The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 29, 2014 on Y&R

Adam threatened to expose that Billy had shot him. Phyllis and Kelly clashed at the New Year's Eve party. Neil hid his returning eyesight from his family. Constance died. Sage revealed to Adam that as Gabriel's wife, she was entitled to half his inheritance.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 29, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Ben stopped by Kelly's office and announced that he'd spoken to his son, Max, on Christmas Day. Ben explained that Victoria had phoned Jenna and told her that he hadn't been responsible for his father's death. Kelly admitted that her Christmas hadn't been what she'd expected. Kelly added, "It was supposed to be the year that I stopped dreading Christmas." Ben advised Kelly to do whatever was necessary for her to "come out on the other side." Kelly said she was glad to have Ben for a brother.

After Ben left, Lily and Kelly looked over the list of guests attending the New Year's Eve party. Kelly was livid when she saw Jack and Phyllis' names. Kelly cried, "It is an insult. It is a slap in the face! Kelly is so insignificant, we can just toast the New Year in front of her." Lily offered to give Kelly the night off. Kelly claimed she'd overreacted. Kelly said she'd do her job, smile, and then have a drink when it was over. Kelly added, "I promise you that this will be the most perfect evening of the year."

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Billy groped each other and shared a passionate kiss out on the patio before sitting down to enjoy their coffee and muffins. Billy talked about plans for New Year's Eve while he traced the outline of the tattooed ring on the finger of his left hand. Chelsea said, "Yeah, it's still there. Tends to happen with tattoos." Billy noted that it was the anniversary of his wedding to Victoria. Chelsea asked Billy if he'd been attempting to prove something to himself with his public make-out session.

Chelsea, comforting Billy, sadly recalled that Victor had sent her to break up Billy and Victoria on New Year's Eve. Chelsea recalled that she'd broken the news of her pregnancy. Billy assured Chelsea that he'd forgiven her for what had taken place in the past. Billy reminded Chelsea that she had work to do. Billy left so Chelsea could sketch new designs.

Ben entered the patio and picked up Chelsea's sketches that had fallen on the floor. Chelsea took the sketches from Ben and said, "Progress! You didn't step on them." Ben said he owed Chelsea for having convinced Jeffrey to drop his lawsuit against the hospital. Chelsea admitted that she'd paid Jeffrey, and she noted that both she and Ben had once been con artists themselves. Chelsea said it had to have been exhausting for Ben to maintain a lie since he'd been sixteen.

Ben admitted to Chelsea that it had been a huge relief to let go of his past. Chelsea said that though Billy had been a victim of her lies, he had grown to love her. Ben agreed that they'd both been lucky. Ben said he'd found Victoria, and Chelsea had forged a relationship with Billy. Chelsea and Ben agreed to get along and not endanger each other's relationships.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was shocked when Adam said that Billy had shot him the night of the fiery accident. Adam warned that if he was sent to prison, then Billy would face prison, too. Adam lifted his shirt and pointed to a small scar on his left side. Jack was angry when he discovered he was being blackmailed. Adam said, "What was I supposed to do? Go to Victor, Chelsea, or tell the whole world that I'm back? You were the only one. I trusted you. If I can't count on you to protect me, then I have to count on you to protect Billy."

Jack refused to believe Adam's account of the shooting. Adam explained that Billy had forced him to confess before shooting him. Adam insisted that the shooting had been premeditated. Jack berated Adam for having threatened Billy after killing Delia. Jack said, "Is this the kind of man you are now?"

Adam explained to Jack that he'd spent months in a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages, living the life of someone else. Adam said that Jack should understand why he wished to live his life as someone other than Victor Newman's son. Jack shook his head in dismay and replied, "Adam, you're dead! Chelsea has moved on. She's with Billy. She loves him. You want the woman Billy cares about. How am I supposed to do that to my brother?"

Adam told Jack that Billy needed his freedom more than he needed Chelsea. Adam said he'd observed Chelsea and Billy and was convinced that Billy was still in love with Victoria. Adam added, "I'm going to do whatever I can to get Chelsea back. Let me be with Chelsea. My one chance." Jack explained that Victoria and Billy had split because their marriage hadn't worked. Jack added, "Victoria's with someone else. Billy can't just slip back into her life." Jack insisted that Chelsea would never accept Adam as "Gabriel."

Adam told Jack he was certain that what had attracted Chelsea wasn't the Newman name or his bank account. Adam insisted that whatever had made him and Chelsea a bonded couple still existed. Adam cited Jack's rekindled relationship with Phyllis as an example. Jack said had Phyllis not returned, he would be happily coupled with someone else because he'd moved on after Phyllis' extended absence. Jack became quiet and contemplative after Adam said he assumed that Jack had quickly revived his love for Phyllis upon her return.

Adam, defending himself to Jack, explained that he could've lied and pretended to be Gabriel. Adam added that he'd been truthful and had hoped that Jack would be happy for him. Jack said, "Okay. I'll help you for Billy's sake." Jack made Adam look him in the eye and swear that the old Adam, with all his detestable grudges and anger, was gone. Jack added, "If you really feel remorseful about Delia's death, be the man Adam Newman never had a chance to be." Adam replied, "I swear, Jack. I swear."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sage thanked Nick for dropping her off. Victoria, toting Katie in an infant carrier, approached and introduced herself to Sage. Nick explained that Sage had saved his life in the woods. Victoria said, "You do exist. I think my brother was convinced you were almost just a dream." Sage and Nick looked at each other and grinned. Victoria left.

Sage said she was supposed to meet up with a friend. Nick nodded an understanding of Sage's urgent need to locate her friend. Sage began ascending the stairs, but Nick said, "Wait! I know what's going on here." Sage froze in place. Referring to the revelation that Nick was a Newman, he assured Sage that his life had been worth saving because he was nothing like his infamous father. Sage laughed and said she would've saved Victor, too, because he seemed like a nice guy. Nick suggested to Sage that her friend didn't seem at all interested in visiting his grandmother. Nick wished Sage the best of luck with her uncooperative friend.

After Sage went upstairs, Adam rushed in. Nick saw Adam and said, "Bingo! It's me -- Nick Newman. I was your big brother at Mount Bell Academy. You're Gabriel Bingham -- the Binger! What's up?" Nick was asking if "Gabriel" lived in Genoa City when Sage returned and stopped in her tracks when she spotted Adam. Nick said, "Do you two know each other?" Sage admitted that "Gabriel" was her friend.

Nick seemed eager to reconnect with his old friend. Gabriel insisted that he and Sage should immediately return to his grandmother's house. Nick gave his business card to Gabriel and said he'd love for them to chat and catch up on old times whenever Gabriel's life settled down. After Nick left, Sage angrily said, "Nice of you to come back." Adam noted that he'd be clueless about details Nick would be able to recall about Gabriel. Sage insisted she and Adam should return to Constance's house. Adam initially refused, but Sage warned that Nick might return.

Nick sat down at the bar. Using his electronic tablet, Nick looked up information about Gabriel "Bingo" Bingham in an old yearbook. Talking to himself, Nick gazed at an older photo of Gabriel and said, "Bingo, you haven't changed a bit." In a flashback, Nick recalled having seen Gabriel in the woods the night Nick had gotten his leg caught in a bear trap. Talking aloud to himself, Nick said, "It was you. Why did you take off?"

At Victoria's house, Billy arrived for a visit. Victoria apologized for not phoning him to let him know that the children were napping. Flabbergasted, Victoria pleaded with Billy to help her assemble a baby toy. Billy asked if Victoria and Ben had plans for New Year's Eve. Billy said he and Chelsea had discussed plans before he'd become distracted. Billy held up his hand, so Victoria could see the tattooed ring. Victoria said, "Ah, our wedding anniversary."

Billy and Victoria mindlessly attached stuffed toys to a plastic frame. They reminisced about their Jamaican wedding, Victoria's arrest at their subsequent wedding, and the matching tattoos on their ring fingers. Victoria said she just hadn't gotten around to having the tattoo removed. Billy looked into Victoria's eyes and said, "We were thinking if we made the rings permanent, then we would be, too." Tears welled in Victoria's eyes. Billy asked why he and Victoria had been unable to stay together after Delia's death.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, Devon checked the bar's inventory and instructed Lily to stock rare wine vintages. Lily asked Devon if he planned to entertain Gwen on New Year's Eve. Devon said he wasn't sure. Lily replied, "Why wouldn't you bring her? I mean, you're in love, and it's New Year's Eve, right?" Devon snapped at Lily and said he wasn't sure Gwen would be in town. Lily noted that Devon was acting too "crabby" for someone who was supposed to be in love.

