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Lily had sex with Joe after a fight with Cane. Avery was raped, and she named Joe as her attacker. Sharon told Dylan she was pregnant. Adam and Marco plotted to frame Victor for Marco's death. Victor shot a man who was either Jack or Marco.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 22, 2015 on Y&R
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Summer Implicates Kyle

Summer Implicates Kyle

Monday, June 22, 2015

In the lab at Jabot, Ashley unleashed her anger at Billy for having aided the money transfer the Jack impostor had set up to entrap Victor. Billy said, "Victor is always one step ahead. This time he wasn't, and we scored a point. Victor is out of the picture." Ashley replied, "You really believe Victor is just going to lie back and take this?" Ashley warned that a forensics accountant would track down everyone who was involved. Billy said that Victor would've done the same to them the first chance he'd had.

Ashley slammed down her pencil and cried, "Our father would've been so disgusted by us, Billy. Jack has left us out of the loop too damn long. I want an explanation." Ashley mentioned the secrecy about Gabriel and said, "What the hell is that about? It makes us vulnerable." Billy insisted that their tracks had been covered. Ashley warned that if they all ended up in prison, Victor would be free to do whatever he wanted to their family and to whatever was left of Jabot.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis accompanied Summer when she confronted Kyle in the presence of the Jack impostor Victor had hired. Summer berated Kyle for standing idly by when police had arrested Victor. Phyllis said, "We need to stay calm and discuss this rationally." The Jack impostor, a man named Marco, interrupted and said, "You know me, and you know Victor. I wouldn't do this, and Victor wouldn't allow this to happen."

Summer told the man she believed was Jack that he'd pretended to negotiate a truce with Victor. She accused him of having set up Victor. Marco replied, "That is your grandfather's game, sweetheart, not mine." Summer replied, "At least he owns up to it. He doesn't pretend to be somebody that he's not." Summer was visibly distressed.

After Summer rushed out the door, the Jack impostor asked Phyllis to talk to Summer and "help her see things more clearly." Phyllis, speaking in monotone as if she'd forced her reply, said, "Sure. I'll give that a shot." After Phyllis left, Kyle approached the man he believed to be his father. Kyle said, "The way you lied to Summer and Phyllis just now, I almost believed you, and I know the truth." Kyle looked worried.

Billy and Ashley approached the Jack impostor and Kyle. Billy said, "Ashley thinks I jumped the gun." Ashley agreed and said Billy knew that Kyle shouldn't have done anything until she'd had a chance to talk Jack. The Jack impostor said they should all stick to the plan because forensic accountants would follow the trail. Ashley noted that the trail would lead straight to Kyle. Kyle panicked and explained that he'd followed his father's instructions. Ashley said she'd been kept in the dark too long and would no longer blindly follow Jack. The Jack impostor claimed that they'd been on the same team. Ashley replied, "You've been a team of one for months."

Ashley stepped out to answer a call. Billy left. Kyle told the Jack impostor that after the police released the funds, he intended to return the money. After Marco received a text message alerting him that Victor had made bail, Ashley and Billy returned. Ashley was still angry, but Marco said he had a matter to deal with and left.

Ashley pointed out that Jack was acting completely out of character. Billy said, "Aren't you guys ready to see Victor lose a round for once?" Kyle replied, "Ashley's right. Dad is different, and it's not just the way he's reacting to Victor. It's the way he's reacting to everything." Ashley seemed concerned.

Phyllis found Summer sitting on a bench in Chancellor Park. Summer asked her mom how Jack had set up Victor without her being aware. Phyllis said, "You don't know if Victor was set up. You don't know if Victor was behind this. Victor has gotten himself out of worse situations than this." Phyllis explained that trauma could change people. Phyllis said, "Jack almost died. Victor saved him, and he exploited that fact. Victor is capable of anything."

Summer said she couldn't understand how her mother could believe Jack's lies. Phyllis shushed Summer and said, "He is my husband, and he has loved you like a daughter." Summer said that Phyllis just didn't want to admit that Jack had been lying to her face for months. Summer reminded her mom that Victor had revived her from a coma and had saved Jack's life. Summer asked, "You really think Victor would do this? He was framed. Kyle wanted to tell me something. If I'd known, I would've tried to stop him."

Summer said she blamed Jack for forcing Kyle to frame Victor. Phyllis said she'd talk to Jack and find out what was really going on. After Summer walked away, Phyllis remembered recent puzzling encounters with Jack. She recalled the day she'd smelled alcohol on his breath. Jack had claimed that he'd had just one celebratory drink. Phyllis remembered the day Jack had said he preferred to spend carefree days away from the office while Victor ran the merged company. Phyllis seemed troubled when she recalled Jack mumbling in Spanish after the car accident and later having confronted Jack about the about-face change in his behavior.

Phyllis returned to the Genoa City Athletic Club and found Kyle and Ashley arguing with Billy about Jack's unusual behavior. Phyllis said she needed Jack to explain himself to Summer. A police officer arrived and told Kyle he was needed at the police station to answer questions. After the officer escorted Kyle out the door, Phyllis asked Billy and Ashley what was going on. Billy said Kyle would be released soon, and he assured Ashley and Phyllis that everything would be fine.

After Billy left, Phyllis figured out that Jack had lied to her. Ashley cried that she no longer recognized the man her brother had become. Phyllis and Ashley discussed the night Jack and Kelly had been together at the Underground. Ashley said that she had seen Jack and Kelly, disheveled, emerge from Nick's office. Ashley recalled that Jack had acted blasé about the situation, and she'd feared he'd fallen off the wagon. Phyllis was hurt when Ashley told her that Jack had later admitted having slept with Kelly. Phyllis cried that her marriage and the promises Jack had made were all just lies.

In a room at a motel, Jack complained to Marisa, Marco's former lover. Jack said, "Your Marco has taken over my life - my son, my family, my wife. How does he snow an entire town?" Marisa said that even she'd believed Jack was Marco. She told Jack that many of Marco's enemies would be willing to kill him because he looked exactly like Marco.

Marisa warned Jack that Marco was artful and could successfully convince the citizens of Genoa City that he was Jack. Jack was livid when it dawned on him that Marco had assumed the role of husband to Phyllis. Marisa said she realized that Jack loved Phyllis. Jack replied, "More than anything in the world." Marisa explained that Marco was passionate and would make Phyllis believe he was Jack. Marisa thought about what her lover had been doing and cried, "He's a son of a bitch!"

Jack told Marisa that he needed to return home quickly because his loved ones would be in danger after they discovered Marco's deception. Jack urged Marisa to pick up the money Marco had wired to her. Marisa placed her palm against Jack's face, looked into his eyes, and said she'd know Marco and he'd know her because they truly loved each other. Marisa left. Jack seemed anxious and paced around the room.

Later, when Marisa returned, she informed Jack that the money hadn't been transferred. Jack realized that Marco was aware of their location. Recalling how close Marisa had said her connection was to Marco, Jack said that Marco would likely figure out that she'd lied about Jack being dead. A burly man with tattooed arms entered the room and aimed a handgun at Jack. The henchman instructed Jack to tie Marisa's hands. Jack gruffly ordered the man to leave.

In Spanish, Marisa told the henchman that he'd better obey Marco. The man said that Marco had given him orders. The henchman again threatened Jack and said, "You're a candy-ass rich guy with the same face." Marisa warned the henchman that he'd be dead if he handed over Marco. Marisa suddenly broke away from Jack and pleaded with the gunman to release her. Jack picked up a vase and tried to hit the man over the head, but the vase slipped out of Jack's hands.

Marisa took control of the handgun when the man fell, and Jack tied the man to a chair. Jack held up the man's phone and explained that he'd inform Marco that he'd done as he was instructed. The man replied, "Go to hell!" Jack told the man that being loyal to Marco would get him killed. The man asked if Jack intended to shoot him. Jack pointed to Marisa, who was aiming the handgun, and said she'd be the one who'd shoot.

At the police station, Paul told Victor that it had been too easy to follow the paper trail back to him. Paul added, "I've known you a long time. It's just not like you to leave a trail like that. Why don't you help me out and tell me what you know?" Victor sipped his coffee, glared at Paul, and refused to cooperate.

