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Billy and Victoria signed divorce papers. Ashley hired Stitch. Phyllis said Summer's name. Mariah learned that Sharon was her mother, but she rejected Sharon's attempts to make amends. After chasing Ian, Dylan had a cut hand and a blood-stained shirt.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 1, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Due to the Labor Day holiday, The Young and the Restless was not shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumes Tuesday, September 2, and will pick up where the Friday, August 29, episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly and Jack moved in her things, and she remarked that Summer had put up a brave front at lunch, but she knew how Summer really felt. Kelly imagined that Jack was upset to know that his daughter was hurting, but he refused to change his mind about Kelly moving in. He reasoned that slowing things down wouldn't help make things easier for Summer, since Phyllis wouldn't ever get better. He added that he was happy Kelly was willing to make a life with him, and he hoped that maybe it would help Summer face the reality that Phyllis wouldn't return to them.

Later, Kelly presented Jack with Phyllis' identification badge from Jabot, and she explained that she'd found it when she'd gone to put some of her things in a drawer. Kelly offered to put her belongings someplace else, and Jack apologized for forgetting about the odds and ends of Phyllis' that were still in the house. Kelly encouraged him not to get rid of anything until he was ready, and she acknowledged that it was a natural part of the grieving process. Kelly abruptly said that she had a meeting, and Jack reiterated that the mansion was her home. Kelly nervously said that she'd figure out where to put her stuff later, and she hurried out.

At Crimson Lights, Avery informed Dylan that she'd just gotten off the phone with Joe, her ex-husband, who had seen the article about her new partnership and had called to congratulate her. Avery considered the gesture thoughtful, but Dylan thought it had been weird for Joe to call out of nowhere after having no contact for years. Avery replied that she had only been on Joe's mind because Dylan had named him as a potential suspect when she'd been stalked. Dylan defended that it had made sense to give Joe's name to the police, but Avery argued that Joe had worked too hard to have his name and reputation questioned.

Avery received a text message, and Dylan inquired whether it was from Joe. Avery informed him that it was from Jack, and she offered to let Dylan check her phone. Avery admitted that she was upset, but it had nothing to do with Dylan or what he'd done to protect her. She added that she was embarrassed by the way her marriage had ended, especially since she'd been responsible for causing Joe pain. She explained that Joe wasn't a bad guy, but she'd ended things between them because she'd known she belonged with Dylan. Dylan and Avery pledged their love and kissed.

Avery arrived at the mansion and spotted the moving boxes, and Jack informed her that Kelly had moved in. Avery recognized that Phyllis was gone and that Jack was moving on with his life, and he asked if Avery was okay with it. She recalled that she'd done the same thing when she'd thought Dylan wouldn't ever return, and she wished Jack and Kelly well. Jack confided that things weren't going very well, and he opened a drawer and pulled out Phyllis' things. Avery's eyes filled with tears, and she offered to take them to give to Summer. Jack mentioned that the news of Kelly's move had been rough on Summer, and Avery agreed not to broach the subject with Summer yet.

Avery noted that Jack was being considerate of everyone involved, and she asked whether he was sure he was ready to move on. He replied that he wanted to build a life with Kelly and to make her feel at home without feeling like he was trying to forget Phyllis. He said that he would always love Phyllis, and Avery stated that she'd never questioned his love for her sister, but they were all struggling to let go. Jack apologized for asking her over, but Avery said that she was accustomed to people depending on her to complete difficult tasks, and she suggested that it would be easier if they did it together.

Avery discovered a lock of Summer's hair, and Jack mused that he hadn't known Phyllis had been that sentimental. Avery wanted him to keep it, and she handed him a Christmas ornament bearing Phyllis' name. Jack remembered that he'd tried to give Phyllis an Abbott family ornament, but she had refused to take it. Avery told Jack to hold on to it, and she would pack Mr. Ears and the rest of Phyllis' things away safely until Summer was ready. Jack told a story about Phyllis using her video game prowess to settle a disagreement with a Newman competitor's CEO, and he affectionately called it "classic Phyllis" as Kelly returned.

After Avery left, Kelly said that the identification badge was the last thing left, and Jack placed it in the box. Kelly asked how he felt, and he commended her for being honest with him, since they needed to move Phyllis' things out if they made Kelly feel uncomfortable. She reiterated that she didn't want him to forget about his past, but she also didn't want to be surprised by memories of Phyllis. Jack declared that he wanted Kelly to feel at home more than anything, and it was the only way to move forward. She handed him a roll of tape, and he sealed the box.

At the clinic in Georgia, Victor called to Phyllis, and he said that he was there to talk to her because she knew something he needed to know. He started to turn away, and her eyes fluttered open. He peered closely at her and said her name again. Later, Dr. Cutler asked if Phyllis had moved or said anything, and he examined her eyes with a flashlight. Victor told Phyllis that she'd been through an ordeal, but he assured her that she was safe.

Dr. Cutler cautioned Victor not to get too excited, but Victor exclaimed that it had been the first time Phyllis had opened her eyes, so the procedure seemed to be working. The doctor said that it wasn't that simple, but Victor declared that he hadn't gotten that that far to fail. Dr. Cutler warned that Phyllis' perceptions could be off, or she might not quite seem like herself. Dr. Cutler continued that he couldn't say whether Phyllis' memory would be intact, and Victor asked what the doctor expected based on past experience. Dr. Cutler replied that he had hope she'd make a full recovery.

