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Kelly told Jack that Stitch was her brother. Kevin discovered that the real Ben Rayburn had died. Dylan battled an infection, but after having visions of Sully and Paul, he pulled through. Summer and Austin got married to avoid her having to testify against him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 30, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, June 30, 2014

At the Newman ranch, Victoria stopped by, hoping to visit with her mother. Victor explained that Nikki was at the hospital, attending to Dylan. Victoria asked her father why Dylan had risked his own life in order to save Paul's. Victor explained that Dylan was Paul and Nikki's son. Victoria asked her dad how he felt about the situation. Victor replied, "Doesn't affect me. Your mother and I love each other. That's all that matters."

Victor noted that Victoria was in a similar situation, though she wouldn't have to wait for years to learn whether her baby's father was Billy Abbott or Dr. Ben Rayburn. Victoria said that at least both men had the capacity to be great fathers. Victor asked if his daughter preferred one man over the other. Victoria said that she wished Delia hadn't died, so Billy wouldn't have cheated on her with Kelly.

Victor praised Stitch for working hard and becoming a respected doctor. Victoria warned Victor not to trash Billy again. Victor insisted that no matter what, he would support his daughter. Victoria thanked her father for remaining supportive to Nikki, especially while she'd endured Ian's harassment. Victor admitted that Ian was still a concern.

At the hospital, Paul awoke and relived the nightmarish memory of Ricky's death. Paul cried, "My son is gone." Nikki consoled Paul and said, "Dylan is your son. I thought Dylan's father was Ian, but I was wrong all this time." Christine burst through the door and announced that Dr. Shelby was on his way. Christine became angry when she realized that Nikki had told Paul about Dylan. Nikki cried that Paul had been thrashing in angst. Christine quickly took Nikki's place at Paul's bedside. Paul demanded to see Dylan.

Dr. Shelby gave Paul medication to help him rest. Christine gently kissed Paul before stepping out into the hallway to confront Nikki. Christine asked Nikki why she'd told Paul about Dylan. Nikki said she'd been attempting to alleviate Paul's distress. Nikki added that Paul was perfectly able to handle the news about Dylan being his son, so perhaps Christine was unable to accept the truth. The two women scuffled. Paul weakly called out, "What's going on?"

Nikki and Christine returned to Paul's room. Paul questioned Nikki about Dylan. Nikki explained that Ian knew he was sterile due an accident that had occurred when he was teenager. Christine backed away when Nikki informed Paul that Dylan was his organ donor. Sobbing, Paul said, "My son saved my life." Christine asked Nikki to leave the room so Paul could rest. Before Nikki left, Paul asked her thank to Dylan.

Christine remained by Paul's bedside as she slept. When Paul later awakened, Christine told him that she'd almost lost him and the dream of a family they'd talked about. Paul said that while he'd been helping Nikki search for birth records, he'd had no idea that he was searching for his own child. Christine said the only thing she wanted to talk about was their life. Paul told Christine that he loved her. She caressed Paul's face and cried, "You came back to me."

In another patient room, Avery panicked when Dylan's blood pressure dropped and he became unresponsive. Avery called out for help. Stitch and two nurses rushed into the room. Stitch quickly assessed Dylan's condition and noted that Dylan was going into shock. Avery cried, "He can't die!" Stitch ordered a nurse to escort a distraught Avery out into the hallway.

Ian suddenly appeared and asked Avery if something was wrong with Dylan. Avery said, "You've got some nerve, showing up here." Ian said that as Dylan's father, he was concerned about his son's welfare. Avery promptly slapped Ian. Avery harshly berated Ian for scamming them and attempting to extort money from Nikki. Ian placed the blame on Nikki, claiming that she had misled him. Avery cried, "Your secret is out. Everyone knows the truth!"

Nikki approached Ian and Avery and told Ian that he should take his lies and go away. Nikki added, "The only thing that matters is that Paul and Dylan were doing well." Ian accused Nikki of having deceived him and Dylan for years. Stitch emerged from Dylan's room and announced that he'd know more after running tests. Avery rushed back into Dylan's room.

Ian began badgering Nikki. Ian claimed that he'd merely been told that it was unlikely for him to father children. Ian said he thought Dylan was a gift and that Nikki had seemed so certain of the baby's paternity. Nikki replied, "I was bamboozled!"

Nikki seemed horrified as Ian continued to badger her. Ian noted that he'd even changed his will after Dylan had stepped forward and named the young man as a sole beneficiary. Nikki replied, "No! That was your insurance policy in case Dylan came after you after what you did to him." Avery stepped in to assist Nikki. Ian said, "You want to blame somebody? Blame Nicole. Her choices led us here."

Avery and Nikki couldn't believe Ian's gall when he recalled how he'd suddenly been informed about a grown son he'd never known existed. Ian blamed Nikki for concocting lies about Dylan in order to ease the guilt she'd felt for having abandoned her infant. Avery refused to listen and walked away. Nikki told Ian that she'd wanted her son to have a better life. Nikki ordered Ian to stop claiming that Dylan was his son. Victor approached, took Nikki into his arms, and told her not to get worked up about Ian. Victor glared at Ian.

Victor asked about Dylan. Ian claimed that Dylan had suffered because of Nikki, who should be held accountable. Victor pointed his finger at Dylan and said, "You get your ass out of her right now." After Ian left, Nikki cried, "I'm beginning to think that Ian has a point." Victor insisted that Nikki was not to be blamed for what had happened.

Stich returned with test results and invited Nikki and Victor to step into Dylan's room. Avery was seated at Dylan's bedside. Stitch explained that an infection had caused gram-negative sepsis and shock. Stitch vowed to do everything possible to save Dylan's life. Nikki and Avery were devastated by the grim diagnosis.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Chelsea pleaded with Kevin to help them dig up information about Stitch. Billy explained that Stitch's ex-wife, Jenna, had immediately clammed up and divulged nothing. Chelsea noted that Kelly's ex-husband didn't know that Ben Rayburn even existed. Kevin seemed baffled when Billy and Chelsea noted that it seemed as if Stitch had never existed prior to joining the Army.

Billy cried that his marriage was at stake, and he asked for Kevin's help to find out what Stitch was hiding and why Kelly was helping Stitch keep his secret safe. Billy said he hoped to prevent Victoria from being hurt. Kevin agreed to help. Kevin pulled out his laptop computer and explained that everyone left behind a digital trail.

After Billy left, Kevin admitted to Chelsea that he'd broken into the hospital in California to see Chloe. His efforts, Kevin added, had been thwarted, and he'd been arrested. Chelsea assured Kevin that Chloe still loved him and was trying to get well. Kevin said he didn't know how to live without Chloe. Chelsea explained that she'd had to learn how to get on with her life after having lost Adam.

Victoria approached. She and Chelsea argued about Billy. Kevin failed to defuse the fray by offering to fetch coffee. Victoria explained that she and Billy had a child together and might be having another. Chelsea said, "Either you want Billy or you don't." Victoria asked if Chelsea wanted Billy. Chelsea said that she understood pain and wanted only to help Billy. Victoria warned Chelsea not to attempt to seduce Billy again because her plan would fail.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Barton met Leslie for dinner. Leslie was impressed that Barton had been able to save Paul from the brink of death. She noted that her husband's work was worthwhile and fulfilling. Barton said that Leslie's profession allowed her to help clients. Leslie said she might soon be disbarred for having broken attorney-client privilege.

Leslie told Barton that she had no regrets about disclosing the truth to Nikki because Dylan had a right to know about his father. Barton assured Leslie that everything could be worked out. After Barton left, Ian immediately took a seat at Leslie's table. Ian offered not to report Leslie's breach of ethics if she agreed to represent him in a lawsuit against Nikki. Leslie looked shocked when Ian said he wanted to sue Nikki for causing him severe emotional distress.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack told Kelly that her past with Stitch didn't appear to be over. Kelly insisted that she wasn't romantically involved with anyone else. Jack explained that he'd overheard Kelly tell Stitch that she still loved him. Jack asked if Kelly was the reason Stitch's marriage had ended. Kelly replied, "Yes. I was."

When Billy walked into Jack's office, Kelly confronted him about traveling to Australia to question Jenna. Billy admitted that Jenna hadn't divulged any information, so he'd contacted Dean. Shaking, Kelly yelled, "You called my ex-husband?"

Jack looked on as Kelly cried that she shouldn't be shocked by Billy's betrayal because he'd already betrayed his own wife. Still shaking, Kelly noted that she and Dean could hardly even look at each other after Sam's death. Glaring at Billy, Kelly added, "Why would you reopen those wounds by contacting Dean? I thought we were friends. Guess I was wrong." Jack seemed shocked. Billy hung his head in apparent shame.

