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Hilary arranged for Gwen to pose as Devon's girlfriend. Adam and Sage released Nick from the bear trap. Phyllis fired Sharon. A DNA test revealed that Billy was Katie's father. Michael refused to start treatment for his prostate cancer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 1, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, December 1, 2014

At the tack house, Summer had a heated confrontation with Sharon. Summer told Sharon that she had no right letting herself inside Nick's home and should keep her distance. Sharon explained that she and Nick shared children together. Summer noted that Sharon knew how to manipulate Nick. Sharon recalled how much she'd enjoyed growing close to Summer during Phyllis' absence. Summer cried, "You took my father from me! Then you took my mother and had the nerve to take her place." Summer swore that Sharon would never again be in a position to hurt Nick.

Sharon insisted she deeply loved Nick and wouldn't have hurt him had she not been ill. Sharon added that what had happened to Phyllis had been an accident. Summer glared at Sharon when she noted that Phyllis always chased away anyone she considered to be a threat. Summer replied, "My mother has people who love her. Who do you have left?" After Summer left, Sharon received a call from her attorney, David Sherman. Sharon told David that Nick hadn't returned to town or checked in with Faith. Sharon asked David if Nick's abandonment might be used against him.

At Constance's house, Constance and Sage reacted when Bugatti, Gabriel's dog, began barking at Adam. Adam claimed that the medication he'd been taking had altered the scent of his body. Sage noted that Bugatti had been barking all morning at something the pooch had seen outside a window. Constance said, "Animal instincts -- we ignore them at our peril." Adam seemed uneasy.

Adam sat beside Constance and recalled the night he'd failed to save a dying man. Adam added, "I think the man I used to be is also gone." Adam told Constance that she sometimes looked at him as if he were a stranger. Constance, believing that Adam was Gabriel, took hold of his hand and replied, "Oh, my darling boy." Adam said, "I know what I've done. I know who I am, and I know what I have to do to make it right." Constance said that both she and "Gabriel" were lucky because tragedies often yielded blessings.

In the woods near Constance's home, Nick lay on the ground after his ankle had been badly injured in a bear trap. Nick attempted to pry the teeth of trap apart, but he was unable to free himself and cried out in pain. Bugatti led Sage to Nick, who'd passed out. Sage was unable to free Nick's leg, but she roused him and assured him that she'd return and with someone to help him. After Sage left, Nick cried out in pain and attempted to move, but the trap prevented him from freeing his bloodied leg.

Sage returned to Constance's house and told Adam about the wounded man Bugatti had found in the woods nearby. Adam didn't budge from his seat and suggested that Sage summon an ambulance. Sage said, "Someone died saving your life, and you can't be bothered to help someone else?" Adam grabbed his jacket and said, "Let's go." Sage led the way, and Adam followed. When Sage and Adam reached Nick, Adam muttered, "Son of a bitch." Nick remained unconscious.

At Avery's office, Joe watched through the glass partition when Avery changed out of blouse Michael had accidentally stained with coffee. Avery gasped in horror when she spotted Joe and berated him for having watched her undress. Joe said, "Nothing I haven't seen before or thought about since." Avery explained that she was busy crushing his vendetta projects. Avery showed Joe a copy of the local newspaper and noted that grassroots opposition was forming to fight his redevelopment project.

Joe dismissed Avery's threats. Joe claimed that the protesters were has-beens merely reminiscing about the past. Avery said she hoped the coffeehouse would soon be declared a historical landmark. Joe scoffed and said, "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Avery replied, "Like you said, it's not personal. It's business." Avery vowed to fight along with the more deserving hometown people against those with money and power.

In Michael's office, Joe complained that Michael had done nothing to battle the growing opposition. Michael scanned the newspaper article about the local business owners' plans to fight the outsiders' planned redevelopment. Michael took a sip of tomato juice, grimaced, and replied, "Do your clients know about your intense, personal mission with regards to your ex-wife's boyfriend?" Joe said he and his clients cared about making money. Fuming, Joe ordered Michael to "fix it."

At Crimson Lights, Dylan congratulated Ben for having successfully delivered Victoria's baby. Ben admitted that he was apprehensive about learning whether he or Billy was the baby's father. Dylan said that a baby wouldn't be able to fix the hurdles Ben and Victoria faced. Ben said he'd mended his relationship with Victoria after telling her the truth about his father's death. Dylan asked Ben to explain what he meant.

Ben admitted that his mother was responsible for her abuser's death. Dylan was shocked to learn the truth. Ben admitted that he'd stepped up and taken the blame in order to spare his mother. Ben said he would've taken his secret to the grave had he not met Victoria. Dylan nodded, indicating support of his friend's difficult decision. Ben added, "I couldn't let her think that her baby's father was a killer." Ben thanked Dylan for standing by him and said he'd never forget how Dylan had blindly trusted him.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy asked Chelsea to accompany him to the hospital to learn the results of the paternity test. Chelsea was reluctant and stated so. She said she'd told Victoria how happy she was for her to be a mom again. Chelsea added, "I didn't tell her how happy I was for us. You don't have to hold my hand when you get these test results. I am okay no matter what happens." Billy said he hoped the baby was his, though it would mean he was a dad again and nothing more.

Chelsea told Billy that the paternity test might change his thoughts and feelings if he turned out to be Katie's father. Billy replied, "It will change things, but not between you and me." He kissed Chelsea. After Billy left, Anita arrived and insisted that Chelsea take her place with Billy at the hospital. Anita said, "We make our own luck. Billy is yours now, so go get him!" Chelsea explained that Billy would have to make a choice on his own.

At Dr. Walsh's office, Victoria gently rocked her baby when the doctor said he was ready to reveal the results of the paternity test. Dr. Walsh explained that one sample was an exact match to all sixteen markers. The doctor nodded affirmatively when Victoria asked for his assurance that the test was 100% accurate. As Dr. Walsh opened the file folder, Ben arrived. Dr. Walsh left so Victoria could talk to Ben.

Victoria asked Ben about Maureen. Ben said he'd told Paul about Maureen, who was still missing. Victoria apologized for the way she'd treated Ben before he'd told her the truth about his father. Victoria praised Ben for the selfless sacrifice he'd made on his mother's behalf. Billy arrived. Dr. Walsh returned, and Victoria asked to see the results first. Victoria read the report before giving the folder back to the doctor.

Ben seemed crushed and quickly excused himself when he learned that Billy was Katie's father. Billy cradled Katie in his arms and said he was the luckiest dad. Victoria said she'd chosen the name Rose to be Katie's middle name to honor Delia's love of tea roses. Billy gazed into his baby's eyes and said, "She's her own little person." Victoria said that Katherine and Delia were angels watching over Katie. Billy phoned Chelsea and told her the news. After the call ended, Billy gathered together the baby's things so he could help Victoria settle their newborn at home.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Colin was curious about plans Lauren and Jill had for Fenmore's Department Store. Jill noted that it had nothing to do with money laundering. Colin explained that he'd agreed to launder money through Fenmore's to appease a loan shark who'd issued threats. Jill said, "Don't forget that Lauren didn't want to let you in on Fenmore's in the first place." Colin replied, "I've got other fish to fry."

Lauren arrived for her meeting with Jill. When Lauren revealed the new development that could benefit Fenmore's, Jill noted that local businesses, including Crimson Lights, would lose their property. Colin favored the plan. Dylan arrived and said he would be meeting with other independent businesses that would be "squeezed into oblivion." When Dylan noted that Joe Clark, Avery's ex-husband, had hired Michael to represent the new business venture, Lauren grimaced. Lauren added that Michael hadn't mentioned one word about how ugly the fight might become.

Lauren went to Michael's office. Michael had just ended a phone call with his doctor about cancer treatments. Lauren said, "Why didn't you tell me? Something this big that affects so many people, and you don't say a word to me." Befuddled, Michael replied, "I don't know what you're talking about." Lauren seemed dismayed.

Lauren, angry, complained that Michael was aiding Joe Clark's plan to destroy the historic district. Michael replied, "Look, my relations with Clark are very limited at best. He had investors, and they have opinions." Lauren cried that outsiders didn't care about the small businesses in Genoa City. Frustrated and distracted, Michael yelled, "You don't understand everything!" Lauren turned to leave, but Michael stopped her in the doorway and embraced her.

At Crimson Lights, Jill told Dylan and Colin that it would be tragic for an outsider to raze buildings in the historic district to construct a new development. Dylan said, "I'm not going down without a fight. Actually, I'm not going down at all." Jill said, "Good!" Colin rolled his eyes and sarcastically muttered, "Please!"

