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Adam blackmailed Victor into turning over Newman-Abbott to him. Adam realized that Victor had shot the real Jack, not Marco. Victor confessed to shooting Jack in self-defense. Ashley discovered the DNA test results that confirmed a match between Jack and Gabriel.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 29, 2015 on Y&R
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Jack Takes Marco's Bullet

Jack Takes Marco's Bullet

Monday, June 29, 2015

From her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Marisa left an urgent phone message for Jack. She warned him not to show up at the park. Marisa said she'd informed police that a shooting might take place in the park. Jack didn't phone her back. Marisa seemed nervous. She clutched her phone in her hand as if she expected Jack to return her call at any minute.

Victor and Jack faced off in Chancellor Park. Victor, thinking that Jack was Marco, the impostor, said that Marco had made a big mistake by threatening his family. Jack replied, "We're going to settle this right now." When Jack reached into the breast pocket of his coat, Victor drew a semi-automatic pistol and fired once, hitting Jack in the upper chest. Jack fell to the ground just as Adam, still masquerading as a man named Gabriel Bingham, arrived.

Adam rushed to Jack's aid, and said, "He's dead, Victor." Victor said that the Jack impostor had reached for his own gun. Adam, shocked, cried, "You killed him. You killed my father." Victor said that Jack had intended to meet with Nikki. Adam warned that the police would consider the act premeditated because Jack had told people that Victor was out to get him. Adam offered to protect Victor in exchange for total control of Newman-Abbott. Victor asked if no evidence would exist implicating him. Adam said, "Not a thing. You have my word."

After Victor left, Adam kicked the bottom of Jack's shoe and told him to hurry up because the police sirens signaled the arrival of the police. Jack didn't move or respond. Adam knelt down and pulled back Jack's coat, revealing a bloodstain. Adam was confused and said aloud to himself that Jack was supposed to have worn a bulletproof vest. Marco, arrived and said, "I got held up. Is that?" Adam nodded and replied, "Victor shot Jack. It was point-blank. Victor thought you were pulling out a gun."

Marco checked Jack's pulse and announced that he was still alive. Panicked by the wail of sirens that loomed ever closer, Adam said, "What the hell have we done?" Marco said, "He was supposed to be dead already. Victor shot him. Stick with the script, and you win everything." Marco fled under the cover of darkness just as Paul announced his arrival by yelling, "Police!" Paul and a uniformed officer commanded Adam to move away from the body. Adam explained that he was holding pressure on the wound.

When Marco arrived at Marisa's suite, she initially believed he was Jack. Marisa said, "I was worried! Did you get my messages? It's terrible, this plan." The man said, "It took me longer than I planned to get back to you, but here I am." Marisa raised her hand to slap the man she once loved, but he caught her arm before it met his face. Marisa was startled when her former lover violently jerked her body toward his and gripped her tightly. Marco kissed Marisa, but she bit his lip and pushed him away.

Marco said he'd stayed away from Marisa in order to protect her from his enemies. He explained that during part of his absence, he'd been imprisoned in Peru. Marisa learned that Jack had been shot when she spotted blood on Marco's cuff. Marco explained that his soon-to-be ex-partner had pulled the trigger. After Marco made arrangements for a private jet to fly him to the Caribbean, Marisa became angry when she believed he intended to abandon her again. Marco said he would take her along, so they could enjoy the fortune that awaited him in an offshore account. Marisa aimed the handgun at Marco and said, "You're not going anywhere."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki told Victoria about Sharon's pregnancy, which Nikki said was a "disaster." Victoria was taken aback by the shocking announcement. Nikki said she feared that another disaster might also play out at Chancellor Park because Jack had summoned her to meet him there. Nikki said that Victor had insisted on taking her place. Victoria nodded and replied, "Of course he did." Nikki cried, "Right now, they are saying God knows what to each other, and it's not going to end well. I just feel it. Your dad wouldn't give us all bodyguards for no reason."

Victoria told Nikki that Victor was under pressure because he'd been arrested under false pretenses. Victor arrived, and Nikki rushed to the bar to ask what had happened between him and Jack. Victoria joined her mom. Victor said, "He and I just talked about business, all right? He just wanted Gabriel to have a more important position in the company." Victoria, shocked and irate, replied, "He's already co-chief operating officer!" When Victoria asked how her dad would benefit from elevating Gabriel to CEO, Victor raised his glass and said, "Cheers."

Not relenting, Victoria, addressing her father, said, "Is it blackmail? Jack told you he would get you out of the embezzlement charges if you put Gabe in control of the company. That's it, isn't it, Dad?" Billy phoned Victoria and told her about Jack. Victoria relayed the message to her parents, telling them that Jack had been shot at the park. Victor said, "Just now? Jack Abbott has been murdered?" Victoria listened while Billy filled in the details, which Victoria shared. Victoria explained that Jack was in surgery. Nikki asked Victor why he'd assumed that Jack had died. Miffed, Nikki instructed Victor to pray for Jack as if his own life depended on it. Nikki headed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Phyllis was horrified when she entered Avery's room and saw the bruises and cuts on her sister's face. Phyllis cried, "Why didn't you call me?" Avery said, "The damage is already done." Phyllis was livid after Avery said that a doctor had performed an exam to collect evidence for a rape kit. Phyllis said, "I'm going to find him, and I'm going to kill him." Phyllis said she blamed Paul for failing to arrest Joe. Avery explained that Paul had had no concrete evidence to prove that Joe had been stalking her.

Avery said that her attacker had worn a mask, so she wouldn't be able to identify him. Breaking down and sobbing, Avery cried that she wanted Joe to suffer pain and feel helpless. She yelled, "I want him dead!" Phyllis was startled to hear Avery threaten Joe's life and offered to accompany her home. Avery refused and hurriedly left. Phyllis stood watching her sister exit in one direction when Jack, accompanied by Adam and Paul, arrived on a stretcher from another direction. Phyllis was stunned when Adam said he'd found Jack unconscious. Adam added that the shooter had already run away. Paul assured Phyllis that he'd find out who'd shot Jack.

At the Jabot lab, Ashley was already waiting for Jack to show up when Billy and Kyle joined her, believing that Jack had also summoned them. Summer soon arrived and explained that she'd actually arranged the meeting after having sneaked away from her bodyguard. Summer said, "This war ends tonight. It has to, or it's going to destroy all of us."

Summer said Jack had insisted on meeting with Victor to defend himself against lies about having set up Victor. Summer added that Jack seemed to have no idea about what had transpired. Ashley was concerned about Jack approaching Victor in person, too. Summer insisted that they admit what was going on to the authorities and face the consequences. Kyle agreed with Summer. Ashley refused. Ashley received a phone call. After the call ended, Ashley told Billy, Kyle, and Summer that Jack had been shot.

In the hospital waiting area, Phyllis paced while Adam, lost in thought, sat slumped in a chair, rubbing his forehead with his fingers. Phyllis cried that the last time she'd seen Jack, his eyes had looked different than before. Adam mumbled, "This never should've happened." Summer, Kyle, Ashley, and Billy arrived. Adam said he'd found Jack after he'd been shot. Billy said, "If my brother dies, the newest Abbott here stands to profit the most. Where did you drop the gun after you shot my brother?" Phyllis yelled for the men to stop fighting.

Phyllis said, "Gabe didn't shoot Jack, but I bet I know who did." Phyllis noted that Jack had lied to her a lot lately, but in a moment of truth, she recalled, he'd said, "What if I could end the war with Victor forever?" Phyllis approached Ashley and asked about a plan she'd previously hinted about. Ashley offered no explanation. Phyllis, a determined look on her face, turned to leave.

After Phyllis left, Adam said, "That woman is on the edge. She shouldn't be alone." Summer replied, "What are you afraid of? That something's going to happen to my mom or that she's going to ruin your precious little plan?" Kyle again suggested confessing all to the police, but Billy insisted that they'd all stick to the plan. Nikki arrived, and Ashley said, "My brother is fighting for his life because of your husband." Jack's doctor approached and explained that Jack had slipped into a coma.

Victor retreated to his office at Newman-Abbott. Victor was drinking whiskey, as he had been earlier at the bar. Victoria arrived and told her dad that he should prepare himself to be questioned by police. Victor said that he'd broken no laws, so he was not concerned. Victoria said, "Jack framed you for embezzlement, and now he's been shot. Suddenly, you announced that you've made Gabriel Bingham the head of Newman-Abbott. Do you not see how this looks?"

