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Hilary accepted Neil's proposal. Devon told Hilary that she'd be better off with him. Summer lost her virginity to Austin. Dylan learned that he wasn't a viable liver donor. Dylan overheard Nikki tell an unconscious Paul that Dylan was his son.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 16, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, June 16, 2014

At Jenna's apartment in Australia, Chelsea and Billy, wearing disguises and using fake names, pretended to be producers of a documentary about expatriates living abroad. Jenna was apprehensive, but Billy said that viewers would be interested in knowing why she'd chosen to move with her young son to Australia. Chelsea assured Jenna that she could participate anonymously. Billy went to the kitchen and pretended to use Jenna's phone while Chelsea chatted with Jenna. In the kitchen alone, Billy rifled through Jenna's drawers and cabinets.

Chelsea asked Jenna if her six-year-old son, Max, was enjoying living in the land of koalas and kangaroos. Jenna, uneasy, suddenly announced that she needed to pick up Max at school. Chelsea distracted Jenna by mentioning her plan to raise her own son, Connor, in Paris. Billy was listening from the kitchen and seemed saddened when Chelsea explained that her dreams for her own family had changed abruptly when her husband had died. Jenna admitted that Max's father wasn't dead, but she added that sometimes she thought it might have been better if he had died.

Billy listened closely as Chelsea threw out guesses about why Jenna might have left her husband. Jenna remained vague, but she said that her husband hadn't cheated on her or abused her. Jenna again told Billy and Chelsea that she needed to pick up Max at school. After Billy and Chelsea left Jenna's apartment, Chelsea told Billy that she could get Jenna to talk about whatever Stitch didn't want anyone to know. Before Jenna left, she noticed three missed phone calls from Stitch.

At the hospital, Nikki, Dylan, Avery, and Victoria learned from Stitch that Paul desperately needed a liver transplant. Nikki insisted that she and other members of her family be tested after Paul's daughter, Heather, proved to be incompatible. Dylan stepped forward and offered to be the donor when Stitch mentioned that Paul's blood type was AB negative. Nikki cried, "Dylan, you could save Paul's life! We've had a compatible donor here the whole time."

Stitch said that if further tests showed that Dylan was a compatible donor, it would be Paul's best chance of pulling through. Nikki sobbed softly when she peered through the window at Paul, who remained unconscious and connected to tubes. Victoria comforted her distraught mother.

Later, Leslie stopped by the hospital to check on Paul. Nikki and Avery told Leslie that Dylan might be able to donate part of his liver to save Paul. Victoria escorted her mother to a quiet place in the waiting room to rest. Leslie said that the producer of Avery's cooking show should have better screened Austin, the show's camera operator. Avery noted that her producer had had no way of knowing that Austin and Avery had shared a past connection.

Leslie listened as Avery explained that long before, she'd cleared a man named Boz Foreman of robbing a convenience store. Avery added that later, Foreman had robbed another store and, during committal of that crime, had shot and killed Austin's mother. Leslie said she was thankful Avery hadn't been harmed. Avery told Leslie that after Dylan and Paul had shown up at Austin's apartment, Paul had been wounded by when Austin had fired a gun. Avery noted that Summer had fled with Austin. Avery blamed herself, but Leslie assured her friend that she had acted in good faith at the time.

After Leslie left, Victoria offered comfort to her mother by encouraging her to think only of a positive outcome for Paul. Near the nurses' station, Stitch told Dylan that he'd also need to undergo psychological exams before being approved to donate an organ. Dylan, anxious, asked how long it could take. Stitch asked if Dylan's impatience might be tied to Sully's untimely death on the battlefield. Dylan explained that he would do whatever was necessary in order to save Paul's life.

Dylan returned to the waiting room. He and told Nikki, Avery, and Victoria that it would take at least a day to confirm whether or not he was a suitable donor. Nikki thanked Dylan. Victoria said, "I can't believe that you and Paul have the same blood type because AB negative is so rare." Dylan noted that Ian's DNA might end up saving Paul's life. Nikki seemed somewhat relieved.

At Nick's nightclub, both Jack and Nick were engaged in phone calls, enlisting others to help search for Summer. Jack later told Nick he believed that Austin and Summer were likely headed to Canada. Nick agreed and said that Victor had hired a team of investigators to search for the couple. Jack headed to the police station. Sharon arrived and comforted Nick. Though Summer had sent Nick a text message stating that she was all right, Nick said he wouldn't believe it until he could see Summer with his own eyes.

Sharon told Nick that Summer was lucky to have him for a father. Nick replied, "I'm not her dad. Jack is. If I hadn't lied about that paternity test, Summer's life wouldn't have been turned upside-down last year." Nick mentioned Summer's recent near-death experience. Nick added that he'd also wrongly blamed Jack. Sharon said that Nick was not to blame. Nick cried that only he was to blame for all that had happened to Summer. Sharon offered to always be a sounding board for Nick, and she asked him to move in with her. Nick agreed.

When Jack arrived at the police station, Detective Harding explained that police were reviewing surveillance footage recorded at the bus station where Summer's car had been found. Jack said that both he and Nick believed that Summer and Austin were headed to Canada. Jack also noted that police should check the Abbott cabin. Frustrated, Detective Harding noted he and his officers were leaving no stone unturned in their extensive search for Austin Travers. Jack seemed impatient.

Jack stopped by the hospital and was saddened to learn that Paul needed a liver donor. Nikki said that Christine was praying in the chapel. Nikki added that prayers might be answered if Dylan, who had the same rare blood type as Paul, proved to be a suitable donor. Jack said he needed to ask Avery some questions about Austin Travers.

Avery was unable to supply answers to Jack's queries. Jack said he was desperate to find his daughter. Nikki said she hoped Jack didn't intend to hinder the police. Dylan echoed Nikki's warning. Jack said he couldn't stand not knowing what was going on.

While Nikki kept watch outside the door leading into Paul's hospital room, Victoria phoned Billy. She left a message denouncing Billy's scheme to dig up dirt on Stitch through Stitch's ex-wife. Jack overheard. Victoria told Jack that Kelly knew about Billy traveling to Australia to query Stitch's ex-wife. Jack noted that Kelly and Stitch had once been close. Jack agreed that Billy was acting foolishly. Jack added that Billy was concerned and only wanted to protect Victoria from Stitch's secret. Victoria said that whatever Stitch was hiding could never hurt her as much as Billy already had.

Stitch approached Nikki, and the two discussed Victoria. Nikki said that Stitch had complicated Victoria's life. Stitch didn't offer to back out of his relationship with Victoria. Nikki told Stitch that whatever the outcome of the paternity test Victoria awaited on the baby she was carrying, it would be very difficult for Victoria to walk away from her relationship with Billy. Nikki left Stitch, so he could think about what she'd told him.

Nikki went into Paul's room. Paul remained unconscious. Nikki said she thought it was wonderful that Paul and Christine planned to have a family. Nikki thanked Paul for giving her a second chance with Dylan. Nikki added, "Because of Dylan, you're going to get a second chance. Dylan has the same blood type as you!" In a flashback, Nikki remembered Paul kissing her and telling her that she was the only woman he'd ever cared for. After her flashback ended, Nikki seemed lost in thought as she lovingly caressed Paul's hand.

At a motel, Summer snuggled with Austin in bed after making love for the first time. Summer said she planned on running away to Canada with Austin. He discouraged the plan and reminded Summer that she had family in Genoa City. Summer insisted, so Austin told her they should head out as soon as possible. Summer went to take a quick shower.

After Summer left the room, Austin turned on the television and learned that police were searching for him. Austin also learned that Paul was in critical condition at the hospital. When Summer later emerged from the bathroom, she discovered that Austin was gone. When Summer answered a knock at the door, she was confronted by police officers.

After Jack listened to a message from police, he told Victoria that Summer had been found. Victoria appeared to be reeling after learning about Billy's plan to question Jenna. Jack assured Victoria that Chelsea would look after Billy. Victoria was puzzled about the reason for Chelsea's involvement. Stitch overheard Jack tell Victoria that a friend at the airline had confirmed that Chelsea and Billy had traveled to Australia together. Victoria seemed dismayed.

At Crimson Lights, Ian bumped into Mariah and was surprised to see her back from Portland. Mariah explained that Sharon had shelled out a great deal of money to settle Mariah's legal problems. Mariah admitted that Sharon's generosity puzzled her, though Mariah added that she was grateful. Lowering his voice, Ian advised Mariah to steer clear of him, so no one might get the wrong idea about their connection. Mariah seemed taken aback by Ian's suggestion.

