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Avery called Dylan and reported an intruder outside. The Abbott clan was shocked that Gabriel was Jack's son. Jack and Marisa found their way to shore. Marisa called Jabot and reached Marco, but she fibbed that Jack was dead. Victor was arrested for embezzlement.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 15, 2015 on Y&R
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Marco Receives Devastating News Marco Receives Devastating News

Monday, June 15, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Summer told Kyle that she feared he was keeping a secret from her. Ashley arrived, and Kyle was shocked that she'd left the hospital. Ashley laughed and said that perfectly healthy people didn't stick around hospitals. Ashley asked if she'd missed anything at work. Kyle dismissed the question, but Summer said it seemed she was not the only person Kyle was hiding information from. Ashley asked what was going on. Kyle told Ashley to question his dad. Summer sighed heavily. Ashley, noticing the tension between Kyle and Summer, replied, "I think I'll do that."

After Ashley left, Kyle asked Summer why she'd behaved as she had when Ashley had been present. Summer replied, "Because of the way you, Billy, and Jack had your heads together. I never knew what hatching a plot looked like until then." Kyle begged Summer to drop the subject, but Summer said she suspected the plan might have something to do with her grandpa. Kyle redirected the conversation by telling Summer that he was in love with her. Summer replied, "You have to tell me what's going on. I cannot have another relationship built on lies." Kyle took Summer by the hand and led her out the door.

At Chancellor Park, Summer and Kyle continued their conversation about the secret. Kyle admitted that circumstances surrounding the merger weren't what they appeared. Summer was disheartened and said that she cared about both Victor and Jack. Kyle seemed surprised to hear Summer say she cared about Jack. Summer said she'd always have a soft spot for the Abbotts, so she hoped Jack wasn't planning to mess things up. Kyle replied, "I wish your last name wasn't Newman and my last name wasn't Abbott."

In the lab at Jabot, Phyllis approached Marco, the man Victor had hired to masquerade as Jack, and asked why Victor seemed upset. Victor claimed that he was upset about what had happened to Ashley. "Jack" replied, "Ashley's fine." Victor explained that if Ashley's aneurysm had ruptured, she might have died. Jack assured Phyllis that Ashley was fine and explained that Victor had always had a soft spot for Ashley. Victor glared at Marco.

Ashley arrived, and Victor pleaded with Ashley to take care of herself instead of working so hard. Ashley agreed she would. Ashley asked to speak alone to the man she believed was her brother Jack. After Ashley and "Jack" stepped out, Phyllis told Victor that she didn't believe he'd told the truth when he'd said his only concern had been Ashley's health. Phyllis added that she thought it had been odd for Victor to show his vulnerable side to Jack in a heart-to-heart conversation because Victor's aim had always been to destroy Jack. Victor simply explained that the battles between him and Jack were over. Phyllis didn't seem convinced.

In Ashley's office, "Jack" told Ashley about the plan to frame Victor for embezzlement in order to assume control of the merged company. He said that Billy, Kyle, Chelsea, and Gabriel were all on board with the scheme. He explained that Gabriel was seeking retribution for what Victor had done to his family. "Jack" asked Ashley if he could count on her. Ashley was flabbergasted and said she no longer seemed to know her own brother. Ashley cried, "I'm not going along with this plan, Jack, because it's illegal!"

"Jack" told Ashley that it had been his plan all along to agree to the merger, set Victor up, and then walk away with both companies. Ashley said they might end up in prison, except Jack, whose hands wouldn't be dirty. He said he was in charge of manipulating Victor, so he had to stay a step removed. Ashley wasn't convinced when Jack said that no family member would face repercussions. Growing irritated, Jack angrily ordered an uncooperative Ashley to stay out of everyone's way while the scheme played out.

When Ashley abruptly walked out of her office, Phyllis asked if she was all right. Ashley claimed she'd returned to work too soon. After Ashley left, Phyllis told "Jack" that she wasn't buying the bogus explanation from him and Victor. Phyllis added, "I have already questioned Victor, and he continued to shovel the same load of crap." Jack interrupted and angrily insisted that Victor had been concerned about Ashley.

Undaunted, Phyllis demanded that "Jack" tell her what was going on. He said that he and Ashley had argued, but he assured Phyllis that everything was all right. When Jack stepped away, Phyllis retrieved his cellphone and read a text message. When he returned, Phyllis read the text, which stated, "Confirmation. M was with him. Both dead." Jack was stunned. Phyllis asked who "M" was.

At the Underground, Victoria and Billy flirted. Billy expressed his surprise that they were working together again and getting along so well. Victoria said, "I think you're forgetting how many times we've butted heads since this whole merger started." Victoria admitted that she appreciated knowing that she could trust Billy, even though they were technically on opposite sides of Newman-Abbott. Victoria said she didn't believe that her dad and Jack had ended their feud.

Billy said that Victoria probably thought Jack would be the first to try something underhanded. Victoria asked Billy to share his thoughts. Billy said that Jack had sworn he was a changed man. Billy added that Jack's behavior backed up his claim. Victoria agreed to keep an eye on Victor, and Billy agreed to keep an eye on Jack. Victoria, her eyes sparkling, said they'd both be vigilant about backsliding into old behaviors.

Ashley met up with Billy at the Underground and discussed their brother's embezzlement scheme. Billy laughed nervously and said, "You've got to admit the plan is genius. The way Jack's going about it, none of us will get caught." Ashley replied, "It's criminal." Ashley warned Billy that if Victoria found out, she'd never forgive him.

Billy seemed concerned. Attempting to convince himself, Billy explained to Ashley that Victoria had forgiven Victor many times over just as she had forgiven Billy's past sins. Billy added that it was his, Jack's, and Ashley's one shot at regaining their dad's company. Ashley insisted that their father would never had approved of Jack's unethical plot to throw Victor out of both companies. Billy said the plan wouldn't succeed without Ashley, so she reluctantly agreed to comply.

At Crimson Lights, Sage was taken aback when Nick insisted she move in with him. Sage reminded Nick that she wasn't Faith's favorite person, but Nick explained that Faith loved babies. Nick added that their baby would make them a family, which he felt an obligation to care for. Sage suggested that Nick could still look in on her and the baby even if she lived at her own place. Nick replied, "I want you in my life. I need you." Elated, Sage said, "I'm moving in!" When the couple kissed, Dylan and Sharon, who'd just entered, watched. Nick seemed concerned about Sharon's initial reaction.

Sharon and Dylan joined Nick and Sage. Sharon expressed relief in knowing that Sage and her baby were all right. Nick apologized for having accused Sharon of manipulating extenuating circumstances in order to spend additional time alone with Faith. Sharon admitted that she could've handled the situation better. Dylan and Sharon informed Nick that Avery had secured a restraining order against Joe, who had been pretending he couldn't walk. Dylan admitted that he'd punched Joe, who'd also secured a restraining order against him.

Nick announced that he and Sage planned to move in together. Sharon congratulated the couple. Sage said she was thankful to have Nick by her side because she'd never been pregnant and didn't have much experience with babies. Sharon replied, "Nick will know what to do." Sharon offered to help ease Faith into the transition. Sage seemed somewhat apprehensive when Sharon said that she truly wished Nick and Sage all the best.

Nick and Sharon engaged in a private conversation at a table while Dylan and Sage talked at the coffee bar. Nick thanked Sharon for her positive response to his announcement and her kind words spoken to Sage. Sharon, smiling, noted that Dylan had been a good influence. Sharon added that working at Crimson Lights with Dylan was exactly what she'd needed. Nick said that Sharon and Dylan made quite a team. Sharon glanced across the room at Dylan and said, "Yes, we do."

