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Avery discovered a discrepancy in "Gabriel's" signature. Victor provided evidence that Kelly had committed suicide. Nick and Sage made love. Sharon threatened to tell the world that Nick had broken a girl's neck if he kept her from seeing Faith.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 23, 2015 on Y&R
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Jack Fears Victor's Grand Scheme

Jack Fears Victor's Grand Scheme

Monday, March 23, 2015

Inside the chapel confessional booth, Victor carried on a conversation with an unseen listener seated on the other side of the screen. Victor said, "Everything has been put in motion. There have been a few minor setbacks, but we are ready to proceed. I hope you're ready to do your part, and I hope Jack Abbott is ready. His life will never be the same." The listener remained silent even after Victor noted that the unseen person's involvement would be very risky.

Inside a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby rested her head on Ben's shoulder while he comforted her and softly assured her that everything would be okay. Victoria watched momentarily from the doorway before entering. Victoria said, "What am I interrupting?" Ben said Abby had been upset. Abby added that having Ben next door made her feel safer. Victoria quizzed Abby about what had shaken her. Abby, distraught, said she was a mess.

When Victoria offered to approach Victor about hiring a security guard for Abby, Ben immediately replied, "No! Do not talk to Victor about this." Ben simply said he'd handle the matter, and Abby expressed her concern that Victor's guards would hover too closely and complicate her life. Ashley phoned and summoned Abby to the lab. Ashley was surprised to learn that Ben was with Abby. After Abby stepped away to freshen up, Ben asked Victoria if she minded him looking after Abby. Victoria said she was grateful. After Ben and Abby left, Victoria seemed edgy.

Inside the chemistry laboratory at Jabot, Ashley told Jack that Victor had pulled Brash & Sassy's love potion ripoff from the market. Jack agreed that Victor's action made no sense at all after everything he'd done to steal the formula. After Jack left, Ben and Abby arrived. Ashley instructed Abby to examine the first bottle of Hex. Abby swooned over the chunky glass bottle filled with amber liquid. Ben gave Ashley the credit for having developed the product.

Abby was taken aback when Ashley announced that Victor had pulled Brash & Sassy from the market. Ben said Victor's legal team had likely nixed the plan. Ashley said Victor wasn't known for backing down, but she didn't care why he'd pulled his product because Hex would be a huge boon for Jabot. After Ashley stepped away, Abby apologized for having placed Ben in a position to be dishonest with Ashley. Ben explained that Victor might be involved. Abby defended Victor.

Ben told Abby that Victor's directives might have backfired when someone who'd only meant to scare Abby had injured her after killing Austin. From an adjacent room, Ashley watched intently as Ben placed his hand on Abby's arm while engaging her in conversation. Ashley returned, and Abby left. In a series of flashbacks, Ashley recalled that Abby had once intensely disliked Ben. Ashley also remembered the day she and Ben had showered together. After remembering what had transpired in the past, Ashley asked, "Have you been sleeping with my daughter?" Ben said he'd merely been looking after Abby to ensure her safety.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria met with her dad. Victor glanced up from an open file folder when Victoria insisted that Jabot's assets, like its technological security, were sound. She added that Jabot's value was at all-time high. Victoria seemed exasperated because her father had sent her on a mission to locate Jack's Achilles' heel after having forced her to pull Brash & Sassy. Victor noted that the pendulum swung in two directions.

Victoria, pondering Victor's remark about the swinging pendulum, replied, "What does that even mean?" Victor calmly said, "Things have a way of changing." Victoria warned that Abby and Summer would be caught in the middle again if Victor resumed his battle with Jack. Victor said he wouldn't have to fight Jack. After Victor stepped out, Victoria picked up the file and gazed at a photo of Billy included with his biographical information. Victoria said, "Dad. Please don't ruin things for my family."

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis was startled when Kelly, wielding a ten-inch carving knife, entered the premises, uninvited. Kelly, out of her mind, threatened Phyllis and said she intended to end the feud over Jack. Phyllis mentioned the death of Kelly's son and said she didn't have the heart to take another's life. Kelly said her son had been innocent, but Phyllis was a vicious monster that deserved to die. Kelly thrust the knife into Phyllis' lower body, and she yelled, "Jack!"

Phyllis suddenly jerked herself awake from the horrible nightmare, seconds before she heard someone unlocking the front door. Jack braced himself when Phyllis, wielding a fireplace poker, raced toward him like a ninja fighter. Phyllis admitted she feared Kelly after learning that she'd been freed on bail. Jack said that someone matching Kelly's description had boarded a plane to Abu Dhabi. Jack assured Phyllis of her safety and said that authorities would arrest Kelly as soon as her plane landed.

Jack vowed to keep Phyllis safe. He tried to distract her by discussing wedding plans. Phyllis seemed readily agreeable to Jack's suggestion that they elope to a private island. Paul phoned and told Jack that Kelly had eluded the Abu Dhabi police. Phyllis became anxious.

Victor stopped by. Jack was taken aback when Victor offered to buy Jabot. Jack refused, but Victor told Jack to consider combining their companies into a powerhouse. Before Victor left, he told Phyllis that she looked well after having dodged her legal problems. Phyllis glared at Victor. After Victor slammed the door, Jack said, "He's setting me up for something, but what?"

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Summer, Noah, and Kyle caught Sharon removing Austin's laptop from a backpack that had been left in a chair. Sharon claimed that she'd thought the computer was Noah's and had wanted to search online for leggings Faith had requested. Summer insisted that Sharon was lying. Kyle noted that the laptop had belonged to Austin. Summer, angry, said, "What are you up to, Sharon?"

Sharon again said she'd believed it was Noah's computer. Noah reminded his mother that she'd bought him his laptop and knew that one wasn't his. Sharon admitted that she'd allowed Austin to tape an interview with her. Sharon added that she'd said some things about Nick that she shouldn't have. Sharon pleaded with Summer to delete the footage.

Summer protested when Sharon tried to blame her actions on her mental illness. Noah asked Sharon to leave so he could handle the matter on his mother's behalf. Noah defended his mother when Summer insisted that Sharon had something sinister to hide. Kyle agreed that Sharon was hiding something, and he offered to decrypt the videos. Sharon, hidden nearby, watched and listened momentarily before she left.

Kevin arrived, and Kyle asked him to retrieve the video of Sharon. Summer suggested that Sharon might have been inadvertently involved with Austin's death because she feared losing Faith if the video were exposed. Noah shook his head in disgust. Noah insisted that Sharon had an alibi because she'd been involved in an accident. Summer said that Sharon might have crashed her car after she'd left the cabin.

At Sharon's house, Kevin helped Mariah search for her missing phone charger. Kevin mentioned that Austin had deleted some interview footage he'd recorded for his exposÚ on the Newmans and the Abbotts. Mariah said Austin likely had information that someone didn't want revealed. Kevin said, "Someone like Stitch." Mariah expressed aggravation at knowing that Abby had confided to Ben that someone had murdered Austin.

Kevin flirted with Mariah as they continued searching the room. The couple almost shared a kiss before Sharon returned home. Sharon said, "Mariah, I didn't expect you to be here." Kevin left when he noticed that Sharon seemed unstable. Sharon embraced her daughter and said she'd missed her. Mariah asked Sharon what was wrong. Sharon replied, "I've done something terrible that I can't undo."

Sharon admitted to Mariah that she'd agreed to help Austin and had made harsh comments about the Newmans. Mariah surmised that Austin could've used the video to ruin Sharon's chances of getting custody of Faith. Sharon admitted that she would've done anything to get Austin to erase her interview. Sharon said she'd offered Austin money and had even asked him to consider Summer's feelings.