After Kelly ran out, Jack told Billy that he hadn't been wrong about Stitch and Kelly. Billy seemed stunned. Jack explained that he'd overheard Kelly when she told Stitch that she still loved him. Billy took responsibility for all that had gone wrong. Billy added, "There's got to be another way to protect Victoria without hurting everybody that I care about."

When Billy returned to the coffeehouse, Chelsea and Victoria were in the middle of a heated argument. Kevin told Billy that he'd been unable to convince the women to stop arguing. Victoria told Chelsea she should never compare the loss of Adam to Billy's loss of Delia, which, Victoria noted, was Adam's fault. Billy approached, and Chelsea walked away. Victoria scowled at Billy, and he admitted to Victoria that he'd been wrong to meddle. He told Victoria that she shouldn't have taken her anger out on Chelsea.

After Victoria left, Billy admitted to Chelsea that he should have heeded everyone's warning not meddle in Stitch's past. Billy noted that his ill-fated plan had failed miserably. Billy said he doubted that he could ever win back Victoria, so he planned to give up. Kevin, peering at the screen of his laptop computer, exclaimed, "Are you sure about that? I just found something interesting." Billy seemed eager to hear about Kevin's discovery.

Jack stopped by the Genoa City Athletic Club to apologize to Kelly for having harshly judged her. Jack said that Kelly should have trusted him and admitted that she had been involved with Stitch. Jack added that it had been difficult for him to step out and pursue another relationship after what had happened to Phyllis. Kelly hesitantly explained that her past with Ben was complicated. Jack's face turned pale after Kelly admitted that she would always love Ben because he was her brother.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At Jabot, Jack reeled from Kelly's revelation that Stitch was her brother, and she apologized for not telling Jack earlier. Jack stated that he'd thought Stitch and Kelly had had an affair, and Kelly explained that she'd broken up Stitch's marriage by giving information to Jenna about what Stitch had done. She added that both she and Jenna had thought that Stitch's actions had been unforgivable, and Kelly still did. Jack noted that Kelly and Stitch hadn't seemed estranged when they'd hugged, and Kelly said that she hadn't expected it to happen after she'd spent years being furious at Stitch.

Kelly explained that after Sam had died, Stitch had reached out to let her know that he'd been there for her, and she had taken her anger and frustration out on the wrong people. She added that the pain had become worse after her marriage had fallen apart, and she hadn't thought it had been fair that Stitch had been living a happy, idyllic life after what he had done, so she'd told Jenna the truth about the man Jenna had married. Jack asked what exactly Stitch had done to cause an end to his marriage, and Kelly began to sob hysterically. Jack comforted her.

Jack said that he was sorry for prying, and Kelly insisted that he'd had the right to know the truth, but he understood that she'd been protecting her brother. Jack chalked it up to family loyalty, and he compared it to how he'd always been there for Billy. Kelly thought that she'd owed Stitch that much, since she'd trashed his marriage, and it hadn't been her place to tell Jenna anything. Kelly considered herself to be a horrible person, but Jack insisted that she wasn't, and he recognized that she had made a mistake when she'd been in pain. He added that she was still human and lovable, but she dejectedly said that even if that were true, it didn't mean that she was the right person for Jack.

Kelly acknowledged that it had been difficult for Jack to start dating again, and she thought that she was piling on drama that he didn't need. She realized that she had complicated relationships with both Stitch and Billy, and she understood if Jack didn't want to get in any deeper. He asked if she was finished, and she replied that he didn't have to say anything because she got it. He murmured that he didn't think she did, and he pulled her into a tender kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin informed Billy and Chelsea that he'd performed a search on Stitch, and he declared that people could reinvent themselves, but they couldn't erase the past, even though Stitch had spent a lot of time trying to do so. Billy admitted that he was curious, but he didn't think the information was worth antagonizing Victoria even more. Chelsea opined that Victoria's fury had been more about Chelsea, but Billy contended that he was the one who was jealous, and he vowed to show that he was the bigger man by respecting Victoria's wishes. After Billy walked away, Kevin closed his laptop, but Chelsea still wanted to know what he'd found out.

Kevin had a feeling that Victoria had a right to be jealous, and Chelsea huffed that Victoria had been out of line to reject Billy but to not want anyone else to have him, but she swore that she wasn't in the market for a new relationship. Kevin recalled that Chelsea had lectured him about moving on, but she maintained that she wouldn't be ready to do so for a long time. Kevin teased that it would be hard to find someone when she was spending all her time with Billy, but Chelsea refused to walk away from helping Billy. Kevin said that Chelsea had made him face the truth about Chloe, and he thought it was time for Chelsea to face her own truth. Chelsea confessed that she cared about Billy more than she should.

Kevin empathized that it was tough to care about someone more than the person cared back, and he cautioned that Chelsea would end up with a broken heart if she invested too much. Chelsea was determined to get Billy and Victoria back together so that her part would be done, and Kevin revealed that he'd pulled Stitch's admission records to medical school. Chelsea exclaimed that the file could lead them to Stitch's hometown, but Kevin said that he'd already gone down that path, and Ben Rayburn had died in a car crash after graduating from high school. Chelsea questioned who Stitch really was if Ben Rayburn was dead.

At the hospital, Stitch said that he was sorry that he couldn't be more optimistic, but he wanted to be realistic with Dylan's loved ones, since they had to be prepared. A tearful Nikki said that she needed to call the kids, and Victoria approached and asked what was going on. Nikki sobbed that Dylan might not make it through the night, and Victoria was confused, since the hospital had reported that Dylan had been recovering after the surgery. Stitch explained that Dylan had developed an infection that was shutting down his body, but they were treating it. Stitch said that he'd seen Dylan beat the odds in other situations, and he knew that Dylan would fight to do it again. Victor called Nick and asked him to join them at the hospital because Nikki needed him.

Victoria assured Nikki that, as Dylan's best friend, Stitch would go above and beyond, but Nikki contemplated what would happen if it wasn't enough, and she wailed that she couldn't lose Dylan after she'd just found him. Nikki added that Paul deserved to know his son, and Nick entered and was shocked when he overheard that Paul was Dylan's father. Nikki recounted that Victor had tracked down Ian's ex-wife to find out the secret that Ian couldn't father children. Nick became livid at Ian, and Nikki lamented that it hadn't occurred to her that Paul could be Dylan's father, since things would have been different if she'd raised Dylan with Paul. Victor, Victoria, and Nick convinced Nikki to go home to rest.

Stitch informed Victoria that there had been no change in Dylan's labs, and she asked how Stitch was holding up. He resolved to keep it together for Dylan's sake, but he confided that he was scared. Stitch regretted that he hadn't been there when his and Dylan's unit had been wiped out, but he pledged to be there for Dylan for the infection crisis. Stitch wished that he had drilled the risks into Dylan's head, but Victoria countered that Dylan had known them and had wanted to have the surgery, anyway, and Stitch couldn't have stopped him.

Victoria encouraged Stitch to stay positive, but he couldn't stand the thought of losing someone else he cared about, and he thanked God that he had her. They hugged, and Stitch thanked Victoria for the pep talk. She understood that staying positive wasn't easy, and she invited him over to her place after his shift so that he wouldn't have to be alone, but he didn't want to put her in an awkward position with Johnny. She responded that she didn't want to be alone, either.

Later, over the phone, Stitch told Kelly that he was busy, but she warned him that she'd told Jack the truth about their relationship. Stitch became incensed, and Kelly clarified that she'd told Jack that they were siblings, but she'd stopped short of spilling everything. She told Stitch to be happy that his secret was still safe, and he abruptly said that he had to go when Victoria approached. Victoria handed him some coffee and inquired whether he'd received bad news, and he replied that he hoped not.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill admired her necklace in a mirror, and Colin called the view stunning. Jill asked whether he was referring to her or the necklace, and he replied that no bling would ever out-dazzle her. He amorously added that he liked her better unadorned, and he began to kiss her neck. His phone rang, and she suggested that he answer it, since she had to meet Billy at the Athletic Club, so Colin's plans would have to wait. She left, and Colin grumbled to himself that he couldn't wait much longer.

Colin ignored an unidentified call, and he was unnerved when he found a colleague at the front door. The man said that Colin hadn't been picking up his phone, so he was there to collect what Colin owed. Colin said that he needed a little more time, but the man said that Colin had run out of time, and he warned Colin to pay up, or people would get hurt.

