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Nikki showed up drunk at Crimson Lights. Ian was presumed dead. Paul arrived to arrest Dylan. Mariah told Victor that Sharon had talked in her sleep about Faith not being Nick's daughter. Victor secretly had Nick and Faith's DNA samples tested. Phyllis hitchhiked back to Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 22, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, September 22, 2014

At the Georgia clinic where Phyllis had been receiving experimental treatment for coma patients, a nurse told the doctor in charge that Phyllis had somehow slipped past the staff and had exited the facility. Dr. Cutler ordered the nurse to locate Phyllis at once. On the side of a highway, Phyllis shuffled along toward the median and lifted her thumb, indicating that she wished to hitch a ride. A car pulled over, and the male driver told Phyllis to hop in. The man asked Phyllis where she was headed.

At their apartment, Summer was disappointed when Austin said that he couldn't skip work to accompany her to Georgia to visit Phyllis. Austin noted that Nick merely tolerated him, so he didn't want to press his luck by giving short notice for missing work. Summer said she understood. Summer phoned the clinic to let the staff know she planned a visit. Dr. Cutler took Summer's call, but he falsely identified himself as Dr. Penn. The doctor explained that he'd taken over Phyllis' care during Dr. Burnett's absence.

Dr. Cutler told Summer that it would be best for her to wait a few days. Summer replied, "Dr. Penn, is there a reason why you don't want me to come see my mom?" Dr. Cutler said he was trying to do what was best for his patient, who seemed to benefit from sustained isolation. Summer wouldn't back down and told the doctor she was on her way. After Summer hung up, Austin kissed her before heading out the door.

Sharon arrived just as Austin was leaving. Summer embraced Sharon and offered congratulations. Summer admitted that she was sad for her mother. Summer added that she planned to fly to Georgia and share the news with Phyllis in hopes that she might comprehend. Summer was honored when Sharon asked her to be a bridesmaid. Summer said she was certain Phyllis would be grateful to Sharon for looking out for her daughter.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Michael and Avery conducted legal business on Devon's behalf. The two attorneys laughed when they realized they'd read each other's minds. Lauren approached and commented on the partners' ease of camaraderie. Michael greeted Lauren with a kiss and said he hoped to finish work early, so he and Lauren could enjoy a romantic evening together. Avery grabbed the stack of files and told Michael and Lauren to enjoy their date.

After Avery left, Lauren told Michael that she'd be happy just to enjoy a meal with him because she didn't want him to feel pressured. Michael replied, "Everything's going to be fine. I'm feeling well-rested and more like myself." After wrapping up urgent business, Lauren and Michael agreed to meet at their home later. After Lauren left, Michael fished a bottle of medication from his pocket and smiled.

At Paul's office, Christine learned from Paul that blood found on a recovered jacket had matched Ian's Ward's DNA. Christine asked Paul if he believed Dylan might have been involved in whatever had happened. Before Paul could respond, Nikki arrived. Christine glared at Nikki when Nikki asked to have a few moments alone with Paul. When Nikki insisted, Christine stormed out of the office.

Paul quickly picked up bagged evidence off his desk and stuffed the items into his desk drawer. Nikki asked Paul why he'd quickly left with Dylan during the party. Paul said he'd hoped that Dylan could've answered some questions about recovered evidence. Paul didn't elaborate. Paul told Nikki to relax, but she said she hadn't relaxed for so long that she'd forgotten how. Paul glanced into the drawer at the bagged evidence and seemed uneasy, but he hid his misgivings and assured Nikki that Dylan wasn't in trouble.

After Nikki left, Paul summoned Officer Dawkins into his office. Paul asked Officer Dawkins if Ian's insurance company had been able to identify who had phoned asking about the policy's beneficiary. The officer replied, "You thinking it wasn't Dylan McAvoy who made the call?" Paul said he was trying to gather all the facts. Paul made it clear that he would lead the investigation himself.

Michael was nearby, poring over files at the police station, when Paul and Officer Dawkins later discussed additional evidence that had been recovered from the quarry. Officer Dawkins wiped caked mud off his shoes. Paul asked Officer Dawkins to confirm that CSI had found Ian's keys at the quarry. Dawkins replied, "Twenty yards from where his jacket was found." Paul ordered the officer to let him know if the lab recovered any evidence besides mud on the keys.

Michael overheard the officer complaining that his shoes were still caked with mud from the search that had been conducted the previous day. Paul told the officer to order a search for a body in the lake near the quarry. In a flashback, Michael remembered having seen mud on Dylan's boots when he'd stopped by Avery's apartment. After Officer Dawkins left, Paul turned to face Michael and said, "I suppose you heard all that?" Michael said he had.

Paul invited Michael into his office. Paul asked Michael to keep the information he'd overheard to himself. Michael said that he'd seen the same type of reddish mud on Dylan's shoes. Paul replied, "I saw it, too." Michael said, "What are you going to do about it?" Paul explained that he'd had the mud on Dylan's boots tested. Paul added that the results proved that the mud on Dylan's boots wasn't from the same area where the evidence had been collected.

Lauren later met with Christine at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Christine shared her misgivings about Nikki's habit of running to Paul with problems. Lauren said, "Paul loves you. He is devoted to you, and he shares a son with Nikki, but he shares his life with you." Lauren suddenly became tearful and grabbed her drink as soon as the bartender set it down. Christine said, "Is something wrong with you and Michael?" Lauren said she hoped they were over the worst. Christine seemed puzzled about Lauren's vague statement.

Christine and Lauren went to the police station together. Lauren told Michael that she'd finished up her work. Michael said he had one quick task to handle before he could leave. Michael stepped out into the hallway, opened his medicine bottle, and swallowed a blue pill. Michael returned to the office and told Lauren that he was ready to head home with her. The couple walked out together. Christine went into Paul's empty office, but an officer told her that Paul had gone to the Genoa City Athletic Club in search of her.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan congratulated Nick and Sharon on their engagement. Nick, addressing Dylan, said, "I couldn't have done it without you. You closed this place down early and gave us exclusive access to it. If you hadn't done that, this beautiful woman may not have agreed to marry me." Sharon noted that the coffeehouse was a special place for her and Nick, and she added that Dylan and Nick's concerted efforts had made her feel special.

Avery arrived and learned from Nick that he and Sharon would soon marry. Sharon said that she needed to choose a bridesmaid, and she left. Dylan noticed that Avery seemed edgy, so he excused himself to let Avery and Nick talk privately. Nick asked Avery if she was okay. Avery recalled how upset Faith had been the previous year while preparing to be a flower girl at their wedding. Avery apologized for having hurt Nick and said she should've handled the situation better. Nick replied, "I think things are the way they're supposed to be. We're both where we were meant to be."

Summer caught up with Avery at Crimson Lights and asked her aunt to accompany her at once to Georgia to visit Phyllis. Avery explained that she had a lot on her plate with her new partnership. Avery said, "Is there a reason you're going now?" Summer said she just felt the need to visit her mother. Avery urged Summer to wait a few days, but Summer hugged her aunt and said, "I'll tell her that you said hi."

After Summer left, Dylan asked Avery about her conversation with Nick. Avery admitted that she had misgivings about Sharon because Nick deserved to be with someone who was as wonderful as he was. Dylan replied, "Is that what you're saying, or are you bothered that Nick is getting married." Avery assured Dylan that a life with him was all she wanted. Dylan replied, "Before I can take that step, I have to be sure that I'm the man you deserve."

At Victor's office, Mariah offered to share information about Sharon's secret. Victor wasn't initially agreeable to Mariah's terms. Mariah had demanded enough money to allow her to leave town and build a new life elsewhere. Victor's interest was piqued, however, when Mariah noted that what Sharon had done would send Nick running away from Sharon as fast as possible. Victor insisted on hearing the secret before he'd agree to pay Mariah.

Victor seemed surprised when Mariah said, "Sharon has lied to you and everyone else about your granddaughter and who her real father is. It's pretty unbelievable, right?" Victor invited Mariah to have a seat. Mariah explained that she'd overheard Sharon talking in her sleep while napping on the sofa. Mariah recalled that Sharon had cried out begging Nick not to hate her. Victor prodded Mariah to continue. Mariah said, "She was saying that she was so, so sorry that she'd lied to Nick about being her father." Mariah recalled that Sharon had cried, "You're not her father!"

