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The authorities discovered Austin's body behind the wheel of a crashed car. Jack denied having sex with Kelly. The survivors of the plane crash were rescued. Hilary told Neil and Devon that she'd never loved either of them.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 23, 2015 on Y&R
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Injured and Stranded Await Rescue

Injured and Stranded Await Rescue

Monday, February 23, 2015

At the partially collapsed Underground, Jack and Victor argued over which of them should exit the structure first. Victor said that Jack should crawl out of the cramped area, which was littered with teetering beams and heavy debris. Jack insisted that Victor exit first. Jack said he didn't want to owe his life to Victor's sacrifice. Before either of them made an effort to escape, the structure collapsed a second time.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis, Nikki, Ashley, Nick, Dylan, and Victoria were horrified when they heard about the second collapse at the Underground. Paul overheard Dylan, Nick, and Phyllis discussing plans to help rescue Victor and Jack, but Paul said it was too dangerous. Paul added, "Secondary collapses are often deadly." Ashley was understandably distraught when Phyllis and Nikki explained that Jack's heart had stopped beating after the initial collapse. Though Victor had managed to get Jack's heart beating again, Nikki cried that both men were weak.

Ashley, upset over the news, said, "I refuse to believe that Victor saved Jack's life just for them to die together." Victoria agreed and noted that Jack and Victor had beaten the odds before and would do so again. Nick assured everyone that Victor was alive. Paul left. Nick sat near his mother to comfort her. Nikki refused medical treatment.

Across the room, Victoria asked Ashley if she'd heard from Billy after he'd been rescued from the apartment fire. Ashley said she'd stopped by the hospital to check on Connor, who remained there under observation. Ashley explained that Chelsea and Billy would be staying with the boy. Victoria asked if Billy knew about Jack. Ashley said she had withheld the news about Jack.

The sisters were seated at a booth together, and Avery comforted Phyllis. Phyllis berated herself for having been stubborn by refusing to leave with Jack when he'd asked her to accompany him home. Ashley moved closer to listen. With tears in her eyes, Phyllis cried, "I pray to God this isn't the end." Ashley spotted Kelly enter though the patio.

Ashley rushed out to prevent Kelly from entering the main dining area. Kelly asked about Jack. Ashley, stammering, cried, "Jack didn't make it out of the club." Kelly replied, "Jack can't be dead." Ashley noted Kelly's concern, but she asked Kelly to leave. Angry, Kelly yelled, "I have as much right to be here as Phyllis!"

Ashley seemed shocked when Kelly said that she and Jack had made love. Ashley said that Jack surely hadn't been thinking clearly if he had because he was engaged to Phyllis. Kelly claimed that Jack was done with Phyllis. Kelly agreed to leave, and Ashley returned to the main dining room. Before leaving, Kelly paused and asked a police officer for an update on Jack Abbott.

Phyllis overheard Kelly. Phyllis approached and told Kelly that she had no right to inquire about Jack. Kelly replied, "I have every right because last night, Jack chose me over you." Phyllis replied, "Jack doesn't love you. Jack doesn't want anything to do with you."

Kelly taunted Phyllis. Kelly bragged that Jack had wanted her lips and her body and hadn't been able to get enough of her. Kelly added that Jack had turned to her after Phyllis had behaved like a lunatic. Kelly described how she and Jack had made passionate love in the storage room. Phyllis slapped Kelly's cheek.

Abby and Noah arrived at Crimson Lights. Abby greeted her mother with a tight embrace. Abby asked Ashley about Victor and Jack. Ashley told Abby that the structure had collapsed twice. Abby, shocked, asked Ashley if she thought Victor and Jack were dead. Ashley said she didn't know what to think and was hoping for the best.

Those gathered overheard on a police radio that rescuers were searching inside a pocket in the rubble. Nick said he was returning to the collapsed building. Nikki cried, "Bring your father back to us! Bring him back to me." Ashley returned to the patio and told Phyllis and Kelly that rescuers had found someone. Both women seemed relieved, but they said nothing.

At the collapsed building, Nick crept through the debris and reached a rescuer, a firefighter. The firefighter told Nick that he shouldn't be inside the structure. Nick kicked away bricks and rubble and said, "Just tell me who you found." The firefighter illuminated a pile of bricks with a flashlight. When the rescuer tossed aside some rubble, he and Nick saw a bloody arm. Nick said, "We're going to get you out of here." Nick touched the arm and softly cried, "He's dead."

Near the plane crash site, Neil, wrapped in a blanket, crept across snowy, densely wooded terrain, yelling, "Hello! Anybody out there?" Back at the crash site, Jill and Colin tried to warm their hands above a fire. Lily approached Jill and said, "How is it possible that nobody saw Dad leave?" Devon and Cane returned after a quick, unsuccessful search for Neil. Lily cried that her father wasn't dressed to withstand the cold and might be attacked by wild animals.

Jill, Colin, and Cane convinced Devon to wait for help to arrive. Cane tried to console Lily, but she angrily told Cane that their family would be forever broken because of him, Devon, Hilary, and Colin. Lily blamed Cane for everything because he had withheld the truth. Jill and Colin defended Cane and said he wasn't responsible for the storm or the plane crash. Lily argued that Cane was just as bad as Hilary for keeping the affair a secret.

Devon, tending to an injured Hilary, said that everything was his fault. Devon cried, "I'm the one who's responsible for hurting Neil." Devon told Lily that he'd tried to break it off with Hilary, and he accepted the blame for having convinced Hilary and Cane to keep the affair a secret. Devon apologized and said he was even to blame for accepting the terms of Colin's blackmail. Lily replied, "I'll never forgive you or Cane."

Jill spoke to Lily privately. Lily said she'd asked Cane point-blank if Colin had been holding anything over his head. Lily cried that Cane had lied about everything. Defending Cane, Jill said that people often did the wrong things with the right intentions. Lily replied, "That might be how your marriage is, but I don't want to live my life that way." Lily walked away.

Cane approached Lily. Cane apologized for everything he'd done and said that Lily and their children meant everything to him. Cane pleaded with Lily to give him another chance. Before Lily could respond, a helicopter appeared overhead. Devon told Hilary that they would be rescued. Hilary said that Neil had summoned help.

Neil, bleeding and shivering from the cold, continued walking through deep snow in search of help. Weak and weary, Neil slumped to the ground. Neil rested his head against a snowbank and recalled tender moments with Hilary. In flashbacks, Neil remembered the day Hilary had told him she loved him. He recalled the day Hilary had agreed to marry him, and he remembered the exchange of wedding rings the day they had married. Neil winced when he recalled having seen Hilary making love to Devon.

When Neil recalled the dreadful confrontation on the jet, he grew weaker and began to lose consciousness. Neil struggled to keep his eyes open, and his breathing became shallow. A rescuer approached Neil and asked if any others had survived the plane crash. Neil groaned and tried to clear his head. The rescuer helped Neil drink a warm beverage and said he'd soon be reunited with his family.

At the Abbott cabin, Fen returned from a search outside and announced that Austin's body was missing. Summer gasped and sobbed. She pondered the possible activity of wild animals. Fen said he'd seen no tracks in the snow. Two police officers arrived and said they'd received a phone call about an accident. Courtney greeted the officers and said that she had phoned the police station.

Kevin claimed he was concerned about the amount of snow that had accumulated on the cabin's roof. Kevin noted that he, with the help of his nephew, had climbed a ladder to access the roof. Kevin added that he'd slipped and fallen. The police officer noted that Kevin appeared to be uninjured. Mariah explained that Kevin had appeared impaired just after the accident, so a friend named Austin had left on foot to find help.

Kevin explained to the officer that he was worried about Austin because he'd been gone for a long time. Officer Shelton said he and his partner would search for Austin. Courtney stepped outside with the police officers. Mariah and Fen agreed that Austin couldn't have walked away. Summer said, "Maybe he did. Maybe Austin isn't dead, you guys."

Courtney returned to the cabin. Summer pleaded with her friends and family to consider that Austin might have awakened and left to seek help. Mariah said, "Maybe he rode away on a purple unicorn." Everyone glared at Mariah, and she apologized. Mariah asked Summer to consider what might happen if Austin had awakened and remembered what had happened. Summer said that Austin would remember that she'd hit him on the head and had complied when others had arranged to dump his body and then lie about what had happened.

Crying, Summer said that Austin had left because he hated her. Fen suggested that someone might have decided not to "stick with the plan" and might have moved Austin's body. Kevin noted that Courtney and Summer were the only ones who didn't want to make Austin's death appear to be an accident. Courtney, Summer, and Abby began arguing. Fen said they all should assume they were on the same side.

