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Sage informed Nick that she was pregnant. Phyllis worried when Jack's clone began having nightmares and speaking in Spanish. Avery returned Dylan's engagement ring. Dylan and Sharon made love. Fen admitted someone had blackmailed him into drugging the punch during Abby's party.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 11, 2015 on Y&R
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A Troubled Nikki Confronts Victor

A Troubled Nikki Confronts Victor

Monday, May 11, 2015

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea fell asleep and had a dream about making love to Adam, the man she believed was Gabriel. When she awoke, Chelsea seemed uneasy as she glanced around the room. Shortly after Chelsea awoke, Adam stopped by to check on her. An argument ensued after Chelsea told Adam that she would've been happily married to Billy had Adam never intervened. Adam reminded Chelsea that she'd been the first to approach him. Chelsea became frustrated and said, "I want you gone!" Adam replied, "I don't think you do."

Chelsea claimed she'd had sex with Gabriel because she'd wanted get back at Billy. Adam told Chelsea that she'd have to prove he didn't mean anything to her. He took Chelsea in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Chelsea pulled away. Adam said that he and Chelsea had, from the beginning, shared a special connection. Adam agreed to walk away if Chelsea disagreed. Chelsea pulled Adam close and kissed him. He unbuttoned her blouse, and it fell off her shoulders as the couple kissed passionately and made love.

While Chelsea's eyes were closed, she whispered, "Adam." When Adam later told Chelsea what she'd said, she became distraught and said, "Gabe, you should get dressed and go home. This shouldn't have happened." Chelsea cried that she couldn't seem to get Adam out of her head and feared he was the only man she would ever love. Adam said, "It's not like you're cheating on him." Chelsea said it felt to her like she had, and she again asked him to leave. Adam, holding his shirt and shoes, lingered outside Chelsea's door. Chelsea leaned against the other side of the door, wrapped in a throw.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon and Hilary made love. Hilary told Devon that she no longer wanted to lie to Neil. Hilary said she was worried about hurting Neil. Devon assured Hilary that they would tell Neil the truth in a way to make him understand. Hilary received a text message from Ashley about an urgent matter. Before Hilary dressed, Devon said, "I know it won't be easy for Neil, but he will come around."

In Victoria's office at Jabot, Billy, standing beside Ashley, pointed to Jack's signature he claimed someone had forged on a legal document approving a merger between Jabot and Newman Industries. Victoria, standing behind her father, said nothing when Victor angrily insisted that Jack had indeed signed the contract. Billy addressed Victoria and asked if she intended to let her father get away with forgery. Victor berated Billy and Ashley for attempting to wrest Jack's company from him while he was lying a coma. Victor reminded Billy that Jack had fired him, so he had no say in the matter. Ashley insisted that Jack hadn't been in his right mind when he had fired Billy.

Addressing Victor, Billy said that both he and Ashley were fighting for their father's legacy. Billy said he would have an expert analyze the signature. After Billy and Ashley left, Victoria privately entreated her dad to swear that the signature wasn't a forgery. Victor suggested that his daughter direct her question to Jack after he awakened. Victor predicted that Billy would admit defeat. Victor read a text message from Abby letting him know that Jack's condition had not changed. Victoria said, "You really do care about him, don't you?" Victor claimed that he did.

In the lab, Billy searched online for a handwriting expert. Ashley explained that if Victor had employed someone to forge the signature, he would have ensured that the forgery was undetectable. Billy sighed and looked defeated. Ashley scanned the document again. Billy seemed intrigued when Ashley discovered that Nikki had signed claiming that she'd witnessed Jack signing his name. Billy seemed hopeful that Nikki might be of help.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Gwen entered and was surprised to see Neil. Gwen said she'd prepared Jabot's first-quarter sales figures for Victor. Neil explained that Victor had stepped out to handle urgent business. Neil agreed to look over the documents. Neil asked Gwen to join him for lunch. When Neil checked his phone, he discovered an urgent text message from Nikki admitting that she'd lied and needed his help. Neil explained to Gwen that he'd have to forgo their lunch date because he needed to rescue a friend.

At the bar in the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki ordered club soda. As Nikki waited, she recalled how Neil and Victor had pressured her into signing an affidavit affirming that Jack's signature on the merger contract was authentic. Nikki remembered that Victor had said, "Sweetheart, just sign it. Jack wants this merger." Nikki also recalled her own words when she'd promised Neil she wouldn't let Victor's schemes drive her to drink.

Nikki checked her phone and saw no reply from Neil. After Nikki finished her drink, she ordered another club soda. She suddenly changed her mind and ordered vodka. Nikki carefully observed as the bartender poured the clear alcohol into a glass. Neil replied to the message before Nikki took a sip of vodka. Nikki breathed a sigh of relief and pushed the drink to the far side of the bar.

Ashley and Billy ran into Nikki at the bar and asked her to join them. After they seated themselves together at a table, Ashley reported that Jack's condition hadn't improved. Ashley confronted Nikki about her signature as a witness on the merger contract. Nikki became defensive when Ashley asked if Nikki recalled having witnessed Jack signing the document. Nikki pressed her fingertips to her forehead and said she couldn't remember. Ashley showed Nikki the signature and said, "You never saw Jack sign this, did you?"

Billy assured Nikki that she could tell him and Ashley the truth. Before Nikki could respond, Neil arrived and said, "Nikki and I both witnessed Jack sign those papers." Billy replied, "Wow! So you sold out to Victor, too?" Ashley shook her head in disbelief. Billy refused to back down. He asked Neil what deal Victor had arranged in order to convince him to betray his unconscious friend.

Giving up on Neil, Billy told Nikki that she knew without a doubt that Jack would never join forces with Victor. Neil attempted to shush Billy when he asked Nikki if Victor had also corrupted her. Neil angrily said, "We gave you proof. Now you've just got to accept it." Billy told Neil that he'd failed to see the truth even when Devon was having an affair with Hilary. Neil punched Billy's face, drawing blood from his lip.

Billy retaliated and charged at Neil. Hilary and Devon entered the dining room and separated the two sparring men. Ashley showed the document to Hilary and asked her if Jack's signature was authentic. Before Hilary could respond, Ashley reminded Hilary that Jack was the one person who'd helped her and given her a job. Hilary said she hadn't been present when Jack had signed the contract.

Neil claimed that Jack had might have signed the contract at home. Hilary agreed that Jack hadn't spent much time in the office after returning from his honeymoon. Nikki insisted that when Jack awoke from his coma, he would remember his business contract with Victor. Ashley asked Nikki if she intended to perpetuate the lie if Jack never awakened. Before Ashley and Billy walked away, Billy told Neil and Nikki that they'd soon be summoned to court.

As Billy and Ashley were leaving, they encountered Victor in the doorway. Billy said that Nikki was too good and innocent to follow through with Victor's schemes. Victor said he didn't care what Billy thought. Ashley said, "I know you don't give a damn for my brother, but do you care at all about what you're doing to your wife?" Victor scowled and ignored the question.

At the bar, Neil approached Hilary and Devon. Hilary apologized for causing trouble for Neil when she'd admitted not having witnessed Jack signing the contract. Neil said he'd seen Devon and Hilary together twice and demanded to know the truth about the status of their relationship. Devon said that he and Hilary had gotten back together. Devon explained that Hilary had lied when she'd claimed she'd only pretended to love him and Neil.

Neil could barely contain his anger when Devon said that Hilary had sacrificed her own happiness because she'd hoped that Neil might forgive him. Devon added that Hilary had also helped Neil avoid a prison sentence when he had been on trial for the accident that had injured Christine. Neil replied, "I don't believe a single word coming out of either one of your mouths." Neil glared at Hilary and said he knew how low she'd stooped to influence the outcome of the trial. Neil told Devon and Hilary that he wished them both a lot of pain and unhappiness.