As Dylan walked toward the counter, he passed Joe Clark. Dylan reminded Joe that he wasn't welcome at the coffeehouse. Joe said, "This deal's going through. Why not just move on?" Dylan warned that Joe's investors would be throwing away their money because the town was preparing to wage a battle. Joe said that Avery had mentioned her fight for lost causes. Joe added, "I realize now that she was referring to you." After Joe left, someone threw a brick through the front window.

Back at Avery's office, she moved forward, via a phone call, with her efforts to declare structures in the warehouse district as historic landmarks. Before ending the call, Avery thanked her contact and said she'd await the results of a vote. Summer arrived and explained that Nick had left town because of Sharon. Summer added that no one had heard from Nick. Avery tried to console Summer and said that Nick loved his children more than anything. Avery added that Nick just needed time to think.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

At Crimson Lights, a brick crashed through the window, and Dylan warned Avery to stay back as he rushed outside.

At the penthouse, Chelsea worked on a design, but she tore up the page and buried her face in her hands. She grabbed her coat and purse, and she yelled for the nanny to watch the boys while she went out for a bit.

At the Athletic Club bar, Paul was glad to run into Stitch, but Stitch grumbled that he wasn't in the best mood. Paul inquired whether Stitch had seen Maureen, since the department was pressuring him to arrest Maureen for locking Victoria in the janitorial closet. Stitch asked what Victoria had said about the incident, and Paul disclosed that he hadn't questioned her yet, but Victor was the one putting on the pressure. Stitch said he had no idea where Maureen was, and Paul asked whether she'd left a goodbye note. Stitch reported that she'd written a short one, but it hadn't indicated where she'd been headed.

Paul requested that Stitch let him know if Maureen got in touch, and Stitch defended that Maureen would have released Victoria if Maureen hadn't suffered a heart attack. Paul pointed out that Stitch had covered for his mother before, and he mentioned that Victor had told him Maureen had killed Stitch's father. Paul added that it didn't let Stitch off the hook, since it didn't negate the charges for practicing without a license. Stitch sarcastically questioned why anything would go his way, and Paul contended that many wrongs had to be righted, but they had to find Maureen first.

Avery called Paul and informed him that someone had thrown a brick through the coffeehouse window and that Dylan had gone after the vandal. She asked Paul to send a squad car, and Paul said he would be right there. Paul told Stitch to take care of himself, and Stitch replied that no one else would. Stitch chugged his drink and ordered another, and Chelsea sat down next to him and announced that she'd have the same thing.

Chelsea insisted on toasting, and Stitch said he had nothing to drink to, but Chelsea suggested they toast to life's little jokes. She revealed that she'd heard about the DNA test results from the proud papa, and Stitch commented that Billy and Victoria had finally gotten the baby they'd wanted. Chelsea sympathized that Stitch wasn't the one passing out cigars, but she said it didn't mean Billy and Victoria were getting back together. Stitch warned that he wouldn't count on it after the look he'd seen Billy and Victoria exchange after they'd received the test results, and he was convinced that neither he nor Chelsea stood a chance.

Chelsea resolved not to freak out based on a look, and she told herself that Billy was committed to her. Stitch thought she was setting herself up for disappointment, and he griped that he had enough problems on his hands, including the lawsuit Jeffrey had filed against him. Chelsea said she'd tried to get her father to drop it by offering him cash of her own, and Stitch questioned whether she'd done it out of the goodness of her heart. She stated that she wanted to move forward with Billy, but Stitch believed that the baby's paternity had changed things. Chelsea argued that it hadn't changed why Billy and Victoria had broken up in the first place, and she declared that Billy wasn't an option for Victoria, since she'd see to it that Billy wasn't available. Chelsea asked if Stitch would toast to that, and they clinked their glasses together.

Paul arrived at Crimson Lights, and Avery worriedly reported that she hadn't heard from Dylan. Dylan returned and revealed that the culprits had gotten away, but he theorized that it had just been kids causing trouble. Avery warned that the vandalism could cause Dylan to lose customers, and Dylan groused that Joe would love it if that happened. Avery advised that the warehouse commission might think the district wasn't worth saving if the behavior escalated, and she mentioned the front-page article about protesting the redevelopment. Paul noted that the fight had gone public, and Avery contended that it was good for the cause.

Dylan considered installing security cameras outside, but Paul wasn't sure it would solve the problem. Paul stepped aside and called the Athletic Club to inquire whether Joe Clark was still a registered guest there. Dylan and Avery swept up the broken glass, and he planned to cover the window with plywood. He cautioned her not to cut herself, and she scolded that it had been dangerous to go after the vandal. Dylan asserted that he'd had to defend his territory, since it had been what he'd been trained to do.

Avery reminded Dylan that he didn't have to fight alone, since he had people who had his back, and he acknowledged that things were very different than when he'd first arrived in town. He recalled that many people had been against him, especially Nick, and Avery asked if he'd heard from Nick lately. Dylan mentioned that Nick had taken off for a couple of days, and Avery relayed that she'd assured a worried Summer that Nick was fine, but he'd missed a conference call they'd had scheduled that day to discuss Faith's case. Dylan rattled off numerous excuses why Nick hadn't been in touch, but Avery remained concerned.

Paul returned to the Athletic Club and greeted Joe in the foyer. Paul wondered if Joe was planting roots there, but Joe said that while he liked Genoa City, Chicago was his home. Paul explained that he was investigating some criminal activity, and he asked where Joe had been for the past few hours. Joe was stunned that Paul suspected him of something, and he recounted that he'd had a bite to eat at the club before he'd gone to Crimson Lights for some coffee. Paul suspiciously inquired whether the club didn't serve coffee, but Joe claimed it wasn't the same kind that Paul's son served, and he'd gone to the gym afterward.

Joe asked what the interrogation was about, and Paul informed him about the brick-throwing incident at the coffeehouse. Joe asked if everyone was okay, and Paul replied yes, but he found it interesting that the vandalism had taken place after the newspaper had printed an article about the district redevelopment. Paul contemplated whether the brick was a warning to business owners in the area to desist or an attempt to devalue the neighborhood so the developers could move in. Joe swore that he and his clients weren't connected to the crime, and Paul asked Joe to provide witnesses for an alibi. Joe replied that the gym had been packed, and he assured Paul that where he was from, people didn't throw bricks.

Paul went back to the coffeehouse and asked if Dylan needed a hand, and Dylan replied that he could use Paul's help with something else. Dylan wanted to put together a big, loud demonstration to make an impact within the boundaries of the law, and Paul said he could help with the permits, but he cautioned that the developers had deep pockets and clout. Dylan ranted that he didn't care who had money or power, and he vowed not to back down. Paul warned that the worst thing Dylan could do would be to play into their hands, but Dylan maintained that it was the right thing to do, and he'd do it with or without Paul's help.

Avery left another message for Nick, hoping he was okay, and she asked him to call her. She entered her office and jumped when she saw Joe waiting for her. She testily inquired why he was there, and she reiterated that she wasn't interested in playing games. He asked why she'd accused him of vandalizing Crimson Lights, and he questioned whether she thought it was something he would do. Joe complained that Paul had interrogated him like a common criminal, and Avery noted that Joe had the most to gain. Joe pointed out that someone could have been hurt, and if she thought he was capable of doing that, she clearly didn't know him at all. He stormed out.

Billy welcomed Katie home, and he turned up the thermostat and took the baby while Victoria took off her coat. He remarked that Katie should have seen the place when they'd first moved in, when it had looked like something straight out of a '50s sitcom. Victor and Nikki stopped by, and Nikki rushed over to fawn over her granddaughter. Nikki added that it was good to see Billy, and Victor sternly asked why Billy was holding his granddaughter. Victoria declared that Victor had better get used to it, since Billy was Katie's father.

Nikki congratulated Billy, but he mumbled that something told him he wouldn't be in the Newman family Christmas picture. Nikki credited him for making sure Victoria and the baby were safe, but Victor huffed that the man with the medical degree had had more to do with it. Victoria asserted that she'd needed both men to get through it, and Nikki proclaimed that it was time to celebrate the new member of the Newman family. Billy clarified that Katie was a new member of the Abbott family, too, and Victor handed Victoria a bag of gifts.

