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Devon and Hilary wed. Neil showed Hilary the incriminating video of Devon with the hooker. Devon was a suspect when Hilary disappeared. Victor and Jack dissolved the merger. Marco shot Harding. A shot rang out when Dylan and Paul confronted Harding about the murders.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 17, 2015 on Y&R
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Devon and Hilary were wed

Devon and Hilary were wed

Monday, August 17, 2015

At Devon and Hilary's wedding, the bride, groom, and guests grew tense when the officiant asked, "Does anyone here have an objection to this union? If so, speak now or forever hold your peace." Neil appeared and said, "I do. There's something I need the bride to know." Devon, speaking calmly, told Neil that nothing he had to say could stop him and Hilary from getting married. Colin appeared nervous and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

Neil, addressing his son and his soon-to-be wife, said he'd always hoped that Hilary might find real happiness and love. Neil added that he was thankful Hilary had found her true love, and he offered his heartfelt sentiments to the couple. Neil said, "They say that life is about love and forgiveness. I wish you both love, and I forgive you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness." The couple happily exchanged vows and rings.

After the ceremony, Colin approached Neil and said he feared Neil had planned to "screw the whole affair up." Neil told Colin to delete the video of Devon and the prostitute and forgot about it because their business arrangement had ended. Colin mentioned money, and Neil threatened to divulge Colin's blackmail attempt to Jill. Colin sighed and deleted the video footage. Neil nodded as he watched Colin erase the video from his phone.

Devon thanked Neil for his kind words and said he hoped they could mend their relationship. Charlie and Mattie asked their parents if they planned to return home together after the ceremony. Both Lily and Cane told their children that a decision would be forthcoming. Hilary met briefly with Cane, who'd interrupted Colin and shooed him away. Hilary encouraged Cane to repair his broken relationship with Lily.

Hilary approached Jack and Phyllis. Hilary thanked Jack for maintaining his confidence in her and hiring her when no one else had believed in her. Jack received a text message from a number he didn't recognize. After Hilary walked away, Jack told Phyllis that the text message appeared to have been sent from Victor via a burner phone. Jack noted that Victor seemed to be growing more paranoid, and he'd requested a meeting in his office as soon as possible.

As the festivities came to a close, Michael and Lauren reminisced about Katherine and her mantra to "live until she died." Michael kissed Lauren. Lauren agreed to let Michael drive her home. Colin again approached Neil and said that if his son had stolen away his young wife, he'd seek revenge. Neil seemed unusually distracted as he watched the newlyweds prepare to leave for their honeymoon in Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah challenged Summer to remember more about the night Austin had been killed. Mariah's line of questioning became hateful and overbearing. Kyle ordered Mariah to back down. Summer said she remembered having heard Detective Harding's ringtone. Summer said she hoped she might also recall blocked memories of having seen him at the cabin.

Summer admitted that her recent reaction to Harding's ringtone might have tipped him off. Kyle warned that Summer might be in danger if Harding had grown suspicious. Mariah said both she and Kevin "were on Harding's radar." Summer hoped that increased pressure might cause Harding to slip up. Kyle said he hoped the detective wasn't bent on killing anyone who might connect him to the murders.

At the Abbott cabin, Detective Harding was yelling orders over the phone to someone. Harding cried, "I told you, tracking that cell is top priority, and put a security detail on Jack Abbott and his wife now!" After the called ended, Harding realized that Kevin was standing in the entrance to the cabin. Harding said, "Fish, what are you doing here?" Kevin replied, "Funny -- I was just going to ask you the same thing."

Harding told Kevin he'd widened his investigation. He asked Kevin to recall what he could remember about the night Austin Travers had been murdered. Kevin recalled that he and his friends had engaged in a truth-or-dare game. When someone had joked about having committed murder, Austin had angrily left. After Austin later returned, they had all consumed punch that Fen had spiked with a drug, and they had all passed out for a time.

Kevin told Harding he remembered having awakened some time later. Kevin said that Summer, still asleep, had been slumped on the floor nearest the fireplace. Harding, pointing to an area near a tall armoire, said, "I thought Summer was over there." Kevin replied, "How would you know where Summer was?" Harding said he'd read a description of the crime scene in the police report. Kevin asked why Marco might be a threat to Jack and Phyllis. Harding told Kevin to mind his own business and keep his theories to himself before someone ended up getting hurt.

At Chancellor Park, Noah and Marisa snuggled together on a bench and kissed. Marisa thanked Noah for being a great guy who was willing to begin a relationship with her. Marco arrived and said, "You got company! It's nice to see you and Marisa out enjoying the summer weather." Noah, believing he was speaking to Jack, replied, "How did you know this is Marisa?"

