's future might have been. Nick pointed out that the resemblance was only skin-deep, and he was sure that Cassie never would have turned out like Mariah. Nick said that they'd always have their perfect memories of their perfect daughter. Sharon suddenly looked stricken, and she said that she remembered something else.

Sharon said that she felt like she'd been chasing a memory fragment that the electroconvulsive therapy hadn't taken away, and she remembered feeling fragile and holding on to memories of Cassie to get through. Nick wondered if that was when her visions of Cassie had started, and he worried that remembering would be too hard for Sharon. Sharon said that being at the cemetery was stirring up something that she hadn't been able to recall or understand, and she believed that whatever had happened the prior year had been important and that Nick had been a part of it.

Sharon remembered seeing Nick at Cassie's grave the prior year, and he said that he'd been a basket case because of Summer. Sharon imagined that Nick had talked about it with Cassie, since he could say things there that he couldn't say anywhere else. Sharon recalled that she'd left Nick alone while she'd retrieved Faith's drawing from the car, and she flashed back to returning to the gravesite and overhearing Nick say that he'd needed to take a paternity test to the lab to determine whether he was really Summer's father.

Nick was surprised that Sharon hadn't said anything if she'd overheard him, and she guessed that she'd just been respecting his privacy. She wished that she had said something to make him feel better, but he asserted that no one could have, and everyone had found out the truth a few weeks later. Sharon seemed puzzled that she hadn't known that Jack was Summer's father until well after the cemetery visit, and Nick asked if she had remembered something else. Sharon responded that it felt more like something she'd forgotten, and they hugged.

Nick apologized for stirring up painful memories, and Sharon explained that they erupted in unexpected flashes with pieces missing. Nick noted that they weren't in the right order, either, but Sharon seemed to think that she'd known that Jack had been Summer's father before the test results had been available. Nick told her not to worry, since the pieces would fall into place, and everything would make sense. She mused that the only thing that mattered was their memories of their daughter, and she said that Victor had dropped off the perfect flower. She picked a forget-me-not out of the bouquet, and she murmured that they would never forget.

Victor stopped by the penthouse, and Chelsea informed him that she'd just put Connor down for a nap and that she didn't want to wake her son. Victor said that he'd thought they'd had an understanding, and Chelsea countered that she understood what he had done to Sharon. Victor recalled that he had protected Adam and that he'd gotten Connor back from Chloe in Paris, and Chelsea conceded that Victor had supposedly hired Mariah in order to protect Nick, but she wondered how far Victor was willing to go. Victor questioned how far she'd go to protect Connor.

Chelsea vowed that there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect Connor, and she referred to getting a restraining order against her best friend. Victor pointed out that she'd had no choice, and Chelsea mentioned that Chloe had checked herself into a clinic in California, but she thought that things with Billy would get worse before they got better. Chelsea explained that she and Billy had become friends when they'd bonded over Chloe's problems, and Victor huffed that he'd thought that Chelsea chose her friends more wisely. Victor advised her not to get involved with a loser who couldn't be trusted.

Victor accused Billy of being partly to blame for Delia's death by leaving her in the car by herself while he'd gone shopping at night, but Chelsea argued that any parent might have done the same thing. Victor called Billy's actions irresponsible, and he asserted that guilt had caused Billy's downward spiral, but he was glad that Victoria had moved on. Chelsea remained silent, and Victor asked if she knew something that he didn't.

Later, Cane stopped by Victor's office, and he judged from Victor's expression that Victor had received bad news. Victor reported that his lawyers had informed him that since one of his companies had produced and sold unapproved drugs, he had to pay millions in fines. Cane said that the attorneys could appeal and that insurance would cover the losses, but Victor fretted that if the Feds could prove that Victor had had knowledge of the illegal activity, he would go to prison, so any information Cane had was too late.

Cane speculated that the person who had led him to Bonaventure had done so to save lives, but Victor was certain that whoever had masterminded the acquisition had intended to undo Victor, personally and professionally. Victor vowed that the culprit would lose everything once Victor found out who had done it, and he wanted to get back to working on his defense. Victor asked why Cane had been there in the first place, and Cane claimed that he'd wanted to see how the meeting with the Feds had gone. Cane departed, and Victor looked suspicious.

