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Sage revealed that she was unable to have children. Ashley confronted Victor about stealing Jabot's fragrance and marketing campaign. Victor moved Phyllis into the ranch. While on a private jet, Neil chugged a drink in front of his family and announced he could see.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 9, 2015 on Y&R
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Neil's First Sight Sends Him Reeling

Neil's First Sight Sends Him Reeling

Monday, February 9, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil quietly opened the door to a suite upstairs. He peeked inside and was shocked to see Devon and Hilary in bed. Neil closed the door. Devon and Hilary, unaware that Neil had seen them, discussed how much they dreaded telling Neil about their secret relationship. Hilary warned that Devon was risking alienating his family. Devon insisted that he couldn't live without Hilary. Devon agreed to Hilary's suggestion to tell Neil before Valentine's Day.

Neil quickly headed downstairs and approached Cane and Lily. Neil said nothing about regaining his eyesight and acted as if he couldn't see. Cane asked Neil if he'd found Devon. Neil, in a state of shock, asked Cane why he'd thought Devon might have known where Hilary was. Cane replied, "You said she was upset and ran out, so I thought she may have wanted to contact Devon." Lily added, "Maybe to talk things out because Devon is a good listener." Neil claimed that no one had answered when he'd knocked, and he gave the keycard to the suite back to Cane.

After Cane left to take a call, Lily offered to find Hilary, so she could help Neil cope with news that he might never regain his eyesight. Neil declined the offer and mumbled that he'd been handling his wife all wrong and needed to give her space. Lily received a call and had to leave, but before walking away, she summoned a waiter and encouraged her dad to eat. When the waiter arrived and asked if anyone would be joining him, Neil replied, "I'm expecting two more any minute now." The waiter nodded, and Neil kept his eye trained on the staircase.

When Devon entered the dining room, he joined his dad. Neil said he'd hoped to find Hilary because she'd left home after saying she had something important to tell him. Neil asked Devon if he had any idea what Hilary had wanted to say. Neil cried that poor Hilary had been unexpectedly burdened with a blind husband. Devon praised Neil for coping so well with his blindness and having overcome his addiction. Devon added, "You can take on anything life throws at you." Neil lowered his voice and replied, "I will always remember those words that you said to me as I keep moving forward."

Neil said he'd quit worrying so much about Devon because he had Gwen to lean on. Neil caught of glimpse of Hilary before she walked out the front door. Neil directed his attention to Devon and said, "We both have wonderful women in our lives, don't we?" Devon nervously agreed. Before Neil left, he clutched Devon's hand and said, "My man!" Neil used his cane to guide himself as if he still couldn't see.

In Lily's office, Lily asked Cane what secret he'd been hiding from her. She thought that perhaps a serious health concern had forced Cane to assume a lesser role at Chancellor Industries. Cane explained that he loved his family and his home. Cane promised not to let anything get between him and Lily. She embraced her husband and said, "Honey, there is nothing that could ever come between us."

Cane told Lily that Jill was considering moving Chancellor Industries' offices to Chicago. He begged Lily to accompany him on a scouting trip. Lily listed the reasons she should stay home, citing her concern about Neil as a major factor. Cane suggested they could enjoy Valentine's Day together in Chicago. Lily replied, "I guess Dad would have Hilary with him." Lily agreed to travel with Cane, and the couple kissed. Devon walked over and told Lily that the chef needed her.

After Lily left, Devon said he had been shocked when he'd seen Neil in the lobby. Cane noted that Neil had had no idea his son had been having sex with Hilary upstairs. Cane added that he hated lying to Lily, and he asked Devon if he knew how much damage he was doing to his family. Devon said he hated what he was doing to Neil and Lily. Cane insisted that if Devon cared, he'd stop doing what he was doing. Cane added, "Oh, that's right. You're in love."

After Cane stormed out, Hilary phoned Devon. Hilary asked Devon what he and Neil had been talking about when she'd seen them. Devon said that Neil had expressed concern about her dealing with the news that he might never have his sight restored. Hilary cried that Neil had been dealt a crushing blow, but all he could think about was her. Hilary replied, "He makes this so hard, Devon." Devon replied, "There's no turning back now."

At the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital, Jack was surprised to find Phyllis' room empty. An employee informed Jack that Phyllis had checked out after having undergone a psychiatric evaluation. Paul and Christine showed up after Jack left and asked Phyllis' doctor why she'd been released. Dr. Barrett explained that after having conducted an examination, he'd found no reason to keep Phyllis hospitalized. Christine asked if Phyllis was fit to stand trial. The doctor noted that he'd not yet made a final determination.

Christine warned Dr. Barrett that Phyllis possessed an extraordinary talent for deception and manipulation. The doctor assured Christine that he was capable of determining the difference between reality and pretense. Dr. Barrett promised to contact Paul and share the results of Phyllis' examination. To ease Christine's apprehension, Dr. Barrett explained that Phyllis would continue to receive counseling and support from her personal psychiatrist. The doctor's plans didn't please Christine.

After the doctor left, Christine told Paul that Phyllis might manipulate Dr. Barrett the same way she had Dr. Tim Reid. Paul pleaded with Christine to watch her stress level. Christine promised Paul that she wouldn't let Phyllis get the best of her or their unborn baby. Paul said he might consider other options if he believed Christine or the baby's well-being was being threatened. Christine made it known that she was determined to pursue Phyllis' case.

In Kelly's office, Jack broke the news to Kelly and explained that Phyllis was no longer a patient at Fairview. Kelly was flattered that Jack had taken it upon himself to protect her. Jack reminded Kelly that Phyllis had been to hell and back. After Jack explained that Phyllis hadn't returned home, Kelly asked where his fiancée might rather be other than at home with him. Jack had an epiphany and left abruptly.

Kelly went to Fairview and asked to speak to Dr. Barrett. A nursed replied, "About a patient?" Kelly replied, "Phyllis Newman." Dr. Barrett approached Kelly. Kelly said, "You wanted to see me?" The doctor said he hoped Kelly might be able to provide valuable insight about Phyllis' state of mind. Kelly replied, "Me? Well, I'd be happy to help you any way I can."

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was surprised to find Phyllis in the living room, talking to Victor. When Nikki asked to speak to Victor alone, Phyllis visited the powder room. Nikki folded her arms and said, "What the hell is going on, here?" Victor explained that Jack had sold Phyllis' condo and was responsible for her incarceration in a mental ward. Victor added that it was right to aid the mother of their granddaughter. Nikki refused to believe that Victor was being Phyllis' hero. Nikki added, "You just want to stick it to Jack."

After the guard phoned to let Nikki know that Jack was on his way, Nikki grew angrier at Victor. Nikki told Victor that he had again deceived her after having promised to focus on her. Victor explained that he'd been the one responsible for Phyllis' miraculous recovery, and he refused to turn his back on her. Phyllis returned to the living room and thanked Nikki for her hospitality. Jack arrived and begged Phyllis to return home with him. Phyllis turned down Jack's offer and said she'd be living at the ranch for a time.

Nikki said that Jack and Phyllis should be alone. Nikki stormed off. Before Victor left, he told Phyllis to summon him if she needed anything. Jack readily admitted to Phyllis that he'd been wrong. He promised to do whatever was necessary to make amends. Phyllis said that nothing would ever make her forget what Jack had done to her. Jack admitted that he'd let Phyllis down. He said he shouldn't have given up on her or gotten involved with another woman.

Jack told Phyllis that he still wanted to marry her. He noticed that Phyllis was no longer wearing his ring. Phyllis said she'd put away her engagement ring because Jack had put a knife in her heart when he'd deserted her at Fairview. Phyllis told Jack that she still loved him but couldn't trust him. Jack stammered when he attempted to respond, but Phyllis told him to take the engagement ring and leave her alone. Jack said, "I have every intention of winning you back again and putting this ring back on your finger."

After Jack left, Victor returned. He asked Phyllis if she was all right. Phyllis sighed and nodded. Victor explained that Phyllis might face a trial and should prepare herself. Phyllis vowed to build herself up. Phyllis insisted that she'd never be anyone's victim ever again.

At a lounge on the edge of town, Neil sat at the bar, drinking whiskey. He glanced at himself in a mirror and ran his hands through his beard. Nikki entered, and Neil spotted her in the mirror. The bartender greeted Nikki and said, "The usual?" Nikki stopped in her tracks when she saw Neil. Neil said, "Go ahead, Nikki. Have a drink. I am."

