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Austin accepted a deal with no jail time. Victor tricked Summer into signing consent papers that authorized experimental treatment for Phyllis. Mariah attempted to seduce Nick, and Sharon threw Mariah out. Nick learned that Sharon had given birth to twins.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 18, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, August 18, 2014

At the pool atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby was elated when Victoria asked her to serve as her birthing coach. Victoria said, "There's nobody I'd rather have with me when the baby comes into the world." Victoria was taken aback when she realized that Ben, affectionately known as Stitch, was standing behind her. Victoria told Stitch that she'd asked Abby to be present during the baby's birth because it would be awkward to have both him and Billy present. Stitch replied, "You don't have to explain. I only want the best for you and the baby."

After Stitch told Victoria that he'd never do anything to hurt her, Abby angrily scoffed. Victoria told Stitch and Abby that she'd made plans to pick up Johnny because she wanted to show him her new office. Stitch, showing concern, seemed surprised when he heard Victoria's announcement about having returned to work. Abby was supportive when Victoria said she was working for Victor. Victoria assured Stitch that her job was helping her better cope with most of the stressful issues in her life.

After Victoria left, Abby asked Stitch how a murderer had managed to become a member of the Genoa City Athletic Club. Stitch suggested that Abby should spend her leisure time elsewhere if his presence disturbed her. Abby noted that she was busy reading books about childbirth. Abby seemed to take great pleasure in mentioning that she'd been selected to be Victoria's labor coach. Stitch noted that he'd been deployed when his son had been born and would again miss out on another birth.

Alluding to a connection between Stitch's war battles and the murder of his father, Abby snidely remarked, "Good use of your skills." Stitch was eager to offer some form of help to Victoria during her labor. Stitch asked if he might provide a list of songs he'd prepared before his ex-wife, Jenna, had given birth. Abby, sensing Stitch's sincerity, toned down her callousness somewhat. Abby politely agreed to listen to Stitch's music selections.

Abby noted that she'd once believed that Stitch might be a good match for her mother, Ashley. Abby added that she firmly believed Victoria and Billy were meant to be together. Stitch became defensive when Abby mentioned that she didn't know any "good guys" who'd done what Stitch had done. Stitch replied, "My old man had been abusive. Sometimes good people are forced to do terrible things." Abby admitted that she'd made many mistakes but had never killed anyone.

Stitch told Abby that he had no intention of walking away from Victoria just because Abby disapproved of him. Abby replied, "Then walk away because Victoria wants you to. She's over you, just like you ex-wife was when she found out what you did." Abby berated Stitch for having pretended to be an honest, decent man and for breaking Victoria's heart. Stitch became irate and said, "You don't know a damn thing about me!" Abby asked Stitch how long he'd been "stuffing down his anger."

Stitch explained to Abby that even his own sister had turned her back on him for years and that his ex-wife had moved with his son to another country. Stich cried, "Isn't that payback enough?" Abby recalled that Stitch had killed his own father. Even after Stitch noted that he'd served time in prison to pay for his crime, Abby said that Stitch didn't have the right to lie to people. Stitch cried that even if he'd told Jenna the truth himself, she still would've taken Max out of the country. Abby replied, "Of course she would have. She doesn't want her child raised by you any more than my sister does."

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Billy noticed when Chelsea, frustrated with her failed attempts to sketch new fashion designs, ripped a sheet from her notebook. She hurled it into the air, and Billy retrieved the discarded sketch. Billy suggested that Chelsea determine what was distracting her from her creativity. Chelsea admitted that Adam's absence at Connor's birthday party had gotten her down. Billy told Chelsea to concentrate on the positive aspects of raising her son.

Chelsea explained that the soccer ball she'd believed was a gift from the baby's grandfather had actually been given by someone else. Chelsea added, "Connor loves soccer, and he loves that ball, so whoever sent it to him knew exactly what to get him. Wonder who it was?"

Changing the subject, Chelsea said she hoped to regain her creativity soon. Billy mentioned that Jabot had planned to release a silver-toned eye shadow containing glitter. Billy teasingly offered to sketch an idea for Chelsea, and the two playfully wrestled for control of the pencil and sketchpad.

Billy and Chelsea had almost kissed when Victoria happened by. Billy rose from his seat beside Chelsea and walked toward Victoria. Billy told Victoria that he wanted to schedule a visit with his son. Victoria explained that she'd already made plans to pick up Johnny and show him her office at work. Billy seemed disapproving of Victoria's decision to return to Newman-Chancellor.

Victoria told Billy that Victor had been one of the few men in her life she could count on for support. Billy expressed concern that working for Victor would be too stressful. Victoria said she'd felt more relaxed sitting behind her desk. Chelsea chimed in and noted that she'd worked up until Connor was born. Victoria glared at Chelsea and said, "Please don't compare the two of us."

Chelsea apologized and said she'd just been trying to help. Victoria issued an apology and blamed her hormones for her outburst. Billy also apologized and said he knew that Victor would never do anything to harm Victoria or the baby. Chelsea watched Billy bend down near Victoria's abdomen and talk to the unborn baby. When Chelsea left the park, Billy offered to walk with her. Suddenly, Victoria, alone in the park, doubled over in pain and braced herself against the armrest on a park bench.

At Sharon's house, Nick listened to the audio recording he'd made of Mariah's mother, Helen Copeland. Helen had assured Ian that nobody knew the truth about who Mariah was. When Sharon entered the room, Nick quickly pocketed his phone. Sharon said, "Is everything okay? If there's something on your mind, I wish you'd tell me." Nick assured Sharon that nothing was wrong. Before Sharon left, she told Nick she'd be out late.

Mariah arrived downstairs and bragged that she'd made over $160 in tips. To celebrate her good fortune, Mariah lifted her hand with her palm facing Nick, and he met his palm to hers in a "high five" gesture. After Mariah walked to another area of the room, Nick had a flashback that involved a past encounter with Cassie when she'd been a youngster. After the young Cassie had correctly spelled a word, Nick had lifted his hand with his palm facing Cassie in order to give her a "high five." Nick glanced at Mariah and seemed troubled by his flashback.

Mariah noticed Nick's troubled expression. She said, "Nick, why are you looking at me as if you've seen a ghost or something?" Nick replied, "It's nothing." Nick told Mariah that Sharon would be working late. Mariah left to go shopping and noted that she'd return soon.

After Mariah left, Nick thumbed through old photographs in an album. After viewing photos of a very young Cassie, Nick recalled his conversation with Helen that had taken place earlier at the Underground. Nick had asked Helen why Mariah had exploited her strong resemblance to Cassie in order to gaslight Sharon. Nick had also asked Helen why she'd chosen to abandon Mariah. Helen had said, "I didn't want her in the first place. She was all Ian's idea."

Nick placed a phone call and asked someone for help. He told the person on the other end of the line to fly to Genoa City aboard the Newman jet. Sharon returned home early and told Nick that her meeting had been postponed. Sharon saw the open photo album and asked Nick if he'd been thinking about Cassie. Sharon admitted that she'd recently visited Cassie's grave to talk about how Mariah had been helping fill a void. Nick replied, "Because she looks so much like Cassie?"

Sharon admitted to Nick that she'd initially been drawn to Mariah because of her strong resemblance to Cassie. Sharon added that when she'd shared a carton of ice cream with Mariah, it had felt strangely familiar, as though they'd done so a dozen times before. Sharon added, "I don't want you to think that I'm losing it, but it felt like I was sitting there with Cassie." Nick seemed distressed but said he understood what Sharon was talking about. Sharon cried, "What do you mean?" Nick replied, "As soon as I figure this all out, I'm going to tell you everything. I promise."

Before Nick left, he assured Sharon that everything would be all right. Sharon seemed apprehensive. After Mariah returned from her shopping excursion, she heard water running in the kitchen. Unaware that Sharon had returned and that Nick had left, Mariah gazed at her shopping bag and said aloud to herself, "Perfect!" Sharon was finishing up housework when Mariah, clad in a silky negligee, walked down the stairs. Mariah said, "I have a surprise for you!" Sharon was taken aback. Mariah looked stunned.