After Nick and Sage left, Dylan commended Sharon on her honest and positive reaction to Nick's announcement. Sharon said she was honestly happy. He also praised her for handling other stressful matters so well. Dylan clasped Sharon's hands and asked if she would allow him to move in with her. Sharon replied, "I will!" The couple embraced.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick and Sage approached Victor. Nick announced that Sage would be moving in with him at the tack house. Victor was pleased and said that the unborn baby should be the couple's first consideration. Sage said that nothing was more important to her. Nick and Sharon went upstairs to collect Sage's belongings. After the couple walked away, Victor shook his head as if the encounter had left him befuddled.

Victoria joined her dad, and he announced that Nick and Sage were moving in together. Victor asked Victoria if she'd gleaned information from Billy. Victoria said that Billy had agreed to let her know when Jack planned to make a move. In return, Victoria added, she had agreed to report to Billy when Victor made a move. Victor laughed and replied, "As if I would let the Abbotts know when I'm planning to make a move. When I do plan, they'll be the last ones to know." Victoria agreed to protect the Newman family's interest. Summer appeared and said, "Grandpa, there's something you need to know."

Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Lauren informed a stunned Devon that she thought the location wasn't right for her boutique, and Lily overheard and coldly agreed that it wasn't the right fit at all. Lily chastised Lauren for beating her to the punch, since Lily had wanted the pleasure of throwing Lauren's "cheating ass" out of there. Lauren declared that their partnership was over, and they could tend to the legalities later. Lily imagined that Lauren expected Michael to deal with the legal fallout from Lauren chasing Lily's husband, and Devon warned them to keep their voices down.

Lauren maintained that Cane had been a very good friend during a difficult time, but that had been all. Lily accused Lauren of trashing her marriage to Michael when he'd needed her the most, and Cane approached and said he could hear them from down the hall. Lily ranted that she'd forgiven him for lying about Hilary and Devon, but Cane had acted just like them by cheating on Lily in front of her face. Cane insisted that nothing had happened and that he loved Lily, but Lily snapped that Lauren had wanted him and had clearly gotten him. Cane blurted out that Michael had set everything up.

Cane explained that Michael had manipulated the situation from the beginning, since Michael had pushed Lauren to work with Cane, and Michael had always found some excuse to leave Cane and Lauren alone together. Cane continued that he'd wanted to tell Lauren, but he'd hoped Michael would talk to her about it. Lauren felt stupid for not seeing what had been happening, and Lily spat that it just meant Lauren's husband was just as disgusting was Lauren was. Lily sauntered off, and Devon encouraged her to work things out with Cane, but she retorted that she couldn't expect a man who'd cheated with his father's wife to understand. Hilary overheard and asked if Devon still wanted to talk about wedding plans.

At a table, Devon declared that he was done pretending that he and Hilary weren't in love, but Hilary suggested that they go out of town and find a justice of the peace. He reminded her that he could afford the wedding of her dreams, and he thought she deserved the life and the wedding she wanted. Hilary insisted that all she needed was him, and she thought they should keep the ceremony low-key out of respect for Neil. Devon maintained that their marriage deserved to be celebrated, and Hilary asked if he was sure about their love or if he had something to prove.

Devon said he didn't have to prove anything to anyone, and nothing would change the fact that he loved Hilary, but she didn't think it was right to shove their union in Neil's face. Devon contended that it wasn't about Neil, who didn't owe them forgiveness any more than they owed it to Neil to live a miserable life apart. He added that the wedding was about loving one another and telling the world he'd chosen her forever, and she proclaimed her love and said she couldn't wait. They kissed.

Across the dining room, Summer revealed to Victor and Victoria that she'd heard things from Kyle, and she'd thought the merger had never made sense. Victor assured Summer that he and Jack had agreed to make it work, and Victoria asked if Kyle had said something to indicate the Abbotts weren't acting in good faith. Summer didn't want Kyle to be stuck in the middle, and she added that the Newman and Abbott families always ended up hurting one another. Victor promised that the Newman side intended no harm, but Summer rushed off. Victor surmised that the Abbotts were planning a move against them.

Victoria imagined that Summer was too loyal to Kyle to spill anything further, and Victor suspected Kyle knew more than he was letting on. Victoria thought both Kyle and Summer were too young to know that it was impossible to be loyal to both their families and one another, and Victor suggested that Victoria lend a sympathetic ear as someone who'd also been caught between the two clans. Victoria volunteered to talk to Billy instead, since he might give away the whole plan, and Victor proudly called Victoria her father's daughter.

Victoria said she wanted the truth, and she felt like the merger and Victor and Jack's newfound friendship had been a game of chicken. Victor said he'd considered confronting Jack, but he didn't think it would work. Victoria suggested that they try to get information from someone Jack trusted, and she pointed out that Phyllis owed Victor. Victor didn't think they could get leverage with Jack through Phyllis, and Victoria asked who they could use. Later, Victor reviewed Marco's criminal dossier, and he learned about Marco's affair with Marisa.

At Crimson Lights, Michael wondered why Avery had thought she'd had to leave town and disappear, and he noted that her family had been concerned when they'd found blood at her apartment and her abandoned car at the lake. Avery claimed that she'd needed a few days to clear her head, but Michael didn't buy it. She jokingly asked if he was afraid she'd drop her caseload on him, and he implored her to tell him why she'd felt leaving had been her only option. Joe entered, and Avery stared at him.

Michael offered to remind Joe of Avery's restraining order or to call the police, but Avery confronted Joe, who questioned why she was in his personal space if she was scared of him. She barked that he had a restraining order against the owner of the coffeehouse, and Joe pointed out that she had one against Joe, but she couldn't seem to get enough of him. Joe seedily suggested that she take him out back to see how close they could get, and she called him disgusting. Joe asked why she was there, since Dylan had traded her in, but Michael intervened and ordered Joe out. Joe taunted that Dylan had figured out that since Avery had cheated on Joe, she'd probably cheat on Dylan, too.

Michael prepared to call the police, but Joe argued that he hadn't known Avery would be there. Michael countered that Joe was begging to be arrested, and he hissed that Joe had goaded and harassed Avery enough. Michael warned that the police would take the former D.A. seriously, and Joe lectured that the stress couldn't be good for Michael's health. Joe made a comment to Avery about having told one another their deep, dark secrets and knowing one another in ways no one else ever would.

After Joe departed, Michael recounted that Joe had taken beatings as a kid, and he knew that such behavior could become a repetitive cycle. Michael theorized that Joe had hurt Avery before, and she confided that it had happened once years earlier, but it had been what Joe had seen growing up. Michael firmly stated that adults were responsible for their actions, no matter how they'd been treated as children. Avery said she'd thought Joe had changed, but he still had the anger inside him, and she wondered if she'd caused it by cheating or pushing him off the balcony.

Michael asserted that Joe was responsible, not Avery, and he was adamant that she hadn't earned the abuse. She refused to give Joe the satisfaction of seeing her afraid, and Michael encouraged her to think about how to deal with Joe, since a restraining order wouldn't solve it. Lily suddenly rushed in and slapped Michael. Michael understood that Lily was upset with him, and Avery observed that he didn't seem surprised. Avery stepped out to give Michael a moment alone with Lily, and Lily snarled that Michael had become an upstanding husband and father, but his mind still worked in dirty ways.

Lily cited catching Michael with a prostitute, and she accused him of pimping out his wife to Lily's husband. Michael referred to everything he'd been through with the hormone treatments, but Lily spat that cancer had almost killed her, and she didn't want to hear how hard things were for him. She questioned whether he thought having prostate cancer made him less of a man, and she ordered him to be a man by taking his wife in his arms and telling Lauren he wanted to spend his life with her, not by dragging Lily's family into it. Michael said he'd only wanted Lauren to have someone to confide in, and he defended that he hadn't forced Lauren and Cane to kiss. Lily smacked him again and stormed out.

At the club, Lauren told Cane that Michael was pushing her away out of fear, and Cane recognized that Michael had only wanted her to be happy. Lauren wondered how that was possible without her husband, and she said she'd been ready to fight for their marriage, even after the prostitute and the divorce papers. Cane revealed that Michael hadn't slept with the prostitute, but Michael had made her believe he had done it to push her into another man's arms. Cane remarked that love and fear were a dangerous combination, and Joe eavesdropped as Lauren realized that Michael had wanted the kiss to happen to prove that their marriage was over.