Devon admitted to Lily that he hadn't been the son Neil needed him to be. Devon cried that he'd been too caught up in his own problems and had failed to recognize the signs indicating that Neil was fighting the urge to drink. Lily insisted that Devon need not feel guilty about pursuing happiness with Gwen. Lily explained that Neil's first instinct was to protect his children. Devon asked who might be looking out for Neil. Lily replied, "Hilary. If Dad didn't have Hilary, he wouldn't have just thought about drinking." Devon nodded in agreement.

After Lily left, Devon phoned Gwen. Hesitantly, Devon invited Gwen to attend the New Year's Eve party at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Gwen accepted. Devon said, "I'm looking forward to seeing you, too." After Devon ended the call, he seemed distraught.

At Neil and Hilary's apartment, Hilary quickly stashed the ring Devon had given her into her purse when she heard Neil calling out. The doorbell interrupted Neil, and Hilary went to answer the door. Phyllis was standing in the hallway when Hilary opened the door. Neil seemed curious when he heard Phyllis' greeting. Phyllis said, "You and I have some business to deal with." Neil asked Phyllis what she was talking about. Phyllis said she needed to call upon Hilary's help, as Jack's assistant, to plan a surprise party for Jack.

Hilary left the room to remotely access and print Jack's schedule. Phyllis told Neil that she also needed his help. Phyllis said she hoped Neil might fill her in on what she'd missed while she had been in a coma. Phyllis insisted that she and Jack had put the past in the past. Neil disagreed and said, "No, you're pissed! Don't let it get in your way. Keep moving forward." Noting Neil's strong reaction, Phyllis asked Neil if he'd visited the doctor who might be able to restore his sight. Neil said he'd been accepted into an experimental program.

Whispering so Hilary couldn't overhear, Neil confided in Phyllis. Neil said that he'd seen lights and shadows on Christmas Eve. Phyllis was ecstatic, but Neil asked her to tone down her expression of joy. Neil explained that he didn't want to raise Hilary's hopes too quickly. Phyllis noted that hope was responsible for Neil's natural healing. Neil said, "I can't wait for that moment to see my wife's beautiful face again."

Hilary returned and asked if Phyllis needed more time with Neil. Phyllis laughed and said she'd secretly sought Neil's advice about running Jabot's fashion division. Hilary assured Phyllis that Neil would be discreet. Phyllis thanked Hilary for being discreet about the plans for Jack's party and noted that Hilary sounded like a woman in love. Hilary winced. Neil smiled.

After Phyllis left, Neil agreed that Hilary did sound like a woman in love to his highly trained, perceptive ears. Hilary was taken aback when Neil asked her to throw out her birth control pills and try to conceive a baby. Hilary noted that there was no guarantee that she might conceive. Hilary reached inside her purse, retrieved her blister-packaged pills, and separated the case from the pill package. She dropped the case into a wastebasket and quietly set the pill package on the counter. Neil smiled and said, "I guess that's a 'yes.'" Hilary fixed her gaze on the packet of pills while Neil tightly embraced her.

Phyllis returned home and noticed that Jack seemed uptight. She asked about Jack's encounter with Gabriel. Jack explained that his old business associate wanted to "do a deal." Jack said he'd already agreed, but he remained wary. Phyllis noted that Jack usually followed his gut instinct, so if he wasn't sure about the guy, he should back out. Jack said, "I just don't know."

Phyllis asked what kind of head games Gabriel had played in order to persuade Jack into a deal. Jack changed the subject and offered to fly Phyllis to a special place to celebrate New Year's Eve. Phyllis said she'd already made reservations at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jack asked about staying away from Kelly. Phyllis noted that Genoa City was her home, so she wanted to celebrate with their friends and family. Jack kissed Phyllis and agreed that they would enjoy a wonderful night.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Anita pondered which cupcake to buy for Connor, and Adam approached and suggested one with a dinosaur. Anita said Adam didn't have to pretend to be interested in her daughter's son to make conversation with her, and Adam offered to buy the cupcake. He asked if the barista could change a 100-dollar bill, and he commented that Anita was too young to be a grandmother, so the cupcake had to be for her date.

Anita replied that she had a date with the cutest baby boy in the world, and Adam expressed surprise that an alluring woman like her wasn't out on the town for New Year's Eve. Anita explained that her daughter had needed some fun after a horrific year, so she'd agreed to babysit. Adam asked what her daughter was doing for her in return, and Anita anticipated that Chelsea would toast to her at the Athletic Club.

On the patio, Dylan suggested to Avery that they have champagne there, since he wanted New Year's Eve to be about them after the free fall they'd had at Christmas. She insisted that they schmooze important people at the Athletic Club party, and he doubted it would help save the coffeehouse, but she argued that Joe would be working the room. Dylan preferred to stay at Crimson Lights rather than compete, and he kissed her neck. Avery agreed to leave the party at midnight, and she looked forward to ringing in the new year together.

At the penthouse, Billy wondered why Chelsea wasn't dressed for the party yet, and she explained that she didn't want Connor to spill on her before she turned her son's care over to her mother. Chelsea fantasized about kissing Billy at midnight, and he replied that he fantasized about kissing her at all hours. He mentioned that he wanted to wish Reed a happy new year, and Chelsea suggested that he stop by Victoria's house while she got ready. He invited her to join him, but she said she didn't have to be connected to his side every time he went over to Victoria's. Chelsea added that she'd be ending the year with Billy, and Victoria had someone else to kiss at midnight.

Anita arrived, and she disclosed that she'd picked out a treat for Connor. Anita bragged that a rich young man had flirted shamelessly with her at the coffeehouse, and Chelsea sarcastically thanked Anita for tearing herself away. Chelsea told Billy she'd meet him at the party, and she ran upstairs to get ready. Anita hugged Billy and kissed his cheek, and he inquired whether they were starting the year with a clean slate. Anita said she'd had doubts about his loyalty to her daughter, but he'd put a smile on Chelsea's face, and she had never thought she'd see Chelsea that happy again.

Later, Chelsea reported that Connor was sleeping, and Anita thought it was too bad the tot wouldn't get to see how pretty Chelsea looked. Anita advised Chelsea not to keep a rich, handsome man waiting, and Chelsea asked if Anita had gotten a phone number from the guy at the coffeehouse. Anita groaned that she hadn't asked fast enough, and she relayed that she'd told Billy she was grateful to him for putting a smile back on Chelsea's face. Chelsea was touched, and she assured Anita that Victoria was no longer a threat, since what Chelsea and Billy shared had legs. Chelsea wished her mother a happy new year, and she took off.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis thanked Jack for fetching a shopping bag from the car, and she hoped he hadn't peeked at her new shoes. She told him to prepare to be dazzled, since she wanted the night to be perfect, and she asked how he'd spent the prior New Year's Eve. Jack divulged that his sisters had made him go to the bash at the club, and Phyllis inquired whether he'd gone solo. He reiterated that he'd gone with his sisters, and there had been too much booze and noise. Jack grumbled that it had been everything he'd tried to avoid the year before, and Phyllis wondered if he wanted to avoid the party planner that year.

Jack stated that he was fine seeing Kelly at the party, but Phyllis noted that he seemed worried about something. He referred to Phyllis' tendency to turn special events into grand dramas, and she said she thought he loved her flair for the dramatic. Jack didn't want any drama that night, and Phyllis made a resolution to spend time with friends and ring out the dark moments of 2014. Jack pointed out that there had also been bright ones, and Phyllis acknowledged the past year had been hard for him. She recognized that he'd suffered many losses, and she wanted to help him forget all the sadness and ring in a new year full of possibilities.

As Jack and Phyllis kissed, Summer burst in and begged Phyllis for help with her dress. Summer stopped short when she realized she'd interrupted the couple, but Phyllis declared that her daughter needed her, so the year was off to a perfect start. Phyllis examined the dress and called it a disaster, and she insisted on lending Summer one of her frocks. Summer asked for help getting ready, and Jack prepared to stop by the office to take care of some paperwork before he met Phyllis at the party. Jack wished Summer a happy new year, and Summer credited him with being there for her over the past year when she'd needed him most. Jack replied that he was grateful he'd been there for her when her mom hadn't been able, and they hugged.

Later, Summer twirled around in Phyllis' dress, and Phyllis marveled that her little girl had become a beautiful young woman. The women recalled getting ready for the multiple sclerosis charity event together, and Summer said she'd thought about every detail of that night over and over when Phyllis had been sick. Summer couldn't believe they were talking and laughing together again after they'd lost a lot of time in between, and Phyllis proclaimed that they were about to say hello to a brand new year. Phyllis envisioned marrying Jack and playing dress-up with Summer in 2015, and Summer wanted to spend more time with Austin. Phyllis imagined wonderful things ahead for both of them, and they hugged.

