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Maureen confessed to Victoria that she'd killed Stitch's father, and she locked Victoria in a storage room. Victoria began having contractions. Joe kissed Avery. Adam's bandages were removed, and he'd had plastic surgery to look like Constance's grandson, Gabriel.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 10, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, November 10, 2014

In Jack's office at Jabot, Phyllis found a picture of Kelly in Jack's desk. Billy stopped by in search of Jack. Phyllis said she didn't know where Jack might be, but she asked Billy why Jack had a picture of Kelly in his desk. Billy said he had no idea. Billy noted that he was worried about Jack after what Phyllis had done. Phyllis said she couldn't believe she was being made the villain after what Sharon had done.

Phyllis wouldn't give up her quest to know why Jack had a photo of Kelly. Phyllis claimed that he'd hidden the photo away because Billy and Kelly were still involved. Billy insisted that he and Kelly were just friends. Billy added that his marriage to Victoria had ended because of Adam. Struggling to maintain his composure, Billy cried, "Adam killed Delia and everything else in my life."

Billy explained that after Kelly's son had been killed, her marriage had ended, and she'd lost her job as a teacher. Kelly, Billy added, had moved to Genoa City to start life anew. Billy told a skeptical Phyllis that Kelly's picture had been tucked away in Jack's desk because a copy of the photo was included in Jabot's media kit. Phyllis nodded. Billy noted that Kelly was the event planner at the Genoa City Athletic Club and served as Jabot's event liaison. Phyllis suddenly felt sorrow for Billy and told him that words could never express how sorry she was about Delia.

In Kelly's office at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack promised Kelly that he'd tell Phyllis the truth. Kelly said, "You're going to need someplace safe to land in the aftermath. I will be here." Jack thanked Kelly for making everything seem uncomplicated. Jack added that Phyllis often hurt people even when she didn't mean to. Kelly, angry, said that shaming Sharon in the stairwell had been more important to Phyllis than worrying about what losing Summer would do to Jack. Jack admitted that it wouldn't be easy for Phyllis to learn that he'd begun seeing Kelly while Phyllis was still in a coma.

Kelly assured Jack that their relationship would remain intact no matter what Phyllis' reaction was. Jack and Kelly kissed, but Jack gently pushed Kelly away. Kelly told Jack that people felt as if they had control of everything, which, she added, wasn't the case. Kelly said that the only way to maintain control was to push away the bad and hang on to the good. "That's how I've survived. I'm just hanging on," she cried. Jack, glum, feebly replied, "So am I."

At the Abbott mansion, Jack returned to talk to Phyllis. She said that Billy had told her about Delia. Jack, somewhat distracted, replied, "Yeah, he wanted to tell you himself." Jack told Phyllis that she'd fallen back into her old habits because she'd thought only of herself when she'd revealed the truth about Summer's paternity. Phyllis defended her actions and said that Sharon had deserved to be confronted, especially after stealing a year of her life. Jack replied, "And getting even with her was more important than anything, including my feelings?"

Phyllis became enraged by Jack's condemnation and yelled that she'd let her fear and anger blind her "and often did stupid and crazy things." Crying, Phyllis added, "You should know that, and if you don't, tell me who the hell you fell in love with." Jack replied, "I fell in love with you and all your stubbornness and your tense, headstrong, misguided passion." Phyllis tried to embrace Jack, but he held her back and said he needed to shower after working out at the Genoa City Athletic Club. After Jack abruptly left, Phyllis seemed lost in thought.

After Jack showered, he received a call about a problem at a manufacturing plant. He told Phyllis that he had to leave to handle the issue. Before Jack left, he told Phyllis that they would sit down and have a discussion when he returned. After Jack left, Phyllis discovered his phone sitting on a desk. Phyllis heard a voice message Kelly had left telling Jack that she loved him. Phyllis also discovered text messages exchanged between Jack and Kelly pledging their love to each other.

From a dark room at a stately mansion, Adam, his face mostly swathed in bandages, sat at a desk, glued to the screen of his laptop computer. Adam watched live feed video of Chelsea and Connor in the boy's nursery at the penthouse. While playing with her son, Chelsea noted that the tot owned a lot of toys. When Chelsea mentioned that Billy planned to move in, she told Connor that Billy would feel very much at home living at the penthouse with them. Adam, still watching and listening, clenched his fist.

Chelsea showed Connor the stuffed elephant his father had given him. Chelsea assured her son that she'd keep his father's memory alive. The fair-haired tot smiled at the toy as he continued playing with his toys, including a helium balloon on a string. Chelsea said she hoped Billy would remain in their lives. As Connor glanced up at his balloon, Chelsea expressed hope that they all, including Johnny, could become a happy family together.

Adam, still watching Chelsea via his laptop, angrily closed the screen when he heard Chelsea planning her future with Billy. Adam attempted to stand and walk, but he collapsed and fell to the floor. Sage rushed to Adam and asked him why he'd gotten out of bed. Adam grunted. After Adam was settled in bed, a male caretaker told Sage that he'd stepped out briefly and had never anticipated that Adam might have the strength to rise from bed, let alone walk. Sage noted that Adam seemed to be growing stronger every day.

Sage handed the caretaker a fat envelope and said that the man's services were no longer needed. The caretaker caringly placed his hand on Adam's blanket-covered foot and wished him luck. After the caretaker left, Adam grabbed Sage's arm and said, "Help me." Adam demanded to see his wife and son. Sage promised to drive him to town and figure out a way to see Chelsea and Connor. Suddenly, Sage gave Adam an injection of drugs that made him sleepy. As Adam's head sunk into his pillow, Sage said, "Not now. Soon."

Chelsea began putting toys away in Connor's room when she noticed that the helium balloon had gotten caught on the ceiling light. When she attempted to dislodge the balloon, a tiny wireless camera fell to the floor. Billy arrived and asked Chelsea what she had in her hand. Billy examined that camera and noted that it was a high-tech nanny cam. Chelsea said that Adam had to have installed it to ensure that the nannies were doing their jobs. Billy suggested that perhaps Adam had installed it to spy on Chelsea because he'd never told her of its existence. Chelsea grabbed the camera and said, "Adam's dead. He's not spying on anyone anymore."

At the Jabot laboratory, Maureen interrupted Ben and asked if he'd told Victoria the truth about his father's death. Ben replied, "I'm going to tonight." Maureen cried that the truth would destroy their relationship. Ben replied, "It's the lies that are destroying us, Mom, not me. I don't blame you for anything you did the night Dad died. We both did what we had to do." Ben added that he couldn't have a life with Victoria unless he told her everything.

Maureen expressed her concern to Ben about others learning the truth. Ben assured his mother that Victoria could be trusted. Maureen noted that Victoria's father would find out and use the information to destroy their family. Maureen insisted that she couldn't trust Victoria's ability to explain to her family why she'd suddenly decided to reconnect with Ben. Maureen was near tears as she paced back and forth, struggling with her inability to sway Ben.

Maureen became agitated and pleaded with her son not to reveal the truth to Victoria. Ben seemed crushed when Maureen expressed hope that Victoria would reunite with Billy when tests proved that the baby was an Abbott. Calmly and soberly, Ben said, "I love Vicki, and I want a life with her even if the baby is Billy's. Ben explained that he had to leave. He offered to walk Maureen to her car, but she refused.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki, concerned about Nick, left him a phone message instructing him to return her call if he needed anything. After the called ended, Nikki peered across the room at the liquor cart. She opened a bottle of vodka, poured a generous serving into a tall glass, and drank some. When Victoria suddenly arrived and let herself in, Nikki quickly set the glass down on a table. Victoria, noting that she'd just stopped by the tack house, picked up the glass and said, "I'm so thirsty."