After Lauren left, Cane told Joe that he was furious with Michael for making Lily believe Cane had cheated on her, and Joe said it explained the mood Lily had been in the other day. Cane groused that it was hard to talk her down when she was angry, even when she was wrong, and Joe questioned whether she had been wrong that time. Joe scoffed at the idea that Michael had forced Cane to kiss Lauren, and he imagined there was some attraction there, but Cane insisted he and Lauren were just friends. Cane left to check on the twins, and Lily approached Joe, who said she looked more stunning than usual. He added that her husband had done a very stupid thing.

Avery returned home and picked up one of Joe's ties. She flashed back to his comment that they knew each other in ways no one else ever would. Avery shut off the light, and she heard a key in the lock. She phoned Dylan and said she thought someone was in her apartment.

Lauren arrived at the coffeehouse and informed Michael that Cane had enlightened her and Lily, and Michael disclosed that Lily had been there earlier. Lauren accused him of all but shoving her and Cane together, but Michael claimed he'd just encouraged their friendship, and Lauren warned him not to dare lie to her after everything he'd done. He reminded her that he'd witnessed the kiss between her and Cane, and he'd seen lust rather than friendship, but she was entitled to her feelings, since their marriage was over.

Lauren angrily wondered why Michael couldn't just say that he'd been wrong and that he'd done a cruel thing out of fear, but he replied that he couldn't say any of it. He pulled out the divorce papers and slid them across the table, and she fought back tears as she questioned whether he wanted his freedom more than the wife who loved him more than anything. She grabbed a pen and flipped to the signature page, but she hesitated to sign. She threw the papers back at him.

At the lab, Phyllis questioned "Jack" about the text message he'd received about the deaths of "M" and a man. Jack claimed the sender had dialed the wrong number, and a frazzled Kyle interrupted. Phyllis encouraged Kyle to share the problem, but he said he needed to talk to his dad about Summer. Jack surmised that Kyle needed advice from his old man, and Phyllis left. Jack asked if Kyle and Summer had had an argument, and Kyle reported that the conversation had gone in a direction it shouldn't have.

Kyle said Summer had been suspicious of the Abbott men at the hospital, and he'd denied that anything had been going on, but Summer had put it together. Kyle swore he hadn't given her any details, but he thought she might warn Victor. Jack angrily questioned "what the hell" Kyle had done after all of Jack's planning and work, and he bellowed that Kyle had blown it over a girl. Jack raged that the plan was bigger than Kyle, and he sarcastically thanked Kyle for ruining his advantage. A stricken Kyle apologized, and Jack took a moment to calm down.

Jack said Kyle had done the right thing to tell him, and it had been a mistake for Jack to overreact. Jack explained that his plan for the merger was like a battle, and winning happened at a price. Jack conceded that he was grateful that Victor had saved his life, but Victor acted like he owned Jack, and Jack hadn't gotten that far to live under someone else's thumb. Jack vowed to fight for his life and his family, and Kyle lamented that Jack's plot was at risk because of him. Jack replied that it had raised the stakes, but he could find a way to turn it to his advantage. Kyle bemoaned that he'd been trying not to lose Summer, but he might have lost her anyway.

Jack said he understood better than anyone the crazy things men did for women, and Kyle regretted that what he'd done had been stupid and dangerous. Jack remarked that there was always a next move in business, and they just had to regroup. Kyle admitted that he didn't think rationally around Summer, and Jack marveled that a woman could get under a man's skin and into his head to make him think anything was possible. Kyle guessed that Jack had felt that way when "she'd" woken up from her coma, and Jack looked confused. Kyle said he'd assumed Jack had been talking about Phyllis, and Jack covered by lovingly calling Phyllis a firecracker.

Phyllis found Summer in the park, and she mentioned that Kyle was worried about Summer. Summer clarified that he was worried she'd talk to Victor, and she griped that she was sick of the family feud. Phyllis remarked that the battle would go on with or without them, but Summer wailed that she just wanted a normal life, and she'd thought she had a great connection with Kyle. Phyllis assured her that she did, but Summer was convinced that there would always be something in the way.

Summer revealed that she'd pressed to know if the Abbotts had a secret plan to hurt the Newmans, and Kyle had wanted to tell her, but he hadn't for her own sake. Phyllis advised that it wasn't fair of Summer to think in black and white, and Summer grumbled that she was already stuck in the middle. Summer added that she'd never thought the merger had been legitimate, and she worried that Victor and Jack were playing a dangerous game that was about to get worse. Summer mentioned that she hadn't felt right saying anything to Victor, and she hated that whatever she did would wind up hurting someone. Phyllis hugged her.

After Phyllis left, Kyle joined Summer in the park, and Summer admitted that she'd gone to Victor, but it had felt wrong to tell her grandfather anything, although not saying anything had felt wrong, too. Kyle apologized for putting her in that position, and she said she didn't care about business or the merger, but she cared about Kyle. He took her into his arms and said he didn't know how to fix it, and she pointed out that they hadn't caused the mess. Kyle mentioned that Jack had uncharacteristically snapped at him when he'd mentioned that Summer might go to Victor, and he had no idea who his father would be once it was all over.

At Newman-Abbott, Marco conducted an Internet search for Marisa Sierras, but he got no results. Phyllis appeared behind him and demanded to know if Jack was lying to her, since she suspected that Kyle had been upset earlier because Jack had pulled him into something big. Jack claimed that Kyle and Summer had had an argument, and he and Kyle had just talked about love. Phyllis reported that Summer had gone to Victor with her concerns, and Jack asked what Summer had told Victor. Phyllis thought that was what Jack really cared about, but Jack contended that he loved Summer, and he wanted to put Summer's mind at ease.

Phyllis reported that Summer had said nothing because she'd had no details, and she was sure Summer would never betray Kyle. Phyllis demanded the truth about whether the merger was really sincere, and she resented the fact that Jack hadn't been treating her like an equal. Jack envisioned ending the war once and for all by getting both companies for the Abbotts with her by his side, and he imagined it would be everything they had ever dreamed of. He reached out to embrace Phyllis, but she pushed him away and spat, "Who are you?"

Phyllis recalled that Jack had said he'd become a new man after he'd been trapped with Victor under the rubble, and he'd sworn that the experience had changed him forever. Jack quipped that forever was a long time, and Phyllis said she'd married him on the island because they had intended to be together forever, but it wouldn't work if he kept things from her. She confronted him about the text message again, and Jack admitted he'd lied about it being a wrong number. Jack confessed that "M" had been a woman he'd loved.

Legendary Bachelor Days Legendary Bachelor Days

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In an unknown island location, Jack and Marisa took refuge in a deserted cabin after making their way to shore. He flopped down on the bed, and she tested the phone, but it wasn't working. She noticed that Jack's eyes were closed, and she yelled at him not to die on her.

Later, Jack called out Phyllis' name when he awakened, but Marisa entered with a change of clothes and said he'd have to settle for her. He realized she'd undressed him, and she explained that sleeping in wet clothes could have made him sick. Marisa added that she'd found water and a first-aid kit, and she thought they'd been lucky to survive after such a big explosion. Jack couldn't believe everything she'd done to save him, but she shushed him and told him to rest. He asked her to tell him about Marco, since he felt like he owed Marco his life, too.

Marisa recalled that Marco had been trouble, but he had never lost his soul. She added that Marco was the only man she'd ever loved, and Jack asked why they hadn't had a happy ending. Marisa revealed that she'd been ready to run away with Marco and leave the violence behind, but he'd left her with a bag of money and taken off. She imagined that Marco was probably dead, and Jack said he and Marco had one more thing in common other than their looks -- everyone thought Jack was dead, too, and they might be right if he didn't get off the island.