Noah suggested that someone had been watching them the whole time they'd been at the cabin. Abby told Summer it might mean that she wasn't involved. Fen said, "Then why did she remember holding the bookend?" The police officers returned and said they hadn't located Austin. Noah said everyone would travel in their own vehicles to the police station when Officer Shelton said he'd need them to give statements. Noah reminded Summer to remain calm and stick to their story.

At the police station, Lauren anxiously questioned Michael about the search for Jill, Colin, Lily, Cane, Devon, Neil, and Hilary. Michael assured Lauren that Jill was still alive. Lauren wasn't amused when Michael joked that she was probably leading the others in the singing of bawdy campfire songs. Lauren called Jill's number and left a message. Lauren, sobbing, pleaded with Jill to hang on and wait to be rescued.

Lauren greeted Fen and the others when they entered the police station. Kevin explained that he'd had an accident at the Abbott cabin. Kevin added that Austin had left to find help because no one had had cell service. Mariah said, "He must have gotten lost because he never came back." Paul stepped out of his office and told the group from the cabin about the collapse at the Underground.

Paul explained that a rescue and recovery operation was ongoing at the structure collapse because Jack and Victor had remained trapped. Summer cried, "No! Not Jack and Grandpa, too." Paul asked, "What do you mean 'too?'" Abby, her arms fastened tightly around Summer's waist, said, "She just means that three of her family members are missing." Paul said those affected by the collapse were at the coffeehouse awaiting news.

Noah and Abby went to the coffeehouse. The others stayed with Abby. Paul went to his office. Michael watched warily as Fen, Summer, Courtney, Kevin, and Mariah huddled together and conversed in whispers. Michael approached Fen and Kevin and noticed that they were acting unusual. Fen said he was concerned about Summer because Austin had been gone for quite a while.

Paul questioned Courtney in his office. When he asked about Austin, Courtney provided only brief responses. When Paul noted that Courtney seemed nervous, she claimed she was tired. Paul closely watched the partygoers as they banded together outside his office. When an officer who'd participated in the search returned, Paul asked if Austin had been located. Summer interrupted and cried, "You found Austin's body, didn't you? He's dead, isn't he?" Paul replied, "Why would you think he's dead?"

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nick was unable to find a pulse on the wrist of an unidentified man whose arm was sticking out of the rubble, and he asked a rescue worker to confirm that the man was dead. The worker warned that there could be another collapse, and he advised Nick to let the professional crews handle it. Nick felt responsible because the building had been his, and he was determined to help, especially since the trapped man could be his dad or Jack. Nick threw aside some debris, and a look of recognition crossed his face as he uttered, "Oh, God."

Nick identified the dead man as Derek, a part-time bartender, and he said Derek hadn't deserved to die like that. Nick volunteered to notify Derek's next of kin, and he called Derek a good kid who'd wanted to be a writer. The worker instructed Nick to step back and let them handle it, but Nick was adamant that he stay to find his father and anyone else still in there. Nick started to hurl back the rubble, and he heard someone groaning underneath the debris.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley asked if Nikki had heard anything about Jack or Victor, and Nikki relayed that the rescue crew had found an air pocket in the rubble. Dylan optimistically stated that the men could still be alive, and Noah was glad for the glimmer of hope. Victoria said they had to wait and pray, but Phyllis couldn't sit there and do nothing, and she prepared to go to the hospital to wait for Jack there. Dylan advised everyone to sit tight, since Nick had promised he would call when he knew something.

Phyllis testily asked what Kelly was still doing there, and Kelly replied that she was waiting for news about Jack. Phyllis accused Kelly of sticking around to irritate her with lies, but Kelly maintained that she and Jack had made love the night before. Ashley ordered them to lower their voices, and Phyllis refused to believe Kelly's claims unless Jack backed them up. Noah remarked to Abby that Ashley had her hands full, and Abby asked Dylan if he'd had any word from Nick. Abby bemoaned that her head was spinning with despair and hope, and both of them were painful. Victoria urged her to pick hope.

Phyllis pulled Ashley aside and asked if Kelly's story about having sex with Jack was true, and Ashley confided that she'd seen Kelly and Jack adjusting their clothes after they'd emerged from the storage room. Ashley continued that she'd confronted Jack, and he hadn't denied it, but she encouraged Phyllis to focus on the fact that Jack might be fighting for his life. Dylan anxiously answered a call from Nick, who announced over speakerphone that Jack was in rough shape but alive, and they hadn't found Victor yet, but they weren't giving up. Nikki speculated that if Jack was alive, it meant Victor was alive, too, since he'd never let Jack best him.

Later, Nick arrived at the coffeehouse and reported that the rescuers still hadn't found Victor, but he intended to go back as soon as they'd let him. Dylan pulled Nick aside and commended him for not giving up, but he reminded Nick that the rescue team needed the proper equipment to dig through the rubble. Dylan suggested that Nick take Nikki home, since she'd been stressed from worrying about Nick. Victoria agreed, and she mentioned that Nikki's multiple sclerosis had been flaring up. Nick convinced Nikki to go home, and Noah informed Abby that he was going to check on Summer.

At the hospital, Chelsea and Billy waited for Connor to be released, and she was grateful that neither Connor nor Billy had suffered any lung damage from the smoke. Chelsea implored Billy to check on his family while she took care of Connor's paperwork, but Billy insisted on sticking around until the boy could go home. Chelsea ran into Adam in the corridor, and he explained that the paramedics had examined him, but he'd wanted to check on Connor. Chelsea reported that everything was fine thanks to "Gabriel," and she excused herself to tend to Connor's release.

Adam asked Billy if there had been any word on Jack, and Billy replied that he hadn't heard anything. Adam noted that Billy looked good, and he mentioned he was there to see Connor, but Billy coolly informed him the tot was asleep. Billy remarked that he'd only seen "Gabriel" as a mild-mannered marketing guy, and he inquired when "Gabriel" had been planning on telling the truth about who he really was. Adam insisted he was just a nobody named Gabriel Bingham, but Billy joked that "Gabriel" was really a CIA agent or a drug lord.

Adam feigned ignorance, but Billy revealed that he'd heard the paramedic talking about "Gabriel's" bullet wound, and he imagined there was an interesting story behind it. Adam said he didn't like to talk about it, but Billy contended that they'd created a bond when "Gabriel" had saved his life, and he wondered who had shot "Gabriel" and why. Adam replied that it had been someone who had hated him for good reason, and he spun a story about having a one-night stand with a woman when she'd been engaged to someone else. Adam claimed the woman's fiancé had dumped her when he'd found out, and the woman had turned to "Gabriel" for a serious relationship, but he hadn't been interested.

Billy empathized as a former playboy himself, but he declared that he was reformed. Adam admitted he hadn't been much of a gentleman when the incident had happened, and he said the woman had shot him with a pearl-handled pistol at her dad's hunting lodge in Virginia. Billy pointed out that "Gabriel" could have died, and Adam replied that he nearly had, but he recognized that he'd caused her to lose something she'd loved that she'd never get back. Billy asked whether "Gabriel" had pressed charges, but Adam said he didn't blame her for shooting him, and he pointedly asked if Billy understood why she had done it. Billy said he did, and Chelsea returned and asked what was going on.

Billy explained that "Gabriel" had been sharing details about his colorful past, but Adam said he didn't like to dwell on the past, since he was a new man. Ashley burst in and informed Billy that Jack had arrived there alive, and she revealed that there had been a second collapse, but she hadn't wanted to pass on more bad news with everything else going on. She divulged that Jack and Victor had been together when it had happened, and the rescue team hadn't found Victor yet. Adam covered his reaction, and Chelsea hoped Victor was okay for Connor's sake. Billy and Ashley went to find out more about Jack's condition, and Adam prepared to head over to the collapse site to help out.

Chelsea commented that "Gabriel" had done enough rescue work for one day, and she mentioned that he hardly knew Victor. Adam remarked that Connor loved his grandpa, so he wanted to help, but Chelsea thought he should leave the dangerous work to the professionals. She imagined that "Gabriel" was anxious to let his wife know he was okay, since Sage could have lost him in the fire, and she started to walk away to peek in on Connor. Adam blurted out that he hadn't been honest with Chelsea.

Adam confided that he'd wanted to tell Chelsea something for a while, and he felt like they'd developed a bond after all they'd gone through, so he didn't want to lie to her anymore. He admitted he'd been lying about his marriage, since he and Sage had only tied the knot to get his inheritance. Adam fibbed that he'd started to fall in love with Sage, but the feelings had been one-sided. Chelsea mused that she'd thought she'd been getting to know him, but she was no longer sure that was the case.

