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Austin was revealed to be '4MJ,' and he lured Avery to his studio. Devon overheard Hilary tell Neil that she was ready for a commitment. Billy invited Chelsea to go to Australia to talk to Jenna about Stitch's secret.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 2, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, June 2, 2014

At the Chancellor estate, Colin was surprised by a visit from Cane. Colin recalled that Cane had left abruptly during a visit the previous day. Cane had accused Colin of having conned him into buying a medical research company while Cane was employed at Chancellor Industries. Colin assured Cane that he'd known nothing about unapproved drugs or mismanagement within the company at the time. Colin offered to swear over Samantha's grave that he was telling the truth.

Cane told Colin that a government prosecutor was prepared to jail an innocent man. Cane added, "The only thing that would stand between Victor Newman and a federal indictment is you, Dad." Colin was surprised when Cane said that he hadn't notified Victor because there was no reason to believe that Colin had lied. While Colin maintained his innocence, he noted that Cane could have earned himself a lofty promotion had he turned his father over to Victor. Colin was touched because his son had given him the benefit of the doubt. Cane replied, "Don't make me regret it."

A jewelry appraiser Jill had summoned stopped by the Chancellor estate. Colin answered the door and let the man, Stephen, inside. Jill lifted the stone, hanging around her neck, and said it was the jewel Stephen would be appraising. Jill and Colin watched as Stephen carefully examined the sparkly gem, using a magnifying loupe. Colin waited anxiously to hear the results of the appraisal. Jill lovingly cradled the jewel in the palm on her hand and said, "Eighteen million dollars!"

Colin noted that the necklace had looked beautiful hanging around Jill's neck, so it was a pity it had to be sold. Jill backed away from Colin and said, "I'm not going to sell it! And don't you get any ideas!" Colin cried that bad people were after him and had threatened to do him harm if he was unable to pay them. Colin added that Katherine would have supported the idea of Jill helping her husband. Jill reminded Colin that Katherine had never liked him.

Jill assured Colin that she would find another way to help him out of his predicament. Though Colin was reluctant, Jill forced him to sign a statement stipulating that the necklace couldn't be sold unless both she and Colin agreed to sell it. Jill left the room to put the necklace, along with the contract, in a safe place. Colin phoned someone and told the person that he had a solution to their problem. Colin informed the person on the other end of the conversation that the "solution" would involve the other person's assistance in "stealing it."

At Sharon's, Nick rose early to prepare breakfast and whisk Faith off to school. When Sharon arrived downstairs, Nick handed her a cup of fresh coffee and announced his intentions to travel with her to Portland to lend aid to Mariah. Sharon gave Nick her assurance that she would not allow herself to be manipulated by Mariah. Sharon added that Nick needed to stay home with Faith. Nick said that Sharon's plan to meet with her therapist before the trip pleased him because he knew that Dr. Mead would remain objective. Sharon expressed hope that helping Mariah would prod her to move forward. Nick, unconvinced, said that he sure hoped Sharon was right.

After Nick left, Dr. Mead stopped by Sharon's house. Sharon explained that she was confused about one specific memory she'd recalled during a visit to Cassie's grave. Sharon added that what she'd remembered had taken place the previous year on the anniversary of Cassie's death, when Nick was in turmoil about Summer's undetermined paternity. Sharon wondered how she could've known that Jack was the biological father when the results still hadn't been released. Dr. Mead suggested that the timeline of Sharon's memories was jumbled. Sharon said, "I feel like I'm right on the edge of something." Sharon admitted that she was afraid of what she might discover when her memories returned and were sorted out.

Sharon mentioned the traffic ticket she'd received and said that the explanation Nick had suggested didn't seem right to her. Sharon added that Noah had recalled his fear that his mother might stop taking her medication. Noah had also been concerned because Sharon had been distressed about Nick's plan to wed Avery. Sharon said she had conducted a little research and discovered that her traffic ticket coincided with the date of Nikki's multiple sclerosis benefit ball, where Phyllis had fallen down the stairs and lapsed into a coma. Dr. Mead seemed to dismiss the connection when Sharon noted that she and Phyllis had never been friends.

Sharon's discussion of the past seemed to spark another hidden memory, but she was unable to recall what it was. Dr. Mead told Sharon to take her time. Sharon said she hoped to continue the session after returning from her trip to Portland. Dr. Mead asked why Sharon had refused to sever ties with Mariah. Sharon noted that she and Mariah had had similar childhoods, had grown up poor, and that each had very little self-esteem. Sharon added that she was well aware that Mariah was not Cassie.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily found Tyler lingering at the bar. He was twirling Abby's engagement ring between his thumb and forefinger. Lily noted that it was a bit too early to be drinking and asked why Abby was no longer wearing her engagement ring. Tyler cried, "I blew it." Lily sided with Abby and suggested that Tyler might have stronger feelings for Mariah than he was willing to admit.

Tyler noted that Nick had advised Abby not to marry him. Lily reminded Tyler that Abby had a mind of her own. Lily said, "If you want her, go after her!" Before Tyler left, Cane joined his wife and announced to Tyler that it was Lily's birthday.

After Tyler went to the gym, Lily received a text message summoning her to the fourth floor to check on a remodeling project. After a short absence, Lily rushed back downstairs, holding a photo of herself with Cane in a frame the twins had made with craft sticks and glitter. Cane announced that Lily had discovered the first clue in her birthday scavenger hunt. All the clues together hinted at a trip to Paris, but Cane gave Lily a pair of Givenchy earrings and said that they could snuggle in bed and sip champagne while they reminisced about Lily's favorite city in the world.

Tyler was lifting weights in the gym when Nick arrived. Tyler asked Nick why he'd advised Abby to break off the engagement. Nick replied, "You're the one who brought Mariah to town. She really messed up Sharon, so don't give me any grief for trying to protect my sister from more of the same." Tyler blamed Victor. Nick said that his dad would never have involved Mariah in his scheme had she not traveled to Genoa City in search of Tyler.

Nick told Tyler that Sharon was traveling to Portland to help Mariah. Tyler said that Nick didn't know anything about the situation. Nick replied, "I've seen what damage Mariah can do. What else is she capable of? I want to know what Sharon is in for!" Tyler explained that Mariah had had a tough life and that he was the only person she'd ever been able to lean on and trust. Tyler added, "Mariah is all alone in the world, but I'm finished with her because I'm committed to Abby."

After Nick left, Tyler phoned Abby and left a message. He told her that he wasn't giving up on their relationship. Tyler seemed depressed and sat with his head down. Not long after he'd left the message for Abby, Tyler received a text message from a blocked number. It read, "Jail sux. What if I never get out? I need you, Ty." Tyler read the message and seemed distressed.