Sharon recalled that Austin had adamantly refused and had said he was intent on doing was what best for himself. Mariah became concerned when Sharon said, "I was so furious, I could've!" Sharon didn't finish her sentence.

Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead

Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

At Baldwin/Clark, Lauren put on some music, and when she heard someone enter Michael's office, she purred that she hoped he was ready for romance. Cane replied that her husband might have a problem with that, and she explained that she'd planned to surprise Michael. She imagined it was hard for Cane and Lily to find time to spend alone together with small children at home, and Cane confided that things had been tense since Lily had found out he'd known about Devon and Hilary's affair. Cane explained that it hadn't been the first time he'd kept something from Lily, so she had built up a lot of resentment, and Lauren asked if it was more than the couple could get past.

Cane was hopeful because his wife was talking to him again and allowing him to stay in the guest room. Lauren reflected back on when she and Michael had handled their problems similarly, but they'd never faced cancer until then. Lauren inquired about how Cane had coped when Lily had been sick, and he recalled that he'd had many questions with no answers, but he'd just thought about how much he'd loved Lily and how cancer wouldn't change who Lily was. Cane continued that they had to honor their vow to love their spouses to the end, and Lauren became tearful. Michael walked in and wondered what was going on.

Lauren claimed that she and Cane had been passing the time while they'd waited for Michael, and Cane mentioned that he had a business matter to discuss. Lauren suggested that she and Michael order in dinner afterward, and she departed. Cane explained that he wanted Michael to take a look at his contract with Chancellor to determine whether there was a way around being locked into the number two position. Michael questioned whether Cane wanted to take over the company, and Cane revealed that he'd been railroaded into the position under duress, since Colin had blackmailed him into conceding the CEO position to Jill.

Michael protested that he wasn't comfortable talking about it because Jill was his sister-in-law, and Cane said he'd been reticent about approaching Michael for that reason. Cane continued that he wanted to take Chancellor in the direction he thought it should go, but he had concerns that Jill couldn't effectively run both Fenmore and Chancellor. Michael suggested that Cane ask Jill to pull back from Fenmore, since Lauren was capable of handling it, but Cane said Jill wouldn't do that while Michael and Lauren were dealing with his disease. Michael lectured that his cancer wasn't an appropriate topic of conversation, and he wasn't prepared to talk about it.

Cane apologetically said he'd thought it was common knowledge, and he recalled that having support from family and friends had helped when Lily had been sick, but Michael wanted to keep his experience private. Cane offered to be there if Michael wanted to talk, but Michael flatly stated that he wouldn't. Cane turned the topic back to the contract, and Michael explained that the radiation made him cranky, and he hadn't meant to snap at Cane. Michael recognized that Cane had just been trying to be helpful, but he'd never take Cane up on his offer, even though Michael appreciated it. Michael promised to review the contract, and Cane left.

Lauren returned to Michael's office and cooed that she was back. Michael noticed that she was wearing a different coat, and she tried to tempt him with the very little that was underneath it. He suggested they order Thai food for dinner, since he'd been craving it, and she seductively asked whether he'd been craving her just as much. He pointed out that someone could walk in, but she continued to try to initiate sex, and he yelled for her to stop it.

Lauren realized that both she and Michael had been under a lot of stress, but she'd just wanted them to have fun. Michael noted that she wanted everything to be the same as it had been, but it wouldn't be. Lauren argued that the disease didn't define him, and Michael replied that he was fighting it with everything he had, but he didn't see how it couldn't change him or their relationship. He wondered what would happen once the fight was over, and he sadly stated that he couldn't pretend anymore. He grabbed his coat and walked out.

At the police station, Paul gazed at a photo of Christine on his desk, and Christine walked into his office. He asked about the arraignment, and she reported that she expected problems despite Neil's full confession, since the judge would throw out the case if Nikki and Victor got their way. Meanwhile, Nikki thought the arraignment couldn't have gone better, since she hadn't expected Neil to get bail, but Victor grumbled that it could have been avoided if Neil had admitted responsibility sooner. Nikki asserted that she'd convinced Neil not to say anything, and Victor offered his lawyer's services to Neil for the trial.

Neil insisted on dealing with his legal problems alone, since he had been the reason Christine had lost her baby, and he stepped outside to get some fresh air. Christine and Paul exited Paul's office, and Paul apologized for being quick to think Nikki had intentionally hit Christine. Christine ranted that Nikki wasn't innocent, since Nikki had lied to the police and the court, and Nikki defended that she'd been trying to prevent another tragedy. Christine announced that she was charging Nikki with obstructing the investigation, and she hissed that Nikki would pay for what she'd done. Victor recognized that Paul and Christine were very upset about their loss, but he threatened to have his lawyers dismiss her charges.

At the Athletic Club, Lily asked Devon if he was sure Neil was out on bail, and she wished she could have been at the courthouse, but she'd had no one to cover for her at work. She groaned when she spotted Hilary, and Hilary chirped that she was glad to hear Neil had finally confessed. Devon coldly insisted that it had been an accident, but Hilary flippantly stated that no one would trust the word of a drunk, and she hoped Neil had a dream team of lawyers. Devon growled that Hilary had set out to ruin Neil's life, and she'd done it, so he wondered why she cared.

Devon wondered if Hilary was there to gloat or if there was another reason she was invested in Neil's future, and Lily griped that Hilary was only interested in Neil's bank account, since his legal problems affected the divorce settlement. Devon testily asked if Hilary was after Neil's money, and Hilary remarked that at least they were on the same team, since she wanted Neil to get out of the charges just as much as they did. After Hilary left, Lily worried that Neil didn't have it in him to fight for himself, and Devon remarked that he knew someone who would, but Neil wouldn't like it.

Neil requested a moment alone with Paul and Christine, and Christine anticipated that he wanted to recant his confession, but she snapped that nothing he said would change or help anything. She declared that Neil was facing criminal charges, and she intended to file a civil suit against both Neil and Nikki, since it was only fair to take them for all they had after what they'd taken from her and Paul. Hilary eavesdropped from outside the door.

Neil explained that his life had been spinning out of control ever since he'd started drinking heavily after he'd found out about his wife's affair with his son. Christine spat that she didn't feel sorry for him, and Neil swore he'd spend every day for the rest of his life, thinking about what Paul and Christine had lost because of him. He hoped that telling the truth would give them a sense of closure, and Christine incredulously asked if he thought they could forget and move on. She raged that his apologies would never make up for what he'd done, and she'd never forgive him for it.

There was a knock at the door, and A.D.A. Winston Mobley entered. Christine introduced Winston as the attorney who would be prosecuting Neil, and she declared that there was no one she trusted more to "nail [Neil's] ass to the wall." Neil ran into Hilary as he exited, and he tried to brush her off, but she told him to make time for her, or he'd regret it. Neil snarled that there was nothing he regretted more than letting Hilary into his life, and there wasn't "a snowball's chance in hell" he'd let her back in. Hilary chased after him and said she could keep him from getting convicted, and she insinuated that there were ways to get the case thrown out.

Hilary offered to testify that Neil had told her he'd had nothing to live for, and that had been why he'd decided to take the fall for Nikki. Hilary contended that no one would believe she'd put herself out to save him, but Neil said he'd seen her at the door when Christine had threatened to file a civil suit, and he surmised that Hilary was afraid she'd lose out on a big chunk of the divorce settlement. Neil asserted that it was almost worth tanking any chance he had to make sure she ended up with nothing, just like she deserved.

Christine told Winston she expected Neil to get the maximum penalty, and he promised not to let her down. After Winston left, Christine crowed that Winston would destroy Neil, and Paul questioned whether one life hadn't been enough. Christine roared that the life had been their child's, and she wondered where his rage was. She demanded to know whether it mattered to Paul that Neil had killed their baby, and she angrily surmised that Paul considered it to be no big deal, since he already had other children.