Adam claimed that he wasn't proud of what he'd done, but he was no longer the same guy he'd been when he'd made the deal. Chelsea asked why he'd told her the truth, and he said he was sick of lying to her. He added that he liked talking to her and that there was no one else he could really confide in, and she acknowledged that she hadn't been above pulling such a stunt in the past. She said she was glad he'd developed real feelings for his wife, since he deserved real love that was reciprocated, and Adam agreed. Chelsea urged him not to stop fighting for the woman he loved, and Adam smiled and replied that he didn't intend to.

The doctor informed Jack's family that Jack's MRI was clean, and they'd continue to monitor for heart complications, but he considered Jack to be a lucky man. Phyllis asked if she could see Jack, and the doctor cautioned that only one person could visit Jack at a time. Ashley told Phyllis to go first, but Kelly ran in and asked if Jack was okay. Phyllis waved Ashley in to see Jack, and she coldly told Kelly to leave. Kelly barked that Phyllis needed to accept that Jack had chosen Kelly, and she taunted that she and Jack had made love with Phyllis in the next room.

Ashley scolded Jack for scaring her, since even though she wanted to kill him sometimes, she didn't want him to die. Jack asked about Victor, and Ashley said people were still looking for him. Ashley added that Phyllis was fine but unhappy with Jack under the circumstances, and a confused Jack recalled that he and Phyllis had worked through their argument. Ashley disclosed that Phyllis knew Jack had slept with Kelly during the Valentine's Day party. "I did what?" Jack exclaimed.

Ashley surmised that Jack was suffering short-term memory loss because of his concussion, but Jack swore he didn't know what she was talking about. Ashley recounted that he and Kelly had gone at it in the storage room, and he asked if Ashley had actually witnessed them having sex. Ashley said she'd seen them just afterward, and it had been obvious what they'd been doing, but Jack had acted like it hadn't been a big deal. Ashley asked if he didn't remember it, and he insisted it had never happened.

Phyllis told Kelly that Jack had betrayed them both, since Jack had cheated on Phyllis with Kelly, and then he'd tossed Kelly aside. Phyllis remarked that she and Kelly had that much in common, and Ashley announced that Jack wanted to see Phyllis, who headed to Jack's room. Ashley said it was best if Kelly left, since Jack needed rest, but Kelly snapped that he wouldn't get rest with "that whack-job" in there. Ashley countered that Jack and Phyllis had things to work through, and Kelly huffed that she'd be back, since that was what Jack wanted.

Kelly stormed off as Billy approached, and he couldn't believe Ashley hadn't told him Jack had almost died, but Ashley defended that it had been the loving thing to do, since Billy hadn't been able to do anything about it. Billy asked if Jack would be okay, and Ashley revealed that Jack had just looked her in the face and lied to her. Ashley informed Billy that Jack had slept with Kelly, but Jack had sworn it hadn't happened. Ashley knew she hadn't imagined things, and she worried that their brother had been doing a lot of things that didn't make sense.

Phyllis appeared in Jack's doorway and softly said she was glad he was okay, and Jack invited her in, but she hesitated to go near him and tearfully asked how he could have had sex with Kelly. Phyllis wondered if it had been part of his plan to push her over the edge, since it had been enough to send her into a straitjacket. Jack firmly stated that he hadn't slept with Kelly, and he swore that Ashley had misinterpreted whatever she'd seen. Phyllis informed him that Kelly had provided details, but Jack questioned whether Phyllis believed Kelly or him.

Jack asserted that Kelly was a disturbed woman who was lying, and Phyllis asked if Jack considered Kelly to be crazy like her. Jack maintained that he hadn't slept with Kelly, and he contended that even if he had, he'd never lie about it, especially after he'd just made it out of a deathtrap alive. Jack said the experience had been a sober reminder of how precious and fragile life was, and he didn't want to waste it on negative thoughts and ugly actions. Jack proclaimed that he loved Phyllis and that he was done with Kelly, and as Kelly stood unseen in the doorway, she reeled as Jack called her a pathological liar who was no longer part of his life.

At the police station, Paul considered Summer's assumption that Austin was dead to be extreme, and Kevin claimed that at the cabin, they'd been telling scary stories about people dying. Mariah added that Summer was upset because Victor and Jack were also missing, and Summer said she'd just been voicing her fears. Paul urged Summer to go be with her family, but she replied that Austin was her family, so she wanted to wait until there was news about him. Kevin gestured for Fen and Summer to join him and Mariah in the interrogation room, and he warned the group that Paul was onto them. Kevin cautioned that they were all trying too hard, and Fen agreed that they had to be careful about what they said and how they said it. Kevin worried that Paul and Michael had already figured out that something was wrong.

Paul reported that the head of the search team at the Underground might have found another survivor, but he didn't know who it was. Paul continued that the rescue crew had called in reinforcements from Madison to keep looking until everyone was accounted for, and Lauren pledged to stay positive. Michael commented that there was nothing wrong with hope, and he assured her they'd hear about Jill and the others soon. Lauren refused to let herself imagine anything other than a safe return, and Paul said Lauren could give Summer a lesson in the power of positive thinking. Michael asked if Paul thought the kids weren't telling the whole story.

Paul noted there had been tension between Summer and the other kids, but Lauren thought their concern about Austin was understandable. Michael stepped into the interrogation room and pulled Fen out for a private word, and he inquired whether Summer and Austin had been fighting at the cabin. Michael wondered if that had been the real reason Austin had taken off, but Fen maintained that Austin had left to get help for Kevin. Michael thought Summer had been giving off a strange vibe, but Fen reasoned that Michael wouldn't act like himself if Lauren had walked into a snowstorm and disappeared. Michael commended Fen for being protective of Summer.

Fen reentered the room, and he relayed that Michael had been asking the kind of questions he'd been afraid of. Summer wailed that they couldn't keep pretending, and she thought that telling the truth might help the police find Austin. Mariah clarified that they'd find Austin's body, but Summer thought it was only a matter of time before the authorities found out everything. Kevin insisted it was too late to change their story, and he pointed out that they'd all agreed to the plan. Fen added that they'd done it to protect Summer, but Mariah spat that it wasn't just about Summer anymore.

Noah arrived at the police station, and Lauren and Michael told him they'd keep Victor in their prayers. Noah joined the group in the interrogation room, and Lauren empathized that Nikki was waiting and worrying. Lauren said it cut her to the core that Jill had finally had the life she'd wanted, but it was possible that both Jill and Victor were dead. Michael urged her to think good thoughts, and Paul returned and announced that the wreckage of plane had been found and that the only fatality had been the pilot. A relieved Lauren hugged Michael, and Paul informed them that the passengers had sustained some injuries, but they were at a local hospital in Illinois. Lauren declared that the nightmare was over.

Mariah warned that telling the truth would hurt all of them, and they'd risked everything to keep Summer safe, so it wasn't Summer's secret to tell anymore. Summer countered that Mariah had presented the idea to lie, but Summer had never asked for anyone's protection. Fen worried he'd go back to prison, and Noah asserted that they needed to stick together. Kevin was concerned that Michael and Paul already suspected they were hiding something, but Summer wanted to confess before things got worse. Noah thought Victor would advise them to do whatever it took to protect themselves.

Lauren pulled Fen out of the room, and she informed him that they were going to the hospital where the plane crash survivors had been taken. Fen hugged Summer and left with his parents. Mariah asked if Summer intended to keep her mouth shut, and Summer reluctantly agreed to keep the secret, even though none of them really knew what had happened. Noah recalled that they'd all seen Austin, and Courtney hadn't been able to find a pulse, but they just didn't know what had happened to the body. Paul entered and announced that they'd located Austin, who was fine. "Thank God!" Summer cried, as Noah, Kevin, and Mariah exchanged quizzical looks.

Victoria, Nick, and Abby accompanied Nikki home to the ranch, and Nick lamented that he should still be at the Underground. Abby insisted that Nikki needed him, and Victoria offered to make some tea. Nikki ranted that it was the last thing she wanted, and she grabbed the vodka bottle from the shelf. Nikki griped that tea would do her no good, and her children protested as she poured a drink and chugged it.

A horrified Victoria demanded to know what Nikki was doing, and Nikki said she was killing the pain by having a well-deserved drink. "Might as well pour me one while you're at it," a disheveled Victor declared as he appeared in the foyer.