Billy met Jill at the club, where she had already ordered him a drink to wish him a happy early birthday. He informed her that Jack, Traci, and Abby were going to take him to dinner to celebrate, and Jill suggested that she and Colin tag along, but he balked at the idea. She proposed that she and Billy do something with just the two of them, and he grumbled that he had plenty of free time, since Victoria was filing for divorce. He figured that Victoria didn't think that he was worth the trouble, and he considered that perhaps she was better off with Stitch. Jill agreed that Billy didn't stand a chance, and she told him to save himself the embarrassment and just give up.

Billy was shocked that Jill hadn't encouraged him to fight for the woman he loved, but as she perused the menu, Jill nonchalantly stated that Stitch was clearly a better choice for Victoria and Johnny. Billy defended that although he had his faults, no one was better at raising kids than he was, and Jill declared that it was about time he stood up for himself. Billy worried that he'd messed up too many times, but Jill pointed out that she was still with Colin, even though Colin had messed up plenty. She explained that she saw Colin for exactly who he was, but she could look beyond his flaws because she loved him, and she thought that Victoria felt the same way about Billy.

After Jill left, Jack approached Billy's table and asked if he was interrupting a pity party, and Billy invited Jack to join him. Billy said that Jill had just knocked some sense into him to get him to keep fighting for Victoria in smarter ways, and Jack thought that it could result in a giant payoff. Billy wished he had done it before he'd pursued the connection between Stitch and Kelly, and Jack divulged that Kelly had finally told him that Stitch was her brother. Billy found it strange that Kelly had never mentioned a brother when they'd talked about family in group therapy, and Jack reasoned that Stitch and Kelly had been on the outs for years. Jack said that family matters often weren't simple, and if Kelly had reasons for being quiet, they had no business judging her.

Jill returned home and found Colin drinking alone, and she concluded that he was worried about the people he owed money to. He replied that he was more concerned about the weight around her neck, but she said that she was too smart to be taken for a ride, and his plot to hire someone to steal it was over. Colin confessed that he'd borrowed a little money for Bonaventure, and he had creditors pressing him to make good on his debt. He added that an enforcer had threatened violence if he didn't pay, and he anticipated that Jill would use it as an excuse to boot him back to Australia. She asked when he would get that she loved him and that they were in it together.

Colin queried how he'd wound up with such a wonderful woman for a wife, and Jill joked that his good looks and charm didn't hurt, but it was mostly because she was out of her mind. She promised to find a way out of his predicament, and he said that the thugs would go after his family if they didn't get cash right away. He regretted that his lousy choices had put everyone on the spot, and he didn't know what to do. Jill removed her necklace and said that it should cover his debt, and she placed it in his hand.

At the Athletic Club, Leslie chortled in disbelief at Ian's attempt to paint himself as the victim. Ian asked if she'd be laughing when she was disbarred, and he reminded her that her career was at stake. He repeated his order to file an emotional distress suit against Nikki, or he'd report Leslie's breach of ethics to the review board. Leslie barked that there was "no way in hell" she'd help Ian sue Nikki, and she dared him to call the ethics committee. Ian pointed out that she'd be tossing away a career she'd worked hard for, but she retorted that she'd rather give it up than be mixed up with him.

Leslie stormed out, and Mariah confronted Ian and asked if "The Path" was all a lie. He wondered why she'd think that, and she demanded to know whether he'd been playing her like he'd been playing everyone else in town. Ian led Mariah to a remote spot out of earshot of others, and he stressed that Sharon and the Newmans had to remain unaware of their connection. Mariah disclosed that Nick had seen them together at her motel, and Ian assumed that Nick had filled her head with the notion that Ian had been taking advantage of her. Mariah mentioned that Ian had tried to extort millions out of Nikki, but Ian pointed out that he'd taken Mariah in and had treated her like family, and he was hurt that she'd question his motives. Ian said that there were two sides to every story, and Nick's wasn't accurate.

Ian thought it was a shame that Nikki continued to live a lie by characterizing their relationship as sordid and ugly, and Mariah questioned whether it had been something beautiful. Ian noted that he'd thought that he and Nikki had made a child together, but Nikki would never have told the truth about Dylan's paternity if Paul's life hadn't been on the line. He admonished the Newmans for always looking for a way to take advantage, and Nikki had made him out to be the bad guy, just like Nick had done with Mariah. Mariah asked if she should stay away from Nick, but Ian praised her for being smart enough to know Nick's tactics, and he didn't want anything to stop her from getting closer to Sharon.

At the ranch, Victor suggested that Nikki lie down upstairs, but she couldn't rest when her mind was on Dylan. Nick wanted to run Ian out of town, and Nikki was sure that things with Ian would be fine, but she wished that she could say the same about Dylan. She imagined how she'd tell Paul if something happened to Dylan, and Victor and Nick continued to insist that she get some rest. The doorbell rang as Victor escorted Nikki to the stairs, and Leslie entered and announced that Ian planned to file a lawsuit against Nikki for emotional distress.

Leslie revealed that Ian had claimed that Nikki had intentionally tricked him into believing that Dylan was his son when there had been a chance that Paul was the father, and Nikki called the accusation ridiculous. Leslie warned that it would take a king's ransom to send Ian on his way, and Victor huffed that Ian wouldn't get a dime. Nikki recounted that Ian had been playing the victim routine at the hospital, and Nick snarled that he'd make Ian feel like a victim. Victor thanked Leslie for stopping by, especially since he knew it put her in a compromising position as Ian's attorney, but Leslie said that she wasn't handling the case, despite Ian's threats to her career.

Leslie departed, and Nick groused that a lawsuit was the last thing Nikki needed, but Nikki said that she only cared about Dylan. Nikki headed upstairs, and Victor and Nick began to discuss ramping up their plans. Nikki unexpectedly returned to retrieve her phone, and she wondered what the men were conspiring about. Victor fibbed that they'd been talking about how to help support Paul when he got out of the hospital, and Nick backed up Victor's story.

After Nick left, Nikki remarked that it was good to see Victor and Nick have a common goal again, and Victor was glad that it made things easier on her. She wanted to get rid of the frivolous lawsuit, but he urged her to concentrate on their family, and she hoped that Dylan would be part of it. Victor told her to take one step at a time, and she focused on making it through the night. Victor held her close.

Nick arrived at Mariah's motel room, and she guessed that he was there to tell her that he'd told Sharon about Mariah's connection with Ian. Nick handed Mariah the purse she'd left behind, and she awkwardly thanked him. Nick mentioned that Faith had said that she'd had a nice time at dinner, and he invited Mariah to stop by on Sunday. Mariah said that she would have to ask her boss for a night off, and Nick joked that he'd heard the boss could be a "hard-ass." Mariah pointedly replied that she'd gotten the idea that he was nicer than he'd let on.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An out-of-breath Summer met Leslie at the park and asked her where Austin was. As if on cue, he walked out from behind a boulder. Summer ran to him, and they hugged. Austin thanked her for bailing him out. She apologized for having taken so long -- her dad had blocked her access to her money so she had to speak to the bank president to have it released.

Summer was optimistic that Austin wouldn't be convicted for kidnapping Avery and shooting Paul. Leslie told them that she had to be honest -- she didn't have a lot to work with as she prepared Austin's defense -- he had stalked Avery and nearly killed the chief of police -- and had then confessed to it all. Summer said that there were extenuating circumstances, and Leslie had to make the jury realize that. Leslie said that it would be great if there were someone to speak on Austin's behalf -- someone to explain the things that he had done. Summer volunteered to be that someone.

Austin said that he had already screwed up his life, but he didn't want to screw up Summer's. She begged Austin to let her help him. He listed things that she had done for him such as paying his bail and getting Leslie to represent him. Summer said all of that meant nothing if Austin were convicted. Leslie told Summer that Summer couldn't control anything that happened at Austin's trial.

Summer wanted to take the stand and explain to the jury how sorry Austin was for what he had done -- that it had all been a horrible accident. Leslie told Summer that if she took the stand as a defense witness, she would be subject to cross-examination by the prosecution -- and they would hit Summer hard with questions -- probably asking her why she and Austin had been planning to leave the country.

Leslie said that no matter what Summer said, the jury would think she was lying and that it would hurt Austin -- Leslie knew that wasn't what Summer wanted to do. Summer asked Leslie if there was anything that she could do to help Austin. Leslie replied, "There is. Let me handle this. If you don't, Austin could end up going to prison for a really long time." She told Austin and Summer that she needed to work on the case and took off.

Austin thanked Summer for everything that she had done for him. He said that she could have run away when she learned that he was in trouble, but she hadn't. Summer said that she would never leave him. Austin thought that perhaps she should -- he didn't understand why she wanted to stay with him and possibly make a mess of her life. She said that no one understood her the way that he did. Summer told a stunned Austin that she loved him.