Billy returned to the penthouse and immediately poured himself a drink. He reported that Victoria had had plenty to say, and Chelsea assured him that everything would be okay. He said that he knew that Chelsea was trying to be a friend, but he didn't see how things could ever be okay. Chelsea innocently said that depending on how things went, Victoria might have his baby. Billy stopped mid-sip and asked, "What baby?"

Thursday, May 29, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Tyler informed Leslie that he hadn't been able to do much for Mariah in Portland. He admitted that Abby wasn't thrilled with the situation, and he wasn't even sure if they were still engaged. Leslie sided with Abby regarding Mariah, and Tyler argued that Mariah had gotten him out of trouble, but Leslie countered that Mariah had been responsible for getting him into it. Tyler asserted that he couldn't abandon Mariah, and Leslie advised Tyler to cut Mariah loose and to be glad that they hadn't ever gotten married.

In the foyer, Lily ran into Devon with his date, Leilani, and Lily introduced herself as his sister. Lily asked if Leilani was a model, and she suggested that they compare notes sometime. Leilani didn't understand what Lily meant, and Devon simply said that he would call Leilani. After Leilani left, Lily shot Devon a disapproving look and wondered why he'd broken up with Esmerelda when he was dating another woman he had nothing in common with. Lily scolded him for wasting time when he could be seducing Hilary away from Neil.

Devon told Lily to get the idea out of her head, and she asked if he had a better idea, but he preferred to stay out of Neil's business. Lily refused to sit back and let Neil get hurt, and she questioned Devon's sense of loyalty. Devon chided her for trying to guilt him into doing something stupid, and Lily pointed out that she'd seen how Devon had looked at Hilary when he'd found her undressed at the fashion show. He reasoned that he was a guy with eyes, but Lily contended that she'd seen the way Hilary had looked at him, too. Lily pleaded with Devon to give Hilary a nudge to commit a tiny bit of betrayal to remind Neil of the scheming witch that Hilary was, and Devon inquired how Lily envisioned the scenario playing out.

Lily remarked that Devon hadn't had any problem getting models into bed, but Devon contemplated how a seduction plan would work when Hilary was living with Neil. Lily suggested that Devon tell Hilary that he wanted to talk about something important and then take Hilary up to a room to speak privately. Devon fantasized that he confronted Hilary about the feelings that they had for one another, and he insisted that she didn't belong with Neil because she belonged with him. Devon grabbed Hilary and dared her to admit that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. She succumbed to his kisses, and they proceeded to make passionate love. Devon snapped back to reality when Lily called his name, and she asked if he was up for it.

Devon asked what Lily saw happening after the "nudge," and he imagined that Lily would guide Neil to the room on a pretext so that he could find Devon and Hilary going at it. Lily said that she hadn't thought things out that far, but she liked the idea. Devon didn't want to cause a rift like he had when he'd slept with Tyra, and he didn't want to manipulate Hilary. Lily worried that Hilary would eventually drive Neil to drink, but Devon thought that both he and Lily had to accept the idea of Neil and Hilary being together. Lily asked if Devon could do that.

In the park, Neil pondered why women had lots of shoes, and he called it the greatest mystery of life. Hilary replied that a little mystery was good for a relationship, but he said that there wouldn't be in theirs anymore, since they were living together. He offered to call a contractor to improve Hilary's wardrobe space, but she reminded him that she was only staying with him until she found a place of her own. She stressed that it was a temporary arrangement, but he said that it didn't have to be.

Hilary said that it was too soon to talk about anything permanent, and Neil agreed to do whatever she felt comfortable with. They kissed, and a stunned Leslie stumbled upon them and demanded to know what was going on. Neil replied that it was none of her business, and Hilary made an excuse to give Neil and Leslie some privacy. Leslie admonished Neil for getting involved with Hilary after she'd hurt his family, but Neil retorted that Hilary hadn't been the only woman who'd ever hurt him.

Leslie acknowledged that she'd hurt Neil, but she still cared about him, and she didn't trust Hilary. Neil informed her that he and Hilary had worked through their issues, and he proclaimed that he wasn't worried and that Leslie shouldn't be, either. Leslie was perplexed by how quickly things had changed, but Neil countered that it hadn't taken Leslie long to race to the altar with another man. He pointed out that they'd both found happiness elsewhere, and he thought that they should be glad for one another. He added that he was willing to be friends if she still was, and she reluctantly said that they had a deal.