Victor told Phyllis that it would be a very difficult road back after what she'd been through, but many people wanted her to return. He conceded that they'd had their differences, but he again promised she'd be safe.

At the storage facility, Detective Harding ordered Nick to put the crowbar down, and Clarence robotically stated that a true believer stayed on the path. Nick demanded that the officers call for an ambulance, and Sharon angrily asked what Clarence had done to her daughter. Mariah groggily repeated the word "daughter," and Sharon assured her that everything would be okay. Mariah realized that Sharon and Nick were there to save her, and Nick asked how Mariah had gotten there. Mariah wailed that she hadn't been able to stop "him."

Mariah explained that she'd consumed water that had been drugged, and Sharon worried that they needed to get her to a hospital. Sharon asked where the ambulance was, and Nick informed her that the police wanted to make sure the area was secure before they moved Mariah. Mariah rambled about getting married, and Sharon gasped in shock. Mariah cried that she hadn't wanted to, but Ian hadn't listened. Sharon and Nick tried to calm Mariah down, and Mariah realized that they had been right about Ian.

Sharon asked what Ian had done to Mariah, and Nick inquired whether Ian had touched or hurt her. Mariah swore that she wouldn't have let him, no matter what people thought about her, but Nick snarled that it was what Ian had done to other women. Mariah mentioned that Clarence had presided over the wedding, but Sharon insisted that it would be like it had never happened, and they needed to talk about other things that Mariah needed to know. Mariah asked why Sharon was being nice after she'd kicked Mariah out, and a police officer announced that Ian hadn't shown up at the ransom drop.

The cop asked whether Mariah knew where Ian was, but Nick sternly said that Mariah was traumatized and that she needed to get to the hospital right away. Sharon wished that she could take back the things she'd said in anger, and Mariah asked why Sharon was there. Sharon replied that she wanted Mariah to know that she wasn't alone, but Mariah huffed that she didn't need Sharon or anyone else. The cop said that the ambulance had arrived, and Mariah asked if Nick would help her stand up. As Nick walked her out, Mariah tearfully thanked him for everything.

At the hospital, Sharon reeled from the fact that Ian had drugged and married Mariah, and Nick was certain that the union wouldn't hold up legally. He suggested that they concentrate on Mariah being okay, but Sharon fretted that they wouldn't know that until they knew what drug she'd ingested. Sharon vowed to make Mariah understand, and a nurse exited Mariah's room. Nick informed the nurse that Mariah had agreed to share her medical information with him, and the nurse said that Mariah was hydrated and stable. An emotional Sharon asked whether Mariah had been sexually assaulted, and the nurse stated that there had been no sign of it.

Sharon and Nick entered Mariah's room, and Mariah turned away. Sharon said that there was something she needed to tell Mariah, but Mariah coldly stated that Sharon had made her opinion of Mariah very clear. Sharon said that she was very sorry about everything that had been taken away from Mariah and from them, and she was especially sorry for saying things that a mother should never say to her daughter. Mariah lashed out that she wasn't Cassie, and Sharon replied that she knew that, but there was a reason why Helen had never acted like a mother -- because she wasn't one. Mariah became agitated, and Sharon softly said that she was Mariah's mother. "No!" Mariah protested.

Mariah surmised that Sharon had taken her in because Sharon had pitied her, but it hadn't made Mariah her daughter. Mariah insisted that Sharon didn't have to make up for the nasty things she'd said, but Sharon reiterated that she was Mariah's mother, and Nick confirmed it was true. Sharon explained that Nick had spoken to Helen and Grace, and he had found a doctor who had who had admitted he'd delivered Sharon's twins. Sharon revealed that the doctor had stolen Mariah from her and had sold Mariah to Ian. Mariah refused to believe that it was true, since Ian wouldn't ever do that, but she spotted the wedding gown and began to sob. Mariah cried that she'd thought Ian had been like a dad to her, but she hadn't known him, and she questioned why anyone would do that to her.

Sharon said that she didn't know why Ian had wanted a child, but Helen had been a loyal follower and an obstetrics nurse who had been on duty when Sharon had gone into labor. Sharon divulged that she'd been younger than Mariah at the time, and her family hadn't had money, so she hadn't obtained any prenatal care or ultrasounds. Sharon recalled that she'd wanted to see and hold her baby, but Helen had disallowed it, and she had given Sharon a sedative. Sharon said that she'd never known there had been a second baby, and she'd been unconscious when Mariah had been taken from her. Sharon blamed Ian for keeping it from all of them for years, but she thought it explained the maternal feelings she'd always felt for Mariah. Mariah began to sob uncontrollably.

Sharon said that both she and Mariah had lost a lot, but Mariah was safe and secure, and she had a real family. Sharon reached out to touch her, but Mariah rolled over and mumbled that the nurse had told her to rest, so she wanted to be alone. Sharon slipped out, and she peered in on a despondent Mariah. Nick comforted Sharon and said that Mariah just needed time, but Sharon didn't look convinced.

