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Sharon panicked that Austin's killer was trying to frame her. Nikki retrieved a set of fingerprints Victor had left at the confessional. Guests gathered for Noah and Courtney's wedding, but she sent a text message to request that he meet her at the cabin instead.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 30, 2015 on Y&R
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Nick's Past Threatens His Future

Nick's Past Threatens His Future

Monday, March 30, 2015

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor and Victoria dined together. Victoria said she hoped that her father's festive mood was due solely to her presence. Victor admitted that he'd hoped to convince Victoria to back him in his takeover bid for Jabot. Victoria said, "How do you know that this will even happen, Dad?" Victor smiled and winked. Victoria seemed intrigued.

Ashley happened by, pulled two gift boxes of Hex from a leather satchel, and presented them to Victoria and Victor. Ashley proudly noted that Jabot had a winner with their new perfume release. Victoria cautioned that one initial round of success wouldn't necessarily translate to an overall success. Ashley noted that Victor evidently believed in the product because he'd submitted an offer to purchase Jabot. Victoria addressed her dad and said, "You made an offer?" Ashley noted that Jack would never consider the offer.

Ashley briefly joined Victor and Victoria. Ashley sipped a bit of Champagne and excitedly announced that Hex would soon be marketed globally. Victor examined the box containing the perfume bottle and said, "Well, I'll be damned. Congratulations!" After Ashley left, Victoria said she was surprised that Victor had remained cordial when Ashley had thrown Jabot's success in his face. Victor insisted that it didn't bother him. Victoria questioningly studied her father's face. Victor confidently added that soon Ashley would be working for him.

In Abby's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ben admitted to Dylan that he and others had been keeping details concerning Austin's death secret from the police. Ben added that an unknown person had threatened Abby's life. Dylan said that Noah believed Sharon was also in danger. Abby replied, "Unless she's the one sending the messages." Dylan replied, "Why would Sharon send you and herself threatening messages?"

Neither Abby nor Ben would answer Dylan's questions, so he threatened to contact Paul. Abby finally blurted out, "Austin was murdered!" Ben said that whatever had happened to Austin was likely tied to his documentary. Abby warned Dylan not to approach the police because Summer had also received a threatening message. Abby added that Sharon, who'd shared damning information with Austin, might have been involved with his death in order to hide what she'd done.

Abby suggested that perhaps Sharon had begun issuing threats in order to discourage anyone from telling the police. Dylan asked about the threats Sharon had received. Abby suggested that Sharon might have sent the threats to herself. Dylan said, "It's time to fight back. What's the first rule of war?" Ben replied, "Identify the enemy."

After Dylan left, Abby and Ben's conversation reminded her that Ben had mentioned having been intimate with Ashley. Abby answered a knock at the door. When Abby greeted her mother, she said, "Speaking of the other woman!" Ashley demanded clarification, and Ben explained that he'd told Abby. Ashley angrily approached Ben and said she'd thought they'd made an agreement. Ashley added, "I hope you told her that it meant nothing." Ben left after Ashley said she and Abby had worked to do.

Ashley explained the backstory to Abby. Ashley said that both she and Ben had believed his relationship with Victoria had ended when tests had revealed that Katie belonged to Billy. Again, Ashley insisted that having sex with Ben had meant nothing to either of them. Abby said, "You can't convince me that it didn't mean anything to you." Ashley, raising her voice, warned Abby not to get into a bad situation with anybody. Victoria arrived in search of Ben. Abby said Ben had left to take care of an important matter.

At Sharon's house, Nick was stunned when Sharon threatened to reveal what had happened long before to a young woman named Sandra Allen. Sharon reminded Nick of a party he'd thrown at the ranch when he had been a high school senior. Sharon set the scene by recalling that Sandra, the sole guest from the junior class, had joined older teens at the unsupervised party to enjoy loud music, skinny-dipping, and alcohol. Sharon continued her tale and recalled that Nick had sent everyone but Sandra home after one guest had broken a treasured vase. Nick added that his parents had purchased the vase during a trip to Europe.

Sharon noted that Nick had continued to serve expensive vodka to Sandra, who had been underage. Nick replied, "There's no way you could know what happened that night. You're lying." Sharon explained that she'd been in a bathroom, collecting her thoughts, when Nick had sent the other guests on their way. Sharon said she'd nixed her plan to tell Nick that she'd wanted them to resume their relationship when she had found him in the pool with Sandra. Sharon recalled that at the time, Sandra had been a champion competitive diver set to compete in the Olympic trials.

Sharon said she'd covertly watched as Sandra, a platform diver, had accepted a dare from Nick to dive off the balcony and into the pool. An angry Nick interrupted and claimed that he'd been the one who'd accepted a dare to dive off the balcony. Nick admitted he'd been drunk at the time. Nick's faded memories returned to him, and he recalled thinking Sandra had been horsing around after she'd failed to resurface after diving into the pool. Nick said he remembered rescuing Sandra and reviving her.

Sharon picked up the story again and remembered that concerned security guards had already alerted Victor, who'd arrived before the ambulance. Nick cried, "I was just a stupid kid." Sharon mentioned that though Sandra had eventually walked again, everything she'd worked for and dreamed of had been taken away. Nick said that though he'd attempted to contact Sandra, she'd never responded to his letters. Nick added that his dad had told him Sandra had accepted full responsibility for the accident.

Sharon said she'd been hiding behind the pool house and had overheard Victor phone someone and instruct them to "clean up a big mess" Nick had created. Sharon recalled that Victor had also made arrangements with Sandra's family to pay for whatever the family needed, including Sandra's college tuition, as long as they remained silent about Nick's involvement. Nick sighed heavily and said, "You've known this for years? Why didn't you say anything?" Sharon claimed that it wasn't her place to step forward because she didn't want Sandra and her family to lose the assistance Victor had promised.

Sharon told Nick that soon afterward, they had reunited, gotten married, and started a family, so there had been no reason to recall what had happened to Sandra. Nick replied, "Are you going to blackmail me?" Sharon replied, "If you refuse to let me see Faith, I will make sure the truth comes out. Though the statute of limitations has run out, a civil suit could still be brought against you." Sharon added that her attorney thought the judge wouldn't give Nick full custody of Faith if Sandra's story were made known.

Dylan stopped by Sharon's house. Sharon told Dylan that Nick had decided to allow her more time with Faith because he had realized he'd been completely unreasonable. Sharon said Nick might one day share joint custody. Nick, ashen, mumbled, "I've got to go." Dylan noticed that Nick seemed troubled.

After Nick left, Sharon claimed that she'd told Nick the truth. Dylan said he'd spoken to Abby and knew that Sharon had divulged damning information about the Newmans to Austin. Sharon clarified her statement. She explained that she hadn't told Nick she'd disclosed the information. However, Sharon said she'd warned Nick that she could.

Dylan surmised by Nick's reaction that Sharon had threatened to use what she knew about Nick against him. Dylan mentioned the mysterious threatening message Sharon had received and explained that both Abby and Summer had received similar messages. Sharon cried, "What is going on?" Dylan insisted on staying overnight to protect Sharon.

At Avery's office, Avery noticed a difference in Gabriel Bingham's signature when she compared a document he'd signed in 2000 and another signed in 2015. Avery set down the files containing the documents when Phyllis stopped by. Avery was stunned when Phyllis announced that Kelly Andrews had died from a deliberate drug overdose. Phyllis complained that Kelly had put her through hell, though no one had seemed to see Kelly for who she really had been. Avery replied, "A person who'd suffered unbearable tragedy and loss in her life?" Phyllis blew off her sister's sympathy for Kelly and noted that some people lacked the capacity to change. Avery glanced at the documents on her desk and replied, "I think people can change a great deal."

Phyllis changed the subject and announced that she and Jack planned a private destination wedding. Avery was flattered when she learned her sister had planned to choose her as maid of honor. Avery, thinking back to her own wedding, explained that she and Joe had finally reached an understanding about the infidelity responsible for their split. Phyllis was leery when Avery said she'd accepted a position to help Joe with a foundation formed to aid victims of domestic abuse. Avery replied, "Why is everyone giving me such a hard time about this? Nick did, too." Phyllis said such an arrangement between ex-spouses could be complicated if one ex was still in love with the other.