Nikki panicked and took the glass of vodka away from Victoria. As an excuse for her abrupt objection, Nikki claimed that she had a cold and didn't want Victoria to drink from the same water glass. Nikki poured water into a fresh glass for her pregnant daughter. Victoria reported that Nick was angry, confused, and frustrated. Victoria added that what Sharon had done by switching the results of the paternity tests wasn't at all surprising. Nikki replied, "This is unforgivable. I sympathize with her issues, but when you succumb to your demons, you have to be responsible for your actions."

Nikki seemed pleased when Victoria said she and Ben were supposed to meet and discuss his life history. Victoria added that she planned to cancel the meeting because she refused to allow Ben to hurt her like Sharon had hurt Nick. Nikki encouraged Victoria to meet with Ben and allow him to explain. Victoria noted that Ben had lied to her throughout their relationship, so she no longer trusted him. Victoria added, "It makes sense that Ben would lie in order to stay connected to me."

Nikki continued to support Ben. Victoria asked her mother what she'd intended to say before Victor had earlier interrupted them. Nikki replied, "It's just that I think Ben is a very good person, and he loves you." Victoria, shocked, cried, "He killed his father!" Nikki replied, "Maybe he didn't!" Victoria reminded her mother that Ben had confessed and had even stolen someone's identity to use as a cover.

Victoria seemed uneasy when Nikki pleaded with her to join Ben for dinner. Nikki insisted that Victoria allow Ben to explain what had happened when his father had been killed. Victoria announced that she would visit Ben immediately and demand an explanation. Victoria left abruptly. Nikki gulped her vodka then she phoned Maureen. Her hand shaking, Nikki left Maureen a message, pleading with her not to tell anyone that she'd been drinking.

Victoria ran into Maureen in the hallway outside Jabot's laboratory and asked about Ben. Maureen said that Victoria had just missed Ben. Victoria mentioned her plans to have dinner with Ben. Maureen explained that Ben had canceled his plans because of a meeting with Ashley. Victoria seemed skeptical of Maureen and asked why Ben hadn't told her about the change in plans himself.

Victoria seemed surprised and said she believed that Ben planned to tell her that he hadn't killed his father. Maureen asked why Victoria thought that. Victoria said Maureen should be happy to learn that Ben hadn't murdered his father. Maureen asked why Ben would've lied and confessed to the police and everyone else that he had. Victoria said the only reason Ben might have falsely confessed would be to protect someone he loved. Victoria, in a sudden epiphany, cried that Kelly had to have killed her and Ben's father.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

At the gym, Joe commented that he was glad to see Cane back in the ring as the men prepared to spar. Joe said that Cane was a corporate executive at heart, and he hated to see Cane wasting his time, running the club. Cane asked what had happened to Joe's chin, and Joe claimed he'd run into a door. Cane suspected that the door's name had been Dylan McAvoy.

Joe insisted that Dylan had overreacted by taking the real estate deal personally, but Cane seemed skeptical that it was just business. Cane pointed out that a lot of people stood to lose their livelihoods, but Joe argued that the project would revamp the whole warehouse district. Cane countered that progress didn't always make sense, and Joe quipped that it was time for Cane to get out of the kiddie pool and swim with the big fish. Joe added that Colin agreed, and Cane grumbled that he smelled blood whenever Colin got what he wanted.

In Avery's office, Dylan thanked Avery for helping him, and she refused to let Joe steal Crimson Lights without a legal fight. She advised Dylan not to use his fists again to make a point, since she planned to appeal to the courts to shut down Joe's attempts to take over a large part of the warehouse district. Dylan acknowledged that he should apologize for hitting Joe, but he believed Joe had deserved it. Avery warned Dylan not to make it personal, but Dylan countered that Joe had made it personal when he'd shown up in town, and he suspected that Joe wasn't only after real estate.

Dylan suspected that Joe wanted Avery back, but she proclaimed that she was already taken, and she amorously asked if Dylan needed convincing. Dylan recognized that he didn't have expensive suits or a fancy car, but he respected his competition. Avery declared that Dylan had already won, and they kissed. She ordered him to leave so she could build his case, and he obliged. She opened her laptop to do some research, and she heard the door open behind her. Without looking, Avery good-naturedly scolded Dylan for distracting her, but she turned around and found Joe there.

Avery snapped that people made appointments to see a lawyer, and Joe replied that he wasn't there to hire one. He advised her to stop wasting her time fighting her boyfriend's battle, and she contended that it was her battle, too, since people who loved one another did things together. Joe cautioned that the people he worked for wouldn't take no for an answer, and she asked if Joe had known Dylan's business would be impacted by the deal when he'd taken the job. Joe mocked that she wanted the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and he insinuated that the situation was extremely personal.

Avery accused Joe of wanting to stick it to Dylan, and Joe maintained that he'd been sent there to broker a real estate deal, but it had become more when he'd seen her with Dylan. Joe questioned how she could give her life away to a "glorified barista," and she admonished Joe for treating Dylan as inferior just because he wasn't on the fast track. Joe said he still cared about her, but she testily asked where his concern had been when they'd been married, and he'd been at the office all night, ignoring her and withholding affection.

Joe wondered if Avery thought she'd been justified to cheat on him, and she countered that she'd turned to someone good and kind. Joe blasted her for giving up and bailing on him, just like she had turned her back on Nick, and he predicted that she would do the same thing to Dylan when he let her down. Avery slapped Joe, and she immediately seemed stunned that she'd hit him. Joe said that her passion had told him everything he needed to know, and he concluded that she still had feelings for him. He pulled her into a kiss.

At the police station, Paul was on the phone with Detective Harding to find out the status of Joe's background check, and he requested the results as soon as possible. Christine entered, and Paul asked if she was moving forward with a certain case, but she silenced him with a kiss. He questioned whether she wanted to get frisky in a station full of cops, but she said it was preview of what would happen later. Christine pointed out that things had settled down, and she wanted to start up their baby-making project again, unless finding out he had Dylan had changed his mind.

Paul noted that having a grown kid had its advantages, and it had been his privilege to get to know Dylan, but he couldn't take credit for Dylan's upbringing. Christine argued that Dylan had Paul's genes, and Paul imagined it would be special to play a real role in his child's life from the beginning and to build something lasting with the woman he loved. Christine and Paul agreed that they would resume their efforts to make a baby, and they kissed. Harding interrupted and apologized, but Paul was anxious to take a look at information that might be helpful to Dylan.

Harding reported that Joe was clean, and he described Joe as a rich, ambitious taxpayer who performed volunteer work and donated blood. Christine wondered if Joe was too good to be true, and Paul instructed Harding to keep digging. After Harding left, Paul mentioned that he had a gut feeling about Joe, and Christine asked whether Paul was feeling something as the police chief or as a father trying to protect his son. Paul replied that it was little of both, and they began kissing again, but Dylan suddenly entered, wanting to talk about Joe.

Dylan apologized for chasing Christine off, but Paul pointed out that they were in his workplace, and he hoped that Dylan hadn't taken another swing at someone. Dylan reported that he was letting Avery handle the situation legally by trying to block Joe from buying up half the warehouse district, and Paul divulged that Joe's business was legitimate, even if his motives were suspect. Paul warned Dylan not to do anything stupid, and Dylan jokingly asked when he ever had, but Paul reiterated that Dylan should let Avery fight Joe with the law.

