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Devon kissed Hilary, but he later watched Neil and Hilary get married. Victoria asked Billy for a divorce. Dylan donated part of his liver to Paul. The transplant was a success, but Paul became confused and rambled about Ricky. Dylan's monitors sounded an alarm.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 23, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, June 23, 2014

At the hospital, Nikki sobbed softly as she pleaded with an unconscious Paul to hang on and not die. Nikki mentioned the baby Paul and Christine had hoped to have. Dylan stepped into the doorway quietly and overheard Nikki when she told Paul that Dylan was his firstborn son. Nikki, clasping Paul's hand, explained that she had just learned that her son was their son. Paul's eyelids fluttered, and he opened his eyes briefly. Dylan quickly left when Christine, Michael, and Father Todd arrived.

Christine rushed forward and asked Paul if he could see his family. Father Todd addressed his brother and said, "Paul, we are all here." Father Todd prayed, "Through this anointing, may the Lord in his love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit." Nikki, sobbing softly, left the room. In the hallway, Nikki told Dylan that she had proof that Paul was his biological father. Dylan cried that because of his actions, his father might die. When Christine stepped out of Paul's room with Father Todd and Michael, she said she'd held out hope for Paul's recovery, so last rites would not be necessary.

Dr. Barton approached Christine and said that nothing more could be done to help Paul. Dylan stepped forward and insisted that part of his liver be transplanted into Paul. Nikki, fearing for her son's life, cried out, "No!" Father Todd told Dylan that no one expected him to risk his own life for Paul. Dr. Barton noted that the issue was a moot point even though Dylan said that the doctor was morally and ethically responsible for doing everything possible to save Paul. Dylan said he would consult an attorney. Nikki, trembling, begged Dylan not to proceed because there was no guarantee the transplant would save Paul's life. Christine cried, "It might! It's his last chance."

Dylan consulted Michael on the spot. Michael said he was aware of precedent cases when medical advice was overruled in a life or death situation, if a donor proved to be a viable candidate of sound mind. Dylan turned to Nikki and said, "I'm not just going to let my father die." Nikki gasped and covered her mouth. Christine, shocked, said, "What is Dylan talking about?" Nikki admitted that Paul was Dylan's father. Dr. Barton said that the surgery needed to take place immediately. Christine was desperate to save her husband, but Nikki was equally desperate to save her son.

At Nick's nightclub, Sharon complained to Nick about his and Noah's distrust of Mariah. Sharon asked Nick to approach Mariah and convince her to return to her bartending job. Nick was reluctant. Sharon cried, "Mariah's out there without a friend in the world." Sharon asked Nick to issue an apology to Mariah. Nick seemed apprehensive, but Sharon was insistent that Mariah needed another chance. Nick left.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ian ran into Mariah. Ian seemed sympathetic when Mariah cried that everyone in town except Sharon despised her. Ian admitted that most people in town also distrusted him because he was misunderstood. Ian added, "I've always kept my eye on the ultimate goal." Mariah replied, "What is the ultimate goal, Ian? How do I fit into it?" Ian told Mariah that she deserved to be happy, and he added that they'd continue their conversation in a more private setting later.

While Mariah and Ian discussed their future schemes, Victor was sitting nearby at the bar. Covertly, Victor overheard the entire conversation between Ian and Mariah. After Ian left, Victor approached Mariah. Victor boldly reminded Mariah that he'd warned her about crossing him. Victor told Mariah that she could benefit monetarily if she remained his ally. Mariah seemed torn.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie and Avery discussed ethical issues related to their clients. Avery said that Leslie might have to appear in court as counsel for Austin Travers. Leslie explained that she might not be allowed to do so because she had shared her client's confidential information without authorization. Avery noted that as a member of the firm, Leslie could legally share the information with her. Leslie explained that someone else had desperately needed to hear the confidential information first because it crucially affected a number of lives.

Avery guessed that the information Leslie had alluded to concerned Ian. Leslie replied, "Ian Ward is no one's father." Ian showed up and interrupted. Leslie quickly excused herself and went to get more coffee when Avery mentioned Dylan's request for Ian to be tested as a possible organ donor for Paul. Remaining vague, Ian told Avery that what he knew would prove more valuable than anyone could ever imagine. Ian taunted Avery. He said, "Try not to dwell on the fact that you put a killer back on the streets. Could happen to anyone."

Nikki rushed in through the patio entrance at the coffeehouse. Nikki stopped in her tracks when she saw Ian. Nikki glared at Ian and said, "You let me think that you were Dylan's father when you knew all along that it was impossible!" Leslie had returned and overheard Nikki when she told Avery that Paul was Dylan's father. Avery's eyes widened with surprise. Nikki added that Dylan was determined to save Paul's life. Avery and Nikki rushed to the hospital to convince Dylan not to undergo surgery.

After Avery and Nikki left, Leslie grew reserved. Ian noted that the truth about Dylan not being his son had been bound to be uncovered. Leslie asked Ian if he intended to report her breach of confidence. Ian's manner remained cheerful. Maintaining calculated control, Ian replied, "If we don't pay for our mistakes, how will we ever learn from them?" Leslie's phone rang. Leslie's hand hovered nervously over her ringing phone. Ian laughed and said, "That's probably the bar association. I had a nice chat with someone there."

Back in Paul's hospital room, Christine kept watch over her husband. Father Todd entered. Christine seemed stunned as she hovered near Paul. Christine noted that she should only be thinking about Paul's chance for recovery. Christine added that it was difficult for her to accept that Paul and Nikki had a son. Father Todd said that Paul's chance for recovery was a miracle.

In the hospital's hallway, Avery and Nikki approached Dylan and Michael. Sobbing, Avery told Dylan that she couldn't risk losing him again. Christine and Father Todd stepped out and heard Avery pleading with Dylan not to undergo surgery. Avery and Nikki sobbed softly when Dr. Barton said it was time to prepare Dylan and Paul for transplant surgery. Dylan briefly stepped into Paul's room and held his father's hand. After Dylan walked out, he embraced Nikki. Dylan kissed Avery and promised that everything would be all right. Nikki and Avery continued to sob after Dr. Barton and Dylan disappeared from sight.

At Mariah's motel room, Nick knocked on the door just after Mariah retrieved Ian's business card from her nearly empty wallet. Nick apologized for assuming that Mariah had taken Noah's wallet. Nick admitted that he'd made a decision only to please Sharon. Nick asked Mariah to return to her job at his nightclub. Mariah seemed unconvinced that she'd be welcomed. Nick explained that Sharon had an intense need to nurture a relationship with Mariah.

Nick set rules for allowing Mariah close to Sharon. He demanded to withhold part of Mariah's pay to reimburse Sharon. Nick told Mariah to work out a truce with Noah because she would be allowed access to the cash register. Nick also made Mariah promise to leave Genoa City after her debt to Sharon was repaid. Nick warned Mariah not to hurt Sharon. Before Nick left, he repaired a faulty lock on Mariah's door. Mariah thanked Nick for repairing the lock. Nick said he didn't want someone to steal the money Mariah needed to save up in order to repay her debt to Sharon.

Victor stopped by Nick's nightclub and asked Sharon where Nick had gone. Sharon noted that Nick should return soon. Victor asked about Sharon's lost memories. Sharon said she hadn't yet recalled the particular memory that could hurt Nick. Sharon asked Victor to share with her everything he knew about Mariah. Victor claimed that he knew nothing. Sharon said she only knew that Mariah had an absent father and an uncaring mother. Sharon said she felt as if Mariah had entered her life for a reason.

Nick returned to his nightclub. Victor told Nick that Nikki had moved back to the ranch. Victor didn't elaborate, but he said that Nikki had some news to share with her family. Sharon was pleased when Nick told her that Mariah would return to work. After Sharon went to get her purse, Nick sarcastically thanked his father for having led Mariah into their lives. Victor warned Nick not to trust Mariah. When Sharon returned, she told Nick that she loved him, and she thanked him for apologizing to Mariah.