When Nick returned to Sharon's, he told her about his conversation with Tyler. Nick explained that Mariah had relied solely on Tyler and had freaked out when she'd discovered that Tyler was with Abby. Sharon said it was understandable for Mariah to be upset over losing Tyler. Nick suggested that Mariah had latched on to Sharon because Tyler was out of the picture. Nick added that Sharon would be opening herself up to more heartache if she went to help Mariah.

Sharon's car arrived to take her to the airport. Before Sharon left, Nick made her promise to hurry back home after hiring a lawyer for Mariah. Sharon said that she felt the need do to all she could to help the young woman.

At Avery's apartment, Summer and Austin flirted while Avery collected ingredients for her cooking show. Avery pulled Summer aside and expressed her concerns. Summer assured her aunt that she had nothing to worry about. Leslie stopped by. Leslie and Avery stepped away briefly, and Summer expressed her disdain for Leslie for having helped free Ian. Austin replied, "Defense attorneys are the worst. As long as their check clears, they don't care what kind of scum they let back on the streets." Avery and Leslie overheard Austin's comment. Leslie noted that everyone deserved a fair trial, and she explained that a juror in Ian's case had hidden the fact that she intended to seek revenge against the accused.

Avery defended Leslie, but Austin argued that helping an extortionist avoid punishment wasn't justice. Summer sided with Austin. Avery took Summer aside again and said her niece seemed to be parroting Austin's views. Summer insisted that she was an adult and had her own views. Avery explained that she was being protective of Summer and noted that even Phyllis would want her daughter to be supervised. Summer replied, "You're not my mom, so stop trying to act like it."

Leslie looked on with frustration during the fray between Avery and Summer. Austin decided it wasn't the best time to film the cooking segment. Austin and Summer left together. Avery told Leslie that whatever was going on between Austin and Summer seemed to be getting out of hand. Avery blamed the reason she'd overreacted so quickly on the aggressively rude, personal comments someone had been posting on her blog. Avery explained that she'd had a lot of time to herself while Dylan was away in Idaho, paying a visit to Willa, Ian's ex-wife.

Avery explained to Leslie that Willa had traveled to Genoa City a while back and had offered to share information about Ian in exchange for money. Dylan had refused to pay Willa and forced her to leave town. Leslie asked if Dylan had changed his mind about paying the woman for information. Avery said that Dylan was concerned about Ian's constant meddling. Dylan also believed that Ian might be the person who had posted the harassing comments on the blog. After Leslie left, Avery discovered another blog comment posted by "4MJ," an unknown user.

Summer went with Austin to his apartment. Summer said she couldn't believe how her Aunt Avery had defended Leslie. Austin admitted that he should have kept his opinions about Leslie to himself. Austin offered Summer a beer before pausing to consider her age. Summer said, "Great! You think I'm a child, too?" Austin replied, "No. I don't think you're a child at all." Summer claimed that she'd acted childish after discovering that Jack was seeing another woman. Summer walked toward Austin and said she wanted to prove that she was a woman.

Summer kissed Austin on the lips. She paused and said, "Make love to me." Austin gently pushed Summer backwards toward a desk. When Summer bumped the desk, Austin's laptop awakened from sleep mode. The laptop's screen displayed Avery's blog post about key lime pie. A comment from "4MJ" stated, "Revenge is a dish best served cold, like a delicious key lime pie."


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    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    by Isaac Mayo

    Nick frantically knocked on the door to Nikki's room at the Athletic Club. Nikki walked up behind him and told him that she was right there. As Nikki opened the door and they entered Nikki's suite, Nick pointedly asked Nikki where she had been. Nikki told him that she had gone to the gift shop to get shampoo. She snidely asked Nick if he wanted her to text him the next time she left the room.

    Nikki pleaded with Nick to tell her why he had been knocking at her door late at night. Nick told her that he didn't want her to stay at the same hotel as Ian Ward. Nikki told him that she was acutely aware of Ian's presence and that Victor had someone watching her around the clock. Nick said that he understood Nikki not wanting to spend time with Victor. He asked her if she would like to temporarily move in with him at the tack house.

    Nikki asked Nick if he was still staying at the tack house or if he was living with Sharon. Nick told his mother that she was starting to sound more and more like Victor every day. Nikki asked him if he had spoken with his father recently. Nick related the story of running into Victor at the cemetery on the anniversary of Cassie's death. Nikki said that she hoped that Nick and his father had been respectful.

    Nick informed his mom that Victor had never apologized for the stuff he had done to Sharon. Nick was also unhappy that Victor wasn't giving up on the idea that Sharon held some deep, dark secret, which Nick said was ridiculous. When Nikki questioned Sharon's lack of honesty, Nick told Nikki that he and Sharon were in a great place. Nick said that he'd told Victor that the secret was probably leftover guilt that she had taken off and left Genoa City without telling anyone where she was.

    Nikki told Nick that she'd hated hearing about Victor's plot to drive Sharon insane by hiring Mariah, a girl who looked exactly like Cassie -- but that didn't mean that Victor was wrong about Sharon. Nick, growing frustrated that Nikki seemed to be defending Victor, said that Victor had pushed Sharon to the point of having to go to the hospital. Nikki pulled out the newspaper and told Nick that he might change his mind once he read the paper.

    Nick saw the article about Victor having to pay a fine for owning the company "that almost killed Summer." Nick said that it wasn't Victor's first fine, and it wouldn't be his last. Nikki solemnly said that there was the possibility of prison time. Nick replied, "He'll get out of it... and not for the first time." Nikki said that she knew that Nick didn't want to see Victor in jail. Nick acknowledged that she was right, but that were plenty of things that Victor had done that he had not "gone down for."

    Nikki thought it ironic that after everything that Nick and Victor had been through together, the last straw seemed to be about Sharon. Nick said that the last straw was about Victor, who always had another dirty trick up his sleeve. At the Genoa City Athletic Club's restaurant, Victor was scanning the newspaper when Avery walked up to his table. Victor seemed very happy to see her. Victor invited her to join him. She told him that Dylan hadn't been able to get in contact with Willa, Ian's ex-wife, but it had occurred to her that Victor already knew that. She said that she realized that Victor and Dylan were "in this" together and wondered how illegal their plan was.

    Victor asked Avery if she was accusing him of illegal activity. She said that she wasn't accusing him of anything. Victor said that was a "wise decision." He wondered why she thought that he and Dylan were working together and, if they were, whether Avery would try to make Dylan stop any plan that was in progress. She said that she wouldn't -- she wanted Ian Ward handled like the slime he was. She added that Ian was a predator who enjoyed causing pain.

    Victor agreed, saying that Ian was a menace to the Genoa City and especially to Nikki, who stressed out whenever she saw Ian -- which was bad for Nikki's MS. Avery said that Ian would enjoy that, which would make her loathe Ian even more. Avery then warned Victor that whatever he and Dylan had planned, Dylan couldn't be Victor's scapegoat. She said that if lines were crossed, Dylan was not going down for what Dylan and Victor did together. Avery said that she would be furious, and Ian would love all of them turning against one another.

