The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 9, 2014 on Y&R

Billy and Chelsea traveled to Australia to find Jenna. Dylan tackled a gun-wielding Austin to save Avery, and Paul was shot. Summer went on the run with Austin. Paul needed a liver transplant to survive, and Dylan learned that he and Paul shared the same rare blood type.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 9, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, June 9, 2014

At Avery's apartment, Dylan was surprised to find no one home because Avery had informed him that Austin would be taking publicity photos to promote her cooking segment. Dylan phoned Avery and left a message. He told her to return his call as soon as possible. Dylan heard the ringing of a phone. He picked up the ringing phone from a table and noticed Summer's number displayed as the calling party. Summer, who'd called Austin's number, was surprised when Dylan answered Austin's phone. Dylan told Summer that neither Austin nor Avery was where they were supposed to be.

At the police station, Paul enlisted Kevin's assistance. A judge, not believing that the threatening comments posted to Avery's blog posed a clear and present danger, had refused to issue a warrant allowing police detectives to access the blog's computer records. Kevin read aloud one of menacing comments claiming that justice was about to be served. Paul suggested contacting the website and requesting the identity of the person who'd registered the user name "4MJ." Paul said that like most anonymous commenters, he hoped that 4MJ would prove not to be more than an idle threat. Paul looked worried.

Paul explained that his law enforcement colleagues had already cleared Joe Clark, Avery's ex-husband, of involvement. Kevin asked about Ian Ward. Paul said he doubted that Ian was involved. Kevin noted that the website would likely refuse to share its users' personal information. Paul instructed Kevin to conduct research within the limits of the law. Dylan phoned Paul and reported that something strange was going on with Avery.

Lauren stopped by the police station and chatted with Kevin, who accused both Lauren and Michael of hovering over him too much. Kevin noted that Chloe had refused a delivery of flowers he'd sent to her at the treatment facility in California. Lauren suggested that Chloe just needed more time to recuperate. Kevin changed his tone and thanked Lauren for her concern. Lauren ran into Christine, and the two friends made plans to have coffee after Christine finished her meeting.

Later, Paul stopped by Avery's apartment. Dylan explained that no camera equipment had been present as he'd expected and that Austin had left behind his phone. Paul said that Dylan had no reason to be alarmed. Dylan again attempted to contact Avery by phone. When Paul later returned to the station with an anxious Dylan, Paul asked Kevin if the cooking show's website had released 4MJ's real name. Kevin said that they had not. Paul ordered Kevin to recheck every possible clue.

As Kevin busily tapped keys and studied his computer screen, Dylan cried, "Kevin, hurry!" Paul sent police officers to Avery's office and to her apartment to keep watch. Dylan, visibly upset, told Paul that as time passed and no one reported hearing from Avery, he was becoming increasingly concerned. Kevin interrupted and announced that he'd tracked down the IP address of user 4MJ and would soon be able to locate the mystery person who had been leaving threatening comments. Dylan seemed somewhat relieved.

Christine went to Crimson Lights to chat with Lauren. In a flashback, Christine recalled a conversation she and Paul had had just after their wedding about welcoming a baby. Lauren took two hot drinks to the table and asked Christine if she'd stopped by the police station earlier to announce to Paul that she was pregnant. Christine told Lauren that she was not pregnant. Christine said she and Paul would keep trying to conceive. Lauren advised Christine to relax. Christine said that she'd signed up to take yoga classes in hopes of "becoming more Zen." Lauren laughed.

Christine said that she'd spent her entire adult life, avoiding getting pregnant, but she desperately desired to have a child. Lauren recalled that Christine had never before spoken about wanting a family. Lauren advised Christine to thoughtfully consider her decision to have a baby. Christine explained that she was no longer solely focused on her career after marrying Paul. Christine added, "I just hope it's not too late."

Austin unlocked the door to his apartment. Avery walked inside the dark room and said, "This is where you want to shoot publicity stills? There's not much light in here." Avery suggested returning to her apartment. When Avery saw that Austin had set up a video camera, she knowingly stated that he had no plans to shoot publicity photos. Austin replied, "No. We're not. We're going to shoot a video."

Avery protested and said she was supposed to meet Dylan. Austin locked the exit door and began rambling about justice being swift. Avery realized that Austin was 4MJ. She said, "You know everything about me, don't you?" Austin said he did and that after he released his video, everyone else would know, too.

Austin flipped the switch on a bright light and yelled, "The confessions of Avery Bailey Clark -- take one." Avery reached for her phone when it rang, but Austin grabbed it and slid Avery's phone into his back pocket. Avery insisted that Austin let her out so she could meet up with Dylan as planned. Austin yelled, "You're not leaving until you confess to killing my mom!" Avery remained calm and insisted that she hadn't been involved with the death of Austin's mother.

Austin told Avery that his mother's name was Mary Jameson. He talked longingly about his late mother's devotion and love. Austin added that a man named Boz Foreman had shot and killed his mother after he'd been released from prison. Austin angrily pointed out that Avery had defended the criminal that had murdered his mother. Avery, referencing an earlier robbery, recalled that Mr. Foreman had had an alibi for the date and time that a store clerk had been murdered. Austin explained that a couple of years after being set free by Avery, Boz Foreman had robbed another convenience store and had shot an innocent bystander, Austin's mother.

Austin told Avery that he would set things straight. Austin didn't refute Avery's claim that he'd taken the job with the cooking show in order to exact revenge. Austin cried that Avery had never been aware of what Boz Foreman had done after being set free because she didn't care. Avery apologized, but Austin screamed, "You have to take responsibility for what you've done. I'm going to make sure that you're sent to prison." Avery apologized and cried, "You want justice for your mother. I can help you get that."

Austin yelled that he intended to make Avery pay for his mother's death. Avery, crying softly, told Austin that she couldn't make a confession about something she hadn't done. Austin said he intended to destroy Avery's life the way she'd destroyed his by posting her confession online. Austin added that Avery would lose her credibility and never again be able to defend a murderer. When Avery rushed toward the door, Austin threatened her with a handgun. He said, "You're not going anywhere."

Mariah stopped by Sharon's house and was surprised when Sharon announced that she'd found a job for the young woman at Nick's bar, called the Underground. Mariah said, "Nick hates my guts. Why would he want to give me a job?" Sharon claimed that Nick didn't hate Mariah. Sharon reminded Mariah of her promise to pay back the money she'd borrowed. Sharon said that Nick was giving Mariah a chance, so Mariah should give Nick a chance, too.

Sharon begged Mariah to accept the Newman family's help. Sharon said she didn't regret having Mariah in her life because the unfortunate set of circumstances the young woman had created also helped draw Sharon and Nick closer. Mariah sadly noted that Tyler had made it clear that he was no longer interested in her. Sharon told Mariah that playing tricks on someone was not the right way to win his or her love.

Summer stopped by the Underground to see Nick and mull over the problems with her romantic life. Summer told Nick that she'd been dating a guy that she thought liked her as much as she liked him. Summer noted that the young man had suddenly announced plans to leave town. Nick asked if the man had already moved away. Sounding hurt and confused, Summer admitted that she had no idea where he'd gone after her young suitor had left abruptly to meet with Avery.

Nick was taken aback when Summer said, "I just really need my dad." Nick asked if Jack was out of town. Summer replied, "I meant you." Summer added that Jack had become involved with Kelly Andrews. Summer explained that she would never give up hope for her mother's recovery. Nick said, "I wish there was something I could do to make this easier for you." Summer requested one of Nick's "supergirl" milkshakes. While Nick and Summer sipped milkshakes, Summer said that though she hadn't known the young man she'd been dating for long, she really liked him. Nick replied, "If he hurts you, he'll have to answer to me."

At Chancellor Park, Noah nuzzled with Courtney as the couple enjoyed gazing at the twinkling stars. Courtney suggested that the couple rush home to enjoy lovemaking before she reported for duty. Nick summoned Noah and asked him to meet at the Underground. When Noah and Courtney showed up at the Underground, they greeted Nick and Summer. Nick went to help Noah prepare soft drinks. Courtney joined Summer and noted that Nick and Summer seemed to have been discussing a serious topic. Summer explained that she'd been seeing a young man who'd suddenly announced plans to leave Genoa City.

