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Michael was arrested for solicitation. Christine dropped the murder charges against Sharon. Sharon and Dylan kissed. Jack phoned Kyle, but the imposter answered the call. Jack's imposter was placed into an induced coma after a car accident. Victor forged Jack's signature on the merger agreement.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 4, 2015 on Y&R
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Paul Refocuses His Investigation

Paul Refocuses His Investigation

Monday, May 4, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor told Nick he would be pleased to have his only son work alongside him. Nick explained that the Underground would soon reopen, so he wasn't interested. Victor asked Nick what he knew about Gabriel Bingham. Before Nick could respond, Adam, the man most believed was Gabriel Bingham, entered the room and observed Victor and Nick from afar. Adam quickly approached and asked Victor why he was grilling Nick for information. Victor explained that after inheriting another company, he'd also gained a number of employees he knew nothing about.

Adam asked Victor if he'd told Nick about a past business association with the late Harrison Bingham. Victor avoided discussing Harrison Bingham and said the only association that mattered was the one he was about to enter into with Gabriel. Adam laughed and said he couldn't believe he had intimidated Victor. Victor noted that Gabriel was too cocky. Before Victor left, he warned Adam to "watch it."

After Victor left, Nick warned Gabriel that he had no idea what he was up against. Adam replied, "I think I do, more than you know." Adam explained that he'd conducted his own probe. He said his research, along with his knowledge about Victor's past with Harrison Bingham, had given him a good idea of what Victor was capable of. Nick replied, "Looks like you've got everything figured out." Adam noted that he'd been right about Nick having dumped Sage. Adam said he apparently hadn't been such a bad husband if Sage still felt comfortable enough to confide in him. Nick said Sage had no one else because she'd been trapped in a loveless marriage while Gabriel had chased after Chelsea.

Nick accused Gabriel of ruining Chelsea's wedding. Gabriel blamed Billy for ruining his own wedding. Gabriel claimed that Billy had kept "one foot out the door, waiting for Victoria, hoping she'd become available." Before Nick left, he accused Adam of not caring who he destroyed as long as he got what he wanted. Nick said he planned to share his observations with Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Billy sat at a table on the patio. He seemed lost in thought. Victoria joined Billy. Victoria acknowledged that news had spread via social media about his wedding. Billy said, "Chelsea and I were a mistake from the beginning. Getting her out of my life was the best thing that could happen to me." Billy said he would miss spending time with Connor. Victoria invited Billy to stop by and visit with his children. Billy said, "I'm not so sure that your roommate would like that." Victoria didn't elaborate, but she encouraged him to accept change.

Anita stopped by Chelsea's penthouse to sit with Connor. Chelsea said she anticipated a speech from her disappointed mother about how she'd messed up by cheating on Billy, thus ruining her chance to marry an Abbott. Anita encouraged Chelsea to pursue Gabriel Bingham. Chelsea said that sleeping with Gabriel had been the biggest mistake of her life. Anita said Gabriel, with his impressive social status, would be a great catch. Chelsea sighed before rushing off to her meeting.

Billy stopped by Chelsea's to pack up his belongings. Anita, holding Connor, confronted Billy about the way he'd treated Chelsea. Anita explained to Billy that Chelsea's heart still belonged to Adam. Billy asked for time with Connor. Billy held Connor in his lap, and Anita went upstairs.

Billy told Connor that he would always have a special place in his life. Billy broke down and said, "Every time I look into your beautiful eyes, I see my little girl." Billy said it had been an honor to be Connor's daddy as he kissed the child. Adam wandered in through the open door after Anita left with Connor. Billy accused Adam of ruining Connor's future because the tot had lost another father. Adam said, "You were a substitute, Billy. Soon, Connor will be occupying space in his mother's bed that rightfully belonged to his father." Billy punched Adam and said, "You shut the hell up about Connor's real father." Adam told Billy that Chelsea had seen him kissing Victoria.

Poolside atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor met with Chelsea. She accepted his job offer with the caveat that she'd retain full creative control of her designs. Victor assured Chelsea that she and Victoria would forge a positive working relationship. Victor asked if working with Gabriel Bingham might pose problems. Chelsea admitted regret about her indiscretion with Gabriel, a man she didn't truly know well. Victor reminded Chelsea that Gabriel had risked his life in order to rescue Connor from a burning building. Chelsea said that Gabriel and Connor had bonded from the beginning. Victor said, "But no one loves him like his real father loved him." Chelsea agreed that no one would ever love Connor as much as Adam had.

In the chemistry lab at Jabot, Abby told Ben that the photograph of Sharon breaking into Austin's apartment could have been fabricated. Abby added that tests had identified traces of latex on Sharon's fingerprints lifted from tire iron, an indication that the fingerprints had been transferred. Ben said, "In other words, Sharon could be as innocent as she says she is. If Sharon didn't kill Austin or Courtney, someone else did." Ben worried that the killer might still be a threat. Abby nervously agreed. Ben lovingly placed his hand on Abby's cheek and vowed to protect her.

Ashley entered that lab and told Ben that if he couldn't conduct himself professionally around Abby, then he should seek employment elsewhere. Abby said Ben had been offering her comfort about the murder case in light of new developments. Ashley warned Abby and Ben that their working relationship would become complicated after their fling ended. Abby insisted that their relationship was real. Ben seemed uneasy.

After Ashley left, Abby apologized to Ben for having claimed that their relationship was real before they'd discussed it in private. Abby was taken aback when Ben laughed and said, "Hey, no worries!" Victoria entered the lab and said, "What's the status of things?" Abby quickly walked away. Ashley returned and said, "Is there a problem?" Ben replied, "It was personal."

Ben and Ashley quickly ended their conversation about Abby when Victor escorted Chelsea into the Jabot laboratory and asked to see Victoria. In Victoria's office, Victor announced that Chelsea would be designing fashions for Newman-Abbott. Chelsea said, "Your father assured me that I would have creative control on all final decisions." After Victor left, Victoria snapped at Chelsea and said she hoped her new designs were classy.

Chelsea noted that Victor had assured her she would be treated with respect. Victoria replied, "Like the respect you showed Billy when you had sex with your next-door neighbor?" Chelsea said she'd seen Victoria kissing Billy. The women argued loudly. Ashley entered and tried to calm the waters. Chelsea warned that she intended to make Victoria's life "a living hell."

At Summer's apartment, Kyle confirmed with the deli owner that the establishment closed at 6:00 p.m. Summer said, "The lights wouldn't be on at 9 p.m., and that's what the timestamp says." Noah replied, "So my mom was framed. Let's go see Paul." Kevin said that the information would have to be from someone Paul trusted, like Michael. Kevin was unable to contact Michael.

Noah reminded Kevin that Michael hadn't been able to get Paul on board about the planted fingerprints. Kyle warned that if the real killer learned about their findings, they might also become victims. Kyle said, "The sooner we contact police, the better, Kevin."

After Kevin and Noah left, Kyle told Summer that he was supposed to meet his dad for a round of golf. Summer strongly suggested that the Abbotts should show a strong presence at the office instead of playing golf. Kyle replied, "He's not going to get flak from me. He's getting enough of that from the rest of the family. They're even trying to vote him out of the company."

Summer said Jack no longer seemed interested in the company. Kyle complained that he couldn't do or say anything to please Summer lately. Summer was taken aback when Kyle angrily said, "I'm beginning to understand what went wrong with your marriage."

Abby arrived at Summer's apartment. Abby was crying over Ben's rebuff. Summer left. Abby told Kyle that Ben was no longer romantically interested in her. Kyle said that his relationship with Summer had changed. He said that he and Summer had previously enjoyed being together. Abby said, "Summer was practically a kid back then. She followed you around and worshipped you." Abby explained to Kyle that wooing Summer would involve more than giving her expensive gifts and fancy nights out on the town.

Ben stopped by, and Kyle left. Ben admitted that he hadn't handled the situation well at the lab. Abby wiped away her tears. Abby said she knew Ben didn't believe there was a chance for their romance to develop. Ben replied, "I think you and I could have something really good." Abby smiled.