Nick went to the Genoa City Athletic Club. He stood outside room 438 and knocked on the door. Someone opened the door. Nick paused for a moment. Gathering his thoughts, Nick said, "Thank God you're here." The mystery person in the room didn't immediately respond.

In the waiting area at the hospital, Devon comforted Hilary, who was concerned about Neil's blindness. Hilary said that despite no muscle or organ trauma, doctors weren't sure if Neil would regain his eyesight. Devon urged Hilary to stay positive. Hilary told Devon that Neil would soon be discharged. Devon noted that Cane and Lily were preparing Neil's apartment.

Hilary, sobbing, blamed herself for Neil's accident. Hilary added, "I was planning to tell him that I was leaving him for his son." Devon agreed that their focus should be on Neil. Hilary said that after Neil regained his eyesight, she planned to tell him the truth. Devon cautioned Hilary to wait until the time was right to tell Neil. Devon asked what might happen if Neil never regained his eyesight. Hilary wiped a tear from her cheek and said, "I don't know."

Devon pulled Hilary close to comfort her. A nurse approached and identified Hilary and Devon as Neil's family members. The nurse said that Neil was lucky to have a daughter like Hilary and that Hilary was fortunate to have a loving husband like Devon to lend support. The nurse quickly excused herself after Hilary and Devon explained their respective familial relationships. Hilary shared her fear that others might discern the true nature of her relationship with Devon and inform Neil. Devon said, "Neil will not find out about us until we decide."

In Neil's hospital room, a social worker, Brian Lynch, stopped by. Neil introduced himself and aimed his arm toward the visitor's voice to shake his hand. Neil explained that by the sound of the shoes and the absence of perfume, he knew that a man had entered his room. Brain said that he could teach Neil how to live a full life by making adjustments to compensate for blindness. Neil sat up in bed and sternly announced that he wasn't blind.

Neil insisted that he would regain his eyesight despite his doctor's claim that there were no guarantees. Neil added, "This might be the biggest obstacle I have ever faced in my life, but I am going to conquer it. I just married the most beautiful woman in the world, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life looking at her!" Brian offered to teach Neil how to use his cell phone. Brian noted that Neil had several messages. After Brian stepped out, Neil listened to the message Hilary had left asking to meet with him about something important.

Brian visited with Devon and Hilary in the waiting area and explained that Neil was struggling to accept and deal with his blindness. Devon said that he and other family members were prepared to help Neil. Brian explained that Neil had learned how to use his cell phone and was listening to his messages. Hilary seemed stunned when she remembered having left a message for Neil. Brian gave Hilary his business card before walking away.

Before entering Neil's room, Hilary cried, "Oh, if Neil listens to those messages!" Hilary identified herself to Neil and noted that Devon was present. Neil asked Hilary about the message she'd left. He noted that she'd sounded upset. Hilary said, "I never expected that this would happen." Devon seemed edgy. Neil replied, "What are you talking about?" Hilary hesitated.

Devon interrupted and claimed that Hilary had been upset because her engagement ring had slipped off and fallen into a sink drain. Neil replied, "That's all? It's just a ring? Honey, our relationship is so much more solid than that. Though it symbolized our love, at the end of the day, it's just a ring." Devon explained that a plumber had retrieved the ring, so it was back on Hilary's finger where it belonged. Neil held Hilary's hand, kissed it, and said, "There's nothing you could do that I wouldn't forgive."

Hilary, distraught, looked at Devon. Neil refused to wait for the nurse, so Hilary offered to help him dress. Devon stepped out. While Hilary buttoned Neil's shirt, Devon peered at the couple though the window in the door. As Hilary helped guide Neil into a wheelchair, he said he'd rather not receive help from a social worker. Neil added, "I want to manage on my own until I get my sight back." Hilary soothingly stroked Neil's arms and promised to remain by his side as long as he needed her.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sharon exited the kitchen, and she heard Mariah amorously call out, "I've got a surprise for you." Mariah descended the stairs in a racy negligee, and she was shocked to see Sharon. Mariah fibbed that she'd invited over a guy she'd met at the club, but Sharon flashed back to returning from her trip early and walking in on Nick and a scantily clad Mariah. Mariah said that she'd thought she'd be alone, but Sharon accused her of trying to seduce Nick.

Mariah maintained that she'd expected to meet a man named Dave, but Sharon surmised that Mariah had heard someone in the kitchen and had assumed it had been Nick. Sharon ranted that she'd bailed Mariah out, taken her in, and defended her, but Mariah had repaid her by plotting behind her back to seduce Nick. Mariah protested, but Sharon warned not to insult her intelligence, and Mariah crowed that it had been going on a lot longer than Sharon knew. Sharon retorted that it had only been in Mariah's fantasies, and she pointed out that Mariah looked like Nick's daughter. Mariah spat that she wasn't his daughter and that Sharon didn't deserve him, and she proclaimed that Nick was much better off with Mariah.

Sharon realized that the signs had all been there, from Mariah scheming to be alone with Nick to baking him a peach pie, and she believed that Mariah had inflated the attention that Nick had given her in her mind. Sharon snapped that Nick had only been putting up with Mariah because Sharon had wanted to help her, and Mariah taunted that Nick protected Sharon like she was an invalid, but it was all an act on Sharon's part. Mariah recalled that Sharon had poured her heart out at the cemetery about the horrible secret that could ruin Nick's life. Mariah accused Sharon of just pretending not to remember what it was because Sharon's worst fear would be realized if Nick dumped her.

Mariah added that Sharon looked at her like she was Sharon's precious little girl, but Nick looked at Mariah like he wanted her, and she insinuated that they would have slept together if he'd walked in instead of Sharon. Sharon restrained herself from slapping Mariah and said that Mariah didn't deserve to look like Cassie, and she admonished Mariah for pretending to be remorseful about impersonating Cassie. Sharon acknowledged that Mariah hadn't had anyone except Ian while growing up, and she knew that Mariah was starving for love, but Mariah bellowed for her to shut up, since Sharon didn't know her.

Mariah raged that she hadn't needed to drive Sharon insane because Sharon had already been there, and she'd told Sharon that she was nothing like Cassie. Sharon agreed that it was painfully clear, since Cassie would have been a kind and generous young lady and not someone who used her misfortune as an excuse to be a liar and a tramp. Mariah hissed that even if Sharon and Nick got married, it wouldn't be long before he regretted it, since he was only with Sharon because he felt sorry for her. Mariah snarled that Sharon would make Nick miserable, but Sharon would rather destroy him than see him happy.

Mariah claimed that Sharon was in denial, and she growled that Sharon's kindness was an act, but Sharon was a "selfish bitch" who only cared about herself. Sharon ordered Mariah out of her house and yelled that she never wanted to see Mariah again. Mariah huffed that it worked for her, and she stormed upstairs and retrieved her suitcase. Mariah threw the clothes Sharon had bought for her at Sharon's feet, and she walked out.

In a hotel room, a lingerie-clad Grace purred that she'd hurried to Genoa City when Nick had called. Nick stated that it was good to see her, and she pawed at him and said that it had been too long. She added that she'd never thought they'd be together again, but he clarified that it hadn't been a booty call and that he needed information. She pranced around and seductively asserted that she'd just put on the teddy to be comfortable, but he reiterated that he wasn't interested in comfort.

Grace groused that Nick had once been fun, and he replied that he'd grown up. She noted that it was hot in there, and he flashed back to a hot night when she'd rubbed ice over her body and then his. Grace offered him a mimosa, and Nick mentioned that he and Sharon were back together and that they intended to make it work. He reluctantly took the drink Grace handed him, and she asked about her former best friend. Grace rattled off all the Newman men Sharon had married, and Nick said that Sharon had hit a rough patch, but she was doing better.

Nick revealed that he'd summoned Grace because of Cassie, and Grace's expression darkened. Grace softly said that she'd never told Nick and Sharon in person how sorry she was, and Nick replied that he and Sharon knew that Grace had loved Cassie. He recalled that Grace had tracked Cassie down after Sharon had given Cassie up for adoption, but Grace had a feeling he hadn't sent the Newman jet so they could reminisce, and she questioned why he was dredging up the painful memories. Nick showed Grace a photo of Mariah, and Grace found Mariah's resemblance to Cassie eerie.

