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Nick won full custody of Faith. Phyllis was admitted to a psychiatric facility. A building inspector threatened to close the Underground. Jill and Cane bought Chancellor Industries. Neil started to regain his eyesight as he walked in on Devon and Hilary making love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 2, 2015 on Y&R
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Victor and Jill's battle for Chancellor reaches a climax

Victor and Jill's battle for Chancellor reaches a climax

Monday, February 2, 2015

In Paul's office, both Jack and Avery explained to Paul and Christine that Phyllis wasn't mentally competent. Christine replied, "She seems all there to me." Jack said, "Phyllis is ill. She doesn't deserve to stand trial." Christine vowed to prosecute Phyllis to the fullest extent of the law. Jack and Avery exchanged nervous glances.

After Jack and Avery left, Christine expressed her discontent about the judge having sided with Avery and allowing Phyllis to be transferred to a psychiatric facility. Christine cried, "Phyllis should be behind bars until her trial!" Paul cautioned Christine about letting the matter get to her because it wasn't good for their unborn baby. Paul told Christine that neither he nor she had enough information to determine whether or not Phyllis might be mentally impaired. Christine replied, "I will serve the people by making sure that Phyllis doesn't skate on some trumped-up defense."

At the police station's interrogation room, Michael consulted with Phyllis. She cried that she'd been treated like a common criminal when she'd been arraigned and charged with attempted murder. Michael explained that he and Avery planned to launch a brilliant defense. Phyllis, unable to maintain focus, said that Jack was probably on his way with Kelly to a romantic hideaway. Phyllis was miffed at Jack for having led her back to their house so the police could arrest her. Michael noted that Jack hadn't known the police would show up.

Jack and Avery entered the interrogation room. Avery announced that she'd arranged for Phyllis to undergo a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. Phyllis glared angrily at Jack when he explained that Phyllis would be sent to the Fairview Psychiatric Facility. Avery said that proving Phyllis wasn't in her right mind was the only way to avoid a criminal trial. Michael warned Phyllis that she'd end up in prison if she faced off with Christine on the stand.

Phyllis, defiant, requested a change of venue. Michael said such a request would be denied. Jack pleaded with Phyllis to trust her legal counsel. Phyllis pointed her finger at Jack and said, "You've done all this to punish me because I came back and ruined the perfect life you had without me." Jack asked to speak to Phyllis alone. Avery and Michael stepped out.

Jack assured Phyllis that he loved her and had focused his resources to fight for her. He said, "You have to admit that you haven't been yourself lately." Phyllis' anger changed to fear. She cried, "I'm confused. I don't know who to believe. I don't know who to trust. I can't even trust myself." Phyllis pleaded with Jack to convince Paul and Christine not to send her to Fairview. Jack replied, "I'm fighting to get our life back."

Avery opened the door and said it was time to escort Phyllis to Fairview. Jack, saddened, stood back while Phyllis was led through the police station. Christine, standing beside Paul, taunted Phyllis and said she looked forward to reading the report of Phyllis' psychiatric evaluation. After Phyllis, Jack, and Avery left, Christine asked Michael why he felt compelled to help Phyllis. Christine claimed that Phyllis was acting out of jealously. Michael said he intended to help his friend, and he turned and left without uttering another word.

Paul closed the door to his office. Christine claimed that Michael knew Phyllis was vindictive. Paul reminded Christine that Michael wouldn't speak against his client. Christine became emotional and said she couldn't believe that Paul didn't seem as dedicated to Phyllis' prosecution. Suddenly, Christine clutched her lower abdomen and nearly collapsed. Paul offered to summon an ambulance, but Christine sat in a chair, took a breath, and assured Paul that she was all right. Christine promised Paul she wouldn't let her issues with Phyllis pose a risk to their unborn baby.

At Victoria's house, Ben was anxious to continue talks about Victoria's plan to live together. Victoria gathered her business files and explained that she had pressing matters to discuss with her father. Ben said he hoped to determine a move-in date. Victoria dangled a set of keys and said, "How about today!" Ben grinned from ear to ear. The couple shared a kiss.

After Victoria left, Kelly stopped by to visit her brother. She told Ben it wasn't necessary for him to downplay his budding romance in order to spare her feelings. Kelly announced that Phyllis had been arrested and was in custody. Ben asked why Kelly didn't seem more relieved. Kelly explained that Jack had likely rushed to Phyllis' defense. Kelly added that Phyllis would drag Jack down. Ben replied, "And you think you're the one to pull him back from the brink?"

Ben asked Kelly why she was more worried about Jack than she was for herself. Kelly explained that she had reason to worry after Phyllis had poisoned her. Kelly admitted she was concerned about Jack, but she added, "That doesn't mean I can't live without him." Ben recalled how Kelly had completely fallen apart after her marriage had ended. He said, "I don't want you going back to that place. You were lost." When Ben recalled that Kelly had sought psychiatric treatment after losing her son and ending her marriage, Kelly insisted that she'd never been crazy like Phyllis.

At the Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Jack and Avery followed Phyllis into a cramped room with orange walls. Jack noted that the space was better than a jail cell. Phyllis said, "If I'm not crazy, this is definitely going to put me over the edge. I've already lost a year of my life in that clinic." Avery said treatment could help Phyllis get well and might also help her case.

An employee entered the room and said it was time for Jack and Avery to leave. Phyllis pleaded with her sister and Jack not to leave her. The employee forced Jack and Avery to leave before Phyllis was locked into her room. Phyllis called out to Jack as Avery pulled Jack toward the elevator. Jack looked wounded and emotionally drained.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jill, escorted by Colin and Cane, received a call from Victor. Victor informed Jill that he'd set noon as the deadline for her to deliver the cash to buy Chancellor Enterprises before offering it publically to the highest bidder. After the call ended, Jill panicked. Colin offered to contact his investors to ask for an increase in funds. Jill, desperate, said, "Do whatever you have to do. Just bring that money home." Cane sighed.

After Colin left, Jill told Cane that she had no other sources from which to borrow, so she had to accept help from Colin. Cane warned that Colin always had an ulterior motive. Jill said she believed Colin wanted to make amends for his past mistakes. Jill added that Colin thought Cane deserved a spot at the top of the corporate ladder. Cane said he hoped Jill was right.

At Neil and Hilary's apartment, Devon stopped by and was surprised to find Hilary at home. She explained that she was working from home. Neil was pleased to welcome his son and asked why Devon had stopped by. Devon said he was excited about the possibility that Neil might have his sight restored and wondered if the doctor had mentioned a timeline. Neil said his doctor hadn't specified a timeline for recovery.

Devon received a text message from Colin asking to meet with him about funding. As Neil talked about hopes of one day looking into his wife's eyes, Devon replied and refused Colin's request. Colin immediately phoned Neil and requested to meet him at Crimson Lights to discuss an important matter. Hilary, distressed, attempted to dissuade Neil, but he insisted on meeting with Colin. Devon seemed uneasy.

After Neil went to take a shower, Devon quietly told Hilary that it was time to call Colin's bluff. Devon told Hilary to trust him. Just after Devon left, Hilary imagined being confronted by Neil, who had asked why she'd broken his heart in every possible way. The realistic vision of Neil repeatedly shouting, "Get out!" anguished Hilary. She shook her head in an effort to shake loose from the troubling daydreams.

Neil approached and sensed Hilary's apprehension. He asked what was troubling her, but Hilary insisted that everything was fine. Neil said they should make plans to celebrate their future possibilities. After Neil left, Hilary poured herself a glass of wine. Hilary lifted the glass and envisioned celebrating with Neil after his sight had been restored.

In another haunting daydream, Hilary imagined confessing to Neil. Calmly, Neil replied that he'd known about Devon. As the daydream continued, Neil assured Hilary that everything would work out in the end. Hilary then envisioned seeing Neil from a distance. She was horrified when she imagined seeing Neil drinking the glass of wine she'd left behind.

After the traumatic daydream ended, Hilary set her glass of wine on the counter and trembled. Hilary picked up a framed photo taken of her with Neil on their wedding day. In another daydream, Hilary envisioned Neil's angry response when she and Devon admitted having an affair. Hilary imagined herself panicking at the vision of Neil clutching Devon by the shoulders and rebuking him harshly. Hilary daydreamed about running to Devon's aid after Neil punched his son and sent his body crashing into the stone hearth. As Hilary imagined holding Devon, unresponsive and bleeding, she looked at Neil and cried, "What have you done?" Neil replied, "You did this!"

