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Neil's surprise visit interrupted Devon and Hilary's tryst in New York. Chloe returned to town for the anniversary of Delia's death, but she kept her pregnancy a secret. Billy told Chelsea that he loved her. Ian contacted Nikki.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 13, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, October 13, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Chelsea asked Billy why he'd suddenly left her penthouse. Billy said he was unable to accept Chelsea's decision to live in her dead husband's penthouse and sleep in his bed. Chelsea explained that she kept Adam's memory alive for Connor because the child deserved to know who his father was. Billy, spitefully sarcastic, replied, "I'd be happy enough to enlighten the kid when he's old enough to understand." Chelsea said she understood that Billy hated Adam, but when she asked him to explain his abrupt disappearance, Billy said she'd muttered Adam's name in her sleep.

Chelsea defended herself, noting that she'd remained supportive to Billy even though he often lamented his breakup with Victoria. Chelsea asked Billy how he would react if Connor grew up to look like Adam. Billy replied, "I just don't know why you still love Adam." Chelsea said that although she hated what Adam had done, she "didn't stop loving him after he died." Chelsea told Billy that she didn't understand why her feelings about Adam mattered. Billy explained that every time he thought about Delia, it weighed heavily on his mind that his daughter's death was Adam's fault.

Chelsea scoffed at Billy's claim that a dream had forced him to end their relationship. She called him a coward. Chelsea told Billy that he'd been searching for a reason to bail out of their relationship. She added that he would leave, anyway, after Victoria had her baby. Chelsea added, "You're still hung up on Victoria." As Chelsea headed toward the door, Billy stopped her and said, "You're right! I am a coward." Billy kissed Chelsea and said he didn't want to lose her. The couple kissed.

In her office at Newman-Chancellor, Abby stopped by to visit with Victoria. Abby insisted that Billy cared deeply for Victoria. Abby supported her claim by recalling how quickly Billy had rushed to the hospital when Victoria had experienced false labor. Victoria noted that Billy was enamored with Chelsea. Victoria added that panic was what had prompted Billy to rush to the hospital because he feared losing another child.

Abby asked Victoria if she ever thought about how different it would have been had Delia not died. Victoria smiled and said that Delia would be home playing with Johnny. Abby added, "And Billy would still be with you, looking forward to the birth of your baby. There would be no Chelsea to complicate things." Victoria recalled that she and Billy had had marital problems long before Delia had died. She added that Billy had pushed her out of their relationship before he'd had an affair with Kelly.

After Abby left, Victoria sat in a chair and seemed lost in thought. Victoria gently stroked and caressed her abdomen. Talking aloud to her unborn child, Victoria promised her baby a good life. She cooed to her baby and vowed that it wouldn't matter who was the father. Smiling, Victoria promised that her baby would be loved.

At the hospital, Phyllis told Jack that she'd heard his marriage proposal while she'd been comatose. Jack was taken aback when Phyllis said she wanted to get married. Jack asked about the engagement ring. Phyllis explained that she'd needed cash, so she'd pawned the ring. Jack said that Phyllis should have contacted him instead of leaving the clinic on her own. Phyllis explained that her only goal had been getting back home to Jack and Summer.

Michael arrived and embraced Phyllis. After Jack stepped out, Michael and Phyllis chatted about what had transpired during her absence. Phyllis was puzzled by Michael's cool reaction to the news of her engagement to Jack. Michael claimed that he was just surprised to once again see Phyllis awake and talking. Phyllis was pleased when Michael told her that Fen had chosen a college in Arizona and eventually planned to earn a law degree. Michael added that he and Lauren were enjoying being empty nesters.

While Michael visited with Phyllis, he received a phone call. Michael didn't answer when he saw that the call was from Dr. Botnik. Michael quickly pocketed his phone and assured Phyllis that the call could wait. Michael queried Phyllis about how it felt to awaken after having been unconscious for a year. Phyllis seemed angry when she noted that a year of her life had been stolen. Phyllis added that she intended to piece together the life she'd had before her accident.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane and Lily sat with Neil in the dining room. Lily mentioned that Devon was away. Cane quickly added that Devon was at an antique car show in California. Lily mentioned that Devon was dating a mystery woman. Cane became edgy when Lily began talking about the woman in Devon's life.

Changing the subject, Neil said he was considering fixing up the house he'd bought for Hilary. Lily was against the idea. Lily noted that Neil had almost died in the house. Neil admitted that Hilary had put up with his craziness, including his attempts to push her away. Neil said he'd even urged Hilary to divorce him. Neil said he was thankful Hilary had stuck by him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Kelly told Ben that Jack's fiancée had awakened from a coma and returned to Genoa City. Kelly blamed herself for having fallen for Jack too quickly. Citing his own romantic misfortune, Ben said that Victoria had fallen for him on the rebound. Kelly said Ben might be able to reconcile with Victoria if her unborn child was his. Ben was unconvinced.

Kelly said, "People are bonded by their children. Phyllis and Jack share a daughter. Victoria and Billy share a son." Ben told Kelly that Victoria would always love Billy. Kelly sighed and said, "Where does that leave us? We don't stand a chance."

After Ben left, Lily sat at the bar with Kelly and suggested she take some time off. As Kelly lifted a martini glass to her lips, she claimed that she was all right. Kelly admitted that the drink was a dose of "liquid courage." Kelly added that Jack had arranged to meet with her to talk. Lily said, "I know that Jack and Phyllis have a history, but he's with you now." Lily assured Kelly that Jack's desire to have a talk was a good thing. Lily said she wanted her friends and loved ones to be happy and admitted she was even willing to accept Hilary as long as she made Neil happy.

Abby entered Jack's office at Jabot and found Ben already hard at work. Ben asked Abby if she'd ordered the additional equipment needed for the lab. Abby noted that she'd been busy with Victoria as her birthing coach. Ben sprang from his chair and asked about Victoria's condition. Abby explained that Victoria had visited the hospital because she'd experienced false labor.

Ben seemed distressed. Abby said, "Don't worry. Billy came to calm her down." Ben showed his disdain about Abby's decision to summon Billy. Ben pointed out that he could very well prove to be the baby's father. Abby insisted that no matter who had fathered the child, Billy would soon be reconciled with Victoria. Angry, Ben left. Abby grinned defiantly.

Jack was surprised to find Abby in his office. She said she'd hoped to wrap up a completed project with department heads, but Ben had hurried out. After Abby left, Jack retrieved a blue ring box from a paper bag. He opened the box and removed Phyllis' engagement ring. Jack admired the ring before sitting it on his desk when his phone rang.

Kelly entered Jack's office and smiled when she spied the ring lying on Jack's desk. After Jack ended his call, he tried to explain why a ring was sitting on his desk. Kelly interrupted and said that it meant a lot to know that Jack still loved her. Kelly added, "We don't have to rush into marriage, though." Kelly seemed crushed when she discovered that the ring wasn't meant for her. Before she ran out of Jack's office, Kelly told Jack that she hoped he and Phyllis would be very happy. After Kelly left, Jack seemed distraught.

Victoria was surprised when Ben arrived at her office. He blurted out that Victoria shouldn't leave him out of the loop. Victoria replied, "I have no intention of keeping you away from the baby if you're the father." Ben said that he'd hired a lawyer because he intended to play a role in the baby's life. Ben added that Victoria could be on her own if she wanted, though he intended to be a hands-on father. Victoria cried that maybe she didn't want to be on her own. She pulled Ben close and kissed him.