Hilary returned as Leslie and Neil shook hands, and Leslie told Hilary to treat him right. Leslie departed, and Neil pledged not to let anything stand in the way of his and Hilary's happiness, so he had to ask Hilary a question. Neil explained that seeing Leslie had reminded him of something critical, and he asked how Hilary felt about marriage, although he assured her that it wasn't a proposal. Hilary asked if he was trying to figure out whether she was worth dating because of how things had fallen apart with him and Leslie, and he recognized that he should have had a conversation about marriage with Leslie earlier in their relationship.

Hilary confessed that as a little girl with an alcoholic mom and a father who hadn't been around, she had fantasized about how life would be when she was grown up. She recounted that she had put on a white nightgown and had used her mother's old slip as a veil to pretend to be a bride, walking down the aisle into a lifetime of happily ever after, but she'd just needed a groom. Neil asked if she was saying that she would consider getting married one day, and she confirmed that it wasn't out of the question.

Sharon set the forget-me-not that she'd taken from the cemetery by Cassie's photo on the mantel. Nick asked if she was okay, and she remarked that the anniversary of Cassie's death had been harder than usual, since she was still confused by her jumbled thoughts. Sharon complained that everything seemed fuzzy, and Nick reminded her that Dr. Meade had advised her not to force the memories. He promised that everything would eventually make sense, and he left to pick up Faith from an evening out with Abby. Sharon pulled out the traffic ticket and repeated that it had to make sense.

Noah arrived, and he mentioned that he'd visited Cassie's grave. He spotted the forget-me-not next to Cassie's photo, and he asked if Sharon had picked out the blue flowers, but she commented that it had been kind of Victor to drop them off. Noah grumbled that Victor should be kind to the living for a change, and he saw the traffic ticket and wondered if Sharon had run another red light. She realized that he had seen it before, and she informed him that she hadn't known that she'd had it until she'd gone under hypnosis. She added that the memory had seemed important, since she'd felt guilty, but she didn't know why.

Noah recounted that Sharon had been going through a bad time when she'd received the ticket, and he thought that she had been unhappy about Nick and Avery's wedding but that she'd been trying to conceal how upset she'd been. He said that the ticket had led him to believe that Sharon had been being reckless, and Sharon realized that he'd been concerned that she'd gone off her meds. Noah admitted that he'd been rough on her, and that had probably been why she had felt guilty.

Sharon agreed that the explanation made sense, and Noah left to meet Courtney after her shift. Sharon opened her laptop and looked at her calendar for July 2013, but she hadn't scheduled anything on the day she had received the ticket. She performed an online search for events in Genoa City on July 22, and she found a headline about Phyllis' accident at the multiple sclerosis benefit.

Later, Sharon was surprised when Tyler stopped by to see her about Mariah, and he explained that he'd tried to help Mariah in Portland. He revealed that the crime had happened after he and Mariah had broken up, and Mariah had gotten mixed up with the wrong guy and had helped herself to the man's money. He added that Mariah had made bad decisions but that she wasn't a terrible person, and he empathized with Mariah's tough childhood. He disclosed that Mariah's mom had been a nut and that Mariah's father had abandoned his family, so Mariah had started to steal because she'd had no money. Sharon wondered what Tyler wanted from her.

Tyler said that Mariah had needed help after she'd lost all of her money, but she hadn't been able to afford an attorney and had been assigned a public defender, so she'd probably end up doing time. Tyler suggested that Mariah needed someone to be an advocate for her, and Sharon asked if he expected her to fill that role. Sharon said that Mariah's resemblance to her late daughter wasn't a reason to stay involved, and she had her own problems to contend with. Tyler said that he understood, and Sharon wondered why Tyler had approached her. Tyler relayed that Mariah had asked for Sharon.

At Crimson Lights, Faith asked Abby if she could get her hair and nails done at Jabot again for Abby's wedding, and Abby replied that it would be fabulous, but under her breath, she expressed doubt that there would be a wedding. Nick arrived and pretended not to recognize Faith, since she looked different after her glamorous makeover. Faith chirped that she and Abby had gone to Jabot, and she ran over to another table to show a friend her sparkly nails. Abby wished that a manicure could get her mind off being angry with Tyler, who couldn't tear himself away from a felon.