Harding and another cop hauled Clarence into the police station, and Harding called Clarence an idiot who might not have understood his rights. Paul suggested that Clarence think for himself and make a deal, since Ian was only out to save himself. Paul pointed out that Clarence had been found with a drugged girl in a wedding gown, and people connected to such crimes got special attention behind bars. Paul implored Clarence to tell the police exactly how Ian had kidnapped and drugged Mariah, but Clarence repeated that a true believer stayed on the path. Paul instructed Harding to show Clarence the path to a holding cell.

A terrified Nikki asked what Ian was doing at the ranch, and he announced that the universe moved to eliminate all obstacles in one's true path. She started to call the guard, but Ian grabbed the phone away from her and snickered. He pulled out a syringe, and she pleaded that they could work something out, but he clarified that he was just showing her why the guard wouldn't be available for the rest of the evening. Ian proclaimed that he and Nikki still had unfinished business.

Ian marveled that his and Nikki's reunion had started in that very place, and she eyed the phone across the room. She asked whether he wanted money, and he chided her for reducing everything to cash, since she never would have done that when they had been together. Nikki whimpered that she hadn't been able to be what he'd wanted, but he crowed that she'd shown great promise. As she slowly made her way toward the phone, she wondered if she'd corrupted him with her bourgeois life, keeping him from his important work. He grabbed her as she reached for the phone, and he declared that he'd always loved that she was a fighter. She smacked him across the face.

Ian said that Nikki's fire was a wonderful quality, and he could have channeled it if she had given him a chance. Nikki snarled that he'd taken anything he'd gotten from her, but Ian contended that she had been no one's victim, and she didn't have to keep up the pretense, since they were alone together. He gushed that he'd chosen her, and she'd been full of possibilities, if only she'd trusted him and told him about the baby. Nikki snapped that Dylan wasn't his, but Ian imagined that they could have built a dynasty together.

Nikki's phone rang, and Ian saw that Dylan was calling. Ian instructed Nikki to answer it but not to tell Dylan that Ian was there, and Nikki picked up the call. Ian held the syringe ominously close to Nikki, and she told Dylan that she appreciated his call, but she was fine. Dylan expressed confidence that Paul would get Ian, and Nikki told Dylan to take care of his cold. Ian snatched the phone away and called Nikki his good girl, while Dylan raced out of the coffeehouse.

Dylan arrived at the police station and asked Paul if Ian had picked up the ransom, but Paul remained silent. Dylan urged Paul to get Ian out of their lives before the day was over, and Paul asked what Dylan thought had been Ian's motive to kidnap Mariah. Dylan suspected it had been about money, but Paul pointed out that money had never seemed to be Ian's sole motive, and he thought it was important for Ian to demonstrate that he was smarter than they were. The men recounted that Ian had humiliated Nikki with the lawsuit and the leaked journal, and Dylan recalled her comment about taking care of his cold. Paul asked if Dylan had one, and Dylan rushed off.

Ian reasoned that if Nikki had told him about the baby, he wouldn't have needed to find someone else, even if it had taken a long time. Nikki's eyes grew wide with horror as she realized that he meant Mariah, and she noted that he had served as a father figure to Mariah. She demanded to know what he'd done, and he barked that it was a pity that Nikki had thrown away everything he'd given her. He accused her of falling back on her crutch, and he picked up a liquor bottle.

Ian taunted that Nikki still needed him, and he dared her to face the temptation of her addiction. She asked what he wanted from her, and he replied that he wanted what she owed. She screamed that she owed him nothing, and he brandished the syringe. She expected him to drug her like he had drugged the guard, and he vowed not to leave empty-handed. She promised to give him money if he let her go, but he hissed, "I want more." Dylan burst in and yelled Ian's name.

Dylan ordered Ian to get away from Nikki, and Nikki hurled herself into Dylan's arms as Ian ran out. She begged Dylan to let the police handle the situation, but Dylan said that he had to do it, and he raced after Ian.

Later, Dylan returned to the coffeehouse and turned the sign on the door to "closed." He examined his blood-stained shirt, and he took it off and stuffed it into a trash bag. Avery appeared and asked what had happened, and he claimed that he'd cut his hand. He grabbed some paper towels to cover the wound.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Victoria stared glumly out a window in Victor's office as Abby prattled on about Victoria's birth plan. Abby realized that Victoria hadn't heard a word she'd said. Victoria turned to face Abby and insisted that she was fine, but Abby looked skeptical. Victoria said that she had been thinking about Billy. Abby excitedly asked if that meant that Victoria was considering reconciling with Billy. Victoria said she knew that Abby wanted Billy and Victoria to get back together, but that was not going to happen.

Stitch barged into the office, much to Victoria and Abby's dismay. Stitch said he had learned that Victoria had been released from the hospital, and he wanted to find out how she was feeling. Victoria coldly replied that she and the baby were doing fine. Abby reminded Stitch that she had already told him that Victoria was fine.

Stitch accused Abby of having used him the last time they had seen one another. Victoria had no idea what Stitch and Abby were talking about. Abby was saved by a text message -- Ashley had returned to Genoa City, and Abby wanted to see her. After Abby left, Victoria pressed Stitch to tell her what he and Abby had been talking about. Stitch said that Abby had kissed him. Victoria seemed stunned. Stitch explained that the only reason Abby had kissed him had been to try to make Tyler jealous.