At Victor's office, Victoria told her dad she'd invited Ben to move in with her. Victor noted that Victoria's romance with Ben had advanced quickly. Victor said he had nothing against Ben as long as the young man continued to treat Victoria well. Changing the subject, Victoria asked her dad why he hadn't mentioned changing his mind about the redevelopment project. Victor insisted that Nikki's health and well-being were far more important to him.

Victor told Victoria that he'd given Jill an opportunity to purchase Chancellor Industries. He said he felt Katherine would approve. Victoria was pleased. Victor said he felt it was the best way to honor Katherine's legacy. Victoria agreed and also thanked her father for showing kindness to Nikki. Victor admitted that he was worried about Nikki, especially after learning that she'd almost dropped the baby. Victoria replied, "I know. Thank God Billy caught her." Victor said Nikki was his priority and that he'd do whatever was necessary to keep his family together.

Jill sat at a table at the Genoa City Athletic Club, nervously awaiting a response from Colin. She phoned Colin, who was at Crimson Lights, and asked about the money. Before the call ended, Colin promised not to let her down. Devon entered the patio and joined Colin. Devon said, "Colin, if you want to 'out' me and Hilary, go ahead. I'm not going to give you more money."

Colin warned that the information would hurt Devon's family. Devon noted that the backlash would also hurt Colin because his family would learn about the blackmail and know that Colin hadn't changed. Colin insisted that after Chancellor Industries was back in his wife and son's hands, they'd understand. Colin added that Devon would be free to pursue a relationship with Neil's wife. Colin placed a card on the table and instructed Devon to wire the money.

Devon went the Genoa City Athletic Club and asked for Cane's help. Devon said, "You were right that Colin is blackmailing me for money, and I need to stop him." Cane berated Devon for not having ended the affair with Hilary months before. Devon replied, "I don't know what else to say. Hilary and I are in love, and we plan on telling Neil the truth." Cane interrupted Devon and said there was no guarantee Neil's sight would be restored. Cane asked Devon if he'd considered how it would hurt Neil to learn that his wife and son were having an affair.

Cane wasn't pleased to be pulled into Devon's scheme to silence Colin. Cane added that he'd be forced to lie to Neil and Lily. Lowering his voice, Cane said, "Are you out of your mind?" Devon sighed. Cane figured out that Colin was desperate for money because Victor had set noon as the deadline for Jill to gather the funds to purchase Chancellor Industries.

Just after Neil joined Colin on the patio at Crimson Lights, Cane entered through the back door. Cane pulled an envelope from his breast pocket and said he needed to deliver information regarding family business. Cane extended the envelope toward his dad and said, "This is what you were expecting, right Dad?" Colin opened the envelope and found a Bonaventure Industries business card. On the reverse side, Cane had written a message. It warned, "If you tell Neil, I'll tell Victor."

Neil said, "Okay, so what are we looking at? What is it?" Cane replied, "It's good news. Devon has given us the money to buy back Chancellor. Isn't that right, Dad? It's in everybody's best interest." Cane glared at his father. Colin didn't utter one word.

Devon joined Jill at the Genoa City Athletic Club. He gave her an envelope and said, "It's a check with the rest of the money to buy Chancellor." Jill ripped open the envelope and glanced at the check. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jill cried, "But I thought you said your money was all tied up?" Devon replied, "I figured out a way to untie it."

Jill asked Devon why he'd changed his mind about respecting Katherine's wishes. Devon said he felt strongly that Jill and Cane should run the company as long as Colin had nothing to do with it. Jill gasped, "What?" Devon said, "You heard me." Jill extended her hand to shake Devon's and said, "Deal." Jill phoned Victor and told him she had the funds. After ending the call, Jill assured Devon that she'd make his grandmother proud.

Kelly puts her plan in motion

Kelly puts her plan in motion

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Avery assured Jack that Fairview had been a better choice for Phyllis than jail, but he thought he should have found another option. Avery contended that Phyllis would get the help she needed, but Jack lamented that Phyllis was still in a cell. He ranted that Phyllis hadn't fought her way home for that, and she deserved more. Summer arrived and immediately sensed that something was wrong, and she asked why Phyllis wasn't with them. Jack explained that Phyllis had been fighting medical and emotional demons since she'd woken up from her coma.

Jack continued that Phyllis had thought Kelly was a threat, no matter how many times he'd told Phyllis he loved her, and Phyllis had gone too far to keep Kelly away. He insisted that he was trying to keep Phyllis safe, and Summer demanded to know where Phyllis was. Avery revealed that Phyllis was getting evaluated at Fairview, and Summer freaked out. Jack reiterated that it was the best option, and Summer realized that Jack had put Phyllis there intentionally. Avery divulged that the other choice had been a jail cell, but Summer whined that a lawyer was supposed to keep people out of jail, and she thought Avery could have found another way.

Avery swore that Phyllis would return home after she got the help she needed, and Jack vowed never to let Phyllis go again. Summer raged that Phyllis would never forgive him or trust him again, but Jack countered that Summer didn't know what Phyllis had done. Summer accused Jack of taking the easy way out by putting Phyllis "through hell" rather than fighting for her, and she spat that Jack had given up on Phyllis before and that he was doing it again. Summer added that he'd expected her to give up the last time, but she refused to do it again, and she ran out. A pained look crossed Jack's face.

Avery stressed that it had been the only way to protect Phyllis, and Jack contemplated whether that had been his intention when he'd had Phyllis locked up. Jack blamed himself for not getting Phyllis help in time, but Avery argued that no one could have known Phyllis' mental state after the experimental medication. Avery thought Victor had culpability for the side effects, but Jack pointed out that Victor hadn't given up on Phyllis when Jack had, and he regretted that Phyllis had returned home to find another woman in her bed. Jack believed that none of it would have happened if he'd given Phyllis the love and support she'd needed, and he said it was his fault.

Nikki arrived at Crimson Lights, and she asked if Dylan had heard that the fight was over, since Victor had called off the sale of the warehouse district property. A stunned Dylan assumed that Victor had done it for her sake, and she noted that Victor had lived up to his word that family was the most important thing. Dylan credited her with getting Victor to see things that way, and Nikki hugged Dylan and said no one could ever take anything away from him again.

At the ranch, Victor informed Joe that the warehouse deal was off the table, and he noticed that Joe didn't seem too perturbed. Victor pointed out that the transaction would have made Joe money and a name for himself, but Joe replied that he'd gotten what he'd wanted out of the deal.

Later, Nikki returned home, and she gushed that it had been like a gift to be able to tell Dylan that Victor wasn't selling the building. Victor reported that Jill had found the money to buy Chancellor, and he thought Katherine would have been happy with the way things had turned out. Victor pledged to concentrate on his own company and his family, but an obviously upset Summer interrupted. Summer announced that Phyllis was at Fairview, since Phyllis had acted out because of the treatment Victor had tricked Summer into authorizing. Victor defended that Phyllis was back because of him, and he hugged Summer, who apologized. Victor promised to help Phyllis again.

After Victor left, Summer bemoaned to Nikki that it felt like she was losing Phyllis all over again, and she regretted what she'd said to Jack and Victor. Nikki noted that everyone said things they didn't mean while under stress, and she called Phyllis a fighter who would work hard to get back to Summer. Summer recalled that she'd sworn to never take Phyllis for granted, but she realized she'd gotten used to her mother being there. Nikki eyed the bottles of liquor across the room and remarked that they all did things they might not normally do when their loved ones weren't there to offer support, and Summer asked if they could share the complete truth.

Nikki hoped she and Summer could always be honest with one another, and Summer recounted that her life had been a mess before Phyllis' accident. Summer recalled that everyone had praised her for handling Phyllis' coma well just because Summer hadn't done anything awful, but she'd been searching for anyone to keep her from falling apart, and she'd wound up depending on Sharon. Summer hated that she'd trusted the person who'd been responsible for Phyllis' absence, and she planned to tell the truth about Sharon in court. Summer regretted leaving herself wide open by begging to be loved, and Nikki asked if Summer was questioning whether getting married had been the right decision.

