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A thug returned the fake necklace to Colin and threatened to go after Jill. Victoria decided not to have a paternity test. Barton named Stitch as the hospital's new chief resident. Kevin was arrested for breaking into the hospital's computer system.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 28, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Outside Victoria's front door, Stitch pleaded with Victoria to trust him and the sincerity of their relationship. Victoria replied, "I did trust you. Even after you lied about your relationship with Kelly and promised me that you'd done nothing wrong." Victoria reminded Ben that her pregnancy was high-risk and warned him not to upset her. Victoria refused to listen to Ben even though he attempted to plead his case. Victoria cried that if Ben loved her, he'd leave her alone. Ben left.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan told Stitch about the difficult day Nikki had suffered through in the courtroom. Dylan said that Ian had claimed that he'd been robbed of an opportunity to be a father. Dylan added, "He has no idea what it's like to want a child and have it taken away. The person who was robbed was Paul, but at least we have a chance to make that right." Sorrowfully sobbing, Ben explained that he was supposed to have accompanied Victoria to the hospital to undergo a paternity test.

Dylan was initially sympathetic to his friend's plight. Ben explained that Victoria no longer wanted to associate with him. Ben said that Victoria had learned that after he'd served time in prison for murder, he'd assumed another young man's identity. Ben added that Victoria had learned the truth from Billy. Dylan refused to believe that his dear friend had purposely murdered his own father.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack blurted out to Kelly that he loved her. Jack's unplanned proclamation seemed to surprise even him. Jack had been defending his decision to tell Billy the truth about Stitch's checkered past. Jack insisted that his profession of love was not a ploy to force Kelly to forgive him. Jack added that he'd kept silent about Stitch's past because he hadn't wanted to hurt Kelly. Upset, Kelly replied, "My brother had a lot more to lose than your brother did."

Jack said he couldn't believe that Kelly could forgive Stitch for killing their father. Kelly cried that she didn't forgive her brother, but she said that she was no longer angry. Kelly noted her remorse for having acted out of vengeance when she'd told Stitch's ex-wife the truth. She added, "Now his life has been ripped apart again." Kelly told Jack that she wished he had stayed out of it. Jack said, "Where does that leave us?" Kelly replied, "I just can't be with you right now." Before Jack left, he told Kelly that she'd know where to find him if she needed him.

At the Underground, Nick told Billy that Victoria was angry because Billy had continued digging into Ben's past after Victoria had ordered a stop to the snooping. Billy said that both Victoria and Nick should be grateful to him because he'd exposed Ben's past as a murderer living under a false identity. Nick said, "It's not going to matter. You're still the same guy who has hurt my sister over and over again." Billy replied, "I've made some mistakes, but I'm a decent guy, unlike Rayburn or Russell or whoever the hell he is."

Addressing Nick, Billy admitted that he'd initially hoped to dig up information about whatever Ben had done to make his ex-wife move with their son to Australia. Billy added that his main goal was to protect Victoria and the baby she was carrying that might be his, especially after he'd learned that Ben had murdered his own father. Nick said, "You're not listening, Billy. Victoria doesn't need you to protect her. She doesn't want to have anything to do with you, and nothing that has happened has changed that." Billy seemed dejected.

Sharon arrived at Nick's club and asked Mariah what was going on between Nick and Billy. Mariah said the discussion was likely about Victoria. Cane and Lily arrived, and Sharon introduced them to Mariah Copeland. When Lily said that she and Cane had planned to meet Devon at the bar, Mariah noted that Devon had already left with Hilary. After Cane stepped aside to phone Devon. Lily acknowledged Mariah's strong resemblance to Cassie.

Before Mariah delivered drinks to Lily and Cane's table, she offered to baby-sit Faith when Sharon explained that she might be busy all night, monitoring a photo shoot. Sharon said that Faith was away at camp. After Billy left, Mariah watched Nick kiss Sharon and offer to make love to her upstairs in his office. Sharon nixed the idea and said she'd be home late. Sharon added that at least Mariah would be present to keep Nick company.

Back at the coffeehouse, Dylan and Stitch continued their conversation about Stitch's past. Dylan said he realized why Jenna had divorced Stitch and moved far away. Stitch explained that the truth had been revealed to Jenna in much the same way as it had been to Victoria. Dylan said, "This is hard for me to comprehend, but for Victoria? Come on, Stitch, I don't hear you denying it." Before Stitch could respond, Sharon walked in, greeted Dylan and Stitch, and announced that her photo shoot had been canceled.

After Stitch walked outside, Dylan explained to Sharon that during the time he'd lived in Genoa City, he'd learned that things weren't what he'd thought they were. Sharon replied, "I don't know how you cope." Dylan said that he'd been leaning on Stitch. Dylan added, "I guess that trust only goes one way." In a flashback, Sharon again recalled seeing a tube of creamy-nude lipstick rolling down a staircase. After her flashback ended, Sharon assured Dylan that it would work out between him and Stitch. After Sharon left, Dylan walked out to the patio, where Stitch was sitting alone. Dylan said he wished that Stitch had been honest with him and Victoria. Dylan added, "I don't want to see my sister hurt."

At Sharon's house, Nick served Mariah a sandwich he'd made for her and encouraged her to eat it. Mariah took a bite and marveled that the sandwich was quite good considering that Nick had been raised with servants and headmasters attending to his needs. Nick insisted that his parents had played a very active role in his upbringing, and he said he was sorry that Mariah had been deprived of the same. Mariah noted that though her parents had failed her, Ian had offered emotional support. Sharon returned home unexpectedly and explained that one model hadn't shown up, so the photo shoot had been canceled. Nick offered to make a sandwich for Sharon, but she said she was exhausted and yearned to crawl into bed. Mariah offered to clean the kitchen, so Nick followed Sharon upstairs.

Cane and Lily entered the Genoa City Athletic Club after Cane had been summoned to take care of a problem with a dishwasher. Lily instead went to the bar to check on a forlorn-looking Kelly. Crying, Kelly explained that she'd sent Jack away. Kelly cried that she'd become furious with Jack after he'd told Billy something she'd asked him not to disclose. Kelly, feeling regret, said that had she been in Jack's place, she likely would've done the same thing. Kelly seemed quite emotionally fragile when she admitted that she'd just chased off the best thing that had ever happened to her. Lily encouraged Kelly to go after Jack.

At the Abbott mansion, the house was dark and quiet. Jack was asleep in bed. Kelly tiptoed into the bedroom and climbed into Jack's bed. She awakened him by kissing his back. Jack said, "Hey, how did you get in?" Kelly replied, "Mrs. Martinez is a personal friend of mine." Jack asked what Kelly wanted. Kelly replied, "I wanted to tell you that I love you, too." Jack pulled Kelly close and kissed her.

Billy stopped by Victoria's house, hoping to console his pregnant wife. Instead, Hannah, the babysitter, answered the front door. Hannah explained that Victoria had summoned her at the last minute. Billy failed to conceal his disappointment. Hannah added that Victoria had an appointment. Billy nodded when Hannah noted that Victoria had seemed quite eager to keep the appointment. Billy couldn't hide his uneasiness and replied, "Right."

At the hospital, Victoria learned from Dr. Sternin that Dr. Chiverton had already left for a conference in Vancouver. Victoria noted that she was fifteen weeks pregnant and had planned to undergo testing to determine her baby's paternity. Dr. Sternin asked if Victoria could wait until her regular doctor returned. Victoria explained that she needed to determine her baby's paternity as soon as possible. Victoria added, "I need to control the outcome by deciding who knows what and when."

Dr. Sternin was taken aback when Victoria divulged that Dr. Ben Rayburn had previously accessed her medical records to find out if she was pregnant. Dr. Sternin said she was surprised that Dr. Rayburn had abused his authority. Victoria replied, "Well, unfortunately, we don't know him like we thought." Victoria said that she also didn't want her estranged husband snooping in her records.

