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A private plane carrying the Winters clan crashed. Summer was convinced she'd killed Austin, but his body disappeared. Adam saved Connor and Billy during a fire. Nick and Sage kissed. Victor and Jack were trapped inside the Underground after the building collapsed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 16, 2015 on Y&R
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Neil Angrily Confronts His Betrayers

Neil Angrily Confronts His Betrayers

Monday, February 16, 2015

by Anne Carpenter

Aboard a private jet with Hilary, Devon, Lily, Cane, Jill, and Colin, an angry Neil gulped down an alcoholic drink just before announcing that his eyesight had returned. Hilary and Devon were shocked. Lily, confused by her dad's behavior, cried, "Dad?" Lily rushed into her father's arms and embraced him. Jill said, "I thought you said it was impossible." Neil explained that his eyesight had gradually returned. Hilary appeared nervous.

Pointing his index finger at Devon and Hilary, Neil said, "I saw the light. And what a sight it was -- my lying son in bed with my cheating wife." Hilary replied, "I tried to tell you the truth so many times." Lily walked toward Devon and asked, "Is it true?" Devon said it was, and Lily slapped his face. Lily cried, "You're disgusting! How could you?" Cane wrapped Lily in his arms and led her away from Devon. Jill accused the sneaky and devious Hilary of going after Devon for his billions.

Devon and Hilary insisted that they were in love and wanted to be together. Neil said, "No! That's not happening." Hilary agreed when Neil pointed out that he'd given her many opportunities to walk away after he lost his sight. Hilary said that Neil had needed her. When Neil began yelling that he'd needed a loving wife, he recalled clues, one of which was hearing Devon's ringtone at the hotel in New York. Lowering his voice, Neil said, "He was sleeping with you hours before I slept with you."

Lily flew into a rage and tussled with Hilary. Cane again took Lily away from the fray, and Devon stepped up to protect Hilary. Lily, pointing at her brother and Hilary, cried, "They've been lying to us for months!" Neil angrily pushed Cane and said, "He knew about this affair." Lily covered her face and sobbed. Jill berated Cane, Devon, and Hilary. Jill said that she and Colin were the only innocent ones. Neil pointed out that Colin wasn't innocent. When Neil mentioned Colin's sudden influx of cash, Jill gasped and accused Colin of blackmailing Devon.

Neil retreated to the bar, and Hilary followed him. Hilary told Neil that he was a good man. Neil agreed and said he'd taken in Devon, had loved him like a son, and had also taken in Hilary when everyone else in town had wanted to chase her away. Neil leaned in close and said, "That good man is gone. He's dead. You and my son killed him." Lily begged her dad to not drink the vodka he'd poured, but Neil told his worried daughter that it was too late. Devon cringed.

As Neil continued to drink, he threatened Devon and Hilary. Neil insisted that Devon and Hilary would pay for having "blown up" his world. Hilary tried to speak, but Neil said, "No! You both are dead to me." Neil retrieved a metal briefcase. Colin demanded to know what was in the briefcase. Everyone pleaded with Neil to open the briefcase. Neil said, "Our lives are in here." Neil fiddled with the lock, but turbulence rocked the jet, and he nestled the closed case against to his chest. The plane continued to bounce, and Colin instructed everyone to sit down and fasten their seatbelts.

At the Abbott cabin, Summer, Austin, Noah, Abby, Fen, Kevin, and Mariah played a drinking game. Participants took a drink if he or she had done a particular scenario described. When it was Fen's turn, he said, "Never, ever have I committed murder." The group chuckled, but Austin stood and said, "That's it. The game's over." Summer ran after Austin, but he bolted through the door, and she followed him.

Concerned, Abby said, "Do you think that maybe Austin has committed murder?" Summer and Austin soon returned, and he explained that the mention of murder had reminded him of the way his mother had died. Abby expressed relief and said she'd feared they'd been partying with a murderer. Courtney arrived and announced that a winter storm had made the roads impassable. After Abby set a punchbowl filled with ice and a red beverage on the table, she called Mariah into the kitchen to help find glasses.

After the two women disappeared into the kitchen, someone secretly poured a concoction from a small, brown bottle into the punchbowl. The person wasn't in view, but the pourer's hand belonged to a man. Fen spoke to Summer alone and said he hoped to learn more about Austin. Summer replied, "Me, too." Summer quickly explained that a couple needed time to learn about each other. Fen seemed apprehensive.

Noah kissed Courtney, and her knees buckled. Feeling woozy, Courtney claimed that a lengthy workday and a long drive to the cabin had been exhausting. A while later, Kevin awakened from nap. Noah also awakened and said he'd felt sleepy. Others roused and were surprised that they'd fallen asleep while sitting up. Summer was asleep on the floor and begged for another minute to sleep.

Noah searched the room of the small cabin. Unable to located Austin, Noah exclaimed that Austin was missing. The group thought perhaps Austin would soon return as he had earlier. Kevin searched outside. When Kevin returned to the cabin alone, he noted that with worsening road conditions, Austin wouldn't get far. Kevin opened an armoire door, and Austin's limp body tumbled out.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy returned home and found Chelsea and Adam embracing. Billy seemed taken aback. Chelsea pulled away and announced that "Gabriel" had taken over a bottle of wine. Billy talked about grieving Delia. Adam mentioned that he could never be a father. Billy seemed sympathetic, and explained that he felt like a father to Connor.

After Adam left, Chelsea noted that Sage had left Gabriel home alone. Billy replied, "I left you alone, too." Billy mentioned having made a choice. Billy paced as he talked about the need to release his anger at Adam. Billy acknowledged that remnants of Adam remained within the penthouse, Chelsea, and Connor.

Chelsea said she wished she could change what had happened to Delia. Billy announced that he'd decided to embrace what made him happy. He gave Chelsea a diamond necklace. Chelsea gave Billy a tea rose bush, which had been Delia's favorite. The couple embraced.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery told Jack that Christine hoped to get Phyllis' trial on the docket within a week. Avery added that she was unable to run interference because Phyllis had fired her. Jack was wary about Avery's plan to trigger an outburst from Phyllis in a public place in order to prove that she needed another mental evaluation. Jack said, "So I'm the one who has to push the woman over the edge? Clearly, she's not in her right mind, or she wouldn't put her fate in Victor's hands."

At the Neman ranch, Phyllis read aloud a card attached to a bouquet of red roses. Jack had written a note asking Phyllis not to give up on their relationship. Victor overheard Phyllis reading Jack's sentiments. Victor reminded Phyllis that Jack had betrayed her. Phyllis smirked. Victor noted that he had other plans for Phyllis.

At the Underground, Nikki stopped by and greeted her busy son, Nick. When Nikki saw Dylan, she asked about Avery. Dylan said that Avery would be along after handling a business matter. Nikki suggested that Dylan and Avery should set a wedding date soon, so nothing might get in the way of their happiness. Nikki and Dylan together noticed when Joe Clark entered the bar.

Nikki and Dylan approached Joe, and Nikki announced how happy she was that Victor's real-estate deal had proven unsuccessful. Joe caught Dylan's eye and said, "I have other pursuits that I'm concentrating on now." Joe approached Ashley and said he would enjoy having the company of a ravishing blonde. Ashley saw Avery and Jack enter the bar and replied, "I don't think I'm the ravishing blonde you're referring to." Ashley quickly walked away.

Victor and Phyllis arrived together. Jack and Avery took notice. Jack bit his lip when Avery said, "I think the opportunity we've been looking for has just presented itself." Nikki made her way across the room and confronted Victor. Nikki cried that Victor had entered the bar with Phyllis on his arm as if she were his Valentine's date.

Victor, in defense of Phyllis, said he'd thought she should get out of the house. Nikki replied, "Well, I agree. She should get out." Before Nikki walked away, she complained that Victor had a self-serving plan to get back at Jack. Victor flatly denied Nikki's claims. Nikki made her way to a quiet corner, covertly snatched a drink made with vodka from a tray, and gulped it.

Jack approached Phyllis, and the two carried on a private conversation. Jack pleaded with Phyllis to stay anywhere but with Victor. Phyllis said she knew Victor was using her, but she noted that she was also using Victor. Phyllis explained that Victor had the power and means to help her build a defense that didn't require her to be locked in a mental institution. Jack warned that it was dangerous to trust Victor. Phyllis said she didn't trust Victor.