Marisa glared at Marco. Marco, lying, claimed that Phyllis had told him about Marisa's bedside visit at the hospital. Marisa said she'd understood why Phyllis had believed her to be a dangerous intruder. After Marco extended his hand to shake Marisa's, she reacted when her hand touched his. After Marco walked away, Noah asked Marisa if she was all right. She replied, "Yes. I just got a chill."

Noah and Marisa later joined Summer, Kyle, and Mariah at Crimson Lights. Noah learned from Kyle that Mariah was worried that Kevin might attempt to question Harding about his possible involvement in Austin's and Courtney's deaths. Noah said the police should handle the investigation. Summer said that Marco frightened her. Marisa reacted to the mention of Marco's name and knocked over a mug of coffee. Noah said that Jack had startled them in the park. Summer, confused, said that both Phyllis and Jack were attending Devon and Hilary's wedding. Noah explained that "Jack" had told them he'd had business to attend to before he'd left the park.

Kevin returned and reported having overheard Harding on the phone at the Abbott cabin. Kevin, addressing Summer, said, "He put a track on someone's cell phone, and he put a protection detail on Jack and your mom. I think it has something to do with Marco Annicelli." Mariah implicated Victor's involvement, but Summer defended her grandfather. Kevin said that connecting the dots between Jack and Marco was more important than considering Victor's probable role.

Noah asked Marisa if she'd ever heard Marco mention Jack's name because he'd noticed that she'd seemed alarmed when they'd encountered "Jack" at Chancellor Park. Summer again noted that Jack and Phyllis were supposed to be attending Devon's wedding. Kevin questioned Jack's reported presence at the park alone and noted that it wasn't the first time Jack had been spotted somewhere he wasn't supposed to be. Kevin recalled the security footage from the coffeehouse that had caught Jack twice, moving in the same direction while traversing a distance more quickly than he could've possibly traveled on foot. Kevin said he planned to study the surveillance video again.

At the offices of Newman-Abbott, Jack and Phyllis talked before entering Victor's office. Unbeknownst to them, Marco was sitting alone at Victor's desk, practicing his aim with a handgun. A security officer arrived and called out to Jack. The officer ordered Jack and Phyllis to leave the building. Harding arrived and relieved the security officer, sending him to secure all floors.

Harding told Jack and Phyllis that police had received an anonymous tip about an armed criminal having entered the building. Phyllis asked if the armed man might have been captured on the building's security cameras. Harding said someone had disabled the cameras. Phyllis cried, "He's here! It's Marco!" Jack wanted to face Marco and almost entered the office, but Harding asked the security guard, who'd returned, to escort Jack and Phyllis out of the building.

After Phyllis and Jack left, Harding entered the office and faced Marco. Harding asked Marco what he'd planned to do with Jack's body if he'd shot him. Marco said it would be Harding's problem. Harding explained that Kevin Fisher knew he and Marco were connected. Harding warned Marco to back off. Marco said he had a plan of his own, and he aimed the gun toward Harding and pulled the trigger.

At the park, Phyllis asked Jack if he believed that Victor had tried to lure them into a trap. Jack said Detective Harding had somehow learned that a criminal had entered the building. Phyllis replied, "If someone called in an anonymous tip about Marco, then the police would've been looking for someone who looked like their sketch." Jack replied, "Unless the person who called it in really knew Marco. Besides us, only Victor and Marisa know that Marco is a dead ringer for me."

At Sharon's house, Sharon told Dylan that she was concerned about him joining the police force. She'd learned at Devon and Hilary's reception that Paul had encouraged his son to become an officer of the law. Dylan said he yearned to contribute more to the community, and he understood the risks. Sharon said she wouldn't stand between Dylan's hopes and dreams, and she made him promise to stay safe. The couple nuzzled, and Sharon told Dylan that he would make a "sexy cop."

It's Just a Flesh Wound

It's Just a Flesh Wound

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

At the police station, Paul interrogated Jack and Phyllis about Jack's connection to Marco, and Jack explained that he'd thought the text message summoning him to Newman-Abbott had been from Victor. Paul noted that Jack was a pillar of the community, and he questioned why multiple attempts had recently been made on Jack's life. Dylan speculated that Marco was connected to Victor, and Jack complained that they were asking him to think like a criminal, but it was no small thing to step into another man's life. Phyllis suggested to Jack that they just tell the truth.

Phyllis claimed that Jack had done business with Marco a while back by chance, since Marco had created a shell corporation that had exported a tropical oil Jabot used in its anti-aging cream. She continued that Jack had broken the deal when he'd learned about Marco's illegal ties, but she had no idea why Marco had wanted to hurt Jack after all that time. Paul wondered why Jack hadn't said anything about it when they'd discussed Marco at the wedding, and Phyllis defended that Victor would have used it against Jack. Paul chided Jack for covering his "own ass" when he'd known how dangerous Marco was, and he guessed it was the price of doing business with Victor.