In Paul's office, Dylan stopped by and asked Paul why he'd dismissed the new evidence about Sharon's case. Dylan cried that someone had planted Sharon's fingerprints on the murder weapon, which meant that someone else had killed Austin and Courtney. Paul became irate and yelled, "You need to stop doing Michael's job and stop telling me how to do mine! This case is complicated enough without interference by a bunch of amateurs."

Paul explained that there could be many explanations for having found traces of latex on the tire iron. Paul added that he couldn't expect Christine to dismiss the case against Sharon based on a theory. Dylan replied, "Two people have already lost their lives. Sharon's future is at stake here."

Paul mentioned Avery and warned Dylan that he might be getting mixed up with something he'd later regret. Dylan noted that Sharon had been implicated in murders she hadn't committed. Dylan said, "What kind of person would I be if I turned my back on her?" Paul said that evidence had placed Sharon in Summer and Austin's building the night he had been killed, and Christine was convinced she could win the case. Paul instructed Dylan to prepare Sharon for the possibility of spending the rest of her life incarcerated. Dylan, exasperated, replied, "Are you saying to tell her to confess to two crimes she didn't commit?" Dylan said he had a better way to be Sharon's friend.

Noah and Kevin stopped by Crimson Lights and asked Dylan to use his influence with Paul to help Sharon. Kevin explained that Ed, a computer expert who was credentialed in data forensics, could easily determine by examining the hard drive that the video footage being used as evidence had been altered. Dylan asked why Kevin couldn't help. Kevin said that the expert would be a better witness in court. Kevin added that Paul wasn't receptive to him or his help. Noah said that all they wanted was for Paul to realize that Sharon hadn't been at Summer and Austin's apartment and hadn't murdered Austin and Courtney.

Dylan returned to Paul's office. Dylan told Paul to check the video recorded outside Austin's apartment. Dylan explained that the timestamp wasn't accurate. Paul said, "I can't look at the footage because our computer system has been compromised, and Austin's computer, the same one Sharon tried to rip off, has been stolen." Dylan, frustrated, insisted that Sharon hadn't been involved in the murders. Dylan added, "Why would anyone steal evidence if you already had the killer? There's something on that computer that will free Sharon and incriminate somebody else."

Summer joined Noah and Kevin at Crimson Lights. She told them that Abby was back at the apartment with Kyle. Summer expressed discontent with Abby and Kyle because they no longer seemed interested in finding the real killer. Summer cried, "I'm really starting to question Kyle's priorities." Noah replied, "Maybe he's not the guy you thought he was. Maybe it's time to reevaluate your relationship with Kyle Abbott."

Nick arrived, and Noah announced that they'd found evidence to prove that Sharon was innocent. Dylan phoned, and Noah placed the call on loudspeaker. Dylan explained that someone had stolen Austin's laptop and tampered with the police department's computer system. Dylan added that at least Paul was willing to consider that there might be another suspect. After the call ended, Kevin said that someone knew they were "onto him" and knew he was "framing Sharon." Noah said, "Come on, Dad, you have to admit that some of this makes sense."

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Kyle bragged to the Jack imposter and Phyllis about breaking the sound barrier in Jack's new Ferrari, and Phyllis invited a passing Summer to join them. Phyllis mentioned that it was a big night for Nick with the Underground reopening, but Summer replied that she didn't feel like being around a lot of people, and she hurried off. Kyle remarked that Summer had been acting like that for a while, and he cited the amazing dinner he'd put together for her that she'd walked out on. Kyle excused himself, and Phyllis guessed that Summer had thought Kyle had been trying too hard. Jack gushed that he was glad he had a woman who appreciated him for who he was.

Phyllis understood why Summer didn't want to go to the reopening, since Phyllis was also freaked out about going back to the place where she and Jack had almost died. Jack considered the chances of the same building falling down on them again, but Phyllis shuddered at the memory of the sound of it. She questioned whether Jack had forgotten what it had been like to be buried under the rubble, and he caught Victor staring at them. Phyllis asked if Jack remembered what he'd said to her under the rubble, and he replied that he recalled every word.

Victor said he'd overheard Phyllis and Jack talking about the Underground, and Phyllis remarked that she thought the reopening was bittersweet because they'd almost died there, but Jack didn't feel the same way. Victor remarked that they all had their own ways of dealing with trauma, and Jack said he didn't want to dwell in the past, since he preferred to focus on the future. Phyllis left to get ready, and Victor ordered the imposter to get to the office and act like Jack Abbott. Victor chided the imposter for potentially undoing what Victor had worked hard to accomplish, and he ordered the clone to do exactly as he said. Kyle overheard and asked where Victor got off talking to his dad that way.

Jack told Kyle that he and Victor were simply working through the kinks of their new business arrangement, but Kyle contended that there was only one boss in Victor's universe. Jack chalked the disagreement up to a difference of opinion, but Victor conceded that Kyle was right, and he admitted he'd treated Jack with disrespect. Victor added that Jack had been courageous to agree upon a business plan with an old enemy despite enormous opposition from the Abbott family, and Kyle thought Ashley and Billy had a right to be concerned, but Victor maintained that Jack had been acting in everyone's best interests. Jack accepted Victor's apology, and Victor departed.

A stunned Kyle commented that Victor never apologized to anyone, and Jack reiterated that Victor had changed. Kyle worried that Victor might change back, and Jack asked how things had gone with Summer. Kyle replied that she had been too busy looking for her "happy place" without him, and Jack assured Kyle that there were other women who would appreciate him. Jack suggested that they go to the Underground reopening, and Kyle teased that it wouldn't help his credibility with the ladies if he arrived with his father, but Jack thought it would if they showed up in his Ferrari.

Phyllis pulled Summer out of yoga class and inquired whether everything was okay between Summer and Kyle. They sat down on the club rooftop to talk, and Summer whined that Kyle had been great after Austin had died, but she was starting to see a new side of Kyle that she'd never seen before. Summer spilled the details about the elaborate dinner Kyle had set up, but she'd spent that evening wondering who Kyle was and what he'd done with the guy she'd once known. Phyllis confided that she was feeling the same way about Jack, since maybe being close to death had changed him, and he'd been more spontaneous and passionate recently.

Summer recalled that Kyle had wanted to be his own man and make his own life, but all of that was gone. Phyllis theorized that Summer had built an image in her head, since Summer had never gotten to be with Kyle before, even though he'd been her first love, and the reality wasn't living up to the fantasy. Phyllis advised that relationships were complicated and that people were constantly changing, and Summer wondered what would happen if she couldn't deal with it. Phyllis encouraged Summer to hang in there, and she promised that Summer would have a happily ever after, just like the one Phyllis had found with Jack.

Jack sent a loving text message to Phyllis to let her know he was heading to the Underground with Kyle, and Summer said Jack might have changed, but he still loved Phyllis. Phyllis invited Summer to go with her to support Nick, but Summer balked. Phyllis offered to buy Summer a new dress, and Summer asked if her mother was bribing her. Summer thought it would be too awkward to attend with Kyle there, and Phyllis encouraged Summer to take some risks if she wanted to reclaim her life, or Summer would never get what she wanted.

At the island cabin, Kelly entered the real Jack's room, and he weakly moaned that two days had passed. Kelly asked if he'd missed her, and he said he was thirsty. She hovered over him with a glass of water, and he tried to sit up to take a drink, but she requested an apology. He said he was sorry, and she let him take a sip and demanded a sincere thank you.

Kelly munched on some cookies and asked Jack if he wanted one, and he snapped that she knew he did. She ordered him to show some manners, and he said please. She stuffed a piece into his mouth and remarked how easy it could be, but Jack spit it out. He refused to play games with her, and she headed for the door and barked that he could have it his way with no food or water. Jack begged her not to go, and he offered to do whatever she wanted.

Kelly lectured that Jack had given her no choice but to make him suffer, and he swore he hadn't meant what he'd said. Kelly acknowledged that all relationships went through rough spots, but working through the bumps in the road would make them better and stronger as a couple. Kelly suggested they resolve things the old-fashioned way, and Jack panicked, but Kelly chuckled and clarified that she was talking about a love letter. She implored him to write a letter to tell her how he felt, since she needed to know he loved her and was committed to only her.