After Paul stepped out of his office, he encountered a livid Victoria, who requested that Paul release Victor immediately. Paul told Victoria that Victor had offered no explanations nor had he denied the charges. Paul opened the door to his office so Victoria could talk to her father. Alone with her dad, Victoria instructed Victor to defend himself because Jack had set him up. Victoria said she intended to tell Paul everything she knew. Victor gazed into Victoria's eyes and said, "Victoria, you will say nothing to Paul."

Victor instructed Victoria to get him released on bail. Victoria encouraged her father to fight the charges and communicate with Paul. She told her dad that the Abbotts planned to discredit him and gain control of Newman-Abbott. Victor said, "I don't give a damn about the Abbotts. Right now, I'm concerned about the lives of the people I love." Victor instructed Victoria to contact his security team and have one guard assigned to each member of the family. Victor added that after bail had been arranged, he would take care of the rest. Victoria asked, "You really think someone would try to harm our family? Jack would never do something like that." Victor replied, "This has nothing to do with Jack Abbott."

After Victor left Paul's office, Summer arrived and asked Victoria and Paul about Victor. Summer offered to share what she knew about the charges against Victor. Victoria tried to shush Summer. Paul said he wanted to hear Summer out. Summer said, "Victor was set up. The Abbotts arranged this entire thing." Summer explained that Victor had been arrested just after Kyle had returned from an out-of-town trip. Summer asked Paul to find out where Kyle had gone to stash the money.

After Victor was released, he stepped out of the doorway to Paul's office with his attorney. Summer and Victoria greeted Victor. Summer said, "Grandpa, are you okay?" Victor assured Summer that he was fine. Victor told Summer that a security detail would be watching over her. Victoria said she'd phoned the security agency and was told to wait for them to arrive. Summer was confused and said that what Kyle and Jack had done was awful but not dangerous. Victor instructed Summer to wait for her bodyguards and be careful around the Abbotts.

When the officer escorted Kyle into the police station, he saw Summer. Kyle asked, "Summer? You're the reason they brought me in?" Summer maintained that her grandpa hadn't done anything, so she didn't plan to let Kyle or the Abbott family destroy him. Victoria, Billy, and a security agent arrived. Victoria sarcastically asked Billy if he'd hoped to photograph Victor in his handcuffs. Billy insisted that Victor had taken the money. Victoria, near tears, angrily said, "Happy Father's Day, Billy."

The Jack impostor, Marco, was reclining in his office at Jabot when Victor entered. Victor noted that he hadn't mentioned anything about Marco to police. Victor said, "I just wanted to get out of there so I could speak with you." Marco smugly replied, "What's to talk about?" Victor said, "You come anywhere near my family, and I will kill you." Marco said he wanted to stay alive because his life was quite good. Victor said that the trumped-up charges against him would be dropped, and he reiterated that his family meant everything to him.

Marco rose from his chair and said, "Let me be clear. The only people in danger are those who know the truth -- you and me. That's all. You worry about you own safety because your family means nothing to me." Victor replied, "Listen to me, Marco, my amigo, I got you out of a Peruvian prison that was a hell hole, so you watch your step. Last warning I'll give you."

After Victor left, Marco's henchman phoned. Jack was brandishing the gun while Marisa held the phone to the man's ear. The henchman claimed that he'd killed Jack and knew where to take Marisa. Marco replied, "I'll be in touch. Great job, my friend." After the call ended, Jack told Marco's henchman that he would get both Jack and Marisa off the island.

And So It Begins

And So It Begins

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Phyllis arrived at Avery's apartment and noticed an extra lock on the door, and she asked if Joe had tried to bother Avery again. Avery said she was only being careful, and she didn't want to talk about her ex-husband. Phyllis declared that she wanted to talk about herself, since she didn't understand what had gotten into Jack lately. Phyllis grumbled that Jack had dropped new bombshells every day, and she felt like she didn't know her husband at all. Avery remarked that she'd thought she'd known everything about Joe, but she hadn't even known half of it.

Phyllis noted that Joe was obviously on Avery's mind, and she pressed to know what had happened. Avery said she felt like he was watching her, since he'd shown up after she'd filed a restraining order. Avery added that she didn't think he would do it again, and she turned the topic back to how Jack had gotten Phyllis fired up. Phyllis explained that it had to do more with Jack's secretive behavior, and she mentioned Jack's past relationship with Manuela and his secret son, Gabriel.

Avery was stunned, and Phyllis revealed that there was a possibility the merger had been a trick for Jack to get the upper hand and ruin his rival for good. Avery thought the person Phyllis was describing sounded more like Victor than Jack, and Phyllis divulged that she'd discovered Jack had been carrying a gun. Avery asked if Jack had threatened to kill Victor, and Phyllis confided that Jack thought Victor was trying to kill him. Phyllis complained that the guy she'd married "sure as hell" wasn't acting like her Jack.

Avery inquired whether the old lover or the long-lost son disturbed Phyllis more, and Phyllis clarified that the news hadn't bothered her as much as Jack's behavior had. She referred to small things like odd word choices and memory lapses, like not recognizing the pool guy who had serviced the house for 20 years. Avery pointed out that Phyllis had been forgetful when she'd woken up from her coma, and Phyllis thanked Avery for the talk and hugged her goodbye.

At the lab, Abby ordered her bodyguard to stay at least a foot away from her, and he replied that he was paid to watch her back. Ashley entered and asked if there had been another threat from the killer, and Stitch told Ashley to ask Victor, who had just walked in. Abby told Ashley that Victor had hired bodyguards for everyone in the family, and Victor huffed that he didn't owe Ashley an explanation. Stitch suggested that he and Abby leave Ashley and Victor to hash it out.

Abby and Stitch departed with the bodyguard close behind, and Ashley questioned who Victor was trying to protect his family from. He remained silent, and she wondered if he was implying that the Abbotts were out to get the Newmans. Victor said he had the situation under control, but Ashley guessed that something had shaken him up if he'd resorted to hiring bodyguards. He said he'd been contemplating his future, since anything could happen to them at any time. Ashley recalled that she'd had a similar conversation with Jack, and Victor surmised that Jack had told her what to do in case of his death, including accessing a safe deposit box.

Ashley barked that it was a personal matter, but Victor questioned why Jack would trust his sister rather than his wife to act as the executor of his estate. Phyllis arrived and surmised that Victor was trying to stir up trouble by getting Ashley to question Jack's motives, but Victor was sure Ashley had already done that. Phyllis contended that Jack wasn't the same man who had been pulled from the rubble, and she speculated that Victor had convinced Jack's doctor to administer an unauthorized drug. Phyllis demanded to know if Victor had caused the change in Jack, and Victor wondered whether she also suspected that he'd framed himself for embezzlement.

Victor asked if it had occurred to the ladies that he hadn't embezzled the money, but he imagined that they already knew he hadn't, since Ashley and her family had helped Jack set Victor up. "And so it begins," Ashley mused as she walked out. Phyllis theorized that Victor had methodically gone about his plan in the same way he'd masterminded her recovery, and she believed he was planning to kill Jack.

Sharon and Dylan enjoyed a night out at the Underground, and he explained that the problem with speeding from friendship to moving in together was that they'd missed out on the courting and wooing. She told him to "woo away," and he suggested sharing some wine, but she requested a club soda. Dylan asked if she wasn't feeling well, but Sharon reasoned that she didn't want to drink on an empty stomach.

Across the bar, Nick protested that Sage shouldn't be lifting cartons or even working, since she should be resting. Sage asserted that she wasn't tired, and the box only contained lightweight Fourth of July decorations. She warned that it would be a long nine months if he kept hovering, and Nick acknowledged that she could take care of herself, but Newman males tended to be overprotective. He eyed his bodyguard across the room.

Sharon commented that it was nice to go out as a couple, and Dylan thought it was a chance to get to know one another better. She got up to get a lemon for her drink, and on her way to the bar, she asked how Sage was feeling. Sage replied that she was fine, and Sharon remarked to Nick that Sage was glowing. Nick thanked Sharon for helping Faith to put together his Father's Day gift, and Sharon said Faith had mentioned helping the new baby to make something the following year. Nick couldn't believe he was about to enter fatherhood all over again, and Sharon assured him that he was a great dad.