    Victor told Avery that Dylan was a big boy and could take care of himself -- but he wasn't going to let Ian get the upper hand. Avery said that Ian was an expert at playing mind games. Victor said that he knew that -- that Ian had gone to Victor and told Victor that he had information that Victor desperately needed. Avery added that Ian would no doubt give the information to Victor -- for a very large sum of money. Avery said that she hoped that neither Victor nor Dylan would need an attorney, but if they did, she was available. Victor said that he had a whole bevy of lawyers at Newman-Chancellor, but none of them had the interest in the case like she did, and he would keep her offer in mind.

    As Avery started to leave the dining room, she ran into Nick and Nikki, who were descending the stairs. Avery said that she knew it wouldn't do any good, but she still wanted to tell Nikki that it wasn't a good idea for her to be staying in the same building as Ian Ward. Nikki said that Nick had already given that a shot, and she wasn't going to run from anybody. Nikki spotted Victor across the room and ran to his table to join him.

    Nikki joined Victor at his table. She said that she had seen the article about Bonaventure in the newspaper. He replied that whenever they wanted to sell more newspapers, they just printed his name. Victor said that he would probably just pay a fine. Nikki got angry and asked him to be a little more honest -- that there was far more at stake than just a fine.

    Nikki told Victor that he might not want "the world" to know about the charges, but she was not "the world." Just as Victor was about to answer, a reporter and photographer approached Nikki and Victor's table and asked Victor if he had any response to the charges. Victor said he thought that Devon Hamilton had bought the Athletic Club to keep out people like the reporter. The reporter asked Victor if he was afraid of telling the truth. An indignant Nikki stood up and said that her husband was afraid of nothing and no one -- but the reporter should be very afraid. Victor stood up and firmly told the reporter to get out -- and the reporter complied.

    Nikki took Victor up to her room to escape the press. He assured her that nothing would break him. Nikki said that Victor had taken Newman Enterprises through difficult times, but this was Newman-Chancellor... a completely different company.

    In Nikki's suite, Victor and Nikki discussed Victoria's pregnancy. Victor said that he was happy that the pregnancy had widened the rift between Victoria and Billy. Nikki said that Nick was very upset with Victor. Victor said that Nick would get over it. Nikki said that abusing Cassie's memory had really upset Nick, and she didn't know if Nick would forgive Victor. Victor said the question was whether or not Victor would forgive Nick. Victor ranted that Nick had grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth, and Nick was upset that Victor was trying to save him from a bad entanglement with Sharon. Victor said that the most important thing was that no one could ever get between him and Nikki.

    Victor and Nikki kissed. He thanked her for understanding him. Nikki said that she understood him, she just didn't always agree with him. Victor said that all he needed was for Nikki to return home. She said, "I know." Victor then left the suite without saying another word.

    Nick and Avery talked about Ian. Avery said that she had seen a young woman leaving his room that morning. Nick said he didn't want her alone "with that freak." He told her that if Dylan couldn't go with her, then she should call Nick. Avery told Nick that normally she could handle something like that herself -- but Ian had really gotten to her by pushing her buttons and made her second-guess herself.

    Nick told Avery that she had nothing to second-guess herself for. Avery quickly said that was not true -- that she had hurt a lot of people, including Nick.

    Avery told Nick that Ian knew how to find his victims' guilt and shame and exploit them. He advised her not to let Ian get under her skin. She told Nick about 4MJ -- her creepy fan. According to Avery, Dylan was sure it was Ian, but Avery was not so sure. Avery said that the postings felt personal -- like beyond the cooking show. Nick said that he didn't like it; it was weird. She told Nick that she was really scared.

    At the park, Nick told Avery that he hated social media because anyone could say anything without any repercussions. Trying to make herself feel better, Avery told herself that they were just words on a screen. She received a text message ... from 4MJ. Nick read the text: "You claim to work for justice? Don't look now, justice is about to be served." Nick asked Avery what that meant. She said that she had no idea, but they were just words on a screen, and she had to ignore it. Nick warned her to be careful.

    At the Chancellor mansion, Colin received a text message: "$$$$$ NOW. OR ELSE..." He looked quite concerned until Jill entered wearing Katherine's necklace. Jill held up the necklace, which put a smile on Colin's face. He wondered why they were dressing formally for dinner. Jill informed him that they were going out for dinner. She called the necklace her "legacy" and wondered what good it would have done if they stayed at home. They needed to celebrate her "legacy" and their relationship -- after all, what good were those things if they couldn't flaunt them. Jill thanked Colin for agreeing not to sell his share of the necklace. He told her that he needed to clarify and reminded her that he had agreed not to sell his share only after she'd said that she wouldn't sell her share.

    Colin touched the necklace -- the clasp broke, and it fell to the floor. Jill had a near-panic attack and wondered what would have happened if it had fallen off her neck and some "creep" had found it. Colin said that they should take the necklace in for repairs. Jill told Colin that she didn't trust jewelers and added that she would fix it herself -- she only needed a pair of needle-nosed pliers. As she headed out of the living room to find a pair of pliers, the doorbell rang. She opened the door to Cane, Lily, and their twins.

    Colin was very excited, but Cane told him that the visit was not a social call -- the Ashbys were in the midst of an emergency. Cane and Lily told Jill and Colin that the twins had been at a sleepover. The mom had called to tell them that Charlie had a bad rash, and they wanted to take him to the emergency room, but Mattie wouldn't stay at the friend's house without Charlie. Cane said, "The only person she wants to see right now is you." Jill, gasping with excitement, thought that Mattie had been talking about Jill, but Cane informed them that she had actually been talking about Colin.

    Colin said that he was touched. Cane told his father not to get too excited -- that this was an emergency. Lily reminded Jill and Colin that Colin was still on probation as far as the kids were concerned, and they were trusting Jill to supervise. Jill said that Colin would work his "grandfather magic." Cane warned Colin that he needed to be on his best behavior.

    Colin told Mattie a story, which had the little girl laughing. Esther served Mattie and Colin milk and cookies, while Jill took the necklace out of her pocket. A wide-eyed Esther walked over to Jill to get a better look at it. Esther wondered where it had been. Jill informed her that it had been in that very room -- in the chandelier -- which Esther obviously never cleaned, or Esther would have found it earlier.

    Jill told Esther that the necklace had fallen from the music box along with a note. Esther wondered if the note explained what she'd meant when she'd said it had all that value. Jill told her that an appraiser had told her that it had $18 million worth of value. Esther said that Mrs. Chancellor would never have made it all about money. The two women watched Colin and Mattie play, and Esther remarked that it was very good to hear a little girl's laughter again.