Later, Jack reported that he was done writing the letter, but a skeptical Kelly said finding deep and meaningful words took time. Jack contended that it hadn't taken long because he'd written from the heart, and he hid the pen under the covers as she grabbed the letter. She read aloud that the pain of being apart had been more than he could bear, since the recipient was his heart and soul. Jack recited his words that he'd found everything he'd ever dreamed of or wanted, and he vowed to love the recipient until his dying breath and beyond. Kelly gushed that it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever heard, and Jack declared that he'd meant every word.

Kelly marveled that Jack truly sounded passionately in love, and Jack insisted that he was. Kelly pounced on him and tried to kiss him, but he stabbed her with the pen. Kelly screamed that Jack was a liar as she fell to the floor, and Jack clarified that he was in love -- with Phyllis. He spat that Kelly was insane to think he'd meant her, but she snarled that he'd screwed them both, since she was the only one who knew where he was. She added that if he killed her, he'd kill them both.

Jack pleaded with Kelly to hang in there, and he begged for the key to the handcuffs. He promised to get her some help, but she began to lose consciousness. He tried to reach for her purse on the end of the bed, and he hooked his foot around the strap and pulled the handbag toward him. He dumped out the contents onto the bed, and he couldn't find the key, but he discovered a cell phone.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Stitch that he hadn't needed to say he had feelings for her just because she'd made a fool of herself in front of her mom, but Stitch swore he'd been honest. Abby was mortified that she'd blurted out her feelings for him in their workplace, but Stitch thought she was making too big a deal out of it, and he pointed out that Ashley was on Abby's side. Abby worried that Ashley had guilt-tripped him into saying he had feelings for Abby, and she babbled about her countless bad relationships. She rambled on about how honest and decent Stitch was, but he ordered her to shut up, since he was none of those things.

Abby noted that Stitch had been dedicated and devoted to his wife and son, but he pointed out that he'd been living a lie, and it had cost him his family when Kelly had told Jenna he'd killed his dad. Abby argued that Jenna hadn't known the truth, but Stitch contended that he'd screwed up by not telling the truth. He took responsibility for hooking up with both Victoria and Ashley, and he recognized that he and Abby had gotten together about five minutes after his breakup with Victoria. He acknowledged that he wasn't a "true-blue good guy," and Abby deadpanned that he was a "straight-up man whore." They laughed.

Stitch maintained that he thought he and Abby could have something really good, and she quipped that "the slut and the man whore" were perfect for one another. Stitch agreed that they'd both made mistakes, but he wanted to leave the past in the past, with no apologies or hiding. Abby declared that she lived for negative public reactions, and he suggested they go to the Underground reopening together. Abby warned that people might give them a hard time, but he prepared to take the high road and not react. She joked that he might want to wear protective gear, and they left together.

At the cottage, Sharon urged Michael to take five minutes to drink some tea, since he'd been working nonstop. He admitted that he needed a break, and she suggested he take Lauren to the reopening of the Underground. Michael reminded Sharon that he couldn't leave while she was under house arrest, but Sharon pointed out that the judge had let Dylan fill in, so she thought Michael could find someone else to do it, since Dylan was in Chicago with Avery. Michael revealed that he and Lauren had separated, but he didn't want to talk about it. Noah arrived and announced that he had news about Sharon's case.

Noah revealed that Kevin had found out what Courtney had discovered, and Michael mentioned the surveillance photo of Sharon entering Austin and Summer's apartment building. Sharon explained that she'd gone there when Austin had interviewed her, and she worried that the photo made her look even guiltier. Noah informed her that the timestamp had been doctored, and Sharon realized it was more proof that someone was setting her up. Sharon marveled that she could be cleared before the trial, but Michael warned her that it wasn't a done deal.

Noah divulged that Austin's laptop and the hard drive with the surveillance photo had gone missing, and Sharon pointed out that she'd been under house arrest when it had happened. Noah disclosed that he'd heard from a reliable source that Paul was close to reopening the case, but Michael advised Sharon not to get her hopes up based on rumors. Michael stepped out to call Paul for an update, and Sharon could barely contain her excitement, but Noah echoed Michael's words of caution. Sharon was happy Noah believed she hadn't killed anyone, and Noah apologized for ever doubting her. Sharon wondered if Nick knew about the new information.

Sharon optimistically stated that good things were happening for their family, including Nick's reopening of the club, and she added that she would always consider Nick family. She wished she could be at the reopening, and she asked Noah to send Nick her good wishes. Noah departed as Michael reentered, and Michael reported that he'd left a message for Paul. Sharon observed that Michael looked exhausted, and she recommended that he rest while she did the same thing upstairs. Michael drifted off on the couch, but Sharon returned moments later and smiled when she saw him sleeping.

At the Underground, Nick asked Faith what she thought about the renovations, and she commented that the club looked the same as it had before. She wondered if it would collapse again, but Mariah assured the girl that there was a cone of invincibility around the whole building. Faith asked how it worked, and Kevin claimed that no one knew, but he had one around his house and car. Nick proclaimed that everything was the way it supposed to be, but Faith's face fell when she spotted Sage. "It was," Faith grumbled.

Nick gently reprimanded Faith for being rude, but Sage recognized that it was Faith's time with her dad. Nick asked if Faith could share him for a couple of minutes, but Faith sourly asked if it was time for her to leave. Faith declined Nick's offer to make her a milkshake, and Sage complimented Faith's outfit. Faith said her mom had picked it out, and Sage remarked that Sharon had good taste. Faith asked why Sage was there, since Nick had said he wasn't going to see Sage anymore, and Nick explained that Sage was an employee, like Mariah. Faith spitefully questioned whether that was all.

Faith sipped her milkshake as she glared at Sage, and she asked Nick if he'd only see Sage at work. Mariah interrupted and mentioned that Faith's ride should be there, and she volunteered to take Faith outside. Nick told Sage she looked beautiful, and he apologized for Faith's outburst, but Sage understood that the girl was afraid she might lose her mom, so Faith didn't want to lose Nick, too. Nick said he was sorry Sage had been hurt by the situation, and Kevin asked if Nick had heard the latest news about Sharon.

Kevin told Nick about the hard drive and laptop going missing, and he relayed that Paul was thinking about dropping the charges against Sharon and reopening both cases. A stunned Nick mused that Sharon really could be innocent, and Mariah thought he sounded disappointed. Mariah recognized that Nick and Victor would prefer for Sharon to be locked up, but she thought Nick seemed oblivious to what Sharon's innocence meant -- the killer was still out there.

Sage told Nick that it would be best if they stayed away from one another for a while, and she thought she shouldn't work there because of where things stood. Sage turned away, but Nick swore that he hadn't made final decisions about anything. He asked that she give him some time to sort things out, and she tearfully said she understood he had to put his daughter first, since he wouldn't be the man he was if he didn't. Nick asked Sage to wait, and she replied that she wasn't going anywhere.

Nick prepared to open the doors, and Sage wished him luck. Noah entered and asked if he was the first customer, and he and Nick good-naturedly bantered about whether Noah got free drinks. Stitch and Abby arrived, and Mariah barked that it was classy of Abby to show up with the guy she'd stolen from her sister. Mariah cattily remarked that the bathroom was available if Abby had the urge to sleep with anyone else's man during the course of the evening, and Abby lunged at her, but Stitch held her back. Nick insisted on no fighting, and Victor walked in and agreed it was a celebration. Mariah curtly assumed Abby wanted a screwdriver, and she went to make the guests drinks.

Michael awakened and looked at his watch. He called out for Sharon, but he received no response. Meanwhile, Phyllis entered the Underground and admired the renovations, and Nick wondered where Jack was. Phyllis reported that Jack was on his way with Kyle, but Summer hadn't been up for the party. Phyllis was surprised she'd beaten Jack there, and she imagined he was waiting outside to make a big entrance. Nick suddenly looked up and exclaimed, "What is she doing here?" Sharon stood smiling in the doorway, and everyone stared at her.

In the Ferrari, Kyle said Jack was close to being the perfect dad, but it wasn't just about the car. The Jack imposter said he ought to get Kyle one of his own, and Kyle proclaimed that it would be the most awesome thing ever. Kyle's phone rang, and the clone volunteered to answer it so Kyle could keep his eyes on the road. The real Jack demanded to know who was on the line, and the imposter said he'd like to know the same thing.