Austin was speechless, and Summer asked him if he was going to say anything. He claimed not to know what to say. Summer wanted him to say that he loved her too. Austin told Summer that he cared about her -- Summer was afraid that Austin was about to say that he just wanted them to be friends. He said that Summer had been a great friend and had been the only person who hadn't given up on him.

Summer insisted that she would never give up on Austin and that she meant it when she told him that she loved him. Austin said that he knew that she did, but that she wasn't thinking. He reminded her that he was a lot older than her, that he had been through a lot more than her -- and that he could go to prison for a long time.

Summer insisted that was not going to happen. He told her that she needed to face the truth: he could go away for a long time -- maybe forever. Summer said that she didn't care and would stand by him -- she loved him too much to turn her back on him. She told Austin that no matter how much he denied it, she knew that he loved her too. They began to kiss.

Austin pulled away from her. She said that they couldn't stop loving each other. Austin said that he cared about Summer and didn't want to see her get hurt. She insisted that she didn't have a schoolgirl crush on Austin -- that she loved him and wanted to be with him -- and she knew that was what he wanted as well. Austin said that it didn't matter how they felt about each other; he was going to prison and there was nothing they could do about it. Summer said, "Maybe there is. I know exactly what we have to do."

At Genoa City Memorial, Michael and Lauren stood outside Paul's room. Lauren commented that she was glad that Christine, confident that Paul was out of the woods, had finally gone home to get some rest. She told Michael there were no updates on Dylan's condition. Michael told her that sometimes no news was good news.

Michael decided that he wasn't going to tell Paul how dire Dylan's situation was until Paul regained his strength. Lauren's cell phone's alarm began to beep -- she had forgotten that she had a meeting with Jill. Michael remained at the hospital while Lauren sped off to her meeting.

Detective Harding, Kevin, and a policewoman visited Paul in his hospital room. Paul's condition seemed much improved, and Kevin and Harding were joking around with him. Michael walked in and was none too pleased to see the group there, and he shooed them out, telling them that Paul needed to rest. Michael looked at Paul and sensed that something was wrong. Paul said that he wanted to see Dylan. When Michael told Paul that he couldn't, Paul, growing upset, said, "What are you telling me?"

Kevin returned to Paul's room as Paul continued to badger Michael. Paul wanted to know what information was being kept from him, and why he wasn't allowed to see Dylan. Kevin told Paul that Dylan had gotten into trouble for having gone to Paul's room the previous day.

Paul still insisted on seeing Dylan. Michael said that medical guidelines were more important than the "drama of the situation," and Paul would have to wait. Paul said that he desperately wanted to see his son. He repeated the words "my son," and tears streamed down his cheeks. Paul told Michael that he had missed too much time with Dylan already, and he didn't want to miss any more.

Later, Kevin told Paul some boring news from the station -- statistics about jaywalking tickets and the like. Paul said that there had to be crime in the city. Kevin assured Paul that the deputy chief had everything under control. Paul said that keeping him in the dark was not helping his recovery.

Detective Harding burst into the room, which did not make Michael particularly happy. He asked to talk to the chief alone. Paul asked Harding to just spit his news out. Harding told them that Austin had made bail. They filled a stunned Paul in about Summer and Austin's relationship. Harding became livid, saying that Austin had shot a cop but had girls, lawyers, and judges "falling all over him." Paul told Harding to take it easy. Harding said that he wouldn't until Austin was put away permanently.

Michael became angry with Harding and told him that Austin's conviction was not guaranteed. It was his first offense, and from what Michael understood, there were mitigating circumstances. He reminded Harding that because Paul was alive, the charge could be dropped to assault. Harding appealed to Paul, "Chief, he coulda killed you. We're not gonna let him get away with that?" Paul told Harding that he wanted justice, not revenge.

Paul told an unhappy Harding to get back to work. Harding left. Kevin said that Austin was lucky that Paul, and not Harding, was the chief of police. Paul said that his brush with death had given him a new perspective on a lot of things -- that Austin had caused serious damage, but some good things had happened as well -- particularly Paul learning that Dylan was his son.

At the Chancellor mansion, Colin sat in the living room, holding Jill's necklace. Jill joined him, wondering if he had stayed up all night, as his side of the bed was "cold." He told her that he had been there a while -- staring at the necklace and thinking. Jill wondered if he had devised a new plan to steal her necklace so that he could pay back the money he owed. He told her that he hadn't -- and that he was no longer planning to steal the necklace.

Jill wondered if Colin had thought of another way to pay back his business associates. He told her that he couldn't take her precious necklace away from her -- that it was more than a piece of jewelry. Colin said that Katherine had given Jill the necklace because Katherine had treasured it as much as she'd treasured Jill. Jill reminded him that it was worth a fortune. He replied that Katherine hadn't bequeathed the necklace to Jill for its monetary value. Katherine had wanted Jill to hang on to it.

Colin said that as much as he needed the cash, he wasn't going to take the necklace -- the memento of Katherine's love -- from Jill. Jill smiled and told Colin that there was something that he needed to see. She unlocked a safe that was hidden behind a painting and took a jewelry box out. Jill opened the box. An astonished Colin looked at a perfect duplicate of the necklace as Jill told him that the necklace in the safe was the "real necklace."

Colin was flabbergasted that Jill had given him a fake necklace. Jill asked him not to get all "moralistic" on her, since he lied as easily as he breathed. Colin wondered if Jill realized that his life would have been in danger when his associate found out that the necklace was merely a piece of costume jewelry. Jill told him that all she wanted was for him to admit that her feelings were more important to him than anything else -- and he had done that.

Jill said that the imitation necklace was an exact copy of the original -- even experts could not tell the difference. They could set up a caper where a thief could steal the duplicate and have it appraised for full value. Jill would keep the real necklace -- but would report it stolen and collect the insurance money. Colin smiled and said that he was impressed with Jill's scheme. They began kissing.

They were interrupted when Lauren yelled, "Hello" from the foyer -- evidently the doorbell was out of order. Colin and Jill quickly stashed the two necklaces under the couch cushions. The sisters greeted each other, and Colin left them alone in the living room.

In the hallway, Colin made a phone call, telling the person, "I have the item I wanted. And I will give it to you later today."

In the living room, Lauren was talking business to Jill, but Jill was obviously not hearing a word that Lauren said. Lauren realized that and asked Jill what was going on. Jill mildly chided Lauren for interrupting an intimate moment -- that she and Colin could have been removing each other's clothing. A mildly revolted Lauren said that she was grateful that the only thing that Colin seemed to have removed was Jill's necklace -- which had, according to Lauren, been glued to Jill ever since she'd found it. Lauren thought that Colin had removed if from Jill as a prelude to making love. Jill said that she had decided not to wear it every day -- that Katherine had only worn it on special occasions. Lauren thought for a moment and told Jill that she hadn't ever seen Katherine wear it.

Quickly changing the subject, Jill inquired about Paul and Dylan's health. Lauren told her that Paul was recovering well and had a good prognosis -- but Dylan was not doing too well. Jill thought it terrible that Paul might never get to know his son. Lauren thought it tragic that one bullet could change so many lives: Paul's, Dylan's, and even the life of the boy who had pulled the trigger. Jill said that boy had no one to blame but himself for his life being ruined.

Colin rejoined Jill and Lauren. They told Colin that they really hadn't gotten a lot of work done -- that Lauren had a lot on her mind. Jill offered to take part of Lauren's workload. Lauren initially refused the offer, but Colin reminded her that was what big sisters were for. Lauren finally gave in and left to return to the hospital and check on Paul.

After Lauren was gone, a nervous Colin said that he had someone waiting for the necklace. Jill assured him that everything was going to be fine. Colin reminded Jill that once they reported the necklace stolen, Jill would never be able to wear it again. Jill said that she would still be able to wear it around the house. Colin wondered what he had done to deserve a woman like Jill and kissed her. He told her that he was going to meet his associate and needed the fake necklace. Jill pulled both the real and fake necklaces out from behind the couch cushions. Colin asked, "Which one's which?"

Jill held up both necklaces, and Colin was unsure which was real and which was a fake. Jill said of course he couldn't -- the fake was a perfect replica of the real necklace. She said that she would point out the real necklace, and they could move forward with their plan. Colin wondered how Jill could tell the real necklace from the counterfeit, since the counterfeit could even fool an expert. Jill said that she had a "spiritual connection" with the real necklace. Colin replied that Jill was the only person he knew who could turn insurance fraud into a religious experience. She held up the necklace in her left hand and proclaimed it the real thing.