    Later, Jill told Colin that he should see his face -- that he was "smitten" with Mattie. He reminded Jill that Cane and Lily would be returning soon, and he wondered if he and Jill could go ahead with the evening "as planned." Jill said that they could, and Colin was going down to the cellar to find a "bottle of bubbly" when Esther and Mattie returned. Mattie wanted to play hide-and-seek, and the adults seemed as excited as Mattie.

    Colin declared himself "it," and Mattie, Jill, and Esther all ran to find their hiding places. Colin began counting. When they were out of earshot, Colin made a phone call to the person who had been sending him threatening texts. Colin said the money that the person had given to him to spread through Bonaventure would be returned. Colin noticed a leather box on a table.

    Still on the phone, Colin held the necklace, then told the person he was speaking to that he would get the man his money soon. Colin replaced the necklace in the leather box and rejoined the hide-and-seek game.

    At the Genoa City Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, Lily fretted about Mattie being with Colin. Cane tried to calm her down. A while later, they learned that Charley had just touched some poison ivy, and his rash was nothing serious. Lily was clearly disappointed with how their evening -- her birthday -- had gone, and Cane said he could still whip up a romantic Parisian dinner. Lily realized that it would entail leaving the kids at the Chancellor mansion overnight. Lily asked Cane if he had lost his mind.

    Lily reminded Cane of all the bad things that Colin had done. She said that no matter his motives, they could not let their guard down. They definitely couldn't leave the twins overnight with him. They decided to pick up Charlie's prescription, pick Mattie up, and go home. Michael dropped by the police station to visit Kevin. Kevin seemed irritated with Michael and told him that it was "after hours." Michael told Kevin that he had been in the building to post bail for a client, and he was about to meet Lauren for dinner. He extended an invitation to Kevin to join them.

    Lauren got off the elevator, and Michael kept rambling on about dinner. Lauren missed Michael speaking and told Kevin that she had stopped by the police station to try to convince Kevin to join Michael and her for dinner. Kevin told the Baldwins that they were the "masters of subtlety" and asked them to be honest about why they were there. Lauren asked Kevin what she and Michael could have possibly planned. Kevin told them that there was nothing better for dinner than a microwave bean and cheese burrito, which was what he had planned to have for dinner -- the Baldwins were also there for "Let's take pity on [the] poor husband whose wife left him to go to California for psychiatric treatment" day.

    Lauren told Kevin that she and Michael loved him and wanted to spend time with him. Touched, Kevin said that he loved them too. He told them the reason he was working such long hours was because he was saving for the airfare to California. Lauren asked if he had heard from Chloe, and he said that he hadn't -- but he was waiting for her call to tell him that he could start making plans for his trip to the west coast.

    Kevin's phone beeped, and he smiled as he looked at it and saw that it was a message from Chloe. His jaw dropped as he read the letter aloud, "Kevin, I'm sorry but I won't be calling. These emails will be our contact..." He put the phone down, and Lauren picked it up and started to read: "I am trying so hard to get well. Part of that means you can't come visit, Kevin. You've held my hand for so long and I have to see whether I can survive on my own..."

    Michael said that Chloe was protesting her recovery -- he told Kevin that it was about her. Kevin walked away as Lauren continued reading, "The thing is I don't know if I'll ever come home. Everything and everyone in Genoa City -- it hurts to think all about it." Kevin said that Chloe was talking about her. Lauren continued reading, "I want to get well. I want to have a life after Delia. And I want you to have a life after me. Please, Kevin, you have to move on without me."

    The Baldwins and Kevin moved into a more private room. An angry Michael said that Chloe should have called Kevin up. Kevin said that her doctors in California had most likely made Chloe write the note -- that they were messing with her head and making her do things she didn't want to. Kevin said that he had to go to California and take Chloe home.

    Michael and Lauren both felt that Kevin should give Chloe her space. Kevin protested, telling them that the marriage was real... they hadn't married just to keep Chloe out of Fairview. He said that Chloe wanted him as her husband, and there was no explanation for her changing her mind other than the doctors forcing her to.

    Lauren said that Michael was right -- that Chloe had real problems and needed serious treatment. She said that maybe Chloe's words and Kevin and Chloe's marriage were not a beginning to a life together -- maybe it was her way of saying goodbye. Kevin opened his laptop and told Michael and Lauren that he could get a flight out the next morning. Michael told Kevin that he couldn't go -- that Chloe's doctors weren't quacks, and they knew what Chloe needed. Kevin said that she needed Kevin. Lauren tried to console Kevin, and he rebuffed her, telling her that he didn't want her to treat him like his marriage was over. Lauren and Michael begged Kevin to join them for dinner, but he said no -- that if he was going to be alone, he needed to start learning how.

    Michael, alone with Lauren at the police station, said that it was not right -- that he should be with Kevin. Lauren reminded Michael that Kevin said that he needed time -- and they needed to respect that. Michael said that losing Chloe was too much for Kevin -- especially when he had just gotten her back. Lauren told Michael that Kevin was a lot stronger than Michael gave him credit for.

    In the police station's elevator, Kevin went into a rage, smashed his cell phone, and then beat the elevator with his fists.

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    Thursday, June 5, 2014

    by Jenny Smith

    At Sharon's house, Nick welcomed Sharon home with a kiss, and she revealed that the victim had dropped the charges against Mariah. Nick wondered how much it had cost Sharon, and he declared that he was glad that Mariah was out of their lives for good. Mariah walked in from the kitchen, and Nick shot Sharon a disapproving look. Mariah praised Sharon for squaring things away in Portland, since most people would have left Mariah to rot after the stunt she'd pulled. Mariah understood that she couldn't change what she'd done, but she intended to pay Sharon back.

    Sharon mentioned that she'd thought it would be best if Mariah stayed there, but Nick adamantly refused, since they had Faith to think about, and he wasn't willing to forgive Mariah for pretending to be their dead daughter. Sharon assured him that Mariah wasn't moving in, and Mariah added that Sharon had offered to put her up at a motel while Mariah looked for work. Mariah thanked Sharon for everything she'd done, and she left to handle some things, since she'd be staying in town.

    Nick thought that Mariah should have stayed in Portland, but Sharon explained that Mariah hadn't trusted herself to stay out of trouble there. Nick doubted that Mariah could avoid trouble anywhere, but Sharon argued that Mariah had a support system in Genoa City. Nick wished he'd gone to Portland with Sharon so that Mariah wouldn't have been able to manipulate her, but Sharon resented that he thought that she couldn't judge someone's character. Nick huffed that Mariah had no character at all, and he questioned what was to stop Mariah from inflicting pain again.

