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Ashley and Stitch had sex. Christine informed Paul she was pregnant. Avery accepted Dylan's proposal. Phyllis confronted Kelly and Jack about their relationship. Nick saw Sage at the Underground. Kevin kissed Mariah. Michael told Lauren he had cancer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 8, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, December 8, 2014

At the Jabot laboratory, Ashley comforted Ben when she found him falling-down drunk. Ashley served Ben a cup of coffee in hopes of staving off a hangover. Ben nodded when Ashley noted that Ben, the chemist who'd solved the problem associated with her groundbreaking fragrance, had no other choice but to be ready for a crucial, in-house meeting. Slurring his words, Ben insisted that there was no such thing as true love. Ben admitted that he was still reeling after having seen Billy, Victoria, and their baby together looking like the perfect family.

Ashley served Ben another cup of coffee and explained that what he might have seen was a couple agreeing to raise their child together. Tobias stopped by and was surprised to find others working late in the lab. Ashley introduced a nervous-acting Tobias to Ben. Ashley explained that Tobias was on loan from the research department. Tobias grabbed his tablet and quickly rushed out the door. Tobias stopped dead in his tracks when Ashley followed him and said she knew the real reason for his late-night visit. Tobias was relieved when Ashley explained that she valued the results he achieved over the number of hours he devoted to his job.

When Ashley returned to her office, she found Ben asleep. She insisted that Ben continue to battle his hangover and ordered him to remove his clothes. Ashley led Ben to a shower stall and turned on the cold water. As Ben shrieked, Ashley promised that the water would become warmer. Ben grabbed Ashley, pulled her into the shower and said, "It's getting warmer already." Ben disrobed Ashley, and the two began pawing at each other and kissing underneath the spray of water from the shower.

At Victoria's house, Victoria seemed concerned when she listened to a message Ben had have left requesting a visit with her and Katie. After Victoria listened to the message, she became distracted when Billy walked downstairs, cradling Katie. Billy crooned a soothing song to his newborn. Victoria said, "You used to sing that to Dee Dee." Billy noted that he'd also sung the same song to Johnny.

After Billy said it was time for him to leave, Victoria thanked him for the Christmas tree. The couple stood and admired the decorated tree. Victoria gave Delia's ornament to Billy. Billy's hand clasped Victoria's for an extended time when he reached for the wreath-shaped ornament. A ringing phone diverted Billy's attention, and he left soon after promising to meet Chelsea for a drink.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea locked eyes with Adam, but she didn't seem to recognize his altered appearance. Chelsea's attention was directed away from the stranger at the bar. Adam clenched his fists and jumped from his seat across the room from Chelsea's table. Sage intercepted Adam and said, "No, no, no! You can't!" Sage warned that Adam would be risking everything, but he refused to leave with Sage.

When Sage warned Adam about having missed his medication, he defiantly ordered a double scotch. Sage grabbed the filled glass and insisted that Adam accompany her back to Constance's house. Billy happened by and ordered a double scotch to be delivered to his table. Adam seethed with anger as he watched Billy greet Chelsea with a kiss. Billy and Chelsea held hands as they strode past Adam and Sage. Billy said, "Life is good." Chelsea replied, "It's better than it has ever been."

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy noted that their Christmas tree was naked. Billy embraced Chelsea and said his appetite for her was insatiable. Chelsea, changing the subject, said she planned to bake Christmas goodies and sing Christmas carols. Billy seemed eager to celebrate a family Christmas. Chelsea seemed taken aback when Billy admitted that he'd given their extra tree to Victoria. Billy showed Chelsea the ornament Delia had made. Chelsea said, "We'll put the ornament on our tree this year and every year."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kelly became livid when Lily told her that a couple had insisted on employing Kelly to plan their wedding. Kelly cried, "It's not enough that Phyllis rubs her engagement ring in my face? Now you expect me to plan her engagement party and her wedding, too?" Lily explained that she was referring to another couple. Kelly said it might be better for everyone if she quit.

Lily encouraged Kelly to fight back and not let Phyllis win. Kelly cried, "She already has." Lily insisted that Jack was merely attempting to recapture something that didn't exist. Lily added, "He always ends up seeing Phyllis for who she really is and will realize that his future is with you." Kelly agreed to stay. Lily reminded Kelly that it was the season of hope.

Jack approached an employee selling Christmas trees at an outdoor lot. He offered to pay for all leftover trees to be delivered to local shelters and safe houses. The employee, dressed in elf attire, noted that someone else had already made the same offer. When Jack found a towering, fully branched tree he intended to buy for himself, Victor announced that he'd already purchased the tree. Jack glared at Victor.

Jack noted that after having hijacked Phyllis' medical care, Victor was still brazen enough to coopt her Christmas tree, too. Victor replied, "I gave Phyllis her life back. Something you obviously couldn't do." Victor and Jack entered into a hostile bidding war for the best tree on the lot. Nikki arrived and berated the men for turning an opportunity to contribute to a charity into something ugly.

Jack accused Victor of spying on Ashley's secret project. Victor said, "Why would I give a damn about something that is bound to fail?" Victor said he was looking forward to spending Christmas at the ranch with Summer. Jack insisted that Summer would celebrate Christmas at his house with her mother. Nikki rolled her eyes and said, "Hopeless! You're hopeless -- both of you!"

Jack pointed out that the true meaning of Christmas was sharing with family and not trying to own them. Victor said, "You mean like staking a claim in Adam?" Jack noted that Adam might still be alive if Victor hadn't blackmailed Adam after discovering he was responsible for Delia's death. Nikki interrupted the sparring enemies and said they all owed it to Katie and the rest of their families to make Christmas a time of peace.

Tobias, having discarded his black, horned-rimmed eyeglasses, secretly met with Victor in the park. Tobias noted that he was late because he'd had a run-in with his boss. Victor asked if Ashley had suspected anything amiss. Tobias replied, "No. Just the opposite. She thinks I'm completely dedicated to my work and has no clue that I'm working for you."

Victor asked Tobias if he'd made any discoveries. Tobias replied, "Not yet -- just invoices from France." Tobias said he was aware that Victor wanted details about Ashley's top-secret project by New Year's Eve. Before Tobias left, Victor said, "Don't let me down, son." Tobias nodded that he understood.

Nikki stopped by to help Victoria with the children. Victoria admired the tree Billy had given and helped decorate for baby Katherine's first Christmas. Nikki questioned Victoria about her relationship with Billy. Victoria noted that she and Billy had been split up for a year. She added that Billy would likely spend Christmas with Chelsea and Connor.

Nikki lovingly caressed her daughter's shoulder and asked, "What about your holiday plans?" Victoria said she anticipated spending the holidays with her kids at the ranch. Nikki told Victoria not to close herself off from finding love. Nikki went upstairs to check on Katie. Victoria phoned Ben and left him a message.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Neil met with Phyllis, who noted that she seemed to believe people were rooting against her. Phyllis said she'd never been the most popular person in town. Neil replied, "A lot of things have changed since then." Phyllis said she was playing catch-up and fighting her way back while wearing blinders. Phyllis compared her situation to Neil's struggle with blindness.

Neil told Phyllis that her friend Malcolm had recently visited and offered advice. Phyllis echoed Malcolm's wisdom, Neil explained, when she swore to make the most of a second chance at life. Neil told Phyllis that he hoped to have his eyesight restored by a doctor who had perfected a cutting-edge technique. Jack arrived, and Phyllis explained that Neil had agreed to ease her into the new role as head of fashion.

At the Underground, Hilary seemed taken aback when she saw Devon chitchatting with Gwen. Hilary approached and said, "This night's just full of surprises." Devon and Gwen said they both had just happened to show up at the same time. Gwen added, "It's like we're on the same wavelength, and we clicked on our first date." Hilary quickly noted that Devon wasn't ready to settle down. Gwen observed that Hilary seemed to be deeply involved in her stepson's life.

Devon seemed to feel uncomfortable with Hilary and Gwen and excused himself to order more drinks. Hilary told Gwen that she could stop pretending to be Devon's girlfriend. Gwen replied, "Who says I'm pretending?" Hilary noted that Devon was very picky about his girlfriends. Gwen asked if it was really Hilary who was being the picky one.