Kevin worked at his computer station, and Harding entered, sporting a sling on his arm. Kevin apologized for being suspicious when Harding had put himself in the line of fire to protect innocent people. Harding barked that Kevin could make it up to him by staying out of his cases and on geek patrol, but Kevin pledged to compensate by finding out who had been behind the murders. Jack and Phyllis exited Paul's office, and they asked Harding about the shooting on their way out. Harding joked that he'd know when it was about to rain, and he said he was glad he'd been there to protect them.

Kevin entered Paul's office and reported that he'd apologized to Harding and that he'd learned his lesson. Paul received a text message and prepared to leave, and he shook Dylan's hand and told his son to have a good day. Kevin welcomed Dylan aboard, and Paul instructed Kevin to share anything he found with Dylan. After Paul left, Kevin asked why Marco had gone after Jack. Dylan relayed Phyllis' story about Jack killing a business deal with Marco.

Harding joined Dylan and Kevin, and he asked what Kevin had been looking at on the computer. Kevin replied that he'd been examining the security footage from the coffeehouse from the night of the shooting, and Harding lectured him about staying out of the investigation. Kevin snapped that there were three unsolved homicides of people he'd known, and he stormed out. Dylan said he had been about to walk through the crime scene at Newman-Abbott, but Harding scolded that Dylan wasn't a cop yet. Dylan insisted on watching and learning from the best, and he suggested they do it together.

At Newman-Abbott, Victor ripped off the crime scene tape from his office door, and Victoria questioned what a crime lord had been doing there. Nick asked if someone had targeted Victor, but Victor divulged that the person had lured Jack there by pretending to be Victor. Victor added that there was a lot he didn't know about the people Jack had been associating with, and Nick wondered if it was part of the plot to take down the Newmans. Victor warned that the Paragon Project was serious business, but Nick thought it wasn't in Jack's nature to get involved with criminals and vicious schemes.

Victoria theorized that Marco had been behind the plan, but Victor insinuated that Victoria refused to accept the idea that the Abbotts might be involved because of what it would mean for her and "Billy Boy." Victoria recognized that Victor hated Billy and Jack, but she worried that Victor was so focused on the Abbotts that he'd never see it if someone else was out to get him. Victor said he had people working on it, and Nick revealed that they did, too, since Paul had offered Dylan a job on the police force. Victor huffed that Dylan wasn't a Newman, but Nick argued that Dylan was his and Victoria's brother, and he wanted to tell the police everything they knew. Victor ordered Nick to stay out of it, or they stood to get killed.

Nick contended that they'd be fools not to involve the police if the situation was that dangerous, but Victor countered that he had his own team, so he didn't need an untrained rookie to help. Nick argued that one of them could have been shot instead, and he refused to sit back and wait. Victoria encouraged the men not to fight, but Nick said he didn't need Victor's permission to get Dylan involved. Victoria sided with Victor, and she left to make a call. Nick snapped that Victor expected him to fall in line and do what Victor wanted instead of what Nick thought was best, and Victor reiterated that it was for everyone's safety.

Harding entered and berated Victor for ignoring the police tape, and Dylan said they needed to check the office again for anything the police had missed. Dylan asked if Victor or Nick remembered anything else, but Harding stressed that Dylan was only there to observe, and Victor and Nick left. Dylan apologized if he'd overstepped, and he explained that he only knew how things got done in the military. Dylan asked Harding to walk him through how the shooting had gone down.

Harding said he'd entered the office with his gun drawn, but Marco had fired first, and he pointed to where Marco had been standing. Harding silently flashed back to being stunned when Marco had shot him in the arm, and Marco had reasoned that people would consider Harding a hero for being injured while trying to catch Marco, so no one would suspect they were working together. Harding told Dylan that the room had been dark, so he hadn't gotten a look at Marco, and Dylan wondered why Harding hadn't gone after Marco.

Dylan noted that Harding had suffered a superficial wound, so the detective could have gone after the subject. Harding retorted that it wasn't Afghanistan, and he hadn't been about to risk a big shootout in an office building with people around. Harding testily added that Dylan had a lot to learn about being a cop.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Ashley and Billy pondered why Marco had targeted Jack. She couldn't make any more sense out of it than she could about Victor's obsession with the Paragon Project, and she mentioned that Victor had interrogated her and Jack. Ashley added that Victor had been paranoid enough to think that Billy had been behind it, and Billy ordered her to stop talking about it. Ashley wondered if Billy really had set the plan in motion.

Billy assured Ashley that he wasn't the one she should be worried about, and he admitted that he'd screwed up with Victoria. He explained that he and Victoria had been getting closer, but Jack and Phyllis had planted a seed of doubt that Victoria had been playing him. Billy confessed that he had set Victoria up by leaving out a sensitive file, but Victoria had realized what he'd been doing. He was afraid he'd blown it for good. Ashley encouraged him not to let it stand in the way, and she opined that there was distrust in the air for good reason. She confided that she believed Jack wasn't telling them something big.