While Cane and Neil sipped coffee at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane asked Neil if he'd truly enjoyed himself at Nick's bachelor party. Neil laughed and noted that it was the first time since he'd lost his sight that he'd been treated like everyone else. Neil boasted about having been thrown in jail like everyone else after getting involved in a brawl. Thinking about the difficulties he'd endured, Neil praised Hilary for being a strong-willed woman. Neil added that if Hilary wasn't such a strong person, she might have divorced him.

Devon showed up at Hilary's hotel room in New York. He admitted that his arms ached from her absence. Hilary cried that she couldn't hurt Neil. Devon insisted that his life didn't make sense without Hilary in it. Devon told Hilary that he loved her. Hilary remained reluctant and vowed to stick by Neil. Devon requested one last kiss. The couple began kissing and stretched out together in the bed after Devon disrobed Hilary.

After Devon and Hilary made love, Devon urged her to leave Neil. Devon added, "My dad wouldn't want you to stay with him out of pity. Didn't he make that clear to you? He doesn't want you to live out your life as his caregiver." Hilary insisted that Neil wasn't a burden to her because he was steadily regaining his independence. Devon said that he and Hilary should show their respect for Neil by being honest and telling him the truth. Hilary cried, "It would kill Neil if I left him for his son."

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Billy smiled at a photo of himself and Delia on Victoria's mantel, and Victoria asked if he was all right. He recounted the perfect morning they'd had a year before, when Delia had been excited about being in her school play, and she'd recited her lines over and over while cackling like a witch. Billy remarked that the house seemed quiet, and Victoria explained that she'd asked her mom to watch Johnny to make it easier for Billy. Billy thought it had been sweet that Delia's school principal had dedicated a garden to Delia, and he'd pictured Delia jumping in to play with the other kids. Billy said he'd give anything to talk to Delia one more time and to hold her hand, and Victoria handed him an envelope and said that it was from Delia.

Victoria explained that she didn't know what was inside, but Delia's teacher had thought they'd like to have it. Billy opened the envelope and pulled out a school assignment, and Victoria recognized it as one of the best things Delia had ever done in class -- a composition entitled "What I Know for Sure." Delia had written that it was fun to dress up and that chocolate cake with pink frosting was the best kind. The list said that there were never enough animals or tea parties, and Delia's daddy had always made her laugh. Victoria cried as she read aloud that Delia had known for sure that her family had loved her, and whenever she'd been scared or sad, remembering that love had made her smile.

Victoria said that they didn't need to finish reading it, and Billy suggested that they save it for another day. She wondered if she'd been wrong to give it to him, but he assured her it had been perfect, and he started to head out. Victoria told him to let her know if he needed anything, and Billy said that he was sorry for how he'd handled everything over the prior year, since he'd done it all wrong. Through tears, Victoria remarked that the day would soon be over, and another year would begin. She added that he didn't owe her any more apologies, and Billy exited. He saw Delia once he was outside, and he asked what she was doing there. "I've come to help you, Daddy," Delia replied.

Esther and Jill walked through Chancellor Park after they'd visited the cemetery, and Esther rambled on about the nice job the caretaker had done with keeping the grass green. Esther declared that she knew Delia was smiling out there, and she thought that Delia would have loved the pony Esther had left for her, since Pinkerton had been Delia's best friend. Jill barked that the stuffed animal had been underground for over a year, so it had probably disintegrated, but she immediately apologized, and the women hugged and cried together.

Esther said that there was nothing like a good cry, and she asked if Jill was going to spend time with Billy. Jill said that she was about to leave for the Abbott house, and Esther disclosed that she'd left a message for Chloe, who had turned down Esther's offer to go to California. Jill pointed out that Chloe had great doctors, and Esther was relieved that Chloe had finally accepted help. Jill mused that nothing in life was the same after losing a child.

At the penthouse, Chelsea arranged for something to be delivered as soon as possible that day, and as she softly touched Connor's head, she requested that the card say, "She'll never be forgotten." Chelsea told Connor that Delia had given joy to everyone she'd known, and Delia's parents had had such big hearts that they'd decided to share a part of Delia with Connor.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack made a call as Abby and Traci looked on, and he reported that he'd gotten voicemail again. Traci surmised that Billy probably had his phone turned off, and Abby worried that he shouldn't be alone. Traci knowingly stated that there was no escaping what the day was, and Abby couldn't believe it had been a year since Delia had died. Traci recalled that on the first anniversary of Colleen's death, she'd felt like she'd been reliving every single detail of Colleen's last day. Traci added that some details had slipped away over time, but she didn't know whether the pain of remembering or the fear of forgetting was worse.

The Abbotts turned around anxiously when someone entered the front door, and they were surprised to see Ashley. Jack said that Billy would be glad Ashley was there, and she replied that Billy wasn't the only person who needed her. Ashley said that she'd been stunned by Phyllis' return, and Abby quipped that it had been a miracle for everyone except Kelly. Traci mentioned that Jack hadn't told Phyllis about Kelly yet, and Jack reported that Phyllis wanted to pick up where they'd left off, but he was still sorting through things. Jack insisted that the day wasn't about him, and he suggested that they focus on getting Billy through it.

Jill arrived at the mansion, and she wanted to start calling around to try to find Billy. Jack said that there was no reason to panic yet, and Traci added that she was sure Billy would be home any minute. Jill announced that some news she had hoped to share had happened, and Jack smiled. As Billy hovered outside the door, Delia asked why he was nervous. Billy explained that he just didn't want everyone making a fuss, and Delia reminded him that he'd always told her that his family kept him strong.

Jill started to call Victoria, but she hung up and rushed over to hug Billy when he walked in. Abby asked where he'd been, and Billy claimed that the ceremony at the school had lasted longer than he'd expected. Traci mentioned that he'd received some beautiful flowers, and Billy started to head upstairs to change clothes, but Jill said that she had news to share first. Jack revealed that he and Jill had been shepherding a program to add to the Delia Project, and they'd reached their goal, thanks to Victor and Nikki. Jill explained that it was a children's theater to allow kids from all walks of life to become stars, and Billy thought that Delia would have loved it.

Billy said that he'd stared at the ceiling the prior night with memories of Delia in his head, and he'd dreaded the sunrise, but it had happened. He added that the world hadn't ended, and he had gotten up and had made it through the school ceremony. Traci said that there was no right or wrong way to get through the day, and she advised him to take it for what it was and to be kind to himself. Billy declared that he wanted Delia to be proud of him, and he'd felt like she'd been with him all day. He continued that he wanted to be the kind of man she'd believed he could be, and he presented his family with her composition.

After Billy left, Jill said that Delia had been wise beyond her years, and Jack added that it felt as if Delia were looking over them. Ashley wondered what the future had in store for Billy, and Abby anticipated that he would get back together with Victoria. Traci remarked that Chelsea would have something to say about it, and Jill called Chelsea a fling who wasn't in the same league as Victoria. Jack defended that there was more to Chelsea than they thought, and Ashley insisted that they not argue. Jack said that Chelsea had been there for Billy, and he wanted Billy to be with whoever was best for him.

Jill asked Jack to make copies of the composition for her and Esther, and Jack remarked that they all could learn something from Delia. Jill asked about Jack and his choice between Kelly and Phyllis, and Jack reiterated that he didn't want to talk about it that day, but he wasn't out to hurt anyone. Jill counseled that someone always got hurt, and the longer it took, the worse it would be. Meanwhile, Traci asked how long it would be before Ashley headed back to New York, and Ashley announced that she'd bought a one-way ticket, so she was home for good. Ashley declared that the Abbotts were back together again, and they shared a family hug.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly reprimanded an employee for his sloppy work, and Stitch asked if she was having a tough day. She griped that people needed to learn to do their jobs, and Stitch pointed out that it wasn't like her to yell at her staff. She argued that she was responsible for a lot of moving parts, but Stitch concluded that the situation with Jack was bothering her, and she admitted Jack was on her mind. She mentioned that it was the first anniversary of Delia's death, and Stitch figured that had been why his last encounter with Victoria had been more confusing than usual. He contemplated stopping by to see how Victoria was doing, but Kelly thought both she and Stitch should keep their distance.