In the lounge at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane sighed when Neil refused to postpone his marriage to Hilary. Neil acknowledged that Lily was still opposed to the union. Cane claimed that Neil should realize that Hilary, being years younger, didn't share the same life experiences as Neil. Neil insisted that Hilary was in love with him. Cane noted that Hilary hadn't yet had an opportunity to explore a deeply committed relationship with anyone else. Neil told Cane to butt out and focus on helping Lily cope with her father's relationship with Hilary.

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Devon admitted to Hilary that he had feelings for her, and he pleaded with her not to marry Neil. Devon insisted that it wasn't too late for him and Hilary to pursue a romantic relationship. Hilary said it was too late because she and Neil had planned to wed the next day. Hilary said she was certain that Neil would never betray her. Devon recalled how his and Hilary's attraction for each other early on had become sidetracked when he'd happened to catch her kissing Jack. Afterward, Devon admitted that he'd feigned a relationship with Esmeralda.

Hilary admitted to Devon that she still had some feelings for him. Hilary added that she since had fallen in love with Neil. Devon pulled Hilary toward him and kissed her on the lips. Hilary backed away and slapped Devon. Hilary asked Devon if he realized how much it would hurt Neil if she and Devon pursued a relationship.

Hilary said she had made promises to Neil and was determined to make him happy. Devon replied, "What about your happiness?" Neil approached. Before Devon walked away, he said he'd heard about Neil's wedding plans. Neil sensed that Hilary was tense. He told Hilary he would understand if she wanted to back out of the wedding.

Devon went the Genoa City Athletic Club and poured himself a drink behind the bar. Cane asked Devon what had happened. Devon said that Hilary had admitted having feelings for him. Devon gulped his drink and explained that he had ended up getting hurt because Hilary still planned to marry Neil. Cane said, "Now it looks as if all three of you will."

Back at Katherine Chancellor Park, Hilary and Neil talked about their fast-approaching wedding. Hilary insisted on marrying Neil. The couple kissed. Neil said that he and his bride-to-be should break the rules and spend the night together. Hilary agreed when Neil said, "Everything is right as rain in our world again." Neil kissed Hilary and embraced her. Hilary, with her head resting on Neil's shoulder, seemed uneasy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

At Jabot, a frustrated Jack confided to Hilary that Summer had been at the police station all night to stand by the man who'd shot Paul. Hilary contended that perhaps there was more to Austin than just his mistakes, and she reminded Jack that she'd been grateful to get a second chance. She mentioned that she'd hustled to get her work done, and she hoped to take the rest of the day off. Jack worried that she wasn't feeling well, and Hilary announced that everything was wonderful, but she wanted to take some personal time to get married. Jack was stunned.

Jack remarked that Neil had been engaged to Leslie not long before, and he recalled that Hilary had kissed Jack because she'd mistaken kindness for something else. He pointed out that Neil was also a kind man, but Hilary insisted that their relationship was more than that. She gushed that she felt something wonderful when Neil walked into the room, and they'd connected when Neil had told her his take on love. Jack remembered that after Hilary had kissed him, she'd mentioned the guy that she'd known had been right for her, although he'd had no idea that Hilary had been talking about Neil. Hilary hid her discomfort with a smile.

Hilary said that Neil was her future, and she thought that they were good together and that they could be for the rest of their lives. Jack encouraged her to hold on to it, and he said that Neil was lucky to have her in his life. She asked if Jack was granting his blessing as her boss, but he stated that he was doing so as her friend. He told her to grab the future she deserved, and she thanked him as they hugged.

At the Athletic Club bar, Devon couldn't stop replaying his latest encounter with Hilary in his head, and Cane regretted that he'd steered Devon wrong. Devon revealed that he'd shared a kiss with Hilary, and Cane urged Devon to tell Neil before the wedding, but Devon couldn't imagine telling Neil that Devon had made a move on Neil's future wife. Cane asked if Hilary had kissed Devon back, and Devon disclosed that she had, but she had also been adamant that she loved Neil. Cane predicted that the marriage wouldn't last a year, and he declared that everyone needed to put their cards on the table.

In the dining room, Lily told Neil that she knew that he was getting married that day, and she promised that she wouldn't throw a fit. Neil thanked her for not giving him any ultimatums, and she said that she wanted him to be happy. He swore that he and Hilary would be, but he asked if Lily honestly thought that the marriage didn't stand a chance. She confirmed that she felt that way, but she conceded that parents had to make their own decisions and mistakes. Lily said that she loved him, and Neil replied that he loved her more.

Neil joined Cane and Devon, and Cane recognized that it was Neil's big day. Cane departed, and Neil announced that he knew what had happened the night before between Devon and Hilary. Devon rambled that he was sorry and that he hadn't wanted to hurt Neil, but Neil remarked that he was just disappointed that Devon had overstepped by voicing his disapproval to Hilary. Devon stammered that it wasn't about what Neil or Hilary deserved, but he wasn't sure what he was trying to say. Devon asked if Hilary made Neil happy, and Neil proclaimed that he was happier than he had been in a long time.

Devon promised not to say another word about it, and Neil said that he'd known better than to invite Lily to the wedding, but he hoped that Devon would be his best man. Devon hesitantly stated that it was short notice, but Neil said that he couldn't think of anyone else he'd rather have stand up for him, and he envisioned Devon standing on one side and Hilary on the other. Devon claimed that he was busy because of the end of the fiscal year, and Neil understood that sometimes business had to be first. Devon told Neil to take a lot of pictures, and he wished Neil luck.

After Neil left, Lily groused that it wasn't a joyous occasion, so she was happy that Devon seemed miserable, since he had defended Hilary. Devon complained that Hilary didn't know what she was doing, but Lily believed that Hilary had gotten exactly the lifestyle and social credibility she'd been after. Lily hoped for a miracle to stop the wedding, but she was thankful that Neil hadn't expected them to attend the ceremony. Instead, she planned to be on a plane, sipping champagne on her way to France with her husband. Lily blamed Devon for not stepping up and seducing Hilary when he could have, and Devon mumbled that it was all on him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Colin ogled Jill and commented that he was looking at a fine piece of real estate, and she asked if he meant her or her necklace. He claimed that he hadn't noticed the necklace because Jill dazzled him, but he observed that the necklace was wet. He realized that she'd showered while wearing the trinket, and he wondered if she would ever take it off. She stated that the jeweler had assured her that the clasp would last forever, and she called the necklace a good luck charm and a reminder that Katherine had cared about her.

Colin worried that the hot water would damage the necklace, and she planned to have Esther order a water softener. Jill said that Colin was adorable, and she kissed him before she sauntered out. He made a call and reported that he wasn't sure when he would have the necklace, since he couldn't get it away from Jill's neck, but he recognized that he couldn't save his own if he didn't. He pulled out a bottle of prescription medication from his pocket and asked himself how he could be a good husband if he were in a coffin. He poured himself a cup of tea then he put some pills in the teapot. Colin yelled to Jill that the tea was getting cold.

Colin told Jill to drink up while the tea was warm, but Jill felt Katherine's eyes on her. Colin imagined that Katherine was gritting her teeth because he was back in Jill's life, and Jill said that Katherine knew her well enough to see it happening. Colin proposed a toast, and Jill toasted to the giant pain in her neck who was making life exciting even from beyond. Colin hoped that Katherine had been safe in heaven before the devil had figured out she'd died, and he and Jill clinked cups.

Colin said that it was bad luck not to drink after a toast, but Jill marveled that she didn't know how much more good luck someone could have. She stopped short of sipping her tea when the doorbell rang, and Lily and Cane arrived to announce that they were going to Paris. Colin offered to babysit, and Cane said that Colin could visit the twins with the nanny present. Lily noticed the tea and asked if it was fresh, and Jill offered her some. Colin panicked as he pondered what to do.

In the park, Neil thanked the judge for arranging the ceremony. Hilary arrived, wearing a simple but beautiful dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers, and Neil confided that he'd been afraid that she would change her mind. She anxiously asked if someone had said something, and he recalled blasting Leslie for marrying someone after only three weeks, but Hilary had said that Leslie had done him a favor. Neil recounted that Hilary had told him that he'd been set free to find the right woman, and he declared that he had and that he just wanted to make Hilary happy.