At the Abbott mansion, Adam happened to notice that the engagement ring he'd given to Chelsea was among a few items that had spilled from her handbag. He picked up the diamond ring and smiled. Chelsea entered the room and explained to the man she believed was Gabriel Bingham that she'd taken the ring Adam had given her before she'd left her apartment. Chelsea added that perhaps Connor might want to give it to his wife someday. Adam nodded.

Adam apologized for having badgered Chelsea earlier by insinuating that she wasn't over Adam. Chelsea replied, "You're right. I tried to convince myself that marrying Billy would give me some kind of closure with Adam." Chelsea broke down and cried that it wasn't fair of her to marry Billy if she still harbored unresolved feelings for Adam. Chelsea said she planned to tell Billy about her unresolved feelings. Adam asked what Chelsea might do if Billy walked away. Chelsea said, "I don't know." After Chelsea left, Adam spent time with Connor. Adam told his son that he planned to reconnect with his family soon.

At Jack's high-rise office, Billy found Jack lost in thought about Kelly. Billy said he regretted having become involved with Kelly because he knew what losing a child could do to a parent. Jack replied, "Kelly deserved so much more." Billy mentioned the conversation he'd had with Jack about marrying Chelsea for all the wrong reasons. Billy added, "I didn't get angry at you for what you said. I blew up because you're right."

Billy admitted to having felt jealousy over Chelsea's interactions with Gabriel. As a result, Billy added, he'd rushed the engagement as a way to test Chelsea. Jack agreed that fear of losing someone wasn't a good reason to rush into a marriage. Billy admitted he'd been foolish to believe that Chelsea was attracted to Gabriel. Jack bit his lip and managed to nod his head slightly. Billy said he hoped that marrying Chelsea might help him feel grounded again. Chelsea entered, and Jack left.

Chelsea said she had something to discuss, and Billy said he did, too. In unison, the couple said, "I think we should put off the wedding." Chelsea admitted that she hadn't fully resolved her feelings for Adam. Billy admitted that he'd proposed because he'd feared he might lose Chelsea. The couple kissed and vowed to stay together.

Jack stopped by Avery's office to meet up with Phyllis. Jack learned that Avery would be involved with pro bono work for the Better Days Foundation, which had once been run by Gabriel Bingham. Avery said, "How well do you know him, Jack?" Jack said they had conducted business in the past. Avery reported having sensed a weird vibe when she'd met with Gabriel, who'd seemed unaware of the foundation founded by his family. Jack suggested the Bingham family had associated themselves with numerous charitable organizations, so Gabriel hadn't been able to keep track of them all. Avery again examined the documents and noted that Gabriel's signatures didn't match.

After Phyllis and Jack left Avery's office, Nick stopped by. Nick told Avery he needed to make a change to his custody agreement with Sharon. Nick said he wished to allow Sharon to spend one day a week with Faith. Avery warned that putting the change in writing might make it impossible to rescind. Nick replied, "There's no going back. Just do it, all right?" Nick offered no explanation before abruptly leaving. Avery seemed troubled.

Jack rushed home to have a talk with Adam. Jack said, "You're playing a dangerous game, Adam!" Adam shushed Jack and said, "How many times do I have to tell you? It's 'Gabriel.'" Jack told Adam about Avery having become suspicious because "Gabriel" knew nothing about the Better Day Foundation. Jack added that everyone was becoming suspicious. Adam promised to be more cautious because he didn't want to "blow everything."

After Jack left, Adam played with Connor. Chelsea and Billy returned, and Chelsea took Connor upstairs. Billy explained that he and Chelsea had jointly decided to postpone their wedding. Billy suggested that Gabriel had arranged to run out of gas in order to spend time alone with Chelsea. Billy spoke ill of Adam and said that if Adam were still alive, Chelsea would see what a terrible person he was.

Jack returned to Jabot and found Phyllis wearing skimpy lingerie, sitting atop his desk. Jack teased that there were rules about romance in his office. Phyllis pulled Jack close and discarded his jacket. Jack said, "You love living on the edge, don't you?" Phyllis replied, "With you." The couple reclined together atop the desk.

In the confessional at the chapel, Victor spoke to an unseen person on the other side of the privacy screen. Victor said, "We have come to the most critical phase of our plan. No one is to find out about our connection. I don't have to tell you how dangerous it would be if they found out that we know each other." The other person said nothing in response to Victor's directives.

Don't Know Who to Trust

Don't Know Who to Trust

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

At the cottage, Sharon asked if Dylan had gotten any sleep, and he remarked that he wouldn't have been much of a guard if he had, but things had been quiet. She thanked him for staying, and she remarked that she hadn't slept that well since before Nick had threatened to take Faith away. Dylan volunteered to check on Sharon after work, but Sharon protested that she'd kept him away from Avery long enough. Dylan revealed that Avery had been busy with a new client, so it would be no problem for him to stop by again.

Dylan called Sharon a survivor who would always find a way to take care of herself, but he was surprised she'd been able to convince Nick to let her spend more time with Faith. Sharon was grateful that Dylan hadn't pushed to know what she was holding over Nick, and she commented that he was better off not knowing. She went upstairs to get dressed before Faith's arrival.

At Summer's apartment, Summer vowed not to let what Sharon had said on the video get to her, since Sharon might have made up the whole story about Sandra. Summer thought it was more likely than Nick almost killing a girl and trying to cover it up, but Noah pointed out that Sharon had been very specific about the facts. Noah acknowledged that neither of his parents was perfect, but he believed Sharon had been telling the truth, and he thought Summer did, too. Summer wanted to talk to Nick, but Noah warned that they couldn't risk Nick finding out about the documentary.

Courtney arrived and announced that she'd found a police report from the night Sandra had been injured, but there had been no record of Nick's involvement. Dylan arrived and informed the group that Abby and Stitch had told him everything about Austin's murder, and he asked for a good reason why he shouldn't go to the cops, since Sharon had received a message, too. Noah revealed that Kyle had left it, and Dylan condemned Kyle for playing dangerous head games with Sharon that could push her over the edge. Kyle explained that he'd hoped to get Sharon to admit she'd killed Austin to prevent Nick from finding out what she'd said in the interview.

Courtney filled in Dylan about Sandra's accident at the ranch, and Dylan asked if Nick had found out Austin had known about it. Noah insisted that there was no way either of his parents had killed Austin, and Summer argued that Nick had been trapped in the rubble at the Underground at the time of Austin's murder. Dylan reasoned that the stalker had no idea he knew about everything, so he had free reign to take care of it, but Kyle objected to Dylan involving Paul. Dylan barked that the group's lies had caused the mess, and he'd do his best to clean it up, but he ordered them to stay out of his way. Dylan walked out.

Noah said they had to move on and stop obsessing about Austin's murder, but Summer whined that they couldn't stop the person who was sending the messages. Noah invited Courtney to go to Crimson Lights and hang out like normal, and they left. An exasperated Summer wailed that she couldn't just forget Austin had been murdered, and the killer was still out there. Kyle promised to keep her safe, and she was glad he'd decided to stick around, since he'd only returned for Abby's party. Kyle clarified that he'd returned for Summer.

Summer confided that Austin had been jealous of Kyle, since Austin had thought he'd never be able to compete with Kyle's money or lifestyle. Kyle said Austin hadn't deserved her, and Summer replied that she had loved Austin and had believed he'd loved her. Kyle thought his efforts to keep her from being hurt had been an epic fail, but she thanked him for trying. She said Kyle had always been her protector, and it felt like he was her big brother. Kyle pointed out that he wasn't, and he didn't want her to see him like that.

At Crimson Lights, Noah revealed that he'd been thinking about something, and Courtney seductively asked if it had been what she was wearing under her clothes, but he wanted to talk to her about something else. He recalled that she'd freaked out when he'd given her a key to his apartment, and she remembered she hadn't been ready for a commitment. Noah said a lot had happened, and Austin's death had made him think about how life could end suddenly. Noah said he didn't want to wake up with regrets one day, especially when the best thing that had ever happened to him was sitting right in front of him. He pulled a jewelry box out of his bag, got down on one knee, and presented her with an engagement ring. Noah asked Courtney to marry him, and she squealed with joy as she accepted.