Later, Victoria arrived at the club and asked for a minute with Kelly, who was surprised to see her, especially on that particular day. Victoria said that the day had caused a lot of memories to surface, but she'd also realized that she'd needed to talk to Kelly. A hesitant Kelly reasoned that emotions ran high on anniversaries, and she suggested that another day would be better, but Victoria was adamant that it was exactly the right time. Victoria explained that she'd tried to look for a way to honor Delia that day, and she'd had a thought when she'd read a composition that Delia had written in school. Victoria continued that it had been almost as if Delia had shaken her and told her to stop wasting her life being angry and frustrated, since life was too short, and they'd all suffered enough. Stitch returned and overheard Victoria say that they should all let the anger go.

Kelly said that Victoria's willingness to put everything behind them meant a lot to her, and Victoria replied that they'd never be friends, but they might end up being family, so she didn't want there to be any lingering negativity with a baby on the way. Kelly thanked her, and she remarked that it was nice to have an extra burden off her plate. Victoria mentioned that she'd heard Phyllis was back, and Kelly said that her life wasn't short on complications. Stitch approached and greeted Victoria, and Kelly headed back to work.

Stitch said that he'd overheard what Victoria had said, and he acknowledged that making peace hadn't been easy. Victoria stated that it was easier than living in the past, and he asked if the kiss had been her way of moving forward or saying goodbye. Victoria admitted that she'd been giving him mixed signals, and she recognized that she shouldn't do that to him anymore. Stitch asked what Victoria was saying, and she admitted that she cared about him. She said that she might not be there yet, but she really wanted to forgive him. He happily called it a start, and they exchanged a smile.

Delia's roadside memorial was covered with flowers, stuffed animals, and heartfelt notes. A shadowy figure approached a framed photo of Delia, and Chloe picked up the picture and said that she hadn't been able to stay away that day. Chloe said that she'd had to let Delia know that she'd always remember, and she thought about Delia every second of every day. Chloe imagined Delia's eyes twinkling when she'd giggled, and she marveled at the memory of her daughter's laugh. Chloe stated that Delia had had the biggest heart of anyone she'd ever known, and Delia had been wiser than everyone else, too.

Chloe called Delia her "little old soul" who had been worried about her mommy, but she wanted Delia to rest easy because Chloe would be okay. Kevin called out to Chloe, and he approached to embrace her, but she backed away. Kevin apologized and awkwardly said that it was great to see Chloe, and they exchanged small talk about how they were both doing well. He asked if she was staying with Esther, but Chloe clarified that she wasn't staying, since she'd only obtained a 24-hour pass, and she'd just wanted to slip in and out without anyone knowing.

Kevin agreed to keep Chloe's visit under wraps, and she said that she'd half-expected to find everything gone. Kevin explained that people hadn't forgotten, and Delia's memorial had grown even bigger. Chloe noted that Delia had had that effect on people, and she acknowledged that Delia had loved Kevin very much. Kevin added that Delia had loved the two of them together, and he wondered if running into one another there hadn't been a coincidence. Chloe conceded that he could be right, since Delia wouldn't have liked the way Chloe had treated him, and she thought there were some things he deserved to hear.

Chloe said that she wanted Kevin to know that he couldn't have been more supportive after Delia's death, and no one had fought harder for her to get well, even though she'd lashed out at him. She hated that she'd done that, and she understood that he'd just been trying to make sure she'd been okay, but she'd needed professional help away from there. She continued that it would have made things worse if he'd gone with her, since she would have resented him. Chloe admitted that she loved Kevin but not in the way he wanted, and he recalled that she'd led him to believe that there had still been a chance for them before she'd boarded the plane. Chloe cried that she should have told him then, but she hadn't wanted to disappoint him, and she hadn't known how to deal with it.

Kevin questioned why Chloe hadn't called to tell him not to hold out hope, and she reasoned that she hadn't wanted to have the conversation over the phone, but he had a feeling that there was another reason she'd been avoiding him. Kevin guessed that perhaps Chloe wasn't doing as well as she thought she was, since she'd been going on about having another baby with Billy to replace Delia before she'd left. Chloe asserted that she'd moved forward and that she was using her energy to heal, and she declared her intent to start over someplace else without him. Kevin incredulously asked if that was it after all they'd been through, and she replied that it had to be. Chloe swore that she hadn't meant to hurt him, but she had nothing left to give him. She picked up her purse and solemnly said goodbye, and he watched her walk away.

Later, Kevin typed on his computer that it was time to give in to what he'd become. Meanwhile, Chloe strolled through the park, and she said that she missed Delia, but the horrible emptiness would finally be filled. She opened her coat and touched her pregnant belly.

Billy stopped by the memorial site, and Delia said that she only wanted him to be happy. He said that he was working on it, and he suggested that they start by having happy thoughts for the rest of the day. Delia asked what he was planning to be for Halloween, and Billy replied that he hadn't given it much thought. They exchanged costume ideas, but Delia said that she just wanted to be his little girl. He reached out his hand, she took it, and they put their foreheads together. "Happy thoughts," she murmured.

Chelsea found Billy and asked if he was alone, and he replied that he'd been spending the day with an amazing little girl. Billy thanked Chelsea for the flowers, which he'd assumed had been from her, since he'd figured that she had stayed away because of Adam. She told him that it had been hard not to go to him, and she said that she was sorry. Billy proclaimed that she'd been an incredible friend over the past few months, and when he'd told her he wanted her in his life, it had been because he loved her. He pulled her into a kiss, and he said that he had to get out of there to work on a Halloween costume. Chelsea seemed confused, but Billy simply said, "Happy thoughts."

After Billy and Chelsea left, a man's shadow lingered over Delia's memorial. The man placed a single calla lily in front of Delia's photo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In the Athletic Club dining room, Neil reminded Cane that he wanted to do something special for Hilary. Joe Clark interrupted and said hello to Cane. After Cane introduced Neil and Joe, Joe told Cane that he needed a favor -- he needed a good attorney who could cut through red tape and get some deals done. Cane wrote down a number for "one of Wisconsin's finest legal minds" and handed it to Joe.

After Joe walked off, Neil told Cane that Neil's plan to atone for having pushed Hilary away was perfect. Cane, obviously privy to the plan, agreed. Neil asked if Cane knew a good wingman. Cane smiled and said that he just might. Lily joined the men and told Neil that his plan was a great idea -- Hilary would love the surprise. She admitted that she had been wrong about Hilary.

In Hilary's New York hotel room, Devon and Hilary were in bed, discussing how many "last kisses" they had shared. Hilary insisted that they had to stop seeing each other, but she was willing to make love one last time. Devon said that if it was going to be the last time, he needed to make it count. He began kissing Hilary passionately.

Later, Devon presented Hilary with a bouquet of roses so that he could "make it count." Devon, pointing to a dinner spread that room service had delivered, said that it was their first date, and he wanted to "do it right." Hilary reminded him that it might be their first date -- but it was also their last. Devon insisted that Hilary have no regrets about her relationship with him -- they were simply two people creating memories to look back upon and smile.