Victoria and Nikki went upstairs to put Katie down, and Billy suggested that he and Victor agree to lay off one another, since Billy was Katie's father, and the alternative had been a murderer. Victor realized that Billy hadn't heard that Stitch was actually a hero, and he explained that Stitch had done time to protect his mother. Billy called Stitch an idiot for giving up half his life to cover up a lie, but Victor countered that Stitch had protected his family. Billy argued that Stitch had lost his wife and son, and Victor haughtily stated that Billy knew nothing about honor. The men bantered, and Victor contended that Billy would lose every time he tried to compare himself to Stitch.

The women returned, and Victoria said that Nikki had offered to stay for a few days to help out. Nikki answered a call, and Maureen begged her not to hang up. Nikki couldn't believe Maureen had had the nerve to call her after what Maureen had done to Victoria, and Maureen wished she could go back and change it all. Maureen asked Nikki to meet her in the park to talk in person, and Nikki surmised that Maureen would follow through with her threat if Nikki didn't show up.

After she hung up, Nikki fibbed that she'd forgotten about a charity meeting, and Billy and Victor both volunteered to stay longer. Nikki departed, and Victoria insisted that there was no need for either of them to stay, since the baby would be asleep for a while, but they heard Katie cry over the monitor. Billy insisted on taking care of his daughter, and he went upstairs. Victoria warned that she knew what Victor wanted to say, but she wished he wouldn't say it. Victor declared that it was the Newman name on the baby's birth certificate, as it should be.

Victoria said that she hadn't put the Newman name on the birth certificate to keep the father out of Katie's life, and she questioned whether Victor thought he had been better off to not have his father in his life. Victor contended that he had been better off without his father, but Victoria called Billy a good father who would never abandon his children. Victor conceded that it was fine for Billy to be part of Katie's life but not Victoria's, and Victoria pointed out that Billy was already in another relationship. Victor believed that Victoria could get Billy back with a snap of her fingers, and she replied that she wasn't snapping, but he sensed that her fingers were getting closer. Victor implored her to find a man far more worthy of her, and she surmised he meant Stitch.

Later, Billy reported that he'd successfully gotten Katie into a dry diaper, and Victoria thanked him. He asked if "Grandpa Munster" had left, and he assumed that there had been some fantastic trash talk about him while he'd been upstairs. Victoria confirmed that Victor had done his best, but she hadn't let her father's opinions sway her. Billy recognized that Victor had a real white knight to compare Billy to, and he revealed that Victor had rubbed his face in the fact that Stitch was a stand-up guy. Victoria advised Billy not to let it get to him, and Billy confessed it had, but everything had been fine once he'd looked at their daughter.

Billy couldn't believe that it was real, and Victoria marveled that after all the fertility treatments and disappointments, Katie was finally there. There was a knock at the door, and Victoria expected Nikki, but she found Chelsea there. Chelsea explained that she hadn't planned to stop by, but she'd started sketching, and she showed Victoria a design for a christening gown. Chelsea wanted to make it for Katie if Victoria liked it, and Victoria called the design gorgeous. Billy said it was an amazing gift, and he appreciated it. Victoria added that they both did.

Victor approached Stitch at the bar, and he asked how Stitch was doing. Victor noted that Stitch had sacrificed a great deal for his mother, and he respected Stitch for it. Victor asked if Stitch would make the same sacrifice for Victoria, and Stitch replied that he would in a heartbeat. Victor ordered Stitch to get off his "sorry ass" and get over to Victoria's house to prevent her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Maureen sat in the park, and she flashed back to locking Victoria in the closet. Nikki arrived and looked cautiously around, and Maureen called to her. Nikki told her not to pretend they were old friends, and she asked for a good reason not to call the police. Maureen offered to turn herself in if she was the grandmother of Victoria's child, and Nikki revealed that it was a sacrifice Maureen wouldn't have to make, since the baby was Billy's. Nikki continued that the DNA test had been completed, and Maureen felt terrible for Stitch.

Maureen called it another heartbreak for her son, and she sank down on a park bench and wailed that it had been one nightmare after another for her family. Maureen considered turning herself in, anyway, since she hated what she'd become, and she wished she'd known how to ask for help before her family had paid the price. Nikki said that Maureen and her family had paid enough, and she handed over a thick envelope of cash for Maureen to get out of town. Maureen asked if Nikki was buying her off, and Nikki said it had been her intention, but she'd meant it when she'd said she'd stopped drinking, so Maureen no longer had anything on her.

Maureen accepted the envelope and asked why Nikki had given it to her, and Nikki replied that Maureen needed it to change her life. Maureen balked at leaving Stitch and Kelly when they were both going through a lot, but Nikki reasoned that they'd be subjected to more turmoil if Maureen stayed. Maureen promised to use the money to get herself back on her feet and to become a person her kids would be happy to see. Nikki wished her luck, and Maureen remarked that both she and Nikki had a lot of demons, but she hoped Nikki didn't let hers get her down. Nikki wished the same thing for Maureen.

In the woods, Nick cried out in pain, and he looked up at Adam. "You," Nick murmured as he lost consciousness. Adam chided Sage for dragging him out there, and he implored her to leave Nick behind, but Sage argued that Nick would die. Adam reasoned that someone else would find Nick, but she insisted that they had to do something. Adam said he couldn't risk it, and Sage demanded to know what the problem was. Sage realized Adam knew him, and Adam admitted Nick was his brother.

Sage couldn't believe that Adam would bail on his brother when his life was at risk, but Adam worried that Nick had already recognized him. Sage reminded Adam that he no longer looked like his former self, and she was sure that Nick was simply grateful that someone was helping him. Adam fretted that Nick would figure it out, since he expected Constance to blather on about the accident and the plastic surgery, but Sage begged Adam to help her loosen the trap. Adam testily asked if she'd heard him, but Sage snapped that Adam had also vowed to be less selfish, and she questioned whether he'd been lying or if he'd meant it.

Sage wondered if Adam had no feelings at all for his brother, and Adam replied that it was complicated. Adam agreed to help get Nick's leg out but nothing more, and he was sure that someone was already looking for Nick, who he called "the light of everyone's life." Adam and Sage worked together to open the trap, and she asked Adam to call 9-1-1, but he flatly stated that the rest was up to her. She applied pressure to the wound and pleaded with Nick to stay alive.

At the house, Sage informed Adam that the EMTs were on the way, and she explained that she'd used a burner phone, so no one could trace the call back to him. Adam doubted he was safe, since his brother had shown up practically outside the front door, and he wondered if Nick had been looking for him. Sage reasoned that Nick could have been staying in a cabin nearby, but Adam refused to believe it had been a coincidence. Sage observed that Adam was really shaken up, and Adam explained that Nick's presence had stirred up a bunch of memories. Sage advised that Adam couldn't outrun his past, but Adam thought it was best if the ambulance took Nick away sooner rather than later.

Adam looked at a photo of Victor and Nick in an online article about a Newman cosmetics line. Adam flashed back to Nick taunting that Adam could take a thousand bullets for their father, but Adam would always be on the outside, looking in. Adam slammed the computer shut.

Nick awakened, and Sage soothingly told him that the ambulance was on the way. He weakly thanked her, and he asked who she was. She heard sirens getting closer, and she assured him help was there. She ran off as Nick passed out again.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A pensive Michael walked into Chancellor Park, where he saw Phyllis staring at the plaque commemorating Katherine's life. The old friends held hands as Phyllis said she couldn't believe that Katherine was gone. Phyllis told Michael she remembered how close he and Katherine had been. Michael said that he missed her terribly, but what helped was knowing that Katherine had lived a long, happy life -- making every moment count. Phyllis said sardonically that it was tough to make every moment count when one was in a coma. She realized that she couldn't regain the lost year of her life -- but she planned to reclaim everything that had been taken from her.

Michael wondered if there was something specific that Phyllis wanted to reclaim. She said she wanted to reclaim her life -- which would be a lot easier if she hadn't had to fill in all the missing pieces herself. She complained that people, particularly Jack, weren't being completely truthful with her in a misguided attempt to protect her.

Phyllis admitted that she knew how lucky she was to have gotten a second chance at life. She planned to make the most of it -- starting with her engagement party. Michael said that he was glad that Phyllis and Jack were "back on the same page." Phyllis inferred that Michael was hiding something from her and told him that she knew that Jack had seen another woman while Phyllis had been comatose. Michael said that it shouldn't have surprised Phyllis that Jack had dated during her coma, but Phyllis felt that it was a betrayal.

Michael defended Jack, telling her how for months Jack had flown back and forth to Georgia to visit her -- and when he couldn't visit, he would call and have the nurse put the phone by Phyllis' ear so he could talk to her and play her favorite music. Phyllis, seemingly unimpressed, said, "And he still had time to date." Michael said that Jack, along with everyone else, had been told that there was almost no chance that Phyllis would ever recover.