Marisa worried that Marco's enemies were powerful, and they'd eventually realize Jack had made it off the boat and go after him. She asked if Jack could walk, and he pointed out that he'd kicked his way to shore. He tried to stand, but he collapsed on the bed, and Marisa realized that he was burning up with fever. She thought he needed a doctor if he wanted to live to see his family again, but he urged her to save her own skin and leave him there to die. Marisa reasoned that she would have let Jack drown if she'd only wanted to save herself, and she promised she'd return. He dozed off as she left.

In his office, Victor reviewed Marco's criminal dossier, which contained a highlighted segment about Marco's association with his mistress, Marisa Sierras. Victor perused the rest of the file, including an article about how the drug lord had fled, leaving Marisa holding the bag. Victoria entered and guessed that Victor had the goods on Jack, and Victor confirmed that he had proof Jack was trying to betray him. Victoria held out her hand to take the file, but Victor refused to let her see it.

Victoria asked if that was Victor's idea of being a team, and Victor replied that he wanted to protect her. She worried that Nikki had suffered a setback, but Victor reported that Nikki was doing well at rehab, and he was happy his wife would be home soon. Victor told Victoria that she no longer had to use Billy to find out what the Abbotts were plotting, and she concluded that Victor knew what Jack was up to. Victor said he'd take it from there, and she slammed the door on her way out.

Victor made a call and told someone to send him information about a certain tragic accident at sea. Victor ordered the person to find out where the boat had gone down, and he agreed to pay for a recovery mission to find proof that Jack was dead.

At the Athletic Club, Abby was surprised to see Ashley, who swore she was following doctor's orders. Ashley said she had to get to a meeting, but Abby worried that Ashley was overextending herself, and she volunteered to take the meeting off her mother's hands. Ashley countered that she'd never said it was a business meeting, and Abby recalled that the office had been a ghost town that day. Abby thought people were hiding things, since the silence had been deafening whenever she'd asked questions, but Ashley chalked it up to Abby's imagination. Ashley hurried off, but Abby remained suspicious.

At Chelsea's penthouse, "Gabriel" was impressed that Billy had gotten Ashley on board with their plan, even if it meant getting her own hands dirty. Chelsea understood why Ashley had doubts about setting up Victor to get the company back, and she asked if Billy could guarantee none of it could be traced back to them. Billy said there were no guarantees, and Chelsea fretted that other people could end up raising their children if they ended up going to jail. Adam offered to take over Chelsea's role in the scheme to leave her out of it, and Chelsea questioned why Gabriel was that committed to Jack's plan. Billy wondered what was in it for Gabriel.

Adam and Billy bickered, and Chelsea said she was sorry she'd asked the question. Billy contended that it had been a good one, since Gabriel wasn't an Abbott, and it made no sense for Gabriel to risk everything for Jack. Adam pointed out that Chelsea had been willing to help simply because Jack had asked, and he anticipated that taking down Victor would be like winning the lottery on Christmas Day. Adam ranted that Victor had taken whatever he'd wanted, and they had no idea what Victor's greed had caused. Billy declared that it was time for Gabriel to tell them the rest of the story.

Chelsea ordered Billy not to question Gabriel's motives when Gabriel had lost his father because of Victor, but Billy accused Gabriel of trotting out the story whenever it was convenient. Billy pointed out that Gabriel had barely been out of college when it had happened, and he imagined Gabriel had gotten over it, but Adam testily questioned if Billy had gotten over Delia's death. The men argued, and Adam blurted out that he wasn't only involved in the plan for Harrison Bingham but for his father. Adam asserted that Harrison had raised him, but his father was Jack Abbott. A stunned Ashley overheard as she walked in.

Chelsea encouraged Gabriel to say he was just messing with them, and Billy and Ashley realized that if it was true, Gabriel was their nephew. Ashley demanded to know how long Gabriel had known, and Adam replied that he'd been shocked when he'd recently found out, but he still found it hard to believe his mother had had an affair with Jack. Ashley was determined to get a DNA test, and she asked where Kyle was. Billy divulged that Kyle had gone out of the country to check on the funds in the offshore account, and Ashley worried that video surveillance would leave a trail of Kyle's actions if something went wrong. Billy argued that Jack would never throw Kyle to the wolves, but Ashley ordered Billy to contact Kyle and tell him not to put any transfers through until she spoke with Jack.

After Ashley left, Chelsea observed that a storm was approaching, and she hoped Connor slept through it. Billy commented that the storm would be nothing compared to the reveal of Gabriel's paternity, and he guessed that was why Gabriel had gotten the job at Jabot. Adam asserted that he'd earned the position, but Billy testily inquired whether there was anything real about Gabriel. Adam ordered Billy to leave, and Billy offered to toss Gabriel out, but Chelsea asked Billy to go. Adam reminded Billy about Ashley's direct order, but Billy thought Kyle would be fine, and Ashley's overreaction wasn't worth risking the opportunity to overthrow Victor.

Billy departed, and Adam thanked Chelsea for being on his side, but she chided Gabriel for keeping her in the dark about who he really was. She ranted that he'd allowed her to let a stranger into her home and her bed, and she'd shared things with him, including her son. Adam insisted that he wasn't a stranger, but she retorted that she'd just found out he wasn't the man he'd said he was. She demanded to know why he hadn't told her, and he defended that he'd been in shock when he'd found out he was someone completely different than he'd thought he had been. Adam urged her to believe that his love for her was real.

Adam downplayed the importance of who his father was, since all that mattered was that he was there with Chelsea, looking forward to sharing a life with her. He was confident that she felt the same way, but she flinched when he moved in close to kiss her. Adam understood that she was hurt, and he pleaded with her to tell him what she needed from him. She replied that there was only one thing he could do for her, and she ordered him to "get the hell out" of her house.

At the club, Abby approached Victoria and asked what was going on, and Victoria griped that none of her questions had been answered in her last meeting. Abby complained that not even her own mother would tell her things, and Victoria wondered who else besides Ashley had been ducking Abby's questions. Abby asked if Victoria knew something, and Victoria said Ashley's reluctance to share things with Abby had confirmed her suspicions, since she'd hit the same wall with Billy and Kyle. Victoria speculated that the Abbotts were planning a move against Victor and that Jack had been pretending the whole time.

Victoria revealed that she'd been working on Billy, but Victor had told her to forget about it, and she considered it to be a missed opportunity. Abby remarked that their father didn't always know best, and she thought it would be better if they worked together rather than abide by Victor's commands. The women agreed to forget about everyone else and find out the real story for themselves, but Victoria worried that the plan was already in motion, and they were too late.

Billy ordered his usual drink at the bar, and Abby enthusiastically ran over and invited him to join her and Victoria. Billy replied that it was the best offer he'd had all day, and Abby noted that it looked like he'd lost his best friend. He grumbled that he'd gained one whether he wanted one or not, and Abby confronted him about being in on Jack's sneak attack. Victoria added that it was a well-kept secret, but she believed Billy had a conscience, and she promised that whatever he told them wouldn't leave that table.

Abby thought that whatever Jack had up his sleeve had to be shocking, and Victoria sympathized that it was eating Billy up. Victoria begged Billy to tell her what was going on for their kids' sake, and Abby added that they'd declared their independence from Victor to do what was best for them. Billy was surprised the women hadn't tried the tag-team approach more often, and he announced that he had a scandal to share. Billy revealed that Gabriel wasn't who he'd said he was, and they had a new member of the Abbott fold, since the "bastard" who'd slept with Billy's fiancée was also his nephew.

In the lab, "Jack" admitted to Phyllis that he'd lied about the text message being a wrong number, and he told her that "M" had been a woman he'd loved. Phyllis wondered why she'd never heard about the woman before, and Jack explained that it had been a lifetime before he'd met Phyllis. Phyllis realized the relationship had been serious, and Jack said he'd wanted to marry "Manuela." Phyllis pushed to find out more, and Jack claimed that he'd met Manuela during his legendary bachelor days.