Stitch was about to walk out when Victoria asked him if he had heard anything from the state board about his medical license. He said it was unlikely that he would ever practice medicine again, but he had put out feelers for other types of jobs. Stitch wasn't sure he could ever obtain employment in Genoa City, and he might have to leave town.

Stitch tried to leave again, but Victoria called him back. She told him that the only reason she had become involved with him had been to get revenge on Billy for having slept with Kelly. Stitch said that it might have started out that way. Victoria replied, "That's how it started, and that's how it will end."

Lauren and Michael were in bed, staring at the ceiling and looking extremely unhappy. They had once again been unsuccessful in their effort to make love. Lauren assured her husband that it didn't matter -- she just liked being close to Michael and spending time with him. She unsuccessfully tried to cheer Michael up. He told her to stop speaking to him as if he were a child.

Michael said that he was tired of talking about "his problem." Lauren agreed that discussing it might only make the situation worse. She asked Michael if he wanted to go out for dinner that night. Michael unenthusiastically said that he wouldn't miss it. When he left the bedroom to prepare for work, Lauren appeared despondent.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary took Neil a cup of coffee. She reminded him that they had a meeting with a social worker scheduled -- the social worker was going to provide Neil with tools to cope with his blindness. After that meeting, Hilary said, they could return to their apartment, where Neil could start counting steps between rooms. Neil said that he didn't need a cane, and he wasn't going to start counting steps -- that was for other people. Devon entered and listened as Neil said that he worked at Jabot, and he was planning to return to the office later that day.

Hilary told Neil that returning to work was not a good idea. Becoming agitated, Neil said that he could handle it. Devon walked up to the table and told Neil that he agreed with Hilary, saying that Neil had just been released from the hospital and needed to take it easy. Neil said that he was leaving for the office -- either Hilary could drive him, or he would call a cab. Hilary told Neil that she would drive him to Jabot.

After Hilary and Neil were gone, a beautiful girl walked up to Devon. She introduced herself as Sasha and reminded Devon that she had been a model at Jabot. She mentioned that she hadn't seen him at the clubs. When Devon said that he had been unavailable, Sasha wondered if that meant he was "off the market."

Before Devon could reply, Michael joined the couple and Sasha walked off. Michael wondered if he had interrupted, but Devon assured him that he hadn't. Michael had papers that Devon needed to sign in order to begin funding Devon's charity, but Michael told him that they could postpone the meeting if Devon wanted to be with Sasha. Devon insisted that he barely knew Sasha. Michael said that Sasha was beautiful and wondered how Devon could not be interested. Michael then guessed that Devon was seeing someone else.

Devon was signing the papers as Michael continued to pepper him with questions about whether or not he was dating someone. Michael wondered why Devon always changed the subject back to business when Michael inquired about Devon's love life. Devon was becoming a little miffed at Michael's relentless questioning. Devon said that he was tired of people having expectations of him, so it was easier to avoid the dating scene all together.

At Jack's office at Jabot, Jack was talking to Billy about an ad campaign. Jack noticed that Billy hadn't been listening and asked him if everything was all right. Billy was saved from having to answer when an upbeat Ashley walked into the office. In between hugging her brothers, Ashley announced that she was "in the house" -- and that it might be for good if everything went as she had planned.

Ashley wanted to know how her brothers were doing. Jack said that things in his life were going extremely well -- and Ashley needed to worry about Billy. She asked Billy if he had made any progress with Victoria. Billy said that he thought so -- that he was going to get Victoria back -- somehow. Ashley then announced that she had been working on something that was going to set the cosmetics industry -- and the world -- on fire.

Billy and Jack took wild, incorrect guesses about Ashley's project. She assured them that it was absolutely revolutionary. Neil and Hilary showed up at the office. Neil recognized Ashley's voice. Ashley hugged Neil, telling him that Jack had informed her about his accident. Neil wondered if Ashley had met Hilary. Ashley reminded him that she and Hilary had met at the New Year's Eve party, but she hadn't known that Hilary and Neil had married. When Ashley said that she needed to spend more time in Genoa City, the group in the room wholeheartedly agreed.

When Billy offered Neil and Hilary a drink, Neil said that he wasn't at Jabot for a visit -- he was there to work. Jack was somewhat taken aback. Ashley said that she would let Jack and Neil work that out, and she left. Jack told Neil that he had been caught off guard by Neil's announcement. Neil admitted that he knew he would have some limitations and starting listing them. Neil said that he wouldn't be able to choose a clothing line, or look at models. He went on and on until he realized that he wouldn't even be able to read or write an email. Neil realized that his decision to return to work had been a mistake.

In the hallway outside Jack's office, Ashley ran into Abby. Mother and daughter were delighted to see one another. Ashley apologized that she hadn't been in Genoa City for Abby when Abby had cancelled her engagement to Tyler. Abby said everything was better since Ashley had returned.

Neil thought that he should resign his position at Jabot. Jack asked Billy to talk Neil out of resigning, but Billy felt that he wasn't in a position to give advice and, before walking out, told Jack that he would leave the decision to the "big boys."