Sage, wearing the bar's uniform shirt, took the empty glass Nikki had set on a table. Sage asked if Nikki would like a drink. Nikki was about to order "something dry" when Nick interrupted and introduced Sage as the woman who'd rescued him from the bear trap. Nikki thanked Sage. Sage asked what Nikki had wanted to order, and Nikki claimed she'd intended to ask for a dry cloth to blot her wet blouse.

After Sage left, Nikki asked Nick how his rescuer had ended up as his employee. Nick didn't answer and said he needed to greet an old friend. Nick greeted Adam and said, "Look, Gabriel, I think it's time for the charade to end." Adam acknowledged that Sage had admitted to their marriage of convenience. Nick said he hoped the money was worth the misery.

Across the room, Nikki stumbled. Dylan rushed to her aid. Nikki blamed her high-heeled shoes for causing her unsteadiness. She expressed concern for Dylan's instability around Joe. Dylan promised to maintain control over his impulses just as Nikki had in her successful battle with alcohol. Nikki nodded.

Ashley greeted Victor at the bar and announced that he'd won because she had pulled their product line called "Hex." Ashley said she wanted to back away before the situation worsened. After Ashley spoke with Victor, she took Jack aside and explained that she'd told Victor that Jabot had dropped plans to market their product line. Meanwhile, Ashley noted, Jabot would work overtime in order to beat Victor and ship Jabot's fragrance to stores. Jack agreed that it was an excellent idea, but he warned Ashley not to underestimate Victor.

Jack stopped by to speak to Phyllis and said he had a late-night meeting. When Phyllis asked if Jack planned to meet with Kelly, he said he did. Phyllis became outraged. Jack tried to explain that Phyllis' overt reaction proved that she wasn't herself. Phyllis scoffed and said, "You set me up!"

Victor watched Jack and Phyllis from the other side of the bar. Jack warned that Phyllis would never get better if she didn't acknowledge what the unknown drugs had done to her. Phyllis, extremely agitated, yelled that she was the sanest person in the room. Others noticed Phyllis' outburst. Jack was obviously uncomfortable about having to provoke Phyllis.

Joe told Avery that her lovely dress reminded him of the one she'd worn during their first Valentine's Day as a couple. Avery glared at Joe and let him know that his attention was unwanted. Joe said he had a gift for Avery. She refused to accept it, but Joe said it was something she would desire. Joe explained that he was leaving town. Avery's grim expression didn't change.

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The Aftermath of the Plane Crash

The Aftermath of the Plane Crash

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

by Jenny Smith

At the Abbott cabin, Courtney performed CPR on Austin, and Summer awakened and asked what was going on. Noah tried to keep Summer from seeing her husband's motionless body, but she yelled Austin's name and ran to his side. Summer begged Austin to wake up, but Courtney said she was sorry. Summer frantically pleaded for her friends to help, but Noah pulled her aside and gently told her Austin was dead. Summer began to sob hysterically, and Courtney touched Austin's head and found blood on her hand.

Summer cried that Austin couldn't be dead, but Courtney explained that someone had hit his head hard enough to kill him and had put him in the wardrobe. Noah tried to call 9-1-1, but the landline was dead, and Abby reported that she couldn't get a signal on her cell phone. Summer insisted they go for help, but Courtney reasoned that it was snowing like crazy, and Abby led Summer to the couch. Mariah whimpered that she couldn't stand seeing Austin like that, and Kevin, Noah, and Fen started to move the body, but Courtney ordered them not to touch anything.

Courtney declared that it was a crime scene, and Kevin realized that she suspected someone there had killed Austin. She reiterated not to move the body, but Summer wailed that Austin was her husband and not just a body. Summer demanded that no one touch him until they found out how Austin had died, and she broke down in tears and professed her love for him. Abby promised no one would touch Austin, and Noah took Summer into his arms as she sobbed.

Courtney asked if anyone remembered what had happened, but Noah said someone had spiked the punch. Mariah accusingly pointed out that Abby had invited them there, but Abby defended that it had been a simple get-together, and she argued that she'd passed out, too. Abby theorized that one of them had only pretended to lose consciousness, and Noah found an empty vial in the garbage can. Courtney picked up the vial with a napkin and asked if anyone cared to explain, since the police would take it as evidence. Fen blurted out that he'd done it.

Fen confessed that he'd spiked the punch, and Summer raged that Fen had always hated Austin. Fen conceded that he hadn't been in favor of Summer and Austin's marriage, but he insisted he hadn't killed Austin. Courtney lectured that drugging their drinks was a crime, and Fen said he'd thought it would be fun to take the party to the next level. Courtney demanded to know what had been in the vial, but Fen said he didn't know anything other than that it had been a party drug, and he hadn't been aware it would make them pass out.

Abby lashed out at Fen, but Kevin defended that Fen wasn't the only one who'd made a mistake, and he referred to Abby's "Naked Heiress" days. Abby countered that no one had ended up dead from her publicity stunt, and Mariah ordered Abby not to talk about Austin that way. Courtney asked if Fen had ingested the drug, and he said the point had been to get high, but he'd passed out, too. Fen added that it had been like something out of a horror movie, and Mariah realized there was a parallel to the latest chapter of Plato Sphere's fan fiction. Mariah explained that the lead character had been hit on the head in a cabin and had been found dead in a closet.

Courtney covered Austin with a sheet, and Fen and Noah said they'd also read Plato Sphere's most recent installment. Kevin advised them not to blame a murder on fan fiction, but Mariah noted that Kevin had read the series, too. Abby asked why Kevin was jumpy, and he suggested they move on from the stupid theory, but Courtney wondered if Kevin knew anything. Abby and Noah continued to pepper Kevin with questions, and Kevin revealed that he'd authored the series using Plato Sphere as a pen name. Mariah was stunned, and Kevin swore he'd never intended for anyone to copycat the story he'd written. Abby coldly stated that it wasn't copying if he'd done it himself, and she pointed out that no one else there except Kevin had a past with violent criminal behavior.

Kevin said his days as a criminal were behind him, and he asserted that he wouldn't have admitted he'd written the story if he had been guilty. Fen pointed out that Kevin could have lied, but Abby snapped that authors told lies for a living. Kevin bellowed that it was just a hobby, and he continued to bicker with Noah and Abby. Summer had a fuzzy memory of holding a bloody knickknack and stuffing it under the couch cushion. She searched through the couch and screamed when she found it.

At the Underground, Ashley and Nikki discussed the scene that had just occurred between Jack and Phyllis. Ashley thought Phyllis needed compassion, but Nikki imagined it had been Phyllis' plan from the beginning to have both Jack and Victor run after her. As Kelly eavesdropped, Nikki griped that the list of people who Phyllis had made suffer kept getting longer. Ashley saw Kelly heading the same way Jack had gone, and she warned Kelly that it wasn't the time to reach out to Jack. Meanwhile, Sage expressed sympathy for Phyllis and Jack, and Adam guessed that his "bastard of a father" was making the situation worse.

Jack and Victor chased after Phyllis, and Jack refused to let her walk out in a blizzard in her state of mind. Phyllis suggested Jack leave instead, and he incredulously asked if she intended to stay there with Victor. Victor blasted Jack for badmouthing him after Jack had tried to make everyone think Phyllis had lost it, and he questioned how far Jack was willing to go. Phyllis ranted that she wouldn't say she was crazy when she wasn't, and she accused Jack of trying to trick her because she wouldn't use an insanity defense.

Phyllis continued that it hadn't felt or looked like love when Jack had booked her into Fairview, and she wouldn't stand for it. She ordered Jack to get out of her sight, and he agreed to go, but he wouldn't give up fighting for her. After Jack stepped away, Victor said he was proud of Phyllis, and she asked if he expected her to waltz back into the bar and act like nothing had happened. He implored her to hold her head high and show what she was made of.

Kelly contemplated calling Jack, but she saw him return to the bar. He informed Ashley that he was leaving, and she offered to go with him, but he replied that he didn't want company. Adam approached Ashley and hoped Jack would be okay, and he introduced himself as Gabriel and Sage as his wife. "Gabriel" mentioned that he was a new hire at Jabot and that Billy was his neighbor, and he told Sage that Ashley was the creative force behind Jabot's new products. Ashley suddenly had a weird feeling, but she said it was nice to meet him. Ashley walked away, and Phyllis and Victor reentered the club. Sage urged Adam not to confront Victor.