Victoria asked her dad if he'd shot Jack. Victor replied, "Jack Abbott came to that park with the intention of committing cold-blooded murder." Victor said that days earlier in his office, Jack had first threatened him with a weapon. Victor added, "It was self-defense." Victoria asked why her father had left the scene. Victor explained that Gabriel had threatened to tell the police that "the murder had been committed in cold blood."

Phyllis arrived and said, "So you think you got your way, huh? Everything you ever wanted over Jack's dead body?" Phyllis, livid, demanded to know why Victor had gotten her out of a coma and had later saved Jack's life just to make her a widow. Victoria panicked, but Phyllis said that Jack was still fighting to live. Victor claimed that Jack had simply gone too far with his embezzlement scheme. Victor added, "He knew I was going to protect myself and my family, but not with a gun." Phyllis appealed to Victoria and asked if she would protect her father even though she knew Jack's blood was on Victor's hands.

In Joe's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dylan arrived. Joe said, "Your dad won't be happy about you breaking the restraining order." Dylan punched Joe in the face twice. Joe fell to the floor and passed out. When Joe regained consciousness, he was stunned to discover that he'd been bound to a chair by electrical cords that fastened his arms behind a chair. When Joe attempted to move his bound-together legs, Dylan said, "Helpless? Is that how you wanted Avery to feel when you stalked her and raped her?"

Dylan said he'd untie Joe and escort him to jail if he would confess. Joe denied that he'd attacked Avery and explained that she'd summoned him to meet and talk. Dylan threatened to harm Joe if he didn't confess. Joe, blood oozing from his nose, replied, "You're ready to rip my head off for a crime I didn't commit. You're a maniac, McAvoy, and this is going to land you in jail faster than you can say PTSD."

Avery showed up. She confronted Joe and said she knew he'd followed her and raped her in the alleyway. Joe calmly replied, "I'd never hurt you, Avery. It kills me to see you like this, but I didn't do it." Avery told Dylan to let Joe go. After Dylan untied Joe, he threatened to tell Paul what had happened. Avery warned Joe to keep quiet because he'd violated an order of protection. Dylan and Avery left. Joe phoned Paul's office, but when he saw Avery's bracelet on the floor, he changed his mind about reporting the incident to Paul.

In the hallway, Avery realized that her bracelet had slipped off her arm. Dylan offered to retrieve it, but Avery refused. Avery denounced Dylan's decision to enter Joe's room and hold him captive. Dylan said, "I would've gotten him to the cops one way or another." Avery cried that Dylan had to stay out of it. Dylan replied, "I had to do something. That's why I came here. Why did you?" Avery said she'd wanted to tell Joe that she knew he'd attacked her and force him to leave town because she never wanted to see him again. Before Avery left, she told Dylan to stay out of it.

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Sharon perused an online article about taking medication during pregnancy, and she emptied her bottle of prescription medication into the trash. Noah entered, and he asked if she knew why police cars were parked outside, but she had no idea. Dylan joined them and wondered why Sharon was there that late, and she explained that she'd gotten restless at home, so she'd decided to set up for the next day. Dylan reported that Jack had been shot in the park, and the cops were looking for the shooter.

Dylan said the cops wanted to review the coffeehouse's security footage, and Mariah arrived and asked what was going on. Noah pulled her aside to fill her in, and Sharon asked Dylan about Avery. Dylan solemnly revealed that Avery had been raped, and Avery was sure Joe had been her attacker, so Dylan had gone to question Joe after Avery had been released. Sharon worried that Dylan had beaten Joe up, but Dylan said he'd pulled back, even though he believed Joe had lied when he'd said he hadn't done it. Dylan went to retrieve the footage.

Noah reiterated to Mariah that Sharon needed support, and he blasted Mariah for insinuating that Dylan was about to run after Avery. Mariah insisted that she hadn't meant to hurt Sharon, but she was concerned about what would happen to the baby if Sharon's bipolar disorder wasn't in check. Kevin entered and speculated that Jack's shooting was somehow related to Austin and Courtney's murders. Kevin pointed out that Jack had been a target of Austin's exposé, but Noah argued that it didn't make sense for Jack to be a victim.

Mariah left the men to obsess over the latest crime while she got some coffee, and she approached Sharon and imagined her mom was upset about Jack. Sharon recalled that Jack had always been a good friend no matter what she'd done, and Mariah compared it to how Sharon had cared about her even when Mariah had disappointed her. Mariah admitted that she'd had no right to interrogate Sharon about her pregnancy, but Sharon swore that Mariah would always be her baby, and she'd always forgive Mariah.

Mariah said she'd been thinking about family a lot, and the baby wouldn't just be Sharon and Dylan's child, but it would also be Mariah's younger sibling. Mariah continued that she loved Noah and Faith, but they'd already been "real people" when she'd met them, and the baby would be the first person in her life who didn't look at her with preconceived notions. Sharon remarked that it would be a clean slate, and Mariah said the baby was just as important to her as it was to Sharon. They hugged.

Dylan showed an officer where to access his surveillance program on a laptop computer, and Kevin asked if there had been any witnesses. Sharon piped up that she had been one, since she'd heard a loud pop, and she remembered the timing of it based on when she'd talked to Dylan on the phone. Kevin thought it helped narrow down the timeframe, and on the tape, they saw two people outside the coffee shop suddenly stop and look around. Dylan suggested that they back up the footage to before the people's reaction, but the officer complained that the program was frozen. Kevin stepped in and fixed it, and Noah spotted Jack walk by the coffeehouse nine minutes before the gunshot.

They continued to review the footage to see if anyone had been following Jack, but Noah said they needed to go forward and not back on the tape, and Kevin replied that it was what he'd been doing. Dylan pointed out that Jack had walked by the coffeehouse in the same direction again on the footage, and they reviewed the tape and discovered that Jack had walked by a second time four minutes after the first time they'd seen him. Noah speculated that Jack had walked around the block, but Kevin noted that Jack would have needed to walk really fast to make it that quickly. Noah wondered if something was wrong with the camera equipment, but Dylan thought there was another explanation.

In Marisa's hotel room, Marisa held Marco at gunpoint and threatened to tell people who he really was. Marco asked Marisa to put down the gun so they could talk, but she refused. He dared her to shoot him, since he'd never make a confession, and pulling the trigger was the only way the truth would get out. He slowly advanced toward her, and she lowered the gun. He took it from her hand and surmised that she was still in love with him, but she retorted that it didn't change what he'd put Jack through.

Marco explained that he'd gone along with another man's plan, and he admired that man even if Marco didn't trust him, since his co-conspirator was like him -- willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted. Marco said they had to get out of there, but Marisa wanted to call the hospital. Marco griped that Jack only cared about her if he needed something from her, but Marco was happy to say goodbye to Jack's loved ones. Marisa guessed that Marco had loved masquerading as a rich gentleman, but Marco growled that the people he'd met were scum, and they hid behind their estates and companies while pretending to be honorable.

Marisa complained that she was tired of running, but Marco tempted her with a flight to paradise. She contended that the people of Genoa City were no different than him, and he countered that he'd never pretended to be a good man. He warned that Jack and his family wouldn't do anything but turn on her and have her locked up, and he urged her to fly away with him.

In the car, Marisa asked where they were going, and Marco said they could go anywhere they wanted. Marisa commented that she'd picked up on the difference between the men when she'd kissed Jack, and she wondered how Marco had pulled off the switch with Jack's wife. She imagined that Marco had loved deceiving Jack's family, and she noticed that they were heading the opposite direction from the airport.

Marco said it was smarter to go north, but Marisa snapped that she wasn't stupid, and she suspected he was taking her somewhere to kill her. Marisa swore she wouldn't tell anyone what Marco had done, but Marco ridiculed her concern about Jack. She pointed out that the truth wouldn't die with her, and he ominously stated that Jack couldn't survive, either. Marisa grabbed the steering wheel.

At the hospital, Ashley assured Billy, Kyle, and Summer that the doctor hadn't said Jack wouldn't wake up from the coma. Billy demanded to know what "Gabriel" had been doing in the park, and Adam claimed he'd been taking a walk. The men argued, but Ashley intervened and asserted that the bigger question was what Jack had been doing in the park at that hour, and she guessed that Jack had been there to meet someone else. Ashley noted that Jack's worst enemies were in Genoa City, and Summer assumed that Ashley was referring to Victor, but she was adamant that her grandfather would never shoot Jack. Adam suggested that they let the police do their job.