Outside Hilary's office, Colin flashed back to seeing Hilary and Devon kissing just before they had entered a hotel room. Colin knocked on the door, and Hilary informed him that Jack was at an important meeting. Colin said he was there to see her about someone who was close to her heart, and he expressed interest in helping with Neil's care. Hilary replied that she had all the assistance she needed from Neil's family.

Colin remarked that Neil was lucky to have a beautiful woman who cared about him, which was more important than Hilary's stepson's millions. Colin added that it seemed weird to call Devon that, since Devon was closer to Hilary's age than Neil was, but he imagined that age didn't make a difference when love was involved. An uncomfortable Hilary said she needed to get back to work, and Colin noted that at least Neil's accident had helped Hilary to mend fences with Lily and to become closer to Devon. Colin wished Hilary a nice day, and he left.

At the Athletic Club, Neil thanked Devon for taking him out, and Devon replied that they had a lot to celebrate. A waiter delivered some sparkling water, and Devon said that he was proud of Neil for doing well in his Braille class. Neil explained that he had no idea how much longer his blindness would last, but he couldn't sit around and wait for his sight to return. Devon imagined that the class would help Neil get back to work, but Neil revealed that his motivation was to be able to read to his son. Devon assumed that he meant Moses, but Neil clarified that he'd been referring to the baby he was planning to have with Hilary. Devon dropped his glass, which shattered on the floor.

A waiter helped Devon to clean up the broken glass, and Cane asked if there had been an accident. Neil said that Genoa City's most eligible bachelor had lost his mind at one mention of babies, but he corrected that Devon wasn't eligible anymore, and he asked when he'd get to meet the woman in Devon's life. Devon answered a call from Hilary and said that it wasn't a good time to talk, and she informed him about Colin's weird visit. Colin eavesdropped from outside the office as she asked whether Colin could know about them, and Devon said they would talk later. After Devon hung up, Neil assumed it had been "her" on the phone.

Later, Neil entered Hilary's office and asked if he was interrupting, and Hilary stammered that it was good to see him. She asked how he'd gotten there, and he raved about a modern invention called a taxi, but he was concerned when she didn't laugh. She claimed that a deal had just gone south, but it wasn't important. Neil said that he wanted to meet Devon's special lady, and he suggested that he and Hilary invite them over for dinner sometime soon. Hilary half-heartedly agreed.

Colin arrived at the club and referred to Devon as his favorite billionaire, and he remarked that people flocked to the club to be in Devon's company. Colin added that the club was the center of the Genoa City universe, and he pointedly stated that one could see almost anybody doing anything to anyone there. Devon had no idea what he meant, but Colin spotted Cane and said they'd continue the conversation later. Cane asked Devon what Colin had wanted, and Devon imagined that Colin had been leading into a business proposition, but there was no way he'd do business with Colin.

Across the dining room, Stitch spoke with a waiter about a carefully planned menu for the evening, and he said that he wanted the night to be perfect. Abby overheard and said that it would take more than dessert to win Victoria back, and he surmised that Victoria had told her about their date. Abby mentioned that Victoria had said Stitch had something important to tell her, but Abby thought that it wouldn't make a difference, since Victoria had a million reasons not to trust him. Abby told Stitch not to be surprised if Victoria stood him up.

Stitch asserted that even if Victoria blew him off, she wouldn't go back to Billy, and Abby said they'd see how things changed when they learned that Billy was the father of Victoria's baby. Stitch thought that a kid wouldn't make up for what Billy had put Victoria through, but Abby maintained that Billy and Victoria belonged together. Stitch thought it was all in Abby's mind, and she wondered why he'd bother saying anything to Victoria that night, since it wouldn't change things. Stitch replied that even if it didn't, it was long past time for the truth to surface.

Abby chided Stitch for telling multiple versions of the truth, but he was sure that Victoria would believe him once he explained everything. Stitch contended that Victoria wanted things to work out, and he believed that she knew in her heart that he was the guy she'd thought he was. Stitch continued that he'd always be there for Victoria, and he'd never cheat or push her away. Abby huffed that it wouldn't be enough, and Stitch snapped that Abby didn't know what love was, but he was thankful that Victoria did.

Stitch swore that he hadn't meant to hurt Abby's feelings, but he hadn't been able to let her doubt his love for Victoria. Abby chided him for being a jerk, but she conceded that if he'd meant half of what he'd said, Victoria was the luckiest woman in the world. Stitch stood by his promise to devote himself to Victoria and to be a real partner to her, and he thought it could be a second chance for both of them. He suggested that he and Abby table the discussion about love and stick to business, and Abby asked why. Stitch said that he didn't think she knew anything about love, and she haughtily stated that she'd been in love before.

Stitch recognized that Abby talked about love constantly and that she gave terrible advice about it, and he knew that she meant well, but he cautioned that she'd end up hurting the people she cared about. He contended that she wouldn't do that if she knew what love was, and she figured he was just annoyed that her advice had been against him. Stitch said that he liked Abby despite himself, and he couldn't stand hearing her be that wrong. He flatly told her not to talk about love, and she sauntered off.

Devon noticed Abby talking to herself at the bar, and she asked him if he'd ever been in love. He replied that he had, and she asked what it felt like. Devon described love as dangerous, and he compared it to being picked up and whipped around like a rag doll, but knowing someone would be there to catch him. Abby realized she'd never felt that way before, and she assumed that he'd felt that way with Roxy.

Abby informed Devon that someone had told her that she shouldn't be giving relationship advice because she'd never been in love, but Devon thought she'd had the real thing with Tyler. She related to being whipped around like a rag doll, but she said she'd never trusted anyone to catch her. Devon noted that it was the most important part, and she remarked that she might need to find a new hobby.

Later, Abby muttered to herself that she didn't know anything about love, and Harding asked if she was talking to him. She asked if talking to herself was a crime, and she told him to use his line on someone else. Harding retorted that if he'd been using a line, they'd already be leaving together. Abby huffed that she didn't know about love because she kept meeting guys like him.

Outside the Jabot lab, Victoria confronted Maureen with the theory that Stitch hadn't killed his father and that he'd been covering for Kelly. Maureen was adamant that Kelly had been away at school when her father had died, but Victoria questioned why Maureen was being protective if neither Kelly nor Stitch had killed their father. Victoria suddenly realized Maureen had killed her husband and had let her son take the blame. Maureen denied it, but Victoria suspected that was what Stitch wanted to tell her over dinner. Victoria started to call the police, but Maureen grabbed her hand and begged her not to do it. Victoria demanded that Maureen give her a good reason why she shouldn't.

Maureen urged Victoria to stay calm for the baby's sake, and Victoria barked that it wasn't about her. Maureen lectured that it was Victoria's responsibility to avoid stress, and Victoria wondered about Maureen's responsibility to her own children. Victoria questioned where Maureen had been when a teenage Stitch had taken the fall, and she accused Maureen of turning her back on him and only caring about herself. Victoria bellowed that Maureen's children meant nothing to her, and Maureen blurted out that she'd killed her husband to save her children.

Maureen recounted that her children had still been young when Richard had lost his job, and he'd blamed Maureen for pushing him to have kids and to buy a house. She confided that Richard had smacked her around, and after he'd begun drinking all day, he'd started to do the same thing to Stitch. Maureen whimpered that she'd been afraid Kelly would be next, and Victoria guessed that had been why Maureen had sent Kelly away to school. Victoria asked why Maureen hadn't called social services, and Maureen said that Richard had threatened to kill both her and Stitch if she had. Maureen lamented that her sweet boy had taken the beatings without saying a word, but once Stitch had overheard Richard beating her, something had changed.