Phyllis guessed Manuela had been young and beautiful, and Jack said the women would have liked one another, since they were both opinionated and determined. He explained that he'd met Manuela on a work trip to South America, and she had been his interpreter. He continued that one thing had led to another when they'd worked closely together, and he'd known it couldn't last, but he'd loved her very deeply. "Liar," Phyllis said.

Jack insisted that he was telling Phyllis what had happened, and she clarified that she'd called him a liar because he'd spoken in the past tense, but it was obvious part of Jack still loved Manuela. Phyllis was glad he'd told her, since it made her feel close to him. Jack revealed that Manuela had grown up poor, but she hadn't let it stop her, and she had been beautiful inside and out. He remembered his former love being belligerent and stubborn in a good way, and Phyllis asked why Jack hadn't married Manuela. Jack claimed that Manuela had been a free spirit, and she'd left without a trace. Phyllis thought the incredible story needed an end, and she asked who had sent him the text message and who else had died in the explosion.

Jack said he'd spent a small fortune trying to find Manuela, and he'd eventually learned she had gotten married. Jack claimed he'd found out Manuela and her husband had been in financial trouble, so he'd paid down their debts through an intermediary until they had been able to put their lives together. Phyllis asked if Manuela hadn't had any idea, and Jack replied that he'd wanted it that way, since Manuela's happiness had been enough for him. Phyllis concluded that Jack's Latin American contact had sent the text and that Manuela's husband had also died in the explosion, and Jack made up a story about how the couple hadn't taken a vacation in years. He added that no one knew what had caused the accident, but everyone on the boat had been lost.

Jack thanked Phyllis for understanding, and she said she was grateful to Manuela, since "playboy Jack" had needed to have his heart broken to know what real love was. Phyllis added that without having loved and lost, he might not have gone on the journey he'd taken to love Phyllis. Jack called Phyllis an amazing woman, and he believed everything in his life had led him to her and the amazing thing they shared. He pledged that nothing and no one would take it from him, and she asked why he thought someone would take it. Jack answered a call from Victor, who summoned Marco to his office right away.

Phyllis used the lab computer to do some online research, and Ashley returned and curtly pointed out that Phyllis had a computer in her own office. Phyllis said she was looking up information about boat explosions in South America, and Ashley asked if Jack was using Phyllis like he was using Kyle, but Phyllis was clueless about what Ashley meant. Ashley said she had to find Jack, and Phyllis relayed that Victor had called him away.

Ashley asked why it had been urgent for Phyllis to use a computer, and Phyllis inquired whether Ashley had ever heard Jack mention Manuela. Ashley didn't recognize the name, and Phyllis said Jack had claimed that Manuela had been an old girlfriend, but something had seemed off about his story. Ashley remarked that nothing Jack did surprised her anymore, since he supposedly had a son that none of them had ever known about. Phyllis was floored.

Marco arrived to see Victor, and he warned that he didn't want to get caught in the storm on his way home. Victor remarked that it was uncomfortable to be blindsided, but Marco was an expert at it, since he was accustomed to doing away with people in dark alleys. Victor turned his laptop around to show Marco an article about the boat explosion, and he growled that Marco was a thug who was in way over his head. "Am I?" Marco replied as he poured himself a drink.

Victor snarled that he could break Marco just like Victor had made him, and Marco recounted that the whole idea of getting him out of prison and tutoring him to become Jack had been Victor's doing, but they had to make sure no one found out. Victor imagined that had included Austin and Courtney, and Marco said if he had blood on his hands, so did Victor. Victor warned him against implicating Victor in the murders, and Marco stated that the kids were dead for a reason -- because no one was supposed to find out there had been two Jack Abbotts. Marco added that since Jack was shark bait, only Marco and Victor knew the truth, and perhaps that was one person too many.

Victor cautioned that Marco had made a serious miscalculation if he thought he could intimidate Victor, and he reached into his desk drawer. Marco guessed that Victor was looking for the gun he kept there, but he taunted that Victor was looking in wrong place, and he pulled the firearm out of his pocket. Victor said Marco didn't have the guts, but Marco pointed the gun at Victor and replied, "You sure about that?"

From Fuzzy Navels to Moscow Mules From Fuzzy Navels to Moscow Mules

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sharon slept on the couch as thunder crashed outside, and she awakened when Dylan's phone rang, but Dylan told her to go back to sleep. Avery was relieved when he answered, and she rambled that she'd left him a couple of messages after she'd seen someone looking through her balcony window. He asked if Avery had called the police, and she replied that she hadn't considered it, but she gasped when the lights went out. Dylan worriedly asked if Avery was still on the line.

Sharon realized that Dylan intended to head over to Avery's place, and Dylan requested that Sharon call 9-1-1 and send the police to Avery's apartment. Sharon suggested that Dylan let the police handle it rather than going over there by himself, but Dylan was sure something was wrong, since Avery didn't rattle easily. He promised that everything would be okay, and he left.

Later, a concerned Mariah stopped by after Kevin had informed her about Sharon's call to the police to report a man watching her. Sharon explained that the intruder had been at Avery's home, and Avery had called Dylan. Sharon added that Dylan had gone over there to see if Avery was okay, and Mariah asked where that left Sharon. Sharon reasoned that Dylan had been in love with Avery for a long time, and she refused to get paranoid about Avery, but Mariah replied that she'd do it for Sharon.

Sharon was confident that Dylan hadn't left to cheat on her, and Mariah quipped that all men were good until they weren't. Sharon questioned why Mariah was trying to rile her up, and Mariah speculated that Avery was trying to get Dylan back. Sharon mentioned that Dylan had gone out of his way to reassure Sharon about his feelings for her, and they were living together in a committed relationship. Mariah wondered if Dylan planned to make an honest woman out of Sharon, who replied that marriage was the last thing on their minds.

Sharon was focused on being the best person she could be, and Mariah said it sounded boring, but Sharon said she needed boring in her life. Mariah conceded that it was better than having a pervert looking through the window, and she offered to stick around until Sharon got word about what had happened. Sharon insisted that Mariah didn't have to stay, and they hugged goodbye. After Mariah departed, Sharon left a message for Dylan to find out how things were going, but she looked worried.

Dylan burst into Avery's place, and Avery rushed into his arms. He realized she was shaking, and she asked if he'd seen anyone suspicious outside, but he said no one had been around. She explained that she'd looked out the window to watch the storm, and she'd seen a tall man in a trench coat and a hat peering in. She imagined the intruder had used the utility ladder to access her balcony, and Dylan said her description could match hundreds of guys, but they both knew who it could have been.

Paul pounded on the door, and he was surprised to find Dylan there. Avery said she'd called Dylan, who added that he'd had Sharon call the police. Dylan suspected the intruder had been Joe, but Avery said she'd only seen the figure of a man on the balcony. Paul took a look around, and Avery recalled that she hadn't blinked when she'd interrogated violent criminals, but Joe scared her because he'd been getting desperate. Dylan vowed that Joe would never hurt her again.

Paul reported that there had been no fingerprints or footprints. Dylan pushed Paul to at least question Joe, but Avery recognized that there was no proof that Joe had violated the restraining order. Paul said he'd increased patrols in the neighborhood, and he urged Avery to call 9-1-1 if it happened again. After Paul left, Avery apologized to Dylan for getting them both in trouble, and she recognized that she shouldn't have involved him, but he'd been the first person she'd thought of to call. He pointed out that the cops could get there faster, and she told him to get home to Sharon as the lights flickered back on.

Neil and Nikki arrived at the Athletic Club, and she was glad they hadn't been caught in the storm on their way back from the rehab facility. She thanked him for picking her up and taking her home, but he cautioned that the situation could be slippery with a readily available mini-bar and no one to talk to if she had cravings, and he recommended that she stay in a familiar place instead. Nikki insisted that she was where she needed to be.