Billy argued that Jack had had a lot on his plate lately, and he wished their father was still there to say a few choice things about Victor. Ashley recognized that it was the anniversary of John's death, and Billy regretted not listening to John more when he'd been alive. Ashley mused that John had given advice by getting them to talk until they'd found the answer to their own questions without realizing it, and Billy recalled that they'd always known the right thing to do all along. Ashley wondered what John would have thought about Jack and Victor becoming partners, and Billy recalled that Jack had said he'd done everything for his family.

Ashley spotted Victoria on the rooftop, and she quickly made herself scarce. Billy noticed that Victoria hadn't bolted for the door when she'd seen him, and he wished he'd listened to what he'd known and felt instead of other people's paranoia. Billy insisted that he'd only tested Victoria to prove Phyllis and Jack wrong, but he never should have done it. Victoria haughtily excused herself, but Billy stopped her and swore that nothing else mattered but being with her, and he'd resign if she asked him to do so. He pleaded that all he really wanted was to be a good dad and to raise their kids together.

Victoria asserted that the battle that was raging between their families affected all the people they loved, and Billy hadn't been able to trust her. Billy conceded that he didn't trust Victor and how Victor played on her loyalty, and he thought Victor had proven he'd do whatever it took to get what he wanted. Victoria asked if Billy trusted Jack completely, and she dared Billy to look her in the eye and tell her that he believed his brother had told him everything. Billy couldn't meet her gaze.

In the club dining room, Sage remarked that Nikki's brunch invitation had been an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Nikki inquired about Sage's heartburn problems, and Sage looked confused for a moment, but Nikki reminded her that they'd run into one another at the hospital. Sage claimed that she'd been worried about nothing, but she appreciated Nikki's advice about following her maternal instincts. Nikki commented that mothers never stopped feeling protective of their children, and Sage said she loved Nick, but she understood that other people weren't thrilled that they were starting a family. Nikki revealed that she hadn't called Sage to talk about Nick or the engagement, but she wanted to talk about something she wanted to do for Sage.

Sage was flabbergasted when Nikki announced her plan to throw Sage a baby shower, and Nikki acknowledged that she hadn't been welcoming when she and Sage had first met. Nikki explained that she hadn't been in the best frame of mind to accept change because of her addiction, but she wanted to make up for it by getting to know the mother of her next grandchild. Touched, Sage said it meant more than she could say, and Nikki started to brainstorm plans to have the shower at the club. Nikki promised to get back to Sage with details, and Sage happily thanked her and left to get back to work. After Sage departed, Phyllis approached Nikki and snarled that even willful ignorance was bliss.

Nikki said she was sorry about what was happening with Phyllis and Jack, and Phyllis spat that they'd almost been gunned down the night before. Nikki blamed Jack for forcing Victor to defend his family again, but Phyllis swore that Jack hadn't launched a strike against Victor and that it had been someone else. Ashley overheard and demanded to know what Phyllis knew about the plot against Victor. Nikki snarled that it was obvious Phyllis and Jack would do anything to destroy Victor. Phyllis blurted out that Victor had released a monster on all of them, and Nikki testily asked "what the hell" she was talking about. Phyllis told Nikki to ask Victor.

At the Underground, Noah lamented to Marisa and Mariah that he couldn't believe Marco had gotten away again, and Mariah imagined that Detective Harding couldn't, either, since he'd taken a bullet in the arm. Marisa pointed out that it had been meant for Jack, and Mariah assumed that they'd misread Harding, who had ended up being a hero. Noah referred to the ringtone Summer had heard at the cabin, but Marisa defended that millions of people used the same tune. Mariah added that Harding had been acting like he had something to hide, and she was shocked that they'd gotten it so wrong.

Mariah suspected that someone on the inside was helping Marco, and Kevin arrived and grumbled that he was still picking the crow out of his teeth. Mariah said they'd all thought Harding had been involved somehow, and Marisa asked if Kevin had found out anything new. Kevin passed along the story about Jack and Marco doing business together, but he realized that both Jack and Phyllis had shown up at Victor's office after receiving Marco's text during the wedding, whereas Jack had been alone when Noah had seen him in the park. Noah was sure there was an explanation, and Marisa tried to hide her panic.

Kevin recounted how Jack had walked past the surveillance camera twice in the same direction on the night of the shooting, but he'd found no technical issues when he'd digitally broken down the footage. A frustrated Kevin felt like the answer was right in front of him, but he was missing one piece that allowed everything to make sense. Sage arrived, and the group scattered, but Kevin vowed to figure it out. Marisa said she had to pick up some supplies, and she kissed Noah goodbye and looked at him intensely when she said she'd see him later.

Later, Mariah asked why Noah seemed worried about Marisa, and he replied that he'd had a feeling when Marisa had kissed him that it might be the last time he'd see her. He fretted that Marisa would disappear from his life as quickly as she'd shown up.