Ian listened intently when Mariah said that Sharon had paid her bail and had flown her back to Genoa City. Mariah added that Sharon had also convinced Nick to hire her at his nightclub. Ian said, "You might be able to get a lot more out of her than that!" Mariah said that she didn't feel right about approaching Sharon for additional help. Ian explained that Sharon was still grieving over the loss of Cassie.

Mariah seemed to let down her guard when Ian added, "Sharon's desperately trying to recapture the connection that only exits between a mother and her child." Mariah admitted that she had enjoyed having someone to care for her. Mariah agreed to consider Ian's suggestion. Ian said, "Getting closer to Sharon could be good for both of you, but if things don't work out, you'll always have a place in my family." Mariah nodded warily.

Ian began chatting with Leslie when she stopped by the coffeehouse. Leslie said, "Since you are no longer my client, we have nothing to catch up on. In fact, if we never spoke again, it would suit me just fine." Ian claimed that at one time, he and Leslie had seemed very close. Ian mentioned what had happened to Avery and Paul. Ian added that he wasn't responsible for the threatening messages sent to Avery, so the public should consider him to be an upstanding citizen. Leslie replied, "Lying really is like breathing to you, isn't it?" After Leslie turned away, Ian flashed an ominous smile.

After leaving the hospital, Dylan and Avery went to Crimson Lights. Leslie asked Dylan about the transplant. Dylan said he was waiting for final test results. Ian approached Avery and said he hoped she might change her opinion of him after discovering that he wasn't behind the threatening messages. Dylan angrily confronted Ian and said, "The only thing that has changed is that some good may come out of your miserable existence. Your blood type makes me a compatible organ donor for Paul Williams."

Later alone at a table, Ian recalled a past encounter with Dylan. In a flashback, Ian remembered the day Dylan had threatened him and attacked him. Ian had remembered saying, "If you kill me, you'll never know!" Nearby, Avery, Leslie, and Dylan discussed Paul's medical options. Dylan said, "Only one percent of the population is AB negative. That's why I have to do this. I am Paul's best chance." Avery mentioned Paul's two brothers who might be a match. Dylan replied, "But I already am!" Leslie excused herself and walked away.

Avery tried to discuss her misgivings about Dylan rushing ahead with his decision without weighing the risks. Ian eavesdropped on Dylan and Avery's conversation. Dylan remained adamant about helping Paul. Leslie quietly approached Ian and said, "He's going to figure it out, you know." Ian replied, "That's when the real fun begins."

Nick stopped by the police station after police reported finding Summer. Detective Harding said that Summer had been located at a motel near the Canadian border, alone. Nick phoned Summer from the police station and told her that Austin was in a lot of trouble. Summer insisted that what had happened had been an accident. Nick added that Summer might also be in trouble with police.

Nick insisted that Summer tell him where Austin had gone. While Nick was questioning Summer, Austin walked into the station. Nick pushed Austin against a wall. Detective Harding intervened. Over the phone, Summer heard Austin turn himself in. Detective Harding arrested Austin and placed him in handcuffs. Summer became distraught.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Cane covered Lily's eyes, and in a bad French accent, he suggested that he take her to Paris, where they could drink champagne and make love all night long. He suggested that they leave immediately, since Paul's shooting had made him not want to wait to live their lives. Lily pointed out that they had to make arrangements for the kids and the club, but Cane suspected that Lily's reluctance to leave was because of Hilary and Neil. Cane planted kisses that led up Lily's arm, and he insisted that life was too short to let Neil's choices get in their way.

Cane acknowledged that Lily had acted out of love and concern, and Lily questioned whether he expected her to forget about what Hilary had done. Lily worried that Neil was vulnerable after Leslie had dumped him and that he could start drinking again, but Cane advised that Lily couldn't tell her father who to date. Cane commented that she loved Neil enough to worry about him, so she had to love her dad enough to trust him.

Cane told Lily that her resentment wouldn't do Neil any good, and he wondered why she'd chosen to remain angry. Lily said that she hadn't realized how much her anger had been affecting everyone until she'd heard Matty scolding Charlie over a juice box that morning, and she'd recognized her own tone in her daughter's voice. Lily informed Cane that she'd told Matty not to talk to her brother that way, and it had hit her that she didn't want to be that kind of person. Cane remarked that Hilary wasn't important enough to warrant the attention, and he anticipated that Neil and Hilary wouldn't be together very long.

Neil and Hilary kissed in bed, and he declared that he could spend every day of his life waking up that way. She said that she didn't want to be late for work, but he stopped her from getting out of bed and asked why she hadn't answered his question. She feigned ignorance, but he reminded her that he'd mentioned getting married. Hilary contended that Neil had just blurted it out when they'd been talking about Moses dealing with questions about them living together, and she believed that Neil had reacted in the moment, but she wouldn't hold him to it.

Neil clarified that he didn't see marriage as a solution to a problem, since he didn't see his relationship with Hilary as a problem. Neil explained that Moses was growing up in a world where families existed in all shapes and marital statuses, and he swore that he'd asked her to marry him because he loved her. He thought that what they had was that good, but she balked. He recalled that she'd told him that she thought that marriage was a good idea and that she was ready to make a commitment, but she worried about his family's reaction. Neil contended that all that mattered was that he cared about Hilary, and he asked what she wanted.

Hilary stated that the idea of marriage was new to her, since she'd always considered it to be something that happened to other people. Neil understood that it had felt out of reach, and he said that he'd looked in a bottle for answers out of his own fear and insecurity, but he'd worked hard to reclaim his life. He noted that being an alcoholic was part of who he was, and Hilary pointed out that there was a lot that they didn't know about one another. Neil said that the learning never stopped, and putting a ring on her finger wouldn't stop them from changing and growing.

Hilary remained unsure, and Neil agreed to drop the topic. She incredulously asked if he suddenly no longer wanted her, and he swore that he always would, but he retracted his offer. She kissed his neck, and he suggested that they keep their options open while they rode the rollercoaster together, but he thought that they had started something solid and had a good foundation to build upon. Hilary mused that it was just too soon, and Neil proclaimed that all they had was that moment. He added that the door was wide open, and all she had to do was walk through it. He asked if she could do it with him, and she cried, "Yes!" She agreed to marry him, and they kissed.

Neil presented Hilary with a ring, and she exclaimed that it was gorgeous. She noted that he had been confident that she'd say yes, and he crowed that he'd wanted to be prepared for success, so he'd found a ring that was as unique as her -- it had strength and elegance, and it was gorgeous. He slid it onto her finger, and she smiled broadly and said that she loved it and that she loved him. She repeated that they had to get ready for work, but he wanted to celebrate instead. She suggested that they celebrate after work. They kissed.

Christine waited outside Paul's hospital room, and Lauren asked if she'd gotten any sleep. Christine revealed that she'd had a dream when she'd been asleep in the chair next to Paul's bed, and she'd envisioned that Paul had gone away, but then there had been a child who had taken Paul home. Christine wondered why Dylan's test results weren't in yet, and Lauren assured her that the doctor had put a rush on them. Christine said that it would be great if Dylan met the criteria to be a donor, since Paul didn't have the luxury of time to wait for a match on the national organ donor list. Lauren encouraged Christine to have hope.

In the corridor, Leslie approached Paul's surgeon and recognized that he'd had a long night, but she needed to talk to him about a client that she had to depose. Christine interrupted and inquired when they'd have the test results, and the doctor said that they should have them soon, and there was nothing they could do until they did.

Christine paced, and Lauren recalled that they'd been in a similar position when Phyllis had run down Paul and Christine with her car. Christine wailed that she'd expected Paul to die then, and Lauren noted that he hadn't. Christine said that Lauren had been better at consoling her the last time, and Lauren pulled some cookies out of her purse and told the same lousy joke that she had when they'd been in the hospital after the car accident.

Christine cried that she knew that Paul was fighting for his life, and she believed that she'd given him something to hang on for. Lauren jokingly asked if the sex had been that good, and Christine recognized that she couldn't replace one child with another, but Paul still tortured himself about Ricky. Christine gushed that Paul was a good man who had helped many people, and she'd talked to him all night about the possibility of having a child one day. Christine said that she would give anything for him to be able to live that dream.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked Dylan if he'd received word from the hospital, and he wondered what was taking such a long time, since he was a blood match and was young and healthy. Avery noted that it was a major procedure that required many tests, including a psychiatric evaluation, and Dylan fretted that the doctors might make an issue out of his posttraumatic stress disorder. He argued that there was no reason they should, but Avery snapped that being a living donor was a big deal, since there were big risks involved. Dylan apologized for acting casual about going under the knife after what she'd just been through, and he acknowledged that his decision affected her, too. She said that she was selfish to worry about Dylan when Paul could die, but she was scared.