Nick said that sometimes it felt like his daughter was right in front of him with Mariah around, and he understood why Sharon had become invested in Mariah. Grace concluded that Sharon wasn't the only one, and he explained that many things about Mariah reminded him of Cassie. Grace pointed out that Victor had paid Mariah to play a part, and she imagined that having Mariah around was like living with a ghost. Nick worried that there was too much that didn't add up, and Grace asked how she could help. Nick requested that she tell him everything about the day Cassie had been born.

Nick told Grace about Ian's attempt to extort money from his family, and he said that Ian's connection to Mariah had raised red flags. He disclosed that Mariah had lied about her mother being dead, and it had led to more lies and questions. Nick mentioned that Grace had been present when Cassie had been born, and he urged her to try to remember anything about Sharon's experience giving birth. Grace recalled that there had been a "New Age chick" with spooky green eyes who had been a nurse. Grace added that the nurse's name had stuck with her -- Helen. Nick realized that Mariah's mother had been there when Cassie had been born.

Grace recounted that Helen had seemed like a control freak, since Helen hadn't let Grace or Doris stay with Sharon in the delivery room. Grace had surmised that the medical staff hadn't wanted anyone to bond with the baby, since Sharon had given it up for adoption. Grace recalled that it had seemed as if the hospital had rushed through the process, and no one had given them details about the birth. Grace apologized for not being more help, but Nick thanked her and hugged her. Later, Nick left a message for Sharon to let her know he wouldn't be home that night, since he had to go out of town to take care of something that couldn't wait.

Michael entered a hotel room and called out for Lauren, who had sent him a text message to meet him there. She burst in and was disappointed that he'd arrived first, since she had wanted to set the scene for a romantic surprise. He said that he'd been very surprised to get her message in the middle of a meeting with a judge, and they kissed. Lauren explained that she'd wanted Michael to walk into a fantasy, and she griped that her plan had been ruined because a vendor hadn't shut up. Michael replied that the vendor sounded like the opposing counsel he'd faced that day, and Lauren continued to complain about work.

Michael noted that his beautiful wife had arranged a romantic rendezvous, but he and Lauren were rambling about the outside world when they should be focused on what they could be doing in the room. She started to disrobe, but he insisted on doing it himself, and he kissed her shoulder as they made their way to the bed. She made it her mission in life to continue showing him how much she loved him, and he pledged that they would always carve out time for one another, no matter how crazy their lives became. They kissed and started to make love, but he suddenly pulled away. She understood that they were out of practice, and he admitted that he was a little anxious, since he wanted every moment together to be perfect.

Michael remained unable to perform, and he apologized and said that he didn't know what was wrong. Lauren chalked it up to him having a grueling morning in court, and she assured him that she just wanted to spend time with him. He said that he loved her, and she cooed that there were many ways to show it. Michael said that he'd gotten a text message from Fen, who had sounded excited and focused while away at school. Lauren declared that going to college in Arizona had been Fen's best decision yet, and she lamented that she had to get back to work. She said that her time with Michael had been really nice, but as they wordlessly got dressed, they both looked concerned.

Stitch turned over his identification badge to hospital security, and a guard advised Stitch that he'd no longer have access to any of the hospital's facilities. Stitch glumly replied that the board had made that clear when he'd been kicked out of the residency program, and the guard credited Stitch for tending to his son, who was playing shortstop because of the treatment Stitch had provided. Stitch thanked him, and Victoria entered, breathing heavily and clutching her belly. She whimpered that she was scared that something was wrong with the baby.

Victoria reported that Dr. Chipperton was on her way over, and Stitch promised to stay with Victoria. He asked what had happened, and she explained that she'd felt a twinge that had gotten worse. She nervously added that she had experienced some spotting, and she worried that it was a bad sign. Victoria grabbed her stomach, and Stitch inquired whether the pain was sharp or dull. She replied that it was more like a cramp, and he urged her to stay as calm as possible by taking deep breaths. Abby passed by and ordered Stitch to get away from Victoria.

Victoria contended that she'd been grateful to see a familiar face, but Abby complained that Stitch had been the one stressing Victoria out and that he wasn't even on staff anymore. Victoria insisted that she was glad Stitch was there, and Dr. Chipperton escorted Victoria into an exam room. Stitch suggested that he and Abby not talk while they waited, but she chided him for acting like a doctor, and she asked if it was wise of him to be practicing without a license. He defended that he was still a licensed physician, and he had acted out of love and concern for Victoria and the baby. Stitch added that he would never stop loving them, but Abby implored him to let Billy and Victoria have the happiness that Stitch had lost with his own family.

Victoria fretted that she had felt exactly the same thing when she'd previously miscarried. Dr. Chipperton asked how heavy the spotting had been, and Victoria wailed that there shouldn't have been any. Later, Dr. Chipperton exited the exam room, and Abby and Stitch rushed in to see Victoria, who was crying. Victoria revealed that they were tears of relief, since she and the baby were fine. She added that the doctor wanted to keep her overnight for observation because of her history, and Abby assured her that everything would be fine. The sisters hugged, and Stitch silently slipped out the door. He pulled out his phone and contemplated calling Billy.

Billy entered Chelsea's design studio and announced that Jack had sent him in Neil's place to handle the production meeting, so he was there for Chelsea to debrief him. She realized that Billy felt out of his element, and he admitted that women's fashion wasn't his strong suit. She recalled that he'd told her earlier that designing was a piece of cake, and he gave her 15 minutes to tell him everything he needed to know about fashion. Chelsea explained that no two designers had the same process, and Billy replied that he was interested in her. He quickly clarified that he'd meant her process, and she said that something had to spark her ideas, like accessories.

Billy asked if being outside had helped, and Chelsea stated that nature could be inspiring. He took credit for getting her over the mental block she'd had in the park, and she joked that women everywhere would be walking around naked if it hadn't been for him. She continued that if she liked a sketch, she made a refined drawing and then draped the piece on a form. Chelsea led Billy over to a clothing dummy, and they accidentally touched hands when they both reached to adjust the fabric. After an awkward pause, she explained the rest of the process, and she handed him the designs to be discussed in the meeting. "Beautiful," he mused, gazing directly at her.

Billy complimented Chelsea's sketches, and he said that even a walking fashion disaster like him could see her talent. He asked how he could contribute to the meeting, and she told him not to talk. He pointed out that he wasn't good at keeping quiet, as their "doctor friend" had found out the hard way. She asked if Billy regretted exposing Stitch's lies, but Billy defended that Stitch had turned over the file himself. Billy said that he understood why Jenna had fled with Max, and he worried that Stitch's past would hang over Victoria's child if the baby turned out to be Stitch's.

Billy recalled that he'd told Victoria that he would love her child and that he would raise the baby no matter who the father was, but he wasn't sure that he could. Chelsea said that she couldn't have asked for better parents for Johnny, and Billy assured her that Johnny would always be loved and cared for. He imagined that Stitch would be a constant reminder and threat if the baby was Stitch's, since Stitch would never stop pursuing Victoria. Chelsea asked where Billy had left things with Victoria, and Billy replied that he couldn't keep pretending that he was selfless enough to raise Stitch's child.

Chelsea advised Billy to wait and see how he handled it when the baby arrived, and he apologized for getting off-topic before their meeting. She promised to make him look competent, and she straightened his tie. They appeared to be about to kiss, but his phone rang, and he was shocked to see an incoming call from Stitch. Stitch informed Billy about Victoria's scare, and he thought Victoria would appreciate having Billy's support. Billy thanked Stitch for calling, and Stitch briefly lingered outside Victoria's room before he walked away.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Neil and Hilary's apartment, Lily was frantically moving furniture around in anticipation of Neil's return from the hospital. Cane asked her what she was doing -- she told him that the apartment was a "death trap" -- filled with objects that Neil might knock over. Cane disagreed with Lily, telling her that she should leave everything in its proper place.

In the hallway outside the apartment, Hilary and Neil were walking arm in arm toward the front door while Devon trailed behind. Neil said that he was looking forward to spending time in his own bed, with his own wife. Hilary and Devon shot guilty glances at each another.