Nick entered the bar, and Sage excitedly informed him that his mother had invited her to brunch and wanted to throw a baby shower. Sage admitted she'd been terrified to meet with Nikki, but she thought they could be friends. Sage noticed Nick's sullen expression and asked what was wrong. Nick revealed that he and his dad had butted heads again. Nick said he'd started thinking about who he was and who he wanted to be, and he questioned how he'd ever thought he could work with Victor again.

Nick complained that he was constantly under his father's thumb, and he hated every minute of it. Sage said Nick shouldn't have to put up with it, but Nick told Sage that he'd agreed to Victor's terms. Sage recognized that Victor wanted to keep him safe, but Nick grumbled that Victor didn't respect his opinion. Nick repeated Victor's words that Dylan would never be family, and he thought Victor was threatened by the idea of Nick getting closer to Dylan.

In the park, a vision of John appeared to Jack, who griped that he kept thinking the nightmare would end, but it went on and on. Jack ranted that everyone had accepted that a "murdering bastard" had taken over his life, and he'd tried to understand it, but Marco was nothing like him. Jack questioned how someone with no character or integrity had managed to con his loved ones, and John advised that the simplest answer was usually the right one. Jack groused that there was nothing simple about it, and he grappled with what to do next.

John counseled that Jack was stuck in the past, but he stressed that Jack had only done what he'd needed to do to survive, and he urged Jack not to let Victor hold it over him. John thought Jack was focusing his anger on the wrong person, and he believed Jack's unholy alliance with Victor had been a huge mistake. John told Jack to forget about what had happened on the boat, since innocent people in Genoa City had lost their lives because of Victor, and Victor had been responsible for what had happened to Phyllis. "Do I still need to tell you what has to be done?" John queried, and Jack thanked him. John disappeared when Victor approached, and Jack thought it was no accident that they'd run into one another.

Victor asked if Jack had a problem, and Jack imagined that Victor was crushed because his plan to get rid of Jack had failed. Victor pointed out that he'd hired a legion of security out of fear of Marco, and he swore that he hadn't been the reason an innocent man had been shot. Jack insisted that it was all on Victor, and both of their families were in danger, so he intended to end the madness right away.

Jack vowed to make sure no one else got killed, but Victor reminded him of all the innocent people who had died when the boat had exploded. Jack growled that Victor's threats wouldn't work anymore, and he planned to tell the police everything. Victor contended that Jack would be extradited and left to rot in jail if the truth surfaced, so if Victor had wanted to be rid of Jack, he would have made the call himself.

Marco grimaced at the food in the Abbott cabin, and he ran behind the front door when he heard someone outside. The door opened, and he grabbed Marisa and warned that it had been a good way to get her head blown off. She compared it to what had happened to Harding, and Marco dryly replied that Harding would live. Marisa guessed that Jack wouldn't have been so lucky, and Marco hissed that Jack had been plenty lucky for a long time. Marco declared that he himself deserved that life, and he was going to have it.

Marisa said Marco had money and could go anywhere, but he bellowed that he liked it there. She cooed that getting soft with the country club set wasn't what he wanted, and she knew something he wanted more. She pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Victor and Jack Undo the Merger

Victor and Jack Undo the Merger

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In the park, Victor dared Jack to tell Paul all about Marco, Kelly, and the boat explosion. Jack snarled that the blood was on Victor's hands for setting everything in motion, but Victor warned that Jack was the one who would be extradited and thrown in jail. Victor stressed that Marco was their mutual problem, but Jack barked that they weren't a team, and he berated Victor for stealing Jabot. Victor said they'd agreed to share it, but Jack reminded him that Marco had been masquerading as Jack at the time of the merger. Victor haughtily stated that the Abbott family business hadn't been worth the trouble, and he offered to return Jabot to Jack if Jack agreed not to call the police.

Jack incredulously asked if the price Victor put on Jack's silence was what Victor had stolen from him, and he questioned why Victor should get to keep what never should have been his. Victor asserted that the merger had been less productive than he'd thought it would be, and Jabot meant nothing to him. Jack preferred to see Victor pay for what he'd done, but he conceded that he wanted Jabot back. Victor swore that Jack would have it if he did as Victor said, but Jack growled that it would take a lot more than Victor's word to keep Jack from blowing things sky-high.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley demanded that Phyllis explain what she'd meant about Victor unleashing a monster, but Phyllis curtly replied that she'd said all she was going to say, and she told Nikki and Ashley to ask Victor. Nikki said she trusted Victor, but Phyllis questioned why Nikki was living upstairs if she trusted her wonderful, honest husband. Ashley contended that all of them had questions about the growing animosity between Jack and Victor, and she suggested they get some answers.