Nikki is called out for her drinking

Nikki is called out for her drinking

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the police station interrogation room, Kevin, Mariah, Noah, Courtney, and Summer were stunned when Paul announced that Austin had been found. Noah asked Paul if he was sure his men had found Austin -- Paul said they had found a man in his mid-twenties trapped in a ravine near the Abbott cabin.

Summer was naturally thrilled and asked Paul if Austin was safe -- Paul told her that he didn't have an injury report, but Austin was talking. Kevin, Mariah, Courtney, and Noah seemed confused. Summer begged Paul to allow her to go to the rescue site. Initially against the idea, Paul eventually acquiesced. Mariah and Kevin decided to accompany Summer and Paul. When the group left the room, Noah told Courtney he was shocked that Austin was still alive. Courtney replied, "The second Austin opens his mouth -- our lives are over."

At the ravine, Paul, Summer, Kevin, and Mariah watched as a rescue worker led a young man, his face partially obscured by a blanket, out of harm's way. Summer rushed over to greet Austin and lifted the blanket from his head. She was thrown for a loop when she saw that it wasn't Austin -- it was Kyle Abbott.

Paul asked Kyle how he had ended up in the ravine. Kyle explained that he had planned to make a surprise appearance at Abby's party, but the storm had hit, and there had been no place for him to take shelter. His car had gotten stuck in the snow, and he had started to walk. Summer comforted Kyle, telling him how glad she was that he was safe -- but she was still worried about Austin. Kyle was surprised to hear that Summer's husband was missing. Summer cuddled up to Kyle and told him how scared she was. Kevin and Mariah looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

Paul insisted that Kyle go to the hospital. Before leaving, Kyle apologized to Paul for causing trouble -- and apologized to Summer for not being Austin. Paul was planning on hiring a tow truck to haul Kyle's car to Genoa City, but Kevin volunteered to drive it there, since the roads had been cleared.

Before he left, Paul assured Summer that the searchers would find Austin. Kevin found it bizarre that Kyle had shown up in a ditch on that particular night. Mariah commented that Kyle had stared at Summer in an "intense and creepy" manner. Realizing that Mariah was insinuating that Kyle was up to no good, Summer said that Kyle was one of the nicest people she knew.

Kevin thought Kyle might have moved Austin's corpse -- or, even worse, murdered Austin. He reminded Summer of her complicated history with Kyle. Kyle had been Summer's boyfriend -- then her brother -- perhaps Kyle had returned to "eliminate the competition."

Mariah, Kevin, and Summer approached Kyle's car. When Summer whined that it was supposed to have been Austin, not Kyle, in the ravine, Kevin reminded her that Austin was dead. Summer said she didn't care why Kyle had shown up -- she just wanted her husband back. Kevin noticed what appeared to be a towel hanging out of Kyle's car's trunk.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria, Nick, and Abby were aghast as Nikki was about to drink another glass of vodka. Before she had a chance, a soot-covered Victor told Nikki that she might as well pour a drink for him. Nick, Victoria, and Abby ran to hug their father -- they'd thought Victor might have perished when the Underground had collapsed. Victor took the glass of vodka from Nikki and said, "I need that more than you do," before gulping the alcohol down.

Victor was unsteady on his feet, and Victoria wondered if a doctor had examined him. Victor insisted he was fine -- then collapsed into Nick's arms.

In a waiting room at Genoa City Memorial, a doctor told Nikki, Nick, Victoria, and Abby that Victor had suffered a concussion and possibly sustained some nerve damage. Nikki asked if she could see her husband just as a nurse wheeled Victor into the room. Victor wanted to leave the hospital, but Nikki and Victoria insisted he remain overnight for observation.

Nikki asked the nurse what room Victor would be in. The nurse told her that, because of the storm, the hospital was at capacity and Victor would have to share a room. Nick chuckled as Victor wondered why he couldn't have his own room -- after all, he had paid for half of the hospital. Nick and Victoria smiled and assured their father that he could handle one night with a roommate. The nurse wheeled Victor away.

In another Genoa City Memorial waiting room, Adam complained to Chelsea that Sage didn't reciprocate his love. Chelsea told him that if he really loved Sage, Sage would sense that and would eventually fall in love with him. Billy interrupted their conversation with good news -- Jack was going to make a full recovery. Chelsea was thrilled, but Adam sighed and flopped down onto the couch. Billy asked Adam if he was okay. Adam said he was fine -- he was just relieved to hear the news about Jack. Not noticing that Sage had arrived, Billy asked Adam how close he was to Jack.

Adam evaded the question and remarked that it had been a lucky night -- no one had been injured in the fire. Sage walked up to Adam and hugged him. Billy said that he and Chelsea needed to get Connor home, but Sage informed them that their apartment building had been shut down. Chelsea was concerned about where she, Billy, and Connor were going to stay. Billy told her they could temporarily house at the Abbott mansion.

Billy left to get Connor, and Adam decided to grab a cup of coffee, leaving Sage and Chelsea alone. Chelsea admitted that Adam had told her the truth about Constance's will. "Gabriel" would only inherit Constance's fortune if he settled down and married, and "Gabriel" had married Sage to satisfy Constance's stipulation. Chelsea smiled and told Sage that "Gabriel" might have a "bad boy" past, but he loved Sage. Chelsea asked Sage to give him a chance.

As Chelsea left the room, Adam returned with his coffee. Sage accused him of portraying her as a heartless "witch," while "Gabriel" was simply a "decent guy who wanted a chance." Adam smiled and said that was great. Adam decided to visit Jack and revealed to Sage that Jack knew "Gabriel's" true identity. Sage wondered why Adam trusted Jack. Adam told her that Jack was the only friend he had.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy and Chelsea finished getting Connor off to bed. Billy didn't understand "Gabe's" reaction to the news about Jack. Billy felt that "Gabe" was hiding something "big." Chelsea admitted that "Gabe" was indeed hiding something -- she told Billy why Sage and "Gabe" had married but added that "Gabe" really did love Sage. Chelsea tried to convince Billy that "Gabe" was a good guy, but Billy thought "Gabe" might be a monumental liar. Chelsea defended "Gabe" and asked Billy to show some gratitude for the man who had saved both him and Connor.

From his hospital bed, Jack insisted to Phyllis that he was done with the "pathological liar" Kelly. Kelly, who was eavesdropping at the door, became hysterical and barged into the room. Kelly accused Jack of ripping off her clothes and making love to her in a storeroom at the Underground. Jack grew extremely angry and told Kelly to leave, saying that he would no longer placate her. His face turning red, Jack told Kelly that he had been an idiot to believe any of the lies that Kelly had manufactured about Phyllis.

Kelly feverishly insisted that Jack had made love to her. Jack accused her of being either delusional or a "damn good liar." He also finally believed that Kelly had poisoned her own tea in order to frame Phyllis. Kelly, out of control, screamed that Phyllis was going to be tried and convicted of attempted murder. Kelly and Phyllis began arguing. A doctor stopped by -- the nurses had informed him that Jack's heart rate was elevated -- and asked the women to allow Jack to rest. Kelly stomped out of the room.

Jack apologized to Phyllis for believing anything Kelly had said. He hoped that Phyllis would forgive him. He noticed that Phyllis seemed uncharacteristically calm and wondered if she was about to "explode." She reminded Jack that he had nearly died, and she didn't feel it was appropriate to berate him.

Jack promised Phyllis that he loved her, would never doubt her, and would never believe Kelly again. Phyllis took Jack's hand and tenderly told him that she forgave him. Jack, his eyes welling up with tears, said that he didn't deserve Phyllis. When Phyllis mentioned Kelly's name, Jack warned her to stay away from that "dangerous" woman. Phyllis promised that she would not go near Kelly, then kissed Jack's forehead, ordered him to rest, and left.

Adam stopped by Jack's room and recalled that Jack had visited him in the hospital years earlier, when Adam had taken a bullet meant for Victor. Jack, sounding a bit annoyed, said that Adam had saved Victor's life -- but, in the rubble of the collapsed Underground, Victor had saved Jack's life. Adam said he could top that irony, telling Jack to ask Billy how Billy had escaped from a burning building alive. Jack had no idea what Adam was talking about, and Adam didn't give any further explanation.

As Adam stood up to leave, Jack admitted that, while trapped in the rubble with Victor, he might have mentioned something about Adam, although Jack didn't think he had told Victor that Adam was alive. Adam said Jack didn't need to worry about that -- Victor was trapped in the rubble and was, in all likelihood, dead. Jack, saddened, said it was hard for him to imagine a world without Victor in it.

Not heeding Jack's warning, Phyllis followed Kelly to the Athletic Club, and they lit into each other. Kelly insisted she'd had sex with Jack the previous evening -- Phyllis said that Kelly was "done" in Genoa City.