Summer wished she could see Jack's reaction when he saw Phyllis in her dress, and Phyllis said she'd take after her daughter if she made an impression. Summer thanked Phyllis for her help, and Phyllis told her to meet her husband and to tell Austin how much Phyllis loved the video he'd made. Summer instructed Phyllis to tell Jack how lucky he was, and she left. Phyllis flashed back to Jack proposing after she'd returned, and she answered the phone and told Jack she was on her way.

At the Athletic Club, the New Year's Eve celebration was underway. Joe told Cane the club looked great, and he planned to remove any doubts anyone had about the redevelopment project. Joe added that he was confident he could sway Lily over to his side, and Cane remarked that Joe thought he could charm anyone, but Lily and Avery were among those he couldn't. Joe said he could try something new if it didn't work, and he quipped that the night was still young.

Ashley, wearing an elegant gown, purred over the phone, "Ready and waiting for you, handsome." Stitch overheard and suddenly turned around. Stitch said Ashley looked amazing, and she observed that he looked freshly showered. He commented that she knew he liked a hot shower, but he quickly apologized, and he explained that he intended to take advantage of the time off with a quiet celebration at home. Ashley guessed he'd be spending the evening with Victoria, and he looked uncomfortable. Ashley reiterated that they were adults who'd shared one great night, but they'd moved on, and she hoped he had a great new year.

Stitch noted that Ashley's year sounded like it was starting off right, since she was meeting someone. Joe appeared, and Ashley introduced the men. After Stitch left, Joe observed that Ashley looked stunning, and she took his arm as Avery and Dylan walked in. A clearly unnerved Avery stammered that she hadn't known Joe and Ashley were friends, and Ashley said they'd known one another in New York. Ashley admired Avery's engagement ring, and Avery asked if Joe had tried to enlist Ashley's help for his project. Dylan suggested they put business on the back burner, and he went to get drinks.

Avery pulled Joe aside and accused him of using Ashley to push her buttons, but Joe asserted that Ashley was a beautiful, successful woman in her own right. He added that if he had been trying to push Avery's buttons, he would have been successful. Avery wondered if she'd ever really known the man she'd married, but Joe contended that they knew one another better than they'd ever known anyone else, and he excused himself to join his date.

Avery accepted a glass of champagne from Dylan, who thought she'd been rattled by seeing Joe and Ashley together. Avery huffed that she didn't care who Joe dated, and she regretted marrying Joe before she'd found Dylan. She hoped for Ashley's sake that Ashley and Joe didn't get involved personally or professionally. Meanwhile, Ashley was curious why Joe hadn't told her about his relationship with Avery. He claimed that he didn't like to dwell on that part of his life, and he didn't want to focus on the past, since that night was about the future.

Victoria introduced Reed to his new baby sister, and she gushed that they'd all be together as one big, happy family. Reed asked where Billy was, and Victoria said that Billy didn't live there anymore, but Billy would always be Katie's dad. Stitch arrived and cheerfully greeted Reed, and he mentioned that he had a son Reed's age in Australia. Stitch said it was already next year over there, and Max was probably in the ocean on his boogie board. Stitch offered to let Reed check out videos on his phone, and as the boy excitedly checked them out, Victoria anticipated that Reed would be enamored with the idea of spending the holidays on the beach. Stitch suggested that perhaps they could do that the following year, since they had nothing but time.

Billy arrived and asked how Katie liked her first New Year's Eve, and he prepared to go upstairs to say goodnight to Johnny. Victoria asked if Billy had time for a video game, and Billy jokingly complained that Reed had gotten too good. Billy and Reed retreated to play the game, and Victoria thanked Stitch for being great with Reed and playing nice with Billy. Stitch remarked that he was starting the new year happier than he'd been in a long time, and Katie began to fuss. Victoria noticed that Katie had spit up again and that she was really warm, and she worried that something was wrong.

Stitch said there was no reason to worry, since reflux was normal, and Katie's low-grade temperature should pass by morning. Victoria asked if she'd overreacted, and Stitch suspected that the condition bothered the parents more than the baby. Stitch reminded her that he had his diploma, but Billy pointed out that Stitch wasn't practicing medicine, and Victoria wondered if Billy was worried, too. Stitch pointed out that it wouldn't hurt to err on the side of caution, and Billy wanted to take Katie to urgent care. Stitch volunteered to stay with the boys while Billy and Victoria took care of Katie.

Later, Billy and Victoria returned home with their healthy baby girl, and Victoria found a note from Stitch about taking the boys to get hot cocoa. Billy said he was glad Stitch wasn't there, since Stitch had been right, but Victoria was just glad it hadn't been anything serious. Victoria cooed to Katie that she couldn't have champagne for 21 years, and Billy said Victoria would be the enforcer. Victoria imagined how Billy would react to Katie's first date, but Billy joked that he had no problem with Katie dating when she turned 30. Victoria said it was nice to laugh together, and Billy commented that they were both happy, even if it wasn't how they'd planned. Victoria murmured that she had the one thing she'd wanted more than anything, and as they stared lovingly at Katie, Billy agreed their daughter was everything.

In the Athletic Club office, Kelly was determined to see that everything was just right at the party, but Lily implored Kelly to take the night off to avoid seeing Phyllis and Jack. Kelly insisted on dealing with it, since she'd worked too hard to make the party a success, and she refused to let anything or anyone ruin it.

At the party, Cane told Lily he felt lucky that she was going home with him that night, and he asked where she'd been. She worried that Kelly had been working nonstop, but Cane thought it was good that Kelly would be busy when the kissing started. Cane pulled Lily close, but she spotted Jack and thought she should warn him, since she had a bad feeling.

Adam argued with Sage on the phone, and he defended that Constance had been sleeping when he'd left. He instructed Sage to call him if something changed, and he hissed that he knew what he was doing. As he hung up, Jack testily asked why Adam was skulking around, and Adam said he was blending in as Jack's business associate. Adam wanted to find a way to work together in the new year, and Kelly approached and wished them a good evening. Lily moved to intervene, but Cane stopped her, and Kelly cordially wished Jack a happy new year.

Jack introduced "Gabriel" and Kelly, and Adam went to check out the spread. Kelly grabbed a glass of Champagne from a server, and she questioned whether being alone with her made Jack uncomfortable. Kelly assured Jack that she wouldn't throw her drink in his face or Phyllis', since it would be a waste of good Champagne. Jack noted that she seemed pretty upbeat, and she reasoned that she couldn't do anything about what had happened over the past year, but the new year could be full of unexpected surprises. Ashley greeted Kelly and introduced Joe to Jack, and Kelly left to take care of party details. Joe called Jack the forward-thinking businessman he'd been looking for.

Dylan asked Avery to keep the schmoozing to a minimum, and he reminded her the evening was about them. Avery spotted Joe chatting with Jack, and Dylan argued that discussing the redevelopment at the party wouldn't change people's minds. Avery suggested they get out of there. Meanwhile, Ashley informed Jack that Joe was a friend from New York who was there to work on the redevelopment project, and Joe invited Jack to attend the event he and Cane were hosting. Jack distractedly said it sounded interesting, and he excused himself to ask if Lily and Cane had seen "Gabriel." "Like the angel?" Lily asked. "Not exactly," Jack replied.

Avery and Dylan returned to Crimson Lights, and he forlornly mused that they had one more New Year's Eve there. Avery said it wouldn't be the last if they had anything to say about it, and he asked if it was selfish of him to want to hold on to what he loved. She pointed out that what had happened on Christmas had reminded them and everyone else of what the place meant, and Dylan replied that he wasn't just talking about the coffeehouse. They kissed, and he started the jukebox. They held one another close as they danced.

Ashley asked if Joe was looking for Avery, and Joe was surprised Avery and Dylan had taken off before midnight. Joe claimed he'd been looking for Jack to finish his pitch, and he questioned whether playing hard to get was a family trait. Joe said it was no secret he was attracted to Ashley, and she recalled a conversation they'd had in New York about a torch he'd carried for his ex. She recounted that he'd vowed that he wouldn't stop until he'd gotten his ex back, and she realized he'd meant Avery.

Cane informed Lily that Jill and Colin had gone to another party, but the club's party was a huge success. Lily worried about Kelly's vanishing act, and Cane informed her that she didn't have to play mother to anyone that night, since he'd gotten them a room upstairs. They started to sneak off, but Chelsea stopped them and asked if they'd seen Billy. Adam smiled when he saw Chelsea enter the room, and he asked if she was looking for someone.

Adam pretended to recognize Chelsea as Connor's mom from the park, and she was impressed he'd remembered her son's name. Adam asked about the boy, and Chelsea joked that Connor had left his tux at the cleaners. Adam pointed out that they were both alone, but she said she wasn't, and he asked if she was waiting for her husband. Chelsea grappled for words to define her relationship with Billy, and she called it complicated. Adam noted that she was waiting for a man who wasn't her husband, but she was wearing a wedding ring.