Dylan commented that it had appeared as if Joe had said something shocking to Avery, and Joe approached and imagined that Dylan was happy to hear Joe was leaving town. Avery rushed over to Phyllis, who coldly asked if it was Avery's turn to try to make Phyllis lose it. Victor condemned Avery for embarrassing her sister, but Avery explained that she'd been worried about Phyllis going to trial, since she expected that Phyllis wouldn't be able to hold it together during questioning. Phyllis retorted that it was a good thing Avery was no longer her lawyer, and Avery recognized that Phyllis viewed her and Jack as the enemy, but she swore they loved Phyllis. Phyllis barked that she didn't want to hear it anymore.

Dylan snarled that he didn't buy Joe's story about leaving town, and he suspected it was just another game to pretend to do what Avery wanted but then continue to chase her. Joe surmised that Dylan had seen Avery's reaction to the news, and Joe believed Avery had been upset because she didn't want Joe to leave. Dylan snapped that Joe was full of it, but Joe insisted he and Avery had a connection, and they'd been hot together. Dylan attacked Joe, and Avery raced over to break it up. In the ensuing scuffle, Dylan accidentally punched Avery in the face.

Dylan swore he'd never knowingly hurt Avery, but she winced and pulled away when he tried to touch her. Joe questioned what kind of animal would hit a woman in the face, and Dylan lunged at him again, but he regained his composure and headed out. A shaken Avery tended to her bloody nose, and Nikki followed Dylan. Nikki told Dylan not to let a pompous jerk like Joe win, but Dylan regretted that he'd let his anger take over, and he thought he didn't deserve to be near Avery. Dylan left, and Nikki returned to the bar, where Victor remarked that it had been for the best that Dylan had departed.

Nikki snapped that Victor had no right to say what was best after what he'd pulled, and she blasted him for ignoring her the entire evening. Victor caught Adam staring at him, and Nikki realized that Victor wasn't even listening. Nikki stormed off, and Victor asked if "Gabriel" had something he wanted to say. "Gabriel" replied that there was something he'd been waiting a long time to say, and Victor told him to get it off his chest.

"Gabriel" asked if Victor remembered his father, Harrison Bingham, who had been the owner of a software company Victor had taken over. "Gabriel" declared that it had been his father's life work, and Harrison had hoped to pass it down to him, but Newman's hostile takeover had destroyed Harrison and had cost him his life. Victor said he was sorry to hear it, but "Gabriel" hissed that it had been just another business deal, and Victor hadn't cared that a father and a son had been ripped apart. Victor proclaimed that he was a businessman and that business was tough, and he demanded to know "who the hell" "Gabriel" was to talk to Victor like that.

Sage intervened and asked if everything was okay, and Victor huffed that her friend had an attitude. "Gabriel" apologized for letting his emotions get the best of him, and he suggested they get back to the party. Victor warned "Gabriel" to be careful, and after he stepped away, Sage cautioned Adam not to get on Victor's radar. Adam was sure Victor didn't suspect anything, but Sage advised him not to forget who he was supposed to be, since he was acting like Adam instead of Gabriel, and everyone else would see it, too.

Nikki asked how Avery was doing, and she relayed that Dylan felt terrible. Avery recognized that it had been an accident, but Nikki asked why Avery had flinched when Dylan had reached out to her. Avery said she'd been in shock, but she'd seen the pain in Dylan's eyes. Nikki suggested that Avery go after Dylan to make things right, and she swore that Dylan loved Avery with his whole heart and soul. Joe apologized for letting things get out of control, but Nikki spat that she knew what kind of man he was, and she ordered him to get out of their faces.

Nick left a message for Sharon, who had taken Faith to stay at a hotel after the power had gone out at the ranch. Nick remarked to Sage that he hoped Noah and Summer were off the roads, and Sage called him a good dad. He said he never stopped worrying, no matter how old his kids got, and he crossed over to a booth and sat with Phyllis. Nick asked if Phyllis was okay after her altercation with Jack, but she told him to turn around and leave her alone if he intended to grill her.

Kelly found Jack in the outside corridor, and she said she'd heard about his fight with Phyllis. She asked if she could do anything to help, and Jack suggested they find somewhere more private to talk. In a storage room, Kelly assured Jack that he'd done everything to help Phyllis, and she thought it was a shame Phyllis didn't understand that. Jack said he appreciated Kelly being there, and she swore she always would be. Jack mused that he'd almost forgotten what an incredible woman Kelly was, and he'd be a fool not to want her. Jack stepped in close to her, but Kelly reminded him that he'd told her what they'd had was over, and she wanted to know why he'd suddenly changed his mind.

Kelly asked if Jack's change of heart was really about her or if it was because of his argument with Phyllis, and Jack replied that he only knew he wanted Kelly. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and they proceeded to have sex on a table. Afterward, Kelly gasped for breath and exuberantly declared that it had never been like that before, but she'd wanted it as much as he had. She cooed that they still had chemistry, but Jack flatly stated that they should get back to the bar. He tossed her dress at her and told her to go first.

Ashley ducked out of sight when she spotted Kelly leaving the storage room, and Kelly adjusted her dress as she headed for the door. Nick offered to cover Phyllis' drinks for the rest of the night, and she replied that her night had just taken a turn for the better. Meanwhile, the building began to make creaking and snapping sounds.

As Dylan drove home, he turned on the radio, but the only sound was static. He flashed back to asking for help because his men were under heavy fire, and he was startled when he saw police lights behind him.

During a snowstorm, debris from the private plane burned in a remote, forested location. Cane dazedly got to his feet and looked at the flaming fuselage from the crash, and he screamed for Lily. Cane found Jill and asked if she was hurt, but she said she didn't know. He helped her to sit up, and Devon and Colin appeared. Neil joined them and called it a miracle that they had survived, but Cane worried that Lily wasn't there.

Cane pointed to Hilary, who was trapped under some fuselage, and Devon asked if she was in pain. Hilary weakly stated that she couldn't feel anything, and Cane bellowed Lily's name. Colin discovered that his cell phone had no signal, and Cane continued to yell for Lily. Cane spotted someone inside the wreckage, but he realized it was the pilot, who hadn't made it. Neil instructed Devon to help Cane find Lily while he stayed with Hilary.

Neil fretted that they were in the middle of nowhere, and Colin announced that he'd gotten a decent fire started to stay warm until a search party arrived. Jill found blankets in what was left of an overhead bin, and Neil said Hilary needed them to keep from freezing. Hilary's teeth chattered as she muttered that she was cold, and Neil begged her not to fall asleep. Devon reported there was no sign of Lily, but Cane was still looking, and they surmised she'd been thrown from the wreckage. Meanwhile, Colin discovered Neil's briefcase.

Devon wrapped a blanket around Jill, who said she needed to help Hilary, but Devon encouraged her to rest. Devon stepped over to assist Neil, and Hilary urged Devon to find Lily, but he refused to leave Hilary's side. Neil jealously looked on as Devon kissed Hilary. Colin presented Jill with Neil's briefcase, and she found keepsakes inside from moments Neil had shared with Hilary and Devon. Devon asked if Neil had planned to throw the mementos in their faces, and Neil told them to burn everything except the photos of Neil and Lily.

Cane panicked when he couldn't find Lily, and he fretted that they were in the middle of nowhere with no roads in sight. Colin advised Cane to get warm, but Cane worried that Lily might be freezing to death. Colin insisted that Cane take his coat, and Jill ordered Cane to stay warm, or he'd be no good to Lily when he found her. Colin asked if Jill was mad at him for using the information on Devon and Hilary, but she understood why he'd resorted to blackmail to get Chancellor back for her. Colin explained that he'd wanted to be her knight in shining armor.

Devon assured Neil that Cane would find Lily and that they wouldn't lose Hilary. Neil and Devon managed to lift the debris off Hilary, and Neil begged her to stay with them. Devon saw that her leg had been badly cut, and he put pressure on the wound. Hilary suspected it was bad, and Neil promised they'd keep her alive. Hilary whispered that she wouldn't make it, but before she died, there was something Neil needed to know.