Avery said that she was fine and that Austin hadn't hurt her, but Austin had blamed her for his mother's death. Dylan reasoned that Avery had been doing her job and that she hadn't been responsible, but she countered that Dylan was doing the same thing by blaming himself for Paul's shooting, and she thought that was why Dylan was determined to go through with the surgery. Avery insisted that her concern wasn't out of proportion, and she compared it to Dylan's proclamation that he'd been scared to lose her. Dylan swore that he hadn't fought his way through a war only to leave her and that she had been what had gotten him through. They tenderly kissed, and he assured her that it would be okay, but he needed her to be on board.

Dylan's phone rang, and he found out that the tests had been completed. He started to leave to go to the hospital, but Paul's doctor arrived with Leslie, and he commended Dylan for being willing to do a selfless thing. The doctor added that he'd saved Dylan a trip, since Dylan had been eliminated as a potential donor. Dylan protested that he and Paul had the same blood type, but the doctor divulged that there were other complications.

The doctor explained that Paul was on the waiting list and that the hospital was searching for other potential living donors, but Dylan wasn't a suitable donor. The doctor continued that they'd reviewed Dylan's medical records, including those from the time he'd spent in the service, and Dylan assumed that the problem had been with his psychological profile. The doctor mentioned that Dylan's war injuries had taken a long time to heal, and Dylan's records indicated that his prior surgery had been taxing on his other organs. Avery asked if Dylan could die if he was a donor, and the doctor said that it was possible. Dylan questioned how much time Paul had to find another donor, and the doctor replied that it was a matter of days.

Avery vowed to do everything possible to find Paul a donor, and Dylan hated the fact that he couldn't help, especially since he and Paul had the same blood type. Avery sympathized that Dylan couldn't change things, but Dylan replied that he knew what he had to do.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Leslie told Paul's doctor that it was easy to see why Dylan had been eager to help Paul, but the doctor maintained that despite the difficult situation, he couldn't put Dylan in danger. He said that he had to get back to hospital, and Leslie wished that he could have taken a longer break. Neil and Hilary walked in, and Leslie hesitantly introduced them to her husband, Dr. Barton Shelby. Neil shook Barton's hand and said that it was good to put a face with a name, and he introduced Barton to Hilary. Neil congratulated Leslie and Barton on their marriage, and he commented that he was sure that Paul was in very capable hands.

Neil said that he was running behind schedule and had to go, and Barton cordially told Neil and Hilary to enjoy their day. Neil and Hilary entered the coffeehouse, and Leslie groaned that she'd been dreading that moment. Barton teased her for thinking that Neil was going to punch holes in the walls, but she suspected that Neil was still trying to prove something to her. They watched Neil and Hilary kiss goodbye, and Barton said that everyone had different ways of dealing with things. Barton surmised that Neil had needed a fling to move on, and Leslie and Hilary glared at one another from across the room.

After Barton left, Hilary approached as Leslie finished a call, and she said that Barton had seemed nice. Leslie confirmed that he was, and she spotted Hilary's engagement ring and asked if it was what she thought it was. Hilary bragged that she and Neil were engaged, and she added that despite what Leslie thought, she wouldn't hurt him, but she would marry him.

Neil found Cane and Lily and declared that he had something to tell them. Lily said that she also had something to say, since she'd realized that even though Neil was her dad, he was also a man who could make his own choices. Lily admitted that she might not ever accept Hilary, but she promised to never again give Neil grief about Hilary being in his life. Neil replied that he was glad to hear it, since it would make telling them his news easier. He announced that he and Hilary were getting married, and Lily's jaw dropped. Cane shook Neil's hand, and a stunned Lily half-heartedly offered her congratulations.

Barton returned to the hospital and told Christine that Dylan was not a viable donor, but they'd continue looking for other donors. Christine fretted that none of Paul's family or friends had the right blood type, and Barton promised that the doctors would do everything they could. She asked how long they could keep Paul going, and he gently informed her that it was only a matter of days. She quietly sobbed.

At the ranch, Nikki said that she'd heard that Victor had gone to the hospital to see Paul that day. Victor replied that he had given his best to Christine and had offered his help, since he understood that Nikki was concerned about Paul. Nikki recognized that Victor wanted her to take it easy, and he pointed out that the stress of being worried wasn't good for her. She reported that there was potential good news, since Dylan had the same blood type as Paul and might be a viable donor. Victor remarked that it would be wonderful, but Nikki looked uncertain as they hugged.

Victor took a phone call, and he told security to let someone in. Victor revealed that he'd had a private investigator track down Willa Ward, and he invited Nikki to stay. The investigator entered with Willa, and Willa barked that she knew about Nikki and the many others like her. Nikki admonished Willa for doing Ian's bidding and trying to extort money from Dylan in exchange for information. Willa admitted that it had been a mistake to go to Dylan and that she was only there because Victor's people hadn't given her a choice.

Victor offered Willa compensation for her cooperation, and Nikki groused that Ian had stayed in town to taunt them and that he was still preying on young girls. Willa called her ex-husband brilliant and charismatic, and she'd believed that she could have found the best in Ian, especially if they'd had kids. Nikki questioned whether Willa had thought that she could have protected her children from Ian, and Willa worried about what Ian would do if he knew that she was there. Victor swore that Ian wouldn't do Willa any harm, and as he set an envelope of money on the table, he suggested that she share all the information she had.

Victor huffed that Willa hadn't yet told him anything he could use, and Willa revealed that she and Ian hadn't been able to have children. She continued that she'd thought that it had been her fault, but the problem had turned out to be Ian's. Willa divulged that Ian wasn't able to father children, and a stunned Nikki said that was impossible. Victor wondered why Ian had claimed to be Dylan's father.

Willa said that the doctors had run tests on Ian, and Victor asked if that had been the information that Willa had tried to sell to Dylan. A stunned Nikki said that she'd never considered the possibility that Ian wasn't Dylan's father, and Willa spat that she'd always wanted to have Ian's child, but instead, she had nothing and no one. Victor pointed out that Willa could have told Dylan the truth when Dylan had been searching for his father, but Willa asserted that she'd only been willing to sell the information when she'd thought that Ian would be sent to jail. Willa grabbed the envelope of cash, and she hoped that Victor and Nikki got what they wanted.

Willa left, and a stricken Nikki clasped her hand over her mouth. Victor asked who Dylan's father could be if it wasn't Ian, and Nikki tearfully stammered that the only other person she'd been with at the time had been Paul. Victor noted that Willa could have fabricated the story for money, and Nikki theorized that Willa could have even done it at Ian's request. Victor asked why they should trust a woman who had defended Ian, and he was determined to find out whether Willa's claims were true. Dylan called Nikki and asked her to meet him at the club, and she contemplated how to tell Dylan that Ian might not be his father. Victor comforted her.

Victor told his investigator that Willa had claimed that Ian couldn't have children, and the investigator offered to find documented medical proof that it was true. Victor told him to keep digging even if he found proof, since he thought that there was more to it than met the eye, and he wanted to know exactly what Ian was up to.

Nikki entered the club, and Dylan walked in right behind her. He thanked her for meeting him, and he informed her that his test results were back. He explained that he was a match, but he'd been ruled out as a candidate because of his war injuries. Dylan wished that he could have helped Paul, but he'd wanted to let Nikki know. She didn't respond, and he asked if she was okay. She said that she was just worried, but he wondered if something more was going on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Nikki stared at Dylan as he explained that he was not a suitable donor for Paul because of his war injuries. Nikki seemed virtually catatonic, and Dylan asked if she was okay -- he said that he hadn't known her that long, but could tell that something was bothering her. Nikki told Dylan that Victor had tracked down Willa Ward and that she was in Genoa City. Dylan asked Nikki what exactly Willa knew about his father, Ian.

Nikki told Dylan that Willa wanted money. Dylan said that he wasn't surprised, that Willa was probably like Ian, taking advantage of people to get what she wanted. Nikki said there were some bad people in the world -- but many good ones also. Dylan lamented that he couldn't help Paul, one of the good ones. Dylan continued to complain about the doctors' decision, and Nikki told him that he couldn't trade his life for Paul's -- and she didn't plan on losing either of them.

At Genoa City Memorial, Victor looked through the window into Paul's ICU room. Stitch walked by, and Victor asked him if Dylan had been approved as a suitable liver donor for Paul. Stitch said Dylan had too many traumatic war injuries to qualify as a donor. Victor inquired as to how long Paul had without the transplant -- Stitch gave Victor the bad news: just a few days.