In Jack's hospital room, Paul asked a nurse when Jack would be able to answer some questions, and she replied that Jack's condition was critical. Paul asked her to call him when Jack woke up, since Jack was the only person who could explain what had happened to him. As Paul exited the room, he ran into Nikki, who tearfully started to say that Jack might die, but Paul cut her off and vowed to find out who had been responsible. Paul rushed off, and Nikki's hands shook as she dialed her phone and informed Neil that Jack had been shot. Nikki added that she didn't know what to do, and she needed to see Neil.

Nikki slipped into Jack's room and sat at his bedside, and she said she hated seeing him like that when he'd always been such a good friend to her. She regretted not meeting him in the park as he'd requested, since peace was all he'd ever wanted. Nikki confessed that no one else even knew that Victor had been in the park, but he had probably been the last person Jack had seen. She began to cry, and she prayed that Jack would recover, since she couldn't lose her friend. She wailed that her husband couldn't be Jack's murderer, and Adam overheard from the doorway.

In Victor's office, Phyllis beseeched Victoria to tell her what had happened to Jack, and she asserted that it was beyond Victoria's duty as a daughter to cover up Victor's murder attempt. Phyllis contended that if Victoria knew Victor had shot Jack then Victoria also had blood on her hands, and she asked Victoria point-blank if Victor had shot Jack. Victoria insisted that she hadn't even known Jack had been in the hospital until Billy had called her with the news, and Phyllis recalled that Victoria had admonished her for lying and manipulating. Phyllis had thought Victoria had had the right to the high ground, but she'd been wrong, since Victoria truly was her father's daughter.

Victor coldly said that Phyllis had overstayed her welcome, and Victoria closed the door after Phyllis sashayed out. Victor thanked Victoria for what she'd done, and Victoria spat that she'd lied to protect him. Victor said it was time to leave, and Victoria incredulously inquired whether he wasn't even going to explain what she was protecting him from. He replied that it was complicated, and she urged him to tell the police he'd shot Jack in self-defense. Victor stated that it was the way it had to be, and Victoria yelled that it wasn't enough, since she needed to know everything if he wanted her to help him.

Victor said there were some things he couldn't tell Victoria for the sake of everyone's safety, and Victoria rolled her eyes when Adam entered. Adam relayed that Jack was in a coma after he'd been through surgery, and the doctors didn't know if Jack would wake up. Victoria left to track down Billy, and Adam assumed that Victor thought Jack's condition was good news. Victor swore that he'd never wanted Jack to meet a tragic death, but Adam was sure Victor was happy because Jack couldn't tell the cops who had shot him. Adam warned that someone else could, since Nikki was about ready to sell Victor down the river.

Adam mentioned that Nikki had made a touching bedside confession to Jack, and she had been wondering who to tell about Victor's meeting in the park with Jack. Victor was sure that Nikki wouldn't betray him, and he contended that since she hadn't been there, anything she said would be supposition. Victor chuckled and asked if Gabriel was trying to blackmail him, and Adam asked if Victor was going back on their arrangement. Victor maintained that he'd fired in self-defense, but Adam pointed out that Jack hadn't been carrying a weapon. Adam huffed that Victor had shot an unarmed man, so Victor would have to live with it while Gabriel ran the company. Victor ordered Gabriel to leave.

Phyllis returned to the hospital, and Ashley informed her that Jack had survived the surgery but was in a coma. An overwhelmed Phyllis said she couldn't do it again, and she ran off to Jack's room. Summer tried to follow her, but Ashley said Phyllis needed to be with Jack. Phyllis caught Nikki exiting Jack's room, and she chided Nikki for shedding tears when Victor had put Jack there.

Nikki stammered her apologies, and Phyllis noted that Nikki wasn't denying Victor's involvement. Phyllis demanded to know why Victor had done it, but Neil interrupted and expressed condolences about what had happened. Phyllis snapped that she was sick of people being sorry when she just wanted the truth, and Nikki had a history of protecting guilty people. Phyllis testily asked if Nikki had anything to say at all, and Nikki replied, "Yes, I do."

Nikki declared that Phyllis deserved to know what had happened to her husband, but Victoria approached them. Phyllis pressed Nikki to continue, and Nikki said she knew the police would do everything they could to make sure the person responsible paid. Phyllis acknowledged that Nikki cared about Jack, and she implored Nikki to tell the truth for his sake. Nikki insisted that she was, and Phyllis grumbled that she should have known better than to think Nikki would be honest. Paul requested that Phyllis provide him with a list of Jack's contacts, since he intended to question everyone Jack had dealt with recently, starting with Victor.

Phyllis agreed to get the names, but she thought Paul was right to start with Victor, and she left to spend time with her husband. The Abbotts approached, and Paul promised to keep them informed if he made any progress. Victor entered, and Billy barked that Victor wasn't welcome unless he was there to confess. Victor claimed he was there out of concern for Jack's welfare, but Billy suspected that Victor was there to finish the job.

Victor said he was used to the Abbotts blaming the evils of the world on him, and Summer accused the Abbotts of setting Victor up to get him out of the company. Ashley announced that the funds transfer had simply been a computer glitch, and Adam backed up her claim. Ashley said they'd hired a private specialist to investigate, and she told Paul that he could drop the embezzlement charges against Victor. Paul still wanted to question Victor about his whereabouts that night.

Privately, Neil suspected that Nikki wanted a drink, and she admitted her nerves were frayed. Nikki confided that it wasn't just that Jack had been shot but that Victor had shot him. Nikki recounted that Victor had demanded that she let him handle the meeting she'd set up with Jack, and she'd heard the news about Jack's shooting after Victor had returned from the meeting. Neil said it didn't mean Victor had shot Jack, but Nikki knew Jack and Victor could get angry and vindictive with one another, and Victor would stop at nothing to control Jabot.

Neil encouraged Nikki to tell Paul what she knew, but she worried about what it would do to her relationships with her children. Neil questioned what it would do to Nikki if she kept hiding it, and he voiced concern that she'd end up in rehab again. Nikki recognized that it was the right thing to tell the police, but she struggled with betraying the love of her life.

Paul said the police had confirmed the time of the shooting, and he asked where Victor had been that night. Victor said he'd had dinner with Victoria, and they'd returned to the office to work afterward. Victoria added that she'd been with Victor for most of evening, and they'd been together when Billy had called to tell her about the shooting. Nikki overheard and whispered to Neil that she'd implicate her daughter in a lie if Nikki said anything, but Neil warned that remaining silent would adversely affect Nikki. Nikki thanked Neil for being there when she'd needed him, but she was clear on what she had to do.

Victoria offered to keep Billy company, and Summer apologized for going to Paul with what Kyle had told her. Kyle said he understood, and Summer replied that she knew what he was going through with his dad being in a coma. Kyle apologized for not being there when she'd gone through it with Phyllis, but he worried that his dad wouldn't be as lucky. Summer promised that they wouldn't lose Jack, and Kyle remarked that sometimes he felt like he'd already lost his father, since Jack hadn't been the same since the building collapse. Kyle hoped that Jack would be the dad he once had been when he woke up, and Summer hugged Kyle.

Victor stated that he had nothing else to say, and he offered to take Nikki home, but she declared that she could take care of herself. Paul asked for a word with Gabriel, but Nikki said there was something Paul needed to know. She revealed that Jack had called to ask her to meet him in the park, but Victor had been with Jack instead.

"Here we go again," Phyllis mused as she entered Jack's room, and she stated that being comatose was a piece of cake, but it was "hell" waiting for him to wake up. She asserted that she hadn't made her way back just to lose him, and she begged him to return to her. Phyllis recalled that she'd opened her eyes when Jack had asked her to marry him, and his proposal had given her the will and strength to wake up. She said they'd just gotten started, and they hadn't even made it to their first anniversary yet.

Phyllis pleaded with Jack to return to her, and the nurse entered with Jack's personal effects. Phyllis assumed his wedding band had been taken off before the surgery, and the nurse said it probably had been. Phyllis searched the bag, but the ring wasn't there, and she wondered where it was.