Nick marveled at how supportive Sharon had been, and she conceded that she hadn't been thrilled in the past when he'd been with other women, but she chirped that she was starting her own family. Nick asked if she was pregnant, since she wasn't drinking, but she claimed she'd been referring to having Dylan in her life. Sharon returned to the table, and Dylan observed that she'd forgotten her lemon. She joked that one of the things he had to learn about her was that she was a scatterbrain.

Sharon and Dylan kissed, but his phone rang, and a panicked Avery told Dylan that she'd heard a rattle at her window. He instructed Avery to call the police, but she begged him to stop by. Sharon urged Dylan to help a scared Avery, and he said he'd be right there. After he hung up, Dylan said he couldn't keep doing that, but Sharon insisted that she could get home on her own.

After Dylan left, Sharon wished Nick a good night, and he pointed out that she'd dodged his question earlier about the possibility that she was pregnant. Sharon said she and Dylan were still getting to know one another, and she wasn't sure if he wanted kids after what had happened with Chelsea. Sharon added that she already had a family, and Sage piped up that she'd had the same concerns about Nick, so she'd imagined problems that hadn't existed. Nick was sure Dylan wanted to be a dad, and Sharon covertly looked down at the pregnancy test in her purse.

Abby and Stitch arrived at the bar, and she griped about her bodyguard getting in her way. Stitch spotted Nick's guard, and Sage overheard and asked why Nick needed one. Abby explained that Victor thought the Newman family was in danger, but she was certain that Sage was safe. Abby hoped not to have her tail much longer, and she whispered something in Stitch's ear. Abby refused to let her bodyguard follow her into the ladies' room, and Stitch ducked out of the bar.

Nick asked if Sage was almost ready to go home, and she glanced at the bodyguard and asked if she should prepare for a guest. Nick said he didn't like having a tail, but Victor hadn't provided any details about his concerns. She asked if she should be worried, and Nick promised he wouldn't let anyone hurt her or her baby.

In the park, Stitch noted that Abby had inhaled her cheeseburger, and Abby questioned who didn't love Burger Beat. They both thought of Victoria, and Abby recalled that Victoria had told her that once Victoria and Stitch's personal lives had been straightened out, they'd realized that there hadn't been much between them. Abby wondered what that meant for her and Stitch, since they'd gone from one crisis to the next, and he looked forward to finding out. They kissed, and Stitch shared his fries with Abby's bodyguard.

Dylan reported that Avery's place was clean, and Avery blamed herself for forgetting to use the new lock. She reached for some wine to calm her nerves, and she offered Dylan some, but he said he had to go. He reminded her to lock everything, but he hesitated to leave, and he wondered why she hadn't called the police instead of him. Avery claimed she hadn't been thinking clearly, and she'd known he would take care of her and make her feel safe.

Dylan stressed that he couldn't be there every time, and Avery's eyes filled with tears as she apologized for believing that he'd wanted to be her friend. She told him to go home to Sharon, but he looked intensely at Avery and said she was stronger than that. He encouraged her to call Phyllis if she needed a friend and to contact the police if she got scared, and he walked out.

Dylan returned to the cottage, and Sharon asked about Avery. Dylan reported that Avery had been freaked out, but there had been no evidence of a break-in. Sharon was sure Avery hadn't made it up, and Dylan thought Joe had gotten to Avery, but he admitted that he shouldn't have gone running over there. He apologized for bailing on their date, but Sharon suggested it was better to have a night at home. He noticed that she'd set the mood by lighting candles, and she announced that they were having a baby.

Sharon explained that she'd taken a home pregnancy test, and the positive results had been a huge surprise. She acknowledged that she and Dylan had never discussed the possibility, and she rambled about needing to get to know one another and understanding if he wasn't ready. He silenced her with a kiss, and he told her that it was the greatest news. They hugged.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Lauren ran into Cane, who was holding a large bouquet of flowers, and she apologetically informed him that she'd tried to get out of her lease to stay out of his way. Cane said he'd told Devon to turn down her request, since he didn't want to have to answer a million questions from Jill because of something that shouldn't have happened. Lauren understood why Lily was upset with Cane, but she thought the flowers would help convince Lily that she was the only woman for him. Lauren wished him luck, and he thought he needed it.

At the bar, Joe offered to buy Lily a drink, but she declined, and he hoped that meant she was in a better frame of mind than when she'd been drinking the other night. She was preoccupied with something on her computer, and she said it would depend on her research about whether or not her marriage could be saved. Joe asked if Lily was taking an online quiz, but Cane interrupted and asked to talk to his wife. Joe stepped away, and Cane apologized and stressed that the kiss had been a one-time thing that had meant nothing.

Lily replied that she couldn't just forget about it, and Cane hoped they could find a way to get past it, since she was everything to him. He added that he knew the flowers wouldn't make up for it, but he thought about her every second, and he hadn't been able to resist buying lilies when he'd seen them in the flower shop. His phone rang, and he reported that he had to deal with a delivery, but he wanted to continue the conversation later. She agreed, and he headed out. She smelled the flowers and seemed charmed by the gesture, but she returned to her research, and she hissed, "You liar."

At Crimson Lights, Michael left a voicemail for Fen, and he guessed Fen had been too busy to get in touch on Father's Day. Michael said he knew Fen was aware of what was going on with him and Lauren, and he wondered if his son was avoiding him, but he loved Fen very much. Lily burst in and announced that Lauren and Cane had lied about the kiss being a one-time thing, and she showed Michael something on her laptop. She concluded that the time stamp made it clear their spouses were having an affair, and she thought Michael should know, but she already knew what she was going to do.

Lily stormed off, and Lauren approached and said she'd waited until "Hurricane Lily" had left. Lauren started to say that she wanted Michael to know something, but he interrupted and guessed she was having an affair with Cane, since she had gone to Cane's hotel room at midnight. Lauren started to protest, but she stopped and angrily asked why Michael cared if he was so eager to divorce her. Michael said it had been a reasonable reaction for Lauren to seek out what he couldn't supply, and Lauren snapped that he clearly wasn't the man she'd married.

Michael was glad Lauren had finally admitted it, but she ranted that his inability to satisfy her was his idiotic perception, since it didn't matter what he could or couldn't do in the bedroom. Lauren contended that the man she'd married would talk about the amazing life they'd built and the decades they had left together, and he would do everything to keep their family together and not run from one problem. Michael maintained that they didn't belong together anymore, and Lauren whimpered that she was tired of him refusing to listen to her, so she couldn't do it anymore. "I'm done," she firmly stated, and she declared that she was ready to sign the divorce papers.

Michael pulled out the documents and handed Lauren a pen, and she added her signature to the last page. She barked that she hoped he was happy, and she started to leave, but she turned back and refused to start lying to him then. She tearfully hoped that he was haunted by memories and dreams of her, and she wished for him to be in as much pain as she was. She walked out.

At the club, Cane returned after dealing with work, and Lily confronted him about lying to her when he'd denied there had been anything real going on with Lauren. He maintained that it was the truth, but Lily pulled up surveillance footage of Lauren visiting his hotel room at midnight, and she assumed it had been a booty call. Cane incredulously asked if Lily had been checking up on him, and she angrily asked who the injured party was. He replied that it was a good question.

Cane couldn't believe Lily had pulled the security footage, and she asked why he sounded insulted that she had it on tape. He insisted that Lauren had been there to talk, and Lily couldn't see what had happened in the room. He wondered why infidelity had been the first thing to cross Lily's mind, and Lily reasoned that it wasn't illogical to assume Cane had slept with the woman he'd kissed. He implored Lily to listen to what he had to say, but she refused to listen to his lies, and she ran off as Joe watched. Cane tossed the flowers into the trash.

Lily entered a hotel suite, and she answered a knock at the door. Joe said he'd seen what had happened downstairs, and he'd wanted to make sure she was okay. Lily bellowed that she was furious at her lying, cheating husband, and she grabbed a bottle of alcohol from the mini-bar. Joe swore she didn't need that, and she asked how he knew what she needed. She planted a passionate kiss on him, and he responded. She wrapped herself around him, and he carried her to the bed.

In the park, Michael looked distraught as he looked at the signed divorce papers, and he flashed back to happier times with Lauren. Meanwhile, Lauren spotted Cane at the coffeehouse, and she warned him that Lily had misconstrued something. Cane informed her that Lily had already confronted him, and he'd tried to explain, but the trust was gone. He didn't think he could fix it, but Lauren urged him to try before it was too late.