Maureen revealed that on the night of Richard's death, she'd gone to the workshop to tell her husband that dinner was ready, but he hadn't wanted to eat that early, so he'd beaten her. Maureen continued that Stitch had heard her screaming, and she'd been afraid one man would kill the other, so she'd run into the house to call the police. Maureen recalled that a drunken Richard had collapsed when Stitch had punched him, so Stitch had left him there to sleep it off. Maureen described the paint cans, cleaning supplies, and old rags that had cluttered the workshop, and she said that it had only taken a flick of her hand to set it on fire. She admitted that she had left and hadn't looked back until then.

Victoria said she was sorry for the suffering Maureen had endured, and Maureen declared that at least it was over, but Victoria countered that it wasn't, since Maureen had also taken away Stitch's life when she'd taken her husband's. Maureen defended that it had been Stitch's choice to confess to protect her, but Victoria snapped that Maureen should have taken responsibility. Maureen contended that she'd been in shock, and by the time she'd recovered, it had already been too late. Victoria ranted that Stitch had lost his wife, his son, his identity, and his career, and she proclaimed that enough was enough. Victoria stormed off, and Maureen chased after her.

In the garage, Maureen begged Victoria not to call the police, but Victoria insisted on clearing Stitch's name. Maureen wailed that her life would be over, but Victoria contended that Stitch would get his life back, and that was the least Maureen could do as his mother. The women scuffled, and Maureen pushed Victoria into a storage room and locked the door.

Stitch tried to call Victoria, who yelled for Maureen to let her out for the baby's sake. Maureen spotted Victoria's phone on the ground, and she tossed it into a garbage receptacle.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Still locked in the janitorial closet in the Jabot garage, Victoria pounded on the door, begging Maureen not to leave. In the garage, Maureen listened as Victoria tried to reason with her, reminding Maureen that the baby she was carrying might be Maureen's grandchild.

Maureen shouted that she would never hurt a baby. Victoria promised that she would never tell anyone the truth -- that Maureen, not Stitch, had started the fire that had killed her husband, who was Stitch and Kelly's father. Maureen accused Victoria of lying. Victoria became frantic and shrieked for help. Maureen turned on the loud exhaust fans in the garage -- they helped drown out Victoria's pleas for help.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan noticed that Stitch seemed a bit anxious. Stitch told Dylan that he wasn't having any luck reaching Victoria, with whom he had a dinner date. Stitch said he was going to try to win Victoria back.

Stitch received a phone call from a hysterical Maureen. Gasping for breath, she told him that she was in the Jabot parking garage. She collapsed and writhed on the ground as Stitch demanded to know what was going on. Maureen was unresponsive. Victoria continued to cry for help.

Stitch told Dylan that something was wrong with Maureen -- she was in the Jabot parking garage, having trouble breathing and unable to speak. Dylan told him to go to the garage -- Dylan would call an ambulance. Stitch rushed out as Dylan called 9-1-1 and told the operator to send an ambulance to Jabot.

Stitch rushed into the garage and found Maureen on the concrete floor. She was barely conscious. Stitch calmly asked her if she was experiencing chest pain, and she nodded her head up and down. He told Maureen that she might be having a heart attack and urged her to stay calm. He didn't hear Victoria pulling on the doorknob inside the janitorial closet.

Later, at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Stitch called Kelly to tell her that Maureen had taken ill. He advised his sister to get to the hospital as soon as possible. After hanging up, Stitch ran into Maureen's doctor. The doctor told Stitch that Maureen needed to undergo cardiac bypass surgery.

While waiting in the hospital corridor for the okay to see his mother, Stitch called Victoria and left her a message -- he needed to cancel their dinner date because Maureen had suffered a heart attack. At the garage, while trying to unlock the door, Victoria cried out in pain and clutched her abdomen.

Stitch walked into Maureen's room. She appeared to be in bad shape, surrounded by monitors and wearing an oxygen mask. Stitch told Maureen that she needed bypass surgery, reassuring her that the procedure was very common and very successful. Maureen seemed distressed and was desperately trying to tell Stitch something. He told his mother that whatever she had to say could wait until after her operation.

In the janitorial closet, Victoria "spoke" with her baby, telling the baby to stop with the Braxton-Hicks contractions so she could figure out a way to escape. She paced around and had another strong contraction, which knocked the wind out of her. She slowly sat down and began to breathe heavily.

In her law office, Avery broke away from Joe, who had just pulled her into a kiss. Avery, quite angry, pointedly reminded Joe that she was no longer his wife. Joe assured Avery that he was quite aware of that and wondered if Avery was planning on slapping him again. She told Joe that if he tried to kiss her again, she would call the police.

Avery accused Joe of purposely trying to ruin Dylan's livelihood under the guise of a business deal, Joe told her that she was wrong -- the deal was the largest of his career and would take him "to the next level." When Joe asked if he and Avery could declare a truce, she smiled and said that she didn't think his business deal would work out -- adding that she would see him in court. Joe smiled, turned, and left.

Nick surprised Sharon by showing up at the cottage. Sounding hopeful, Sharon said she realized that Nick still needed time. Nick told her that the only reason he was there was to get Faith. Sharon implored Nick not to take Faith, but Nick ignored her pleas and repeated that he was there to take their daughter. Sharon said that Faith was confused about Nick and Sharon's wedding cancellation, telling Nick that Faith needed both of her parents. Nick said that what Faith needed was stability. Faith ran downstairs and was thrilled to see Nick. She told him that they could finally have the wedding party.

Nick explained to Faith that he and Sharon were never going to marry and that Faith was going to the tack house with him. Becoming frightened, Faith said that the tack house was all closed up and that no one had been living there. Sharon told her that Nick had been staying at the tack house. Nick tried to calm Faith down, telling her that she could have her old room. Before she ran upstairs, Faith hissed, "No. You said you were going to marry mommy. You're a liar."

Sharon told Nick that he had promised Faith a wedding, and Nick was going back on his word. Nick stated that he was not going to lie to their daughter, once again telling Sharon that he was going to take Faith with him to the tack house. Teary-eyed, Sharon begged Nick to allow Faith to spend the night at the cottage, where the girl felt safe. When she asked Nick to sleep at the cottage, he replied that he would never spend another night there -- but he wouldn't take Faith back to the tack house. Before he left, Nick told Sharon that she had caused Faith's despair.

Nick showed up at Avery's office. Noticing that he was in a sullen mood, Avery wondered why he wasn't on his honeymoon. Nick said the wedding had been called off and told her what Sharon had done with the paternity test. Avery was stunned to hear that Summer was, in fact, Nick's daughter. He told Avery that he needed a lawyer -- he wanted to get full custody of Faith.

Avery and Nick discussed all the implications of Sharon's deception. Avery told Nick that she wouldn't take his custody case if it was about revenge. Nick said that his goal was to protect Faith -- he couldn't risk the little girl being with Sharon. He feared that Sharon might purposely stop taking her medication so that Nick could "save" her, as he had done a few years earlier. Avery hugged Nick and assured him that they would take care of Faith, but she was worried about Nick. He told her not to worry -- he would be fine.