Paul assured Christine that he'd wanted their baby more than anything because the child would have been their daughter, and he'd been the happiest man on earth when she'd told him she'd been pregnant. He begged her not to tell him that their daughter meant less to him than to her, since he would mourn their child's absence for the rest of his days, and Christine broke down in tears. She sobbed that there wouldn't be another baby, since she couldn't have any more children, and she revealed that there had been complications. Paul held her close.

Neil arrived at the club, and Lily informed him that Devon had found the perfect lawyer to represent him. She led him to the bar, where Leslie and Devon were sitting, and Lily announced that Leslie had agreed to be Neil's attorney. Leslie explained that she'd taken a leave from her job on a legal aid board to accept his case, and she hoped Neil could look beyond what had happened between them, since a possible 25-year sentence would be a long time to serve for an unfortunate accident. Lily excused herself to approach Cane, who wanted to discuss the possibility of him moving back into their bedroom that night.

Cane said he'd spent time talking to Michael and Lauren about Michael's cancer, and it had made him think about what he and Lily had gone through. Cane recalled that when Lily had been sick, he'd watched her breathe while she'd slept to know that she had still been with him, and that was how he'd fall asleep. He added that he wasn't happy if she wasn't the last thing he saw at night and the first thing he saw in the morning, and she conceded that she had missed his snoring. Cane requested that Lily fall asleep in his arms again, and she replied that she'd like that.

Neil agreed that he needed help, but he didn't think Leslie was the one to give it to him. Leslie told him to forget about Devon and Hilary and consider whether he wanted to spend years in prison, and Devon urged Neil to think about what Moses and the twins would think about Neil's absence. Devon pointed out that Neil stood to spend almost the rest of his life in prison, or Neil could have Leslie fight for him the way no one else would. Neil said he'd do it for his children but not for Devon.

Hilary spotted Winston at Crimson Lights, and she intentionally bumped into him. She apologized and offered to buy him a cup of coffee, and she invited him to join her.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis said she had a bad feeling, since Kelly was still a threat who was capable of anything. Jack didn't believe Kelly would risk her freedom, and he assured Phyllis that the last thing Kelly wanted was to go to prison. Phyllis suspected that Kelly wouldn't give up, and she knew Victor was after something, so she thought she and Jack needed to be ready for both of them. Jack revealed that he had a private investigator working with the authorities to find Kelly, and Phyllis assumed Jack wanted to find Kelly before she hurt herself. Jack recognized that it was a possibility, but he didn't want things to end that way.

Later, John appeared when Jack was alone, and Jack said it had been a while since he'd seen his father. Jack admitted he'd messed up, and John pointed out that Jack had done what he'd thought had been right, but Jack lamented that everything was his fault. John swore that the circumstances had been out of Jack's control, since Jack had believed he couldn't have a life and a future with Phyllis. Jack regretted that he'd hurt Kelly by giving her hope when there had been none, and he wished he'd seen that she'd been struggling. John said Kelly had needed a doctor, but Jack blamed himself for not getting her any help, and he hoped he could do so before it was too late.

John said Jack was being way too tough on himself, and he called Jack a good man who had made the best possible choices based on the information he'd had. John added that he would have done the same thing in Jack's position, but Jack believed John would have seen the signs that Kelly had been struggling. John understood Jack would be torn up if something bad happened, but Kelly's problems had begun long before Jack had met her. Jack bemoaned that he'd added to her pain, and everyone would assume she'd self-destructed if she turned up dead, but he'd know he'd had a big hand in destroying her life. John vanished.

Nikki invited Phyllis in at the ranch, and Phyllis stated that she hadn't been able to let Victor's visit go without following up, since she had barely been able to digest his bombshell. Victor tried to downplay it as nothing important to a baffled Nikki, but Phyllis scoffed at the idea that buying Jabot wasn't important, and she thought the question was why. Victor declared that his motivation was profit, and Jabot was ripe for an acquisition because it was doing better than it had been in a long time. Phyllis was certain Jack would never give up Jabot after it had taken him years to get it back, and Victor recounted that taking the company public had nearly killed John.

Phyllis countered that Victor had been the one who'd hurt John by buying the shares to become a majority owner, and Victor reasoned that business was all about numbers, but he'd never harbored any ill feelings toward John. Victor added that John had been ten times the man Jack would ever be, and Phyllis wondered why Victor had bothered to save Jack's life. Phyllis accused Victor of wanting to have the pleasure of annihilating Jack himself, and Nikki scolded her for harassing Victor after he'd helped Phyllis. Victor reminded Phyllis that he'd saved her life, and she replied that she appreciated it, but she was angry that he was trying to take it away from her.

Phyllis pointed out that they'd agreed to work together to make sure Kelly stayed locked up, but Victor had set Kelly loose. Victor disclosed that he'd had people search for Kelly after she'd jumped bail, and he announced, "Kelly Andrews is dead." Victor divulged that all indications pointed to suicide, and Phyllis remarked that it had been convenient. Victor assured Phyllis that Kelly was gone, and Phyllis asked if he could prove it.

Phyllis returned home with an envelope, and she revealed that she had something to tell Jack about Kelly. Phyllis apologetically informed Jack that he'd been right to be worried, and she hadn't wanted to believe it, but she'd seen it for herself. He grabbed the envelope out of her hand and found a picture of a lifeless Kelly inside, and he stared at the return address from a county morgue. Phyllis assured Jack that he'd done nothing wrong, and she volunteered to give him some time alone. A stricken Jack stared at the envelope as Phyllis headed upstairs.

Nikki called Kelly's death a shock, and Victor thought Kelly was in a better place. Nikki doubted Jack would agree, and she asked about the real reason Victor wanted to buy Jabot. Victor contended that he'd been forthright about his desire to buy the company, but Nikki wondered if he was trying to steal something. Victor vowed that Jack would eventually beg for his help, and he'd provide it in exchange for everything Jack owned.

Stitch learned Kelly was dead

Stitch learned Kelly was dead

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reconstruction was underway at the Underground. Victoria mentioned to Nick that Victor had saved Jack's life at the club. Nick wondered what made Victoria think of that. She told Nick that Victor was planning some kind of move against Jack. Nick thought it was just Newman-Abbott feuding as usual -- but Victoria thought there was more to it "this time."

Victoria filled Nick in. She told him that, after a huge marketing blitz, Victor had pulled Brash & Sassy off the market. After that, Victor had asked Victoria to scrutinize every division of Jabot in order to find the company's weaknesses. Victoria thought Victor seemed hell-bent on eradicating Jabot -- and Jack. Nick said that the more Victoria told him, the happier he was that he had left Newman Enterprises when he had.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jack told Phyllis that he hadn't been able to sleep the previous night -- all he had been able to think about had been Kelly's suicide. Jack noticed Abby and Stitch in the lobby and realized that Stitch hadn't been told that his sister was dead. Jack stood up and called Stitch and Abby over.

Jack told Stitch that he had news about Kelly. Stitch nearly staggered over when Jack informed him that Kelly was dead. Phyllis told Stitch that Kelly had taken her own life. Stitch insisted that Kelly would never kill herself. Stitch said he needed to see proof of Kelly's death.

Phyllis handed Stitch the postmortem picture of Kelly. He began crying and asked how she had died. Jack told him that she had evidently overdosed on barbiturates. Stitch said that might have been an accident -- but Jack said Kelly had left a note. Abby called Victoria at the Underground and said to meet her at the Athletic Club -- Stitch needed Victoria.

Stitch accused Phyllis and Jack of having driven Kelly to her death. Phyllis said she realized Stitch was still in shock but told him his sister had had some serious issues. Stitch angrily acknowledged that Kelly had definitely had issues -- and Jack and Phyllis were two of them.