Jack demanded to know where his son was, and Kyle asked who was on the phone. The imposter requested an answer to his question first, and Jack introduced himself and again asked who he was speaking with. There was suddenly a car horn, and the imposter reached for the wheel as Kyle veered off the road. Jack heard a squeal of tires and a crash as he yelled Kyle's name.

Sharon Breaks Her House Arrest

Sharon Breaks Her House Arrest

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

At the rehab facility in Chicago, Joe grew discouraged when he was unable to use the parallel bars to lift himself out of his wheelchair. Avery tried to encourage him with a pep talk, but Joe felt his rehab wasn't working. He told Avery he had a meeting with his doctor, and he wheeled off.

Avery was surprised when Dylan arrived at the rehab facility. She wasn't particularly happy to see him -- she said she'd thought he was in Genoa City, "babysitting Sharon." Dylan said he was in Chicago because he wanted to repair their relationship, which had recently been strained, in person. He had stopped at her hotel prior to going to the rehab but had been told Avery checked out. Avery said there were several rooms at the rehab reserved for family members and caregivers, and she had taken one of the rooms so she could be closer to Joe.

Dylan's mood turned sour, and he asked Avery how long she was planning to remain in Chicago. Avery wasn't sure; she said things were getting "tricky." Dylan wondered what that meant. Avery explained that initially Joe had been relatively enthusiastic about his therapy. Recently however, Joe seemed to be giving up. Dylan fumed and cut Avery off when she said, "Our therapist seems to think..." Dylan hissed, "Our therapist?" He wondered what had happened to the original plan: Avery was supposed to have gotten Joe settled in the rehab and then return to Genoa City.

Avery informed Dylan she was Joe's rehab partner and was upset Dylan evidently still didn't trust her. Dylan said it was Joe who he didn't trust. He wondered why Avery couldn't see that Joe was using her. She quipped, "Maybe it's the same reason you can't see that's exactly what Sharon is doing to you."

Dylan and Avery argued. Dylan accused Avery of turning her life upside down for Joe. Avery told Dylan that Joe was paralyzed and didn't have anyone to care for him. She said if anything ever happened to Dylan, she would do the same for him. Dylan replied, "I am your future. He is your past. Or so I thought." Joe returned and was surprised to see Dylan. After Dylan stormed out, Joe asked Avery, "So, how did that go?"

Avery explained that Dylan thought Joe had been trying to manipulate her. Joe deadpanned that if he had been trying to manipulate Avery, he would have done it without becoming paralyzed. He told Avery that she had given him the strength to begin his therapy, but it was fine if she wanted to return to Genoa City.

Avery said she eventually would, but, for the time being, she wanted to stay and help Joe. Joe showed his appreciation for Avery's inspiration by walking, using the parallel bars to keep himself from falling. After Joe finished his "walk," Avery hugged him. Through a window, Dylan observed the hug.

At the Underground, the guests at the grand reopening were shocked when Sharon sauntered in. She walked up to the bar and, acting slightly manic, asked if she was going to have to pour her own drink. Kevin quipped, "Alcohol. That's a great idea." Noah and Mariah reminded Sharon she was under house arrest and wasn't supposed to be at the club. Sharon replied, "Not for long. I'm being vindicated... And I forgive everyone here." Nick firmly told Sharon she needed to return home immediately.

Sharon insisted it was fine for her to be at the club, even after Kevin and Mariah reminded her she hadn't been officially cleared of the murder charges. Sharon blew them off and told the group she couldn't think of a better place to be than celebrating at the club. Nick calmly said he had heard about the new evidence that tended to vindicate Sharon, but until the charges had been officially dropped, there was nothing to celebrate. Mariah offered to drive Sharon home, but Sharon grew angry and ordered a Chardonnay.

On the other side of the club, Stitch told Abby someone was probably going to call the police. Abby gleefully volunteered, but it was too late -- Victor was already on the phone with the authorities. Nick approached Victor and said, "You couldn't just leave Sharon alone?" Victor said Sharon was breaking the law. Disgusted with his father, Nick walked away and told Noah to escort Sharon out of the club because the police were on the way.

Mariah tried to impress the seriousness of the situation on Sharon, but Sharon didn't seem to care. Noah received a call from Michael, who was at Sharon's cottage. Michael told Noah there was an emergency -- Sharon had left the cottage while Michael had napped. Michael said they needed to find Sharon and get her home as quickly as possible. As a police officer entered the club and began to arrest Sharon, Noah informed Michael it was too late.

Through Noah's phone, Michael heard the officer taking Sharon into custody. Michael asked Noah to tell Sharon not to say anything to the police. Sharon thought that was ridiculous -- she was perfectly able to speak for herself. Sharon pulled away as the officer tried to cuff her. As Paul and Victor looked on, she yelled at the officer and demanded he keep his hands off her.

Paul approached Sharon and the officer. He called the officer off. Sharon seemed relieved to see Paul and asked him to explain to Noah and Mariah that it was all right for her to be at the club. Paul said he couldn't do that and began to handcuff Sharon, who appeared completely confused. Noah asked Paul not to use the cuffs. Paul said he wouldn't handcuff Sharon, but he told Noah he had to arrest Sharon. Paul began reading her rights and escorted her out of the club.

Nick and Victor bickered. Nick was angry Victor had called the police. Nick walked off. Sage asked Victor if he wanted a drink. He declined and asked Sage how she enjoyed managing the club. He thought she seemed "very capable." Victor began questioning Sage about Gabriel. He wondered what she knew about her ex-husband, who seemed like an enigma to Victor.

Nick overheard Victor and said Gabriel wasn't an enigma -- he was a jerk. Nick didn't understand why Victor was interested in Gabriel. Victor reminded Nick that Gabriel worked for Newman-Abbott, and Victor liked to know all he could about his employees. Someone phoned Victor to tell him Jack had been in an accident, and he left.

Stitch and Abby agreed that Sharon probably hadn't killed Austin and Courtney. They worried that once the charges against Sharon were dropped, the real killer would worry that "we are starting to get close to the truth again."

Sage wondered if Nick had any news about Sharon. Nick said he hadn't heard from Noah, but he hoped that Paul would let Sharon off with a warning. He didn't want to have to explain to Faith that Sharon was returning to jail.

At the police station, Michael asked Paul if he could drive Sharon home and pretend she had never left -- after all, Sharon hadn't done any harm. Paul said he didn't care how harmless Sharon's decision to leave the cottage was; she had broken house arrest. Michael acted every bit the defense attorney when he told Paul that Sharon's actions had certainly been ill-advised, but she wasn't a killer -- and Paul didn't have a case.

In the police station's interrogation room, Noah and Mariah wondered why Sharon hadn't stayed home, particularly since she was so close to being cleared. Sharon thought the police wouldn't bother arresting her. Noah told Sharon she could be locked up until her trial. Sharon said if that happened, she would go crazy.

Sharon began screaming for a guard. Mariah and Noah tried to calm her. Sharon planned her escape -- she would ask to use the bathroom and sneak out through a window. Noah asked Sharon to think about what would happen to Faith if Sharon went on the lam. Sharon sat down and admitted she hadn't been thinking clearly. Noah asked her if she had been taking her medication.

Sharon realized that she might have forgotten to take her meds. Mariah pulled a pill bottle from Sharon's purse and ordered her to take a pill. Sharon swallowed it -- then told Mariah and Noah she wanted to call Dylan because he always made her feel better. Sharon began dialing, but Paul entered the room and asked Mariah and Noah to leave. He wanted to speak with Sharon.

Outside the interrogation room, Kevin told Michael that he looked exhausted. Kevin hoped that once Sharon was released, Michael would return home and get some much-needed rest. Michael broke the bad news to Kevin: he wouldn't be returning home, since he and Lauren had separated. Kevin was thrown for a loop and wondered what had happened. Michael said that things had been tense, and he and Lauren needed a break from each other. Kevin didn't believe Michael, but Michael said he didn't want to discuss the separation. He needed to focus his attention on Sharon.

Alone with Paul, Sharon admitted that she had made a bad choice by leaving the cottage. As Michael entered the room, Sharon asked Paul if he believed that she was being framed. Paul admitted that the case against Sharon was flawed, but if either Michael or Sharon repeated that, Paul would deny it. Sharon pleaded with Paul. She proclaimed her innocence -- she had not murdered Austin or Courtney, even if someone was trying to make it appear as if she had.