When Sharon and Mariah arrived at the Underground, both Summer and Noah gasped in horror. Noah, glaring at Mariah, shouted, "What the hell is she doing here?" Both Summer and Noah insisted that the young woman, who'd accepted payment for impersonating Cassie, had no reason to be at the Underground. Nick announced that he'd hired Mariah to work for him. Noah became livid and said that Mariah didn't care about anyone and should be in jail.

Mariah explained to Noah that Sharon had helped clear the criminal charges. Sharon spoke up and said, "Give this poor girl a break!" Mariah, dumbfounded by Sharon's sincere defense, turned and gazed into Sharon's face. Noah cried that Mariah's impersonation of Cassie had been a sick and cruel act. Sharon insisted that Mariah regretted what she'd done.

Sharon pointed out that Mariah had never had supportive parents, so she had become an easy target for Victor to manipulate. Nick agreed with Sharon and told Noah that he should direct his anger at his grandfather. Summer agreed to forgive Mariah. Noah refused. Mariah assured Noah that she would be out of their lives after she earned enough money to pay back Sharon. Noah escorted Courtney to the door. Summer left, too.

Later, Noah approached Nick and quietly said he realized that his father had enlisted him to keep tabs on Mariah. Nick gave Mariah a uniform. Smiling, Sharon said, "This is great! Now you and Mariah can get to know each other." Noah replied, "I'm sure we will." Mariah thanked Nick and promised not to let him down. After Mariah stepped into an alcove, she angrily snapped the shirt, looked at the logo, and scowled.

After Courtney arrived for her shift at the police station, she helped Paul and Kevin track down the person they believed might be a threat to Avery. Courtney reported that none of Avery's acquaintances had heard from her and that neither of the police officers watching her apartment and office had spotted her. Kevin announced that he'd tracked down an unlisted number. Paul told Kevin to call the number, so they could detect which cell tower pinged the signal. When Kevin dialed the number, Austin's phone, still in Dylan's pocket, rang.

Noah caught up with Summer at Crimson Lights. Summer explained that she had too much going on in her own life to deal with Mariah. Noah said Courtney had mentioned that Summer had been dating a young man. Noah asked, "Is he good enough for my sister?" Summer insisted that her man friend was amazing, though Avery didn't seem to agree. Exasperated, Summer added, "Avery doesn't know him like I do."

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Billy thanked Chelsea for meeting him at Crimson Lights, and he asked if she'd considered going to Australia with him. Chelsea said that she'd done as much as she could and that she was staying out of it, and Billy questioned whether Goose would have abandoned Maverick. She rolled her eyes at the Top Gun reference and pointed out that Goose had died in the movie. Billy implored her not to let something silly keep her from helping him.

Chelsea said that she hadn't given up on Billy or his marriage, but she had a baby and a job to worry about. Billy pleaded that it would just be a few days, and she tried to use her meeting with the Forresters as an excuse, but he informed her that he'd already arranged for their flight to stop in Los Angeles on the way to Melbourne. He confessed that he'd checked her schedule, and he thought it was the perfect solution. He argued that she had to do it if there was any chance she could help, and he believed that getting information from Jenna would be easier if he could count on Chelsea's mad con artist skills.

Chelsea pondered what she'd have to gain by going to Australia, and Billy tried to tempt her with an all-expenses-paid trip, but she argued that she could pay for her own way if she wanted to go. He mentioned the exotic animals in the wild, but she countered that she didn't want anything wild. Billy chided her for choosing to have boring, lonely nights in the penthouse rather than living a life of her own, but she insisted that she wasn't bored or lonely. Billy said that Chelsea needed excitement and adventure, but she maintained that she was happy and satisfied with her life. He remarked that she was such a good con that she thought that she could con herself.

Chelsea cautioned that insulting her was a poor strategy, but Billy insisted that calling her a good con artist had been a compliment. He asserted that having her in his corner could make the difference between getting Victoria back and blowing things for good, and Chelsea acknowledged that she wanted Billy to be happy. He replied that he wanted her to be happy, too, and she conceded that a few things he'd said had made sense. Chelsea admitted that things had seemed claustrophobic and that she could use the time away for a few days.

Billy concluded that Chelsea wanted to get away from the memories, and he recognized that it was hard to go anywhere without associating things with Adam. Chelsea said that she was sorry that Adam had lied to Billy and that Adam had never taken responsibility for what he'd done, but Billy understood that she'd loved Adam. Chelsea didn't know if she'd ever resolve her feelings, but she couldn't forget about them because people constantly whispered about her being the rich widow of a hit-and-run driver. Billy pointed out that Australia was on the other side of world, and Adam wouldn't be there.

Billy thought that it would feel good for Chelsea to be her own person again, and he promised that helping him would guarantee her lifetimes of good karma. She said that she could use them, and Billy recognized that she still felt pain from losing Adam, since he'd felt the same pain since Delia's death. He said that he couldn't go through it again by losing Victoria to Stitch, and Chelsea reasoned that the con they were planning wasn't against the law. She called it a fact-finding mission, and she realized that he wouldn't let her say no, so she agreed to go.

Stitch munched a taco in the park, and Kelly surmised that he had sought out comfort food after his talk with Victoria. He remained silent, and Kelly realized that he hadn't told Victoria the truth. Stitch contended that it would have been a mistake, but Kelly assumed that he'd chickened out. Stitch said that he'd kept silent to protect Victoria, but Kelly accused him of protecting himself, since Victoria was tough enough to handle anything. Stitch replied that maybe the baby that Victoria was carrying wasn't strong enough.

Kelly thought that the news was incredible, and she imagined that Billy and Victoria were thrilled. Stitch hesitated to respond, and Kelly asked if anything was wrong with the baby, but he replied that it was nothing like that. Kelly realized that Stitch could be the father, and Stitch confirmed that they hadn't determined the baby's paternity yet. Stitch explained that Victoria had tried to keep it under wraps until she could have a paternity test, but the news had gotten out. Kelly lectured that the truth always did, and she understood that Stitch didn't want to risk the pregnancy, but she warned him that if the baby was his, he'd have to tell the truth to everyone.

Stitch vowed that he would take appropriate action if the baby was his, and Kelly asked whether he intended to wait until after the birth. He argued that the baby should be everyone's first priority, and he reminded her of her promise to keep quiet. She reiterated that she wouldn't spill his secret, but she also wouldn't lie to Jack. Stitch hoped that Jack's curiosity didn't get the better of him, and Kelly assured Stitch that the circumstances had been different when she'd told Jenna. Kelly explained that she'd been hurt and angry about losing Sam, and she'd lashed out at the person who had taken away someone else she'd loved very much.

Jack and Summer met for dinner at the Athletic Club, and she asked where Kelly was. Jack noted that they'd arrived early, and he was glad for the chance to catch up. He imagined that it had been difficult for Summer to meet Cassie's look-alike, and Summer reported that Mariah wasn't like Cassie at all. Jack hoped that dinner would pick up Summer's spirits, and he inquired whether the new guy in her life might join them. Summer clarified that Austin wasn't really her new guy, since he was leaving town, although she hadn't given up on convincing him to stick around for a while.

Summer said that she'd already tried to entice Austin to stay, and Jack asked where Austin was from. Summer didn't know, and Jack wondered what Summer and Austin had talked about. She divulged that they'd connected over their moms, but otherwise, Austin hadn't volunteered a lot of information. Jack commented that Phyllis would have known how to handle it, and Summer pictured Phyllis getting in Austin's face and demanding answers. Jack added that Phyllis would have trusted Summer to stand up for herself, and Summer decided to follow her own instincts, just like Phyllis had.

Kelly apologized for keeping Jack and Summer waiting, but Jack said that it had given them a chance to talk. Summer decided to take their talk to heart, and she requested a rain check. Summer hurriedly left, and Kelly worried that Summer still didn't approve of Kelly and Jack dating. Jack assured Kelly that Summer's departure was about Austin, since Summer had fallen fast and was distraught that he was leaving town, even though Summer didn't know much about Austin. Jack confided that he had a weird feeling, since Phyllis had trusted her instincts, and things often hadn't worked out very well.

Jack perused the menu, but he noticed that Kelly was preoccupied, and Kelly admitted that she'd been thinking about something she'd heard in the park. She imagined that Victoria's pregnancy was on Jack's mind, too, but she realized from Jack's stunned reaction that he hadn't known. Jack recounted that Billy and Victoria had been trying for over a year, and he assumed that Billy was ecstatic. Kelly thought that conflicted was a better word, since the baby might not be Billy's child. Jack asked who Kelly had heard the news from in the park, and she reluctantly confessed that she'd run into Stitch. Jack couldn't fathom why Stitch had told her before Jack's own brother had told him.