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Disaster and Subterfuge in Genoa City

Disaster and Subterfuge in Genoa City

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
by Isaac Mayo

At the Abbott cabin, Summer held the bronze bookend she had retrieved from under the couch cushion. Courtney insisted that Summer put the object down -- after all, it could have been the murder weapon. Summer had another brief memory flash of stashing the bookend, with fresh blood on it, under the cushion. Summer became hysterical and blurted out, "I did it! I killed Austin!"

Courtney carefully placed the blood-covered bookend in a plastic bag. Abby asked Summer if she had hit Austin. Fen growled that Summer had never said that. Noah chimed in -- saying that Summer would never hurt anyone -- especially not Austin. Abby reminded the group that someone had to have hit Austin.

Summer, again remembering the bookend under the cushion, began sobbing, "I did it! I did it!" Courtney looked on suspiciously as Noah once again insisted that Summer could never have hit Austin. Courtney didn't think Summer had the strength to stash Austin's body in the armoire. Kevin insinuated that perhaps Summer had had an accomplice.

Mariah lit into Fen for spiking the punch with drugs. Noah felt that even though they had all been drugged, Summer would never do something so out of character as murdering Austin. When Fen said, "Yeah, it was only a party drug," Kevin read Fen the riot act -- he wondered how Fen's rehab counselors, not to mention Michael and Lauren, would react if they heard Fen say that.

As the argument became heated, Courtney told them all to stop -- announcing that Austin had probably died from blunt force trauma -- and it appeared that the bookend was the murder weapon. Courtney said that, as a police officer, she was required to report that Summer had said that she'd killed Austin. Conspiratorially, Noah and Kevin said that they hadn't heard Summer say anything.

Kevin started to formulate a plan. He said that if a murder hadn't occurred, then Summer couldn't have possibly confessed. Mariah, Fen, and Noah joined in, concocting a cover-up story -- Austin had slipped on the ice and hit his head. Courtney was aghast -- she reminded them that Austin was part of their family. Noah sternly replied, "Summer is my family."

Surprisingly, Mariah said that Summer didn't deserve to go to jail -- adding, "So, are we going to stage this accident?" Courtney vehemently resisted the idea. Mariah asked whether Courtney wanted to see her boyfriend's sister behind bars. Courtney informed them that lying to the authorities and covering up a murder was a felony. She looked toward Noah for support, but he said, "She is my sister, Courtney."

Courtney reminded the group that they could all go to jail. Kevin suggested that Courtney use her "professional expertise" to ensure that they were not found out. Noah looked at Courtney. Courtney said that if she went along with their plan, she would forever be a "dirty" cop -- like every other cop who thought they were above the law. Abby, who had been comforting Summer, walked up to Noah and Courtney and asked what they were going to do. Noah replied that they were going to keep Summer safe.

Mariah said that they needed to clean the murder weapon -- Kevin said they needed to move Austin's body outside. Courtney, reluctantly aboard with the plan, said, "We need to make sure the angle of the blow makes sense. If we're doing this, we're doing this right."

Summer walked in from the kitchen as Noah and Kevin prepared to move Austin's body. She began shrieking that she loved Austin and hadn't meant to kill him. Abby hugged Summer and tried to comfort her as Mariah looked on curiously.

Outside the cabin, Summer stared at Austin's body on the icy ground -- his head resting on a stone. She began to sob and said she didn't want to leave Austin in the cold. Noah implored Abby to take Summer inside. Courtney noticed some blood on the stone. Noah asked if that was bad. Kevin said it was perfect. Courtney said, "Yeah, perfect," and walked away.

Noah called after Courtney and followed her inside. Fen and Kevin began walking the few steps back to the cabin. Mariah knelt by Austin's body and said, "Summer loves you, Austin. We're going to keep her safe for you." When Mariah walked inside, she saw Abby hugging Summer in front of the armoire where Austin's body had been placed. Mariah had a fuzzy memory flash of Austin and Abby making out in exactly that same spot.

At the plane crash site, a weakening Hilary told Neil that she had something to tell him. Neil and Devon tried to get her to relax, telling her that whatever she had to say could wait. As the life continued draining out of her, Hilary whispered her husband's name -- then said no more.

Neil and Devon tried to revive Hilary, but Devon couldn't find a pulse. Devon remembered there was a defibrillator on the plane and ran to get it as Neil continued CPR on his dying wife.

Devon returned with the defibrillator, but Neil said they didn't need it. Neil's effort had paid off -- Hilary had a pulse again. Devon thanked Neil for saving Hilary. Neil stood up and glared at Devon, who was whispering words of love to Hilary.

Cane showed up with an unconscious Lily in his arms. Neil called out his daughter's name, but she didn't respond. Cane, Neil, and Jill talked to Lily and coaxed her back to consciousness. Lily looked at Cane and hissed, "You lied to me." Cane said that he would make it up to Lily, but she didn't hear him -- she was staring at Devon and "that bitch." Neil tried to calm Lily down -- he said all that mattered was that he could see Lily's face again. He insisted that they would get through the crisis together.

Later, Devon held Hilary, who was fully awake. Neil held Lily, who continued to stare at Devon and Hilary. Cane said they needed to work together as a team -- they needed to stay warm and awake. Lily glared at Cane and walked away. Neil lectured the group, saying they needed to stay positive. They all gathered around the fire.

In a corridor at the Underground, Ashley, who had just seen a disheveled Kelly leave a storeroom, was stunned to see Jack follow several moments later. She attacked Jack for having sex with Kelly while Phyllis was just a short distance away. Jack said nothing and nonchalantly put on his jacket.

Ashley wondered if Jack was reverting to type -- like when he had slept with Diane on his wedding day to Patty. Jack calmly said, "I'm not sure why you'd be surprised, then." Ashley asked Jack if he was back on drugs -- or was really trying to drive Phyllis insane by sleeping with Kelly. Jack robotically told Ashley that he was sorry he had upset her, but he appreciated her concern. He gave his sister a peck on the cheek and left.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Ashley tried to call Abby, but got her voicemail. She left a message, warning Abby to stay off the roads -- they were treacherous.

In the main room at the Underground, Avery still looked stunned after Dylan accidentally hit her face while he'd been fighting with Joe. Joe joined her and wondered why Nikki had verbally attacked him when her son Dylan had "clocked" Avery. Avery curtly said that Nikki had just been defending Dylan. Joe thought it was odd that Avery hadn't followed Dylan out of the bar.

Across the room, Nikki staggered over to Victor and told him she was worried about Dylan. She accused Victor of not caring about Dylan. Victor noticed that Nikki was slurring her speech. Victor grabbed her as she began to fall. Nikki insisted she was fine. Victor replied, "You are not fine -- you are drunk."

The fuming Victor asked Nikki how long her drinking had been going on. He wondered about the night that Nikki had nearly dropped Katie, "Was that really M.S? Or was it really the vodka?" He scolded Nikki for drinking behind his back -- he would have helped her if only she had confided in him.

Phyllis joined the Newmans and, after being subjected to several of Nikki's snide remarks, told Victor she wanted to leave. Nikki, clearly inebriated, said, "There you have it, Victor. Your houseguest wants to go home."

Sage pulled Adam aside and warned him that he had nearly blown his cover -- he'd had words with Victor earlier about Victor's culpability in Gabriel's father's suicide. Ignoring Sage, Adam checked the weather report on his phone and learned that the snowstorm was going to intensify. He hoped that Chelsea wasn't on the road. Sage told him Chelsea was probably safe in the arms of the man Chelsea loved -- Billy.

Sage told Adam that she knew it was difficult for him to see Chelsea with Billy. Adam sarcastically thanked her for the sympathy -- then told her that Nick probably needed her help behind the bar.

Sage joined Nick at the cash register. She noticed that things seemed to be winding down and wondered if Nick wanted her to start bussing tables. Nick joked that a "skilled mixologist" like Sage should not be bussing tables and told her that she should go home before the brunt of the storm hit -- he thought the excitement for the night was over. Suddenly, electrical power was lost.

Nick tried to reassure the customers, telling them the backup generators would begin working in just a few seconds. When that didn't happen, he announced that drinks were on the house. Nick and Sage headed to the generator room to see what the problem was. Jack walked back in and looked up -- he heard a crumbling, creaking sound emanating from the ceiling.

In the generator room, Nick turned a switch and the lights flickered back on. Sage heard a rumbling sound and wondered if Genoa City had been hit by an earthquake. Nick looked up as the ceiling was about to crack in half. He and Sage ducked for cover as the roof collapsed. The main bar looked as if it had been hit by a bomb. There were no signs of life -- just rubble, dust, and the crackling sound of electricity.