Devon told Hilary that the hotel room they were in was "magical" and could make the whole world disappear. He said that they could be anyone they wanted to be. They began role-playing, giving themselves new identities and acting as if they were meeting for the first time. They began slow dancing and continued their role fantasy.

Devon pulled away from Hilary and admitted that he wanted to have a life with her -- but he couldn't. Hilary said that soon they would return to the "real world," and they would have to forget about their feelings for each other. Devon said that he couldn't do that. Hilary replied, "We have to -- but not yet." She and Devon embraced and kissed.

Later, Hilary and Devon were once again making love, and there was a knock at the door. Outside the door stood Cane and Neil.

At a table in the Athletic Club dining room, Joe spoke to his associate on the phone, telling the associate that he was ready to move on the properties that he had discussed. He looked at the Walworth County's website on his tablet, focusing on Crimson Lights and its owner -- Dylan McAvoy. He told his associate that it wouldn't be long before it was a "done deal."

Lily walked over to Joe's table. He told her how great everything at the club had been -- but that didn't surprise him, because Cane was good at everything he did -- including managing the club. Joe wondered why Cane had left the corporate world to manage the club. Lily explained that Victor had taken over Chancellor Industries after Katherine had died. Victor had wanted Cane to stay with the company but Cane hadn't wanted to have to report to Victor.

Joe confessed to being a workaholic like Cane and told Lily that he had devoted many years to his career at the expense of his personal life. Lily said it seemed like Joe regretted that. He said that he was finished doing that. Lily assumed that Joe had a "special lady" waiting for him in Chicago, but Joe denied it, saying that he was single.

At the hospital, Phyllis was putting on lipstick as Jack watched. She mentioned that Summer had purchased a new makeup kit for her but was somewhat perplexed as to why Summer had purchased her a new wardrobe, since the clothes in her closet were just fine. Dr. Shelby entered the room and told Phyllis that as long as she took it easy, she could go home. Phyllis turned to Jack and said, "Take me home."

Jack, trying to stall Phyllis' hospital discharge, asked Dr. Shelby if he was sure that Phyllis could leave. Shelby insisted that all of Phyllis' test results were good. The doctor handed Phyllis her release papers to sign, and Jack said that he would call Summer to tell her that Phyllis was on her way to the Abbott mansion.

Phyllis finished signing her release papers and asked the doctor if she could go. Shelby said that although Phyllis was fine physically, he wondered how she was feeling emotionally. She admitted that she was confused -- she knew that she had fallen down a flight of stairs and hit her head, but she didn't remember what had led up to her fall. Shelby told Phyllis that she needed to be patient, and her memory would return. Phyllis said that patience was not her strong suit.

After leaving the room, Jack called Summer to inform her that Phyllis was being released and that he and her mother would be home in an hour. Summer said that she would meet them there. After he hung up, Jack looked as if he knew that trouble loomed ahead when Phyllis learned the truth about the events of the previous year.

After hanging up with Jack, Summer told Austin the good news. She felt that if Phyllis was well enough to leave the hospital, she was probably well enough to learn that Austin was Phyllis' son-in-law. Summer thought it important that Phyllis hear the news from Summer.

At the offices of Baldwin/Clark & Associates, Avery arrived carrying a large box with some files stacked on top. As she walked in, the files fell to the ground. Nick arrived, and helped her pick up the files. Avery asked Nick if he and Sharon had set a new wedding date but Nick informed her that the wedding was on hold indefinitely because of Phyllis.

Jack called Avery to let her know that Phyllis was about to leave the hospital and accompany him to the Abbott mansion. Nick caught the tail end of the conversation. Both he and Avery thought that Phyllis' return might cause problems. Avery admitted she was thrilled that Phyllis had awakened from her coma, but her return to Genoa City seemed somewhat abrupt. Nick said that he was happy for Phyllis and Summer, but he was concerned about Sharon. He told Avery that Sharon worried that Phyllis knew something that would break Nick and Sharon apart -- the "secret" that Sharon was supposedly keeping from Nick. Avery thought that Nick might be underestimating Sharon, saying that Sharon was a strong woman.

The office phone rang, and Avery was somewhat taken aback to see "Joe Clark" on the caller ID display. She told Nick that it was her ex-husband calling and didn't answer. Nick asked Avery why she didn't take Joe's call. She said that Joe was probably calling to say goodbye -- he was probably halfway to Chicago. Nick thought it weird that both his and Avery's exes had shown up in Genoa City at about the same time. They discussed Phyllis' grand entrance at Nick and Sharon's wedding. Nick said that Phyllis showing up at his wedding didn't make sense -- he thought that Jack would be the first person Phyllis would want to see.

Mulling it over, Avery said that Phyllis had probably known that walking into the church in a sexy outfit would ruin Nick and Sharon's wedding. Nick felt that gave some veracity to Sharon's fear that Phyllis knew something about Sharon's secret. Avery said that Phyllis claimed not to know anything about the secret, adding that Phyllis needed to accept that Nick and Sharon had reconciled.

Nick asked Avery when she had become "Team Sharon." Avery smiled and said that she was "Team Nick." Nick said that he needed to give Sharon time to think about setting another wedding date. Avery said that was the worst thing Nick could do.

Avery lectured Nick, reminding him that no one had made Sharon feel more insecure about Nick's love for her than Phyllis. She felt that delaying the wedding because of Phyllis' return would feed into Sharon's insecurities -- and that Nick should persuade Sharon to marry him as soon as possible. Nick thanked Avery for her advice and left. After he was gone, Avery stared at her phone's display: "Missed Call -- Joe Clark."

At the Athletic Club, Lily and Kelly ran into each other. Kelly said that her relationship with Jack was over, and she was planning to return to the Abbott mansion to get the rest of her belongings. Kelly related the story of how she had seen Phyllis' engagement ring in Jack's office and had thought that Jack was going to propose to Kelly. Kelly said that she had run out of the office, and later, Jack left her a voicemail, but she hadn't listened to it.

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly was in the living room, packing a few things into a tote bag. She stood up and stared at the picture of Phyllis on the mantelpiece as Summer and Austin walked in. Summer was surprised to see Kelly there. Kelly said that she had stopped by to pick up the last of her things, thinking that no one would be home. Summer informed Kelly that Phyllis had been released from the hospital and would be returning to the mansion with Jack. Outside the front door, Jack was carrying Phyllis "over the threshold." Jack and Phyllis began entering the house.

Before Jack and Phyllis could see Kelly, Kelly grabbed her tote bag and ran toward the kitchen, followed by Austin. Jack put Phyllis down, and she gave Summer a big hug. Phyllis looked around and seemed pleased that nothing had changed. She began reminiscing about the days before her fall -- the leisurely afternoons poolside or playing tennis -- then enjoying a fine dinner prepared by Mrs. Martinez.

Phyllis noticed the book of fabric samples that Kelly had been using while preparing to redecorate. Phyllis asked Jack if he was planning to redo the room. Jack replied that he'd been thinking about it. Phyllis thought it was a great idea. Austin reentered the room, and Summer asked Phyllis if she remembered him. Phyllis said that she did -- but didn't understand why Summer would have her "very handsome friend" at Phyllis' homecoming.

Jack tried to stall the conversation and suggested that Phyllis have something to eat. Phyllis just wanted to learn why Austin was there. Summer said that Phyllis would need to know the truth eventually. Jack took over and told Phyllis that Summer and Austin were more than just friends. Phyllis said that she had figured that out -- and wanted to know how Summer and Austin had met. Summer said that was a little complicated -- she had been going through a rough time, and then she had met Austin. Austin chimed in, telling Phyllis that he had lost his mother recently and had been able to relate to what Summer had been going through.