Gwen seemed taken aback when Hilary claimed she was protecting Devon from gold-diggers. Hilary added that Devon was sensitive and quick to help those he cared about. Gwen said she was even more eager to know Devon better. When Devon returned with drinks, he said, "Did I miss something?" Hilary shook her head in frustration.

Neil and Lily ran into each other near the entrance to the Underground. Neil explained that Phyllis had assumed his duties at Jabot. Lily was delighted to see Devon, and she escorted Neil to the table Devon was sharing with Gwen and Hilary. When Neil heard Hilary's voice, he leaned toward her and gave her a kiss. Neil greeted Gwen. When Lily invited herself and Neil to join the party, Gwen kissed Devon and said she enjoyed being with his family. Hilary glared at Gwen.

Phyllis joined Jack at the tree lot and declared that he'd selected the perfect tree. Jack was surprised by Phyllis' agreeable demeanor. Phyllis cautioned Jack not to become accustomed to her kinder and gentler persona. Phyllis added that the whole world looked good to her. Jack, beaming, replied, "You're right. The whole world does look good."

Jack pulled Phyllis close and kissed her on the lips. Kelly strode by and saw Jack kissing Phyllis. After Jack and Phyllis left, Kelly walked up to the tree Jack had purchased. A lot employee informed Kelly that the tree had already been taken. Kelly replied, "I know."

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

At Jabot, Abby entered Jack's office, and Jack searched for his notes for his meeting with Ashley. Abby offered to help him look, and he said Traci had mentioned over breakfast that Abby had been out celebrating with her friends the night before. Abby explained that she'd met some people at the Underground, but she'd had to help a guy into a cab, and she grumbled that she was too old to have fun. Abby found the notes, and they left to find Ashley.

In Ashley's office, Stitch woke up on the couch with a terrible headache. "Good morning, handsome," Ashley chirped as she handed him a mug of coffee. After Stitch got dressed, Ashley surmised he had a bad hangover, and she asked what he remembered about the night before. He apologized for drinking too much, but she replied that he had nothing to be sorry for, since she didn't have any regrets. Jack and Abby entered, and Abby noticed that Stitch was wearing the same clothes as the day before. Jack demanded to know what was going on.

Abby noted it was obvious Stitch had spent the night, and she guessed that he'd been drunk enough to give the cab driver his work address. Jack realized that Stitch had been the guy Abby had referred to earlier, and Abby explained that Stitch hadn't been fit to drive. Stitch stated that he hadn't planned to stay the night, and he apologized to Ashley for making her couch his bed. Jack lectured that it was an expensive, high-tech facility with highly confidential material, and they couldn't afford to have an intoxicated employee wandering through it in the middle of the night. Ashley pointedly called it a one-time thing, but Jack announced that Stitch was fired. Abby and Ashley protested simultaneously.

Ashley argued that Stitch had made a huge contribution, but Jack contended that Stitch could have let in a corporate spy. Stitch admitted that he'd reacted badly to some tough news, and Abby pleaded with Jack to cut Stitch a break. Stitch promised it wouldn't happen again, and Jack understood what it was like to find out a child wasn't his, so he gave Stitch one more chance. Stitch pledged not to screw things up, and Jack suggested that they reconvene later. Stitch searched for his phone, and he discovered that he had a message from Victoria. Stitch listened to Victoria's voicemail about wanting to talk to him, and he rushed out. Jack asked if he'd made a mistake by keeping Stitch on board.

Ashley recognized that Stitch was going through a difficult time, but she thought he was moving beyond it. Abby was sure that Stitch wouldn't do anything else stupid, and Jack advised them to keep security on full alert, since he believed Victor was snooping around. Ashley didn't want Abby to be stuck in the middle, but Abby said she could handle it. Jack remembered that Summer had invited him to lunch, and he commented that at least he could have a relationship with Summer through Phyllis.

Ashley asked if Abby had sent a marketing proposal, and Abby replied that she had emailed it the day before, but she turned the topic back to Stitch. Abby revealed that Stitch had planned to go to Victoria's house, but he'd gotten drunk at the Underground instead. Ashley focused on finding the email, and Tobias entered to run tests on Stitch's latest samples. Ashley asked for a copy of the results, and she pulled Abby into her office to look at the proposal. Tobias opened a file and pulled out his phone to take photos of the contents, but Ashley interrupted him.

Tobias claimed that he was checking the files to make sure he pulled the right samples, but Ashley pointed the correct samples out to him, and he said he'd get on it. Ashley returned to her office, and Abby said she felt bad for Stitch, since he'd seemed sad and broken, but Ashley insisted they work on the proposal. Undeterred, Abby noted Stitch had been different that morning, and Ashley flashed back to being in the shower with Stitch. Abby inquired whether they had been right not to fire Stitch, and Ashley spotted her underwear strewn on a chair. Ashley covertly tucked the garment into her purse as she said that Stitch was too important to the project to lose.

At the Athletic Club, Paul met Christine at her request, but he wasn't sure the citizens of Genoa City would appreciate them taking the morning off unless they talked about business. Christine informed him that it was strictly personal, and Lauren walked in with Kevin, Gloria, and Jeffrey. Gloria invited Paul and Christine to join them to celebrate Michael and Lauren's anniversary, and the couple agreed. Kevin suggested they wait for Michael, and Gloria wondered where her oldest son was.

Lauren remarked that Michael had been working on some big cases lately, so he was probably at the office, but Gloria grumbled that it was hard to celebrate when half the couple wasn't there. Christine imagined Michael was buying Lauren a beautiful present, and Gloria told Jeffrey to take note that women liked expensive gifts. Jeffrey replied that the cruise they'd just gone on had been very expensive, and Gloria recommended that Lauren and Michael indulge in a romantic getaway. Jeffrey commented that the couple had all the time in the world, and Kevin squirmed.

In his office, Michael read about surgical approaches to dealing with his cancer, and Phyllis burst in. He coolly commented that he hadn't been expecting her, and she cheerfully wished him a happy anniversary. She noted the occasion usually made people smile unless there was trouble in the marriage, and Michael assured her he and Lauren weren't having problems. Phyllis picked up a business card on his desk and questioned why he was seeing a marriage counselor.

Michael claimed that he'd recommended the counselor to a client, and he reiterated that everything was fine between him and Lauren. He suspected that Phyllis was there for a reason other than his anniversary, and she announced that she was taking steps to reclaim her life, so she wanted to make sure her legal and financial affairs were in order. Phyllis requested a full accounting of her assets to make sure no one had ripped her off, and Michael assured her that he'd kept track of her investments while she'd been in a coma. She expected that there had been no significant changes, but he reported that there had been one major transaction she should be aware of.

After Michael updated Phyllis, she blasted him for allowing something to happen. Michael explained that it had been a done deal by the time he'd found out, and Phyllis ranted that she'd assumed people hadn't betrayed her when she'd been out of commission, but every time she found her footing, the rug got pulled out from under her. She bellowed that someone had robbed her, and she refused to let it slide. Michael encouraged her to be reasonable, and Phyllis urged Michael to be happy he had people he could trust with his life.

After Phyllis left, Michael's phone rang, and he reluctantly answered a call from Gloria, who scolded that he was supposed to be at the club to celebrate his anniversary with his family. Michael flatly replied that he knew, but he had something to take care of, and he would be there as soon as he could. He abruptly hung up, and Gloria complained to Kevin that children had been less rude when she'd been young. She chided Kevin for not being able to keep his eyes off his phone, and he retorted that she'd had her telegraph machine in her day. She questioned what was that fascinating, and she grabbed the phone.

Gloria read something about a "one-eyed bludgeon" on Kevin's phone, and Kevin snapped that it was none of her business. She asked if he was in trouble again, but he insisted he was fine. She wondered if he'd tell her if he wasn't, and he said no. Kevin was relieved when Gloria gave up, and he assumed a bad British accent when he answered a call as Plato Sphere. He was stunned to learn how many hits his story had received, but he declined an invitation to make a personal appearance.