In the generator room, Nick and Sage seemed to be relatively unscathed. Nick told her that his family was in the bar, and he needed to get to them, but the door to the little room was blocked by debris. They began clearing, simultaneously having a conversation about Sage's lack of a social life. Sage talked about how alone she was -- her marriage to "Gabe" was a sham, and, unlike Nick, she had no one who cared about her.

Awash in self-pity, Sage said that no one really knew her -- she would have the world's shortest obituary. She told Nick that she had waited her whole life for something to begin -- but it never had. Nick tenderly told Sage that when they had recovered from the disaster, he wanted to get to know her. Sage said she wanted to get to know Nick. Nick drew Sage closer, and amidst the rubble, they kissed.

As Sage and Nick continued to move debris, she complimented him, telling him what a great father he was. Nick said he felt like a "jackass" keeping Faith away from Sharon. Sage wondered if Nick had had a change of heart and suddenly felt that Faith would be safe with Sharon. Nick replied, "Maybe. Maybe not."

In the bar, Phyllis and Nikki were trapped near each other under some girders. Nikki called out to Victor, who heard her and crawled toward the women. Nikki began screaming hysterically for Nick. Victor told her that Nick had gone to tend to the generator, but Nikki continued wailing. Victor looked up and saw the total devastation that had once been the Underground.

Victor began clearing the mess so he could free Nikki and Phyllis. He pulled on a piece of wood. It fell over, revealing the seemingly lifeless body of Jack.

In another part of the bar, Avery called for Joe. Joe responded, but he appeared to be in dire straits, trapped under a heavy piece of metal. Avery made her way over to Joe and saw that he was pinned to the ground. Avery used a piece of pipe as a lever and freed Joe. Joe waxed nostalgic, reminding her that she had saved him from many perils even when he had been undeserving. Avery said, "I would have done this for anybody, Joe," clearly not the response Joe was hoping for.

Sharon and Faith walked into Sharon's cottage -- they were both very cold, and there was still no power. Sharon apologized for not being able to keep the car on the road. Faith was a little bit scared but then decided to be brave like her mother.

Faith suggested they borrow one of Victor's extra cars. Sharon pointedly told Faith not to say anything to anyone about the car crash -- it would only worry Nick and the rest of the family. Sharon realized that someone might see her damaged car on the side of the road.

Sharon told Faith that they needed to return to the scene of the accident and get the car off the road. Faith reminded Sharon that the car had been so badly damaged that it wouldn't start. Sharon said she would try starting the car again. Faith was disturbed with the plan, but Sharon tried to convince her daughter that it would be an "exciting adventure" for them. Faith thought otherwise, telling Sharon that she didn't want to walk anymore -- it was cold and dark.

Faith acquiesced and sullenly began leaving with her mother. Sharon insisted that Nick could never know about the car crash. She opened the front door -- Dylan was standing there. Faith smiled. Dylan said that he had seen Sharon's damaged car and wondered whether Faith and Sharon were okay.

Dylan started a fire and sent Faith upstairs to get some blankets. Sharon told Dylan that she couldn't leave the car on the side of the road -- Nick would think she couldn't do anything right. Dylan tried to dissuade her from leaving, but Sharon really flipped out. Dylan wondered if she had been taking her medication. Sharon wondered if she was "spinning out." Dylan had a solution -- he would take the blame and say that he'd been driving. Initially unsure, Sharon grew calm and agreed to Dylan's plan.

Dylan teased Sharon about her hat. When she removed it, he noticed a bloody gash on her forehead and asked her if she had hit her head in the accident. Sharon became upset once again and said she needed to get to the car. Dylan said there was a change of plans -- he needed to get her to a doctor.

At Chelsea's apartment, Billy was playing with Johnny in the living room. Chelsea, who had just put Connor to bed, joined them. Chelsea thought she smelled smoke. She and Billy opened their front door -- smoke was beginning to fill the hallway.

Chelsea prepared to leave the apartment with little Katie and Johnny. She hesitated before leaving, but Billy insisted that she take the kids and go. Billy walked upstairs to get Connor.

As the fire trucks arrived, the firefighters could see flames dancing through one of the apartment's windows. Chelsea was safely outside with Johnny and Katie. She told Johnny that Billy would be right behind them -- but she didn't sound as if she believed that herself.

In the apartment, Billy was walking down the stairs, holding Connor. Connor began crying as Billy left the apartment. In the hallway, the smoke was dense -- the air unbreathable. Billy returned to the apartment with Connor.

Chelsea looked up and saw that the flames had grown fiercer. As residents evacuated the building, she would ask if any of them had seen Billy -- but none of them had. Adam showed up and was horrified to learn that Connor and Billy were still inside.

Adam managed to get to Chelsea's front door and called for Billy -- he received no response. He kicked the door in and found Billy unconscious on the floor of the smoke-filled apartment. Connor was in his playpen. Adam grabbed his son and headed out. He yelled for Billy to wake up, saying that he couldn't carry both Connor and Billy. Adam then muttered, "You'd do the same thing." Adam left the apartment with Connor in his arms.

Adam rushed out of the building and handed Connor to a grateful Chelsea. She asked Adam where Billy was. Adam told her that Billy was still in the apartment -- unconscious. Chelsea was about to run into the building, but Adam told her to stay put -- he would go back into the building and get Billy. Chelsea told Connor that Billy was going to be okay. She heard a loud explosion, looked up, and screamed.

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Too Much to Live For

Too Much to Live For

Thursday, February 19, 2015
by Jenny Smith

At the cottage, Sharon insisted she didn't have to go to the hospital, but Dylan worried that she might need stitches. She was adamant that Nick not find out she'd been in a car accident, but Dylan reasoned that Sharon had been trying to get Faith someplace safe. Sharon was afraid Nick wouldn't trust her with her daughter, and she begged Dylan not to make her risk losing her child. Dylan stressed that Sharon needed to have a doctor examine her cut, but she objected because hospital personnel would ask questions, and she feared the police would get involved.

Dylan argued that Nick would find out about the accident anyway if Sharon didn't take care of her head, and she asked if Dylan had received emergency medical training in the Army. He suggested that they have Stitch meet them at Crimson Lights to examine her, and he said they didn't have many other options, since they were almost out of firewood. Faith called out for her mommy, and she asked what had happened to Sharon's head. Sharon downplayed it as a minor cut, but Faith said it looked bad, and Sharon agreed to head to the coffeehouse.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley left a message for Jack, and she asked him to let her know when he got home safely. The lights flickered out, and Michael and Lauren ran into Ashley in the dark. Michael said the lights were out all over the city, and Paul entered and asked if Dylan was there. Paul ordered his officers to set up a triage area for EMTs to treat the injured, and he asked for a volunteer to call the families of the victims from an accident at the Underground. Ashley exclaimed that she'd last seen Jack there, and Victoria panicked that Nick had also been at the nightclub.

Paul told a cop to run a check on the license plates outside the Underground to get an idea of who was inside, and Ashley fretted that Jack and Nick could be seriously injured. Stitch offered to head over to the club to help the EMTs, but Paul warned that they didn't need more victims. Sharon, Dylan, and Faith arrived, and Sharon nervously wondered what the police were doing there. Paul explained to Dylan that power was out all over the city, and he'd set up the coffeehouse as an emergency command center because he knew Dylan had a backup generator. Paul continued that there had been several major accidents, including a collapsed roof at the Underground, and search and rescue teams were busy assisting at a large trailer accident.

Paul was concerned that he was low on personnel and emergency equipment, and Dylan volunteered to use his experience with limited resource allocation to help devise a plan. Dylan looked at a map and recommended that Paul put squad cars at four major intersections in town to turn away traffic and get people off the roads. Paul instructed his officers to do it, and Lauren suddenly yelled out that there had been a fire and an explosion at Lakeview Towers. Victoria freaked out because her children were there.

Michael fetched Lauren some tea, and he wished it were true that it could cure anything. She asked how he was feeling, and he replied that he was grateful they were together and that Fen was safe at the cabin. She thought of the people at the Underground, and Michael couldn't believe that just moments before, he'd been jealous of his healthy counterparts. He stated that cancer sucked, but at least he'd been reminded that he had to appreciate every moment he had been given, and they kissed.