Newlyweds Neil and Hilary were in bed after obviously having spent a passionate night together -- their first night as husband and wife. Neil asked Hilary if she felt different -- after all, she was Mrs. Winters. She said that she felt different, but she didn't know how to start out their first day of married life. Neil told her he would show her. He held her close and they began making love.

In his office at Jabot, Jack was making last-minute arrangements for a small wedding party for Neil and Hilary. He had invited Sharon, who arrived and told Jack how shocked she had been to hear that Neil and Hilary had tied the knot so quickly. Jack said that when two people wanted to be together, nothing could stop them.

Neil unexpectedly showed up at Jack's office door, ready to work. Jack did everything he could to stop him from entering and seeing the party preparations, to no avail. Neil went into the office, saw Sharon and the decorations, and asked what was going on. Jack told Neil that he was about to ruin a great surprise. An embarrassed Neil realized that Jack and Sharon had planned a small party for Neil and Hilary.

A touched Neil told Jack that Jack was in the minority -- most of the people Neil knew, including his family, didn't feel that his wedding was cause for celebration. Jack told Neil that not everyone understood what Neil had been through -- losing the love of his life and then miraculously finding happiness with someone else.

In the Athletic Club's dining room, a depressed Devon stared at Neil and Hilary's wedding announcement, complete with their picture, in the newspaper. Appearing completely disgusted, he began ripping the newspaper to shreds. Hilary approached him and asked him what he was doing. He said sarcastically that he was celebrating. Hilary asked him if there was going to be tension between them permanently.

Hilary told Devon that they needed to forget their kiss in the park and Devon's proclamation that he loved her, but she told him that she hoped they could be friends. Devon looked at her as if she was crazy.

Hilary's phone rang -- it was Neil telling her about the party. She did not sound enthusiastic as she told her husband that she would be there soon. After Hilary walked out, Devon went behind the bar, took down a bottle, poured himself a large drink, and began gulping it down.

Devon went to his office at the club -- clearly drunk and still drinking. He called Cane in Paris. Cane asked Devon if everything was all right -- he assured Cane that it was. Devon said he was calling because he couldn't find a report that Cane was supposed to have left for him. Devon then quickly added that Hilary had dropped by and decided to "brighten up" his day.

Slurring his speech, Devon told Cane that Hilary wanted to be friends. Cane asked Devon if he had been drinking. Devon replied that he just needed something to "take the edge off." Devon asked Cane to just tell him where the report was and then he could get back to Lily, who was in the shower. Cane lectured Devon, telling him that he needed to stay away from Hilary -- and he also needed to stay away from alcohol. He asked Devon if he could do that. Blowing Cane's advice off, Devon told him to enjoy his vacation.

Cane began lecturing Devon again. Cane told him that he needed to accept that Hilary had decided to marry Neil, and Devon needed to find some way to live with that. Devon told Cane not to worry. Devon knew just how to handle things. He hung up on a concerned-looking Cane.

Hilary joined the party in Jack's office. She told Jack and Sharon that she hadn't expected the little party but was very happy about it. Jack said that they wanted to surprise the Winterses with a little post-nuptial celebration. Neil was surprised that Hilary had made it to Jabot so quickly. Hilary realized that she needed to cover for her detour to the Athletic Club. She quickly said that she had been "close by" when Neil had called. Sharon poured sparkling cider for all. Jack toasted the bride and groom. Hilary did not look particularly happy.

Hilary and Sharon left Neil and Jack to talk business and went to the other side of Jack's office. Sharon told Hilary how exciting it was that Hilary and Neil had wed. Hilary said, "Don't you mean shocking?" She went on to say that she and Neil hadn't known each other that long -- and that she definitely was not the most popular person with Neil's family -- that Lily had boycotted the wedding.

Sharon asked about Devon's reaction to the wedding. Hilary replied that it hadn't been easy for Devon -- but he had been trying to accept the marriage. Hilary said that she knew how much Neil loved his kids. Sharon told her that Neil's kids loved Neil a lot, and the kids wouldn't let the marriage get between them and Neil.

Sharon and Jack asked the Winterses where they would be honeymooning. Hilary said that she didn't need a honeymoon -- she had everything she needed in Genoa City. She looked at Neil and then kissed him, just as Devon entered the office and, clearly drunk, said, "Hear, hear." Neil asked his son how he'd known about the party. Devon said that he had been with Hilary when she'd received the phone call from Neil about the party. Neil put his arm around Devon and said he was happy that his best man was there.

Neil could smell the alcohol on Devon's breath and wondered why Devon had been drinking so early in the day. Devon lied and said that he had gotten drunk the previous night and was merely nursing a hangover. Neil told his son that if he wasn't feeling well, perhaps he shouldn't be at the party. Devon said that he had something to tell Neil and Hilary -- and it was something he should have said at the wedding. Hilary looked very concerned.

Neil asked Devon what he wanted to say. Devon told them that he wanted to say congratulations. When Neil reminded him that he had congratulated them on their wedding day, Devon said that he'd wanted to put him an exclamation point on it. He handed Neil a wrapped gift. Neil opened it -- it was a beautiful picture frame. The gift meant a lot to Neil and Hilary. Devon said that it was time for him to accept that Neil and Hilary were together, so he had shown up at the party to celebrate. The women walked away to get Devon a piece of cake.

Out of earshot of the men, Sharon asked Hilary if she was okay. She noted that Hilary had looked a little nervous when Devon had said that he'd had something he'd needed to say. Hilary said that she was used to being on guard with him. Sharon said that he seemed to really be making an effort to accept Hilary and Neil's marriage.

On the other side of the room, Jack thanked Devon for stopping by. He told Devon that he knew it couldn't have been easy for him. Devon said that it was "all good." He knew that Neil wanted to be with Hilary. Neil assured his son that he would find someone. Devon said that the party wasn't about him -- it was about Neil and Hilary. He told Neil and Jack that he had a meeting to go to at the club and had to leave.

Neil decided to go after Devon, but in an incredibly awkward moment, Leslie walked into Neil as he was leaving the room. Looking around, she looked at Neil and asked him if he had gotten married. Hilary stared daggers at her. The shocked Leslie congratulated Neil. He thanked her and assured her that he wasn't trying to get back at her by marrying Hilary. Leslie said that she knew that and wished him and Hilary the best of luck -- he, in turn, wished Leslie and her new husband good luck as well. She told Neil that she really needed to talk to Jack and walked away.

Sharon told Neil that she had to leave. Neil thanked her for the lovely party. When Sharon said that she loved seeing Neil and his lovely bride celebrate, Neil looked around and said, "Where is Hilary?"

Hilary had followed Devon to the elevator. He told her that he had nothing to say to her. She replied that she had plenty to say to him.

Back in Jack's office, a concerned Neil told Sharon that he was going to try to find Hilary. He and Sharon left.

After Jack finished up a phone call, he wondered why Leslie had wanted to see him. She reminded Jack that Avery had asked her to represent Austin Travers. Leslie thought Jack should know that Austin had been bailed out of jail -- by Summer. Shocked, Jack said, "The man who shot Paul Williams is free? And he is with my daughter?"

Thursday, July 3, 2014

At the hospital, Nikki wished Paul a good morning and observed that he looked better, and he said that he hadn't slept at all, since he hadn't been able to turn his mind off. He remarked that there was a lot that he wanted to say to Dylan, and Kevin and Michael had told him that Dylan had visited Paul against doctor's orders. Nikki lectured that Dylan and Paul had just had major surgery, and it would be dangerous for Paul to return Dylan's reckless favor. Paul swore that he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the gift his son had given him, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong and that Dylan needed him.

Paul marveled that he and Nikki had created a life together, and she wiped away tears and apologetically wished that she hadn't been afraid of Ian, or she would have realized the possibility that Paul was Dylan's father. She regretted that she'd deprived Paul of his own son, but Paul called Ian a master manipulator, and he didn't blame her. Paul remarked that he couldn't stop thinking about what would have happened if they'd known that Dylan was his son and if she hadn't run away without telling anyone. He contemplated whether he and Nikki would have stayed together if they'd known that Dylan was his.

Paul wondered if he and Nikki would have given Dylan a good life, but Nikki said that there was no point in going back. Paul mentioned that he'd had other visitors besides Nikki, and she recognized that he was angling to see Dylan, but she pointed out that Paul's visitors hadn't been confined to a hospital bed. Paul had the feeling that everyone was keeping something from him, and his instincts told him that something was seriously wrong. He asked Nikki not to lie to him, and he wanted to know the truth about how Dylan was, since his gut was telling him that Dylan needed him.