Jack recalled that Kelly had mentioned that she and Stitch had once been close but that they'd had a falling-out, and he wondered how they'd ended up having such a personal conversation. She downplayed it as simply talking, and she claimed that Stitch had probably just needed to get it off his chest. Kelly suggested that they forget about it and get back to talking about them, and she asked about Jack's day. He replied that the best part had been looking forward to dinner, and Kelly announced that she'd moved into her new apartment. She remarked that it would be a little unnerving to sleep in a new place for the first time, and Jack took her hand and asked if it would be easier if she had someone to keep her company.

Later, Kelly and Jack kissed on her bed, and he pulled back and said that he had been derelict in his duties, since he had to check the windows and doors and look for monsters. She laughed and said that she'd stopped believing in them years before, but he swore that they still existed. Kelly gushed that she didn't care because she had him there to protect her, and she'd never felt safer than she did right then. They resumed kissing and began to undress.

At the police station, the phone in Dylan's pocket rang when the police attempted to trace an unlisted number, and Dylan realized that Austin was "4MJ." Dylan ranted that Avery's stalker had been right in front of him and that Austin had had complete access to Avery, and he was convinced that Austin had taken her. Paul asked if Austin had ever threatened Avery, and Dylan replied that Austin had been smarter than that. Dylan pressured Kevin to find out where Austin lived, and Kevin fretted that he couldn't find an address anywhere, but he was trying to locate the closest cell phone tower that had received a signal from Austin's phone.

Courtney reported that the producer hadn't heard from Austin since the day before and that Austin had picked up his paychecks in person. Kevin announced the address that he'd found, and Dylan started to race out, but Paul declared it a police matter and forbade anyone from leaving. Paul instructed Detective Harding to get there right away and to have units on standby, and Kevin discovered that Austin had registered a recently purchased firearm. Dylan realized that the timing coincided with the start of Avery's cooking show, so Austin had planned it all along. Later, Kevin learned that Avery's cell phone had pinged off the same tower as Austin's, and Paul realized that Dylan had taken off.

At Austin's studio, a shaken Avery asked if the gun was necessary, and Austin barked that she'd made it necessary by refusing to do what he'd said. He instructed her to take her mark in front of the camera and to take responsibility for the death of his mother. Avery reasoned that she couldn't confess if Austin shot her, and she didn't believe that he would, but he countered that she'd believed the same thing about Boz Foreman. Avery insisted that Austin wasn't a killer, and Austin conceded that he hadn't been until Boz had gunned down his mom in cold blood. Austin blamed Avery for making it possible for it to happen.

Austin said that Avery could save herself, and she stated that he could do the same for himself, since he'd be facing serious charges if he pulled the trigger. She warned that the life he knew would be gone forever, and he snapped that he'd take his chances. Avery questioned whether Austin's mother would have wanted him to throw his life away, and she understood that he wanted to honor his mother, but it wasn't the way to do it. Avery urged Austin to put the gun away and to not turn one tragedy into two.

Austin said that Avery talked a good game, but he believed that lawyers played tricks to get what they wanted. He doubted that she would walk out the door and forget about it, and she gave him her word, but he spat that he knew how much that was worth. As Dylan sneaked in through a window, Austin rambled that a defense attorney would snap up his case for a buck and would argue that Austin had acted in grief, so he'd get off in no time. Avery conceded that the system was flawed, but it had also saved lives when justice had been served. Austin said that was all he was looking for, and Avery questioned how Austin was any different than the man who had killed Austin's mother. Austin raged that Avery had helped Boz to kill again, so she deserved to pay, and he pointed the gun at her.

Austin warned Avery that it was her last chance to save herself, and she stalled by suggesting a better way to avenge Austin's mother's death. Austin sarcastically asked if she'd bake him a pie, and she proposed that she make sure Boz never got parole, but Austin refused to stop as long as Avery was walking around free. She spotted Dylan, and she offered to confess if Austin let her go afterward. Austin complained that he was tired of all of her questions, and Dylan suddenly tackled him. The men struggled over the gun, and the police burst in and commanded that they drop the weapon. A shot rang out as Avery screamed.

Dylan pounded Austin's hand on the floor until Austin let go of the gun, and Harding yelled for Austin to stay on the ground. Avery raced into Dylan's arms, and Harding urgently radioed in a call that they had an officer down, since Paul had been shot. Austin ran out as Courtney chased him, and she shouted at him to freeze, but she fired at Austin as he escaped. Harding instructed Avery to get something to stop the bleeding, and he sternly requested immediate assistance via the police radio. Avery applied pressure to Paul's bullet wound as he lost consciousness.

Summer entered Avery's apartment and called out for Austin, and Courtney suddenly appeared with a gun and told her to freeze. Summer explained that she was there to see Austin, the guy she'd told Courtney about, and Courtney informed her that there was an APB was out for him. Courtney revealed that Austin had been stalking Avery, and Summer thought it was impossible, but Courtney informed her that Austin had kidnapped Avery at gunpoint and had shot Paul.

Summer worriedly asked where Avery was, and Courtney assured her that Avery was fine, since Dylan had gotten to Austin before anything could happen, but Austin had gotten away. Courtney added that she'd chased Austin after he'd shot Paul, and she'd thought that maybe Austin would return there for his phone. Courtney warned that it wasn't safe for Summer to be there, and she told Summer to leave.

Later, Austin gasped for breath in the park, and he called Summer, who had just arrived at Crimson Lights. He was relieved when she answered, and she testily asked where he was. He explained that he was calling from a burner phone, and she surmised that he'd prepared for a quick getaway. He said that he needed to see her, since she didn't know the whole story. Summer huffed that she knew all that she wanted to know, but Austin begged for her help.

At the hospital, Harding made a call to report that Paul had been rushed into surgery, and he said to keep him posted regarding any sign of Austin. Kevin arrived and asked what had happened, and Harding grumbled that Dylan shouldn't have been there, since Dylan and Austin had been wrestling over the gun when it had gone off, and the bullet had hit Paul. Kevin wanted to go after Austin, but Harding glared at Dylan and growled that there was more than one person to blame. Avery and Dylan approached Stitch, who said that he hadn't thought that Paul would make it, but he was about to head to the operating room to assist.

Dylan insisted that Avery get checked out, and he added that he could stand losing anyone else but her. He said that he'd kept thinking about the things he'd meant to say, like the times he'd awakened in the middle of the night, confused about where he'd been, and he'd been able to breathe again when he'd heard her sigh in her sleep because he'd known that he'd been home. He declared that she was his home, and she replied that he was hers, too. He promised that he wasn't going anywhere, and she credited him for making sure that she wouldn't be, either. She thanked him for finding her, and he murmured, "I always will." They held one another close.

Kevin called Michael and asked for his help to find Christine, and Courtney arrived and divulged that Austin had gotten away, but she'd clipped his shoulder with a shot. Dylan asked what the police's plan of action was, and he wanted to make sure that Avery was protected. Dylan demanded more than just Harding's word, but Harding replied that it was all he had to give. Stitch emerged from the operating room and reported that the bullet had done some damage to Paul's liver, but the bleeding had stopped. He continued that Paul was in recovery and would soon be transferred to the ICU.

Avery suspected that they'd be there for a while, and she suggested that she get everyone coffee. Harding told Avery to go to the station to give her statement, and Dylan objected, but Harding barked that Dylan had caused enough trouble. Harding said that the bullet Paul had taken was on Dylan's head, since Paul had told Dylan to stay put, but Dylan had run off. Dylan argued that the police hadn't been doing "a damn thing," and Harding ranted that Dylan could have gotten people killed.

Dylan maintained that he'd had to do something, but Harding held him responsible for whatever happened to Paul. The group anxiously watched as medical personnel wheeled an unconscious Paul out of the operating room.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dylan stared at Paul, who was still unconscious in his room in Genoa City Memorial's Intensive Care Unit. He turned and made eye contact with Detective Harding. The two men glared at each other. Dylan called Avery, who had just given a statement at the police station, and told her that there wasn't any reason for her to return to the hospital -- that she should return home and try to get some rest.