Neil told Nikki that his eyesight had suddenly returned. Nikki asked why Neil was drinking. Neil replied, "I just saw the devil in disguise." Neil added that both he and Nikki had gone to the bar to forget how the people they loved and trusted had let them down. Nikki said that though she was upset with Victor, she was even more upset with herself for again setting herself up for disappointment.

As Nikki took a sip of vodka, Neil whispered, "I walked in on my wife having sex with my son. They were playing music, soft candles, between the sheets. It was the first thing I saw when I got my vision back." Nikki cried, "What did they say?" Neil explained that he'd left without letting them know he'd been there. Neil added that he hadn't told anyone he could see again because he was trying to determine who he could trust.

Nikki wiped a tear. Slurring her words, Nikki said, "They'll tell you they love you and lie right to your face." Neil said he'd been replaying past conversations and believed that Cane had known all along about Devon and Hilary's affair. Nikki said, "You could confront Hilary and Devon, or maybe they'll tell you the truth." Neil replied, "Maybe I can make them pay."

At Chancellor Park, Paul and Christine sipped hot chocolate. Paul asked Christine to imagine pushing their child in a stroller along the pathway. Christine smiled and said, "I see it!" Paul told Christine to consider everything they had to look forward to whenever thoughts of tangling with Phyllis crept in her head. Paul said, "I want you to think about the future that we have -- the three of us."

One Don't After Another

One Don't After Another

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

At Adam's new penthouse, Adam asked Sage what she thought about his furniture purchases, and she sarcastically said she couldn't wait to test out the things Chelsea had picked out. Adam replied that he liked Chelsea's taste, and Sage retorted that it was Chelsea's taste in men she questioned. Adam called himself a loyal man who was willing to do anything for the woman he loved, but Sage pointed out that Chelsea thought "Gabriel" was taken, and Chelsea lived right across the hall with Billy. Adam declared that he needed Sage's help to remedy the situation.

Chelsea called Billy from Crimson Lights as he was arriving home, and she informed him that she was picking up takeout after a crazy day of working and helping Gabriel pick out furniture. Billy expressed annoyance that she'd spent time with Gabriel, but she downplayed the situation as a chance to shop. Chelsea said she'd be home soon, and Billy stepped off the elevator and found stacks of boxes with Gabriel's name, scattered in the hallway. Billy grumbled to himself as "Gabriel" cheerfully greeted him, and Billy gruffly asked him to get his stuff out of the way so Billy could get home to his family.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea greeted Sharon and asked how the custody hearing had gone. Sharon disclosed that she'd played hardball by putting Faith on the stand to try to counter Nick's attacks, and it had been the deciding factor that had allowed Nick to get full custody. Chelsea regretted that she'd encouraged Sharon to be aggressive, but Sharon replied that her lawyer had advised her to do the same thing, and it had been going well until Mariah had testified that Faith had misunderstood what had been going on between Nick and Sage. Chelsea mentioned that Gabriel and Sage had moved in across the hall, and Sharon was surprised they were a couple. Chelsea wondered if Sharon hoped she still had a chance with Nick.

Sharon recognized that her relationship with Nick was over, but she hoped to be friends again, and she divulged that he'd called her earlier to help comfort Faith after a nightmare. Chelsea suspected that Faith had manipulated Nick into making Sharon deal with it, but Sharon contended that Faith was scared she'd lose her mother, and Nick had looked past his anger to put Faith first. Chelsea thought it sounded like Nick was calling the shots, and she cautioned Sharon not to set herself up for more pain by reading too much into things. Sharon recalled that Chelsea and Adam had been in a similar situation and had worked out their issues, but Chelsea sadly stated that they'd never gotten their happy ending. Sharon hoped Nick would realize joint custody was the best option.

Billy helped "Gabriel" haul in the boxes, and Billy guessed that the new furniture had been Chelsea's doing. Billy was surprised Sage hadn't provided more input, and Sage griped that she'd had no say in picking out her home, so it hadn't been a big deal. Adam claimed that they'd agreed he'd pick out the home while she took care of other things, and Sage pointedly asked what her role was there. Sensing tension between the couple, Billy started to leave, but Sage invited him to stay to give her some neighborly advice. She questioned how people could live together when one of them was living a lie.

Billy wondered what Sage meant, and Adam covered by saying that the living arrangement was new to both him and Sage. Adam said he'd been acting like everything was fine when it hadn't been, but he massaged Sage's shoulders and swore they'd iron out the insignificant things. Sage continued to act abrasive, and Billy hurried to the door to get home to his little boy. "Your little boy?" Adam asked.

As Chelsea entered the hallway, she overheard Billy saying that he loved Connor as if the boy were his own. Chelsea walked in through Adam's open door and asked what was going on, and Billy informed her that he'd been helping to move furniture, but they'd gotten to talking about family. Adam asked if Chelsea thought the furniture had looked better online, and she thought the placement was off. Sage said she had to leave, and Chelsea asked if Sage wanted to help rearrange the furniture, but Sage haughtily stated that it could go in the Dumpster. Sage followed Billy out, and Chelsea apologized for causing a fight between "Gabriel" and his girlfriend. Adam revealed that Sage was really his wife.

"Gabriel" explained that he and Sage had decided to elope instead of having a big wedding, and things had been fine until the "I dos" had turned into "one don't after another." He inquired whether Chelsea had gone through anything similar with Adam, and she said they'd fought all the time, but they had worked to get past their issues and had never given up. Adam asked if that had been the case even when one of them had done something unforgivable, but he quickly apologized and said he'd asked the wrong question when he'd inquired whether she could forgive Adam for covering up Delia's death. Adam questioned whether she'd take her husband back if he walked through the door.

Adam wondered if Chelsea would have stood by her husband through a trial and jail time, and she stammered that she'd never had to make that choice. Adam gently pressed to know what she would have done, and he claimed that he was trying to find a glimmer of hope for him and Sage. Chelsea honestly said she didn't know, and she explained that she'd spent sleepless nights asking that question, but living with Billy and raising Connor together had helped her to focus on the future. An emotional Chelsea suddenly said she had to go, and she rushed out. As she fought back tears in the hall, Billy stepped outside the door and asked what was wrong.

Chelsea said she just wanted to go inside, kiss Connor, and eat dinner, but Billy said he would worry all night if she didn't tell him what had happened. Chelsea divulged that Gabriel had said something that had reminded her of Delia, and Billy realized that it was almost Delia's birthday. He called Delia his sweet Valentine girl, and he suggested that he have dinner with his other sweet Valentine girl. Billy and Chelsea entered the penthouse as Adam peered out his door.

Nick was surprised when Summer and Austin stopped by the tack house, and she announced they were there because Austin hadn't gotten around to telling Nick something. Austin reported that a building inspector had stopped by several times and had threatened to close the Underground unless Nick took action. Nick fretted that the club was booked solid for Valentine's Day, and he asked why Austin hadn't told him earlier. Austin said it had slipped his mind when he'd been working at his real job, but Nick argued that he'd hired Austin when no one else had given Austin a chance, so bartending was Austin's real job.

Nick called the inspector and explained that his staff hadn't wanted to interrupt him while he'd been tending to some important family matters, and he offered to meet at the Underground right away. Austin volunteered to tag along to take responsibility for everything, but Nick said it was too late, and he resolved to find a way to avoid getting shut down. Summer swore she would have said something if she'd known sooner, but Nick grumbled that he'd forgotten how young they were, and he asked them to stay with Faith. After Nick left, Austin blasted Summer for not having his back, and Summer retorted that she hadn't been able to defend him when he'd clearly messed up.

At the Underground, Nick thanked a contractor for meeting him, and he handed over the inspector's extensive list. The contractor said he could get started right away, and he should be able to complete the repairs that week if the weather held up. Nick spotted Sage at the bar and asked if she was celebrating or trying to forget, and she replied that it depended on how he'd done in court. He relayed that he'd won, but he had to figure out a way to keep Faith happy and still keep her safe. Sage called him a good father, and Nick encouraged her to open up about why she was drinking alone instead of being home with her husband, but she reiterated that it wasn't that type of marriage. Nick poured two shots and toasted to better luck and better times, and they chugged the drinks. He said he had to get back to Faith, and Sage repeated that he was a good guy.