Summer said she didn't want to lose what she had with Austin, and Nikki recognized that marriage could be wonderful, but it also had its issues. Summer revealed that money was their biggest one, since she and Austin had grown up differently, and Austin wanted to make his own way. Summer said she and Austin trusted one another, and Nikki thought it sounded like they should be together. Summer griped that things would be better if Mariah stopped trying to get between them, and she expected Mariah to testify in court about how wonderful Sharon was, but Summer was determined to speak the truth.

At the Athletic Club, Austin asked Kelly if Joe was around, but Kelly said she hadn't seen him. Austin sat down to wait, and Kelly asked if Summer was okay. Kelly acknowledged that the situation was awkward, but she'd learned to care about the people Jack loved, and she reminded Austin that she'd convinced Jack to attend Summer and Austin's wedding. Austin confided that he thought what had happened to Kelly hadn't been right, and Kelly remarked that love and life were complicated, but they had to try to live with no regrets. Austin said he knew something about regrets and moving on. Kelly called Phyllis' return a miracle, but she compared it to throwing a stone in a pond, since the ripples kept going.

Austin complained about keeping up with all the secrets Phyllis' family had kept from her, and Kelly recalled that the doctors had warned Jack that Phyllis was fragile. Austin replied that all he'd heard had been how tough Phyllis was, but Kelly noted that a person could be both fragile and tough at the same time. Austin admired Kelly for being cool about the situation, and she said she was trying, especially since she knew that Jack and Summer had a real bond. Austin mentioned that Summer had gone over to see Jack, and he suspected that they were discussing Phyllis, but he was kind of scared to think about what was going on.

Joe and Dylan ran into one another in the club foyer, and Joe surmised that Dylan was there to run a victory lap. Dylan dryly offered Joe a shoulder to cry on, but Joe replied that he wasn't shedding any tears. Dylan referred to all the time and effort Joe had spent on the project, and Joe said it should have been just business, but things had gotten messy. Dylan implied that Joe had no reason to stay in town to hit on Dylan's fiancée, and Joe questioned why Dylan and Avery weren't celebrating. Dylan barked that he was saving the festivities for when Joe checked out, since Avery wasn't interested in having Joe stick around. Joe swore that he wasn't chasing her, and he coyly added that he'd made that clear to her the day before in his hotel room.

Dylan reeled from the news that Avery had been in Joe's room, and he incredulously asked if they'd had to discuss something in Joe's suite. Joe claimed that he and Avery had needed to hash some things out in private, and they'd been determined to remain civil, but he noted that Dylan was the one who had an issue. Dylan snarled that Joe's polite chatter was a joke, and Joe insinuated that Dylan's hostile attitude had been the reason Avery hadn't told Dylan about the conversation. Joe pointed out that Dylan should be happy he'd been able to keep his coffeehouse.

Kelly was happy to see Jack when he arrived at the club, but he solemnly informed her that Phyllis had been admitted to Fairview, and Kelly was aghast that Phyllis had been committed. Jack relayed that Phyllis had checked in voluntarily based on legal advice, and Kelly swore that she'd told Paul that she hadn't wanted to press charges. Kelly imagined that Phyllis was terrified, and she apologized for staying in town, but Jack insisted that it wasn't Kelly's fault. Kelly applauded Jack for being caring and protective, but he told her there was something she needed to know.

Jack said Phyllis had been meant to return to him, but he'd given up. He continued that Phyllis had saved his life more times than he could count, and he'd lied to himself when he'd thought he could move on. Jack realized that Kelly had been right when she'd suspected he'd still been holding on, and it had been wrong of him to make Kelly think there had been hope for a future together. Kelly asserted that there had been hope before Phyllis had awakened, but Jack said the flowers and violins hadn't been real. Kelly thought the guilt and shame were clouding his memory, and she insisted that they had shared something real and wonderful. She added that he had no reason to feel guilty for it, and they both deserved to be happy.

Kelly recognized that she and Jack had both been lonely and fragile, but they had helped one another heal and had given each other hope. Jack said he wasn't trying to be cruel, but he wanted to be clear that he and Kelly had no future together, and he suggested that they keep their distance. Kelly commented that life was long, and it was impossible to predict what would happen when a connection was real, but Jack firmly stated that his connection always had been and always would be with Phyllis and no one else. He walked away as Kelly forlornly stared after him.

At the bar, Austin presented Joe with a rough cut of the video, but Joe informed him there had been a change of plans, and he didn't need it. Austin said they'd discussed the content, and he refused to let Joe just walk away. Austin asserted that Joe had commissioned a project and needed to pay him, and Joe snapped that he'd done Austin a favor after what Austin had done to Avery. Joe snidely suggested that Austin put that on his résumé, and he threw a handful of bills at Austin.

Avery excitedly rushed into the coffeehouse, and she proclaimed that she'd heard the good news about the warehouse district sale being off. Dylan relayed that Nikki had told him about it earlier, and Avery praised Dylan for being the driving force behind stopping the project. She crowed that the whole town had wanted what was best for him and Crimson Lights, and she asked how they should celebrate, but Dylan stopped her from hugging him and confronted her about blowing off his niece's christening to spend time in Joe's room instead. Dylan asked if Joe had convinced Victor to change his mind because she'd made Joe a better offer, and Avery slapped Dylan.

Avery angrily asked what was wrong with Dylan, and she questioned whether he truly believed she'd traded herself to save his business. Dylan recounted that Joe had put great effort into saying nothing had happened, but Joe had tricked her into going to his room before, and he wondered why she'd gone back, knowing what Joe had wanted. Avery inquired whether things between her and Dylan had deteriorated to accusations and suspicions, and he thought there was a reason for them, since she hadn't told him about going to see Joe.

Dylan groused that Joe was a pro at playing innocent, and Dylan had felt like a chump when Joe had clued Dylan in about his meeting with Avery. Avery said it wasn't a battle, and she wondered why they were fighting when they should be celebrating. Her phone rang, and Dylan correctly guessed it was Joe. Joe informed Avery that he'd screwed up by mentioning to Dylan that she'd been in Joe's room, but Avery insisted that she and Dylan were fine. Joe said he loved negotiating a deal, but he was glad that one was dead. Joe reiterated that the dissolution of their marriage had been his fault, not Dylan's, and he promised that one day, he'd get it right.

Avery returned to the counter and locked eyes with Dylan, but he turned away and began to clear some tables. She crossed over to him, and they stared at one another. She sadly shook her head and walked out.

Later, Summer met Austin at the coffeehouse, and he began complaining about the time he'd wasted on the video, but he observed from her expression that something was wrong. Summer wailed that she'd lost her mom again, and she had to testify because her dad was fighting with Sharon. Summer begged Austin to promise they'd never end up like that, and Austin comforted her with a hug.

In a locked patient room at Fairview, Phyllis yelled that they couldn't leave her in there and forget she existed, and a nurse entered and calmly stated that no one had forgotten her, but it was time to rest. Phyllis griped that she'd had a lifetime of rest, and she shouted for Jack. Phyllis asked if her fiancé was still out there, and she screamed that he was a liar. The nurse prepared a syringe, and a panicked Phyllis bellowed to "stay the hell away" from her.

Phyllis frantically explained that she'd slept for a year, during which she'd been stuck in her own head at the clinic, and she wondered if the plan was to make it as if she'd never emerged from the coma. Phyllis asked the nurse if Jack had put her up to it, and she reasoned that Jack's life would have been easier if she'd never woken up. The nurse said Phyllis would think more clearly after getting some rest, but Phyllis whimpered that she didn't want to be alone again.

Phyllis flashed back to being in the coma, and Jack had told her he'd met someone, but a piece of him would always belong to her. She recalled Summer sobbing that she couldn't lose Phyllis again, and she remembered Victor being in her room at the clinic. Phyllis turned over in bed and saw Victor, who assured her that everything would be fine. He mentioned that he'd hurried over as soon as Summer had told him what had happened, and Phyllis became agitated at the mention of her daughter's name. Victor said he was there to help her, but Phyllis told him to "go to hell."

Phyllis blamed Victor for everything she'd done, and Victor understood she'd had issues with Kelly, but he was sure Phyllis wouldn't be there more than a few days. Phyllis grumbled that she should have stayed asleep in the clinic, but Victor called the notion absurd, since Genoa City hadn't been the same without her. She contended that people had been better off, and he said a force of nature had saved her, but she countered that he had saved her.