A Newman Grows a Conscience

A Newman Grows a Conscience

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

At the Underground, Noah heard someone in the entryway, and he called out that the bar was closed. He approached the door, and he discovered a drenched Marisa. He asked if she was okay, and she collapsed in his arms. Noah poured Marisa a cup of coffee, and he said he was glad he'd still been there. She agreed, and she observed that he had kind eyes. He joked that she probably told that to all the bartenders who had given her a blanket and coffee after hours, and they introduced themselves.

Marisa told Noah that she was new in town, but she began to pass out. Noah wanted to call an ambulance, but Marisa begged him not to, and he asked if she was in some kind of trouble. Marisa claimed that she and her boyfriend had just had a crazy night of drinking, and they'd gotten into a fight. She said she'd tripped and fallen into a fountain, and her boyfriend had taken off with her purse in the car. She said she was visiting from out of the country and needed a place to stay for the night, and she asked if Noah knew of any cheap accommodations.

Noah suggested that Marisa stay on the couch in the office, and she asked what it would cost, but he said he didn't want anything in return. A skeptical Marisa worried that favors were never free, and she guessed he was an American boy who didn't know what it was like to have nothing. She quickly added that she hadn't meant to offend him, but she hadn't encountered much generosity in her life, since things were different where she was from. Noah welcomed her to Genoa City, and he suggested that she call her boyfriend to tell him she was okay.

Noah said he'd never leave his girlfriend stranded, no matter how bad a fight had been, and Marisa replied that she never wanted to see her boyfriend again. Noah reasoned that people made mistakes when they were drunk, and he said if he were in the same position, he'd want to know his girlfriend was all right. Marisa asked what Noah's girlfriend was like, and he confided that his fiancée had died a few months before. Marisa asked what had happened, and Noah simply stated that his fiancée had been a cop caught in a bad situation. He offered to call Marisa's boyfriend for her, but she insisted that it was something she had to do herself.

"Gabriel" stopped by the penthouse to see Chelsea, and he explained that he'd wanted her to be on the same page in case the police questioned her. He informed her that the Abbotts had ditched the embezzlement plan and that the charges had been dropped, and a relieved Chelsea imagined that Victor was on the warpath. Adam revealed that Victor had become the prime suspect in Jack's shooting, and Chelsea couldn't believe the merger had resulted in Victor trying to kill Jack. Adam pointed out that the police were only questioning Victor, though Victor had the most to gain if Jack didn't make it.

Chelsea sympathized that the turn of events had been hard on Gabriel, since he'd just found out Jack was his dad. Adam recognized that Jack might not wake up, but he wondered what Jack would say if he did. Chelsea assured Gabriel that Jack would wake up, and when Jack did, he'd be able to tell the police what had happened in the park that night. Chelsea encouraged Gabriel to get some sleep, but Adam said he couldn't.

Chelsea went to make some tea, and as Adam peered out the window, he envisioned Jack opening his eyes and asking where he was. In the vision, Paul asked if Jack was up to answering some questions, and Jack declared that Victor had shot him. Jack looked at Adam and hissed that Adam had been part of the whole plan, and he revealed Adam's true identity with Chelsea present. Adam snapped back to reality when the teakettle whistled.

At Crimson Lights, Billy remarked to Victoria that it had been a long night that wasn't over yet, and Victoria assured him that Jack was a survivor. Billy hoped his brother was strong enough to survive what Victor had done, and Victoria insisted that her father hadn't been responsible for the shooting. Billy said he knew Victoria better than anyone else, and it "hurt like hell" to hear her say that because he knew she was lying. Billy doubted the validity of the alibi Victoria had given Victor, and he said Victor didn't deserve her loyalty.

Billy understood why Victoria would lie to protect someone she loved, and he admitted that he'd helped set up Victor for embezzlement, but the Abbotts had changed course since then. Billy warned that Victoria could get into huge trouble if she continued to lie, and he cared deeply about her. She swore that nothing would happen, but he wondered what would happen to their kids if she was wrong. Billy pointed out that she could be charged as an accessory to attempted murder, and it would only get worse if Jack didn't make it. Billy begged her to tell the police the truth, but she maintained that Victor had been with her that evening.

At the hospital, Phyllis told a comatose Jack that when he woke up, the first thing she'd ask was why his finger was naked. She thought he'd been wearing his wedding ring that morning, and she gently scolded that he'd better have a "damn good excuse" because he was going to wake up, just like she had returned to him. She hoped that one of the Newmans grew a conscience and told the truth about what Victor had done to Jack.

In the waiting area, Nikki informed Paul that Jack had wanted to meet her in the park that night, but Victor had been with Jack instead. Victor claimed she was mistaken, but Paul wanted to hear from Nikki. Paul inquired whether Victor had met Jack instead of Nikki, and Phyllis emerged from Jack's room and accused Victor of shooting her husband. Adam and Paul kept Phyllis from lunging at Victor, and Phyllis revealed that Jack had suspected from the beginning that Victor would try to kill him. Victor questioned why he'd be there to show concern for Jack if Victor had shot him, and Phyllis implored Paul to do his job and arrest Victor.

At the police station, a lawyer advised Victor that he was under no obligation to answer questions, but Victor replied that he had nothing to hide. Paul turned on a voice recorder to ensure he didn't mishear anything Victor said, and he asked if Victor had been aware that Jack had asked Nikki to meet him in the park. Victor admitted that he'd been there when she'd taken Jack's call, and he'd gone to see Jack himself about business. Victor claimed that Jack had wanted to capitalize on his friendship with Nikki to convince Victor to promote Gabriel, but Victor had gone in her place to avoid putting Nikki in the middle.

Paul inquired whether Victor had taken a gun with him to meet Jack, and Victor stated that guns weren't allowed in the park. Paul instructed Victor to answer the question, and Victor contended that he wouldn't risk everything he'd built, even if he'd wanted Jack dead. Victor argued that he'd recently saved Jack's life, and the men had gotten along better than ever since they'd combined their businesses, so Victor hadn't had any motive. Paul told Victor he was free to go, and Victor hoped Paul found who he was looking for. Paul mentioned that he'd received an anonymous tip about the shooting earlier that day, and he expected to have all the answers once he tracked down the person who'd called him.

Billy and Victoria returned to the hospital, and Phyllis reported that maybe there was justice in the world, after all, since Paul had taken Victor in for questioning. Victoria wondered why, since her father hadn't had anything to do with the shooting, and Phyllis revealed that Nikki had told the truth about Victor going in her place to see Jack. Billy confronted Victoria about lying that she and Victor had been together, and she stammered that it was complicated. Billy demanded to know whether Victoria had been with Victor all night or not, and she said she needed to speak with Nikki. Billy and Phyllis stepped into Jack's room, and a livid Victoria asked Nikki what was wrong with her.

Victoria blasted Nikki for destroying Victor's alibi, and Nikki wondered if Victoria had any idea how badly Nikki wanted a drink. Nikki asserted that she'd told the truth, which she understood was a foreign concept to Victor, but she hadn't realized that Victoria felt the same way. Victoria accused Nikki of throwing Victor under the bus, and she demanded to know if Nikki had any idea what Victoria had risked that night. Nikki pointed out that Victor and Victoria had put her in that position, but she wouldn't back up their lies, since she'd worked too hard to stay sober.

Nikki refused to compromise her integrity to justify Victor's behavior, and she pointed out that Victor obviously hadn't met Jack to make peace. Victoria thought there had to be a more reasonable explanation, and Nikki implored her to tell Paul what it was, since the longer Victoria waited, the worse it would be. Victoria answered a call and learned that Paul had warrants to search the house and the office.

Phyllis noted that Billy hadn't seemed surprised that Victoria had lied to cover for Victor, and Billy conceded that Victoria hadn't been wrong to mistrust the Abbotts. Phyllis pointed out that no one had told her about the embezzlement plan, and Billy explained that Jack had been worried that she felt she owed Victor. Billy added that he'd thought the plan had been golden, but his hatred for Victor had clouded his judgment, and he'd followed blindly when it had gotten out of hand. Phyllis realized she'd done the same thing by going along with the merger and Jack's friendship with Victor, and Billy said they'd both trusted Jack.

Phyllis complained that Jack hadn't been acting like himself, since he hadn't remembered inside jokes or details about experiences they'd shared together, but she'd chalked it up to his head injury. She recalled that he'd amazingly reverted back to his old self when she'd seen him earlier that day, and his face had lit up in a way she hadn't seen in ages when he'd looked at her. She continued that she'd felt like the most important person in the world when he'd listened to her, and it had been like a veil had been lifted, since he'd been warm and giving again.