Mariah told Victor that it was no wonder Sharon had been haunted by the secret. Mariah added, "Faith is not Nick's daughter!" Victor acknowledged that Billy and Nick, among others, could've been Faith's father, but a paternity test had determined that the child was Nick's. Victor noted that Sharon could've manipulated the results. Victor said that it would hit Nick hard if he learned that Faith wasn't his child, especially after what he'd gone through with Summer.

Mariah demanded her payment. Victor told Mariah that she'd have to corroborate her allegations. Mariah was miffed, but Victor reminded her that she was resilient. Victor pulled a wad of money from his pocket and handed some to Mariah. Nikki entered the office and was stunned to see Victor handing money to Mariah.

Victor quickly walked behind his desk and sat down. Nikki offered to be supportive to Mariah if the young woman ever decided to turn her life around. Mariah said, "I've been privy to the Newmans' support, so no thanks." Nikki replied, "If that's going to be your attitude, I obviously witnessed some sort of payoff just now, and I would like an explanation." Victor quickly asked Mariah to leave, and she did.

Nikki demanded that Victor explain what had been going on with Mariah. Victor noted that he was doing what was in the best interest of his family. Nikki told Victor that he shouldn't be interfering in the lives of his children. Angry, Nikki told Victor that she'd never understand how his mind worked. Nikki said she was late for a board meeting and left.

Nikki went to the Genoa City Athletic Club. A waiter served a glass of club soda to Nikki and sat down a vodka-tonic for her yet-to-arrive friend. Nikki told the waiter that her friend was running late. Nikki took a sip of the club soda before reaching across the table and picking up the vodka-tonic. She panicked and quickly set the glass down. Paul approached and looked puzzled when he saw Nikki sitting alone with two drinks.

At Sharon's, Nick was pleased when Sharon told him that Summer had seemed pleased when asked to serve as a bridesmaid. Victor stopped by and said he had something to talk about with them both. Nick said, "Dad, if you're here to give us a hard time about getting married." Victor lifted a bottle of champagne from a gift bag and said, "I'm here to propose a toast to both of you." Sharon defiantly crossed her arms and glanced at Nick.

With drinks in hand, Victor said, "As you prepare for your future, may you be guided by your past, and may the bond of your children always be with you." Sharon and Nick smiled and sipped their drink. Victor asked to visit with Faith, but he was told that Faith was with a friend. Sharon noted that Faith had left behind her backpack. Sharon quickly excused herself and went upstairs.

Victor suddenly moaned. He placed his hand on his forehead and claimed that the champagne had given him a headache. Nick seemed concerned when Victor requested aspirin. After Nick left the room, Victor placed the glass Nick had drunk from into a plastic bag. Victor quickly unzipped Faith's backpack and placed her hairbrush into another bag. Victor stuffed the bagged items into his coat pockets before Nick and Sharon returned.

At the Underground, Mariah apologized to Austin after he assured her that he'd kept silent about Ian having drugged her before marrying her. Austin prepared an opaque, green drink and playfully encouraged Mariah to taste it. Mariah winced and cried that it looked too much like pea soup. When Mariah pushed the glass away, it tipped and spilled onto the front of Austin's shirt. Mariah laughed giddily.

Summer walked in and saw her husband horsing around with Mariah. Summer seemed taken aback by her husband's behavior. Austin greeted Summer. She told him she'd decided to postpone her visit to see her mother. Mariah said, "Your mother's not going anywhere." Summer and Austin glared at Mariah.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Victor carefully placed Nick's champagne glass into a plastic bag and stuffed it into his pocket. He reached into Faith's backpack and retrieved a hairbrush, which he also bagged and confiscated. Nick returned with an aspirin, and Victor swallowed it with some water. Nick questioned Victor's change of heart about Nick and Sharon's relationship, and he suspected that Victor had tried to get off the subject by claiming to have a headache because Victor hadn't truly accepted their engagement.

Victor argued that he'd toasted to the future, but Nick pointed out that Victor had gone to great lengths to uncover Sharon's secret. Victor noted that Sharon had admitted hiding something that could be devastating for Nick, but he swore that Nick had nothing to worry about from him. Sharon returned, and Victor congratulated the couple again and told them to enjoy the champagne. Sharon said that Victor was welcome to attend the wedding if he really wished them well, and Victor replied that he was looking forward to it. After Victor left, Nick wondered if Sharon had believed a word Victor had said.

Sharon conceded that she was skeptical about Victor, but she thought that she and Nick should play along with Victor's goodwill gesture. Nick reported that he'd called Victor out on his true motives while Sharon had been upstairs, and Victor had denied having an agenda. Sharon contended that it didn't matter, since once Victor got something in his head, there was no stopping him. She suggested that they enjoy the peace and quiet while they planned their wedding, and she declared that they each had a matter to attend to.

At the Underground, Noah informed Mariah that he'd booked her a double shift on Saturday, and she wished he had asked if she'd wanted another one. She wondered why he wasn't off celebrating his parents' engagement, and he cautioned her not to ruin the great news with her attitude. Mariah refused to slap on a phony smile to make him feel better, and Noah suggested that she do it for the customers who were paying her. She replied that it wouldn't be for long, since she planned to be gone once she made enough cash, and she expected it to be soon. Noah asked if she anticipated winning the lottery, and she mused, "Something like that."

Noah asked how Mariah expected to put together the cash, and Mariah reasoned that she was way past due for some good luck. Noah teased that he'd thought she liked being miserable, since she had pushed away the people who were trying to help her. Mariah countered that Sharon had kicked her out, and all anyone cared about was the fact that she was Cassie's twin. Noah defended that Sharon was trying to make up for lost time, but Mariah stated that she had a mother. Noah maintained that Sharon would be there for Mariah, as would Faith and possibly Summer, even though Mariah had insulted the people Summer loved.

Mariah berated Summer for acting like a five-year-old after Mariah had commented that Phyllis would never get better, and Noah criticized that it had been a lousy thing to say. Mariah chided Noah for indulging Summer's tantrum by having Austin take her home, and Noah explained that it was the kind of loyalty family showed to one another. He added that he might show it to Mariah, too, but she was too stubborn to accept it, so it was her loss. Sharon greeted Mariah, who coolly said hello and announced that she was taking a break to get some food. Sharon said that she and Nick wanted to ask Mariah and Noah something, and she asked Mariah to give her the courtesy of hearing her out.

Noah jokingly surmised that Nick was there to ask him to the Packers-Bears game that weekend, and he said that his answer was yes. Nick said that Noah had to do something for him first, since it was important that he and Sharon have the people they loved most at their wedding, and he would be honored if Noah stood up for him. Nick explained that he'd never forget the look on Noah's face when he'd told Noah that he was divorcing Sharon, and Noah had looked at him like he'd been a different person. Noah remembered Sharon always crying and his parents constantly fighting after Cassie had died, and Nick explained that he and Sharon had never dealt with the pain and resentment when they'd reunited before, but things were different that time.

Noah said that he could tell that Nick and Sharon were really happy and not just trying to be, and Nick proclaimed that they knew exactly where they belonged. Noah swore to be there when Nick married Sharon, and the men hugged. Nick teased Noah for only agreeing because of the football game, and he called Noah a great kid. Noah replied that it was in the genes, and he admitted that no matter how angry he'd been at Nick for leaving Sharon, he'd always known that Nick loved him.

Nick said that he was proud of Noah and the man he was, and he was proud to have Noah stand up for him. Noah asked what Sharon was doing with Mariah, and Nick informed him that Sharon wanted Mariah in the wedding, along with Summer and Faith. Noah worried about Summer and Mariah being in the same room together, and Nick commented that there was always hope. Noah said that it would be an interesting wedding, and Nick hoped that Mariah agreed to attend.