At the ranch, Nick said he needed Victor to tell him the truth about the night Nick had passed out and injured a girl during a high school party on the estate. Nick pointed out that Victor had taught him to own his mistakes, and he couldn't deny culpability for what had happened to Sandra Allen on the night of the party. Nick contended that he'd drunkenly dared her to dive from the balcony into the swimming pool, and she had lost her Olympic dreams because she'd spent a year recuperating in the hospital.

Victor asserted that Sandra had made the decision to take the dive, but Nick recalled that he'd tried for years to get in touch with her, and he'd found it weird that she'd never responded. Nick accused Victor of paying off Sandra and her family, and Victor refused to deny anything, but he wouldn't discuss it or apologize for what he'd done. Victor said Sandra's family had thanked him for resolving the problem quietly, and he thought Nick should thank him for protecting Nick's future. Nick barked that Victor had bought and paid for it, and Victor huffed that Nick would have done the same thing for his own children.

Nick blasted Victor for letting a young girl take the blame for something that had been Nick's fault, but Victor contended that he'd taken care of the Allen family for the rest of their lives to save Nick's future. Nick grumbled that it had been a future he hadn't deserved, and he resented Victor for making the choice for him. Nick explained that Sharon had told him what had happened, since she'd been hiding and listening on the night in question, and he fretted that Sharon would always have a hold over him. Victor advised Nick to forget their conversation, but Nick retorted that he'd never be able to forget the truth, and he walked out.

Nick and Faith entered the cottage, and Faith chirped that her dad had told her she'd get to spend an extra day with Sharon every week. Sharon suggested that they play a game after Faith finished her homework, and Faith ran upstairs. Sharon swore Nick wouldn't regret it, but he griped that he already did, and he was considering going to the authorities and telling the truth. Sharon cautioned that he'd stand to lose custody completely, and Nick angrily questioned whether Sharon would do that to Faith, but Sharon countered that he'd done it by keeping her from their daughter. Sharon thought their arrangement worked, and she suggested they keep the truth to themselves.

There was a knock at the door, and Faith ran to answer it. Faith was thrilled to see Dylan, and she offered him some cookies. Sharon led Faith to the kitchen, and Nick observed that Dylan had been spending a lot of time there lately. Dylan claimed he'd been helping Sharon move some things around the house, and Nick admitted he was uncomfortable leaving Faith there. Dylan was sure Sharon would never hurt Faith, and Nick remarked that he had no choice but to hope Dylan was right.

Faith played the Game of Life with Sharon and Dylan, and she turned up a card to buy a house, but Dylan questioned how she could buy a house with no job. Faith declared that her grandpa had said she could buy anything she wanted, and Sharon went to the kitchen to take the cookies out of the oven. Dylan resumed playing the game, and he lost a turn when his car was stuck in the woods. Faith innocently compared it to how her mom's car had been stuck on the night of the snowstorm, and Dylan mentioned that they'd skidded off the road. Faith revealed that she and Sharon had driven through the woods before that.

Adam asked what Sage was doing at Jabot, and she informed him that Mr. Tipton had called to find out when they were moving back into their apartment, since other tenants had already resumed living in the building. Sage testily assured Adam that she hadn't told Mr. Tipton that Adam had bribed a contractor to slow down the repairs, and he roughly led her into an office and ordered her to keep her voice down. He divulged that he was more concerned about something else that had fallen into his lap, but he thought he could use it to his advantage.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victoria passed by Chelsea and Billy's table, and Victoria congratulated the couple on their engagement. Nikki and Victoria sat down at their own table, and Nikki thought the encounter hadn't been easy for Victoria. Victoria insisted that she was in a good place with Billy, and she contended that a solid relationship was good for both Billy and their kids. Meanwhile, Chelsea wondered if they should have mentioned that the wedding was on hold, and Billy recalled that Gabriel had practically danced a jig when he'd heard the news.

Chelsea asked if Billy was truly okay with not rushing to the altar, and he held up a glass of orange juice and toasted to waiting. He answered a call from Gabriel, who asked if Chelsea was there with Billy, since they both needed to tend to an emergency at Jabot right away. Billy was irritated when Gabriel abruptly hung up, but he figured he and Chelsea should go to the office in case there really was a problem. She was disappointed that they had to forego their romantic breakfast, and Billy suspected that had been the point of Gabriel's call.

Billy and Chelsea headed out, and Nikki was glad the couple would no longer be a distraction for Victoria. Victoria admitted their engagement bothered her, but she pledged to move on, starting with not making Billy a topic of conversation. Victoria said she'd rather talk about Nikki, and Nikki assumed it was Victoria's subtle way of asking if she'd been drinking, but she swore she'd been clean and sober. Nikki added that she was trying not to let Victor's shenanigans get to her, since he wouldn't give up until he got what he wanted, and she worried about how far he'd go to get it.

Victoria was certain Jack wouldn't let go of his family's company, and Nikki divulged that Victor expected Jack to eventually beg for Victor's help, but Victor would demand everything Jack had in return. Both women believed Victor was planning something, and they worried that the war would start all over again. Victoria disclosed that her father had asked her to gather information on Jabot, and Nikki found it stressful when he did things like that. Victoria encouraged Nikki not to let Victor's actions affect her, but Nikki thought it would be easier if she knew what he was up to.

Sage condescendingly recognized that Adam's entire life was about getting back together with Chelsea, but she stressed that they had to get their stories straight for Mr. Tipton. Adam argued that Sage's affair with Nick would send up more red flags than not moving back into their apartment, and he advised her not to do anything stupid. Billy and Chelsea entered, and Sage made a quick exit. Adam explained that Jack was dealing with Kelly's death, so he'd thought Billy could handle the emergency, especially since Billy's ex-wife might have been involved. Adam revealed that someone had hacked into Jabot's mainframe, and Billy doubted Victoria had done it, but Adam suspected Victoria knew who had.

Adam explained that the hacker had accessed sensitive files, including Chelsea's latest designs. Billy thought the incident smelled like Victor, and Adam vowed not to let Victor get away with it. Chelsea thought it was clear Victoria's loyalty was to her father, and Billy planned to talk to Victoria. Billy thanked Gabriel for giving him the information, and he left. Adam said he should have known it had been Victor, and Chelsea worried that the attack had dredged up painful memories of Gabriel's father losing the family business.

Adam growled that Victor had stolen the Binghams' company, and he'd destroyed a man in the process. Chelsea was sure Victor regretted it, but Adam countered that Victor never regretted anything, and he wished he'd figured out sooner how cold and heartless Victor was. Chelsea assumed that Gabriel had loved his father, and Adam remarked that he'd thought he and his dad would work together one day, but he'd realized what a "son of a bitch" his father had been.

Adam instructed someone on the phone to call him when the passwords had been reset, and Chelsea realized he was determined to protect Jabot. Adam said he'd learned how to play dirty from the master, and Chelsea pointed out that he didn't really talk about his father. Adam called it a complicated relationship, and Chelsea empathized. Adam noted that Billy hadn't run after Chelsea had told him she needed more time to get over Adam, and he imagined Billy had been relieved to have time to work through his own issues, since he'd noticed how quickly Billy had jumped to Victoria's defense.

Chelsea thought it was logical that Billy would defend the mother of his children, and Adam half-heartedly agreed. Chelsea insisted that Victoria wasn't the reason Billy had wanted to postpone the wedding, and Adam said they were smart to not rush into marriage. Chelsea decided to check on Billy and Victoria, and Adam was sure they'd find out Victor had been behind the hacking incident. Chelsea said it was far from over if that turned out to be the case, since Victor didn't stop until he got what he wanted. "And that runs in the family," Adam said to himself with a smirk.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria was surprised when Billy told her about the security breach, and he said he had reason to believe Victor had been behind it. Billy asked Victoria to find out if he was right, but she refused to spy for him, and she worried that a war between their families would hurt a lot of people. Billy vowed to put a stop to it if he found out Victor was going after Jack, and Victoria complained that it wasn't fair of him to use her feelings for him. She added that it would be easier if she could hate Billy, but she never could, and he replied that he couldn't ever hate her, either.

Victoria asked if Billy honestly believed she'd had nothing to do with the breach, and he assured her that he knew she'd never do anything to hurt him or his family. She realized that he still suspected Victor, and Billy refused to back down if Victor wanted a war. Billy and Victoria declared a truce between themselves, and they shook hands. He joked that they should be careful to avoid a repeat of the night before. "What happened last night?" Chelsea asked as she walked through the door.