Nearby, Lauren entered the ICU and asked Michael how Paul was doing. Michael told her that there hadn't been any change. Lauren informed Michael that she had gotten in touch with Christine and that Christine was heading back to Genoa City. Michael asked Dylan how Avery was doing, and Dylan said that she was exhausted after giving a statement to the police. He wondered aloud why Avery couldn't have given her statement the following day. Harding overheard Dylan's remark, became angry, and asked Dylan why he was still there. Dylan told the detective that he wanted to see if Paul was going to pull through.

Harding told the Baldwins that Dylan was the reason that Paul had been shot -- Dylan had just had to rush in and "play the hero." Really worked up, Harding got into Dylan's face and told him to leave. The hostility between Dylan and Harding was obvious, and Michael had to keep the men from a physical altercation. Suddenly, one of the alarms hooked up to Paul began beeping, and there was quite a bit of commotion -- the medical professionals hurried to Paul's side.

Later, Michael, who had been allowed in Paul's room, rejoined the others, who were anxiously awaiting word on Paul's condition. Michael told them that the alarm had been Paul's blood pressure monitor -- Paul's pressure readings were "all over the place." He had lost so much blood that he was having trouble maintaining his pressure. The doctors had told Michael that at that point "anything could happen," and that they were especially worried about the damage to Paul's liver.

Dylan wondered how a non-family member like Michael had been able to get so much information on Paul's condition. Michael joked that he was Paul's next of kin while Christine was out of town and that he had left messages for Paul's real family -- Father Todd, his brother Steve -- and he had even gotten a message to Patty's psychiatrist so that he could figure out the best way to tell Patty if Paul didn't make it. Harding walked by and said that of course "the chief" was going to make it.

When Dylan agreed with Harding, Harding became angry again and said, "You'd better pray he does." Again, Michael separated the men. Harding told Dylan that he had been summoned back to the station -- but "this isn't over." After Harding stormed out, Lauren tried to calm Dylan down by telling him that they were all very tense. Dylan blamed himself, telling Lauren that he had rushed in to rescue Avery without really having any plan. Michael smiled at Dylan, telling him that he had done it for the woman he loved.

Nikki took Johnny to the Newman ranch. She was surprised to see Victor there - she'd thought that he was out of town. Victor told her that there had been a change of plans. Nikki said that she had decided to give Victoria the night off and treat Johnny to a sleepover. Victor said he was pleased that Nikki had decided to take the boy to the ranch -- he said that was where Nikki belonged.

Later, Victor told Johnny that he had taught Victoria how to ride when Victoria had been a little girl. They looked through photos of Victoria's first lesson. Victor and Nikki reminisced about how excited their daughter had been. Nikki looked at a Newman family photo, and Victor, staring at his wife, wondered if she wished she could turn back the hands of time. Nikki warned him not to read too much into her visit.

Later, as Victor tucked Johnny in, Nikki played the piano. Victor stood listening from the top of the stairs then walked down and told her how much he loved to hear her play. He joined her at the piano as she resumed playing. She stopped, and they stared into each other's eyes as he told her how empty the house felt without her. Nikki told him that he was the most unpredictable, frustrating, challenging man she had ever known. He said, "You love it," as he began to kiss her.

Victor and Nikki continued to kiss passionately, and Victor asked her to join him in the bedroom. As they were about to go upstairs, someone rang the doorbell. Victor opened the door to Dylan, who frantically said that he needed to speak to Nikki. Nikki joined them at the door and asked Dylan what was wrong. Dylan told the stunned couple that Paul had been shot.

Inside the house, Dylan told Nikki and Victor that Paul was in extremely critical condition. A frantic Nikki said that she had to go to the hospital and left. After she was gone, Dylan told Victor that there was more to the story -- that Avery had been kidnapped but was okay and that Dylan needed to go to see her. Victor asked him to stay -- he had something to say to Dylan.

Victor told Dylan that he appreciated that he had taken time out of his day to tell Nikki about Paul. Dylan said that he knew Nikki and Paul were close friends, and he hadn't wanted her to hear about the shooting on the news. Victor thought that was very nice of Dylan said that he wanted Dylan to know that he'd had a very difficult time accepting Dylan as Nikki's son. Victor realized that Dylan had been very good to her and for her -- and he appreciated that. The men shook hands. After Dylan left, Victor poured himself a drink.

Nikki showed up at the hospital and stared at Paul through the window in his room. She began breaking down, and Michael led her away from the window. Nikki said that Christine had to be out of her mind with worry. Michael told her that Christine had been out of town but was returning to Genoa City.

Lauren grabbed the doctor as he left Paul's room and asked him if there had been any improvement. The doctor hesitated, but Michael told him that they were all relatives. The doctor told Nikki and the Baldwins that Paul's liver had been severely damaged and that he had lost nearly half of his blood volume. He added that they might have to do another surgery. Lauren asked if he would survive another surgery -- the doctor replied that they were doing everything they could. Nikki got permission to enter Paul's room.

In Paul's room, a very weepy Nikki began talking to him and held his hand. She implored him to pull through, because she needed him. Christine arrived and stared through the window as Nikki comforted Paul. Nikki told Paul that she wasn't the only one who needed him -- that everyone loved him very much.

Christine entered the room. Nikki appeared happy that Christine had been able to make a timely return. Christine said that she hadn't been able to believe it when Lauren had told her what had happened. Nikki told her that Paul was strong. After something of an awkward silence, Nikki left. Christine began sobbing and sat by Paul's bedside. She kissed her husband's hand and told him not to go anywhere -- she needed him to stay with her because they had a family to make.

Outside the room, Lauren said that she didn't know what she would do if Paul died. Michael tried to reassure her, telling her that Paul would survive. Lauren told Michael that Paul and Christine were in a happy place -- they had been trying to have a baby.

The doctor entered the room, and Christine introduced herself. She asked the doctor what he could tell her about Paul's condition. He said that he was afraid the news wasn't good.

Through the window, Lauren, Michael, and Nikki saw Christine nearly collapsing as the doctor told her how grave Paul's condition was.

In the park, an upset and confused Summer told Austin that she couldn't believe that he had shot the chief of police. Austin insisted that wasn't how it had happened. Summer wondered why Austin had held her Aunt Avery hostage. In utter frustration, she yelled out, "Who are you? You're a complete stranger." Austin begged for a chance to explain. Summer took out her phone and said that she was going to call the police. Austin pleaded with her not to -- he said that he needed her.

Austin told Summer the story of what had happened to his mother -- that Avery had acted as defense counsel for Boz Foreman in a murder trial and that Foreman had been set free -- only to murder Austin's mother a few years later. Austin said that he had just wanted Avery to confess and take the blame for his mother's death.

Summer said that she understood what Austin had done -- and that she felt much better. Austin apologized for having involved Summer in the situation. He said that she had been a real friend -- he had told her things that he had never spoken about with anyone. Austin told Summer that she seemed to really care -- and that feeling went both ways. She said that he couldn't hold people at gunpoint because life was unfair -- but she knew why he had kidnapped Avery.

Austin told her that she needed to go -- that he would figure it out. She wondered where he was planning to go, and he admitted that he didn't know. He said that getting Avery to confess and getting justice for his mother was all that had mattered. As police sirens wail around them, Austin said that he had to go. She told him to wait. After Austin said that he couldn't wait, they kissed. Summer noticed that he was bleeding.

Jack and Kelly were cuddling after having just "christened" Kelly's bed in her new apartment. Jack received a phone call from Detective Harding -- he informed Jack that they were looking for Summer. The concerned Jack said, "Why?" Harding filled Jack in on all that had happened.

Jack and Kelly quickly dressed. He told Kelly that he had tried calling Summer, but it had gone straight to voicemail. Jack was about to head out to look for Summer, and Kelly insisted on going with him. She knew that she wasn't Summer's favorite person, but all that mattered was that Summer turned up unharmed.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Kelly were unsuccessful in locating Summer. Jack lamented that he had a grown daughter and didn't know anything about her. He said that he wished he had a trusting relationship with her. He wondered if Summer was ignoring his calls... because the alternative "frightened the hell" out of him. Kelly asked Jack if he was afraid that Summer was with Austin. Jack said that Austin had been dangerous before -- but the danger might have turned into desperation. Kelly tried to assuage Jack's guilt. Jack said that there was someone who knew Summer much better than he did.