Neil and Hilary sat on the couch while Lily scurried about. Lily told Neil that she had purchased a lot of food so that he wouldn't have to go out -- Lily could fix him something if he were hungry. Mildly irritated, Neil said that he wasn't hungry, but he was thirsty. Neil stood up, planning to walk to the kitchen for a glass of water, but Lily said that she would get it. Neil said that he would get the water himself. As he walked toward the kitchen, he ran into a table and a lamp that Lily had moved. Neil knocked the lamp to the floor. It smashed into pieces.

Neil was livid and wanted to know why the table and the lamp had been moved. Lily admitted that she had done it. Neil, growing angrier by the second, yelled at Lily for moving things around. Cane tried to calm Neil down, to no avail. Neil told Cane that he needed to be told if they moved any furniture. At the top of his lungs, he screamed, "Do you understand me?"

Neil admonished Lily to stop treating him like an invalid. Upset and embarrassed, Lily made up an excuse and quickly left the apartment. As Cane exited the apartment, Neil sarcastically growled, "Thanks for coming, Cane." Neil told Devon and Hilary that he was going to get his glass of water and walked off to the kitchen.

While Neil was out of the room, Devon said that it wasn't the right time to tell Neil about Devon and Hilary's relationship. Hilary said that there wasn't a good time to break a man's heart. Devon reminded Hilary that they had talked about their relationship and had decided not to pretend that they didn't have feelings for one another.

Hilary said that all she felt was that Neil needed her, and she was there for him. She turned away from a puzzled Devon, who asked her what that meant. She replied, "I'm sorry, Devon." They gazed into each other's eyes, and Devon left the apartment. Neil returned with his water, and Hilary told him that Devon had left -- they were finally alone.

Neil chided himself for acting like such a jackass -- he had chased Devon away and had hurt Lily's feelings. Neil told Hilary that his kids had been through worse things than losing their sight -- Devon had lost his hearing, and Lily had battled cancer. Hilary told Neil that his accident and blindness had happened so quickly that he had a right to be angry. Neil really got down on himself, telling Hilary that he had wanted to give her everything she had ever wanted.

At the Athletic Club, Cane chased down Lily, who thought that Neil hated her. Cane assured Lily that Neil didn't hate her -- he just needed time to sort things out and find a way to cope. Lily reminded Cane that Neil's way of coping with bad situations had been to turn to alcohol.

In Austin and Summer's apartment, Austin stood in front of a mirror, attempting to tie his tie. Summer saw him struggling with it. She finished tying it for him and said that no matter what happened at Austin's trial, she would never stop loving him.

Outside the Traverses' front door, Victor was on his phone, telling Dr. Cutler that he would soon have the medical authorization for Phyllis' treatment. Victor didn't notice that Jack had arrived and had overheard part of Victor's conversation. Jack said, "I should have known you would pull something like this."

Jack told Victor to "take a hike" -- a request that Victor naturally ignored. Victor knocked at the door, and Summer let them in. Jack, in an extremely sarcastic tone, said that Victor was there to lend his support to Austin -- even though Austin had shot Paul, allegedly a good friend of Victor's. Summer defended Austin, saying that Paul's shooting had been an accident. Jack replied that they all knew that part of Austin's crime had not been an accident. Summer got angry with Jack, asking him how they could expect a jury to believe Austin when her own family didn't seem to believe him.

Victor said that what had happened to Paul was terrible, but that intentions did matter -- and Austin hadn't meant to hurt Paul. Jack rolled his eyes as Victor told Austin that forgiveness was an important part of family life. Victor wished Austin good luck and left. Jack told Austin that he would eventually learn that Victor's moves were about as subtle as "having an anvil dropped on your head."

Austin's phone rang. It was his lawyer, Leslie, and he left the room to take the call. Alone with Jack, Summer said that she was holding out hope that Austin wouldn't go to prison -- just as she knew that Jack was hoping that Phyllis would awaken from her coma.

Jack removed a jewelry box from his pocket. He opened the box, which contained a beautiful necklace. Jack said that Phyllis had purchased the necklace when he and Phyllis had vacationed in Istanbul -- that it was supposed to ward off bad luck. Jack told Summer to wear it to Austin's trial. Summer said that obviously Jack believed in Austin.

At the courthouse, Paul and Christine stepped out of the elevator into a mob of reporters and photographers. Paul said that he wanted to express his gratitude to the police department and the hospital staff. As Nikki joined the crowd, a reporter asked Paul how humiliating it was to learn that Nikki Newman had kept Dylan, "their love child," a secret from him. As Nikki listened, Paul said that he wasn't humiliated; rather, he was disappointed that his son was a stranger to him. Nikki was clearly upset by Paul's response.

After the reporters left, Nikki told Paul that he should be resting. Paul said that there were a lot of "shoulds" in life -- that he should have arrested the sleazy reporter who had followed him and Christine to the cabin. Nikki apologized, saying that the reporter had probably followed her there. Christine glared at Nikki, telling her that the reporter had indeed tailed Nikki. Nikki said that she was there to show her support. Christine wondered if Nikki's support was for her friend, the victim, or her granddaughter's husband, the defendant. Nikki's received a call informing her that Victoria was in the hospital, and she left to join her daughter.

In Victoria's room at Genoa City Memorial, Stitch and Victoria were laughing and joking around. Billy showed up. Victoria wondered how he had known that she was in the hospital. Billy admitted that Stitch had called him. Stitch said that he thought that Billy would want to know that Victoria was in the hospital. Stitch told them that the human resources department was waiting for him to sign his termination forms, and he didn't want to keep them waiting. As Stitch left the room, Victoria thanked him for calling Billy.

Later, Stitch joined Kelly at a table in the Athletic Club's dining room. He noticed that Kelly was smiling, and she told him that she had been thinking of something that Jack had said. Stitch informed his sister that he had signed the papers terminating his hospital residency earlier that day. Kelly hoped that he still had his medical license, but Stitch said that once the medical board heard his story, it would revoke his license.

Stitch said that the job had been great and had helped him do penance for the sins in his past, but he couldn't bear to lose another child. Misunderstanding, Kelly reminded Stitch that he would have rights if he turned out to be Victoria's baby's father. Stitch set Kelly straight, telling her that he'd meant that Victoria had had a scare and had thought that she might be miscarrying. Kelly wondered why Stitch wasn't at the hospital.

Stitch told Kelly that Billy was with Victoria -- that she needed Billy more than she needed him. Kelly admitted that things between Stitch and Victoria had grown complicated -- but not impossible. Kelly related what had happened between her and Jack -- she could tell his heart belonged to Phyllis, so she had tried to stay away from Jack. In the end, Jack had decided to let go of Phyllis to be with Kelly.

Kelly told Stitch that Victoria knew all the secrets Stitch had been hiding, but Victoria had let him be with her when she'd needed someone. Stitch said that he had merely been a stand-in for Billy. She implored him not to "open the door" and let Billy in -- Stitch needed to fight for Victoria.

Billy sat down at Victoria's bedside. Victoria assured him that both she and the baby were fine, but the doctor was keeping her in the hospital overnight because hers was a high-risk pregnancy. She admitted to Billy that she had been scared that she would miscarry. Billy held her hand and caressed her face.

Billy said that the baby was Victoria's miracle, and that was all that mattered. Victoria said that it sounded like Billy was "a little in love" with the baby. He admitted that he was. She wondered if he would feel that way if the baby turned out to be Stitch's. Billy said that if the baby wasn't his, he would be a little bit jealous -- but that didn't make the baby any less of a gift. He smiled and told Victoria that the baby hit the "mommy jackpot."

Nikki rushed into the room and asked Victoria how she was doing. Victoria told Nikki that she was fine. Billy decided to leave to let mother and daughter have some private time. Victor lurked in the corridor by Victoria's room, and when Billy left, Victor asked him what Billy had done to cause Victoria to need medical attention. Billy said that he had been wondering what Victor thought was worse -- Billy being an Abbott or Victor's "buddy" Stitch being a killer.