Phyllis mentioned that something big had been going on that Jack had wanted to tell her about, but he had received a text message and had needed to leave to find out some things before he shared the details. Phyllis divulged that Jack's wedding ring hadn't been among his personal belongings, and she thought it sounded like a small thing, but something was telling her it wasn't.

Later, Phyllis became incensed when the doctor asked whether Jack had a living will, and she refused to give up. The doctor explained that it was hospital policy to inquire, but she thought it sounded like a plan to fail, and she demanded another doctor. He said it was a waiting game, and he'd done all he could. Phyllis snapped that experts had given up on her, and she was living proof that they hadn't tried hard enough. The doctor urged Phyllis to put her feelings aside and to make sure they were doing what Jack would have wanted.

Chelsea rushed into the hospital, and Billy informed her that Jack was alive, no thanks to Victor. Chelsea mentioned that she knew the police were questioning Victor, but Billy flatly stated that Victor had shot Jack and that Victoria had lied to him and the cops that she'd been with Victor all night. Billy acknowledged that they'd pushed it too far with their plan, and he wished he'd listened to Ashley. Chelsea told Billy not to blame himself, but Billy blamed Victor for all of it.

Chelsea gasped when she saw Jack, and she tearfully asked who could have done that to him. Phyllis said it had been Victor, and she told Chelsea to leave if she was there to defend Victor. Chelsea said Victor was Connor's grandfather, but Jack had shown love and support for her and her family, so she would never try to protect whoever was responsible. Chelsea tearfully turned to go, but Phyllis apologized, and the women hugged.

Phyllis explained that Jack was fighting for his life, and she got choked up when she relayed that the doctor had asked if Jack had a living will. Phyllis refused to entertain the idea of Jack's life being over, and she sobbed that her husband would make it and that the man who'd shot him wouldn't get away with it. Billy chalked the doctor's question up to keeping the hospital's lawyers happy, but Phyllis snarled that the hospital staff could "rot in hell," since she only cared about Jack. She recalled that she'd finally reconnected with the man she wanted to love for the rest of her life, and she begged Jack to open his eyes. She promised Jack that she wouldn't let anyone give up on him.

In Victor's office, Victoria invited Paul to search away, and Paul asked Nikki if she wanted to go home, since his officers were heading to the ranch with a second warrant. Nikki declared that she was there to support her daughter, even though their stories were different. Paul applauded Nikki for being honest, but Victoria ordered him to just get the search done. Paul seized Victor's computer, and he asked Victoria to open the safe. Paul pulled out a gun, and a shocked Nikki asked if Victoria had known that it had been there. Victoria swore she'd never seen it before, but Paul pointed out that Victoria had intentionally misled him about Victor's alibi, and he asked if there was anything else she wanted to tell him.

Victoria apologized for lying about Victor's alibi, but she explained that her father had been set up for embezzlement, and she hadn't wanted to see him railroaded again. Paul asked if Victor had told her anything else about what had happened in the park, and Victoria told him to ask Victor. Paul left, and a fuming Victoria turned to Nikki. Nikki stated that Victor might be proud of Victoria, but Nikki wasn't, and she walked out.

Adam met Victor in the park, and he implied that Victor had thought of everything by disabling the security cameras, but Victor said he'd had nothing to do with it. Adam commented that it was Victor's good fortune that no one had footage of Victor pumping lead into an unarmed man, and Victor maintained that he'd thought Jack had been reaching for a gun, so he'd made a split-second decision. Adam pointed out that it had been the wrong one, but he would never expect Victor to admit he'd been responsible for putting Gabriel's father in a hospital bed. Victor wondered where Gabriel's concern had been when Jack had been bleeding to death, and Gabriel had used the moment to take advantage. Adam huffed that he thought Victor would admire that quality in a son.

Victor reminded Gabriel that they had a deal, and he needed to know if Gabriel intended to honor it. Adam pointed out that Victor had been the one rethinking it before his wife had shot down his alibi, and he wondered what Victor had told the police. Victor said he'd told them that he'd met Jack in the park for business, and Adam asked if they'd believed him. Victor mentioned that the police had issued search warrants, and Adam asserted that Victor needed him.

Victor smirked and warned Gabriel not to threaten him, but Adam replied that he didn't make threats, and it was up to Victor to hold up his end of the bargain. Victor countered that it wasn't entirely up to him, but Adam stressed that if Victor appointed him interim CEO, there was no reason anyone had to learn a single detail about the shooting or Victor covering it up. Adam remarked that the clock was ticking, and Victor said he honored his commitments, so Gabriel had better live up to the same standards. "Or what?" Adam asked, but Victor wordlessly turned and walked away.

Adam's phone rang as he started to leave, and Marisa said Adam's name. He replied that he was Gabriel Bingham, but she said she was someone who knew the truth, and Marco wouldn't be a problem anymore. She ominously stated that she could be Adam's greatest ally or his worst enemy, and the choice was up to him. Adam suggested that they meet, and Marisa replied that they would eventually, but she hung up.

Jack Makes a Point

Jack Makes a Point

Thursday, July 2, 2015

At the hospital, Adam told a comatose Jack that things shouldn't have turned out that way, and he wished he'd known Jack was alive. Adam said Jack had been the only person he'd trusted, and he wondered why Jack had disclosed Adam's identity to the woman who had called Adam. Adam worried that everything he'd worked for would be destroyed, and he hoped Jack remembered their deal and kept quiet when he woke up. Adam added that he had a lot of things to catch Jack up on, and he vowed to make sure Victor paid for everything he'd done.

As Phyllis and Ashley peered into Jack's room, Phyllis remarked that it almost seemed like "Gabriel" was begging Jack to stay alive, and she wondered if the sentiment was real or for her benefit. The women recounted the pieces of information they knew about the shooting, and Ashley was suspicious about the number of coincidences. Phyllis pledged to stay calm for Jack, and she suggested that perhaps Victor and Gabriel had plotted the shooting together. Phyllis pointed out that they didn't know whether Gabriel was really an Abbott, and Ashley mentioned that Jack had conducted a DNA test and that the results would be back any day. As Sage looked on, Phyllis commented that it would be good to know who Gabriel was and which side he'd choose.

Sage contended that Gabriel's hatred for Victor was real, since Gabriel held Victor responsible for the death of Gabriel's father. Ashley coolly asked if she meant Harrison Bingham, since Jack had become the center of Gabriel's universe, and she barked that it had been a private conversation. Sage insisted that she hadn't been eavesdropping, but she maintained that Gabriel wanted nothing more than to see Victor suffer. Phyllis imagined that Sage was "Team Newman" because of Nick, but Adam exited Jack's room and ordered Phyllis to leave Sage alone.

Phyllis warned that coma patients could hear things, and she hoped Gabriel hadn't said anything to upset Jack. Adam asked if Sage was okay, and Ashley sarcastically said it was sweet how protective they were of one another. Ashley received a text message, and Adam guessed it was from Victor about a meeting, since he'd received the same message earlier. He taunted that he was higher on the food chain, and Ashley walked off. Chelsea called Adam, worried because she'd also been summoned to the meeting, but Adam assured her that he'd be there by her side. After he hung up, Sage scolded that he'd managed to put himself in a worse position than he'd been in before.

Sage questioned when Jack being Gabriel's father had become part of Adam's plan, and Adam explained that his endgame was still a life with Chelsea and serving justice to Victor, but Jack had made the decision to tell everyone he was Gabriel's father to protect Adam. Sage warned that Ashley and Phyllis intended to check the DNA results, but Adam replied that it wasn't an issue. Sage worried that she'd be complicit if Adam's secret slipped out, and she wished she'd never known. Adam asked why she was there and if everything was okay, and she coldly stated that it was none of his business. Sage told him not to screw her over, and Adam promised everything was under control.

Nick stepped into Victor's office and asked what had happened, since he'd heard Victor was the prime suspect in Jack's shooting. Victor reported that Paul had asked some questions, and Nick asked if Victor had done it. Victor inquired whether Nick had ever known him to shoot someone in cold blood or even carry a gun, and Nick suspected that Jack had pushed Victor too far by having him arrested, so Victor had pushed back.