At the Underground, Sharon and Nick watched Mariah work her first shift behind the bar. Sharon thought that Mariah was doing quite well. When Nick saw Mariah at the cash register, he rushed over and told her that she should focus on delivering drinks. Mariah told Nick that it was obvious that he didn't trust her.

Sharon wondered how Mariah was supposed to do her job if she wasn't able to use the cash register. Nick voiced his suspicions about Mariah -- after all, she had just been in jail for stealing. Sharon told Nick that Mariah needed a chance to prove herself. Nick said that Mariah would have that chance.

Later, as Nick taught Mariah how the receipts were sorted, she admitted that she hadn't been gracious when he had offered her the job. She thought that she had gotten the job so that Nick could keep an eye on her in order to protect Sharon. Mariah thought that was "awesome" of Nick and told him that she wanted to pay Sharon back for bailing her out of Mariah's felonious situation in Portland, and she realized that she had been cruel to Sharon. Nick hoped that what she said was true, as Sharon had been hurt enough.

Neil and Hilary were at the Underground. She wondered if he had taken her to the bar because it had a youthful vibe. Neil said that he had taken her there because he and Nick shared similar tastes in music -- not because of the young crowd. Hilary wondered if her and Neil's age difference meant more to him than he was saying.

Neil said that the difference in their ages was just another element of their relationship -- that they were both passionate about life and about each other. They laughed as Neil said they were only a "few" years apart. He said that age was just a number and wondered if the age difference was bothering her. Hilary told Neil that he should know how much she cared about him. Neil's phone rang -- it was Rick Forrester calling from Los Angeles, and as the phone continued to ring, Hilary reminded him that he should take the call. Not able to hear Rick in the noisy club, Neil went to the lobby where it was quieter.

With Neil gone from the table, Sharon thought it would be the perfect opportunity to say hello to Hilary. The women were excited to see one another. Sharon thought that the bar was a strange place to hold a business meeting. Hilary admitted that it was a date -- that she and Neil were not only seeing one another but that she had moved in with him. Sharon was pleasantly shocked and congratulated her.

Hilary said that it had been "quite a process" trying to get Neil's family to adjust. Sharon empathized with Hilary feeling as if she were the unpopular choice. Neil, finished with his phone call, eavesdropped as Sharon told Hilary that it didn't matter what other people thought of her -- what mattered was what Hilary thought and whether she was sure that Neil was the man for her.

Neil rejoined Hilary as Sharon left. He told Hilary that the following day was Fathers' Day -- he would have Moses for the day. He wanted Hilary to join them, but she resisted, saying that the child was at an impressionable age, and she didn't want to complicate things on what was supposed to be a nice holiday. Neil said that Sophia knew that Hilary was living with Neil and was okay with Moses visiting.

Hilary was concerned about shutting out Devon and Lily if she spent Fathers' Day with Neil. Neil said that Devon would never miss Fathers' Day. If Lily was planning on boycotting Fathers' Day, that was Lily's choice. The couple smiled at each other and kissed.

Jack and Kelly showed up at the Underground and told a livid Nick that it was possible that Summer was being held hostage by Austin. As Jack, Kelly, and Nick continued their conversation, Mariah asked Sharon if Summer was the "blonde bombshell" who had been there earlier that day. Mariah told Sharon that she thought that Nick -- not Jack -- was Summer's father.

Sharon said that it was a long, complicated story -- Jack was actually Summer's biological father. Nick had kept that secret to himself for many years until something had happened and Nick had been forced to reveal Summer's true paternity. Mariah asked who Summer's mother was -- and Sharon said that Phyllis was Summer's mother -- the same Phyllis who was in a coma and who knew Sharon's "secret."

Later, Nick told Jack that he had tried all of Summer's friends and that no one knew where she was. Nick was concerned that Austin might have her, but Jack said they didn't know whether or not that was the case. Nick said, "Are you kidding me? This guy threatened Avery, and he's the reason Paul is in the hospital. Summer is vulnerable, and she'll believe every word that Austin says."

Jack told Nick that Summer was a bright, strong woman like Phyllis. Nick said that she still made a lot of mistakes -- for example, the pill overdose that had nearly killed her. Jack and Nick went back and forth arguing until Jack said that they both loved her and wanted her safe. Nick asked Jack if he had ever met Austin. Jack said that he and Kelly had met Austin but didn't know what he was capable of.

Nick began leaving the bar. Jack asked him where he was going and Nick replied, "Anywhere. To find my daughter." Kelly interrupted and said that they were going about things the wrong way.

Kelly told Jack and Nick that she could imagine that Summer and Austin might be together, but she couldn't imagine Austin taking Summer hostage. Kelly said that she and Jack had seen Austin and Summer at the park, and they'd seemed to really care about each other. Nick told Kelly that was a very nice thought, but he didn't want Austin near Summer. Jack agreed. Nick started to leave for the park. Jack said that if anyone could get through to Summer, it would be Nick, suggested that Nick try calling Summer again -- she might pick up.

In the park, as the police approached, Summer told Austin that he needs help. Summer's phone rang -- it was Nick. She ignored the call. Nick left a voicemail telling her that he was with Jack and Sharon, and they were all a little worried. He reminded Summer that she could talk to him about anything -- no questions, no judgment. He just wanted to know that she was okay.

In the park, Summer begged Austin to follow her, and she would take care of him. They walked off. Nick continued, "Please Supergirl, come home."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A distracted Stitch entered the Athletic Club, and Victoria called out to him and asked if he was okay. He replied that it had been a rough morning, and she said that she'd heard about Paul, but she wondered what else was wrong. She spotted a Father's Day poster and guessed that it was difficult for him not to be with his son. He revealed that Jenna had let him talk to Max, but it had only made him miss Max more. Victoria tenderly touched his arm, and he remarked that it would be the last Father's Day that he'd spend without his own child.

Stitch recognized that Victoria's baby might be Billy's, and Victoria replied that she'd been trying to make Stitch feel better, not worse. He said that seeing her always made him feel better, and he promised to man up if the baby wasn't his. Victoria suddenly appeared to get woozy, and Stitch worried whether she was all right. She blamed it on exercising on an empty stomach, and he recommended a personal trainer who worked specifically with expectant mothers. Victoria reminded him that she had been pregnant before, and she inquired whether he had been protective of Jenna during her pregnancy.

Stitch recalled that he'd arranged a videoconference every day to give his ex advice, and Victoria imagined that Jenna had found it sweet and annoying, just like Victoria did. Victoria wondered why Jenna had ended their marriage and had kept him away from his son, but he suggested that they focus on happy talk to keep Victoria calm. She understood that he wanted to drop the subject, and he urged her to put herself and the baby first.

In the dining room, Lily and the twins wished Cane a happy Father's Day, and he announced that his father was there, too. Charlie and Matty ran into Colin's arms, and Cane asked Lily if she was okay with Colin being there. She reasoned that Jill would keep Colin in check, but Cane mentioned that Jill was helping Lauren at the boutique. Colin declared that it was an honor to be included, and Charlie asked if Cane and Colin had spent Father's Day together in Australia. Cane replied that they had, but Colin added that they hadn't celebrated it together for a long time.

Devon hugged Lily hello, and when Neil appeared, Devon quipped that they'd need a bigger table. Cane explained that he'd invited Colin and Neil so that all the fathers in their family could celebrate the day together. Colin made origami animals for the kids, and Matty asked where he'd learned how to do it. Colin told a story about how salespeople in Australia asked for paper butterflies and rocket ships instead of money, and the twins laughed. Colin explained that he'd had too much time on his hands, and he spun another tale about being a lion tamer in the circus, but there had been no lions in Australia.

Neil noticed that Lily was carrying the purse he'd given her, and she called it the perfect gift and peace offering. She offered to make peace for the day when his girlfriend arrived, but Neil said that Hilary wouldn't be there because she hadn't wanted to intrude. Neil clarified that he wanted Hilary to attend family events in the future and that Lily would have to accept it. Devon advised Lily to let her anger toward Hilary go for a day, and Lily agreed to have a fun Father's Day brunch.