    Sharon informed Nick that Mariah had visited her in the hospital and had shown remorse, but Nick suspected that Mariah had been there to finish the job of pushing Sharon over the edge of sanity. He advised that investing in Mariah wasn't a good idea, and he didn't want Sharon to get hurt. Sharon pointed out that she'd handled the trip to Portland just fine, but Nick countered that Sharon had invited the woman who had terrorized her to stay with her. Sharon said that she didn't need his protection, and she requested that he simply love her instead. He wanted to do both, and they agreed that they didn't want to fight.

    As Sharon unpacked in the bedroom, Nick approached behind her, and they kissed and fell onto the bed. After they made love, Sharon gushed that she was lucky to have him in her life, and she realized that he could have written her off like a lot of people had written off Mariah. She thought that she could be a good influence on Mariah, and she'd suggested that Mariah start to rectify things by making amends with Tyler and Abby. Sharon thought that Mariah could turn her life around by making an honest living, and Nick inquired whether Mariah had any bartending experience. Sharon surmised that Nick wanted to hire Mariah to keep an eye on her, and she thought it was a wonderful idea, but Nick's scowl indicated that he felt otherwise.

    In the park, Abby tried to walk away when she spotted Tyler, but he said that they needed to talk. She barked that they had nothing to say, and he asked her to listen. She instructed him to talk fast, and he wondered why she'd given his ring back over something Nick had said. Abby clarified that she had ended their relationship because of Mariah, but Tyler contended that Mariah was long gone. Abby countered that she couldn't marry someone who had feelings for another woman, but Tyler swore that there was only one woman who he wanted to love forever, and he pulled Abby into a passionate kiss.

    Abby pulled away and said that she and Tyler were over, but he asserted that even though she'd returned his ring, they couldn't stop loving one another. She said that it took more than chemistry to make a marriage work, and he contended that they had love and commitment. Abby snapped that they didn't have trust because he hadn't been honest about still being in touch with Mariah, but he swore that he had been honest about his feelings, and Mariah was in the past. Abby referred to his trip to Portland, and she thought that Tyler was kidding himself if he believed that he could ever be free of Mariah.

    Tyler reminded Abby that in the park two months earlier, he had gotten down on one knee and had asked her to be his wife. He said that something had happened when he'd slipped the ring on her finger, and he had started a new life and had closed the door on the old one. Abby testily remarked that Mariah had the key to that door and that Mariah kept opening it, but Tyler insisted that only one beautiful, hard-headed woman was standing in the way of their future, and it was Abby.

    Abby started to leave, but Tyler grabbed her arm and said that he'd made a lot of mistakes, but the biggest one would be letting her walk away. He thought that she was putting up walls, and she replied that she needed them. She recalled that he'd laughed when she'd theorized that Mariah had been stalking them, but he'd been encouraging Mariah all along. Tyler swore that he'd repeatedly told Mariah that he loved Abby, and he thought that he and Abby were still good together. Abby wiped away tears as Mariah appeared behind Tyler.

    Abby asked if Tyler had known that Mariah was back in town, and Tyler replied that he hadn't seen or heard from Mariah since he'd left Portland. Mariah explained that she'd wanted to call Tyler when the charges had been dropped, but she'd thought it would be better to talk in person. Abby repeated that Tyler would never be free, but Tyler stressed that he didn't love Mariah or want her there, and he ordered Mariah to stop interfering in his life. Mariah announced that she owed them both an apology.

    Abby snarled that Mariah had gotten what she'd wanted, since Tyler was back on the market. Mariah sincerely said that she was sorry to hear that they'd called off the engagement, and Abby ranted that she wasn't willing to compete with a psycho. Mariah acknowledged that Tyler was completely in love with Abby and that Mariah had no chance of winning him back, and she admitted that she'd acted out to get attention. Mariah continued that it had taken getting hauled to prison to see how much trouble she'd caused for both herself and for Tyler, and she urged Abby to give him another chance. Abby asked what was in it for Mariah, and Mariah swore there was nothing, but Abby suspected that Mariah was working an angle, just like Mariah had with Sharon.

    Mariah conceded that everyone thought that she was a "self-serving bitch," but she had a conscience. Mariah called Tyler a good man who deserved to be happy with Abby, and Tyler pointed out that he had been. Mariah apologized for the part she'd played in the couple's problems, and she promised not to interfere anymore. She added that the rest was up to Abby, and she hoped that Abby made the right choice. Mariah departed, and Abby asked if she was supposed to just put the ring back on, since they had Mariah's blessing. Tyler asked if Abby wanted a life with him, and she confirmed that she did, but she wasn't ready to take his ring back.

    At the Chancellor mansion, Jill ordered a police officer to handcuff Colin, but Colin protested that the cop couldn't make an arrest without probable cause. Jill contended that Colin was a thief and a liar who had stolen her necklace when she had been out of the room, but he pointed out that there was no proof. The officer left, and Jill begged Colin to tell her where the necklace was, but he said that he didn't know. Jill surmised that $18 million had been too tempting for him to pass up, but Colin argued that they'd searched the house, and they hadn't found the necklace. Jill accused him of hiding it on himself, and she started to pat him down. Colin chuckled amorously as Lauren walked in and shielded her eyes.

    Lauren tried to make a quick exit, but Jill explained that they were hunting for the necklace in Katherine's portrait, since it had been the real treasure that Katherine had left behind. Colin added that the necklace had gone missing, but Jill huffed that her husband had stolen it. Colin swore that he hadn't taken the necklace, but Jill bitterly hoped that he got his money's worth. Jill suspected that Colin would pay off the people he owed and then disappear with the rest of the money to an island with no extradition treaty. Colin said that it would be an empty existence without Jill by his side, and he departed. A skeptical Lauren asked if Jill believed him.

    As Jill searched under the furniture, Lauren pondered whether there could be more to the music box itself, but Jill grumbled that the only mystery to solve was what Colin had done with the necklace. Jill said that she'd just had it appraised, but it hadn't been insured, and she expected that Colin would sell her inheritance for a fortune. Lauren blamed Jill for letting him back into her life, and Jill defended that he'd blackmailed her into marriage, but Lauren pointed out that Colin hadn't blackmailed Jill into falling in love. Lauren realized that Jill was diligently looking in the hope that Colin hadn't taken the necklace, and Jill tearfully admitted that she'd fallen for a terrible man. Lauren urged Jill to find happiness somewhere else.

    Colin met a man in the park and chided him for stealing the necklace too soon, since it hadn't even been insured yet, and they had no way to get paid. Colin demanded that the man hand it over, but the man said that he didn't have it. Colin suspected that his partner was angling for a bigger cut, and he threatened to turn the man over to the police for possessing his wife's stolen property. The man maintained that he wasn't playing Colin, and he divulged that he'd stopped by the mansion, but he'd left when he'd spotted the police car in front. The man suggested that perhaps Jill had beaten Colin to it and had grabbed the necklace herself.