Nick recounted the odd events that had occurred recently, like the abruptly dropped embezzlement charges and Jack's coma, and Victor huffed that he hadn't taken the money, but Nikki and Nick were determined to think the worst. Nick asked if he should believe everything Victor said the way Victoria did, and Victor called her a loyal daughter. Victor added that he couldn't force Nick to be loyal, and Nick opined that Victor wasn't innocent in Jack's shooting. Nick snapped that he'd walked away from the family business because he'd wanted no part of the mess, and he was walking away from Victor. Victor muttered something in a foreign language, and he translated, "Go with God, but go."

At the police station, Kevin showed Paul the surveillance footage of Jack passing by the coffeehouse twice in the same direction only minutes apart just before Jack had been shot. Paul agreed that it was strange, but he thought they wouldn't understand until Jack woke up and provided details. Paul stated that their priority was finding out who had shot Jack, and he reluctantly admitted that he'd missed Kevin during his suspension. Paul took a call and learned that the ballistics on Victor's gun were in.

Mariah arrived as Paul relayed that Victor's gun hadn't been fired in a long time, and Kevin surmised that Victor hadn't been the shooter, but Paul warned that they couldn't jump to conclusions until they investigated thoroughly. Paul stepped away, and Kevin told Mariah that something about the case was weird. Mariah mentioned that she'd heard Kevin pacing all night, and he explained that the video from Crimson Lights didn't make sense, since Jack had passed by twice before he'd almost ended up as dead as Austin and Courtney. Mariah argued that there wasn't a direct link between the crimes, but Kevin was determined to connect the dots and get her to believe the events were tied together.

Kevin thought the connection was the video footage, since Austin had filmed footage of Jack in the park, and Courtney had been looking at the police surveillance tapes the day she'd been killed. Kevin contended that Courtney had found something worth ditching her own wedding for, but the footage had disappeared. Kevin continued that the security cameras in the park had been down on the night of Jack's shooting, and he theorized that either Jack had met with someone who had implicated him in the murders, or Jack had confronted the killer. Mariah conceded that Kevin might not be completely wrong, and Kevin was confident that all the events somehow led back to Jack.

At the Underground, Marisa emerged from the office, and Noah said he'd thought she might rush off. He mentioned that he'd talked to some people who lived around the location where Marisa had allegedly had a fight with her boyfriend the night before, but no one had heard anything. Noah inquired whether Marisa had called her boyfriend, and she wondered why Noah cared. He contended that he'd helped her out, so he wanted her to be straight with him, and he was tired of being taken advantage of because he was a nice guy. She admitted that she hadn't had a stupid fight with her boyfriend, and she was in real trouble.

Marisa asked if Noah had ever chosen the wrong person to love, and he said he had. She explained that being with someone who didn't respect the law had been better than the life she'd left behind, and she'd lied about the details of the night before because her boyfriend would otherwise return to shut her up about what she knew. Noah urged her to go to the police, but she knew her boyfriend had a habit of saving his own skin, so she expected him to stay away. She figured that if she stayed there, she'd be fine, and Noah asked if she was thinking about staying. She replied that she'd like to, but she needed a job to survive.

Marisa put on an Underground shirt and said it fit well, and Nick and Sage entered the bar. Noah introduced them to Marisa, who he had hired as their newest employee, since someone else needed to get settled in before Sage went on maternity leave. Sage thought it was a good idea, and Nick welcomed Marisa to the team. Sage took Marisa to the back room to show her around, and Noah asked Nick if there was any news about Jack. Nick was convinced Victor had been involved, so he was staying away from Victor, and he wanted his kids to do the same thing.

Noah argued that Victor hadn't even been charged, but Nick was adamant that he didn't want Noah to be near the toxic situation. Noah insisted on making his own decisions, and he recounted that everyone had called Sharon a killer, but he'd refused to turn his back on his family. Nick recalled that he'd wanted to believe Victor as many times as Victor had let him down, but Noah thought he'd be letting himself down if he just walked away. Nick acknowledged that Victor had gotten away with many things, but he was sure Victor wouldn't get away with shooting Jack.

Later, Sage informed Nick that the doctor had said she and the baby were doing great, and she mentioned that she'd felt sorry for Phyllis and Ashley when she'd seen them at the hospital. Nick remembered spending his life, watching Jack and Victor at one another's throats, and he was sure his dad wasn't innocent, so he couldn't stand by Victor. Nick asked if Sage thought he should suck it up for his family's sake, and she swore that she wasn't judging. Nick said Victor expected blind loyalty, but he couldn't provide it.

Sage called Nick a good father who loved his kids for who they were and not for who he thought they should be, but Nick worried that Noah thought Nick had been dictating who his children could be loyal to. Sage pointed out that Nick hadn't threatened Noah, and Nick had raised Noah to think for himself. Nick thought Sage would be a great mom, and she envisioned making mistakes, but he assured her they'd make mistakes together. Sage suggested that they pick up Faith and go to the park to see the fireworks, and she imagined how the holiday would be the following year with their baby. She added that she wanted a hot dog and doughnuts, and they headed out.

Noah instructed Marisa about what to do behind the bar while she learned the ropes, and she said she could handle it. She asked what she should start with, and he suggested that she take a break as Kevin and Mariah walked in. Noah wondered if Marisa needed an advance for necessities, but she said he'd done her enough favors already. Marisa stepped out, and Mariah hoped she and Marisa would be sharing tips, since Marisa would make a fortune. Mariah jokingly inquired whether Marisa needed a job because she'd lost her modeling contract, and Kevin agreed that Marisa was hot, but Noah said it had simply felt nice to help someone.

Later, Mariah asked if Noah's good mood from helping a supermodel had worn off, and he told her to shut up. She noted that he wasn't naturally crabby like her, and she wondered if he was on edge because of the shooting. He assumed she thought Victor had done it, but Kevin divulged that the ballistics had confirmed Victor's gun hadn't been used to shoot Jack. Noah excitedly said that Victor hadn't done it, but Kevin and Mariah exchanged a knowing glance.

Victor thanked Ashley and Chelsea for joining him in his office, but Ashley pointed out that Billy, Kyle, and Abby weren't there, and she suggested that they postpone the meeting out of respect for Jack. Chelsea said she was nervous if the meeting was about the embezzlement charges, but Victor assured her that it had just been a computer glitch. Chelsea started to leave, but she ran into Adam on her way out, and he asked if he'd missed anything. Victor announced that he'd decided to step away from the company, and Ashley considered it a wise move. Victor said he'd decided to appoint an interim CEO, and Ashley wondered why Victoria wasn't there to gloat. Victor declared that Jack's son, Gabriel, would be in charge, and Adam feigned surprise.

Adam said he appreciated Victor's confidence, but Ashley spat that the decision was wrong, and Victor asked if she preferred that Victoria lead the company instead. Ashley admonished Victor for making serious decisions right after the shooting, and Victor indicated that Jack had wanted Gabriel to have more power at the company. Ashley asked to speak with Victor alone, and Adam and Chelsea left. Ashley expected Victoria to tear the place apart when she found out Victor had shoved Victoria aside, and she questioned whether Victor had made the decision of his own free will. Ashley doubted that Victor would make Gabriel the head of the company unless Gabriel was blackmailing him, and she guessed that Gabriel had witnessed Victor shoot Jack.

Ashley wanted to know why Jack had been shot, and she believed that both Victor and Gabriel knew more than they were saying. She demanded to know what else Victor and Jack had discussed besides promoting Gabriel, and she stressed that Jack was her brother. Victor pointed out that Jack wasn't really her brother, and she ordered him not to pull "that stupid paternity crap." Victor insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the shooting, and Ashley stormed out. Victor flashed back to shooting Jack.

Ashley returned to Newman-Abbott, and she spied an envelope from a lab, addressed to Jack, on the desk. She opened it and discovered that the DNA test had confirmed a match between Jack and Gabriel.

At the penthouse, Chelsea marveled that Gabriel was the new CEO, and Adam pledged to make Jack proud when he woke up. Chelsea pointed out that Gabriel didn't have to accept the position, since she'd seen Ashley's face when Victor had broken the news, and Gabriel still had to face Billy, Kyle, Abby, and Victoria. Adam said he was only worried about Jack, and he intended to strike Victor down while Victor was vulnerable. Chelsea noted that the look in his eyes and the sound of his voice reminded her of Adam.