Christine approached Lauren and asked if she was okay, and Lauren replied that Michael had been crazy busy, so she didn't want to bother him. Christine pointed out that his partnership with Avery should have lightened his load, and Lauren guessed they hadn't worked out the kinks yet. Paul realized Lauren was worried, but Lauren unconvincingly replied that she knew Michael would be there. Meanwhile, Michael staggered over to the couch, where he lay down and covered his face with his hand.

Jeffrey hypothetically asked Paul how someone would go about getting charges against someone dropped, and Paul surmised that he was talking about the case against Stitch. Jeffrey divulged that he'd decided to do the decent thing and drop the lawsuit, and Paul explained that it was up to the court to make the criminal charges disappear. Jeffrey asserted that he'd received stellar care, so there was nothing to pursue, and Christine pointed out that she could press charges against Jeffrey. Jeffrey approached Gloria and informed her that Paul and Christine had threatened to have him arrested, but Gloria barked that there were other things on her mind, since she was afraid Kevin was falling back into his old ways.

Later, Michael arrived at the Athletic Club and spotted Lauren sitting alone at the table. He nervously approached her, and she glowered at him in disappointment. Michael said time had gotten away from him, but Kevin snapped at him to can it, since he knew Michael's lateness hadn't had anything to do with work. Lauren demanded to know why Michael hadn't shown up, and she angrily questioned whether he knew how humiliating it had been for her to send everyone home. Michael apologized, and Lauren couldn't imagine the issue was another woman, but she didn't know what else to think.

Michael quietly swore there was no one else, and he glanced at Kevin and maintained it had just been work. Kevin ordered Michael to stop it, and he ranted that he was tired of watching Michael lie to Lauren. Kevin threatened to tell Lauren if Michael didn't, and he walked away. Lauren begged Michael to tell her what it was, and he steeled himself to tell her the truth.

Victoria wheeled Katie in a stroller through the park, and she remarked that it was Katie's first snow. Victoria announced that there was someone she wanted to introduce her daughter to, and she picked up the baby and looked at Katherine's memorial plaque. Victoria called Katherine an amazing woman who had lived life on her own terms and who had inspired others to do the same. "Katherine, meet Katherine," Victoria said.

Victoria wished her daughter could have met the original Katherine, and she said that Katherine had defied description. Victoria recounted that Katherine had been sassy but kind, strong yet vulnerable, and opinionated but open-minded. She mused that Katherine hadn't been afraid to make a choice, and she said that she'd admired Katherine for not shying away from making difficult decisions. Victoria resolved to take a page from Katherine's playbook and finally make the decision she'd been putting off.

Victoria returned home and told Nikki over the phone that Katie was asleep, so there was no need for her mother to rush back. She answered the door, and Stitch said he'd stopped by as soon as he'd sobered up. Victoria figured he'd had his share of tequila, and he told her to get it over with if she'd summoned him only to let him down. Victoria mentioned that she'd expected him to stop by after work the day before, and he admitted he'd seen her and Billy in a picture-perfect moment with their daughter, so he'd assumed they'd gotten back together.

Victoria wondered why Stitch hadn't asked her directly, and she explained that Billy had delivered a Christmas tree for Katie, but nothing had changed between Billy and Victoria. Victoria said she didn't know where things would end up with her and Stitch, and he asked if she was saying they could end up going somewhere. She insisted that they had to be honest with one another if they gave it a shot, and she inquired whether he could do that.

Victoria asked why Stitch looked rumpled, and he said he'd had a weird night. She remarked that people did crazy things when they weren't thinking clearly, and Stitch agreed. Victoria declared that she wanted to make a fresh start, and she still had to work out co-parenting issues with Billy, but Stitch was just happy to have a second chance. He promised that he wouldn't let her down, and he answered a call from Paul, who informed him that the charges against Stitch had been dropped and that Jeffrey had agreed to drop his lawsuit against the hospital.

Victoria urged Stitch to call Avery to work on clearing his name, but he refused to go to the authorities, since it had been his choice to protect his mom, and he'd served his time. Victoria pointed out that he'd lost his job and his son, but he grabbed her hand and said he hadn't lost everything, since he still had her in his corner. She gushed that she was glad she finally knew the truth because it felt good not having any secrets between them.

In the park, Paul told Christine that he should take care of the paperwork on Stitch's case, but Christine reminded him that she'd invited him to breakfast for a reason. He apologized for forgetting that she'd wanted to talk to him, and she praised his generous heart. She said she hoped their baby would inherit his wonderful qualities, and she could barely contain her excitement as she told him that her home pregnancy test had been positive. Paul cheered that they were going to have a baby, and they joyfully laughed and hugged.

Summer anxiously set the table, and Austin advised her not to freak out every time they had someone over for lunch. He was certain that her mom wouldn't care about the color of the napkins, and he pointed out that he'd grown up with one shade of paper ones. Summer insisted that everything had to be perfect, since she wanted to show Phyllis that she was a grownup who'd known what she had been doing when she'd married Austin. She hoped if she did everything right, Phyllis would see how in love they were, and Austin questioned what would happen if Phyllis didn't. Summer was sure Jack would keep things calm.

Summer and Austin kissed, but she remained concerned about her choice of napkins. He joked that he'd lost his touch if she had been thinking about napkins while kissing him, and she stressed that she wanted the lunch to be perfect. Austin suggested that she stop trying to impress everyone except him, and he tried to lead her to the bedroom, but she worried that Phyllis and Jack could show up early. Austin said Phyllis had to realize Summer was a grown woman with a husband, and Summer told herself that in time, Phyllis would.

The doorbell rang, and Summer panicked about how the apartment looked. Austin assured her again that everything looked great, and she found Phyllis at the door. Summer asked where Jack was, and Phyllis imagined he'd be there soon. Summer invited her mother in, and Phyllis looked around and marveled that she loved what Summer had done with the place. Phyllis admired the view of downtown and the park, and she guessed that the apartment had been expensive. Summer grappled for words, and Phyllis wondered when Summer had planned to tell her that Summer had sold the penthouse to pay for it.

Summer revealed that buying the apartment had been Jack's idea, and he'd put the money from the sale of the penthouse in a trust. Phyllis contended that it had been her home, and she snarled that she obviously hadn't mattered, since everyone had given up on her. Summer swore that she'd never lost hope, but she'd hated living in the penthouse without Phyllis, since there had been reminders everywhere of how much she'd missed her mother. Phyllis testily asked if selling the penthouse had made it easier to forget her, and Austin defended that Summer hadn't done it to hurt Phyllis. Phyllis huffed that Summer had done it to live in an apartment that Austin hadn't paid one cent for, and Summer asserted that Austin worked two jobs to support them.

Phyllis groused that everyone had moved on, and maybe she shouldn't have returned at all. Summer wailed that she'd missed Phyllis and that she needed her mother, and Phyllis replied that she wanted to believe it. Summer swore that she hadn't given up for a second, and she and Jack loved Phyllis and were grateful she was back. Phyllis fought back tears, and she claimed that she was just dealing with a lot of things that had happened while she'd been gone. Phyllis said she had to deal with something right away, and she hugged Summer and left.

Jack arrived at Summer and Austin's apartment, and he was surprised to hear that Phyllis had been angry about the sale of the penthouse. Austin offered to go look for Phyllis, but Summer implored Jack to find Phyllis and tell her how devoted they'd been while waiting for her to wake up from the coma. After Jack left, Summer thought it didn't make sense that Phyllis was that upset, and Austin theorized that Phyllis had found out about Jack and Kelly's relationship.

Jack left a message for Phyllis, saying that he'd talked to Summer, and he knew Phyllis was upset. As he wondered where Phyllis was, Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club and asked a server if Kelly was working that day. Phyllis marched up the stairs to find Kelly.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

As Lily escorted Neil off the Jabot elevator, Neil asked her what she thought of Gwen, Devon's new friend. Lily didn't have a chance to answer as she and Neil entered Jack's office. After Neil and Jack exchanged pleasantries, Lily told Neil that regardless of what she thought of Gwen, Devon treated Gwen a lot better than Jack had treated Kelly. Neil told Lily her remark was out of line, but rather than respond, Lily told her dad that she needed to leave for work -- giving Jack the evil eye as she walked out. Neil began to apologize for Lily, but Jack said it wasn't necessary, since Jack basically agreed with Lily.