    At Crimson Lights, Neil presented Hilary with breakfast, since she had been accustomed to having perks at the Athletic Club, but she replied that there were benefits to living with him, too. She said that she liked making home-cooked meals instead of always eating out, but he questioned whether she was trying to find a way to hide. She clarified that she was being sensitive to his kids' feelings, and he assured her that they had nothing to be ashamed of. Hilary insisted that she wasn't, but she wanted to be considerate, and she was glad that they weren't at the club, flaunting their relationship in front of his family.

    Matty suddenly called out for her grandpa and ran over to Neil, and Lily glared at Hilary. Neil asked where Charlie was, and Lily divulged that her son had poison ivy and was at home with Cane. Matty proclaimed that Lily had allowed her to play with Grandpa Colin, and Lily explained that Jill and Colin had watched the girl while Lily and Cane had taken Charlie to the hospital. Neil asked why they hadn't called him, and Lily cattily stated that she hadn't wanted to inconvenience Neil's roommate, but Hilary said that they would have been happy to take care of Matty.

    Devon limped in and informed Lily that he'd broken some toes while working out, and Neil was glad that Hilary had insisted on getting x-rays. Lily sarcastically noted that it was a shocker that Hilary had been present when someone in Lily's family had been hurt. Neil asked Hilary to take Matty to pick out some cookies, but Lily objected to Hilary having the opportunity to influence her daughter. Devon offered to tag along, and he and Hilary escorted Matty to the counter.

    Neil asked Lily to try to accept Hilary for his sake, and Lily recognized that he deserved to be happy. Lily explained that whenever she saw Hilary, all she could think about was how Hilary's manipulations had almost destroyed their family, and she didn't want someone like that around her children. Neil said that Hilary wasn't the same person, and Lily asked who Hilary was. Neil called Hilary compassionate and smart, and he said that she made him smile, which was worth its weight in gold. Lily said that his birthday present had made her smile, and she said that the purse was perfect.

    Hilary and Devon made suggestions to Matty about which cookies to choose, and Hilary reminded the girl that Hilary had been at the twins' last birthday party. Devon said that Hilary was Neil's new girlfriend, and Matty innocently asked if Hilary and Neil would get married. Hilary stammered that things were still new, and Devon sensed Hilary's discomfort and told Matty that she didn't have to ask about a wedding just because she wanted to dress up like a princess. Hilary thanked him for the save, and Devon advised her to give some thought to how she'd answer Matty's question, since he didn't want Neil to invest in a future that wouldn't happen.

    Neil stepped aside to take a call from Jabot's legal department, and Lily approached the counter. Hilary assured Lily that there was no need to worry, since Hilary hadn't even been able to persuade Matty to pick out a particular kind of cookie. Hilary understood that Lily wasn't happy, but she swore that she cared about Neil. Lily told Hilary to prove it by walking away, and Hilary admonished Lily for doing everything she could to keep Hilary out of Neil's life.

    Devon tried to intervene, but Hilary told Lily to stop trying force Neil to choose between the people he loved. Lily incredulously asked if Hilary thought that Neil was in love with her, and she insisted that it was impossible, since he still wasn't over Leslie. Neil returned and maintained that his and Hilary's relationship wasn't a rebound thing, and Lily testily counseled Neil to end things before Hilary ruined his life. Lily stalked off, and Neil asked if Hilary was okay. Hilary said yes, but she didn't think that Lily would be as long as Hilary and Neil were together.

    On the patio, Devon told Lily to take a breath and relax, and as she put the cookies into Matty's bag, she discovered Katherine's necklace. Lily scolded Devon for spoiling the children, but Devon said that he hadn't bought the piece for Matty. Lily told Matty to tell her where the girl had gotten the necklace, and Matty replied that she'd found it.

    Neil felt that all he did was apologize for his kids, but Hilary replied that they were allowed to have their opinions. He wished that Lily hadn't expressed hers publicly, and he assured Hilary that he wasn't still in love with Leslie. He turned the topic to an apartment that Hilary was about to view, and she revealed that she had considered canceling the appointment, since she couldn't beat her current digs. Neil said that he'd love to make their living arrangements more permanent, unless Hilary was only trying to prove something to Lily.

    Hilary explained that she'd had an epiphany after Lily had discounted Hilary and Neil's relationship, and she'd realized that she couldn't expect anyone to see their relationship as more than a rebound until she started to treat it that way. Neil swore that he didn't want to pressure her, but Hilary declared that she was ready for a commitment. Devon overheard.

    Colin returned home, and he asked if Jill had had any luck. Jill reported that the necklace was still missing, and she coolly asked if Colin had gone to visit his fence. He speculated that perhaps Esther had taken the necklace, but Jill said that it was tacky to blame the help. Colin reasoned that Esther had been the only other person in the room, but Jill recalled that Cane and Lily had stopped by. Lauren couldn't believe that Jill would point her finger at the Ashbys, and Colin sided with Lauren.

    Lauren grappled for a logical way the necklace could have disappeared, and Lily appeared in the doorway and announced that there was. Jill gasped when she saw the necklace around Matty's neck. Lily apologetically explained that Matty hadn't realized that it wasn't a toy, but they'd had a long talk about taking other people's things. Matty said that she was sorry, and a relieved Jill hugged her and said that it had been an innocent mistake. Colin offered his forgiveness, too, and Lauren left to return to the boutique.

    Lily and Matty followed Lauren out, and Colin asked if Jill had anything to say to him. She played dumb, but he pointed out that even young Matty had been able to admit when she'd been wrong. Jill conceded that she'd been wrong to wear the necklace when she hadn't insured it, but Colin said that she'd assassinated his character by attempting to have the cops arrest him. Jill confessed that she was ashamed that she'd immediately suspected and accused Colin, and they kissed.

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    Friday, June 6, 2014

    by Jenny Smith

    At the Athletic Club, Kelly spotted Jack at the bar, and he informed her that he'd headed straight there from the airport. She inquired whether there had been no meal service on his private jet, but he said that he wasn't there for food, and they kissed.

    In the foyer, Nikki warned Victoria to be careful as they descended the stairs, and Victoria remarked that she was sure that she'd get a clean bill of health later that day. Billy overheard and said that he'd like to accompany Victoria to her doctor's appointment, but Victoria told Billy that she planned to go alone, and she retreated to the dining room. Billy acknowledged that Nikki hadn't always approved of him, but he was sure that she knew how much he loved Victoria. Billy asked if Nikki knew whether Victoria had written him off for good and was ready to get a divorce. Nikki assured him that Victoria hadn't said anything to that effect, and she walked away. Billy departed.

    Nikki joined Victoria at a table, and Nikki said that Billy loved Victoria and that it was obvious from Victoria's reaction that she loved him, too. Nikki asked how Victoria felt about Stitch, and Victoria replied that she cared about him and trusted him. Victoria added that she thought Stitch was a good man, and Nikki agreed, but she thought that Victoria had gravitated toward him in an effort to avoid Billy. Victoria swore that she wasn't using Stitch, and she said that she had been honest with him about her confusion. Nikki wondered if Stitch had been honest if he had indicated that he was okay with it.