Much to Dylan's consternation, Joe showed up at Crimson Lights. He told Dylan that he had just seen Avery, who clearly backed Dylan. Dylan wondered why that was a surprise to Joe. Joe asked Dylan if they could treat each other in a civil fashion. Dylan said that was fine with him. Joe said that meant no more sucker punches. Dylan chuckled and said the next time he planned to punch Joe, he would warn him beforehand. Thinking that he and Dylan had mended fences, Joe asked for a cappuccino. Dylan told Joe to get his cappuccino at a coffeehouse several blocks away.

Joe wondered why Dylan was throwing him out. Dylan said that as long as Joe was trying to put Dylan out of business, Joe was not welcome at Crimson Lights. Avery walked in the front door of the coffeehouse just as Joe was walking toward the patio. She eyed each man warily. Joe told Avery he was leaving and took off. Avery asked Dylan if she should be worried. He replied that he had merely "redirected" Joe to another coffeehouse.

Changing the subject, Avery told Dylan that Summer was Nick's daughter, after all -- and that Sharon was behind the lie.

At the Underground, a bitter Summer told Austin how her world had been turned upside down when she'd learned that Nick, and not Jack, was her biological father. Mariah interrupted the conversation and accused Summer of being a self-centered whiner. Mariah told Summer that other people had problems in their lives, mentioning that Nick and Sharon had cancelled their wedding. Summer wondered how Mariah could actually feel sorry for "that bitch" Sharon.

Mariah had no idea why Summer was so angry with Sharon. Summer snapped that Mariah's "twisted and deranged" mother had switched the results of the paternity test so that everyone would think that Jack was Summer's father. As Summer continued spewing forth venom, Mariah realized that Sharon had been referring to Summer -- not Faith -- when Sharon had mentioned the word "daughter" while talking in her sleep.

Mariah told Summer about Sharon's dream and that Sharon had also said something about lying to Nick. A catfight ensued as Summer chastised Mariah for not telling anyone about Sharon's dream. Summer hypothesized that Mariah might have blackmailed Sharon -- and that was the reason Sharon had taken Mariah in like "a little stray cat." Mariah defended Sharon, telling Summer that Sharon was a decent person. Summer vehemently disagreed. Trying to de-escalate the situation, Austin told Mariah that she should go home.

Mariah and Summer continued exchanging barbs. At her wit's end, Mariah told Summer that she was a spoiled brat, and that Summer's confusion about which "super-rich" man was her father was nothing compared to what Mariah had endured as a child. After telling Summer to "go to hell," Mariah stormed out of the bar.

After Mariah left, Summer was insistent that Mariah had known Sharon's "secret" all along. Austin defended Mariah, telling Summer that Mariah had merely heard Sharon talk in her sleep. Summer continued talking about how contemptible both Sharon and Mariah were. Austin tried to calm her down, but Summer began arguing with him. She wondered whose side Austin was on, warning him, "Do not defend Mariah or Sharon to me. Not ever."

Austin insisted that he was always on Summer's side and apologized for not being able to make things easier for her. Summer apologized for arguing with Austin but told him how frustrated she was. Nick walked up to Summer and asked her if she was all right. She shook her head "no." Nick said, "Me neither." Father and daughter hugged.

Mariah returned to the cottage. Sharon told her that many things had changed, and she wondered what Mariah had heard. Mariah said that she had heard the "whiny, weepy" version from Summer -- who blamed everything on Sharon. Sharon hoped that Mariah wouldn't condemn her. Mariah was actually quite sympathetic and realized that Sharon had been ill when she had switched the paternity test results, although she couldn't condone Sharon's conduct.

Sharon told Mariah how ashamed she was -- and named the people hurt by what she had done -- Nick, Summer, Jack, Phyllis, Faith, Noah, and Mariah. Mariah said that she was fine. Sharon began weeping. Mariah sat down next to Sharon and tried to comfort her.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis stared at Jack's cell phone -- he had forgotten it. She read a text message exchange in which Kelly and Jack had declared their love for each other. Phyllis noticed that the exchange had taken place the same day Phyllis had woken up from her coma.

Trying to rationalize, Phyllis told herself that the text messages were old and that Jack had probably needed someone to comfort him during her absence. She heard the familiar chimes signaling a new text message. She saw that it was from Kelly and read, "I will wait for you as long as it takes. Today made me believe in us." Reeling, Phyllis answered her own ringing cell phone. It was Jack calling from his office. He told her how grateful he was that he could call and actually hear her voice.

Phyllis didn't respond, and Jack wondered if she was still on the line. When Phyllis confirmed that she was, Jack asked her if she had seen his cell phone. She lied and said that she hadn't, then asked him when he would be home. Jack said that he was about to leave the office. Phyllis told him that she would be waiting for him.

Jack returned home and told Phyllis that they needed to talk. Phyllis agreed, telling him that they needed to discuss what she had found. Jack became nervous and wondered exactly what Phyllis was talking about. She smiled and lifted her hand up -- she was wearing the ring she had found in Jack's office.

Phyllis said that she and Jack should marry right away, telling Jack that he was the reason she had awoken from her coma. A very serious Jack told her that there were things they needed to discuss -- he said among other things, they needed to find out how Summer would react to Jack and Phyllis tying the knot.

Phyllis began to kiss Jack -- then told him that he wanted the marriage as much as she did, slyly adding, "Now what was it that you wanted to discuss?" Jack said that it wasn't important. Phyllis insisted that Jack tell her. He told her that she deserved to be truly happy -- and that was all there was to discuss. Phyllis said that she had one more thing to tell Jack -- she wanted a huge engagement party to publicly announce their betrothal, and she knew who she wanted to help plan the party -- Kelly Andrews.

Jack said that Kelly probably wouldn't have time for an outside event, but Phyllis countered that they could have the wedding at the Athletic Club. When Jack claimed that Cane and Lily had made such a success of the club that it had been booked for months, Phyllis insisted that the Ashbys would make room for them. Jack that the timing didn't feel right. Phyllis asked, "What? For you and me?" Jack said, "For Summer." Phyllis said that Summer needed something to celebrate. Phyllis promised not to bother Jack with any of the party's details -- she and Kelly would take care of everything. Phyllis walked off, leaving a nonplussed Jack.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mariah wished Sharon a good morning and offered her some coffee. Sharon mumbled that Mariah had no idea how much she needed that, and Mariah observed the dark circles under Sharon's eyes, but Sharon clarified that she'd meant Mariah's kindness. Mariah refused to turn her back on Sharon, since Sharon had given her a chance when no one else had. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon wished the visitor would go away, but Mariah lectured that hiding wouldn't solve anything. Sharon was surprised to find Grace at the door.

Grace explained that she'd been in Chicago on business, so she'd thought she'd stop by to say hello. Her voice trailed off when she spotted Mariah, and she introduced herself and mentioned that Nick had shown her a picture of Mariah. Mariah acknowledged her resemblance to Cassie, and Sharon confirmed that Mariah was Cassie's twin. Grace called it a miracle that Sharon and Mariah had reunited, and Sharon informed Mariah that Grace had found Cassie years before. Grace swore that she would have also looked for Mariah if she'd known Sharon had borne another child, but Mariah assured her it was okay.

Sharon credited Grace with helping Nick put the pieces together, and Grace hoped Mariah had helped to fill the hole in Sharon's heart. Sharon gazed at Mariah and said that having Mariah in her life meant more than she could say. Mariah departed to let Sharon and Grace catch up privately, and Grace apologized to Sharon for scaring Mariah away. Sharon said that Mariah was still adapting to everything, and Grace noted that Sharon seemed tense. Sharon wondered about the timing of Grace's visit, and she pointed out that it had been months since Grace had seen Nick, but Grace hadn't phoned or emailed since then. Sharon questioned why Grace was really there.