Phyllis surmised that Austin and Summer were in a serious relationship. Summer admitted that she and Austin were living together. Growing uneasy, Phyllis asked Austin to leave the room so that she could discuss the matter with Jack and Summer. Jack agreed that Austin should leave. Summer dug in her heels and said that Austin wasn't going anywhere -- then blurted out that she and Austin were engaged. Phyllis' temper flared. She stood up and sternly said, "You're what?"

Phyllis said that Summer was insane to get engaged at the age of eighteen. Becoming more agitated, Phyllis told Summer that she needed to go to college and join a sorority -- not get engaged. Phyllis began questioning Austin and Summer. She asked when Summer and Austin had met. Austin said they had met in the spring. Phyllis wondered why Austin had proposed after knowing Summer for just a few months. Phyllis asked Summer if she was pregnant. Denying that, Summer said that she, not Austin, had suggested the engagement.

Summer told Phyllis that she loved Austin. Phyllis thought that was great -- Summer and Austin could go out with each other and have fun -- but they didn't need to be engaged. Austin tried to explain how he and Summer felt about each other, but Phyllis didn't want Austin to explain anything to her -- and she wasn't about to let Summer throw her life away on "some dreamy dude she barely knows." Summer and Phyllis began arguing. Jack broke it up, telling Phyllis that she needed her rest. Jack followed the Austin and Summer into the dining room and told Summer to give her mother time. Jack returned to the living room. Phyllis looked at Jack and snapped, "How could you let this happen?"

Jack said that he had done what he'd had to do. He reminded Phyllis that he had just learned that Summer was his daughter, and he didn't want to lose her. Phyllis guessed that there was more going on than Jack was telling her. Jack said there was -- but it was Summer's story to tell. Phyllis snapped and accused Jack, Nick, Avery, and Summer of keeping her in the dark. She demanded to know what else Jack hadn't told her.

Austin and Summer went to Crimson Lights, where Austin told Summer that no matter how much Phyllis freaked out, they would eventually have to tell her that they were married. He snapped at Summer, and she told him not to yell at her. Austin apologized, telling her that he wasn't angry -- merely frustrated. Summer thought that Jack was right -- they needed to give Phyllis a little more time. Austin hugged Summer and said that Phyllis would eventually accept their marriage.

Back at the Athletic Club, Kelly pulled out the program for the Vivaldi concert that she and Jack had attended in happier times. Kelly thought about Jack -- the good times and the bad. She listened to Jack's voicemail. He said that he was sorry for what had happened in his office. He added that he was trying to sort things out, but nothing could erase what he and Kelly had shared. Kelly's eyes welled up with tears.

Lily walked up to Kelly and asked her if she was okay. She said that, in spite of everything, she was. She told Lily that her brain told her that her relationship with Jack was over -- but her heart told her that she and Jack still had a chance.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

In New York, there was a knock at Hilary's hotel room door, and Devon assumed it was room service. He started to get out of bed to answer it, but she purred that she had him right where she wanted him, and she got up to handle it. She put on a robe, and she was stunned when she opened the door and faced Neil and Cane. Cane glared at Devon.

Neil asked if Hilary had a room with a view, and he said that he hadn't been able to stand being apart from her. He moved in close to kiss her, and he realized she was wearing a robe. Hilary claimed that she'd been about to shower, and Neil jokingly warned Cane to cover his eyes. Hilary inquired why Neil hadn't called first, and he explained that it had been a surprise to show that he would do anything for her. Cane suggested that he and Neil go downstairs for drinks while Hilary got ready, but Neil told Cane that he wanted to spend some time with his wife. Cane, Hilary, and Devon exchanged panicked looks.

Hilary led Neil to a table as Devon quietly gathered his clothes, and Cane said that Neil had been on a mission to do whatever it took to get to his wife. Cane offered to leave to give Neil and Hilary some privacy, and he roughly led Devon out. In the hallway, Cane hissed that he'd kept his mouth shut for Neil's sake. Meanwhile, Hilary wondered if Neil had arranged for Jack to send her away, since the conference hadn't been important. Neil confessed that she'd caught him, and he explained that he'd asked Jack to help give him some time to think. Neil added that things hadn't been right between him and Hilary for a while, and he needed to change it right away.

Neil said that he'd been foolish and indecisive to push Hilary away and then pull her back in, and she sympathized that his whole life had changed. He pointed out that hers had, too, and he'd been wrong to ask her for a divorce. Neil recalled that when he'd been in jail, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about his wonderful wife who deserved trust and respect, and he'd realized that he needed to step up his game. He swore that they'd have "a hell of a life together," and he didn't want to do it with anyone but her. Neil begged for Hilary's forgiveness for pushing her away, and he professed his love.

Hilary said that Neil wasn't the one who needed forgiveness, and Neil hoped she'd had time to think about how much he loved her and how good things could be for them. She noted that he'd described her as brave and strong, and he kissed her hand and said she was. She said that she wanted to be the woman he thought she was, and he gushed that she was his wonderful woman. Hilary threw her arms around Neil, and he swore that he was there and that he would never let her go. She suggested they go out to get something to eat, and she handed him his cane and his coat, but she didn't notice a cell phone that had been left among the rumpled sheets.

Cane chided Devon for not being a good man or son by not staying away from Hilary, but Devon argued that he and Hilary loved one another, even though Neil was the last person he wanted to hurt. Cane sarcastically asked if Neil wouldn't get hurt if he didn't know, and he snarled that Devon and Hilary had put Cane in the position of lying to Lily and Neil. Cane ranted that Devon thought it was okay as long as Devon got what he wanted, and Devon retorted that he didn't want any of it, but he couldn't walk away. Cane clarified that the problem was that Devon didn't want to, and Devon defended that what he and Hilary had was real. Cane snapped that the only real thing going on was between Neil and Hilary.

Neil and Hilary exited the room, and she saw that Cane and Devon were still there. Cane said that he'd returned to check on them, and Neil thanked Cane for helping him get there. Cane planned to fly back to Genoa City to be with Lily and the twins, and Neil announced that he and his wife were going to have the most fantastic meal they'd ever had. As Hilary and Neil departed, Cane glowered at Devon.

Victor called out to Nikki at the ranch, but he received no answer. He left her a voicemail message to let her know that he was home and that he hoped to see her. He examined the bottle of vodka.

Later, Victor thanked Mariah for stopping by, and she asked if he had the DNA test results. He reported that her assumption about Faith not being Nick's daughter had been incorrect, so he wouldn't provide a payout, even though he was aware Mariah wanted to leave town. Mariah said that she could suffer without a paycheck if it meant that Faith hadn't become a casualty, since she liked Faith, and she knew what it was like to be lied to for her entire life. Victor questioned whether Mariah wanted to stay, and Mariah replied that she wasn't sure why he cared, since he had a new secret weapon -- Phyllis.

Victor said that he'd heard Phyllis was out of her coma, and Mariah crowed that he would have loved Phyllis' grand entrance into Nick and Sharon's wedding. Mariah called Phyllis an evil genius, and she figured that Phyllis and Victor were either best friends or mortal enemies. Victor asked how Nick and Sharon had reacted, and Mariah reported that Sharon had bolted out of the church and that Sharon and Nick had later gone to visit Phyllis in the hospital. Mariah griped that Sharon's secret had been all anyone had talked about, and Nick thought that it was no big deal, while Sharon believed it could ruin their love affair.