Dr. Sternin seemed concerned when Victoria's demeanor suddenly shifted. Victoria announced that she didn't want to know who her baby's father was because she didn't want either man in her life. Billy was standing behind a door, eavesdropping. Billy overheard Victoria when she said, "This is my baby!"

On the side of the road, Devon's Rolls Royce broke down. Hilary was flabbergasted when she and Devon realized that their cell phones were useless because neither was able to acquire a signal in the remote area. Hilary complained about again being stuck alone with Devon. Devon reminded Hilary that she had been responsible for both recent incidents, one in the laundry room and another inside an elevator. Devon added, "Maybe it felt like we were stuck together because deep down, you know that we should be stuck together."

Devon pored over his car's manual and announced that he'd make the necessary repairs himself. Hilary asked Devon to keep his distance, and she noted that it had been a mistake to accept a ride with him. Hilary suddenly decided to walk home, but she quickly changed her mind because it was dark, and she feared the cows roaming in a nearby field. Devon checked his car's engine, but he couldn't determine the problem. Obviously stuck with each other again, Devon and Hilary's anxiousness eased.

Devon and Hilary passed the time, sitting just outside the car, listening to music streaming from the radio. Hilary gazed up at the stars and remembered how her mother had told stories about the constellations. Devon talked about how he'd always loved animals. Devon added that he'd enjoyed visiting the zoo with his maternal grandmother. He added that his grandmother had also taught him how to make seven-layer bars. Hilary seemed impressed. Hilary said that her talent was dancing, which she added, had always helped to calm and relax her. Devon invited Hilary to dance with him, and the couple swayed to the music beneath the twinkling stars.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tyler and a beautiful woman descended the stairs at the Athletic Club, both of them smiling and laughing. Unseen by them, Abby watched the jovial twosome from the club's doorway. Tyler told the woman how great she had been -- that she had definitely been worth the money. The woman told Tyler that she aimed to please then noticed that Abby was staring at her and Tyler. Tyler's mood quickly changed when he saw Abby. The woman shook Abby's hand and said that her name was Destiny. Abby thought that name suited the woman perfectly. Destiny told Tyler that she had to go to her next job.

Alone with Tyler, Abby wondered if that was how he had been spending his time and his money. She told Tyler that she was surprised at his lack of taste then added, "But then again, you were engaged to Mariah." Abby thought that Destiny was a hooker, but Tyler quickly set her straight, telling his ex-fiancée that Destiny was a model, that he had paid her for a camera shoot, and that he was not sleeping with her -- although that wasn't any of Abby's business, since Abby and Tyler were no longer engaged.

Abby told Tyler that she hated the idea of the three of them -- Abby, Tyler, and Mariah -- being married and reminded him that was why she had called off their engagement. Tyler said that he had been in love with Abby, not Mariah, and that Abby was the most insecure woman he had ever met.

Tyler stormed off into the dining room, where Leslie, who had overheard his conversation with Abby, asked him if arguing with Abby had made him feel better. Tyler said that he didn't understand Abby -- when they'd started dating, everything had been fine, but then he and Abby had starting arguing. He didn't understand what had caused Abby to change. Leslie said, "Mariah." Leslie didn't understand why Tyler had allowed Mariah back in his life. He said that love had blinded him to Mariah's many faults.

Leslie said that sometimes love conquered all, and she used Austin and Summer as an example -- she told Tyler that the newlyweds weren't letting anything get in their way. Leslie received a text message and said that perhaps she had spoken too soon -- Austin's trial date had been set.

Abby joined her Aunt Traci on the club's rooftop patio. As soon as Abby sat down, she gulped down an alcoholic beverage -- then drank Traci's. Traci, seeing that her niece was upset, told her to relax, enjoy the day of pampering they had planned, and forget about the men in their lives. Abby rambled on, telling Traci that she had seen Tyler downstairs. When Abby asked why it still hurt so badly, Traci told Abby that she was still in love with Tyler.

At Sharon's cottage, Nick stared at a photograph of him with Sharon and Faith. Sharon joined him and he told her that a moving van would be stopping by. She assumed that the van would be dropping off the last of Nick's possessions, cementing Nick and Sharon's reconciliation. Nick said that the moving van was not delivering his things to the cottage; rather, it was going to retrieve his belongings from the cottage and return them to the tack house. He angrily told Sharon that because of her lies, he and Faith were going to move back into the tack house. He threw the photograph across the room, shattering the frame.

Sharon woke up and realized that she had been having a bad dream. She looked at Nick, sitting lovingly beside her, and made him promise that he would never leave her. She told him about her dream, and Nick assured her that he was never going to leave her again. Sharon wasn't convinced -- she said that when Nick learned what she had done, he would be hurt. Nick wondered if Sharon's memory was returning.

While speaking with Nick, Sharon had a quick memory flash of a stairwell and a tube of her "Creamy Nude" lipstick tumbling down the steps. She feared that when her memory returned and she remembered her "damned secret," it would end up hurting Nick. Nick, exasperated at hearing about the "secret," told Sharon that he wanted to talk about anything else, Sharon, her mood lifting, said that they could talk about why she loved him so much. Nick joked and listed his self-proclaimed good qualities -- his physique, his irresistible charm, and such. Sharon laughed and said that she loved him because of the way he treated people, citing Mariah as an example.

At the Underground, Mariah was cleaning behind the bar when Austin showed up. He told her that he was looking for a job and wanted to speak with the manager. They were interrupted when Summer, who had just returned from visiting Phyllis, called to tell him that their new apartment that Jack had paid for was ready -- and she wanted him to see it. Austin told his wife that he had been out job hunting and was in the process of filling out an application, and he would hurry home when he finished.

Austin returned to the application and read the next question, "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?" aloud. He rolled his eyes, telling Mariah that he hadn't been -- yet. When he told Mariah that he would never be hired because he had been arrested, Mariah chuckled and told him to join the club. Mariah wanted to exchange rap sheets, but Austin wasn't interested. She tried to guess Austin's crime, assuming it was a relatively harmless offense like shoplifting.

Mariah admitted that she had been arrested for burglary. Austin wondered how she had managed to get her job at the Underground. She said she had to "smooth things over" with the owner. As if on cue, Nick entered, saw Austin, and asked him why he was there. Mariah was surprised that Nick and Austin seemed to know each other. Nick told her that Austin was Summer's new husband. Shocked, Mariah asked Austin if he was the guy who had shot the chief of police and said it would be difficult to "smooth that over" on his application.

Mariah answered Nick's question and told him that Austin was there to apply for a job. Austin, realizing that Nick owned the Underground, began to walk out, saying that it would be a waste of time for him to apply for a job. Nick stopped him and offered Austin an interview. They sat down at a table, and Nick reviewed Austin's résumé. Nick was very impressed with Austin's credentials -- he had graduated with high honors from a film school and interned as a cameraman at a large studio.

Nick asked Austin if, with all that he had accomplished, he would be willing to wash glasses for a living. Austin replied that he would do whatever was necessary to support Summer. Nick told him that Summer was more than capable of supporting herself. Austin said that he didn't want to live off of Summer's money. An impressed Nick offered Austin a job. Overjoyed, Austin told Nick that Nick wouldn't regret his decision. Sporting a wide grin, Austin rushed out to tell Summer the good news.

Sharon went to Genoa City Memorial for her appointment with Dr. Mead. As she walked by the diagnostic laboratory, she had a memory flash of surreptitiously entering the lab. She stared at the door and tried to remember its significance.