Grace defended that she'd thought about writing or calling many times, but finding Cassie's twin hadn't been something she could casually inquire about. Grace marveled that it had been indescribable to see Cassie's face again, and she conceded that she'd lost Sharon's friendship due to her own actions, but the women had both loved Cassie. Grace reflected upon how Cassie's death had destroyed Nick and Sharon's family, but everything had ended up full circle, since Nick and Sharon were happily back together. Sharon turned away, and Grace pressed to know whether something had happened with Nick. Sharon sternly stated that it was none of her business, and Grace threatened to call Nick unless Sharon told her what was wrong. Sharon blurted out that Nick had left her.

Sharon admitted that she'd done something terrible when she'd been sick, and she'd kept it a secret, but everything had blown up just before she and Nick had been about to get married. Grace handed her a tissue and said that she wasn't one to judge after the stunts she'd pulled, but she hadn't thought anything could get Nick to turn away from Sharon. Sharon accused Grace of pretending to feel bad when Grace would hit on Nick "in a hot second," and Grace confessed that she'd done so when he'd flown her there to talk. Sharon ordered Grace to get out.

Grace explained that she'd hit on Nick because she'd jumped to conclusions when he'd called her, but he hadn't given her a second glance. Sharon surmised that Grace had been disappointed, since Grace couldn't resist twisting the knife any more than she could stop herself from throwing herself at any man in front of her path. Grace said she'd done nothing wrong, and she condemned Sharon for attacking her when Sharon had screwed up her own life again. Grace wondered how Sharon had pushed Nick past the breaking point, but Sharon asserted that she and Nick would survive it because they shared a kind of love that Grace couldn't understand. Grace got up to leave, and she said she couldn't wait to see how it turned out.

At the penthouse, Chelsea examined the camera, and Billy reported that the boys were asleep. He asked if she'd still been looking for more hidden cameras, and he recalled that they'd concluded an overprotective Adam had been spying on the nannies. Chelsea mused that she didn't know for sure, and Victor arrived. Billy speculated that Victor had been behind the invasion of privacy, and Victor asked what Billy was doing there. Chelsea and Billy exchanged a glance.

Victor swore that he knew nothing about the camera, but Billy noted that it was the kind of thing Victor would do to keep tabs on things, and Victor asked if Chelsea believed that after they'd worked very hard to trust one another. Victor pointed out that she'd given him permission to visit Connor, so he had no reason to plant surveillance equipment, but he offered to have his people find out who had been responsible. Billy insisted they would handle it themselves, and Victor asked for a word alone with Chelsea. Billy refused to go anywhere, and he realized that no one had told Victor that he'd moved in. Billy announced that he lived there.

Victor muttered that he was disappointed Chelsea had picked up where Victoria had left off, but Chelsea asserted that she and Billy were very happy, so Victor could say anything in front of Billy. Victor invited Chelsea and Connor to a dinner party, since Victor wanted to spend time with his grandchildren. Chelsea guessed that the get-together was about Nick and Summer, and Victor said that he'd also extended an invitation to Victoria and Johnny. Billy left the decision up to Chelsea, but he hated the idea of the Newmans celebrating Jack's loss. Victor barked that he didn't care what Billy thought, and Billy surmised that he wasn't invited.

Chelsea thanked Victor for the invitation, but she imagined that no one would be happy to have her there, since his family had hated Adam. She added that her presence would make Victoria uncomfortable, and she declined. She maintained that Victor could always visit Connor as long as he respected that Billy was part of their lives, and Victor agreed. Billy was skeptical that Victor was capable of respect, and Victor predicted that "Billy Boy" would screw up in no time at all. Victor exited.

Chelsea refused to let Victor dictate her life, but she told Billy that it was important to keep things civil for Connor's sake. Billy considered everyone guilty of planting the camera until they were proven innocent, and Chelsea vowed not to rest until they figured out who had done it. Chelsea read off the model number of the camera, and Billy researched it online. He discovered the model had only gone on the market in May of that year, and Chelsea realized that someone had started spying on her after Adam had died.

Nikki quickly ate a breath mint as Nick arrived at the ranch, and she said she'd been worried. He apologized for not returning her calls, and she recognized that he was going through a lot after what Sharon had pulled. Nikki asked if he'd spoken to his father, and Nick reported that Victor wanted to have a family dinner, but the last thing Nick wanted was a pity party while Victor pontificated at the head of the table. Nick suspected that Victor was dying to say that he'd been right about Sharon, but Nikki thought Victor wanted to support Nick and Summer. Nick imagined that Victor would sell it that way, but it wouldn't be the way things played out.

Nikki said that she didn't agree with Victor's methods, but she believed the reason he'd kept pursuing the truth had been out of love for Nick. Nick admitted it killed him that Victor had been right about Sharon, and he relayed that Summer was furious at Sharon for using Summer and Jack and putting Phyllis in the hospital. Nick added that he hadn't told Faith the whole story, but Faith had called him a liar for promising he'd marry her mother and backing out. Nick mentioned that he'd let Faith stay with Sharon for one last night, but he wanted Faith to live with him from then on, and he intended to fight for full custody and to shut Sharon out of his life forever.

Nick expressed anger toward both Sharon and Phyllis, but he recognized that he had to remain civil with Phyllis for Summer's sake. Nikki recalled that he'd also taken it hard when his relationship with Avery had ended, but Nick countered that Avery hadn't given away his kid because of her insecurities. He promised that he wouldn't do anything reckless, and Nikki stared at the bottles of alcohol and worried that he'd do something he regretted. Nick growled that he regretted rebuilding a life with Sharon, and Nikki advised him to control his anger and not to let his anger control him.

Nick recognized that he'd let his anger get the best of him before, but he was determined not to make things harder on his kids or on Nikki. Nikki appreciated that he had taken her words to heart, and he pledged to deal with Sharon rationally. He called Nikki a great mom, since she put her children first even when she was struggling with her own issues, and Nikki replied that her kids were her top priority. They hugged, and Victor arrived home and was pleased to see Nick, who sarcastically asked if Victor had more good news for him.

Victor said he had nothing new to report, and Nick imagined that Victor expected Nick's thanks, but Victor replied that he didn't expect anything. Victor recounted that he'd warned Nick not to make the same mistake twice, but Nick had chosen to pursue happiness with a woman who'd caused unhappiness for their entire family. Victor suggested that Nick explain to himself why he'd made the choices he had made, and Nick stalked out. Nikki wondered if it was really over for Nick and Sharon, and Victor wondered if she though Nick could forgive Sharon and start over. Nikki knew that Nick was beyond devastated, but she recognized that Sharon was the love of his life, and both she and Victor understood how hard it was to walk away from that forever.

Sharon answered the door to Nick, and she hoped he was ready to talk. He replied that he wasn't there to chat, and he had no interest in listening to her defend herself. He informed her that she'd be hearing from Avery, since he planned to fight for full custody of Faith, and he wouldn't stop until he won.

Kevin entered Michael's office, and Michael curtly said he was busy. Kevin revealed that he hadn't said anything about Michael's condition at the concert the night before, and Michael grumbled that he'd figured that out because Fen hadn't been upset when he'd returned home. Michael mentioned that he'd had a nice goodbye with Fen, and he appreciated Kevin doing the right thing. Kevin argued that it wasn't right for Michael to lie to his loved ones, and he threatened to tell the Baldwin family that Michael had cancer if Michael wouldn't do so.