Jack stopped Phyllis from sparring with Stitch about Jack's relationship with Kelly. Jack told Stitch there had been a time when Kelly had meant a great deal to Jack. Stitch freaked out, screamed, "Enough!" and began to cry. Jack and Phyllis left.

Victoria arrived at the club and informed Stitch that Abby had told her about Kelly's death. Victoria said, "I knew that Kelly was troubled, but I had no idea..." Stitch's rage boiled over, and he asked why everyone was blaming Kelly. He explained that life had dealt his sister a bad hand -- and people had used and exploited her. He pointed his finger at Victoria and said, "First your husband -- then his brother."

Victoria told Stitch that she wished she had some magic words to make him feel better. Stitch told Victoria that nothing she said could cheer him up. He said he knew Victoria had never liked Kelly and had always blamed Kelly for breaking up Victoria and Billy.

A despondent Victoria began walking out of the club, but Abby caught up with her in the lobby. Abby told Victoria that Stitch was still in shock and probably didn't realize what he had said. Abby patronizingly told Victoria that she wouldn't let Stitch do anything stupid. Abby returned to Stitch and put her hands on his shoulders as if to comfort him -- not realizing that Victoria was still in the lobby, watching them.

Stitch told Abby that he had treated Victoria terribly. Abby agreed with him. Stitch asked Abby to leave -- he wanted to spend some time by himself. Abby understood, but reminded him that he was supposed to be protecting her. Choking up, Stitch said that he wished Kelly had never met any of the Abbotts -- she might be alive if she hadn't.

Abby gently explained that she had seen Stitch blame Jack, Phyllis, and Billy for Kelly's death -- when Stitch was really upset with Kelly. Abby said Stitch was undoubtedly furious that Kelly hadn't told him how depressed she had been -- Kelly had cut Stitch out of her life then made the ultimate decision to kill herself. Stitch admitted that he was mad with Kelly. He didn't understand why Kelly hadn't let him help her.

After some reflecting, Stitch realized it was his fault he and Kelly had never been close. Stitch began sobbing, and Abby, trying to comfort him, rubbed his back and held his arm. Unseen, Ashley walked through the dining room and observed the physical contact between Stitch and Abby. The pair left the club as a concerned Ashley looked on.

At the Abbott mansion, Sage, Adam, and Chelsea were finishing breakfast. Chelsea mentioned that she had a meeting in La Crosse. Adam wondered whether the meeting was with the buyer at Clayton's Department Store. When Chelsea confirmed that it was, Adam said he also planned to meet with the buyer and suggested he and Chelsea drive to La Crosse together. Sage could only roll her eyes when Adam said he and Chelsea would be dynamite together.

Sage told Adam she didn't think it was a good idea for him and Chelsea to double-team the buyer at Clayton's. Adam quipped that Sage didn't understand "their industry" -- he and Chelsea had the same goals. Chelsea needed to stop at Jabot to pick up her portfolio and asked Adam to pick her up at Jabot later that morning.

After Chelsea was gone, Adam admitted to Sage that he had known about Chelsea's meeting all along, and he had arranged for a little "surprise." Sage thought it was sad that Adam had to resort to trickery in his attempt to woo Chelsea. Adam wondered if Sage expected him to just stand by and watch Chelsea marry Billy -- even though Chelsea was already married to Adam. Sage reminded him that he was no longer married to Chelsea -- Adam Newman was legally dead. Adam said he was no longer Adam Newman -- he was Gabriel Bingham. Sage snapped, "Not even close."

Sage lectured Adam. She told him he might look like Gabriel, but that was where the resemblance ended. Although Gabriel had been a bit of a rogue, he had never used malice or trickery with women. Adam said he was tired of hearing about "St. Gabriel" and told Sage he had an advantage over Gabriel -- Adam was alive, while Sage's beloved Gabriel was dead and gone. That remark earned Adam a hard slap across the face.

Adam wondered if Sage felt better after the slap. Sage reminded Adam that Gabriel had jumped in a river to save Adam's life, and she called Adam a "selfish bastard." Adam said he appreciated the sacrifice Gabriel had made, but Adam and Sage had agreed that Adam would "take Gabe's place."

Sage accused Adam of being a coward for not taking responsibility for Delia's death. Adam said Sage didn't know him -- and she never would. Taunting Sage, Adam said that Gabriel had probably never loved her.

At Jabot, Billy congratulated Ashley on the debut of the company's latest fragrance -- Hex. He was thrilled when Ashley told him that consumer response to Hex was "mind-blowing," and many retailers were already reordering the fragrance.

Billy told Ashley that he and Chelsea were planning on checking out a wedding venue later that day -- the Lausanne. Ashley had heard that the Lausanne was booked for years in advance, but Billy said as soon as the manager had heard the name "Abbott," the schedule had opened up. Ashley was a bit surprised. She had thought Billy and Chelsea were delaying their wedding until Jack and Phyllis got married.

Ashley told Billy that he and Chelsea had to be pretty close to picking a wedding date if they were checking out possible venues. Billy wondered what information Ashley was really trying to get. Ashley asked him if he was rushing the wedding because he felt that the sooner he married Chelsea, the sooner he could put Victoria behind him.

Billy was upset that Ashley was again raising her doubts about his relationship with Chelsea. Billy said he was sick and tired of Ashley and Jack second-guessing him -- he loved Chelsea, Chelsea loved him -- and those were reasons enough to get married.

Ashley said she was glad Billy was happy. Chelsea rushed in to grab her portfolio. She told Billy and Ashley that she needed it for her appointment with Clayton's Department Stores in La Crosse. Billy wondered how Chelsea would be able to return to Genoa City in time for their meeting at the Lausanne. Billy appeared disappointed that Chelsea had forgotten about that.

Chelsea said she thought Billy had canceled the Lausanne meeting when they had postponed their wedding date. Sounding reluctant, Chelsea said she could reschedule her appointment in La Crosse. Billy realized that Chelsea's meeting was very important to her. He told Chelsea that he would call and postpone the showing.

Chelsea said she needed to leave because Gabriel was picking her up. Billy was less than thrilled to hear that, but Chelsea explained that Gabriel also had a meeting at Clayton's, and it didn't seem to make sense to take two cars. She wondered if Billy had a problem with that arrangement. He gritted, then lied through, his teeth and said, "No. No problem at all." Chelsea left.

Ashley told Billy that he and Chelsea were definitely not on the same page -- Chelsea clearly wanted a long engagement, while Billy was ready to pick a date. Billy dismissed Ashley's concerns and told her that he and Chelsea had merely gotten their "wires crossed."

Deep in thought at home, Victoria was startled when Billy touched her on the shoulder. Victoria told him about Kelly's suicide. Billy was stunned by the news. He wondered why Victoria had been sobbing. She said she was crying for Kelly -- but also for Stitch, who was taking the news very hard. Billy thought Victoria's sincere feelings of grief about Kelly's death were generous, especially since Kelly had been the proximate cause of Victoria and Billy's breakup.

Victoria told Billy that no one should ever be in so much misery that they felt suicide was their only option. Billy said Victoria always knew the right thing to say. Victoria disagreed. She hadn't known how to comfort Billy when Delia had died any more than she knew how to comfort Stitch.

Billy admitted that the reason Victoria hadn't been able to get through to him when Delia had died was because he hadn't allowed it. He said that, in retrospect, he had needed Victoria -- just as Stitch probably needed her. Victoria didn't think Stitch was interested in what she had to say and said she couldn't talk with Stitch the same way she could talk with Billy. Victoria was still trying to figure out who Stitch was. Billy said he was going through the same thing with Chelsea.