Nick assured Abby that she had no reason to be insecure about Mariah, but Abby clarified that she was upset that Tyler had felt obligated to go to Portland to help with Mariah's legal problems. Abby explained that Mariah had gone to great lengths to keep Tyler out of jail, even though Mariah had caused Tyler's problems. Nick remarked that he hadn't been aware that Tyler had been in legal trouble, and Abby groused that Tyler had never bothered to tell her. Abby said that she wanted to forgive Tyler, but she was disillusioned with what he had done, and she asked Nick for his honest opinion about what she should do. Nick advised that she kick Tyler to the curb.

Abby couldn't believe that Nick expected her to dump the man she loved, but Nick contended that Tyler was a lousy judge of character who had put his trust in the wrong person, and Tyler had chosen not to be honest with Abby. Nick asserted that Tyler hadn't told Abby about his past because he hadn't trusted her enough, yet Tyler had flown across the country when his ex had been arrested. Nick thought that Tyler hadn't put Abby first and that it wouldn't change after they got married, and he told her to be glad that she'd found that out before the wedding. Abby admonished Nick for implying that she should break her engagement.

Abby argued that Sharon had done far worse things than Tyler had, and she recalled that at her engagement party, Nick had said that he'd hoped that Abby and Tyler would get through the rough patches with less pain than Nick and Sharon had experienced. Abby pointed out that Nick and Sharon had made it, and she saw no reason why she and Tyler couldn't get past their problems, too. Nick said that they were different situations, since he and Sharon had shared children and many years together. Nick surmised that Abby was mad because she knew that he was right, and he warned that things wouldn't get better because Tyler would continue to hide things. Nick questioned whether Abby's gut was telling her not to marry Tyler, and Abby wished that she hadn't asked for Nick's opinion.

Nick called to Faith, and he admitted that Tyler's connection to Mariah was clouding his feelings, but he urged Abby to trust her instincts. After Nick and Faith left, Abby gazed forlornly at her engagement ring, and she thought about Nick's words that things wouldn't change and that she should trust what her gut was telling her. She looked up and saw Tyler.

Sharon sent Faith upstairs to get ready for bed, and Nick said that the girl worshipped Abby and that he was glad that his kids had extended family around, since he'd never had any. Sharon asked him to look after Faith for a few days, and she announced that she was going to Portland to help Mariah.

Victoria vowed to do whatever it took to keep Chelsea from telling Billy about Victoria's pregnancy, but Stitch wondered if Victoria could trust Chelsea to keep her mouth shut. Stitch implored Victoria to tell Billy herself, but she wanted to wait until she had the paternity test results, and she ordered Stitch to stop trying to change her mind. Stitch pointed out that Billy had already made up paranoid scenarios because he knew that she was hiding something, and Stitch was concerned that withholding the truth was causing her stress. Stitch cautioned that Billy needed to hear it from Victoria and that she couldn't rely on Chelsea's discretion.

Billy asked what Chelsea had meant by her comment about Victoria having his baby, and Chelsea wondered what Victoria had told him. Billy griped that Victoria had instructed him to call before he stopped by, but he suspected that Chelsea had expected Victoria to tell him that she was pregnant. Chelsea tried to laugh off what she'd said as senseless rambling, but Billy pointed out that he'd been on the receiving end of her talents, and he knew that she chose her words carefully. Chelsea claimed that he'd misunderstood, but Billy didn't buy it, and Chelsea questioned how Victoria was supposed to tell him that she was expecting a baby.

Billy gushed that Chelsea had no idea how long he and Victoria had been trying, and he called it the best news ever as he hugged Chelsea. Billy happily exclaimed that he couldn't believe that he and Victoria were going to have a baby, and he received a call from Victoria. Chelsea asked him not to get her into trouble, since he'd figured it out on his own, and Billy answered the call. Victoria said that they needed to talk, and he replied that he was on his way. Stitch assured Victoria that he was only a phone call away if Billy lost his temper, and Chelsea tried to stop Billy by saying that he didn't know the whole story, but Billy rushed off.