Victor said that he had no reason to doubt Stitch, who had treated Victoria with respect and consideration, unlike Billy. Victor did admit that perhaps he had been too trusting with "that Rayburn or whatever the hell his name is," but that didn't mean that Billy was worthy of Victoria. Victor proclaimed that neither Billy nor Stitch was worthy of his daughter.

Victor joined Nikki and Victoria. Victoria told her father that she had been working at Newman-Chancellor while Victor had been away. Victor was concerned that perhaps Victoria had been working too hard, but she assured him that was not the case -- that she loved being in the office. Victor was happy to hear that but told Victoria that she would have his complete support, whatever she decided to do.

After Nikki and Victor left, Billy rejoined Victoria and told her that he would spend the night babysitting Johnny. Victoria asked Billy to give their son a kiss from her. Billy said that he would do it if he could "pass it on" from Victoria. She chuckled and began kissing Billy. Stitch stared through the window, unhappy at what he was seeing.

Devon was having a drink at the Athletic Club bar when Nikki joined him. She asked him to remain quiet about the recent night at the bar across town where they had run into each other. She said she wasn't there to do the "typical" thing. Unseen by Nikki and Devon, Victor walked up to the bar as Nikki said that other people might not understand if they heard about "it." Victor said, "Heard about what?"

Devon covered for Nikki, telling Victor that Nikki had heard about Neil's accident, but that Neil, with the help of his wife, was recovering at home. Victor said that he was glad that Neil's wife was with him. Devon, keeping his disappointment to himself, said, "Me, too. For now and forever, just like the vows say," before he walked off.

Victor told Nikki that she seemed a little anxious. Nikki said that she was worried about Victoria. Victor said that their daughter would be fine. Referring to Nikki, he said that Victoria had a great role model for grace under pressure.

At Crimson Lights, the tension was thick between Avery and Dylan. Avery wanted to resolve things with Dylan but he became angry and wondered how she could have written a letter of support for Austin.

Dylan reminded Avery that Austin had kidnapped her and might have killed her. Avery defended Austin -- after all, Austin's mother had been killed by a man who Avery had set free from prison. Dylan said that was no excuse -- Austin needed to pay for his crime, or the justice system didn't mean a "damn thing."

Dylan and Avery joined Christine and Paul at the courthouse. Paul began explaining to Dylan that Nikki had needed to leave to see Victoria at the hospital. Dylan was about to call the hospital when Christine, who was not happy with the little family reunion, interrupted Paul and Dylan's conversation, telling Dylan that he was the first witness the assistant district attorney was going to call to the stand. After getting Dylan's assurance that he was prepared to testify, Christine said that Austin's initial confession and Dylan's testimony would put Austin in prison for a long time.

Austin, Jack, and Summer entered the courthouse. Austin began to walk toward Christine, Dylan, and Paul. Jack cautioned him to wait for Leslie, but Austin ignored that advice. Austin told Paul how glad he was that Paul was all right. Austin said that he knew that he had put both Paul and Dylan through hell and that he wished to God that the shooting had never happened. He hoped that one day they would forgive him.

Austin rejoined Jack and Summer, along with Leslie, who had just arrived. Jack told Austin that he was proud of him. Summer asked if they had seen Christine's face -- an apology wasn't going to matter to her. Avery reminded Summer that Christine wasn't prosecuting the case and that she and Leslie might be able to turn things around.

Leslie approached Christine and told her that Austin was a perfect candidate for the Deferred Prosecution Program. Paul explained that the program allowed the defendant to avoid trial and prison in exchange for community service, counseling, and a fine. Christine angrily told Leslie that the program wasn't an option.

Summer implored Dylan to try to forgive Austin -- that people sometimes did awful things for what they felt to be the right reasons. Summer wondered what purpose would be served by locking Austin up. Christine said that it would send a message to criminals that if they committed a crime, they would be punished.

Avery stepped in and said that she understood why Christine was emotional about the case, but it was up to the assistant district attorney whether or not to accept the Deferred Prosecution Program. Avery told Christine that the case wasn't a prosecution slam-dunk -- that Avery had written a statement pleading for leniency. Christine replied that once Paul told his story, Austin would be convicted. Paul stunned the group when he said, "That is, if I decide to testify."

Christine lectured Paul, telling him that the case was all about law enforcement. Paul replied that prison only made sense if the greater good of the public was being served. He told Christine that the Deferred Prosecution Program wasn't a free pass -- it rehabilitated first-time offenders and would keep Austin out of the system. Paul said that they had the chance to save a life. Christine told Paul that it wasn't Ricky. Paul said that he knew that -- it was too late for Ricky, but it wasn't too late for Austin. Christine said that she would talk to the assistant district attorney.

Later, Austin thanked Paul, telling Paul that he wouldn't let him down. Paul said that he was counting on that -- Austin needed to start making the right choices in life. Leslie received the plea agreement that Austin needed to sign -- after it was signed, he could walk out the door After Leslie left, Summer hugged Austin and told him that Phyllis had made it happen with her good luck charm. As Austin looked through the plea agreement, his smile turned into a frown. He told Summer that the fine had to be paid by the following week -- he wouldn't be able to get the money together by then.

Jack joined Kelly at the rooftop patio. He told her about the plea deal that would keep Austin out of prison. Kelly said that Summer had to have been thrilled. Jack said that once the dust settled, he needed to tell Summer about his relationship with Kelly. He told Kelly that his love for her was so strong that he wanted the whole world to know about it -- and it would know. Puzzled, Kelly asked Jack what he meant. He didn't reply.

Avery and a fuming Dylan returned to Crimson Lights. Dylan still couldn't grasp the idea that Austin wasn't going to prison. Avery explained that Paul had agreed to the plea deal. Dylan told Avery to forget Paul -- he asked what had happened to the concept of a man paying for his crimes. Avery received a phone call. Concerned, she said, "Yes, yes, I understand. Thank you. Bye." Dylan asked Avery what the call had been about. Avery replied, "My sister."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lauren and Michael passed by Leslie's table in the Athletic Club dining room, and Leslie mentioned that she was supposed to be celebrating the deal she'd made for Austin, but Barton was stuck at the hospital. Lauren empathized that working hard led to relationship problems, and Michael steered Lauren toward their own table. Michael griped that his colleagues didn't need to know the intimate details of his personal life, but Lauren clarified that she'd only meant that busy people had problems with not spending enough time together. Michael apologized for overreacting, and Lauren assured him it was okay, but she suggested that perhaps Michael see a doctor.

Michael insisted that he was in great health, but Lauren pointed out that he'd been very tired, and there might be a medical reason behind it. Michael huffed that he didn't need a doctor to tell him that he'd been working too hard, but he hadn't been the only one. Lauren conceded that it took a lot of energy to market her brand, but they had to take time to spend together, like they had that day. He hoped that the next time would be better, and he was confident that his performance issues would subside once they made sure they spent quality time together.

Mariah entered the club and left a frantic voicemail for Ian. She ranted that she didn't know what to do, but everything was falling apart, and she needed his help. Ian sent Mariah a text message to inform her that he was dealing with another matter, and she almost threw the phone at Kevin as he entered the foyer. He advised her not to do it, since she would still be mad, but she'd have a broken phone. She grumbled that she'd had something good, but she'd screwed it up.

Kevin joked that he had been consistently good at screwing up, and Mariah asked how many phones he'd broken. He said dozens, and he recounted that the last time they'd met, she'd been concerned that she'd need to find a new job and a place to live. Mariah griped that Sharon hated her and that Nick soon would, too, and Kevin encouraged her to explain things to Nick. She wished that she could see Nick once more, and Kevin remarked that it was a small town where she was bound to run into Nick, but Mariah asserted that there was nothing more for her there.

Mariah planned to hop on the next bus she saw, and Kevin said that he had the urge to hit the road to someplace where no one knew who he was. He suddenly decided to go with her, and she questioned who had asked him. He argued that hitching a ride on his Harley would be better than having to take a bus, and she noted that they'd only met twice. He contended that they'd have a lot to talk about, but she countered that they'd have little conversation while riding a Harley. He pointed out that they both wanted to leave Genoa City behind, and they could both start over and have new lives separately.