Phyllis said she didn't blame Jack for finding comfort with someone, but she felt that there was more to it than that. Michael hoped that Phyllis would realize that Jack's pain was more important than Phyllis' jealousy. Phyllis grinned and said, "Don't be so sure." Michael said that it something ever happened to him, he would want Lauren to find happiness with someone else. Phyllis said that was ridiculous -- that nothing was going to happen to Michael. She predicted that both she and Michael were going to live long, healthy lives with the people they loved.

In Jack's office, Jack and Abby were smiling as they looked at a picture of Katherine Rose -- their new niece. Jack said Billy had been on cloud nine when they'd spoken the previous evening. Abby thought that Billy would be even happier when he reconciled with Victoria. Jack reminded Abby that Chelsea was the new woman in Billy's life. Abby rolled her eyes and told Jack that Chelsea was there merely to keep Billy's bed warm until he could be with Victoria -- the woman Billy really loved. Abby reminded Jack that Kelly, like Chelsea, had merely been a stand-in for Jack's true love, Phyllis. Standing in the doorway, Kelly overheard Abby and asked Jack if Abby was right.

Abby apologized for her faux pas, but Kelly lit into her. Kelly said that Abby was thrilled about the way things had turned out -- Kelly was no longer with Jack, and Stitch wasn't the father of Victoria's baby. Jack asked Abby to step out so that he and Kelly could speak privately.

Jack tried to explain to Kelly that he had to fulfill his promise to Phyllis. Kelly asked him if he was marrying Phyllis out of obligation, but Jack replied that he was doing it out of love. Kelly said that she and Jack had to have different ideas about love -- she didn't think love was something that one could turn on and off.

Kelly lambasted Jack. She reminded him of how he had seduced her into his life -- he had asked her to move in with him, he invited her to Abbott family functions, and, most importantly, he had sworn that he was over Phyllis. Beginning to cry, Kelly said that Jack had wooed her with picnics, Vivaldi, and roses -- he had made her fall in love. Through her tears, Kelly said, "I hate you for that, Jack."

When Jack approached Kelly to hug her, she freaked out and told him that she didn't want his pity. She ran out of the office, nearly knocking over Phyllis, who had just arrived. Phyllis asked Jack, "What was that about?"

Jack asked Phyllis why she showed up at Jabot. She said that she didn't know she needed an excuse to see her fiancÚ. Jack nervously said that he was very busy. Phyllis snottily told Jack that it was nice of him to make time for Kelly. Jack said that Kelly had been going through a rough time. Phyllis thought it weird that Kelly had been seeking out Jack for comfort. Jack said that he had asked Kelly to see him. He told Phyllis that he didn't think it was a good idea for Kelly to help them plan their wedding.

Phyllis said that planning their wedding was just what Kelly needed to lift her spirits. She told Jack that she had heard that Kelly was the best event planner in Genoa City and, after all, Phyllis deserved the best. As Jack hemmed and hawed, Phyllis said, "Then it's settled. Kelly will help us plan our wedding."

Jack agreed that Phyllis deserved the best -- which was why he wanted to hire someone else to plan their wedding. Phyllis insisted that Kelly was the right person for the job. She then asked Jack if she could return to her job at Jabot. Jack said that Billy had been doing a great job filling in for Phyllis, and Jack couldn't just toss him out. Phyllis suggested giving Billy another position in the company. Jack said that Phyllis could take another position. She said that she could, but she didn't want to -- she wanted her old job back. Jack became angry and said, "Damn it, Phyllis, you can't ask me to go back on every commitment I made while you were gone." Phyllis asked Jack what other commitments he had made.

At the Underground, Kevin pounded away at his computer keyboard as Mariah stocked the bar. He asked her how she had spent Thanksgiving, and she told him that she, Noah, and Sharon had eaten turkey sandwiches at the bar -- Mariah hadn't wanted Sharon to have to spend the day alone. Kevin hadn't had much of a Thanksgiving -- the Bardwells had gone on a cruise, and Michael and Lauren had flown to Arizona to visit Fen -- so Kevin had ordered Chinese food and spent the day watching the parade.

Kevin's mood grew somber as he told Mariah how sad he was that he had spent Thanksgiving without Chloe. Mariah took Kevin's hand in hers, and they shared a moment, but Mariah quickly pulled away.

Austin and Summer arrived at the Underground. Austin sported a Santa hat and carried in boxes of Christmas decorations. Mariah told Austin and Summer that she had started hating Christmas when people had begun decorating for it in July. Summer said it was December, and she wanted the bar to look festive for Nick when he returned from his trip.

Summer thought the decorations would help lift Nick's spirits, but Mariah snidely said, "I thought that Nick suing Sharon for sole custody of Faith was supposed to do that." Mariah and Summer began their all-too-familiar bickering -- Summer insulted Sharon while Mariah insulted Phyllis. Austin tried to deescalate the argument, to no avail.

Mariah said that if Nick went through with his custody battle, the only person who would lose was Faith. Mariah reminded Summer how lousy she'd felt when the Newmans and the Abbotts had been battling over Summer. Mariah wondered if that was what she wanted for Faith. Summer accused Mariah of making Nick look like a bad guy. Mariah said that if Nick were such a saint, he would have cleared up the matter of Summer's paternity years earlier. Summer quipped that she wasn't surprised that someone with a rap sheet as long as Mariah's was defending Sharon's "disgusting" behavior.

When Summer announced that her aunt Avery would make sure that Nick got full custody of Faith, Mariah said that Summer didn't care about Faith -- all Summer cared about was making sure that Sharon ended up alone. Before she and Austin walked off, Summer said that Sharon wouldn't be alone -- she had Mariah.

At a table with Summer, Austin defended what Mariah had said about Faith. He asked Summer to think about what Faith would feel like when she had to decide between her two parents. When Summer said that Faith wouldn't have to decide, Austin replied that if Nick insisted on fighting for full custody, he didn't see how the little girl wouldn't get caught in the middle.

Austin left to get a ladder so he could hang Christmas decorations. Abby stopped by and told Summer that it looked like they'd both had bad days. Abby told Summer that she had told Jack that Kelly had been a stand-in for Phyllis, and Kelly had overheard.

Abby told Summer that she had heard that Summer had spoken to Kyle. Summer didn't think that was a big deal, but Abby reminded her that since Summer and Kyle were clearly not brother and sister, perhaps they could rekindle their relationship. Summer pointedly told Abby that she was happily married to Austin. Abby wondered if Summer was the tiniest bit curious about what would have happened if she had married Kyle instead of Austin. Summer didn't answer, and Abby dragged her off to decorate. Unbeknownst to the women, Mariah had overheard their conversation.

Later, Mariah asked Austin to try to fix a broken blender. As he worked at repairing it, Mariah worked at causing some trouble. She said that the whole Kyle-Summer thing had to have been awkward. Austin asked her what she was talking about. She told him that Summer and Kyle had been dating before they'd thought they were brother and sister. Not fazed at all, Austin told Mariah that he knew that Summer and Kyle had dated, but she had dated other guys as well. Mariah said that she'd heard that Kyle might be returning to Genoa City and wondered if that bothered Austin. He said it didn't bother him at all.

The blender repaired, Austin walked away. Kevin approached Mariah and asked her why she was messing with Austin's head. She smiled and answered, "Was I?"

Austin joined Abby and Summer at their booth. After Abby told Austin what a great job he had done with the decorations, Austin asked Abby if it was hard to spend time during the holidays with both the Abbotts and the Newmans. Abby lamented that her two families always tried to outdo each other. Austin wondered if Kyle would be returning to Genoa City for "the big competition." Abby said that Kyle always tried to return to Genoa City for the holidays. Summer shot a glance at Austin. Abby, sensing some tension, left.

Summer asked Austin if he was worried about Kyle returning to town. Austin claimed to be worried about Summer -- that the situation would be awkward for her. Austin wondered if Summer had been in love with Kyle. She said that she hadn't even known what love was when she'd dated Kyle. Summer told Austin that she had learned that love was what she had with Austin.

Kevin sat at the bar and typed on his laptop. Abby approached him and asked him what he was working on. Startled, he shut the computer and snapped at Abby, wondering why everyone was so nosy. Abby said she was just trying to make conversation. Kevin apologized, telling Abby that he had fallen behind at work and was feeling stressed. She told Kevin that she would let him get back to work.