Victor and Nikki sat together at a table away from the bar. Victor asked Nikki what she'd said to Billy and Victoria. Nikki said she hadn't said a word because Neil had intervened. Nikki explained that Neil had sworn that both she and Neil had witnessed Jack signing the contract. Nikki added, "It's a lie! I didn't see Jack sign anything. I just took your word." Victor replied, "Why wouldn't you?" Nikki warned that Billy and Ashley would never let the matter rest.

Victor said it was imperative to have Nikki on his side. Nikki demanded to know the truth. Nikki threatened to drink all the alcohol she could hold if Victor didn't tell her the truth. Victor said that Nikki should consider the good of their family. Nikki replied, "When all else fails, you always pull out the family card. All I want is the truth." Victor's face reddened, and he said, "Jack Abbott signed that damn contract."

Neil returned to Victor's office and was icing his injured hand when Gwen entered to retrieve her tablet. Gwen said that Neil's rescue of a friend seemed to have gotten rough. Neil told Gwen that Devon and Hilary had gotten back together. Gwen was surprised when Neil explained that he'd punched someone other than Devon. Gwen took Neil's hand and held the ice pack against the swollen area. She said, "You don't deserve to be hurt." Neil moved in close and kissed Gwen.

After Billy and Ashley returned to Jabot, Victoria asked about the wound on Billy's lip. Billy said, "I was pursuing truth and justice and got blindsided by corruption." Billy explained that he and Neil had scuffled because Neil had backed up all of Victor's lies. Billy noted that even Nikki had been involved. Billy told Victoria that Nikki would suffer the consequences of Victor's actions.

Ashley warned Victoria that she'd have to live with herself every day for refusing to acknowledge Victor's deceptions. After Ashley walked away, Billy asked Victoria if she'd be able to live with herself knowing what Victor was doing to Jack and his family. Victoria carefully dabbed at the blood on Billy's lip. Billy insisted that he'd changed. Billy said he intended to step up and return the favor for all the times Jack had supported him.

Door Number Three

Door Number Three

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

At the island cabin, Kelly shaved Jack's face, and she cooed that taking care of him in a gentle manner was better than him stabbing her in the neck. She scolded that it had hurt, but she'd forgiven him, and he wondered how she'd convinced the authorities that he was the crazy one. She chuckled at the implication that she was the one who was unstable, and she said she had to get him cleaned up for his treatment, since she wanted to give him the best care possible as his doctor. She announced that they were going to work on his memory that day, and Jack replied that it was just fine. Kelly recognized that was what he thought, but he was wrong, since the memories were muddled up in his head.

Kelly prepared to give Jack a memory test, and she asked him to remember who he was married to. He said Phyllis, and Kelly sternly instructed him to try again, but he replied that he couldn't change reality. Kelly barked that he wasn't trying hard enough, and she pulled out a bottle of pills. Jack adamantly refused to take drugs, but she revealed that he already had, since she'd put something extra in his water. She told him to relax and let the magic happen, and he screamed in frustration.

Jack struggled to get free, and he dazedly asked what was happening. Kelly claimed that the medication was healing his brain, and she told him to continue talking about his wife. He weakly recounted that he and Phyllis had arranged to get married on the beach, but they'd said "I do" in their room because of a storm. Kelly commended him for getting some of it right -- just not the part about Phyllis. A delusional Kelly said she and Jack had been pronounced husband and wife, but Jack continued to say Phyllis' name.

Kelly recognized that Jack had dated a woman named Phyllis at one time, but she claimed that Phyllis had gone into a coma and died, and Kelly and Jack had fallen deeply in love. Kelly gushed that she and Jack had said vows in a beautiful ceremony and had made love all night long, and she pointed out their matching wedding rings as proof of their eternal love for one another. Jack stared at the ring on his hand, and Kelly asked if his memories were returning.

A disoriented Jack mumbled that they'd said their vows, and Kelly praised him for remembering their wedding. "I take you, Jack," she recited, and she prompted him to repeat his vows. "I take you, Kelly, to be my wife," he muttered, and in his stupor, he envisioned her wearing a white veil. Kelly dragged Jack to his feet for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abbott, and she gushed that it was just the beginning.

Victor summoned "Gabriel" to his office, and he said Gabriel was loyal and successful, but they had more in common than Gabriel realized. Adam said he didn't see the similarities between them, and he pledged to always be loyal to Jack. Victor respected that, and he pointed out that Jack had wanted the two families to get along. Adam suggested that Victor use Ashley or Abby as a mediator instead of a guy Victor barely knew, and he asked what would be in it for him.

Victor offered compensation, and Adam replied that he'd be interested if he also had a position superior to Victoria's. Victor said he valued family, and Adam flatly stated that they had no deal. Victor questioned whether Gabriel always acted against his best self-interest, and Adam explained that he'd made a deal with the devil once, but it hadn't turned out well, so he'd never do it again. Adam left, and Victor opened his laptop and stared at an online article featuring Sage and the real Gabriel.

Chelsea arrived at Newman-Abbott to drop off sketches for Victoria, and Ashley volunteered to take them into the office, but Chelsea asserted that she answered to Victoria. Chelsea hesitantly entered the office and saw Billy and Victoria talking, and Victoria teased that Billy had whined like Johnny when she'd tended to Billy's wounds. Billy took Victoria's hands and said she made everything better, and Chelsea asked if he was okay.

Ashley entered and sarcastically declared that they were fantastic with Jack unconscious and Victor in charge, and she snapped that Jack's signature hadn't been convincing. Victoria and Ashley argued as Billy rebuffed Chelsea's attempts to fawn over him. Kyle interrupted and announced that they needed to schedule a meeting with a music company to offer free downloads in an effort to grab the teen market. Kyle added that he wanted to report his progress to his dad when Jack woke up, and he had to be ready.

In the Jack impostor's hospital room, Phyllis told an unconscious Jack that they were newlyweds who'd been spending more time in the hospital than in bed, but she knew he loved her and wanted her, so he just had to wake up. Jack stirred, and she gasped when he opened his eyes. Jack asked if he knew her, and Phyllis stated that she was his wife, but a bewildered Jack said that couldn't be right. Barton entered, and Phyllis worriedly relayed that Jack didn't know who he was. Barton ordered her out, and she called Ashley and reported that Jack was awake, but he was experiencing lingering effects from the medication.

Phyllis listened at the doorway as Barton asked Jack what his name was, and Jack seemed confused. Phyllis started to respond, but Barton said Jack had to answer for himself. Barton escorted Phyllis out and told her not to agitate Jack, and Phyllis asked if the memory loss was normal. Barton said they didn't know anything yet, but agitating Jack wouldn't help anyone. Phyllis insisted she was calm, and Barton returned to Jack's room.

At the police station, Sharon found Dylan waiting for her, and he explained that he'd wanted to be there when she officially got released. She apologized that the paperwork was taking so long, and he commented that it was easier getting thrown in jail than getting out. He offered to take her home, and she suggested that he make some calls while she waited for her personal effects. Dylan reported that he'd left a message for Avery to tell her the charges against Sharon had been dropped, but Sharon figured Avery and a lot of other people might not consider it good news.

Sharon signed the final paperwork and declared that her release was official, and she couldn't wait to tell her kids. Sharon thanked Dylan for believing in her and for the million other things he'd done, and she said he no longer had to babysit her. He replied that he'd just been being a friend, and she called him a great one. Sharon worried that she'd overstepped when they'd kissed, but Dylan wrote it off as an expression of relief. Sharon swore it wouldn't happen again, since she didn't want anything to hurt their friendship, and Dylan promised it wouldn't.

At the Underground, Sage asked Nick for a signature on a distributor's form, and she tried to hurry away to escape the awkwardness between them, but she became dizzy. Nick asked if she was okay, and she claimed she hadn't eaten. He insisted on making her some food, and he acknowledged that they were no longer together, but he couldn't stop caring about her. Sage refused to let Nick look after her, since she was trying not to think about them no longer being together, and she would think about it if he kept hovering over her.