Summer checked on Faith and reported that the girl was asleep, and Austin mumbled that something about the day had gone right. He opened a beer and asked if he had permission to drink it, and Summer pointed out that Nick had been supportive of Austin when no one else had. Austin conceded that he was grateful, but he had his dreams and wanted to live off his talents. Summer said it was one of the reasons she loved Austin, but he questioned why she wasn't supportive of him trying to restart his career. Summer wished Austin thought more before he acted, but he countered that had been why he'd married her, and he thought perhaps she wanted to do things over.

Summer asked how Austin could say that when all she'd wanted was to stay married to him, and he groused that everything was about what she wanted. He thought she wanted him to cater to her just like everyone else in her family did by being the perfect son-in-law and bartender, but Summer argued that it was just while he was waiting for something else. She implored him to keep his mind on the job he'd been hired to do, but he barked that she just didn't get him. Nick returned home and lectured that Austin had screwed up, but he'd decided not to fire Austin because of Summer, as long as nothing like that ever happened again. Austin promised it wouldn't because he quit, and he walked out.

Summer was stunned by Austin's actions, and she couldn't believe Austin had thrown the job in Nick's face to go after a dream. Nick reasoned that there was nothing wrong with it, and he recalled venturing out on his own the same way, but Summer thought Nick hadn't been rude and irresponsible. Nick remarked that Victor would disagree, and he suggested that Summer find Austin and tell him that he still had a job. Summer said she loved her husband, but she couldn't pretend everything was okay, and she refused to apologize for having money or a family she was proud of.

Austin drank a beer at the Underground, and he sent a text message to ask if someone was awake. He received a message back, asking what he had in mind.

Avery completed some paperwork at her office, and Dylan stopped by with a pizza. He commended her for winning a big custody case, but he pointed out that she'd been hard at work on Phyllis' case ever since. Avery called the gesture sweet, but she didn't have time, since she had to make sure Phyllis' temporary insanity defense was airtight. Dylan contended that Avery had to be at her best, and he suggested she take a break and let him take care of her. He apologized for being a jerk about her meeting with Joe, and he insisted on making it up to her. They kissed, but Joe knocked on the door and asked if Avery had a minute.

Dylan snapped that Avery was busy, and Joe scoffed at the idea that he'd interrupted some serious legal work. Joe said he was there to see Michael, but Dylan was skeptical that Joe had dropped by at that late hour to see his attorney. Dylan suspected that Joe had seen Avery's light on and had hoped to get her alone, and Joe countered that she'd already been alone with him by her own choice. Dylan became irate that Joe was implying something had happened, and Avery reminded Dylan that she'd said nothing had. Joe contended that Dylan wasn't the man Avery thought he was, but Joe knew exactly what kind of man Dylan was.

Joe predicted that it was just a matter of time before Dylan self-destructed, and Dylan asked if he meant the same way Joe had destroyed his marriage to Avery. Avery tried to call a truce between the men, but they continued to argue, and Avery stormed out. Dylan pledged to do everything he could to make things right, but Joe believed that Dylan's temper said otherwise, and he taunted that the harder Dylan tried, the more Dylan would push Avery away. Dylan started to head out after Avery, but Joe grabbed his arm and said they weren't done talking, and Dylan punched him. Joe referred to Dylan's temper again, and Dylan stalked out.

Sharon found Dylan sitting in the park, rubbing his bruised knuckles, and he said he felt like a sucker for letting someone get to him. She guessed it had been Joe, and she said she owed Dylan for letting her dump her troubles on him earlier. She added that she didn't know what she would have done without him after the judge's decision, and she hoped she hadn't caused problems between him and Avery. Dylan groused that Joe had taken care of that, since things between Joe and Avery had ended without a clean break, and Joe wouldn't back off.

Sharon and Dylan went to her cottage, where she insisted on getting him an icepack for his hand. He noticed the broken picture frames and asked what had happened, so she explained that returning to an empty house and looking at photos of her old life had been too much to bear. She continued that she'd wanted to destroy the memories, and Dylan started to pick up the pieces of broken glass, but he spotted the matches. Sharon swore she was all right, since Nick wasn't completely shutting her out of Faith's life, but Dylan warned that Nick might have done so if he'd seen the state of the room.

Sharon applied ice to Dylan's hand to stop the swelling, but he said he didn't need it. She teased that it was just like she didn't need to keep a lid on her emotions, and she credited him for reminding her that she couldn't afford to go off the rails. She pointed out that both she and Dylan had a tendency to go from zero to 100 in a split second, and he wished he could find somewhere in between to avoid ruining things with Avery. Dylan helped Sharon clean up the mess, she advised him to tell Avery he loved her and to stop sabotaging his life. He promised to call Sharon out if he saw her risking her happiness, and he added that he'd count on her to do the same for him. They bumped fists to seal the deal.

Avery returned to her office and found Joe pressing a can of cold soda against his face. She assumed that he'd provoked Dylan, and Joe insinuated that Dylan would lash out if another guy even looked at her. She said Joe was the complete opposite, since he'd barely paid attention to her on the last Valentine's Day they'd spent together. She flashed back to sitting at a bar with Joe, and she'd excitedly anticipated going to a romantic restaurant, but Joe had informed her that he'd changed their reservations to be close to a strip mall by one of his clients. Joe had been intently staring at his phone, and another man had asked Avery to dance, but she'd politely declined.

Joe had answered a call and had stepped outside, and Avery had approached the other man and had accepted his invitation to dance. Joe hadn't noticed when she'd shared a slow dance with the stranger, but Joe swore that things hadn't gone down that way. Avery argued that he hadn't even looked up from his phone, but Joe remembered that he'd taken the call to cancel his meeting, and he'd cut in to dance with Avery. Joe thought she'd made him out to be an uncaring, dispassionate person, and he asked if it was difficult for her to believe there was another side to him.

Joe acknowledged that he hadn't been the best husband, but he contended that he hadn't been the worst, and he theorized that Avery had envisioned him that way to justify her affair. Joe added that she'd had every right to cheat on him, and Avery conceded that she wasn't sure what the reality had been, but she had been the reason their marriage had ended. Avery took responsibility for bailing on their marriage, and she said she was sorry for not working harder to save it. Joe admitted that he should have shown her how important she'd been to him and that he'd loved her, and he regretted that he'd never had a second chance to do so. He apologized for ruining her night, but she told him they still had unfinished business.

Avery tended to Joe's lip and said it might sting, but he replied that it didn't hurt at all. He thanked her and kissed her hand, but she said they should call it a night. Joe said he'd enjoyed the pizza, and Avery recalled that another kind was his favorite. He was glad she remembered some things, and he told her to enjoy her night. As Joe stepped out to the corridor, Avery flashed back to happily slow-dancing with Joe at the bar, and she looked down at her engagement ring.

Whose Side Is Victor Really On?

Whose Side Is Victor Really On?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jack and Summer met for coffee at Crimson Lights. Summer was surprised to learn that her mother was staying with Victor and Nikki. Jack said it didn't make sense for Phyllis to stay at the Newmans', but Summer said Phyllis probably didn't trust Jack. Jack reminded Summer that the only choices for Phyllis had been a psychological evaluation at Fairview -- or a jail cell.

Jack said it was important for them to "rescue" Phyllis from the ranch. Summer asked Jack where he wanted Phyllis to go -- he certainly couldn't expect Phyllis to return to the Abbott mansion where Kelly had once lived. Summer felt the Newman ranch was a safe haven for Phyllis, but Jack insisted that Phyllis needed to get out of "Victor's orbit."

At the Newman ranch, Phyllis was having a nightmare. She dreamed that she was still locked up at Fairview and that Jack had completely abandoned her. In the dream, Phyllis turned around and spotted "Nurse" Kelly holding a giant syringe, ready to plunge the needle into Phyllis.

Phyllis woke up with a start. Victor noticed the terrified look on her face and assured her that she was safe -- a bad dream had shocked her awake. Phyllis said that spending time in a mental institution could wreak havoc on one's mind. Victor agreed, remembering the time long before when he had been a patient in a psych ward.

Later, Victor had a phone conversation with Dr. Barrett, Phyllis' psychiatrist. Barrett told Victor that Kelly Andrews had provided "significant insight into the situation." The doctor declared, "Phyllis Newman is sane." Victor said that was very good news and hung up, not realizing that Phyllis was standing behind him.