Lily woke up in bed alone and called out for Joe, but she received no response. Meanwhile, Avery called the police and reported that someone was in her apartment.

You Don't Know (the Old) Jack

You Don't Know (the Old) Jack

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lily dazedly sat in bed in her hotel suite, and she called out for Joe and checked the bathroom, but she discovered she was alone. Her cell phone rang, and she ignored the call. Joe returned to the suite, and he apologized for going for a walk to clear his head. Lily said she'd fallen asleep, and she hoped she'd dreamed what had happened, but he confirmed that they had slept together.

Joe wanted to talk about what had happened, but Lily preferred to forget about him following her upstairs and taking advantage of her when she'd been vulnerable. Joe pointed out that she'd wanted payback, and she had kissed him. She admitted it had been a huge mistake, and she thought it would be best for everyone if Cane never knew what had happened. Joe swore that he'd never meant to hurt Lily or Cane, and she asked if she had Joe's word that he wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Joe agreed to keep it his and Lily's little secret, but he confessed that his motives weren't totally altruistic, since he didn't want to give people more reason to think he was a sleaze, and he hoped she didn't feel that way. She said it would be hypocritical for her to pass judgment, and she thanked him for his discretion. Joe headed for the door, but on his way out, he said Cane had been a fool for not treating her the way she deserved.

At Crimson Lights, Cane wondered where Lily was, but he thought she obviously didn't want to talk to him. Lauren understood that Lily was angry and hurt, but Cane said he'd told his wife that the kiss had meant nothing, and he didn't know what else to do. Lauren encouraged him not to give up, since the Ashbys loved one another and had kids together, and Cane replied that was why he'd kept fighting, but he doubted he could fix things.

Lauren refused to let Cane give up on his marriage, since she knew what a broken marriage looked like, and Cane and Lily's wasn't one. Lauren argued that Lily's fury showed she still cared, and she wailed that she wouldn't have signed the divorce papers if Michael had shown the slightest emotion. Cane was shocked that Lauren had agreed to a divorce, and she explained that Michael had pushed her away no matter what she'd done, but she was sorry Michael's crazy plan had caused Cane pain. She contended that Lily and Cane still loved one another, and she implored Cane to go to Lily and make it right.

Avery was surprised when Paul showed up in response to her call to the police, and he explained that he'd been in the area. She ranted that she wanted the stalking to stop, and she informed him that she'd heard a noise in her bedroom. She added that she'd discovered the window open and papers tossed on the floor, and she knew who had done it.

After inspecting Avery's apartment, Paul reported that there was no sign of an intruder or of forced entry. Paul speculated that Avery had left the window open, and the wind had scattered the papers, but she insisted that Joe was stalking her. She pressed Paul to arrest Joe, but he asserted that he couldn't without just cause, and there was no proof Joe had been there. Avery asked if Paul thought she was making it up, and she reminded him that the boy who had cried wolf had been killed at the end of the story. She questioned whether she had to turn up dead for him to arrest Joe.

Paul reiterated that he had nothing to go on, but Avery urged him to look harder to find something. He recognized that she'd been under a lot of stress, and she asked if he thought she was imagining things. Avery swore that the last thing she wanted was to be a victim, and Paul assured her that he didn't think she was making it up, but he believed her judgment was clouded when Joe was involved. She insisted that she was seeing things very clearly, but he maintained that he couldn't arrest Joe without evidence.

Lily appeared in the open doorway, and she said she'd seen the squad car downstairs. Avery complained that the police didn't take stalking seriously, and Paul asked if Lily had seen Joe at the club that evening. Lily uncomfortably stated that she had, but she hadn't noticed the time when Joe had left. Paul prepared to talk to Joe, and he left. Avery said she wasn't up for dealing with a legal matter, but Lily informed her it was personal, since it had to do with Joe. Lily blurted out that she'd just lied to Paul, since she hadn't only seen Joe -- she'd slept with him.

A stunned Avery wondered if Joe had forced himself on Lily, but Lily explained that she'd had a fight with Cane, and Joe had walked in when she'd been about to drown her sorrows, so one thing had led to another. Lily bemoaned that she'd completely destroyed her marriage and her family, but Avery said Cane wouldn't find out if Lily didn't tell him. Lily said she was there to find out if she could trust Joe not to say anything, and Avery thought Joe wouldn't risk damaging his own reputation, but she warned Lily to stay away from him. Lily cried that she was a hypocrite for giving Hilary and Devon grief and accusing Cane of having an affair, and she couldn't imagine facing Cane in the same dress she'd had on in the hotel room with Joe.

Avery suggested that Lily take a shower and borrow some clothes, and Lily felt bad for not helping Paul, but Avery pointed out that Joe had an alibi if he'd been with Lily. Lily divulged that she'd fallen asleep, and Joe hadn't been there when she'd woken up. After Lily showered and changed clothes, she thanked Avery for not judging her. Avery recalled that she'd been in Lily's position, and she acknowledged that it could be a lonely place. Lily promised to stay away from Joe, and she vowed to put the entire night behind her.

Lauren and Cane arrived at the Athletic Club, and she reminded him that he had something worth fighting for. She headed to the boutique, and Cane ran into Joe and asked if he'd seen Lily. Joe fibbed that he hadn't, and Cane suggested they have a drink at the bar. Over beers, Cane said he wanted to work things out with Lily, and they made small talk about marriage not being easy. Cane asked if Joe regretted throwing in the towel, and Joe acknowledged that even good people made mistakes, but he'd let his pride and anger get it in the way. Cane confidently stated that Lily wasn't Avery, and he knew his wife would never cheat on him.

Joe said he'd never thought Avery would cheat on him, and he cautioned Cane not to put Lily on a pedestal. Cane reflected back on everything he and Lily had gone through to be together and to have a family, and he was convinced there was no way she'd ever jeopardize it. Cane believed his marriage wasn't so broken that they couldn't fix it, and Joe hoped Cane was right. Cane pledged to get Lily to forgive him and to trust him again.

Lauren ran into Paul in the foyer, and she informed him that she'd signed divorce papers. He asked if there was anything he could do, and she said Michael could use a friend. Paul said she shouldn't be going through it alone, and as he checked a message on his phone, she glanced over at Cane and said to herself, "I'm not."

Joe answered a knock at his hotel room door, and Paul questioned where Joe had been earlier that evening. Paul inquired whether Joe had gone to Avery's apartment, and Joe insisted he'd been nowhere near it, since he'd been at the club. Paul asked if anyone could verify that, and he reminded Joe of the consequences of violating a restraining order. Joe replied that Lily could vouch for his presence.

Paul mentioned that Lily had said she'd seen Joe at the bar, but she couldn't remember the timing. Paul asked if anyone else could verify Joe's whereabouts at the time Avery had reported an intruder at her apartment, and Joe said he'd gone for a walk alone, but he hadn't seen anyone else. Paul noted that there was nothing to back Joe's word, and Joe wondered if Paul was going to arrest him. Paul ominously stated that he'd be keeping an eye on Joe, and he departed.

Lauren sat down with Cane at the bar and asked how things had gone with Lily, but he said he didn't know where Lily was. Lauren ducked away when Lily entered the room, and Cane informed Lily that he and Lauren had just been chatting, but he coolly suggested that Lily check the security footage if she didn't believe him. He quickly apologized and said he didn't want to fight, and he proclaimed his love and swore to keep trying until he convinced her that she was the only woman he wanted. He added that all he wanted was to start over with her, and she said she'd like to try. They hugged, but Lily looked guilty as Cane whispered that he was sorry.

Across the dining room, "Gabriel" asked Billy and Kyle if they were discussing a change in plans, since Kyle had sold them out to the cops. Kyle explained that Summer had told Paul to look into Kyle's Caribbean trip to find proof the Abbotts had framed Victor, but he'd said Summer had been pointing the finger out of spite. Adam remarked that their dad would be proud of Kyle, and Billy demanded proof of who Gabriel really was.

Adam scoffed at the idea that he was out to steal the Abbott fortune, but Billy refused to let Gabriel worm his way into Jack's life only for Jack to be hurt by the truth. Adam stressed that Jack knew the truth, and he walked off. Billy and Kyle agreed about their mutual dislike of Gabriel, but Kyle thought they had to face the fact that Gabriel might be an Abbott. Kyle wondered why Jack had accepted Gabriel as his son if it wasn't true, and Billy thought it was a good question.