Hilary said that she'd given up on happiness at one point, but Neil had given her a home, a life, and a future. They kissed, but the judge cleared his throat, and he announced that they had a problem. The judge explained that he'd assumed that Hilary and Neil would have asked witnesses to join them, and Hilary suggested that they call someone, but Neil replied that everyone was against the wedding. Hilary approached a vendor and a jogger at a food stand, and she explained that she and Neil couldn't wait another second to get married. Neil asked if the strangers would serve as witnesses at the ceremony, and they all took their places.

The judge prompted Neil and Hilary to say their own vows, and Hilary wanted to go first, since she felt like she would burst if she didn't get them out. She thanked Neil for being kind, loving, and sexy and for making terrible picks at March Madness. She recognized that she'd entered his life for the wrong reasons, but she didn't ever want to leave. She said that it was a new world for her and a new beginning, and he was her second chance. She declared that she loved him and them together, and she felt lucky and grateful.

Neil responded that he was the lucky one, since Hilary had entered his life when he had been angry and bitter, and she'd driven those bad feelings away. He added that she had a beautiful, effervescent light that he looked forward to being surrounded by every day, and he was honored and proud to be standing there with her that day. Neil said that he couldn't love Hilary more, and the judge remarked that he thought that they were both lucky. He judge surmised that he didn't need to bother with the objections part of the ceremony, and Hilary spotted Devon as he darted into the park.

Billy rang the doorbell to his home, and an irritated Victoria answered and flatly stated that he was back. He said that he was there to see Johnny, but she informed him that their son was at the park on a play date. Billy offered to track down Johnny there, and Victoria sarcastically asked if Billy intended to dig up the truth about what cereal Johnny secretly liked. Billy reminded her that he'd told her he'd gone to Australia, but she retorted that he'd said it had been on business. He defended that it had been business of a certain kind, but Victoria blasted him for begging her to trust him and then pulling something like that. She wondered if he really wanted her to take him back.

Billy swore that he would do anything for their family, but Victoria called him sick for invading someone's privacy, and she couldn't believe that he'd gone to Australia with Chelsea to do it. Billy insisted that Chelsea was trying to help him and Victoria get back together, and Victoria assumed that they hadn't found out anything, or he would be rubbing it in Stitch's face. Billy argued that Stitch's ex-wife had dragged her kid across the world to keep Max from his father, but Victoria huffed that it was none of Billy's business. Billy accused her of being afraid of the truth, since Stitch was keeping a secret from the woman who could be carrying his child.

Victoria found it funny that Billy had hurt her repeatedly, but he wanted to protect her from a man who hadn't hurt her once. Billy insisted that there was something Stitch hadn't told her, but she pointed out that she had baggage, too, and she and Stitch would eventually talk about it. Billy reiterated that Stitch had lost custody of his son and that Stitch's ex had put half a world between them, but Victoria questioned whether Billy thought she was a terrible person because she'd lost custody of Reed. Billy contended that he knew her, and he believed that she couldn't love Stitch because of what she and Billy shared. Victoria declared that she and Billy had nothing, and she wanted a divorce.

Billy suspected that Victoria was trying to shut down the conversation because she knew he was right, but she asserted that being separated hadn't fixed anything. She explained that she wasn't choosing between Billy and Stitch, but a marriage took trust, respect, and honesty, and she and Billy didn't have those anymore. She added that her children were her top priority, and she promised that Billy would always be close with Johnny and with the baby, if it turned out to be his. Billy pleaded that they had been good together and that they could be again, and he asked for more time. She thought that he would just sneak around and lie even more, and she maintained that it was over.

Kelly entered the Athletic Club and ran into Stitch, and she noticed that he "looked like hell." He said that he'd observed a surgery, since Dylan had donated part of his liver to Paul against medical advice, and he had no idea how it would turn out. Stitch lamented that Dylan had survived a war only to walk into major surgery in an effort to right all wrongs, and Kelly remarked that Stitch and Dylan had that in common. She suspected that Stitch's conscience told him to save lives because he'd taken one.

Stitch told Kelly to get in line, since he'd just watched his best friend being cut open, and he might have to break things off with Victoria to get Billy to stop digging into his past. Stitch didn't know whether he could walk away if the baby ended up being his, but Kelly pointed out that he could be in the baby's life, even if he wasn't with Victoria. Kelly advised that the kindest thing he could do might be not to burden his children with his crimes, and Stitch groused that Kelly wouldn't let him forget. Kelly countered that she and Jenna couldn't forget, and Victoria would look at him the same way they did if Victoria knew the truth. He realized that he had to end things with Victoria.

Jack ended a phone call when Billy entered his office, and Billy divulged that Victoria wanted a divorce. Jack lectured that he'd thought it would happen when she found out what Billy had been doing in Australia, and he was aware that Kelly had passed along the information. Billy admonished Kelly for getting involved, but Jack said that it was on Billy, not Kelly. Jack added that the world didn't revolve around Billy and that people had their own lives and crises, and he revealed that Summer had run off with a felon who had put Paul in the hospital, although Kelly had been helpful and supportive.

Billy urged Jack to walk away before he got in too deep, since he knew that Kelly was involved in Stitch's mess, and she was just as big of a liar as Stitch was. Billy said that neither Stitch nor Kelly would discuss how they knew one another, and Jenna had been clearly impacted by the mention of Kelly's name. Jack said that he hadn't seen any longing or attraction between Kelly and Stitch, and he reasoned that Kelly had a past, just like everyone else. Billy thought that Kelly and Stitch were going to great lengths to cover it up, and Jack admitted that there might be something more to it. Billy urged Jack to find out what had happened between Kelly and Stitch.

Later, Kelly entered Jack's office and announced that she was there to whisk him away to lunch, but she saw his expression and asked if something was wrong. Jack mentioned that things hadn't gone well for Billy in Australia, and Kelly reminded him that they'd agreed to leave the topic alone. Jack said that it was past that point in time, and he needed to know the truth.

Victoria was glad when Stitch stopped by, and she informed him that Billy had just admitted everything about Australia and that he'd found nothing by digging into Stitch's past. She understood that Billy's point was to show who Stitch was, but she thought that Billy's actions had shown who Billy really was. She revealed that she'd asked for a divorce, and she pulled a stunned Stitch into a passionate kiss. Victoria proclaimed that she was celebrating as she unbuttoned his shirt, and she mused that she was almost free and that Stitch was what she wanted, unless he didn't want her back. He said that nothing else mattered when he was around her, and they fell onto the couch in a passionate embrace.

At the penthouse, Anita asked why Chelsea didn't have a tan, and Chelsea reiterated that she hadn't gone on vacation. Anita asked about the con, and Chelsea reported that she and Billy had gotten through the door, but then someone had tipped Jenna off. Anita scolded that she'd taught Chelsea to rebound better, and Chelsea insisted that they'd obtained some good information, but they needed to use a different angle. Anita questioned Chelsea's ongoing involvement in Billy's plan, and she said that Chelsea's skills were rusty if she couldn't lie properly to her mom, since Chelsea had shown plenty of tells that had indicated something more was going on.

Chelsea admitted that she and Billy had shared a tiny, accidental kiss, and Anita asked if Billy had tripped. Chelsea said that she'd kissed him after he'd been talking about how much he loved Victoria, and she'd understood that kind of love and passion, since she'd felt the same way about Adam. Chelsea wanted to stop talking about it, but Anita asked if Billy had kissed Chelsea back. Chelsea replied that it didn't matter, since he'd probably been thinking about Victoria, and he was still married. Anita clarified that Billy and Victoria were separated.

Later, Billy stopped by the penthouse and informed Chelsea that Victoria had found out that he'd been in Australia with Chelsea, and Victoria wanted a divorce. Anita eavesdropped as Billy said that he'd known that the trip would make or break things, and they were broken. Chelsea consoled him with a hug as Anita smiled.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

At Chelsea's, Billy told Chelsea that Victoria was so angry with him for going to Australia to check up on Stitch that she had asked him for a divorce. Chelsea couldn't understand Victoria's reaction -- she thought that Billy was doing Victoria a favor by trying to look into Stitch's background. Chelsea suggested that Billy sign the divorce papers. She reminded Billy that every time he tried to prove his love for Victoria, she pushed him away.