Jack and Victor were both unpleasantly surprised when the nurse wheeled Victor into Jack's room. As the nurse helped Victor into a second bed in Jack's room, the men began sniping at each other. The nurse threatened to sedate Jack if he didn't calm down. After the nurse left, Victor reminded Jack that he had saved Jack's life. Jack groaned and wondered how often Victor was going to rub that in.

Victor picked up the phone and asked to be transferred to another room. Jack screamed, "How about another hospital?" Victor hung up when Abby stopped by and tried to get the men to settle down. She told them they were both lucky to be alive -- and lucky that they hadn't lost anyone close to them. Victor wondered if Abby had lost someone close to her that evening. Abby said that she hadn't -- and asked her uncle and her father to be grateful to be alive.

Jack and Victor began sparring again, and Abby implored them to stop, telling them that their arguing would divert the nurses' attention from patients who were really in need of help. After Abby left, Jack asked Victor to pour him a glass of water. Victor laughed and told Jack to call the nurse -- he had saved Jack's life -- he wasn't going to be Jack's waiter.

Phyllis returned to the room and smiled -- she thought it was "fabulous" that Victor and Jack were bunking together for the night. Phyllis informed the men that she was going to take on Kelly. Jack once again asked Phyllis to stay away from Kelly. Victor wondered what Phyllis' plan was.

At the Athletic Club, a forlorn Kelly drank a glass of wine and remembered Jack ravishing her in the storeroom. She said to herself, "It happened. It really did."

Nick and Sage ran into each other in a hospital corridor. Nick teased Sage, wondering if she was mad that the bar's roof had caved in while she had been bartending. Sage chuckled and said her night would have been "crappy" anyway -- her building had caught on fire. Sage was happy to hear that Victor had made it out of the rubble with seemingly minor injuries.

Nick told Sage he had been serious when he said that he wanted to get to know her better -- he wasn't going to give up on her. She smiled and told Nick she didn't want him to give up. Adam walked up behind them and watched as Nick and Sage embraced.

Nick and Sage stopped hugging when Adam began speaking. Nick admitted that he knew about Sage and "Gabe's" business arrangement, but Adam warned Sage to be careful -- he didn't want the executor of Constance's will to see Sage with another man. Sage said she had hugged Nick because of some good news -- Nick's father, Victor, had survived the building collapse. Adam seemed disappointed to hear it.

After Nick left, Adam told Sage he was relieved that Victor was alive -- Adam still wanted to exact his pound of flesh from Victor. Adam made some sarcastic remarks about Nick "draping" himself over Sage. Sage wondered why Adam cared and asked if Adam actually had feelings for her.

Nick returned to the waiting room as Nikki was finishing up speaking with Victor's doctor. Nikki told Nick and Victoria to return to their homes and get some rest, but they both wanted to speak to their mother about her drinking. Victoria wondered how long Nikki had been drinking -- she asked if her mother had been drunk when she had nearly dropped Katie.

Nick chided Victoria for accusing Nikki of being drunk at Katie's christening, insisting that Nikki had started drinking after she'd thought that Victor had been killed in the building collapse. Victoria asked her mother if she was wrong in thinking that Nikki had been drunk at the christening. Nikki began crying and told Victoria that she wasn't.

Nikki admitted that she had started drinking several months earlier. Victoria was angry that nearly dropping Katie hadn't been enough for Nikki to stop drinking and go to a meeting. Nick tried to blame Victor for driving Nikki to drink, but Victoria didn't buy that. As Nikki began sobbing, Nick embraced her. Nick and Victoria insisted that Nikki get help. Nikki promised them she would.

At the police station, Courtney told Noah they had rescued the guy from the ravine, but it hadn't been Austin -- it was Kyle Abbott. Noah remembered seeing a mysterious person outside the Abbott cabin. He and Courtney wondered if it could have been Kyle spying on them. Noah admitted he didn't care for Kyle, but he didn't think Kyle could have broken into the cabin and murdered Austin without any of the partygoers noticing.

Courtney thought perhaps Kyle had moved Austin's body. Noah said that if Kyle had moved the body, he had done it for Summer's sake -- Kyle probably thought Summer had been responsible for Austin's death.

Abby was surprised to run into Kyle at the hospital. She asked him what he was doing there. Kyle smiled and said, "I came to see you. I came to crash your killer party." Abby eyed Kyle suspiciously.

Noah met up with Mariah, Summer, and Kevin at Kyle's car. Summer didn't want Mariah to open the car trunk. Noah and Kevin told Mariah to open it. Mariah unlocked the trunk and opened it, and the four of them gazed inside.

Hilary making a stunning confession

Hilary making a stunning confession

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kevin, Noah, Summer, and Mariah peered into the empty trunk of Kyle's rental car, and Mariah was surprised Austin's body wasn't there. Summer insisted that Kyle was a good guy who wouldn't have hurt Austin, but Kevin pointed out there was blood on the towel they'd seen hanging out of the trunk. Summer suggested they drive Kyle's car back to Genoa City, but Noah wanted to call Courtney. Mariah warned that Courtney was still a cop who would be obligated to report the evidence, but Summer argued that the blood could be from someone other than Austin. The group discussed the possibility that Kyle had moved Austin's body.

At the hospital, Jack awakened and found Victor hovering over him with a pillow. Victor commented that Jack seemed uncomfortable, and he offered to put Jack out of his misery. Victor told Jack to sit up if he wanted the extra pillow, but Jack was skeptical that Victor was offering comfort. Victor reasoned that Jack's babbling had kept him awake, and Victor needed to get rest before the doctors would release him. Victor claimed that Jack had said Kelly's name in his sleep, and Jack suggested that Victor check himself out.

Victor mentioned that he'd nearly passed out at home, and Jack wished he had seen Victor faint, but Victor huffed that he'd run out of energy after he'd saved Jack. Jack doubted he'd said Kelly's name, but he thought if he had, it had been out of frustration about the way Kelly had manipulated Phyllis. Victor pointed out that they were alone, so Jack could admit he'd lied to Phyllis, but Jack insisted he hadn't. Victor accused Jack of telling Phyllis what she'd wanted to hear, but Jack had left out the part about having sex with Kelly before the Underground had collapsed.

Jack bellowed that his private life was none of Victor's business, and Victor noted that it didn't sound like a denial. Victor asserted that he was making Jack face his hypocrisy, and Jack growled that Victor had already insinuated himself into Jack's life enough by trying to get between him and Phyllis again. Jack theorized that playing white knight to Phyllis hadn't worked, so Victor was trying to use Kelly to cause problems. Victor contended that Phyllis needed him whether Jack liked it or not, and he proposed that he and Jack unite for a short while for a common cause.

In the waiting area, Abby wondered why Kyle had shown up at the Abbott cabin, and Kyle reminded her that she'd invited him. He explained that he had gotten stuck in the snow and had decided to walk, but he'd slipped on the ice and ended up in a ravine. He added that Paul had wanted him to get checked out, and Abby realized that if Kyle had seen Paul, Kyle had probably also talked to Summer. Kyle mentioned that he knew Austin had gone missing from the party, and he inquired about how it had happened. Abby started to explain, but a nurse arrived to take Kyle to be examined.

Later, Kyle announced that the doctor had given him a clean bill of health, and Abby informed him that the doctor had already updated her, since Kyle had listed her as his emergency contact. Kyle grumbled that he'd outgrown giving her access to his personal medical information, but Abby said she'd wanted to make sure he was okay, and she asked how he'd gotten out of a tumble into a ravine without a single scratch. He attributed it to the luck of the Abbotts.

Jack and Victor bickered over what to watch on television, and Abby entered and said she had something to speed up Jack's recovery. Jack hoped it was his own room, but he was thrilled when Kyle appeared, and Kyle thanked Victor for taking care of his dad. Victor headed out to ask a doctor when he could leave, and he told Kyle he was sorry about what had happened when Kyle had worked at Newman, but he didn't fault Kyle for wanting to support his family.

After Victor stepped out, Kyle explained that Abby had invited him to a party, and he'd wanted his return to town to be a surprise. Kyle added that he'd thought it would be a good opportunity to finally meet Summer's husband, but he wouldn't get that chance, and Jack asked why not. Meanwhile, Victor left a message for someone and said they needed to meet right away.

Kyle clarified that he wouldn't have a chance to meet Austin on such a short trip, since he was only in town for a couple of days, but he didn't have to leave right away. Jack asked if he could talk Kyle into moving back for good, and Kyle said he wasn't sure, but he refused to go anywhere until Jack was up and around. Victor returned, and Kyle left to allow Jack to get some rest. Victor said Jack should be proud of Kyle, since Victor had heard Kyle had been doing well in New York. Jack repeated his order for Victor to stay out of his personal life, but Victor declared that he had a proposition.