At the Underground construction site, Nick read an article online about Sandra's "last dive," and he threw his computer across the room. Sage entered and remarked that he'd spent a lot of money to put the place back together, but he snapped that money couldn't fix everything. She asked what was going on, and he testily wondered why she cared, since he was just the next entitled guy she'd latched onto. She replied that she'd thought she'd wanted the same thing he had, but apparently, she'd been wrong. Sage started to storm out, but Nick called after her.

Nick apologized for being a jerk, and he promised he'd never talk to Sage that way again. He swore he hadn't meant what he'd said, and she admitted that she was with him because she wanted a refuge from secrets and lies, so she'd chosen to be with a nice, decent guy. Nick said he had his secrets, and he was just waiting for someone to use them against him. She asked if that had been why he'd been upset, and he replied that he didn't know who to trust anymore. Sage swore he could trust her, and they hugged.

Victor sent a text message to someone with instructions to retrieve some information immediately after Victor indicated he had left it. Nikki returned home, and Victor asked about her breakfast with Victoria. He said he had some business to take care of, and he kissed her goodbye.

Later, Victor sent another message to indicate a package was ready for pickup, and he dropped an envelope inside the confessional. Moments later, a gloved hand picked it up. Nikki pulled out a set of fingerprints from the envelope.

Adam walked into Jack's office and announced that he knew who had been behind the security breach. Victor swiveled around in Jack's chair, and a shocked Adam asked, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Kevin Gets Caught

Kevin Gets Caught

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Outside the confessional, Nikki stared at the fingerprint card that Victor had left in the booth. She wondered whose fingerprints they were and said to herself, "What are you up to, Victor?"

Nikki showed up at Paul's office, holding the envelope that Victor had left at the confessional. Paul gave Nikki a chilly reception. Nikki wondered if Paul still considered her a friend. Paul informed Nikki that, because of the accident, Christine wouldn't be able to bear children. Nikki was devastated and told Paul that she felt really foolish about the reason she had stopped by. Paul cut her off, saying, "Whatever it is, Nikki, the answer is no."

Nikki tried handing the envelope containing the fingerprints to Paul, but he adamantly refused to take it. Paul told Nikki that since he had learned that they had a son, Dylan, he had been neglecting Christine. Christine had felt abandoned and betrayed, rightfully so according to Paul. He was going to make sure he never disappointed Christine again. Nikki tried yet again to hand Paul the envelope. His anger boiled over, and he told her if she had evidence of a crime, she needed to file it through the proper channels. Nikki left.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley informed Jack that there had been a computer security breach at Jabot. According to Ashley, Jabot security was in the process of making the Jabot computer system more secure. Jack said that if someone -- like Victor -- was determined to hack into the system, they probably would be able to.

Ashley said that Victor could spy on them all he wanted -- but she and Jack were onto him. Jack thought the situation with Victor was strange. First, Victor had stolen Ashley's formula and planned to have Newman release the fragrance. Next, after a marketing blitz, Victor had pulled the fragrance launch. When Jabot had released Hex, and it had turned out to be a successful product, Victor had made an offer to buy Jabot. Jack had told Victor to take a hike -- then the Jabot servers had been hacked.

Ashley received a phone call -- Victor had been spotted in the Jabot building. Ashley was about to call security and ask them to escort Victor out, but Jack stopped her. Jack thought Victor obviously wanted him and Ashley to know he was at Jabot.

In Jack's office, Adam was shocked to see Victor sitting in Jack's chair. Adam informed Victor that if he was upping his offer to buy Jabot, Jack wouldn't be interested. Victor thought "Gabriel's" remark was self-aggrandizing. Victor wondered if Gabriel was anything like Gabriel's father, who hadn't been able to take the heat of the business world. Adam said it was "typical Victor Newman" to blame the victim. Victor quipped, "So you know me?" Adam replied, "More than you think."

Adam began laughing when Victor told him to leave Jack's office. Adam reminded Victor that Victor couldn't throw him out -- it wasn't Victor's office. Victor smiled and replied, "Not yet." Adam said again that Jack would never sell Jabot. Victor said that every man had his price. Adam said that some people couldn't be bought or bullied, adding, "Or is that something you learned from your own son?" Victor looked at Adam and replied, "So now you know my son? Just who the hell are you?"

Adam said he was a friend of Nick's from boarding school, and he remembered that Nick was one of the few people who Victor couldn't bribe or coerce. When Victor said that "Gabriel" still had a lot to learn, Adam replied that he couldn't think of a single thing Victor could teach him that he would want to learn.

Ashley and Jack walked in. Ashley accused Victor of hacking into the Jabot server. Victor claimed that both the Newman and the Jabot servers had been breached. Adam accused Victor of lying. Victor suggested that Newman and Jabot join forces to combat the hacker. Ashley replied that she would be happy to escort Victor out of the building. As Victor and Ashley walked out, Victor warned Adam to watch his step.

Jack wondered what had been going on between Adam and Victor. Adam said that when he had entered Jack's office, Victor had been sitting in Jack's chair, "like he owned the place." Adam admitted he had flown off the handle, and he promised Jack that it wouldn't happen again. Their conversation ceased when Ashley returned.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria told Chelsea that Billy had informed her about the computer security breach. Victoria had found the news disturbing and claimed not to know anything about it. Chelsea said she had overheard Victoria and Billy discussing something that had happened between them the previous evening. Chelsea wondered if they cared to share what had happened. Billy told Chelsea that it was nothing for her to worry about.

Victoria explained that Billy had stopped by her house and had found her very upset about Kelly's death and how Stitch had treated her. Billy told Chelsea that Victoria had started crying, and he hadn't been able to leave her alone. Victoria said she had told Billy it was harder for her to accept Billy's engagement to Chelsea than she'd thought it would be.

Chelsea wondered if Billy had comforted Victoria. Billy admitted he had -- just like when Gabriel had been there for Chelsea when Chelsea had decided to tell Billy that she wasn't ready to set a wedding date. Chelsea looked at Billy and reminded him that information was supposed to have remained private, but Victoria, looking at Chelsea, said, "I thought there weren't supposed to be any secrets between us." Chelsea glared at Billy as Victoria went upstairs.

Chelsea and Billy moved to the bar, where they bickered about Billy's relationship with Victoria, and Chelsea's relationship with Gabriel.

The bickering turned into a full-fledged argument. Billy admitted that something had almost happened between him and Victoria -- Victoria had wanted to kiss him, and he had wanted to return the kiss. However, Billy and Victoria had not kissd -- because Victoria loved Stitch, and Billy loved Chelsea. Chelsea and Billy began to kiss. They were interrupted when Jack phoned Billy. Jack insisted that Billy and Chelsea join him in Jack's office.

After Billy and Chelsea arrived at Jack's office, Jack wondered why he was the last person to learn that the Jabot computer system had been breached. Billy claimed that he had tried to handle it by getting information from an inside source at Newman. Adam said that Billy's source was probably Victoria, which was why Billy had learned nothing. Billy thought that perhaps Gabriel was working for both Abbott and Newman.

Jack told the group he didn't believe the Newman computer system had been hacked. He thought Victor would try to take over Jabot using any means possible. Jack said that in order to prevent that, all the infighting needed to stop -- they needed to pull together and "face Newman head-on."

At Summer's apartment, Summer told Kyle that she didn't think of him as a brother, and she didn't want him to feel obligated to protect her. Kyle said that he could never turn his back on Summer -- especially since someone might be a threat to her life.

Cautiously answering a knock at the door, Summer was pleased to see Noah and Courtney, both sporting big smiles. Noah told Summer that he and Courtney had huge news, but just as Noah was about to speak, Kevin and Mariah burst in. Kevin had news for the group but put it on the backburner when Noah announced that he and Courtney were engaged.

Overjoyed, Summer ran over to Noah and Courtney and hugged them. Courtney showed Summer her ring. Kevin congratulated the couple and said it was about time they had some good news to celebrate.

Kevin told the group that he had found more video on Austin's computer, starring none other than Jack Abbott. Summer initially thought that Austin had interviewed Jack, but Kevin explained it was surveillance footage. Austin had followed and surreptitiously recorded Jack at Chancellor Park. Kyle wondered what was on the footage. Kevin said there wasn't very much, and some of it had been erased.