In Victor's office, Victor and a gun-wielding Marco faced off, but Victor was confident that Marco wouldn't shoot. Victor huffed that Marco was just a thug in an expensive suit, and he threatened to expose Marco for the impostor he was. Marco crowed that he would be long gone before then, but Victor envisioned that Marco would be extradited back to Peru. Marco snarled that it would be worth it to see Victor dead, but Victor informed him that the magazine was empty, and he dared Marco to try it. Marco pulled the trigger multiple times, but no bullets fired.

Victor warned Marco not to play games, and Marco growled that he didn't take well to orders or threats. Victor dared him to make one wrong move, and Victor would let people know who Marco was and what he'd done. Marco vowed to march out in triumph, and he refused to leave empty-handed. Phyllis sauntered in, and Victor sternly told her never to barge in without announcing herself. Phyllis complained that the two men were always plotting, but she announced that Jack's big secret was out, and she knew everything.

"Jack" rambled that things had gone further than he'd expected, but no one had meant to hurt Phyllis, and she testily asked how it wouldn't hurt her to find out he had a son he'd never told her about. She wondered what Jack had thought she'd been talking about, and she demanded to know why Jack had kept it from her. Jack defended that he'd just found out, but he hadn't wanted his family to be distracted by a cheap affair when he'd been trying to convince them that the merger was a good thing. Victor called it a wise decision, but Phyllis suspected that Victor had delivered the news about Gabriel in exchange for the new partnership.

Victor maintained that the merger had been a business decision that was good for both companies, but Phyllis remained convinced that something wasn't right. Victor answered a call from Neil, who reported that Nikki had finished rehab and was at the club. Victor thanked him and hung up, and he left to tend to an urgent personal matter. Jack suggested he and Phyllis go home and talk over dinner, but she insisted that they hash it out then and there.

Phyllis ranted that she didn't want to become a wife who was always the last to know, and Jack contended that it had been one mistake. Phyllis asked how he could possibly have a son he'd never told her about, and she swore she would have been discreet. Jack admitted that he should have leveled with her, but he compared his family's infighting to navigating a minefield. Phyllis argued that he'd always been able to deal with his family, and the Abbott clan hadn't changed, but she wanted to know why he was different.

Jack reiterated that he had a new perspective on things ever since the building had collapsed, and he saw his family as a convoluted mess. Phyllis wondered if she was part of it, but he said she was what had saved him, and she knew more about him than anyone else. She pointed out that she didn't know how he felt about having another son, and she knew nothing about how Jack had gotten involved with Gabriel's mother. Phyllis added that she'd had to push for details about Jack's history with Manuela, and all he'd done was avoid Phyllis' questions. Phyllis thought there was a wall between them that hadn't been there before, and it made her wonder whether Jack still loved her.

Jack assured Phyllis that she never had to worry about that, since he'd been in love with her every minute since the day he'd met her. He admired her passion and energy, and he said he couldn't get enough of her. He added that she was all he'd ever wanted in a woman, and he vowed to spend the rest of their time together making up for the fact she hadn't known it. He volunteered to answer all of her questions, including telling her about every woman he'd kissed since grade school and other minute details of his life. She embraced him, but she suddenly pulled away when she felt the gun in his pocket.

Phyllis pulled out the gun, and Jack explained that he'd found it in Victor's drawer, so he'd kept it as a precaution, since he thought Victor might be trying to pull a fast one on him. Phyllis demanded a straight answer, and Jack confessed that he had a plan to overthrow Victor, but he might have gone too far. Jack imagined that Victor might try to kill him.

At the Athletic Club bar, Lily asked the bartender to save her seat while she went outside for some fresh air, and she tipsily stated that the fuzzy navels were making her fuzzy. She ran into Joe on her way to the door, and she called him her favorite drinking buddy. She invited him to join her, and she mentioned that she'd thought he'd turned in early, but he claimed that he'd gone out for a drive to clear his head. They returned to the bar, and Lily thought she needed a stronger drink. Joe recommended Moscow mules, and Lily thought it was an appropriate choice to drink in honor of the "jackasses" in their lives.

Lily griped that it had hurt to find out that her marriage wasn't what she'd thought it had been after she'd learned her husband had kissed another woman, and Joe empathized. Joe asked who in his right mind would stray from Lily, and she spat that Lauren had dangled the goods like a piece of candy while Michael had pushed Lauren and Cane together. Lily understood that Michael had been going through a lot, but she wondered why he'd allowed his problems to affect her and her kids. She expected the twins to be disappointed because Cane was sleeping at the club, but every time she tried to talk to Cane, he acted like she was making too much of it.

Joe stressed that Lily had been the victim, and he encouraged her to stand up for herself. He added that he knew what it was like to be dumped on, since Dylan had seduced Avery away, but Avery had blamed Joe for not being an attentive husband. Joe asserted that he and Lily weren't the bad guys, and Lily said she'd once had doubts about him, but she didn't think he was a bad guy. He referred to his harmless flirting, and she recalled that Cane hadn't cared when Joe had flirted with Lily, since Cane only cared about being Lauren's boy toy.

Lily drunkenly pledged to fight for herself and what was hers, and Neil approached and was surprised to find her sipping cocktails during business hours. Neil advised that happiness wasn't at the bottom of a glass, and he reminded her of what alcohol had done to his life. Neil asked where Cane was, and Lily huffed that her husband was sleeping there to be closer to his mistress. Joe excused himself to make a call, and Neil asked if Lily and Cane were still having problems because Cane had lied about Hilary and Devon. Lily revealed that Cane had also lied about locking lips with Lauren.

Nikki descended the stairs and ran into Victor in the foyer, and he said she needed to go home. Nikki maintained that she needed to stay away from him to continue to heal, and he thought the rehab facility had filled her head with psychobabble, but she asserted that she was allowed to have her own beliefs. Victor called her strong and independent, but Nikki countered that she reverted back to being a self-hating girl when she was with him, and she wouldn't allow herself to go there. Victor bellowed that he'd treated her like a queen, but she retorted that he expected her to be a queen who was subservient to her king.

Nikki and Victor argued, and she questioned whether he was trying to drive her to drink. Neil intervened, but Victor said the conversation was between him and Nikki. Nikki groused that Victor was speaking for her again, but she wasn't going home, and she walked away. Victor said he didn't like the idea of Nikki spending time in a hotel suite when she should be home, and Neil encouraged Victor to give her time.

Neil observed that Victor had seemed preoccupied that day, and he'd also had the feeling people were hiding things from him at work. Neil implored Victor to tell him what was going on, and Victor said the problem had to do with Jack. Victor suspected that Jack was looking to make a move on the company and maybe more. Neil wondered what else Jack could take, and Victor expressed concern that Jack might try to kill him.

Dylan approached Lily and inquired about Joe's whereabouts that evening, and Lily said Joe had just been there, but she couldn't remember when she'd arrived. Joe returned and pointed out that Dylan was in violation of his restraining order, and Dylan warned Joe to stay away from Avery and her apartment. Dylan demanded to know what Joe had been doing on Avery's balcony that night, and Joe asked if Dylan was suffering from another episode. Joe wished Lily a good night, and he left.

Mariah stopped Dylan from going after Joe, since it would be bad for Sharon if Dylan got arrested, and she wouldn't let Dylan hurt her mom. Dylan insisted that the problem was between Joe and Avery, and Mariah asked why Dylan was involved, since she didn't want Sharon's head to get screwed up again. Mariah wondered what his intentions toward Sharon were, and Dylan said that was between Sharon and him, but Mariah pointed out that Faith's overnight visits and Sharon's job stability depended on him. Mariah didn't want anything to cause Sharon to spiral out of control, and she warned Dylan to steer clear of Joe and Avery.

Nikki hesitantly answered a knock on her hotel room door, and she was relieved to see Paul. He noted that she'd called him, but he wasn't sure why she'd wanted to talk. She explained that she was working the program, and one of the steps was to make amends with the people she'd hurt. Paul said she'd made it clear that she regretted what had happened, but she insisted that she needed to apologize.