Dr. Mead was unsuccessful in her attempt to hypnotize Sharon. The doctor told Sharon that perhaps her subconscious had put up a wall, causing her to not want to be hypnotized. Dr. Mead asked if anything had happened earlier that day. Sharon told the doctor that she'd had another one of the memory flashes that she had been experiencing. The doctor surmised that the memories had something to do with the "secret" Sharon had been keeping from Nick. The doctor asked Sharon what she was so afraid of. After another memory flash of sneaking into the diagnostic laboratory, Sharon replied, "That I will lose it all."

At the Newman ranch, Victor called an aide and told him that Dr. Cutler, the man who was experimenting with a new coma-reversing drug, would be arriving at the airport, and the aide should have a car waiting. Nikki overheard the latter part of Victor's command and thought Victor had been making travel arrangements. Victor said that wasn't true -- although he felt that Nikki could use a vacation. Nikki said that she couldn't leave because the judge was about to make a decision on Ian's lawsuit.

Changing the subject, Victor asked Nikki what had gotten into Jack and Nick allowing Summer to marry the man who had shot Paul. Nikki reminded Victor that Summer was an adult and didn't need permission to marry. Victor said that Phyllis never would have allowed the marriage to take place.

After Nikki left, Dr. Cutler was escorted to the Newman ranch to meet with Victor. Victor said that he had some questions about Cutler's coma-reversing drug. Cutler told Victor that all of his findings were available online. Victor said that he had read Cutler's work, adding, "the contribution I made to your clinic has no strings attached at all." Victor learned from the doctor that the patients in the trial took different lengths of time to emerge from their comas, but so far, every one of them had made a full recovery. Victor asked if Cutler if had read Phyllis Newman's medical records. The doctor told Victor that Phyllis was a suitable candidate for the trial.

Victor told Dr. Cutler that he wanted to "enroll" Phyllis in the study. The doctor said that he needed the family's permission. Victor said that he didn't want to involve Phyllis' family -- her daughter Summer had been through a difficult year. Cutler said that he appreciated Victor's concern, but he had to keep everything on the up and up, lest he lose his funding. Victor volunteered to fund the entire project, but Cutler was adamant that he receive the family's consent before treating Phyllis.

Nikki rang the doorbell at Summer and Austin's apartment. Expecting Austin, Summer opened the door and was less than thrilled to see Nikki. Nikki entered and asked Summer if she had been expecting Austin, her new husband. Summer was surprised that Nikki and Victor knew about her marriage. Summer began making excuses as to why she hadn't invited Nikki and Victor, but then admitted the truth -- she hadn't thought they would attend. Nikki reminded Summer of Austin's crimes, but Summer made excuses for him -- Austin had accidentally shot Paul, and he had kidnapped Avery because she had defended the man who had eventually killed his mother. Perhaps referring to Phyllis, Summer said that losing one's mother was hard to accept.

Nikki looked around the apartment and told Summer how beautiful it was. Summer said that Jack had hired a designer to decorate. Nikki said that it was good that Jack and Nick were looking out for her until Phyllis recovered. Summer mentioned that she had just returned from visiting Phyllis, but the doctors weren't holding out much hope for a recovery.

Trying to cheer Summer up, Nikki asked Summer to tell her about the wedding. Summer said that she couldn't have pulled it off without Sharon's help. Nikki looked surprised when Summer mentioned how wonderful Sharon had been. Nikki said that she hadn't realized that Summer and Sharon had gotten so close. Summer said that Sharon had been a source of strength for her during the past year.

Austin arrived home and, not seeing Nikki, excitedly told Summer that he had gotten a job. He then spotted Nikki, who coldly congratulated him. He told Nikki that he was surprised to see her there, as Nikki was a friend of Paul's. Nikki reminded him that she was also Summer's grandmother.

Austin tried to explain to Nikki why he had committed his crimes. He said that he had been messed up after his mother had died, and he hadn't had anyone to help him through. Summer, referring to herself, said, "Now he does." Seemingly unconvinced that Austin had changed, Nikki warned him not to hurt Summer or anyone else she loved. Nikki hugged Summer and said goodbye. Nikki glared at Austin as she left.

After her session with Dr. Mead, Sharon ran into Nikki in a hospital corridor. Sharon was taken aback when Nikki said that she wanted to thank her for looking after Summer. Nikki apologized for having been so hard on Sharon. Sharon apologized for the horrible things she had done to the Newman family. Nikki said that she should have realized that was all because of Sharon's illness. Sharon was touched that Nikki understood that.

Nikki continued, saying that Victor had been wrong to exploit Sharon's sickness and to abuse Cassie's memory. She realized how hard it had been for Sharon when Cassie had died -- and why Nick hadn't wanted to take a paternity test to determine who Summer's biological father was. Nick had wanted to fill the hole in his heart left by Cassie's death. Nikki walked off to her appointment, but something about what Nikki had just said obviously upset Sharon.

Summer tried to make sandwiches for Austin and herself -- an awful-sounding concoction of marshmallows and dill pickles. He said that it was the first sandwich she'd made for him -- and that was what he would remember when he was in prison. Summer snapped that she didn't want to talk about that. She asked Austin to tell her about his job. He hesitantly told her that he was going to be working for Nick. Austin mentioned that Nick seemed "pretty cool," and so did Mariah, a girl who worked there. Summer became upset at the mention of Mariah's name and told Austin that Mariah was "not cool" and that he needed to stay far away from her.

Summer told Austin all about Mariah's sordid past. He said he would keep his guard up -- that it would be good practice for when he was around all those inmates that he wouldn't be able to trust. Summer told him not to joke about that -- she didn't want to think about him going to prison. He said that they would have to think about it eventually. All Summer wanted to think about was their marriage. They began to kiss and were interrupted by the doorbell. She opened the door to Victor. Summer asked if he was looking for Nikki. He said that he was there to see Summer

After Austin had left the Underground, Mariah told Nick that he might get a reputation as a nice guy if he didn't watch out. She asked him if he'd hired Austin so that he could keep an eye on him. Mariah didn't believe it when Nick denied that. Nick said that he respected what Austin was trying to do -- owning up to his mistakes and making things right for Summer before he went to prison.

Later, Sharon rushed into the bar, looking for Nick. Mariah reported that he was in the back. Sharon looked frazzled, and Mariah was concerned about her. Nick walked in, and Sharon told him that she'd had another one of those flash memories, and it might be really important. Nick asked her what she remembered. Sharon glared at him.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On the Athletic Club's rooftop patio, a concerned Lily had just finished speaking with her father. Cane joined her and asked her what was wrong. She told him that Neil hadn't heard from Devon or Hilary. Cane said that there had to be a simple reason for their absence.

Abby joined Cane and Lily. Lily told her that they were worried about Devon. Abby said that she was still upset about her run-in with Tyler and Destiny earlier that day. Cane received a phone call and left the women alone. Trying to cheer Abby up, Lily pointed out a "hottie" who had eyed Abby. When the young man started walking toward them, Lily urged Abby to strike up a conversation with him.

Abby followed Lily's instructions and struck up a conversation with the man. Cane rejoined his wife, and she excitedly told Cane that she had played matchmaker for Abby. Cane looked over at Abby and the man -- Abby couldn't have looked less interested in him. Cane teased Lily about her lack of matchmaking skills. Lily said that all was not lost -- she knew a perfect guy for Abby -- Devon.

Hilary and Devon walked into Hilary and Neil's apartment, smiling and laughing. Definitely not smiling and laughing was Neil -- who was there with a police officer. Immensely relieved, Neil asked them where they had been. Ignoring his question, Hilary wondered why Neil hadn't gone on his business trip to Hong Kong. Neil told her the trip had been cancelled. Devon was surprised that Neil had called the police.