Jack said that he had been unfair to both Kelly and Phyllis. Neil disagreed, telling Jack that even Phyllis' doctors had thought there was no hope for her recovery, so it had been perfectly reasonable for Jack to date Kelly. Jack said that as soon as Phyllis had recovered, he should have told her and Kelly about each other, rather than tiptoeing around the situation.

Neil said that Jack had made everything worse by trying to protect everyone. He reminded Jack that he needed to tell the truth, no matter how difficult it was for anyone to hear it. A solemn Jack said that he had to tell Phyllis about his relationship with Kelly.

At the Athletic Club bar, Dylan looked at a diamond ring in a jewelry box. He couldn't help overhearing Joe and Cane, sitting on a nearby sofa, discussing the redevelopment plan for the warehouse district. Cane wondered what Joe was going to do about the group opposed to the plan. He told Joe that the opposition was growing more vocal every day.

Avery stopped by the club and greeted Dylan with a kiss. She wanted to have lunch, but Dylan said that lunch might have to wait -- he pointed to Cane and Joe. Joe noticed Dylan, and the two men glared at each other.

Joe returned to his meeting with Cane, singing the praises of the project, as Avery and Dylan walked over. Joe asked Dylan and Avery to sit down so they could discuss Genoa City's future. Dylan said that he could handle his own future. As a waiter handed Dylan a bag filled with takeout food, Dylan and Avery left.

Joe said that he needed to counter the opposition to the project by showing the community its potential. He told Cane that he wanted a local business -- such as the Athletic Club -- to show support for the project. As Lily appeared behind the men, Joe said that if Cane were willing to publicly state that the redevelopment plan was good for Genoa City, his backers would make a sizable contribution to a cancer charity. Still unseen by Joe and Cane, Lily appeared intrigued. Cane said that he needed to speak with Devon and Lily -- although Cane wasn't sure that they would go for the idea.

Joe suggested that Cane begin by hosting a cocktail hour, during which the community could learn more about the project. Cane would then introduce Joe, who would answer questions about the redevelopment. As Joe emphasized that he needed Cane front and center, Lily walked up. She told Joe that before she would allow Joe's organization to use the Athletic Club's good name, she needed Joe to answer some questions.

Lily asked about the investors that Joe represented -- specifically if the investors had a good track record. Joe told Lily he would get her a prospectus and walk her through the project. Cane was more interested in who the sellers -- the actual owners of the property -- were, as he found it incredible that they were all willing to sell simultaneously. Joe pulled a folder out of his briefcase and told Cane that the warehouse district property was owned by a single corporate entity -- Gerolamo, Limited. Cane found it strange that he had never heard of Gerolamo.

Lily told Joe that there were a lot of artists who rented studio space at an affordable price. She wondered what would happen to them when everything was torn down. Joe said there would be space for art galleries. Lily said that she wasn't talking about upscale galleries with upscale clientele -- rather she was talking about the painters and sculptors in the lofts and the storefront theater companies. Lily feared they would be kicked out with no place to go. Joe began writing, saying that he would address that with the investors.

Lily then asked Joe if there had been any studies done on the impact of displacing many of the small businesses at the same time. She wondered what would happen to all of the service workers once the present district was demolished. Joe gave a wishy-washy answer, telling Lily that there would be jobs and the net effect would be positive for Genoa City. Lily pressed an increasingly uncomfortable-looking Joe about whether he planned to do any real research. Before Joe could answer, Cane received a phone call that he had to take, and he left Joe and Lily alone.

Joe began to say "the passion that you have is very..." Lily interrupted and joked, "...overbearing?" Joe replied, "I was going to say 'hot'." Lily was clearly bothered -- Joe explained that Lily's challenging the plan was very "attractive." Lily accused Joe of hitting on her. He said he was just showing his appreciation, and he hoped that Cane knew what a prize Lily was.

Joe took a phone call, and Lily met up with Cane, who asked her how her conversation with Joe had gone. She told him that Joe had sidestepped most of her questions -- and then hit on her. Cane asked if it made her feel uncomfortable. She said that it was annoying -- just because she was a woman, he thought he could shut her up by "charming" her. Cane said that they should continue their conversation with Joe -- Cane would let him know that Lily was no pushover.

Dylan took Avery to Chancellor Park. As he began to speak calmly to Avery, she began ranting about how Joe was trying to talk Cane into taking Joe's side in the redevelopment fight. Avery continued until Dylan told her the last two things he wanted to discuss were real estate and Joe Clark. She continued rambling until Dylan took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. He asked her if he had her attention. Disarmed by the kiss, she said that he most definitely did.

Dylan sat Avery down and, from the takeout bag, pulled out a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows -- Avery's favorites. Dylan reminded her that the bench they were sitting on was the bench that Dylan had stood on when he'd announced to the world that he loved Avery. Avery smiled and told Dylan that she remembered. They reminisced about the obstacles they had overcome.

Dylan said that whatever the future held, he wanted to face it with Avery. Her eyes welled up with tears when Dylan told her that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He stood then kneeled in front of Avery, but Avery told him to wait. She asked him to stand then she stood up on the bench. She declared her love for Dylan. Avery said that neither of them was perfect, but that together, they were "amazing." She then loudly announced, "I love this man!" to the onlookers in the park.

Avery stepped off the bench as Dylan once again kneeled and asked her to marry him. She sealed the deal with a simple "yes" and a kiss. The onlookers in the park smiled and applauded as Dylan and Avery left -- returning to the apartment to make love.

At the Underground, Mariah was cleaning up the bar when Kevin stopped by. Mariah immediately noticed Kevin's introspective mood -- she told him that he looked like he had lost his only friend. Kevin said that was exactly what he was afraid of. Mariah wondered why Kevin was acting so "weird." Kevin tried to change the subject to fantasy fiction. Mariah was annoyed that while she had revealed intimate details of her life to Kevin, he was unwilling to confide in her.

She lectured Kevin about friendship, telling him that the "friendship thing goes two ways." With Kevin still unresponsive, she walked away. Kevin exclaimed, "It's Michael." Mariah wondered if Kevin and Michael had fought. Kevin told her that he shouldn't have said anything -- he wanted to confide in her -- but felt that if he said the truth out loud it would seem "more real." He took a deep breath and told Mariah that Michael had cancer -- and Kevin was scared.

Kevin became upset when all Mariah had to say was, "That sucks." He said that he knew that she wasn't good with the "interpersonal stuff," but there were thousands of better replies. Mariah told Kevin that he was angry, and she empathized, but she wasn't Kevin's "whipping boy." Mariah asked Kevin to think how he would react if she told him that she had a close friend suffering from a serious disease. Kevin replied, "I would say that su... I would say that's very unfortunate." Kevin, quite upset, told Mariah that he shouldn't have said anything and began walking out.

Mariah followed Kevin and apologized for her reaction to Kevin's news. She told him that he was not alone -- Mariah would do her best to be there for him. The two hugged -- then kissed.

Michael unlocked the door to his office -- he and Lauren stepped inside. Lauren wondered why they had to go to Michael's office rather than talking at the club. Michael told her that he wanted privacy when he finally told her what had been causing his distant mood. He apologized for not being honest with her earlier then blurted out, "I have cancer." Lauren began laughing maniacally.

Michael was surprised by Lauren's reaction to his news. She apologized, but he wondered if she thought that he was joking. A seemingly relieved Lauren said she'd thought that Michael had planned to ask her for a divorce -- she had imagined that he was having an affair. Michael grew bitter, telling Lauren that it was nothing as mundane as an affair. He said, "Let's keep it simple. I have cancer. It's prostate cancer. You can keep laughing if you'd like."

Lauren's mood quickly changed to one of concern as Michael told her that his doctor had run some routine tests and discovered that Michael's PSA level had been elevated. Lauren said that his visit to the doctor had been months earlier. Michael admitted that he had known about the cancer for several weeks. Lauren quickly grew angry when she realized that Michael had been hiding the truth from her, throwing her purse at him.