After Billy was gone, a downtrodden Neil said that he had overestimated himself and that he needed to step aside. Jack refused to accept Neil's resignation. Neil suggested a compromise -- he would take a leave of absence until his eyesight returned. Jack wholeheartedly approved and said that Neil would be financially compensated while he was gone. Hilary and Neil expressed their gratitude. Hilary and Neil took off, leaving a pensive Jack alone in his office.

The Winterses ran into Abby and Ashley outside Jack's office. Neil told them that he had decided not to return to work for the time being. Neil told Ashley that he hoped she was staying in town for a while. Ashley said that if things went the way she hoped they would, Neil might just get his wish. Ashley and Abby took off. Hilary told Neil that she would take him home -- but he said that there was someplace he needed to go before they returned to their apartment.

Neil and Hilary went to Neil's doctor's office. The doctor was sorry that he had nothing concrete to tell Neil regarding when Neil's vision might return. The doctor said that it could be the next day -- or in a year. Hilary said, "Or not at all." The doctor apologized again and left. Neil insisted to Hilary that he would see again -- that she shouldn't doubt him. He felt the tears on her face and said that he was sorry that she had to deal with his vision loss. Neil promised that they would get through the crisis -- together.

Ashley and Abby returned to Jack's office. He insisted on knowing more about the new product. Ashley would only say that it was a fragrance. Jack sounded skeptical as he asked what was so special about the fragrance. Ashley told him that it was something that had never been done before. Jack wanted more details, but Ashley said that first she needed to make a few tweaks to the formula.

Ashley told Abby and Jack that they needed to devise a marketing strategy. Abby asked how they could market a mystery perfume. Ashley said that was exactly how they were going to market it -- as a perfume bottle emblazoned with a question mark. Jack told Ashley that she needed to finalize the formula first. Ashley assured him that she was moving full speed ahead with that -- she planned to interview chemists later that day.

Ashley said that the new perfume was going to be a gold mine for "us." Jack wondered if that meant Ashley was returning to Jabot. She said that she was -- because Jack was going to make her co-CEO. Jack said that Ashley had a deal -- if she gave him a product that was viable.

Devon showed up at Jack's office, looking for Neil -- he was unaware that Neil had decided to take a leave of absence. Jack said that Neil was lucky to have a great support system -- in particular, Hilary. Devon said that he didn't think that Hilary would enjoy playing nurse to Neil. Jack felt that Hilary was quite devoted. Devon mentioned that Neil had asked him to look after Hilary. Jack said there was a difference between "looking after" her and "gazing" at her. Devon asked Jack what that was supposed to mean. Jack said that Devon knew what he meant.

Billy arrived at Victor's office just as Stitch was about to leave. Stitch and Billy began their usual bickering. When Stitch told Victoria that he would let her know about his plans, Billy sarcastically said, "Must you?" Stitch and Victoria exchanged sad goodbyes, and Stitch finally left. Exasperated, Victoria asked Billy what he wanted. He reminded her that it was the four-year anniversary of his marriage proposal. He wondered why she had chosen that day to serve him with the final divorce papers.

Victoria said that she had specifically asked that Billy not be served the papers on that day, but, for some reason, Avery's assistant had sent them out early. She said, "It's hard enough to sign divorce papers on an average day -- why would I ask you to do it on a day that means so much to us?" Billy wondered if Victoria would still have married him if she had known the trials that they would face as husband and wife.

Victoria said that Billy's proposal had been the most exciting thing that had ever happened in her life -- so, if she'd had to do it all over again, she would still marry him. He asked her if that meant that the divorce was off. The teary-eyed Victoria didn't respond.

In an office at the Athletic Club, Lily and Cane were lying undressed on a sofa, having just finished making love. They were rudely interrupted when Colin repeatedly banged on the door, shouting that he needed to speak with Cane.

Later, Colin and Cane met at the Athletic Club's bar. Before Colin had a chance to say a word, Cane insisted that Colin tell him about the mysterious man Cane had seen Colin with. Evading the question, Colin told Cane that he needed advice about women's couture, since Colin had become a partner in Fenmore's Boutique. Cane wondered why Colin had approached him about women's fashion, since both Jill and Lauren were experts on the subject.

Colin said that women had a "special language" when they discussed fashion, which was why he wanted to discuss the subject "guy-to-guy." Cane once again suggested that Colin take his questions to Jill. Colin asked his son to at least tell him about the distribution process. Cane said that he would do that -- if Colin told him about his business with the mysterious man.

Colin realized that Cane would never fully trust him and told Cane to forget about helping him. As Colin began to leave, Cane called him back and invited him to sit down again. Colin asked Cane not to lecture him -- Cane said he wouldn't lecture him -- there was no point, since Colin always did what he wanted to do.

Cane then began telling Colin about the business side of the fashion industry. Colin noticed that Cane began to perk up. Colin wondered why Cane was working "in this bar." When Cane replied that he liked working "in this bar," Colin said that Cane had really wanted the job that Victor had offered him at Newman-Chancellor. Cane reminded Colin that he couldn't take the job because he would have had to report Colin's complicity in the Bonaventure scandal. Colin said that he never realized how much of a sacrifice Cane had made for him -- Colin thought that Cane really missed working for a powerful company.