Devon explained that his car had died, and they had been unable to get cell phone reception where the vehicle had broke down. Hilary assured Neil that the experience had not been fun. Neil told the officer that he could leave. Hilary apologized profusely to her husband for worrying him. Neil told her it wasn't her fault.

Neil teased his son about his million-dollar car being a lemon. As he had previously, Neil thanked Devon for saving the day and making sure that Hilary arrived home safely. Neil then told Hilary that he didn't know what he would do if he lost her. Neil and Hilary hugged, but Hilary stared into Devon's eyes as Neil held her.

After Devon left, Neil asked Hilary what she and Devon had done to pass the time. Hilary remembered how much she had enjoyed slow dancing with Devon at the side of the road but told Neil that she and Devon had talked and taken in the night sky. Neil said that didn't sound bad. Hilary replied that it hadn't been bad at all.

Neil told Hilary that since his Hong Kong trip had been canceled, he didn't have to go to the office. He thought that they should spend the rest of the day at home. Hilary coyly said, "Doing what?" Neil took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. When they separated a bit, Hilary looked at Neil's face, which, in her mind, morphed into Devon's face. Neil became even more passionate, but Hilary pushed him away, said that she couldn't continue, and left the room.

When Hilary returned, Neil asked her if everything was okay. She said that she felt much better since she had showered and told Neil that she had to get to the office. Neil thought she could wait another hour and began to kiss her. The phone rang, and Hilary said that was a sign for them to get to work. Hilary left, and Neil answered the phone, saying, "I hope this is good news. Yeah, that's great news. I can't wait to surprise my wife. She is going to be the happiest woman in the world."

Lily was relieved when Neil called to tell her that Devon had returned. Abby joined Lily and told her that things were definitely not working with the "hottie." Lily said that she had the perfect guy for her -- he was smart, good-looking, and had a lot of money to spend. Abby realized that Lily was talking about Devon.

Victor stood in the doorway of Summer and Austin's apartment. Summer invited him in, and Victor handed her a wrapped gift -- belatedly, he said, since he hadn't had the pleasure of seeing her walk down the aisle. Somewhat embarrassed, Summer told him that she hadn't wanted any drama at her wedding. Victor noticed Austin, and bluntly said, "Well, hello. You must be the young man who shot Paul Williams." Summer tried to stop Victor from going any further, but Austin said that he didn't mind -- obviously Victor was a man who told it like it was. Austin said that what he'd done had been wrong, and he was ready to accept the consequences. Victor said that he respected Austin for taking responsibility for his actions.

Summer was thrilled that Victor had complimented Austin. Austin said that he looked forward to spending time with Victor, but Austin needed to leave to go to work. Austin kissed Summer and left. After he was gone, Summer told Victor that Nick had hired Austin to work at the Underground. Summer said that Nick had originally disliked Austin, prompting Victor to ask what had changed Nick's mind. Summer surmised that Nick had seen that Summer was never going to leave Austin, so he'd just "jumped on board," as had Jack, who had rented Austin and Summer their luxury apartment.

Victor presented Summer with the gift -- a beautiful pearl necklace -- identical to the one that Nikki had worn when she'd married Victor. Summer was touched that Victor still considered her to be a part of the Newman family. Victor assured Summer that he always would. Summer explained that she and Austin had clicked when they'd talked about losing their mothers.

Summer told Victor about her recent trip to visit Phyllis -- her mother was still unresponsive. Summer wondered how long Phyllis could survive in the coma. Victor wondered whether Daniel had been supportive of Phyllis. Summer said that her brother had been great -- he saw Phyllis whenever he could and made the decisions regarding her care. Victor surmised that Daniel had power of attorney regarding Phyllis' health care. As Victor started to leave, Summer thanked him for being on her side -- he said that he always would be.

At the Underground, Nick asked Sharon what she had remembered. She had a memory flash -- she remembered walking into Genoa City Memorial's diagnostic laboratory. Sharon told Nick and Mariah that she couldn't make sense of things -- all she had seen were bits and pieces. Nick thought that Sharon and Dr. Mead could figure it out. Sharon insisted that they couldn't. She needed to investigate in a different way -- and Mariah could help. Mariah appeared confused.

Sharon said that she wasn't clear about the events that had occurred during the time that Mariah had pretended to be Cassie. Nick told Mariah that she needed to tend to the customers. After Mariah walked away, Sharon told Nick that he had deliberately sent Mariah off so that she couldn't talk about Sharon's memories.

Nick told Sharon that she needed to speak with a qualified counselor. Sharon wondered why she was feeling worse. Nick told her that he felt she was recovering -- she was remembering things all the time. She begged Nick to let her speak to Mariah, but Nick reminded her that Mariah had been influenced by Victor's agenda when she'd been on Victor's payroll. Nick wondered if Mariah still had an agenda.

Sharon wondered if Nick really trusted Mariah or if he was just helping her for Sharon's sake. He said that he didn't completely buy the idea that Mariah had turned over a new leaf. Nick reminded Sharon that they still didn't know a lot about Mariah -- particularly about her connection to Ian Ward. An upset Sharon said that she no longer had anyone to turn to. Out of the blue, she told Nick that she wanted to go to Georgia to visit Phyllis -- Phyllis might be able to help her sort things out.

Nick thought that Sharon visiting Phyllis was an awful lot of trouble for the slight chance that she might learn something. Sharon agreed with Nick and told him that was why it was so important that she speak with Mariah. Sharon received a phone call from Jack that she had to take.

While Sharon was on the phone, Nick spoke with Mariah, telling her that Sharon had been making great progress, but he feared that someone might sabotage that. Mariah correctly assumed that Nick was referring to her, and she became upset. He said that Sharon was trying to make sense of the memories she had from the time when Mariah had been "conning" her -- and that might be more than Sharon could handle.

Nick explained that if Sharon kept stressing out about her missing memories, she might end up back in the psychiatric hospital. He didn't want to go through that again, for his family's sake, and urged Mariah not to speak with Sharon about the memories. Sharon returned from her phone call and wondered what they were talking about. Mariah covered, saying they were discussing whether or not Austin would make it as a bartender. Nick sent Mariah off to continue teaching Austin.

Sharon informed Nick that Jack had rescheduled a photo shoot, and he needed her to go to Chicago with the models. She had to leave later that day. Overhearing, Mariah grinned widely and stared at Nick.

While Nick and Sharon talked, Mariah began training Austin. She warned him against flirting with the customers. Austin coldly reminded Mariah that he was a married man. She wondered why Austin seemed to have developed an attitude, telling him that he'd been so "cool" when he had stopped by to fill out the job application.

A light bulb went off over Mariah's head -- she realized that Summer had probably badmouthed her to Austin. Austin admitted that he and Summer had discussed Mariah, who said that Summer hated her. Austin asked Mariah why that surprised her after all the things that Mariah had done to Summer's family. Exasperated, Mariah reminded Austin that, from the start, she had told him that she wasn't a saint. And, she continued, "Neither are you -- unless kidnapping and attempted murder aren't considered crimes anymore."

Summer showed up at the Underground to give Austin moral support. She was happy to see Sharon there. Sharon told her that Nick had been very patient with Austin. Summer thought that Nick having hired Austin was weird. Sharon reminded her how weird it was for Nick to see his "Supergirl" married, adding that Nick would always think of Summer as his daughter. Sharon said that it had been a very difficult year, but everyone had gotten through it. Summer said everyone but Phyllis -- she didn't know what had occurred in the stairwell, but she wished it had never happened. Summer went to say hello to Austin.

Nick sneaked up behind Sharon and told her that he could go back to the cottage and help her pack -- reminding her that since Mariah was working, they would have the place to themselves.