Kevin assumed there were police security cameras in the park and asked Courtney if he could use her police login credentials to view the video from those cameras. Noah became upset and told Kevin that Courtney had already done enough. Courtney disagreed with Noah and said she was willing to go along with Kevin's plan.

At the police station, Courtney was hovering over Kevin and his computer, wondering why it was taking him so long to pull up the police security video. Just as Kevin said he knew what he was doing, a loud alarm sounded and an "Access Denied" message appeared on the computer screen. Kevin tried to deactivate the alarm. Paul walked out of his office and asked Kevin what was going on.

Kevin told Paul that he had been using the computer for an urgent personal reason. He lied and said Courtney had tried to stop him, and that was when he had accidentally tripped the alarm. Paul said Kevin wasn't authorized to use the department's computer and wondered where Kevin had gotten the login.

Kevin evaded the question. Paul demanded the truth about what Kevin had been looking for, sating that if Kevin confessed, Paul would let him off with a warning. When Kevin refused to answer Paul, Paul suspended him.

Still at Summer's, Noah was nervously awaiting a call from Courtney. He said he was upset that Courtney was risking her career. Mariah said it was worth the risk if they ever wanted to find out who had killed Austin. Summer didn't understand why Austin had secretly taped Jack in the park -- all Austin would get was footage of Jack taking a stroll. Mariah argued that the purpose of Austin's documentary had been to prove that "the one percent" could get away with murder -- figuratively and literally. Kyle wondered if Mariah was accusing Jack of Austin's murder.

Mariah started proposing seemingly outlandish scenarios -- perhaps Jack was leading Austin on a wild goose chase to cover for Kyle. Summer and Mariah began arguing. Kyle grew disgusted, grabbed his coat, and left.

Kevin and Courtney returned to Summer's apartment. Kevin asked where Summer and Kyle were, and Mariah told him to forget about them. She asked Kevin what he had found on the police computer. Kevin told her that he had accessed the Chancellor Park security footage, but he had set off an alarm. Noah wondered if Courtney was in trouble, but she explained that Kevin had covered for her -- and had earned himself a suspension.

Courtney said the answers were on the security footage -- and she was the only one of the group with access. Noah snapped, "No, Courtney. Absolutely not." Noah claimed that he didn't want Courtney to get deeper into "this mess." Noah asked Kevin to back him up, but Kevin said that until they found Austin's killer, none of them were safe.

Noah said the only thing he wanted his fiancée to think about was the dress she planned to wear to their wedding. Courtney didn't exactly look thrilled when Noah proclaimed that he and Courtney weren't waiting -- they were going to marry as soon as possible.

Summer joined a glum-looking Kyle on the Crimson Lights patio. She told him to ignore Mariah's "crazy" accusations. Summer knew Kyle, and he couldn't hurt a fly. Kyle and Summer shared a passionate kiss.

Kyle told Summer she was all he had thought about when he had been in New York, but she had married Austin. His eyes misty with tears, Kyle said he needed Summer in his life. Summer said that she needed Kyle. She was happy he was a part of her life again.

At her Athletic Club suite, Abby gave Stitch a hug and told him how glad she was that he had returned. Stitch reminded her that even during his absence, a security team was keeping an eye on her. Abby wondered whether Stitch had met up with Victoria, but Stitch had been at a mortuary. He told Abby that he would be returning to the mortuary to collect Kelly's ashes but assured Abby that she would be in good hands while he was away. Abby replied, "I know -- because I'm going with you."

Stitch told Abby that she would be safe while he left town, but she said she wasn't worried about her safety. She thought he might want a supportive friend to join him on his sad journey. Stitch appreciated the offer, but declined. Abby wondered if Stitch was planning to tell Victoria where he was headed. He said that he would leave that particular errand to Abby.

Abby wondered why Stitch was shutting Victoria out. Stitch replied that he was trying to be sensitive to Victoria's feelings -- he knew Victoria was not exactly broken up over Kelly's death.

As if on cue, Victoria showed up at Abby's suite. Abby made a quick exit to give Victoria and Stitch some privacy. Stitch apologized to Victoria for not having returned her call. He said he was busy dealing with Kelly's death. Victoria asked if she could help. Stitch told Victoria not to pretend to be shedding tears for Kelly. Victoria said that she had been shedding tears -- for Stitch.

Stitch explained that he needed to leave town to retrieve Kelly's ashes. Victoria wondered why he hadn't asked her to accompany him. He said, "Because I don't want you to." Victoria said she wanted to help Stitch. Stitch said he needed to deal with the aftermath of Kelly's death by himself -- then he would return to Victoria. Victoria hated the idea of Stitch going by alone. She wondered if he would consider asking Abby to accompany him.

Victor returned to the ranch. Nikki showed Victor the fingerprint card she had taken at the church. Victor asked Nikki if she had followed him. She didn't answer his question, instead telling him that she and Victoria both thought Victor wanted to take over Jabot. Nikki thought Victor would resort to his "usual bag of tricks" to get what he wanted. She asked Victor what the fingerprints would do to discredit Jack.

Victor said he knew that Nikki saw him as a villain, but she didn't know that he was under attack. Using a patronizing tone, Nikki asked Victor who was after him. He explained that someone had broken into the Newman computer system and left those fingerprints -- they had been lifted off the central server. Victor suspected it had been an inside job, so he had taken the prints to the church and left them in the confessional for his private investigator to pick up.

Nikki wondered why Victor hadn't simply handed the prints to his private investigator -- or, better yet, let Paul handle it. Victor wondered what Paul had said to Nikki when she had taken the prints to Paul -- behind Victor's back.

Victor correctly guessed that Paul had refused to assist Nikki with the fingerprints. He told Nikki that the fingerprints were not intended to discredit Jack -- the fingerprints were about saving his company. Nikki handed the fingerprints to Victor and walked away.

After Nikki left, Victor made a phone call and said, "Listen. Next time get your ass to that church on time. My wife got there first. She got ahold of those prints. We need to agree on a different meeting place. Just remember that these fingerprints are vital to the next phase of our plan. You got it?"

Dancing Around A Painful Reality

Dancing Around A Painful Reality

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Joe opened his hotel room door to Avery, and she said his summons had sounded like life or death. He replied that it was about his charity, since he needed a million-dollar donor, and the quest started with dinner downstairs. Avery wanted to keep their interaction limited to business, but he explained that they were meeting with Jack and Phyllis over dinner, and he thought Phyllis would have turned down the invitation without Avery there. Joe promised the dinner would be strictly business.

Jack and Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club, and she urged him to relax and let his IT department handle the security breach. He contemplated who would handle Victor showing up at Jabot, and she suggested Jack worry about it after dinner. Jack was surprised she had accepted Joe's invitation, and she replied that she wanted to hear about the foundation, but it would also be a chance to see if Joe was truly passionate about the project or her sister.

Joe thanked Phyllis and Jack for having dinner with him, and he called the charity a personal passion. Jack and Joe stepped over to the bar to get a drink, and Avery insisted to Phyllis that Joe hadn't been hitting on Avery. Phyllis pointed out that Avery and Joe looked like a couple attending a family dinner together, and she asked where Dylan was. Avery swore the dinner was business, and Phyllis wondered if that was Joe's only incentive, but Avery asserted that she'd made it clear where they stood. Avery added that she believed in the project, and she knew it meant something to Joe, so she urged Phyllis to hear him out.

Over dinner, Jack said he was aware Joe was looking for donors, and Joe contended that the foundation saved lives. Avery explained that the charity provided a safe haven for battered women and children, including offering them legal services and mentoring. Joe recognized that it was difficult for women to break away from abusers, and he wanted to help them build strong homes for their children. Jack and Phyllis agreed it was a worthy cause, but Phyllis wondered why Joe had been drawn to a charity for women. Joe revealed that it was personal, since he had been one of those kids.

Joe recounted that his mom had dragged him to a shelter to hide from his father, and that had been the first time he'd gone to sleep unafraid. He continued that she'd had help to build a great life for them, and Phyllis wondered why Avery hadn't filled her in about Joe's past. Avery explained that she hadn't really understood Joe's feelings until she'd found out her father hadn't been the man they'd thought he'd been, and she'd realized how a father's betrayal could cut deep. Avery couldn't imagine a greater pain than a child feeling unsafe with the person who was supposed to love them, and Jack declared that he was ready to make a generous contribution. Jack announced his intent to ask his family and friends to give to the foundation in lieu of sending wedding gifts.