Michael said that he hadn't been ready to tell anyone about his cancer until he had more facts. Lauren was incensed and asked him when she had become just "anyone." She wondered why he had told Kevin -- after all, she was his wife. The Baldwins began arguing. Michael told Lauren that he hadn't told Kevin -- Kevin had figured it out by snooping around. Spitting out his words, Michael said that he wanted Lauren in his corner but that it was "my cancer," and Lauren was not allowed to get mad. She began sobbing and told Michael that she wasn't mad -- she was scared.

Lauren wondered how bad the cancer was. Michael admitted that it was stage three. Lauren became angry again, saying that if only Michael had told her, they could have spent weeks discussing their options. She accused him of not thinking about her and their family. Michael suddenly flew into a rage, screaming, "Son of a bitch... damn it..." Crying, he asked Lauren why it was happening to him. Lauren embraced him, saying, "It's happening to us. I'm here for you."

Phyllis showed up at Kelly's Athletic Club office and told a very surprised Kelly that it was time they cleared the air. When Phyllis said they were both adults and could treat each over in a civil fashion, Kelly said that she had no idea what Phyllis was talking about then took offense when Phyllis said she knew about Kelly and Jack's little "tryst." Kelly realized that Jack still hadn't told Phyllis about his relationship with Kelly. Phyllis became angry and said there was nothing to discuss -- because Kelly and Jack had never had a relationship. Kelly smiled and told Phyllis that since Jack obviously didn't have the courage to tell Phyllis the truth, Kelly would.

In a hushed monotone, Phyllis said it was clear to her what Kelly had -- and hadn't -- been to Jack. Phyllis accused Kelly of seducing Billy, a married man -- and when that hadn't worked out, Kelly had moved on to Jack. Phyllis admitted that Jack had needs, and Kelly had met them, but she told Kelly that her so-called "relationship" with Jack was over. Phyllis said that Kelly was acting like a hormonal teenager and needed to get over herself.

As Phyllis began to leave the office, Kelly got in her dig -- she said, "I don't think that you're pissed off because Jack and I slept together -- I think you're pissed off because we slept together in your bed." Kelly painted a picture of her and Jack sharing, night after night, the bed that Phyllis had once shared with Jack. The truth continued to spill out of Kelly -- how Jack had invited Kelly to redecorate and become the new lady of the house. Kelly said that Jack had asked her to move into the Abbott mansion -- because he'd wanted to be with Kelly day and night. Phyllis looked as if she was knocked down a peg or two as Kelly smirked and added, "...and you just can't stand it, can you?"

When Kelly said that she and Jack had been planning a life together, Phyllis said that Kelly was delusional, adding that Kelly was "damaged" because of her son's death and that it had probably made Jack feel good by rescuing Kelly -- "kind of like helping an animal out of the gutter." That remark sent Kelly over the edge, and she smacked Phyllis across the face. The women stared at each other like two cats about to pounce.

Phyllis said that Jack was in the process of tossing her back into the gutter. Kelly started to tell Phyllis about Jack's last trip to the facility where Phyllis had been housed during her coma, but Phyllis said the conversation was over. Kelly shouted, "Like hell it is." Kelly followed Phyllis downstairs to the club's lobby, telling Phyllis quite loudly that Jack had made a special trip to Georgia to say goodbye, so he would finally be free of Phyllis. Jack, entering the club through the revolving door, was shocked to hear Kelly's remark.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Kelly chased Phyllis down the stairs, and she rambled that Jack had made a special trip to Georgia to say goodbye to Phyllis. Jack walked in as the women argued, and Kelly ordered them both to leave her place of business. Jack dragged Phyllis upstairs to the office.

Phyllis raged that she knew everything that had happened between Jack and Kelly, even though he hadn't bothered to tell her a thing. Jack admonished Phyllis for attacking Kelly rather than confronting him, and Phyllis retorted that she'd planned to go after him next, but she'd wanted to get things straight with "the slut" first. Jack started to head out to find Kelly, and Phyllis incredulously asked if Jack was leaving her to make sure Kelly was okay. He replied that he was, and he ordered Phyllis to stay there.

Kelly chugged a drink at the bar, and Summer entered and asked if Kelly had seen Phyllis or Jack. Kelly reported that Phyllis had thought she'd known everything, but she hadn't, so Kelly had been happy to fill her in. Jack approached and informed Summer that Phyllis was upstairs, and Summer went to find her mother. Jack said he'd wanted to make sure Kelly was all right, and she told him not to tell her how sorry he was, since she would be fine. Kelly added that Jack was the one who'd made a horrible mistake, and he'd spend the rest of his life regretting it.

Summer found Phyllis in the office, and Phyllis guessed Jack had called for reinforcements. Summer relayed that she'd been out looking for Phyllis on her own, and she explained that she'd concluded Phyllis had been upset about something more than the apartment. Phyllis asked if Summer had known about Kelly, and Summer admitted that she'd felt terrible for not telling the truth, but she'd been scared the news would push Phyllis over the edge. Summer assumed Phyllis was mad at her, but Phyllis insisted she wasn't, and the women sat down together to talk.

Phyllis recognized that she shouldn't have gotten upset with Summer, but she defended that it had been shocking to find out everything that had happened while she'd been gone. Summer swore that Phyllis knew everything, and Phyllis asked how Summer felt about Jack and Kelly's relationship. Summer confessed that she'd had a problem with them being together at first, but she'd eventually tried to accept it, since Jack had started to look like himself again instead of being constantly miserable.

Phyllis asked if Jack had visited her to say goodbye, and Summer confirmed he had. Phyllis struggled to maintain her composure, and Summer babbled that she'd believed the entire time that Phyllis would wake up and that Jack would want to be with Phyllis. Summer added that she'd told Kelly that, but she also hadn't wanted Jack to be alone, and she wished Phyllis could understand. Phyllis thought that maybe she would once she and Jack hashed it out, and Summer begged her to have sympathy.

Downstairs, Kelly said she'd heard a lot about how Phyllis could be jealous and over the top, but she'd had no idea what a "flat-out psycho" Phyllis actually was. Jack wished he'd stopped Phyllis from going after Kelly, but Kelly flatly pointed out that he hadn't. She added that Phyllis should have blamed him, but Phyllis had attacked and demeaned Kelly instead. Kelly couldn't believe Jack had chosen "that woman" over her, and Jack argued that Kelly had only seen one side of Phyllis. Kelly testily noted that she'd done everything he'd asked, and she ranted that she'd been foolish enough to think he would step up and tell Phyllis the truth. Kelly proclaimed that she'd seen him for the man he was, and she was glad to be rid of him. Phyllis returned downstairs, and Kelly stormed off.

Kelly returned to her office, where she found Summer waiting. Summer apologized on Phyllis' behalf, and she defended that Phyllis was still getting used to being back, but Kelly insisted that Summer didn't have to apologize for her mother's self-righteousness. Summer recognized that Kelly had loved Jack and that Kelly had really helped him, and she was sorry Kelly had been hurt. After Summer left, an upset Kelly tried to work, but when she opened a drawer, she found a rose Jack had given her. She dropped it in the trash and crumpled back into her chair in tears.

Jack and Phyllis returned home, and he asked how long she'd known about him and Kelly. She confided that she'd discovered the loving exchange of messages on his phone a few weeks before, and he chided her for hacking into his phone. Phyllis readily admitted that she'd invaded his privacy, and she demanded to know why he hadn't told her he'd fallen in love with another woman. Jack referred to the doctor's orders not to add to Phyllis' distress, but Phyllis growled that Jack hadn't wanted to add to his own. Jack swore he hadn't wanted to hurt Phyllis, but she bellowed that he had. He tried to touch her, but she jerked away and sobbed that he'd hurt her badly.

Jack said that it had killed him not to tell Phyllis, and he'd intended to tell her that day, but Phyllis accused him of lying since she'd returned home. Jack pointed out that he hadn't been the only one who'd lied, and he guessed that Phyllis had been testing him. Phyllis retorted that she'd been waiting patiently for him to confess, and she sarcastically suggested that she go back to her place, but she griped that he'd sold it. He maintained that it had been a difficult decision, but she thought he'd clearly moved on without her, especially since she'd found out he'd gone to the clinic to say goodbye.