Phyllis was livid that Victor had spoken to her doctor. She thought Victor might have told Barrett to show up at the ranch with straitjackets and sedatives. Victor assured Phyllis that no one was showing up to escort her back to Fairview -- both Victor and Dr. Barrett felt that Phyllis was perfectly sane.

Victor told Phyllis he didn't believe she had poisoned Kelly. Victor said Kelly had "played" the police, the district attorney -- and Jack. Phyllis swore she hadn't tampered with Kelly's drink, telling Victor that Kelly had convinced everyone otherwise. Phyllis said Kelly had won because there was no longer any way to prove that Kelly had poisoned her own drink. Victor said Kelly hadn't won -- and there were ways to prove that.

Summer arrived at the ranch house and was thrilled to see her mother. Phyllis insisted that she was okay. She just needed to know that Summer believed in her innocence. Summer appeared hesitant to answer. Victor left Phyllis and Summer so they could talk privately.

Phyllis told Summer that she hadn't been herself when she'd awoken from her coma, not because of Dr. Cutler's medication but because "the world was spinning around, and I needed to catch up." Phyllis insisted that she had and further insisted that she had never tried to harm Kelly. Phyllis admitted that she had pulled "a stunt or two" in her life, but she knew that she had not poisoned Kelly. She was going to fight to clear her name. Summer said she wanted to believe Phyllis. Phyllis said that was enough until the truth was revealed. She warned Summer to be careful around Kelly -- a "truly dangerous woman."

Avery was working at her law office desk when Christine sauntered in and dropped a folder on Avery's desk. She smugly informed Avery that the folder contained the psychiatrist's report on Phyllis. Before walking out, Christine said, "Enjoy the read. I'll see you and Phyllis in court."

Avery summoned Jack to her office and informed him that Phyllis' psychiatrist had found Phyllis competent to stand trial. Jack said that because Phyllis couldn't remember anything about poisoning Kelly, Phyllis shouldn't be held accountable for her alleged actions. Avery read aloud from the report, "The doctor finds Phyllis 'lucid, clever, and calculating... fully aware of her surroundings, her actions, and repercussions.'" Avery worried that the psychiatrist's report alone might be enough to convict Phyllis.

Jack wondered how Dr. Barrett could possibly have found Phyllis to be competent. Phyllis had been "spinning out of control" upon admission to Fairview. Jack thought that perhaps Christine had compromised the doctor. Avery knew that Christine very much wanted to convict Phyllis but felt that Christine would do it "fair and square," so she could savor her victory. Jack said someone had paid off the doctor, speculating, "I'm sure if we look at the situation closely, we'll find Victor's fingerprints all over it."

Jack confronted Dr. Barrett at Fairview. He wanted to know who had convinced the doctor to declare Phyllis sane and questioned if it was the chief of police, the district attorney, or perhaps a powerful business magnate? Jack said that no matter how much money "he" had promised Barrett, Jack would pay double. The doctor said that if Jack wanted to defend Phyllis' cause, bribery was not the answer. Barrett said he had interviewed Phyllis as well as the victim, and the result was clear. Jack was surprised to learn the doctor had interviewed Kelly.

Jack confronted Kelly at her office, demanding to know why she had spoken to Dr. Barrett. Kelly calmly replied that the doctor had asked her to speak with him. Jack accused Kelly of painting Phyllis as a "manipulative maniac." Kelly denied saying anything like that and was upset that Jack felt Phyllis' predicament was Kelly's fault.

Jack lashed out and said that Kelly had wanted Phyllis to suffer from the moment Phyllis had returned to Genoa City. Kelly insisted that wasn't true .She had advised Dr. Barrett not to lock Phyllis up. Jack glared at her and said, "And somehow, not a word of that made it into his report."

Jack once again warned Kelly that "getting Phyllis out of the way" wasn't going to clear the way for a Jack-Kelly reconciliation. Kelly said she had no desire to be Jack's "consolation prize" and began giving Jack advice about Phyllis. He sternly stated that he wasn't interested in what Kelly had to say. As he stormed out, he told Kelly to stay away.

Kelly sobbed and buried her head in her arms. When she looked up, Victor was standing next to her. He handed her a handkerchief and said that Jack Abbott didn't deserve her tears. She asked Victor if he wanted to book an event. Victor replied, "I'm here because you and I want the same thing."

Jack returned to the Newman ranch to talk with Phyllis. He wanted to tell her that she had been declared competent to stand trial. Phyllis informed Jack that she already knew. Jack said he was sorry the doctor hadn't seen that there were extenuating circumstances. Phyllis interrupted, "For my crimes?" Jack said they weren't crimes -- they were mistakes. He wanted to discuss a legal strategy with Phyllis, but she said she didn't need Jack's advice -- she had Victor on her side.

Christine ran into Paul at Crimson Lights and began kissing him. Paul was pleased but wondered what the occasion was. Christine informed him that Phyllis had been declared sane and was finally going to face justice. Gleefully, Christine said, "This is a world that I am happy to bring a baby into." She began rambling about how she was going to break Phyllis into "tiny little pieces" on the witness stand. Paul grew angry and told her to stop.

Paul wondered if Christine still had a vendetta against Phyllis for what Phyllis had allegedly done 20 years earlier. When he suggested that Christine back away from the case and enjoy the birth of their child, Christine thought he was implying that she couldn't be pregnant and do her job at the same time. Paul said that convicting Phyllis was no longer a job for Christine -- it was a mission. He urged Christine to hand the case over to the assistant district attorney so they could surround their baby with nothing but positive things.

Christine grew upset. Avery entered the coffee shop in time to hear Christine insist that she was going to see Phyllis behind bars. Ignoring Avery, Christine stomped out.

Paul sat down with Avery and told her they needed to "stop this thing from blowing up on everybody." Paul suggested that Avery approach Christine with a plea deal, but Avery said Christine didn't want a plea deal; she wanted retribution and "maximum suffering." Paul confided that Christine's stress level was extraordinarily high, and he was worried about the baby. Avery wondered if Paul wanted her to give up on Phyllis. Paul said it wouldn't be giving up -- a plea bargain would be a solution.

Billy was decorating the penthouse for Valentine's Day as Connor, dressed as Cupid, watched. Across the hall, Chelsea knocked on the Binghams' door, and a shirtless Adam answered. Chelsea invited Adam to join her and Billy for dinner. She hoped that "Gabriel" could convince Sage to join him. Chelsea seemed determined to rekindle the romance in "Gabriel" and Sage's marriage.

As Chelsea entered her apartment and closed the door, Sage walked off the elevator and noticed Adam staring wistfully at Chelsea's apartment. Sage thought Adam was trying to get a glimpse of Chelsea, but Adam informed Sage that their "fake fight" the previous evening had paid off -- he and Sage had been invited to join Chelsea and Billy for dinner so Chelsea could play marriage counselor.

Sage changed clothes and returned to the living room. While she had been upstairs, flowers -- sent by Nick -- had been delivered. Adam wondered what was going on between Sage and his brother. Sage explained that she had been drinking with Nick the previous evening. Adam reminded Sage that she was supposed to be married to "Gabriel," so he wanted her to stop "sucking up" to Nick. Sage snapped that her relationship with Adam was strictly business -- and would end when she received her share of the Bingham fortune. Adam warned Sage not to hope for a future with Nick -- it would be Nick and Sharon "until the end of time."

Sage insisted that Chelsea would never leave Billy for "Gabriel." Adam said that, given time, Chelsea would fall in love with "Gabriel," and he, Chelsea, and Connor would be a family once again.

Chelsea was thrilled with all the Valentine's Day decorating Billy had done. She had a big laugh when Billy descended the stairs with "baby Cupid" in his arms. Billy told Chelsea that he wanted to take her out for dinner. She informed him that she had just invited "Gabriel" and Sage over for dinner.

Billy was disappointed, as he wanted to have an early Valentine's Day celebration with Chelsea..He didn't want to celebrate on February 14th, as that was Delia's birthday. Chelsea said she could reschedule the dinner party. She shocked Billy by informing him that Sage and "Gabriel" had gotten married -- but were already experiencing marital difficulties. Billy thought it quite odd that Sage and Gabriel had wed on the spur of the moment then had immediately begun having marital problems. He seemed somewhat intrigued and told Chelsea to begin preparing for the dinner party.