Mariah sneaked up behind Kevin and asked him when reading fantasy fiction had become part of his job. He said that it beat going through police reports -- but added that the writer PLATO SPHERE had absolutely no talent. Mariah said that PLATO SPHERE's work was some of the best she had ever read. When Mariah walked off, Kevin grinned widely and began to type again.

Austin finished decorating the Underground, but Summer pulled out mistletoe and held it over their heads. She and Austin began kissing. Summer suggested they take the mistletoe home and hang it over their bed. Austin liked that idea and the couple left hand in hand. Mariah stared at Austin and Summer as they took off. Kevin told Mariah that whatever she was thinking, she should stop. Mariah asked him, "Why should I?" Kevin replied, "Because it is not going to end well."

In the Athletic Club dining room, Hilary told Devon that Gwen, from the Jabot accounting department, was going to join the Winters clan for dinner -- she would be introduced to the family as Devon's "true love." Devon became concerned when Hilary said that Gwen was "nice" and willing to play along. Devon said it was extremely important that the family ended up convinced that Gwen was someone they could imagine Devon planning a future with. As Devon spoke, Gwen walked up behind him. Devon turned around and was surprised to see the beautiful Gwen.

Hilary looked on as Devon and Gwen introduced themselves. Hilary was surprised by Gwen's appearance -- at Jabot, Gwen dressed and acted like a mousy accountant. Gwen assured Devon and Hilary that there was more to her than calculators and spreadsheets -- she had been a vocal major in college. As Devon began to tell Gwen about his background in the music industry, Neil and Lily arrived. Hilary quickly and quietly reminded Gwen that Gwen needed to be subtle yet still manage to convince Lily and Neil that she was Devon's true love.

Hilary walked over to greet Neil and Lily and walked them over to Devon and Gwen. Gwen introduced herself to Lily, telling her that Devon had talked a lot about his sister. Lily countered that Devon had told them next to nothing about Gwen. Gwen smiled and said that a girl shouldn't kiss and tell.

Seated at a table. Lily said that Cane was sorry that he couldn't be there -- he was working with Joe on a business deal. Neil said that he had read about the deal in the newspaper -- a developer was buying up properties in the warehouse district, and there was a grassroots campaign to try to stop the developers. Lily and Hilary were impressed that Neil had used a special piece of software that actually read the paper to him.

Neil told Gwen he wanted to know everything about the woman who had captured his son's heart. Gwen said that she had grown up in Marin County, California, had worked at a job in New York City, but currently called Genoa City her home. Neil said that he had spent a lot of time in the Bay Area -- he had attended Stanford. Gwen, clearly spinning a yarn, said that her mother had also attended Stanford.

Lily asked how Gwen and Devon had met. They gave different answers: Gwen said, "Through a friend," while Devon answered, "In a club." Things became a bit tense when Lily asked which one it was. Hilary responded, "Both." Lily turned to Hilary and said, "How would you know?"

Hilary covered. She told Lily that she and Gwen had arrived at the dining room before the rest of the group. Continuing her tall tale, Hilary said that Gwen had told her that they'd met at a club to celebrate a mutual friend's birthday. The conversation moved to music as Devon and Gwen playfully argued about whether the Beatles or the Rolling Stones were the best rock band ever. Gwen put her foot in her mouth when she said that Devon had told her that Neil owned a major record label and wondered what acts he had signed.

Devon set Gwen straight, telling her that Tucker, his biological father, owned a record label. Trying to cover, Devon said that Neil had owned a nightclub, and that was where Gwen had probably gotten confused. Gwen excused herself to use the ladies' room. When Gwen left the table, Lily told Devon that for a couple who professed to be serious about one another, they certainly didn't know each other's backgrounds particularly well.

Feigning anger, Devon chided Lily for wanting to meet Gwen but then insinuating that Devon and Gwen didn't seem serious about each other. Neil chimed in and asked Devon if Gwen was "the one."

Devon and Gwen said their goodbyes and left, leaving Lily, Hilary, and Neil at the table. In the club's foyer, Devon thanked Gwen for participating in the charade. She said she would study up on his family for their next get-together. Devon seemed pleased that Gwen was interested in helping him again.

Devon wondered what Hilary had told Gwen about him. Gwen said that she understood that Devon needed a girlfriend so that his family would stop bothering him about not dating. Gwen thought that Devon was gay and was using her as a cover. He chuckled and told her he wasn't gay. Devon lied and said the reason he was having Gwen pose as his girlfriend was because Lily and Neil thought he should settle down and stop living the single life. Gwen said she would love to go out with Devon sometime. The smile on Devon's face as Gwen walked out spoke volumes.

Lily noticed Kelly crying at the bar and asked her if she was okay. Kelly told Lily that Jack and Phyllis were getting married -- and she was definitely not okay -- particularly since Phyllis wanted Kelly to plan the wedding. Kelly called herself a fool, but Lily said that she wasn't -- Jack was the fool -- and he would realize that marrying Phyllis was a big mistake.

Michael went to Dr. Larson's office to get the results of his biopsy and blood tests. The doctor confirmed that Michael had clinical stage III prostate cancer -- the cancer had spread beyond the borders of the prostate but it hadn't reached Michael's lymph nodes -- a positive sign. Michael zoned out as the doctor explained all the treatment options, not hearing a word the doctor said.

Michael asked if there were any other options, such as alternative medicine or research studies. Dr. Larson said there were other treatments, but none had proven as effective at destroying cancer as the ones the doctor preferred. Michael said the treatments were effective at destroying cancer -- and everything else in their path. Becoming discouraged, Michael began to leave the office, but Larson said that Michael needed to think about Lauren and Fen. Michael replied that his family had been the only thing on his mind since the cancer diagnosis.

Larson handed Michael a therapist's business card. The doctor thought that Michael needed help sorting out his feelings, but Michael disagreed. Larson warned Michael that if he didn't start treatment soon, the cancer would spread. Michael asked the doctor for a guarantee that the treatments the doctor recommended wouldn't leave him an "impotent shell of a man." Larson said that at least Michael would be alive.

Michael agreed to start treatment after the holidays. The doctor protested, but Michael said he wasn't going to allow the cancer to spoil his family's holidays.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea headed to the kitchen with Connor to get a snack, but she noticed that Billy was hiding something behind his back. She questioned whether it was an early Christmas present, and he hesitantly showed her some pink cigars. She realized that he'd gotten them to hand out at Jabot, and she acknowledged that his family was thrilled Victoria's baby was his. Billy asked how Chelsea felt about it, and she reasoned that it would be weird if he didn't want to celebrate. He recognized that what he was doing to her wasn't fair.

Chelsea wondered if Billy had thought the cigars would upset her, and he assured her that she hadn't done anything to make him think that. He recognized that he'd been acting like he had something to hide, and he divulged that Abby had a misguided notion that he and Victoria were meant to be together. Billy vowed to handle it by being unfailingly honest, and Chelsea told him he didn't have to disguise his feelings or go out of his way to reassure her, since she was truly happy for him. She walked him to the door, and they agreed not to let other people get in the way. Chelsea looked down at the baby's name on one of the cigars, and she kissed Billy goodbye and urged him to hand them out.

At the Underground, Kevin warned Mariah not to start a war with Summer over Faith's custody, but Mariah complained that Summer kept getting in her face to trash Sharon and to praise Nick. Mariah grumbled about how depressing Christmas was, and Kevin guessed she didn't have pleasant memories of the holiday. Mariah explained that it had been another day to worship at Ian's altar, and she recalled that Helen had become squirrely around her at that time of year.

Kevin imagined that Helen had never trimmed a tree or bought gifts for Mariah, and he sympathized that Mariah had missed out on the good stuff. Mariah countered that she'd escaped from being force-fed stories about a man watching her all year long and only giving toys to nice kids. Kevin mentioned that his dad hadn't made the holidays special, either, but seeing the joy on Delia's face had gotten to him. Mariah mused that Delia had been lucky to have him, since he'd wanted Delia to feel that magic, but she suddenly said she had to get back to work.

At the Christmas tree lot, Kevin ran into Chelsea, and they hugged. She observed that he looked happy, and he said he'd laughed that morning for the first time in a while, but he knew she understood what it was like to miss someone. She said they had to move forward, and he remarked that she set the perfect example. Kevin asked if Billy was meeting her to pick out a tree, and Chelsea realized he hadn't heard that Billy was the father of Victoria's daughter. Kevin marveled at the difference a year had made, and Chelsea unconvincingly stated that she was happy for Billy and that they were doing fine.