Mariah relayed that Sharon hadn't gotten any information out of Phyllis, and even though Nick had wanted to forget about the secret, she had sensed that Nick and Sharon were both freaked out about it. Mariah added that she'd be scared, too, but Victor noted that she didn't run on emotions, even when Ian had died. Mariah wouldn't discuss Ian with Victor, but she said that she wouldn't say no to gas money. Victor asked if she considered the conversation worthwhile as long as she got paid, and she countered that they hadn't chatted because they were friends. He handed her some cash, and she headed out.

At the police station, Nikki ignored Victor's call and popped a breath mint into her mouth before she entered Paul's office. Kevin asked if Ian had contacted her, and she was surprised Kevin knew about the plan. Paul explained that they needed Kevin's computer skills, but only a very small group of people knew that Dylan's arrest was a setup. Nikki fretted that Ian would deliberately avoid taking the bait to ensure that Dylan was convicted.

Paul swore that Dylan wouldn't go down for murder, and Nikki asked how he could be sure. She complained that they'd underestimated Ian's lies and manipulations, but Avery promised that Dylan wouldn't pay for a crime he hadn't committed. Nikki pointed out that they couldn't force the D.A.'s office to drop the charges, but Paul reminded her that Christine was in on the plan. Nikki argued that Christine wasn't convinced that Dylan was innocent, and she suspected that Christine would let the charges stand and send Dylan to prison.

Dylan said that he wasn't the issue, since Nikki's safety was on the line, and Avery suggested that they abort the plan. Paul insisted that they just had to work together, and Kevin observed that Ian was getting inside their heads, but they couldn't vanquish the villain if they were fighting one another. Paul agreed, and he noted that Ian was obsessed with Nikki, but Ian's ego was also at play. Dylan asked if Paul was having second thoughts, since Paul's credibility could be ruined, but Paul said that he could handle his career and keep Dylan out of harm's way. Paul was determined to wait until Ian contacted Nikki, and Kevin declared, "And then we vanquish his ass."

Later, Paul returned with a deck of cards to pass the time, and Dylan reported that Avery had left to visit Phyllis. Nikki declined the offer to play cards, and Dylan understood that she felt like the walls were starting to close in, but he assured her it wouldn't be much longer. Dylan asked if Nikki wanted something to drink, and she seemed surprised by the suggestion. Kevin joked that they could send Detective Harding to France to get some fancy bottled water, and Nikki got a call from a number she didn't recognize. Kevin prepared to trace the call, and Nikki answered. Ian said that it was lovely to hear her voice.

Ian declared that he'd known years before that his and Nikki's connection would span a lifetime, and he'd been right. Nikki stammered that he was alive, and he asked if she'd mourned his passing. She replied that she'd wondered if he'd received her message, and he was pleased that he'd surprised her. Nikki barked that she didn't want to play games, but she just wanted to end things, and she ordered him to tell her what he wanted. He said that they had time, but he preferred not to speak on a line with the police listening, so he'd left a disposable phone in her glove compartment.

Nikki looked horrified as she realized Ian had been in her car, and he said that he'd speak with her again soon. Ian hung up, and Paul said that Nikki had done great, but Kevin reported that the trace hadn't worked, since they needed more advanced technology to track a burner phone. Paul noted that Ian was close if he'd put the phone in her car, and Nikki was relieved that Ian's call had proven that Dylan was innocent. Dylan suggested that Nikki go out of town while they executed the rest of the plan, but Nikki contended that she was the one Ian wanted, and she vowed to stay until the end.

Nikki ignored another call from Victor, and Dylan asked if it was Ian on the line, but she replied that it was nothing important. Paul said that Nikki had done her job, so she didn't need to physically be in Ian's line of sight. Paul saw that she was shaking, and she claimed that she was upset because Ian had tried to destroy her family and to hurt the people she loved. Nikki echoed Paul's words that she wasn't in danger, so there was no reason for her to leave. Kevin worried that Ian was also focused on Mariah, but Paul said that he had people watching Mariah to keep her safe. Nikki promised that the ordeal would be over for all of them soon.

Kevin found Mariah at Crimson Lights, and he warned her that she wasn't safe, since Ian was alive and nearby. She asked if he knew for sure, and he insisted that they had to go as he took her hand and dragged her out.

Nikki returned home and called out for Victor, and she eyed the bottle of vodka. She answered a burner phone and said she was there, and Ian praised her for being ready for him. He taunted that their connection couldn't be broken, but Nikki snarled that she knew him, and she asked how much money he wanted. Ian lectured that cash was nothing more than a tool, and she knew him well enough to know it wasn't just about the money. She surmised that he wanted her to deliver it in person, and he said that was a key part. She agreed, but she demanded that after he got what he wanted, he had to let the police know that Dylan wasn't guilty of murder, or he wouldn't see her or the money. Ian gave her his word and said that he'd do anything for her.

Nikki phoned Paul and told him about Ian's call, and she spat that she'd heard the glee in Ian's voice. Paul told her to hustle over to the Athletic Club and to keep her location under wraps until Ian was in custody, and Ian smiled wickedly as he listened in on the conversation.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis demanded to know what else Jack hadn't told her, and she noticed the booklet of fabric swatches and asked if he was redecorating. He agreed that it was time to talk about what had happened during the past year, but he implored her to understand that life was complicated, and some things would be hard to say and even harder to hear. He mentioned that Kyle had moved back to New York, Ashley had returned home, and Billy was living there again. Phyllis realized that Billy and Victoria had broken up, and she assumed that Billy had blown it.

Phyllis asked if the problem had been gambling or other women, but Jack hesitated to provide all the details. Phyllis questioned whether he wanted to wait for her sake or for his own, and he replied that there were other things they needed to talk about. Phyllis concluded that it was about the pills, but Jack was adamant that he wasn't on drugs. She asked if he'd thought about it, and he admitted that he had, but she realized that he'd kept his word and stayed clean. Jack revealed that he'd had moments of self-pity and loneliness while he'd been waiting for her, and he'd looked for a sign that things would go back to normal. He continued that he'd shut down when it had never happened, but then everything had changed.

Jack explained that he hadn't been alone anymore, since there had been a light at the end of the tunnel. Phyllis surmised that he meant her waking up, and she got choked up and said that he'd freaked her out, since she didn't like the idea of him being off the wagon, especially without her there. She said that she should have known he'd hang tough, since the love of a good woman did that for a man, and the same thing could happen for Billy. Phyllis contemplated talking to Victoria about addiction, but Jack revealed that gambling hadn't ended Billy and Victoria's marriage. Phyllis guessed the reason had been a woman, and she called Billy an idiot for blowing up his life by stepping out on a woman who'd loved him.

Jack explained that Billy had been in a bad place when he'd found someone who'd understood him, and Billy hadn't intended to cause Victoria more pain when she'd been hurting over something else. Phyllis suspected that Jack was holding something back, and he said that it wasn't fair to anyone to sum up a year in one conversation. Phyllis stated that she didn't like not knowing, but she agreed that taking things in slowly was a good idea. Phyllis asked Jack to tell her small stuff, and she inquired about who had been sitting in her chair at work. He informed her that Billy had been filling in, and Phyllis proclaimed that she was motivated to boot her competition out of her spot. Jack looked uncomfortable.

Avery arrived, and Phyllis admitted that her head was spinning, since Jack had been telling her about what had happened, like Billy cheating on Victoria. Phyllis asked if she knew the tramp, and Jack quickly answered no, but Phyllis guessed that he did. Phyllis concluded that the woman Billy had cheated with was new in town, and while she wasn't surprised Billy had blown it, she refused to throw stones. Jack pointed out that they'd all done things they weren't proud of, and Phyllis chirped that it was good news that her sister hadn't married Phyllis' ex.