In Victoria's office, Phyllis told "Jack" that she and Victor had just had an interesting conversation about him. Jack guessed that Victor had accused him of setting Victor up for embezzlement, and Phyllis relayed that she'd called Victor out on his elaborate plan to kill Jack. Jack thought it was better if Phyllis wasn't involved, and she questioned whether he felt that way about every part of his life, since he hadn't told her about his Latin lover or his long-lost son. Jack reiterated his reasons for not saying anything, but he conceded that things had been out of whack since the merger.

Phyllis noted that Jack had said Victor wanted him dead, and Jack claimed that the men had worked out their disagreement, but Phyllis thought he was telling her that just because he didn't want her to worry. He insisted that he had too much to live for, and he asked her to trust him. They kissed, and Jack received an urgent text message from Adam, asking to meet. Phyllis said she'd be okay if Jack gave her one more kiss, and he obliged. He left, and she went through his wallet.

At the club, Phyllis arrived with the intention of returning Jack's wallet, and Billy said they hadn't seen Jack, but they'd been discussing Jack's new son. Phyllis commented that everything Jack had done lately had been shocking, but Billy argued that Jack's affair with Gabriel's mother didn't necessarily make him Gabriel's father. Billy was suspicious of Gabriel suddenly showing up to pursue a vendetta against Victor because of Harrison Bingham when Jack was allegedly Gabriel's father, and Phyllis pointed out that Jack hadn't ever said anything about the affair until then. Billy said his gut told him that Gabriel wasn't an Abbott, and Phyllis wondered if they could say the same thing about Jack, who hadn't been acting like an Abbott.

Kyle recounted that his father had lectured him about learning what it meant to be part of the Abbott family. Phyllis said Jack had always been proud to carry on his father's name and legacy, but he hadn't been behaving like himself lately. She thought Jack had been doing inexplicable, out-of-character things, and Billy referred to the merger. Phyllis relayed that Jack hadn't been able to provide a good reason why he'd teamed up with Victor, and Billy vowed to get some answers.

In the park, Adam informed Jack that they had a problem, unless Jack could alter science. Jack guessed that his family doubted that Gabriel was really an Abbott, and he suggested they give them proof with a paternity test. Adam said it would only prove that he wasn't Jack's son, but Jack declared that he had it handled. Adam worried it would open up a can of worms, and Jack questioned whether Adam was worried that everyone would find out he was really a Newman.

Adam was surprised Jack had put him in a position to lie about his paternity, especially after the debacle with Summer, and Jack chalked it up to the best thing he had been able to think of on short notice. Adam thought it was unlike Jack to get backed into a corner, since Jack had always thought things through, unlike the embezzlement scheme. Adam thought they could have devised a better plan, and Jack suggested that he tell everyone who Adam really was instead. Jack conceded that neither of them wanted Adam's real identity divulged, and he wanted Adam on his side to be sure they ousted Victor. Adam questioned whether that was more important than Jack's family, and Jack envisioned that everything would fall into place once they crushed Victor once and for all.

At the club, Jack joined Billy and Kyle and wanted to discuss how to move forward with their plot. Billy asked if Jack's plan included Gabriel, and he insisted on getting a DNA test. Jack agreed that he wanted to be sure he was Gabriel's father, and Billy volunteered to set up the test. Jack said he'd contact Gabriel to get a sample, and Billy was sure that the test would prove Gabriel wasn't Jack's son. After Billy and Kyle headed out, Jack swiped Kyle's glass and put it in his briefcase.

Phyllis returned to the office, and she asked Gabriel if he was going to start calling her "Mom." He replied that he wouldn't if Billy and Kyle had anything to say about it, but he wasn't surprised by the lack of warm welcome, since he'd slept with Billy's fiancée. Adam mentioned that he and Chelsea were no longer together because he'd kept his paternity from her, and Phyllis thought it was fair to expect loved ones to be truthful. Adam concluded that she wasn't just talking about him and Chelsea, and Phyllis confided that there was a list of things Jack hadn't told the truth about. Adam defended that Jack had been trying to protect her, but she thought Jack had changed after they'd gotten married.

Phyllis was sure it wasn't just her imagination, since Jack had become someone she barely recognized. Adam agreed that Jack had changed, but she wondered why Gabriel would say that when he'd never known the old Jack. Adam said he and Jack had worked together before Gabriel had moved to Genoa City, and he thought Jack had become more intense. Phyllis confessed that she'd rifled through Jack's wallet to find a clue about what her husband was up to, but she hadn't found anything. She recalled that Jack had wanted nothing to do with business matters when they'd returned from their honeymoon, but he'd fired Billy when Billy had confronted him about it, and she'd caught Jack drinking that night.

Phyllis shared her concern that something had been off even before the announcement about the merger, and she cited small things, like changes in the way Jack dressed and the lack of warmth in his eyes. She thought Jack's eyes looked cold and empty, and Adam agreed that it didn't sound like Jack. Phyllis lamented that she and Jack hadn't been connecting the way they once had, and she felt like she'd lost her husband. She thought it sounded silly, but Adam said he understood completely.

Later, Billy and Kyle showed up at the office and informed Phyllis about the DNA test. Kyle reasoned that Gabriel's paternity claim might be true if he didn't object to the paternity test, but Phyllis wasn't sure it would solve anything for them, since she thought there was a lot more going on than they knew.

Adam met Jack at the club, and Jack said he'd handled the DNA problem. Adam good-naturedly bet that Jack wished he could handle his problems with Phyllis that easily, and Jack remarked that Phyllis had a mind of her own. Adam mentioned that she'd had a lot of questions about the secrets Jack had been keeping, but Jack insisted that he knew how to handle her.

Adam joked about Jack handling Phyllis' awful cooking, and he referred to a time Phyllis had tried to make a meal for Jack, Adam, and Chelsea at the Abbott family cabin. Jack chuckled and said it had been unforgettable, but he couldn't remember what Phyllis had been trying to cook. Adam declared that Jack didn't remember because it had never happened. "Who the hell are you?" Adam demanded to know.

Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose

Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose

Thursday, June 25, 2015

In his hotel suite, Joe was surprised to get a call from Avery, who said she needed to see him at her place right away. He asked if she thought he was stupid, since he would be arrested for breaking the restraining order, and she suggested that they meet on neutral ground in the park. He expected the same thing to happen, but she promised it wouldn't. She added that she was sick of the war between them, and she wanted to end it before things went too far.

At the Athletic Club bar, Cane thanked Lily for agreeing to stay with him, and he hated feeling like the trust between them was gone. He said he'd missed her and the kids, and he was grateful that she'd forgiven him for kissing Lauren. He admitted that he'd gotten caught up in Lauren's personal problems, but he vowed to keep things strictly professional going forward. He observed that Lily seemed preoccupied, and he asked if something was bothering her.

Lily insisted that everything was fine, and Cane assured her that the kids were old enough to understand that their parents needed time together. Joe approached, and he remarked that it gave him hope to see Cane and Lily enjoying one another. Cane said they were happy, and Joe wished them a good evening before he left. Cane guessed that Lily seemed uncomfortable because she couldn't stop thinking about the footage of Lauren going to his hotel suite. He repeated that he hadn't slept with Lauren, and he was adamant that he would never disrespect their marriage by cheating on Lily.

Lily regretted going through the footage, and she admitted that she should have trusted Cane, since she'd made things worse by looking for something. Cane wished he hadn't given her reason to doubt him, and Lily didn't want him to think that she'd always assume the worst. She swore she loved him and their family, and he replied that he was lucky to have her as his wife. She said she was the lucky one, and he suggested that they retreat to one of the spare rooms upstairs for a perfect end to a perfect evening. She told him to lead the way.

In a suite, Cane poured some Champagne, and Lily marveled that he'd thought of everything. He said they were celebrating, but as he handed her a glass, she flashed back to Joe taking the miniature bottle of liquor out of her hand. Cane said she was beautiful, and she still took his breath away even after all the years they'd been together. He leaned in to kiss her, but she remembered kissing Joe. Cane began to unzip her dress and kiss her neck, and they slowly fell back on the bed, but she couldn't stop thinking about her romp with Joe. She pushed Cane away and said she couldn't do it.