Mariah taught Austin how to mix drinks while Summer, sitting at the bar, watched. Austin made a mistake, but Summer told him he was doing great. Mariah coldly told Summer that Austin didn't have time for a pep rally. Mariah sent Austin off to bus a table then asked if Summer was trying to get the bar shut down. Summer didn't understand until Mariah took the drink sitting in front of Summer and spilled it out then reminded Summer that she was underage.

Summer said that she hadn't been drinking the beverage. Mariah rudely told Summer to move, because the chair she was occupying was for paying customers. Summer replied, "Paying customers and the owner's daughter." Mariah said that she thought Summer was Jack's daughter and that Nick had pretended to be Summer's father. Summer said that the only person pretending to be someone they weren't was Mariah -- and that Austin wouldn't be fooled by her. She warned Mariah to not even try to become Austin's friend. Mariah said that if Summer was concerned that she was going to move in on Austin, Summer could relax -- Mariah had her eye on someone else.

Austin told Summer that having her around was a bit distracting. Summer said she thought Austin would be great at the job. Mariah piped up and said that she did, too, since Austin had an excellent teacher. Austin and Summer kissed, and Summer left without saying a word to Mariah. Austin apologized for Summer's rudeness. Mariah said that she understood why Summer disliked her, but she wished Summer would give Mariah a chance. Austin doubted that would happen. He apologized for having been judgmental about Mariah earlier. He realized that if it hadn't been for her, he never would have filled out the job application.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Victor looked at his computer and read the Savannah, Georgia, art blog, which featured an article about Daniel Romalotti and the success he had been having as an artist. He was on the phone with someone, saying, "That's right. A grant for a promising young artist so he can show off his talents. Anywhere in the world, preferably off the beaten path. Way off the beaten path."

Abby joined Victor as he finished his conversation. She thought he was talking to someone about forcing Tyler to leave town. Victor wondered why Abby thought he would run Tyler out of town. Abby said it was because he knew that it would make her life easier if she didn't have to see Tyler all the time. Victor replied, "Well, wouldn't it?" Abby told her father that she was not going to allow Tyler to gain the upper hand. She was simply going to ignore him -- and she expected Victor to do the same.

Cane and Devon ran into each other in the Athletic Club lobby. Cane lectured Devon about Hilary. Devon assured him that nothing had happened other than his car breaking down. Cane didn't believe Devon, who said that he had no reason to lie to Cane. Cane said that even if Hilary and Devon hadn't "crossed the line" yet, they would eventually.

Cane continued to harangue Devon. Devon became angry and told Cane that he hadn't planned to have his car break down. He pointedly told Cane that none of the situation was Cane's problem. Cane said that it was his problem because he was lying to Lily in order to protect Devon. Lily overheard the end of the conversation from the stairway and said, "Unbelievable."

Lily mistakenly thought that Cane had been warning Devon about the date she was trying to arrange for Devon and Abby. Devon noticed Cane taking a drink over to Abby. He took the drink from Cane and served it to Abby. Abby thanked Devon, and he joined her. They joked that they were both so rich that they didn't have to worry about being after each other's money. Devon told Abby that he would like to go on a date with her. Abby thought that would be fun, and she and Devon laughed when they spied Cane and Lily watching them. Cane told Lily that she had been right -- she knew exactly what Devon needed.

At Sharon's cottage, she and Nick were sinfully eating ice cream right out of the container. Sharon began talking about Phyllis. Nick wondered why. She told him that she had spoken with Summer earlier, and they had talked about how much everything had changed over the past year -- except for Phyllis' condition. Nick remembered that Phyllis had been very full of life. He added that some things changed -- he'd thought that Summer would never forgive him for lying about her paternity. He felt blessed that he had a second chance with Summer -- as well as with Sharon. They began to kiss as Nick picked up Sharon and carried her up the stairs.

In Phyllis' room, a nurse looked at her comatose patient and urged Phyllis to wake up -- there were many people hoping for that. She told Phyllis that she would return the next day, and perhaps there would be positive news. After the nurse left, Phyllis began moving her fingers.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Billy acknowledged that he'd been hard on Jack for keeping Kelly's secret about Stitch, but he also understood Jack's side of it, since it took trust to make a relationship work. Billy lamented that the reason his marriage was broken was because Victoria thought that she couldn't trust him anymore, and he ignored an incoming call from Chelsea. Chelsea left a message saying that she recognized that he didn't want to talk to her, but she wanted to make sure he was okay, and she needed to know what he'd done with the information she'd given him about Stitch.

Later, Jill stopped by to see Billy, who guessed that Jack had called her. She said that she'd thought Billy had given up on investigating Stitch, but he explained that Chelsea and Kevin had kept on digging, and he'd found out the truth by accident. Billy refused to apologize for protecting his wife and son from a guy who'd killed his own father, and Jill thought it sounded like Billy had expected Victoria to be grateful. Billy asserted that he knew what he and Victoria shared, and despite her hurt and anger, the love was still there. Jill asked if Stitch was no longer an issue.

Billy was sure that Victoria was through with "Dr. Deception," and he mentioned that he'd overheard her say that she didn't want to have a paternity test. Jill blamed the decision on Victoria's hormones, but Billy theorized that Victoria had turned to Stitch when she'd been in pain, and she hadn't looked at Stitch closely until then. Jill concluded that Billy thought Victoria would turn back to Billy, and she warned him that love wasn't always enough. Billy recognized that he'd screwed up and that there was a good chance Victoria would never take him back, but if the baby was his, he thought he still had a shot.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Lauren remarked to Michael that she couldn't believe their baby was going to college in Arizona, and Michael asked if it was more difficult to believe that Fen was old enough to do so or that their son was heading hundreds of miles west. Lauren questioned whether Michael had been surprised, and Michael replied that he'd known that Fen had applied to out-of-state schools, but it was finally starting to hit him that Fen would be gone. Michael added that he was delighted for Fen, and an empty nest opened up possibilities for them, too.

Lauren said she was happy that Fen got to make a fresh start, and Michael noted that it had taken initiative to apply to schools. Lauren said that it was a new start for her and Michael, too, and Michael agreed that they hadn't had a lot of time to spend with one another. She suspected that having an empty nest would change things, and Michael admitted that he would miss Fen, but he had a feeling she was right.

Later, Jill met with Lauren, and she worried that opening another new satellite boutique would erode the flagship store that had carried them for years. Jill noticed that Lauren was distracted, and Lauren revealed that Fen was going to college in Arizona in the fall. Jill said that Lauren had to cut the apron strings sometime, and Lauren considered everything Fen had struggled with. Jill concluded that Lauren was worried he'd turn to drugs, and Lauren recognized that it was a big step and that Fen wasn't a kid anymore.

Jill empathized that Fen was still Lauren's baby and that he always would be, the same way Billy would always be Jill's. Lauren asked about Billy and Victoria, and Jill reported that Victoria was determined to go through with the divorce, but Billy was still hopeful. Jill and Lauren agreed that they'd always worry about their children, and they comforted one another.

Kelly ran into Stitch in the club's foyer, and she nervously referred to the way his past had been revealed. He wondered if she was sorry, but he recognized that it wasn't her fault, since Billy had been determined to find something to use against him. Kelly remarked that no one involved in the situation was happy, and Stitch recalled that Kelly had warned him that the truth wouldn't stay hidden. She said that she was sorry he'd had to go through it again, but at least the worst was over. Stitch mumbled that he wouldn't count on that.

Stitch said that he hadn't been able to imagine starting over after Jenna had moved to Australia, but he'd let himself believe that he and Victoria could be happy together. Kelly reasoned that Victoria was still reeling from the truth, but Stitch was still the man Victoria had fallen in love with, and Victoria might be able to get past it in time. Jack entered and greeted Kelly, but he grumbled that he wasn't sure what to call Stitch. Stitch retorted that Jack could call him whatever he wanted, and he stalked out.