Victor said few people deserved respect the way Phyllis did, since she'd fought against the odds to wake up, and he considered it a compliment to call her "almost ruthless." Phyllis said Jack thought she belonged there, and Victor urged her not to care, since she'd overcome worse than that. He encouraged her to rest a little longer and to tell the doctors what they wanted to hear, and he'd wait for her on the outside as her ally. Victor exited her room, and he ran into Jack in the corridor.

Jack asked what Victor was doing there, and Victor asserted that Jack was the reason Phyllis was there. Jack agreed, and Victor was shocked that Jack was taking responsibility. Jack conceded that he'd wanted to blame Victor for arranging the experimental medication, but the love of his life was behind locked doors, and Jack was the person who'd driven her there. Victor marveled that it was the first time he'd heard Jack admit he'd done something wrong. Meanwhile, Phyllis removed her engagement ring from her finger and curled up in bed.

Jack accepted that he should have been the one to wake Phyllis up and to get her life back, but he acknowledged that Victor had done it. Jack vowed to be the one to help Phyllis find her way back home that time around, and Victor wished him luck.

Nick and Sharon head to court

Nick and Sharon head to court

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Avery hesitantly approached Dylan at Crimson Lights and asked him for a cup of coffee. Dylan, avoiding eye contact with his fiancée, asked her why she wasn't at the courthouse representing Nick -- snidely adding that he thought that was Avery's modus operandi -- defending men who were once a part of Avery's life. The couple began bickering about Avery's visit to Joe's hotel room. Avery wondered if the visit was the reason Dylan hadn't returned to her apartment the previous night.

Avery once again explained the reason she had visited Joe's hotel room -- to try to get Joe to stop his hired thugs from attacking Dylan. Dylan just looked down and told Avery that she was due in court. Avery asked if she would see Dylan at home later that day. Dylan left her question answerless and walked away. Before she left, Avery said, "We really do have it all, Dylan. Don't let Joe come between us."

Stitch ran into Billy at the Athletic Club. Billy wondered why Stitch looked like he hadn't gotten any sleep. Stitch explained that he had been up several times during the night to feed Katie, so Victoria could get some much-needed rest. When Billy said that Victoria was probably happy with the occasional overnight help, Stitch informed Billy that he had moved in with Victoria.

Billy wondered if Stitch and Victoria's new arrangement was a reaction to Billy's having moved in with Chelsea. Stitch pointedly said that it was not -- Stitch and Victoria loved each other. The tension between the two men grew as Billy said the only thing he cared about was his children's -- and Victoria's happiness. As Stitch walked away, he glared at Billy and said, "That makes two of us."

Stitch visited Dylan at the coffeehouse, and was gleeful as he told Dylan where he had hidden the key to the loft they had once shared. Stitch wouldn't need it anymore, as he had moved in with Victoria. Stitch was surprised when Dylan had virtually no reaction to the news. Dylan said he had already found the key, having slept at the loft the previous night.

Stitch wondered why Dylan had slept at the loft instead of Avery's apartment. Dylan quipped, "Her bed's been a little too crowded lately." Stitch realized that Dylan was referring to Joe and implored Dylan not to question Avery's love.

Nick paced nervously outside Judge Ramsey's courtroom, waiting for his custody battle with Sharon to begin. Sage showed up and told Nick that she wanted to testify on his behalf. Before Nick had a chance to respond, Faith and Sharon arrived. Faith ran to Nick and hugged him as Sharon and Sage exchanged suspicious glances.

Faith excitedly blurted out that she was going to testify. Sharon explained that Faith was going to speak to a social worker before taking the witness stand. Faith wondered why Sage was there. Sharon said that she was wondering the same thing.

Nick and Sharon began to quietly argue when Faith and Sage moved out of earshot. They were interrupted by the arrival of Ms. Martin, the social worker. Sharon introduced Ms. Martin to Faith, who was pleasant but nervous. Sharon suggested that Ms. Martin question Faith over a cup of hot chocolate. Ms. Martin and Faith began walking to the cafeteria.

Nick stopped Faith, saying, "You do know that everything is going to be okay today, right?" Faith told her dad, "I waved my magic wand this morning and put a happiness spell on all of us." She hugged Nick and told him that her spell would work. Nick and Sharon's expression belied any optimism.

Nick asked Sage to leave -- he didn't want her to get in the middle of "my mess." Sage protested and told Nick that she didn't mind, but he was firm, and she acquiesced. After Sage was gone, Sharon implored Nick to stop the hearing -- all he had to do was say the words, "Joint custody."

Sharon admitted that she had behaved badly and deserved to be punished, but she felt losing Nick was penalty enough. Nick said his motion for sole custody had nothing to do with revenge -- he needed to protect Faith from Sharon. As Sharon began to plead with Nick, her lawyer, Robert, walked up and told his client, "Sharon, leave the arguing to me -- in court."

Sharon and Robert entered the courtroom, leaving Nick alone. A moment later, Avery arrived. Nick asked her if she was ready to fight -- he couldn't afford to lose. Avery assured him that she was prepared to do battle.

Adam took a step out of his apartment into the hallway to get the morning newspaper. As he bent over to pick it up, the door slammed shut behind him. When Adam tried to open the door, he realized he was locked out. Chelsea happened to be leaving her apartment across the hallway and noticed Adam's predicament. She chuckled and told him she knew a trick to get the door open.

Adam said he knew the trick -- he grabbed the handle and quickly jimmied the door open. Chelsea wondered how Adam knew how to get the door open, mentioning that the door to many of the building's apartments could be unlocked the same way. He lied and said the real estate agent had told him. Adam invited Chelsea into his apartment to join him for a cup of coffee. After learning that Sage wasn't home, Chelsea decided to accept Adam's invitation.

Chelsea noticed that Adam and Sage's apartment was devoid of furniture and remembered that she had promised to loan Adam some home furnishing magazines. Adam told her not to bother -- he preferred she point him to some websites that offered decorating tips. Chelsea asked him what style of furniture he and Sage liked. Adam joked that he and Sage didn't really have a style.

Chelsea wistfully remarked that she and her late husband had lived in a "19th century-creepy" furnished house before moving into their furnished apartment, so she would be thrilled at the opportunity to decorate "Gabriel" and Sage's apartment.

Chelsea asked Adam what sort of furniture he liked, and she began typing on his laptop as he stared at her and spewed out a list: "Elegant... unique... classically beautiful, but comfortable... timeless." Having no idea that Adam was describing her, Chelsea showed him a picture of a furniture set she thought he might like. Looking at Chelsea, rather than at the computer, Adam said, "Yes, I think it's perfect."

Sage arrived home and was not happy to find Chelsea there. Adam explained how he and Chelsea had run into each other after he had locked himself out. Sage was obsequiously sweet. As soon as Chelsea left, Sage looked at the computer screen and remarked, "Seriously? She's picking out furniture for our home?"

Adam changed the subject and asked Sage where she had been. She told him that she had shown up at the courthouse and offered to testify on Nick's behalf. Adam snapped, "Apparently you didn't get the memo. Nick is the one who is supposed to rescue people." Sage countered that apparently a lot of people hadn't "gotten the memo," as there were many people at the courthouse helping Nick.

Adam urged Sage not to make a spectacle of herself in public. Sage told him not to worry -- Nick had refused to allow her to get involved in the custody battle. Sage felt that Nick should win custody of Faith, but Adam vehemently disagreed, stating that Sage had no idea what Nick had put Sharon through. Sage shot back, "Neither does Gabriel Bingham, and if you forget that, you're going to ruin your chance of getting your family back."

In Jack's office at Jabot, Billy was on the phone mercilessly chewing out a member of his marketing team. As Billy hung up, Chelsea stopped by and couldn't help but notice Billy's lousy mood. He explained that he was miffed because he had learned that Stitch had moved in with Victoria. Implicitly defending Stitch and Victoria's arrangement, Chelsea remarked, "So we're allowed to shack up, but they're not?" Billy said there was a big difference, "Your husband is dead, and I'm not."

Chelsea was hurt by Billy's remark. He apologized, but she said, "What are you sorry for? That Adam's dead? Or that you consistently remind me of it?" Billy said he was concerned that he wouldn't be able to spend quality time with his children. Chelsea advised Billy to be grateful -- he and Victoria were working together to do what was right -- many kids weren't as lucky. Billy wondered if he was supposed to just watch from the sidelines as Stitch "played daddy" to Billy's kids. Chelsea was sure that Victoria would allow Billy to spend as much time as he liked with his children.