Nikki admitted that there had been some complications, and Dylan was suffering from an infection, but he would be fine. Paul insisted that Nikki tell him if Dylan was in trouble, since he had a right to know how his son was doing. Nikki offered to find out Dylan's condition if Paul promised to relax, and Paul agreed. After she left, Paul placed his hand over his heart and murmured that Dylan had to get better.

Stitch examined Dylan, and a distraught Avery noted that Dylan had made it through the night, but she wondered why he wasn't getting better. Stitch assured Avery that Dylan was fighting, but the next few hours would be critical, and she pointed out that he'd said the same thing just hours before. Stitch swore that it counted that Dylan was still with them, and he explained that the drugs that they were using to kill the bug had produced an endotoxin that had caused Dylan's drop in blood pressure and other symptoms. Stitch added that the fact that Dylan had hung in there was usually a sign that the antibiotics were working, but Avery realized that in Dylan's case, it might not be.

Stitch insisted that Avery knew everything he did, and she found it hard to believe, but he pointed out that he was only a first-year resident, whereas Dr. Chang had years of experience. Avery sobbed that what Stitch wasn't telling her was "scaring the hell" out of her, and she assumed that Dylan was dying. Stitch said that Dylan had known the risks, but Avery ranted that Dylan had promised that he'd be okay and that he'd survive the surgery, just like he'd survived the war to return to her.

Dylan imagined a soldier saluting him at the end of his bed, and he called Sully's name. Dylan said that he missed his fellow officers, and he thought about them all the time. Sully asked what Avery thought about that, since Dylan had looked at her picture every morning before they'd gone out on patrol, like she had been a guardian angel. Dylan suddenly flashed to being in the field, and he had guided Sully toward his weapon, but Sully had been shot. Sully said that he knew that Dylan had thought that he should have gone with them, and it was his chance. Sully reached out his hand, and Dylan's monitor began to beep furiously.

Stitch fretted that Dylan's blood pressure was spiking again, and he asked a nurse to find Dr. Chang. Stitch assured Dylan that he was home and that Avery was there, but Dylan had to fight. Dylan called out for Sully, and Stitch yelled for Sully to "stay the hell away." Stitch said that it wasn't fair, since Dylan had done a lot of good to save the people he loved, and Avery cried that Dylan had saved his own father.

Avery held Dylan's hand and asked if he could feel it, and she said that she and Stitch were there. She implored Dylan not to think about Sully or the war, since they were in the past, and Dylan didn't belong there anymore. Dylan jerked in his sleep, and Avery asked what was happening. Stitch urgently asked again for Dr. Chang.

A snoozing Paul suddenly gasped and said Dylan's name. Avery worriedly asked why Dylan was thrashing around, and Stitch noted that Dylan's vitals were all over the place. Stitch told Avery to stay there, and she reminded Dylan of the life they'd planned together. She professed her love and begged him not to leave her. Stitch returned and reported that Dr. Chang was in surgery, and a stricken Avery stared at Dylan.

Dylan envisioned Paul, who said that they'd missed a lot while Dylan had been growing up, from ballgames to first crushes to having "the talk." Dylan thought that Paul could have handled it, and Paul remarked that he did okay under pressure, just like Dylan. Paul wondered if Dylan got that from him, but the truth was that he didn't know, although he wanted to know Dylan. Paul inquired what had made a young man with his whole life ahead of him risk it to save Paul's. Paul pointed out that Dylan had gone to a lot of trouble to save Paul, and it wasn't Dylan's time to go yet.

Dylan blamed himself for Paul being shot, but Paul insisted that it had been the fault of a young kid who had been eaten alive by grief. Dylan recalled that Paul had told him not to intervene, but Paul understood that Dylan had done it to save the woman he loved, and he knew why Dylan had fought to protect that love. Paul urged Dylan to continue to fight and protect it by giving Avery a future and by giving Dylan and Paul one, too. Meanwhile, Avery stroked Dylan's forehead, and he awakened. She called to Stitch, and as Dylan weakly reached for her, she smiled and sobbed, "You're back."

Nikki sat by a sleeping Paul's bedside, and she picked up his hand. She said that she'd seen Dr. Chang emerging from surgery, and she'd asked about Dylan's condition. She confided that she was worried about their son, and Paul woke up and saw her crying. He matter-of-factly stated that Dylan was going to be fine.

In the park, after Summer had presented Austin with her idea, he thought that it was risky. She agreed, but she loved the plan because it was something her mom would have done. He questioned whether Phyllis would have thought it was a good idea, and Summer replied that Phyllis' motto had been to "go big or go home." Austin understood how Summer's plan could work, but he worried about how it would impact her. He asked if she was sure that she was ready, and she ignored a call from Jack and declared that she'd never been more ready for anything.

At Jabot, Jack cursed when Summer didn't answer her phone, and Neil asked if there was a problem. Abby entered and gushed that it was a beautiful day, and she was about to head out the door. She asked what Neil was doing at work, since he'd just gotten married, and she congratulated him with a hug. Neil mentioned that Jack had sprung for a wedding cake, but he wasn't sure where Hilary had gone, and he went to find her.

Jack grumbled to Abby that Summer had turned Austin into a crusade, and although he'd used his influence to freeze her assets, Summer had forced the bank to hand over her money so that she could bail Austin out of jail. Jack wanted to track Summer down, and Abby urged him to consider that he was dealing with a "walking hormone factory." Jack rolled his eyes and said that he knew Summer was in love, and Abby advised Jack that the best thing to do was to let Summer be.

Jack huffed that it wasn't an option, but Abby warned that the more he insisted Summer stay away from Austin, the more Austin would "turn into catnip." Abby compared it to her own relationship with Carmine, and she cautioned Jack to stop treating Summer like a child. He admitted that it was hard to do, but Abby thought that if Jack treated Summer like a woman, Summer would act like one. Abby said that she had a meeting at the Athletic Club, and Jack promised to do his best not to make things worse.

In the elevator, Hilary told a tipsy Devon that they needed to talk, and he slurred that he was trying hard to let it go and that she needed to do it, too. Hilary said that she was worried about Devon, and she concluded that he'd started drinking after they'd seen one another at the club, since he hadn't smelled like a distillery then. She understood that he needed time to adjust, and she said that he hadn't had to stop by with a gift. He revealed that he'd done it because he'd wanted to see her, and it drove him crazy that he thought about her all day, every day. He added that he couldn't stop thinking about their kiss, and he asked why she'd followed him in there.

Hilary surmised that Devon just wanted what he couldn't have, since he was accustomed to snapping his fingers and throwing money around to get what he wanted, but he contended that she knew him better than that. Devon asserted that money didn't define the person he was, and it hadn't had anything to do with what had happened between them. She said that she'd followed him to ask him to stop mentioning the kiss for the good of everyone involved, but he couldn't promise anything because it was all he could think about, and he believed that she thought about it, too.

Hilary maintained that she was married to Devon's father, and she thought Devon had created a story in his head that wasn't real. Devon replied that his love for her was real, and she attributed the declaration to his drinking. He insisted that he knew exactly what he was saying, and things were a mess because he hadn't told her sooner. He said that he should have stopped the wedding, and he hadn't wanted to hurt Neil, but he reiterated that he was in love with her. Devon stated that he knew she loved him, too, and they hovered close to one another as the elevator doors opened. They saw Neil standing there.

Neil said that he'd been looking for Hilary everywhere, and she claimed that she'd gone to update her personnel file with her married name. Devon fibbed that he'd visited some old friends, but he was about to take off, and he left. Neil expressed concern over Devon's inebriated state, and Hilary chalked it up to Devon's breakup with Esmerelda, but Neil asked if Devon had confided in Hilary about how he was feeling. She lied that Devon hadn't, but Neil still thought something was going on, and he wanted to reach out to help Devon. Hilary suggested that Neil help his bride first by celebrating alone at home, and they left together.

In the park, Neil remarked that he and Hilary had been lucky to clear their calendars to spend the day together, and she distractedly mused that it was nice. He asked what she wanted to do that day, and she suggested they start with lunch, but there was something she wanted to talk to him about that had been on her mind all day. He jokingly asked if she intended to lay down the law after being married 24 hours, and she replied that she wanted them to start their own family right away. Neil thought he knew the reason why.

Neil guessed that Hilary thought that his family would never accept her, so she wanted to start one of their own that no one could take away. She swore that she loved the idea of starting a family with him, and he agreed, but he thought they needed time to be a couple and to enjoy the moments they had alone. She questioned whether he thought that having a baby with her wouldn't be enjoyable, and he assured her that he was thrilled with the idea, but they had a lot of time for it. He remarked that having kids changed things forever.