As Phyllis drove to the party, Kelly approached Jack and asked if his fiancée was a no-show. Jack reported that Phyllis was on her way, and Kelly said it gave them a little time to talk. Phyllis panicked when she realized her car was out of gas, and she was stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

At the Newman ranch, a tuxedo-clad Victor left a voicemail for Joe, advising him to sell the warehouse property as soon as possible. After Victor hung up, Nikki, wearing a beautiful dress, joined him in the living room. Victor asked her if she was ready to ring in the new year -- she made him promise that he would be completely honest with her in 2015 -- even if he thought that what he had to say would upset her. As Nikki stared at liquor bottles sitting on the bar, Victor asked her if she could make the same promise to him.

Before Nikki could answer, Victor left the room to take a phone call. He returned and told Nikki they could leave for the party at the Athletic Club. Nikki, clutching her phone, told Victor that she had just received a call from Katherine's favorite charity -- apparently the keynote speaker for the charity's New Year's Eve celebration had cancelled, and the charity wanted Nikki to fill in.

Victor offered to accompany Nikki, but she told him the charity raised money for a battered women's shelter, and the guests might feel uncomfortable if a man attended. Victor didn't want Nikki to go out alone -- he didn't feel she was up to it. Nikki said that she really wanted to speak at the event and would meet up with Victor at the club later in the evening. Victor realized how important it was to his wife and acquiesced.

Later, Nikki went to Chancellor Park. She stared at, and spoke to, Katherine's memorial plaque. In tears, Nikki admitted to having let Katherine down by resuming her drinking habit. She told Katherine that she hadn't had a drink since Thanksgiving and promised Katherine that she was planning on meeting the new year's challenges head-on. Nikki said, "I'm going to do it, Katherine. No more drinking." When Nikki turned around, she was shocked to see Paul standing behind her. Stone-faced, Paul accused Nikki of lying to him.

Nikki began sobbing and told Paul that she was sorry that she hadn't been honest with him. Paul lectured her, saying that if she wasn't able to lean on him for support, she needed to lean on her family -- and he was going to speak to Victor about her drinking. Nikki told Paul what she had told Katherine -- that she was staying sober. She begged Paul not to worry Victor and the rest of her family. Paul sighed and promised to remain silent.

The New Year's Eve party was in full swing at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Adam was chatting up Chelsea -- he asked her why she was wearing a wedding ring if she wasn't married. Chelsea slipped the ring off and stashed it in her purse as she told Adam that she wore it to keep guys from bothering her. Adam offered her a glass of Champagne, but she said that she wanted to wait for her date. The subtext was obvious as Adam told Chelsea that he was waiting for someone also -- and that he had been waiting for a long time.

Chelsea changed her mind about the Champagne, and Adam handed her a flute. Chelsea's phone rang -- it was Billy calling from Victoria's. He apologized to Chelsea for being late, explaining that Katie had fallen ill -- he and Victoria had taken her to an urgent care clinic. Concerned, Chelsea asked him what was wrong with the baby. Billy told her that Katie had a simple case of infant reflux -- he and Victoria had overreacted a bit.

Chelsea told Billy that she would understand if he wanted to cancel their New Year's Eve date, but Billy said that he would join her at the club. After Chelsea hung up, Adam, who'd heard Chelsea's side of the conversation, asked her if everything was all right with Connor. Somewhat perplexed at the question, Chelsea said that Connor was fine. Adam began to apologize for being "nosy," but Chelsea cut him off, telling him that it wasn't Connor, but "her date's" little girl, who had gotten sick.

At Victoria's, Stitch asked Billy and Victoria if Katie was okay. They apologetically told Stitch that he had made the correct diagnosis -- Katie just had an "upset tummy." Stitch said that he was glad they had taken Katie to the doctor -- if Stitch had a sick child, he would have done the same thing. Billy looked at Katie and said that the little girl -- and Victoria -- had made the new year great for him. He turned to Stitch and Victoria, wished them a happy new year, and left.

After Billy was gone, Stitch told Victoria how much he loved her. They hugged, and Victoria began unbuttoning his shirt. They made love on the sofa.

At the club, Adam and Chelsea discussed parenthood. Adam asked her if she and Connor had had a good Christmas. Chelsea rambled on about all the soccer-themed gifts Connor had received. Adam said that, as a child, he'd really enjoyed playing soccer. When Chelsea told Adam that Connor's grandfather really advocated Connor's participation in the sport, Adam warned her to be careful -- sometimes adults could pressure children too much.

Victor walked up to Chelsea and wished her a happy new year. Victor stared at Adam and wondered how Adam and Chelsea knew each other. Chelsea wondered where Adam and Victor had met. Victor told Chelsea that he had seen "the young man" in the elevator at Newman-Chancellor. Misreading the situation, Victor asked Chelsea if she was no longer dating Billy.

Chelsea chuckled and said that "the young man" was merely keeping her company until Billy could join her. Adam introduced himself to Victor: "Gabriel... Gabriel Bingham." Chelsea told Adam that Victor was Connor's grandfather. Victor said that the name "Bingham" sounded familiar, but Adam said he was sure that he and Victor hadn't met until they'd shared the elevator ride.

After Victor walked away, Adam said he gleaned from Chelsea's conversation with Victor that Chelsea's boyfriend wasn't Connor's father. Chelsea informed Adam that Connor's father had passed away. Adam feigned empathy, telling Chelsea that he had recently lost an important person in his life. Chelsea said that she was moving on, but Adam said that moving on was impossible for him. As Chelsea was telling Adam that she had a lot of unresolved issues with Connor's father, Billy showed up. Chelsea began introducing "Gabriel" to Billy, but Billy said that he had already met Gabriel, sarcastically adding that "Bingham" seemed to be spreading joy everywhere.

Chelsea asked Billy how he and Gabriel knew each other. Billy told her they had met at Jack's. Chelsea sensed that Billy didn't like Gabriel. She told Billy that Gabriel hadn't been giving her a hard time -- that she and Gabriel had just been discussing Connor's father. Billy asked Gabriel if he knew Adam. Adam replied, "Nope," and Billy said, "Lucky you." Adam excused himself. After he left, a suspicious Billy told Chelsea that he didn't like Gabriel.

On the side of a desolate road, Phyllis chided herself for allowing her car to run out of gas. She tried to call a gas station but grew even more frustrated when she realized that her phone's battery had died. She told herself that she had traveled from Georgia to Genoa City with nothing but five dollars and a nurse's uniform, and she wasn't going to allow her predicament to defeat her. She decided that she would walk to the Athletic Club.

In the club's foyer, Jack told Kelly that if his presence at the party bothered her, then he and Phyllis could celebrate somewhere else. Kelly said that she had no problem with Jack attending the event. Jack responded that he didn't want to hurt Kelly any more than he had. Kelly told him that she thought Jack was the one hurting -- he was still in love with Kelly -- but was stuck with Phyllis.

Kelly admitted that she couldn't simply turn off her feelings for Jack -- and insisted that Jack still loved her. Jack held Kelly's hands and implored her to listen to him, unaware that Phyllis was watching them.

Phyllis entered the club, and Jack asked her if she was all right. Phyllis replied, "That all depends on what I just walked in on, Jack." Hilary, Neil, and Christine paid attention as Kelly and Phyllis' claws prepared for battle. Phyllis removed her coat -- she and Kelly were wearing identical dresses. Kelly smugly told Phyllis that Jack had been admiring Kelly's dress. Christine, no fan of Phyllis, snapped, "...and Kelly, you look great in it."

Jack attempted to defuse the situation, asking Kelly and the onlookers if he could have a moment alone with Phyllis. Kelly smirked and walked off. Phyllis went after Kelly. Jack had to physically restrain Phyllis, who wondered what he and Kelly had been discussing. Jack explained that Kelly was simply unable to accept the truth -- Jack loved Phyllis. Jack wanted to leave and celebrate with Phyllis at home, but Phyllis refused, saying, "Not after everything I went through to get here."

Phyllis informed Jack that she had run out of gas and subsequently discovered that her phone's battery had died. She promised that she wasn't planning on fighting with Kelly -- Phyllis said she actually felt sorry for the "delusional" Kelly. Jack went to get Phyllis a drink. As soon as he was out of sight, Phyllis walked up to Kelly and said, "Hi, bitch. I know you set me up."

Kelly laughed at Phyllis' allegation. Phyllis accused Kelly of siphoning the gas from her car's tank -- then flaunting herself in front of Jack, wearing, Phyllis said, "My dress." Kelly said that she filled out the dress better than Phyllis did, adding, "These lips have never been used to suck gas out of a tank." Kelly wondered if Phyllis had shared her "wild conspiracy theories" with Jack. Phyllis said that if Kelly wanted a war, Kelly would get a war. Phyllis ordered one of the club's waiters to find someone to open the boutique for her -- she wanted to get a new dress.