Lily said she was sorry, but Cane said she didn't have to be, and they didn't have to rush things. He encouraged her to be honest about how she felt, since he didn't want her to pretend things were okay if they weren't. She said she would love nothing more than to get back to where they had been, and he reiterated that he hadn't cheated on her, since he'd never do anything to threaten their marriage. He said love had gotten them through cancer, and he was sure they could get through their latest problems. He took her into his arms.

Lily zipped up her dress, and Cane asked why she'd tensed up when Joe had approached them at the bar. He wondered if Joe had been flirting with her, and she recounted that she'd vented to Joe about Cane and Lauren over drinks. Lily wished she hadn't opened up to Joe, since he was Cane's friend, and Cane recognized that they all said things they shouldn't when alcohol was involved. Cane said they had to stop confiding in other people and talk to one another, and Lily agreed.

In the club dining room, Marco feigned having a memory of a dinner that Adam had made up, and Adam demanded to know who "Jack" really was. Marco claimed that the injuries he'd sustained in the building collapse had affected his memory, but Adam pointed out that he knew something about pretending to be someone he wasn't. Adam peppered Marco with questions about Jack's connections to Skye and Stephanie, and when Marco couldn't answer, Adam asked what he'd done with Jack. "Jack Abbott's dead," Marco announced.

Marisa entered the club and spotted Marco talking to Adam. Marco explained that it had sent a chill through his body the first time he'd seen Jack's photo online, and he'd sworn to do everything he could to capitalize on their likeness. Marco insisted that he hadn't killed Jack and that Jack's death hadn't been part of the plan, but Jack had died in an unfortunate accident. Adam got choked up at the thought that Jack was gone, and he realized that Marco had gotten away with pretending to be Jack for months. Marco confirmed that he'd first impersonated Jack at the Underground before the collapse to see how people would react to him, and he introduced himself as Marco Annicelli.

Adam didn't recognize the name, and Marco thought it was better if Adam didn't know who he was. Adam mentioned that Jack had been like a father to him, and he couldn't believe that Marco had been able to fool everyone without help from someone else. Marco claimed that Jack had been a celebrity in the business world, so he'd accessed hundreds of articles and videos to learn how to mimic Jack's mannerisms and speech patterns. Marco boasted that the trick had been to tell everyone who knew Jack what they'd wanted to hear -- he'd given Adam the chance to best his father, he'd extended his friendship to Victor, and he'd told Kyle that he intended to groom Kyle to take over the company.

Adam asked how Marco had won Phyllis over, and Marco crowed that Phyllis had been the easiest of all, since he'd simply given her the love and attention that every woman craved. Adam threatened to go to the police and the Abbott family to divulge that Marco had been fooling them, but Marco pointed out that Adam didn't make rash moves. Marco sensed someone watching him, but Marisa ducked out of sight when he glanced her way. Marco reminded Adam that he could tell the world who Adam really was, starting with Chelsea and Victor. Adam incredulously asked if Marco expected him to go on pretending Marco was Jack, and Marco said he wanted Adam to help him fake his death and frame Victor for it.

Adam hissed that Marco was out of his mind, and he refused to trick Jack's family into thinking Jack was dead. Marco pointed out that Jack really was dead, but Adam speculated that Marco had Jack locked up somewhere to get information. Marco maintained that Jack was gone, and he implored Adam to deal with the facts, since needless sentimentality would only end up hurting Adam. Marco urged Adam to ask himself what he truly wanted. Meanwhile, Marisa entered a hotel suite and sent a text message.

Marco declared that he and Adam were in it together, unless Adam was ready to lose Chelsea and his son. Marco wondered if Adam was ready to devastate his family to turn Marco in, and he asserted that Adam had only one choice -- to help Marco with his endgame. Adam warned that Marco hadn't thought his plan through, but Marco referred to himself as a genie who could grant Adam three wishes -- revenge against Victor, becoming heir to the Abbott throne as Jack's oldest son, and a chance at the family Adam had always longed for with Chelsea. Marco questioned whether Adam would give it all up to play by the rules, and he reasoned that Victor wouldn't hesitate to strike if the roles were reversed. Marco contended that Adam had everything to gain and nothing to lose, and Adam agreed to help him.

Jack, still clad in the workman's uniform from the island, looked around cautiously as he entered the Abbott mansion. He seemed stunned as he slowly walked around the living room, and he picked up a photo of Marco and Phyllis and placed it facedown. He called out to find out if anyone was there, but he received no response. "I'm home," he said as his voice broke, and he fought back tears.

Jack changed into a suit and wandered around the house, and he heard footsteps in the entryway. Phyllis asked what Jack was doing home, and he stared at her, speechless. She asked what was wrong, and he swore that everything was fine, but he just wanted to look at her. Phyllis said she'd thought Jack had been at a late meeting, and he lovingly called her "Red" as he pulled her into his arms. She mused that she'd been worried, but she suddenly felt like everything would be okay. She added that he finally felt familiar again, since she'd felt a distance, like he'd been gone. "Now I'm back," he assured her.

Jack said he had to tell Phyllis something that would sound strange at first, but Summer arrived and bristled when she saw Jack. Phyllis mentioned that Jack had been about to tell her something important, and Summer told Jack not to bother denying that he'd set Victor up, since Victor had warned her that it wasn't safe to talk to Jack. Summer relayed that all of the Newmans had bodyguards, and Jack was shocked that Victor had convinced her that Jack might hurt her. Summer snapped that Jack had been heartless enough to have an innocent man arrested, and Phyllis countered that Victor was far from innocent.

Summer said she'd never seen Jack do such terrible things, like having Kyle do his dirty work for him, and Jack insisted that he wasn't "that man." Summer confronted Jack about using Kyle to frame her grandfather, but Jack received Marisa's text message, which provided her room number at the club. Jack said they'd have to finish the conversation later, since he had to find out more. Phyllis begged him to tell her what was going on, and he told her to remember the feeling she'd had when he'd held her in his arms just then. He rushed out.

Summer was confused because Jack had suddenly seemed sincere, and she wondered if he'd been putting on an act. Phyllis didn't blame her for doubting Jack, since Phyllis had also questioned his behavior. Phyllis confided that she'd been wondering if their marriage had been a lie, but all the bad feelings had melted away just before Summer had arrived, since Jack's warmth had returned. Phyllis referred to how she'd felt when he'd held her, and she'd sensed their deep connection and seen something in his eyes when he'd looked at her. Phyllis recognized that it sounded confusing, but it had been the closest she'd felt to Jack in months.

In Marisa's hotel room, Marisa was incensed when Jack told her he'd seen Phyllis and Summer, and Jack revealed that he hadn't told his loved ones anything, but they'd seemed scared and upset with him. Marisa wondered what trouble Marco had caused, and Jack relayed that Marco had framed Victor for something, so everyone was mad at Jack. Jack speculated that Victor had paid his ransom, and Marisa reported that she'd seen Marco with a younger guy downstairs. She added that the clerk had identified the other man as Bingham, but she hadn't been able to hear what they'd been talking about, although it had seemed intense, like the men had a secret. Jack said they did.

Jack explained that he'd been the only one Adam had confided in, so he assumed Marco knew Adam's true identity, and it was the last secret Adam wanted to get out. Jack was determined to find out what Marco was plotting against Victor before Jack reclaimed his life, and he acknowledged that Marisa loved Marco, but nothing was more important to him than getting his life back and making sure his loved ones didn't get hurt. Jack asked for Marisa's help, and she told him that he could trust her. He instructed her to go to Jabot, and he gave her a master password to access emails. He drew a map of the building layout and told her to take photos of everything in the chemistry lab that might give him a clue about Marco's plan.

Marco and Adam entered the lab to discuss how to fake Marco's death, and Marco pulled out a duffel bag. Adam looked inside and found a bulletproof vest and fake blood, and Marco revealed that he planned to goad Victor into shooting him. Adam pointed out that Victor wasn't a cold-blooded killer, but Marco was confident that Victor would pull the trigger.

Marco explained that Victor had made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to protect his family, and Marco had laid the groundwork by threatening the Newmans and pulling a gun on Victor. Marco intended to push Victor over the edge when they met in the park later, and Adam was stunned that Marco expected it to happen that night. Marisa crouched behind a desk and listened as Marco bragged that Victor would "never see it coming."