A bandaged Sharon cuddled with a sleeping Faith, and Sharon thanked Stitch for taking care of her head and not asking questions. Ashley announced that there were reports of survivors from the building collapse, and Sharon asked if identities had been released, but there was no further information available. Sharon noted that it was a good sign that people were being found alive, and Paul hoped there would be more. Faith woke up and asked where her daddy was, and Sharon optimistically stated that he would be there soon. Ashley told Stitch that Billy wasn't answering his phone, and she asked if Stitch had heard from Victoria, but he hadn't. He hoped that no news was good news.

Nick and Sage worked to dig themselves out from under the debris, and she assured him that someone would find them. Nick heard a banging noise, and he wondered if it was his parents, but he realized that maybe he was just trying to convince himself they were okay. Sage remarked that she hadn't saved him from a bear trap only to lose him during a cave-in. Nick yelled to ask if anyone else was out there, and Sage said his parents might have already sent for help. Nick asked how she stayed that positive, and she recalled that Constance had faced hardships with courage and humor, so she tried to do her best to live up to Constance's example.

Nick noted that Constance had lived a long, full life, and he said that Sage deserved one, too. Sage referred to her sham of a marriage, and Nick asserted that money was no substitute for happiness. Sage countered that Nick had had money his whole life, but Nick said he'd seen people destroy themselves to chase money, but they'd ended up miserable when they'd gotten it. Sage equated money with security, whereas she thought happiness could be scary, but Nick promised to show her things didn't have to be that way when they got out of there.

Phyllis demanded to know if Jack was breathing, but Victor said he couldn't tell. Nikki warned Phyllis not to move, or they could be crushed if the building gave way. Nikki suggested that they continue to bang on the pipes, and Victor reported that Jack's heart wasn't beating, so he had to turn Jack around to perform CPR. Nikki urged Phyllis to stay calm, and Victor willed Jack to live as he began to pump Jack's chest.

Jack began to gasp for breath, and Phyllis cried that she loved him. Nikki said she'd forgotten what an amazing man Victor was, and Phyllis whimpered that she needed Jack. Victor said Jack could thank him later, and Jack murmured Adam's name. Victor wondered what Jack had to say about Adam, and Phyllis worried that Jack wouldn't be able to hang on much longer. Nikki maintained that the best thing to do was make noise, and she advised Victor to take care of Jack while she and Phyllis tried to signal for help.

Nikki and Phyllis yelled for help together, and Nick heard them. Dylan suddenly called out for Nick, and he instructed Nick and Sage to stand back as he burrowed through. Dylan moved the debris to allow Nick and Sage out, and Dylan asked if Nick had seen Nikki or Avery. Nick replied that he'd last seen them in the main room, and Dylan relayed that he'd tried to get in there, but it had been completely buried.

Avery asked how Joe's leg was, and Joe replied that it was holding up. He tried to dig his way out, but she told him to save his energy, since the whole thing could topple if he moved the wrong piece. She heard sirens and guessed that help was on the way, and he recalled that they'd been in worse situations where their survival skills had gotten them through. Avery groaned at the memory of their rock-climbing adventure, but Joe referred to the day they'd gotten divorced, since he'd felt like the whole world had crashed down on him. He considered it a sign that they once again had to depend on one another for survival.

Avery snapped that she didn't believe in signs or in fate, and she attributed the situation to an ancient building and brutal Wisconsin winters. She added that she and Joe didn't have time to take trips down memory lane, and Joe asked if she had somewhere to go. She recalled that he'd never been the sentimental type, but he reminded her that she knew about his childhood. Avery told him to save his breath to conserve the limited oxygen, but Joe declared that he hadn't reentered her life to lose her to a pile of concrete. She inquired why he had inserted himself back into her life.

Joe promised to answer Avery's question if she responded to one of his, but she retorted that she wouldn't let dire circumstances suck her into saying something she'd regret. Joe reminded her that before the collapse, he'd told her he'd leave town, and he inquired whether she really wanted him to walk away forever once they got out of there. Dylan yelled out to ask whether Avery could hear him, and she excitedly called his name. Dylan found his way over to her with a flashlight, and she cautioned him to be careful of the wires.

Dylan and Avery embraced, and he said he hadn't been able to stop thinking about what had happened between them earlier. She swore it didn't matter, and Dylan asked how Joe was doing. Nick searched for his parents, and Dylan instructed a police officer to take everyone to Crimson Lights to get medical attention. Avery didn't want to leave, but Dylan said he needed to know she was safe, and she reluctantly went with the others.

Phyllis asked Nikki to help her make her way to Jack, but Nikki continued to scream for help, and she reiterated that they had to be careful moving things around. Phyllis complained that banging on the pipes hadn't helped anything, and Jack marveled that Victor had saved his life. Victor noted that it hadn't been the first time, and he said there were people he cared about who counted on Jack, so he hadn't been about to let Jack die because of a building. Jack muttered that he had to tell Victor something, and Victor asked if it was about Adam.

Phyllis requested Victor's help to get the last piece of debris out of the way, and Victor joined the women and successfully cleared a path. Nikki said she owed Victor an apology, but he replied that the only important thing was that she was okay. Phyllis begged Jack to hold on, and Victor asked what Jack had wanted to say about Adam.

Dylan and Nick sifted through the rubble, and Nick swore he and Sage had both heard a banging noise. Nick was sure it had been his parents, but Dylan doubted they could get through by themselves. Nick was determined to get everyone out before there was another cave-in, and he said the noise had sounded like banging on pipes. Dylan surmised that the remaining survivors were close to a water source, and a police officer stressed that they needed to get them out right away. Nick inquired about the level of urgency, and Dylan explained that there was a limited amount of air, so time was running out.

Avery, Sage, and Joe arrived at the coffeehouse, and Stitch tended to Avery, who directed him to treat Joe first. Stitch felt a bump on Sage's head, and Paul asked how they'd gotten out. Avery explained how Dylan had found them, and Ashley asked if anyone had seen Jack. Avery relayed that Nick and Dylan were still looking for survivors, but she didn't know if anyone else had been rescued. Sharon expressed concern that Nick had stayed behind, and Avery said he'd wanted to find Nikki and the others. Avery added that both Nick and Dylan had known the risk they were taking, but no one had been able to convince them to leave.

Stitch determined that Joe needed to go to the hospital for x-rays, and Sage insisted she was fine, but Stitch thought she might have a concussion. She reluctantly agreed to get checked out more thoroughly, and Joe asked about Avery. Avery insisted on staying to make sure Dylan was okay, and Sharon offered to tell Nick where Sage was. Joe and Sage took off with the EMTs.

Outside Lakeview Towers, Chelsea gasped when she heard an explosion, and she watched flames erupt from one of the higher floors. She tried to go inside to search for Billy, but a firefighter stopped her. She rambled that there was a man in the penthouse and that someone had gone in to get him. Chelsea ran up to hooded man who was leaving the building, hoping it was Billy, but she was disappointed when she recognized a neighbor. She cried that she had to find Billy.

Adam coughed as he entered the smoky penthouse, and he contemplated leaving Billy there to die, just like Billy had done to him. Adam tried to wake up Billy, and he implored Billy to live for his beautiful children, since kids needed their parents. Adam added that he hadn't returned to die like that, and he smacked Billy and dragged him to his feet. Adam led Billy toward the stairwell, and he remarked that he'd have repaid his debt to Billy if they got out in time. Billy asked what he meant, but Adam covered by saying Billy had lent him Chelsea to help pick out his furniture.

Victoria rushed up to Chelsea outside the building, and Chelsea informed her that all the kids were okay, but Billy was still inside. Chelsea mentioned that Gabriel had gone back in to get Billy, and Victoria assured her Billy would be fine. Chelsea fretted that the men should have been back already, and she recalled that Gabriel had said he hadn't been able to help both Billy and Connor, so she wondered if Billy had already been dead. Victoria insisted that Billy was alive, and she recounted the various times he'd cheated death before.

Victoria swore that the smoke wouldn't stop Billy because he had too much to live for, and Billy and Adam staggered outside. Chelsea thanked God and ran into Billy's arms as Adam looked on, and Billy said she should thank Gabriel, too. Chelsea sincerely thanked "Gabriel," and Victoria went to check on the kids. Chelsea marveled that "Gabriel" had rushed in to save a man he barely knew, and Billy recalled "Gabriel's" comment that he hadn't returned to die like that. Billy asked where "Gabriel" had returned from.