Billy whined that was different than being around his kids 24/7. Chelsea, growing irritated, asked Billy if he wanted to be around Victoria all the time. As they were about to argue, Adam stopped by to show Billy some marketing proposals. Sensing the tension in the room, Adam volunteered to return later, but Chelsea told him to stay -- she had to go to a meeting.

Chelsea stormed out of the office. Billy wondered how "Gabriel" would feel if another man was raising "Gabriel's" hypothetical child. Adam said he would probably resent it a lot -- but would cherish every moment he spent with the child. Realizing the irony of Billy's question, Adam continued, "And if I have learned one thing, it's that people you love can be taken away in a heartbeat." Billy replied, "If anyone knows that, it should be me. Thanks for reminding me."

In the courtroom, Sharon thanked Mariah for agreeing to testify. Summer walked into the courtroom and sat down with Noah. Judge Ramsey entered from his chambers and announced, "Court is in session in the case of Newman versus Newman." He reminded the participants that they were there to decide what was best for an innocent child. He asked Avery to call her first witness. Avery stood and said, "I call Nicholas Newman to the stand."

Avery began questioning Nick. He testified that Faith felt at home at the tack house -- not because of the material things he could provide -- Nick stated that he tried to fill his house with a lot of love so Faith could feel safe and secure.

Robert questioned Sharon, who said she didn't think Faith always felt safe at Nick's. Sharon averred that the cottage she shared with Faith was Faith's home. She testified that if the judge granted full custody to Nick, Nick would be making all the decisions about Faith -- Nick could even decide that Sharon couldn't be in Faith's life.

Nick said he would never try to cut Sharon out of Faith's life and was merely trying to protect Faith from Sharon's erratic behavior.

Sharon admitted that she had made mistakes -- primarily when her bipolar disorder had gone uncontrolled. She told the judge she had succeeded in getting her disease under control. Her eyes misting, Sharon said she couldn't imagine her life without Faith.

Summer took the stand. She testified that while Phyllis had been comatose, Sharon had been a surrogate mother to her, for which Summer was grateful -- until Summer had learned the truth. Summer stated that Sharon had hurt her when she'd switched the results of the paternity test.

Noah testified that Sharon was a good person who loved her kids. Under questioning from Avery, Noah stated that Sharon was able to control her bipolar disorder when she took her medication. Avery asked Noah if Sharon had been cured. Noah said there was no cure for bipolar disorder.

Judge Ramsey told the people in the courtroom that he had explained to the next witness that she did not have to testify if she didn't want to, but she'd made it clear that she wanted to be heard. The bailiff opened the door and Faith, looking scared and confused, took the witness stand. The judge, in a gentle tone, told Faith that he was going to ask her questions, and he wanted her to tell the truth. Faith said she was ready.

The judge asked Faith if she knew why everyone was in court. She answered, "It's to decide where I get to live." Ramsey wondered, if the decision were up to Faith, whether she would choose Sharon or Nick. Faith said she would want them to all live together. With hope in her voice, she asked the judge if he could "make that happen." The judge sadly responded that was the one thing he couldn't do.

Avery stood up and asked the judge if she could question Faith. The judge asked Faith if that would be okay. The little girl, no fan of Avery's, reluctantly agreed. Avery asked Faith if Nick made good decisions. She answered, "Mostly, but he's made some bad ones." Faith admitted that Nick had never done anything to hurt her.

Robert questioned Faith. He asked her about the night she had been at Nick's house and Sage had been there. Faith quickly said, "I don't want to talk about her." Robert said he realized that, but it was important that they talk about what had happened with Nick and Sage. Avery objected, telling the judge that Faith had stated that she didn't want to talk about Sage. Robert told Ramsey that Faith's response was critical to the case.

The judge decided that he would ask Faith what she could tell him about "the woman" she'd seen at Nick's house. Faith quietly murmured, "She didn't have any pants on." The judge asked if she could tell him anything else, but Faith said she didn't want to talk about it anymore because "it makes my mommy and daddy mad." Ramsey smiled and told Faith she didn't need to answer any more questions. Tears filled Nick and Sharon's eyes as Ms. Martin escorted their daughter out of the courtroom.

Robert called Mariah to the stand and asked Mariah if she was glad that Sharon was her mother. Mariah smiled and said that, after some initial problems, things between her and Sharon had "worked out okay."

Avery cross-examined Mariah, asking her if Faith had told her why Sage had removed her pants and donned Nick's robe. Mariah didn't respond. Avery reminded Mariah that she was under oath and demanded that she tell the court what Faith had said to her.

Outside the courtroom, Dylan remembered Stitch telling him not to doubt Avery's love. He stepped into the courtroom.

After prodding from Avery, Mariah finally admitted what Faith had told her -- that Sage had spilled water on herself, and that was why Nick had asked Sage to take off her wet pants -- so Nick could throw them in the clothes dryer. Avery asked, "So there was nothing sexual going on between Nick and Sage?" Mariah stared at Avery and said she didn't know what had been going on. Avery had one more question, "But that night, Nick was just being helpful, isn't that right?" Mariah said nothing, but the judge ordered her to answer. Mariah answered, "Yes."

Sharon stood and, in tears, begged Mariah to tell the court that Faith belonged with her mother. Sharon yelled at the judge, telling him that he couldn't take Faith away from her. Ramsey warned Sharon to calm down. Ignoring him, Sharon turned to Nick and shrieked, "Don't let them do this. I have lost everything. I can't lose Faith, too."

Nikki questions Victor's motives

Nikki questions Victor's motives

Thursday, February 5, 2015

In the courtroom, Sharon begged Nick not to let the court take her daughter away from her, but Judge Ramsey sternly said he wouldn't warn her to be quiet again. David ordered Sharon to sit down, but she cried that she couldn't listen anymore, and she ran out. Dylan chased after Sharon, who wailed that everyone had turned against her. David told Sharon that she needed to pull herself together to prove she was a capable parent, and he urged her to go back inside the courtroom, but she said she couldn't.

Dylan asked for a moment with Sharon, and David stepped aside. Dylan sympathized that what had happened during the hearing had been rough, and Sharon said she hadn't thought Nick would go that far. She added that she'd believed Noah and Mariah had been on her side, but they'd turned against her, and Dylan assured her that her children hadn't meant to hurt her. Sharon ranted that it had been her last chance to prove she was a fit mother, but her children had taken Nick's side, and she whimpered that she'd end up alone.

Noah asked how Mariah was doing, and she commented that life had been easier when she hadn't cared about hurting people. She explained that she hadn't wanted the judge's decision to be based on a lie, and Noah said that had been why he'd told the truth about Sharon's bipolar disorder. Meanwhile, Nick pondered whether he should have withdrawn his petition, but Avery advised that in order to protect Faith, he'd had to prove Sharon was unstable, and Sharon had just given a perfect demonstration of it.

Sharon groused that Nick had used her own kids against her, but Dylan thought Nick hated the situation just as much as she did. Sharon understood that Noah hadn't wanted to hurt his dad, but she'd expected Mariah to be loyal to her. David asked if Sharon was okay to return to the courtroom, and Dylan assured her it would be fine. Dylan and Sharon reentered the courtroom together, and Avery looked on as Sharon asked Dylan to stay.

Judge Ramsey returned and asked everyone to be seated, and David apologized for Sharon's outburst. The judge acknowledged that such proceedings could be painful and difficult, but he maintained that the welfare of the child was paramount, and he announced that he had reached a decision. He proclaimed that Faith would be placed in the sole custody of her father, and a distraught Sharon covered her face with her hands as Mariah's jaw dropped.

Judge Ramsey dictated that Sharon was to be allowed unsupervised visits with her daughter at Nick's discretion, and he'd reevaluate the custodial arrangement after one year. Avery told Nick that he'd done the right thing, but he grumbled that nothing about it was right. David assured Sharon that they'd be back in court before she knew it, but she snapped that she'd just lost a year of time with her daughter. Dylan recommended that David give Sharon some space, and Noah told Sharon he was sorry. Avery said Ms. Martin was about to return with Faith to say goodbye, and Faith ran in and hugged Sharon.