Sage visited Nick as he pored over some renovation plans at the Underground. Nick sensed that something was bothering her, and he asked her what Gabriel had done to her. Sage said she never wanted to see Gabriel's face again. Nick realized that Sage and Gabriel had issues but told her that "Bingo" was good at heart. Sage said that the "Bingo" Nick had known at boarding school was gone. Nick was perplexed. He didn't know what Sage was talking about.

Sage explained that she was sorry she had married Gabriel so he could get his inheritance. When she told Nick she didn't want to discuss Gabriel anymore, Nick wondered what Sage wanted to do. She said she wanted a drink and a dance. Nick poured her a drink then Sage feigned disappointment that she didn't have anyone to dance with. Nick smiled, extended his hand, and pulled Sage close to him. They began slow dancing.

After a while, Nick asked Sage if she was feeling better. She gazed into his eyes and told him she was much better, and they began kissing passionately.

At the Abbott mansion, a riled-up Phyllis told Jack she couldn't believe Stitch had accused them of victimizing Kelly. Phyllis felt it was the other way around. Phyllis said that if Kelly had been so miserable that she'd wanted to take her life, then it was "her own damned fault." Jack reiterated that Kelly's misery was his fault. Phyllis said that if Jack ever again blamed himself for Kelly's problems, she would leave him.

Phyllis said she understood that Jack had once cared about Kelly, but she was tired of seeing Jack wallow in guilt about the choices Kelly had made. Phyllis did not want to hear how "awful" Jack had been for "choosing me over that psychotic blonde." Phyllis was not going to allow Kelly to "mess with me" from the grave. She started to walk away, but Jack asked her to wait.

Jack begged Phyllis not to leave him. He told Phyllis that he loved her and was marrying her -- whatever feelings he had had for Kelly never affected the way he felt about Phyllis.

With Chelsea in the car, Adam pulled off to the side of the road and told her the car had apparently run out of gas. Chelsea grew frantic -- she couldn't be late for the meeting. As he began dialing the auto club, Adam commented that Chelsea was probably sorry she had hitched a ride with him. Chelsea smiled and told Adam it was okay.

Chelsea grew hungry and starting rummaging through the glove box, looking for food. Adam gave her an energy bar, and she was surprised that "Gabriel" bought the same brand as her late husband, Adam. Chelsea stared at the pastoral scene outside the car and commented on how peaceful it was. Adam was surprised. He had thought Chelsea was more of a city girl.

Chelsea said the scene reminded her of Kansas, where Adam had grown up. She told "Gabriel" that she and Adam had had their first wedding at Adam's Kansas farm -- it had been a wonderful time in her life. "Gabriel" asked Chelsea about her second wedding to Adam. She explained that it had been a "quickie" wedding in a judge's chambers -- Adam had been trying to rush out of the country to avoid being captured in connection with Delia's death. With tears in her eyes, Chelsea told "Gabriel" how much she had loved Adam. "Gabriel" wondered what Chelsea had loved about Adam.

Chelsea said that, at times, Adam had been intense, but she had loved it when Adam had focused all of his energy on her. Chelsea had never doubted that she had been the most important thing in Adam's life -- she had felt that she'd had the potential to fix Adam. "Gabriel" wondered if Chelsea thought it possible that one person could fix another person. She replied that she'd thought she had a lifetime to try to fix Adam.

Chelsea said she knew Adam would not approve of her relationship with Billy. Chelsea knew that Adam was dead, but there were times when she felt as if he were still "here" -- and watching. Adam looked at Chelsea and said, "He is here."

Victoria opens up to Billy

Victoria opens up to Billy

Thursday, March 26, 2015

At Victoria's house, Billy advised Victoria that couples could be close but still feel clueless about one another sometimes, and he compared it to learning a dance. He stated that part of learning new things was trying not to step on other people's toes, and Victoria lamented that she'd just been trying to comfort Stitch, but everything she'd said had been off the mark. Billy confided that he'd done the same thing with Chelsea, and Victoria admitted that it was still strange to think of him and Chelsea as a couple. Victoria added that she wanted Billy to have a happy life, but for a long time, she'd expected it to be with her.

Billy acknowledged that he'd ruined his marriage to Victoria, and she understood he'd been grieving, but he took responsibility for screwing up before Delia's death. Victoria gazed at a baby photo of Johnny, and she murmured that the tot had resulted from one of Billy's mistakes, but she wouldn't trade their son for the world. Billy noted that his affair with Kelly had been the last straw, and Victoria thought it would be hypocritical to pretend that she hadn't detested Kelly, but she wouldn't wish Kelly's fate on anyone. Victoria bemoaned that she didn't know what to say to Stitch, and Billy said knowing exactly what to say took time. Victoria wondered if she'd ever know anyone else the way she and Billy knew one another.

Billy was determined not to push his luck anymore, and he wished he'd learned his lesson sooner. Victoria said he had something good with Chelsea, and he replied that Victoria had the same thing with Stitch, but they didn't have to pretend their marriage hadn't existed. Billy said they would always have Katie and Johnny, but Victoria recognized that they were connected by more than just their kids, since Billy was the best friend she'd ever had. They reflected upon the laughter and the tears they'd shared, and she said they couldn't have had one without the other. He gently touched her face, and they stared into one another's eyes.

Billy quipped that Katie was supposed to cry and save them, but Victoria contended that they could save themselves by being mature adults. Billy reassured Victoria that Stitch's loss had caught her off guard, but she was one of the most supportive people he'd ever met, and he was sure Stitch would see that. Billy stammered that he should leave, and they hugged goodbye.

While stranded in the car, Chelsea told "Gabriel" that sometimes it felt like she was cheating on Adam by being with Billy, and she knew Adam wouldn't have approved. She acknowledged that Adam was dead, but she felt like he was still there, watching. "He is here," Adam replied, but he quickly clarified that he'd meant Adam's spirit was still present in Connor. Adam remarked that Chelsea's connection to Adam would never go away, and most people wished they had that sort of connection. Chelsea ordered him to stop it, and he asked if he was hitting too close to home.

Chelsea wondered where the tow truck was, and Adam realized they'd missed their meeting. She called her fashion line her "other baby," and he asked how she'd gotten into fashion design. She replied that they didn't have to make conversation, and he recognized that he'd asked too many questions about Adam. Chelsea said she loved Billy and was focused on the future, so dwelling on the past was pointless, but Adam noted that she seemed aware that what she'd had with Adam had been different from her relationship with Billy. Chelsea maintained that she and Billy were happy, and she accused "Gabriel" of acting jealous.

Adam admitted he'd been jealous at the engagement party because of his own pathetic marriage, and he grumbled that it hadn't been how he'd envisioned his life. He inquired whether Chelsea's life had turned out the way she'd anticipated, and she replied that she'd never expected to live like a normal person after she'd grown up as a scam artist. He asked if Adam had changed everything, and she said he'd given her the best thing that had ever happened to her -- Connor. Adam remarked that she shared a bond with Adam that would never break, but she stressed that Billy loved Connor, and she loved Billy.

Chelsea grabbed her phone to summon Billy to pick her up, but Adam told her to put the phone down. Chelsea contemplated walking home, but Adam grabbed her arm and ordered her not to go anywhere. She snapped that he wasn't her husband, and he commented that he sometimes felt like he was no one's husband. Adam promised to keep his envy in check, and he said she was the only one who knew the truth about him, so that made her special. There was a knock at the window, and the tow truck driver held up a can of gasoline.

Billy was surprised to find Chelsea at home, and he asked what had happened to the meeting. She explained that the car had stalled, and she relayed that her conversation with "Gabriel" had mostly been about Adam. She pointed out that "Gabriel" hadn't had an awful history with Adam, but at one point, something in "Gabriel's" tone had reminded her of Adam. She added that it had only reminded her that Billy was the only man she wanted to share her life with, and she suggested they visit the potential wedding location that day. Billy figured the facility had already filled the spot, and they had plenty of time to make it official.