Nikki recounted that she hadn't been drinking before the car accident, but she acknowledged that she'd lied for Neil, and it had only made it more difficult for Paul and Christine to get justice. She explained that she'd been trying to protect one friend, but she'd ended up hurting two others very badly, and she would change many things if she could do them over again. She offered her sincere apology to Paul, and she also wanted to extend one to Christine in the hope it would help them both to heal. Paul softly said he hoped so, too.

Avery jumped when there was a knock at the door, and she called out to ask who it was. Sharon identified herself, and Avery let her in. Sharon explained that she'd wanted to make sure that everything was okay, and Avery replied that she was fine, even though Joe had gotten away. Avery informed Sharon that Dylan and the police had been there, but they'd left. Sharon inquired where Dylan had gone, and Avery assumed he'd gone home.

Sharon imagined that Avery felt better with Paul looking out for her, but Avery thought Joe would try something again. Sharon asked if Avery intended to call Dylan the next time, and she worried that Dylan would go after Joe. Avery relayed that she'd already promised Dylan that she would leave him out of it, and she assured Sharon that she wasn't a threat to Sharon and Dylan's relationship. Sharon said she should get home to see if Dylan was there, and she was glad Joe had done no harm. Sharon opened the door to leave, and she found Joe standing there.

Avery angrily asked if Joe hadn't gotten his fill earlier when he'd been looking through her window, and Joe said he just wanted to talk. Sharon insisted on staying, and Avery agreed to hear him out with Sharon present. Joe said he was sorry about Avery's scare, and Sharon wondered how Joe had known about the incident. Joe reported that Dylan had confronted him, and Joe had been concerned because he still cared about Avery. Avery asked if he was wearing a new coat.

Joe replied that he'd had the garment for years, but he only wore it when it rained. Avery inquired whether he had a hat to go with it, and she ordered him to leave. Joe reiterated that he'd been worried about her well-being, but Sharon gave him three seconds to go before she called the cops. Joe exited, and Sharon shut the door behind him. Avery thanked Sharon for standing up for her, and Sharon declared that both she and Dylan were on Avery's side.

Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 19, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Billy asked who'd had the best Father's Day ever, and he and Johnny raised their hands. Victoria said she had tons of pictures of Billy with the kids, and she jokingly offered to post the worst ones online. Billy recalled that he'd once told Delia that only one funny person was allowed per family, and Victoria recounted that Delia had thought it had been the only funny thing Billy had ever said. Billy said Delia would have wanted only happy thoughts, and they'd had a lot of them that day. Victoria wanted to keep the trend going, and she suggested that Billy stop playing games and tell her what Jack was planning against her father.

Billy said they'd all know soon enough if Jack was planning something, and Victoria testily asked if that was all he'd tell her. She prepared to leave to meet her family at the club for brunch, but Billy protested that it was Father's Day, and she inquired whether that was the only reason he wanted her to stay. Victoria noted that he hadn't said two words about Gabriel being Jack's son, and Billy griped that the news hadn't changed how he felt about Gabriel. Victoria reflected on how things had changed when she'd learned about Adam being her brother, and she encouraged Billy to open up about his feelings.

Billy said Jack had confirmed that Gabriel was his son, and it shouldn't have been a shock given Jack's playboy history, but it had been. Billy ranted that Gabriel had trashed his relationship with Chelsea, and Jack had let the jerk blindside Billy with the truth. Billy thought it hadn't been like Jack to do that, and Victoria noted that Jack had put his own needs first. Billy grumbled that Jack had been doing that a lot lately, and Victoria advised Billy to consider that before Jack dragged him down a destructive road.

At Chelsea's penthouse, "Gabriel" asked a tearful Chelsea if she was okay, and she insisted she was fine. He observed that she'd been crying, and he assumed she was upset because he hadn't told her that Jack was his father. She acknowledged that she was still angry about it, but it hadn't been why she'd been crying. She picked up a Father's Day drawing Connor had made at preschool for Billy, and she lamented that it was all her fault Connor didn't have a dad.

Adam told Chelsea that it wasn't her fault Connor's father wasn't there, but she wished she hadn't let Connor get attached to Billy. Adam called her an excellent mom who had been trying to fill a void in her son's life, but she thought she should have focused on keeping Adam's memory alive. Chelsea dreaded the day when her son started asking questions about his dad, and she contemplated how to tell Connor that his father had killed a little girl. Adam suggested that she tell Connor how much his dad had loved him and had wanted to be there to watch him grow up. Chelsea wondered why Gabriel was getting emotional over someone he'd never even met.

Chelsea asked if Gabriel was jealous of Adam, and he replied that Adam had had everything -- Chelsea, a son, and a life people dreamed about. Chelsea softly stated that Adam had ruined it all with a lie, and Adam said her husband hadn't wanted to lose his family. Chelsea asked how Gabriel knew what Adam had been thinking, and Adam imagined that if her husband had been able to do it over again, he would have told her the truth from the beginning. Chelsea asked if Gabriel would still lie about his true identity if he had a chance to go back and change things.

Chelsea suggested that they pretend Gabriel had just seen her for the first time, and she inquired whether he'd tell her who he really was. Adam said he wished he hadn't lied, and he claimed that he'd thought it had been best for everyone, but lying to her about being Jack's son had complicated things. Adam swore the last thing he'd wanted to do was to hurt her, and he would tell her the truth from the beginning if he could do it over. Connor's cries sounded over the baby monitor, and Chelsea left to tend to him. Adam picked up Connor's drawing and carried it with him to answer the door, and he found Billy there.

Billy said he was there to see Connor, and Adam said Chelsea had gone upstairs to get the tot. Billy wanted to wait, and Adam asked if Billy intended to welcome him to the family. The men agreed that their feelings toward one another hadn't changed, and Adam sternly stated that there had been no point to Billy's visit if he'd stopped by for Father's Day. Billy asked if Gabriel intended to fill that role for Connor, and he pointed out that Billy was the only father Connor had ever known. Adam argued that Billy was no longer in Connor's life, but Billy swore that Connor would always be a son to him.

Adam stressed that the boy was Adam's son, but Billy looked at the drawing and noted that Connor hadn't made it for Adam or for Gabriel. Chelsea entered with Connor in her arms, and she confirmed that Connor had made the drawing for Billy, who gushed that he would frame it and put it in his office. Billy and Connor played with paper airplanes as a smiling Chelsea and a scowling Adam looked on, and Chelsea quietly suggested that Gabriel leave. On his way out, Adam told Chelsea that Connor deserved a father who put him first, and he lingered outside the door.

Paul found Christine in his office, and she said she'd thought he'd planned to get to work early that morning. He revealed that he'd had breakfast with Dylan for Father's Day, and she realized that Paul hadn't thought he could tell her. He admitted that he should have, but he knew the day would be difficult for her, and she assured him that he didn't have to hide his relationship with Dylan. Paul countered that she didn't have to hide her emotions, either, and she confided that she had been thinking about their child and the Father's Days they'd never celebrate with their daughter.

Paul asked if he could do anything to make the day easier, and he and Christine vowed to get through it together. Nikki arrived to make things right with Christine if Christine was willing to give her the chance. Christine agreed to hear Nikki out, and Paul stepped out of his office as Kyle entered the police station. Kyle said he needed to talk to Paul, and it couldn't wait.

Nikki admitted that she shouldn't have tried to trick Neil into going to a meeting, and she shouldn't have lied about what had happened afterward. Nikki recognized that if she hadn't lied to Neil, the accident wouldn't have occurred, and she was very sorry it had. She added that she didn't expect forgiveness, but she regretted everything she'd done, and she could only offer her deepest apology and hope that Christine could forgive her someday. Christine said she'd been consumed by anger and grief since the accident, but she was tired of being angry, and she couldn't live with the hate and rage. Christine accepted Nikki's apology in order to have a chance at a happy future.