Kelly recounted that Stitch had alluded to something not being over, but she didn't think he'd meant his relationship with Victoria. She hoped that Victoria gave him another chance, but Jack didn't share the sentiment. Kelly worried that she had a lot of baggage, and Jack joked that he owned a line of luggage stores. She cautioned that he'd inherit her past, but he assured her that he didn't want an out. Jack noted that relationships were easy at the beginning, but handling conflict was the real test. Jack added that her problems were his problems, and he wouldn't run at the first sign of trouble. She asked him to take her home, and he obliged.

Kelly and Jack kissed on his bed, and she admitted that it had scared her when he'd said that he loved her. He asked why, and she said that she hadn't been sure she'd ever hear those words again, since she'd been standing on her own for a long time with no one to count on. "You have me now," he pledged, and they resumed kissing passionately. After Jack and Kelly made love, he noted that she'd talked about how difficult things had been for Stitch, but he wondered how her brother killing her father had impacted her.

Kelly explained that she hadn't been able to face Stitch, so she'd shut him out of her life for years, and she'd only recently been able to open the door a little to let him back in, even if she could never forgive him. Jack asked about her mom, and Kelly said that she hadn't forgiven her mother for taking Stitch's side. Kelly thought she sounded terrible for being consumed by grudges for years, but she had finally moved on. Jack kissed her, and she received a text message from work. She realized that she'd forgotten to tell anyone that she'd taken off, and Jack stepped out to let her take care of it.

In the living room, Jack gazed at a bottle of Scarlet Mist, and he flashed back to telling Kelly that he loved her and that he wouldn't run at the first sign of trouble. Kelly descended the stairs and noticed Phyllis' perfume, and he revealed that he'd taken a bottle of it home after Phyllis had gone to the clinic. Kelly asked if Jack had been thinking about Phyllis, and he replied that it was complicated. Kelly surmised that he was feeling guilty, and he admitted that he was.

At Avery's apartment, Dylan tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he'd known Stitch for years, and he'd had no idea Stitch had done time. Avery understood why Stitch hadn't said anything, since she'd had clients who had wanted to put the past behind them and not let their mistakes define them. Dylan questioned what kind of friend would deceive him for years, and he pointed out that he'd confided in Stitch, but Stitch hadn't been honest in return. Avery answered the door to Victoria, who burst in and asked for legal advice. Victoria stopped short when she saw Dylan, who asked what she was planning to do.

Victoria asked if Dylan had known anything about Stitch's background, and Dylan replied that Stitch hadn't talked much. Dylan explained that they'd been in a combat zone, where a man's actions had been more important than his words. Dylan confessed that he'd been completely blindsided that Stitch had killed a man, and he couldn't reconcile that with the man he'd known overseas, but he believed that Stitch was still a good guy and not a cold-blooded killer. Victoria called Stitch a good liar, and Dylan said that he had to get to work. As Avery walked Dylan to the door, she told him that he and Victoria were entitled to their opinions, but she thought there was more to the story.

After Dylan left, Victoria asked Avery about her legal rights, since she didn't want Stitch or Billy near her child. Victoria revealed that she'd decided not to take a DNA test to determine the baby's paternity, and she wanted to know if anyone could compel her to do it. Avery replied that the short answer was yes, since Victoria had been sexually involved with two men. Victoria conceded that she'd rushed into things with Stitch to break things off with Billy, but both men had hurt her badly.

Victoria said that she didn't trust Stitch around her child, and Avery understood why Victoria wouldn't trust Stitch with her heart, but she argued that Stitch had done time and had turned his life around. Victoria recalled that she'd left Billy because he'd betrayed her, but Stitch had, too, and she had to protect the baby by avoiding stress. Victoria vowed to find a lawyer who would help her maintain control over the situation, and Avery agreed to advocate for Victoria and her child. Avery advised that Victoria wasn't required to take a paternity test until after the baby was born, and she promised to make sure no one intimidated Victoria into doing it sooner.

Stitch entered Crimson Lights and asked if Dylan had a minute. Stitch mentioned that Victoria wasn't speaking to him, and Dylan confirmed that he'd seen her as he'd headed out of Avery's place and that Victoria had been a wreck. Dylan asked Stitch to help him understand, and Stitch swore that he'd hated lying to Dylan and to everyone else, but the incident with his father didn't define him as a person. Dylan ranted about all the lies the people closest to him had told him, and he accused Stitch of only unloading because he'd been forced to. Dylan demanded to know why Stitch hadn't told his best friend, and he pointed out that he didn't even know Stitch's real name.

Dylan pushed to find out what Stitch wasn't telling him, and Stitch advised Dylan to trust his instincts, since they had saved lives and had done a lot of good, but Dylan incredulously asked whether that was all Stitch would give him. Stitch explained that he had put his past to rest and had rebuilt his life, but he was sickened by what the truth had cost him, and he wanted to forget it had ever happened. Avery arrived, and Stitch asked how Victoria was doing. Avery refused to provide any details, and Stitch walked off. Dylan told Avery that he knew there was more to it than what Stitch had said, but he didn't know why Stitch couldn't trust him enough to tell him everything.

Avery thought that there had to be a reason if Stitch was hiding something else, and she understood that a lot of people in Dylan's life had hurt him by keeping secrets. Dylan said that he felt humiliated that Stitch had put one over on him, and it made him question his own judgment. Avery encouraged Dylan to see the love in Penny and Nikki's actions, and she guessed that whatever Stitch was hiding had nothing to do with Dylan or their friendship. She asserted that Stitch had rebuilt his life and had paid for his crime, and he'd become a man worthy of being Dylan's best friend. Avery imagined that Stitch wanted to put the past behind him and have a little peace.

At the police station, Kevin overheard Barton inform Detective Harding that whoever had stolen his identification badge had used it to hack into the hospital's computer system. Barton explained that he'd noticed the badge had been missing when he'd been at Crimson Lights, and he'd thought he'd just left it in a desk drawer, but when he'd asked the IT department for a new one, he'd learned that someone had already accessed the hospital's personnel records. Barton added that the techs were still investigating which records had been compromised, but he wanted to make sure the culprit didn't get away with it.

Chelsea rushed to answer the penthouse door, and she looked disappointed when she found Kevin there. He suspected that she'd hoped to see Billy, and he suggested that she thank him for committing multiple felonies to get into Stitch's personnel file. She said that she had no use for the information, since Billy wasn't even speaking to her, but she assumed that Kevin had gotten a rush from pulling it off. Kevin announced that murder and identity theft were the least of Stitch's troubles.

Kevin pointed out that there was a question on certain forms about whether or not a person had committed a felony, and Stitch had lied to get into medical school and the Army. Kevin added that Stitch had committed fraud multiple times and that Stitch could face another stint in prison. Kevin presented Chelsea with the file as a gift, and he promised that he wouldn't say anything, but he commented that knowledge was power. She opened the file, and her eyes widened.

Kevin returned to the police station, where Harding questioned why Kevin had left. Kevin claimed that he'd taken a break, and Harding warned him that everyone had to step up during Paul's recovery. Kevin testily asked who had appointed Harding his keeper, and Harding recognized that Kevin wasn't a cop, but rather, Kevin was a criminal who worked there to stay out of prison. Harding mentioned that Barton had a case that was up Kevin's alley, but Kevin contended that the hospital's firewall was weak, so the list of suspects would be enormous. Harding contemplated why the hacker would have needed an identification badge if it had been that easy, and Kevin agreed to look into it.

Michael arrived and said that he had something to discuss with Kevin, and he led Kevin away. Harding searched through Kevin's desk drawers, and he smirked knowingly when he found Barton's hospital badge. Harding interrupted Kevin and Michael's discussion about Fen's move to Arizona, and Kevin wondered why Harding continued to harass him. Harding held up the badge, and Kevin asked what it had to do with him. Harding declared that Kevin was under arrest.