Michael contended that it was his life and his body, so he got to decide what people knew and when they knew it. Kevin suspected that Michael might not know what he needed, but Michael demanded that Kevin not say anything. Kevin argued that he was just trying to help after the many times Michael had been there for him, and he thought it wasn't the kind of thing someone should go through alone. Michael reiterated that he didn't know the severity of the situation yet, and he didn't want to worry anyone unnecessarily, but Kevin questioned how bad it had to be before Michael leaned on his loved ones. Kevin conceded that it made sense to hold off on telling Fen and Gloria, but he pointed out that the news impacted Lauren's life, too.

Michael claimed that he'd tell Lauren once he knew something definitive, and Kevin asked when that would be. Michael mentioned that he had an appointment with an oncologist in a few days, and Kevin became irate that the doctor couldn't see Michael right away. Kevin wanted to do research on the oncologist, but Michael wanted to do things his way. Kevin reluctantly agreed to back off, but his voice trembled as he said that he just needed Michael to be all right. Lauren entered and said that she'd dropped Fen off at the airport, and she hoped to steal some time with her husband. Kevin shot Michael a stern look on his way out.

Lauren gushed that it had been wonderful to see Fen, and she wanted to convince Michael to distract her from thinking about her empty nest. He thought it sounded appealing, but he said he was busy. Lauren assured him that he didn't need to be embarrassed if he needed something to help him get going, but Michael commented that some things were more difficult to share. Lauren believed they could talk about anything and face anything together, since she loved him no matter what. He replied that he'd never questioned her love for him, and she asked what was bothering him.

Michael said that the last thing he wanted was to make Lauren feel insecure just because he couldn't face the truth about something that was wrong with him, but she cooed that his problem was very normal for a man his age, and they could easily manage it. Michael murmured that sometimes a pill couldn't fix everything, and he pondered what things would be like if he couldn't be a real husband to her anymore. Lauren declared that he would always be her husband, and there were many different ways to make love. She added that she planned on showing them to him for the rest of their lives.

Lauren agreed to let Michael get his work done if he couldn't leave with her, but he told her to wait. He decided to forget work, since none of it mattered compared to her, and he kissed her passionately. He announced that he was going to take her home and show her just how much he loved her.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah rambled to Kevin about how awkward Grace's visit had been, and he snapped that she wasn't the only person with "bad crap" going on in her life. Mariah set a brownie down in front of Kevin as a peace offering, and she acknowledged that she had a bad habit of being self-centered. She urged him to tell her what was wrong, but he said he couldn't, since it wasn't his story to tell. Mariah confided that she wasn't accustomed to being a friend, but she promised to try to be there for him if he needed one.

Sage noticed that Adam was awake, and she announced that they had a visitor. She helped a wheelchair-bound woman named Constance to Adam's bedside, and Constance said he'd given them a scare with his fall. He disregarded the spill as nothing, and Constance advised him to make sure his wounds healed properly. She thanked God for saving him, and Adam thanked God for taking him to her.

Constance declared that no one meant more to her in the world than Adam did, and she'd do everything possible to make sure he got well. Adam expressed his gratitude, and he said he wouldn't ever be able to thank her enough. Constance praised Sage for taking care of him, and she told him to get some rest while she got some herself. Sage offered to assist Constance to her room, but Constance insisted she could handle it. Adam called after Sage and requested his laptop.

Adam became frustrated when he couldn't receive an image from the camera, and he wondered if his password was the problem. He asked Sage what was wrong with the feed to the nursery, and she inspected the computer and determined that something was wrong with the camera. Adam concluded that someone had found it. Sage proposed that she have the workman return to the penthouse to check on the camera, but Adam was sick of watching his wife and son over a monitor while Billy took over his family. Adam hissed that he wouldn't sit there and let it happen.

Adam insisted that it was time for him to go home, but Sage warned that he would hurt himself again, and she suggested that they talk about it later. They began to argue, and Constance became alarmed by the raised voices and asked what Adam was doing out of bed. Adam contended that he'd been getting stronger every day, but it had been months, and he was ready to take the bandages off. Constance balked, and Adam sat in front of her and asked, "Aren't you ready to see your grandson's face?"

Friday, November 14, 2014

Adam struggled to cross the room, and Sage urged him to rest, since he'd fallen the day before. Adam wondered if she intended to inject him with another sedative, and he insisted on continuing to move. Sage sympathized that he was frustrated because he wanted to see his son, but she warned him against pushing himself too hard. He ordered her to take care of everything based on their agreement, and she chided him for promising Constance that she'd see Gabriel's face. Adam stood by what he'd said, and he proclaimed that it was time for the bandages to be removed.

Constance entered and asked why Adam was impatient, and Adam asserted that the doctor had done everything possible, but the rest was up to him. Constance wished that Adam could have seen his burns and broken bones, and she said that no one should have had to suffer that way. He asked if even her good-for-nothing grandson hadn't deserved it, and she remarked that she'd never prayed harder than when she'd prayed for him to survive. Adam quipped that he was only surviving, not living, and Sage advised that it would take time to heal. Adam said they were delaying the inevitable, and he wasn't afraid to deal with whatever happened once the bandages were off. Constance instructed Sage to summon Dr. Ramsey.

Dr. Ramsey asked how long Adam could stay on his feet without assistance, and Adam replied that he could stand for up to 20 minutes and that he could walk across the room. Sage mentioned that Adam had taken a nasty fall, and the doctor said that it was important for patients to develop endurance gradually and to back off if it hurt. Dr. Ramsey inquired whether Adam felt any pain around his face or head, and Adam maintained that he wanted to get the bandages off. Constance said that she'd hoped and prayed for the day she'd get Gabriel back, and Adam cautioned that he wouldn't be the same man. Sage suggested that they wait longer, but Dr. Ramsey opined that there was nothing to be gained by waiting to remove the bandages. The doctor began to gently cut away the gauze.

Adam remarked that he felt like a package being unwrapped on Christmas morning, and Constance recalled that a bicycle had been Gabriel's favorite gift when he'd been a child. Adam fibbed that he remembered it well, and Dr. Ramsey unwound the remaining bandages. Constance and Sage gasped and stared at Adam, and Sage smiled and put her arm around an emotional Constance. Constance called it a miracle, and Sage said that the results were breathtaking.

Constance said that she'd never expected such an outcome after saving a man from a burning vehicle, and Dr. Ramsey explained that the tissue hadn't been as damaged as he'd feared. The doctor added that he'd only had photos to work with when he'd performed the reconstructive surgery, but he was extremely gratified with the results, and he hoped Adam would be, too. Adam held up a mirror to see his new face, and Constance thanked the doctor for saving her grandson, Gabriel. Adam stumbled over to a wall mirror and touched his face, and he remarked that it was uncanny. "Now I can reclaim my life," he mused.

At the penthouse, Chelsea set Connor down in his playpen, and Billy reeled from the fact that the camera model they'd discovered hidden in the nursery hadn't even been made yet when Adam had died. Billy thought there was only one person who wanted to keep tabs on Chelsea and Connor, but Chelsea didn't think Victor had a motive. Billy pointed out that Victor loved nothing more than having total control over everyone, but Chelsea believed Victor's earlier denial that he'd had anything to do with the camera. She thought that Billy was too focused on only one target, and she urged him to consider other people who'd had the motive to do it.

Chelsea recalled the odd sound in Connor's room and the maintenance worker who'd stopped by to check it out, and she noted that the workman had inspected Connor's room but had never found the camera. Billy theorized that the worker had planted it. Chelsea was disturbed by the idea of a stranger watching her son, and Billy speculated that the maintenance man had been working with Victor. Billy reminded Chelsea that Victor had threatened her in the past, and Chelsea reluctantly agreed to add Victor to the list of suspects.