Jack argued that it had been a painful experience, and Phyllis huffed that she hadn't been able to talk back. She accused him of wanting to feel like he hadn't been cheating, and he contended that he hadn't been. She asked if Jack had made Kelly laugh or had stroked her hair -- the things Jack had once done only for Phyllis -- and she flatly stated that he'd cheated. Jack protested that Phyllis hadn't been there, and Phyllis yelled that it hadn't been her decision. Jack recounted that Phyllis had left him behind with all of her things, and her presence had taunted him, since he'd thought he'd never have her again.

Jack recalled that Phyllis hadn't responded to any of her loved ones for countless days, but Phyllis snarled that Jack had wanted Kelly. Jack said he'd accepted that Phyllis wouldn't ever be back to love him again, and he wouldn't apologize for missing her. She wondered if he hadn't felt guilty at all, and she angrily confronted him about having Kelly move into the house. Phyllis raged that Jack had planned to sleep in their room for the rest of his life with another woman, and she demanded to know why he'd asked Phyllis to marry him. Jack simply stated that she'd returned, and she asked if that was it.

Jack explained that he'd had a year with nothing but memories of Phyllis, and he'd been unprepared for her glorious return. He said that the first time he'd proposed, he'd known how much he loved her, but the second time, he'd known how much he needed her. He continued that he didn't want to spend another day of his life without her loving him, and Kelly was part of his past. He begged Phyllis to believe him and to trust him, or they had nothing. Phyllis resolved to find a way to move beyond Kelly, and a surprised Jack asked why. Phyllis said she loved him, and they hugged and kissed.

At the Underground, Mariah pulled away from Kevin's kiss when Austin arrived, and Kevin surmised that she hadn't wanted Austin to get the wrong idea. She contended that she didn't care about Austin, and Kevin asked if he was the one with the wrong idea. Mariah pointed out that she hadn't said the kiss was a problem, but Kevin noted that she'd acted like she hadn't been able to get away fast enough. Austin approached and asked if there was anything he needed to know before he started his shift, and Mariah informed him she hadn't finished restocking. Austin got a call from Summer, and he voiced his suspicion that Phyllis had figured out Jack and Kelly had been seriously involved. Kevin recommended that the best thing to do was to steer clear of the blast zone.

Austin left to get to work, and Mariah told Kevin that he couldn't just suddenly kiss someone. Kevin asked if she'd liked it, and she replied that she hadn't expected it. He said he hadn't planned it, but it had been a moment of affection after he'd opened up to her and she'd comforted him. She scoffed at the idea that friends comforted one another that way all the time, and she questioned whether they were supposed to have sex next.

Kevin thought it would be a bad idea for things between him and Mariah to go further, and Mariah pointed out that sex was usually the next stop for guys. Kevin conceded that part of him thought it was a terrific idea, but he liked that they could talk to one another, and he didn't want to mess it up by doing something they'd regret. She asked if that had been what had happened with Chloe, and Kevin showed Mariah a photo of Delia on his phone. He explained that he'd been demolished when he'd lost Delia, but something had broken inside Chloe, and she'd lost her mind. Kevin confided that he'd remarried Chloe because he'd thought he could love her back to health, but some relationships couldn't be saved.

Mariah noted that Kevin had been devoted to Chloe and had loved Delia like his own daughter, and she mused that she'd never had anyone love her like that. She clarified that she hadn't intended her comment as a hint, and Kevin told her to relax, since they were friends. They agreed things were cool between them, and Mariah dictated that there was to be no more comfort by kissing. He asked if she needed a lift, and she casually invited him to stop by to help decorate the tree later. He joked that it would only take two minutes, but he volunteered to get some tinsel.

Summer rushed into the bar, and Austin hugged her and asked if she'd found Phyllis. Summer reported that she hadn't found her mother before Phyllis had confronted Kelly and Jack, and Phyllis had felt betrayed. Summer mentioned that she and Phyllis had ended up in a good place, but Phyllis had ripped into Kelly, and she'd been gearing up for a battle with Jack. Austin recalled that Summer had always said nothing could get between Phyllis and Jack, but Summer worried that Phyllis had seemed really mad. Austin assured her that Phyllis still wanted the life she'd had before the accident, but Summer wondered if that was even possible.

In the park, Chelsea finished a cryptic phone call, and Billy thought her terse end of the conversation had sounded secretive. She tried to change the subject, but he pushed to know who had been on the phone, and she revealed that Jeffrey had given up on his bogus lawsuit against the hospital. Billy asked how much Chelsea had paid her father, and she called it her good deed of the season. Billy commented that she'd earned points for Santa's nice list, and she asked what else she got for her efforts. They kissed, and Billy anticipated watching Delia and the boys open their Christmas presents. A disconcerted Chelsea corrected that he'd meant Katie, and Billy swore it had just been a slip, but Chelsea thought it was more than that.

Billy defended that he'd called his daughter Delia out of habit, but Chelsea thought it was understandable if Billy considered Katie to be a second chance. Billy asserted that Katie was her own person and not a warped opportunity to replace what he'd lost, and he expected to think about Delia when Connor ripped open his presents because the boy's unbridled excitement would remind Billy of Delia in a good way. Billy acknowledged that he couldn't replace someone he'd loved and lost, and Chelsea compared it to her not replacing Adam with Billy. Billy stated that he hoped not, considering Adam had been worthless and malicious.

Chelsea understood Billy's feelings, but she told him it hurt her when he criticized Adam. He suggested they leave talk about Adam out of their first Christmas together, but Chelsea protested that although it was their first Christmas together, it was also her first one without Adam. She recounted that she and Adam had spent a wonderful holiday together the year before, and she hadn't realized it would be the last. Billy pointed out that Adam and Chelsea's happiness had been a lie, since Adam had known he'd killed Delia, but Chelsea asserted that it didn't erase her memories of Adam.

Billy maintained that he and Chelsea were better off not talking about Adam, and Chelsea admitted she had mixed emotions every time she heard Adam's name, but she requested that Billy be more sensitive, since the anniversary of Adam's death was just around the corner. Billy promised he'd try to watch what he said, but he couldn't let go of his hatred just because he and Chelsea were together. Chelsea argued that Adam was still her son's father, and Billy questioned whether she didn't want Connor to know Adam had killed Delia. Chelsea said Connor just needed to know his father had loved him.

Chelsea recognized that when Billy looked at Connor, he was reminded that Adam had taken Delia away. Chelsea continued that Adam had given her Connor, and she thought Connor resembled Adam more every day. She believed that if Billy loved her and cared about Connor, he had to accept that Adam would always be part of their lives. Billy thought he'd never stop feeling the way he did about Adam, but he loved Chelsea, and he respected what she had to do for Connor's sake. Billy added that he loved the little boy, and he vowed to do his best to keep his mouth shut and stop slamming Adam.

Billy refused to let Adam interfere with the life he and Chelsea were building, and he and Chelsea hugged. Billy wanted to leave, but Chelsea said she needed more hot chocolate. He offered to warm her up at home instead, but she insisted on a hot drink. As he turned away, she pelted him with a snowball, and they playfully engaged in a snowball fight.

Adam played chess against himself, and Sage was surprised that he wasn't exercising instead. He said he was working his brain, and she wondered if he was exhausted after his outing the prior day. She added that he'd almost blown it, and Adam begrudgingly credited her with talking him down at the Athletic Club. Sage sympathized that the situation was hard for him, and she advised that the transition would take time. Adam disagreed, since the day before had convinced him that he needed to get back to his life and reclaim his family.

Sage reminded Adam that he couldn't renege on their deal, and Adam said he could to go back and forth to Genoa City. She worried that he was taking on too much too soon, and as she made the next chess move and declared checkmate, she warned he was unprepared. He conceded that he hadn't been as ready as he should have been when he'd seen Chelsea with Billy, and Sage cautioned that Adam wasn't acting enough like Gabriel. He recognized that he needed to be able to confidently sell himself as Gabriel, and he demanded that Sage provide him with more information, but she told him to give it more time. Adam pleaded for her help to teach him everything about Gabriel right away.