Across the dining room, Lily and Lauren met to discuss business at the Athletic Club's boutique. They were thrilled that merchandise had been flying off the shelves. Lily had purchased some lingerie from the boutique. Lauren asked Lily how she liked the lingerie. Lily coyly replied that she spent more time "out of them than in them."

Lauren wanted to know how Lily and Cane kept things "spicy" -- it always looked as if Lily and Cane had a lot of fun. Lily said that she and Cane just mixed things up and did things spontaneously. Lauren told Lily about a long-before Halloween when Lauren had dressed up as a sexy witch and things had gotten crazy -- afterwards. Lily smiled and said that "afterwards" was the best part.

At Crimson Lights, Michael called Lauren and lied -- telling her that he was so swamped with work that he couldn't join her for dinner. Lauren wondered if work could wait -- she had prepared something very special for him. He said that he was sorry and hung up. In her bedroom, Lauren, wearing a sexy witch's outfit, said that she was sorry too.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley, still with Abby, had just finished interviewing a totally unsuitable chemist for the opening at Jabot. Ashley looked at the next candidate's résumé and was quite impressed with his credentials. She told Abby that his name was Benjamin Russell. Abby, shocked, said, "Don't you know who that is?" Stitch walked up to their table and said that he was there about the job opening.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

At the Underground, Summer dropped off a sandwich to Austin for lunch, and he pointed out that he worked in a club that served food. She admitted that she'd wanted an excuse to see him, and he said that he'd missed her, too. Noah entered, and Summer observed that he looked out of it. Summer was stunned to learn that Mariah was Cassie's twin, and Noah recalled that he'd never trusted Mariah, but they had to accept Mariah, whether they wanted to or not. Summer was glad that Sharon had found her daughter, but she wished it hadn't been someone like Mariah.

Noah asked Austin to look after Summer, and he left to check on Sharon. Austin offered to find someone to cover his shift so he and Summer could go home and talk, but she insisted that he get back to work. He realized she was still upset, and he asked if she was afraid Mariah might hurt someone in her family. Summer confided that although she wasn't proud of it, she was really jealous of Mariah. Austin argued that Mariah hadn't lived the easiest life, but Summer countered that Mariah had Nick.

Summer thought that her jealousy was dumb, but Austin assured her that her feelings weren't stupid. Summer explained that Nick had raised her, and she still thought of him as a dad, but he had become more of a real father to Mariah. Austin believed that Nick couldn't love Summer any less than someone he'd just met, and Summer said that she loved Jack, but it killed her to know Nick would feel close to Mariah because she had Cassie's face. Summer proclaimed that Mariah didn't deserve to be a Newman because Mariah was capable of hurting the people Summer loved.

Sharon told Faith that she had a big surprise, and Faith chirped that she liked surprises. Sharon admitted that even she'd had a hard time with this particular one, and she announced that Faith had another sister -- Mariah. Faith asked if Mariah had never known that Sharon was her mom, and Sharon added that Mariah had never gotten to know Cassie, either. Faith inquired about Mariah's adoptive mother, and Sharon explained that Mariah had been raised in something like a group home, but at least they knew the answer to why Mariah looked just like Cassie.

Sharon said that Mariah would live with them as a real member of the family, and Faith remembered that Sharon had said that Mariah had been out of chances after she'd broken the rules. Sharon reasoned that Mariah hadn't known any better, since she hadn't had a family to teach her, and Mariah hadn't known that Faith and Noah were her siblings. Faith added that Nick was Mariah's daddy, and Sharon clarified that it would be just like the relationship Nick had shared with Cassie.

At the hospital, Mariah awakened and found Nick at her bedside, and she told him about a crazy dream she'd had. She recounted some of the details of what had happened in the storage locker, and she suddenly realized that it hadn't been a dream. Nick confirmed that Ian had drugged her, and he assured her that the marriage wouldn't hold up because she had been incapacitated. Mariah coldly asked about Sharon being her mom, and Nick said that they had proof it was true. He informed her that Sharon had been there all night, but she'd had to go home to Faith. Nick reported that the doctor had said he could take Mariah home, but Mariah told him to forget it.

Nick understood that the news had been a shock, and Mariah spat that Sharon hated her and had thrown her out. Nick pointed out that there had been a reason for it, since Mariah had misunderstood his interest in her. He stressed that he loved Sharon, but even if he didn't, he could never have romantic feelings about Mariah, since he saw his daughter in her. She argued that he'd adopted Cassie, but he countered that there had been no difference. Mariah huffed that it was too late for her to fit into their perfect world, and she ordered Nick to let her find her own way and to leave her alone. Nick picked up a bag of clothes Sharon had left for Mariah, and he calmly instructed her to get changed while he waited outside to take her home where she belonged.

Nick and Mariah returned home, and Faith excitedly ran over and hugged her. Mariah reacted uncomfortably, and Faith said that Mariah needed a sister bracelet, just like the ones Faith and Summer had, but Sharon suggested that they find another way to make Mariah feel at home. Faith begged Mariah to follow the rules, since she really wanted Mariah to stay, and Nick sent Faith up to Mariah's room to make sure there were enough towels. Faith innocently asked if Mariah was a love child, too, and Sharon gently reprimanded her.