Paul arrived and greeted Christine. Victor spotted Nikki, who showed up moments after Paul. The Williamses and the Newmans began chatting. Victor congratulated Christine on her pregnancy, adding that the couples would toast the new year with non-alcoholic drinks.

Adam ran into Jack in the club's foyer and demanded that Jack give him a job at Jabot. When Jack refused, Adam threatened to go to the police and tell them that Billy had shot him. Jack said, "You're playing with fire, Adam." Adam replied, "It's Gabriel. And I don't have a choice."

In the club's dining room, Neil, momentarily left alone by Hilary, heard the sound of an incoming text message and stared at Hilary's phone. He could make out the light emanating from the screen but couldn't read the message from Devon, "Miss you. Love you."

When Hilary returned, she grabbed her phone. Neil told her that he had heard the sound of an incoming text message but didn't tell her that he had been able to indistinctly see the screen. He asked her if the message was anything important. She told him that it wasn't.

At the Underground, many of Genoa City's younger crowd, including Devon, Gwen, Detective Harding, Kevin, Mariah, Noah, Courtney, and Summer, were gathered to bid farewell to 2014. Abby was there with a Scandinavian-looking gentleman, who apparently knew not a bit of English other than, "Shots, yes?" Devon asked Abby who the gentleman was. Abby said that he was her date, Lars, a new Jabot model.

Kevin entertained the group by telling the story about the search for Harding's pet rabbit. Harding's initial amusement changed to embarrassment when Kevin said that the detective had mistakenly thought that the rabbit was a male.

Abby received a phone call from Kyle, in Italy on Jabot business. She purposely walked over to Summer, who was standing at the bar while Austin poured drinks. Austin was peeved when Abby loudly told Kyle that he needed to return to Genoa City. Summer asked Abby to wish Kyle a happy new year, but Abby handed Summer the phone and said, "Do it yourself."

Summer and Kyle really chatted it up on the phone, discussing the possibility of a ski trip when Kyle returned to Genoa City. After Summer hung up, a seething Austin told her that he was more of a "hoops guy" -- that skiing was more for "rich guys" like Kyle. Austin began to walk away, but Summer stopped him, telling him that he had no reason to be jealous of Kyle -- Austin was the man she loved.

Devon and Gwen joined Abby and Lars. Abby made a major faux pas when she asked Gwen if Gwen was the married woman who Devon "was hung up on." Devon informed Abby that Gwen had never been married. Abby said it was great that Devon had moved on from "Mrs. Jones." Before Abby dug herself in too deep, Lars uttered his catchphrase. Harding overheard and began laughing. Abby snarled at the detective as she grabbed Lars's arm and pulled him away.

Later, Abby told Summer that she would ask Victor if they could use the Newman jet and fly to Italy to visit Kyle. Summer reminded Abby that Austin couldn't leave the country. Abby suggested that they sneak Austin out. Summer said that even if she thought that was a good idea, Austin had to work. Seeing Mariah nearby, Abby loudly said, "Well, maybe Mariah could cover for him. She could use the extra money for a makeover." Mariah accused Abby of having "a cruel tongue and an empty heart." Kevin seemed secretly pleased that Mariah was quoting his alter ego, Plato Sphere.

Courtney told Noah how much she loved the bracelet he had given her for Christmas. With Lars in tow, Abby walked up to them and wondered if Noah was planning on presenting Courtney with an engagement ring. Noah quickly insisted that there was no wedding in his future -- Courtney's smile faded away.

At the club, as midnight approached, Phyllis, wearing a stunning red dress, rejoined Jack. Neil his arm around Hilary, announced that he had found true love in 2014 and toasted the new year. Paul began counting down... "ten... nine... eight...."

At the Underground, the countdown continued, "seven... six... five... four...three... two... one... Happy New Year!" As balloons dropped, Austin told Summer how much he loved her. Noah and Courtney kissed, but Courtney stared at her hand, disappointed that she wasn't wearing a ring. Harding grabbed Abby and kissed her -- Abby didn't resist. Mariah and Kevin downed shots before Mariah planted a kiss on Kevin's lips.

Back at the club, as balloons fell, Christine told Paul that after everything they had been through, 2015 was going to be "our year." Nikki promised Victor that 2015 was going to be "the best year yet." Jack kissed Phyllis as Kelly looked on. Chelsea promised Billy that all the bad stuff was behind them. Adam listened in as Billy said, "Dead and buried."

Thursday, January 1, 2015

In Chancellor Park, Michael and Kevin were supposedly on a charitable "walk" -- Michael had turned it into a charitable "run." Out of breath, Kevin tried to slow his brother down, but Michael said he needed to run -- he thought that his extra exertion would be helpful in his battle against cancer, along with the "creative visualization" technique he had been trying. Kevin started to speak, but Michael cut him off and began running. Kevin panicked when Michael cried out and fell to the ground.

Kevin calmed down when he realized that Michael had merely hurt his ankle. Kevin was quite concerned, but Michael growled, "My ankle is not connected to my prostate, you know." Michael, upset at his "lack of strength," was convinced that he could continue running. He stood up and immediately collapsed.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria and Lauren were arguing about advertising strategies for Fenmore's Valentine's Day sale. Jill was sitting with them and apparently paying no attention to her business partners -- she was staring at her tablet, reading an article in the Genoa City Chronicle headlined, "FDA Fines Impact Newman-Chancellor Bottom Line: Chancellor Division Reportedly Struggling".

Lauren thought that some of Gloria's ideas were over-the-top and asked Jill for her opinion. Jill jerked her head to attention, and Lauren thought that her sister hadn't heard a word of Lauren and Gloria's conversation. Proving Lauren wrong, Jill said that Gloria's ideas were exorbitantly expensive. Jill admitted that she was finding it difficult to care about anything -- perhaps it was because of the holiday.

Lauren went off on Jill, saying that Valentine's Day was also a holiday. Lauren wondered if it was too much to ask for Jill to pay attention -- considering that Fenmore's was a business that both she and Jill ran. Lauren continued her rant, saying that she realized that retail marketing wasn't as exciting as being the CEO of Chancellor Industries. She chided Jill for having never gotten over Katherine's bequeathing the company to Victor. Lauren said that she needed Jill's help running Fenmore's more than ever.

Jill wondered why Lauren had overreacted -- and why she needed Jill more than ever. Lauren apologized for panicking. Her mood changing from anger to melancholy, Lauren admitted that Jill was right -- it was a holiday, and they could discuss business at another time. As Lauren rose to leave, Jill told her to relax -- Lauren seemed uptight. Gloria and Lauren left together. Jill stayed behind, as Colin was going to join her.

In the club's foyer, Gloria told Lauren that Jill had a point -- Lauren did seem especially touchy. Gloria wondered if Lauren was perimenopausal. Lauren was saved by the bell -- her phone rang, and she saw that it was Kevin calling. He warned Lauren not to panic before telling her that Michael was in the hospital. Lauren gasped for breath.

In a hospital exam room, Michael was icing his sore ankle when Lauren and Gloria barged in. Lauren asked Michael why he was in the hospital. Kevin said that Lauren had hung up before he could explain what had happened, so he'd texted Lauren, which she hadn't read because she had been driving to the hospital. Gloria asked someone to fill her in on what was going on. Michael explained that he had been running and had sprained his ankle.

Lauren breathed a sigh of relief. She hugged Michael and told him how much she had worried when she'd received Kevin's call. Gloria asked Lauren why she was getting so upset -- adding, "It wasn't like Michael was diagnosed with cancer." When Kevin, Michael, and Lauren suddenly stopped talking, Gloria looked at Michael and, in a very concerned voice, asked Michael if he did have cancer.

Gloria was relieved when Michael lied and said that he didn't have cancer. Michael asked Kevin and Gloria to leave the room -- the doctor would be returning to examine him. Gloria protested -- she didn't understand why she couldn't stay while the doctor looked at Michael's ankle. When Gloria and Michael began bickering, Kevin escorted Gloria out of the room.

After Kevin and Gloria were gone, Lauren pointedly asked Michael why he had been running outside on a cold day. She told him that he needed to stop with his "creative visualization" and see the oncologist to begin the treatment he needed to save his life. Michael said that he wanted to save his life just as much as Lauren did. He promised to get the treatment he needed, but in his own way and time. Lauren promised to be more understanding. Michael said, "This is the first day of 2015, and I'm in the hospital. I hope it's not prophetic."