Chelsea explained to Billy that Victoria was undoubtedly filled with anger and probably couldn't imagine forgiving Billy -- let alone taking him back. However, said Chelsea, time healed all wounds, and Victoria might eventually think that she had a future with Billy. Billy realized that Chelsea was comparing his situation to Chelsea's long-ago separation from Adam.

Billy was upset with the comparison. Chelsea said the point she was trying to make was that she'd never thought that she and Adam would reconcile -- yet they had. Billy and Chelsea began bickering. Chelsea listed off all the things she had done for Billy -- how she hadn't judged him when everyone else in Genoa City had. They stopped arguing and realized how childish they had acted.

Billy apologized and told Chelsea he knew she meant well, but he could never agree to a divorce. Chelsea smiled and said that they would just have to keep looking for dirt on Stitch. She added that when they found something, she and Billy would have to "go back to the way they were before this... friendship... started." Billy agreed.

Billy told Chelsea that he had informed Jack about Jenna's reaction when Billy had mentioned Kelly to Jenna. Billy had been hoping that it would have motivated Jack to look into Kelly's past, but Jack and Kelly were getting too "tight" for Jack to investigate her. Chelsea devised a plan -- she thought they could get in touch with Dean Andrews, Kelly's ex-husband, and perhaps he could become their source for information. Chelsea opened her laptop and began trying to track Dean Andrews down.

Chelsea found Dean's number, and Billy called Kelly's ex, pretending to be Kelly's potential employer, hoping that Dean could help him track down one of Kelly's references -- "Ben Rayburn." After he hung up, Billy told Chelsea that Dean had never heard of a "Ben Rayburn," so he guessed they were wrong about Stitch breaking up Kelly's marriage. Chelsea guessed that Kelly had to have met Stitch after her divorce. Billy said that perhaps Kelly knew him from before.

At Victoria's, Stitch and Victoria were making passionate love on the floor. In the midst of their lovemaking, Victoria glanced at her wedding ring, her face exhibiting a twinge of guilt -- but she continued to embrace Stitch.

After they dressed, Stitch called the hospital to get information on Dylan and Paul's conditions. After learning that they were holding their own, Victoria asked him why Dylan had suddenly been allowed to donate part of his liver to Paul. Stitch said that there was no stopping Dylan when he wanted something badly enough.

Victoria and Stitch discussed the bond that Dylan and Stitch shared. Victoria related that during a conversation with Dylan, she had learned that Stitch had been there to help Dylan -- but that Stitch had never opened up to Dylan. She wanted Stitch to tell her something that she didn't know about him.

Stitch said that he wasn't all that interesting, but Victoria begged for "one little tidbit." Stitch wondered if her asking had something to do with Billy digging into his background. Victoria denied that and told him that she wanted to know something about the man she was sleeping with. Stitch made up a ridiculous story about having stolen a jelly doughnut from a classmate's lunchbox. Ben hoped that he and Victoria would have a long time to learn everything about each other.

They kissed, and Stitch left. Victoria dialed a number and said, "Hey, I'm probably the last person you want to hear from right now but there's something I need you to know..."

Leslie arrived at Victoria's and told her that she was covering for Avery while Dylan was in the hospital. The lawyer said that she had gotten the message that Victoria wanted to move from separation to divorce. Leslie assured her that she could take care of all the paperwork while Avery was with Dylan... unless Victoria was having second thoughts.

Victoria said that Billy had crossed the line and was never going to change. She told Leslie she was sure she wanted to end her marriage -- and instructed her to file the papers.

Summer was waiting at the Genoa City Police Station as a policeman escorted Austin toward the interrogation room. When Summer told Austin that he looked tired, the policeman said that she should see what "the chief" looked like. Summer insisted that had been an accident and told Austin that she would always be there for him.

Leslie showed up at the station and told Austin and Summer that she, and not Avery, was going to represent Austin. Summer became upset, but Leslie calmed her down, explaining that the court wouldn't allow Avery to represent the man who had allegedly held her hostage. The policeman pushed Austin into the interrogation room, and Leslie followed, leaving Summer alone outside the room.

In the interrogation room, Leslie told Austin that she thought he would make bail, since it was his first offense, and he was obviously not a flight risk because he had turned himself in. When Austin reminded Leslie that he had confessed, she told him that was before he'd had representation and that the confession wouldn't stand up in court -- she would "mitigate the hell" out of it. She asked Austin if he still thought that defense attorneys were evil.

There was a bit of tension between Kelly and Jack in his office. Kelly told Jack that whatever happened to Billy in Australia was Billy's business, and she and Jack had agreed to stay out of it. Jack revealed to a stunned Kelly that Billy had learned something about her from Stitch's ex-wife Jenna.

Kelly wondered why Jenna would have mentioned Kelly's name. Jack said that Billy had the impression that Kelly was responsible for Stitch and Jenna's divorce. Kelly was worried about what Jack thought, but he reassured her that he understood that whatever had happened between her and Stitch had occurred in the past -- and it needed to remain in the past.

Jack apologized for doubting Kelly when Summer rushed in. Kelly thought it might be best if she and Jack had lunch another time. Kelly awkwardly told Summer that it was nice to see her and took off. Jack was shocked when Summer asked him to pay Austin's bail, saying "absolutely not."

Summer begged Jack to hear her out, but he ranted about what a bad boy Austin had been. He wondered if she thought she was in love with Austin. Summer told him not to lecture her about love, as he had given up on Phyllis, who he had professed to love. Realizing that Jack wasn't going to help her, she stormed out saying that she would find somebody else to put up the bail money.

Summer returned to visit Austin in the interrogation room -- Leslie had arranged for them to spend some time together. Austin told her there was some good news -- Leslie was pretty sure he would make bail. Whispering, he told Summer that he needed to get out of jail -- he had shot a cop, and there were people in the police station who wanted to see him in the hospital.

Summer said that wasn't going to happen -- she was going to get the money to bail him out. She rattled off her plan for the rest of their lives -- that they could be together while he was out on bail, and then after he was exonerated, they could spend the rest of their lives together. Summer asked Austin if that was what he still wanted, and he reassured her that he did. They kissed, but then the policeman pulled Austin away and out of the room as Summer yelled that she would pull through for him.

Stitch arranged to meet Kelly at the Athletic Club. When he showed up, she wondered if he had broken up with Victoria. He told her that he couldn't do it -- that he was in love with Victoria. Kelly wondered if Victoria was in love with him. He told her that she was divorcing Billy and that she wanted him in her life. Stitch felt that he couldn't give Victoria up after all he had been through overseas and at home -- he had lost everyone and everything that he had loved.

Unseen by Kelly and Stitch, Jack stood within earshot and watched as they embraced. Stitch said that he hadn't expected the hug from her -- Kelly said that she hadn't planned to do it. Stitch asked Kelly why she had hugged him. She said that as much as she hated what he had done -- she still loved him. An astonished Jack walked off.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill, Colin, Lily, and Cane were about to drink the tea that Colin had spiked with a sedative -- intended only for Jill. Colin purposely spilled the tea all over the place, ensuring that no one would drink it. While carrying the tea set to the kitchen, he looked at the bottle of sedative pills and told himself that he needed to "do it right the next time."

As Jill, Lily, and Cane tried to clean the tea stain on the rug, Colin slipped in and took Lily's phone from her purse. He then told Lily and Cane that they needed to leave so they could pack for their trip to Paris. Before leaving, Cane told Colin that he was glad that father and son were able to trust each other again. Jill showed the Ashbys out.

Back in the living room, Jill told Colin how romantic Lily and Cane's trip to Paris sounded. Colin said that they could have a taste of Paris as well -- and revealed a champagne bottle that he had taken up from the cellar. Jill thought Colin's gesture was sweet. When Jill had her back turned, Colin put a bunch of the sedative pills into her champagne flute. He poured the champagne, and they toasted each other. Jill began drinking the spiked champagne.