Hilary was surprised that Neil wasn't more enthusiastic, and Neil said that creating a child with the person he loved was amazing, but there was no rush. He assured her that his family would learn to love her just like he did, and they hugged, but she looked perplexed.

At the Athletic Club's rooftop bar, Devon got a bottle of liquor, and Abby joined him. She noted that he was drinking instead of working, and he replied that he was having a "world-class crap day." He asked why she wasn't working, and she explained that she'd wanted to catch a few rays before a meeting in the dining room. She wanted to hear about his terrible day, but he suggested that she join him for a drink instead. Abby countered that she drank to enjoy and not to hurt herself, and she encouraged him to whine while she worked on her tan.

Devon stated that it sucked being rich, and Abby acknowledged that money made things more complicated. He was glad that she understood, since most people couldn't get why he'd complain about his sad, lonely life. He considered taking his money and leaving everything behind, and Abby concluded that his bad mood involved a woman. She pulled the liquor bottle away and urged Devon to tell her about his female friend, and Devon confessed that he was in love with someone who was with someone else. Abby empathized, since Tyler had claimed that she'd been the love of his life when he'd been hung up on Mariah.

Abby apologized for blabbing about herself when Devon was in pain, and he asked for the bottle back. Abby recalled that when she'd been in rehab, people had used catch phrases, and one that had stuck with her was, "Wherever you go, there you are." She said that having all the money in the world or drowning oneself in booze couldn't make someone escape what they were trying to run from, and she handed him the bottle.

Abby prepared to leave, and Devon thanked her for talking to him. She said that he was new to the money thing and that he hadn't made stupid mistakes like she had, and she was sure that he would figure it out. They hugged, and she departed. Devon looked out over the city and pulled over a chair to step up on the ledge. He removed the cash from his pocket and began tossing it to the street below.

Summer excitedly burst into the Abbott cabin with Austin close behind her, and she declared that they'd done it. She couldn't believe that he'd gone along with her plan, and he called her an amazing, fearless person. She confided that she'd spent most of her life afraid, since people had freaked out if she'd gotten too close to a peanut. She explained that it had affected her whole personality, and she had lived in fear of disappointing people. Austin said that he liked her just the way she was, and they fell onto the couch, kissing.

After Summer and Austin made love, she mentioned that the cabin had a whirlpool bathtub that was big enough for two, and she suggested that he fill it up. He kissed her and headed off to do so, and there was a knock at the door. Summer secured her robe and found Jack there, and she asked if he was stalking her. Jack explained that the caretaker had called him, since Jack hadn't indicated that anyone would be there, and she said it had been a last-minute decision. Jack was glad that someone was using the cabin, and he figured that she'd left because things had been tense between them.

Jack apologized for making Summer feel like she'd had to leave town, and she reported that she was feeling better. He suggested that he take a walk down to the dock while she changed clothes, and they could talk afterward. She balked, and he said that it was hard not to be protective after he'd lost time as her father, but he wanted to talk about Austin as adults. Austin yelled that the tub was filling up as he entered in a towel, and Jack angrily demanded to know what he was doing there.

Jack accused Austin of taking advantage of the situation and of Summer, and he imagined what Phyllis would say. Summer retorted that Phyllis would have plenty to say about Jack and Kelly, and Jack asserted that as Summer's father, he wanted Austin out. Austin announced that he was Summer's husband.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sharon complimented Nick's festive Fourth of July hat, and he said his stylist had picked it out, but Faith had left for a sleepover. He relayed that Nikki had called with the news that Dylan would make it, and Sharon was relieved. Nick agreed his family could use some good news other than him and Sharon moving in together, and Sharon was glad Nick and Faith had had some patriotic fun. She admired the pictures Faith had drawn, but she looked quizzically at one. Nick noted that Faith had drawn the "star-spangled wedding of Mommy and Daddy," complete with fireworks.

Nick asked if Sharon didn't like the fireworks or the sparkly bouquet, and she protested that Faith shouldn't be thinking about them getting married. Nick recognized that Sharon hadn't put the idea in Faith's head, and he thought Faith had just been being Faith. Sharon half-heartedly said the gesture was sweet, but Nick removed his hat and suggested they talk about it seriously. Sharon declared that they would never get married again.

Nick assured Sharon he wasn't hiding a ring in his pocket, but he wondered what would have happened if he had been. She rambled that she wouldn't ever want to see it, since they'd been married before, and things had gotten ugly when she'd imagined him marrying Avery. Nick pointed out that Sharon hadn't been well, and she said she was back to her old self, so she knew marriage wasn't in the cards for them. He asked what was really going on, and she explained that she didn't want to hurt him, but she thought she'd only end up causing him more pain if they got married.

Sharon recalled that she and Nick had hurt one another with their lies and cheating, but Nick contended that they had too much to lose, and he pledged to be by her side, married or not, because he loved her. She wanted to not make any changes, and he asked if it had been a bad idea for him to move in. She insisted she was happy the way things were, and he dropped to one knee. Over Sharon's protests, Nick proclaimed he loved her more than anything in the world, and he wanted to spend every day of his life with her. He asked if she would please not marry him, and she knelt next to him and promised she wouldn't. They kissed.

Later, Sharon and Nick watched the fireworks on the porch, and he commented that it wasn't the best view, but Sharon replied it wasn't the worst. He said they were caught in the middle, just like they were by the choice to be married or not. Sharon opted for "not," and Nick swore that nothing bad could happen to them. He assured her that it was fine she didn't want to marry him because everything was perfect in their little world. They embraced.

At Jabot, Victoria stopped by to see Billy, and she noted that he was working on a holiday, but he said it wasn't one in Hong Kong. She announced that Dylan and Paul were doing better, and he thanked her for letting him know, but he wondered why she was really there. Victoria explained that she had wanted to help Billy avoid the hospital, and he was grateful to her for keeping him from being flooded with memories of Delia's death. Victoria acknowledged that she and Billy were connected because of their love for their kids, and she hoped they could show kindness and compassion to one another, even though she was proceeding with the divorce.

Billy said he'd gone to Australia to find answers, but they had been there all along, and he revealed that he'd uncovered something. Victoria grumbled that she didn't want to talk about it, but he blurted out that Stitch and Kelly were brother and sister, and both siblings had lied to them. He recounted that Kelly had bolted when Victoria had tried to set Kelly and Stitch up, and Kelly had finally told Jack because she hadn't been able to lie anymore. Billy swore that he didn't want to cause Victoria any more pain, and he'd stopped trying to dig up dirt on Stitch, but he couldn't keep what Jack had told him from her. Victoria ordered Billy to stop trying to be a hero, since she wouldn't give him a reward or fly into his arms, and she stormed out.

At the hospital, Stitch reviewed a file, and Kelly asked if he was speaking to her, since she wouldn't blame him if he wasn't. She insisted that she'd had to tell Jack that Stitch was her brother, and she wondered if Stitch had spoken to Victoria. Stitch said he'd been dealing with keeping Dylan alive, but Dylan had made it. Kelly marveled that he'd saved his best friend, but Stitch said all he'd done was stand by Dylan's bedside and yell at him to get better. Kelly understood that Stitch wanted to be there, but she cautioned that he couldn't put off telling Victoria, or someone else would.

Stitch contemplated what to tell Victoria, since Jenna had threatened to run off with Max if the truth got out. He suspected the truth would drive Victoria away, and Kelly assured him that Jack only knew they were siblings. She explained that she'd had to tell Jack why she and Stitch had been hugging, and Stitch mentioned that she'd said she loved him, too, but she denied it. He said even if he'd imagined it, it had been nice to hear, and he didn't want his secret to cost her Jack. Kelly remarked that it had cost her plenty, and Stitch replied that she'd returned the favor.

Kelly pointed out that Billy didn't know the rest of the story, so Victoria could hear it from Stitch, and it was a chance to find out how much Victoria really cared. Stitch inquired why Kelly hadn't told Jack everything, and Kelly said Stitch had paid for what he'd done by serving his time, but she couldn't continue to be angry anymore. Stitch remarked that it made him happy she didn't hate him, and Victoria approached and testily asked if the trouble between Kelly and Stitch had been because their mom had always liked one of them best.

Victoria pieced together that Kelly was the only person other than Victoria who referred to Stitch as Ben, and she imagined the siblings had found it hilarious when she'd tried to fix them up. Kelly said nothing about the situation was funny, and she was sorry she kept making things harder for Victoria. Kelly left to let Victoria and Stitch talk, and Stitch apologized for not telling Victoria earlier. She demanded that he tell her why he'd kept it from her.