Moses ran in, followed by Hilary, and Neil was surprised to see her. Hilary explained that Sofia had dropped off Moses early, so she'd decided to take him to Neil, and Lily grumbled that Hilary didn't have to stay, but Moses called Hilary "the nanny" and declared that he wanted her to stay. Hilary reported that Sofia had mistaken her for the nanny before Sofia had realized that Hilary was Neil's girlfriend, and Lily snarled that it made sense, since anyone would think it was weird that Neil and Hilary were together. Devon pointed out that Sofia simply hadn't met Hilary before, and Lily curtly told Hilary not to let them keep her from leaving.

Neil invited Hilary to stay, and Moses handed Hilary some cookies. Cane crossed over to Devon and remarked that he wasn't sure whether it was more telling when Devon took shots at Hilary or when Devon defended her. Devon proclaimed that he was over her, especially since he'd overheard her tell Neil that she was ready for a commitment. Devon hoped that Neil didn't get hurt, but Cane remained convinced that Devon still had feelings for Hilary.

Colin said that his tricks were nothing compared to Matty's, since she'd made a diamond necklace disappear, and Cane and Lily explained the innocent theft to the group. Lily questioned whether Neil had considered how his relationship with Hilary might affect his youngest child, and Neil chided Lily for attacking Hilary. Lily asserted that she was just being honest, since Moses was about to start kindergarten in the fall, and she cautioned that some parents would talk about how Neil and Hilary were living in sin. Lily continued that Moses had asked about Leslie, and she feared that Moses would be confused when he found out that his father was sleeping with the woman Moses thought was the nanny.

At Crimson Lights, Kelly read a newspaper article about Paul's shooting, and Billy appeared behind her and said that he couldn't believe that the shooter had been working for Avery. Kelly mentioned that the article hadn't said anything about Summer, and Billy concluded that Kelly and Jack were still involved. Kelly reported that Summer had sent a text message to Jack to wish him a happy Father's Day, but Billy didn't think it was possible for Jack to celebrate when his daughter was missing. Billy added that he'd help Jack look for Summer, but he was about to leave for Australia. Kelly assumed that it was a business trip, but Billy referred to it as a rescue mission.

Billy confided that he intended to get information from Stitch's ex-wife and to tell Victoria about Stitch's secret before it was too late. Kelly revealed that she was aware that Victoria was pregnant and that the baby's paternity hadn't been determined, and she suspected that it was an emotional day for both Billy and Stitch. Billy said that the difference was that Stitch was hiding something that could threaten Victoria's happiness, and he vowed to shield Victoria from a guy who could cause her pain. Kelly warned that Victoria would be hurt when she found out about Billy's mission, and Billy pointed out that Kelly could save him a long flight if she just told him what she knew about Stitch, but she balked. Billy pledged to get enough ammunition to get Stitch out of Victoria and the baby's lives, and he left.

Kelly gazed forlornly at a photo of Sam, and Stitch arrived and asked if she'd talked to Sam's father that day. She said that it would be too painful to talk to her ex on Father's Day, even if they had kept in touch, and Stitch said that it killed him that he could only talk to Max via video. He added that he wasn't asking for sympathy, and Kelly replied that she wouldn't give him any. He started to walk away, but Kelly called after him and informed him that Billy had just been there, and Billy had told her that he was going to track down Stitch's ex.

Kelly divulged that Billy wanted to convince Jenna to tell him what Stitch had done. Stitch implied that Kelly had told Billy where to find Jenna, and Kelly admonished him for accusing her when she hadn't even needed to tell him about Billy's quest. Stitch asked why she had told him, and she recalled that she'd been right to warn him that someone would stumble across the truth. She thought that he should have told Victoria, and he defended that he hadn't wanted to risk upsetting Victoria, but Kelly anticipated how Victoria would be affected when Billy blindsided her with what Stitch had done.

Stitch said that he'd thought that he'd had more time, and Kelly flatly stated that he didn't. He wondered why she hadn't spared Billy the airfare by telling him the truth herself, and Kelly pointed out that she still could, but she remembered a time when she and Stitch hadn't fought. Kelly gave Stitch one last chance to be the one to tell Victoria everything, and she cautioned that Victoria would hate Stitch if she found out the truth from Billy. Stitch mused that he'd seen things in battle and the emergency room, but he'd never been as afraid as he was to tell Victoria the truth. Kelly told him that he would once again lose everything if he kept living a lie.

Kelly arrived at the Athletic Club with Father's Day balloons, and Lily gushed that they were booked solid with reservations. Kelly was glad for the chance to make people happy, and she handed out the balloons to the kids. Hilary prepared to leave, but she insisted that she wasn't upset about what Lily had said, and she credited Devon with trying hard to be nice. She added that Father's Day wasn't her thing, but she wanted Neil to have fun with his family, and he wished that she'd stick around. He observed that Moses seemed taken with her, but Hilary didn't want to make things tougher for Lily. Hilary recognized that no matter what Lily thought about her, Lily loved Neil.

Lily glared at Neil and Hilary and hoped that Kelly's relationship with her own dad was better than Lily and Neil's. Kelly wished that she still had a dad around to be mad at, but Father's Day was an occasion she tried to forget. Lily remarked that it had always been one of her favorite days, but she wasn't sure whether things could ever go back to the way they had been before Hilary had entered Neil's life.

Lily marveled at the affection the twins showed Devon, and Colin remarked that it was easy to love someone with a gazillion dollars. Charlie asked if Devon had a girlfriend, and Matty chirped that Devon should be a daddy, too, but Charlie said that Devon needed a girlfriend first. Colin said that it had been a wonderful day, and Cane called it the best Father's Day ever. Colin thanked Lily for including him, and he said that he'd had a blast with the kids. Lily acknowledged that it had made Cane happy, and that was all she cared about. She wondered where Neil was, since she wanted to give him something.

In the foyer, Hilary told Neil that Lily had just been honest, and Neil was about to have a little boy in kindergarten, but the world was not a kind place. Hilary added that she didn't want to confuse Moses or cause the boy embarrassment, and Neil agreed, but he found it ironic that Lily had shown him the right thing to do. Hilary assumed that Neil was breaking up with her, and she said that there was no explanation necessary, since she'd predicted that Lily would have the last word.

Hilary murmured that she'd thought that she and Neil were good for one another, but she refused to make him choose between her and his family. He stopped her from leaving, and he said that she was right. He explained that Lily had helped him to make up his mind about something, but it hadn't been about breaking things off. He declared that he'd decided to follow his heart and ask Hilary to do what was best for his family and for them -- marry him.

Billy apologized to Victoria for stopping by the house early, but Victoria understood that a little boy needed to be with his dad on Father's Day. She said that she'd just put Johnny down for a nap, since he'd spent the night at the ranch. Billy reminded Victoria that he was available to watch Johnny anytime, and Victoria said that Johnny needed a dose of his dad that day. Billy commented that he was glad to spend some of the day with Johnny, since he was about to go out of town on business for a few days. Victoria asked what kind of business.

Billy claimed that part of his job was looking for new investments, and Victoria commented that she liked when he took chances to make things better. He noted that one of the things that had messed them up had been him taking risks, and he knew that he hadn't made it easy for her to trust him. He said that the trip would prove who she could trust, and she questioned the timing. He recognized that it was his first Father's Day without Delia, and he admitted that he'd avoided places where he might have seen dads with their little girls. Victoria went to get Johnny, and she wished Billy a happy Father's Day.

Billy and Johnny played with blocks, and Billy recalled when he'd built houses with Brock. He said that he'd had a dream of building houses for families, but he'd forgotten about that dream, and he'd spent a lot of time knocking blocks down when he should have been building them up. Billy vowed to become that man again and to be the father he was supposed to be, and he appreciated the gift of spending precious time together. Billy told Johnny that he was going to be gone for a little while, but when he got back, he hoped that he could make up for all the blocks he'd knocked down, and they could rebuild them together. Victoria was clearly touched, and Billy said that he'd be thinking about her, Johnny, and the baby. He swore that he'd win her back, and he departed.

At the penthouse, Chelsea gazed at a framed photo of Connor and said that she'd miss him, and she thanked Anita for carrying her suitcase down the stairs. Chelsea wanted to make room to take the photo with her, and Anita said that she didn't mind looking after Connor, but she didn't understand why Chelsea was dropping everything and taking off. As Chelsea folded some lingerie, Anita thought that she understood too well, but Chelsea explained that it wouldn't be a romantic getaway.