Nick said he didn't want Sage to pass out, and they joked about how he could just nudge her into the back room with his foot if she did. He wondered if they were still friends, and she admitted she didn't feel just friendship for him. Sage asked if Nick felt uncomfortable with her being there, but Adam arrived, and Nick stepped aside to take a call. Adam mentioned he'd had an interesting conversation with Victor, who was trying to make Gabriel an ally. Sage warned that Victor had been digging for information about Gabriel, and she thought Adam's decision not to stay under the radar would end up biting him.

Nick reported that the charges against Sharon had been dropped, and Sage urged him to go be with his kids. Nick reminded her to eat something, and after he left, Adam noted that it sounded like Nick had been taking care of Sage. Adam teased that Sage had eyes shaped like hearts when she looked at Nick, and Sage asked how much Chelsea hated Adam for ruining her relationship with Billy. Adam revealed that Chelsea had called out his real name when they'd had sex again, and he considered it progress, since it had indicated Chelsea's heart was with him.

Sage snapped that it wasn't progress for Chelsea to be in love with a ghost, but Adam contended that Chelsea saw him for who he was, and he refused to hear a lecture from someone mooning over Nick. Sage conceded that she had no right to talk, and Adam observed that she "looked like hell." She said it had sounded sweeter when Nick had told her the same thing, and Chelsea arrived, looking for Gabriel. Chelsea explained that she'd sought out Gabriel to tell him Jack was awake, and Adam invited her to go to the hospital with him, but she thought he should go by himself. He headed out.

Chelsea plopped down in a booth, and Sage offered her a drink on the house. Chelsea imagined Sage thought she could use one after Billy had called her a tramp at her own wedding, but Chelsea thought he hadn't been wrong, and she wanted to focus on moving forward. Sage sat down and pointed out that Gabriel had made himself more than available, but Chelsea said she didn't blame Gabriel, since she'd assumed the worst when she'd seen Billy and Victoria together.

Sage sympathized that Chelsea had been hurt, but Chelsea confided that she hadn't been ready to be a wife again, since she still loved Adam. Sage said she'd heard horrible things about Adam, including what he'd done to Billy's daughter, but Chelsea explained that she'd seen the pain and guilt in Adam's taped confession, and he hadn't been heartless or cold-blooded. Sage pointed out that he was still gone, and Chelsea fathomed that it was easy to hold on because Adam could never hurt her again.

At the cottage, Dylan turned on the lights, and Nick, Noah, Mariah, and Faith surprised Sharon with an impromptu celebration. Noah said they'd all believed in Sharon, and Sharon gushed that it meant the world to her. Faith went to the kitchen to get cookies, and Sharon marveled that she hadn't been gone long, but it had felt like forever. Sharon added that anything could happen while the police were still looking for the killer, but Mariah insisted on focusing only on good news that night.

Faith returned with the cookies, and Nick privately admitted to Dylan that he'd been a "jackass" for doubting Sharon's innocence. Dylan guessed that Nick had been too close to see things clearly, but he understood that Nick's first priority had been to protect Faith. Nick commented that sometimes the people they thought they knew the best were actually those they knew the least, and Dylan looked thoughtful. Sharon asked Dylan if he was okay, and he insisted everything was great, since she was a free woman.

Nick said Faith needed to go to bed, and he had to get back to the Underground, but Faith said she wanted to stay with her mommy. Sharon explained that they'd go to fun places together the next day, and Noah and Mariah offered to stay with Faith at the tack house. Faith squealed with excitement, and she hugged Sharon goodbye. After Nick left with the kids, Sharon declared that it had been the best party she'd ever attended, but the fun always ended eventually.

Sharon remarked that she was grateful for everything, but it was easy to be afraid of the future. Dylan noted that it would be true even if she hadn't just had murder charges dropped, and Sharon wondered if he was talking about Avery. Dylan revealed that Avery had sent a message to say she'd decided to stay in Chicago for another week, and Sharon suggested he visit Avery again, but he refused. Sharon put her head on his shoulder and called him an amazing, wonderful man who'd deserved more than just a text message. They kissed again.

Dylan pulled away and said he was sorry, and Sharon echoed his apology. He said he should go, but she countered that nothing had really happened, and she didn't want to be alone on her first night home. She imagined that he wasn't looking forward to going home to an empty apartment, and she suggested that he stay to help her clean up.

Nick returned to the Underground, and Sage asked how Sharon was doing. Nick reported that Sharon had Dylan to lean on, and they could all use someone like that once in a while. Sage informed Nick that the club had done well that night, and she offered to close so he could go home. He admitted he'd also returned to see how Sage was doing, and she asserted that she was capable and confident. He noted that she'd seemed out of sorts, and she reiterated that she didn't want to talk. Nick begged her to talk to him as a friend, and she blurted out, "I'm pregnant."

Outside Jack's room, Phyllis told Billy and Ashley that Jack's condition had to be temporary, while Victor thanked Victoria for calling him. Victor asked Kyle how he was holding up, and Kyle lamented that the accident had been his fault. Victor mentioned the phone call Jack had picked up before the crash, and he asked who it had been from. Kyle divulged that he'd tried calling the number, and it had been disconnected, but he blamed himself for Jack's condition. Victor encouraged Kyle not to beat himself up, since Jack would survive.

Billy demanded to know what Victor was doing there, and Victor replied that he wanted to see his friend and business partner. Barton reported that Jack was awake and that family members could visit, but he advised them to keep things calm and quiet. Phyllis asked if Jack remembered the car accident, and Barton explained that Jack might not regain certain memories of his past, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if Jack didn't remember the trauma.

In Jack's room, Kyle blathered on about being sorry, and Ashley insisted Jack would be okay. Phyllis professed her love to Jack, and an overwhelmed Jack yelled for them all to stop. Barton ordered everyone out, and he said they could try again the next day, just not all at once. Phyllis protested that she should stay with Jack as his wife, but Barton reiterated that Jack needed his rest.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis rifled through photos to show Jack, but she was hopeful he'd remember everything without them. Kyle wondered if she believed Jack would wake up the next day like nothing had changed, and Phyllis reasoned that Jack had gotten his legs back, so he would get back his memories, too. Kyle bemoaned that his dad might never be the same again because of him.

Ashley and Billy returned to the lab, and Chelsea was waiting to find out how Jack was doing. Ashley relayed that Jack had memory loss due to the head trauma, and she stepped out to give Abby an update. Chelsea expressed her sympathy to Billy, who coldly stated that Jack was the one suffering. Chelsea asked if there was anything she could do, but Victoria burst in with some links she'd found about amnesia. Billy and Victoria huddled over the research, ignoring a dismayed Chelsea.

Jack's door opened, and Victor wished Jack a good evening. Jack inquired whether Victor was a specialist, and Victor asked if Jack knew him, but Jack replied that he needed sleep, not guessing games. Victor said all that was important was that Jack knew he was Jack Abbott, and the impostor smirked and said perhaps he was just somebody Victor had paid to play Jack Abbott. The clone crowed that he was a better Jack than Jack himself.

Victor huffed that he wasn't playing games, and the Jack double said the near-death experience had made him consider his options. The impostor pointed out that one option would be for Jack to regain his memory, but another would be to tell everyone that he was a convict Victor had found in a foreign prison to do his bidding. The clone insinuated that he needed some incentive to pick the first option, like the freedom to decide which tie to wear or how much golf to play, and everything would work out fine. Victor snarled that the impostor was forgetting door number three -- Victor could simply put him in his place.

Victor said it was the impostor's choice, and he threatened to inject an air bubble into Jack's I.V. line to cause cardiac arrest. The clone surmised that he wouldn't still be breathing if he was worth anything to Victor dead, but Victor revealed that he had Jack's signature on the merger documents, so the impostor could rot in Jack's grave. Victor picked up a syringe, and Jack's double begged Victor to listen to him. Adam entered and asked what Victor was doing.