Later, Stitch dropped by the penthouse and told Chelsea that Victoria was telling Billy about the baby, so Chelsea could back off. Chelsea reported that Billy already knew, and Stitch snarled that he'd known that she couldn't keep the information to herself. Chelsea retorted that Stitch had assumed that she'd told Billy, but Billy had put the pieces together himself. Stitch accused her of getting moralistic regarding Victoria and Billy, even though she hadn't given Dylan the same courtesy. Chelsea acknowledged that Stitch didn't like her, but she noted that Dylan had gotten over it, and she questioned whether Stitch's past was spotless.

Stitch ordered Chelsea to stay out of Victoria's business, and Chelsea wondered why a married woman's business was his problem. He asserted that if the baby was his, he'd be in both Victoria and the baby's lives. Chelsea hoped that Stitch had the decency to bow out gracefully if Victoria's child ended up being Billy's, and Stitch asked why Chelsea was invested in Billy and Victoria's relationship. Stitch guessed that Chelsea had a guilty conscience because of what Adam had done to Delia. Chelsea ordered him out of her house, and he gladly obliged.

Billy presented Victoria with flowers, and he said that he hadn't been able to help himself. She said that there was something she needed to tell him, but he blurted out that he knew everything, and he joyfully declared that they were going to have a baby. She asked who had told him, but he claimed that he'd figured it out himself, and he thought it was great. He hugged her, and she apologized for not telling him earlier, but she had been worried. He asked why, and she said that she'd been hesitant to say anything until she could have a paternity test. Billy was flabbergasted.

Billy thought it was impossible that the baby could be Stitch's, but Victoria admitted that she and Stitch hadn't used protection. Billy couldn't believe that Victoria had gotten pregnant with Stitch's kid after only one night together, but Victoria reasoned that it was possible. Billy yelled that it couldn't be possible after all they'd been through with the disappointing fertility treatments, and Victoria whimpered that she was sorry. Billy replied that she didn't have anything to be sorry about, since he knew it was their baby.

Victoria explained that she had to wait until she was 14 weeks along for the doctor to draw blood to do the tests, and she hadn't wanted Billy to get his hopes up when the baby might not be his. He contended that it was more than that, since it had been their dream to have another child created from their love. He thought it was a light at the end of the tunnel after Delia's death, and he believed that the only way to interpret the pregnancy was as a sign. She questioned whether he considered it a sign that they should get back together.

Billy asked if Victoria could pretend to forget how they'd longed to have a child, but she said that the fact that her pregnancy had happened wouldn't change things between them, since it wouldn't alter their history or fix their problems. Billy proclaimed that their problems were insignificant compared to the miracle they'd created, and an irate Victoria asked if he was kidding. He suggested that they seek counseling, since the baby was a sign that they belonged together, and she became irritated that he kept saying that.

Billy rambled that as soon as Victoria had the baby, they'd be the family they'd always been meant to be. Victoria testily asked how he'd feel if baby ended up being Stitch's. "What kind of a sign will that be?" she snapped.

Friday, May 30, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Abby testily feigned surprise that Tyler had bothered to return home from Portland, and he reminded her that he'd told her he'd be back, although he wasn't sure what he'd returned home to. She said that they couldn't go back to the way things had been, and she informed him that Nick had advised her to cut Tyler loose. Tyler said that he cared about Abby's opinion and not Nick's because Nick wasn't objective. Abby said that Nick had admitted that his judgment was off and that he had advised her to trust her gut.

Abby explained that some of her instincts told her that she loved Tyler and that she should never let him go, but another part of her said that a guy who had left her to hold his ex's hand deserved to be dumped. Tyler reiterated that he'd had to try to help Mariah because she'd helped him, but he'd repaid the debt, and Mariah had become Sharon's project. He revealed that Sharon was on her way to Portland, and Abby couldn't believe that Sharon would help after what Mariah had done. Tyler said that Sharon had been agreeable to it, and Abby became livid when she realized that Tyler had gone to see Sharon before he'd found Abby.

Tyler said that Abby had it all wrong, but she doubted that being his second stop had been a sign of love and devotion. He declared that she was the most important person in the world to him, and she had been the reason why he'd gone to see Sharon. Abby thought that he wasn't making sense, but he explained that he had closed the book on Mariah by delivering Mariah's message, and he'd needed to get it out of the way so he would be free and clear. Abby was skeptical that he would ever be free of Mariah, but he swore that the days of Mariah causing trouble were over for good.