Victor wondered whether there was any way that he could help to speed up the process. Stitch said that Victor couldn't buy Paul a new liver -- even if Victor donated a new wing to the hospital. Victor admonished Stitch, telling him that there was always a solution to any problem. Stitch said that he would do his best. Victor told Stitch that Nikki was very fond of Paul -- she had known him for a very long time.

Stitch asked Victor if he had raised Victoria to always give her full support to people, as Victor was doing with Paul. Victor told the doctor that he loved his children and grandchildren more than anything, so if Victoria gave birth to another Newman, Victor would be proud. He then told Stitch that he hoped that the doctor turned out to be the father of Victoria's child, rather than that "degenerate alcoholic" Billy Abbott. Stitch looked quite pleased.

Victoria was eating breakfast at Crimson Lights when Kelly entered. Victoria told Kelly that she wanted to talk to Kelly about Stitch. The women then had a conversation consisting completely of misunderstandings as Kelly thought that Stitch had told Victoria his "deep, dark secret," when Victoria was simply wondering why Kelly had told Stitch that Billy and Chelsea had gone to see Stitch's wife, Jenna, in Australia.

When Victoria told Kelly that she hated the lying and covering up, Kelly thought she was referring to Stitch. Kelly quickly realized her mistake when Victoria mentioned that she was going to tell Billy off when he returned from Australia. Victoria said that Billy and Chelsea had no right to go to Australia and dig around in Stitch's past -- it was none of their business.

Victoria thanked Kelly for warning Stitch about what Billy was up to. Somewhat hopefully, Kelly said that Billy might still find something out about Stitch's past -- or Stitch himself might tell Victoria. Victoria said that was between Stitch and Victoria. What Victoria didn't understand was why Kelly would warn Stitch about Billy's trip after Kelly's history with Billy and her clear dislike for Stitch.

Kelly quickly replied, "Stitch needed to know." Victoria still didn't understand why Kelly had helped Stitch. As if on cue, Stitch entered Crimson Lights and stopped the women's conversation. After Victoria asked after Paul, Kelly left the table, saying that Stitch and Victoria needed to talk.

Stitch told Victoria about his conversation with Victor regarding a donor for Paul. She repeated what Victor had told Stitch -- that Nikki and Paul were old friends, and Victor would do anything to ensure that Nikki wasn't hurt. Victoria was pleased to hear that Victor had given Stitch his "blessing." Stitch joked that perhaps it was only because Victor hated Billy so much.

Stitch told Victoria that he wanted to restart the conversation that had been interrupted by Stitch's emergency call from the hospital. As Victoria asked Stitch if he wanted to talk right there, Dylan stopped by and told Stitch that it was urgent that he and Stitch speak. Stitch resisted stopping his conversation with Victoria, but Dylan was adamant.

Dylan kept pushing Stitch to allow him to donate part of his liver to Paul. Stitch reminded Dylan that he had lost his spleen in the war, and the operation would be too dangerous. During the conversation, Stitch let it slip that Victoria was pregnant and that he, not Billy, might be the father. Dylan was shocked by the news.

Victoria joined Stitch and Dylan, correctly guessing that Dylan was still pushing to be Paul's donor. Dylan awkwardly replied, "Yeah... among other things." Stitch told them that he needed to return to the hospital and asked Victoria if they could talk when his shift was over. Victoria assented and kissed Stitch, who left through the patio.

After Stitch was gone, Dylan pointedly offered Victoria decaffeinated coffee. Victoria realized that Stitch had told him that she was pregnant. He congratulated her. They chatted about the uncomfortable topic of the baby's paternity. Dylan said that he was happy about becoming an uncle. Dylan reminded Victoria that after Faith, she had been the first Newman to be nice to him -- before they learned that they were family. Victoria said she was glad that Dylan was her brother.

Victoria and Dylan shared milk and cookies. Victoria feared that Dylan would judge her, but he assured her that he wouldn't. He told her that he wanted things to work out for her in the best way possible. Victoria wondered what the "best way possible" was. She said that no matter what the outcome, someone was going to get hurt. She was glad, however, that it wasn't going to be the baby.

As Stitch walked through the patio to leave Crimson Lights, he ran into Kelly, who told him she knew that he hadn't told Victoria. Stitch said he kept trying, but something always got in the way -- and he was beginning to think that maybe he wasn't supposed to tell her. Kelly said that if he didn't confess to Victoria, someone else would. Stitch said that he knew -- he had lived through it once and lost his family.

In her hotel room in Australia, Chelsea checked in with Anita on how Connor was doing. After she hung up, Billy knocked at her door. He was extremely anxious to return to Jenna's to "get the story" on Stitch.

Billy and Chelsea showed up at Jenna's, where Chelsea lied and said that they needed a little bit more background information for their documentary before they took in their camera crew. Jenna angrily told them they she knew that their documentary didn't exist -- she had called the contact number on their business card and had reached a deli in New York. She asked them to tell her what they were really doing there before she threw them out.

Chelsea made up another lie -- that she and Billy were doing a story on exploited ex-pats. Jenna didn't believe her. Billy finally began to tell the truth. He said that he feared that Stitch, her ex-husband, posed a danger to Victoria and Johnny. Jenna said that Stitch was sick, but they had divorced, and she didn't care what Stitch did.

Billy "accidentally" let slip that Max, Jenna and Stitch's son, might have a little sibling. Billy explained that Stitch had moved in on Victoria and that she had become pregnant. Jenna said that it wasn't her problem. Billy pressed for information on why Jenna had taken Max halfway around the world to get away from Stitch. Billy said that he needed to protect his wife and son and the unborn child, no matter who the father was.

Jenna said that she wished Victoria good luck -- that she would need it. Billy continued to urge Jenna to tell him about Stitch's past. Chelsea tried to bond with Jenna by saying that both of them were single mothers. Jenna became enraged ... but suddenly calmed down a bit when Billy asked her to tell them about Kelly. Jenna was truly surprised to learn that Kelly was in Genoa City and wondered what Kelly had said to Billy. Billy told her all he knew was that Kelly and Stitch had once known each other. Chelsea asked Jenna if Kelly had been the reason that she and Stitch had broken up.

Jenna told Billy it was obvious that Victoria no longer wanted him in her life. Billy asked about Kelly again. Jenna said that Kelly wasn't innocent, but she was nothing compared to Stitch and his lies. Billy wondered why Jenna was protecting Stitch. She said that she didn't care what happened to Stitch, became livid, and ordered Chelsea and Billy out, threatening to call the police.

Back at their hotel, Chelsea and a disappointed Billy prepared to return to Genoa City. Chelsea told Billy that since he couldn't get the information out of Jenna, he would have to get it out of Kelly.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Kelly reminded Stitch that Billy would be back from Australia soon, and even if Jenna hadn't told him anything, Billy wasn't going to give up. Stitch said that he would tell Victoria when his shift was over -- when he had time to make her understand. Stitch's phone rang. He was shocked to hear Jenna's voice.

Jenna told her ex that Chelsea and Billy had been there and had tried to learn all about him. Jenna assured him that she hadn't told them anything, but on his message, he had said that he was going to tell "the woman" herself -- "Victoria? Who might be pregnant with your child!" Stitch told his ex-wife that he'd meant what he had said -- that Victoria would hear "the secret" from him, not from Billy.

Jenna said that Victoria shouldn't hear the story from anyone, adding that Stitch had lied to Jenna and Max. Angrily, she told Stitch that she had moved halfway around the world so that Max wouldn't be tainted by what Stitch had done -- and that what Stitch had done could never get back to Max. Jenna feared that Victoria would tell other people and that the story would get back to Max. She reminded Stitch that she had moved once to get away from him -- and that she could move again. This time, she said, if he wanted to ever see Max again, Stitch needed to keep his disgusting past to himself.

Victor was pleasantly surprised to find Nikki at the ranch. Victor wondered whether Nikki had told Dylan about Willa. Nikki said that he was so upset that the hospital wouldn't allow him to be a donor to Paul that she hadn't wanted to upset him more by telling him that Ian might not be Dylan's father. Victor hoped that Nikki finally understood that it was kinder to keep certain truths from one's children. Nikki said that she could see Victor's point of view.

They mulled over the veracity of Willa's revelation that Ian couldn't father a child. Nikki said that perhaps that had been true when Willa had been married to him, but Dylan had been conceived years before that.

Victor told Nikki that he admired Dylan's attempt to help Paul. He continued that he and Dylan had reached a certain level of understanding. After Nikki rattled off all of Dylan's wonderful character traits, Victor said that he was sure that Dylan had inherited all of them from Nikki. Nikki slowly realized that Victor had accepted Dylan as her son.