Lauren was shivering, and Michael asked her if she was cold. She told him that she was scared -- they were facing many unknowns. Michael admitted that he, too, was scared. He shared a new year's resolution with Lauren: "I resolve to live every day, and love every day, and never to take a single minute for granted." He asked Lauren if she could do that with him. She smiled and told Michael that he knew she could. They hugged while wishing each other a happy 2015.

At Neil and Hilary's, Cane and Lily were in the kitchen, leisurely enjoying their coffee and chatting about how happy they were that the holidays were over. Their serenity was interrupted when Charlie and Matty rushed in, accusing each other of hogging their electronic Christmas gifts. Lily told the kids that they had spent more than enough time playing video games on the computer and suggested they make their new year's resolutions. Charlie and Matty glanced at each other, clearly having no idea what their mother was talking about.

Hearing the doorbell, the kids ran off to let grandpa Colin in. Charlie asked him what "revolutions" were. Charlie and Matty were even more confused when Colin gave them a long literal definition, telling them that a revolution involved an uprising. Lily and Cane greeted Colin and wished him a happy new year. Lily asked where Jill was. Colin said that his wife had decided to celebrate the holiday by working.

Colin, Lily, and Cane sat at the dining room table and mulled over the same article that Jill had been reading at the club. Lily said that Victor had made a mistake by undervaluing Cane's contributions as CEO of Chancellor Industries. She was upset that when Victor had taken over Chancellor, he had basically forced Cane to resign by offering him a lesser position. Lily smiled and said that Victor's loss was her gain -- Cane was doing a great job managing the Athletic Club, and Lily got to spend every day with her husband.

After Lily left, Colin told Cane that Chancellor Industries had apparently never recovered after the Bonaventure fiasco. Cane quipped that Colin had engineered the "fiasco." Colin thanked Cane for taking responsibility for the Bonaventure deal. If Cane hadn't pushed the takeover, Victor probably would have made Cane CEO of Chancellor.

Devon rang the bell. Hilary answered and wished her paramour a happy new year. Devon returned the greeting, adding "Look who I brought with me." Hilary appeared flummoxed when Gwen walked in.

Gwen sat down in the living room and told Neil that she and Devon had had so much fun on New Year's Eve that they'd decided "to keep the party going." Neil wondered why Devon and Gwen hadn't attended the party at the Athletic Club. Devon responded that he and Gwen wanted to do something more casual. Neil smiled and said that Devon probably wanted Gwen all to himself. The group, except for Hilary, chuckled awkwardly.

An unhappy Hilary said that she had to check something in the kitchen. Gwen said she would help, but Hilary declined Gwen's offer. Devon, looking for an excuse to speak privately with Hilary, asked Gwen if she wanted something to drink. Gwen asked for a beer, and Devon went to the kitchen. Hilary looked at him angrily and said, "You could have warned me."

Charlie and Matty were causing a ruckus, running around, wielding plastic bats, and making a lot of noise. Colin, Cane, Devon, and Hilary returned to the living room as Lily tried to calm the children down. They all laughed at Matty's malaprop when the little girl said, "We're making a new year's revolution!" Lily escorted her kids to another room so she could help them with their "revolutions."

Cane and Colin returned to the dining room, where Colin, for the umpteenth time, asked Cane if he was truly happy managing the club. Colin had noticed Cane's interest in the article about Newman-Chancellor and thought that Cane was still interested in the world of big business. Cane didn't have a chance to respond, as Lily joined the men, telling them that dinner was almost ready.

Lily invited Colin to join them for dinner, but he said that he had just stopped by to wish them a happy new year. Cane started to follow Colin out of the room, but Lily stopped him. After Colin was gone, she asked Cane what he and Colin had been whispering about. Cane told Lily that Colin once again had questioned whether Cane was happy managing the club. Lily assumed that Cane had told Colin that he was no longer interested in the corporate world. When Cane didn't respond, Lily wondered if Colin had rekindled Cane's interest in big business.

Cane admitted that part of him missed running a large company. Cane enthusiastically told Lily that if he returned to Chancellor, he knew he could make the company profitable. Lily told Cane that if he wanted to go after Chancellor Industries, he should. Cane thought that would upset Lily, but she said that she just wanted to see him happy. Cane smiled and embraced his wife.

Neil asked Gwen to sit down next to him so that he and Hilary could get to know Gwen better. Hilary begged off, using the same excuse -- she needed to check something in the kitchen. Devon followed her, reminding Gwen that he owed her a beer.

Later, Hilary and Neil cuddled on the sofa -- Gwen and Devon shared an easy chair next to the Winterses. They were watching a football game on television. Hilary described a play in very technical terms, impressing Neil. Gwen whispered to Devon that Neil was lucky to have married Hilary. Devon agreed that Neil was extremely lucky. Devon told them that he was getting another beer and went to the kitchen, followed by Hilary, who said she had to check on the lamb.

In the kitchen, Devon immediately went on the defensive. He told Hilary that he hadn't wanted to take Gwen. When Hilary asked why he had, he reminded Hilary that she had told Devon to take Gwen by to divert any suspicion about Devon and Hilary's relationship. Hilary asked Devon if he had slept with Gwen the previous evening.

Devon said that he hadn't slept with Gwen and wondered why Hilary was so insecure. He declared his love for Hilary, and reminded her that he had given her a ring as a sign of that love. Hilary held the ring and promised to be more patient. Neil began walking toward the kitchen. He stared and was able to see indistinct figures.

Devon and Hilary were startled when Neil entered the kitchen. Hilary instinctively stashed the ring in her pocket. Charlie, Matty, Cane, and Lily ran to the kitchen -- the kids wanted to read their new year's resolutions aloud. Matty resolved to make her bed every day. Charlie resolved to brush his teeth when told and learn Braille like his grandpa. Matty and Charlie informed the group that grown-ups, like children, had to make resolutions.

In the living room, the grown-ups sat, pen and paper in hand, and thought about their resolutions, wrote them down, and placed them in a jar. Neil resolved to see in 2015. The rest of the group followed his lead. Hilary: "To be honest." Devon: "To be patient." Lily: "To be willing to let go." Cane: "To find a way to run Chancellor again."

Colin joined Jill at the club. Jill told him that she loved working with Lauren but that helping her sister run Fenmore's wasn't enough -- she needed something more. She told Colin that she couldn't stop thinking about Chancellor Industries -- the idea of running that company again "just calls to me." Jill wondered if Katherine had had no faith in her -- or if Katherine had wanted Jill to prove herself capable of running Chancellor by taking it away from Victor. Colin said that there was only one way for Jill to find out.

Colin told Jill that she had the brains and the gumption to take Chancellor away from Victor -- but Jill had the ultimate secret weapon. When Jill asked what that was, Colin replied, "Me. If you decide to do this, I'll be with you every step of the way."

Colin and Jill ambled through Chancellor Park -- Jill wanted to tell Katherine her new year's resolution. Jill looked at Katherine's memorial plaque and told Katherine she resolved that, in 2015, she was going to wrest Chancellor Industries away from Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan were stuffing envelopes with fliers inviting Genoa City residents to a rally protesting against the warehouse district redevelopment project. Dylan said that he planned on dropping some of the fliers off at Nikki's so she could dole them out to friends. Avery wondered if Nikki had offered her help. Dylan said that Nikki hadn't, but he felt his mother would be supportive. Dylan also hoped that, with her high-powered connections, Nikki could help him figure out who was influencing Genoa City's mayor to abandon his initial support for the protestors.

Avery reminded Dylan that they had no proof that the mayor was being influenced by anyone, and she wasn't sure that Nikki would want to be recruited as a "spy" -- particularly on a holiday. Dylan admitted that he had been so wrapped up in the "Save the Warehouse District" campaign that he had forgotten what New Year's Day was really about -- lying on the couch, watching football, and drinking beer. Avery grimaced.

Avery told Dylan that they had agreed to go sledding and they should take advantage of the snow on the ground. Dylan said that there would be snow on the ground until March, but the Bowl season was short. Obviously disappointed, Avery said that she would continue to fold fliers at the coffee house, and Dylan could go home to watch football. Avery could only shake her head as Dylan left.

Seconds later, Dylan returned with a sled. He said that someone had left the sled outside -- it had to be another coffeehouse miracle. Avery smiled, realizing that Dylan had been teasing her. She had thought that Dylan really wanted to watch football but Dylan said what he wanted was to make Avery happy for the rest of her life. They embraced and kissed.

Reed visited Victor and Nikki at the ranch. Reed raised their eyebrows when he innocently reported that "cool" Stitch had babysat him and Johnnie on New Year's Eve -- and had still been at Victoria's the following morning.

Victor told Reed about an adventure-filled book that Victor had read as a child -- Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. When Victor rose to pull the book from a shelf, his phone rang. Nikki looked at the caller ID and told Reed that Victor was an important man -- the mayor was calling.