Michael entered the foyer and was glad to see Kevin in one piece, and Kevin introduced him to Mariah. Michael started to comment on her resemblance to Cassie, but Mariah cut him off and said that she was nothing like Sharon's beloved daughter. Michael insisted on talking to Kevin alone, and Mariah suggested that she and Kevin meet at Crimson Lights in an hour. She received another message from Ian, saying he'd be back in his suite soon and advising her to have patience, since all was not lost.

Michael and Kevin returned to the table, and Lauren recognized that it had been a huge blow for Kevin to get divorce papers, but she cautioned him not to spiral out of control. Kevin maintained that he needed to get out of town for a while, and Michael accused him of running. Kevin said that he had to escape from the place that constantly reminded him of the life he'd had with Chloe and Delia, and he needed to figure out what made him happy. Kevin pointed out that Michael would be free to live it up with his beautiful wife, and Michael warned that he might not just be a phone call away if Kevin ended up in trouble again. Kevin snapped that he would call someone else the next time he ended up in a cell. After Kevin left, Lauren and Michael confirmed their pact to spend more time together, starting that night.

At the courthouse, Austin fretted that he'd have to forfeit the plea deal, since there was no way he could pull together the money to pay the fine. Summer volunteered to pay it, but he anticipated that she'd have to go to Jack, and he didn't feel right taking a handout. Summer suggested that she use the money in the trust Victor had set up for her, and Victor overheard and confirmed that she didn't need to rely on Jack for anything, since the trust had been set up to give her access when she was of age. Summer wailed that it would be too late by the time she turned 25, and Victor asserted that he wanted to support her and her marriage, so he would grant her limited access to the fund.

Summer rushed into Victor's arms, and Austin said that it meant a lot. Victor offered to take care of the paperwork, and Summer agreed to sign anything to keep Austin out of prison. Avery approached and informed Summer that she'd gotten a call about Phyllis, while Victor knowingly looked on. Avery explained that she'd received a call from Daniel that morning, and Summer remembered that he'd also tried to reach her, but she'd forgotten to call him back because of the trial.

Avery announced that Daniel had received an unexpected grant that would take him out of the country for a few months, so he'd wanted to sign over Phyllis' power of attorney to Summer. Victor asked when it would take effect, and Avery replied that it already had. Summer understood that it was a good opportunity for Daniel, but she found it odd that he had to leave the country that suddenly. Avery agreed that usually grants involved a long application process, but an anonymous donor had supported Daniel's work. Victor commented that it spoke to Daniel's talents, and he left to get things rolling with Summer's paperwork. Avery looked suspicious.

Avery flashed back to consoling Summer after Phyllis' accident. Summer had been in shock after losing both her mom and her dad, and she'd promised to only cry for one day before moving on with her life. Avery had encouraged Summer not to stifle her feelings, but Summer had vowed never to give up on Phyllis, and Avery had agreed. Leslie approached, and Avery thanked her for what she'd done for Austin. Leslie revealed that she'd rethought their partnership, and she wanted out.

Avery asked if she'd done something to offend Leslie, but Leslie explained that after doing some soul-searching, she'd realized that being a defense attorney wasn't for her, since she'd been second-guessing her decision to help put scum like Ian back on the streets. Avery contended that even scum had a right to a defense, but Leslie said that she didn't share Avery's passion to defend clients. Leslie mentioned that an assistant district attorney position had opened up, and it seemed like a better fit for her. Avery glumly hoped Leslie continued to see both sides in her new position, and Leslie asked if she had Avery's blessing. The women shook hands and hugged.

Avery echoed Michael's order for a whiskey at the Athletic Club bar. They each observed that the other didn't look happy, and Avery announced that her partner had broken up with her by applying for an A.D.A. job. Michael complained that he was exhausted, since it felt like all his cases were going to trial at once, and he was flying solo. She remarked that it was always better to have a partner, and he declared that she might have just saved his marriage.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor told someone over the phone that he'd have Summer sign the papers to expedite the process. He reviewed a document that indicated Summer's consent to have Phyllis undergo medical treatment.

Jack told Kelly that he'd expected to ask her a question at a romantic restaurant over a candlelit dinner, but the club rooftop was hardly romantic. She said that he didn't need to pull out all the stops, but she needed him to be realistic. He declared that they were in love, but she thought that he was about to take too big a step, given where he was emotionally. Jack considered it to be the perfect step, and he insisted that it wasn't a reaction to seeing Phyllis. He proclaimed that he loved Kelly and was ready to take the next step together, but she blurted out that she wasn't.

Jack swore that the only thing that would change would be that he and Kelly would be in one place in their own bed, and he was surprised that she had a problem with moving in together. She giggled with relief as she realized that had been the question he'd intended to ask, and she revealed that she'd thought he had been about to propose. He admitted that he wasn't ready for that, and he added that clearly, she wasn't either, but he'd learned not to delay joy. Jack said that Kelly had given him great joy, and he questioned whether she wanted to shack up. She replied that she couldn't refuse after he'd asked with such finesse, and they kissed.

Jack said that he and Kelly needed a fresh start, and Kelly surmised that he would move into her place, while he simultaneously assumed that she would move into his. He argued that his house had more room, but she countered that other people lived there, including Billy, and she didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. They bantered about the strong points of both places, and Kelly declared that the best perk would be waking up next to him every morning. Jack kissed her neck and asked which bed they should do that in, and she agreed to move into his place.

Jack wanted Kelly to move in right away, but he thought they had to tell Summer first. Kelly thought it might be easier if she wasn't there when Jack told Summer, but he contended that Summer had to deal with the fact that they were a couple. Jack added that he'd had to face the truth about Phyllis, and he wanted to help Summer realize that Phyllis wouldn't ever wake up.

At Summer and Austin's apartment, Victor arrived with the paperwork, and Summer thanked Victor for not making her beg for money. Victor advised that the clock was ticking, and Summer prepared to sign the papers. Jack and Kelly stopped by, and Jack wondered what Victor was up to. Summer explained that Victor was doing her a favor, and Victor revealed that he'd allowed her access to her trust fund. Jack protested that he would have helped, but Victor barked that Summer and Austin shouldn't be beholden to Jack.

Summer signed the papers, and Victor left. Jack wished Summer had run it by him before she'd signed anything, but Summer reported that Victor had said the documents had been standard procedure. Austin was glad to be out of prison but upset that Summer had had to dip into her trust fund, and Summer said that he would have done the same thing for her. Jack referred to why he and Kelly had dropped by, and Summer declared that Avery had already told her that she'd be in charge of Phyllis' care while Daniel was out of the country.

Summer realized that Jack hadn't known, and Austin explained that Daniel had received a grant from an anonymous donor. Summer gushed that Daniel was doing what he loved and that she got to be with the man she loved, and she asked why Jack and Kelly had stopped by. Kelly suggested that they celebrate over dinner, but Summer revealed that she and Austin had a flight to catch, since there was somewhere special she wanted to take him.

Sharon cleaned up the living room, and Noah entered and asked what was going on. She pointedly replied that she was taking out the trash to eliminate any sign of Mariah in the house, and she revealed that she'd found Mariah trying to seduce Nick. Noah incredulously asked if Mariah had thought Nick would have gone for it, since Nick saw Cassie in Mariah. Sharon said that was where the similarity between the young women ended, since Mariah was a conniving user who didn't care about anyone but herself.

Sharon acknowledged that Nick had warned her not to trust Mariah, but she hadn't listened. Noah said that he couldn't believe Mariah had tried to hit on Nick, but he wasn't surprised that she had attempted to take advantage of Sharon. Sharon explained that she and Mariah had exchanged ugly words before she'd thrown Mariah out, and Faith overheard and whined that she liked Mariah. Faith inquired why Sharon had made Mariah leave.

Sharon explained that she'd asked Mariah to leave because Mariah hadn't been willing to follow the rules of the house, and Faith pleaded with Sharon to give Mariah another chance. Sharon said that she'd given Mariah many chances, but Mariah's departure had been best for everyone. Faith complained that no one in their family stuck around, since Summer had left, and Mariah was gone, too. Noah pointed out that Summer was still Faith's sister, and he promised that he wasn't going anywhere and that Faith had all the family she needed.