Victor repeated that he admired that Dylan was willing to donate one of his organs to a man Dylan didn't know very well. Nikki said that she had thought about a lot of things lately. She told Victor that she thought about what he had done to Sharon and that she still couldn't forgive him for that. Victor said that he didn't need her forgiveness.

Nikki told Victor that she loved him and wanted to spend more time with him. She complimented him on staying away and respecting her wishes. Tearing up, she told Victor that she wanted to return home. Victor told her that he loved her and missed her, and they passionately kissed.

At the police station, Jack and Nick impatiently waited for Summer's interrogation to end. Avery entered and asked where Summer was. Jack told her that they were interviewing her and that he and Nick were concerned that the police might charge Summer with a crime. Jack told Avery that there was a Jabot lawyer in with Summer.

As a policeman led Austin through the station, Nick harangued him and asked the policeman if Austin had tried to implicate Summer. The policeman assured Nick that hadn't happened -- that Austin had made a full confession of how he had put "the chief" in ICU. Avery wondered why Austin's lawyer had allowed him to confess. The policeman informed Avery that Austin had waived his right to counsel. As Austin was escorted into an interrogation room, Avery insisted on following him in. She stared at Austin.

Summer, her interrogation finished, rushed out of the room and asked Jack and Nick if they had seen Austin and if he was okay. Summer told Nick and Jack that the police weren't charging her with anything so she had told the Jabot lawyer to leave. Nick and Jack wanted to get her out of the station, but Summer said that she couldn't go until she saw Austin.

Summer told Nick that Austin wasn't who Nick thought he was. Jack said that the chief of police was fighting for his life because of what Austin had done. Nick ordered Summer to spend the night at either the tack house or Jack's. Summer said that she wasn't going anywhere until she saw Austin. Jack received a phone call and walked away, leaving Nick and Summer alone.

Summer started to walk toward Austin's interrogation room. Nick lectured her about how premeditated Austin's crimes had been. Summer insisted that Paul's shooting had been an accident. Nick said that Austin had confessed and was going to prison -- and the sooner she realized that, the better off she would be.

Jack's call was from Kelly, who told him that she wished that she could be there for him -- but that it would be hard for Summer. She implored Jack to be there for Summer, and he said that he appreciated the call.

Jack returned to the main part of the station, where Nick continued to tell Avery what a bad guy Austin was. Nick admitted that after what had gone on the past year, maybe he had forfeited the right to give her advice, but he loved her.

Once again, Summer said that she needed to be in the room with Austin. Jack told her that she was neither his lawyer nor his family. Summer said that she was the only person who cared about him. Summer stared at the door of the interrogation room.

Austin asked Avery how Paul was. She said that he wasn't doing well -- which meant that the charges could be increased. Austin admitted that he had just confessed. Austin worried about whether Paul had family around him and wondered whether Paul could still make it. Avery said that she hoped so.

Austin told Avery that he hated guns -- that his mother had been killed with a gun. He said that he had never wanted "all of this" to have happened. Avery said that she believed him. He wondered what Avery wanted from him, why she was still there, and why she was staring at him. Avery wondered why he had waived his right to an attorney and confessed -- there were other ways for Austin to take responsibility without waiving all of his rights.

Avery asked Austin to allow the police to assign him a public defender if he couldn't afford an attorney. Austin said that they would give him someone like Avery -- someone who put murderers back on the streets to kill again. He asked Avery if she had truly believed that Boz Foreman had been innocent when she had defended him and helped him go free.

Avery said that she had believed that Boz had been innocent. Austin thought that perhaps Avery had been wrong -- he asked her if she had ever been wrong before. She admitted that she had but that she had become a defense attorney because someone she'd thought she had loved had been wrongly convicted -- and it had turned out that he was guilty. Avery told Austin that deep down, she knew the truth, but she hadn't wanted to see it because it had been her own father.

Avery insisted that she still believed that Boz Foreman was innocent of the charges that she had defended him against. She didn't know what had happened after that -- but was truly sorry about what had happened to Austin's mother. Avery became emotional, saying that she knew that her apology wouldn't get Austin's mother back -- but neither would his rage.

Avery said that she had never thought that Austin had been a bad guy -- even when she had learned that he was "4MJ" and insisted that she take responsibility for his mother's death. She had believed that she and Austin could have walked away from the situation -- but things had gotten out of control, and Paul's wife was terrified that she was going to lose him. Austin said that she could blame him. Summer burst into the room. Austin said that she shouldn't be there -- Summer countered, saying it was exactly where she should be.

Outside, Jack and Nick were surprised that Avery hadn't sent Summer out, and they wondered what Summer was saying to Austin. Jack said that Austin was going to prison, and perhaps Summer was saying goodbye to him.

In the interrogation room, Austin told Summer that he had confessed. Avery said that a good attorney could mitigate. Summer said that she had told Austin that he needed a good lawyer. A light bulb went on over Summer's head. She looked at Avery and said, "You, you could fix this." She asked Avery to be Austin's lawyer.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

In Melbourne, Billy and Chelsea returned to their hotel, and he regretted that he'd tipped off Kelly about their trip. He said that at least they'd walked away with a clue, since obviously Stitch and Kelly's connection was much greater than they'd thought. Billy confirmed that he thought there was more to it than just an affair, and he suggested that they look into Kelly's past in an effort to find enough dirt to bury Stitch. Chelsea searched for information about Kelly Andrews online, and she wondered if Kelly was using her maiden or her married name. Billy wasn't sure about Kelly's name or where she was from, and Chelsea sarcastically called him a big help.

Billy defended that he and Kelly had met in grief counseling, so he knew more about Sam than he did about Kelly. Billy noted that he'd spent one night with Kelly to forget about his pain, but he could provide a whole dossier of information about Victoria. Billy recalled how Victoria had laughed at his jokes, and he fondly remembered what it had felt like to want to know everything about the person he'd been crazy about. He imagined the feeling of talking to someone all night and knowing that he'd be exhausted the next day but not caring because the conversation would change his life. Chelsea suddenly kissed Billy.

Billy pulled away and asked why Chelsea had kissed him, and she nervously claimed that she'd been caught up in what Billy had been saying, since it had made her think about Adam. She rattled off a bunch of details that she knew about Adam, including that blue had been his favorite color, and Billy groused that he'd expected it to be black, like Adam's heart. Chelsea swore that there had been another side to Adam that he hadn't shown to the rest of the world, and Billy understood where her mind had been, but he pondered how they should deal with the kiss.

Chelsea said that she'd lost her head for a moment when she'd kissed Billy, and she suggested that they forget the embarrassing moment. Billy feigned ignorance about what she was talking about, and she returned to their search for Kelly Andrews. Billy suddenly remembered that Kelly's ex-husband's name was Dean, and Chelsea revised her online search. Billy spotted a headline about something being honored at an elementary school in St. Louis, and Chelsea clicked on the link, but Billy suddenly stated that he couldn't look at it.

Chelsea gazed at an article that included a photo of Sam's memorial, and Billy reiterated that he couldn't read it, no matter what clues might be there, since it reminded him of Delia's roadside shrine. Chelsea wondered if he intended to stop looking into Kelly's life, and he replied that he intended to go straight to the source. Billy suggested that he and Chelsea head home, and he thanked her for joining him on a wild trip. She was disappointed that he hadn't found what he'd been hoping for, but he maintained that he was still grateful. They looked at one another awkwardly, and he implied that a hug meant nothing between friends. They embraced.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Kelly overheard the end of Stitch's call with Jenna and surmised that it hadn't gone well. He reported that Jenna had threatened to stop him from ever seeing Max again if Stitch told Victoria the truth about himself. Stitch said that he had no choice but to keep the truth from Victoria, and Kelly urged him to fight back by pursuing shared custody of Max. Stitch contended that no judge would side with him, and he couldn't blame Jenna for wanting to protect Max. Kelly conceded that she would have sheltered her son if his father had been a killer.

Stitch warned that Jenna would go through with her threat if Jack found out the truth, and Kelly complained that she didn't want Stitch's secret to ruin her relationship, too. She maintained that she intended to tell Jack the truth if he asked a direct question, and Stitch pointed out that it could cost him his son. Kelly remarked that Stitch should be grateful that Billy would return home empty-handed, so at least things wouldn't blow up right away.

Inside the coffeehouse, Abby hugged Victoria, but she complained that Victoria hadn't told Abby about her pregnancy. Abby gushed that it was amazing news, and she was surprised that Victoria hadn't broadcast it. Victoria recounted that she'd had past trouble with pregnancies, but Abby assured her that "Billy Jr." would be fine, since the Abbotts had strong genes. Abby asked how the proud papa had taken the news, and Victoria disclosed that Billy was having a hard time because another man might be the father. A stunned Abby realized that the baby could be Stitch's, and Victoria noted that Billy wanted the baby to be his. Abby wondered who Victoria wanted the father to be.