Adam Blackmails Victor

Adam Blackmails Victor

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

At the Underground, Nick was stunned to learn that Sage was pregnant. He asked her if the baby was his. Sage said that Nick was the father. Nick thought Sage wasn't able to have children -- otherwise, he would have used protection. She told him that years earlier, a doctor had told her she would never be able to have children, but the doctor had obviously been incorrect. Sage had diagnosed her pregnancy with an at-home test, and she planned to see the doctor later that day to have the test confirmed.

Nick asked Sage if she had decided what she was going to do, but before she could answer, Sharon showed up. Sharon wanted to speak with Nick but, when she realized he was having a serious conversation with Sage, said she could return another time. Sage said she and Nick could continue their conversation later because she had to go "do that thing." After Sage left, Sharon wondered what the important "thing" was.

Sage paced nervously in an exam room at Genoa City Memorial. She remembered making love with Nick, and she smiled. She then recalled having sex with Adam and frowned. Her gynecologist entered and confirmed that Sage was indeed pregnant. Sage said her pregnancy was "a dream come true." The doctor wanted to know how the father felt.

Sage said that she hadn't had a chance to tell the baby's father yet. The doctor had noticed that Sage was divorced. Sage stated that her ex-husband wasn't the father; it was someone else -- a "wonderful man."

Later, in a booth at the Underground, Sharon noticed Nick was distant and distracted. He lied and said it was because Sharon's visit had surprised him. Sharon said she was concerned about Noah and asked Nick how their son was dealing with Courtney's death. Nick was initially non-responsive then begrudgingly said he would keep an eye on Noah.

Sharon asked Nick if they could once again share custody of Faith since the charges against her had been dropped. Nick said it was difficult to forget some of inappropriate things Sharon had done -- like showing up at the Underground a few nights earlier while she was still under house arrest. Sharon told him that he had not exactly behaved appropriately when he had punched a reporter recently, causing Child Protective Services to become concerned about Faith's safety.

Sharon reminded Nick that she had informed the representative from Child Protective Services that he would never do anything to harm Faith. Nick appeared lost in thought as Sharon asked him to focus on the love they both shared for Faith. Sharon commented that Nick was only half-listening to her and wondered what was going on.

Nick didn't respond to Sharon but then asked her what she expected from him. Sharon asked for joint custody so Faith would "forever know" that both of her parents cared for her. Nick reacted strangely, telling Sharon that families were fluid units that changed constantly, and he couldn't guarantee what would happen in the future.

Sharon said if Nick trusted her with shared custody, she would do everything in her power to live up to that trust. Sharon was overjoyed when Nick told her he would consider a joint custody arrangement, but he asked her if they could discuss it another time because he was very busy. As Nick stood up to leave, Sharon asked Nick if he was still dating Sage, adding, "Not that it's any of my business, but I don't think you should see Sage anymore." After a long pause, she said, "I mean, for Faith's sake."

Sharon needed to go because Dylan was waiting outside to drive her home. As she turned to leave, Sage returned. Sharon thanked Nick and walked out. Sage told Nick that her pregnancy had been confirmed. She said she knew it made Nick's life more complicated, but smiled and told him how happy she was -- she had always wanted to be a mother. Sage said she didn't expect anything from Nick.

Nick explained that becoming a father was the last thing he'd expected, and he was concerned about Faith's reaction. Sage understood. She said she needed some time to figure out where she was going to go. Nick didn't want Sage to go anywhere -- he just wanted the news about their baby to stay between them until he figured out a way to tell Faith.

Nick told Sage he would never leave her alone to raise their baby by herself and wondered whether she thought he was "that kind of guy." She smiled and said she didn't. Nick assured her everything would work out. He said one day Faith would be happy about having a baby brother or sister. Sage asked him if he was happy. Sage was overjoyed when he said he was and told her that he wanted to be a part of their baby's life. They embraced as Sage sobbed tears of joy.

In the island cabin, the drugged Jack, still handcuffed to the bed, yelled out for his wife.

In imposter Jack's hospital room, Victor was about to inject a lethal air bubble into Jack's I.V. line when Adam burst in and demanded to know what Victor was doing. Victor didn't answer Adam, instead saying that Jack was disoriented and groggy. Victor and Adam stepped out into the hospital corridor, where Victor accused Adam of upsetting Jack. Adam suspected that Victor had been trying to kill Jack.

Victor brushed off Adam's claim. Adam asked Victor what he had planned to do with the syringe in his hand. Victor lied and said he had found it on the floor. Adam wanted to know what was in the syringe - Victor harshly told Adam to forget about it. Adam said that he would forget -- but it was going to cost Victor.

Adam wondered if he was expected to hide Victor's attempt to murder Jack from the Abbott family -- a murder, Adam claimed, conveniently planned to occur immediately after the signed Newman-Abbott merger documents showed up. Victor wondered what Adam's price was. Adam demanded a position at Newman-Abbott that would outrank Victoria: higher status, a better title, and more money. Victor chuckled and wondered whether Adam knew the difference between negotiating and blackmail.

Victor sinisterly told Adam to keep his mouth shut about what Adam "thought" he had seen in Jack's room without Victor having to buy Adam's silence. Adam wondered why he would do that. Victor slowly said, "Because we all have information about ourselves that we don't want others to know about -- right, Gabriel?"

Victor received a phone call and walked away from Adam. The call was from a police officer in the cabin where Jack was being held hostage. The officer told Victor that everything was under control. Still in a drug-induced stupor, Jack shouted at the officer, "I need the phone. I need to call home." Victor heard Jack and told the officer to keep Jack and Kelly under control -- or Victor would have to fly to the island. The officer replied, "No need to leave Genoa City, sir."

Jack blurted out that he was from Genoa City, where his family still lived. Jack begged the officer to call his family and tell them he was still alive. The officer smirked and walked out.

Jack talked semi-coherently to himself about his wife and family. The officer returned. Jack once again implored the officer to call Jack's family. The officer told Jack to be quiet. He was about to gag Jack, but Jack promised to be quiet. Jack began crying and asked the guard, "Where's my wife? Where's Kelly?" The guard smiled and promised Jack that his wife would return.

Adam returned to Jack's room and suggested that a guard be posted outside the room to keep Victor out. Adam asked Jack if he thought it possible that Victor knew who Adam really was. Jack claimed to have no idea what Adam was talking about. Concerned, Adam told Jack to get some rest then he left.

A moment after Adam exited, Victor reentered Jack's room. Jack told Victor that he'd had a "lovely visit" with Gabriel, who was very concerned about Jack. Victor said that Jack was expendable. Jack didn't think so, since he was the one person who could find out what Gabriel was hiding. Victor told Jack to find out what Gabriel was up to and warned Jack to stop behaving recklessly.

In her living room, Chelsea gently chided baby Connor for finger-painting on her bedspread. She asked him what was going on then answered her own question -- Connor evidently missed Billy. Chelsea blamed herself for Billy's absence then told Connor, "Change is a part of life. And so is losing."

In the Jabot lab, Victoria told Billy how sorry she was that Jack had lost his memory. Billy accused Victor of taking advantage of Jack's situation by forging Jack's signature on the Newman-Abbott merger documents. Victoria warned Billy not to accuse her father unless he had proof. Billy's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and smugly said to Victoria, "Oh, look. Proof."

Billy spoke to one of the top handwriting analysts in the country and was disappointed to learn that the analysis of Jack's alleged signature was inconclusive. Victoria told Billy he needed to accept the legitimacy of the signature and concentrate on helping Jack. Billy said Victor had probably hired the best handwriting forger in the country, and that was why the results were inconclusive. Victoria thought Billy was reaching. He insisted he wasn't, and he planned to continue to try to prove that the signature was bogus. Billy told Victoria that if she was being honest with herself, she would agree.