At the Abbott cabin, Marisa seductively told Marco that they'd waited too long, and she could tell he'd missed her. Marco acknowledged that he'd reacted to her kiss, but all it had meant was that he wasn't dead. She purred that they could have everything if they left town together, but he scoffed at the idea that one kiss would make him walk away from all of his hard work to become Jack. Marisa asked if it was worth dying for, and she refused to lose Marco again. She warned that he couldn't be Jack ever again, so he could stay there and die or leave Genoa City and live.

Marco admitted that things hadn't gone as he'd planned, and Marisa chided him for being greedy by wanting to risk it all when he was alive and free. Marco argued that he'd be freer as Jack than as Marco, but Marisa insisted that Genoa City wasn't a place for people like them. He pointed out that she'd chosen to stay when she could have run, and she claimed that she'd tried to be respectable, but she wanted to leave before the town killed her soul. Marco suspected that she was really out to help Jack, but she insisted that Jack didn't need her, whereas Marco did. Marco roughly cupped her face in his hands and asked why he should believe her.

Marisa snapped that Marco didn't deserve to have her at all, but he hesitated to believe her after she'd driven them into a lake. She defended that he'd lost his mind when he'd lost his temper, but she apologized for making a mistake. She said something inside her had died when she'd thought he'd drowned, and she pointed out that she'd given the police a false description. He guessed she had done it to buy time for herself, but she claimed she'd wanted to help him get away so they could be together one day.

Marco spat that Marisa had seemed to be doing fine with Noah, and he taunted her for going from a man to a boy. She reasoned that Noah had given her a job and a shoulder to cry on, and she'd always done what she'd needed to do to keep her head above water. She wondered if Marco was jealous, and she called Noah a spoiled child who had no idea of the life she'd led or how Marco had saved her. Marisa insisted that she wanted to save Marco, and she didn't want to lose him again.

Marisa wondered if Marco wanted to stay to be Phyllis' husband, and she insisted that Phyllis belonged to Jack. Marco snarled that Marisa had left him in the lake to die, but she retorted that it was insulting to have to convince him to be with her, since he owed her a future, and she'd waited too long already. He growled that she hadn't waited at all, but she maintained that she'd missed him, and she was sure that they both wanted one another. He pulled her into a fierce kiss.

Later, Marco awakened and discovered that Marisa had bound his hands and feet to the bed. He amorously said she just needed to ask if she wanted to play games, but she called him disgusting, and she inquired about how it felt to be tied up with no way out. He assumed it was her way of getting a bit of revenge, but she informed him that it wasn't her turn to pay him back. "That honor belongs to Jack," she announced.

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis entered Victor's office as Victor and Jack were shaking hands. Victoria joined them and asked why the women were gaping. Ashley said she was as nervous as she would be if the men were strangling one another. Jack announced that they'd decided to end the merger between the companies, so Newman-Abbott no longer existed. Victoria asked why the men hadn't consulted anyone else, and Ashley lectured that it would be another massive change to their families and businesses. Nikki couldn't believe the turn of events after all the drama and misery, and Jack declared that there had been too much of both. Victor wondered why the ladies weren't pleased.

Phyllis thought the decision sounded more personal than professional, and Ashley testily questioned whether Jack and Victor expected them just to accept it. Victor suggested that Jack discuss it with Phyllis and Ashley while Victor took Nikki and Victoria to lunch, and he insisted that it would work out very well for all of them. After the Newmans left, Ashley demanded to know what had happened, and Jack jokingly instructed her to use her business cards for kindling. Phyllis complained that his humor was making the situation more annoying, and Ashley wondered how Jack had forced Victor's hand.

Jack maintained that he and Victor had simply agreed that the merger had been a mistake, but Ashley thought there was no way Victor had willingly let go of Jabot. Jack reiterated that it was the best ending for everyone, and Phyllis said she didn't care how it had happened, as long as the merger was dead. Ashley ridiculed the handwritten agreement Jack and Victor had drawn up, and she was surprised it wasn't written in blood. Phyllis was glad the men's alliance had ended with a pen instead of a bullet, and Jack hoped it would end Victor's paranoia about the Abbotts trying to take him down.

Jack said it was only important that they had John's company back, just like Ashley and Billy had wanted. He stepped aside to take a call, and Marisa instructed him to get to the cabin, where a package was tied up and ready for him. Jack fibbed that he had to meet with the legal team about the merger dissolution, and he departed. Phyllis marveled that all the misery had been undone with some scribbles on a piece of paper, but Ashley didn't believe it was over, since she thought Jack had been lying.

Ashley appealed to Phyllis to tell her what was really going on. Phyllis swore she had no idea why Jack and Victor had broken up the company, but she wasn't sorry, since the merger never should have happened. Ashley questioned whether the merger had anything to do with Phyllis' comment about Victor unleashing a monster, and Phyllis tried to downplay her remark by saying she'd just been angry at Victor. Ashley asserted that she had a right to know what was going on if it had to do with Jabot, and Phyllis divulged that they were all in danger.