Phyllis rolled her eyes at the idea that Nick and Sharon were destined to be together, and she mentioned that Sharon had copped to being psycho. Phyllis added that she'd appreciated the honesty, and she made the point that not everything had to be whitewashed. Avery agreed, and she said that she wanted answers about why the clinic hadn't called to let them know that Phyllis had awakened. Jack reported that he'd tried to call Nurse Hathaway, but he'd learned that she had been transferred. Avery turned the topic to how wonderful Phyllis looked, and Phyllis replied that being home agreed with her. Phyllis added that a lot had changed, but her kid, her sister, and her fiancé were constants in her life.

Phyllis looked at photos on the mantel, and Jack asked if she was remembering things. She mused that a year was gone from her life, and maybe she wasn't as tough as she thought she was. Jack asserted that the fact she'd returned showed that she was tougher than they'd ever given her credit for, and she wished she'd done it sooner so he wouldn't have had to be alone. She moved in close to kiss him, but he got a call from Nurse Hathaway.

Jack reported that Nurse Hathaway had revealed that Phyllis had had a visitor who hadn't been on the approved list, and the nurse had described him as tall and brooding with a moustache. Phyllis guessed it had been Victor, and she found the thought creepy. Jack wondered what Victor had been trying to do, since his visit had supposedly been top secret. Jack imagined that Victor would never volunteer an answer, and the doorbell rang. Victor announced that he was there to see Phyllis.

Friday, October 17, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Stitch had a video chat with Max on his computer, and he said that he was glad to hear that Max had made good friends. Stitch hoped to someday introduce Max to his friends, and he said that they'd talk again soon. Maureen entered and rushed over to catch a glimpse of her grandson, and she said that she barely recognized Max. Stitch grumbled that he knew the feeling, and she wished she could have said hello, but Stitch reported that he was lucky Jenna even let him talk to Max.

Maureen argued that Max was Stitch's son, but Stitch lamented that Max was living on the other side of the world, and he asked if she understood what he'd lost. Maureen said that he shouldn't have had to pay such a heavy price, and she encouraged Stitch to focus on the future. She inquired whether he intended to tell Victoria the truth in an effort to get back together, but he assured his mother that she had nothing to worry about. Maureen replied that she knew she could trust him, and he wished that Victoria felt the same way.

Maureen understood that it was hard for Stitch not to feel sorry for himself, since terrible things had happened to all of them, but she didn't regret what had happened to his father. She added that Stitch had been extremely brave, and he agreed that he'd done the right thing, but it tortured him not to be near Max. Maureen urged Stitch not to let the past keep him from moving forward, and she told him to fight for what he wanted. She implored him to go after Victoria and not to let anyone or anything get in his way.

Victoria bustled around her office, and Nick entered and expressed shock that a highly paid executive was doing her own filing. She grumbled that she couldn't keep track of anything, and Nick compared it to how she'd lost track of their father. She countered that Victor hadn't told her where he was going, but she'd heard a rumor that he would be back that day. Nick thought it was obvious why Victor had blown off the wedding, since he theorized that Victor had been working overtime to figure out Sharon's secret in order to keep Nick and Sharon from getting married.

Nick confided that he was afraid that Sharon's obsession with the secret would lead to her having another manic episode, even though he'd told her many times that they could work through whatever it was. He wished Victor would just say what he was looking for, so Nick could show Sharon that nothing would stop him from wanting her to be his wife. Victoria advised Nick not to marry Sharon, who she expected would screw up again, and she didn't want to see Nick get hurt. Victoria argued that there had been a reason why Nick and Sharon had failed before, and she cautioned that it wasn't wise to ignore Sharon's history. Nick suspected that Victoria was projecting her feelings about her situation with Billy and Stitch onto him.

Victoria said that she didn't want Billy or Stitch in her life, but Nick observed that she seemed upset, and he refused to leave until she told him why. Victoria disclosed that Abby had been going on about how Victoria and Billy should get back together, and when Stitch had stopped by, Victoria had rebelled by kissing him. Victoria admitted it had been a mistake to send Stitch mixed signals, since she'd gotten churned up inside, and Nick realized she still had feelings for Stitch. She wailed that she didn't want to have feelings for anyone, and Nick predicted that things would become clearer once the baby arrived. Victoria half-heartedly agreed.

Later, Victoria stared out the window, and she turned when there was a knock at the door. She saw Stitch in the doorway, and she asked if he was there to serve her with papers, but he said that he'd decided not to get a lawyer. She was glad to hear it, but she noted that he hadn't needed to tell her the news in person. He recalled that she'd told him not to read too much into their kiss, but he had, and he wanted to make sure he was right. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and she kissed him back. He confidently stated that he had been right, and a stunned Victoria watched as he walked out.

Sharon asked what Noah was reading that had made him laugh, and he explained that Fenmore's was advertising a psychic named Madame Isadora who would do palm readings as their latest promotion. He questioned what it had to do with selling dresses, and he joked that the psychic would foresee the shoppers maxing out their credit cards. Sharon presented Noah with a sandwich, but he said that he was there to see how she was doing. She insisted that she was fine, but he was skeptical, since he'd been watching her when Phyllis had crashed the wedding. Noah recalled that Sharon had looked pale and about to pass out, and he asked what had been going on in her mind.

Sharon conceded that Phyllis' return had been a shock for everyone, but Noah countered that Sharon had been the only one who had panicked and rushed out. She explained that she'd been scared, so she'd gone to the cemetery to talk to Cassie. He could tell that something was wrong, and he asked why she was afraid of Phyllis. Sharon confided that she'd had memory flashes of Phyllis being at Cassie's grave, but she didn't know what that meant. Noah said that it probably didn't mean anything, but Sharon maintained that she couldn't marry Nick until she figured it out.

Noah questioned why Sharon was letting Phyllis get in the way of the wedding, and Sharon said that Phyllis had been the only person who'd known about Sharon's secret. Noah asked if Sharon was freaking out because she thought Phyllis remembered what it was, and Sharon wondered why else Phyllis had gone to great lengths to disrupt the wedding. Noah contended that Phyllis always made everything about herself, but Sharon suspected that Phyllis would have blurted out the secret if she hadn't fainted. Sharon said that she wanted to marry Nick and to be a family, but she had to stop Phyllis from controlling her life first.

Noah said that he couldn't stand seeing Sharon like that, and she replied that she shouldn't have unloaded her mess on him. He pledged to always be there for her, and she promised that she would call her therapist. Noah anticipated that she'd no longer be afraid once she pieced things together, and Sharon hoped that she'd discover that she'd been overreacting. Noah prepared to meet Courtney after her shift, and he joked that Sharon could book time with the psychic to figure out what was going on inside her head. She chuckled in amusement, but after Noah left, her expression turned serious.

Nick returned home, and Sharon said that she was doing fabulous because he wanted to marry her no matter what. He understood she had doubts, but she suggested that they complete the ceremony the following week at city hall or in the park, and he exclaimed that it sounded awesome. She offered him the sandwich that Noah had left behind, and Nick went into the kitchen. Sharon looked at her tablet computer, and she left a message to schedule a psychic reading with Madame Isadora.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren descended the stairs and amorously asked if Michael was waiting for someone. He said that she'd never looked more beautiful, and she remarked that it was amazing what taking time out during a busy day could do. They kissed, and she wished that they hadn't scheduled a meeting, or they could go right back upstairs. He commented that she was glowing, and she gushed that she couldn't remember the last time she had been that happy, since their problems seemed far away. He blamed their issues on working too hard, but he said that it didn't matter, since their problems were over. They clinked their wine glasses together.