Exasperated, Victoria admitted that Victor could be aggressive - particularly in business. Billy lectured Victoria, reminding her that Victor often connived outside of the boardroom. Billy recounted many of Victor's attempts to sabotage both Billy's and Victoria's lives, including having Victoria arrested at her wedding to Billy. Billy said if Victor could do something like that to Victoria, whom he claimed to love, then Victor was certainly capable of wreaking havoc in Jack's life.

Billy insisted that there was something "off" about the Newman-Abbott merger, and he was going to "make it right." Victoria replied, "Even though you're wrong?" Billy held Victoria's hands and gently said he could see into her heart -- and she knew Billy was right. They gazed into each other's eyes, but the moment ended when Chelsea showed up to meet with Victoria and review Chelsea's design sketches.

Victoria said she had something urgent to take care of and quickly left Chelsea and Billy alone. Billy looked at Chelsea's sketches of children's wear. She pointed to a design and said her little boy missed Billy.

Chelsea said that Connor had been a terror with the new babysitter and blamed herself for Connor losing the father figure in his life. Billy's mood softened, and he told Chelsea that he would be there if Connor ever needed him. Chelsea was grateful. As she prepared to leave, Billy admitted he'd been wrong when he had publicly humiliated Chelsea at their wedding. Chelsea was touched and thanked him. Billy said his childish behavior during their marriage ceremony had no bearing on his decision to permanently end their relationship.

Victoria confronted Victor in his office and demanded to know whether Jack's signature had been forged. Victor calmly told her that Jack had been eager to sign. Victoria accused her father of pressuring Jack into agreeing to the merger. She also questioned the "convenient" appearance of the signed merger contract right after the car accident had rendered Jack unconscious. Victor told Victoria that she was disappointing him, and he could no longer rely on her -- he was going to count on someone else. Victor's office door opened, and Adam stepped in.

Victor announced that he had reconsidered Adam's position at Newman-Abbott and had decided that Adam would work alongside Victoria, and they would be peers: same title, same compensation, and same responsibilities. Victoria was stunned and asked Victor how he could treat her so badly.

Victoria and Adam returned to the Jabot lab. They listed each other's lack of qualifications and didn't notice that Chelsea was there, still waiting to meet with Victoria. Victoria snapped at Chelsea, telling her the children's line was a "no-go" and ordering her to work on a men's line. Adam looked at Victoria and told her not to ever again speak to Chelsea "like that." Chelsea smiled at Adam.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer arrived with a bagful of memorabilia she had chosen to help Jack remember his past. As Kyle looked on, Phyllis said, "We have to do whatever it takes to bring back Jack's memory -- the real Jack." Kyle offered up Jack's Harvard class ring, which he had kept hidden since Diane's murder.

Summer showed some of the things that were in the bag. She had one of Traci's childhood dolls and a bracelet that had belonged to Ashley. Phyllis wondered how those items could possibly help Jack regain his memory. Summer explained that Jack had given the mementoes to her when he had learned, incorrectly, that he was Summer's father.

Kyle wondered if showing the memorabilia would really help Jack. Phyllis said that if they wanted a future with Jack, they had to believe that they could "bring him back." Summer told a despondent-looking Kyle that they had to try. Phyllis left to visit Jack.

Summer asked Kyle if he was okay. With tears in his eyes, he told her not to worry about him. Summer said that even though things had gotten "weird" between them, she still cared about him. He was appreciative -- he needed someone "fretting" over him.

Phyllis stopped by Jack's room and asked him if he remembered her. He said, "You keep saying you're my wife." Jack pulled away as Phyllis tried to kiss him. Undeterred, Phyllis sat at Jack's bedside and showed him a photo album filled with Abbott family pictures. Phyllis told him that he had saved her life years earlier. She had been trying to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization and had taken some hormones, but the side effects had made her very sick, and she'd almost died.

Jack told Phyllis he didn't remember any of that. She said that his memory loss was only temporary, but he asked how she could possibly know that. Phyllis started to break down -- she told Jack she loved him and needed him back in her life. As Phyllis began sobbing, Jack said, "Istanbul." Phyllis realized that he was "remembering" their trip to Istanbul. Phyllis asked him what else he remembered. Jack replied, "I remember that I love you, Red." They began kissing passionately.

Summer and Kyle arrived after learning that Jack had apparently regained his memory. Kyle blamed himself for the accident and asked Jack about the phone call that had upset Jack. Jack lied and said it had been a wrong number. Billy stopped by and was relieved that Jack had recovered but was confused when Jack called him "Billy boy." Billy said that he needed to briefly discuss business with Jack. Billy produced the merger contract, handed it to Jack, and asked Jack whether he had signed it.

As Victor peered into the room, Jack told Billy he remembered signing the agreement. Billy looked defeated. Victor looked victorious.

Question the Answers

Question the Answers

Thursday, May 14, 2015

At the island cabin, Kelly laced Jack's orange juice with drugs, and Jack complained that his head felt heavy and that he was thirsty. She toasted to paradise and to the wonderful man she shared it with, and she hoped they'd have a long and happy marriage. Jack vaguely remembered dancing, and Kelly gushed that she could have stayed in his arms all night long, but they had more important ways to celebrate. Jack said he needed to see his family, but Kelly replied that she was his family, and she raised the juice to his lips.

Jack imagined that his son and his siblings were looking for him, but Kelly maintained her lie about the boating accident. She claimed that everyone had moved on, and she insisted that his relatives were fine without him. She added that she was all Jack would ever need, but he insisted on getting back to Jabot. Kelly informed him that there was no Jabot anymore, since after Jack had been presumed dead, the board of directors had agreed to merge Jabot with Newman.

Kelly reported that the name of the company had been changed to Newman-Abbott, but Jack protested that Ashley and Billy never would have consented to it. Kelly asserted that Jack had no reason to go back, since he had nothing left in Genoa City but sad memories. Jack envisioned John standing behind Kelly, and John noted that he'd been nothing more than a memory for a long time, but he'd never left. Jack asked why John was there, and John replied that he was there to remind Jack of the truth.

Kelly vowed to take care of Jack like a good wife should, and she asked if he needed anything. He said he wanted the truth, and Kelly said she'd keep telling it to him until he believed her. She stepped out to get him a clean shirt, and Jack babbled to John about the wedding and the boating accident. John observed that Jack seemed confused and weak, and Jack mumbled that something didn't make sense about Jabot. John encouraged Jack to keep asking questions until he got answers.

Jack couldn't think of the questions he wanted to ask, but John said they were stored inside him like papers in a filing cabinet, and Jack just had to open the drawer. Kelly returned with a fresh shirt, and Jack told her that he had to understand the merger. Kelly scolded that he didn't need the stress, but John urged Jack to stick to his guns. Jack continued to push for details, and Kelly retrieved a file folder and showed him some articles about Ashley taking over for Jack after his alleged death. Kelly inquired whether Jack had any more questions, and a crushed Jack replied no.

Kelly helped Jack change into a clean, white shirt, and she remarked that he looked handsome. Jack looked past her at John, who reminded him not to forget his wife. Jack mused something about his wife, and Kelly cooed that she was his wife, and she questioned whether he loved her and only her. He didn't respond, and she yelled at him to answer. He said she was right, and she smiled.

At Newman-Abbott, Ashley scowled at the image of the new company logo on her computer screen, and Stitch asked if something was wrong. She griped that everything going on there was wrong, and she wondered where his "latest appendage" was. Stitch mentioned that Abby was having breakfast with friends, but things couldn't be better between them, and he thought it was obvious that Ashley had a problem with him seeing her daughter. Ashley replied that she'd have a problem if Stitch stopped seeing Abby.

Ashley chided Stitch for playing musical chairs with women, and she didn't want to see Abby get hurt, since the tension between Victoria and the Abbott women was already a problem. Stitch conceded that it hadn't been good timing, but he wasn't sorry he and Abby had gotten together, and he was finally in a relationship that hadn't started with a lie. He continued that he was free to be who he was with no judgment, and he thought he and Abby were good for one another. Ashley anticipated that something would eventually happen to put a wedge between them, and Stitch acknowledged that nothing was ever perfect, but he had no intention of screwing things up.