At the cabin, a furious Marco dared Marisa to kill him, and he implied that she'd be sorry if he got loose. Marisa acknowledged that Marco had once scared her, but he didn't anymore. Jack entered the cabin, and he and Marco glared at one another. Jack thanked Marisa, and Marco advised Jack to run. Jack noted that Marco was rightfully panicking, since Marco's fate was in Jack's hands.

At the Athletic Club, Victor prepared to celebrate the break from the Abbotts, but Victoria was irritated that Victor had never even mentioned that he'd been considering it. Nikki implored Victor to tell them the real reason he'd given back what he'd always coveted. Victor explained that the merger had never been one of friendship, since he'd only entered into it as a preemptive strike. Nikki referred to Victor's suspicion that Jack had been arranging an attack, and she asked what had changed. Victor said he was convinced Jack hadn't been part of the plot, but he hadn't ruled out the other Abbotts, and Victoria contemplated who was really behind the Paragon Project. Victor said he didn't know, but he intended to reassess everything and get ready for another round.

Across the dining room, Lily praised Neil for supporting Devon at the wedding, and Neil remarked that it had been his son's wedding day, so he hadn't had a choice as a father. Lily pointed out that Neil could have held on to his bitterness, but he'd shown everyone that the world didn't have to be a dark and ugly place. Neil said he'd spoken from the heart, and he truly hoped the couple found the happiness they deserved.

Lily remarked that with her boss out of town, she could play hooky, and she invited Neil to have lunch or to go see a movie. Neil informed her that he was also getting out of town for a bit, and Lily suggested that she and the twins accompany him. Neil explained that he needed to spend time on his own, since he had to figure out how to put his past with Hilary in the rearview mirror. Lily gave him her blessing, and she encouraged him to do whatever felt right. He replied that it would be his motto, and they embraced.

On the club rooftop, Cane got the twins ready to go swimming, and he said whoever collected the most diving pins would get to choose where they went for ice cream. Cane noticed that Matty seemed distracted, and she asked if her parents were getting divorced. Charlie referred to a friend whose parents had gotten divorced after the child's daddy hadn't lived at home. Cane pointed out that Charlie and Matty still loved one another even after they'd fought, and Charlie asked if Cane still loved their mommy. Cane proclaimed that the twins and their mom took up the biggest part of his heart, and all he wanted was for them to be happy. Cane added that he and Lily would always be there for the kids.

As the twins played in the pool, Cane informed Lily that he'd put sunscreen on the kids, and she said she trusted him. She mentioned that Neil was going out of town, and Cane thought Neil deserved some time away after the big gesture he'd made at the wedding. Lily admitted that her heart had been in her throat when Neil had shown up, but it had been hard not to be affected by his speech about forgiveness. Cane agreed that it had taken guts, and he mused that it was easier to nurse a wound instead of trying to heal it, but Neil had demonstrated that there was such a thing as second chances.

Lily noted that Cane hadn't been ready to forgive her the day before, but based on the way he was talking, she wondered if he was ready. He relayed that the twins had asked if he and Lily were getting a divorce, and he thought the kids needed to know that they would always be a family. Cane resolved to get past Lily's infidelity and forgive her for the kids' sake, but Lily said they weren't just parents but also husband and wife. She added that he either had to love her like he had before, or they'd have to figure out the next step.

Lily said she loved Cane and wanted him back, but she wouldn't be part of a fake marriage, since she wanted the twins to grow up with the best example of what real love was. Cane said it was all he had to offer, since he couldn't magically go back and change that she'd slept with another man. Lily recounted all the times she'd forgiven Cane, and they'd healed and started over together. Cane regretted his mistakes, and he was grateful she'd taken him back, but he pointed out that everything he'd done had been to protect her. He added that she'd always been his priority, but he and their family hadn't mattered to her when she'd cheated, and he couldn't forget it.

Lily said she knew what it was like to forgive someone who had hurt her before, and she understood what it was like to put her heart in someone else's hands and give them a chance to hurt her again. She added that she loved and missed Cane, and she wanted a real life with him -- not one that was just for show for the kids. He said they needed to take it one step at a time, and she wondered what step they needed to take then. She leaned in to kiss him, and he responded. The twins ran over and exclaimed that their parents were kissing again.

Lily packed up the pool toys, and she mentioned overhearing that Cane was taking the twins for ice cream. He also planned on a movie and dinner, and she remarked that it sounded like the perfect day, except for getting the kids to bed. Cane suggested that Lily help him with the bedtime duties, and if she agreed, it would be silly for her to go all that way just to leave. A hopeful Lily asked if he wanted her to stay, but she reminded him that it couldn't just be for the kids. Cane assured her it would also be for them, since they had a long way to go, but he had a feeling they could get there. She replied that she thought they could, too, and they hugged.