Mariah was shocked that Sharon wanted her to be a bridesmaid, and Sharon mentioned that Summer would be one, too. Sharon added that it would mean a lot to her, and Mariah wondered if Sharon expected her to just forget the horrible things Sharon had said. Sharon said that there was more to their history than one argument, and Mariah huffed that she didn't care, but Sharon believed that Mariah did. Sharon warned that Mariah could keep fighting, but Sharon would never give up on her, and Mariah grumbled that Sharon already had. Sharon reiterated that she'd wanted a better life for her children than she'd thought she could give, and it broke her heart that Mariah hadn't gotten it.

Sharon insisted that she wasn't like Helen and Ian, and if Mariah let her, she would be the mother Mariah had always deserved. Sharon called the wedding a new beginning for her and Nick, and she suggested that it could be a new one for their entire family. Sharon added that Faith would like to have Mariah there, and Mariah wondered if Sharon was trying to guilt her into saying yes. Sharon swore that it was an honest invitation, and Mariah offered to think about it, but Sharon cautioned that she would ask every day up until the wedding because it meant that much to her. Mariah relented and begrudgingly agreed to be a bridesmaid, since she'd get a free dress and meal out of it. Sharon said that maybe Mariah would get more in the long run.

Nick and Sharon returned home in good spirits. She said that she was happier than she'd been in a long time, and he agreed, but he looked thoughtful. She told him not to let Victor get to him, but Nick couldn't help recalling that Victor had tried to stop Victoria and Billy's wedding by having Victoria arrested. Sharon reminded Nick that they'd agreed to put Victor out of their minds, and Nick swore that Victor couldn't ruin anything, even if he was tracking down her secret. Sharon asked if that was what Nick thought Victor was doing, but Nick assured her it didn't matter whether Victor tracked down something they'd already put behind them, and they hugged.

At the Athletic Club, Paul asked to join Nikki at her table, and she replied that she didn't have much time. He insisted upon a quick hello, and he remarked that he was dying of thirst. Over Nikki's protests, he lifted one of the drinks on the table to his lips, and he was shocked to discover there was vodka in it. Paul noted that Nikki had been on the wagon for years and had worked hard to stay clean, and he wondered why she had sabotaged her sobriety. Nikki claimed that it was Barbara Goldberg's drink, and she had intended to meet Barbara to plan a charity event, but Barbara had called to cancel.

Paul apologized for jumping to conclusions, and he recalled Nikki's comment about not being able to handle the stress. Nikki assured him that she wouldn't dream of losing her sobriety again after her life had spiraled out of control, and she said that she felt better talking to him and knowing that Dylan wasn't in trouble with the police. Paul glanced around and mentioned that Christine was supposed to meet him there, and Nikki realized that Christine wouldn't be pleased if she saw them together. Nikki stepped into the foyer, where she called Barbara and feigned illness as an excuse to cancel their meeting.

At the police station, Christine received a text message from Paul that said they'd missed one another at the club. She entered Paul's office and found Dylan holding a confidential file, and she asked how he'd gotten into the office. Dylan explained that he'd told an officer that he was there to see Paul, and she suspiciously inquired whether he truly was. Christine reprimanded Dylan for looking through a police file, especially one about Ian Ward, and Dylan swore that he hadn't opened it. Christine insinuated that he was anxious to hear what was going on, and Dylan said that the case affected his mother, but Christine pointedly asked what he was really concerned about.

Dylan recounted that Christine had reached out to him as a friend at Paul's party, but she seemed to be treating him as if he were a criminal. She said that she had cause for concern after she'd found a man who had been questioned snooping in the files, but Dylan countered that he hadn't been arrested and that he hadn't done anything wrong. She urged him to consider how it reflected on Paul, since a lot of people would consider it inappropriate for him to be in a room with evidence. Dylan insisted that his only motive was to talk to Paul about Nikki, and Christine grumbled that Nikki's feelings were all she heard about. Paul entered as Christine warned Dylan not to do anything like that again.

Paul asked if Christine had simply found Dylan in his office, and Christine stressed that Dylan had been holding a confidential file. Dylan clarified that he hadn't read it, and Christine contemplated what a fellow police officer would have thought. Dylan apologized for putting Paul in a bad position, and he said that he'd just wanted an update on the search for Ian. Paul relayed that there was nothing new to disclose, and Dylan hoped that the police wrapped up the case soon. After Dylan left, Christine lectured Paul about setting boundaries with Dylan, but Paul insisted that Dylan was a good man.

Christine maintained that Dylan shouldn't be able to peruse police files, and Paul assured her that it wouldn't happen again, but Christine scolded that Paul had to stop making excuses for Dylan. Christine fretted that Paul was headed in a troubling direction both personally and professionally, but Paul asserted that it wasn't a crime to stand over a desk. Christine warned that people were watching -- people who were waiting for Paul to cross the line -- and Paul would be off the case and possibly out of a job if he gave any special consideration to Dylan.

Christine questioned whether Paul could stay neutral if evidence turned up indicating that Dylan had committed a crime, but Paul countered that there was none. She advised him to keep his guard up and to be objective, and Paul assured her that he would act on the facts. Christine pointed out that Dylan had a bad temper and a bad history with Ian, but Paul said that he'd thought of it all already. Christine swore that she was just looking out for Paul, and he promised that he would do everything he needed to do.

Later, Paul flashed back to arriving at the coffeehouse after Dylan had smashed the furniture, but a knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. Officer Dawkins reported that they were about to start dragging the quarry lake for Ian's body, and he revealed that they'd traced the call to the life insurance company to a landline in Avery's apartment.

Dr. Cutler instructed his team to search the building and the grounds, and he imagined that a woman who had just awakened from a coma couldn't have gone far. He added that he hadn't contacted Phyllis' family or the authorities yet, and he hoped that everything would be fine once they had Phyllis safely back in her room. He switched over to another call, and Victor inquired whether Phyllis had made any additional progress. Dr. Cutler informed Victor that the situation was still unresolved, and Victor instructed him to press on with the treatment.

Victor asked for a recommendation for a reliable DNA lab to avoid any tampering, and Dr. Cutler suggested a place in Sweden. Victor wrote down the information, and he hung up as Nikki walked in. She said that she was still very upset with him for interfering with Nick and Sharon's engagement, and Victor told her that he'd just delivered champagne to the couple to toast to the future. Nikki accused him of playing more games, and she asked what Nick and Sharon had thought of his toast. Victor stated that he'd done what he'd had to do, and Nikki queried whether he'd also lied about paying off Mariah.

Nikki noted that Victor had already paid Mariah to do unspeakable things, and she asked why he had given Mariah more money. Victor claimed that Mariah was flat broke, and she didn't want anything to do with Sharon, so she'd approached him for help with paying the bills. Victor asked that they not bicker, and he said that he had to take care of something on a business trip, but he offered to stay if Nikki wished. She told him to take care of his business, and he promised he would be back soon. Nikki left, and Victor made a call to double the security around the house.

Mariah returned to Victor's office, and she asked when he was going to give her the rest of the money so she could leave town. He reiterated that he would pay once he could substantiate her claim that Faith wasn't Nick's daughter, and Mariah pressured him to do it soon, since she didn't want to be any part of Nick and Sharon's wedding. Victor informed her that if his trip was successful, Sharon's secret would be blown wide open, and the wedding would never take place.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nikki popped a breath mint into her mouth and called boisterously to Dylan, who crossed the coffeehouse and joined her. She wondered whether he'd been purposely ignoring her like he had her calls, and he said he'd been busy. She rambled that she'd talked to Paul and that she knew Dylan wasn't in any trouble with the police, and Dylan asked if Paul had said that. Nikki assured Dylan that he wasn't in any trouble with her, and she took his hand and said that sometimes they weren't in control of what they did. She added that she didn't blame him for anything.

A confused Dylan said that he wasn't sure what Nikki was talking about, and she muttered that they'd all made hard choices, but she took full responsibility for all of her actions and the fallout from them. She appeared to have difficulty talking, and she slurred that she was happy to have him in her life, but her voice trailed off as she lost her train of thought. Dylan called to her, and he assumed that she needed to eat something. He went to the counter to get her some food, and she reached into her purse and took a drink from a miniature liquor bottle.