Chelsea told Kevin that she and Billy had been completely honest with one another, and she knew it had been a big deal for Victoria to get pregnant. She noted that Billy and Chloe had successfully raised a child together, and she imagined that Billy and Victoria would co-parent their child, but Billy would be with Chelsea. A clearly unnerved Chelsea made a hasty exit, and Kevin told himself the difference was that Billy and Victoria still loved one another.

Nick entered the tack house on crutches, and Noah followed him inside as they discussed Nick's injury. Nick recounted that he'd been trapped all night, and he could have frozen to death, but an angel of mercy had helped him. Noah asked if the mystery woman had a name, and Nick said he'd been too busy screaming in pain to ask. Noah offered to try to track her down, and Nick opened an envelope that contained some legal documents. Nick reported that Sharon had filed a countersuit to fight his bid for full custody, and he couldn't believe she wanted to turn it into an ugly battle. Noah asked if Nick had expected her to give up her daughter without a fight.

Nick swore that he was doing what was best for his daughter, but Noah thought it seemed like Nick was taking Faith away for payback. Noah recognized that Sharon had lied, and Nick said she'd hurt many people when her lies had dragged on. Nick explained that it was difficult to determine whether it had been Sharon's illness or her desire to keep him from his daughter that had caused Sharon to perpetuate the lies, and Noah questioned whether it would change things if it had been entirely the illness at fault. Nick contended that Sharon had stopped taking her medication, and there was nothing to keep her from doing it again while Faith was in the house. Nick reiterated that he had to do what was best for him and his family, and that meant protecting Faith from her mother.

Noah said he'd seen that Sharon had been suffering when he'd spent Thanksgiving with her, and he hoped the trip to the woods had helped Nick to gain perspective. Nick mentioned the strange dream he'd had about the various women in his life on the night of the accident, and he'd realized that he'd been partly to blame for everything that had gone wrong. Noah asked how the mysterious woman had gotten Nick out of the bear trap, and Nick vaguely remembered a man also being there, but he couldn't be sure. Nick said the woman had taken off before she'd given her name, and he needed to find her and thank her. Noah told Nick to get some sleep first, and he took off. Nick grabbed his crutches and headed out.

At the cottage, Sharon spotted a glum Faith sitting on the couch, and she tried to entice her daughter to play, but Faith remained silent. Sharon cheerfully pointed out that Faith had no homework that day, and she asked what the girl wanted to do. Faith replied that she didn't want to go between houses, and Sharon recounted that she and Nick had talked to Faith about how they both loved her. Sharon said that Faith had beautiful rooms at both places, and she promised that Faith would always be surrounded by her own things, so it would work out just like it had before. Faith said she didn't understand why her daddy was mad at Sharon.

Sharon explained that Nick had good reason to be angry, since she had made some mistakes. Faith said that Nick had taught her that she should forgive people, and she wondered why Sharon couldn't just say she was sorry. Sharon said she had, but sometimes it wasn't enough, and she referred to a time when Faith had taken Summer's diary and had lied about it. Sharon recalled that Faith had apologized, but she'd still had to punish Faith. Faith asked if Nick was punishing Sharon, and Sharon tightly hugged her.

Sharon insisted that Nick wasn't trying to punish her, and sometimes they disagreed, but they were still a family. Mariah returned home and declared that it meant they were stuck with one another, and she reminded Faith that they'd planned to spend time together that afternoon. Mariah suggested they play dress-up, and she asked Faith to pull out some belts and scarves. Faith ran upstairs, and Sharon thanked Mariah, who wondered when Sharon had to head to Jabot. Sharon admitted she'd been about to cancel, and Mariah incredulously asked if Sharon wanted Nick to get full custody of Faith.

Mariah surmised that Sharon's coworkers had read the nasty innuendos about Sharon's encounter with Phyllis in the stairwell, and she imagined that people would stare and talk behind Sharon's back. Mariah relayed that Summer didn't think Sharon was fit to raise Faith, and Sharon would prove Summer right by holing up and licking her wounds. Mariah remembered that Sharon had fought for her when Mariah hadn't wanted her to, and Sharon had bailed her out and had offered to help despite all the nasty things Mariah had said and done. Mariah said that she respected Sharon for that, and she pointed out that Faith worshipped Sharon. Mariah advised that Faith didn't need Sharon to be perfect, but the little girl needed Sharon to show up and be her mom.

Sharon got dressed for work, and Noah arrived and reported that Nick was back, but Nick had been treated and released from the hospital after he'd stepped on a bear trap. Noah added that Nick would be fine, but that was why Nick hadn't been in touch. Sharon asked if Nick had reconsidered the custody fight, and Noah hoped it wouldn't happen. Mariah cautioned that Sharon had to get to Jabot, and Sharon rushed out. Mariah informed Noah that she'd walked in as Sharon had been explaining to Faith why Nick was being a jerk, and Noah lamented that he'd tried to get through to Nick. Mariah and Noah agreed that a nasty custody battle wouldn't help Faith, and Mariah said they both had to help their sister get through it.

Later, Kevin stopped by the cottage to see Mariah, and he said that he thought she could use some Christmas magic. He presented her with a scrawny tree, and he joked that she had to squint to see it.

At Jabot, Phyllis declared that she wanted her old job back, and Jack retorted that she couldn't expect him to go back on all the commitments he'd made while she'd been gone. She asked what other commitments he'd made, and he apologized for snapping at her. She coolly said she was a complication, since life had gone on without her, and she'd disrupted the order of things when she'd returned. Jack insisted that she had nothing to apologize for, and Phyllis clarified that she wasn't apologizing. "Hang on, baby. I'm just getting started," she proclaimed.

Phyllis contended that everything had changed, since even the people she trusted weren't being honest with her, but she recognized that her comeback had also affected other people Jack cared about. Phyllis commended Jack for standing up for his brother, but she reiterated that she was strong enough to take control of her life. He suggested that they find a way for her to reenter the workforce in a way that would be beneficial to everyone, and Billy walked in. Jack and Phyllis congratulated him, and Billy reported that both Victoria and the baby were doing great. Jack asked why Billy was at work, and Billy replied that he wanted to put in a few hours while Katie was with Victoria. Phyllis announced that Billy would have a lot of time to spend with his precious bundle, since she was taking her job back.

Billy asked when Jack had made the decision to reinstate Phyllis, and Jack replied he hadn't. Phyllis declared that there was nothing to decide, since research and development was her department, and she was taking back what had been taken from her. Jack said Billy had taken over as a favor to him, and he suggested that they discuss the situation. Phyllis and Billy loudly argued over who should run the department, and Jack emitted a piercing whistle to silence them.

Billy recounted that Jack had asked him to step up when Billy had had something to prove, and Phyllis snarled that he'd had to prove himself to Victoria after he'd slept with Kelly. Billy argued that it was important for him to keep working to show that he'd meant the promises he'd made, and Jack assured Billy that there was no question he was a good father. Billy offered to step aside, and Jack said a possible solution was for Billy to head up the fashion division until Neil was able to return. Jack added that he didn't agree that was the best option, since he had someone else with style and energy in mind, and he stared at Phyllis. Jack inquired whether she'd prefer to sit behind a desk, and she accused Jack of trying to manage her.

Jack asked for moment alone with Phyllis, and Billy left to pass out his cigars. Jack insisted that he wasn't managing her, but she thought that he'd tried to manipulate her into taking the new position. Jack contended that he hadn't been able to say certain things in front of Billy, and he reasoned that Billy was dating the lead designer, but there was a possibility Billy and Chelsea's relationship wouldn't work out. Phyllis realized a messy breakup would be bad for business, and she admitted that she just wanted one thing to be the way it had been.

Jack said Phyllis had him, and she asked why he'd chosen her to head the fashion division. Jack explained that losing Neil had been a personal loss, and he needed her there. Jack praised the way she worked with people, and he loved her and wanted her work to be exciting and inspirational for her. He called it a high-profile position in which she could call the shots, and Phyllis was touched that he really knew her. She told him to say hello to his new head of fashion, and they kissed.

Jack said he couldn't wait to hear Phyllis' ideas, but he had to go to a meeting. After Jack left, Sharon arrived, and Phyllis asked what she was doing there. Sharon revealed that she worked there as a liaison to the models, and there was a photo shoot that day. Phyllis ordered Sharon to turn around and walk out, since Sharon was fired.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse and told Connor it would be a very merry Christmas, and she prepared to get the decorations from upstairs. The doorbell rang, and she found Billy there, holding a tree. He announced that he was done passing out cigars, and it was a big deal to spend their first Christmas together. He looked across the room and saw that she'd also purchased a tree, and they laughed and kissed.