Anita pointed out that she'd overlooked Adam's flaws and seen his other qualities, and Chelsea surmised that Anita meant Adam's bank account. Anita noted that Billy had his own finer points, but Chelsea contended that she didn't need Billy's money. Anita couldn't fathom a reason why Chelsea would fly around the world with someone else's husband if she weren't in it for money or sex. Chelsea said that she was going to Australia to help Billy repair his marriage, since she owed him for what he'd done for Connor.

Chelsea added that Adam had taken Delia's life, and Delia's death had inevitably ruined Billy's marriage. Anita argued that it was all on Adam, and Chelsea wished that Adam were still there. Chelsea noted that it would have been Adam's first Father's Day as a dad, and Anita surmised that was why Chelsea wanted to get away. Anita inquired what would happen when Chelsea returned, and Chelsea remarked that Adam would still be gone. Meanwhile, the mysterious man watched video surveillance of Connor and checked an online calendar, which indicated that it was Father's Day.

Billy arrived at the penthouse, and Anita informed him that Chelsea was packing a swimsuit. Billy noted that it would be cold and that they'd be busy, but Anita stated that they never knew where their search would lead them. Chelsea told Billy to ignore Anita, and the women hugged goodbye. Anita wished Billy luck and pointedly said that she meant it in every possible way, and she left. Chelsea told Billy to check his wallet, since Anita had taught Chelsea the skills he was counting on. Billy offered to send Anita roses once he got the inside information, and Chelsea wanted to say one last goodbye to Connor. Billy went upstairs with her.

Chelsea cooed over Connor, and she asked Billy to watch the baby for a moment while she got something from downstairs. Billy picked up Connor and complimented his eyes, and he assured the tot that his mom would be right back. The man watching the surveillance footage made a fist and slammed his laptop shut. Billy and Chelsea prepared to leave, and he suggested that on the long flight, they discuss how to get Jenna to talk. Chelsea announced that she'd figured it out already, and she'd tell him her plan on the way.

Victoria found Stitch at her door, and she said that she'd thought she'd convinced him not to worry. She assured him that she'd eaten and taken her vitamins, and he was glad, but he informed her that he wasn't there to check up on her. She worried that something had happened with Paul, but Stitch spotted the blocks and surmised that Billy had been there. Victoria mentioned that Billy had stopped by before leaving on business for a few days, and Stitch asked if that was what Billy had told her. She queried whether Stitch knew differently.

Victoria wondered if Billy had been lying, and Stitch asked where Billy had told her he was going. She replied that Billy was traveling to Australia on business, and Stitch informed her that the part about business wasn't true. She asked what the trip was really about.

Friday, June 13, 2014

At the Underground, Nick told someone on the phone to call him if the person heard from Summer. Jack reported that the police had discovered that Summer had used her ATM card near the park, but there had been no sign of her car. Nick relayed that Noah, Fen, and Kyle hadn't heard from her, but Victor had people out looking for her. Nick speculated that maybe she wanted time alone to think, and Jack suspected that she wasn't thinking logically. From a motel, Summer sent a text message to Nick and Jack, saying that she was all right and that she loved them both.

Nick fretted that Summer wasn't answering his calls, and he assumed that she'd turned off her phone. A police officer stopped by, and Jack asserted that Summer was with Austin of her own volition. Nick recognized that Summer might be with the man who'd shot the police chief, but he insisted that she was innocent. The cop said that they were looking for Austin, but they needed to know if someone was helping Austin. The officer instructed Jack and Nick to contact the authorities if they received any more messages, and he left.

Nick wanted to do something more than wait, and Jack remarked that it had been his first Father's Day as Summer's dad. Nick showed Jack a Father's Day mug that Summer had made years before, and Jack thought that it was pretty special. Nick wished that Summer had had a chance to live her life after everything she'd been through, and he couldn't imagine how she'd become involved with a stalker. Jack wondered if Austin had forced her to send the text messages, but Nick believed that Summer wanted to be with Austin, and he worried that perhaps she'd been looking for a reason to leave town.

Jack asked why Summer would want to leave, and Nick replied that she'd been torn up ever since Jack had started dating Kelly, since it was like Jack admitting that Phyllis would never recover. Jack incredulously inquired whether Nick thought it was Jack's fault that Summer had taken off, and Nick said that he wasn't blaming anyone, but he noted that Summer had run away over less. Jack huffed that it wasn't the time to play games about who had hurt Summer the most, and Nick said that he hated that he'd also hurt her. Jack acknowledged that they'd both hurt Summer, and he hoped that she made it back to give them a chance to make it up to her.

Nick grumbled that the situation seemed familiar, and Jack realized that he was referring to Lily and Daniel. Nick recalled that he'd unfairly blamed Daniel for Cassie's death, but they knew that Austin had shot Paul. Jack pointed out that Austin wasn't a hardened criminal, but Nick worried that Austin could still be dangerous. Jack didn't believe that shooting Paul had been part of Austin's plan, and he tried to picture what kids that age would do if they faced being separated. Jack knowingly stated that he knew what he'd do, and Nick surmised that Summer and Austin planned to run to Canada.

At the motel, Austin emerged from the shower in a towel, and he asked Summer if the bed had been comfortable. She figured that it had been better than the chair he'd slept in, and she helped him bandage the wound on his shoulder. Austin remarked that other people wouldn't have done what she had, but Summer understood that his wounds went deeper than his bullet injury. She conceded that kidnapping Avery had been wrong, but she didn't think that he was awful or terrifying. He said that maybe he wasn't the person she thought he was, but she replied, "Maybe you are." They kissed.

Austin pulled back and said that it wasn't a good idea, and Summer asked if he didn't want to kiss her. He responded that they had to check out, but she informed him that she'd paid extra to stay longer. He said that they couldn't pretend that they were on a date, and while he wanted to stay and kiss her, he had to get to the border. He anticipated that he would run away and that she would return home, but she said that it didn't have to be like that.

Austin got dressed, and Summer helped him put on his shirt. She asked why he'd backed away, and he said that he had to say goodbye forever. She suggested that he go back with her, but he said that he was as good as dead if he did, and she insisted that Paul's shooting had been an accident. Summer added that Avery would be the first person to defend him, but he snarled that Avery had defended his mother's killer. Summer wanted to help, but Austin said that she couldn't, since no one would forgive him or understand, and he prayed that no one ever found him. Summer refused to let him go without her.

Summer explained that she'd wanted to leave many times, and it had always been to run away, but this time, she felt like she was running toward something. Austin warned that she was running from a normal life, but she argued that she'd never had a normal life, and saying goodbye to him wouldn't make things normal. She whined that her mom wouldn't wake up and that she'd hurt her dads whenever she spent time with one rather than the other, so she just sat alone in an apartment where no one ever returned home. Summer added that when she was with Austin, she didn't feel guilty for laughing or for making mistakes.

Summer realized that things had happened fast between her and Austin, but she was sure of how she felt. Austin admitted that he felt it, too, and she declared that they had every reason to start a new life together. Austin murmured that it was incredible to be with Summer, but he had to go, and she couldn't join him. She reiterated that she'd given him all the reasons she could go with him, and she kissed him passionately. He repeated that her first time should be special, and she replied that it would be because it would be with him. She asked if he wanted her, and she began to take off his shirt. They kissed and fell onto the bed.

At Crimson Lights, Avery couldn't stop thinking about what she should have done differently when Austin had held her at gunpoint. Dylan regretted that he'd wasted time by thinking that Ian had been her stalker, and she reasoned that Austin had seemed decent and normal, so there had been no way of knowing. She lamented that Paul was in the ICU, and Dylan said that it was all on him, since he'd reacted before he'd thought a plan through. Avery couldn't get past the fact that she'd helped a man capable of murder to go free, and she contended that Austin had seen her as the person responsible for his mother's death, so she was equally to blame.

Avery reiterated that she'd been convinced that Boz Foreman had been innocent, but he'd killed a woman after he'd been set free. Dylan asserted that Avery couldn't be held responsible for the entire chain of events, but she sympathized that Austin was just a traumatized kid. She wailed that things had gotten out of control and that a good man was in the ICU, and Dylan told her to stop and be grateful that Austin hadn't hurt her. Dylan added that he needed her to be safe, since he needed her unlike he'd ever needed anyone or anything, and he couldn't lose her.

Dylan said that it wouldn't help Paul for Avery to blame herself, and she pointed out that Dylan had been doing the same thing. He suggested that they rely on prayers and good thoughts, and Avery called Paul a good man and a good friend to Nikki. Dylan remarked that he never would have found out that Nikki was his mother without Paul's help, and he and Avery left to go to the hospital together.