At the hospital, Phyllis sat at the Jack impostor's bedside while he slept, and she was surprised when Avery popped in. The women hugged, and Avery explained that she'd returned from Chicago because she'd figured her sister had needed her. Phyllis reported that the crisis was over, and Jack would be able to go home that day. Phyllis asked about Joe, and Avery replied that he wasn't walking yet, but he was making progress. Avery added that she still wanted to be involved in Joe's recovery, but it had been time to get home, since she and Dylan needed to spend time together.

Avery asked if there was anything she could do for Phyllis, but Phyllis said Jack was all she needed, and Avery departed. The Jack clone dreamed about being locked up in a foreign prison, and he cried out in Spanish. Phyllis rushed to his side and asked if he was all right, and Jack insisted he was fine, but he'd had a strange dream. Phyllis asked when he'd become fluent in Spanish, since she'd heard him screw up the language while ordering margaritas. Jack pulled her next to him on the bed and amorously said being married to her made him feel like Don Juan, but she clucked that he was still recovering, and they had plenty of time to learn more things they didn't know about one another.

Phyllis took Jack home to the mansion and pressed to know what he'd been dreaming about earlier, and he fibbed that it had been a trip to Acapulco. Jack preferred to focus on the good dreams he'd been having, and he offered to show her what they'd been about. They began to make out as Ashley walked in and remarked that someone had fully recovered, but Phyllis scolded Jack for pushing his limits. Jack proclaimed that the accident had changed his outlook on life, and he swore that things would be very different from then on.

Jack said the accident had been a wake-up call that he'd been trying to be someone he wasn't, and he was done with trying to recapture his youth. Jack swore he wouldn't do anything that would take him away from the wife, family, and company he loved, but Ashley said the company didn't exist anymore. Jack announced that he was going back to work, and he was committed to doing everything he could to be a guiding force in their father's company. Jack pledged to make sure Victor didn't cross the line, and Ashley was thrilled to have the Jack she knew and loved back. Jack headed upstairs to rest, and Ashley marveled at her brother's turnaround, but Phyllis wasn't convinced.

Phyllis told Ashley about Jack speaking in Spanish, and she mentioned that Mrs. Martinez had always made fun of him for butchering the language, but Jack had sounded like he'd spoken it for his entire life. Ashley recalled that he'd studied the romance languages in school, but Phyllis couldn't fathom why his skills would have improved. Ashley mentioned that she'd read about people with head injuries recovering skills that had been dormant for years, and she couldn't imagine what else it could be. Meanwhile, Jack's double slept, and he dreamed about banging on the door to his prison cell and saying he'd do anything to get out of there.

At Crimson Lights, Abby, Noah, Kyle, Summer, Kevin, and Mariah discussed the charges against Sharon being dropped, and they assumed the police were still searching for the real murderer. Mariah suggested that Summer dip into her trust find to hire private security for all of them, and Summer asked where Abby's personal bodyguard was. Abby replied that Stitch didn't think they were in danger anymore, since they'd already told the police everything they knew, and they were no longer a threat to the killer. Meanwhile, someone watched them from outside the coffeehouse.

Abby thought the killer wouldn't risk being caught by going after them again, and Summer speculated that the killer had probably left town. Mariah snapped that she wasn't willing to bet her life on it, and Kyle took a call from Phyllis and learned Jack had been released from the hospital. Summer marveled that it felt like she could breathe again, but Mariah grumbled that they might not be breathing much longer, and she stalked off. Kevin followed Mariah and promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and Mariah pointed out that Noah had made the same promise to Courtney. Kevin had faith in Mariah's survival instincts, but Mariah suspected that Kevin wasn't convinced they were safe, either.

Abby declared that it felt great not to have to look over her shoulder every minute, and Kyle suggested they put what had happened at the cabin behind them. Summer expected a snarky comment from Mariah, who remained mum, but Summer's expression darkened when she received a text message from an unknown sender, summoning her to the cabin and instructing her not to tell the police. Their phones all began to buzz with the same message.

Abby called Stitch and told him about the message, and Stitch said he would be right there. Mariah warned the group to listen to her the next time, but Kyle huffed that there wouldn't be a next time, since he was determined to find out what was going on. Summer wanted to call the police, and Abby insisted on waiting for Stitch to figure out a plan together, but Kyle refused to wait to see who the next victim would be. "This ends now," Kyle declared, and he rushed out with Kevin and Noah following close behind him.

Stitch arrived at the coffeehouse, and Mariah informed him that the guys had left for the cabin to confront the killer. Stitch planned to try to catch up with them and get them to turn around, and Abby wanted to go with him, but he insisted that she stay safe. Stitch kissed Abby, and he warned the young women not to follow him. After Stitch took off, Mariah sarcastically stated that they were just weak women who couldn't do anything for themselves.

Summer started to call the police, but Mariah snatched the phone out of her hand and snarled that Summer was out to prove they were the weaker and dumber sex. Summer trusted Paul to help them, and she had his direct number. Summer argued that they'd tried doing things on their own before, and one of them had been killed, so they'd be morons if they hadn't learned from it. Mariah handed the phone back to Summer, who left a message for Paul.

At the Abbott cabin, Kyle reported to Kevin and Noah that there was no one in the bedrooms or bathrooms, and the young men hesitantly opened the armoire, but it was empty. Stitch burst in and blasted them for taking the bait, and he lectured that they could have been murdered. Stitch announced that he was calling the cops, but they heard a noise outside. The door opened, and Stitch tackled Fen. Kevin assumed Fen had received the text message, too, but Fen admitted he'd sent it.

Kevin, Kyle, and Stitch questioned why Fen had summoned everyone there instead of just calling, and Fen said he'd had to make sure they'd show up, since they'd been angry with him for spiking the punch. Fen asked where the women were, and Abby, Summer, and Mariah appeared in the doorway. Fen revealed that he'd been in contact with the killer from the beginning.

Dylan woke up on Sharon's couch and found Sharon asleep next to him. She stirred when he got up, and he told her to go back to sleep, but she mumbled that she hadn't meant to fall asleep on the couch. She offered to make some coffee, but he pointed out that he'd get it for free at work. Dylan rubbed his neck, and Sharon recognized that the sofa wasn't very comfortable, but he noted that it hadn't been the first time he'd slept on it. She worriedly asked if things were okay between them.

Dylan reassured Sharon that the close moments they'd shared had been no big deal, and Sharon agreed there had been nothing more to it, but she couldn't help but be concerned it would affect their friendship. He swore it wouldn't, and she walked him to the door. He said he'd check in on her later, and they shared an awkward hug before he left. Sharon smiled as she folded the blanket, and she noticed Dylan's wallet on the couch. There was a knock at the door, and she assumed he'd returned to retrieve it. Sharon rambled about the wallet falling out of his pants as she opened the door, and she faced Avery.

Avery guessed that Dylan had been there, and Sharon explained that Dylan had escorted her home from jail after the charges had been dropped. Avery scoffed at the idea of congratulating Sharon, and Sharon replied that she wouldn't hold her breath, given the lack of compassion Avery had shown her. Sharon commended Dylan for believing in her innocence, even though everyone else hadn't been able to wait to finish her off. Avery realized that Sharon had feelings for Dylan, and Sharon insisted they were just friends, but Avery retorted that Dylan's wallet wouldn't have just fallen out unless he'd been on his back with Sharon on top of him.

Sharon guessed the idea had crossed Avery's mind, since it was what Avery wanted to do with her ex, and Avery was stunned that Dylan had confided her personal business to Sharon. Dylan returned, and he was surprised Avery wasn't still with Joe. Avery spat that she should have abided by the wishes in his text message and just stayed in Chicago, but Dylan had no idea what she was talking about. Avery pulled up the message on her phone and read it aloud, and Dylan swore he hadn't sent it. Sharon confessed that she had.