As Jack waited in Marisa's room, he flashed back to admiring Phyllis in her wedding gown before their wedding, and they'd marveled that they'd beaten the odds. Meanwhile, Phyllis was thinking of the same memory.

Joe encountered Avery in the park, and he asked if she was the one stalking him. She told him not to flatter himself, and he accused her of having no intention of making peace. She spat that she'd wanted to look him in the eye when she told him that he was a disgusting human being, and she revealed that she knew he'd slept with Lily. Avery wondered if Joe was out to destroy every happy relationship in Genoa City, and he contended that the Ashbys had been at one another's throats. Avery chided him for taking advantage of his friend's wife, and she explained that an upset Lily had confided to her that she wished she'd stayed away from Joe.

Avery ranted that Joe had no morals or conscience, but Joe asserted that he and Lily had been consenting adults, and he thought Avery was in no position to judge, given that she'd committed adultery herself. She demanded to know why he was still in town, and he asked why she cared. She called him a "sick bastard" and said she wanted him to stop, and he inquired whether she meant she wanted him to stop sleeping with anyone but Avery. Joe thought anyone who listened to Avery would think she was jealous.

Avery growled that she couldn't stomach the sight of Joe, and he was just demeaning himself further by trying to push her buttons. Joe expressed surprise that Lily had gone to Avery, but he wasn't surprised by Avery's self-righteous behavior. Avery defended that it was no wonder she'd cheated after how he'd treated her, but he countered that he'd given her everything. Avery ranted that big houses and fancy cars couldn't make up for what he'd done to her, and he told her to stop playing the victim and painting him as the bad guy when she'd ruined his life. She called him a small man with a monstrous ego, and he roughly grabbed her arm. She cried out and yelled for him to let go.

Joe told Avery to stop being dramatic, but she spat that he was an abuser. He pointed out that she was the one violating the restraining order by luring him there under false pretenses, since she had just wanted to throw his indiscretion with Lily in his face. Joe contended that all he'd ever wanted was to be with Avery, and she admonished him for doing it by lying and manipulating her. He said he'd hoped she'd see what they'd once had, even after she'd pushed him off the balcony, and she stressed that the accident had only happened because he hadn't stopped making advances on her.

Joe noted that Avery had followed him to rehab and invited him into her home, and he imagined that she'd known he had been faking all along. She called him a skilled liar who believed what he was saying was true, and he argued that his only crime had been to love her. She yelled at him not to dare call it love, but he had already left when she turned around. Avery heard a noise, and she rushed off.

Avery headed home, and she heard another sound. She called out and asked if someone was there, and a masked man grabbed her from behind.

Who Did Victor Shoot?

Who Did Victor Shoot?

Friday, June 26, 2015

A clearly rattled Joe returned to his hotel room and poured himself a drink. He flashed back to his argument with Avery in the park and her crying out when he'd grabbed her. He chugged the drink, and he continued to remember her yelling at him to let go of her.

At the hospital, a doctor gently informed a battered and bruised Avery that the examination was almost over, and she retrieved supplies from an assault evidence kit. The doctor said she needed to see Avery's hand to scrape under her nails for tissue from her assailant, and Avery remained despondent as the doctor completed the procedure. The doctor recognized that Avery was familiar with the process for gathering forensic evidence, but she was sorry it had happened to Avery. The doctor explained that everything she was doing would help to find the attacker, but the words jumbled together in Avery's head.

The doctor said she had photos, samples, and her notes, and she asked if Avery wanted her to include any other information in her report that might aid the investigation. Avery hesitated for a moment, and she named Joe as her rapist. The doctor wondered if Avery wanted to add it to her police statement, but Avery shook her head. The doctor offered to leave Joe's name out of her notes, but Avery whimpered that she wanted to include it, and she mentioned that he was her ex-husband. The doctor encouraged Avery to tell someone, even if she didn't want to talk to the police.

Marisa returned to her hotel room, and Jack anxiously asked if she'd gotten into Jabot. She reported that the security codes hadn't changed, and the building had been deserted except for Gabriel and Marco, but no one had seen her. Jack inquired whether she'd heard what the men had been talking about, and she revealed that something was going to happen in the park that night, but someone wouldn't walk out of it alive.

Jack wondered who Marco was targeting and what Adam had to do with it, and Marisa relayed that Marco was planning to meet Victor in the park and that Marco had said Victor would never expect what was about to happen. Jack recalled that Summer had said Marco had set Victor up for a crime, and Marisa cautioned that Marco was unstoppable when he wanted something. Jack wondered if Marco wanted Jabot, but Marisa informed him that the company's new name was Newman-Abbott. Jack cursed Marco and Victor for renaming his father's company.

Jack remembered the articles Kelly had shown him about the merger, but he'd thought they'd been fake. Marisa surmised that Marco had struck a deal with Victor, and Jack wondered who was running the company his father had founded. Jack refused to stay holed up, and he declared that he was going to the park that night. Marisa begged Jack not to go, but Jack contended that he needed to warn Victor.

Marisa pointed out that Victor had been the reason Jack had been kidnapped and replaced with an impostor, but Jack reasoned that Victor had saved his life, and all bets would be off once he returned the favor. She implored him to call the police, but Jack worried that Marco had paid people off. Jack was sure he could trust Paul, but he thought he had to deal with it alone. Jack pointed out that he wasn't the only one at risk, and he had to stop things before someone got hurt -- or worse.

At Newman-Abbott, Marco put on the bulletproof vest, and Adam warned that there were many things that could go wrong with Marco's awful plan. Adam recalled that he and Jack had once tried to frame Victor for murder, but it had blown up in their faces. Marco crowed that he was much more devious, but Adam countered that Victor was just as devious, and Marco ranted that he intended to put an end to the myth of Victor's invincibility that night. Adam continued to object, and Marco pointed a gun at him and threatened that Adam would just be another loose end to deal with if he wasn't on Marco's side.

Adam insisted that he was Marco's ally, and he was only concerned because he wanted Marco to succeed at taking Victor down. Adam asked how Marco knew Victor would have a gun, and Marco explained that Victor knew he was armed and that Victor would kill if he thought his life was on the line. Marco ominously stated that Adam was probably more trouble than he was worth, but he snickered and threw the gun at Adam. Adam asked if Marco intended to take a fake gun to the park.

Marco was certain that the only bullet fired would hit his vest, and everyone would mourn Jack's death while Victor spent his life covering his tracks. Adam remarked that the plan was so bad, it just might work, and Marco said it would if Adam did his part. Marco reiterated that Adam's rewards would be Chelsea, the company, and revenge, and he growled that Victor didn't deserve to call himself Adam's father. Adam confirmed that he was behind Marco, and Marco wanted to discuss what would happen once the smoke cleared.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki snapped at her bodyguard for hovering too close to her as they descended the stairs, and she ran into Victor in the foyer. He wondered if she had decided to return home, and she demanded that he explain her "extra appendage." Victor said he wanted to keep her safe, and she asked what he was protecting his family from. Victor stated that there had been credible threats, and Nikki questioned how he'd keep them safe once he was behind bars.

Victor denied that the embezzlement charges were valid, but Nikki grumbled that she'd heard it before. Nikki said she had plans with Dylan, and Victor reminded her that Dylan was living with Sharon. Nikki conceded that she had doubts, but she didn't want to interfere in her grown son's life. Victor asked if that was what she thought he was doing, and she said she needed time. Victor remarked that there might not be much of it, since sometimes things happened quickly, and Nikki became alarmed by his words. Victor swore to protect all of them at any cost.

Nikki wondered what Victor meant, but she got a call from "Jack," who requested that they get together to talk about the trouble with the company. Victor demanded to talk to him, but Nikki agreed to meet Jack in Chancellor Park later that evening. After she hung up, Victor refused to allow her to go, and she scoffed at the idea that Jack was dangerous. Victor ordered her not to have anything to do with Jack, and Nikki testily told Victor to take care of it on his own, since she'd be with Dylan.

Adam imagined that Victor was keeping close tabs on Nikki, so there was no way Victor would let her go to the park. Marco anticipated that Victor would be there instead, ready to shoot someone. Victor called Marco and berated him for dragging Nikki into their mess, and Marco claimed that he was just trying to keep the peace. Marco taunted that Victor was a big talker who didn't have the guts to do what was necessary, but Marco had no problem doing dirty work. Victor called him a "smug son of a bitch," and Marco suggested that Victor show up in place of his wife.