Sharon praised Faith for doing a good job on the stand, and Faith asked if they could go home, but Sharon bravely explained that the judge had decided that Faith would live with Nick for a while. Nick suggested they make pancakes for dinner that night, but Faith objected to going home with him. Faith wondered if she'd done something wrong when she'd talked to the judge, but Sharon reiterated that she and Nick both loved Faith very much, and the only thing different would be where Faith slept. Faith sadly said she would miss her mom's kisses, but Sharon promised she'd send them via special delivery when Faith closed her eyes at night. Faith cried that it wouldn't be the same, and she and Sharon hugged and said they loved one another.

Sharon gently pushed Faith to go with her daddy and Noah, and Faith tearfully said goodbye. Avery watched as Dylan comforted Sharon, and he said he'd catch up with Avery later. Avery walked out, and Sharon asked Dylan to get her out of there. Mariah offered to take Sharon home, but Sharon barked at Mariah to stay away from her. Mariah defended that she'd only thought she'd have to answer questions about Sharon being a good mom, but Sharon recounted all the things she'd done for Mariah, and she blasted Mariah for letting her down.

Mariah protested that she'd had to tell the truth under oath, and she pointed out that Sharon had urged her to be a good person, but Sharon spat that Cassie never would have stabbed her in the back. Mariah yelled that she didn't owe Sharon anything, and she told Sharon to take her room and board and shove it. Dylan tried to intervene, but the women angrily agreed they didn't want to be in one another's lives. Sharon stormed off, and Mariah told Dylan to go after her, since Sharon needed him more than Mariah did. A shaken Mariah turned and faced Kevin, who said he'd heard the argument, and Mariah sobbed that Sharon hated her. Kevin held Mariah close.

Mariah conceded that Sharon didn't want her to be Cassie, but she felt like she couldn't even be herself. Kevin thought that maybe Mariah was being herself, and he recited a Plato Sphere quote about how people changed with every second that passed. Mariah added a quote about striving to be the best they could be at any given moment, and she realized that she didn't have a place to live anymore. Kevin invited her to move in with him.

Sharon knelt at Cassie's grave, and Dylan followed her to make sure she was okay. She said she hadn't thought she'd survive losing Cassie, and she couldn't believe Nick had taken Faith from her. Sharon added that she'd been surprised to see Dylan in court, and he explained that he'd been there to show support for Avery, but Sharon remarked that his crazy friend had needed it instead, since she felt like she'd lost her mind that day. Dylan recounted his extreme reaction when he'd found out Connor wasn't his son, and he was sure Nick wouldn't keep Faith away from Sharon for long. Sharon lamented that even one day was too long, and she said she appreciated Dylan checking in, but she wanted some time to herself.

Sharon recalled that Cassie had told her and Nick that they'd have another little girl one day, and she'd always believed Cassie had given Faith to them, but Nick had taken Faith away. Sharon sobbed that her sweet angel was gone, as were Mariah, Noah, Nick, and all of their hopes and dreams for the future. Sharon murmured that she was all alone, and she sat on the ground and huddled up next to the headstone.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Avery reported to Michael over the phone that Nick had won full custody, and she said she'd see Michael at the office. Dylan approached, and Avery guessed that he was still mad at her for not telling him about her meeting with Joe and for helping Nick win custody of Faith. Avery told Dylan to let her have it, and he asked if she was done telling him how he felt. He declared that she was wrong on all counts, since he was there to apologize.

At the Athletic Club, Devon overheard Cane making a business call, and he thought it sounded like Cane was back in his element. They referred to the deal they'd made, and Devon promised that he and Hilary would tell Neil the truth about their relationship when the time was right. Jill and Colin arrived, and she asked if Cane was ready to make their purchase of Chancellor official. She credited Devon with making it happen, and Colin half-heartedly added, "Let's hear it for Devon." Lily offered to get some Champagne to toast to Jill and Cane, but Jill observed that Cane didn't look enthusiastic.

Cane claimed that it was hard to believe it was real, but he swore that he'd be as happy as Jill was once they signed the contracts. Jill wondered if he was having second thoughts about running the company with her, but he assured her that they shared the same creative vision. Jill said all that mattered was that they'd gotten Chancellor away from Victor, but it had meant a lot to her that Colin had put forth that much effort. Jill went to the ladies' room to prepare to meet with Victor, and Lily rushed off to put some Champagne on ice.

Colin expected Cane to thank him for not telling Lily about Devon and Hilary's dirty secret, and Cane coldly inquired whether Colin wanted a medal for not wrecking Cane and Lily's marriage, but Colin requested that Cane let Jill run Chancellor. Colin reasoned that both he and Cane wanted to keep their wives happy, and if Jill was happy running Chancellor, Colin saw no need to tell Lily that Cane had known all about Devon and Hilary's affair. Cane incredulously asked if his father was blackmailing him, and Colin contended that Cane had blackmailed him, but Colin had been playing the game much longer than Cane had. Cane reminded Colin that they'd had a deal, but Colin clarified that the deal had been that he wouldn't tell Neil the truth, but they hadn't said anything about Lily.

Cane dared Colin to tell Lily, and he threatened to go to Victor with the information that Colin had been the reason Victor had needed to sell Chancellor. Cane argued that Newman had been on top of its game before Colin had created the Bonaventure mess, and Colin suggested that Cane weigh that against what Lily would think if she knew Cane had used that knowledge for his own gain. Colin suspected that Cane would do whatever it took to protect Lily, and Lily announced that the Champagne was chilling. Jill asked if Cane was ready to go, and Colin volunteered to look after Lily the way Cane looked after Jill. Jill and Cane left to meet Victor.

Neil heard Hilary enter their apartment, and she said she'd planned to work from home, but she noted that he appeared to be about to go out. He divulged that the doctor from the experimental program wanted to see him, and she asked if something was wrong, but he considered it good news. Neil speculated that the doctor was anxious to see him to start treatment right away, and Hilary marveled that it would be wonderful. He prayed he'd get his sight back, and she remarked that it could change everything.

Neil revealed that he'd gotten a glimpse of the future in a dream he'd had the prior night, since he'd envisioned a beautiful blue sky and white clouds. He believed that the doctor's call had been a good omen, but Hilary cautioned that he was reading a lot into a dream. He thought it was his heart telling him that he would see again and that they could start their lives over, and Hilary mused that it was all she wanted. Neil said his car was waiting outside, and Hilary walked him to the door and saw him out. She sent a text message to Devon, saying she needed to see him right away at her place.

Later, Hilary informed Devon that Neil had been convinced the doctor had good news, and she bemoaned that she'd thought she'd put the lying and cheating behind her. Devon said she had, but she fretted that he'd had to put up millions to keep Colin quiet. Devon reasoned that Katherine would have been happy about Jill and Cane owning Chancellor, and he optimistically stated that he'd get his investment back if the company was successful. Hilary looked forward to finally telling the truth, and Neil returned home. Devon said Hilary had called him about the possible good news, but Neil regretted getting their hopes up, since he'd been dismissed from the program.

Neil relayed that his last test results had been very disappointing, and the doctor had informed him that it would be useless to continue with the protocol. Devon wondered if the project needed more funding, but Neil accepted that no amount of money could buy back his eyesight. Hilary implored Neil not to give up hope, and Neil proclaimed that he had everything as long as he had his family. Neil stepped out to call Moses and Sofia, and Hilary contemplated what she and Devon would do if Neil didn't get his sight back.

At Newman-Chancellor, Nikki expressed concern about Victor, since she was afraid he was about to do something he might regret. She asked if he was sure he wanted to sell Chancellor, and he informed her that Jill and Cane were on their way over to sign the papers. Nikki pointed out that Katherine had entrusted Victor with the company, and Victor replied that he thought about Katherine every day, but Nikki meant everything to him. Nikki protested that she didn't want him to do it for her, since she didn't deserve it, and he wondered why she thought that.

Nikki asserted that partners in marriage should be equal, and she hadn't been doing her part by sleeping in the guest room and refusing to make an effort to bridge the gap. Nikki recognized that Victor was giving up a lot for her, and he suggested that she move back into their bed. She received a text message and learned Nick had gotten full custody of Faith, and Nick wanted her to help get Faith settled in. Nikki hoped it was a sign that things were improving for their family, and she agreed to move out of the guest room that night. Jill and Cane entered as Nikki departed, and Jill excitedly asked if Victor had the contracts.