As she continued drinking, Jill became groggy. Colin "found" Lily's phone, which he had planted on the table. He told Jill that he would run over to the club to drop it off. She wanted to join him, but he insisted that she remain at the house.

Colin stood in the foyer until Jill passed out. He then used Lily's phone to call someone, saying, "It's all set. I'm on a phone that I lifted. I'm going to drop it off. Come in, take the necklace, but do not hurt my wife. The front door is unlocked."

At the Athletic Club, Kelly literally ran into Lily, and the papers they had been holding went flying all over the place. Laughing as they picked up the mess, Lily said that she and Cane were going to Paris. Cane joined them, and Kelly told them not to worry about a thing -- she would take care of the club while they were gone. Lily handed a stack of folders filled with work to Kelly but promised that she would get Kelly a great gift in Paris.

After Kelly left, Lily told Cane that she couldn't help but notice how much closer he and Colin had become. Cane thought she might be reacting to the distance that separated Lily and Neil. Lily began whining about Hilary, but Cane told her to forget about Neil's marriage. Lily needed to make a call but opened her purse and realized that her phone was missing.

Colin showed up at the club, ran into Cane, and told him that Lily had forgotten her phone at the mansion. When Cane said that Lily was on her way back to the mansion to find the phone, Colin realized that a disaster was in the making. He quickly left.

At the mansion, a thug entered and removed the necklace from the unconscious Jill. As he was about to leave, Lily walked in, screamed, and hit him over the head with a vase. He dropped the necklace and ran away. The commotion roused Jill out of her sleep, and Lily returned the necklace to her.

Colin returned to the mansion, saw the mess on the floor, and realized that he was too late to prevent a confrontation between Lily and the thug. Colin acted surprised as Jill and Lily told him what had happened. Lily thanked God that she had forgotten her phone. Colin gave Lily's "missing" phone back to her. Colin was none-too-pleased when Jill told him that Lily had called the police, who had taken statements from the women. Lily told Colin and Jill that she needed to return to the club.

After Lily left, Jill told Colin that she thought it suspicious that the thug specifically wanted her necklace when there were so many other valuable things in the mansion. Colin said that he was just glad that Jill hadn't been hurt. He grabbed her and held her tight. Jill appeared to be once again extremely skeptical about her husband.

In the park, Neil and Hilary were exchanging their wedding vows as Devon, unnoticed, observed. Neil agreed with the judge that they could skip the "objections" part of the ceremony. Hilary spotted Devon standing behind Neil -- Neil turned and saw his son standing there.

Devon said that he had to attend the wedding to be Neil's best man. Neil told Devon how much it meant to him -- and to Hilary. Hilary and Devon stared at each other. Devon took his place beside Neil as the judge got the wedding back on track. Neil quickly said, "I do" when asked if he would take Hilary as his wife. Devon's eyes watered up as he stared at Hilary. When Hilary was asked if she would take Neil as her husband, she remembered kissing Devon and, seemingly in a trance, didn't respond.

The judge told Hilary that they needed her to answer. She looked at Devon and hesitantly said, "I do." The ceremony continued with the exchanging of the rings. Devon appeared devastated as the couple put the wedding rings on each other's fingers. The judge pronounced them husband and wife. Neil kissed his bride -- then hugged Devon, whose eyes were locked with Hilary's. Devon told Hilary to be happy and gave her a peck on the cheek. He told the newlyweds that he was leaving so they could celebrate. Out of sight, Devon looked miserable as Neil and Hilary shared a long kiss.

Later, Neil and Hilary made love in their honeymoon suite at the Athletic Club. They professed their love for each other. Downstairs, Devon was sitting at a table, obviously drinking heavily. Cane joined him and was surprised to learn that Devon had gone to the wedding. Devon said he'd wanted to see if Hilary would go through with it. He'd thought that when she saw him, she would stop the ceremony. Devon continued to drink and told Cane that he'd almost put a stop to the wedding himself, but he'd seen how happy Neil was. Cane told the devastated Devon how sorry he was.

The mysterious man who had surveillance equipment installed at Chelsea's was looking at photographs of Chelsea and Connor. His assistant said, "They're back from Australia. But I still haven't determined what their business was there.

The man squeezed a stress ball as his assistant continued, "I know you are anxious to get back, but everything is not in place yet."

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nick announced that he'd finished moving in, and Faith cheered and hugged him. Nick told her to check her desk for something he'd left for her, and she ran upstairs. Nick told Sharon that it was great to see Faith happy, and Sharon gushed that she felt blessed and grateful. She applauded him for trying to convince Mariah to stay in Genoa City, but she reported that Mariah hadn't returned her calls, and she hoped that Mariah hadn't changed her mind.

Nick reasoned that Mariah could have turned her phone off or that she was just busy, but Sharon worried that perhaps Mariah had had enough after the stunt Noah had pulled. Sharon noted that Mariah had never ignored her calls before, and Nick offered to go check it out. He greeted Noah on his way out the door, and Sharon was glad that Noah had the time to join them to celebrate. Noah conceded that he hadn't been in favor of a reunion when Nick and Sharon had started falling for one another again, and she asked if Noah was still concerned.

Noah recognized that Sharon had worked hard to get her life back on track, and seeing how Nick had stood by her had made Noah feel different about things. Sharon was happy that he felt that way, even though she still wasn't thrilled about his wallet caper. Noah admitted that he'd been out of line, and Faith returned and asked if he'd done something bad. Noah explained that he'd told a lie and that he wanted to make up for it, and Faith inquired whether it had been like the lie Sharon had told about the picture. Sharon looked puzzled, and Noah assured Faith that it had just been a misunderstanding and that Sharon hadn't lied.

Noah sent Faith to pick out a game to play later, and he realized that Sharon didn't know what he had been talking about. He recounted that he'd given her a photo of Nick to give to Faith, but Sharon had kept the picture for herself. Noah said that he'd been hard on Sharon because he'd been worried that she'd gone off her meds, but Sharon couldn't remember lying about the photo. Noah said that it wasn't a big deal, but he hadn't wanted Faith to think that Sharon had intentionally lied. Noah left to get groceries for dinner, but Sharon remained on edge.

Ian stopped by Mariah's motel room, and she informed him that Nick had persuaded her to return to work to repay Sharon. Ian commended her for resolving her issues with her employer, and Mariah acknowledged that Nick had been pretty cool, but the real shock had been Victor. Mariah said that she'd expected Victor to start with his usual threats, but he'd reminded her of the benefits of being part of his team, and he'd said that he could use an ally. Ian asked if she'd just coincidentally run into Victor, and Mariah replied that she'd encountered Victor after she'd spoken with Ian at the Athletic Club. Ian advised Mariah not to let their relationship complicate her new life.

Mariah noted that she'd thought Sharon had only cared because Mariah looked like Cassie, but Sharon had claimed that she'd seen something in Mariah. Ian said that he could believe it, and he thought that Mariah should believe that she was special and worthy of love. He thought that Mariah was on the verge of a major life change, and he anticipated that good things would happen if she believed in herself. She thanked him for checking up on her, and he left. Nick saw Ian departing, and he knocked on Mariah's door and demanded to know what Ian had been doing there.

Mariah said that it was none of Nick's business, but Nick implied that Ian was taking advantage of her, and a disgusted Mariah barked that she'd known Ian almost her whole life. Mariah revealed that her mother had once been part of "The Path," but her mom hadn't been good at sticking to things, including Mariah. Nick asked about Mariah's father, and Mariah retorted, "What father?" Mariah said that Ian had looked after her and had given her a home, and he was the closest thing she had to family.

Nick warned Mariah that Ian had used his teachings and his charisma to take advantage of young women, and Mariah refused to believe it, but Nick accused Ian of coercing his mother into a physical relationship and manipulating Summer. Nick mentioned that Ian had spent time in prison for fraud, and Mariah said that she was aware of that, but she could take care of herself. She asked what Nick was doing there, and Nick explained that Sharon had been concerned that Mariah had left town, so he was there to see if Mariah would make her next shift. He left.