Victor said he and Jack sometimes forgot the town was big enough for both of them, and he suggested that they let one another be. Victor thought they both needed to stick around for one another, since it would be no fun to defeat a rival who wasn't a worthy adversary. Jack asked if Victor expected them to treat each other with respect, and Victor commented that they'd tried everything else. Jack tried to imagine a world where they actually got along, but he wasn't sure what it looked like. Jack inquired whether they'd go hunting or play cards together, but Victor said they'd remain enemies, and Jack replied, "Friendly enemies."

Noah, Kevin, Summer, and Mariah arrived at the hospital, and Abby observed that the group looked stressed. Noah speculated that Kyle might know where Austin was, and Kevin displayed the bloody towel. Mariah found it weird that Kyle had shown up right after Austin had gone missing, and Abby replied that Kyle had been too busy falling into a ravine, but she remembered that the doctor had said Kyle hadn't had a scratch on him. Mariah glanced at Summer and remarked that there was no limit to what people would do for someone they cared about.

Kyle joined the group and anxiously inquired about his car, and a suspicious Mariah asked why he was in a hurry to find out about it. He claimed it was a rental that he had to return, and he thanked her for driving it back. Kyle greeted Noah and hoped things were cool between them after everything that had happened at Newman, but Noah replied that he was more interested in why Kyle had lied about not being at the cabin. Kyle maintained that he'd never made it, but Noah remembered seeing him outside the window. Kyle insisted it hadn't been him, and Kevin confronted Kyle with the bloody towel.

Kyle asked why they'd gone through his rental car, but Abby demanded that he just explain the towel. He claimed that he'd had a boxing lesson before he'd hit the road, and he'd taken a hit in the nose. He quipped that he needed more lessons, but he wondered why it felt like they were accusing him of something. Mariah admitted they couldn't find Austin, and Kyle questioned what had really happened to Austin.

Jack awakened and saw that Victor's bed was empty. Jack groaned in pain as he reached for his phone, and he deleted Kelly's contact information from it. Meanwhile, Victor walked down the corridor to the chapel, where he entered the confessional. He thanked someone for being there, and he revealed that their plan was working like a charm, since Jack suspected nothing.

At the Ashby home, Esther thanked God as she hugged Jill, who snapped to get off her. Esther marveled that Jill really was okay if she was cranky, and she inquired about Colin's arm, which was in a sling. He revealed that he'd suffered a stress fracture, and Esther reported that the twins had eaten dinner and were watching a video. Esther said she'd heard about the poor pilot, but Jill barked that she didn't want to talk about the crash. A clueless Esther asked about Devon, Hilary, and Neil, and Lily glared at Cane and wordlessly walked off to check on the kids.

Lily commended Esther for doing a great job with the twins, and Colin asked if the kids had been concerned. Cane said they'd never known any of them had been in danger, and Esther displayed a valentine Matty had made for Neil and Hilary. Esther added that the girl had poured her heart into a card she'd made for Lily and Cane, and Cane remarked that Matty knew how he felt about her mom. Esther tucked Jill under a blanket, but Jill griped that she wasn't an invalid, and she ordered Esther to get her a drink. Colin suggested that Esther fetch the bottle.

Jill asked Cane if he'd told the twins what had happened, and Lily praised Cane for making the kids think being stuck in the snow had been fun. Cane pointedly stated that he'd stretched the truth for the greater good, and Lily suggested that he figure out a way to tell their children why their daddy wouldn't be living there anymore. Cane understood Lily was upset, but she ranted that he'd been lying for months, and he assured her they'd work it out together. She admonished him for never considering handling the news of Hilary and Devon's affair together, and Jill defended that Cane had been in a difficult situation.

Lily asserted that Cane's first loyalty should have been to his wife, and Cane said he had apologized and had promised to never do it again. Cane argued that he wasn't the one who'd cheated, but Lily retorted that it felt like he had. Jill suggested that she and Colin leave, and Lily decided that Cane shouldn't be there, either. Cane pleaded with Lily not to break up their family, but she growled that he'd done exactly that when he'd broken their trust. Cane stormed out, and Colin followed him. Jill asked if Lily had learned nothing from the night before, and Esther asked if the ladies still wanted their drinks.

Jill requested time to talk with Lily alone, and Esther headed home. Jill acknowledged that Cane had betrayed Lily's trust, and Lily wondered whether she'd ever be able to trust him again. Jill recounted that Cane had frantically searched every inch of the crash site, and she'd seen his anguish when he'd thought the dead pilot had been Lily. Lily said she would have searched for Cane the same way, but it didn't negate his lies. Jill thought they'd survived the crash because the thought of the people they loved had kept them alive, and she preached that love could overcome any adversity. Lily told her to try telling that to Neil.

Lily worried that Neil's alcoholism could kill him, but Jill pointed out that Katherine had fallen off the wagon and gotten back on several times, and it was up to Neil to do the same thing. Jill turned the topic back to Lily's choices, and she questioned whether Lily intended to let her marriage be another casualty at Hilary's hand. Jill urged Lily not to give up on Cane because Lily loved him, but Lily grumbled that he hadn't loved her enough to be honest. Jill countered that he'd loved her enough to want to shield her from pain, and she understood what it felt like to get past lies. Jill implored her to forgive Cane, and she asserted that her own life was better with Colin in it. Jill challenged Lily to say that her life was better without Cane.

Colin joined Cane at a table at the Athletic Club, and Cane vented his anger at Colin for his blackmail scheme, at Devon and Hilary for their affair, and at himself for covering. Colin reasoned that Cane had done what he'd thought had been best, and he was sure Lily would cool off. Cane confided that he was also angry with Lily, since all he'd cared about had been her feelings, but she could only see that he'd kept things from her. Cane recalled that she'd done the same thing when she hadn't told him about her flirtation with Tyler, and she'd reasoned that she hadn't told Cane because she hadn't wanted to upset him. Cane was incensed that Lily couldn't see that he'd kept things from her out of love, and Colin suggested that perhaps Lily wasn't ready.

Lily conceded that maybe she needed to listen to Cane's side, and she went to tell the kids that Cane would be home to tuck them in. Jill called Colin and instructed him to tell Cane to get home right away, but Colin thought it was best to give Cane time to cool off. Jill relayed that Lily was on the verge of forgiving Cane, but Colin suspected that Lily's ability to forgive wasn't going to be the impediment.

In Hilary's hospital room, Devon sat by Hilary's side, and he turned and saw Neil in the doorway. Devon disclosed that she was resting well, and he was glad Neil was there. Neil said he didn't want to get into it, but Devon thanked Neil for trudging through the snow to get help and for saving their lives. Neil coldly told him to thank Lily, since Neil had thought of her and not Devon as he'd made his way through the freezing wilderness. Neil added that he would have let them all freeze to death if Lily hadn't been there, and Hilary opened her eyes.

Hilary said she'd heard Neil had been responsible for their rescue, and she'd been worried when he'd ventured out into the snow. She thanked Neil for helping them even though she knew he hated her, and Devon surmised that Neil's presence meant he still cared on some level. Neil icily stated that he was there because the admissions office had needed Hilary's insurance information, and they had joint a policy as husband and wife. Neil held up a plastic bag containing Hilary's rings, and he asked if he should put them back on her finger.

Neil fished Devon's eternity ring out of the bag and surmised Hilary would like to wear that one. Neil imagined that Hilary had thought he'd never see it, since she hadn't thought he'd see anything ever again. Neil revealed that he had seen the ring on New Year's Day, when he'd spied a bright, glittering light on her hand, and it had given him hope. Neil spat that he hoped the eternity ring would be as meaningful to Hilary as her wedding ring had been.

Neil planned to pack up Hilary's stuff and send it to the Athletic Club, and he asked if he should address it to the suite where he'd discovered Devon and Hilary in bed together. Devon condemned Neil for making Hilary feel worse after she'd almost died, and Neil left to finish the paperwork. Devon gazed lovingly at Hilary, and he said he never wanted to stop looking at her after he'd almost lost her. He noted that the truth was out and that they could be together, but she said Neil hated them. Devon thought it had been inevitable, but Hilary wondered if Devon could live with the way Neil looked at him. Devon professed his love and swore that being together was all that mattered.