The driver who had picked up Phyllis commented that the country was beautiful, and he asked again where Phyllis was headed. He imagined that she wanted to get to her destination badly, since she'd been hitchhiking, but Phyllis just silently stared at him. The driver said that he was trying to help Phyllis out, and he requested that she be friendlier. He put his hand on her leg, and she put her hand over his to stop it from running down her thigh. She reached into the back seat, grabbed a flashlight, and walloped him with it.

Phyllis continued walking down the road alone, and she looked up at a sign that indicated it was 285 miles to Genoa City.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nick stopped by to see Victoria at Newman-Chancellor. He told her that their father was up to something -- Victor had toasted Nick and Sharon's engagement with a bottle of fine champagne. Victoria opined that perhaps Victor had changed his mind about Sharon, but when a skeptical Nick rolled his eyes, Victoria changed her mind and agreed with Nick that Victor was up to no good.

Victoria wondered how Nick was going to find out what Victor was planning. Nick told his sister that he was going to ask Victor if he and Sharon could honeymoon on Victor's private resort island -- that way, Nick could gauge Victor's true feelings about the marriage. Nick stared at Victor's desk. Victoria asked him if he wanted to search the desk, where Dr. Cutler's phone number was on a piece of paper in plain sight. Nick wondered if Victoria would allow him to search.

Victoria said that she would turn a blind eye and walk away so that Nick could inspect the desk. Before Victoria could leave the office, Nick said that no matter what Victor was planning, Nick wasn't going to stoop to that level. Victoria said she hadn't been able to help Nick figure out what Victor was up to, but there was one thing she could do -- since Newman-Chancellor owned the private resort island, she had the authority to allow Nick and Sharon to honeymoon there.

Nick was pleased with Victoria's offer -- she was actually doing something to help make Sharon happy. Victoria said that her love for Nick made up for any problems she had with Sharon. Nick asked Victoria how she was holding up. She reminded him that he was getting married the following week, and he shouldn't worry about her. Nick hugged her.

At Crimson Lights, Michael greeted Lauren with a series of kisses. Lauren smiled and told him how wonderful their lovemaking had been the previous evening. Lauren was reluctant to go to work because she wanted to spend the day in bed with Michael, but Michael promised her that they could pick up where they had left off later.

After Lauren left, Michael received a phone call from his doctor, who was checking to see if the medication he had prescribed to Michael worked. Smiling, Michael told the doctor that they "did the trick" and promised to make an appointment for a complete physical as soon as he had the time. Michael hung up and collided with Sharon. His bottle of pills fell to the floor but he grabbed them before she had a chance to see the bottle.

Sharon was carrying a garment bag and excitedly told Michael that it contained her wedding dress -- she and Nick were remarrying. Michael congratulated Sharon but became a bit melancholy remembering that Phyllis had been married to Nick. Sharon realized that Phyllis had been Michael's best friend. He admitted that he still missed her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Kevin was typing at his computer when Stitch sneaked up behind him. Stitch looked at the screen and said, "What the hell is that?" Kevin told Stitch to mind his own business. Stitch said that Kevin should have minded his own business before he dug into Stitch's past.

Kevin said that he had done everyone in Genoa City a favor by exposing Stitch as a "cold-blooded killer." Stitch wondered about what Kevin had been writing on his computer -- about the meek not just inheriting the earth but having to take it by brutal deadly force. When Kevin said that taking a man's life was nothing compared with killing his soul, Stitch called Kevin a freak and walked into the coffeehouse. Michael witnessed the end of the little scene and wondered what Kevin had been talking about.

Kevin said that didn't matter and wondered what had been going on with Michael -- adding that Lauren had been worried about Michael. Kevin wondered if she had a reason to be. Michael insisted that he didn't have a problem -- but admitted he might have had one the previous day. Michael smiled and said that the problem had been easily remedied. Kevin pressed Michael to explain himself.

Michael started explaining, in far too much detail for Kevin, how fabulous the previous night had been. Kevin told Michael that he had heard enough -- he believed that the Baldwins' marriage was going well. Changing the subject, Kevin asked Michael if he had gotten Mariah's marriage annulled. Michael said that he had filed a motion to annul the marriage and wondered why Kevin was so interested in the annulment. Michael wondered if Kevin had a "thing" for Mariah. Kevin said that they were just friends. Michael promised to keep Kevin apprised of the progress on the case.

Kevin said that would be great but that Michael would need to text him, as Kevin was leaving town for a few days. Michael said that Kevin had been acting mysteriously lately. Before leaving, Kevin told his brother that life needed a little mystery. Michael appeared concerned.

Kevin went home and donned a black hoodie. He pulled the hood over his face and finished packing his black backpack before heading out.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Kelly finished breakfast and went to the living room. Jack could sense that Kelly was distracted, and he wanted to know why. She admitted that she didn't care for the asparagus omelet that Mrs. Martinez seemed to prepare for breakfast on a regular basis. Jack said, "Oh, that's because..." Kelly finished his sentence, "...Phyllis liked it." Jack told Kelly that he would instruct Mrs. Martinez to remove the asparagus omelet from the breakfast menu.

Jack told Kelly that they needed to have a serious talk about their living arrangements. He gently chided Kelly for acting like a visitor rather than a resident. When she said that she was simply trying to be polite, Jack told her to "knock it off" and wondered what, besides the food, she had been tolerating in silence. He reminded her that the mansion was her home. Kelly said that the mansion had been in the Abbott family for so long that it felt wrong for her to move a lamp or buy a rug, adding that she could still feel Phyllis' presence in the house.

Kelly finally admitted that she wanted to make some décor changes. She felt that their bedroom was too dark and their comforter was too green -- but added that those were trivial things and that she was lucky to live in the mansion. Jack said that he wanted to make her happy. She smiled and said that the "asparagus edict" was more than enough, and she went upstairs. After she was out of earshot, Jack called someone and said, "I need your help."

Later, Kelly returned to the living room and found Jack having a meeting with Lauren and Nahla, one of the decorators at Fenmore's. After introducing Kelly and Nahla, Jack explained to Kelly that the women were there to help Kelly redecorate the mansion. Kelly was overjoyed and hugged Jack. Jack began showing Nahla around the house, leaving Kelly and Lauren alone.

Kelly noticed that Lauren's eyes were filling with tears and asked her what was wrong. Lauren said that being at the Abbott house was harder than she'd expected -- Phyllis had been Lauren's best friend. She broke down as she told Kelly about having gone on home decorating shopping sprees with Phyllis. Kelly unconvincingly said that she totally understood how Lauren felt. She told Lauren that if redecorating made her uncomfortable, they could call off the project.

Lauren composed herself and told Kelly that perhaps it was a sign that Lauren needed to move on. Jack returned and wondered if everything was okay. Lauren said that it would be -- then took Kelly by the hand and told her that it was time to discuss décor.

After the ladies looked over the mansion, they regrouped in the living room. Lauren told Kelly to think about the look she wanted and urged Kelly to be happy in her new home. After Lauren left, Jack guessed that Lauren had told Kelly about her friendship with Phyllis. Kelly chuckled and admitted that Lauren had "mentioned" it. Jack wondered if Kelly wanted to change anything about him. She said that he was perfect just as he was.

At her penthouse, Chelsea was wearing a beautiful evening gown. The doorbell rang, and she answered it to find Billy -- dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans, and a baseball cap. He tossed a softball to Chelsea and said, "Play ball?" Chelsea wondered why Billy was dressed in playground garb, complete with a softball and mitt -- after all, his text had read that they were going to a charity ball. Billy looked at his phone and realized that its autocorrect feature had led to the misunderstanding -- he had actually texted that he wanted to play ball in the park. He explained that playing ball was to be their first date. Chelsea appeared disappointed -- she didn't feel like battling mosquitoes and getting dirty.

Billy thought that playing ball would be a great skill for Chelsea to learn so that she could eventually teach Connor. Besides, he said, it would be a great "first date" story. Chelsea sighed and, resigned to Billy's plan, headed upstairs to change.