Paul informed Sharon that she would have to remain in jail until her trial. Michael protested, but Sharon didn't think it was a bad idea. The longer she remained in jail, the more time Paul would have to find the real killer.

In the main part of the station, Mariah told Kevin she was a lot like Sharon, reckless and stubborn. She jokingly warned him to run for the hills. Kevin smiled, said he wasn't going anywhere, and embraced Mariah.

At Genoa City Memorial, the imposter Jack was being wired up to monitors as Kyle entered the room. Kyle called out for his father, but Jack was unresponsive. A doctor rushed in, and a nurse informed him that Jack was the car crash victim who had been admitted through the emergency room.

Kyle asked if his father was going to be okay. The doctor told him they needed to run some tests. The doctor quickly examined the imposter and ordered some tests, including a CT scan of the neck. Kyle continued to pepper the doctor with questions, but the doctor asked Kyle to leave the room.

In the hallway outside the imposter's room, Summer tried to comfort Kyle. She wondered what had happened. Kyle said he had swerved to avoid hitting another car, and the Ferrari had plowed into a tree. He blamed himself for the accident -- and for Jack's serious injuries.

Summer called Phyllis and told her Jack was in ICU. After Summer hung up, she tried to calm Kyle because he was still blaming himself for the accident. Kyle said he should have never let himself get distracted by that "weird" phone call.

Kyle began to tell Summer about the phone call when Phyllis ran down the corridor and demanded to know where Jack was. Kyle pointed out the imposter's room, and Phyllis tried to dash in. The doctor stopped her from entering. He told her Jack couldn't have visitors. Phyllis asked if Jack was going to be all right. The doctor said he would know more when he received the test results.

Later, the doctor told Kyle, Phyllis, and Summer that Jack's vital signs had stabilized, but he might have an intracranial bleed. The doctor explained that the injury Jack had suffered in the car accident was in the same spot as the injury he had received in the building collapse. As Victor approached the group, Phyllis asked the doctor how soon it would be before Jack woke up. The doctor said he couldn't answer that question.

Kyle and Summer left to get something to drink. Victor tried to reassure Phyllis. He told her Jack loved her very much, and nothing would keep Jack from his new bride. Phyllis hoped Victor was right and told him she was going to visit Jack - whether or not his doctor approved.

Kyle and Summer returned. Victor listened in as Kyle told Summer about the conversation the imposter had had on Kyle's phone just before the accident. Victor's interest was piqued when Kyle said the Jack imposter had recognized the voice on the phone but couldn't believe whose voice he had heard.

Victor interrupted the conversation and suggested that Kyle and Summer get some fresh air. After they left, a nurse carrying a plastic bag told Victor she was looking for Kyle Abbott. The police had retrieved his personal belongings from the Ferrari. Victor kindly offered to take the bag from the nurse, telling her he would give it to Kyle. As soon as the nurse was out of sight, Victor pulled Kyle's phone from the bag.

At imposter Jack's bedside, Phyllis implored him to wake up. She reminded him how hard they had fought to be together. The imposter opened his eyes, stared at Phyllis, and uttered one word, "Victor."

At the island cabin, Jack used the unconscious Kelly's cell phone to call the police for help. He said he was inside a shack near the beach, although he didn't know the exact location. Growing frantic, Jack told the police he would leave the phone on so they could track him with GPS. Kelly regained consciousness and grabbed the phone from Jack, who pushed her away. He told Kelly the jig was up -- the police were on their way to rescue him.

As Kelly smirked, the police arrived, with guns pulled. Jack told the officers that Kelly was holding him against his will. Jack ordered an officer to free him, but the officer raised his weapon and shouted, "Don't move!"

Jack told the police he wasn't the criminal. He said Kelly had been keeping him prisoner, and she was the criminal. An officer demanded Jack produce his passport. Jack informed the police Kelly had taken all of his identification. He implored them to call Ashley or Billy, who would confirm he was Jack Abbott, the owner of an international cosmetics company.

When an officer said they were taking Jack to the station, Kelly insisted they not arrest him. The officer noticed Kelly was bleeding and told her they were taking her to the hospital, and Jack would be going to police headquarters. Kelly coyly said they didn't need to take her "patient" to the station. As Jack protested, Kelly pulled the officer aside for a private conversation. Jack screamed, "Don't listen to a word she says. She's a liar."

Kelly claimed she was a psychiatrist, and Jack was a patient under her care. As Jack vainly insisted that wasn't true, the officer said, "Doctor, are you sure you'll be okay here with this crazy man?" Kelly said both she and her "patient" would be fine -- but she did have one favor to ask the officers before they left.

As the officers left, Kelly thanked them for their help. Victor called Kelly and accused her of calling Kyle. Kelly explained that Jack had gotten ahold of her phone and had made the call to Kyle. Kelly said she was back in control. She hung up and turned toward Jack, who was wearing a straitjacket.

A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen

A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen

Thursday, May 7, 2015

At the rehab facility in Chicago, Avery encouraged Joe to take one more step, and she exclaimed that he'd done it. He clarified that they'd done it, so she could go home to Dylan, but Avery snapped that it wasn't up to Dylan to say when her time was up. Joe declared that it was up to him, and he maintained that he didn't want guilt keeping her there. She admitted Dylan was her reason for not wanting to go home, since Sharon was Dylan's top priority. Joe ordered her to go home that night because he didn't want her there.

Avery wasn't sure Dylan wanted her home, but Joe was sure that she and Dylan loved one another, or she wouldn't be hurting. Joe explained that it would be too easy to let her stay when he had to learn to do things on his own, and he reiterated that she needed to go home to Dylan. Joe wheeled away to report his progress to his therapist, and he firmly told her goodbye. Avery wrote a text message to Dylan to apologize for their quarrel, and she added that she missed him and that she was on her way home.

Dylan called out for Sharon at the cottage, and he spotted Michael's packed suitcase. Michael revealed that he was off guard duty, since Sharon was behind bars and probably would be until she went on trial for murder. Michael explained that Sharon had gone to the Underground while he'd been taking a short nap, and it had been stupid on her part, but he understood that she'd just needed something to get her through the night. Dylan regretted that he hadn't been there to keep an eye on her, and Michael said there was nothing to do until the next morning. Dylan refused to wait that long, and he rushed out.

At the police station, Christine scolded Paul for letting his feelings for his son cloud his judgment, and Paul argued that he'd shot down Dylan's pleas earlier, but he'd since talked to Sharon. Christine contended that Sharon had violated the terms of her bail, but Paul thought Sharon was a woman convinced of her own innocence. Christine entered the interrogation room and suggested she and Sharon have a woman-to-woman talk without Paul or Dylan there. Sharon wondered if Christine was looking for a confession, and Christine asked why she should believe Sharon. Sharon conceded that everyone knew she was medicated and self-absorbed, but she stressed that she wasn't a killer.

Christine remarked that it was the first case she'd take to trial since she'd lost her baby, and Sharon empathized over the pain of losing a child. Sharon asserted that she knew what Courtney's parents were going through, and she'd never be responsible for creating that kind of pain. Christine countered that the evidence said otherwise, and Sharon wondered if Christine had questioned why all the evidence had pointed to Sharon, especially since Sharon hadn't been stupid enough to leave her fingerprints on a murder weapon for the police to find. Sharon added that even if she had been capable of erasing information from the police department's computer, someone would have seen her do it.

Dylan showed up at the police station and reminded Paul of his promise to be more objective, and Paul said he'd kept his promise, but he couldn't say the same for Sharon. Dylan admitted Sharon had been wrong, but he sympathized that she had been an innocent prisoner in her own house. Paul hoped Dylan had been just as impassioned when he'd asked Avery to return home, and Dylan asked to see Sharon. Paul mentioned that Sharon was meeting with Christine, and Dylan panicked that Sharon's attorney wasn't present.