Sage worried about how Nick was doing, but Adam grumbled that Nick had led a charmed life, so he was sure his brother would be fine. She wanted to call the hospital, but Adam ordered her to let it go. She reached for the phone, but he grabbed her arm and barked that it wasn't a request. He refused to let her ruin his plan.

Adam groused that his return to his family depended on an invalid woman and a dog who hated him, and he couldn't believe the mongrel had led them to his brother. Sage called it a stroke of luck, and she wondered how serious Nick's injuries were. Adam insisted that she'd done enough, and he was sure his dad had flown in specialists to build a bionic leg if it had been necessary. Sage commented that it was strange to see another man's reaction on Gabriel's face, and Adam inquired whether Gabriel had never been annoyed. Sage replied that seeing the expression of fear on his face was unfamiliar.

Adam scoffed at the idea that he was afraid of his brother, and Sage recalled that Adam had been spooked when they'd found Nick. Adam contended that he'd gone to great lengths to reclaim his life, and Sage questioned whether Nick loved or even liked Adam. Adam mumbled that she had no idea, and Sage wondered if Adam didn't care whether Nick was okay. She pointed out that Nick could have complications from his injury, but Adam told her again to let it go.

Sage guessed that there was bad blood between the brothers, and she asked what Nick had done to Adam. Adam ranted that Nick had done everything right and that Nick could do no wrong, and he recounted that Victor had begged Nick to return to the family business, even though Nick hadn't possessed any talent. Sage asked why Adam hated Nick for that, but Adam snapped that her questions were insignificant and counterproductive. They bickered about their arrangement, and Adam implored her to tell him everything he needed to know about being Gabriel Bingham.

Later, Sage reported that Constance was asking for "Gabriel," and Adam testily instructed Sage to make up an excuse about why he wasn't available. Adam worried that Nick would call the cops, and he thought it was an unnecessary risk he didn't need to take, so it was time for him to leave. Sage was adamant that Adam not walk out, but he huffed that he'd given up enough time, and he needed to see his family. Sage berated him for abandoning Constance, and he said to tell the "old bat" that her grandson needed to enter the 21st century. Sage grabbed his arm and ominously stated, "We had a deal, Adam Newman."

Nick approached a house near where he'd been injured. Meanwhile, Sage told Adam that she'd gone along with his plan because she'd thought Constance couldn't survive losing her grandson. Adam bellowed that he wasn't Gabriel and that he never would be, and he hadn't agreed to stay to care for a sick old lady. Sage argued that she would have turned him in if hadn't been for Constance, and as Adam ranted about his lack of options, Nick rang the doorbell.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Victoria tended to Katie after the baby woke up from a nap, and she prepared for a feeding. Victoria didn't notice when her phone buzzed, and Stitch left a message, saying he'd stop by after work to see her and Katie. At the lab, Ashley and Abby arrived in response to a text message from Stitch, and he announced that he had major news. Stitch explained that he hadn't been able to sleep, so he'd been working since early that morning, and he'd achieved the breakthrough he and Ashley had been close to reaching on Thanksgiving.

Ashley excitedly asked if Stitch had altered the scent, and he reported that instead of masking the pheromone base, he'd neutralized it. Ashley sniffed a test strip and realized the terrible odor was no longer present, and she hugged him and called his work amazing. Abby agreed that she didn't smell a thing, and Ashley proclaimed that they could move on to the fun part -- developing an enticing new fragrance. Abby congratulated Stitch, but he cautioned that he was unsure whether the potency would still be the same without the scent.

Stitch said he'd emailed a chemical analysis to Ashley, but she was ready to break out a bottle of champagne that she'd been saving for the occasion. Stitch passed because he wanted to visit Victoria, and Ashley and Abby exchanged glances. Stitch recognized that Billy was the baby's father, and Abby acknowledged that Stitch hadn't deserved the way she'd treated him, but she warned that the truth about his father's death wouldn't change things between him and Victoria. Abby contended that Billy and Victoria had been a family before, and they'd just become a bigger one. Stitch countered that he needed to talk to Victoria, since he considered the future to be wide open.

After Stitch left, Ashley prepared to read Stitch's report, but Abby had the feeling Ashley was mad at her. Ashley admitted that she was disappointed in Abby for bluntly telling Stitch he had no chance with Victoria, and Abby questioned whether Ashley thought she was wrong. Ashley conceded that Abby was probably right, but they didn't know what Victoria would do. Ashley added that Stitch was going through a tough time, and she urged Abby to show a little kindness. Abby thought she'd done him a favor by telling him to open his eyes and to stop dreaming about a future that wouldn't happen, but Ashley thought they should let him dream.

Abby congratulated an employee named Tobias on his promotion, and he eagerly replied that he'd applied right away when he'd heard about the job opening in the lab. Ashley instructed him to track down a delivery from a French wholesaler, and after he left, Abby mentioned that Traci wanted to have a single ladies' shopping event that weekend. Abby contemplated how it was possible that three such fabulous women had no one to kiss under the mistletoe, and Ashley sympathized that Abby had expected to be married earlier that year. Abby swore that she wasn't freaking out about not having a man in her life, and Ashley asserted that sometimes it was better to be independent and alone.

Tobias informed Ashley that the order would arrive the following week, and he asked her to give him details about the new product. Ashley anticipated that the new fragrance would disrupt the industry when it was ready, but they'd had to make some adjustments to the base mixture, and she didn't know if it was still as effective. Tobias asked what she meant, and she flashed back to Stitch kissing her in the park after she'd tested the scent on him. Ashley said she'd get into it later.

At the penthouse, Billy started to crack a joke about two Christmas trees walking into a bar, and Chelsea noted that she and Billy had both had the same impulse to buy a tree. She recalled that they'd decided to start their own traditions, and Billy suggested that they leave one tree downstairs and that they take another one upstairs to the bedroom. Chelsea pointed out that they didn't need two trees, and she asked him to find someone else who didn't have one. She said that she had a meeting, and they planned to decorate when she got home. In the hallway, she made a call and asked someone to meet her at the Athletic Club right away.

Billy stopped by Victoria's house with the extra tree for Katie's first Christmas. Victoria pulled out the holiday decorations, and he asked if it was okay for him to stick around and help. As he explained to Katie that they had to make a decision whether to patiently untangle the old lights or just buy new ones, Victoria looked lost in thought when she found an ornament. Billy asked if Victoria was all right, and he sat down next to her and noticed she was holding Delia's special ornament that they'd put on top of the tree the prior year. Victoria thought he should take it home and put it on his own tree, and they hugged. Stitch approached the house and spotted their embrace through the window.

Billy recalled that he'd felt lost the year before, and a big, black cloud had loomed over everything without Delia. Victoria reminded him that he'd gone with her and Johnny to see Santa, and the fact that Billy had picked out the last raggedy tree in the lot had given her hope. Billy swore that he'd wanted to make it work, even though he'd made everything worse, and Victoria remarked that even though they were no longer together, they were in a better place than they had been the prior year. She continued that they were moving forward with their beautiful baby daughter, and she was really glad it felt like they were friends again. Billy agreed that they had a lot to be thankful for, like a much better tree that year. They chuckled, and he took her hand as they gazed at their baby girl.

Billy asked Katie if they'd done a good job, and he commented that she was smiling, but Victoria said newborns couldn't smile. Billy was sure Katie was beaming, and Victoria peered down at the infant and agreed that she was beautiful. Victoria thought the baby had his ears, and Billy hoped not, but he believed Katie had Victoria's nose. Victoria marveled that they'd gotten their miracle without hormones or fertility shots, and they had everything they'd ever wanted. Billy agreed as he gazed lovingly at Victoria.

Billy placed a star on top of the tree, and Victoria declared it was perfect. Billy thought Katie wasn't impressed, but Victoria said their daughter just needed her diaper changed. Billy took Katie upstairs, and Victoria noticed that she'd received a call from Stitch. She listened to his voicemail, and she wondered why he'd never shown up.

At the Athletic Club, Jeffrey said he'd dropped everything to meet Chelsea, and she pushed an envelope full of cash across the table to him. He called it a nice surprise, and she explained that she'd never heard back from him after her offer to pay him off to drop the lawsuit, so she'd thought the sight of cold, hard cash might entice him. She proposed that he accept half the payment then, and he'd receive the other half after he told the hospital that Stitch hadn't committed malpractice.