After Nikki left, Paul returned to his office and asked if Christine wanted to talk, and she relayed that she'd told Nikki it was time to move on. She added that she and Nikki wouldn't be friends, and Paul wasn't sure he could renew his friendship with Nikki, either. Christine mentioned that she'd seen him talking to Kyle, and she asked if it had been about the murder case, but Paul replied that it had been about something entirely different. Later, Paul obtained some information over the phone, and Christine asked if what Kyle had said was true.

On the island, Jack awakened and cried out in pain, and he was surprised to see that Marisa had returned. He asked if she'd found a doctor, and she reported that she hadn't, but she had discovered a bottle of pain pills and a cell phone. Jack insisted that they call for help, but Marisa implored him to take the medication first. She divulged that the phone's battery was about to die, so they needed to make the call count, since it might be the only one they got to make.

Jack suggested that they call Jabot to ensure a live person answered, and he instructed Marisa to ask for any Abbott about an urgent matter. She incredulously asked if he expected her to make the call, and he reasoned that his family would think it was a hoax if he identified himself, since they thought he was dead. He instructed her to tell his family that he was alive, and he'd handle the rest, but calling Jabot was the only option.

At the Athletic Club, Nick, Noah, and Summer gathered to celebrate Father's Day with Victor, and Phyllis suggested she and Jack go somewhere else. "Jack" declared that he wasn't afraid of Victor, and Phyllis asked if he seriously thought Victor was trying to kill him, since Victor could have just let Jack die in the building collapse. Jack resolved to take a defensive stance, but he expected that Victor would eventually launch an attack. Phyllis pointed out that Victor stood to lose everything if he committed cold-blooded murder, but Jack countered that Victor wouldn't lose anything if he got away with it.

The Newmans toasted to Father's Day, but Victor seemed distracted. Abby arrived and hugged Victor, and Nick suggested that they sit down to wait for Victoria. Abby pulled Victor aside and informed him that Victoria had told her what was going on, but she could handle the ongoing feud, since she loved both of her families. He mumbled that the feud was between him and "that man," and he glared at Marco.

Nick mentioned that he was getting together with Faith later, since he hadn't wanted to cut into her time with Sharon, and Noah said he was glad to see his parents getting along. Summer asked if Sage would be joining them for breakfast, and Nick revealed that Sage had moved in with him. Abby announced that they'd never guess who Gabriel's real father was, and she declared that it was Jack. Noah and Summer were shocked, and Nick realized that Victor had already known. Noah asked if Sage had known, but Nick was sure she would have said something to him if she had.

Nick said he'd talked to Nikki the night before, and it had sounded like the time away had done her good, but he imagined Victor wasn't happy that she was staying at the club. Nick mentioned that he'd asked her to join them, and he went upstairs to find her. Abby asked if anyone had talked to Kevin to get an update about the search for the killer, and Noah wondered if the police had given up. Victor advised them to stay out of it and let the police handle it, since Abby, Noah, and Summer all meant too much to him for him to see anything happen to any of them.

Nick returned downstairs and found Nikki in the foyer, and they hugged. He revealed that the family was celebrating Father's Day, and he invited her to join them, but she didn't think it was a good idea. He swore that Victor wanted her to be there, and she anticipated that Victor would try to browbeat her into going home. Nick insisted that it would be good for everyone for her to make an appearance, and she said it wasn't fair of him to flash his cute smile. Nick promised he'd smile at everyone if things went south, and she relented. Noah and Summer greeted Nikki with hugs, and Nikki and Victor wordlessly stared at one another.

Victoria arrived, and she opined that Nikki would have more support at home. Victor declared that as much as he wanted Nikki to be at the ranch, he respected her wishes. Nikki explained that it would be a difficult transition back into the real world, and staying at the club was the best way to continue what she'd learned in rehab. Victoria remarked that they all knew it was a temporary situation, and Nikki and Victor locked eyes.

Phyllis urged Jack to reconsider the coup he was planning against Victor, and she warned that innocent bystanders usually got hurt when the men waged war against one another, but Jack assured her that he'd planned things down to the smallest detail. He explained that it was better for her to maintain plausible deniability, and he wondered where Kyle was. Phyllis worried that there had been a problem with the business Jack had asked Kyle to handle, but Jack said Kyle had already reported that everything had gone smoothly. Jack hoped that Kyle finding out about Gabriel wouldn't spoil Father's Day, and Phyllis had an idea to smooth things over.

Summer sat down with Jack and Phyllis, and she mentioned that she'd just found out Gabriel was Jack's son. She asked if Kyle knew, and Jack said he intended to tell Kyle when he got there, but Summer expected Kyle to be upset that Jack had hidden it from him. Phyllis hoped Summer would help by breaking the news, and Summer agreed, but she insisted that Jack step in the same way he had when she'd found out he wasn't her dad. He asked if he'd done something specific, and she recalled that he'd assured her that his feelings about her wouldn't change. Summer ran up to Kyle when he walked in, and he said he needed to talk to his dad, but she insisted that Kyle had to know about something right away.

Kyle was stunned to learn Jack was Gabriel's father, and Summer suggested they go somewhere to talk about it. Kyle couldn't believe his father had kept it from him after everything he'd done for Jack, and Jack approached and said he and Kyle needed to talk. After Summer left, Jack said he was glad Kyle had returned safely, but he was sorry it had been to that news. Kyle testily guessed that Jack was more concerned about what had happened in the Caribbean, and he coldly informed Jack that he'd made sure the money had been transferred to Victor's account before he'd told Paul that Victor had embezzled the funds.

Kyle snapped that Gabriel could do Jack's dirty work the next time, but Jack swore that he didn't consider Gabriel his son, and he and Kyle shared a bond that Jack would never share with anyone else. Jack insisted that Kyle was the only person he could trust, and he needed Kyle to trust him. Jack received a call from Jabot and stepped aside to take it, and he identified himself as Jack Abbott. "Marco, is that you?" Marisa asked.

Jack told Kyle he had to take the call, and Kyle icily wished him a happy Father's Day. Marco asked if it was really Marisa, since he'd thought she'd been on the ship when it had exploded. She warned that she didn't have much time, since the battery was about to die. Marco asked if Jack was with her, and she claimed Jack had been on the ship, but he hadn't made it out alive. She fibbed that she'd been calling Jack's family to let them know, but she realized that wouldn't be in Marco's best interests.

Marco apologized for leaving Marisa behind, and she said she understood that he'd been trying to protect her. He professed his love for her, and she replied that he was the only one who'd ever held her heart. Marco implored her to go to Genoa City, and he offered to wire her money by the end of the day, but the call abruptly ended. Phyllis approached and asked what the call had been about, and Jack claimed he'd been working on an important business deal, but Phyllis scolded him for dismissing his son after Kyle had received upsetting news. Jack said he would join them both in a minute.

The real Jack realized that his family didn't think he was dead and that Marco had answered the phone when he'd tried to reach Kyle weeks earlier. Jack prepared to leave, but Marisa said they couldn't go anywhere until the money arrived. Jack ranted that a dangerous mastermind was pretending to be him, and he had to get back to protect the people he loved.

Victoria said she'd left Victor presents at the house, but he replied that having all of them there was the biggest gift his family could have given him. He announced that he had something for all of them, since they hadn't ever taken a vacation together as a family, and he'd arranged for everyone to take the jet to Hawaii the next day. Victor told Nick that Sage was invited, but Victoria protested that she couldn't just take off. Victor said he'd take care of her responsibilities at work, and Nikki called it a lovely offer, but she suspected there was more to it.

Victor proclaimed that he cared deeply for all of them, but he hadn't taken enough opportunity to show it. He insisted that was the only motivation for sending them on vacation, and Jack stopped by the table to wish the Newman clan a happy Father's Day. Jack pointedly stated that he hoped Victor got everything he deserved, and Paul entered with a police officer. Paul arrested Victor for felony embezzlement, and Victor stared stonily at Marco, who covered his glee as a suspicious Phyllis looked on.

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