Adam reasoned that he hadn't gone back up to die a hero, and Chelsea surmised that Billy was just trying to find a way to say thank you. Victoria returned with Katie, and she planned to take the kids someplace warm, but she said Katie had wanted to be sure her daddy was okay. Billy insisted he'd be fine, and a clearly relieved Victoria said she was really glad everyone was okay. Billy proclaimed that he was thankful that an angel had been watching over them, and he was grateful for both Katie and Delia, especially that day. Adam commented to Chelsea that it almost looked like Victoria and Billy belonged together.

Adam asked if Chelsea was okay, and she pointed out that he'd been the one to run into a burning building twice, so she considered him a hero. He replied that he didn't deserve any medals, and an EMT asked to check Adam out. Adam suggested that the technician tend to Billy instead, but Chelsea insisted that "Gabriel" make sure he was all right. Victoria updated Billy about the collapse at the Underground, and Billy asked how many people had been trapped inside. Victoria revealed that Nick and Jack might have been in there, and Billy wanted to go to help, but Victoria said he needed to be there for Chelsea and Connor.

Victoria suggested that Billy and Chelsea go to Crimson Lights for emergency services, and Billy assumed that Stitch was helping out. Billy told Victoria to get the kids someplace warm, and she said she was glad he was okay. Chelsea approached and said that made two of them, and Billy credited Gabriel for getting him out. Chelsea wondered if Gabriel had said anything about why he'd risk his own life to save Billy's, and Billy recalled that Gabriel had said something about being even. Billy added that Gabriel had made a joke about it, but he thought it had meant something more.

Adam protested that the EMT was making a big deal out of nothing, and he remarked that he'd been through worse. The EMT made a comment about Adam's nasty bullet wound as Billy looked on.

Lauren announced that the fire at Lakeview Towers was out and that search and rescue crews were at the Underground. The emergency phone rang, and Lauren handed it to Paul, who listened intently to some news. His expression grew solemn, and Michael asked what had happened. Paul divulged that there had been a report of a missing plane, and Jill's name had been on the manifest. Lauren cried out in horror.

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Jack and Victor were forced to work together

Jack and Victor were forced to work together

Friday, February 20, 2015
by Jenny Smith

At the Abbott cabin, the group of young adults discussed whether they were all committed to telling the same story about how Austin had died. Courtney pointedly stated that some of them had more to lose than others, and Fen worried that he'd go back to prison if he was charged as an accessory to murder. Noah insisted that they couldn't let Summer take the blame and that they had to get their stories straight, and he asked if everyone was in. Summer declared that she couldn't do it, since she had to have been the one who'd killed Austin. Noah contended that Summer couldn't have put Austin in the wardrobe by herself, so someone else had been involved.

Kevin contemplated who had wanted Austin dead, and Fen surmised that the group suspected him because he'd spiked the punch, but he swore he'd barely known Austin. Fen questioned how well Mariah had really known Austin, since they'd spent late nights working together in a bar, and he grumbled that Summer had only known her husband for about five minutes before she'd married him. Courtney asked Summer if Austin had been acting differently lately, but Summer insisted that they'd loved one another, and Austin had always been kind and thoughtful. Kevin thought they should consider the killer's motive, since they were "putting [their] asses on the line" to help someone get away with murder.

Mariah confronted Abby privately and accused her of being the motive. Mariah disclosed that she'd seen Abby with her tongue down Austin's throat the prior night, but Abby chalked it up to a hallucination from the drugged punch. Mariah noted that Abby wasn't denying it, and Abby contended that no one could be held accountable for their actions under the circumstances. Abby pointed out that Mariah had kissed Austin, too, and Mariah recalled that her buss with Austin had really bugged Abby. Mariah guessed it hadn't been the first time Austin and Abby had locked lips, and she recalled that Austin hadn't seemed to mind kissing Abby at all.

Abby remarked that Mariah had been reading too much fan fiction, but Mariah theorized that Abby had invited everyone there so she and Austin could be together under his wife's nose. Mariah said it hadn't made sense why Abby had thrown a party, and she thought Abby wasn't the kind of girl to go without a man -- even if it meant being with a married one. Abby protested, but Mariah planned to ask around to find out if anyone else had seen Abby and Austin making out. Mariah started to walk away, but Abby grabbed her arm to stop her.

Abby reluctantly admitted that it was all true, and Mariah quipped that Abby put the "ho" in "home-wrecker." Mariah blasted Abby for pretending to comfort Summer, and Abby defended that she truly had compassion for her niece, but Mariah thought Summer would have a different word for it. Abby admonished Mariah for getting moralistic after everything Mariah had done to Abby and Sharon, and she warned that spilling the truth would give Summer the perfect motive for killing Austin because he'd been cheating on her. Mariah retorted that it would have been the perfect motive for Abby if Austin had refused to leave Summer.

Kevin wondered who had to gain from Austin's death, and Fen commented that the simplest explanation was usually right. Kevin contended that they couldn't ignore the facts, and the simplest explanation would be that the killer had been the same guy who'd drugged the punch. Summer begged them to stop bickering, and Noah recognized that they were all scared and mad, but they needed to keep their heads together. Courtney reported that phone service had been restored and that plows were clearing the roads, so they had to be proactive and take control. Noah cautioned that none of them could be seen fighting, and Courtney asked if they were all on the same page.

Courtney tried to communicate with Paul over the phone, but the line went dead before she could tell him about Austin's death. She revealed that a squad car would be there soon, and Noah said they had to get their stories straight. Courtney said forensics would be involved, so they had to do more than just be logical and consistent in their accounts. Courtney instructed everyone to volunteer nothing and to just answer the questions the police asked, and Noah inquired whether there was a ladder on the property. Abby divulged that there was one in the garage, and Noah suggested that he say he and Austin had gone to fetch it, so no one else had to say anything about what had happened.

Noah said the story was clean and simple, and Courtney thought there was little room to mix up details if Noah had allegedly been the only one out with Austin. Kevin noted that the most convincing lie contained some truth, and Courtney realized that partying could work in their favor, since it would make sense that details were fuzzy. Fen stared at the bookend, and he headed out to bury it and to set the ladder in place.

Summer tearfully asked how she was supposed to hold it together, but Courtney said Summer didn't have to hide the pain of losing her husband. Summer committed to the plan, and Courtney urged everyone to think about how they'd respond when the police asked when they'd last seen Austin alive. Abby flashed back to praising Austin at Crimson Lights for being the perfect husband by creating an early Christmas for Summer when he'd thought they might not be together, and she'd asked if he had a brother. Austin had responded that Abby deserved someone who treated her well. An obviously shaken Fen returned, and he reported that Austin's body was gone.

At the police station, Michael handed Lauren some coffee and informed her he hadn't been able to get in touch with Fen, but he was sure that reception was spotty at the cabin. Michael added that at least Fen was safe with Kevin, and Lauren got up to get the latest update from Paul, but Michael told her there had been nothing new to report. Lauren wailed that Jill had been a passenger in a plane crash, and Michael explained that rescuers had an approximate location of the crash from the emergency transmitter, but the weather was still too bad to send a helicopter to search. His voice trailed off, and Lauren stressed that the search would be for survivors.

Lauren observed that Michael looked exhausted, and she urged him to call his doctor, but he said he was just tired after a long night. Lauren started to call the doctor herself, and Michael admitted that he'd missed a radiation treatment because she'd needed him. She blasted him for having a cavalier attitude about his treatment, but she began to sob, and she conceded that she had needed him. She rushed into his arms and whimpered that she was scared, but she thought she should be the one taking care of him. Michael said they had to take care of one another.

Michael revealed that the weather service had predicted a break in the storm, so a search helicopter was being prepped to go out as soon as it was safe. He added that the plane had gone down in an isolated area, but the passengers were smart people who knew their best chance was to stay where they were. Lauren apologized for taking her frustration out on him, but he understood she was worried about her sister, and he recalled that Katherine had always called Jill a "tough broad." Michael said they couldn't drive themselves crazy by wondering why the crash had happened, and he suggested they pray and hope for the best, but they had to be prepared for the worst.