Jeffrey argued that he stood to win millions, but Chelsea countered that he could end up with nothing. He questioned why she was determined to stop him, and she said he didn't know Stitch's whole story, but dropping the lawsuit was the right thing to do. Jeffrey theorized that Chelsea was hiding the fact that she was worried that Victoria's baby would turn out to be Billy's, and Chelsea revealed that Billy was Katie's father. Jeffrey realized that Chelsea wanted to clear the path for Victoria to be with Stitch, so Chelsea could have Billy to herself.

Chelsea swore that she was totally secure in her relationship with Billy, and she claimed that wanting Jeffrey to drop a frivolous lawsuit was a completely different matter. She begged Jeffrey to do that one thing for her, and he pocketed the envelope of cash. He patted her hand and said he'd take care of it, and she thanked him.

Constance opened the front door, and Nick asked if she was the lady of the house. He asked if she could help him find the woman who quite possibly had saved his life, and he explained that the woman had called for help when he'd gotten into trouble in the woods. He added that it was the only house in the vicinity, so he hoped to find the woman and thank her. He added that he hadn't gotten the woman's name, and Constance asked what his name was. He introduced himself as Nick Newman, and she inquired whether he was related to Victor. Nick confirmed that Victor was his father, and Constance abruptly stated that she couldn't help him and closed the door in his face.

Sage barked that Adam wasn't going anywhere until they settled things, but Adam retorted that she was keeping him against his will. Sage reminded him that his end of the deal was to make the world believe he was Gabriel to spare Constance the pain of losing her grandson, and she threatened to tell the police that Adam was alive if he walked out. Sage questioned whether he wanted to spend the rest of his life in prison, and Adam argued that if Sage turned him in to the police, the fact that Sage had been lying for months would send Constance to her grave. He added that Sage had been harboring a wanted man for a year, and she'd helped him create a fake identity, so she'd be in her own prison cell.

Constance called out for Sage and "Gabriel," and she claimed that a salesman had been at the door, but she'd sent him away. Adam suspected there had been more to it, but Constance asked what had been going on between him and Sage. Adam said he was restless, and he wanted to leave for a little while, but Constance insisted he was still recovering. Adam crowed that he felt great because they'd taken such great care of him, so he was ready, but Constance protested that she wasn't. She whimpered that she couldn't let him go just yet, and she begged him to promise to stay.

Adam said he'd only be gone for one night, but Constance didn't want him to be alone. Adam questioned what could happen in one night, but she reiterated that he was still recuperating, and she demanded that he take Sage with him. Adam reluctantly agreed, and Sage took Constance to get some rest. When Sage returned, she suggested that Adam get a lay of the land before he reclaimed his life, and Adam planned to use the trip to test out his new face.

Adam asked if Sage had taken trips with Gabriel often, and Sage vaguely explained that Constance had assigned her to accompany Gabriel to events to keep him out of trouble. Adam snapped that she didn't need to babysit him just because she'd weaseled her way on his trip, and Sage retorted that he couldn't stop her. He ordered her to pack a bag, since he was anxious to get home to Genoa City. Later, Adam entered the Athletic Club and looked around. He spotted Chelsea at a table, and they locked eyes.

At the Underground, Joe presented Avery with her favorite cocktail, and she coldly remarked that it wasn't her favorite anymore. He requested that she take it as a peace offering, and he started to leave, but she called after him and apologized for suggesting he'd thrown the brick through the Crimson Lights window. She continued that she knew Joe would never do anything violent, and he said he didn't want her to view him as the enemy. She recognized that the real estate deal had become contentious, but she vowed to keep fighting, and she asked him to respect her and her life with Dylan. Joe said he'd always wanted what was best for her, and she requested that he keep that in mind moving forward. Joe agreed to do his best as Dylan walked in and spotted them talking.

Avery informed Dylan that she'd been saying that she didn't think Joe had been behind the vandalism, and Joe hoped they found out who'd done it. Nick entered with the help of his crutches, and Avery rushed over and said she'd been worried. Nick introduced himself to Joe, and he recognized Joe as Avery's ex-husband and as the guy who was tearing down the warehouse district. Nick declared that he was adamantly opposed to what Joe was doing, and Joe countered that he had people in his corner. Nick replied that they wouldn't be for long if he had anything to say about it, and Joe stalked off.

Nick called Joe a "slick operator," and he was surprised Avery had married someone like that. Avery scolded Nick for not calling to cancel their meeting, and he divulged that his trip hadn't gone as planned. He mentioned that Sharon had filed a countersuit with David Sherman's help, and Nick thought things would get ugly. Avery assured him she could handle David, but Nick griped that every time he got his life together, there was a nasty surprise waiting.

Nick reported to Avery and Dylan that Victoria and the baby were doing well, and Dylan proposed a toast to Katie. Dylan noticed Stitch within earshot, and he apologetically stated that he hadn't seen Stitch there. Stitch said he was happy Victoria and Katie were happy and healthy, and Nick imagined it had been hard for Stitch to learn the baby wasn't his, but he was glad the truth was out. Avery pulled Nick aside to talk about the custody case, and Dylan hoped Stitch hadn't thought he was being disloyal.

Stitch acknowledged that Katie was Dylan's niece, and Dylan said he'd been worried when he hadn't heard from Stitch after the DNA test. Stitch explained that he hadn't wanted to talk about it, and he still loved Victoria and wanted to be with her, but he thought she and Billy were already back together. Stitch disclosed that he'd seen them together, looking like a family, and Dylan asked if there was anything he could do. Stitch asked that they change the subject.

Avery and Nick made plans to meet at her office the next morning, and she stopped by Joe's table and said she was glad they could be civil. Joe insisted that he didn't want to make things difficult for her, and he hoped the text message he'd sent on Thanksgiving hadn't caused trouble. Based on her expression, he guessed that she hadn't shown the message to Dylan, and he questioned why she hadn't been honest. She tersely told him to enjoy his drink, and she returned to Dylan's side. Dylan informed her that a community organizer had just promised that a ton of people would be at the rally. Avery told him about the text message Joe had sent, and Dylan glared at Joe.

Stitch ordered another drink, and Dylan and Avery stopped by Joe's table before they headed out. Dylan recognized that things had been tense, but they'd kept things civil that day, and he wanted to keep it that way. Joe agreed, and Avery went to get her things. Dylan clarified that he'd said that for her sake, but he stressed that Avery wasn't Joe's wife or Joe's friend, and he cautioned that things would get much less civil if Joe continued to contact her. Dylan and Avery left.

Abby was surprised to see Stitch at the bar, and she asked why he wasn't with Victoria. He barked that it had just been a change in plans, and Abby approached Nick and inquired why he hadn't told her he'd been in the hospital. Nick confessed that he'd been embarrassed because his foot had been stuck in a bear trap, and he insisted he would be fine, even though his situation had seemed dire when he'd been freezing in the woods. He said some woman had called for help, and there might have been a guy there who'd looked familiar, but he'd been pretty out of it. Nick pledged to track down the woman who'd saved his life.

Jeffrey ordered the best scotch on hand, and Stitch snickered and sarcastically thanked Jeffrey for trying to ruin his life. Jeffrey told him to take it easy and assured him that everything would be okay, but Stitch growled that if he'd never been a doctor, he'd never taken an oath to do no harm. Stitch menacingly approached Jeffrey, who advised him to back off, and Nick intervened. Jeffrey announced that he'd been about to drop the suit, but he was no longer sure he would, and Nick ordered Stitch to pull himself together. Abby told Stitch that things looked worse while drinking, but Stitch couldn't imagine they'd be any better once he was sober.

Abby admitted to Nick that she felt bad for Stitch, especially since Stitch didn't have a family like the Newmans to back him up. Nick said he'd need support to get through the next few months, and Abby quipped that people could knock a Newman down, but they'd always get back up again. Meanwhile, Ashley was startled when someone entered the lab, and Stitch drunkenly stumbled in. She remarked that she'd thought he'd left, and he passed out on the floor.

Avery kissed Dylan passionately at her apartment, and he said he didn't realize she was that happy about the rally. She told him to shut up and take her clothes off, and they fell onto the bed and made love. Afterward, he quipped that it was better than hanging out with her ex-husband and ex-fiancÚ, and she cooed that she was happy to be home alone with him.

Avery got out of bed to get them something to drink, and Dylan pulled out a jewelry box from the nightstand. He looked at a ring inside before he quickly put it back. Avery returned with two glasses of wine, and she asked what he had been up to. "You'll find out," he promised, and they kissed.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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