Abby fetched more coffee, but she grumbled that caffeine was the last thing that she needed, since she'd already be up all night, crying over Tyler. He asked why, and she anticipated that Mariah would call Tyler the next time she had a problem, and he'd go running because that was the kind of person he was. Abby said that Mariah had a hold on him and that neither Mariah nor Tyler was willing to let go, and Abby couldn't live like that. Tyler said that Abby was overreacting, but she countered that she'd be overreacting if she gave his ring back. She realized that it was exactly what she was doing, and she took off the ring and held it out to him, but he wouldn't take it. She set the ring on the table and ran out.

Nick was taken aback that Sharon planned to go to Portland that night, and she explained that she'd spoken with Tyler, who had tried to help Mariah. Nick complained that Tyler shouldn't have dragged Sharon into it, but Sharon reported that Mariah had asked for her help. Nick understood that Sharon had a soft spot for Mariah because she looked like Cassie, but Sharon contended that there was more to it. Sharon sympathized that Mariah was locked away, and she mentioned that Tyler had told her about Mariah's rough childhood, which Sharon could relate to. Sharon reasoned that she might have turned out like Mariah if she hadn't had her mom and Nick in her life.

Nick told Sharon to stop making excuses for Mariah, but Sharon recalled that she'd promised Mariah that she wouldn't judge her, and she wanted to at least find out what Mariah wanted. Nick warned that Sharon was making a huge mistake by playing right into Mariah's hands, and Sharon assumed that Nick thought that Mariah wanted money. Nick imagined that Sharon would pay for bail and a dream team of lawyers, but eventually, Mariah would be after a house and a trust fund. Sharon thought that he sounded ridiculous, and Nick questioned whether Sharon intended to provide only emotional support, but Sharon wanted the opportunity to have a conversation with Mariah before making any decisions.

Nick warned that Mariah preyed on people like Sharon, and Sharon asked if he considered her to be a helpless victim. Nick thought that Sharon missed her daughter and that she'd do anything just to get one more look at a terrible imitation of Cassie. Nick lectured Sharon not to give her life away in the hope of finding Cassie again because it wouldn't happen, and Sharon barked that he sounded just like Victor by trying to control her. They continued to argue, and she told him to leave if he was going to continue to try to stop her from seeing Mariah. Nick stormed out.

Sharon tried to book a flight over the phone, and she was disappointed that there wasn't anything available until the next day. Nick returned, and he told her to hang up the phone. Sharon reluctantly complied, and she cautioned that the more he tried to lay down the law, the more she would dig her heels in. She told him to give up while she still liked him, and he informed her that he'd returned to apologize.

Nick said that Sharon had overcome a lot, and he didn't want to see her life blown up by someone like Mariah. Sharon and Nick pledged their love, and he said that he worried about her but that he had faith in her. He conceded that whether or not she went to see Mariah was Sharon's choice to make, and Sharon said that she appreciated it. He requested that she check in with her therapist first and to stay in touch with him at all times, and she replied that she wouldn't have it any other way. They hugged.

Sharon returned downstairs after getting Faith to go back to sleep, and she discovered that Nick had decorated the living room with twinkling lights. Using a terrible Italian accent, Nick presented her with a chef-prepared meal -- pizza from the microwave -- and he handed her some beer poured into a wine glass. She referred to the flower petals that he'd scattered about, and he explained that he'd made the sacrifice for a worthy cause, since she was taking off the next day, and they had to make the most of that night. They clinked their glasses together and kissed.

Victor ran into Stitch at the Athletic Club, and he said that he would have invited Stitch to go a couple of rounds if he'd known that they'd both be there. Victor observed that it looked like Stitch had been through the ringer, and Stitch replied that he'd had a rough night. Victor asked if it had something to do with Victoria, but Stitch pointed out that Victor and Victoria weren't in the best place. Victor asserted that he and his daughter had an unbreakable bond, and he loved her and wanted only the best for her. Stitch agreed that he and Victor had that in common, but he thought that they needed to leave it up to Victoria to decide what the best thing for her was. Victor called him a good man, and he walked away.