In the park, Tyler greeted Abby, who coldly informed him that she had a meeting with an important vendor. Tyler revealed that he'd set up the meeting, and he explained that it had been the only way to see her, since she hadn't returned his calls. Abby got up to leave, but Tyler pledged not to give up on the best thing that had ever happened to him. He refused to believe that he had no chance left, since they'd been amazing together, and he'd only wanted to protect her from his past. Tyler swore that Abby was the only woman he wanted, but she countered that he hadn't been able to get Mariah out of his life, and she wasn't looking forward to the embarrassment of telling the whole world that they were no longer engaged.

Tyler suspected that the reason Abby hadn't officially announced their breakup was because she didn't want them to be over, and he dared her to deny it. Tyler proclaimed that he loved Abby and that he was completely committed to her, but they couldn't begin to build a life together until she put the ring back on. He implored Abby to be honest with herself, and Mariah approached and wondered if Abby had told Tyler what she'd done to Mariah. Tyler asked what Mariah meant, and Mariah remarked that she was sure Abby would tell him everything, since they were being open and honest with one another. Mariah sauntered off.

After Abby recounted the incident with Noah's wallet, Tyler wondered how far Abby would have let it go on, and Abby reasoned that Mariah would have stolen the wallet if she'd had a chance. Tyler chided Abby for being willing to let an innocent person go to jail, but Abby whined that Mariah had undermined their relationship. Tyler conceded that Mariah had tried, but it hadn't worked because he loved Abby. Tyler was disappointed that Abby could manipulate with the best of them, and Abby questioned whether he considered her to be a "lying, scheming bitch" because she hadn't let Mariah prey on her family. Tyler stated that perhaps Abby was right, and maybe there was no chance for them.

Noah returned from the store, and Sharon asked Faith to help unpack the groceries. Noah pulled Sharon aside and apologized for how he'd handled things with Mariah, and she forgave him. Sharon said that the night was about their family being whole again, and Noah agreed that it would be cool to have a family meal. Faith ran to answer the door, but she looked confused when she found Mariah there.

Sharon introduced Mariah to Faith, and an uncomfortable Mariah said that she shouldn't be there. Noah said that Mariah had run out before he'd had the chance to apologize, and he admitted that he'd had no right to treat her like he had. Mariah told him to forget about it, and Sharon asked why she'd stopped by. Mariah presented Sharon with the first installment of what she owed, and she glanced over at Noah tending to Faith and said that she could see that Sharon was busy. Faith chirped that they were going to have a family dinner, and Sharon invited Mariah to stay.

At the ranch, Nikki called the hospital then informed Victor that neither Paul nor Dylan was awake. Victor assured her that it was normal after a complicated surgery, and she admitted that she was much calmer being there than she would have been at the club by herself. Victor advised her not to trade one stress for another, and she said that she'd decided not to tell their kids that Paul was Dylan's father. Victor thought that was a good thing, but Nikki said that they needed to talk about what it meant that she shared a son with Paul.

Victor suggested that they focus on Paul's recovery, and Nikki compared Paul's experience to when Victor had been shot. Victor remarked that being close to death tended to change one's outlook on life, and he'd gained enormous respect for Dylan for being willing to sacrifice his own life to save Paul's. Nikki warned that they couldn't indefinitely delay the conversation about Dylan being Paul's son, but Nikki's phone rang, and Avery informed Nikki that Dylan was in the ICU and that Paul was in stable condition. Nikki thanked Avery for letting her know, and she relayed to Victor that both men had made it out of surgery. Nikki prepared to leave for the hospital, and she insisted upon discussing everything when she got home.

Later, Nick stopped by the ranch and asked Victor if he'd hired Mariah because she was connected to Ian. Victor swore that he'd only found out the day before that Mariah and Ian had known one another, and he'd wanted to find out more before he said anything. Nick confessed that he'd felt bad when Mariah had said that Ian had been the closest thing she'd had to a father, but Victor pointed out that it could be a ruse. Nick said that they needed to figure out what was going on, and Victor suggested that they work on it together. Nick agreed, since they had the same goal -- to protect the people they loved.

Father Todd sat at an unconscious Paul's bedside, and he remembered a summer when he'd spent all his savings on a motorcycle. Father Todd recalled that their parents had gone ballistic when they'd found out, but Paul had claimed responsibility for the purchase, and both of them had caught "holy hell" for their actions. Father Todd said that Paul had always taken the heat, and he murmured that Paul had turned into a man he admired. Father Todd said that he was grateful for Paul and their family every day, and he was thankful that his prayers had been answered when Dylan had insisted on being Paul's donor. Father Todd implored Paul to fight, since people were counting on him, and he urged Paul not to give up.

Avery held an unconscious Dylan's hand, and she reminded him that he'd never made a promise he hadn't been able to keep, so she held him to it. She knew that he'd felt that he'd had to have the surgery for Paul, but she pleaded with him to wake up. Nikki entered Dylan's room and asked Avery if he'd awakened yet, and Avery cried that she was worried. Nikki acknowledged that there could be complications, and Avery said that it was a good sign that Dylan had survived the surgery, but his recovery could be difficult. Nikki pointed out that it had been Dylan's choice to give a gift to Paul, and she realized that Paul had given Dylan the same gift of life. The women hugged.

Dylan regained consciousness, and his eyes focused on Nikki and then Avery, who smiled and expressed her relief. He asked how Paul was doing, and Nikki declared that Dylan had saved Paul's life. Nikki added that they hadn't heard anything, but she imagined that Paul was just waking up, too. Dylan reached for his throat, and Avery went to get some water. Nikki said that they had plenty of time to discuss things later, and she got up to tell the nurse that Dylan was awake. Dylan croaked that he needed to know about Paul.

Nikki informed Dylan that Father Todd was with Paul, and she urged Dylan to focus on himself. Dylan asked if the transplant had worked, and Nikki left to find out. Avery handed Dylan some water, and he reiterated that he'd told her that he wouldn't leave and that she wouldn't lose him, so she was stuck with him. She said to keep it that way, and he understood that she was scared, but he'd had to do it. She suggested that they talk about it later, but he wasn't sure that Nikki would tell them if things hadn't gone well, and he was determined to see Paul.

Avery forbade Dylan getting up, since he'd just had major surgery, and there could be complications. She ordered him to stay put until Nikki returned with an update, and she cautioned that she could be just as stubborn as he was. Avery threatened to call in a medical team to hold him down if needed, and he replied, "Yes, ma'am." Avery said that she loved him, and she warned that he'd better still be in bed once she returned from telling the doctor that he was awake.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren and Michael took Christine out for some food, and Christine remarked that Heather was frustrated that she couldn't be there. Christine added that the nurse would send a text message when Paul started to wake up, and Lauren said that Christine had really needed a break. Christine commented that it was good to have people who cared, and Michael marveled that Dylan had put his life at risk before the truth about Dylan's paternity had been revealed. Christine cut him off and insisted that they concentrate on her husband, since Paul wasn't out of the woods yet.

Christine apologized for snapping at Michael, and she explained that she was just worried about Paul. She said that she owed the Baldwins a lot, but Lauren advised her to take good care of herself to keep up her strength. Christine vowed to do her best, and she admitted that she'd been reluctant to leave the hospital, but she had needed to get out of there, since she felt calmer. Michael suggested that they order dessert, but Father Todd called Christine and told her to get back to the hospital right away. Christine anxiously asked if something had happened.

Christine arrived at the hospital and asked if Paul was awake yet, and Barton reported that Paul had opened his eyes briefly, which was encouraging. Barton continued that the first 24 hours were critical, but the surgery had gone well, so he was guardedly optimistic. He received a page, and he instructed Paul's friends and family to keep the visitors to a minimum. Christine entered Paul's room and told him that the doctors had been saying great things about him, and she pleaded with him to open his beautiful blue eyes so she could tell him all about it. Later, as Christine and Father Todd each held one of Paul's hands, Paul's eyes flickered open.