Noah pulled out a game and asked if Faith was ready for a rematch, and she ran upstairs to set up the game. Noah assured Sharon that she'd done the right thing, and Sharon wished she'd never invited Mariah into her house, but she admitted that she hadn't been able to bear the thought of never seeing Cassie's face again. Sharon realized that Victor had counted on her connection to Cassie when he'd hired Mariah, and she blamed Victor for Mariah's entrance into their lives. Sharon prepared to confront Victor, and Noah warned that it wouldn't solve anything, but Sharon ranted that it was about time Victor took responsibility, and she stalked out.

Faith called out for Noah to play the game, and Noah left a message for Nick to let him know that Sharon had left to face off with Victor. Noah added that Sharon wouldn't listen to him, and Nick needed to talk to her. Meanwhile, Victor left an urgent message for Dr. Cutler to discuss Phyllis. As he stepped back into his office, Sharon ordered him to hang up the phone.

At a hospital in Madison, Nick asked a staff member named Alicia for information about a former patient who had given up a child for adoption. She suggested that he go through the adoption agency, but he explained that the adoption lawyer was dead, and the attorney had been arrested for fraud, so he couldn't trust the records. Nick tried to charm his way into taking a look at the hospital's files, but a smitten Alicia balked at allowing him access to hospital records. Nick swore that he didn't want to put her in bad position, but he questioned the harm of looking at out-of-date records. She asked for the patient's name, and he told her Sharon Collins.

As Nick examined the file, Alicia batted her eyelashes and asked how long Nick would be in Madison, and she suggested that they meet for a drink after her shift. Nick discovered that Dr. Hill had been the physician on duty during Sharon's delivery, and Alicia stated that Dr. Hill had left to teach at a university in Madison in 1991. Nick noted that had been the year Cassie had been born, and he thanked Alicia for being helpful. He tried to leave quickly, and she repeated her offer to meet for a drink later, but he replied that he had to finish the work on his case first. She handed him a business card with her number and amorously said that she didn't mind waiting. Nick called one of Victor's investigators.

Later, Nick entered Dr. Hill's office and claimed that he was running a background check on a prospective employee, Helen Copeland. Dr. Hill claimed not to recognize her name and said that he couldn't be of any help, but Nick retorted that the doctor could be a big help once he started being honest. Nick confessed that he was there to get information about a delivery of a baby girl who had been put up for adoption by a 16-year-old mother, and he mentioned Sharon's name, but the doctor said that he didn't remember her. Dr. Hill referenced confidentiality laws, but Nick snarled that the child had been his daughter, and he demanded to know why no one had been allowed in the delivery room.

Dr. Hill stated that he had nothing more to say, and Nick surveyed the doctor's nice office and imagined that he had tenure. Nick ominously stated that Dr. Hill had carved out a nice life as a respected professor, but the doctor had given up another career when it had just been starting to take off, and his private investigator had turned up some interesting facts. Nick contemplated what would happen if he shared the information with the university, and Dr. Hill begged him not to say anything. Nick told the doctor to give him a reason not to.

Friday, August 22, 2014

At the design studio, Chelsea placed Connor down for a nap and pleaded with him to give her 20 uninterrupted minutes. Billy entered, and she signaled for him to keep quiet. She asked about Victoria, and Billy reported that Victoria and the baby were fine, but they were staying overnight at the hospital for observation to be safe. Chelsea informed him that she'd taken care of the production meeting, so there had been no need for him to return, and she handed him some notes. Billy said that they needed to talk.

Billy apologized for walking out earlier, but Chelsea understood that he'd been worried about the baby, and they had to put their children first. He noted that they hadn't just been talking shop, since designing was more to her than a just a job. Billy observed that she had a passion that most people never experienced, but he quickly clarified that it was a passion for her work. She replied that Stitch had done them a favor by calling, since it had allowed Billy to be with Victoria, and Chelsea had been able to run the meeting without Billy's micromanagement. She continued that Stitch's call had also helped them to keep their promise about staying friends and nothing more.

Billy grumbled that he hated owing Stitch anything, and Chelsea said that they couldn't keep counting on someone interrupting them whenever they became too close. Billy and Chelsea agreed that they'd both been trying to honor their agreement, but it hadn't been easy. Chelsea recognized that he'd only grow to love Victoria more if the baby was his, and she accepted that Billy and Victoria had always wanted a child together. She added that she understood what it was like to want a family, and Billy swore that she'd have one, too. She hoped so, but in the meantime, she needed to create distance between them, and she intended to go away with Anita and Connor.

Chelsea explained that she planned to go to Los Angeles for a week or two, but she would be back. Billy thought that going thousands of miles away seemed extreme, but she contended that she was behind on her obligations to the Forresters. She added that Billy had been a distraction, and it had been difficult to be around memories of Adam and thoughts of the times they wouldn't have together. She thought it would be good for her to get fresh air around ocean water and a bright sky, but Billy mumbled that there would be smog. Chelsea said that Billy would be fine without her, but she had to put some space between them to help her get rid of the feelings she had for him and maybe meet someone else.

Chelsea asked if Billy didn't want her to go, and he replied that it wasn't fair for him to stop her. She said that he hadn't answered her question, and he complained that it wasn't that simple, but she wanted a yes or no response. Connor gurgled, and she took the interruption as a sign. Billy picked up the tot and pretended that Connor was an airplane, and he declared that he'd never met a kid who hadn't loved the game. Chelsea conceded that Connor was having fun, and Billy proclaimed that he had the magic touch that could make anyone smile.

Billy announced that Connor had earned his wings, and he handed the boy back to Chelsea. She noticed that Billy seemed distant, and Billy confided that Connor's eyes reminded him of Delia. Billy asked if she really intended to take Connor 2,000 miles away, and she maintained that she had to do it for herself. Billy joked that he could stalk her online, but Chelsea imagined that he'd be too busy patching up his marriage to think about her. She said that she was happy for him, and he replied that he'd miss her.

Chelsea suggested that Billy keep occupied with work, and he asked if he could call if he had questions. She thought that the meeting notes were straightforward, and he advised that if she met a new guy in L.A., she should make sure he knew the airplane trick before things went too far. Chelsea gently kissed Billy on the lips and wished him luck with everything. He left, and she sighed deeply as her eyes filled with tears.

At the clinic in Georgia, Summer thanked Austin for accompanying her there, since she was sure he'd imagined celebrating his freedom by doing something other than visiting her mom. He said that he wouldn't be free without Summer, and she replied that she loved him. He declared that there was nowhere he'd rather be than there with her, and they kissed. They entered Phyllis' room, and Summer greeted Phyllis and kissed her forehead. Summer announced that someone new was there to meet her, and she introduced Austin to her comatose mother.

Austin admitted that he didn't know what to do, and he reluctantly took Phyllis' hand and remarked that she was pretty, like Summer. Austin awkwardly turned away, but Summer assured him that he was doing fine and that she talked to Phyllis all the time. Austin told Phyllis that he loved her daughter a lot, and although he was afraid he'd be bad at being a husband, he hoped that he deserved Summer's love and that he'd make her happy. He mentioned that a lot of people had given him a second chance, since he'd done something that had almost ruined his life and Summer's, and he would always regret it, but the worst part was that he'd failed his mom.

Austin explained that his mother had taught him to be loving and forgiving, but after she'd been killed, his faith in people had been replaced with hatred. Austin recognized that his rage had almost killed someone, but Summer insisted that it had been an accident, and Paul and Avery had convinced the judge to give Austin a second chance. Austin vowed to be the person his mom had raised him to be, and he wanted to have a life with Summer, but there was something both Summer and Phyllis needed to know. He knew that Summer had married him out of love, but he confessed that he'd married her for the wrong reasons.

Austin insisted that he was crazy about Summer, but he wouldn't have rushed into marriage if it hadn't seemed like the best way for him to stay out of prison. Summer wondered if he considered it to be a mistake, but Austin declared that he felt just the opposite way, since marrying her had been the best thing that had ever happened to him. He said that she'd changed him by doing something completely selfless for him, and she had been the only person besides his mom who had ever done that. Austin looked at Phyllis and said that he had been full of hate when his mother had died, but Summer's love had given him hope for the future. Austin pledged his love to Summer, and Summer returned the sentiment. They hugged.