Michael and Lauren met with Madame Isadora to sign some contracts, and Lauren said that she was delighted the psychic had agreed to give readings at Fenmore's promotion. Michael bragged that he had a long love line, but Madame Isadora clarified that she was a true psychic who had been clairvoyant her entire life. Lauren received a text message and had to check on something at the boutique, and Michael suggested they meet back there later. Lauren left, and as Michael and Madame Isadora shook hands, she suddenly froze and solemnly told him to take care of himself. Later, Michael returned Dr. Botnik's call and was surprised that the doctor wanted him to make another appointment.

A despondent Dylan sat in his holding cell, and Paul stopped by to check in. Dylan admitted that he'd had no idea how hard it would be, and Paul assured him that it would be worth it if Ian took the bait, but Dylan implored Paul to get him out. Paul warned that their plan would be blown out of the water if the media spotted Dylan, and Dylan understood that he'd be stuck in jail if that happened.

Dylan suggested that he could be more useful on the outside, and Detective Harding approached and huffed that Dylan belonged in there after what had happened the last time Dylan had gone rogue. Paul insisted that they had a good plan that wouldn't have gotten off the ground without Dylan, but Harding protested that they'd have devised a better one if Paul had involved Harding earlier. Paul prepared to check on Nikki at the club, and he told Dylan to hang tough, since Ian would soon be taking Dylan's place.

Later, Dylan hollered that he needed to talk to Harding, who walked in and told Dylan to shut up. Dylan demanded to know whether Nikki was safe, and Harding replied that everything was under control. Dylan accused the detective of keeping him in the dark to repay him for what had happened to Paul, but Harding argued that Dylan was a suspect. Dylan mentioned that Harding had expressed doubts about the plan, so it would be on Harding's head if he refused to prevent something from going wrong. Harding reported that the police had the club's exits covered with undercover officers, but Dylan complained that they'd still look like cops. Dylan asked if the police had checked the trap door in the basement, and Harding asked what he meant.

Dylan explained that he'd done a walkthrough when Devon had bought the club, and he'd found a trap door that had led to a tunnel, which was common for hotels built in the 1920s. He added that the tunnel connected the club to the building next door, and he'd instructed Cane to seal it off for security reasons, but he didn't know if it had been done. Dylan argued that Harding would never find it on his own, so Harding had to let Dylan out to show him where it was.

Nikki started to enter her hotel room, and Maureen passed by and exclaimed that she hadn't known Nikki was staying there. Nikki fibbed that a charity had reserved the room for a meeting, but Maureen said that Nikki didn't have to try to pull the wool over her eyes, since she understood that Nikki needed time away from the public eye. Maureen guessed that Nikki wanted to escape the pressure, and she noted that Nikki looked a little ragged. Nikki reiterated that she had to get to her meeting, and Maureen wished her the best. Nikki entered her room, and her eyes were immediately drawn to the minibar.

Nikki slowly approached the liquor, but Paul startled her when he called out to her from the doorway. He pointed out that the door had been open, and she apologized. He recalled his promise that nothing would happen to her, but he'd been lucky to be a couple steps ahead, since the burner phone that Ian had left in her glove box had been bugged. Nikki became alarmed when she realized that Ian knew she was there, but Paul pointed out that Ian had been aware she was working with the police, so he would likely try to find her at the club rather than at their meeting place, and they could nab him when he did.

Nikki worried that Ian had eluded them before, but Paul assured her that the place was crawling with undercover cops, so Ian wouldn't slip through their fingers again. Nikki said that she'd been clinging to Paul's friendship and loyalty, and he replied that it was what he was there for. She marveled that he'd been by her side ever since Katherine had sent her on a journey to find her son, and Paul vowed to work together again to see things through. Nikki said that they made a pretty good team, and they hugged.

Paul imagined that Victor wasn't happy that Paul and Nikki were working together again, but Nikki revealed that she and Victor hadn't connected because he'd been out of town on business. Nikki explained that Victor hadn't told her where he was or when he'd be back, so she'd stopped returning his calls. Paul suspected that she didn't want Victor to know what was going on, just like when she'd kept mum during her search for Dylan. Nikki reasoned that Victor would be adamant that she not be involved, but she had started it, and she needed to see it end. She mused that Paul had been with her all along, and he'd made her feel strong and capable, unlike Victor. She commented that she and Paul would "come full circle" by the time it was over, and she clasped his hand.

Paul said that he was glad to be there for Nikki, and she thought their plan had helped her, Paul, and Dylan to become closer. Paul wondered what kind of relationship they'd have with their son once Ian was locked up, but there was a knock at the door. She asked if he was expecting anyone, and she worried that it was Ian. Paul swore that she could handle it, and he pulled out gun and stepped out of sight. Nikki opened the door to Maureen, who displayed a bottle of vodka and declared that they could both use a drink.

Jack told Victor that he had nerve to claim that he "[gave] a damn" about Phyllis, and Victor said that he was there to say hello. Jack barked that Victor wasn't welcome, but Phyllis said that she'd like to see Victor. Phyllis divulged that she and Jack had learned that a tall, commanding man with a moustache had visited her at the clinic, and she wondered why Victor had shown a vested interest in her. Jack threatened to get security footage, but Victor declared that he had no intention of lying about being at the clinic, since he had been the one who had contacted Dr. Cutler.

Jack said that Dr. Burnett had been Phyllis' doctor, but Victor contended that the clinic's staff hadn't been up to the task, so he'd looked for alternatives after Phyllis had shown no improvement. Victor mentioned that he'd read about Dr. Cutler's experimental treatment, and Jack ranted that it could have gone horribly wrong. Phyllis added that Avery and Summer hadn't said anything about experimental procedures, and Victor replied that he hadn't told them. Victor claimed that he hadn't wanted to get anyone's hopes up in case the treatment hadn't worked, but Phyllis accused him of being evasive. She pointed out that there was no love lost between her and Victor, and she wondered why he had been anxious to get her back.

Victor stated that he was fond of Summer, who had missed her mom, and he hadn't been able to stand to watch Summer suffer. Jack didn't buy it, and Victor said that what mattered was that Phyllis was back. Jack testily asked if Victor expected them to thank him for messing in their business, and Victor retorted that Summer was his business, since he'd always think of her as his granddaughter. Jack snarled that Summer was his flesh and blood, and Phyllis snapped at both men to stop. Phyllis reasoned that the important thing was that she and Summer had reunited, and Jack apologized for upsetting her.

Phyllis remarked that there was a lot she needed to catch up on, and Victor agreed. Phyllis felt awful that Jack had suffered through being alone, and Victor haughtily stated that Jack had suffered terribly. Jack said that he was enormously relieved and happy that she was back, but it had been a tumultuous year, and he suggested that Victor tell her about Nick and Sharon's difficult times. Victor opted to let Jack fill in the gaps, and Phyllis asked why Victor had needed to see her.

Victor said that he was there to welcome Phyllis back, since she'd once been married to his son. Phyllis sarcastically noted that Victor had treated her like a revered member of the family, and Jack stepped out to take a call. Phyllis said that she was glad she and Victor were alone, since she wanted to talk to him about something. She confided that she'd been experiencing what might be memories, but she wasn't sure what had been real and what had been a dream.

Phyllis said that she remembered opening her eyes and seeing Victor in her room at the clinic, and he confirmed that he had really been there. He added that it had been the first time since her accident that she'd opened her eyes, and she asked if it had been because of the experimental treatment. Victor proclaimed that he'd done everything in his power to get her back, and she was there because of him. In return, he wanted her to do everything in her power to help him.

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