Stitch went to the bar, and he flashed back to promising Victoria that he'd be there for her and that the baby was her miracle. Kelly entered the club while on the phone with Jack, and she teased him for thinking that a museum in London was boring. She told him to get back and see what he was missing, but her smile faded when she saw Stitch. Stitch said that he wasn't up for a battle, but Kelly suggested that they have a drink instead, and she cheerfully ordered a glass of white wine. He noted that she seemed happy, but she asked what seemed to be eating at him. He revealed that he'd been hoping to hear from someone, but the longer he waited, the more he worried that he'd get bad news.

Stitch preferred to hear about what had put Kelly in a good mood, and she replied that she'd just won the lottery. Stitch guessed that she was seeing Jack, and he said that Jack seemed like a nice guy, but he questioned her decision to date Billy's brother. Kelly testily asked if he thought it was a good idea to be dating Billy's wife, and she wondered if he had been waiting to hear from Victoria. Kelly warned that Stitch and Victoria's relationship would never last, but he remarked that he and Victoria might be in one another's lives for a while. Kelly questioned whether Victoria wanted to get involved with a man who didn't even exist.

Stitch contended that he had a whole new life with a career and friends, but Kelly pointed out that no one knew that he'd killed someone and that he was covering up who he was and what he'd done. She questioned what kind of life it was to be in constant fear of being discovered, and Stitch remarked that it sounded like she cared. Kelly cautioned that the truth could hurt a lot of people, and he recounted her promise to keep it to herself. She mentioned that Jack was curious about her connection to Stitch, and she refused to lie if Jack asked a direct question.

Stitch asked if Kelly intended to sacrifice everything he'd built, but Kelly argued that Jack had been the best thing that had happened to her in a long time, and she wouldn't risk losing him. She wished that Stitch would realize that he was playing with fire by keeping a secret, and he agreed that he couldn't go on like he had been. He said that he wasn't going to reveal the truth because Kelly was holding it over his head, but he'd do it because he cared about Victoria, and he wouldn't do to her what he'd done to Jenna. He vowed to tell Victoria about his past.

Victoria questioned whether Billy would be okay if the baby ended up being Stitch's, and Billy calmly stated that he would be fine no matter who the baby's father was, although he admitted that the thought of Victoria having sex with Stitch drove him crazy. Victoria coldly stated that she knew what it was like to be cheated on, and she reminded him that she'd accepted Johnny as her son. Billy pointed out that she'd had trouble with it at first, and she asked how he'd deal with the weeks before she could have a paternity test. Billy conceded that it would "be hell," but he would deal with it because he loved her, and he promised that they'd get through all of it together.

Billy swore that he would be the model husband and father regardless of what the DNA test said, and Victoria believed that Billy would try, but she also knew that he always ended up breaking his promises. He insisted that he was different, and he joked that his Peter Pan tights were too restricting, so he was ready to give them up. Victoria noted that he'd proven that he would never grow up, and he countered that it was part of his charm, but she said that he'd always ended up hurting her. He asked her to go to therapy with him, but she didn't feel comfortable making any commitments until after they had the paternity test.

Billy agreed to do whatever Victoria wanted, and she confided that she was stressed out and that she didn't want anything bad to happen. Billy asked if the baby was okay, and she informed him that everything had gone well at her latest checkup, but she was still a nervous wreck. Billy commented that it wasn't every day that they got a miracle that they never thought would happen, and he told her to take care of herself and the baby as he headed out.

Later, Victor stopped by to see if everything was all right with Victoria, and he mentioned her sudden trip. She replied that she hadn't needed a reason to see Reed, but Victor suspected that she'd wanted to escape the tension. Victoria said that she didn't have the energy to play games after a long day, and Victor inquired whether Billy had been bothering her. She refused to discuss Billy, but she assured Victor that she was doing fine. She became silent when she spotted her prenatal vitamins across the room, and Victor followed her gaze, saw the bottle, and asked if she was pregnant.

Victoria confirmed that she was pregnant, but she was exhausted and didn't want to talk about it. Victor assured her that he wasn't upset, but rather, he was thrilled because he knew that she'd wanted another child. Victor acknowledged that it wouldn't be easy to raise a child with a broken marriage, but he said that she'd have all the help in the world. He asked if Nikki knew, and Victoria begged him not to say anything, since she didn't want people getting excited when there was a chance something could go wrong.