Avery accused Sharon of taking advantage of the situation to cause problems between Avery and Dylan, and Sharon swore she'd been trying to help, but Avery compared it to the way Sharon had "helped" Nick by making him think Summer wasn't his daughter. Avery ranted that Dylan had gone on about Joe threatening their relationship when they'd needed to worry about Sharon, and Sharon argued that Avery was making it into something it wasn't. Dylan suggested he and Avery continue the conversation in private, and Avery agreed as she stormed out. Sharon begged Dylan for the chance to explain, but Dylan sternly told her he needed to talk to Avery. After he left, Sharon opened Dylan's wallet and forlornly pulled out a snapshot of him and Avery.

Dylan and Avery went to her apartment, and they argued about Sharon. Dylan sympathized that Sharon's bipolar disorder meant she had to deal with issues most people couldn't imagine, and Avery countered that a psychiatrist was equipped to handle it, but Dylan wasn't. Dylan refused to abandon Sharon, but Avery thought feeding into Sharon's psychosis wasn't doing any good. Avery questioned whether Dylan intended to let Sharon get away with sending the text from his phone, and Dylan reiterated that he wouldn't walk away from a friend. Avery dared him to admit it was something more, and Dylan ordered Avery to stop telling him how he felt.

Dylan suspected that Avery was turning his relationship with Sharon into something more than it was because of Avery's own feelings for Joe. Dylan revealed that he'd spotted Joe and Avery in one another's arms, and Avery wondered if Dylan had lost his mind after hanging out with Sharon for too long. She imagined that Dylan had seen her comforting Joe or holding him upright, but Dylan thought their body language had indicated something more, and Avery surmised that he'd turned to Sharon to get back at her. Dylan wondered how they'd gotten to that point, since they'd always fought together, and Avery recognized that there was no longer anything standing in their way.

Avery thought that the soldier in Dylan needed something to protect, and he asked if the end of their battles meant they were over, too. Avery said she couldn't go on with the way things were, since she didn't want to live life that way. Dylan asserted that the years they'd spent loving one another had to count for something, and she recounted that she'd spent nights thinking about him when he'd been in Afghanistan, but the life she'd pictured had been nothing like the way things had turned out. Dylan remarked that he wasn't the same guy who'd gone off to war, and Avery replied that she wasn't the same woman he'd left behind.

Avery wondered if Joe's return had been a good thing, since it had forced her and Dylan to look at things honestly, and she saw two people trying to fix something. Her voice trailed off, and Dylan wondered if she thought it couldn't be fixed. He asked what they should do, and she replied that she knew what they shouldn't do. Dylan protested as Avery took off her engagement ring, but she pressed it into his hand and ran out.

Playing By the Rules

Playing By the Rules

Friday, May 15, 2015

At the Abbott cabin, Stitch blasted Fen for not saying anything about who the killer had been, but Fen clarified that while he'd been in contact with the killer, he didn't know the person's identity. Fen explained that the culprit had reached out to him long before Abby's party, but he hadn't known the person had been a murderer until they'd woken up and found Austin dead. Fen added that he'd lied when he'd told everyone he'd drugged the punch for fun, and the truth was that he'd been blackmailed into doing it.

The young adults condemned Fen for lying about how he'd obtained the drugs, and Summer asked how the killer had blackmailed Fen. Fen admitted he'd been flunking a class, so he'd hacked into the school's computer to change his grade to a passing one. Fen lamented that his whole future would have been ruined if he'd been expelled, and Summer ranted that her husband and her best friend no longer had a future, thanks to Fen. Noah lunged at Fen, but Paul burst in with the cops, and Summer declared that Fen had lied to all of them.

Paul asked why Fen hadn't spilled everything sooner, and Noah pointed out that his mother had been arrested for the murders. Fen defended that he'd thought she'd been guilty, since all the evidence had implicated her, but he'd eventually stepped up and told the truth. Kyle sarcastically called Fen a real hero, and Abby barked that two people were dead. Paul inquired whether the blackmailer had continued to make threats, and Fen replied that he hadn't heard anything else since Valentine's Day, but he'd been scared.

Fen explained that it had started with an anonymous text message from someone who'd seen him change his grade, and the person had promised not to rat him out if he agreed to do something later. Fen hadn't heard anything more until he'd returned to Genoa City for Abby's party, and he'd received another text, saying it was time to cash in the favor. The person had instructed him to find a package taped under a bench on Old Post Road and dump the contents of the enclosed vial into everyone's drinks. Paul asked if Fen had kept any evidence that might help catch the culprit.

Fen handed over his phone with the text messages, and Paul remarked that the killer had used a burner phone. Paul inquired about the vial, but Noah reported that Courtney had disposed of it when they'd covered up Austin's death. Fen grabbed his backpack and pulled out the envelope the vial had been in, and he swore that it was everything he had. Kevin asked if Fen intended to tell Michael and Lauren what he'd done, and Fen said he wanted to be honest with everyone. Stitch contended that no one outside that room could know, and he urged Fen to go back to school and let the police find the killer.

Fen argued that he had to see his parents, since his dad had cancer, and he had to make sure his mom was holding up. Paul agreed to let Fen visit his folks as long as Fen hopped on the first plane back to Arizona, since he didn't want the killer to see Fen interacting with anyone. Stitch asked what Paul hoped to find by having the envelope analyzed, and Paul thought any traces of DNA might lead them to the killer.

After the police left, Stitch said they should get back to their normal routines, but Summer insisted on talking to Fen about how he'd deceived them. Kyle, Mariah, Abby, and Noah took turns berating Fen for the havoc his actions had caused, but Kevin urged them to put themselves in Fen's shoes. Noah said Fen's problems had been no excuse, but Kevin asked how many of them had ever done something stupid and destructive. Mariah countered that she'd never gotten anyone killed, and Abby growled that Fen was just as much to blame as the killer was.

Fen said he could only say how sorry he was, but Mariah snapped that an apology didn't begin to cut it. Noah added that two innocent people had paid for Fen's mistake with their lives, and their blood was on Fen's hands, so Noah could never forgive Fen. Summer chided Fen for playing God with all their lives, but Kevin reiterated that they'd all messed up, and he encouraged the group to show compassion. One by one, everyone turned away, and Noah hoped the police found a DNA match to put the killer away before someone else got hurt -- or worse. Meanwhile, at the police station, Paul's computer displayed a message that confirmed there was a DNA match.

At the Abbott mansion, the Jack impostor thrashed around in his sleep, and he dreamed about Victor confronting him in prison. Jack mumbled something in Spanish, and he suddenly bolted upright and called out Victor's name. Jack grabbed Phyllis' wrist when he spied her recording a video of him on her phone, and he demanded to know "what the hell" she was doing. Phyllis asked Jack to let go of her wrist, and he said he'd been thrown to see the camera in his face.

Phyllis explained that Jack had been having another dream, so she'd thought it would be a good idea to record him to help figure out why he was having nightmares. Jack asked why it mattered, and Phyllis fretted that he'd been sweating and writhing when he'd yelled in Spanish and called out Victor's name. Jack amorously suggested that she take footage of them in the shower instead, and Phyllis told him to go first. He stepped into the bathroom, and she looked concerned as she rubbed her wrist. She called someone and said something wasn't right with Jack, and she asked the person to get over there.

Later, Phyllis showed the video of Jack to Victor, and he understood why she'd found it disconcerting, but he assured her that dreams weren't always a reflection of reality. Phyllis noted that the nightmares had been recurring, and she had no idea why Jack had been speaking in Spanish. Victor asked what she wanted him to do about it, but Jack entered and wished she'd talked to him before inviting Victor over. Victor mentioned Jack yelling out Victor's name, and Jack joked that people would say they were in love. Victor wondered if Jack was under too much stress, and he suggested that perhaps the Abbott family's opposition to the merger was affecting Jack's health, so maybe they should call the deal off.