Stitch said he and Kelly weren't close, and it had been a shock to see her at Victoria's dinner. Victoria asserted that she understood what it was like to be estranged from family, and Stitch explained that Kelly hadn't wanted anyone to know they were related, so he'd followed her lead. Victoria argued that the dinner had been months before, but Stitch had never said a word since then. Stitch said everything had been spinning out of control, but Victoria retorted that they might have created a life together, and maybe it had been a mistake to trust him.

Victoria asked if there was something else Stitch was keeping from her, since she couldn't live with lies anymore, like she had with Billy. Victoria stated that if she and Stitch had a kid together, she wanted to know and trust Stitch. Stitch told her to look at him, and he pledged his love and swore that she knew everything about him. He added that if she loved him, she'd believe him.

At the penthouse, Chelsea griped that a buzzing noise in Connor's room was torturing her, and the mysterious man watched on his monitor as she searched the nursery, but she eventually gave up. Downstairs, Chelsea tried on a dress as she looked in the mirror, and she accessorized with a belt and a hat. There was a knock at the door, and she opened it to Billy, who called her attire "one ugly outfit." She looked offended.

Chelsea told Billy to take it back, but he reiterated that the ensemble was hideous, and they bickered about his fashion sense. He divulged that he'd learned Stitch and Kelly were siblings, and he found it suspicious that neither Stitch nor Kelly had ever told anyone about their connection. Chelsea implied that there was more to the story, and Billy reiterated that he didn't want to know what Kevin had dug up on Stitch. Billy didn't want to take any action that would give Victoria more reason to hate him, and he didn't think that more details about Stitch would help his cause.

Chelsea wished Billy a happy birthday, and he conceded that perhaps she wasn't wearing the ugliest outfit he'd ever seen. She fretted that she'd lost her mojo since Chloe had left, and Billy suggested that she try the dress without the belt or maybe set it on fire. She decided that she was done working for the night, and she mentioned that the penthouse had a good view of the fireworks if he wanted to stay. Billy expected that Connor would hate the noise, and Chelsea said that the tot was with her mom. Chelsea remembered the buzzing sound in Connor's room, and Billy offered to try to find the source.

Chelsea led Billy upstairs, and the mystery man watched as Chelsea told Billy that it was his chance to impress her. They heard the buzzing, and Billy wondered if it was a bug. She said that she knew what a fly sounded like, and he tapped the wall. She teased that she was in awe of his skills, and he told her to stop talking. She said that it was okay to admit defeat, but he looked directly at the camera.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack incredulously exclaimed that Summer and Austin had gotten married, and Summer held up her hand, which was adorned with a wedding band. Jack said he knew what Summer thought she was feeling, but he called the engagement a mistake. Summer clarified that it had stopped being an engagement when they'd seen the judge, and they had the marriage license to prove it. Jack asked to have a private conversation with Summer, but she declared that she and her husband were partners, so Austin should be there to hear what Jack had to say.

Jack questioned whether the marriage was about Summer's trust fund, but Austin swore that Summer's money was her own, and he'd sign whatever paperwork Jack wanted. Summer angrily asked if Jack thought that her money was the only reason someone would want to marry her, and Jack argued that the couple barely knew one another and that Austin had just made bail. Summer insisted that they were happily married, but Jack realized that she would be the lead witness at Austin's trial, and getting married would keep her from testifying. Jack told them to wise up, since Austin would go to prison, and the marriage would go away.

Summer refused to get a divorce, but Jack said that they could have the marriage annulled in the morning. Summer complained that he wasn't listening, but Jack warned that Summer's misguided notion to keep Austin out of prison wouldn't work, since Austin had nearly killed the police chief. Austin asked how Paul was doing, and Jack replied that Austin was lucky that Paul's condition was improving. Jack prepared to go back to Genoa City to rectify the situation, but Summer maintained that Jack didn't know why she'd married Austin.

Summer explained that Austin made her feel safe and normal for the first time in a long time, and she felt like she'd finally found her way home. She insisted that their marriage was real and that she loved her husband. She began to get teary as she told Jack to leave if he couldn't accept that she was the happiest she'd been in a really long time, and she ran out. Austin started to go after her, but Jack stopped him and asked what it would take to get Austin out of his daughter's life.

Jack accused Austin of abusing Summer's kindness, but Austin defended that he never would and that he'd stop anyone else who tried. Austin swore that the wedding had been her idea, and he'd tried to talk her out of it, but she had been convincing. Jack contended that Summer hadn't forced Austin into marriage, and Austin confirmed that it had been his choice, but he wouldn't be bribed in to letting her go, since she didn't deserve that. Jack said Austin could only offer her heartbreak, since Austin would spend their marriage in prison.

Austin admitted that he didn't know who he was after what he'd done, but he knew that Summer had been lonely since her mother had been hurt. Austin continued that Summer had felt like she couldn't live up to anyone's expectations, but she was happy with him, and she'd stuck to her word, so he intended to stick to his. Austin refused to walk away, but Jack huffed that it wasn't the life Summer deserved, and he walked out. Summer reentered, and she mentioned that she'd heard what Austin had said, and it had sounded like he believed in her. Austin questioned why he wouldn't, since he'd given her every reason to run away, but she hadn't. She chirped that they were stuck together.

At Jabot, Kelly surmised that an upset Jack had seen Summer, and he spat that Summer had married Austin. Kelly found the news surprising, but she encouraged Jack to stay calm. Jack called Summer a young and stupid person who thought she was in love, but Kelly contended that maybe Summer really cared about Austin. Jack wanted to call Nick, but Kelly advised that one overwrought father was enough. Jack worried that Summer's actions would haunt her for the rest of her life, but Kelly reasoned that Paul was recovering, and there was a chance for both Summer and Austin. Jack couldn't believe that Kelly was advocating the marriage.

Kelly said that she didn't support the marriage, but she also didn't think Austin was a lost cause, and she thought the concept of redemption was important. Jack bemoaned that his daughter had committed her life to a man who had shot a cop, and Kelly counseled that Austin would go to prison, but Summer would eventually realize that she had her whole life ahead of her. Kelly suggested that Jack be there to comfort Summer rather than being someone Summer ran away from, and Jack thanked Kelly for being a calming influence. Fireworks popped outside, and a band began to play. Jack said that they could watch the show from the rooftop, but Kelly preferred to make their own fireworks right there. They kissed.

At the Athletic Club's rooftop bar, Courtney ordered a shirtless Noah to freeze, and they kissed. She apologized for being late, but she had been waiting for word about Paul, who was doing great. Courtney gushed that she loved what Devon had done with the place, and she imagined that Noah was used to looking down at the tiny people on the street below from the Newman office. Noah amorously eyed her and said that he liked that view much better, and he noted that she'd missed the sun. She pointed out that there was still a pool, and she took off her cover-up and revealed a skimpy bikini. He told her to go ahead, and he'd enjoy the view some more.

Later, Courtney helped Noah towel off, and he worried that it had been a bad idea to leave Mariah at the Underground alone. "Speaking of criminals," Courtney muttered as Summer entered with Austin. Noah approached them and ordered Austin to get away from his sister, and Courtney barked that Austin should be in a cell. Summer defended that she wanted to be with Austin more than anything, and that was why he was her husband. Courtney pleaded with Summer to say that she wasn't that gullible, and Austin warned Courtney to watch how she spoke to his wife.

Noah asked to speak to Summer alone, and she expected him to say the same thing Jack had, but Noah argued that he'd been her brother her whole life. She relented, and after they walked off, Austin told Courtney that Summer respected her, and he suggested that Courtney go easier on Summer, since Courtney hated him and not Summer. Courtney hissed that she'd been the one who'd shot him, and if anything happened to Summer, her aim would be a lot better the next time.

Summer insisted that Austin wasn't after her money, and Noah understood how it felt to experience something exciting and different, since he'd gone through the same thing with Adriana. He said that he'd thought that he'd loved Adriana enough for her to turn her life around, but it hadn't happened, and he cautioned that it wouldn't happen for Summer and Austin, either. Summer insisted that it wasn't the same thing, and she knew that Austin had done terrible things because his mom had been ripped away, but he still had Summer.

As the fireworks show started, Summer said she loved Noah, and he would always be her brother, but Austin was her husband. She recognized that the situation was crazy and scary, but she was really happy, and she requested that Noah let her enjoy her happiness for a little while by not telling Nick. Noah agreed that the news would only freak Nick out, and she thanked him. Summer returned to Austin's side, and as the couple cuddled and kissed, Courtney told Noah that the only thing they could do was to look out for Summer.

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