Victor returned with the book and took the mayor's call. Nikki only heard Victor's side of the conversation as he said, "I see... I'm glad that we understand each other." After Victor hung up, Nikki asked what the call had been about. Victor brushed her off, saying that he and the mayor seemed have a common interest.

Victor opened Treasure Island and told Reed that it was about buried treasure and buccaneers. The Newmans shared a good laugh when Reed told them that Billy had once referred to Victor as "an old pirate." Victor began reading to the boy as Nikki, the proud grandmother, smiled and watched.

Victor was still reading when Avery and Dylan, with a box full of fliers, showed up. After they exchanged holiday greetings, Nikki asked them if they wanted to stay for a while. Dylan said they had stopped by to drop off fliers promoting the "Save the Warehouse District" rally, hoping that Nikki could distribute them to her volunteer groups. Victor opined that Nikki didn't have time for that, but Nikki said that she would make time -- the cause was very important to her.

Avery and Dylan said that they were planning on sledding. Nikki told them that the best sledding site in the city was the hill behind the Newman barn and invited them to take advantage of it. Dylan asked Reed if he wanted to go sledding with them. Reed was excited at the prospect, and Nikki said that it would be okay for him to join Avery and Dylan.

Nikki thought it would be fun for her and Victor to join the three of them, but Victor said he thought the cold weather would be too much for Nikki. Nikki disagreed and told Victor that the fresh air would be invigorating. Reed, Avery, and Nikki left the living room to prepare for their sledding adventure, leaving Dylan and Victor alone. Dylan asked Victor to join them sledding for "the ladies' sake." Victor warned Dylan not to advise him "on how to relate to my wife."

After the sledding adventure, Dylan and Avery enjoyed hot cocoa in the Newman living room. While Victor stoked the fire, Dylan thanked Nikki in advance for distributing the fliers. Nikki wondered what had happened with Avery's application to have Crimson Lights declared a landmark. Avery told her that their application had been denied. Nikki wondered why the landmark committee would do that. As Victor listened, Dylan said that someone with a lot of clout had probably interfered with their plans.

Victor turned around and said that his new year's resolution was to take a break from all of the pressures that the outside world imposed on them -- and asked Dylan, Avery, and Nikki to table their conversation. They agreed. Dylan and Avery thanked Nikki for the great day and left. Outside, Dylan asked Avery if she had enjoyed the day. Avery said that she'd had a great time. He kissed his fiancée.

Nikki and Victor sat by the fireplace, and Victor said that his resolution was the same as it always had been -- to love and protect his family. Victor said that he needed to check on Reed and went upstairs. Alone, Nikki thought, "I resolve when I face challenges, I will find the strength to meet them." She stared at the liquor bottles sitting on the bar and said, "One day at a time."

Friday, January 2, 2015

At the police station, Courtney warned Kevin that Detective Harding was on the warpath, since Kevin hadn't been there for a computer check. Kevin claimed he had spilled coffee on himself and had needed to change, but Courtney pointed out that she'd seen him walk around with mustard stains for days. She asked what was in a box on his desk, but he didn't respond. Courtney swore she wasn't interrogating Kevin, who called it the "Harding effect" to automatically assume people were out to get him if they mentioned Harding.

Courtney asked if Kevin had had a good time on New Year's Eve, and she offered to cover for him if he'd been out late with Mariah. Kevin insisted he and Mariah weren't dating, since the timing made it impossible, but Courtney responded that falling in love had nothing to do with timing. Later, Kevin typed on his computer, and he flashed back to Mariah calling Plato Sphere a realist before he'd dared her to kiss him under the mistletoe. He smiled at the memory, and he wrote that the timing wasn't right, but love paid no attention to the clock.

Noah arrived at the cottage and asked Mariah how Sharon was doing, and Mariah reported that Sharon had tried on ten outfits. They bickered about how to encourage Sharon, but Noah shushed Mariah as Sharon descended the stairs. Noah complimented Sharon's look, but Mariah groaned that Sharon had said the dress reminded her of Nick. Sharon fretted that she had to make a good impression, since everything could be decided that day.

Sharon worried that Avery was coaching Nick not to give an inch, but Mariah hoped Nick would recover his senses. Sharon asked if Noah and Mariah minded watching Faith, and as Faith eavesdropped, Sharon revealed that Faith only knew that she and Nick were meeting to talk about their family. Sharon called out to Faith to say goodbye, and Faith ran in and hugged Sharon. After Sharon left, Faith ran upstairs to fetch a board game, and Noah and Mariah good-naturedly bantered about which one of them was the favorite child. Summer and Austin arrived, and Mariah mumbled that they were one big, happy family.

Summer explained that she and Austin were there to visit Faith while Nick and Sharon were hashing things out, and Noah invited them to stay. He added that they'd just missed Sharon, and Summer revealed that they'd waited at the stables until they'd seen Sharon drive off. Mariah chirped that they hadn't counted on her being there, and Courtney arrived to help keep Faith's spirits up. Courtney asked Mariah if everything was okay with Kevin, since he'd seemed off, and Noah asked if Kevin had been breaking the law again. Mariah was surprised Kevin had been arrested, and Noah rattled off a list of Kevin's past crimes. Courtney asserted that Kevin had paid for his crimes and had turned his life around, and Summer haughtily stated that Mariah and Kevin had a lot in common.

As the group played the Game of Life, Summer wished choosing a real-life profession was as easy as picking a card, and she drew a card that named her a zookeeper. Noah took his turn and earned life points for getting married, and Summer observed Courtney tense up. Mariah went to get Faith some juice, and Austin, Noah, and Courtney decided to put together some snacks. Summer told Faith that being a zookeeper wasn't the job for her, and Faith urged Summer to pick cards until she found the right job. Summer mused that sometimes people couldn't sit back and wait for things to happen, so they needed a little push. Austin called out for Summer, and Faith grabbed her doll and knowingly said she knew someone who needed a big push.

Courtney groused that next time, they should play a tamer game like cutthroat poker, and after she walked away, Summer wondered about the weird vibe between Courtney and Noah when the subject of marriage had been mentioned. Austin didn't think they should butt into the couple's business, but Summer happily declared that she'd racked up a lot of life points by being married to him.

Mariah arrived at the police station and opened the box on Kevin's desk, and she found a dagger hidden inside. Kevin found her going through his things, and she asked why he was carrying around a weapon. He tried to make an excuse about undercover police work, but she noted he wasn't an undercover cop, and she revealed that she'd found out his past wasn't squeaky clean. She encouraged him to talk to her if he was in trouble, and he expected her to make fun of him. She realized that the dagger was a piece of memorabilia from a Plato Sphere story, and he explained that he'd picked it up at a fan event. He was pleased that she'd been worried about him, and he teased her for being turned on by his dark side.

Nick arrived early to see Avery at her office, and she briefed him about what would happen in their meeting with the mediator. She offered to do most of the talking, and he looked uncomfortable and asked if the mediator might decide right away to give him full custody. Avery explained that the mediator would take time to consider the whole situation, and she wondered if Nick was all right. He replied that he'd had a lot to think about, and she wondered if seeking sole custody was what he truly wanted.

Nick confided that he'd been doing some soul-searching, and he admitted he'd been angry when he'd first found out what Sharon had done. He added that he'd decided to take Faith just hours after he'd learned the truth, and Avery asked if he thought he'd acted too quickly. He wondered if he was doing the right thing, since they had all gotten along over Christmas, and Avery urged him to figure it out fast. Nick grappled with whether going after custody was best for Faith or if he'd only done it because he'd been upset.

Avery conceded that she was no fan of Sharon's, but she counseled that avoiding the custody battle would be best for everyone. She continued that she'd try her best to keep it out of the news, but there was no guarantee that they could shield Faith from the ugliness. Nick said he appreciated her honesty and friendship as Sharon walked in, and Sharon requested a private moment with Nick before the meeting. Nick agreed to hear her out, and he said there were a few things he wanted to say himself.

Sharon was grateful to Nick for listening, and she said they'd made a good team over the holidays. Nick conceded that he didn't want them to constantly be at one another's throats, and he thought avoiding court would be best. A relieved Sharon asked if they were thinking the same thing, and he revealed that he was willing to compromise, since he didn't want the situation to turn into anything nasty or prolonged. Sharon impulsively hugged him.

David Sherman was perturbed to find Sharon talking with Nick and Avery, and he asked if it was an ambush. Sharon explained she'd gotten there early, and they entered the conference room and sat with the mediator, who said a judge would determine Faith's future if the mediation failed. Nick announced that he was willing to pull back and meet Sharon halfway, but David huffed that Nick was resorting to desperate measures, since Sharon deserved sole custody and would win in court. Nick flipped out and bellowed that Sharon was the one responsible for everything.