Billy and Chelsea went to Chancellor Park. Chelsea wondered why Billy had decided to go to the park and play ball on their first date. Billy replied that he wanted to enjoy the game he had played with his father and Delia with Chelsea. Chelsea was touched.

Billy stood behind Chelsea and tried to show her the proper way to throw. The lesson was semi-comical, and the two of them were laughing and enjoying themselves. They decided to leave and get something to drink, unaware that Victoria had been watching them. Victoria doubled over in pain and was sitting on the ground when Stitch ambled by and asked if he could help.

Victoria wondered if Stitch stalked the park, looking for injured people. Stitch explained that he was merely walking to work. Victoria told him to keep walking -- that she was fine. When Victoria stood up and began to walk, it was clear that she wasn't fine -- she was limping badly. Stitch insisted that she allow him to look at her ankle. After telling him to leave her alone several times, she finally acquiesced and allowed him to examine her.

After looking at her ankle, Stitch said that it didn't seem to be a serious injury -- then joked that she should refrain from dancing. Victoria snapped, "Why are you doing this to me?" She told Stitch that he had let her down -- that he was supposed to be her "anti-Billy." Victoria said that she'd thought that what she and Stitch had had was honest and real -- but Stitch had ruined everything by lying. Becoming hysterical, she told Stitch that he was worse than a liar -- he was a murderer. Victoria began pushing him and asked him why he couldn't have been the one man she could count on. Stitch replied that he couldn't take it anymore -- and he had something to confess to Victoria.

Billy and Chelsea returned to her penthouse and Chelsea started upstairs to change clothes. Billy teased her about her pitching skill -- or lack thereof. When Chelsea returned, Billy told her that their first date had been memorable. She said that the date wasn't over. She began kissing him, and they both started to undress.

Sharon returned to her house with her wedding dress. Faith told her mother that she wanted to see it. Sharon said that Faith could have a "sneak peak" but admonished her not to tell Nick anything about it -- Sharon explained that it was bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding. As Sharon opened the garment bag, Nick walked in. Sharon quickly zipped up the bag. Faith was terrified that Nick had seen the dress -- she thought that the wedding would be jinxed.

Nick explained that he and Sharon loved each other, and nothing could possibly jinx their wedding. Sharon reassured the worried Faith that she and Nick were going to have a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage. Just to be sure, Faith ran upstairs to get her magic wand to "break the jinx."

After Faith fled to her room, Sharon asked Nick what he really thought of the dress -- she wondered if white was "too much;" after all, they had been married previously. Nick said that this time would be different. Sharon agreed, adding that everything they had been through had made them stronger. Just as Nick said that there was nothing standing in their way, Faith shouted from upstairs, asking Sharon if she knew where Faith's hairbrush was. Nick amended his remark, saying that there was nothing standing in their way -- except for a missing hairbrush.

In a chauffeured limousine in Stockholm, Sweden, Victor made a phone call -- he wanted a Dr. Jorgensen to be informed that he had arrived. Dr. Cutler had arranged for Victor to meet with Dr. Jorgensen on an important matter.

Later, Victor examined Faith's hairbrush and the champagne glass that Nick had sipped from. Dr. Jorgensen called, and Victor told him that he had the samples with him -- everything was ready.

In a diner, Phyllis, still dressed in her hospital gown and robe, was at a table, eating a bowl of soup. A state trooper entered the diner with a sketch of Phyllis and asked the waitress if she had seen Phyllis. Upon hearing this, Phyllis hid her face behind a menu. The waitress asked the trooper what kind of trouble the lady in the sketch was running from. The trooper said that the woman was dangerous. Phyllis headed into the restroom and spotted a window.

Phyllis peeked into the diner from the restroom and saw that the trooper was still speaking with the waitress. Phyllis tried to open the window so that she could make a quick escape, but the waitress entered and asked Phyllis where she was going. She escorted Phyllis back into the diner. Phyllis looked around for the trooper, but the waitress informed her that he had left.

The waitress poured Phyllis a cup of coffee and told her that the trooper had said that Phyllis had "conked some businessman." Phyllis tried to give the waitress some change to pay for the soup and the coffee, but she refused Phyllis' money. She gave Phyllis a few dollars and hoped that it was enough to get Phyllis wherever she was headed. Phyllis replied, "Home."

Phyllis looked at a newspaper and was shocked to read the date: "September 24, 2014." She asked the waitress if that was accurate, and the waitress confirmed that it was. Phyllis stood up. The waitress insisted that Phyllis stay and rest, but Phyllis said, "Can't. I've lost too much time." She left the diner.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Billy cuddled in bed, and she asked when he'd last been on a first date that had been that weird. He questioned whether playing catch and jumping into bed was strange, and she said that normally, she hadn't jumped into anything on a first date. He wondered if there would be a second one, and she imagined that there would be someday, but he suggested that they start right then. They made love again.

Chelsea declared that great sex didn't keep her from getting hungry, and Billy wondered if she was craving caviar or lobster. She replied that her kitchen was more likely to have macaroni and cheese and graham crackers, and he suggested that he take her out on a date. She accepted, but she wanted to do something else first, and she seductively leaned in to kiss him again. He asked what had happened to her being starved, and she started to get up, but he pulled her back into bed.

At the Dive Bar, Summer arrived with an armload of shopping bags, and Austin offered her a towel. She stared in shock at his lifeguard uniform, and he revealed that his shift started in 30 minutes. She asked why he hadn't told her, and he explained that a customer at the Underground had mentioned that he had just left the job, so Austin had applied for it. Summer gushed that they had to celebrate, and she amorously stated that his outfit was hot. She asked if he would rub sunscreen on her shoulders, and she asked what would happen if someone else asked him to do the same thing. Austin replied that it was part of their vows that he would only rub it on his wife, and they kissed.

Summer hoped that kissing the customers wasn't part of Austin's job description, and he said that he could do what he wanted on his own personal time. She called it the best second job ever, and he hoped that his next one would be even better. She chirped that they could work together somewhere, and he eyed her shopping bags and teased that she'd have an impressive résumé as a personal shopper. Summer reported that she'd picked up some accessories for Nick and Sharon's wedding, and she presented Austin with a tie. He draped it around his neck and asked if it went with his swim trunks, but he saw the designer label and said that she had to take it back.

Summer whined that she'd thought Austin liked the tie, and he said that the cost could feed a family of four. Summer defended that it had been on sale, but he scoffed at the idea of spending a couple hundred dollars for a piece of fabric he wouldn't wear more than once a year. Summer conceded that the tie was a little expensive, but she'd never thought about price tags while growing up. Austin recalled that it had been all he'd thought about, and she said that her family had taken her to fundraisers to make her understand that other people lived differently.

Austin said that he knew Summer's heart, and she argued that her dad's marriage was a celebration, so she wanted to do a nice thing and not fight about it. Austin thanked her for the tie, and she said he looked handsome. They kissed, and he told her not to make a habit out of buying him things, but she could keep giving him kisses. She said it was a deal.

Across the rooftop, Jill suggested that she and Lauren split the target demographic between their boutiques, but she noticed that Lauren wasn't listening, and she proposed that they have totally empty stores. Lauren distractedly agreed, but she suddenly realized she hadn't been tuning in, and Jill guessed that Lauren and Michael had finally gotten lucky. Lauren replied that a lady didn't discuss such things, but she stated that everything was fine. Jill imagined it was better than that based on Lauren's glow, and she offered to tell a story from her own bedroom to get the conversation started, but Lauren teased that people from three counties over had already heard them. Lauren admitted that the night before had been magical, but she was afraid the magic would slip away if she told the world about it.

Jill argued that she was Lauren's sister and not the whole world, but Lauren spotted Billy with Chelsea. Jill pulled Billy aside and chided him for not calling her, and he said he'd been busy. Jill glanced at Chelsea across the bar and huffed that she could see, and Billy explained that he was on a date. Jill lectured that he should pick someone who inspired jealousy if he wanted to get Victoria back, but Billy said that he liked being with Chelsea. Jill recalled that Chelsea had drugged him to trick him into getting her pregnant and had then left him to rot in prison, but Billy countered that Colin had kidnapped his grandkids and had put hits out on people. Billy returned to Chelsea's side, and they decided to go elsewhere.