Sharon said that she didn't blame Mariah for doubting her, but despite the pain and questions, she truly believed it was a miracle that Mariah was home with them. Sharon reached out to Mariah, who barked not to touch her. Mariah asked if Sharon had forgotten the horrible things she'd said when she'd kicked Mariah out, and Sharon reminded her that Mariah had been parading around in lingerie to try to seduce Nick. Mariah claimed that Nick had already called her a pathetic loser, and Sharon pleaded with Mariah to forgive her. Mariah snapped that she didn't need Sharon's pity or forgiveness, and their genes were the only thing they had in common.

Sharon wondered if there was anything Mariah wanted to know, and Mariah inquired about her biological father. Sharon told her about Frank Barrett, her handsome high school boyfriend who had been captain of the football team, and Mariah assumed that Sharon's pregnancy had led to their breakup. Mariah asked where Frank was, and Sharon informed her that Frank was dead. Mariah called it convenient, and Nick chided Mariah for not giving Sharon a chance, but Mariah ranted that Sharon hadn't given her a chance as a baby. Mariah declared that she'd been on her own for most of her life, and she only wanted to be square on the money she owed so she could "get the hell out." Sharon begged her not to leave, but Mariah stormed out.

Later, Faith crowed to Noah that she had a new sister, and he informed Sharon that he'd told Summer what he knew. He added that Summer was confused and shaken, and Faith asked why, but Noah tried to distract her with a request to make him a sandwich. Faith called him out on trying to get rid of her, but she happily obliged. Noah remarked that Faith was getting too smart for him, and Sharon called the girl smart and loving. Sharon reported that Faith had wholeheartedly accepted Mariah, but Mariah had barely been home ten minutes before she'd taken off. Sharon mentioned that Nick had gone to look for Mariah, but she had no idea if Nick could convince Mariah to return.

Noah complimented Faith's sandwich, and he promised that Nick would find Mariah. Sharon wondered if Mariah had been the secret Victor had tried to pry out of Sharon, but she couldn't imagine how her giving birth to another child would have hurt Nick. Noah said that he didn't trust Mariah, and he warned that Mariah had hurt Sharon before and would do it again. Sharon vowed to show Mariah real love and support, and Noah conceded that maybe Mariah could become a good person, but it would take time. He cautioned that Sharon couldn't expect to become an instant mother to someone with Mariah's problems.

Nick found Mariah in the park, and she told him to stay away. He pointed out that she had no money or place to go, and she grumbled that being alone was nothing new. He apologized for the reason he'd let her believe he'd been getting close to her, since he'd been trying to get to know Ian better in order to protect Sharon and his kids. Mariah ordered him to go back to them, but he said that he couldn't do it without her. She claimed that she didn't want to be part of his family, since she couldn't have what she wanted, and he questioned whether she'd turn to another guy like Ian or Victor. She tearfully told him to "go to hell," and he asked if he could take her home.

Mariah said she felt sorry for Noah and Faith if that was how Nick showed affection, and he admitted that the situation wouldn't be easy, but he argued that Mariah couldn't undo her DNA or the fact that she had someone decent who would love her no matter what. Mariah said that Sharon didn't deserve him, and Nick replied that Mariah had only seen them as an outsider, but the room was still hers unless she'd received a better offer. Mariah agreed to stay in town, but she asserted that she wasn't a kid, and she wasn't ready to go home and play house.

Nick returned home, and Sharon asked if he had been able to find Mariah. He reported that he hoped he'd talked some sense into Mariah, and he guessed that she was off thinking after she'd promised she wouldn't leave town. A thankful Sharon hugged him, and he said that Mariah needed time to accept that she had a family. Sharon mused that they were Mariah's future, and they could all have the life they were meant to share together.

Mariah entered the Underground and began to write a note. Austin commented that she was out of the hospital, and he asked if she was doing okay. She replied that she wouldn't have been released if she wasn't, and she declared that she was done working for tips and for Nick's charity. She spotted Summer staring at her.

At Newman-Chancellor, Billy asked if Victoria was having second thoughts about the divorce, and he hopefully stated that the papers were still unsigned. He turned on the shredder and held the documents over the whirring machine, and he suggested that they destroy every rotten thing they'd said or done to one another and start fresh. Victoria turned off the shredder and informed Billy that she wasn't having second thoughts, and she encouraged him to sign the papers and not to prolong the inevitable.

Billy and Victoria reflected back on his proposal and their first wedding, and he said that some of his favorite memories had been recent, like playing with Johnny in the park and feeling like a family again. She said that their kiss in the park had been unexpected, but she was glad he'd busted her out of the hospital to get to Johnny's preschool orientation. Billy said that they'd done something right, and he gently touched her belly and hoped to do something right again. He recognized that he was only making things harder, and he started to sign the papers, but she told him to wait.

Victoria said that she wanted Billy to know that he didn't deserve all the blame, since she had made mistakes, too. Billy contended that they belonged together, and she acknowledged that they'd shared a lot of love and that they'd had amazing times, but they'd also hurt one another repeatedly. She said that they'd raised a wonderful little boy, and they'd always be a family, but the marriage was over. They sat down at opposite ends of the table, and they took turns signing the documents. "So now what?" he asked, and his phone rang. She saw that Chelsea was the caller, and she said that he should take it.