Victoria informed Victor that she would know more after the doctor ran some tests, and Victor offered to fly in specialists. She hesitantly confessed that the test was to determine paternity, and Victor realized that the baby could be Stitch's and that Victoria's pregnancy had been the reason Stitch had seemed preoccupied, but he told Victoria that Stitch had kept her confidence. Victoria said that Stitch had been supportive, and Victor concluded that Billy hadn't been. She said that Billy was trying and that a baby would mean a lot to him, but Victor wondered what would happen if Billy wasn't the baby's father. Victoria reasoned that there was no point in discussing the future until she had the paternity test results, and Victor advised her not to jump back into a relationship that was filled with problems, regardless of who the father was.

Victor added that Victoria needed to do what was best for her, and he'd support and love her from the bottom of his heart. Victor suggested that Victoria and Johnny live with him at the ranch, since he was alone, and there were lots of people to help her. She didn't think it was wise to have more opportunity to do battle with him, and she wondered if Victor had learned not to interfere in his kids' lives, but he replied that sometimes his children mistook a helping hand for interference. They hugged goodbye, and Victor mentioned that he'd gotten to know Stitch a little, and he thought that Stitch was a nice guy.

Chelsea and Connor stopped by the police station, and she asked if Kevin had time for a coffee break. Kevin reported that the psychiatric facility in California had called to inform him that Chloe had settled in and had been through her first session, and Chelsea thought it would be great for Chloe. Kevin half-heartedly agreed, since he hadn't been able to give Chloe the help she'd needed, but Chelsea suspected that Chloe's departure had been harder on him than he was willing to admit. Chelsea told Kevin that he couldn't con a con, and his face and body language had given away his true feelings.

Chelsea surmised that Kevin felt hurt that Chloe had chosen to get help far away from him, and he asked why Chelsea had bothered to ask if she'd already known. Chelsea implored him to be honest with her, and he admitted that he had a pathological need to help people. He was glad that Chelsea had seen the state Chloe had been in when he hadn't been able to, and Chelsea told him not to doubt that Chloe loved him. Kevin revealed that he and Chloe had gotten close again before she'd left, and he added that he had hope for the future. He wondered why Chelsea had stopped by in person rather than just calling.

Chelsea claimed that she'd just taken Connor for a stroll on a nice night, but Kevin pointed out that she lived miles from the station. He echoed her advice not to try to con a con, and he said that he was a good listener and that he wouldn't judge. Chelsea said that people would think that she was ungrateful for her life, and she rattled off the numerous things that she had going for her, but she griped that she was bored. She recalled that working with Chloe had been an adventure, but life was life was less interesting without her. Kevin knew what Chelsea meant.

Billy arrived and wondered what Chelsea was doing there, and she replied that she'd been visiting a friend. Kevin inquired whether Billy was in trouble, but Billy said that he wanted to avoid it by getting the goods on Stitch. Kevin realized that Stitch was the person Billy had wanted him to run a background check on, but he proclaimed that he was done with illegal activities. Billy tried to pressure Kevin into helping him, but Chelsea warned Billy not to make it Kevin's problem. She urged Billy to talk to her, and he said that he didn't want to make it her problem, either, but she reiterated that she'd meant her offer of friendship. Later, Kevin sat in front of his computer, and he typed Dr. Benjamin Rayburn's name into the police database.

Billy returned with Chelsea and Connor to the penthouse, and he assured her that he hadn't said anything about how he'd learned about Victoria's pregnancy. Chelsea felt bad about how she'd handled the information, but Billy said that he'd needed to know the truth. He said that he had to accept things for what they were, but he was glad that Chelsea was on his side, even though he knew it was because she was trying to make up for what Adam had done. Chelsea said that she wanted to believe that two people who loved one another could have a happy ending, and Billy wanted to believe it, too.

In Connor's room, Billy said that Victoria had her doubts, but if the baby wasn't his, he would still love the child, just like Victoria loved Johnny. Chelsea hoped that Billy had the chance, and Billy said that it would help if Stitch took a hike, so he had to convince Stitch to do so. Chelsea told Billy not to plot in front of Connor, and she kissed her son and set him down to sleep. Billy and Chelsea headed downstairs, and the unseen man with the wedding ring lovingly touched Connor's image on his screen.

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