Hilary pointed out that Devon cared deeply about what Neil thought, and she imagined that losing Neil's respect had been like a knife through Devon's heart. Devon admitted that it was tough to see Neil hurt, and he suggested that he and Hilary leave town for a little while to avoid flaunting their relationship while the dust settled. Hilary said she could easily pull up stakes, but she recognized that Devon had family and memories he'd be leaving behind. Devon thought his family wouldn't forgive him anytime soon, and he wasn't sure if Lily and Neil would ever let him see the twins or Moses again, but he believed everything would be okay if that was what it took for him and Hilary to be together.

Later, Neil reported to Hilary that the paperwork was done, and he stated that their business had concluded. He turned to leave, but Hilary asked him to wait, since there was something he needed to know. She said she'd tried to tell him something after the crash, but he refused to listen to any more explanations or excuses. Hilary declared that he hadn't heard the truth, but Neil said he'd seen it with his own eyes. Hilary announced that she was and always had been the woman who'd arrived in town to seek revenge and the one who'd done despicable things to him and his family.

Neil assumed that Hilary was trying to make him think she hadn't changed, but he said what she'd done in the past had been different than her affair with Devon. Hilary revealed that her intent had remained the same, since she'd never lost sight of her goal to take down the man who'd destroyed her family. Neil murmured that it wasn't possible, but she crowed that anything was possible, and she'd finally gotten what she'd wanted -- to take down him and his own. "Mission accomplished," she proudly proclaimed.

Neil asked what Hilary was saying, and Hilary thanked him for helping her pull it off. She ridiculed Neil for convincing Jack to give a lost, lonely soul a second chance, and she mocked Neil saying that he was falling in love with her. Hilary cackled as Devon listened outside the door. She bragged that all she'd had to do was make Neil think she'd been falling in love with him, and he'd eaten it up "like a fat kid in a candy store."

A stunned Neil asked if his and Hilary's whole life together had been a scam, and Hilary explained that the best way to hurt him had been to seduce his son, but she couldn't get over how easy it had been. Hilary told Neil not to look surprised, since she could never love him after what he'd done to her mother, and she could certainly never love Devon.

Heart of a Buzz Saw

Heart of a Buzz Saw

Friday, February 27, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Adam griped that there wasn't one decent room available in town, and Sage sympathized that people had been displaced by the storm. She lamented that the old Bingham estate was being renovated to get it ready for sale, and Adam wondered if they'd have to sleep in the car. They bickered about finding a better solution, and she suggested they find a hotel in Chicago. Adam complained that she expected him to drive all night after their apartment had almost burned to the ground, and he refused to leave town after he'd made headway with Chelsea. Sage scolded that he should be grateful to be alive.

Cane instructed his staff to get the buffet out right away for the people who'd lost their homes in the fire, and Lily called and said she'd expected him to be home already. He reminded her that she'd thrown him out, and she countered that he couldn't blame her for being angry with him for keeping Devon and Hilary's affair a secret. Cane inquired whether she was still angry, and he assumed she was when she remained silent. Lily asked Cane to return home so they could talk, but a belligerent Adam confronted Cane about not having any rooms available, and Cane abruptly got off the phone.

Adam questioned what Cane would do if Victor walked in and demanded a room, and Cane replied that Victor would be out of luck. Adam offered to pay double the regular rate, and he remarked that Cane knew he could afford it, but Cane protested that he didn't even know who Adam was. Sage pulled Adam aside and warned that he was getting more reckless, and she suggested that he get away while he formulated a new plan. Adam testily stated that his plan was working fine, but he reluctantly agreed to accompany her to Chicago after he dropped off a flash drive at Jack's home. Sage figured he wanted to do it because Chelsea was staying there.

After Adam left, Sage was discouraged when she learned over the phone that Chicago hotel rooms had been reserved six months in advance because of a science fiction convention. Cane apologized to her for being rude earlier, but Sage contended that her husband could be very stubborn when he didn't get what he wanted. Cane empathized about stubborn spouses, but he added that his wife and kids were his world, and Sage said they were fortunate to have him. Cane confided that his wife was mad about a decision he'd made a couple of months before, and she had looked at him like he was a stranger. Sage bemoaned that her husband looked at her like she was a stranger all the time.

At the Abbott mansion, Chelsea informed Billy that Connor was fast asleep, and she was glad to see Billy was following doctor's orders and relaxing. She asked what he was reading online, and he said it was a biography, but she discovered that he was researching Gabriel. Billy explained that he'd been curious, and he noted that Gabriel had smiled in every picture. He added that the Gabriel they knew had a permanent scowl on his face, and Chelsea agreed that they'd never really seen Gabriel happy. Billy relayed that the articles painted Gabriel as a funny, adventurous playboy who lived life like it was a big party, and Chelsea asked if Billy was jealous.

Chelsea pointed out that Gabriel could have cultivated an image for the media, but Billy wondered why Gabriel wasn't still perpetuating the image. Chelsea reasoned that Gabriel had changed when he'd gotten married, but Billy said the marriage was just for show, and Chelsea theorized that was the reason for the cloud over Gabriel's head. Billy found it strange that Gabriel had disappeared from the headlines for the past year after he'd spent a lifetime in the limelight, and Chelsea wondered why Billy cared about someone he barely knew. Billy contemplated what kind of man would risk his life to rescue two virtual strangers.

Billy said Gabriel felt familiar to him sometimes, and Chelsea wondered if the men had crossed paths before, but Billy thought he would have remembered that. Billy remained troubled by the things Gabriel had said when he'd been pulling Billy out of the apartment, but the doorbell rang, and Chelsea invited "Gabriel" in. Billy remarked that they'd just been wondering about "Gabriel's" true identity, and Adam joked that they'd have to go down a list of superheroes. Adam presented the flash drive for Jack, and Billy questioned whether it could wait until Jack got home from the hospital. Adam explained that he and Sage were heading out of town, and he'd have to work from Chicago. Billy invited "Gabriel" and Sage to stay with them.

Adam called Billy's offer very generous, and Chelsea asked if Billy was sure, since Jack would need peace and quiet to recuperate. Billy said "Gabriel" and Sage didn't strike him as the rowdy sort, and he swore he'd be offended if they said no. Adam gushed that it meant a lot to him, and he left to fetch Sage. Chelsea looked quizzically at Billy, who pointed out that Gabriel had saved his life. Chelsea surmised that Billy wanted to spy on Gabriel, just like he'd wanted to get to know Stitch better, and she clucked that Billy had gone over the line before. Billy argued that he'd been right about Stitch, and he had a feeling about Gabriel, too.

Adam returned to the mansion with Sage, and she worried that Jack could slip and call him Adam. She questioned whether Adam would be able to control himself while living with Chelsea, but Billy and Chelsea answered the door and welcomed the couple. Billy said Mrs. Martinez had set them up in the room across the hall, and Sage promised to get out of their hair as soon as possible. Billy assured her that they'd be one big, happy family.

Billy offered his guests some drinks, and Sage declined. Billy remarked that the extra company would do Jack some good, and the men went to the kitchen to make Bloody Marys. Chelsea imagined it was hard for Sage to be uprooted on top of her issues with "Gabriel," but Sage replied that she didn't want to talk about their relationship. Chelsea suggested that the change of surroundings might make Sage see how much "Gabriel" cared about her, but Sage blurted out that Chelsea was the one he cared about.

Chelsea asked what Sage had meant, and Sage covered by saying that "Gabriel" cared about everyone else in his life except Sage. Billy and Adam returned, and Adam thanked Billy for the quick tour. Sage decided to have a glass of wine, and Billy proposed a toast to life and how lucky they were to be living it. Adam toasted to their host and hostess, and the foursome clinked their glasses together as Adam and Chelsea exchanged smiles.

At the hospital, Kyle asked the cabin partygoers if there had been more to the story about Austin wandering into the woods, and he wondered if that had been why they had gone through his car and were interested in the bloody towel. Abby wanted to tell Kyle everything, but a police officer approached and asked to speak to Summer alone. Noah offered Summer some words of encouragement, and the cop led her aside. The group filled in Kyle about what had happened on the night Austin had died, but Noah was skeptical that the events had been news to Kyle.

Kyle swore he hadn't been watching them through the window, but Noah questioned how Kyle had fallen into a ravine without getting a scratch. Kyle urged everyone to worry about what was going on with Summer, and Mariah wondered if the police were arresting Summer. A despondent Summer returned, and she revealed that the police had found Austin for real. She tearfully shook her head, and Noah embraced her.

Noah and Kevin offered their condolences, and Summer said she'd been expecting the news, but she shuddered at the thought of hearing the officer say the words. Kyle asked if there was anything he could do, and Noah suggested they call Phyllis, but Summer said no. Kevin asked if Summer had to go to the police station or if the officer had been satisfied with their story, and Summer divulged that Austin's body had been found behind the wheel of a car about a mile from the cabin. Kevin exclaimed that it wasn't possible.