Victoria was visibly irritated when Billy arrived at her door, and he said that he was there to see Johnny. She reluctantly invited him in, and she assumed he'd take the opportunity to gloat about Stitch, but Billy swore that he had no agenda other than to play with his kid. Billy was certain that he and Victoria could agree that they'd always be there for their son, and she wished he had let her know he'd planned to stop by. She suddenly grabbed her belly, and he worriedly asked if she was okay. She assured him that it was perfectly normal, and he realized that the baby was moving. He excitedly asked if he could feel it.

Victoria turned away and told Billy that Johnny was napping, and she asked him to call first the next time. Billy reiterated that no matter what happened between them, they would always work together as parents, and her baby needed a father, even if she didn't intend to find out who it was. Victoria was startled by the remark, and he divulged that he'd overheard what she'd told her doctor at the hospital. He acknowledged that she was going through a lot, but he wanted to be clear that he didn't want Stitch anywhere near Johnny. Victoria huffed that Billy had gotten what he'd wanted, since the information he'd uncovered had her terrified. Billy called her a beautiful mother, and he left.

Billy arrived to see Chelsea, and he informed her that he had confronted Stitch and had exposed him as a lying murderer, but it had done nothing for his marriage. Chelsea said that there was something else she needed to tell him, but Billy griped that there had been enough damage done with the information she'd passed on to him. Chelsea confessed that she'd lied about why she'd withheld the information about Stitch, and she admitted that she hadn't wanted Billy to get back together with Victoria because she hadn't wanted to lose him.

Victoria found Stitch at her door, and he pleaded that he had to see her. He said that a lot of people had been looking at him like they didn't know who he was, but he only cared about what she thought. Victoria admonished Stitch for swearing that he hadn't lied to her and that he hadn't done anything wrong, and she wondered how she was supposed to believe anything he said. She asked if she was missing something, and he replied, "Yes."

Friday, August 1, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly was taken aback when Jack admitted that he felt guilty about being with her. She said that she hadn't known what to expect when she'd found Jack holding Phyllis' perfume, but she suspected that he felt their lovemaking had been wrong. Jack insisted that he loved Kelly and that they had proven upstairs that what they had was good and strong, but Kelly replied that chemistry and emotions were different things. Jack noted that Kelly had found a way to move on, but he wondered if he was ready, since he was attached to Phyllis and would always have feelings for her.

Kelly understood that Jack had expected to marry Phyllis, and she pointed out that under different circumstances, Kelly might have still been married with more children. She added that when her life had changed, she hadn't thought she'd be happy again, but she felt that she had a second chance at magical love. Jack agreed that it had been magical from their first date, and Kelly had opened his eyes and had helped him to be the father Summer needed. He thought that he and Kelly could have much more, but she realized that they weren't at that point yet.

Jack said that he couldn't move forward the way things were, since he couldn't help but wonder what would happen if Phyllis woke up. A confused Kelly pointed out that he'd gone from saying that he was starting a new chapter in his life to stating that he wasn't ready to move on. Jack revealed that a year before, he'd thought that Phyllis had awakened every time the phone rang, but he'd eventually realized that maybe Phyllis wouldn't ever be back. He added that eventually, the rush of hope had been accompanied by dread, and he contemplated what he would tell Kelly if, by some miracle, Phyllis awakened.

Jack admitted that he wanted Phyllis to return, but he didn't want his relationship with Kelly to end. He declared that it was time to completely let go of the past, and he'd tried to do it in small ways, but he picked up the bottle of perfume and said that he needed to do it in big ways. Kelly remarked that inviting her to a family dinner and keeping her secret about Stitch had been pretty big, and she said that he'd proven his love to her in many ways. She questioned what it would take for him to feel ready to move ahead, and Jack announced that he didn't have a choice -- he had to leave her.

Jack explained that he had to go to Georgia to see Phyllis and to tell her about Kelly. He recognized that Phyllis might not understand or hear him, but it would be an insult to pretend that she didn't exist, and Kelly wasn't a secret he had to keep. He continued that everyone who mattered to him knew how he felt about Kelly, and it was time he told Phyllis in person so that he could move on. Jack tenderly kissed Kelly, and she cried as they embraced.

Dr. Burnett tended to Phyllis and mentioned that her fiancé thought music might help her wake up, and he told her to feel free to prove Jack right. Later, the doctor noted that Phyllis had no brainwave activity, and although her vitals were strong, there had been no progress. He declared that pending family approval, Phyllis was a suitable candidate for Dr. Cutler's trial.

At the Athletic Club, Colin apologized to Jill for being late, and she was skeptical that he was sorry for missing a business meeting, since he cared about the profits but not the hard work. Colin said that putting his nose to the grindstone would ruin his looks, and Jill replied that she wanted him nowhere near the boardroom or the boutique. He commented that she was just after his money, and she pointed out that neither of them had earned the funds in their bank account. He displayed some plane tickets to the West Indies, and he suggested that they go on a honeymoon. He added that he'd also picked out a dress for her from their boutique, and she chuckled at the idea that what was hers was his and vice versa, so it was like she'd paid for the tickets. They kissed.

Colin amorously proposed that he help Jill try on the dress, but she replied that they would never get out of the dressing room. She left to fetch the dress, and Colin requested that the server let the bubbly flow. A man named Kurtz placed Jill's necklace into Colin's wine glass, and Colin warned that he shouldn't be flashing the trinket around in public. Kurtz snarled that it was a fake, but Colin defended that a woman as wealthy as Katherine had been wouldn't have messed with glass baubles. Kurtz growled that Colin's debt was back on the books with interest, and Colin had 24 hours to repay it before Kurtz went after Colin's wife.

Colin hid the fake necklace in his jacket pocket when Jill returned with the dress, and she commented that she would have said the gown was too risqué, but she couldn't deny that she loved it. He called her an absolute gem, and his seriousness made her nervous, but he said that he was just a man telling her how much he loved her. She replied that she'd proven her love by using the fake necklace to file a false insurance claim to take the target off his back, and he praised her for saving his hide. He said that he owed her one, and she corrected that he owed her millions. He enticed her with thoughts of their trip, and they headed out.

At the police station, Kevin ordered Detective Harding to quit busting his chops so he could get back to work, but Harding repeated that he was arresting Kevin on a variety of charges. Kevin joked that he'd dropped an energy bar wrapper earlier, so Harding could add littering to the list, and Michael asked for evidence of what Kevin had done. Harding held up Barton's hospital identification badge and accused Kevin of stealing it to break into hospital records, which was a felony. Michael stared incredulously at Kevin.

Harding reported that he'd found the badge in Kevin's desk, and he asked if Kevin denied swiping it. Michael declared that it hadn't been a legal search and seizure, but Harding claimed that he'd been looking for a file when he'd stumbled upon stolen property. Harding added obstruction to the list of Kevin's crimes, and he teased that Kevin would look adorable in an orange jumpsuit. Michael requested a moment alone with his client.

In the interrogation room, Michael asked if Kevin's actions had been a cry for help, but Kevin insisted that he'd been holding it together. Michael asked what had been rational about what Kevin had done, and Kevin whimpered that he couldn't go to jail. Kevin explained that he'd been doing someone a favor, but Michael wanted to know why someone with Kevin's rap sheet would risk getting in trouble with the law again. Kevin defended that the police had asked him to work his hacking magic under the table many times, and he contended that there had been lives at stake, since it had been in the public's best interest to prove that Stitch was a killer and a liar.