Paul questioned whether Dylan thought Sharon was fragile enough to confess to something she hadn't done, and Dylan said he hated the thought of putting Sharon through an interrogation when she was innocent. Paul warned that it was about to get worse, since Christine still planned to take the case to trial. Dylan confronted Christine as she exited the interrogation room, but she refused to discuss the case. Paul allowed Dylan to have a brief visit with Sharon, and Sharon was happy when Dylan entered. He vowed to find a way to get her out of there.

Sharon asked about Chicago, and Dylan grumbled that he never should have gone. Dylan relayed that Avery had accused him of putting Sharon before everything else, and that was how he'd left it, since things seemed to get worse if he tried to fix them. Sharon guessed that she'd see him in the morning, but he declared that he wasn't leaving until he could take her with him. He went to look for Christine, and after he stepped out, his phone chimed. Sharon picked up the phone and saw Avery's message. "Now it's my turn to help you," Sharon said to herself as she began to write back.

Avery read a response from Dylan's phone that said she'd made her choice, so they should both finish what they'd started. Joe returned and sensed that something was wrong, and Avery explained that she'd texted Dylan to let him know she was going home, but he had written back to tell her to stay there. Joe thought Dylan would forget his anger by the time she got home, but Avery complained that Dylan preferred to be Sharon's knight in shining armor. Avery barked that she wouldn't stay there, either, since Joe had made it clear he didn't want her to. Joe confessed that he'd lied, and he asked her not to go.

Sharon nestled Dylan's phone back into his bag, and Dylan returned and asked why she hadn't told him that she'd done it. Sharon grappled for a response, but Dylan announced that she'd gotten through to Christine, who entered and confirmed that she thought reasonable doubt existed. Sharon hugged Dylan and Paul, and she embraced Christine and said she would never forget it. Paul and Christine exited to take care of the release paperwork, and Sharon exclaimed that she wanted to shout from the rooftops that her name had been cleared because of Dylan. Sharon kissed Dylan's cheek and hugged him again, but they continued to hover close to one another, and they shared a lingering kiss.

Dylan and Sharon pulled apart, and they awkwardly discussed getting her paperwork done so she could go home. She nervously asked about what had just happened, and he referred to it as a happy moment they'd shared together. She agreed that it had been a moment between friends, and she didn't want it to make things weird between them, but she feared it already had. Dylan contended that they were both adults who would get past a kiss between friends. Sharon declared that she couldn't lose him as a friend, and he promised she wouldn't.

Paul recognized that the decision had been hard for Christine, but she said the tough part would be explaining it to the media. She added that the most difficult part would be tracking down the killer before someone else got hurt.

At the Athletic Club, Lily complimented Neil's clean-shaven look, and they discussed his new job. He said he'd missed his work but not the office politics, and he was glad his path rarely crossed with Hilary's, but he was primarily concerned about the partnership between Jack and Victor. Neil had the feeling that it was a train wreck waiting to happen.

Later, Lily was pleased that she'd gotten through an entire meal with Neil and Cane without Hilary's name popping up, and Neil mentioned that he'd seen Hilary and Devon together the other day. Lily asked if Cane had known Hilary and Devon had been seeing one another again, but Cane was just as surprised to hear it. Neil left for work, and Lily noticed that Cane seemed distracted, so she advised him not to work too hard. He playfully asked her to give him a reason not to, and she said Jill and Colin were watching the kids, so they could stay at the club that night.

Lauren ran into Michael in the foyer, and she wondered why he wasn't playing watchdog at Sharon's. Michael reported that Sharon would be behind bars until she went to trial, and Lauren said it changed everything, since he was free to move back home. Michael flatly stated that he couldn't do it, and Lauren asked if he meant he couldn't or wouldn't. She reached for his suitcase, but he snapped that she had to let him go. Cane intervened, but Michael growled that it was none of Cane's business.

Lauren claimed that she and Michael had just been having a little disagreement, but they were heading home to discuss it. Michael corrected that Lauren was heading home, but he was staying there, and he stomped upstairs. Lily approached, and Cane pulled her aside and quietly acknowledged that they'd made plans that night, but Lily understood he had to put work first. Lily eyed a stricken Lauren and wondered aloud if it really had to do with work.

A perplexed Lily sat at a table, and Cane returned and said he'd put Lauren in a taxi. He said he hadn't wanted Lily to think he'd put Lauren's welfare above hers, and Lily replied that she'd been out of line for even thinking it. Cane swore that Lauren was just a business associate, and he hated to see a friend hurt. Lily conceded that she'd probably overreacted, and Cane recognized that he had to earn her trust, but he stressed that she had to give it to him. He suggested they head upstairs, but she just wanted to go home.

Michael answered a knock at his hotel room door, and an attractive woman asked if he was "Mr. Smith." She introduced herself as Felicity, and Michael remarked that her name meant happiness. She replied that his happiness was why she was there, and Michael offered her a drink, but she purred that she wasn't there to receive but to give. She seductively touched his arm, but she asked if something was wrong. He mumbled that the whole thing was wrong, and he started to unbutton his shirt.

Felicity advised that Michael had paid for the whole night, so they could take things slowly, and he admitted he hadn't known what to expect. She suggested he start by telling her what he wanted, and she cooed that he could have whatever he desired. She turned around and held her hair back for him to unzip her dress, and she said they could stop if he wanted. Michael stated that he knew exactly what he wanted.

Michael and Felicity lounged fully clothed in bed, and he wished she could give him what he desired. She dared him to try her, and he said he wanted to live his life without medications or the fear of becoming half a man. Michael added that he wanted to spend that night making love with his wife until they were exhausted, wake up to the smell of her hair, and do it all over again. Tears streamed down his face as he said he wanted to live his life and not the new life that had been thrust on him, but he couldn't have it, and it was "unfair as hell."

Michael lamented that he couldn't have what he wanted, but he could give his family what he wanted for them -- to be happy without him. He hoped his son would learn from Michael's mistakes and his beautiful wife would find passion and joy with someone who could give her everything she deserved and desired -- everything he could no longer do. Michael imagined that he was the worst excuse for a client Felicity had ever had, and she kissed his cheek and comfortingly put her head on his shoulder.

At the hospital, the Jack imposter stared at Phyllis, and she gently scolded him because "Victor" had been his first word. She asked if he remembered the car accident, and Jack looked alarmed. Phyllis surmised he was worried about Kyle, but she informed him that Kyle had walked away with only bumps and bruises, so she needed Jack to relax and not worry about Victor.

Ashley and Billy arrived, and Victor reported that Summer was looking after Kyle, who was fine. Victor added that Phyllis was with Jack, and they were hoping for the best. Billy testily asked what Victor was really hoping for, and Ashley pointed out that the new company would be all Victor's if Jack didn't recover. Victor reminded her that he'd saved Jack in the rubble at the Underground, and he and Jack had constructed the merger and forged a kind of friendship, but he'd leave it up to the Abbotts to look after Jack.

Ashley and Billy entered Jack's room, and Billy expressed confidence that Jack would be back on his feet before he knew it. Victor appeared and remarked that even a cat had only nine lives, and Phyllis mentioned that Victor had been the first person Jack had asked for. Billy hoped that meant Jack had regained his senses and wanted to call the merger off, and Jack's monitors began to beep.

Outside Jack's room, Phyllis said she'd thought she'd lost Jack after the accident, but he had opened his eyes and had spoken to her. Victor noted that Jack had survived the building collapse, and he had faith Jack would get through the latest crisis. Billy grumbled to Ashley that Victor couldn't wait to throw dirt on Jack's grave, and he wouldn't be surprised if Victor moved in on Jack's widow. Ashley believed Victor truly loved Nikki and wasn't after Phyllis, but Billy remarked that Victor only loved Victor.

Barton stepped out of Jack's room and reported that the only way to prevent seizures and protect Jack's heart had been to induce a coma, but it wasn't permanent, and Jack would regain consciousness once his condition improved. Phyllis raced in to be by Jack's side, and Victor asked if there was any possibility Jack wouldn't regain consciousness. Barton said he had every reason to hope Jack would recover.

Phyllis asked an unconscious Jack if her situation was like it had been for him when he'd visited her at the clinic, and she couldn't believe he was comatose after she'd made her way back. She took his hand and told him they had a lot to live for, and she recounted how amazing their honeymoon had been. She added that he had never let the honeymoon end with his silly ties and golf attire, but her voice cracked when she mentioned his sports car. Phyllis tearfully proclaimed that she loved the man he'd been and the man he was that day, and she pledged to love whoever he wanted to be next, but she just needed him to return to her.