    Victoria pointed out that Stitch had just gotten divorced, so he was in no hurry to get serious, but Nikki argued that things could get serious quickly if the child turned out to be his. Nikki encouraged Victoria to sort out her own feelings before she found out the baby's paternity, and Victoria groaned when she spotted Jack and Kelly together. Victoria left for her doctor's appointment, and Jack introduced Kelly to Nikki as the new special events coordinator at the club. Nikki coolly said that she knew Kelly by reputation, and Jack awkwardly escorted Kelly away.

    Jack apologized for the tense situation, but Kelly said that Victoria's mother and Jack's daughter got a pass to dislike her. Jack insisted that Summer didn't hate Kelly, but Kelly clarified that Summer hated that Kelly was with him. Jack remarked that Summer had seemed upbeat lately, and he hoped that she'd found a way to channel her turmoil positively.

    At Crimson Lights, Stitch video-chatted with Max on his computer, and he asked how long the boy had been sick. Chelsea saw Stitch and flashed back to suggesting to Billy that they get in touch with Stitch's ex, and she overheard Stitch tell Jenna to take Max to the doctor if his cough didn't get better. Stitch told Jenna that he would call the next day, and he argued that he wouldn't wait a week to find out how his son was doing. After he turned away from the screen in frustration, Chelsea approached and said that she was sorry to hear that his son was sick, and Stitch testily asked why she cared. He quickly apologized, and he recognized that he shouldn't have been hard on her the other day.

    Chelsea conceded that it had been an emotional day for everyone, and she sympathized that it had to be difficult for Stitch to be far away from his son. Chelsea recalled how she'd felt when Chloe had taken Connor to Paris, and Stitch remarked that he wouldn't have minded that Jenna had changed Max's last name if he could see his son once in a while. Chelsea expressed surprise that Max didn't have Stitch's last name, and Stitch informed her that Jenna had changed it to her maiden name, Kieran. Chelsea commented that at least Sydney was a great place to raise kids, and Stitch replied that Jenna and Max were in Melbourne, but it might as well be Mars. Stitch stalked off, and Chelsea left a message for Billy, saying that she'd obtained some interesting information.

    Stitch greeted Victoria at the hospital, and she informed him that she had a checkup with Dr. Chipperton. He noted that she seemed agitated, and she assured him that she was fine physically, but she'd run into Billy at the club. Stitch recognized that there was still something between Billy and Victoria, and he appreciated her honesty. He said that he was willing to accept the way things were as long as he had a chance, and he asked Victoria to be honest with herself, even if she thought that the truth could hurt him. He inquired whether he still had a horse in the race or if her heart would always be with Billy.

    Victoria understood that it hadn't been fair to ask Stitch to stand by her when she couldn't make any promises, and he pointed out that he hadn't asked for any. She confided that she had feelings for him, and he said that it was no secret how he felt about her. She explained that a year earlier, she wouldn't have been able to predict where she'd ended up, and she couldn't tell him what things would look like a year from then. Victoria added that she couldn't help imagining how things might turn out, and she had pictured a future with Billy, but it had been based more on fantasy than reality. She continued that she'd also envisioned building a life with Stitch, and the more she got to know him, the more she thought it was possible.

    Later, a smiling Victoria emerged from the exam room, and Stitch asked how things had gone. She reported that both she and the baby were fine, and she showed him her first ultrasound photo. They both gazed at it lovingly.

    Billy stopped by the penthouse, and Chelsea informed him that while he'd been obsessing about Stitch's secret, she'd done something about it. Billy reported that he'd searched online for Jenna Rayburn in Australia, but Chelsea told him that he was looking for the wrong person, since he needed to find Jenna Kieran in Melbourne. She explained that she'd gotten it out of Stitch in casual conversation and that he hadn't even realized it. Billy prepared to look up a phone number, but Chelsea proudly informed him that she'd already found it. Billy was impressed.

    Chelsea thought that Billy deserved to be happy, and he said that happiness was a long way off, but he thanked her. Chelsea admitted that it had been kind of enjoyable to extract the information, and Billy asked if she missed her days as a con. She said that she felt blessed that she'd never have to worry about money again, but it had been a good feeling to get her mark to do what she'd wanted him to do. She crowed that she could use her powers for good rather than evil, and she urged Billy to call Jenna and get the information he needed. He contemplated how to cold call a stranger and get her to tell him everything about her ex. Chelsea prepared to tell him exactly what to say.

    Billy made the call, and he asked if he was speaking with Jenna Kieran. He pretended to be with a company offering a free credit report, and he began to ask questions about the people in the household and Jenna's employment status. Billy became flustered when Jenna asked for the company's web address, and she hung up on him. Chelsea chided Billy for hesitating to answer a simple question, and he defended that he wasn't a professional grifter. He regretted that he'd blown his chance, and Chelsea suggested that he talk to Jenna in person.

    Billy didn't think that he could handle things any better in person, but Chelsea argued that it was easier to hang up on him than it would be to turn him away once he had a foot in the door. She wondered where the cocky Billy Abbott that the world knew and loved had gone, and she encouraged him to get the lowdown on Stitch's past through his ex, but he had to ask the right questions in the right way. Billy said that she made it sound easy, but he didn't think it would be. Chelsea asked how badly he wanted Stitch out of Victoria's life, and he replied that it was enough to go to Australia, but he wanted Chelsea to go with him.

    At her apartment, Avery told Dylan over the phone that she loved him and would see him soon. She hung up and asked Austin to wrap up the shoot, since Dylan was on his way back from his trip. Austin half-heartedly replied that he'd do anything to make her life easier, and he pointedly added that he'd do what he needed to do quickly. Paul arrived with news about the police report Avery had filed regarding the disturbing online comments. Avery asked if the police had figured out who the poster was, and Paul said that they were working on it.

    Austin dropped some equipment and apologized, and Paul requested a few minutes alone with Avery. Austin left, and Paul reported that the social media site hadn't wanted to provide a name or address. He wasn't sure that he could get a warrant without probable cause, since the messages had been aggressive but not threatening. Avery contended that she'd be the first one to defend the right to privacy, but she hadn't wanted to wait until her life had been threatened. Paul said that his instincts told him that the poster wasn't a stranger but someone Avery knew who had an issue with her.

    Paul explained that the poster's tone and language implied that the person knew Avery, and words like justice and revenge made it sound like it was someone who was carrying a grudge. Paul asked whether she had enemies, and she replied that as an attorney, she'd probably ticked people off, but she couldn't think of anyone specific. Paul suggested that she make a list of the cases she'd lost, and she mentioned that Ian had indicated that perhaps she had a reason to feel guilty about something, but Paul didn't think that anonymous threats were Ian's style. She was irritated that Ian had gotten into her head, and she admitted that Ian had gotten her thinking that perhaps she had done something that she should feel guilty about.