Jill grabbed the paperwork, and Victor told her and Cane to remember what the company looked like when he'd sold it. Jill declared that things would change, but Victor cautioned her against bragging, since she had a history of overestimating her abilities. She countered that he wouldn't have sold it if he'd had all the answers, and Victor contended that he was doing it for his wife and family. Jill and Cane signed the documents, and she crowed that they were the proud and rightful owners of Chancellor Industries. Victor wished them luck, and Jill said she wouldn't need it because she had Katherine on her side.

At the club, Colin suggested he and Lily play some gin rummy, and she reluctantly agreed to one game, even though she knew he'd cheat. Colin remarked that she'd be surprised who had been blurring the lines of morality those days, and she asked if he was talking about Cane. She mentioned that she'd heard Colin say her name when he'd been talking to Cane earlier, and Colin claimed that he'd been asking about a romantic getaway spot to whisk Jill away to before she got buried in her new job. Lily suspected the men had been having a serious argument, but Colin suddenly called gin, and Lily accused him of cheating.

Jill and Cane returned, and she announced that they were the new owners of Chancellor. Jill mentioned that she'd had an interesting chat with Cane on the way back, and she knew everything. Colin tried to hide his panic, but Jill gushed that Cane had made her realize that she had an incredible husband, since Cane had told her that Colin had convinced him to let her hold the top spot at Chancellor. Cane claimed that Jill had more experience, but Lily argued that Cane had just as much to offer.

Cane said he didn't want to discuss it, and he headed out, but Lily chased after him. Jill kissed Colin and commended him for knowing what she really wanted -- to sit in Katherine's chair and carry on her legacy. Colin anticipated that he'd be by Jill's side to advise her, but she informed him that he couldn't have anything to do with Chancellor. Meanwhile, Lily cornered Cane and asked what was really going on, and she theorized that Colin was holding something over him.

At the tack house, Nick cheerfully stated to Noah and Faith that he had everything to make pancakes for dinner, but he needed a helper. He described Faith, but she whined that she wanted to go home. Nick maintained that she was home, but she said she missed her mommy. Nikki entered and told Nick she had been excited to get his message, but Nick reported that not everyone was. Nikki suggested that she draw a bubble bath for Faith, and she led the girl upstairs.

Nick surmised that Noah was mad at him, too, but Noah clarified that he was sad for Faith and Sharon. Noah wished Nick hadn't insisted on sole custody, but Nick reiterated that it had been the only way to ensure Faith grew up in a happy, safe environment. Nick pledged to focus on helping Faith, even though it wouldn't be easy, and Noah imagined it wouldn't be easy for Sharon, either.

After Noah left, Nick expected Nikki to tell him that he'd done the right thing, but she imagined that it wouldn't make him feel any better. Nick noted that he'd been through a lot of bad stuff, and he knew what losing Cassie had done to Sharon. Nikki acknowledged that the day had been heartbreaking for everyone, but she thought he'd done the right thing for Faith. Nick remarked that what he thought and what he felt were different things, and she advised him to give his heart a chance to catch up with his brain.

Nick went upstairs to check on Faith, and Victor arrived. Nikki said Faith was adjusting, and Victor informed her that Chancellor was in Jill and Cane's hands. Nikki said she was sorry, but Victor replied that he wasn't, and she wondered if he'd planned the whole thing.

Devon rocks Hilary's world

Devon rocks Hilary's world

Friday, February 6, 2015

At the tack house, Noah informed Nick that Faith hadn't laughed when he'd read a book using funny voices, but she had finally fallen asleep. Nick understood that she'd had a rough day, and he sympathized that it hadn't been easy for Noah to be stuck in the middle. Nick wished he could make it up to Noah, and Noah suggested that Nick do so by reassuring Sharon that the arrangement might not last forever. Nick pointed out that Sharon knew the judge wanted to revisit the custody arrangement in a year, but Noah stressed that Nick needed to give her some hope that things would work out if she stayed on track. Nick preferred to let things settle down and let the future take care of itself.

Noah inquired about visitation, and Nick indicated that he was open to it if Sharon was stable, since Faith needed her mother. Nick swore he wasn't trying to punish anyone, but he knew how Sharon sometimes reacted when she felt like she was backed into corner, and it was his job to protect his children. Noah argued that Sharon could lose her incentive to keep seeing her doctor and taking her medication if Nick took away the chance that things would get better, and he pleaded with Nick to show that he wasn't a brick wall. Nick called Noah a good son, and he promised he would keep an open mind. Noah left to get back to work, and Faith suddenly let out a piercing shriek.

Nick carried Faith downstairs, and he soothingly told the crying girl he was there. He asked what had happened, and she sobbed that she'd seen a big monster under her bed. Nick pointed out that he would have seen the monster if it had been that big, so he was sure it was gone, but Faith was scared the monster would return. Nick assured her that Miss Patsy kept her safe from monsters, but Faith was unconvinced, and Nick swore he'd scare the monster away. Faith said it wouldn't work, and she asked for her mommy.

At the cemetery, Sharon said Cassie was all she had left, since everyone else was gone. She cried that all she'd wanted had been to be with Nick and to raise their little girl together as a family. She wondered what had been the point of working hard to be strong and healthy only to be abandoned again, and she lamented that she'd lost everything because of one bad decision she'd made when she hadn't been well.

Sharon returned home, and she flashed back to saying she had been blessed to have her family reunited again, and she'd invited Mariah to stay for dinner. Sharon looked across the dark room at the empty table as she wiped away tears. Sharon recalled Nick comforting Faith after Phyllis had interrupted the wedding, and Faith had chirped that she knew her parents were meant to be together. Sharon crossed over to the mantel, and she gazed at the family photos. She remembered happily snapping photos before the wedding, and she shoved all the photos off the mantel, sending them crashing to the floor.

Sharon took a photo of Mariah out of a broken frame, and she venomously called Mariah a traitor. She placed the photos in the fireplace and lit a match, and she flashed back to starting the fire at the ranch. Sharon's phone rang, and she blew out the match and answered Nick's call. She coolly asked what he wanted, and he requested her help with Faith, who'd had a bad dream. Sharon said she'd be right there, and she searched through her purse for her medication. She swallowed her pills and rushed out.

Nick let Sharon in, and Faith ran into her mother's arms. Faith squealed that there had been a monster in her bed, and Sharon asked what it had looked like. Faith was too afraid to talk about it, and Sharon suggested that Faith make a drawing of it. Nick pulled out paper and crayons, and as Faith began to draw, Sharon asked questions about the monster. Sharon inquired whether it had been wearing socks or shoes, and Faith giggled. Faith requested some hot chocolate for her and the monster, and Sharon said the girl would have to brush her teeth and the monster's fangs afterward. Nick couldn't help but smile as Sharon convinced Faith that she could safely fall asleep again.

Faith slept on the couch, and Sharon kissed her and told Nick that she thought their daughter would be okay. Sharon headed to the door, but Nick called after her and said they'd talk about visitation in a few days. He showed Sharon out, and he said he appreciated her stopping by, especially after what had happened that day. Sharon stated that she was still Faith's mother, and Nick thanked her. Sharon stepped outside and smiled as she walked away.

At the Underground, Summer told Austin that Noah had advised her not to go over to Nick's house, and Austin imagined that the next couple of weeks would be tough. Summer thought Faith was too young to know that she was better off with Nick, since he wouldn't use Faith like Sharon had. Austin started to bus the tables, and Summer asked why Mariah wasn't there to do it. Austin guessed that Mariah needed some time after a rough day in court, and Summer said she respected Mariah for telling the truth and tanking Sharon's case. Mariah overheard as she arrived with Kevin, and she testily asked if Summer thought Mariah was happy she'd destroyed her mom's life.

Mariah figured it had been fun for Summer to watch Mariah stick it to Sharon, but Mariah hadn't enjoyed it. Summer said it hadn't been fun for either of them, and she swore she'd just been complimenting Mariah for being honest. Summer added that she thought it had been brave, but Mariah said it had been stupid, since she'd ended up homeless after a fight with Sharon. Kevin repeated his offer to let Mariah live with him, and Summer asked if Mariah was moving in with Kevin.