Father Todd said that Paul had given them all quite a scare, and Paul commented about the beard his brother had grown. Father Todd said that he loved Paul, and he went to find the doctor. Paul asked Christine what had happened, and Christine explained that he'd been taken to the hospital after he'd been shot and that he'd just had a liver transplant from a living donor. She cried that they were all lucky, and in his medicated haze, Paul repeatedly asked about "the child." Christine encouraged him to rest, and she added that they could get back to their baby-making project once he was better.

Father Todd reported to Michael and Lauren that Paul had recognized him and Christine, and he left to make a few calls. Lauren called it a miracle, and Michael said that it would be the first of many, since Paul was about to find out that he had a full-grown son. Lauren wondered how the news would impact Christine. Later, Father Todd said that he had to get home for a wedding, but Paul was through the worst of it and would be in his prayers. Christine hugged Father Todd and thanked him for everything, and he left.

Barton returned with an update, and he declared the surgery to be a complete success, but it was important to watch for signs of rejection, since the body could reject the liver at any moment. Barton explained that it was a lifelong commitment to watch for rejection symptoms, and he said that Christine would receive a full information packet upon Paul's discharge. He added that any sign of rejection should be considered an emergency, and Paul would be on a host of anti-rejection drugs that could have side effects, but the bottom line was that they'd lucked out that Dylan had agreed to be a donor.

Barton indicated that the next few days were critical, and it was important that Paul avoid stress, so he advised everyone to keep Paul calm and quiet. Nikki joined them and reported that Dylan was awake and asking about Paul, and Michael relayed that the doctor had ruled the transplant a success. Michael asked about Dylan, and Nikki said that Dylan seemed to be holding his own, but she wanted to peek in on Paul and tell him that Dylan was awake. Christine stopped her from going in until they got something straight.

Nikki asserted that Paul should know that his son was out of surgery, but Christine forbade it, since Paul needed to avoid stress and to stay calm. Nikki questioned how stressful good news could be, but Christine countered that Nikki was about to detonate a bomb that Paul couldn't handle, and she didn't think that Paul needed the emotional upheaval. Christine proclaimed that she didn't "give a damn" what Nikki thought because Paul was Christine's husband, and she insisted that it was her decision that no one tell Paul about Dylan.

Avery rushed back to Dylan's hospital room, and she cried out Dylan's name when she found the bed empty. Meanwhile, Paul reawakened, and he saw Dylan, clad in a hospital gown, in his room.

Friday, June 27, 2014

In the park, Summer was on the phone, unsuccessfully trying to gain access to her money. She huffed that she'd find another way to get what she needed, and Kelly overheard and asked how Summer was doing. Summer wailed that Austin was still in jail, without a change of clothes or a decent meal, and Kelly wished that she could help. Summer complained that Jack was being unreasonable and that he wouldn't listen to her, but she thought that he respected Kelly's opinion.

Summer pleaded with Kelly to convince Jack to help Austin, but Kelly replied that Jack was doing what he thought was best. Summer argued that Jack was wrong about Austin, but Kelly countered that Jack had been worried sick when Austin had run off with Summer. Summer whined that no one understood that she was an adult, and Kelly suggested that she get to know Summer better in order to help her. Summer snapped that she didn't need Jack's help, since she had another family she could count on.

At Jabot, Jack gazed at a photo of Summer, and he ignored an incoming call from Traci. Traci suddenly entered and asked how long he thought he could avoid her, and he told her that he was busy. Traci sensed that something was wrong, and Jack grumbled that his daughter had run away with a criminal who she thought she was in love with. Jack divulged that Summer wouldn't listen to him because he'd betrayed her mother, and he noted that Summer wasn't wrong, but he was starting to wonder if he'd made the biggest mistake of his life.

Traci asked if Jack had doubts about moving on because of Kelly or Phyllis, and he said that there was more to it than just guilt. Traci insisted that Phyllis wouldn't want him to stop living his life, but Jack thought that Billy would prefer that Jack date anyone other than Kelly. Traci pointed out that Jack had chosen Kelly, and Jack rattled off Kelly's best qualities, but he wasn't sure that Kelly felt the same way about him. Jack confided that Kelly might be involved with Stitch, since he'd seen Stitch and Kelly in one another's arms, and Kelly had told Stitch that she still loved him.

Jack didn't know why Kelly hadn't just told him about her feelings for Stitch, and Traci recommended that he ask Kelly. Jack considered that there might be nothing going on, and Kelly entered the office. Jack introduced the women, and Traci said that she had to leave but that it was great to meet Kelly. After Traci departed, Kelly remarked that she only had Ashley left to meet, and she hoped to do so the next time Ashley was in town. Jack seemed distant, and Kelly asked if he was okay. Jack sternly stated that he wasn't, and Kelly said that she thought she knew what was wrong.

Jack made some business calls, and Kelly said that she was glad that he was getting help with his workload. He asked if that was what she thought was bothering him, and she mentioned that she'd run into Summer in the park. Kelly imagined that the rift Austin had caused between Jack and Summer had been difficult for Jack, and Jack pointedly stated that it was possible to put the time and effort into a relationship and still be disappointed. Kelly offered to talk to Summer, and Jack flatly stated that he had to catch up on work. Kelly asked what was really wrong, and he tried to brush her off, but she demanded to know why he was pushing her away.

Jack claimed that he had a meeting and that he would call Kelly later, but she reminded him that they'd promised to be honest with one another. Jack haughtily agreed that they had, and she said that she'd thought they could share everything. Jack disclosed that he'd gone to the club to ask for her advice, but she had been busy with Stitch. He added that he had seen her in Stitch's arms and had overheard her say that she loved Stitch.

Sharon invited Mariah to stay for dinner, but Faith said that she'd thought they were having a family dinner, and Noah echoed the sentiment. Sharon insisted that Mariah join them, but Mariah protested that the evening was meant for family. Mariah headed for the door, but Nick entered with flowers, and Sharon announced that she'd asked Mariah to stay. Mariah quickly reiterated that it was a bad idea, and Nick agreed.

Mariah commented that it was a big night with Nick moving in, and Sharon said that she felt blessed that her family had reunited, but she'd like nothing more than to share the evening with someone who didn't have a family of her own. Sharon instructed Faith to set the table for five, and as Sharon bustled around to get ready for dinner, Mariah approached Nick and guessed that he hadn't told Sharon about their chat regarding Ian. Mariah expected Sharon to hate her as much as everyone else did once Sharon found out, but Nick reasoned that Sharon had waited a long time for that evening, and he wouldn't ruin it. Sharon served dinner, and she suggested that Mariah sit next to her.

After dinner, Sharon told Faith that their pasta had been a huge hit, and Noah thanked them for not letting Nick cook. Nick defended that he could make a great meal, and Noah remarked that ordering pizza didn't count. Faith declared that she loved pizza, and Noah sarcastically called her a real food critic. Faith said that Mariah was lucky not have a brother who teased her, and she asked what it had been like to grow up without a family. Mariah replied that she hadn't known anything else, and Faith commented that she thought it would be weird.

Summer arrived and realized that they were having a family night, but Nick insisted that she was family, too. Summer whimpered that she had no one else she could trust, and she rushed into his arms. Meanwhile, Mariah mentioned to Sharon that she'd thought Summer was Jack's daughter, and Sharon explained that Summer was Jack's biologically, but Nick and Summer would always love one another. Mariah remarked that Summer was lucky to have two dads, and Sharon expressed sympathy that Mariah hadn't had one, but Mariah said that she hadn't been completely alone, since she'd had a man to look up to and to confide in.

Nick refused to let Summer leave until she told him what was going on, and Sharon and Mariah exited to clean up in the kitchen. Summer told Nick that she needed someone on her side, and he assured her that he always would be. She asked whether he was on Austin's side, too, and she asked him to convince Jack to let her access her bank accounts, but Nick sided with Jack for not wanting Summer to bail Austin out. Summer acknowledged that Austin was in trouble, but she didn't think it was right to abandon the people she cared about when they needed her most. She groused that she'd thought Nick was different than Jack, since Nick had stood by Sharon through everything because he loved her, just like Summer loved Austin.