Sage presented Adam with a box of Gabriel's prized possessions, and she pointed out Gabriel's favorite watch, which had been inscribed with a message from Gabriel's dad. Adam assumed Sage had known Gabriel well, and she replied that they'd spent a lot of time together. He asked if Gabriel had taught her how to play chess, and she informed him that she'd taught Gabriel. Sage explained that the watch had been a college graduation gift, and Gabriel had been devastated when his father had passed away. Adam remarked that he'd have to fake paternal love, since he hadn't had that kind of relationship with Victor.

Adam asked which pocket Gabriel had carried his money clip in, and Sage asked about Adam's mother. Adam called Hope the most wonderful person he'd ever known, and he expressed his appreciation to Sage for filling in the gaps, but Sage advised him not to get ahead of himself. Adam declared that it was time to see if he knew Gabriel Bingham well enough to fool the world. Sage quizzed Adam about Gabriel's history, and she coached him to smile more. Adam rattled off details about Gabriel, and he commented that Gabriel had gotten by on charm and personality.

Sage said Gabriel had been kind and sweet, and she encouraged Adam to suppress his actual personality when he was trying to be Gabriel. Adam questioned whether she didn't think he was sweet, and she compared him to arsenic. She prompted Adam to tell her what Gabriel had done after graduating from school, and Adam recalled that Gabriel had worked with his father, but he suspected that Gabriel hadn't been a hard worker, since the company had gone under. Sage corrected that it had been a hostile takeover, and Adam quipped that it was what happened when the senior vice president was off gallivanting instead of paying attention to the family business.

Sage barked that Adam could spit out facts, but he was nothing like Gabriel. She added that Adam was still a mess, and he protested that he had his strength back, but she said he'd been shaking when he'd seen his wife with Billy. Adam admitted he'd been off his game the first time he'd seen Chelsea, and he acknowledged that he'd be signing his own death certificate if he allowed anyone to recognize who he really was. Sage reiterated that he needed more time, but he vowed to go back to Genoa City the next day and start over.

Later, Adam dreamed about the car accident, and he woke up yelling Delia's name.

Friday, December 12, 2014

At the cottage, Sharon greeted Nick at the door, and he asked if Faith was ready for school. She invited him to wait inside, and he saw David Sherman sitting on the couch. Nick couldn't believe Sharon was meeting with her lawyer there, and he accused them of brainwashing Faith and coaching the girl to say that she wanted to stay with Sharon. Sharon pointed out that Nick had initiated the custody suit, but unlike him, she'd never cut a parent out of Faith's life.

Nick wondered if Sharon and David were plotting to trash Nick in front of the judge, and he maintained that it was his job to do what was best for Faith, no matter what. Sharon questioned whether it was fair for Nick to rehash all the ugly details about her past but not his own, and he barked that what she'd done to him and Summer had shown the kind of person she was. Nick condemned David for how he'd treated Nikki on the stand, and Sharon sent David to the kitchen for more coffee. Nick berated Sharon for hiring the man who'd defended Ian, but Sharon countered that she'd contacted an attorney who wasn't afraid of the Newmans, and the suit could go away with one word from Nick.

Faith descended the stairs and whimpered that her parents were fighting again, but Nick assured her they were just talking. He asked what Faith wanted for dinner, and Faith asked if she was sleeping over at his house. Nick said it was also Faith's house, but she declared that she wouldn't sleep there, since he couldn't make her punish her mommy, too. Sharon helped Faith put on her coat and mentioned that Faith loved spending the night at her daddy's, and she was sure Nick would make Faith pancakes. Faith grumbled that Nick didn't want to be a family with them, and Nick explained that families sometimes changed.

Sharon promised she didn't mind Faith spending the night with Nick, since Faith and Nick deserved to have special time together, just like Faith and Sharon deserved theirs. Nick said Faith had to get to school, and Sharon instructed her daughter to go out to the car, but Faith stopped and glared at Nick before she walked out. Nick sternly questioned whether Sharon had told Faith that he was punishing Sharon, and Sharon explained that she'd told Faith that she was facing the consequences for something she'd done. Nick worried that his daughter hated him, and Sharon contended that no one was forcing him to sue for custody, but he was acting like he'd already won.

Nick couldn't imagine losing in court, but Sharon anticipated that the judge would understand she'd been ill when she'd done something she regretted. Nick accused her of playing the innocent victim, and Sharon asserted that she had her illness under control, despite the pressure she was under. Nick hissed that she'd known she'd done something evil and that she'd worked hard to cover it up, and her choices had caused people to suffer. Sharon accepted that her actions had cost her Nick, but she wouldn't give up her daughter in order for him to get even. Nick said he'd see her in court, and he walked out. David returned to the room, and he asked how dirty she was willing to fight.

Sharon said she wanted to be with Faith, but she refused to believe she needed to tear Nick apart, especially since she still loved him. David noted that the feeling hadn't sounded mutual, and Sharon conceded that she couldn't change how Nick felt, but she questioned what kind of mother would attack her child's father. David contemplated whether Nick and his family felt the same way about her, and he advised that her only shot was to fight even harder than the Newmans by striking first. She hoped something could be done before things got worse.

At Crimson Lights, Adam and Sage bickered about her constantly looking over his shoulder. She noticed when he looked down at Gabriel's watch, and she urged him to pay attention to his new life and forget about the old one. He slammed her for not having her own life, and he explained that the coffeehouse was a local hangout, so it was a good place for him to practice being Gabriel on an unsuspecting friend or enemy. Sage noted that his own widow hadn't recognized him, but Adam pointed out he'd been across the room, and it was time to see what happened if he was up close and personal. He spotted Noah, and he announced that his first guinea pig had just walked through the door.

Adam pointed out Noah to Sage, and Sage commented that Noah was cute. Adam revealed that Noah was his nephew and Nick's son, and Sage remarked that Nick was the brother Adam had wanted to leave for dead in the woods. Adam retorted that Nick would have done the same thing to him, and Sage asked how Noah felt about Adam. Adam explained that Noah had also once been his stepson, and he'd saved the kid's life once, but it hadn't mattered in the end. Adam urged Sage to leave, but she snapped that she could take care of herself if things got messy. Adam sarcastically said it was adorable she thought he was concerned about her, but he didn't want her to slow him down if he had to bolt.

Sage guessed that Adam loved the challenge, but he said his reasons didn't concern her. She contemplated what would happen if he crashed and burned, and he quipped that he'd already done that. He pointed to his face and told her to look at how it had turned out, and she warned him to be careful. She got up to leave, but she accidentally dropped her keys on her way out. Sharon entered, and Adam stared at her and froze. Sage watched his reaction.

Sharon spotted Noah, and they hugged. Sage returned to the table and asked Adam who Sharon was, and Adam nervously eyed Sharon and disclosed that she was his ex-wife and Noah's mother. He wondered if he could fool Sharon, but Sage protested that the idea was insane. Adam observed that Sharon looked upset, and Sage ordered him to get out of there, but Adam retorted that Sage should have left. Sage threatened that Adam's true identity would be the least of his problems if she had to tell Constance that her grandson had died in the river, and she warned him not to blow it.

Sharon told Noah that Faith had been confused after seeing Nick angry, and Noah pointed out that the girl had thought her family would reunite, but instead, she had to deal with visitation and custody issues. Sharon proposed that they handle it inside the family, and she asked for Noah's help to protect Faith and to keep Sharon from losing her daughter. Adam approached and asked if one of them could hand him some sugar, and Sharon politely obliged. Adam remarked that she looked familiar, and he asked if they knew one another.

Noah snapped that he had been trying to have a conversation with his mom, and Adam apologized, but he maintained that he felt as if he knew Sharon. She guessed it had probably been from some scandalous tabloid story, and Adam said he was sorry for being nosy, but Sharon acknowledged that she'd been the one to immediately think the worst when he'd thought he recognized her. Adam claimed that he was new in town, and he mentioned that he was looking for a hotel. Noah curtly recommended the Athletic Club, and Sharon raved about the club's renovations. Adam thanked them for the sugar and the suggestions, and he returned to his table.