Abby wondered if Austin had woken up and made his way to a car, but Kevin reminded her that Austin hadn't had a pulse. Noah couldn't imagine how Austin had ended up behind the wheel, and Mariah guessed that someone had staged the accident. Noah skeptically asked if they had a guardian angel, and Mariah pondered whether Courtney or Fen had moved the body, but Kevin reasoned that they hadn't had enough time. Summer ordered them to stop and wailed that she couldn't take any more, since the officer had instructed her to go to the morgue to identify her husband's body.

Later, Summer sobbed uncontrollably in the chapel. Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Kyle thought he should go check on her. Kevin reconsidered holding off on contacting Summer's parents, but Mariah worried that Summer would end up spilling the truth. Kevin wondered if Austin had any other family members who they should contact, and Abby flashed back to stumbling upon Austin at the cabin. He'd explained that he needed a private place to work and to get away, and Abby had asked what he was getting away from. He'd confessed that he needed time away from Summer.

Austin and Abby had shared some wine, and he'd confided that he and Summer had been arguing because she'd kept trying to buy him stuff, like expensive ties. Abby had joked that he could wear them with his t-shirts, and she had envisioned that Summer would buy him oxfords and penny loafers next. Austin had said he had to get back for Barbie to dress up Ken some more, and Abby had urged him to give Summer a break, since it was hard for a young, inexperienced girl to understand someone like him. "The way you do," Austin had replied, and they had kissed. Mariah watched Abby's wistful expression and realized that Abby had actually loved Austin. Abby snapped that Mariah didn't know what she was talking about.

Noah asked if anyone had seen Kyle, and Mariah said she didn't trust Kyle. Abby swore Mariah didn't know him, but Mariah retorted that she didn't trust Abby, either. Noah warned that Abby might not know Kyle as well as she thought she did, and he revealed that Kyle had spied on Victor at Newman. Noah privately told Kevin that Kyle's story was sketchy, and he asked if Kevin could have the blood on the towel discreetly analyzed at the police station. Kevin agreed.

Kyle found Summer in the chapel, and he hoped she didn't mind that he'd looked for her. She whimpered that she was glad he had, and she relayed that the body had been Austin's and that he'd still had blood on his head. She wondered why things had turned out that way, and Kyle wished he'd been there sooner, but she assured him that it hadn't been his fault his car hadn't made it through the snow. Kyle flashed back to peering into the cabin window and seeing everyone passed out, and Kyle took Summer's hand and fibbed that he hadn't been there then, but he was "here now."

In Hilary's hospital room, Hilary taunted that she'd never loved Neil or Devon, and Neil barked that she'd given a good imitation. Hilary maintained that it had been her way to pay Neil back for leaving her mother to die, and Devon had been collateral damage. Devon stormed in and accused her of lying, and he wouldn't let her play games. Hilary huffed that there had been nothing fun about losing the most important relationship of her life because of Neil, who had been too drunk and self-absorbed to give her mom a second thought. Neil recalled Hilary's talk about love and forgiveness, and Hilary explained that she'd realized her silly posts on GC Buzz wouldn't work to drive Neil back to the bottle or alienate him from his family, so she'd decided to get close to him and make him care about her.

Neil was certain Hilary had been sincere when she'd said she loved him, but Hilary snickered and said Neil had seen what he'd wanted to see, and he'd given her the power to destroy him. She questioned whether that was harder to believe than her doing a complete 180, and she recounted the time she'd drugged Cane and taken pictures of him in bed. She crowed that she'd just hopped from Cane's bed into Devon's, but Devon doubted she meant anything she was saying. Hilary ranted that they had no idea how long she'd waited for that moment, and the look on their faces had made every nauseating minute with them worth it.

Neil stared at Devon and walked out, and Devon questioned what Hilary was doing. Devon wished she'd talked to him before she'd sacrificed herself to try to salvage his relationship with his family, and he said he loved her too much to let her do it. He vowed to figure out another way, but she shook her head. Hilary said she needed rest, but Devon insisted on dealing with the situation. She snapped that he didn't get it, and she ordered him to leave and not ever return.

Hilary commanded Devon to get it through his head that there had been nothing between them, since he'd been a means to an end. Devon insisted that she'd loved him, but she scoffed at the idea, and she condemned him for being willing to cheat with his father's wife. She added that Devon had been weak enough to be blackmailed, and she called him pathetic and said she hadn't been able to wait to get away from him. Devon recalled that he'd given her a chance to walk away, but she'd grabbed him and pulled him into her hotel room. Hilary explained that there were all types of passion, and anger and hate could look just like love.

Devon inquired whether there had been anger and hate when he and Hilary had been talking about their future together or when he'd given her the eternity ring. He dared her to tell him that all of it had been a lie, and she admitted not everything had been. Hilary conceded that there had been times she'd meant what she'd said, like when she'd told Devon that they couldn't be together. Devon questioned why she'd tried to kick him out of her bed if her master plan had been to blow up his family by sleeping with him, and he suspected she'd been trying to stay loyal to Neil because she'd really cared about her husband. Hilary contended that pushing Devon away had only made him want her more.

Hilary haughtily informed Devon that she'd almost laughed when he'd given her the ring, and she mocked his request to promise to wait for him. She coldly added that she'd wiped his nasty kiss off her face and thought about ways to use the ring to hurt Neil, but the best revenge had been when Neil had found them in bed together, and she hoped the image would be burned into Neil's brain forever. She proclaimed that her work there was done, but Devon stammered that it couldn't have been a job. Hilary reiterated that she'd used him, and he'd fallen for it, but he'd get over it. She told him to run along before she called security, and she threw the ring at him. Devon numbly staggered out.

Neil stopped by to see Lily, and he was surprised she and Cane hadn't talked things out. Lily said she knew Cane had been trying to protect her by covering things up, but he'd only made a bad situation worse. Neil informed her that she had no idea, and he revealed that Hilary's declarations of love for both him and Devon had been a lie. Neil continued that his marriage had been a fraud, and Devon and Hilary's affair had been Hilary's final act in her plan to ruin their family. Lily's jaw dropped as she realized Hilary had planned it, and Neil said he should have trusted Lily's instincts about Hilary. Lily told him not to question himself, since Hilary had even won Lily over, and she declared that Hilary had turned lying into an art form.

Later, Cane arrived home and greeted Neil, who said Lily had asked him to look after the twins. Neil assumed she'd gone to see Cane, and Cane said he should have called. Neil grumbled that Cane should have done a lot of things, and Cane defended that he'd tried to drop hints, like advising Neil not to buy the dream house. Neil groused that the house had cost him millions and his eyesight, and Cane apologized for his part in it. Neil told him to cheer up, since Cane had been just as much a victim as Neil and Devon had.

Neil filled in Cane about Hilary's act, and he regretted that he and Devon had believed every lie she'd whispered in their ears. Cane said he'd seen the way Hilary had looked at Devon when she'd thought no one had been watching, and Neil commented that she'd played the role to perfection. Cane believed that Hilary truly loved Devon and that she wanted both Neil and Devon to be happy, and he speculated that she was giving them a chance to work things out. Neil asserted that Hilary never would have slept with Devon if she'd been concerned about Neil's happiness, and she'd dumped Neil for nothing if she thought he would ever forgive Devon.

"Wake up, bitch," Lily bellowed, and she said she'd put Hilary in a hospital bed if Hilary wasn't already in one. Hilary announced that she was out of their lives, and she'd sent Devon on his way, so she didn't need a sanctimonious lecture from a baby girl. Lily said she'd heard about Hilary's grand plan, and she was sorry she hadn't figured it out for herself. Hilary snarled that Lily had been too busy admiring herself in the mirror, and Lily hissed that Hilary wasn't capable of love, since she had the "heart of a buzz saw."

Lily asked if Hilary was proud of herself, and Hilary confirmed she was. Lily hollered that Hilary's life was over, since Hilary had no purpose, only reminders of what she'd done. Hilary yawned dramatically and asked if Lily was finished. "Take your slutty self and get the hell out of Genoa City," Lily demanded, and Hilary defiantly asked what would happen if she didn't. Lily leaned in close and threatened, "I can be a buzz saw, too."

At the Athletic Club bar, Devon stared at the eternity ring, and he slid it across the bar with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, Hilary lay in bed alone, and she recalled Devon giving her the band and saying he'd love her for eternity. Hilary quietly sobbed.

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