Summer refused to let Nick tell her that she wasn't in love, and she was certain that Austin was the only person she'd ever love. She pointed out that she was older than Nick had been when he'd fallen for Sharon, but Nick countered that Austin was a lot older than Summer. Summer insisted that they loved one another and that Austin wasn't a bad person, but he'd done things he'd regretted because his mom had been murdered. Nick argued that Austin had planned to commit crimes and that someone had almost died as a result, and Summer accused Nick of being like everyone else. Nick chased her to the door, but she stormed out.

Faith asked Mariah to teach her how to blow a bubble inside a bubble with chewing gum, and Mariah went to fetch her purse for some gum, but Nick hissed at Mariah not to get too close to his family. Mariah guided Faith and Noah through the process of how to do it, and Sharon suggested that the kids clear the table. Once alone, Nick told Sharon that Summer thought that he'd let her down, but Sharon thought that Summer was lucky to have two dads who cared. As Mariah quietly reentered to get more dirty dishes, Sharon said that Mariah had mentioned having a father figure, and she asked if Mariah had said anything to Nick about it. Nick caught Mariah's eye and lied that she hadn't.

Later, Sharon wanted to check to make sure Faith had brushed her teeth, and Nick offered to ensure that the kitchen was clean. Sharon suggested that they meet back in the living room for a nightcap, but she spotted Mariah's purse on a chair. Nick offered to run it over to Mariah, but after Sharon went upstairs, he rifled through the bag and found Ian's business card for "The Path." He flipped it over and read the handwritten note, "You and your mom can always come home."

Summer returned to the park and called the clinic in Georgia to talk to Phyllis, and she said that she'd been thinking about her mom a lot. Summer remembered a time when they'd ordered Chinese food and talked all night long, and her fortune cookie had told her that she'd find her love. Summer recalled that Phyllis had told her to be patient for the man of her dreams to walk into her life, and Phyllis had been right. Summer gushed that she'd fallen in love, but Phyllis had forgotten to tell her how hard it would be. Summer sadly stated that she missed Phyllis and that she wished Phyllis were there.

At the hospital, Nikki asserted that Christine couldn't keep the fact that Dylan was Paul's son from Paul forever, and Christine agreed that she wouldn't, but she insisted that she be the one to decide when Paul heard the news. Christine ordered everyone not to say a word to Paul. Lauren hugged Christine and asked if she wanted her and Michael to stay, but Christine replied that Paul would sleep most of night. Michael told Christine to call if she needed anything.

The Baldwins left, and Nikki approached Christine, who curtly said that she wanted to get back to Paul. Nikki swore that she hadn't known that Dylan was Paul's son, but Christine suspected that Nikki was relieved that her son's father wasn't a man Nikki despised. Nikki conceded that it had been a weight off her shoulders to no longer be connected to Ian, and Christine pointed out that Nikki had that connection with Paul. Christine chided Nikki for never mentioning the possibility that Paul could have been Dylan's father, and Nikki insisted that she'd had no intention of hurting anyone. Christine ranted that the news would change Paul's life.

Nikki said that she was truly sorry, and she knew that things had been difficult for Christine and Paul with the shooting and the transplant, but she hadn't wanted to hurt either of them. Christine advised that it would be best if Nikki stayed away, and Nikki got up to check on her son. Christine acknowledged that Nikki wasn't the real villain, but Christine and Paul had been excited to start a family of their own. Nikki assured Christine that Paul had plenty of love for all of his children, but Avery interrupted and frantically announced that Dylan wasn't in his room.

Over dessert at the Athletic Club, Lauren wondered how Paul would react when he learned that his donor was also his son. Michael realized that it was the anniversary of the day Paul had shot and killed Ricky, and Lauren mused that Paul had never been able to forgive himself for not seeing how troubled Ricky had been. Lauren recognized that one child couldn't replace another, but she hoped that maybe Dylan could help Paul forgive himself. Lauren couldn't blame Christine for not wanting to tell Paul about Dylan yet, especially since the close bond between Nikki and Paul was bound to strengthen.

Dylan called a semi-conscious Paul's name, and he admitted that he should have listened to Paul. He contemplated how many sons had said that to their dads, and he couldn't believe that Paul was his father, not Ian. Dylan continued that he was trying to make sense of everything, and he would always consider Terry McAvoy to be his dad, since Terry had raised him. Dylan commented that Paul was a lot like Terry, and Terry had taught Dylan to be honorable and brave, but Paul had given him life.

Paul dazedly asked why he was there, and Dylan asked if Paul remembered the shooting. Dylan reiterated that he should have listened and not intervened, but he had been worried about Avery. Dylan continued that he was sorry that Paul had been shot, and he said that it had been his fault. Paul asked if Dylan had been shot, and Dylan replied no. A confused Paul asked why Dylan was there, and Dylan asked if Paul hadn't heard what he'd said earlier. Paul questioned what Dylan had said.

Dylan said that they shouldn't talk about it, but Paul repeated that he'd been shot. Dylan stated that it was why they were both there, and Avery rushed in and reprimanded Dylan for being out of bed. Dylan insisted that he was fine, but she barked that he'd had major surgery and that he should have waited. Paul became increasingly agitated and cried that he hadn't wanted the gun to go off, and Christine entered and declared that she hadn't wanted Paul to know. As Christine bickered with Avery and Nikki, Paul bellowed, "I know!"

Paul became more upset, and Christine asked if Dylan had told him. Dylan said that he'd thought Paul had been asleep when he'd been talking, and he hadn't thought that Paul had heard him, but Christine growled that obviously Paul had. Paul rambled that he hadn't meant to hurt his son, and he began to cry as he babbled that he was sorry about Ricky. Christine realized that Paul was confused from the effects of the anesthesia, and she told everyone to go. Paul continued to mumble that he was sorry as Nikki wheeled Dylan out. Christine tried to calm Paul down.

Avery helped Dylan back into bed, and he worried that he'd made things worse for Paul. Nikki said that it was understandable that Dylan had wanted to see Paul, since they had a lot to catch up on, and she was certain that Paul was fighting with everything he had. Dylan couldn't stop thinking about how upset Paul had been, but Nikki said that Dylan had saved Paul's life. Avery scolded that Dylan had risked his own life, and she insisted that he stay in bed and take care of himself.

Nikki stepped outside to call Victor, and Avery commanded Dylan to stop taking unnecessary risks. Dylan explained that he'd thought that seeing Paul would help make sense of things, but Avery ranted that Dylan hadn't listened to her, Paul, or the doctors, and she questioned whether he was trying to get himself killed. She barked that he didn't get to reenter her life and then disappear again because she wouldn't let him.

Dylan swore that he wouldn't do anything to hurt Avery, and she ordered him to stop the self-destructive behavior. He said that he hadn't known she felt that strongly, and she apologized for blowing up. He stated that it had been kind of sexy, and he said that she could still get mad at him even though he was in a hospital bed. She commented that he was missing a chunk of his liver, but he amorously said that the rest of him was okay, and he stroked her hair. Avery incredulously pointed out that having sex could kill him, but she couldn't help but smile, and she told him to rest.

Christine urged Paul to rest, but he continued to mutter to himself. Christine said that she would stay there until he fell asleep, but he suddenly insisted that he had to go, or someone would get hurt. She assured him that everyone was safe, but Paul continued to jabber about his son. Christine tried to calm Paul down, but he struggled against her as he attempted to get out of bed.

A delirious Paul yelled for Ricky not to make him shoot, and he screamed as Christine tried to hold him down. Paul flailed his arms in an attempt to detach himself from the numerous pieces of medical equipment, and Christine ran out to get help. Nikki dashed in and soothingly told Paul that they all loved him and that he would be fine. Paul kept insisting that he had to help his son, and Nikki worried that Paul was going to hurt himself.

Paul cried that he'd killed his son, and Nikki calmly confirmed that Ricky was gone, but she said that Paul still had a son. Paul whimpered that he didn't, but she softly stated that Dylan was his son, and Dylan was okay. Paul finally calmed down, and Nikki murmured that both Paul and Dylan would be fine.

Dylan's monitor began to beep, and Avery worriedly called his name and begged him to wake up. She yelled for help.

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