Michael theorized that with Chloe gone, Kevin was depressed, and hacking was a drug that gave Kevin a rush. Kevin maintained that Stitch didn't deserve a job, a girlfriend, or a baby, and Michael wondered if Kevin desired those things. Michael pointed out that they'd talked about what Billy and Chloe had lost, but Kevin had loved Delia and had lost the woman he'd hoped to spend the rest of his life with. Michael suspected that Kevin had lost himself after he'd tried to save Chloe and that Kevin had reverted to making bad choices.

Kevin reiterated that he'd hacked for the right reasons, and he recalled that Michael had gotten him out of worse situations before, but Michael said that he wasn't Kevin's personal fixer. Kevin replied that he needed a lawyer and not a shrink, and Harding entered to add another mug shot to Kevin's file. Michael contended that the whole police squad knew that Harding had been after Kevin for months, and he implied that Harding had planted the evidence. Harding complained that Paul had kept Kevin around as a pet, but Paul wasn't there, and he was ready to put the mutt in his cage. Harding taunted that the judge wouldn't be able to hear Kevin bark from his holding cell.

Michael promised that he would get Kevin out soon, and he chided Kevin for leaving the evidence in his desk drawer. Kevin pleaded with Michael not to let him be locked up, and Michael pledged to fast-track Kevin's arraignment, but he advised Kevin to stop giving himself excuses to screw up. Kevin reiterated that Stitch didn't deserve a free pass, and although he dreaded being in a cell, he would do it all over again to help Chelsea, who was one of his last connections to Chloe.

At the penthouse, Chelsea told Billy that he had every reason to be furious with her for not telling him about Stitch, but she'd kept Billy out of the loop because she truly liked being with Billy. She continued to ramble, and he told her to shut up for a second, since he felt the same way. He added that Chelsea understood the best and worst of him, but he missed Victoria and wanted her back. Chelsea wondered how they could keep spending time together when other people were in their hearts.

Billy pointed out that Adam wouldn't ever return, and Chelsea acknowledged that Billy still had a shot with Victoria. He hoped so, and Chelsea told him to go for it, even though she and Billy had had a lot of fun together. He said that it had been more than fun, but Chelsea insisted that they had to stop messing with their own heads. They agreed to not have sex again, and they shook hands, but she slowly pulled hers away. He joked that there also wouldn't be any hand-shaking, and she handed him the file on Stitch and said that whatever he did with it was up to him.

Billy reviewed the file and noticed that Stitch had claimed that he'd never been convicted of a felony. Billy exclaimed that Stitch's response had been a crime and not an oversight, and he realized that Stitch could go back to jail and lose his medical license. Chelsea thought that Stitch could be compelled to leave town and never look back, and she encouraged Billy to go make sure Victoria wasn't near Stitch again. Billy questioned whether Chelsea would have taken Adam back if he had lived, and she mused that she loved all the parts of Adam, but her voice trailed off when she mentioned what had happened with Delia. Billy remarked that they couldn't control who they loved, and Chelsea wondered why he was still there instead of halfway to Victoria's with the file.

Billy said that he suddenly didn't know what to do, and if murder hadn't been enough to keep Victoria away from Stitch, presenting her with the rest of the file felt like overkill. Chelsea said that it was additional ammunition, and she cautioned that it would be hard to break Victoria's connection to Stitch if he was her baby's father, so Billy needed the file to get the woman he wanted. Billy insisted that Chelsea hadn't been a consolation prize, and he considered her to be an amazing woman who was in his corner. Chelsea said that she wanted him to be happy and to get what he wanted, and she told him to leave before she went to check on Connor. Billy kissed her cheek and departed.

Chelsea told Connor that she'd done a crazy thing by putting others first, and she never would have done such a selfless thing in the old days. "Yay," she stated unenthusiastically.

Victoria ranted that Stitch wanted her to trust him, and Stitch swore that she could because she knew him. She argued that he'd taken his father's life, and she felt that she didn't know Stitch at all. He took her hand and implored her to trust him, but she jerked away and said that he was insane. He urged her to trust their feelings for one another, and he promised that she could have faith and feel safe with him. "How am I supposed to do that now?" she inquired.

Stitch said that the incident with his father had happened because his dad had been a mean drunk who had made a lot of people miserable. Victoria thought that Stitch sounded like a sociopath for stating that his father's death had just happened, but Stitch had killed him. Stitch claimed that he hadn't had an option, but Victoria lectured that he'd had a choice to take someone's life or to lie to someone about loving them. He swore that his feelings for her were real, but she countered that he didn't trust her, or he would have told her the rest of the story already. He received a call from Barton, who insisted on meeting immediately at the Athletic Club. Stitch hesitated to leave, but Victoria told him to go.

Nick asked if he could open his eyes, and Faith ran downstairs, dressed as a bride. He told her that she looked beautiful, and he asked if it was her wedding day, since he hoped to walk her down the aisle. Faith chirped that she could walk with him when he married her mommy, and Nick explained that he and Sharon loved one another and that they thought marriage was great, but people could be together without being married. Faith assumed that her parents were too scared to get married again.

Over fake tea, Nick asserted that he and Sharon were very happy without a wedding, and he asked what Faith thought. Faith declared that she wanted to be a flower girl or a maid of honor, and Victoria arrived. Victoria complimented Faith's outfit, and the girl informed Victoria that she was going to be the maid of honor. Nick quickly clarified that it was a hypothetical situation, and Victoria remarked that sometimes, make-believe was better than the real thing. Faith said that if Victoria's baby was a girl, she could be Faith's flower girl someday, or a boy could be the ring bearer. Faith added that Billy could teach a boy how to tie a tie because that's what dads did.

Nick instructed Faith to change out of her fancy dress to go swimming, and after she ran upstairs, he asked Victoria about the paternity test results. Victoria confided that she hadn't taken the test, and Nick reasoned that the baby had a father, whether she wanted to know who it was or not. Victoria wondered why it couldn't be enough that her baby was a miracle after she'd thought she'd never conceive, and Nick said that he wasn't judging her. She explained that once she knew who the father was, she'd be tied to someone she didn't trust, and she didn't want that for her baby or herself. Nick agreed that she deserved her baby as well as some peace and calm, and he told her to focus on her miracle.

Nick offered to tell Billy and Stitch to back off, but Victoria thought that as the older sibling, she should look out for Nick. He showed off his biceps, but she assured him that he didn't have to beat anyone up for her. She mentioned that she'd automatically turned to him, and he replied that he would have sought her out if he'd been in the same situation. Faith ran in with a bag of toys for the baby, since she was too old for them, and Victoria gushed that the baby would love them. Faith guessed that the baby was a girl, since Delia had had a brother and would have wanted a sister.

Nick sent Faith to get towels and sunscreen for the pool, and he apologized to Victoria for his daughter's words. Victoria was grateful that the baby would have cousins to love and to play with, but Nick said that he'd seen Victoria's face when Faith had mentioned Billy. Victoria realized that Faith wanted Billy to be happy again, and another baby could do that. Nick said that he was only worried about Victoria and her happiness, and he encouraged her to do whatever it took to get there. She wished she knew what that was.

At the Athletic Club, Stitch assumed that Barton had heard a few things about him, and Barton offered his official congratulations. Barton informed Stitch that the hospital board thought Stitch was the right doctor to be chief resident, and he crowed that the combination of exceptional skills and character was a rare find, but it was exactly what the hospital needed and what patients deserved. Stitch half-heartedly expressed his appreciation, and Barton said that modesty didn't save lives, but boldness and a respect for life did. Barton proclaimed that it was time to celebrate, and Stitch tried to cover his discomfort.

Barton and Stitch shared some lemonade, and Barton noted that either of them could be called to work, which was just the way they both wanted it. Barton toasted to Dr. Ben Rayburn, the newest chief resident, and he declared that it had been the best decision the hospital had ever made. Stitch nervously said that there was something Barton should know, and Billy approached and asked if the men minded if he joined them.

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