Billy informed Chelsea about Kelly's death, and Chelsea was glad Stitch had Victoria to help him. Billy mentioned it had been an issue that Victoria hadn't been fond of Kelly, and Chelsea guessed Billy had helped walk Victoria through it. Billy said he was the reason Victoria hadn't liked Kelly, and Chelsea thought Victoria was lucky to have Billy to talk to. Billy insisted that Chelsea could also talk to him about anything, including Adam, and she recognized that the past would always be with them. Billy said her past made her the woman he loved, and Chelsea replied that his past made him the man she wanted to marry. He suggested that they focus on their future together, and they embraced.

At Summer's apartment, Kevin wondered why he couldn't crack Sharon's interview files, and Summer implied that Sharon had been willing to kill for the footage, since Sharon had been willing to steal the laptop. Noah protested, and Mariah admonished Summer for practically drooling when she'd accused Sharon. Noah pointed out that all they had were the videos, and Kevin recovered footage of Austin crowing that he'd give his audience an inside view of Newman corruption from a bitter ex-wife -- Sharon.

Mariah argued that Austin had been digging up dirt on the Newmans and not Sharon, and Kevin added that Stitch had lied about his own interview. Summer contended that Sharon had wanted to steal the laptop to delete the files, but Mariah countered that Sharon had merely wanted to prevent Nick from going ballistic. Kevin wondered if Sharon knew a secret about Nick, and Mariah and Summer bickered about whether Sharon had killed Austin. Noah prepared to leave to clear things up with his mom, and Summer reminded him that Sharon was capable of many things worse than lying.

Summer and Mariah continued to snipe at one another, and Mariah wondered if Austin had put on a sweet act to keep Summer from finding out that he intended to trash Summer's family. Summer flashed back to Austin asking her about Nick, and she'd called Nick an "anti-Newman" who wanted to be his own man. Austin had inquired whether Nick had ever used the Newman name to get out of a jam, and Summer had told him that Nick had warned her and Noah against ever doing that. Summer revealed that she'd just remembered that Austin had asked her questions about Nick playing the Newman card to get out of trouble. Mariah theorized that Nick had covered up a dirty deed, and Sharon knew about it.

Sharon entered Crimson Lights, and Dylan noticed that she seemed despondent. She rambled about something that could cost her Faith if Nick found out, and Dylan asked what she'd done. Sharon recalled a time when she and Nick had been fighting over Faith, and he'd been hounding her about taking her medication and accusing her of being a bad mother. She confessed that she'd said some terrible things about Nick in an interview, and Dylan said he hadn't heard anything about it. Sharon worried that the video could surface, and all the progress she and Nick had made would be lost.

Sharon realized that she shouldn't be talking to Nick's brother about her problems, but Dylan suggested she tell Nick about the video before he was blindsided, and she sobbed that Nick would accuse her of not putting Faith first. Dylan firmly stated that even though she regretted doing the interview, she couldn't take it back, so she had to handle it head-on. He added that the worst part was keeping it a secret, but she could get past that and deal with the issue. Dylan offered to go with her, but Sharon thought it was a sensitive matter that she had to discuss with Nick privately.

Nick and Sage kissed at the Underground, and she suspected that he'd kissed her out of pity. Nick swore he hadn't thought that, since he liked kissing her, and he wanted to do it a lot more. He reasoned that her marriage was a business deal, and she was the only thing that made him smile, but she said most people thought she was bitter and negative. He pointed out that they'd been fighting their feelings for a while, and he offered to back off if she wanted to keep fighting them.

Nick noticed Sage was shivering, and he wondered if he'd been too serious or not serious enough. She commented that he talked a lot, and he countered that he also kissed a lot, but he could stop. Sage conceded that she didn't want him to, but it had been easier to think he pitied her than to deal with whatever it was between them. He asked if they were dealing with it, and she decided that she didn't want to fight it. They began to kiss passionately and undress one another.

After Nick and Sage made love, they cuddled under a sheet, and she said they couldn't stay there all day with contractors walking around. He begrudgingly agreed to put his clothes back on, and he asked her to hand him his shirt. He smothered her arm in kisses as he reached for the garment, and Sharon burst in and bellowed, "Are you kidding me?" Nick pointed out that it was a private office, and Sharon declared that she was there to speak as adults, but he was acting like a teenager who couldn't take the time to find a bed.

Nick suggested he and Sharon talk later, but she testily asked how he'd find time between sex sessions. Nick asked if he'd see Sage later, and they shared a lingering gaze before she awkwardly reached behind Sharon to get her clothes. After Sage scurried out, Nick scolded that Sharon hadn't had any business acting that way, and Sharon urged him to remember that day after all the times he'd dragged her to court to call her an unfit mother, since he'd just slept with a married woman.

Nick said whatever he did or who he did it with wasn't Sharon's business, and Sharon retorted that everything she'd done or felt had sent him running to a judge. She reminded him that they knew things about one another that no one else knew, and they had a special bond that was fragile. Nick reiterated that they weren't getting back together, but she insisted that she wasn't throwing herself at him, and there was something he needed to know. Nick rolled his eyes and asked what she'd done, and she became incensed and asked if she was the only guilty party in the room. She blasted that what Nick had just done had been tacky and tawdry, but it was nothing compared to something else. She thanked him for reminding her it was his problem, not hers.

At the coffeehouse, Noah quizzed Dylan about his encounter with Sharon on the night of the storm, and he explained that he wanted to make sure his mom was in a good place. Dylan recalled that Sharon had been worried about Nick's reaction when he found out she'd taken Faith out in the snow, and Noah wondered if she'd blown things out of proportion or said anything illogical. Dylan suspected that Noah thought she'd gone off her medication.

Noah returned to Summer's apartment and reported that Dylan had said Sharon had been freaked out during the storm, and he wondered if she'd gone off her meds. Mariah contended that it wouldn't have made Sharon homicidal, but Summer countered that Sharon had put Phyllis in a coma. Mariah refused to discuss Sharon further until she saw the interview, and Noah worried that it might make Sharon more of a suspect. Kevin voiced concern that someone was stalking them, and the person knew way too much about them, but they knew nothing about the person's endgame.

Noah groused that Kevin had been unable to find anything else on the computer, but Kevin disclosed that he'd recovered a time stamp from when some footage had been deleted. He realized that someone had murdered Austin and had deleted the files when they'd all been passed out at the cabin.

Summer arrived to see Nick, and they hugged. He surmised that things hadn't gotten any easier, and she confirmed that Austin was on her mind all the time. She commented that doing something awful didn't make someone an awful person, and she wondered if Nick knew what it was like to regret something. Nick assumed that Summer blamed herself, but he assured her that she'd gotten married out of love, and being honest was nothing to be ashamed of. Summer clarified that she'd thought Nick had done something he regretted, and he said it was human to have regrets, but all they could do was vow to do better and put the past behind them.

Adam greeted Sage at Crimson Lights, and he pushed her to ask him how his day had been. She wondered why she'd do that, and he proclaimed that his road trip with Chelsea had been a success. He revealed that Chelsea had said being with Billy felt like she was cheating on Adam, and he considered that progress. Adam asked what was wrong with Sage, and she declared that she understood having a marriage of convenience meant she should express her feelings elsewhere, so she had. Adam asked if she was talking about Nick, and she informed him the sex had been incredible.

A disgusted Adam said he'd only been gone two hours, and Sage had sealed the deal with his brother. Sage bragged that they'd sealed it in a big way, and Adam grumbled for her to use discretion. Sage gushed that she hadn't needed to resort to lies or hiding her identity, and Adam asked if she didn't care about the inheritance. Sage asserted that she'd waited a long time for someone to feel that way about her, and she encouraged Adam to keep obsessing about his widow, since Sage would be fine.