At the plane crash site, the survivors slept under snow-covered blankets. Jill suddenly yelled out Colin's name, and he assured her he was right there. She complained about the cold, but he was happy to settle for being alive. Cane told Lily everything was okay, and she was disappointed the crash hadn't been a dream. Lily started to get up, but Cane cautioned that she could have internal bleeding, and he advised her to stay still. Lily called out for her dad, and Neil looked on as Devon tried to awaken Hilary. Devon panicked when Hilary didn't respond.

Devon said he couldn't tell if Hilary was breathing, but he was relieved when she stirred, and he told her to stay with him. Lily stepped over to help, and he explained that Hilary had lost a lot of blood, so he needed Lily to put pressure on the wound on Hilary's leg. Devon swore that he couldn't lose Hilary, no matter what Lily thought about their relationship, and Lily indicated that she understood. Cane approached Neil and admitted that he should have told Neil once he'd found out what had been going on, and he had no excuse for his silence. Neil coldly told him to save his confession for a priest, and Cane acknowledged that what Devon and Hilary had done had been wrong, but the couple hadn't wanted to hurt Neil.

Neil couldn't believe that Cane was defending Devon and Hilary, but Cane contended that they loved one another and that they both loved Neil, and Hilary didn't deserve to die. Devon thought they needed to face the reality that they were on their own, but Jill believed help would be there as soon as the authorities figured out where they were. Colin pointed out that he hadn't seen a search plane, and Devon incredulously asked if they expected to just wait it out. Jill argued that they couldn't march out blindly, and Devon offered to go on his own.

Jill ranted that they were in the middle of nowhere, so Devon couldn't trudge off in his designer loafers. Devon asked for the group's support, and Cane volunteered to look for supplies and warm clothes. Neil suggested they put it to a vote, but Devon rattled off reasons why it made the most sense for him to go rather than anyone else. Jill huffed that it made no sense at all, and she thought Devon was determined to go off on his own as penance for what he'd done, but she believed it would be a suicide mission. Jill added that Devon didn't even know what direction to go in, but Colin announced he'd found a map.

Colin guessed where their location was on the map, and he thought that a road would be about eight to ten miles away if Devon headed in the right direction. Devon swore he'd be fine, and Jill hugged him and told him to be careful. She added that there would be no shame in heading back, but Devon replied that there was too much at stake. Colin told Devon to keep the hill to his left, and Cane handed Devon all the food he'd been able to find. Lily embraced Devon and ordered him not to do anything stupid like die, and he asked her to take care of Hilary. Devon walked over to Neil, and they locked eyes.

Devon pledged to spend the rest of his life making up for betraying Neil, and he crouched down next to Hilary. Devon whispered that he loved her and that they'd get through it, and he swore he'd find help to get her to a warm hospital. She weakly said, "Promise me you'll come back." Devon promised, and he gently kissed her and turned to get the map. Colin realized it was gone, and Devon looked around and proclaimed that Neil was gone, too.

At the Underground collapse scene, Nick yelled for his mom and dad, and he and Dylan made their way through the piles of debris. Dylan was concerned that the building was too unstable, and he thought the rescue crew needed to put reinforcements in before they proceeded. Nick maintained that he had to find his parents, but Dylan warned that they'd be putting lives at risk if they kept digging. There was a crash as more debris toppled over, and Dylan insisted that they let the search and rescue team do their job.

Phyllis sobbed that Jack had to hold on, and she begged him to let her get him through it. He replied that it wouldn't be the first time, since she'd been there for him when he'd gotten clean and sober. She commented that a building collapse was nothing after that, and Jack began to cough. Victor told Jack to hang in there, and Nikki wondered why it was taking such a long time for help to arrive. Meanwhile, Dylan begged Nick to stop digging, but Nick was worried about the remaining survivors running out of air. Dylan conceded that he wanted to get to them as much as Nick did, but he didn't want to risk hurting anyone in the process.

Phyllis screamed frantically for help, but Victor reminded her that there was a limited amount of air, and he ordered her to keep quiet so he didn't have to perform more CPR. Phyllis told Jack that she'd thought he'd left the club, but he replied that he'd returned because he'd been worried about her. Jack said he was sorry he'd hurt her, and she jokingly asked which time. Jack explained that he'd tried to protect Phyllis since she'd returned, but he'd done exactly the opposite by going through with a stupid plan to make her have an irrational outburst. He admitted he had been wrong, and Phyllis inquired whether he believed she wasn't crazy. Victor wondered what else Jack had to say.

Victor mentioned that Jack had been talking about Adam earlier, but Jack couldn't remember why. Victor wondered if Jack wasn't telling him something about Adam's death, and Jack started to say something about Adam, but they suddenly heard a noise. A rescue worker assured them the crew would get them out one at a time, and Nikki and Phyllis were successfully extracted. Victor insisted that Jack make his way out next, but Jack refused to spend the rest of his life hearing about how Victor had let him go first. The men argued, and the debris caved in.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon approached Avery and gently reached out to wake her up, and Avery blurted out Joe's name. Avery seemed startled to see Sharon, who reiterated that the officers had told them to go home to get some rest. Sharon mentioned that Avery had been asleep for a few hours, and she remarked that Avery had been having quite the dream. Avery thanked Sharon for making coffee, and Sharon explained that she liked feeling like she was doing something useful. Avery noted the nasty cut on Sharon's head, but Sharon swore it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Avery asked what Sharon had meant when she'd referred to a dream, but Dylan and Nick entered the coffeehouse, and Avery raced over to them. Dylan revealed that it had gotten too dangerous to keep digging, and Nikki and Victor were probably still trapped. Nick asked Sharon where Faith was, and Sharon said the girl was with a sitter. Nick inquired about Sharon's head injury, and Dylan intervened and started to take responsibility for the accident, but Sharon told the truth about skidding off the road. Nick chided her for not considering how dangerous it had been to risk their daughter's life, but Dylan demanded that Nick let Sharon talk instead of jumping down her throat.

Sharon explained that they'd lost power at the house and that they'd been running out of firewood, so she'd decided to take a scared Faith to ride out the storm at the Athletic Club. Sharon mentioned that she'd called Nick, and she asked if he'd gotten her message, but Nick sternly stated that it had been a matter of judgment. Dylan testily suggested that Nick spend his time putting snow tires on Sharon's car instead of finding ways to take Faith from her, and Nick asked why Dylan was involved in the situation. Dylan recounted that he had seen Sharon's stranded car and had gone to check on her, and she'd been about to go back for the car because she'd been terrified that Nick would find out.

Dylan said he understood why Sharon had felt that way based on how Nick was reacting, and he added that he'd intended to say that he'd been driving the car because she'd been upset and afraid. A shocked Avery asked if Dylan would have lied, and he confirmed that he would have after what Nick had done to Sharon. Sharon said she hadn't been able to lie or put Dylan in a bad position, and Nick asked if she'd really thought he'd use the accident as a reason to keep Faith from her. Sharon pointed out that she was at Nick's mercy, since he got to decide if or when she saw her daughter, and she was constantly walking on eggshells, afraid that she'd lose the privilege. Nick said he didn't want either of them to live that way, and he assured Sharon that she'd done nothing wrong.

Nick explained that he was exhausted from trying to dig for his parents, and he didn't know if they were alive. He felt terrible that he'd made Sharon question herself, and he and Dylan rushed over to Nikki and Phyllis when rescue workers escorted them in. Sharon told Avery that she was sorry Dylan had been caught up in her mess, and she asked Avery to thank him for her. Nikki told Nick that she was fine, and Phyllis reported that Jack's heart had stopped, but thanks to Victor, he had been stable when help had arrived. Nick was stunned to hear that Victor had performed CPR to save Jack's life.

Avery initiated a conversation with Dylan about what had happened with Sharon, but he wanted to postpone talking about it until they knew everyone was safe. He delivered hot drinks to Nikki and Phyllis, and he answered a call from Paul. The coffeehouse grew silent as he asked how bad it was, and he told Paul to keep him posted. Dylan solemnly reported that there had been another collapse at the Underground.

Nick asked if the rescue team had been hurt, and Dylan shook his head. Nick said it had just been a building, and with hope in his voice, he asked if they'd gotten everyone out, but Dylan remained silent. Nikki's eyes widened as she uttered Victor's name, and Phyllis demanded to know where Jack was. Dylan revealed that both men were still trapped inside.

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