Billy and Ashley entered Jack's room, and Phyllis refused to leave Jack. Ashley encouraged Phyllis to take care of herself, and Billy offered to stay while the women got something to eat. After Ashley and Phyllis left, Billy said it had been a low blow for Jack to fire him, but he didn't want that to be how things ended between them, and Jack couldn't leave his legacy to a megalomaniac. Billy swore that if Jack didn't wake up, he would do whatever it took to take charge of the company, and he didn't know what else would make Jack open his eyes.

Later, Ashley reluctantly told Billy and Phyllis that they had to be practical about the company and what might happen if Jack didn't recover. Phyllis blasted Ashley for thinking of business, and Ashley said she ached for Jack, but Phyllis accused her of wanting power and control. Ashley pointed out that Jack would have been the first one to remind them that Victor was thinking about business at that very moment.

In Victor's office, Victor informed Neil about Jack's accident, and Neil thought Jack would want them to take care of business. Victor was glad he had Victoria by his side in case something happened to Jack, but he stressed that he needed someone else he could count on to have his back. Neil recalled that he'd been Victor's right-hand man for a long time, and he asserted that Victor could always rely on him. Victor said there were some things that needed finessing, and he confided that Jack had never signed all the documents related to the merger. Victor pointed out that if Jack died, it would be as if the merger had never taken place.

Victor flipped to the final page of the merger agreement, and he indicated that the signature lines were blank. Victor stated that there was nothing to prevent Ashley and Billy from reclaiming Jabot, so they had to be smarter and bolder to ensure Jack's dream of a merger was realized. Neil incredulously asked if Victor wanted someone to forge Jack's signature, and Victor remarked that Neil had said it -- Victor hadn't.

Neil wondered if Victor was asking him to break the law, and Victor assured Neil that his hands would stay clean, since Victor would have an expert deal with the signatures, but he needed Neil to back him up. Neil wasn't sure he could do it after the legal trouble he'd just been in, but Victor considered it a chance at redemption for Neil. Neil thought it sounded like Victor wanted payback from him, and Victor contended that the Abbotts had turned their backs on Neil when he'd gone blind, as had Neil's wife and son, but Victor never had. Neil wondered how Victor would sell it, and Victor said to leave it to him.

Caught Up in Corporate Intrigue

Caught Up in Corporate Intrigue

Friday, May 8, 2015

In Jack's hospital room, Kyle lamented that he'd been out for a walk when Jack had woken up, and Abby assured Kyle that he couldn't have known. Kyle worried that he'd missed his last chance to talk to his father, and he apologized to an unconscious Jack for not being there. Abby argued that Kyle hadn't even been allowed in the room at the time, but Kyle ordered her not to make excuses for him. Abby thought Jack would have been glad Kyle hadn't witnessed his seizure, but Kyle said he'd never forgive himself if his dad didn't wake up.

Ashley arrived at the hospital and asked how Jack was doing, and Phyllis reported that he was the same. Ashley said she needed to talk to Phyllis and Kyle about the company, and Phyllis snapped that her husband was fighting for his life, so it wasn't the time to talk about Newman-Abbott. Ashley pointed out that there might not be a combined company without a contract, and the merger had been a huge mistake. Phyllis assumed she meant it had been Jack's mistake, and Ashley argued that Victor had structured the arrangement so the Abbotts would have no say in their own company.

Phyllis accused Ashley of hoping Jack didn't wake up, and she guessed that someone as ambitious as Ashley would get sweet satisfaction by taking the helm at Jabot with Jack out of the way. Ashley blasted Phyllis for implying she didn't care about her brother, and Abby and Kyle emerged from Jack's room. Phyllis relayed that Ashley was trying to reverse the merger, despite Jack's objections, and Ashley pointed out that Jack had brokered the deal without input from the rest of the family. Ashley contended that she wanted to see the final contract so she knew what the Abbotts' options were.

Ashley asked Phyllis and Kyle if either of them had heard Jack mention a contract, but they both replied that they hadn't. Ashley apologized if she'd upset them, and she stepped into Jack's room. Ashley admitted to Jack that she was doing some things he wouldn't agree with, but she hoped he eventually understood why she'd done them. She reasoned that John had entrusted Jabot to them, and she couldn't fathom why Jack had handed it over to Victor, so she intended to fight Jack on it. She added that she also wanted Jack to know how much she loved him.

Phyllis was grateful when Ashley left, and Abby asserted that Ashley was truly worried about Jack. Phyllis griped that Ashley cared more about herself than she did about Jack, and she surmised that was why Ashley was refusing to accept Jack's decision. Abby revealed that Jack had been conspicuously absent from the company and that Victoria hadn't been a dream boss. Kyle mentioned that Victor had said he was open to the Jabot team's opinions, but Abby said Victor would never agree with them, and there were two sides to the situation.

Later, in Jack's room, Phyllis told Kyle that they were family if he wanted to talk, and he asked whether she hated him for what he'd done to Jack. Phyllis replied that she hated what had happened, but she didn't hate Kyle because of the accident, and she was confident Jack would wake up when he was ready. She looked forward to taking Jack home and getting back to normal, and Kyle inquired whether she really thought Jack would recover. Phyllis refused to believe anything else, and she was certain Jack was fighting with everything he had to get back to them.

Phyllis wondered if Jack was thinking about the things they'd do when he got home, and she refused to let him drive anything faster than a golf cart from then on. She wished she could see his smile, and she encouraged Kyle to talk about the things he wanted to do with his father. Kyle said he couldn't, but he hoped Phyllis was right, and Jack had a future with them. Phyllis tearfully hugged Kyle as Jack remained unresponsive.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary and Devon playfully bantered about the tennis match she'd just won, and he hoped that winning had taken her mind off things. She admitted she was worried about Jack, but Devon mentioned Mother's Day, and she said she'd been thinking about her mom a lot. She recounted that her mother's death had led her there to seek revenge, but she'd fallen in love instead. Hilary pointed out that she'd wrecked the lives of Devon's entire family, but he insisted that he couldn't be happier she was still in his life. He leaned in to kiss her, but she reminded him that they'd agreed to take things slowly.

Devon recalled that he and Hilary had agreed not to keep secrets, and he didn't want to hide their relationship from his family. He suggested they have lunch at the club, but she worried that Neil would be upset if he saw them together. Devon thought Neil would respect that they were being honest, and he cautioned that the longer they waited, the worse things would get. He refused to let history repeat itself, and she reluctantly accepted his lunch invitation. She asked for an hour to clean up and to drop some things off for Victor, and she departed.

In his office, Victor marveled at the authenticity of Jack's forged signature, but Neil cautioned that it wasn't enough to sell the agreement as legitimate. Victor admitted he needed some help, and Nikki entered and exchanged pleasantries with Neil. Nikki said she was sick about the situation with Jack, and she imagined his family was devastated. Victor said the Abbotts weren't thinking straight while they were distraught, and that was why Victor needed Nikki.

Victor explained that with Jack's life hanging in the balance, Ashley and Billy were doing everything they could to scuttle the merger, and Nikki wondered if Victor wanted her to act as an ambassador. He handed her the merger agreement, and he asked her to sign it to validate his arrangement with Jack. She asked why she'd been named as a witness to the signatures, and Victor claimed that he and Jack had decided she'd be the best person to do it, since she had no stake in either company. Nikki pointed out that she should have been present when the men had signed the documents.

Victor claimed that he'd planned to meet with Jack and Nikki to all sign the papers together, but Jack had stopped by unexpectedly and had insisted on getting it done. Victor remarked that he was glad they'd signed the contract when they had, or there would have been "hell to pay," but Nikki felt uncomfortable signing it after the fact. Neil stressed that the contract wouldn't be official without her signature, and Victor reminded her that Jack had been adamant that he'd wanted to bury the feud. Nikki recalled that Jack's words had been very touching, and Neil commented that Jack had expressed nothing but enthusiasm for the deal. Victor urged Nikki to sign the document for the good for everyone concerned, and she added her signature to the page.