Over the phone, Billy informed Chelsea that Neil was doing a lot better, and he asked about Connor. He abruptly said that he needed to go, and after he hung up, Victoria said that he hadn't needed to rush the call. He swore that nothing was going on between him and Chelsea, and Victoria claimed that she was late for a meeting. Billy started to leave to deliver the papers to his lawyer, but he stopped at the door, and he said that they needed endings in order to have new beginnings. After he departed, Victoria plopped down despondently at her desk.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley realized that job applicant Ben Russell was really Stitch, and Stitch defended that there had been no mention of Jabot in the employment listing. Abby huffed that they needed a chemist and not a man whose entire life was a fraud, and she tattled that Stitch had stolen a man's identity after he'd gotten out of prison for murder. Stitch said that Billy had made it his mission to dig up Stitch's past and wreck his life, but Abby snapped that Stitch had done that himself when he'd killed his father. Stitch explained to Ashley that his father had been abusive, and he had to live with it every day of his life.

Ashley asked how Billy had wrecked things for Stitch, and Stitch replied that he'd lost Victoria and his job at the hospital. Ashley queried whether Stitch had just been pretending to be a doctor when he'd treated her in the emergency room, but he swore that his medical degree was authentic, as was his desire to repay his debt to society. Stitch admitted that he'd changed his identity before he'd enrolled in the Army and medical school, and Abby haughtily asked if he was a fake chemist, too. Stitch divulged that he'd worked in a lab to put himself through medical school, and he implored Ashley not to hire him if she wanted a safe choice instead of someone with talent and drive. Abby said that he'd made the decision easy, but Ashley decided to hire him.

Abby requested a moment to talk to her mom, and Stitch obliged. Abby asked if Ashley had lost her mind, but Ashley noted that Stitch had an amazing résumé. Abby referred to his rap sheet, and she contemplated what else Stitch had lied about. Ashley pointed out that if she kept Stitch busy working, he'd have no time for Victoria, and maybe Victoria and Billy would find their way back to one another. A skeptical Abby asked if Ashley was really doing it for Billy's sake or if Ashley was attracted to Stitch herself.

Ashley insisted that she was only interested in the future of her amazing new product, and she thought that Stitch was the perfect person to assist. Abby sarcastically asked if Ashley intended to make sure there was lots of chemistry, and Ashley told her to knock it off. Stitch approached and asked if he was still hired, and Ashley welcomed him to Jabot. He promised that she wouldn't regret it, and Ashley told Abby and Stitch to start strategizing. Ashley left, and Abby grumbled that the arrangement wouldn't work, since the job wouldn't give Stitch what he really wanted.

Abby explained to Stitch that the new fragrance would be a departure for Jabot, since they planned to tap into a highly influential upscale demographic. Stitch asked if they were getting ahead of themselves, since they had to do the research and development before they could start pricing and selling the product, and Abby snottily asked if he was suddenly an expert in the industry. Victoria walked in and spotted them bickering, and she silently walked away.

Billy returned to Jabot with the divorce papers, and Ashley asked if he was holding the contract for the new chemist. He groused that the documents had been a gift from Victoria on the anniversary of his marriage proposal, and Ashley gave him a sympathetic hug. He said it was time to face reality, and Ashley objected, but he said that he'd already sent the signed papers to the lawyers. She asked when he'd become a quitter, and she ordered him to shut up and listen.

Billy told Ashley to save her sisterly advice, but she informed him that she had a plan. He said that he was afraid to ask, and she said that she had to go back to New York, but she would be home again soon. Ashley announced that if Stitch continued to be a distraction for Victoria, she would have to make it her job to distract Stitch.

At the clinic in Georgia, Victor griped that Phyllis hadn't made any progress other than opening her eyes, and Dr. Cutler advised him not to expect too much too soon, but it was a hopeful sign that Phyllis had responded to stimuli. Victor said that he needed results, but the doctor explained that recovering from a coma could be a lengthy process. Victor ordered him to do whatever it took to shock her back into consciousness, since he needed her to wake up.

Victor insisted that he'd meant no disrespect, and he clarified that he didn't expect Dr. Cutler to do anything unethical, but he implored the doctor to accelerate Phyllis' recovery in any way possible. Dr. Cutler assured Victor that he was doing everything in his power to ensure a successful outcome, and he left to make some calls. As Phyllis stared expressionlessly ahead, Victor said that it broke his heart to see her like that, and there were a lot of people in Genoa City who loved her dearly. He showed her a photo of Sharon to try to jog her memory.

Victor said that he'd thought Phyllis would react when she saw Sharon's picture, but maybe the memory was too painful, and he wanted to know why. He reached for a framed photo of Summer on the nightstand and placed it within Phyllis' line of vision. He said that Summer missed her terribly, and he asked if Phyllis recognized her daughter.

Victor told Dr. Cutler that he needed to get back home, and he hoped for Phyllis to have a major breakthrough. The doctor promised to notify Victor of any significant changes, and the men shook hands. In the corridor, Victor checked his phone and discovered that he'd missed 14 calls, and he ordered his pilot to get the jet ready. Meanwhile, Phyllis croaked Summer's name.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Young and the Restless was not shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumes Monday, September 8, and will pick up where the Thursday, September 4, episode concluded.

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