In the park, Victoria cried that she couldn't handle more confessions and secrets, but Stitch insisted that there was more to the story, and he pleaded with her to trust him. She argued that she had and that it hadn't worked out, but he swore that whether it changed her mind or not, what he had to say was important for her to know. She relented and agreed to hear him out. Stitch wanted to go someplace private, and he assured Victoria that she would understand once he told her everything.

Maureen interrupted and introduced herself to Victoria, and Victoria nervously commented that she hadn't known Stitch's mother was in town. Maureen said that she'd heard many wonderful things about Victoria, and she had high hopes that the baby was Stitch's, since her son was a wonderful father. Maureen added that Stitch protected the people he loved, and there was no man on earth more loyal than her son. Stitch looked uncomfortable, and Victoria stammered that she had to get back to the office. Victoria hurried off, and Maureen surmised that Stitch had been about to tell Victoria everything.

Stitch contended that Victoria deserved to know the truth, but Maureen reasoned that the truth had a million versions, and she advised him to pick one that would cause the least harm. He clarified that Maureen meant the least harm to her, and he said that the version he'd told hadn't done him or Victoria any good. Maureen believed that Victoria cared for him, and she thought that if the baby turned out to be his, it would be all that mattered. Stitch pointed out that the baby could be Billy's, and if it was, any tie Stitch had to Victoria would be gone. Stitch professed his love for Victoria, and Maureen assured him that Victoria loved him, too, whether Victoria knew the whole story or not.

Michael smiled as he looked at the sign on his new office door, and he called out for Avery. He entered her office and caught a box of files as it fell over, and he scolded that he was a fan of organization. She joked that she could "out-neat freak" him any day of the week, and they agreed that they had a great basis for a partnership. Christine stopped by with a plant as an office-warming gift, and she complimented some flowers on Avery's desk. Avery mentioned that they were from Dylan to wish her luck, and she excused herself to get some water.

Christine imagined that Michael was glad to ease his workload a bit, and Michael was thankful that his first case wasn't representing his partner's boyfriend, since Dylan's muddy shoes had turned out to be nothing. A stunned Christine had no idea what he was talking about, and Michael mentioned that Paul had had Dylan's shoes tested, but there hadn't been a match with the mud on Ian's jacket. Christine obviously hadn't been aware of any of it, and Michael theorized that the police had been waiting for more information. A clearly rattled Christine claimed that she was late for an appointment and hurried out.

Avery returned and asked where Christine had gone, and Michael imagined that she'd gone back to the office to knock some heads together over the testing of Dylan's muddy shoes. An equally surprised Avery ranted that Dylan hadn't said anything about a search warrant, and Michael informed her that he'd overheard that Ian's jacket and keys had been found in a muddy quarry. Michael added that he'd mentioned Dylan's muddy shoes to Paul, and Avery asked if Michael thought Dylan had killed Ian. Michael replied that he'd had an obligation as an officer of the court to say something, but the mud hadn't matched. Avery swore that Dylan hadn't been responsible for Ian's disappearance, and she tried to convince herself that it wasn't a big deal.

At the police station, Paul summarized the evidence in Ian's case with someone over the phone, and he mentioned the muddy jacket matching Ian's DNA and the call to the insurance company from Avery's landline. He thanked the person and sighed deeply. "Oh, God, Dylan, what have you done?" Paul muttered to himself.

Nikki arrived at Crimson Lights, and Dylan observed that she looked more like herself than she had the day before. She apologized for having seemed out of sorts, and he told her not to act like he shouldn't worry, since he knew what was up. Dylan recalled that her hands had been shaking and that her speech had been slurred, and he concluded that she had been experiencing symptoms of a multiple sclerosis flareup. Nikki blamed it on a new medication, and Dylan offered to go to the doctor with her, but she assured him that everything was under control.

Dylan stressed that a medical condition was nothing to be ashamed of, and Nikki appreciated his concern, but she griped that she hated being known as "the woman with the condition." She fretted that she felt like a burden, but Dylan swore that he and the rest of her family didn't feel that way, and he encouraged her to ask for help if she needed it. He offered her some tea, but she suddenly said that she had to go and rushed past Paul on her way out.

Dylan imagined that Paul wasn't there for coffee and a doughnut, and Paul asked Dylan if he'd made a call to Ian's life insurance company. Dylan denied it, and he defended that he didn't even know which company it was. Paul recalled that Dylan had mentioned that Ian had put Dylan in his will, so it wouldn't be a stretch if Ian had named Dylan as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Dylan maintained that he'd never take money from Ian, and Paul informed him that the call had been made from Avery's landline. Dylan realized that Paul suspected him of murder, but Paul countered that they didn't even know if Ian was dead, unless Dylan knew otherwise.

Later, Dylan said that he'd be right with Billy and Chelsea, who sat at a table and decided that they had good reason to be hungry. They kissed, and Dylan approached and sarcastically stated that the situation wasn't awkward. Chelsea admitted that she and Billy were on a date, and Dylan offered them some coffee. Billy ordered pie, and after Dylan walked away, Chelsea asked if it was possible to go anywhere without hurting people's feelings. She approached the counter and said she needed to talk to Dylan.

Chelsea recognized that the situation was weird, but she didn't want things to be uncomfortable, and Dylan replied that it was her life and that he meant it in a nice way. Dylan added that Billy and Chelsea should spend time together if that was what they wanted to do, and Chelsea marveled at his kindness. She apologized for hurting Dylan, and he said that he had plenty to feel bad about, too, like stealing Connor. Chelsea pointed out that Dylan had been doing great, since he had gotten help and was with the right person, and she was happy that he'd put the past behind him.

As Chelsea finished her pie, Billy teased that it was okay if she licked the plate. She replied that she was savoring hers rather than destroying it in five seconds like he had, and he crowed that he'd earned it. She agreed and looked around to see who else there might know them, since everyone knew how they'd met. Billy said that everyone had their own issues, and Chelsea asked if he could look at Johnny and still want to be with her. Billy called Johnny a gift, and he considered it a bonus that Connor was Johnny's biological half-brother. He assured Chelsea that there were a million reasons why he wanted to be with her, and he was determined to see it through. She declared that she was, too.

Nikki arrived at Victor's office and stared at the bottles of liquor on the table. Victoria asked whether Nikki was looking for Victor or trying to get away from him, and Nikki said that she was looking for Victoria. Nikki implored Victoria to be tolerant and open-minded, and she suggested that they throw a bridal shower for Sharon. Victoria quipped that she'd forgotten it was April Fools' Day, and Nikki conceded that she shared Victoria's opinion, but Nick loved Sharon. Nikki contended that a shower would make Nick happy, and Victoria begrudgingly offered to put together a guest list.

Victoria cried out in pain when she stood up, and Nikki became concerned, but Victoria explained that she'd twisted her ankle, although Stitch had said she didn't need to go to the hospital. She continued that she'd been in the park when she'd injured herself, and she'd ended up meeting Stitch's mom. Nikki flashed back to sharing drinks with Maureen in Maureen's hotel room, and she covered by asking what Stitch's mother was like. Victoria said that Maureen had been very pleasant, but she was almost embarrassed to relay what Maureen had said.

Victoria disclosed that Maureen had given her a hard sell about what a wonderful father Stitch was, and she'd reacted by taking off. Nikki wondered if Victoria had second thoughts about Stitch, and Victoria swore she didn't, but she had actually been relieved by Maureen's presence because Stitch had wanted to make another confession. Victoria speculated that he was a serial murderer, even though his mom had declared that he was loving and loyal, and Nikki pointed out that she would forgive her children for anything. Nikki added that people sometimes hurt one another unintentionally, but in the end, forgiveness and acceptance were what held all families together.

Nikki advised Victoria to keep Stitch and his mother at a distance, and Victoria wished she could do the same with Billy. Nikki asked if Billy was still trying to get back together, and Victoria grumbled that he was spending time with Chelsea, despite everything Chelsea had put them through. Victoria added that she'd also seen Stitch with Abby, and she knew that she shouldn't be upset that they were working together, but it made her wonder if she'd made a mistake by pushing both men away.