Adam said he hated Victor for destroying the man who he'd considered to be his father, and when Victor had shot Jack, Victor had done it all over again. Chelsea implored him not to let the hate consume him like it had with Adam, and Adam said all that mattered was her and Connor. She thought Gabriel should have his own life outside of her and her son, but Adam countered that she kept him from going over the edge. Adam hissed that Victor had destroyed his old family and his new one, and he wouldn't let Victor do that to Chelsea and Connor. Adam and Chelsea kissed and began to make love.

After Adam and Chelsea had sex, she insisted on showering alone to get ready to take Connor to see the fireworks. She invited Gabriel to join them, and he said it sounded perfect. She ran upstairs to get ready, and he answered a knock at the door. He found Marisa there, and he asked if he could help her. "I told you I'd be in touch, Adam," she said.

In Jack's hospital room, Phyllis told Jack that she'd warned people that he might hear everything they said, and it might give him crazy dreams. She recalled what it had been like to be locked inside her head, and she swore that she loved him and would stand by him forever. She added that he had to forgive her if she didn't trust Gabriel, and she didn't like Gabriel spending time alone with Jack. She suspected that Gabriel and Victor were lying about what had happened in the park, and she begged Jack to wake up and tell her the truth.

Phyllis said she usually loved fireworks, but she dreaded the flash and the sound of them that day, since they made her wonder what Jack had seen in the park. Paul burst in with the news that ballistics had proven that Victor's gun hadn't been the weapon used in the shooting, but it only meant Victor hadn't used that particular gun. Phyllis thought it meant something that Victor had walked away and Jack hadn't, and Paul said his gut told him Victor had been involved, but he didn't know to what extent. Phyllis bemoaned that Jack hadn't deserved it, and she held Paul to his word that he'd find the person responsible.

Later, Phyllis found Victor in Jack's room and accused Victor of wanting Jack to stay incapacitated so he could never say Victor had tried to kill him. Victor informed Phyllis that he'd appointed Gabriel as interim CEO at Jack's request, and Phyllis asked if Jack had made the request right before Victor had shot him and left him to die. Phyllis cautioned Victor not to try to play hero, since he'd destroyed every good thing he'd ever done, and if her husband didn't make it, she would destroy Victor herself. Jack's eyes fluttered open, and Phyllis asked if he could hear her.

Phyllis told Jack that he was in the hospital after he'd been shot, and she asked if he could tell her who had done it. He lifted his arm and slowly pointed to Victor.

A Place You'll Never Forget

A Place You'll Never Forget

Friday, July 3, 2015

At Chelsea's penthouse, Adam realized that Marisa had been the woman who'd called herself his greatest ally or worst enemy over the phone. She called him by his real name, but he stressed that his name was Gabriel, and he asked where Marco was. Marisa announced that Marco had found a new home at the bottom of the lake during a car accident, and she understood that had been how Adam had "died," but Marco hadn't had a guardian angel like the one who had helped Adam.

Marisa said she was there because of Jack, who had been a friend to her, and she explained that she and Jack had helped one another escape a bad situation. She imagined that the last thing Adam wanted was for Jack to wake up and tell the truth, since Adam had helped set up the shooting. Marisa revealed that she knew all about Marco's plan to make it appear like Victor had killed Jack while Marco disappeared, and Adam explained that Marco had blackmailed him. Marisa disclosed that Jack had been convinced that Victor had been behind the kidnapping to allow Marco to take Jack's place, and Chelsea suddenly called out for Gabriel from upstairs.

Marisa surmised that Adam's widow didn't know his true identity, and he told her to let him handle it. Marisa wondered why she should trust him, and he pointed out that she was the one with leverage, so he had to trust her. He guided her to the door, and he offered to help her if they did things his way. She agreed "for now," and she left. Chelsea prepared to get snacks for the park, and Adam fibbed that he had to go to the office, but he'd meet her and Connor at the park. He stared at her intensely for a moment and said he loved her, and he tenderly kissed her before he headed out.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley reviewed the DNA test that indicated Gabriel was Jack's son. Abby and Stitch arrived, and the women hugged. Ashley reported that Jack had made it through surgery but was in a coma, and Abby wanted to let Traci know. Stitch asked how Ashley was holding up, and she replied that she was okay, but the police suspected that Victor had shot Jack. Abby was certain that her father would never try to kill Jack, but Ashley informed her that Nikki had told the police that Victor had gone to meet Jack just before the shooting, and she believed Victor was capable of doing it.

Abby vowed to prove Ashley was wrong, and she stormed off. Stitch said it felt like Ashley had been trying to punish Abby for being with him, and Ashley swore that she'd been trying to protect her daughter, since the feud could destroy everyone in their family. Stitch acknowledged that things were awkward, and Ashley said she didn't want them to be, but she just wanted Abby to be happy. Stitch swore that he wanted the same thing for Ashley, and he thought both Ashley and Abby could be happy if the war between the families ended. Ashley stumbled as she stood up, and Stitch steadied her.

Stitch thought Barton should check Ashley out, but she snapped that she didn't need medical attention, and she suggested he and Abby stay out of a situation they didn't understand. Ashley quickly apologized, and she lamented that the feud was destroying everyone. She recognized that Stitch had just been trying to be nice and that he made Abby happy, and she should be grateful instead of acting like a "mean, vindictive bitch." She bemoaned that she didn't know who she was anymore, and she was becoming a horrible person she didn't recognize, but she wasn't that person. Stitch took her into his arms.

Stitch asked if Ashley was feeling better, and she implored him to find Abby to spend the holiday together. He understood that Abby needed to be with her dad, and he refused to abandon Ashley, since he wanted to remind her that there was more good in the world than bad. They heard fireworks popping outside, and they stepped out on the porch to take a look. He remarked that even in the darkest night, there was something beautiful if they looked hard enough, and they gazed up at the sky.

In Devon's hotel suite, Devon and Hilary cuddled in bed after making love, and he said it wasn't a traditional way of celebrating Independence Day, but it should be. She decided to make it their own tradition, and he suggested they get ready to watch the fireworks in Chancellor Park. He mentioned that he'd had the chef pack a gourmet picnic basket with the best of everything, and she said she would have been happy with hot dogs and sodas. Devon insisted that all he needed was her, but Hilary pointed out that he also needed his family, and she urged him to call them. Devon was sure Lily had already made plans for the twins, and he'd rather be with Hilary.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Charlie and Matty raced in, and Lily asked them about the parade. Cane hoped to convince Lily to sneak out of work for the fireworks, but she pointed out that the club was busy because of the holiday. Cane tried to entice her with ice cream, and Lily argued that the twins had consumed enough sugar, but the kids begged their mommy to join them. She agreed to get someone to cover for her, and Cane thanked her. Lily swore that nothing was more important to her than family.

Noah caught Lily as she was about to leave with her family, and he asked for a favor, since even though the hotel was booked, he knew the club set aside rooms for special guests. He explained that he had to find someone a place to stay, and she offered to have the desk manager try to find something. The twins excitedly ran over to hug Devon, and Charlie asked if his uncle was going to watch the fireworks. Devon replied that he and Hilary were about to head over to the park, and Matty wondered if Devon would sit with them. Lily said it was a great idea unless the couple had other plans, and Devon suggested that they all go together in his limo. "God bless America," a happily surprised Cane said.

Later, Marisa entered the club and told Noah she'd gotten the message he'd left for her at the Underground. He said she couldn't keep sleeping at the bar, and she mentioned that she'd seen a motel off the highway with a vacancy. He pointed out that the club had rooms, and he already had it covered. Marisa protested, but he noted that she obviously needed help, and he asked her to let him do it. He reasoned that the hotel had security in case her boyfriend returned, so she'd be safe there, and she agreed to stay, but she always repaid her debts.

Marisa looked around her hotel suite and worried that it was expensive, and she marveled that it was true what she'd heard about the people of Genoa City. Noah joked that the citizens were funny, handsome, and disgustingly rich, and Marisa wished she could repay his kindness. Noah deadpanned that he needed his car washed, and she jumped at the chance to do it, but he said her hands hadn't been made for manual labor. Marisa informed him that he'd be surprised by what she had done to survive, and he started to leave, but he stopped and invited her to go to the park with him for the Fourth of July festivities. She replied that she'd like to get to know Genoa City, since someone had told her it was a place she'd never forget.