Jack refused to scuttle the deal, and he mentioned that he'd just told Ashley and Phyllis that he intended to be much more involved in the operations of the company. Jack was sure that everything would fall into place once his family got used to it, but Phyllis warned Jack not to overdo it. Jack thought Phyllis was being overprotective after the accident, but he recalled that Ashley had been comfortable with him working more. Jack vowed to make his family see that he was on their side, and he expected to sleep like a baby once the infighting stopped. Victor promised to keep a close eye on Jack for Phyllis' sake.

Jack encouraged Phyllis to take a short nap, and she said she expected him to join her once he was done discussing business with Victor. She thanked Victor for dropping everything to be there, and she went upstairs. Jack demanded to know why Victor had suggested killing the merger, and Victor replied that he'd wanted to distract Phyllis to stop her from asking more questions. Jack argued that he couldn't control what happened in his sleep, and Victor warned him not to blow their deal. Victor ordered Jack to alienate Phyllis to get her to sleep in another room, but Jack refused.

Jack huffed that Victor couldn't talk to him like he was a child or an employee, but Victor expected the clone to control himself at all times. Jack argued that it would send up red flags to send away the love of his life, but Victor ordered him to stop acting crazy to avoid Phyllis asking more questions. Jack said he just had to divert her attention, and he poured himself a drink. Victor ordered Jack to use his brain instead of other parts of his anatomy, but Jack reasoned that he was just playing the part of a newlywed. Victor took away the drink, and Jack warned Victor to back off and let him do his job. Victor ominously stated that he called the shots.

Jack contended that he was Victor's partner, and he expected to be treated as such, or he'd blow up the whole deal. Victor threatened to notify the FBI if the impostor crossed him, and Jack countered that he'd pour gasoline on Victor's entire operation and light the match himself. Victor huffed that no one could tie him to a "damn thing," but Jack cautioned that if Victor talked, Jack talked. Victor referred to where empty threats had gotten the real Jack, but the impostor declared that he was Marco, and he didn't play by the same rules. Victor warned that he had his own rule: "Winner takes all."

At the rehab facility, a doctor told Joe that he would soon be able to continue his therapy as an outpatient at home, and Joe remarked that he could use some good news. Later, Joe was surprised when Avery returned to the clinic, and she reminded him that he hadn't wanted her to leave. He mentioned that his doctor had just been there, but she began to cry, and she said it had been a rough morning. He noticed she was no longer wearing her engagement ring.

Avery thought perhaps Sharon had done her a favor, but Joe acknowledged that it didn't make the breakup any less painful, and Avery sobbed that if she and Dylan had been in a good place, they wouldn't have split over Sharon's obnoxious behavior. Avery added that they'd been living in the past with their old dreams instead of moving forward, and Dylan had chosen to spend time with Sharon, just like Avery had chosen to spend time with Joe. Joe said sometimes it was no one's fault when people drifted apart, and Avery appreciated him listening. He swore he'd do anything for her, and she was glad they'd reached a point where they could talk openly. Joe leaned in to kiss her, and Avery asked what he was doing.

Joe wondered why Avery was surprised he'd wanted to kiss her, and she asked why he'd thought she'd want that. She protested that she'd just ended her engagement, and she wasn't looking for a rebound thing. He questioned why she'd returned to the clinic, and she argued that he had no other support system. He said there was more to it, and they both knew it.

Joe pointed out that he'd only asked Avery to put his stuff in storage, yet she'd been there by his side day and night. He insisted they had a connection, but she maintained that he'd misread things. She recalled that he'd said he was over her, and Joe explained that he hadn't thought they'd had a chance. He continued that he'd meant it when he'd said all he wanted was her happiness, but he'd never stopped loving her, and he believed she felt the same way. He implored her to be honest with herself about why she'd returned as soon as she'd ended things with Dylan.

Avery recognized that Joe was vulnerable, and she reiterated that he'd misread her concern as something more. She explained that she'd been spending time there because she'd caused his fall, but he countered that it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't hit on her. She stressed that she cared about him as a friend, but she couldn't give him more. She asked him to promise he wouldn't cross the line again, or she'd have to leave, and he apologized. She said she wanted to be there, but she'd go on with her own life once he was up and about, and Joe said he'd heard her loud and clear.

Joe told his doctor that it would be great if he was ready to go home, but he worried that his progress had been a fluke. The doctor instructed Joe to try the exercises again, and Joe spotted Avery through the window, talking on the phone. Joe pulled himself to his feet and struggled to walk using the parallel bars, and he said that he thought he should stay there longer.

Avery talked with Phyllis, who worried that Jack had been released too soon. Phyllis thanked Avery for checking in, since she knew Avery's trip home had been to spend time with Dylan, but Avery revealed that she was back at the rehab center. Avery tearfully added that she and Dylan had broken up, and Phyllis said she was sorry. Avery cried that she was, too, but part of her thought it had been inevitable. Avery watched the doctor help Joe back into his wheelchair, and she murmured that Joe needed her.

Sharon stopped by Avery's apartment, and she was sure she was the last person Dylan wanted to see, but she'd wanted to return his wallet. She admitted it had been an excuse to see him, since she hadn't been able to stand waiting any longer, and she wanted to explain to both Dylan and Avery why she'd sent the text message. Dylan revealed that Avery wasn't there, and Sharon asked if things had blown up after they'd left the cottage. Dylan relayed that they'd broken up.

Dylan showed Sharon the ring Avery had returned, and he said he and Avery had been the most honest they'd been with one another in months. He explained that they'd realized they'd been great as long as they'd been fighting for a cause together, but when they hadn't had one for a while, they'd started fighting one another. Sharon imagined the couple had argued about her and Joe, and Dylan remarked that it was hard to have four people in a relationship. Sharon apologetically rambled about sending the text message, and she admitted it had been selfish. Dylan bellowed that he'd gone out of his way to try to help her, and he couldn't believe how she'd repaid him.

Dylan admonished Sharon for doing something underhanded when he'd thought he could trust her, and Sharon whimpered that she regretted reacting in the moment. She insisted that Dylan was important to her, and she didn't want to lose him. She pointed out that Dylan and Avery had already been having problems, and finding out Sharon had sent the text message should have resolved things, but Avery had been on a flight five minutes later. Sharon offered to talk to Avery, but Dylan said it wouldn't help. Sharon struggled to think of something she could do, but Dylan coldly told her to go. Her eyes filled with tears as she asked if that was what he really wanted, and when he didn't respond, she walked out.

Sharon returned home, and she flashed back to waking up on the couch with Dylan. She thought about kissing Dylan and agreeing that they wouldn't let the buss affect their friendship. Meanwhile, Dylan stared out window and looked down at Avery's ring, and he left the apartment.

Dylan burst into the cottage, and Sharon remarked that she'd thought he was done with her. He recognized that he shouldn't have pushed her away, but he'd been angry. She acknowledged that he had a right to be, and he clarified that he was mad at himself for not seeing what had been happening between him and Avery. He continued that he hadn't been honest about Sharon, and Avery had made him face some hard questions. Sharon pointed out that he wouldn't have helped her if he didn't care, but Dylan confessed that Avery had been right, since he had feelings for Sharon. Sharon stared at him in disbelief.

Dylan wished he didn't have feelings for Sharon for her sake, and he explained that whenever he thought he was doing better, he self-destructed and hurt the people he cared about. He referred to what had just happened with Avery, and Sharon said the couple's problems hadn't been solely his fault. He agreed, but he couldn't help feeling he was a poison, and he could never make a real relationship work. Sharon pointed out that he already had made it work with her, and she'd gotten used to having him around.

Dylan said he didn't want to hurt Sharon, but she replied that she wasn't afraid of him, since she understood how he felt. She knew what it was like to be afraid that she'd destroy everything she touched, but it didn't have to be that way, and she planted a tender kiss on his lips. Sharon pulled back and said it had been a mistake, since he only wanted to be friends. He pulled her toward him, and they kissed more passionately. They began to undress one another, and they headed upstairs and made love.

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