Adam and Sage showed up. Chelsea noticed that Adam seemed overly attentive to Connor -- she said that he seemed like a man ready to have kids. Adam replied that if he could, he would like to have a dozen kids just like Connor. Billy noticed that Sage suddenly seemed sad. She picked up Connor's teddy bear, stared at it as if bereft, then put it back down.

Later, Adam and Chelsea went to the kitchen to grab another bottle of wine, leaving Billy alone with Sage. Billy told Sage he had noticed that when the conversation had turned to children, Sage had seemed to become upset. Adam eavesdropped as Sage told Billy, "Sometimes you can want a child so much. But wishing for a family doesn't make it real."

Later, Sage said that she had a bad headache and needed to leave. After she and Adam left, Chelsea and Billy agreed that the evening had been awkward, but Chelsea thought they should do it again. Billy said they shouldn't allow Connor to be around Sage and "Gabriel" anymore. Chelsea thought "Gabe" had been great around Connor. Billy said it wasn't about "Gabe." Billy was concerned about Sage and told Chelsea that Sage was unable to conceive. Chelsea thought that "Gabriel" would make a great dad, and she hoped he found a way to make that happen.

Sage and Adam returned to their apartment. Adam was angry because he thought Sage had been referring to him when she'd told Billy that "wishing for a family doesn't make it real." Sage's eyes welled up with tears, and she told Adam that she would never be able to have a child. Adam wondered if Gabriel had known that Sage couldn't have kids. Sage stated that her arrangement with Gabriel had been strictly business -- similar to her arrangement with Adam.

Sage began crying when she told Adam that Gabriel had wanted life to be carefree. He hadn't had time for sadness. Adam tenderly asked Sage if she had wanted more from Gabriel than a business arrangement. Sage declared herself pathetic. Adam placed his arm around her and assured her that was not the case.

Sage wondered why Adam had put his arm around her. He joked that his arm had fallen asleep. Sage finally smiled and accused Adam of having a heart. Adam joked, "Let's not get carried away." She looked into Adam's eyes and said, "You're going to win Chelsea back."

Kevin showed up at the Underground and excitedly told Mariah that he had the day off. Mariah, alas, did not. They teased each other about each other's quirky at-home behaviors -- they had learned a lot since becoming roommates. Mariah mentioned that Kevin put chocolate milk in his cereal. Kevin defended his breakfast choice but didn't understand why Mariah brushed her teeth six times a day. Mariah said that although she had been raised in a cult with no moral compass, she believed in good oral hygiene.

While getting something from under the counter, Mariah found an unaddressed invitation to a Valentine's Day party to be held at the Abbott cabin. Kevin and Mariah had no idea who had "sent" the invitation but tried to figure it out. Kevin thought it might be from Summer and Austin, but Mariah reminded Kevin that Summer hated her.

Austin showed up at the bar. He told Mariah he was there to pick up his last paycheck. Mariah was upset with Austin, but he said the job at Nick's bar was a handout, and he was nobody's charity case.

Summer arrived. She and Austin exchanged a tentative hello. Mariah immediately asked Summer if she was behind the "V Day" party. Kevin held up the invitation, and Austin said he and Summer had received an identical invitation. When Summer said, "We did?" Mariah suspected that Summer and Austin had not spent the previous evening together.

Summer asked Mariah why she cared where anyone slept. Mariah said that she generally didn't, but since she had hit a sore spot with Summer, she would love to discuss the subject more. Kevin whisked Mariah away.

Summer asked Austin why he could no longer work for Nick. Austin said that he had to move on. Summer wondered if that meant he needed to "move on" from their marriage. He said it didn't. Summer apologized for having stayed out the previous night. They hesitantly discussed plans for Valentine's Day. They couldn't decide whether or not to attend the party at the Abbott cabin.

Summer took Austin by the hand and they walked to the other side of the bar, where Kevin and Mariah were still inspecting the mysterious invitation. From behind a drape, someone was watching the foursome as they tried to guess who was behind the Abbott cabin party.

Hex on Men

Hex on Men

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ashley greeted Jack at Jabot, and she presented him with mockups for the advertising campaign for her new fragrance, but she bragged that the product would sell itself. She envisioned becoming co-CEO again if the product sales met her expectations, and Jack said he'd be thrilled to make the announcement. Ashley received an email from her assistant, and she gasped in horror when she opened an attachment with a magazine ad for Brash & Sassy's new fragrance. Ashley revealed that Newman was using a slogan about casting a spell over a man to make the wearer of the perfume irresistible, and she ranted that it was the definition of a hex. She concluded that Victor had stolen their marketing concept as well as her fragrance, and Jack replied that Victor had done a lot more than that.

Ashley was stunned when Jack informed her that Victor had moved Phyllis into the ranch, and Jack explained that Phyllis thought Jack had betrayed her by sending her to Fairview, even though it had been her only shot at an insanity defense. Jack blasted Victor for capitalizing on Phyllis' fear and vulnerability, and Ashley griped that it hadn't been enough for Victor to screw them over in business. Ashley declared that she'd had it with Victor's vindictive attacks on their family, and she stormed out.

In the Athletic Club office, Kelly asked what Victor had meant when he'd said they wanted the same things, and he smirked and replied that he didn't want Phyllis in Jack's life any more than Kelly did. Victor contended that Jack had done terrible things to Phyllis, like not telling her the truth about his affair with Kelly, but Kelly wondered why Victor cared about Kelly's feelings. Victor admitted that he didn't, but he explained that he cared about his granddaughter. Victor swore that if Kelly still wanted Jack in her life, he could make it happen, but Kelly inquired about what was in it for Victor.

Victor asserted that he wanted Phyllis to be free of "that destructive jackass," and Kelly queried whether something was going on between Victor and Phyllis. Victor denied that they were romantically involved, but he wouldn't allow Jack to destroy the progress Victor had made by getting Phyllis out of her coma. Kelly blurted out that Phyllis had been the one destroying Jack, and she defended that Jack had been more patient and understanding than Phyllis had deserved. Kelly added that Phyllis had done things in order to keep Jack in her life, including harming Kelly, but Victor declared that Phyllis had been out of Jack's life since she'd been released from Fairview. Victor divulged that Phyllis was staying with him at the ranch, and Kelly was shocked that Phyllis had left Jack. Victor told Kelly to think about his offer, and he left.

At the ranch, Nikki called out for Victor, but she was displeased when she found Phyllis alone in the living room. Phyllis reported that Victor hadn't been there for a while, and Nikki grumbled that she'd thought he'd be doting over his pet project. Phyllis said she was grateful for the huge favor, but she wondered if Nikki didn't want her there. Nikki spat that she didn't want Phyllis staying in her home, and she was further irritated when Avery arrived to see Phyllis. Avery announced that she was there as Phyllis' attorney.

Avery requested time alone with Phyllis, and Nikki stalked off. Avery scolded Phyllis for hurting Jack by living there, but Phyllis snapped that the fact that he'd tricked her into committing herself to an insane asylum wasn't sitting well with her. Phyllis asked for an update about where things stood, and Avery revealed that the psychiatrist's report was in.

Phyllis imagined that Jack had been disappointed to hear she hadn't been deemed crazy, but Avery said the shrink had labeled Phyllis as a cold and calculating person who'd known what she'd been doing. Phyllis countered that she had had no recollection of poisoning Kelly, and everyone had just assumed she'd done it. Phyllis wondered if Avery thought she was lying, and Avery warned that Christine had everything she needed to convict Phyllis of the crime. Phyllis asked for the alternative, and Avery suggested a plea, but Phyllis said there was "no way in hell."

Avery worried that Phyllis was in serious trouble, but Phyllis snarled that "Cricket" shouldn't be allowed to try the case, and she declared that part of Avery's job was "bug removal." Avery maintained that the case against Phyllis was still very compelling, and Phyllis incredulously asked if Avery thought Phyllis had poisoned Kelly. Avery fumbled for a response, and Phyllis fired Avery as her lawyer. Victor entered and reiterated that Phyllis was no longer in need of Avery's legal services, and Avery cautioned that dismissing her wouldn't make the charges go away, but Phyllis said she'd settle for Avery going away. Avery swore to be there if Phyllis needed her, but Phyllis sternly said she wouldn't, and Avery left.