Victor bumped into Marisa on the stairs, and she recognized him. She said there was something crucial that he needed to know, but he ignored her and headed out.

At the cottage, Sharon welcomed Paul, Noah, and Mariah, and Dylan mentioned that Sharon had been cooking for hours. Noah inquired about the special occasion, and Sharon replied that they hadn't had much to celebrate lately, but a lot had changed. Dylan said they were still waiting for other guests to arrive, and Sharon offered to get drinks. Mariah cornered Dylan and remarked that it looked like she'd gotten through to him about focusing on Sharon instead of letting Joe and Avery get to him. Dylan replied that he was too happy to give it a second thought.

Paul hung up from a call with Christine and passed along her apologies for being held up at work, and he hoped Sharon and Dylan's good news would cheer his wife up. Noah and Mariah pressed Sharon to tell them what it was, but Dylan wanted to wait for Nikki. Paul and Sharon expressed doubt that Nikki would even show up, and Dylan relented. Mariah excitedly guessed that Sharon and Dylan were getting married, but Sharon announced that while they had no plans to wed, they were having a baby. Dylan confirmed it was true, and Paul congratulated them and marveled that the idea of his first grandchild was really something. "It's something, all right," Mariah grumbled.

Nikki arrived, and she was shocked by the news of Sharon's pregnancy. Nikki asked if it was what Dylan wanted, and he proclaimed that he'd already bought Cubs outfits for the baby. Dylan assured Nikki that it was all good, and she congratulated him with a hug. Nikki politely commented to Sharon that it was exciting, and Mariah was disappointed that there hadn't been any fireworks. Noah thought it was great that Nikki was being supportive, but Sharon said she'd seen the look on Noah's face when she'd broken the news, and Noah expressed concern about what Sharon's therapist thought.

Noah questioned whether Sharon could stay on her medication during her pregnancy, and Nikki griped that buildings burned and families disintegrated when Sharon stopped taking her meds. Dylan scolded Nikki, and Sharon reported that her therapist had advised her to continue on her medication, but they'd discuss it more at her next session. Noah couldn't help but wonder about the timing, since Nick and Sage were also having a baby, and Sharon said her pregnancy had been a complete surprise. Dylan added that he'd completely jumped on board when he'd found out.

Paul took a call from the precinct, but his expression darkened as he asked if Avery was at the hospital, and he said he'd be right there. Paul declined to divulge anything because it was police business, but Dylan insisted on going with him. Dylan apologized to Sharon, and he said to have dinner without him. Paul and Dylan rushed out, and Sharon looked disappointed. Mariah questioned just how on board Dylan really was.

Paul and Dylan arrived at the hospital, and Paul sternly instructed Dylan to stay in the hallway while Paul questioned Avery. Paul entered Avery's room, and a concerned Dylan approached the doctor as she exited. Dylan asked what had happened, but he spotted the rape kit, and the doctor rushed off to get it to the lab.

Paul gently asked Avery if she was up to talking about what had happened, and she recalled that she'd asked Joe to meet her in the park because she'd been furious with him for ruining another relationship. She revealed that Joe had slept with a married woman, and Paul asked who it had been, but Avery didn't want to break a confidence. Paul pressed Avery to tell him everything so he could help, and she hesitantly disclosed that it had been Lily. She explained that Lily had been at her apartment earlier to ask for advice about Joe, and she'd warned Lily to stay away from him.

Avery continued that after she'd confronted Joe in the park, she had headed home and had sensed that someone had been following her, and her attacker had jumped her from behind. She said she'd tried to fight and scream, but he'd put his hand over her mouth and pinned her to the ground. She began to cry, and she admitted that she hadn't seen the man's face because he'd been wearing a mask, but the smell of his cologne had made her sick. Paul realized that Avery couldn't pick someone out in a lineup, but she said she knew Joe had attacked her, since his build and his cologne matched her rapist's.

Paul promised to take care of everything, and Avery mentioned that her attacker had taken her purse, so he could be in her apartment. Paul said he'd have an officer at her door until he got a locksmith there, and he offered to send Dylan in to see her. Avery was shocked that Dylan was there, and Paul explained that Dylan had been with him when he'd received the call. She agreed to see Dylan, and Paul swore he wouldn't let Joe get away with it.

Over the phone, Dylan told Sharon that there hadn't been any word yet, but he quickly hung up when Paul emerged from Avery's room. Dylan said he knew what had happened, and he rushed in to see Avery. Dylan took Avery into his arms as she sobbed, and he asked if she was in pain, but she didn't want to talk about it. He lamented that it was too late to ask how he could help, since he could have prevented the rape if he hadn't told her not to call him. She said it hadn't been his fault, and he asked whose fault it had been. Avery said nothing, and he asked if Joe had attacked her.

Sharon told her guests that Avery had been attacked, and Dylan had been understandably worried. Mariah thought it made sense, since Dylan was still in love with Avery, and Noah pulled Mariah aside. Sharon imagined that Nikki wished Dylan was with anyone but her, and Nikki asserted that she'd had the best of intentions to give Sharon a fresh start, but Sharon was the same opportunist she always had been. Nikki speculated that Sharon had gotten knocked up because she'd conveniently forgotten to take her birth control pills, and Noah overheard and ordered Nikki to leave Sharon alone.

Nikki defended that she wasn't trying to be cruel, but she refused to turn a blind eye and pretend everything was fine. Nikki accused Sharon of using the baby to hang onto Dylan, who was clearly not free of his past. Nikki turned to Mariah to back her up, and Mariah pointed out that Dylan wasn't there. Sharon said she'd love for Nikki to be part of the baby's life but not at Sharon's expense, and she asked Nikki to leave if she was only there to criticize. After Nikki left, Sharon said the same thing went for Mariah.

Sharon asked why Mariah had deliberately tried to hurt her, and Mariah asserted that she'd wanted Sharon to see Dylan for who he really was. Sharon conceded that circumstances had drawn Dylan back to his past, but Mariah reiterated that she didn't want Sharon to become a doormat again, and Sharon insisted that she had her priorities straight. Sharon added that being a mom took precedence over everything, and the baby would need its siblings to give it guidance. Mariah apologized if she had been too tough on Sharon, but Sharon hugged her and said everything would work out fine.

Paul entered Avery's apartment, and Joe appeared in the doorway and asked what Paul was doing there. Paul reminded Joe that he was supposed to stay away because of the restraining order, but Joe said it was too late, since he'd already met Avery in the park at her request. Joe mentioned that they'd gotten into an argument, and he hadn't liked the way they'd left things, but she hadn't answered her phone. Joe questioned why the chief of police was there, and he asked if Avery was okay. Paul revealed that she'd been raped.

Joe worriedly asked where Avery was, and Paul inquired whether Joe was there to get rid of something. Joe wondered if Paul was accusing him of raping Avery, and Paul replied that he wasn't accusing Joe of anything, but Avery was. Paul told Joe to go home and get some rest, since Paul would be asking a lot of questions early the next morning, and he warned Joe not to even think about leaving town. Later, Joe responded to incessant pounding on his hotel room door, and he faced off with a seething Dylan.

Paul answered a call, and he learned that someone claiming to have information would only talk to him. Paul told his officer to put the call through, and Marisa asked if she was speaking with Paul Williams. He asked who she was, and she hurriedly instructed him to send his officers to Chancellor Park, where there was about to be a shooting.

In the park, Marco observed that it was deserted, and he said he'd taken care of the surveillance cameras already. Marco indicated where Adam should hide to send him a text message when Victor arrived, and Adam hoped no one lost their life that night, since he'd already lost Jack. Marco thought maybe Adam had a soft spot for Victor, but Adam explained that he wanted Victor alive, so Victor would know who'd knocked him to his knees. Marco said he'd be the late Jack Abbott when they next met, and Adam added that Victor would be on his way to prison. The men shook hands.

Later, Victor arrived in the park, and a man who was either Jack or Marco greeted him as Adam hovered in the shadows. Victor said it had been a big mistake to go after his family, but the man replied that Victor had been the one who'd made the mistake, and they were going to straighten it out right then. Jack/Marco reached into his suit coat pocket, but Victor pulled out gun and shot him. Adam ran over and yelled at Victor, "What the hell have you done?"

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