Adam refused to let Sage's infidelity ruin his plans with Chelsea, and Sage pointed out that Chelsea thought he was pining for Sage, which made him safe and non-threatening in Chelsea's eyes. Sage suggested that Adam tell Chelsea that Sage would never love him and that Sage was sleeping with Nick. Sage thought Adam could use it as a chance to cry on Chelsea's shoulder and beg her for a reason to love again.

Sharon returned home and found a card Faith had drawn for her daddy, and she angrily started to rip it up. Dylan appeared in the doorway and asked how things had gone with Nick, and Sharon lamented that Dylan had caught her at her worst again. Dylan guessed Nick hadn't reacted well, and Sharon revealed that she'd walked in right after Nick had finished having sex with Sage. Sharon ranted that she'd tried to be a responsible parent, but Nick was already interviewing her replacement.

Dylan assured Sharon that wasn't possible, but she recognized something in his tone and asked if he thought she was spinning out. Dylan observed that Sharon was speaking faster than usual and that her eyes were glossy, and a look of horror suddenly crossed her face. He followed her gaze to the mirror, where there was a message scrawled in lipstick: "I know the truth and so do you."

Sharon frantically wiped the lipstick off the mirror, and Dylan wondered who could have done it. Sharon called it mental torture, and she thought someone wanted to make her afraid and anxious to punish her. She panicked that someone had gotten past security to break into her house, and Dylan glanced at the locks on the door. Sharon incredulously asked if Dylan thought she'd written the message.

Sharon Divulges Nick's Secret Crime

Sharon Divulges Nick's Secret Crime

Friday, March 27, 2015

Over the phone, Avery informed Sage that she needed Gabriel's signature on a few forms for the Better Days Foundation, and Sage instructed her to send the paperwork over. After they hung up, Chelsea informed Sage that she'd just put Connor down for a nap, and Sage was surprised Chelsea wasn't napping herself after being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Chelsea chirped that she liked fresh air and open space, and she had a soft spot for quaint country farms, since she'd gotten married on one. Sage remarked that it sounded special, and Chelsea recalled that there had been a lot of love and joy in the simple ceremony. Sage noted that Chelsea didn't have the same glow when she talked about Billy.

Sage apologized for butting in, but Chelsea thought Sage might be right on some level, since Gabriel had said the same thing. Chelsea recalled that Gabriel had tapped into how deep her connection with Adam had been, and Gabriel had seemed jealous because he wanted that connection with Sage. Sage replied that they didn't have that type of marriage, but Chelsea thought she saw a bond between Gabriel and Sage. Sage recognized that Chelsea was trying to be helpful, but she knew what it was like to fall hard, and Chelsea asked if Sage had been with someone she hadn't gotten over. Sage admitted there had been a wonderful man whose shoes her husband would never fill.

Sage said the man she'd loved had been a charming, funny philanthropist with a smile that could fill the room, but he'd died. Chelsea empathized, and Sage noted that Chelsea had managed to move on. Sage questioned whether Chelsea was trying to tell the world she was ready to let go of the man she'd loved by marrying Billy, and Chelsea pledged her love for Billy, but Sage asked whether Chelsea loved Billy as much as she'd loved Adam. Chelsea confided that there was something inside her that wouldn't let her completely commit to Billy, since she'd never been able to stop loving Adam. Chelsea tried to chalk the thoughts up to being pre-wedding jitters, but she wondered whether getting married to Billy would be a mistake.

Nick greeted Gabriel at Crimson Lights, and Adam testily asked if Nick intended to pretend he hadn't had sex with Gabriel's wife. Nick pointed out that the marriage was based on an inheritance and not love, and Adam stated that he didn't care who his wife slept with, but he and Sage stood to lose everything if their watchdog discovered that the marriage was a sham. Adam confirmed that he wasn't jealous, but he also didn't want to see Sage get hurt, and he'd heard how Nick had unceremoniously dumped Sharon. Nick was surprised by Gabriel's attitude, and he wondered if they'd had something competitive at boarding school he didn't remember, since he detected hostility.

Adam contended that he was protective of Sage as her friend, and she had talked to him about her fling with Nick. Avery approached and asked Nick how things were going, and she recognized Gabriel, even though they hadn't been formally introduced. Nick performed the introductions, and she asked if Gabriel had time to discuss a business matter. She explained that she was working with the Better Days Foundation, and Adam claimed he'd been on his way out, but he was willing to make a donation. A confused Avery hoped so, since it was his cause.

Avery mentioned that the Bingham family had been behind the foundation for years, and she pointed out that Gabriel had provided a signature on recent documents and had attended board meetings. Adam covered by saying he'd attended hundreds of meetings for charities over the years, but he hadn't always paid attention to the details. He examined the file, and Avery explained that Joe was restructuring the organization after Constance's death, so she needed a few signatures. Adam signed the papers and said he had to go, and he shook her hand and wished her luck. After Adam left, Avery found it odd that Gabriel had blindly trusted her, and Nick thought Gabriel was becoming less and less like the person he remembered from boarding school.

Chelsea told herself she was overthinking, and she was sure things would work out fine. Adam entered, and he asked if Chelsea had recovered from being stranded. Chelsea nervously excused herself and went upstairs, and Adam assumed he hadn't made the headway he'd thought he had. Sage informed him he had, since she'd seen that Chelsea understood him on an entirely different level, and she divulged that Chelsea had been reminiscing about their marriage and questioning her engagement. Adam realized that Sage wasn't happy about it, and Sage replied that she wasn't enjoying any of it.

Sage said she was aware of the endgame, but the lying was making her sick. Adam wondered when she'd developed a conscience, and she insisted that what they were doing was wrong, but he assured her it was temporary. Sage asked if he expected Chelsea to look past it, and Adam said he was willing to put all his faith in the love he and Chelsea shared. Sage warned that the plan could backfire, and she didn't want to be part of it, but Adam begged her to help him find love again.

At the cottage, Sharon demanded to know if Dylan thought she'd written the message on the mirror, and he reluctantly pointed out that she'd done things to get Nick's attention in the past. She asked if he thought she was conniving, completely nuts, or both, and she huffed that she didn't want him in her house if he refused to believe her. Sharon asked when Dylan had turned against her, and he insisted that he hadn't. Sharon swore she'd been taking her meds and seeing her therapist, and she vowed to remain sane. She asserted that it was normal to get upset when someone had broken into her house and left a threatening message, and she begged Dylan to believe her. He took her into his arms.

Dylan said he believed Sharon, but he understood why someone would question the incident, given her history and the effect Nick had on her, and he referenced how she'd freaked out on the night of the storm. She realized that Dylan thought she'd overreacted, and she recognized that she probably should have stayed home during the storm, but she'd thought Faith had needed to get someplace warm and safe. She questioned whether she'd been wrong to get as upset as she had, but Dylan pointed out that she had thought things through and had made the best decision possible. He wondered who had broken in, and he offered to stay while she talked to the police, but she was adamant that she would handle it on her own. Dylan departed, and he sent a text message.

At Summer's apartment, Mariah thought it was creepy that someone had taken time to ransack Austin's computer after the person had bashed Austin's head in, but Kevin pointed out that perhaps the bashing had occurred afterward. Mariah contemplated what else the guy might have done when everyone had been passed out, and Kevin pointed out that the person could have been a woman. Mariah insisted Sharon hadn't done it, and Summer returned home and declared that she believed her dad was innocent. Summer reported that she'd had a normal conversation with Nick about letting the past stay in the past, and Kyle opined that it was exactly what someone who was hiding something would say.