At the hospital, a weepy Christine told an unconscious Paul that he'd done great through two surgeries, but he had to heal and get stronger. She said that she'd called his family, and Heather was in Mumbai at an art show, but she knew it would mean a lot to Heather if he opened his eyes. Nikki peered in through the window, and she stopped a doctor and inquired about Paul's condition. The doctor wouldn't reveal any information because she wasn't family, and Christine emerged from Paul's room and mentioned that the doctor on call had told her that there had been no more alarms or coding. Christine asked if that meant that Paul would be fine, and the doctor replied that he couldn't say that. Christine panicked that she was going to lose her husband.

The doctor explained that they'd done damage control on Paul's liver, and he advised Christine to keep the visitors to a minimum. She said that she'd update Paul's friends by phone, and she thanked the doctor. Nikki assured Christine that the doctor had a sterling reputation and that he was just being professional by not making any promises. Nikki encouraged Christine to get some rest and food while Nikki stayed there, and Christine snapped that she was Paul's wife, so Nikki could go.

Christine sat at Paul's bedside and said that it had taken them a long time to finally get it right, and she wouldn't give up on him or the idea of adding to their family. She sobbed that he had to use his strong and stubborn qualities, since they had many years ahead, perhaps with a daughter or a son. Christine cried that she didn't want to lose a single moment that she still had with him.

Victoria wondered what Stitch thought was Billy's reason for going to Australia, and Stitch reminded her that Stitch's ex-wife was there. Stitch revealed that he'd heard from Kelly that Billy was going to talk to Jenna to dig up dirt on Stitch, and Victoria ranted that Billy had confided in the woman who had damaged their marriage. Stitch urged Victoria not to stress out, but Victoria angrily recalled that Billy had sincerely promised to do whatever it took to save their marriage, and she was upset about how he'd decided to fix their problems. Stitch pointed out that Billy was desperate, and Victoria wondered exactly what Billy would learn about Stitch.

Stitch said that Billy wanted to find out why Jenna had taken off, and Victoria barked that Billy had no right to judge other people's marriages after he'd lied and cheated. Victoria was disgusted that Billy intended to exploit something painful, and she contended that Stitch had a right to privacy. She was sure that Stitch would tell her the whole story when he was ready, and Stitch was grateful that she hadn't pushed, despite having every reason to ask. Victoria maintained that she knew what kind of man Stitch was, and she was insulted that Billy had second-guessed her judgment. She testily compared Billy's actions to something Victor would do, but Stitch cut her off and asked her to hear him out.

The doorbell rang, and Victoria invited Nikki in as Stitch took a phone call. Victoria asked how Paul was doing, and Nikki said that she'd just been at the hospital, but she apologized for interrupting. Stitch said that he was needed on emergency duty, and Nikki asked if it had anything to do with Paul, but Stitch said that he didn't know. Stitch took off, and Nikki cried that with Paul in the ICU and Summer missing, things couldn't be worse. Victoria assured her that they'd find Summer and that Paul would survive, but Nikki wailed that the doctor hadn't been able to promise anything, and neither could Victoria.

Nikki said that other than Casey, she'd known Paul longer than anyone else, and he'd been a loyal friend for many years. Victoria remarked that he had been even more at times, and Nikki fondly recalled the crazy things she and Paul had done as teens. Victoria said that Nikki and Paul loved each other and that they shared an unbreakable bond, and Nikki marveled that they'd been able to stay friends even after they'd broken their engagement. Nikki praised Paul for keeping her secret about Dylan and for helping her find her son, and she tearfully contemplated how she could repay him if he didn't wake up. Victoria encouraged Nikki to pray and to be positive and brave, just like Paul was. Victoria implored Nikki to go to the hospital if that was where she wanted to be.

Victoria couldn't believe that Christine had kicked Nikki out, and Nikki said that usually Christine was calm and controlled, but Christine's husband was fighting for his life. Victoria imagined all the emotions Christine was feeling, and she thought about how Billy had pushed her away after Delia had died. Victoria recalled that she had taken it personally and had stayed away, but it had ended up creating more space than she'd ever anticipated. Nikki said that she'd never been close to Christine, but Victoria said that Nikki and Paul were, and she advised Nikki not to stay away for anyone's sake.

At the hospital, Stitch left a message for Jenna to warn her that someone was on the way to find her to ask questions, and he begged her not to say anything. A doctor told him to get off the phone and to get to work, and he asked Stitch to put Paul on the liver transplant list. Christine overheard, and she worriedly asked Stitch if that was Paul's only hope.

Avery and Dylan arrived to find out how Paul was doing, and Dylan asked if he could get Christine anything. Christine shook her head, and she dazedly said that Paul needed a liver transplant and that the timing was crucial. Dylan guiltily recounted that he hadn't followed Paul's orders to stay at the police station, but Christine was certain that Paul would have done exactly what Dylan had, and she assured Dylan that it wasn't his fault. Stitch announced that there were no liver matches in the hospital database, and he disclosed that Paul had a rare blood type. Christine wondered if Heather's records were in the hospital's system, and Stitch went to check to see if Heather could be a potential match.

Later, Stitch reported that Heather's blood type wasn't a match, and Avery hopefully stated that there was still time to search for one. Christine went to the chapel to pray for someone to save her husband, and Avery asked Stitch if there really was still time. Nikki arrived and asked what was going on, and Dylan informed her that Paul needed a liver transplant. Dylan asked about Paul's siblings, and Nikki and Avery offered to make calls to people who might volunteer to be tested. Stitch said that a donor would need to have Paul's rare blood type, AB-negative. A stunned Dylan revealed that he had the same blood type, and Nikki gushed that Dylan could save Paul's life.

On the plane, Chelsea told Billy that she'd grabbed a framed photo of Connor before she'd left, and she remarked that her son already looked different from when the photo had been taken a couple of months earlier. She imagined what Connor would look like when she got back, and Billy asked if he had been a jerk to ask her to join him on the trip. She said that he'd practically begged, but she could handle the trip if it could help get Billy and Victoria back together. He considered their game plan when they landed, and he wondered what Stitch had done to make Jenna move halfway around the world. Chelsea said if that if anyone could make Jenna talk, it was her, and she would find a way to do it.

Chelsea said that before she'd become a bartender, she'd had a collection of fake identification for a bunch of different professions. She suggested that Billy pose as a census taker, since Jenna was a transplant and wouldn't know what an official badge looked like. Billy argued that Jenna knew what Australian people sounded like, and he couldn't pull off the accent. Billy groused that Stitch was playing the saint, but he knew better, and he had to protect Victoria.

Billy envisioned following Jenna to the park and initiating a conversation about their kids, but he realized that he'd seem creepy without a kid. Chelsea was confident that a con and a gambler would figure something out, but Billy couldn't face the prospect of having to knock on the door of his former home and to ask Stitch if he could spend time with Johnny. Chelsea vowed not to let that happen, and she said that Adam had set Billy's troubles into motion, so she was determined to get Jenna to talk.

Later, Chelsea appeared to be asleep, and Billy apologized for being a jerk by putting her in the middle of his problems. He mused that he thought that she was wonderful for leaving Connor to help him get Victoria back, and he recounted that Victoria had saved him when she'd reached out to him on New Year's Eve. Billy said that Chelsea thought that people only saw her as Adam's widow, but he thought that she was a "hell of a person" to have on his side, and he thought that if anyone could help him, she could. He curled up to get some rest, too, and Chelsea opened her eyes and smiled.

In Australia, Billy and Chelsea hovered in an apartment building corridor, and he questioned whether they'd put together the right plan. Chelsea reasoned that everyone loved television, and she knocked on a door. A woman answered, and Billy asked if she was Jenna Kieran. Billy and Chelsea claimed that they were filming a documentary on American expatriates and that they'd obtained Jenna's information from the consulate.

A skeptical Jenna asked to see identification, and Billy and Chelsea handed her business cards from a production company. Jenna found the visit bizarre, and Billy commented that it was nice to meet someone who didn't want to become a star overnight. He complimented Jenna's cheekbones, and she was flattered, but she said that they didn't need to sell her. Billy suggested that Jenna listen to their pitch and then kick them out if she decided not to do the show, and she invited them in.

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