Phyllis cornered Joe in the foyer, and he informed her that he'd taken care of the bill. He thanked her for her donation, and she expected he'd get more, since his story was bound to have a powerful effect on people. He guessed that she thought he was using his past to lure Avery away from Dylan, and he admitted that Avery had been the first person he'd trusted to tell about his past, so asking for her help had seemed like a natural fit.

Phyllis told Jack she'd been right about Joe wanting Avery back, and she didn't doubt Avery loved Dylan, but her sister had always been a sucker for the underdog. Phyllis suspected Joe knew Avery couldn't resist helping him fight for something that meant a lot to him, and she worried that Avery would be drawn back to Joe. Jack realized that Phyllis might not be on board with his offer to have others make donations as their wedding gifts, but Phyllis stated that the women and children needed the money more than she and Jack needed bowls and vases. Jack promised he'd still get Phyllis something special, and she gushed that she already had everything she wanted. They kissed.

In Joe's room, Avery applauded Joe for convincing Jack and Phyllis with his story, but he credited Avery with helping by being there. She said he had the ability to change people's lives, and she imagined he'd help many women and children with his charity. He thanked her, and they shared a platonic hug. He wished her sweet dreams, and she departed.

At Baldwin/Clark, Michael told Lauren he'd meet her at the club after he wrapped some things up, and he wanted the rest of the night to be about the two of them. He admitted that he wanted to repent for being a "bit of an ass" by celebrating the fact he was closing in on the end of his treatment, and she cheered that the end was in sight. Kevin walked in on them kissing, and Lauren left. Michael mentioned that Paul had told him about Kevin's suspension, and he wondered what was going on. Michael recognized that the job was important to Kevin, and he demanded to know why Kevin would risk throwing it away.

Kevin assured Michael that he'd been using his superpowers for good, and he swore he hadn't done anything wrong. Michael thought there was reason for concern because Kevin was being secretive, but Kevin claimed he hadn't wanted Michael to rub his stupidity in his face. Michael warned Kevin not to screw up his life after he'd finally gotten it in order, and Kevin contended that he hadn't been fired. Michael cautioned that Kevin was one step away, and he didn't have time to worry about Kevin, too.

Kevin apologized for upsetting Michael, and Michael warned that he wouldn't bail Kevin out if he got into more trouble. Kevin observed that Michael seemed to be tightly wound, and he asked if there had been news from the doctor. Michael reported that he was almost done with radiation treatment, but he figured Kevin had turned the topic to Michael to get out of the hot seat. Kevin noted that Michael seemed less than enthusiastic about going out with Lauren, and he asked what Michael was lying to his wife about "this time."

Kevin thought Michael should be doing a happy dance, since Michael would be in the clear after a few more treatments, but Michael countered that he wasn't the same man he'd been before the cancer. Kevin encouraged Michael to talk to Lauren about it, but Michael grumbled that she refused to see it, and they were dancing around the painful reality that they could never get back to the way they'd been. Kevin suggested that they move forward instead, and Michael vowed to do whatever it took to make Lauren happy.

At Crimson Lights, Cane made suggestions to Jill about the best way to maximize profits at Chancellor, but she said she didn't share his opinion, and she pointed out that she got to make the final decision. Cane said it was about time they reassessed how they'd structured things, and Jill reminded him that he'd agreed to be second in command. Cane argued that the circumstances had changed, and one of his conditions had been that his father wouldn't be involved in the company, but Colin had been making decisions by Jill's side. Colin approached and overheard his name.

Cane barked that it was a private conversation, but Jill said they were all family, and she mentioned that Cane had wanted to discuss restructuring Chancellor. Jill suspected that Cane had some misplaced anger, since his marriage had hit a rough patch, while she and Colin were stronger than ever. Cane testily asked if he should be jealous of a relationship based on blackmail and backstabbing, and he insisted that his professional concerns had nothing to do with his private life. A skeptical Jill implored Cane to stop stressing about work and to put his energy into his marriage, and she excused herself to talk to Lauren on the patio. Cane tersely said goodbye to Colin, who urged Cane to move on.

Colin swore he was just looking out for Cane, and he understood Cane's desire to be higher up. Cane asserted that it was where he should be, but Colin doubted Jill would give Cane more power, since she'd wanted to be at the top for even longer than Cane had. Cane groused that Colin and Jill expected him to shut his mouth and have no input, but he wouldn't step down to allow Colin to become number two. Cane huffed that Colin had played both him and Jill, and Colin urged Cane to find another company where he could have the success he deserved. Cane refused to go anywhere.

Jill complained to Lauren that Cane was being overly sensitive about Chancellor because of the problems in his marriage, but Lauren was sure Lily and Cane would get past it. Jill inquired about Lauren and Michael, and Lauren reported that it looked like the radiation treatment had been successful. Lauren admitted it had been a rough few days, but she and Michael were back on the road to being normal.

Colin told Jill that he wanted both his wife and his son to succeed, and he thought Cane would be better off being out of Jill's shadow. He advised Jill to prepare for battle, since Cane went after what he wanted, but Jill crowed that it wouldn't be much of a fight with Colin by her side.

Later, Cane approached Lauren at the Athletic Club bar, and he mentioned that he was waiting for Lily to be done with a meeting. Lauren chirped that it was more fun to wait with a buddy, and he sat down and asked how she was doing. She thought she was faring better than he was, and he surmised she'd talked to Jill. Lauren volunteered to hear him out, since he'd let her vent the other day, but he said he only wanted a cold beer and the day to be over. She proclaimed that she could help with one thing, and she ordered him a beer.

Lauren fondly recalled how she and Michael had met, and an unseen Michael observed as she and Cane talked. Moments later, Lauren was disappointed when Michael sent a text message to inform her he couldn't make it because of work. Cane suggested he and Lauren have dinner while he waited for Lily, and Michael hovered in the foyer as he watched them retreat to a table.

Dylan stopped by to check on Sharon, and Noah and Courtney appeared behind him. Noah announced that he and Courtney were getting married, and a thrilled Sharon hugged him. Sharon asked when the wedding would be, and Noah replied, "Tomorrow." Courtney said they wanted Sharon and Nick to be at the wedding, and Sharon asked what Nick's reaction had been. Noah said they'd been playing phone tag, but he expected his father to be as shocked as Sharon looked.

Dylan commented that the wedding was sudden, but Courtney noted that she and Noah had been living together for a while. Noah added that he loved Courtney, and he didn't want to wait, since life was too short. Courtney said she'd learned as a cop not to take time for granted, and she promised Sharon that she'd never been more sure about anyone or anything. Sharon replied that Noah would always be her little boy, but he'd grown into an extraordinary man, and she was happy he'd found a wonderful woman to share his life with. Sharon gave the couple her blessing, and she declared that she was proud and relieved that Noah still believed in marriage after everything he'd been through with Nick and Sharon.

Sharon admired Courtney's ring, and Courtney divulged that the ceremony would be in the park with a justice of the peace. Noah pulled Dylan aside and asked if something else had happened, and he insisted that Sharon hadn't been involved in Austin's death. Dylan explained that he was just trying to put the pieces together, and he mentioned that Faith had said she'd been in the woods with Sharon. Noah ranted that he was sick of people lying to Sharon and getting into her head, and Sharon asked what was going on. Noah blurted out that Austin had been murdered and that Dylan thought Sharon had done it.

Noah informed Sharon about what had happened on the night of Abby's party, and he hadn't wanted to drag Sharon into it, but other people were aware Austin had interviewed her. Sharon realized the message on the mirror was linked to the situation, and Courtney divulged that Kyle had written the message to see Sharon's reaction. Noah and Courtney voiced their certainty that Sharon hadn't had anything to do with Austin's death, and Sharon thanked them for believing in her. Sharon told Dylan she was innocent, and she'd honestly thought Austin had died in a car accident. Sharon promised she wouldn't say a word, and she encouraged Noah and Courtney to go plan their wedding.