Victor said the last thing Phyllis needed was someone on her defense team who thought she was mentally unbalanced, and Nikki overheard and said she'd thought Phyllis was smart enough to understand what was going on. Nikki contended that in all the years she'd known Victor, she could count on one hand the times he'd done something out of the kindness of his heart. Nikki warned that there were always strings attached, but she imagined that Phyllis was going along with it because she wanted to stick it to Jack. Nikki told Victor not to wait up for her, and she walked out. Victor freely admitted to Phyllis that there was something in it for him.

Victor conceded that he wasn't a selfless man, but Summer had been a lost soul when Phyllis had been in the coma, and he hated that Summer had turned to Austin and Sharon for support. Victor claimed that he was still trying to straighten the mess out, and he thought the most important thing was for Phyllis to stay away from Jack. Phyllis surmised that Victor was also enjoying the effect her staying there was having on Jack, but Victor huffed that Jack's feelings were irrelevant to him. Phyllis imagined that Victor had a bigger picture in mind, and she suspected there was a lot more going on than Victor was saying. Victor chuckled.

Ashley arrived, and she accused Victor of theft, since he hadn't even tried to be subtle about copying her fragrance and Jabot's ad campaign. She snarled that she'd sweated blood while working on the fragrance for more than a year, but he'd had no respect when he'd bugged her lab and planted spies. Ashley blasted that he'd slapped his company's name on her product and was going to market ahead of Jabot, and she knew exactly what he was capable of and how low he would go. Ashley turned to Phyllis and admonished her for letting Victor use her that way, but Phyllis countered that she knew exactly what she was doing.

Phyllis barked that Jack had lied to her and had tricked her into going to the psych ward, but Ashley said Jack had gone into mourning after Phyllis' accident, and he'd given up on life. Phyllis retorted that Jack had found a warm body to mourn with, and Ashley asked if Phyllis was punishing Jack because he'd finally managed to move on with his life. Victor chided Ashley for taking her failed business plan out on Phyllis, but Ashley insisted that it was personal, and she concluded that Phyllis was angry with Jack for abandoning her. Ashley pointed out that Victor was willing and able to torment her family, and she knew Jack and Avery were working hard to convince the world Phyllis was crazy, but she was aware that Phyllis knew exactly what she was doing.

At Jabot, Avery reported to Jack that Phyllis had fired her, and she'd tried to show how dire the situation was, but Victor had undermined her. Jack accused Victor of taking advantage of the situation, and Avery fretted that she didn't know what to do, since they could no longer have Phyllis committed. Jack blamed Kelly for convincing the psychiatrist that Phyllis had been determined to get rid of the competition, and he worried that he couldn't get through to Phyllis. Avery empathized, but she announced that she had a way to show a judge that Phyllis really was unstable.

Avery reasoned that even the slightest thing could set Phyllis off, and she suggested that Jack trigger Phyllis' temper in front of witnesses to help them prove Phyllis' instability in court. Jack refused to set Phyllis up, but Avery argued that Phyllis considered them the enemy, and they were out of time. Jack thought they could find another way to keep Phyllis out of prison, but Avery insisted her approach was the only way. Jack called orchestrating a public breakdown a "Victor move," and he wouldn't hurt Phyllis that way.

Neil arrived at Jabot, and he flashed back to walking in on Hilary and Devon making love. He stepped off the elevator with his walking cane and spotted Hilary, who saw him but ignored him. Pretending to still be blind, Neil called out her name, and he apologized and claimed that he thought he'd recognized his wife's perfume. A guilty Hilary admitted it was her, and Neil pointedly said he'd been afraid he'd been making a fool of himself. He noted that Hilary had gotten home late the night before and had slipped out before he'd kissed her good morning, and he pointed out that they hadn't talked since she'd left "like a bat out of hell." She grappled for an explanation, but he told her she had nothing to apologize for.

Neil reasoned that the devastating news about his sight had been a lot for Hilary to process, and he recognized that she'd needed time away from him. He caressed her face and said he knew how hard it had been for her, and she fibbed that she hadn't been trying to avoid him, but she'd been neglecting her work. Neil stressed that he appreciated how much she'd sacrificed, and he insisted on taking her out for a special Valentine's Day to show how grateful he was that she'd stuck by him. Not knowing her husband could see her, Hilary didn't try to hide the look of panic on her face.

Neil met Nikki at a bar, and she informed him that she'd already ordered his usual drink for him. He tossed back the drink and hissed that he couldn't get the image of Hilary and Devon having sex out of his head. He divulged that he'd tracked Hilary down at Jabot, and he had told her he wanted to plan a beautiful Valentine's dinner, but the panicked look on his wife's face had said everything. He raged that he'd have more respect for Hilary if she literally stabbed him in the back, and he confessed that he'd wanted to lash out at Hilary. Nikki advised that no good ever happened from anger, and Neil agreed that it wouldn't be satisfying enough. He vowed that Hilary wouldn't get off that easy.

Neil got another round of drinks, and he asked how things were going with Victor. Nikki complained that Victor constantly droned on about how much their marriage meant, but he always turned around and inflicted more pain. She groused that Victor had been busy resurrecting Phyllis when Nikki had needed him, and she'd forgiven him, but she'd since found Phyllis living at her house. Neil surmised the situation was temporary, but Nikki groaned that it was indefinite, and Victor hadn't even asked her before he'd given Phyllis a room. Nikki questioned how much one person was supposed to take, and she slurred that she was done making excuses for Victor.

Later, Nikki confronted Jack at Jabot and asked how he had let Phyllis move into Nikki's home, but Jack told her to take it up with Victor. Nikki demanded that Jack get Phyllis out of her house, and Jack questioned whether she expected him to drag Phyllis off by her hair. Nikki yelled that she wanted Phyllis gone, or she'd do it herself.

Downstairs at the Athletic Club, Lily asked about Devon's plans for Valentine's Day, but he changed the topic to the fact the holiday was Lily and Cane's anniversary. Cane announced that he intended to sweep Lily off to Chicago for an evening out after he finished working with Jill, and he told Devon about the possibility that Chancellor would move to Chicago. Cane added that they were flying out on a private jet the next night, and they'd spend Valentine's Day together after he met with Jill and Colin. A surprised Devon commented that Colin had nothing to do with Chancellor, but he spotted an upset Hilary in the foyer, and he excused himself to go to her. Hilary cried that Neil was planning an elaborate surprise, and she couldn't keep up the charade.

Devon thought Neil needed to be in a better place before they said anything, but Hilary protested that she couldn't pretend to be swept away by Neil's romantic gestures, and she reminded Devon that they'd made an agreement to tell Neil by Valentine's Day. Devon suggested they turn Jill and Cane's business meeting in Chicago into a family trip, but Hilary argued that neither she nor Neil had anything to do with Chancellor. Devon urged her to hype it up as a good time, so she wouldn't have to be alone with Neil, and she and Devon could spend part of Valentine's Day together. She reluctantly agreed to make it work, and he promised it would be a holiday to remember as he squeezed her hand.

Devon said he hated lying just as much as Hilary did, but Hilary whined that he didn't have to live with Neil or say the loving things a wife was supposed to say. Hilary continued that she was the one who had to sleep beside Neil, praying he didn't touch her so she didn't have to make a stupid excuse. Hilary wailed that she was starting to hate herself, and she didn't want to do it anymore. Devon promised to find a way to get through it and to tell Neil when the time was right, and she sobbed that she didn't know how much longer she could keep pretending. Devon pulled her close as Neil walked in.

Devon and Hilary jumped apart, and Hilary approached Neil and cooed that she'd been thinking about him. She apologized for being distant, and she said it had been difficult for all of them, but she'd been brainstorming about Valentine's Day. She cheerfully said she had something special to tell him about, and he said he couldn't wait to hear what she had in mind. Hilary feigned enthusiasm as she told Neil about the trip with a group of people they loved the most, and Neil said it sounded perfect to all be together in one place. She looked over at Devon and nodded.

Kelly asked for a moment to speak with Lily, and she called Lily an amazing friend who'd always told her the truth even when it had hurt. Kelly wondered if she'd been reading too much into what she'd had with Jack, and Lily said it was a shame things had gone that far. Lily understood that rage could drive people to hurt others or even themselves, and Kelly realized Lily thought Kelly had spiked her own tea. Kelly defended that she hadn't needed to do anything that extreme to fend off Phyllis, and she declared that she wasn't the only one who thought she and Jack had had something real.