Nikki sympathized that loneliness was painful, especially during a pregnancy, and she asked if Victoria wanted a specific man by her side. Victoria said that she didn't know, and Nikki opined that Victoria had done the right thing by forging ahead on her own, but she assured Victoria that she wasn't in it alone. The women hugged, and Nikki's phone rang, but she said it wasn't important. Victoria said that she had a conference call in a minute, and Nikki answered a call from Maureen, who said that she needed a friend and asked to meet for a drink.

Nikki told Maureen that she was on her way, she fibbed to Victoria that she had a charity meeting. Victoria thought it sounded better than a bridal shower, and Nikki told her to take care of her ankle, since most things healed -- even wounded hearts.

At the police station, Detective Harding informed Christine that there was no forensics record of testing any muddy boots. Harding noted that someone could have screwed up while delivering the evidence, and he offered to double-check, but Christine told him not to bother. Paul returned, and Christine confronted him about why he'd never mentioned Dylan's muddy boots. He tried to steer her into his office, but she accused him of concealing evidence from her.

Christine demanded to know about the mud on the boots and why Michael had known about it when she hadn't. Paul urged her to calm down, and she picked up Ian's file from his desk. He protested that it wasn't complete, but she became irate when she read about the phone call to the insurance company. Christine blasted that Paul had kept that from her, too.

Paul defended that he didn't share all the details with the D.A.'s office at that stage of an investigation, but Christine countered that it wasn't like every other case. Harding entered with an update on Ian's case, and he said that there had been no sign of Ian and that no one had been nosing around. Harding recommended that they stop looking for a man who was evading arrest and start looking for his killer.

Avery arrived at the coffeehouse, and she called Dylan to find out where he was. Meanwhile, at Avery's apartment, Dylan frantically packed a duffel bag.

Friday, September 26, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Neil talked to Hilary about a change of scenery being a nice thing, and she flashed back to making love with Devon. Devon approached, and Neil said that it was perfect timing. Neil explained that he'd heard through the grapevine that Jack had offered Hilary the opportunity to represent Jabot at a convention in New York, but she hadn't shared the news with Neil, and Hilary stated that she wasn't going. A clearly rattled Hilary said that there would be other trips and opportunities, but Neil implored her to take a break from being his caretaker for both of their sakes. Neil requested Devon's help to get through to her.

Hilary objected to discussing the matter in front of Devon, but Neil asked Devon to throw some "Malcolm honesty" at her. Devon reasoned that it was just a business trip, and Neil added that it was a chance for Hilary to focus on herself and her own needs. A rattled Hilary excused herself to make a call, and Neil encouraged Devon to go after her and make her understand. Devon found Hilary in the foyer, and she apologetically informed him that Neil had insisted they go to the club. Devon said that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her after what had happened, and she countered that it was more reason to avoid one another. Devon asked if that was what she really wanted.

Devon thought that Hilary sounded like she regretted being with him, and she replied that she was married to his father. She questioned how she was supposed to sit with Neil and Devon and talk about business trips, and Devon said that he loved his father, but he asserted that loving her wasn't wrong. He wished he'd stopped Neil and Hilary's wedding when he'd had the chance, and he said that he couldn't imagine his life without her. Hilary admitted that she felt the same way, but she didn't see how she could live like that. Neil made his way up the stairs with his cane, and he asked if Devon had convinced Hilary to go to the convention. Devon said that he'd tried, and Hilary blurted out, "I can't do this."

Neil asked if Hilary meant that she couldn't fill in for Jack at the convention, and she refused to leave Neil. Neil said that it had taken some time and tough love for him to accept reality and to move on with his life, and he thought that Hilary should do the same. Neil continued that she couldn't put her life on hold for him or hold him back, and he understood that she wanted to protect him, but she didn't have to. He assured her that a trip to New York didn't mean that she was abandoning him, and she stared at Devon and agreed to go on one condition.

Hilary said she'd only leave town if Neil promised they'd talk every night, and she told him not to use her absence as an excuse to do anything extreme. He assured her that his mind was in a different place than when he'd asked her to divorce him, and Devon cried out in surprise. Neil explained that he'd been adamant that Hilary live her own life and not be saddled with a man who couldn't see her beautiful face, but she had told him that she loved him too much to walk away. Neil thought that the trip would only make him and Hilary closer, and she locked eyes with Devon and said that Neil was right. After Hilary left to pack and Devon headed upstairs, Neil called Jack and thanked him for arranging Hilary's trip to New York.

In Sweden, Victor prepared to meet with Dr. Jorgensen, and he spoke on the phone with Dr. Cutler, who was surprised Victor had flown to Stockholm. Victor explained that it was a personal matter, and he had to find out if Faith was his son's daughter. Victor asked about Phyllis' condition, and Dr. Cutler replied that nothing had changed since they had last spoken. Victor reiterated that Phyllis might be the only one to confirm that his son had been deceived, but Dr. Cutler pointed out that the DNA test could prove it, too. Victor announced his plans to fly directly to the clinic after he got the DNA test results.

Victor met with Dr. Jorgensen about confirming Faith's paternity, and he explained that the doctor had been highly recommended because of his skill and discretion. Victor presented Dr. Jorgensen with the hairbrush and champagne glass for testing, and the doctor said that he would be able to get a definitive answer. Victor remarked that lives depended on the outcome, and he said that he needed the results as soon as possible. The doctor explained that his caliber of work took time, and Victor noted that he was paying considerable money for efficient, reliable results.

Nick and Noah played catch with a football in the park, and Noah asked if Nick was able to relax with the wedding approaching. Nick said that he wasn't worried at all, and Noah commented that Nick was the first groom in history who wasn't stressed. Nick declared that he had all he wanted and that he couldn't be happier, but Noah thought he heard a defensive note in Nick's voice. Nick denied it at first, but he eventually admitted that something seemed to be going on with Sharon.

Nick recalled that it had been his idea to get married, and Sharon had said no at first, but he had been sure that it was the right thing for both of them. He recounted that she'd been happy when he'd proposed, but it had been just the two of them in a private bubble, and she had been anxious ever since. Nick noted that Sharon had been all over the map emotionally, and Noah wondered if it had to do with her bipolar disorder. Nick worried that he'd pushed for too much too soon, since she'd been in terrible shape not long before, but he thought that she deserved to be happy. Noah asked what was best for Nick.

Nick said that he wanted a life with Sharon, and the idea of reuniting their family made him happy. Noah pointed out that it had been only a year since Avery had left Nick at the altar, and Nick recognized that Noah had been concerned about Sharon after Nick and Avery's engagement had fallen apart. Nick urged Noah to live his own life rather than worry about his parents, and he was determined to enjoy the time leading up to the wedding. Noah advised Nick to be straight with himself, and if Nick had any reservations, he could push the wedding date back. Noah added that Nick and Sharon had known one another for a lifetime and that they had been married before, so there was no rush.

In the park, Mariah ran into Avery, who asked if she had a minute. Mariah groused that she was supposed to be trying on "princess clothes," so she had had time, and Avery mentioned the annulment. Avery confirmed that the fact that Mariah had signed the marriage license while incapacitated was enough to nullify the union, but since no one could find Ian, it was best to publish a notice in three newspapers in order to secure an annulment. Mariah said the sooner the better, but Avery noticed her expression and asked if she was okay. Mariah confided that she felt stuck in Genoa City.

Faith begged Sharon to let her try on her dress for the wedding, but Sharon wanted to wait for Mariah. Summer was skeptical that Mariah would show up, but Sharon was sure that everything would be fine. Faith forlornly picked up her magic wand, and Sharon assured her that she didn't need to chase away any bad luck. Sharon asked why Faith was worried, and Faith replied that they'd both wanted that day for a long time. Faith hugged Sharon, who looked concerned.