After the couple left, Sharon asked when Dylan had stopped being her friend, and she accused him of pretending to help and protect her to get her to confide in him. He asked where she'd been on the night of the storm, since Faith had told him they'd been in the woods, but Sharon hadn't mentioned taking a detour. Sharon huffed that she didn't have to explain herself to Dylan, and he reiterated that he was trying to help solve the mystery. She informed him that she'd had a panic attack when she'd been in the car, and she'd thought driving would calm her down.

Dylan pointed out that Sharon had been in a storm, and she conceded that she hadn't been thinking clearly when she'd been hyperventilating. He asked where she'd gone, and Sharon sarcastically stated that Faith had given away her plot to drive to the Abbott cabin and murder Austin during a snowstorm with her child in the car. Sharon continued to rant that she'd used her superhuman strength to drag Austin's body into her car and stage a car accident, and she angrily dared Dylan to admit he thought she was crazy.

Sharon ordered Dylan to get out, but he said he knew how things could get out of control. She questioned how he could even fathom that she'd taken a young man's life while her child had been asleep in the car, and she asked if he'd voiced his suspicions to Nick. Dylan understood why Sharon wanted to keep Nick out of it, but he informed her that the kids from the cabin had seen her interview, and Dylan was aware of what she'd said. Sharon realized that he considered it to be a motive for murder, and she thought he believed she had killed Austin to use Nick's secret as leverage. Dylan admitted it looked bad, since Sharon was desperate to keep Faith in her life, and he left.

Avery was happy to see Dylan at her apartment, and she informed him that Joe had invited her to join his dinner with Phyllis and Jack to discuss a contribution to the charity. Dylan said he'd been held up with something, too, and he allowed Avery to assume it had been work-related. A look of concern crossed his face as she headed to bed. Meanwhile, Sharon nervously paced, but she suddenly stopped when she had a memory of peering into a bright light.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin wondered why Noah and Courtney had summoned him to talk about the investigation when they were getting married the next day, and Noah revealed that they'd told Sharon about Austin's murder. Kevin complained about how many people knew the truth, and Courtney said she hadn't been able to stop thinking about the police department's surveillance cameras. She thought they could resolve the case before the wedding if they could figure out why Austin had been following Jack in Chancellor Park, and Noah pointed out that Kevin had already been caught. Noah worried that Courtney could get kicked off the force if she continued to snoop, but Kevin said he had it all figured out.

Courtney pulled Noah aside, and she recognized that he thought she was risking their future, but she thought it would guarantee the future they wanted. She professed her love and said she planned on spending many years together as husband and wife, but she couldn't settle into a happy life with a murderer threatening them. Noah realized she'd made up her mind, but he admitted he was freaking out, and he asked her to wait to pursue it until after the wedding. She swore that the next day would be all about being a bride, but she still wanted to find out everything Kevin knew. They returned to the table, and Kevin advised Courtney to do exactly as he said.

The Park Isn't Cursed ... Or Is It?

The Park Isn't Cursed ... Or Is It?

Friday, April 3, 2015

At the cottage, Sharon helped Noah get ready for his wedding, and she called him her baby. She thought he wouldn't understand until he had a child of his own, and she recalled that he'd been very sick as an infant, so there had been moments when she and Nick hadn't been sure Noah would have the life they'd envisioned for him. Noah said Courtney was smart and strong, and they'd had complications in the beginning, but things suddenly hadn't been complicated at all. Noah proclaimed that he believed in his future with Courtney, and Sharon was happy he was giving their family something to celebrate. She said nothing else mattered but him and his bride, and they hugged.

Sharon commented that Noah had always been an old soul, and she regretted that she'd made him grow up too fast, but she was sure he and his wife would look after one another. Sharon applauded him for making the choice to concentrate on love, and she declared that he was exactly the man she'd hoped he'd grow up to be. He said he had to meet Nick, and Sharon said she loved Noah and was proud of him. She wished him a lifetime of happiness with his bride, and he departed with a broad grin.

Clad in her wedding dress, Courtney asked if she looked okay, and Summer declared that Courtney looked perfect. Courtney marveled that she'd gone from a proposal to a wedding in 24 hours, and Summer remarked that it happened that quickly sometimes. Courtney apologized for making Summer think of Austin, and she wondered if she and Noah should have waited. Summer assured her that Noah had been right to want to do it right away, and the day wasn't about the stalker or Austin's death, so they only had reasons to smile.

Summer noticed Courtney's new necklace, and Courtney revealed that it had been a wedding present from Noah. Courtney gushed that Noah just wanted her to be happy, and after they'd all been standing in the same place for weeks, he wanted to make sure they started living. Courtney groaned that everything she said made it worse for Summer, but Summer insisted that Courtney was allowed to be happy. Kyle arrived and remarked that both women looked gorgeous, and Courtney realized she'd left something at the police station that she had to get. Courtney insisted on picking it up herself, since she'd die of embarrassment if anyone found out what she'd forgotten, and she said she'd meet them in the park.

After Courtney rushed out, Kyle asked if Summer had everything she needed, and she nervously looked around. He asked if she was okay, and she insisted the day would be wonderful, since Courtney would know for certain that Noah loved her. Summer whined that she felt stupid for loving Austin, and she still loved him despite everything, but he hadn't deserved to die. She added that the rest of them didn't deserve to be tortured, and Kyle held her close and said she would be fine that day and every day after, since he'd be standing right there next to her.

Stitch called out for Abby in her hotel room, and she informed him she was behind on her packing because Kyle had called with the news that Noah and Courtney were getting married that day. Stitch wondered why the couple was rushing to the altar, and Abby said she'd passed along her love and apologies, but she and Stitch had a plane to catch. Stitch thought it was an odd choice for Abby to pick up someone's ashes rather than to celebrate love, and he surmised she was running away, but she said she needed to be with him.

Abby was certain no would miss her, and she understood Stitch was accustomed to dealing with death as a soldier and a doctor, but she recognized that he was also a brother who'd lost a sister. She declared that Stitch needed backup, and Victoria had voted for Abby. Stitch protested that he was supposed to be the one looking after Abby, and she said he could make sure she had tons of bottled water on the plane. Stitch pointed out that picking up the ashes wasn't time-sensitive, and he suggested they go to the wedding first then board the plane together.

Dylan looked at a map on his tablet computer, and he flashed back to confronting Sharon about not mentioning taking a detour in the woods. Avery asked if Dylan was going somewhere, and he said no, but she noted that he hadn't joined her in bed the night before. He replied that he had a lot on his mind, and she lectured that Dylan needed to stop fixating on the time she'd been spending with Joe. She rambled about how the dinner had worked to solicit donations, and she chided Dylan for stewing about Joe all night. Dylan retorted that he wasn't the one fixated on Joe, and he thought she might notice that something else was bothering him if she stopped talking about Joe.

Avery asked why Dylan was yelling about it, and he ordered her not to lawyer him. She wondered what was going on, and she complained that they didn't talk anymore. Dylan blamed her for never being home, but she countered that he wouldn't know, since he hadn't been there, either. There was a knock at the door, and Avery was startled to see Sharon, who apologetically stated that she wouldn't have stopped by, but it was something important. Avery hurriedly left for a meeting, and Dylan asked Sharon what was that urgent.

Sharon confided that she'd remembered that she'd pulled over on a road near the Abbott cabin on the night of the snowstorm. She recounted that she'd seen a car heading toward her from the direction of the cabin, and she hadn't been able to see anything because of the bright lights, but the other car had slowed down. She thought the other driver might have seen her car or her face, but Dylan was skeptical that Sharon had suddenly remembered details after Faith had told him she and Sharon had been in the woods. Sharon panicked that the real killer had placed her near the scene and intended to frame her for murder.

Dylan wondered why Sharon had suddenly jumped to the conclusion that someone was framing her just because she'd seen headlights near the cabin, and she reiterated that the driver had seen her. She recognized that she had consented to the interview and had tried to steal Austin's computer, and she thought the killer would make it appear as if she had something to hide. She pointed out that Noah's friends already thought she'd been responsible, and she'd be an easy target to set up because of her history. Sharon realized she shouldn't have stopped by, and she refused to ruin Noah's wedding day. She frantically rushed out.