    Summer found Austin sitting in the park, and she said she'd just been thinking about him, so seeing him was like a wish being granted. He said that he'd been taking a break, but he had to get back to work, and she suggested that she go with him. He objected because they were on a tight schedule, and she asked to see him afterward. He reminded her that he'd be leaving town when his job was done, but she argued that he had three more episodes to shoot. Austin pointedly stated that after that day, he'd have everything he needed from Avery.

    Summer assumed that Austin still had post-production work to do, but he said that he could take care of that elsewhere. She wondered if it would be the last time she'd see him, and he wished that things were different. She pointed out that he didn't have another job lined up, so he could stay, but he replied that he was in town for one reason, and it was almost over. Summer volunteered to give him another reason, and they kissed as Jack and Kelly strolled by.

    Jack greeted Summer, and he suggested that they have dinner that night, but she replied that she might have plans. Kelly awkwardly introduced herself to Austin, who said that he had a lot to do, and Summer said that she'd see him later. After Austin left, Jack remarked that Austin had seemed like a nice young man, and Kelly left to get some water to give Jack and Summer time alone. Jack peppered Summer with questions about Austin, and Summer gently scolded him for treating her like a kid, but he said that if Austin made her happy then it made him happy.

    Summer noticed that Jack was doing something with his jaw that he did when he was upset but trying not to show it, and he said that it was natural that he'd want to know that her suitor was good enough for her. Summer insisted that Austin was, and Jack asked if things were serious. Summer countered that it wasn't as serious as Jack and Kelly's relationship, and she assumed that Kelly had been the first person he'd called when he'd gotten off the plane. Jack tried to explain, but Summer asserted that he didn't have to, since she was an adult, and she suggested that they not weigh in on one another's relationships.

    Jack said that he just wanted Summer to be happy, and Kelly returned with bottled water for all of them. Jack proposed that they all have dinner together, but Summer said that she had to go, and she quickly departed. Jack wished that he could do things over, but Kelly thought that it was sweet of him to be a good dad to Summer. He said that he'd tried, and he hoped that seeing Austin was a good thing for Summer, but he had to trust his daughter's judgment.

    Dylan arrived at Victor's office, and Victor asked if his money had bought them information from Willa that would ensure that Ian got out of town and out of their lives. Dylan reported that Willa had left Idaho without a trace, and her phone had been disconnected. Dylan theorized that Ian had run Willa out of town, and he said that they had to find another way to get to Ian. Dylan returned the money that Victor had given him, but Victor told him to keep it because their work wasn't done yet.

    Dylan asked if Victor had another plan in mind, and Victor noted that Willa's disappearance said a lot about the information she had. Dylan said that he didn't know how to track her down, and Victor replied that he had people who could, but Willa had reached out to Dylan, so she would be most likely to talk to him. Dylan told Victor to keep his money until the investigators found Willa, but Victor thought that there was another way to deal with Ian. Victor cryptically suggested that if an opportunity presented itself to remove the incentive for Ian to stay in town, he'd appreciate it if Dylan took it.

    Dylan declared that he wasn't on retainer, but he'd be happy to pass along any information he uncovered. Nikki walked in, and Dylan said that he and Victor were done with their conversation. Dylan left, and Nikki remarked that the men had had a lot to discuss lately. Victor said that he and Dylan had something in common, and Nikki guessed that they both despised Ian and wanted him gone, but she refused to allow Victor to make it happen at Dylan's expense. Victor contended that Dylan had approached him and that Dylan could make his own decisions, but Nikki countered that Dylan could make the wrong decisions when blinded by rage, especially if someone else was egging him on.

    Victor said that he had no plans where Dylan was concerned, and he doubted that was why Nikki was there. She wanted to talk about the kiss they'd shared in her room, to clarify what it had meant and what it hadn't. She declared that it hadn't changed anything, since she wasn't ready to return home or forgive and forget how badly Victor had hurt Nick. Victor asked what it had meant, and she struggled for words. He crossed over to her and said that it had meant that she still loved him, and he surmised that she was there to try to convince herself otherwise.

    Nikki said that of course she loved Victor, but it was hard to be with him because the kiss had reminded her of everything they had. She admitted that they were a part of one another, and he questioned what she was doing by staying at a hotel. Nikki divulged that she and Victoria had run into Billy, and she'd been reminded of how much Billy and Victoria loved one another. Nikki continued that Billy and Victoria weren't apart because of lack of love but because of lack of trust. Victor called Billy a bum, and Nikki was astonished that Victor couldn't see the parallel. Nikki was certain that Victor could see that Billy truly loved Victoria, and Victor commented that love wasn't enough. "Exactly," Nikki replied.

    Paul went to Crimson Lights and mentioned to Dylan that he'd just visited Avery about the disturbing posts. Paul asked for Dylan's take, and Dylan asked when the police had gotten involved. Paul revealed that the messages had been getting more edgy, and Avery had filed a police report. Paul assured him that the police were on it and that Ian wasn't a suspect at that point. Dylan wondered who was, and Paul mentioned that a recent post had indicated that the writer had a grudge against Avery, but she hadn't been able to think of anyone it could be. Dylan replied that he could.

    Dylan explained that Avery had still been married when they'd started seeing one another, but Avery's ex-husband hadn't seemed like the Internet stalker type, so it was a long shot. Paul said that he'd look into it, and he told Dylan to let him know if he thought of anyone else. Paul left, and Dylan called Avery and asked why he'd heard about the police report from Paul. She reasoned that Dylan had been a thousand miles away, and he only would have gone crazy if he'd known. She suspected that he would have gone after Ian, but she didn't think Ian was the poster.

    Avery said that nothing had changed other than the posts having stronger language, but Nick had urged her to go to the police. There was a knock at her door, and she told Dylan to wait for her at the coffeehouse, but he rushed out. Avery invited Austin in and apologized for the interruption, and she revealed that the creepy poster had stepped it up a notch, so she'd gone to the authorities. Austin asked if the police were close to finding out who it was, and she said that they hadn't found the culprit yet, but Paul had been confident they would. Austin declared that there had been a change in plans.

    Austin told Avery that Marcus wanted some stills for website, and he had everything set up at his studio. She wanted to get to Dylan right away, and Austin said that his place was on the way to Crimson Lights, so he could take the shots there and then drop her off at the coffeehouse afterward.

    Over the phone at the police station, Paul assigned someone to investigate Joe Clark and to stay on the people at the social media site to try to uncover "4MJ's" identity. He mentioned that there had been no overt threat, but his gut told him that the person was dangerous. Meanwhile, a concerned Dylan arrived at Avery's empty apartment.

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