Later, Lily gushed that she was excited about the trip, and Cane replied that he couldn't wait. She said it had been forever since they'd had some time away from the kids, and she pledged that it would be an anniversary to remember.

Avery entered the club, and Kelly asked if they could talk, but Avery thought it was a bad idea. Kelly insisted that the doctor had called her to discuss Phyllis, but Avery guessed that Kelly hadn't missed the opportunity to bury her rival. Kelly asked if she should have lied, and Avery contended that Phyllis was still struggling with the aftereffects of experimental medication and dealing with the fact that the world had moved on without her, but she thought Kelly had made it sound like Phyllis was capable of attempted murder. Avery growled that if anyone needed a stay at Fairview, it was Kelly, and Kelly suddenly grabbed a knife from a nearby table and ordered Avery to stop saying that. Avery remarked that she'd hit a nerve, and Kelly dropped the knife and walked off.

Jack met Avery at the club, and he informed her he'd been doing more thinking about her plan. He admitted he still didn't like it, but he agreed they had to do something to prevent the situation from getting worse. Avery conceded she wasn't thrilled with her idea, but the thought of Phyllis losing her freedom was far worse, and she wanted to work out the details quickly. Jack insisted that Phyllis not know, since she'd consider it the ultimate betrayal. Avery glanced over at Kelly and said Jack wouldn't be alone in it.

Have You Seen My Silk Panties?

Have You Seen My Silk Panties?

Friday, February 13, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Faith munched on a candy heart, and Nick warned her not to eat too many. She chirped that candy was the reason for Valentine's Day, but he reminded her that it was a day to show people love. He asked who she loved, and she replied that she loved him and her mommy. Nick teased Faith about liking a boy in her class, but she swore that she'd never love a boy. He said he'd remind her she'd said that when she turned 16, and Noah approached.

Noah sent Faith to the counter to get a cookie, and Nick said he'd call Noah when she crashed from a sugar high. Noah said he had a party to go to, and Nick ribbed him for bailing on the biggest night of the year at the Underground. Nick received a text message, and he learned that the babysitter had just flaked and couldn't watch Faith that night. Nick wondered where he could find a sitter on short notice, and Noah inquired whether Nick really had to ask.

At the cottage, Sharon looked at an old Valentine's Day card from Nick, and she flashed back to going out for a romantic night together, during which they had agreed they'd had it all. Nick stopped by the cottage with Faith, and the girl asked if she could see her room, since she'd missed it. Faith ran upstairs, and Nick explained that it was a huge night at the club, but Noah and Summer had plans that evening. Sharon recognized that the judge had ruled in Nick's favor, but she assured him she was capable of looking after her daughter, and she was glad to have the chance to prove it.

Later, Sharon admired Faith's valentines, but Faith observed that Sharon hadn't received any. Sharon went to the kitchen to check on the cookies, and Faith erased her own name from one of her valentines and wrote something in its place. Sharon returned, and Faith announced that Sharon had received a valentine from Nick. Sharon said it was a sweet gesture, but she lectured that it wasn't okay to lie. Faith defended that she hadn't wanted Sharon to be sad, and Sharon swore she wasn't. They hugged, and Faith asked if Sharon would be sad if Nick had sent a valentine to someone else.

Summer and Austin cautiously entered the Abbott cabin, and Kevin and Mariah said they'd just gotten there. Austin contemplated what kind of party it was with only the four of them, and Mariah replied that it would be a painful one. Abby announced her arrival, and Summer wondered who had sent the invitations. Abby remarked that many adventures began with mystery, but Mariah countered that a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere was the classic setting for a horror movie, and all they needed was for someone to knock on the door. The group jumped when someone rapped loudly.

Abby answered the door despite Summer's protests, but it was just Fen, followed shortly thereafter by Noah, who mentioned that Courtney would be on her way after she finished her shift. Noah surmised they'd all received anonymous invitations to a party, and Abby mentioned there was a ton to eat and drink. Noah asked if Abby knew who had arranged the event, and she admitted she'd sent the invitations, since she hadn't wanted to be alone on Valentine's Day. Mariah quipped that someone was actually more pathetic than she was, and Kevin suggested they get the party started with some drinks. Austin suspected that Summer was disappointed Kyle hadn't been the host of the party.

Summer insisted her relationship with Kyle was in the past and that she loved Austin. Austin recognized that he was taking out his frustration with work on her, and he proposed that they start Valentine's Day over. Abby suggested they play the "Never Have I Ever" drinking game, and the group passed around cups and filled them with alcohol. Austin handed Summer a cup and assured her it was fine, since she was among friends and not driving. Abby started by saying she'd never told a lie, and the entire group sipped. Abby bragged that she knew how to get a party started, and people started to take turns saying things they'd "never" done.

Summer said she'd never had a crush on a best friend, and Fen readily took a swig, while Mariah and Kevin glanced at one another and chugged. Kevin said he'd never cheated on a test, and most people at the cabin drank, but Mariah didn't. She claimed she'd skipped class instead of showing up for tests, and failing was different than cheating. Abby said she'd never been to jail, and Fen pointed out that he'd almost spent his whole life in prison for a murder he hadn't committed. Fen declared that he'd never committed murder, and Austin suddenly stood up and announced that the game was over. Austin walked out, and Summer chased after him.

At the penthouse, Chelsea invited Victoria, Stitch, and Katie to enter, and she informed them that Billy wasn't there. Victoria said she would have gotten a sitter, but she'd thought Billy wanted to be with the kids, and Chelsea explained that Billy had just needed to go out for a while. Chelsea continued that Billy was always drawn back to Delia's memorial on special occasions, and Victoria offered to ask Nikki to watch the kids so Chelsea could find him, but Chelsea was sure Billy wanted to see his children when he got home. Chelsea added that spending time with Delia was what he needed, so it wasn't like he was really alone.

Billy knelt at Delia's roadside memorial, and he wished his late daughter a happy birthday as Adam hid in the shadows. Billy presented Delia with a copy of a plaque that hung on the wall of the theater built in her honor, and Adam listened as Billy disclosed that the theater would open that week. Billy called it a really special place where kids could act, sing, and dance -- all the things Delia had loved doing. Billy set down the plaque next to photos of Delia and Katie, and he wondered if Katie would end up being as much of a ham as Delia had been. He sobbed that Katie was beautiful, just like Delia had been, but no one would ever take Delia's place.

Billy proclaimed that Adam might have taken Delia from him, but she'd always be in his heart, and Adam could never destroy her memory. Adam stepped away, and Billy heard a branch snap. Billy called out and asked if anyone was there, but he assumed the noise had been the wind. He said he'd hoped it had been Delia, since sometimes he thought she'd be there when he heard a kid laugh or spotted a girl on a pink bike. He sadly stated that there would be no more laughing or birthday cakes, but he'd wanted to give her something special, and only one thing could have been better -- justice.

Billy admitted that he'd really wanted to make Adam pay for what he'd done to Delia, but Adam had gotten off easy by dying. Billy added that people might think he was happy Adam was gone, but he wasn't. Delia appeared and said, "Maybe 'cause he's not gone, Daddy." Billy said he didn't want to talk about it, but Delia insisted that Adam was alive in Connor the way she was alive in Billy. She expressed concern that Billy wouldn't be nice to Connor because Billy was mad at Adam, and Billy assured her that he thought of Connor as his own son, but he couldn't forget that Adam had taken her from him.

Delia advised Billy not to waste time being mad when he could be happy, and he remembered she'd written that for a school project. Billy understood that he had to stop hating Adam to focus on the people he loved, and Delia asked if he forgave Adam. Billy pledged to work hard to honor her memory and to be the man Delia had wanted him to be, and that meant letting go of the hatred in his heart to make room for the love. He promised to try really hard, and he said he loved her very much. He swore that every time he thought about her, they would be happy thoughts, and Delia said goodbye.

Adam stepped off the elevator, and he ran into Sage in the hallway outside their penthouse. He jokingly asked if she was deserting her husband on the most romantic night of the year, and she looked down at the bottle of wine in his hand and asked if he planned on trying to forget about his one true love. He urged Sage to go out while he drowned himself in the wine, and she left. Adam hovered outside Chelsea's door for a moment before he rang the doorbell, and Chelsea greeted "Gabriel." Adam claimed he'd bought the wine to share with Sage, and Chelsea surmised they'd had another fight. Adam suggested that Billy and Chelsea enjoy it, and he wished her a happy Valentine's Day. Adam turned to leave, but Chelsea told him to wait.