Joe approached Lily at the Athletic Club, and he mentioned he had a personal matter he needed her help with. She snapped that she couldn't believe he was hitting on her again, but Joe swore he wasn't. She continued that Cane had warned her that Joe constantly flirted, but her dad was facing criminal charges, and she needed to be helping Neil rather than teaching Joe how to talk to a woman. She assumed Joe couldn't help but be smarmy, and she ordered him to find someone else to help with his personal issue.

Across the dining room, Leslie informed Neil and Devon that she couldn't get Neil's confession tossed, and Neil griped that everyone was telling him how to handle the case because people didn't believe telling the truth was the right thing to do. Devon contended that there were different ways of spinning it, but Neil asserted that there was only one reality -- he'd killed Paul and Christine's baby. Neil thought A.D.A. Winston Mobley would be able to convince the jury that the truth mattered.

Lily joined the others at the table, and Leslie contended that she had to show Neil was a good man who had been under extreme pressure, but Neil flatly stated that he'd been drunk and out of control. Lily suspected that Neil felt guilt and shame because he felt like he'd let them down, but she encouraged him to let Leslie do her job for the sake of Moses and the twins. Devon suggested that they present the fact Neil had taken Devon in, and Neil imagined standing up in court and telling everyone about raising a fine young man who had slept with Neil's wife. Lily advised Neil to find a different way to punish himself that didn't ruin his life, and Neil ordered his kids to leave.

Once alone, Neil told Leslie that he was heartbroken and disgusted by what Devon had done, and he no longer considered Devon his son. Leslie argued that Neil couldn't punish Devon by going to prison, and she urged Neil to let Devon help him. Neil expected the jury to pity him, and he maintained that the baby's death had been his fault. Leslie pointed out that he'd been in a dark place after the plane crash, and she questioned whether his vision been consistent, but he refused to feign blindness in the courtroom. Neil proclaimed that Devon and Hilary had taken away most of his self-respect, but he wouldn't pander to the jury or throw Nikki under a bus. He added that he was "in hell" whether he went to prison or not.

In the foyer, Lily expressed condolences to Stitch for his loss, and he said she'd been a good friend to his sister. Lily regretted that she hadn't been there for Kelly enough, and Stitch remarked that no one had known how much pain Kelly had been in. Joe interrupted, and Lily curtly informed him she was in the middle of something. Abby and Stitch left for the wedding, and Joe apologized, but Lily didn't believe he was sorry. He swore that he really did have a favor to ask.

Later, Avery apologized for being late, and Joe informed her that Lily had agreed to help arrange a gala for the Better Days Foundation. Lily suggested that the foundation honor someone in order to get more people to buy tickets, and Joe recommended that they honor Victor. Avery thought more people would open their checkbooks for a more beloved figure like Jack, and Lily suggested that the organization recognize honor Avery for her pro-bono work. Avery balked, but Lily pointed out that Avery always fought for the underdog, and she declared that Avery didn't have a choice.

Lily excused herself when Neil passed by the table, and Neil told Lily that he hadn't meant to go off on her. She acknowledged that she'd pushed too hard but only because she loved him. She said it wasn't acceptable for him to roll over and let Hilary win, adding, "That bitch doesn't get to ruin you."

Hilary bumped into Winston for the second time at Crimson Lights, and she offered to pay for his coffee again. He joked that at that rate, he'd be getting free coffee for life, and she introduced herself as Anne Turner. Hilary purred that Winston's parents had envisioned great things when they'd named him, and Winston thought there were secrets behind her smile. She flirtatiously said she had many of them, and he suggested that they meet on purpose the next time. She plugged her number into his phone, and he checked to make sure he didn't have any coffee stains, but she amorously remarked that he looked just fine.

Winston kissed Hilary's cheek goodbye, and Devon walked in as Winston departed. Devon remarked that the poor guy had no idea what he was in for, and he contemplated warning Winston about how much Hilary enjoyed making people suffer. "Don't you dare," Hilary barked, and she contended that both she and Devon had gotten what they'd wanted. Devon testily asked if she thought he'd wanted his dad's life to "go to hell," and he said he'd just been trying to save another person from someone as evil as her, but if the guy was dumb enough, he deserved it. Later, Hilary agreed to meet Winston for dinner the following night.

Devon returned to the club, and he asked if Neil had taken Leslie's advice. Devon insisted on letting the jury know Neil's state of mind, and Neil envisioned Devon saving him and tearing him down at the same time, but Devon thought he'd be able to rightfully take the blame. Neil surmised that Devon was trying to clear his conscience, but he said Devon had lost his credibility the minute he'd stolen "this blind man's" wife and laughed at Neil behind his back. Devon contended that Neil didn't know him at all if Neil thought he'd been laughing, but Neil stressed that he didn't want Devon anywhere near him or the case. Devon refused to go anywhere because Neil was his father, and Devon loved him.

Lily apologized to Joe for jumping to conclusions, and Joe conceded that he had a tendency to be intense, but he promised to tone it down. She thought the cause could make a huge difference in a lot of lives, and he replied that it already had, including his own life.

Avery returned home, and she asked Dylan if Sharon's urgent problem had been resolved. He said he didn't think it had, and he didn't want to talk about Joe, but Avery contended that the real issue was Sharon. Avery asked if Dylan had spent the night at Sharon's to guard her from herself or an outsider, and she questioned whether it had just been a convenient cover story. Dylan simply stated that Sharon shouldn't have been alone, but Avery sensed there was more to it. Dylan vaguely stated that he couldn't tell Avery in case something happened, and Avery realized that he thought she might need to represent Sharon. Avery asked what Sharon had gotten herself into.

In Chancellor Park, the justice of the peace inquired whether Nick was the groom, but Nick replied that his son was the lucky guy. Mariah and Kevin arrived and greeted Nick, who said everything was proceeding according to plan, and Mariah quipped that she'd never been to a wedding like that. Noah joined them, and Nick took a photo of himself and Noah on his phone. Noah realized that Nick was truly happy for him, and Nick voiced his faith that Noah and Courtney would make their marriage work. Noah asked if it was weird for Nick to attend a wedding in the park after Avery had left him at the altar, but Nick insisted the park wasn't cursed, since someone else had simply gotten to Avery's heart first.

Mariah and Kevin discussed Michael's reaction to Kevin's suspension, and Kevin was determined to get back into the surveillance files without being detected. Kevin wondered what Austin had expected to find when he'd followed Jack with a camera, and Mariah thought Jack had been covering for Kyle. Mariah contended that it meant Sharon hadn't killed Austin, but Kevin wasn't as sure. Nick asked what was going on, and Mariah claimed they'd been arguing over who should catch the bouquet. Summer and Kyle arrived, and she reported that Courtney would be there after taking care of something.

Summer fixed Noah's tie, and she called him the greatest guy she knew. She promised she wouldn't get corny and weepy, but she thought it was a gift that Noah and Courtney had shown one another who they really were. Noah advised Summer that Sharon would be there, and he asked her not to treat his mother like a suspect. Summer offered to ask Kyle to keep his thoughts to himself, and she said it would be her wedding present to Noah. Nick asked if Noah was nervous, and Noah wondered what was keeping Sharon and Courtney.

Courtney retrieved her marriage license from the police station, and she couldn't believe she'd almost forgotten it. The only other officer in sight stepped out, and she sat down at a workstation and searched for something on the computer. Courtney gasped at what she discovered, and she told herself that it didn't make any sense.

Abby tried to convince herself that it wasn't weird to attend a wedding in the place where she'd been clubbed over the head for having an affair with her illicit lover, and Noah hugged her hello. Kyle nervously looked at Summer and remarked that he'd thought Abby wouldn't make it, and Abby promised it would be okay. Mariah hoped for some drama as Abby approached Summer, but she was disappointed when the women merely made polite small talk. Abby wondered where the bride was, and Noah received a text message from Courtney, saying there had been a change of plans and asking him to meet her at the cabin.

Noah announced that his bride-to-be couldn't make it because of work, and he quipped that crime didn't wait for weddings. Noah joked that perhaps the park was cursed, and he said they'd reschedule the wedding at the courthouse with a party at the Underground afterward. Kevin offered to take Noah out for the bachelor party he hadn't had, and Noah asked Nick to talk to the justice of the peace. Nick headed off, and Abby worriedly asked what had really happened. Noah divulged that something was definitely up, since Courtney wanted him to meet her at the cabin.

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