Sharon said she'd thought she and Nick had turned a corner, and Nick confirmed he had been willing to discuss joint custody, but her attorney had made it clear that Sharon was ready to take his daughter away. Sharon said she'd needed a plan to stay in Faith's life, since she was handling her mental illness, but Nick was less stable in many ways. He dared her to name one bad thing about his parenting ability, and she mentioned that Faith had run away on his watch. She continued that his hours at the club prevented him from being home for dinner or tucking Faith in, and Faith had repeatedly said she'd hated him.

Avery insisted that Sharon's words were misleading, and Nick asserted that Sharon was guilty of despicable crimes against his other daughter, but David said no charges had been filed. Nick said Sharon's actions had caused many people to suffer, and even though she'd committed the crime while under mental duress, she still hadn't told the truth when her medication had been working. Nick ranted that Sharon had ripped their lives apart, and he wouldn't allow it to happen again. He contended that the reason Faith hated him and not her mom was because he'd done everything to keep the girl from finding out what Sharon had done.

Sharon said she and Nick couldn't be in the same room together, and Nick agreed that the mediation wouldn't work. The mediator said she'd see them in court, and Avery coldly told Sharon and David to show themselves out. Avery pulled Nick into her office and informed him they needed to prepare for trial. Meanwhile, Sharon condemned David for going on the attack, and he asked if she wanted to lose her little girl.

Adam stopped by the Abbott mansion, where Jack was clearly not happy to see him. Adam reminded Jack to call him Gabriel, and he announced that he was there to discuss the new job Jack would be offering him. Jack curtly stated that he had no job for Adam, but Adam said Jack didn't have a choice. Jack considered the idea too dangerous, but Adam was confident Billy wouldn't find out who he really was. Jack argued that Billy and Adam would run into one another all the time, and there would be too many opportunities for Adam to slip, but Adam vowed to be prepared for it. Jack asked whether Adam was prepared for Billy wanting to kill him again.

Jack refused to take unnecessary risks, and Adam asked if Jack thought he was bluffing about going to the police with the story that Billy had tried to kill him. Adam declared that he wanted his life back, but Jack questioned whether it was worth the possibility of Billy figuring things out. Adam maintained that it was worth it to have even a slim chance of spending time with his family, and he answered a call from Sage, who whimpered that "Gabriel" had to return home as quickly as possible. Adam told Jack that he wouldn't change his mind, so he expected to hear a fantastic job offer the next time they talked. Adam mentioned that he had to fulfill Gabriel's obligations, and after he departed, Jack muttered to himself that he had to fulfill some of his own.

At Jabot, Phyllis ran into Billy and raved that becoming a father agreed with him. He skeptically asked what she wanted, and she led him to her office and demanded to know more about "the clingy, conniving home-wrecker" he'd slept with. Billy said Kelly wasn't clingy or conniving, and he called Kelly a nice girl who'd had a relationship with Jack while Phyllis had been sick. Phyllis complained that Kelly wouldn't let go and that Kelly had done things, but Billy wondered why Phyllis was stirring up problems when she'd already won. Phyllis had faith in Jack's commitment, but she was concerned that Kelly hadn't accepted reality, and she believed that Kelly was manipulating both brothers.

Billy protested that Kelly had never manipulated him, and Phyllis commended him for being noble, but she quipped that some men couldn't tell when a woman was working them. Phyllis insinuated that on New Year's Eve, Kelly had needed an opportunity to get her hooks into Jack, and Phyllis' car had mysteriously run out of gas right after she'd filled the tank. Jack overheard from the doorway and asked if Phyllis was suggesting that Kelly had sabotaged her car. Phyllis argued that she and Kelly had shown up in the same dress, and Jack wrote it off as a coincidence, but Phyllis reiterated that Kelly was out to get her. Phyllis maintained that Kelly hadn't listened when Jack had told her he was committed to Phyllis, and she requested that Billy shed light on things, since he knew Kelly's life story from grief counseling.

Billy refused to repeat anything that had been said in the support meetings, and Phyllis concluded that he was hiding something. Phyllis contended that even shrinks were allowed to expose their patients' secrets if they were lethal, but Jack maintained that Kelly was a good person who wasn't a threat to anyone. Phyllis pointed out that Kelly had broken up Billy's marriage, but Billy took equal responsibility and asked to be left out of it. Jack asked if Phyllis was finished with her nonsense, and she replied, "Not by a long shot."

Phyllis understood that Jack wanted to believe good things about Kelly, but she knew Kelly was playing games because she'd played them herself. Jack pointed out the implausibility that the person in charge of the town's biggest social event on New Year's Eve had also emptied Phyllis' gas tank, and he called it an absurd conspiracy theory. Phyllis said she'd seen the look in Kelly's eyes, and there was no way Kelly was through with either one of them. Jack insisted Phyllis was wrong, but Phyllis said if he refused to heed the warnings, she'd find a way to prove it.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly looked at an online gossip column with a photo of her and Phyllis wearing the same dress at the New Year's Eve party, and Stitch peered over her shoulder and surmised it hadn't been a great holiday for her. Kelly replied that Phyllis had gotten in her face, but it had been enlightening, since Kelly had learned that Jack still loved her. Stitch inquired whether Jack was no longer with Phyllis, and Kelly declared that Jack was only sticking with Phyllis out of loyalty. Kelly called Jack a prisoner of conscience who couldn't abandon Phyllis after what she'd been through, despite how horrible Phyllis had become.

Stitch asked what had made Kelly think Jack still loved her, and she recounted that she'd dared Jack to deny his feelings, but he hadn't been able to do so. Stitch suspected that Jack had wanted to avoid hurting Kelly even more, but she was certain it was more than that. Stitch cautioned that she was setting herself up for more pain, but she snapped that things had worked out for him, and she testily asked why he couldn't just be happy for her for once. Stitch said he wanted her to be happy, but he was worried about her, since she seemed to be tightly wound. Kelly swore she had everything under control, and she just had to be patient for justice to prevail.

Stitch told Kelly to call him if she needed to talk, but Kelly was sure she wouldn't need to. Billy entered as Stitch headed out, and Stitch informed him that Katie had slept through the night with no further sign of fever or reflux. Stitch departed, and Billy approached Kelly and said he'd heard about Kelly's blowup with Phyllis. Kelly replied that she'd experienced Phyllis in "full-on bitch mode," and she didn't know how Jack put up with it.

Billy said he wanted to talk to Kelly as a friend, and he told her to forget about thinking that something more would happen between Jack and Kelly. Kelly asked if he'd spoken to Jack about her, and Billy compared the situation to how it had been hard for him to move on from Victoria, but he'd finally done it. He implored Kelly to make the leap, too, and Kelly assured him she'd let go of Jack as much as Billy had let go of Victoria. Billy hoped it was a great year for Kelly and that she found happiness, and she expressed confidence she would.

At the Bingham estate, Sage reviewed Constance's will, and she tearfully informed Adam that the doctor had said there was nothing more they could do. Adam asked how long Constance had left, and Sage reported that Constance probably wouldn't last through the day. Sage sobbed that she hoped the end was easy, and Adam questioned what Sage intended to do without Constance in her life, but Sage didn't know. Adam assumed Sage had ushered in the new year with Constance, and Sage recognized that he thought she was pathetic, but she coolly told him that he didn't need to worry because she had plans.

Sage called to Constance, who envisioned a white light and Gabriel welcoming her, saying he couldn't wait to be with her again. Posing as Gabriel, Adam told Constance he loved her, but Constance proclaimed that he wasn't her grandson. Sage assured Constance that Gabriel was there, but Constance mumbled that Gabriel was waiting for her, and she asked who Adam really was. Constance became agitated, and Sage urged her to save her strength. Sage whispered that she'd known Gabriel had loved Constance, and Constance had needed him to survive after the accident. Constance faded away as Sage wept, and Adam softly said Constance was gone.

Sage hoped Constance was with Gabriel, but she also wanted to believe Constance hadn't known that she'd outlived her grandson. Adam said Constance's last look had been one of acceptance and not accusation, and Sage hoped he was right. Adam picked up the will and noted that it had been important to Constance, and as he flipped through it, he remarked that she'd left her grandson more than he'd thought. Sage said Gabriel had meant everything to Constance, and all Constance had wanted was for Gabriel to be happy. Adam asked about Sage, who had dedicated her life to Constance but would only receive a pittance, and Sage told him to keep reading, since she would receive half the inheritance.

Adam wondered if Sage was trying to blackmail him by threatening to expose his true identity if he didn't share the wealth, but she told him to read the fine print. She explained that they shared the fortune, since what was his was hers. She referred to a certain paragraph, and she revealed that she was his wife.

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