Billy offered to talk to the building manager about the workman, and Chelsea asked when Victoria was planning to pick up Johnny. Billy realized that Victoria was over an hour late, and he grumbled that Victoria would have called him irresponsible if he'd done that. He quickly apologized for caring what his ex-wife thought, but Chelsea understood. Billy vowed to find out who had planted the camera, and he kissed Chelsea goodbye and left.

Billy returned and reported that he'd talked to the manager, and he'd learned that the maintenance staff had been let go, but the manager hadn't given a reason why. Chelsea pointed out that they weren't even sure the culprit had been the maintenance guy, and Billy planned to have the place swept for other surveillance devices. He assured Chelsea that she wasn't alone anymore, and he scooped up Johnny to take him to Victoria. Billy asserted that if whoever had put the camera there ever returned, they'd have to go through him.

After Billy and Johnny left, Chelsea smiled as she recalled talking to Billy about how their love for their children grew more every day. Connor suddenly gurgled and cried, "Dada!" Chelsea remarked that things were going well with Billy, but she said that they shouldn't get ahead of themselves.

At the hospital, Kelly fretted that Maureen had been taken down for surgery five hours before, and Stitch explained that the timing depended on how extensive the bypass was. Kelly asked if he'd heard any word from Victoria, and he surmised that Victoria was giving him space to deal with Maureen's health problems, but he worried that it wasn't like Victoria not to reply to his messages. Stitch said that something didn't feel right, and Kelly urged him to call Victoria again. Stitch wondered if Victoria had changed her mind about dinner, but Kelly noted that it had been more than just a date.

Kelly remembered a time when Stitch had told her everything, and she recognized that he was trying to put his life back together by salvaging another relationship with a woman he loved. Kelly felt guilty for the role she'd played in his breakup with Jenna, and she blamed herself for taking away everything he'd loved. Stitch contended that he didn't need Kelly beating herself up on top of everything else, and Kelly insisted that he find Victoria and work things out while Kelly waited for an update about Maureen's condition. Kelly begged Stitch to let her do that one thing for him, and she promised she'd call if there was any news. Stitch hugged Kelly and thanked her, and he hurried off.

Billy ran into Stitch outside Victoria's house, and he grumbled that he wasn't surprised to see Stitch lurking around. Stitch reported that he hadn't heard from Victoria since he'd called to cancel their plans the prior evening, and Billy revealed that she hadn't shown up to pick up Johnny. The men agreed that something seemed off, and they entered the house and called out for her. Billy went to check the apartment above the garage, and Abby entered and testily asked what Stitch was doing there. She immediately concluded that he'd spent the night, and she groused that Victoria hadn't listened to a word she'd said. Billy returned and announced that both Victoria and her car were gone.

Abby predicted that Victoria was at the office or the Athletic Club, but Billy said Victoria wasn't at either place, and he asked if Abby had made plans with Victoria. Abby said that Victoria hadn't been expecting her, but she was there to put a stop to Victoria's intrusions at Jabot's new lab. Abby divulged that Ashley had spotted Victoria on the security footage from the day before, and she had no idea how Victoria had slipped past the guards. Stitch inquired when Abby had last seen Victoria, and they all realized they had no idea where Victoria was. The men ordered Abby to stay there with Johnny as they raced out to find Victoria.

Still locked in the Jabot storage room, Victoria yelled for someone to open the door. She told herself to stay calm and to think good thoughts, and she reasoned it was a workday at an office building, so somebody was bound to stop by. She had a sudden contraction and clutched her belly, and she resolved to think about how things would work out. Victoria began counting, and she imagined counting her baby girl's fingers with Stitch. She then fantasized that she was counting her newborn boy's toes with Billy.

Victoria covered herself with a sheet, and she muttered to herself that it wasn't the end of the world, but she had to keep thinking good thoughts, even though she couldn't change the past. She flashed back to arguing with Stitch about how she couldn't live with his secrets and lies, and she'd begged him to open up, so she could learn to know and to trust him. He'd admitted that there was something that he'd never told another living soul, and Victoria contemplated what would have happened if Stitch had told her the truth months before. Victoria pounded on the door and pleaded for someone to let her out.

Victoria realized that she was supposed to pick up Johnny, and she hoped that people would wonder where she was and start looking for her. She recognized that Billy wasn't the most reliable guy in the world, but that was part of what made him irresistible. She flashed back to trying to comfort him after Delia's death, but he had pushed her away and had turned to online message boards instead. Victoria had lectured that they'd had to walk through the grief together, or they would end up estranged like Sharon and Nick had after they'd lost Cassie. She envisioned what would have happened if Billy had answered Kelly's call but had decided to talk to Victoria rather than to commiserate with Kelly. Victoria swore that her baby would have a wonderful life no matter who turned out to be the father.

Victoria imagined Stitch taking care of a flu-ridden Johnny so that she didn't have to worry about balancing work with looking after a sick child. Stitch said that he knew she could handle everything, but he assured her that she didn't have to do it all on her own, since she had him as backup. She replied that he had no idea what it meant to her to know she could count on him, and he declared that she never had to guess about whether he'd do the things he'd said he'd do.

Victoria envisioned another scenario in which she made business calls while caring for an ill Johnny, and she hoped Billy remembered to go to the pharmacy. Billy entered with flowers and a toy giraffe, and she remarked that the flowers were beautiful, but he said that they weren't half as beautiful as she was. They kissed and laughed, and he asked how his boy was doing. Victoria asked if Billy had remembered to pick up Johnny's medicine, and Billy's baffled reaction indicated he clearly hadn't. Victoria continued to bang on the storage room door.

Victoria experienced another contraction, and she groaned that as much as she wanted to hold her baby in her arms, it wasn't the way it should be. She daydreamed about reading to Johnny as Stitch returned home, and he playfully tossed Johnny into the air and asked if the tot had had fun with his mommy. Stitch asked about his princess, and Victoria replied that their daughter had been sleeping while waiting for her daddy to get home. Stitch explained that he'd fit in extra patients that day, and it felt good to be back doing what he was meant to do. Victoria surprised him by revealing that Jenna had agreed to allow Max to return home for Christmas and that visitation would be a lot easier, since Jenna understood what had happened with Maureen. A touched Stitch stammered that his daughter would get to meet her brother, and Victoria said that things were how they should be.

Victoria envisioned Billy playing a video game with Reed, and Victoria announced that a pizza was in the oven. Billy joked that they had to eat right away, or he'd lose, and he sent Reed upstairs to fetch Johnny. Billy picked up his baby boy, who stopped fussing right away, and he declared that he had the magic touch. He bet that Victoria hadn't thought that he had a responsible family man in him, and she struggled for a response, but he said that he knew the answer as he kissed her. Victoria told her baby to hang in there, since they'd soon know who the child's daddy was and what the future held. She cried out in pain and collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily, and she begged the baby to hold on.

Billy and Stitch arrived at the Jabot garage, and Billy wondered if Victoria's car had been there since the day before. The men ran in to check the building, and a sobbing Victoria pictured herself holding her new baby in the hospital. She gazed at Stitch on one side, and he remarked that his baby daughter had the loveliest woman in the world for a mother. Victoria glanced at Billy on the other side, and he hoped that his son had inherited her brains and common sense. A terrified Victoria screamed for her baby as she writhed in pain on the storage room floor.

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