Abby pointed out that Victoria had wanted a baby with Billy for a long time, but Victoria argued that a lot had happened. Abby was surprised that Stitch was a serious contender for Victoria's affections, and Victoria called Stitch kind and dependable. Abby glibly stated that those were good qualities in a golden retriever, but they wouldn't necessarily make Stitch a good father or husband. Victoria reasoned that she wouldn't have to worry about Stitch ending up sloshed in the gutter or winning a restaurant in a poker game, but Abby questioned whether Stitch made Victoria feel the same way that Billy did. Abby said that Victoria had been crazy in love with Billy, and she suspected that Victoria still was.

Victoria admitted that she loved Billy, but she didn't think that he would be able to handle it if the baby ended up being Stitch's. Abby urged Victoria to believe in Billy, but Victoria doubted that Billy had learned from his mistakes. Abby said that everyone made them, including Stitch, but Victoria anticipated that Billy's had been far worse than Stitch's. Abby advised Victoria to investigate Stitch before she made any commitments, and Victoria commented that Abby had been the one who had allowed a man to put a ring on her finger before she'd known that she couldn't trust him. Abby lamented that two smart sisters had messed up their lives, but she also had a "walking, talking, stalking complication" to worry about.

At the hospital, Christine told an unconscious Paul that it was a pretty day outside, and she wished that he could see it. Christine begged Paul to open his eyes and to return to her, and she said that she hated feeling helpless, like she was underwater and couldn't breathe because something was keeping her from getting to the surface. She remembered that Paul had saved her when Isabella had tried to drown her, and she wondered why she couldn't do the same for him. "If only it worked that way," Father Todd remarked as he appeared in the doorway. He held out his arms to Christine, and she rushed into them and cried.

Father Todd wished that he or someone in his family had been a compatible donor, but Christine assured him that it wasn't his fault that he wasn't a blood type match. Todd wondered what God's plan was, and a tearful Christine contemplated whether the plan was for Paul to die if they couldn't find a donor in time. Father Todd declared that Paul had more willpower and determination than anyone else he knew, and he recalled that Paul had never given up when he'd worked to clear his name of murder charges. Father Todd took Christine's hand and advised her not to give up on Paul.

Christine praised Father Todd for being really good at giving people hope and comfort, and he wished that he hadn't needed to comfort his brother's wife. Christine stepped out to give him some time alone with Paul, and Father Todd said that it was no surprise that the whole town was pulling for Paul. Father Todd commended Paul for saving their mother's life with his rare blood type after she'd suffered a miscarriage, and he imagined that their father would have been proud of Paul for becoming the chief of police. Father Todd gushed that he loved bragging about Paul and that he wanted to keep doing it, and his voice broke as he asked Paul to stick around. "We can't lose you," Father Todd murmured, adding, "I can't lose you."

Christine introduced Father Todd to Stitch, who reported that Paul was high on the waiting list, but there had been no news about a donor. Christine headed back into Paul's room, and Father Todd sensed that Stitch seemed troubled. Stitch assured Father Todd that his troubles were personal and that they had nothing to do with Paul, and Father Todd pointed out that he handled personal problems in his line of work. Stitch replied that he wasn't religious, but Father Todd reasoned that Stitch didn't have to be to seek guidance, and he remarked that confession was good for the soul.

Stitch said that Father Paul had enough on his hands with his brother, and his problems weren't something he wanted to get into. Father Todd understood that some people were never comfortable talking to strangers, but he said that his boss was available if Stitch needed someone to listen. The men shook hands, and Stitch said that he'd keep it in mind.

Later, Christine returned to Paul's room and asked if there had been any change, and Father Todd reported that Paul was the same. Father Todd suggested that they pray together, and they joined hands as he said a heartfelt prayer. Christine begged God to save Paul, and she called Paul a man who'd saved many others and a man she loved very much.

Stitch stepped into the hospital chapel, and he sank down in a pew and apologized for being "MIA," but he hadn't been sure what God would think of some of the choices he'd made. With a trembling voice, he said that God had had the last laugh, since Stitch's choices had returned to haunt him, but he didn't regret anything other than the fact that they'd hurt people and that they could do so again if he didn't keep quiet. Stitch cried that God knew what he'd done and why he'd done it, and he turned and faced Victoria.

Victoria said that she hadn't meant to interrupt, but she'd wanted to say a prayer for Paul. Stitch got up to leave, but she invited him to stay and talk to her about what he'd been meaning to tell her. She thought they owed it to one another to get it out in the open, and she implored him to just tell her whatever it was. Stitch grappled with what to do, and he said that he wanted Victoria to know that he really loved her and that he didn't want to lose her. He pulled her into his arms.

At the police station, Nick grumbled that he didn't want Summer around Austin, and Jack relayed that he'd put a call in to a friend at a newspaper to dig up information about Austin. Nick revealed that Summer had told him that things were complicated, but it had been obvious that she had fallen for Austin. Nick wished that he'd talked to her about it more, since he could have prevented her from taking off with Austin, and Jack regretted that he'd advised Summer to follow her gut. Nick recognized that both men had dropped the ball, but they had to stop things before they got worse.

In the interrogation room, Summer pressured Avery to defend Austin, but Avery explained that she had been a victim in the crime, and she couldn't take on Austin's defense when she was the prosecution's star witness. Summer argued that Austin didn't deserve to be locked up, and she believed that Avery could convince a jury to free him. Summer whined that she didn't want to lose him, and she claimed that other people didn't see what she saw in Austin; although he'd made bad choices, he wasn't a bad person. Austin contemplated how different things would have been if he'd had someone like Summer in his life earlier, and an officer entered and announced that Austin's time was up.

The cop escorted Austin out and handcuffed him to a table, and Austin wondered why the officer hadn't taken him back to his cell. Austin protested as several officers turned their backs, and Jack and Nick glowered at Austin. Austin said that he didn't blame them for hating him, and Jack huffed that they were under no illusions about who Austin was, unlike Summer. Austin asserted that hurting Summer had been the last thing he'd wanted, and he was sorry that he'd pulled Summer into his mess. Nick ordered an officer to get Austin out of his sight.

Summer pleaded with Avery to take Austin's case, and Avery wondered why Austin meant that much to Summer, since they barely knew one another. Summer asked how Avery had felt when she'd met Dylan, and she imagined that Avery hadn't been able to wait to see or touch Dylan. Summer said that was how she and Austin felt, and Avery questioned how far things had gone. "Far," Summer confided as Nick and Jack walked in.

Jack offered to pamper Summer at his place, but she said that she didn't need a babysitter. Avery suggested that she make Summer something to eat at her apartment, and Summer took turns hugging Jack and Nick. After the men left, Avery gently inquired whether Summer and Austin had made love, and Summer confirmed that it had been her first time. Summer asked Avery not to lecture her, and Avery promised that she wouldn't tell Summer what to do, but she couldn't help but point out that the circumstances had been unusual. Summer said that her experience with Austin had been everything she'd dreamed of.

Summer assured Avery that she and Austin had used protection and that Phyllis had been very thorough regarding sex education. Avery encouraged Summer to approach her if Summer needed anything, and Summer replied that she'd already asked for what she needed. Avery reiterated that it wouldn't be ethical for her to represent Austin, but Summer countered that it also wasn't right to abandon a man who'd lost his mom because of Avery. Summer continued that Austin felt terrible that the gun had gone off by accident, and she thought that they'd all suffered enough. Summer wailed that she couldn't lose anything else, and she begged Avery to do it for her sake.

An officer escorted Austin back into the interrogation room, and Austin told Summer that it wasn't worth it for her to continue to hang around. Austin encouraged her to just walk away, but Avery announced that Summer wouldn't, and neither would she. Summer added that Avery was going to help Austin.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly imagined that Jack was relieved that Summer was home, and Jack worried that the situation had stirred up unpleasant memories for Kelly. He sympathized that it couldn't be easy for Kelly to deal with a guy who had a complicated life, but she said that she was used to complications. Jack referred to her life being mixed up with Stitch's, and he mentioned that Victoria had told him that Kelly had informed Stitch about Billy's trip to Australia. Kelly insisted that she'd happened to mention Billy's trip during a casual conversation when she'd coincidentally run into Stitch, but she didn't want to be involved or take sides.