Mariah barked that her life wasn't any of Summer's business, but Summer staunchly supported the idea of Mariah moving in with Kevin. Noah overheard and asked if Kevin and Mariah were living together, and a perturbed Mariah left to clock in. Austin got back to work, and Noah remarked to Kevin that it was huge news, but Kevin explained that Mariah was still considering his offer. Noah recognized that Mariah's attempt to do the right thing at the hearing had backfired, and Kevin couldn't believe that Sharon felt betrayed because Noah and Mariah hadn't committed perjury. Noah appreciated Kevin looking out for Mariah, and he hoped Sharon eventually realized they weren't the enemy.

Summer told Mariah that she'd meant what she'd said about Mariah doing the right thing, since Sharon had been wrong to use Faith on the stand. Mariah countered that Nick had used Summer and Noah to badmouth Sharon, but Summer huffed that she'd told the truth, just like Mariah had. The young women argued, and a man entered and sternly asked to speak to Nick about some potential trouble. Noah introduced himself and asked if the man had business with his father. The man revealed that he was a building inspector, and he'd left word for Nick to meet him that evening.

Noah reported that Nick hadn't planned to be there, and the inspector grumbled that Nick hadn't had the courtesy to get back to him. The inspector recognized Austin and asked if Austin had passed along his messages, and Noah explained that Nick had been tied up with family issues. The inspector left another business card and mentioned that the place had structural problems that had to be resolved right away, or he'd have to close the club immediately. Summer asked if Austin had given Nick the messages, and Austin rattled off various excuses why he hadn't. Summer ranted that Nick didn't need another complication in his life.

Mariah groused to Kevin that she'd be both homeless and unemployed if the club shut down, but Kevin reminded her that she didn't have to be homeless if she didn't want to be. She hypothetically asked about what his expectations would be if she moved in, and he imagined gobs of hair in the drain and half-eaten yogurt in the fridge. He wondered what hers would be, but she suspected he knew what she'd meant. He clarified that he'd made the offer as a friend because she needed a place to stay and nothing more, and she accepted as a friend.

Austin watched from the bar as Kevin and Mariah shook hands, and he crowed that he'd been right about the two becoming a couple. Summer wished Austin had paid the same attention to the building inspector, and Austin was confident Nick would work things out, but Summer worried that it would reflect badly on Austin if the club closed. Austin suddenly thought he felt something, and he noticed a candle had gone out. Summer surmised that it had just been a draft.

Neil finished his phone call with Sofia, and he told Devon and Hilary that he couldn't bear the thought of never seeing his little boy's face again. Devon wondered if there were other research programs to consider, but Neil said he'd followed every lead for potential treatment, and the flashes of light were probably as good as it would get for him. Hilary offered to speak to the doctor, and Devon suggested getting a second opinion, but Neil told them to let it go. Neil went to lie down, and Hilary and Devon commiserated about how they'd been ready to tell Neil everything, but Devon remarked that it might never happen. Hilary contended that it wasn't fair to anyone to lie forever, and she wanted to tell Neil the truth.

Hilary recognized that there was no way around hurting Neil, but she thought the longer she and Devon waited, the harder it would be. She concluded that the decent thing would be to tell Neil the truth that night, but Devon insisted on giving Neil a few days to digest what the doctor had just told him. Devon promised they'd tell Neil the truth together, and Hilary refused to put it off any longer than that. Devon swore they'd be together soon, and they would no longer have to lie to anyone.

Later, Hilary asked if Neil had slept, and he replied that he'd just needed some time. He assumed Devon had left, and Hilary offered to make tea or put on music. Neil appreciated her trying to cheer him up, but he admitted that he was actually almost glad he was blind, so he didn't have to see how unhappy she was. He recognized how much she wanted their life back, and he regretted that he couldn't give it to her, but he pledged to give her a good life with all of his heart and love. Hilary ordered him not to say another word, since it was all wrong, and a confused Neil asked what she was talking about. She said there was something she'd been meaning to tell him, and she'd been putting it off, but she couldn't do it anymore.

Neil asked what was wrong, and Hilary stammered that it wasn't right that he wasn't getting his sight back or that he loved her after everything she'd done. Neil reminded her that he'd already forgiven her for her past, but she said he didn't understand. He refused to let her think she was unworthy, and he insisted that she had nothing to feel guilty for. Hilary freaked out and said she couldn't do it, and she ran out as Neil yelled after her.

At the Athletic Club, Cane claimed that Lily was imagining things, but she was sure that Colin was holding something over Cane. She recalled that Cane had looked upset when he'd been talking to Colin earlier, and she was suspicious about why Cane had given up an equal partnership to report to Jill. Lily demanded to know what Colin had said to change Cane's mind, but Cane maintained that Jill was a better leader than he was, and he asserted that Lily was looking for conspiracies when there were none. Lily pointed out that Cane had been dying to run Chancellor again, and she knew he'd never willingly step aside and let Jill do it. She wondered why Cane wouldn't tell her what Colin had said to him.

Cane claimed that when he'd seen Jill handle Victor, he'd realized that she had more experience than Cane had, but Lily was sure he was lying. Lily begged Cane to think about what lies had done to their marriage, and she asked if he owed Colin something. Cane reiterated that she was looking for things that weren't there, but Lily recounted that Cane had seemed upset when Devon had offered the money to buy Chancellor. Cane continued to deny there was anything more going on, and Lily received a text message about an emergency in one of the rooms. She told Cane to stay there, since their conversation wasn't finished.

Lily reported that no one had been hurt, but a bed had collapsed, so she'd arranged for maintenance to check the other rooms. She asked if Cane was ready to be honest with her, but Devon entered to give them some news in person. Devon divulged that the eye specialist had dropped Neil from the trial, and he had been able to tell that Neil had been crushed. Lily said Neil was resilient, and she thought he would be fine because of Hilary's positive influence in his life. Cane glared at Devon as Lily thanked God for Hilary.

Lily told Devon about the incident with the bed collapsing, and she went to check on the guest involved. Cane hissed to Devon that Lily didn't buy that Cane had given up the reins at Chancellor, and he warned that it wouldn't be long before she figured out what was really going on. Devon said he and Hilary had decided to tell the truth after Neil adjusted to the doctor's news, but Cane declared that he was done lying to Lily. Devon pleaded that he and Hilary needed to be the ones to explain and apologize to Neil to have a shot at his forgiveness. Cane wished him luck, but he maintained that he was done being caught in the middle, and the truth had to be out as soon as possible.

Devon lay in bed in his suite, and he answered a knock at the door. Hilary rushed in and rambled that she couldn't live with herself, and she thought they should confess to Neil. She contended that what she and Devon were doing was horribly wrong, and Neil hadn't done anything to deserve it. She added that she'd almost told Neil the truth herself, but she hadn't been able to find the words, so she'd taken the coward's way out by leaving. Devon said he understood how she felt, but he strongly felt that they had to give Neil time before they piled on more bad news, or Neil might start drinking again.

Devon and Hilary embraced, and she told him not to let go. She predicted that everything was about to blow up, but Devon promised that they would figure it out and that things would be fine. They kissed and began to undress, and they tumbled onto the bed.

Lily returned downstairs, and she told Cane things were fine with the guest, but she needed him to be honest with her about what was going on with him. She said she loved him, and she pointed out that they'd been through a lot in their marriage, but they were still together. She implored him to tell her his secret, since there was nothing he could say that would change what they had together. Cane admitted that he'd been keeping something from Lily, but he was done staying mum, and he didn't want there to be any more secrets between them.

Cane conceded that he'd been doing things that hadn't made sense, and Lily said it was a burden to keep things from one another. Cane prepared to tell her everything, but she noticed Neil arrive, and Neil asked if they'd seen Hilary. Neil revealed that Hilary had bolted with no explanation, and he had no idea what had happened or where she'd gone. Lily offered to call Hilary's office, and Neil mentioned that Hilary had been about to tell him something that hadn't sounded good, but she'd suddenly taken off.

Cane handed Neil a keycard and suggested that Neil go up to Devon's private suite to find out if Devon had seen Hilary, and he pointedly told Neil to be careful. Moments later, Lily informed Cane that no one had seen Hilary at Jabot, and she started to call Jack, but Cane said she could call off the search, since something told him Neil was about to find Hilary.

Neil stepped off the private elevator, and he made his way down the hallway with his cane. His eyes suddenly opened wide, and he reached for the wall. He put his hand in front of his face, and he made out the blurred image of his fist. He gasped as he touched a door and squinted to see the room number. Neil used the keycard to open the door, and his vision started to focus as he stared at Hilary and Devon making love in the bed.

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