Noah received a text message from Dylan, who wanted to meet to discuss Sharon. Summer guessed that Dylan had doubts about Sharon's state of mind, but Mariah barked for Summer to stop making accusations without proof. Noah left to hear what Dylan had to say, and Kyle hoped Dylan had new information, since they'd hit a dead end. Kevin announced that they hadn't, since he'd waited for Noah to leave to inform them that he'd decrypted Sharon's interview with Austin.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan informed Noah that he'd had a long talk with Sharon, and he didn't believe she was off her meds. Noah was relieved, but he noted that she'd been upset for a while. Dylan revealed that someone was messing with her head again, since there had been a message written in lipstick on a mirror in her house. Dylan explained that Sharon hadn't wanted to go to the police because she was sure no one would believe her, so he was going to do it himself. Noah blurted out that Dylan couldn't do that.

Noah acknowledged that his mom had ended up in the psychiatric wing the last time someone had played with her mind, and Dylan was determined to get to the bottom of it immediately. Noah advised against contacting the cops, since there was more going on, and it would be safer for Sharon to keep the police out of it. Noah revealed that Abby had received a similar message when she'd been knocked unconscious, and it had been a warning about what would happen if she went to the police. He added that another message had appeared at Victoria's house, and Stitch had moved in next to Abby at the Athletic Club to keep her safe. Noah urged Dylan not to call the police, and he hurried out.

Nick imagined it was awkward for Avery to work with her ex-husband, but she pointed out that Nick was her ex-fiancÚ, and they got along. She acknowledged that Dylan would never like Joe, but she was doing the work because the foundation was a worthy cause, and she was sure Dylan would be okay with it. Dylan approached, and he asked if Avery was ready for dinner. She said she had to file some papers first, and he replied that he also had something to take care of. Dylan departed, and Avery told herself they'd be fine.

At the office, Avery called Joe and informed him she'd obtained Gabriel's signature, and she remarked that Gabriel had been a much different person than how he seemed on paper. She looked down at her paperwork, and she suddenly looked perplexed. She said she had something important on her desk, and she quickly ended the call. Avery stared at the documents, and she compared two signatures from Gabriel Bingham in completely different handwriting.

In Stitch's hotel room, Abby observed that a drunken Stitch had depleted the mini-bar, and he slurred that he needed another drink. She offered to order him something, and she inquired whether he preferred coffee or tequila. He realized that he should sober up to protect her, but she assured him he'd gotten a pass after what had happened to Kelly. Stitch agreed to switch to coffee, and he removed his shirt as he prepared to shower himself sober. Abby volunteered to help him, but he ordered her to stay there, since the last time someone had helped him shower, he'd cheated on Victoria.

Abby paced, and Stitch exited the bathroom in a towel. She demanded to know when he'd had an affair, but he ordered her to pretend she'd never heard about it. Abby thought he owed her an explanation, and Stitch snapped that he'd just found out his sister was dead, but Abby refused to be dissuaded from looking out for Victoria. Abby peppered Stitch with questions about the affair, and Stitch explained that it had been a one-time thing. Abby pressed to know who the "skanky ho-bag" had been, and Stitch pointed out that she wasn't in a position to judge. Abby threatened to rip the tramp's eyes out, and Stitch assured her she wouldn't, adding, "Because she's your mother."

Abby couldn't imagine her mom sleeping with Stitch, and Stitch said he and Ashley had agreed not to tell anyone. Abby demanded to know when it had occurred, and he said he'd been drinking and not thinking straight on the night it had happened. He thought the heavy scent of Hex had led to the encounter, and Abby realized Ashley had a shower in her office. Stitch declared that the discussion was over, and Abby asked if Victoria had any idea. He replied no, and he flatly stated that Abby couldn't tell her.

Stitch explained that he'd only had sex with Ashley because he'd thought Victoria and Billy had gotten back together, and he reasoned that he'd kept Abby's secrets, so he thought she should return the favor. There was a knock at the door, and Stitch called out and asked who it was. Dylan responded, and Abby hid before Stitch opened the door. Stitch asked how Dylan had known he was there, and Dylan said Noah had told him.

Stitch claimed that he was playing temporary bodyguard to Abby after she'd been mugged, and Dylan asked about the rest. Stitch feigned ignorance, but Dylan continued to press for answers, and Stitch ordered him to stay out of it. Dylan revealed that Sharon had received a message like Abby had, and Abby gasped as she listened. Dylan wondered why Stitch hadn't gone to the police, and Abby entered and proclaimed that she'd end up dead if they did.

Kevin explained that he hadn't wanted Noah to see the video in case something really bad was on it, and he began to play the footage. In the video, Sharon snarled that Nick might pretend he was nothing like Victor, but Nick was no different than anyone else in the Newman family, and they all used their money and influence to take whatever they wanted. Sharon continued that the Newmans' promises meant nothing, and they'd managed to keep their dirty dealings out of the press, especially one thing. Sharon divulged that Victor had paid a lot of money to cover up something really awful, and it was amazing he'd gotten away with it, but it hadn't been Victor's crime -- it had been Nick's. Summer looked stricken.

After the video ended with Sharon saying that any other man would be in prison for what Nick had done, Kyle remarked that it was one "hell of a story," but Summer didn't believe Sharon's allegations were true. Kevin surmised that Sharon had decided she'd made a mistake by talking about it, but Austin had refused to delete the footage. Summer thought it gave Sharon motive, but Mariah argued that it had also given Victor and Nick reason to kill Austin. Summer defended that Victor and Nick had both been at the Underground on the night of Austin's death, but Kyle thought they could have slipped out of the club, and Mariah added that they could have paid someone to take Austin out.

Summer and Mariah bickered about Sharon, and Noah returned and reported that Sharon had also received a message in lipstick. Summer thought Sharon could have written the message herself, and as she argued with Noah and Mariah, Kyle yelled that Sharon hadn't written the message -- he had. Chaos broke out among the young adults, and Kyle clarified that he'd only left the one message to Sharon to ferret her out. Noah punched Kyle, and Summer begged them to stop. Noah professed Sharon's innocence, but Summer said they had proof that pointed to Sharon. Kevin and Mariah countered that the video also implicated Victor and Nick.

Nick arrived to see Sharon, and she coldly stated that she wasn't in the mood to continue arguing. He said they hadn't finished their conversation, and she asked if he was there to apologize, but he asked what he'd apologize for. She told him to show himself out, but he contended that he didn't need her permission to start a new relationship. Sharon testily asked if that was what he called what he had with a married woman, but Nick refused to let her insult Sage. He barked that Sharon was off her meds if she thought they were getting back together, and Sharon accused him of butting into her life whenever he wanted while ordering her to stay out of his.

Sharon ranted that Faith meant everything to her, and she admitted she resented Nick, but she suddenly stopped talking and crossed the room to continue polishing the mirror. She muttered to herself that she had to get it off, and he asked what she was talking about. He thought she didn't seem like herself, and he thought it was best for her not to see Faith for a while. Sharon replied that he couldn't do that, but Nick reminded Sharon that visitation was at his discretion, and she concluded that he'd left the message on her mirror to drive her crazy the way Victor had. As Sharon flew into a rage, Nick asked if he should call a doctor for her, but she insisted that all she needed was for him to stop threatening to take her daughter away.

Nick said the best way to protect Faith was to keep her away from Sharon, and the court had given him the right to do it. Sharon wailed that she was supposed to see Faith the next day, but Nick calmly stated that he wouldn't allow Sharon to be around Faith in that state of mind. He said he'd have Noah check on Sharon the next day, and he started to head out. Sharon yelled that he couldn't keep her daughter away from her, or she'd tell the whole world how he'd broken "that girl's" neck.

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