Sharon was certain that Mariah was on her way, and Faith wanted to send Mariah a text message, but Sharon didn't want to badger Mariah. Sharon suggested that they put together wedding favors, and she showed Faith what to do. Summer huffed that it was rude for Mariah to keep them waiting, and Mariah breezed in. Sharon thanked Mariah for being there, and Summer coldly said it was nice of Mariah to show up. Faith ran upstairs to try on her dress, and Sharon proclaimed that a girl needed to accessorize. Sharon handed Mariah a jewelry box with a silver bracelet inside, but Mariah called it a bribe and refused to take it. Summer glared at Mariah.

Mariah argued that she owed Sharon too much already, but Summer countered that it was tradition for a bride to give her attendants gifts. Mariah said that the only wedding she'd attended had been against her will, and Sharon put the bracelet away and hoped that Mariah would change her mind. Sharon presented Summer with a similar gift, and she went to check on Faith. Summer ranted that Sharon had already been upset by Mariah's late arrival, and she questioned why Mariah was determined to spoil the wedding. Mariah grumbled that she couldn't win, since if she'd accepted the bracelet, Summer would have labeled her an opportunist.

Summer accused Mariah of being mean, and she pointed out that Mariah could have just thanked Sharon and not made it about the money. Mariah said that Summer was accustomed to having money, and she suggested that Summer ask Austin how it felt to be on the receiving end of expensive gifts. Mariah watched Summer squirm, and she remarked that it looked like the couple had had the conversation already. Faith excitedly ran in with the new necklace Sharon had just given her, and Summer showed Faith the gold clutch purse she intended to carry at the wedding, explaining that the bag was her mom's.

Later, Sharon opened her eyes, and her three bridesmaids stood before her in their dresses. Sharon gushed that they were breathtaking, and Faith chirped that she had two sisters, just like she'd always wanted. Sharon became choked up, but she assured Faith that they were happy tears. Sharon said that all three girls were precious to her, and she was glad they'd be part of her wedding. Mariah went to get ready for work, and Summer told Sharon that she was thrilled to be part of the wedding, especially after everything Sharon had done for her since Phyllis' accident. Summer left to get changed, and a stricken Sharon spotted the gold clutch and asked how it had gotten there. Faith reported that Summer had said it was Phyllis'.

Nick returned home, and Faith showed off her dress. She asked if it was bad luck for him to see her, but Sharon clarified that the tradition was only for the groom not to see the bride's dress. Nick proclaimed that they'd have nothing but good luck from then on, and Sharon instructed Faith to get her play clothes on. Faith ran upstairs, and Sharon marveled that the girls had been beautiful in their dresses, but she had been too overwhelmed to think about taking a photo.

Sharon relayed Faith's remark that she had the sisters she'd always wanted. A surly Mariah entered and called Faith's comment surreal, and she said that she'd see Nick at the bar as she walked out. Nick guessed that Mariah hadn't been enthusiastic, but Sharon insisted everything would be fine. Nick contended that it was supposed to be a celebration of love, and he pointedly noted that they could do it whenever they wanted. Sharon questioned what he was saying, and he implied that they needed more time, but she refused to wait.

Sharon pleaded with Nick not to postpone the wedding, and she claimed she couldn't handle it if he did. Nick observed that she was very emotional, and he asked if Mariah's attitude had gotten to her. Sharon said that it was something else, and she picked up the clutch and explained that it was a bag of Phyllis' that Summer intended to carry at wedding. Sharon informed him that something was wrong.

At the police station, Christine admonished Paul for not telling her about Dylan's muddy boots or the phone call to the insurance company, and Paul said that she was speculating. She argued that she had read the case file and hadn't liked what she'd seen, but Paul countered that there was no evidence that Dylan had made the call. Christine pointed out that the case had turned into a murder investigation, and she urged Paul to stop thinking like a father and to start thinking like a cop.

Christine conceded that she wasn't a parent, and she understood that Paul had already gone through a painful experience with another son, but she demanded the same honesty Paul expected from her. Christine suspected that the mud on the boots had been from the same area as the victim's belongings, but Paul defended that Dylan would never accept a dime from Ian. Christine suggested that perhaps Dylan was telling the truth as he knew it, but given his history with posttraumatic stress, he could have gone into a rage and not remembered it. She warned that Paul might be compromising himself. Paul rubbed his temples in frustration and promised that he'd handle it. Christine hugged him tightly.

Over the phone, Christine informed someone that the chief of police would make a statement later that day, and she hung up. Avery appeared in the doorway, and she asked if the police had found Ian. Christine vaguely stated that it was an ongoing investigation, but she liked and respected Avery, and Avery said that she didn't want to put Christine in an awkward position. Avery remarked that a lot of damage had been done, and she was relieved that the ordeal might soon be over.

Dylan packed a bag, but he paused when he found the photo of Avery that he'd carried in combat. Dylan left a note for Avery, and he grabbed his bag and headed to the door, but he found Paul there. Paul asked if Dylan was going somewhere, and Dylan said that he had personal business to take care of, but Paul pressed for details. Dylan queried whether Paul was there for a reason, and Paul replied that he was a concerned father who was interested in what was going on with his son.

Dylan admitted that he'd been having a rough time lately, so he'd reached out to the Veterans Administration, but Paul said that the timing of Dylan's departure was complicated. Dylan asked if he was a suspect, and Paul noted that it looked suspicious that Dylan was leaving on the heels of Ian's disappearance. Dylan recalled that he'd asked earlier if Paul thought Dylan had killed Ian, and he'd just gotten his answer. Paul revealed that the investigation had changed, since Ian was presumed dead, and he confirmed that Dylan was a suspect. Dylan inquired whether Paul was there to arrest him.

Paul wished that Dylan trusted him, and he didn't want to believe that Dylan was guilty, but Dylan had only told him half-truths. Paul said that he had taken Dylan at his word and had done all he could to protect Dylan, but Dylan had made it impossible. Paul confessed that he was afraid he'd lose another son, and Dylan ordered Paul to stop comparing him to Ricky. Paul confided that he had loved Ricky but hadn't been able to reach him, and he was scared it was about to happen all over again, but he thought he had a chance with Dylan that he'd never had with Ricky. Dylan implored Paul to look in his eyes and see that he hadn't murdered anyone.

Dylan surmised that Paul was there to arrest him, and Paul said that it was true as he ignored a call from Christine. Christine left a message to inform Paul that she'd managed the press, but the situation needed to be handled carefully. Paul explained that he'd been getting too much heat to protect Dylan any longer, and he needed to know what had happened to Ian. Dylan offered to help.

Summer got coffee at Crimson Lights, and Avery asked if she'd seen Dylan, since Avery hadn't been able to get in touch with him. Summer mentioned that Austin was always forgetting to recharge his phone, and Avery noted that Summer seemed more happy than exasperated. Avery added that it would do Phyllis' heart good to see Summer content, and Summer mentioned that she'd postponed her trip, since Sharon had asked her to be a bridesmaid. Avery remembered that Summer had agreed to be her maid of honor when Avery had been engaged to Nick, and Summer marveled at how much had changed.

Summer grumbled that Mariah was going out of her way to be cruel to Sharon, but Mariah had no idea how lucky she had it. Avery sympathized that Summer missed Phyllis, and Summer wished she could pound some gratitude into Mariah to keep her from ruining the wedding, since Sharon was overdue for some happiness. Avery wondered how Phyllis would have felt about Nick and Sharon's wedding, and the women chuckled as they imagined Phyllis' negative reaction.

A man greeted Phyllis when she woke up in the passenger seat of his truck, and he informed her that he was close to the end of his line -- Genoa City. She repeated the town's name and smiled. The driver noticed Phyllis rubbing her head, and he offered to drop her off at a hospital, but she vehemently protested. The trucker wondered what had happened to Phyllis to cause her to flag down a ride in the middle of nowhere, and he asked if she'd been mugged. She muttered that it didn't matter, and she flashed back to hearing Summer begging her to return to Summer and Jack.

The trucker asked if Phyllis was a nurse, and he realized that she'd never said where she was headed. She remembered Summer pleading with her to find a way home. Later, Phyllis waved goodbye to the trucker as she stood by a sign that welcomed her to Genoa City.

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