After Victor left, Nikki remarked that she hadn't expected to get caught up in corporate intrigue, and Neil said there were surprises around every corner. Hilary entered with a report for Victor, but she became frazzled when she saw Neil, and Neil said he'd make sure Victor got it. Neil and Hilary's hands touched as they exchanged the file folder, and she thanked him and rushed out. Nikki asked how Neil had managed to keep his hands off Hilary's throat after what she'd done to him, and Neil coolly stated that it was all in the past. Nikki was impressed by how strong he was, and he replied that he was good at faking, since the affair had crushed him.

Nikki pointed out that Neil was sober, and he confirmed that he hadn't touched a drop of alcohol since she'd chastised him for drinking himself into oblivion instead of fighting for himself. She inquired about how often he wanted to drink, and he admitted that he craved alcohol every minute of every day. Neil said he was "going through hell" to stay sober, but the program was working, and he asked if Nikki was tempted to drink. Nikki proclaimed that she'd decided not to let Victor or anything else drive her back to drinking, and every day she felt stronger and more determined. Neil said he was proud of her, but she looked longingly at the tray of liquor.

At the lab, Billy informed Victoria that the doctors had induced Jack's coma, and he hoped she would give him some honest answers. Billy explained that he'd gotten tired of feeling useless, so he wanted to help out with the company, since Victor was in complete control without Jack there. Billy said he couldn't find a copy of the merger contract, and he wondered if Victoria knew whether the agreement had ever been signed, but Victoria replied that her father didn't run every piece of paperwork by her. Billy imagined that Victor enjoyed crowing over his triumphs, and he suspected there was a reason Victor wasn't gloating.

Victoria guessed that Billy wanted to get his job back, but she noted that Jack had agreed to the merger, and Jack had fired Billy. She wondered why Billy wanted to stir things up when things had never been better, and Billy acknowledged that things had worked out for her, since she was working with her boyfriend. Victoria looked uncomfortable, and she revealed that her relationship with Stitch was over. Victoria explained that it hadn't felt right to disclose her breakup with Stitch when Billy had just announced his wedding plans, and she figured Billy would have heard about it, since Stitch had moved on with Abby.

Billy requested that Victoria talk to Victor to see if Jack had signed the merger documents, and Victoria asked why she should report the information back to Billy. Billy said she had integrity, and he thought she knew he could be right, since Victor would do whatever it took to get what he wanted. Victoria said she wasn't comfortable with prying information out of her father for Billy, and she advised him to check with the legal department. Ashley overheard and said she'd had no luck there, and Victoria was sure the documents would turn up.

Victor entered, and he pulled the papers from his pocket and handed them to Ashley. Ashley huffed that it was interesting timing, and Victor contended that after their unpleasant encounter earlier, he'd wanted her to know the merger was official, since he and Jack had both signed the documents with Nikki as a witness. Victor suggested that they proceed with business as usual, but Billy examined the papers and announced that the signature wasn't Jack's.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren thanked Cane for being sweet after her fight with Michael, and Cane sympathized that things were difficult for her. She reported that Michael had been avoiding her, but she wanted to get through her business meeting with Cane as quickly as possible so she could go upstairs to talk her stubborn husband into returning home.

Michael thanked Felicity for listening to his problems all night, and she noted that he'd paid for the time and that everyone needed a shoulder to cry on. He asked her to keep the crying part confidential, and she remarked that he seemed like a nice guy, so she hoped everything worked out for him. He pulled out some money, but she reminded him that he'd already paid. He handed her a bill and said she was worth the tip, and he showed her out. In the hallway, she said he could contact her service if he wanted another date, and Lily overheard and phoned the police.

Lily approached Cane and Lauren and mentioned that she'd just escorted a police officer upstairs, since she'd spotted a call girl leaving a guest room, although she didn't know who the guest had been. A cop led Michael downstairs in handcuffs and announced he'd arrested Michael for solicitation, and Lauren protested that there had to be a mistake. Lauren said they'd straighten it out at the police station, and she followed Michael and the officer out.

Lily said she'd known Michael and Lauren had been having problems, and Cane reported that Lauren had wanted to work things out, but Michael hadn't been willing to meet her halfway. Lily questioned why Michael had turned to a prostitute, and Cane suspected that Michael had wanted to intentionally hurt Lauren. Cane wished he could do something to help Lauren, and Lily asserted that there was nothing more they could do, but Cane headed out to try. Devon entered and told Lily that he needed to plan a lunch, but he saw her expression and asked what was wrong. She declared that her husband cared more about Lauren's marriage than he did about his own.

In the interrogation room, Lauren informed Michael that she'd taken care of his bail, and she demanded to know "what the hell" had happened. Michael flatly stated that he'd paid a hooker to have sex with him, and Lauren acknowledged that they hadn't been together in long time, but she pointed out that it hadn't been because of her. He explained that it hadn't been about sex, and he'd just wanted to get away from the fighting and the expectations. Lauren guessed he'd turned to someone who hadn't made him think or talk about his cancer, and Michael replied that his illness was his problem. Lauren clarified that it was their problem and always had been, and she still loved him, even though he'd chosen to have sex with a stranger rather than be home with her.

Lily grumbled that Cane had appointed himself to be Lauren's comprehensive support system, and he and Lauren had been spending way too much time together. Lily added that Lauren had a history of turning to other men, but Devon was certain that Cane would never cheat on Lily. Lily worried that Cane hadn't set boundaries even after she'd voiced concern, but Devon assured her that not everyone cheated, and he encouraged her to believe more in her husband. Lauren returned, and Devon stepped aside to take a call.

Lily invited Lauren to sit down, and Lauren reported that she'd bailed Michael out, since he needed medication and rest, but she had no idea where her husband was. Lily said she was sorry about what had happened, but Lauren replied that it hadn't been Lily's fault that Michael had decided to spend the night with a prostitute. Lauren asked where Cane was, and Lily said he'd gone to find Lauren. Lauren called Cane a godsend, and she said she wouldn't have gotten through the rough time without him.

At the police station, Cane approached Felicity, and she informed him that she'd already been told she was free to go, but Cane informed her that he wasn't a cop. He said the man she'd been with was a friend of his, and she cautioned Cane not to ask her for a date. Cane explained that it wasn't his friend's style to step outside his marriage, and Felicity said she'd heard all about how Michael loved his wife and wanted her to be happy. Cane asked if all Michael and Felicity had done was talk, and she said she'd almost felt bad taking Michael's money. Cane made a call to Michael and said they needed to meet right away.

Cane met Michael at Crimson Lights, and he revealed that he'd confirmed with Felicity that she and Michael had only talked. Cane implored Michael to tell Lauren the truth, but Michael said he couldn't do it, and he asked Cane not to say anything, since Michael wanted to push Lauren away completely. Michael explained that he'd asked Lauren for a separation, but she wouldn't let him go, and she refused to understand that his treatment had changed him. Michael added that he wanted Lauren to be happy, and she deserved more than a husband she pitied. Cane didn't understand how Michael could intentionally hurt someone he loved, and Michael declared that Lauren was the love of his life, but he was no longer the man she'd fallen in love with.

Cane understood that Michael felt overwhelmed and depressed, but he thought cancer was no easier on the loved ones involved than it was on the patient, and he contended that Lauren didn't need or want to be spared. Cane recalled that Lily's cancer had taken away her ability to have a baby, but they had still created a fantastic life, and he believed Michael could still have that with Lauren. Michael contemplated how many years of disappointment and sorrow Lauren would endure only to end up alone, and he urged Cane to get her to accept that their marriage was over.

Cane returned to the club and told Lauren he'd spoken with Michael, and Cane respected that she wanted to fight for her marriage, but he warned that Michael needed time and space. Cane predicted that Michael needed to hit rock bottom in order to regain his senses, and Lauren whimpered that it was hard. Lily steamed when she spotted Cane consoling Lauren with a hug.

Hilary arrived at Devon's hotel suite and apologized for standing him up, and she mentioned that she'd run into Neil, who was still hurt. She wailed that Neil would never be okay with her and Devon being together, and she thought she and Devon should just be friends. Devon asked if that was what she really wanted, and she stammered that she should go. He firmly stated that he really didn't want to just be her friend, and he kissed her. Devon and Hilary made love.

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