Noah found it gross that a man had hit on her in front of him, but Sharon returned to the topic of Nick. She thought Noah could make the all-out war go away, but Noah contended that the only ones who could fix things were Sharon and Nick. Sharon said Nick had either shut down or gotten angry when she'd tried to talk to him, but she thought perhaps Noah could get through to him. Noah relayed that Nick was convinced he was doing the right thing for Faith, and although Noah didn't agree, he didn't think he should fight her battles for her. Noah recalled that on the day Nick and Sharon were supposed to have gotten married, he'd told Nick he felt like he didn't have to worry about her anymore.

Sharon recognized she'd been a burden, but Noah opined that she was stronger than she'd been in a long time. He said she didn't need him to be her champion anymore, and he thought that Nick and Sharon had gotten to a bad place together, so only they could find their way out of it again. Sharon complained that Nick hadn't listened, and she was afraid things would get ugly and hurt all of them in many ways. Sharon pledged to give Faith a good life by co-parenting, and she understood it wasn't Noah's job to intervene, but she begged him to do it for the sake of their family.

At Victoria's house, Victor held Katie and admired her pretty face. He remarked that he could hardly wait for her to run Newman-Chancellor, and Victoria wondered if he'd already had a nameplate printed for the baby. Victor declared that Katherine would have been proud, and he asked what was in store for Victoria's future. Victoria said Katie needed her mommy, but she suspected Victor was fishing for details about her love life. Victoria declared that she was deliriously in love, and he realized she meant with the baby.

Victoria stated that men weren't her top priority and that they shouldn't be for Victor, either, but she thought he looked adorable with an infant. Victor inquired what she planned to do about work, and she referred to the excellent maternity leave policy she'd implemented at Newman-Chancellor. He swore he wasn't trying to push her back into the business, but he thought that she added value to the company, and it had warmed his heart to see her in the office every day. Victoria good-naturedly scolded him for not giving up, and she promised she wasn't retiring, but she'd only return to work on one condition.

Victor recognized that Victoria was a new mother with a beautiful baby, and he offered to renegotiate her salary or title. Victoria called Katie a gift she'd never thought she would have, and she'd stopped hoping because it had hurt too much, but she'd known she'd had more love to give. She continued that she didn't want to miss a single second with Katie, so when she returned to work, she wanted to have a full nursery next to her office. Victor promised she could have everything she needed, and Victoria asked if he'd obtained any information about Ashley's project and what they were up against. Victor replied that the question was whether the Abbotts fully realized what they were up against -- them.

In the Jabot lab, Ashley asked Stitch if he'd completed his measurements, and he reported that the formula wasn't ideal for evaporation. Ashley was relieved when Tobias stepped out, and she wondered why there was tension between her and Stitch, since she'd thought they were two adults who'd simply spent one night together. Stitch handed Ashley some coffee, and she sensed that he wanted to talk. She reiterated that she didn't think less of him, and he informed her that some things had happened since they'd spent the night together.

Stitch divulged that Jeffrey had dropped his lawsuit, so the D.A. was no longer pressing charges, and Ashley asked if Stitch got to keep his medical license. He replied that he wasn't sure yet, but practicing medicine was his whole point in life. She imagined that developing fragrances paled in comparison, but he said working at Jabot had been the first thing he'd been proud of in a while, and he gave his word that he wouldn't leave until they finished their project. She inquired about what else was looking up, and he admitted he'd seen Victoria and that he'd been wrong about the door being closed. Ashley surmised he regretted their shower and what had happened afterward.

Stitch swore he had no regrets about being with a beautiful woman like Ashley, but he recognized that it could get complicated personally and professionally. She called their encounter a one-time thing that was best forgotten, and he agreed it had been an isolated incident, but he doubted he'd forget it. Ashley said she couldn't help but root for Billy and Victoria, but she conceded that perhaps they'd moved on, and Stitch hoped he was part of the next chapter of Victoria's life. Ashley was glad that Jack and Abby hadn't suspected anything, and Stitch promised he would never mention their night together to anyone. Ashley swore she wouldn't say a thing because if Victoria found out, the door Victoria had kept open would probably shut for good.

Later, Stitch asked Tobias to check some labels for him, and Stitch headed out. Tobias answered a call, and Victor asked if he was alone. Tobias reported that Stitch had just left for lunch, but he wasn't sure when Ashley would be back. Victor ordered him to make use of the lab while Tobias had it to himself, and he met Ashley for lunch at the Athletic Club.

Ashley remarked that it had been a long time since she and Victor had lunched together, and he asked how Abby was doing at Jabot. Ashley called their daughter very passionate once pointed in the right direction, and Victor recalled that Ashley had left town because she'd been disappointed with her prior role at Jabot. Ashley suspected he was fishing for information, and she asked if Victor really thought she would divulge trade secrets. He acknowledged that they understood one another, and he handed her an envelope with a compensation package for when she joined him at Newman-Chancellor.

Ashley found it interesting that Victor thought he could buy her, and Victor recalled that they'd made a good team in the past. He asked if she'd returned to Genoa City because she'd missed her family or because Jack finally valued her contribution to Jabot, and she called Victor's power games tedious. Victor recounted that she'd left town because Jack hadn't paid her what she'd deserved, but Ashley replied that she'd left for a lot of reasons. She refused to even read the employment agreement, and she turned down the offer without opening the envelope. She told Victor not to contact her again to play games because she was busy, but it had been wonderful to see him.

Ashley returned to the lab and spotted Tobias taking photos of her files. Stunned, she stared at him through the window, and she silently walked out.

Adam got on elevator at Newman-Chancellor, and he looked at the inscription on Gabriel's watch. An oblivious Victor boarded the elevator, and the doors closed as Adam stared at him.

Nick visited Katie and Victoria, and he wished Faith had joined him so she could have seen that someone liked him. Victoria assured him that Faith loved him, but he groused that his daughter hadn't said two words to him in the car. Victoria reminded him that they knew what it was like to be caught up in their parents' drama, and Nick wondered if he was making a mistake by adding to the drama. Victoria said she was too tired to smack him upside the head, but she believed that he was protecting Faith from a mother with a history of destructive behavior, and she urged him not to back down.

Nick asked if Victoria had been getting closer to Billy in the course of co-parenting, and Victoria said things were going well with Billy on that front, but things were changing with Stitch. Victoria confided that she and Stitch had been getting closer, and she hoped they could make it work. Victoria said she could trust Stitch, and she trusted herself because she hadn't fallen for a liar. Nick pointed out that Stitch had lied, but she defended that it had been to protect his mother, and Nick agreed Stitch deserved a pass.

Nick advised Victoria to keep her eyes open so bad stuff didn't sneak up on her, but she commented that Stitch wasn't Sharon. Victoria asked what had happened to Nick's leg, and he told her the story of how he'd snagged it in a bear trap in the woods. She inquired about how he'd gotten out, and he said an angel of mercy had rescued him, but he hadn't had any luck tracking her down. He added that he would have written it off as a dream, except 9-1-1 had verified that a woman had called for help.

Nick told Victoria to get some rest while Katie slept, and they hugged goodbye. Stitch arrived as Nick opened the front door, and Nick mentioned that Victoria had said she and Stitch were on better terms, but he warned Stitch not to hurt her again. Stitch swore that was the last thing he'd ever want, but Nick remarked that people found ways to hurt one another. Nick left, and Stitch asked Victoria how she was doing. She reported that she was messy and tired but happy, and she suggested that they go on a date when she could get a few hours away. Stitch half-heartedly said it sounded great, and she was surprised that he didn't sound convinced.

Victoria wondered if something had changed, and Stitch proclaimed that he wanted a million dates with her. Victoria recognized that he had wanted that when there had been a possibility Katie was his, but she was just a lady in sweats with a lot of baggage. He assured her that it was everything he ever wanted, including spending time with Katie, but Victoria questioned why he'd seemed hesitant. He admitted there was something he had to talk to her about -- Ashley.

At the Underground, Nick called Avery to schedule an emergency meeting. As he stood with his back to the door, Sage entered and inquired whether the bar served food. Nick turned around, and they recognized one another. "It's you," he said.

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