Jack commented that he would always take Billy's side, and Kelly thought it was natural, but she thought it was best if she kept her nose out of it. Jack remarked that it was a lovely nose, and she shifted the topic to where they'd been before Jack had received the call about Summer. He amorously recalled that they'd been in Kelly's bedroom, and she suggested that they go back there, stay in bed for a week, and not worry about anything. Jack mused that he loved the sound of it, and he leaned over and kissed her.

At the Underground, Noah and Mariah shared an awkward silence as he watched her clean up the bar. She suddenly tossed him a glass, and he asked if she was trying to prove a point. Mariah snapped that she could clean up without a watchdog, and Noah retorted that he would back off as soon as he was satisfied that she wasn't working an angle. She thought that he should be more concerned about his sister trying to leave the country with a fugitive.

Noah argued that there was a big difference between falling for the wrong guy and intentionally hurting his mom, and Mariah replied that she felt awful about what she'd done. Noah told her not to give him a certain look because it reminded him of Cassie, and Mariah inquired whether Noah and Cassie had been close. Noah barked that she was nothing like Cassie, and Mariah agreed, but she insisted that she wasn't a bad person. Noah said that he'd dated someone just like Mariah, and it had almost landed him in jail, but he wouldn't give Mariah the same chance to hurt him.

Later, Nick informed Noah that Summer had romanticized the whole thing, and he asked how things had gone at the club. Noah replied that the situation had been a little tense, but Mariah hadn't tried anything. Mariah entered and asked if Summer was okay, and Noah testily said that she didn't have to lay it on that thick. Nick promised that he wouldn't fire Mariah unless she gave him a reason. "I'm your reason," Abby declared as she strutted in.

Abby chided Nick for hiring "Skankarella," and Nick explained that he'd simply given Mariah an opportunity to pay Sharon back. Abby asked whether Mariah was using her skills to drive people insane or to break couples up, and Mariah snapped that waitressing was a practical skill that an heiress would know nothing about. Mariah pointed out that she and Nick had made peace and that she'd tried to do same thing with Abby, but Abby ridiculed Mariah's apologetic act and accused her of trying to win Tyler back. Abby added that Mariah might have Cassie's face, but a piece of trash still looked like nothing but garbage. Mariah lunged at Abby, and the women scuffled as Nick and Noah pried them apart.

Mariah asked if she should clear out her locker, and Nick reiterated that he wouldn't fire her, but he warned that she couldn't attack the customers. He pointed out that Abby had reason to hate her and that Mariah had to earn Nick and Abby's respect, and Abby returned from the bathroom, griping that her hairdresser would have to fix the damage Mariah had caused. Mariah sweetly apologized for messing up Abby's extensions, and Abby growled that it was her real hair. Noah suddenly asked where his wallet was, and everyone stared at Mariah.

Friday, June 20, 2014

At the Underground, Noah said that his wallet had been behind the bar, but it was gone. He asked Mariah where it was, and she swore that she hadn't taken it, but she was clearly offended that he'd assumed that she had. Abby called Mariah a thief who had stolen from Abby and her family, and Sharon arrived. Nick explained that Noah's wallet was missing, and Noah accused Mariah of taking it and of using Sharon to get what she wanted. Mariah reasoned that it would have been stupid for her to steal the wallet, and Nick retorted that she'd done worse for money.

Mariah accused them of going on a witch-hunt, and Abby proclaimed that they'd found their witch. Sharon pointed out that Nick had given Mariah the job so that Mariah could earn money to pay Sharon back, so Mariah had no reason to steal. Noah asked if it was a coincidence that his wallet had gone missing, and Mariah offered to let them search her. Noah suggested that they call the cops to report the theft, and Sharon objected, but Nick contended that Mariah shouldn't have a problem talking to the police if she hadn't done anything wrong.

Later, a police officer found Noah's empty wallet in the ladies' room trash, and Courtney suggested that they test it for fingerprints. Mariah suspected that she'd been set up, and Courtney asked where Mariah had been when the wallet had been stolen. Mariah asserted that she had no idea when it had happened, so she couldn't be sure. Noah pulled Abby aside and asked if she'd set Mariah up, and Abby coyly stated that she'd simply finished what Noah had started, since she'd noticed his wallet sitting out in the open. Noah pointed out that Mariah had passed his test, but Abby proudly said that he was welcome.

Sharon chided Nick for disregarding her request not to involve the police, but Nick contended that Mariah was a proven liar and thief, and he told Sharon to stop trying to get her daughter back. Sharon insisted that she wasn't trying to replace Cassie, but Mariah had no family and needed help. Courtney declared that she didn't think Mariah had stolen anything, and Mariah asked if she'd been set up. Noah chalked up the situation to a big misunderstanding, and he said that he wouldn't press charges, but Nick asked what had changed. Sharon looked knowingly at Noah and then at Abby, and she realized that they'd set Mariah up.

Sharon asked how Noah could have done it, and he explained that he'd tested Mariah by leaving his wallet out to see if she'd really changed. Sharon wondered if that was what Nick had hoped would happen, and Noah took full responsibility, but Sharon questioned how the wallet had ended up in the ladies' room. Mariah realized that Abby had been there when the wallet had disappeared, and Abby spat that Mariah had done spiteful, nasty things. Noah recognized that it hadn't been Mariah's fault, and he told Sharon that he was sorry for how it had gone down. Sharon told him to apologize to Mariah, who snapped not to bother, since she quit, and Mariah stormed out.

Abby chirped that it was just as well that Mariah had quit, but Sharon scolded Abby for being petty and insecure. Sharon admonished Nick for betraying her, since she'd made it clear that it was important to her to help Mariah, but none of them had given Mariah a real chance. Sharon declared that she was disappointed in all three of them, and she sauntered off. Noah apologized for making a mess of things, but Nick understood that Noah had been trying to protect Sharon. Nick pledged to fight for his family because there was no way he'd let Mariah screw things up.

At the Athletic Club bar, Devon admitted to Cane that he needed a distraction, and Cane figured that Devon had talked to Neil. Devon reported that Neil had left messages, and Cane revealed that Neil had told Cane and Lily that he was getting married to Hilary. Cane noted that Lily had taken the news better than Devon had, but the difference was that Devon was in love with Hilary. Devon insisted that Cane was reading too much into it, but Cane wondered if Devon wanted to spend the rest of his life pining for his stepmom or if Devon intended to speak up.

Cane urged Devon to tell Hilary how he felt before her relationship with Neil became permanent, but Devon balked at the idea of going behind Neil's back. Cane contemplated the possibility that Lily was right and that Neil was making a mistake, but Devon said that it was Neil's business and that Neil seemed happy. Cane encouraged Devon not to spend the rest of his life wondering "what if," and he implored Devon to let Hilary know how he felt, since she might feel the same way.

Neil and Hilary strolled through the park, and he commented that her engagement ring looked gorgeous on her finger. Neil said that she'd make the most beautiful bride, and he couldn't wait to see her walk down the aisle. Hilary wanted to wait to set a date to give his kids time to adjust, but Neil argued that Lily and Cane had already congratulated him. Hilary countered that it had been under duress, and they still had to tell Devon. Neil asserted that he and Hilary had to do what made them happy, and he thought that they should start on the road to happiness by getting married that very minute.

Neil explained that he knew a judge who owed him a favor, and he could request an expedited marriage license. Hilary questioned whether Neil really wanted to get married right that second, and he noted that they had a perfect evening and a beautiful setting. Neil stated that "tomorrow's not promised," and all they had was that day. He professed that he wanted her by his side as his wife, but he understood that she'd dreamed about her wedding day, and he promised to give her a big event with all the trimmings. Hilary commented that dreams changed, and all she really needed was him. They kissed.

Neil wondered if Hilary would really be okay with a civil ceremony in the park, and she joked that they wouldn't have to worry about any of the guests objecting. Neil didn't want her to have regrets about her special day, and she said that they had everything that a wedding should be about -- the two of them and their feelings about one another. Neil reached for his phone to call the judge, but Hilary said that it was after hours, and she suggested that they do it the next day. She wanted to spend the evening, writing her vows, and he offered to get a room at the club to give her time alone to prepare. Neil suggested that the next time they saw one another, it would be right there on their wedding day, and Hilary happily nodded in agreement.

At the Athletic Club, Cane asked if Hilary would be joining Neil, but Neil said that he'd be spending the night there on his own. Cane jokingly asked if Hilary had kicked Neil out of his own place, and Neil clarified that it was his and Hilary's place, but he'd suggested that they spend the night before their wedding apart. Cane remarked that it was happening soon, and Neil replied that they had no reason to wait. Cane said that he'd already mentioned the wedding to Devon, but he hadn't known that it would be that soon. Neil said that he would fill Devon in, but he warned that he didn't want anyone to try to derail the ceremony.