Adam wondered why Chelsea and Billy weren't celebrating, and Chelsea explained that it was a difficult day for Billy. Chelsea mentioned she'd told Victoria that Billy needed time alone, but she was having second thoughts. Adam suggested she find Billy. Chelsea fretted that she didn't know what Billy needed, since there were some things that even people who loved one another didn't share, and Adam sympathized that it was tough. He started to go, but Chelsea said she didn't know when Billy would be home, and she invited "Gabriel" to join her for a glass of wine.

Chelsea showed Adam the atypical Valentine's gift she'd purchased for Billy -- a tea rose bush that Billy could plant in the spring to blossom by May. She explained that Valentine's Day was Billy's daughter's birthday, and tea roses had been Delia's favorite flower. Chelsea planned to give it to Billy the next day to avoid making that day harder, but Adam remarked that he didn't think that was possible. Chelsea recalled that she'd seen Billy looking through old photos on his phone that morning, and he hadn't known she'd been there. She said Billy tried to make it seem like he was okay, but she knew the pain was right there under the surface, and she couldn't make it go away.

Chelsea commented that there was no getting over losing a child, but she noticed "Gabriel" seemed distant, and she asked if he was okay. Adam said the talk about losing children and being a father -- or not being a father, in his case -- had gotten to him, and Chelsea concluded that he was referring to the fact that Sage couldn't have children. Chelsea hugged him, and Billy walked in on their embrace.

At the Underground, Nick greeted his customers, and Victoria and Stitch arrived. Victoria said they were an old, boring couple who had to be home by nine, and Nick offered to set them up with drinks before the youngsters started pouring in. The couple retreated to a booth, and Stitch objected to being called old and boring, but she asked if he'd taken a look at the crowd. Stitch noted that they'd returned to the scene of the crime where they'd first gotten together, and Victoria joked that she kind of remembered it. He recalled the room had been spinning, and she said that night had been the first time she'd considered him to be someone she really cared about.

Sage entered the bar, and Nick asked how she was feeling. She thanked him for the flowers, and he hoped they'd made her forget about feeling bad. She observed that he looked like she should send him some, and he said he was a bartender short. Sage asked if he'd seen her "silk panties," and as Nick's jaw dropped, she ducked behind the bar and informed him it was a drink. Sage presented Nick with her concoction, and she asked what he thought of her silk panties.

Nick sampled the drink and asked how Sage had learned to make something like that, and she told him to put her to work. He handed her a t-shirt, and she hustled to the back to change. Nick delivered margaritas to Victoria and Stitch, and Victoria asked if she'd seen Sage behind the bar. Nick replied that Sage had just rescued him again, and the night was looking up, after all. Nick stepped away, and Victoria commented that her brother was discovering there was life after Sharon. Nick walked into the back room and became flustered when he found Sage in her bra.

Nick's phone rang, and Sage turned around. He apologized and stammered that he needed something, and she asked if he was going to answer his phone. He looked embarrassed, and she grinned as he hurried out. Faith wished Nick a happy Valentine's Day over the phone, and after they said they loved one another, Faith handed the phone to Sharon. Faith ran upstairs to change into her pajamas, and Sharon apologetically explained that Faith wouldn't get ready for bed until she'd spoken to him. Nick thanked Sharon again for watching Faith, and they agreed it had worked out for everyone.

Sage returned to the bar, and Nick sheepishly said he'd been looking for clean glasses, but Sage quipped that he'd already seen her silk panties, so there was nothing to be shy about. Nick asked if Sage would stick around permanently as a bartender, and he tried to sell her on the bad tips and rude customers, but she playfully demanded free drinks. The lights flickered, and he hoped they stayed on for the rest of the night. Stitch invited Victoria to dance, but she pointed out that there was no one dancing. He suggested they go somewhere cozy and private with rugrats upstairs, and they left. Some dust fell from the ceiling onto the booth they'd just vacated.

Faith ran downstairs with a surprise for Sharon, and she handed her mother a heart-shaped valentine she'd just made. Sharon marveled that she loved it and that she loved Faith, and Faith asked if Sharon wasn't sad anymore. Sharon replied that she couldn't be sad when someone special like Faith loved her, and Faith said she wanted Sharon to be happy. Sharon said everything would be okay, and the lights flickered. Sharon surmised it was just a power surge, and she took Faith upstairs to bed.

At the Athletic Club, Cane told someone over the phone that they'd be there soon, and Lily declared that she was ready for a romantic getaway. He reported that the plane was ready to go, and she hoped he wouldn't have to work all weekend, but he suspected that Jill wouldn't mind handling most of the business matters. Jill and Colin entered the club, and she asked if Devon was ready for the trip. Jill clarified that Colin was only going as her husband and not as a business partner, and Devon reminded them of the terms of his financing. Jill apologized to Colin for the conditions, and he promised not to make Devon too mad while they were away.

Hilary arrived, and she griped to Devon that it wasn't how she'd wanted to spend Valentine's Day, but he pointed out that at least they'd be together. He pledged to tell the truth as soon as Neil got used to the idea he'd never see again, and he steered her to the bar to get a drink. Neil walked through the revolving door, and he pretended to navigate his way around with his cane as he watched Devon and Hilary. Cane approached Neil, who asked if he was the last one there, and Neil called out for Hilary. She said she was right there, and she told Neil she wouldn't have minded waiting for him, but he replied that he'd had to make sure he'd had everything he needed.

Lily was glad Neil and Hilary could join them, and she enthused that it would be the perfect Valentine's Day weekend, other than the fact Gwen couldn't be there. She teased that Devon would have to stare at happy couples on the most romantic day of the year, but Devon said he intended to focus on business, since he was thinking about taking a more active role in the company. Neil pointedly stated that the best-laid plans often went astray, and Cane announced that the car was ready. "I'm so ready," Neil muttered to himself as the group assembled to leave for the airport.

The plane took off, and Lily gushed that the spread was amazing. Cane told her to get used to it, and Jill crowed that it would be first-class all the way. Jill got up to fetch a refill of Champagne, and Neil remarked to Colin that it sounded like Jill had adjusted to being CEO again. Colin noted that Jill had waited a long time for it, and Neil mentioned that Colin had tried to find the money to purchase Chancellor. Colin vaguely stated that his investment possibility hadn't worked out the way he'd hoped, and Neil replied that he might be interested in an opportunity like that.

Hilary asked if Colin intended to monopolize her husband the whole flight, and Colin conceded that the couple should be alone on Valentine's Day. Hilary nestled up next to Neil, and Colin cornered Devon and hissed that Devon was playing a dangerous game by trying to squeeze Colin out of Chancellor while Devon was weaseling his way in. Devon contended that Colin's threats would mean nothing once Devon and Hilary told Neil the truth, but Colin wondered if he still held all the cards. Neil sensed that Hilary was tense, and he recalled that when they'd flown together for the first time on business, she'd told him she always put her affairs in order before she got on a plane.

Hilary sputtered that she needed to get some water, and she tried to regain her composure at the plane's bar. Neil watched as Devon approached her, and Hilary whispered that she felt like Neil was accusing her with his eyes. Meanwhile, Neil thought to himself that he'd given everyone the chance to do the honorable thing and confess, but all of them were cowards. As he looked around the plane, Neil told himself that he wasn't surprised by Colin or Jill, but he'd expected more from Cane. Neil imagined Lily would be hurt, and she didn't deserve it, but the rest of them had left him no choice. "It all ends today," he told himself.

Lily asked if they should be there already, and Cane teased that she was worse than the kids. Jill agreed that she was ready to be on the ground, and Neil got up and poured a drink. Lily yelled for Neil to stop, since he had grabbed a bottle of liquor. Neil declared that it wasn't just any bottle, and he read from the label that it was a 12-year-old single malt scotch whiskey.

Neil calmly remarked that the bottle said it was 80 proof, and he tossed back the drink and set down the glass. Cane realized that Neil could read the bottle, and Neil clarified that he could do so because he could see. "I can see everything," a seething Neil proclaimed as he glared at Devon and Hilary.

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