Austin and Summer exited the room, and she thanked him for what he'd said. He commented that it had been easy to talk to someone who hadn't been able to talk back, and he immediately apologized, but Summer agreed that it had been easy for her to talk to her mom, too. Summer said that she was glad he'd been honest about their first wedding, and he asked if things were good between them. Summer agreed that everything was totally good, but she wondered what they would do when the real holidays happened, since they'd already celebrated them all. They laughed and kissed.

Summer and Austin reentered Phyllis' room to say goodbye, and Austin asked if Summer thought that Phyllis understood what they were saying. Summer recognized that most people would say no, but she knew that her mother had been able to do things that no one else had, so she believed that there was a good chance Phyllis could hear them. Austin told Phyllis that he was very happy to be part of the family, and Summer mentioned that her family hadn't been fans of Austin at first, but Sharon had been great. Summer added that Traci had thrown a nice family dinner, but Austin called it excruciating. Summer chirped that her grandfather liked Austin, and Austin admitted that he liked Victor, although he was scared of him. Summer said that all they needed was Phyllis.

Summer said that she had to sign some papers in Daniel's absence, and Austin said that he'd meet her outside. Summer kissed Phyllis goodbye and mused that she loved her mom, and she stepped out. Austin told Phyllis that he was glad they'd met, since it had meant a lot to Summer. He declared his love for Summer and wished that he could give her what she wanted -- for Phyllis to wake up.

In Madison, Nick threatened to expose Dr. Hill's past to the university's president if the doctor didn't start talking. Nick demanded to know what had happened on the night Sharon had given birth, since he'd seen the doctor's reaction when Nick had said her name. Dr. Hill contended that Nick was imagining things, and Nick started to dial his phone. Dr. Hill blurted out that he remembered that night, but a young resident had taken over for him. Nick angrily knocked papers from the doctor's desk onto the floor, and he barked that the baby had been his daughter, who had died in a car accident.

Nick was certain that something had happened in the delivery room after Cassie had been born, and he sensed that it had been weighing on Dr. Hill for years. Nick encouraged the doctor to unburden himself, and Dr. Hill defended that he'd thought he'd done what had been best for everyone. Nick promised to listen and not to judge, and Dr. Hill worried that he'd already said too much, but Nick convinced him that they were alone and that he needed to know the truth. Dr. Hill noted that Sharon hadn't wanted her child, and Nick questioned whether the doctor had told himself that Sharon hadn't deserved to be a mom to justify his actions.

Nick ranted that Dr. Hill had taken an oath to do no harm, and if the doctor was keeping something that had hurt Sharon, she deserved to know the truth. Nick theorized that Dr. Hill had walked away from practicing medicine because the doctor hadn't been able to face what he had done, and he asserted that it could be the last chance for Dr. Hill to clear his conscience and make everything right. Dr. Hill revealed that the child had been taken away before Sharon had ever seen her, since it had been best that no one develop an attachment to a baby who had been put up for adoption. The doctor turned away, and Nick asked what had happened next. "A miracle," Dr. Hill replied.

Dr. Hill marveled that it had been as if someone had arranged the stars in perfect alignment, and Nick wondered if the doctor had been in the same cult as Helen had been. Nick questioned whether Dr. Hill had known that Helen had been involved with Ian, since the doctor had needed money to pay off his gambling debts. Dr. Hill admitted that he'd confided in Helen about his troubles, and Nick surmised that Helen had set him up with someone who had been willing to pay for a newborn child. Dr. Hill insisted that he hadn't been interested, but then he had discovered that Sharon had been pregnant with twins.

Nick realized that Mariah was Cassie's twin sister, but Dr. Hill swore that he'd never steal a baby. Nick sympathized that loan sharks had been threatening the doctor's family, and Dr. Hill asserted that he'd thought he'd done the baby a favor by finding a home for the second girl. Nick pointed out that Sharon hadn't known what she'd been giving up, and Dr. Hill asked if Nick forgave him. Nick replied that it wasn't up to him to forgive, and he opened the door and introduced Agent Duncan from the FBI. Dr. Hill objected that Nick had sworn that the information would stay between them, and Nick coolly replied, "I lied. I'm only human."

At Newman-Chancellor, Sharon ordered Victor to hang up the phone, and he commanded that she leave. She refused to go until she told him why she was there, and Victor told Dr. Cutler that he'd call back. Victor allotted Sharon 30 seconds, and she questioned whether he'd have security kick her out, but he retorted that he'd do it himself with pleasure. She reported that the woman he'd hired to destroy Sharon had tried to seduce Nick away from her. Sharon explained that nothing had happened between Nick and Mariah, although Mariah had tried.

Victor pointed out that Sharon had insisted that Mariah move in, and Sharon snarled that Mariah had taken advantage of her kindness to get close to Nick. Victor contended that Mariah was nothing but trouble and that she should have left town, and he and Sharon argued about whether Victor had been justified to hire Mariah to pretend to be Sharon's dead daughter. Victor huffed that whatever Sharon was keeping from Nick would hurt him, and Sharon accused Victor of being willing to do anything to find out her secret, including hiring Mariah to seduce Nick.

Victor inquired whether Sharon had stopped taking her medication, and Sharon steeled herself against letting him get to her. He said that her illness had caused a lot of trouble for the people close to him, and he repeated that she was keeping something that would hurt his grandchildren and Nick. Sharon yelled that Victor hadn't had any right to force Mariah into their lives, but Victor retorted that he'd had a right to protect his family. Sharon accused Victor of hiring a Cassie look-alike to make Sharon love the imposter like her own daughter.

Sharon recalled that Victor had known what losing Cassie had done to Sharon, and he had been at the hospital during Cassie's final days, hiring specialists and praying for her to live. Victor acknowledged that he would have given anything to save Cassie, and Sharon recounted that after Cassie's death, Victor had been the one person she'd been able to turn to. She growled that he'd spoken about the importance of family, but he'd used Sharon's love for Cassie as a weapon against her. Sharon realized that she'd played right into Victor's hands by letting Mariah into her life and family, but Victor argued that he'd never encouraged it. Sharon said that Victor had planned it all to uncover her secret, and he had gotten the last laugh by making a fool out of her and the love she'd had for Cassie.

Victor told Sharon to get to the point, and Sharon asserted that he couldn't get to her anymore and that he had Mariah to thank for it. Sharon continued that Mariah's antics had made her realize that family was all that mattered to her, and she pledged to focus on them and not to let Victor or her phantom secret keep her family from being happy. Sharon recalled a time when she'd counted on Victor for protection, but she wanted him to leave her alone and to give up on his obsession to find out what she'd done. Victor worried that Noah and Faith would be hurt far worse if he gave up, and Sharon realized that Victor wouldn't stop. "Not until I know what you're hiding," he bellowed, and she walked out.

Victor reviewed the consent form that Summer had unknowingly signed for Phyllis' medical treatment, and he called Dr. Cutler. Victor said it was time they started the treatment they'd discussed for Phyllis, but Dr. Cutler reiterated that he needed the family's permission for Phyllis to participate in the program. Victor said that he had Summer's signature in front of him, and the doctor stressed that the treatment was experimental. Victor referred to the stellar success rate, and he offered to send a plane to pick Dr. Cutler up and fly him to Georgia to get started right away.

Nick returned home and called out for Sharon and Mariah, but no one was there. Sharon stormed in and ran into Nick's arms, thankful that he was home. He asked where Mariah was, and Sharon snapped that she never wanted to see that girl again. Nick asked why Mariah's clothes were scattered everywhere, and Sharon said that Mariah was gone, but she didn't know where and didn't care.

A stunned Nick asked what had happened, and Sharon announced that she'd thrown Mariah out and warned her never to return. Nick panicked that they had to find Mariah, but Sharon yelled that she hated Mariah and that she never wanted to see Mariah again. Nick said that Sharon had to, and Sharon demanded to know one good reason why.

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