At the hospital, Jack pointed to Victor when Phyllis asked who had shot him. Jack tried to croak out words, and she ran out to yell for help, but Victor warned Jack not to say a word. Victor said the only one who knew he'd shot Jack was Gabriel, and he'd made Gabriel CEO to keep him from going to the police. Jack's monitors beeped, and Victor ordered Jack not to say anything to anyone. Victor picked up a pillow and hovered over Jack, but Phyllis returned and bellowed to "stay the hell away" from her husband.

Phyllis tried to calm Jack down, and she accused Victor of trying to finish Jack off. Victor claimed that he'd only intended to help Jack breathe easier, but she ordered Victor to go. The doctor rushed in and told Phyllis and Victor to leave, and Phyllis paced outside Jack's room. Victor thought she was understandably upset, but he maintained that he hadn't shot Jack.

Phyllis ranted that everyone knew Victor had been at the park, and she yelled that he'd shot an unarmed man, but Victoria interrupted and told her to stop. Phyllis advised Victoria to rethink her blind loyalty, since Jack had pointed right at Victor when Phyllis had asked who'd shot him. Phyllis growled that Victor was going down, but if Victoria didn't open her eyes, Victor would drag her down with him.

In Jack's room, the doctor reported to Phyllis that Jack had slipped back into a coma. She began to sob and begged the doctor to do something, but he said they could only wait. The doctor stepped out, and Phyllis called Paul and insisted that he had to arrest Victor. Paul maintained that they didn't have any proof that Victor had shot Jack, but Phyllis informed him that Jack had just identified Victor as the shooter by pointing at him when she'd asked who had done it.

Paul was concerned that Jack could have been confused, so it wasn't enough to make an arrest, since no one had seen Victor shoot Jack. Adam entered the police station and proclaimed that it wasn't true, and Paul hung up and asked if "Gabriel" knew someone who had witnessed the shooting. Adam admitted he had seen it happen.

Phyllis regretted that she'd wasted precious moments by pushing Jack to identify Victor, and she vowed to make Victor pay for what he'd done to Jack. She put her head on Jack's chest and cried, and Jack thought to himself that they'd both make Victor pay for all the months he'd kept them apart. Jack was sure Phyllis had been able to tell it had really been him at the house, since he could still feel their connection, and he hoped she felt the message he was sending her. She suddenly sat up and looked at him.

In Victor's office, Victoria told Victor that he should have seen the look on his face when Phyllis had accused him, but Victor didn't blame Phyllis for lashing out. Victoria pointed out that Nikki thought Victor had shot Jack, too, but Victor huffed that Nikki wasn't thinking clearly. Victoria worried that Jack had pointed to him as the shooter and that everyone was against Victor, but he said he didn't care about public opinion, and there was no evidence. Victoria reminded him that he'd told her he'd done it, and he replied that he'd told her because he trusted her.

Victor clarified that he'd shot Jack in self-defense, and Victoria said she believed him, but the police might not. Victoria asked how Victor was sure Gabriel wouldn't tell Paul, and Victor replied that he'd given Gabriel everything. Adam overheard from the doorway and demanded the CEO's office to square things away, and Victor admonished him for intruding on a private conversation. Adam requested a moment alone with Victor to discuss the ground rules, but Victoria snarled that the only reason Gabriel had the position was because he was blackmailing Victor.

Adam guessed that Victor was pitting them against one another, just like Victor had always done with his children, but Victoria unknowingly asserted that Gabriel wasn't Victor's son. Victor was grateful, and Adam remarked that he couldn't think of anything worse than being Victor's child. Abby burst in and asked if Victor had shot Jack, and Victor told her not to believe that he'd kill someone in cold blood. Paul entered with a warrant for Victor's arrest.

Victoria argued that the police had no ballistic evidence or DNA, but Paul revealed that they had an eyewitness, since Gabriel had given a sworn statement of events. Victor guessed that Gabriel wanted complete control of the company, and Gabriel needed Victor out of the way to get it. Paul explained that Gabriel's account matched the evidence, but Victor countered that it didn't match what Gabriel had said earlier. Paul imagined that Gabriel's conscience had gotten the better of him, and Adam smugly stated that he couldn't protect Victor anymore. Paul arrested Victor for attempted murder.

In Paul's office, Victor ignored his attorney's advice and told Paul he was ready to begin, but he wanted assurance that Victoria wouldn't be involved. Paul agreed not to prosecute Victoria for providing a false alibi if Victor told the truth, and Victor confessed that he'd shot Jack Abbott in self-defense. Victor asserted that Jack had been threatening the Newman family, and he referred to the time Jack had pulled a gun on him at the office. Victor said he'd wanted to send his family out of the country because Jack had been a danger to them, but Paul thought it didn't sound like Jack. Victor contended that the man he'd shot hadn't been the person they'd known as Jack, since Jack had changed after Victor had saved his life during the Underground collapse.

Victor explained that he and Jack had agreed to merge their companies, but Jack had decided he'd wanted it all. Victor continued that when he'd resisted, Jack had accused him of embezzlement, and when that hadn't worked, Jack had threatened Victor's family. Victor said he hadn't wanted Nikki to get hurt when Jack had invited her to the park to talk, so Victor had gone instead, and he and Jack had gotten into a heated argument. Victor claimed that Jack had reached for a gun, but Victor had grabbed his own firearm more quickly and had fired. Paul pointed out that there was one problem with the story, since Jack hadn't been in possession of a gun when Victor had shot him.

Outside Paul's office, Abby said she'd had doubts about Victor's innocence, but she'd been infuriated by the look of triumph on Gabriel's face. Victoria said they couldn't believe one word Gabriel said, and Abby theorized that Gabriel had framed Victor to take over the company. Victoria said she was glad Abby was on Victor's side, and she sympathized that it was hard for Abby to be caught between families, but there was no way Victor had shot Jack in cold blood.

Abby wondered what was taking so long, and a handcuffed Victor stepped out of Paul's office. Victor informed his daughters that he'd told the truth about shooting Jack, but he didn't want them to worry, since he would be all right. Victor kissed Victoria and Abby on the cheek, and he assured them that he knew what he was doing. The cops led Victor away, and the sisters hugged.

Paul arrived at the hospital, and Phyllis told him that Jack had been awake, but he'd lost consciousness. Paul said he was sorry, and Phyllis expressed confidence that Jack would be okay. Phyllis asked if Paul had news, and he revealed that Victor had been arrested after he'd confessed. Paul added that Victor had claimed it had been self-defense, since Jack had reached for a gun. Jack's monitors suddenly began beeping wildly, and Paul left to get help. Phyllis realized that Jack had heard what Paul had said, and Jack was trying to tell them that Victor was lying.

In the park, Cane thanked Devon and Hilary for sharing their picnic with him and Lily, and Devon was surprised that Lily had accepted the invitation. Devon wondered what had made her want to forgive him, and Lily said the twins had missed him. Hilary questioned whether Lily had told the kids what a cheap tramp Hilary was for cheating on their grandfather, but Lily said the twins had plenty of time to learn that grownups weren't perfect. Lily added that she wouldn't forget how Devon and Hilary had hurt Neil, but everyone made mistakes, so she hoped they could get past it. Devon hugged Lily, and Cane called it a Fourth of July miracle and told Lily that he was proud of her.

Chelsea found a spot in the park, and she ran into Noah and Marisa. Chelsea introduced herself, and Marisa recognized Chelsea's name and complimented her chic designs. Chelsea said Marisa was the kind of woman she thought of when she designed, and Marisa replied that she couldn't afford the clothes, but she hoped to treat herself one day. Noah explained that he'd set up Marisa with a job at the Underground, and Marisa commented that she'd been lucky to find Noah. Adam joined them, and he was stunned when Chelsea introduced him to Noah's friend.

Adam pretended to meet Marisa for the first time, and she and Noah walked off. Chelsea remarked that Noah was moving on quickly after Courtney's death, and Adam wondered if Chelsea was worried that Marisa would hurt Noah. Chelsea recalled hurting Billy by being with him after Adam had died, but she added that she'd ended up with Gabriel for a reason. She noticed that he seemed distracted, but he assured her that everything was fine.

Chelsea cooed that Connor was brave for not being scared of the fireworks, but she thought Gabriel looked nervous. Adam questioned what he'd have to be nervous about, but he stared across the park at Marisa.

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