Devon found Hilary in the park, and he thanked her for meeting him. He relayed that Cane had told him about her upcoming wedding to Neil, and she expected Devon to unload on her and to tell her why she couldn't go through with wedding. Devon insisted that she couldn't, and she assumed that he thought she wasn't good enough. Devon replied that Hilary would be better with him.

Dylan ran into Ian in the Athletic Club foyer, and he questioned whether Ian truly had an interest in helping people. Ian claimed that it had been his life's work to better people's lives, and Dylan told him to prove it by saving Paul's life. Ian recalled that Dylan had intended to play the hero by taking Ian's "worthless genes" and saving Paul by himself, and Dylan explained that he couldn't be a donor because he'd been wounded in Afghanistan, but Ian might also be a match. Dylan revealed that his blood type was AB-negative, the same as Paul's, and Ian's could be, too. Dylan implored Ian to get tested to save Paul, and Ian said that he couldn't help, but he wished Paul luck.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie expressed her concern to Avery that Neil was making a massive mistake by marrying Hilary. Avery asked if Leslie was having second thoughts, and Leslie swore that she loved Barton, but she hadn't stopped caring about Neil. Leslie inquired about what was going on with Dylan, and Avery revealed that he was upset that he couldn't be Paul's liver donor. Leslie sympathized with Christine, and she noted that it was a major commitment to be a living donor. Avery admitted that as much as she cared about Paul, she was relieved that Dylan wouldn't be risking his life.

Leslie observed that Avery looked distracted, and Avery confessed that she expected to get a lot of flak for temporarily taking on a new client -- Austin Travers. Leslie advised that Avery had been his victim, so Avery shouldn't even be talking to Austin, but Avery said that she'd let the prosecutor know. Avery said that Austin was young with no money, and his public defender would be a joke, so she was just giving him advice until he found someone to handle his case. Leslie flatly stated that Austin was guilty, but Avery countered that she'd built her career defending people she believed in. Leslie suspected that Avery was letting her guilt cloud her judgment.

Dylan arrived, and he revealed that he'd appealed to Ian to get tested to possibly save Paul's life, but Ian had refused. Avery said that Paul was on the transplant list, but Dylan worried that Paul didn't have a lot of time and that he needed a transplant right away. Leslie said that there was somewhere she needed to be, and she hurried off. Dylan thought he'd been an idiot for talking to Ian, but Avery considered him to be wonderful for trying to help. Dylan questioned what would happen if Ian was Paul's last shot, since there might not be anyone left to help.

Dylan asked about the case Avery and Leslie had been discussing, and Avery hesitantly informed him that Summer needed help with Austin's defense. Dylan protested that Austin could have killed Avery, but Avery downplayed it as providing advice until Austin found an attorney. Dylan thought that Avery was taking her guilt way too far, and she countered that Dylan had been willing to give a piece of his liver because of his own guilt. He said that the decision had been made for him, but he urged her to make the right choice and stay away from Austin.

Dylan recalled seeing Austin holding the gun on Avery and stated it could have been her and not Paul who'd been shot. Avery pointed out that Dylan had been willing to undergo surgery, even though she'd envisioned the doctor telling her that there had been complications. Dylan maintained that it wasn't okay for her to go all out for a man who'd kidnapped her, but she thought that she owed Austin, since her actions had led to a chain of events that had taken away Austin's mother. Avery reiterated that she had to make it right, and she couldn't live with herself if she didn't.

At the ranch, an investigator reported to Victor that Willa had gone straight to the airport without contacting Ian. Nikki overheard as she entered with her suitcases, and Victor lovingly greeted her. Nikki asked if the investigator had found proof that Ian wasn't Dylan's father, but Victor quickly ushered the investigator out the door. Victor informed Nikki that Willa hadn't contacted Ian, and Nikki thought that indicated that Willa had been telling the truth, but Victor countered that Willa might have taken the money and gotten out of town before Ian realized that she'd been spreading a lie. Nikki lamented that they had no proof, and Victor vowed to find it, but he didn't want Nikki to stress out.

Nikki demanded to know how Victor planned to get the truth out of Ian, and she reminded Victor that the reason she'd left had been because he'd done things behind her back. Leslie stopped by, looking for Nikki, and Victor left them alone. Leslie informed Nikki that she'd dropped Ian as a client, but he'd told Leslie something in confidence that she thought Nikki should know. Nikki asked about attorney-client privilege, and Leslie conceded that she could be disbarred, but she couldn't keep the information to herself any longer. Leslie revealed that Ian couldn't have children and that he'd known all along that Dylan wasn't his son, but she realized that Nikki didn't seem surprised.

Nikki said that she'd heard the same thing from another source, and she confided that Paul was Dylan's father, but Paul might die without ever knowing the truth. Leslie asked if Dylan knew, and Nikki lamented that she'd already turned Dylan's life upside down, so she didn't want to do it again without proof. Nikki asked how she could be sure that Ian hadn't lied to Leslie, and Leslie divulged that she'd done some digging to see if Ian had simply been playing mind games.

Leslie continued that Ian had been involved in a paternity suit in which a woman had named Ian as the father of her child and had sued for support, but the judge had thrown out the claim after a doctor had submitted documentation that Ian couldn't father children due to an accident in his early teens. Nikki pointed out that Ian could have paid off the doctor, but Leslie replied that she'd talked to the doctor herself, and the story had checked out. Leslie assured Nikki that she could tell Dylan and Paul, and she added that Paul deserved to know that he had a son.

Victor approached Ian in the Athletic Club dining room, and he accused Ian of knowing all along that Dylan wasn't Ian's son. Ian feigned surprise, but Victor informed Ian that Willa had disclosed that Ian was sterile. Ian chuckled and said that she'd say anything for the right price, and he taunted that Dylan's paternity wouldn't be an issue if Nikki had been more selective about the company she'd kept. Victor vowed to make sure that Ian paid for every rotten thing he'd done, and Ian pointed out that Victor had already had him beaten up and had messed with his business. Victor ominously threatened, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Later, Mariah found Ian at the club, and she said that she needed to talk, or she would explode. She complained that it was hard to stick to Sharon when the whole town hated Mariah, and Ian understood what it was like to feel like an outcast, but he advised her to be patient. Victor eavesdropped as Ian assured Mariah that he was on her side.

Michael entered Paul's hospital room, where Father Todd sat at Paul's bedside. Michael asked if the priest's boss was listening, and Father Todd replied that God always was. Michael hoped that Father Todd had an inside track to having his prayers answered, and Father Todd asked why Michael thought they hadn't been. Michael pointed out that Paul hadn't improved and that there was no donor, so if Father Todd had "an in with the man upstairs," it was the time to use it.

Michael complained when Father Todd dragged him to the hospital chapel, but Father Todd said that he wasn't asking Michael to pray but only to reflect. Father Todd said that Michael was one of Paul's closest friends and that Paul respected Michael, but Michael wasn't sure that he deserved it, since he and his family had made mistakes over the years. Michael credited Paul with keeping them all out of prison, and Father Todd recalled that Paul had always been compassionate. Father Todd recounted that a young Paul had put his entire allowance in the church collection basket, but Father Todd had never been able to resist letting Paul mooch off of him for ice cream or comic books.

Michael mused that Paul had gone above and beyond many times, and he couldn't count the number of times that Paul had literally saved Lauren's life. Michael thought it was unfair that Paul and Christine might not have a second chance, and he mentioned that the couple had been trying to have a child. Michael ranted that Paul should be at home with his wife instead of in a hospital bed, and he wondered why it had had to happen to Paul. Father Todd questioned why not, and Michael incredulously inquired whether Father Todd would be okay with God if his brother died. Father Todd encouraged Michael to have faith in God's plan, and after he departed, an emotional Michael lit a candle.

Later, Michael told an unconscious Paul that he'd lit a candle in the chapel for Paul, and he would do just about anything to get Paul out of bed. Michael pleaded that Christine needed her husband back, and Michael needed his friend. Nikki entered and tearfully added that she needed Paul, too, and she and Michael hugged. Father Todd joined them and mentioned that he'd spoken to the doctor, and they needed to get Christine from down the hall. Michael worriedly asked what the doctor had said, and Father Todd reported that Paul's condition was deteriorating, so it might be time to deliver last rites.

Michael despondently went to find Christine, and Father Todd followed him. Nikki sat next to Paul and begged him not to go when he had a lot to live for. She said that he and Christine would have their baby, and she didn't notice when Dylan quietly entered the room. Nikki cried that Heather needed her dad, and so did his first-born son. "Yes, Paul. Dylan -- he's your son. Dylan is your son," she sobbed, as Dylan stood in the doorway, dumbfounded.

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