Hilary and Devon arrived at a hotel on a tropical island for their honeymoon, and she gushed that the drive from the airport couldn't have been more beautiful. Inside their suite, they smiled lovingly at one another and kissed. They took in the view from the balcony, and he led her back into the bedroom, where they tenderly made love.

As Devon in Hilary cuddled in bed, she commented that marriage made a difference, even though her love for him hadn't changed. Devon mused that it was forever, and he believed in what their rings symbolized. "Today and tomorrow?" she asked, but he replied that it was more than that, since they had decades together after they'd made it to the other side. He added that they'd been dealt a world of hurt, but he marveled at what they'd done with it. Hilary questioned whether he imagined sitting in their rocking chairs on a porch, but he vowed not to waste one second of their time together.

Hilary said their rings seemed magical, since she no longer felt like she was drowning in her mistakes. Devon replied that he'd never wanted her to feel that way, and he asked what was next on the agenda of their new life. She proposed a long walk on the beach and beating him at tennis, and she looked forward to an incredible honeymoon as a normal couple. She declared that she wanted it all, from the white picket fence to grandkids, and he asked if she expected to skip the baby-making. He remembered when she'd pictured having a baby with him, and he promised that one day, it would happen. Devon realized that they'd be late for a surprise he'd arranged.

During a helicopter tour, Hilary was amazed by the view, and she said she felt like a bird. Devon called her an angel, but she jokingly told him to stop hitting on her, since they were already married. Devon replied that he knew how lucky he was.

Later, Hilary fawned over an ill Devon in their suite, and he was embarrassed that he'd experienced motion sickness. He said he felt like he could sleep for a week, but they had scheduled a hike up the peak with a guide. He encouraged her to go on the hike while he got some sleep, and they could have a soak in the tub before dinner when she got back. She liked that her new husband was planning baths together, and they kissed and professed their love. Hilary offered to have the concierge send up something for his head and his stomach, and she departed.

While Devon slept, Hilary started hiking up the trail. She turned to meet the tour guide, and she was stunned to see Neil.

Neil Exposes Devon's 'Infidelity'

Neil Exposes Devon's 'Infidelity'

Thursday, August 20, 2015

At the Abbott cabin, Jack hissed that Marco's fate was finally in Jack's hands, but Marco retorted that Marisa had wooed him into submission for nothing. Marco imagined that Jack expected to teach him a lesson, but he insisted that he wasn't the bad guy, since he hadn't kept Jack on the island or killed the kids. Marco said he was only guilty of looking like Jack, but Jack snarled that Marco was forgetting something -- Marco had slept with Jack's wife. Marco taunted that it had to be unbearable for Jack to hear that his blushing bride had spent the night with another man on her honeymoon and hadn't even known it, and Jack ordered him to shut up.

Marco crowed that he was playing with house money while Jack had nothing, and he bragged about how often he'd had sex with Phyllis. Marco proclaimed that he'd fooled Jack's whole family, and he made lecherous comments about Ashley and Abby. Jack imagined that Marco had led a small, pathetic life to get his kicks pretending to be someone else, and Marco said it was nice to see that there was a lot of him in Jack. Marco dared Jack to show Marisa what he'd been itching to do since he'd found Marco "sleeping in Papa Bear's bed." Jack smashed a liquor bottle on the mantel and murderously hovered over Marco. Marco asked what was stopping him.

Jack threw the bottle on the floor, and Marco asked if Jack thought he was better than Marco. Jack retorted that he was a much better man, and he wouldn't give Marco the satisfaction of seeing Jack stoop to his level. Marco countered that Jack had already made it there, and he suggested that Jack untie him so they could settle things like real men. Jack barked that he was running the show, and he wanted answers.

Jack demanded to know why Marco had taken over his life, and Marco replied that he liked money. Jack guessed it had been Victor's money, and he insinuated that Marco was afraid to tell him if it had been. Marco claimed that Victor was a smart man, and once Victor had figured out that Marco had taken Jack's place, Victor had wanted part of the action, so they'd made a deal. Marco referred to a couple of glitches in the bedroom, but both he and Jack knew Phyllis could be a handful. Jack smacked Marco in the face.

Marco thanked Jack for proving that Jack was no better than Marco was, and he contended that they were the same guy once the education and country club membership were stripped away. Marco said they both struck back when someone took something from them, but Jack growled that Marco would be a dead man if they were anything alike. Jack instructed Marisa to look after their guest, and she asked if he was going to the police. Jack announced that he was going to end it, and he left. Marco appealed to Marisa to untie him.

Marco expected Jack to finish things when he returned, and he warned that Marisa would be an accessory to the crime. She questioned why she should untie him, since he had been ready to kill her if she hadn't driven into the lake. Marco reminded her that he'd saved her from a life of poverty, and they'd shared wonderful memories together until she'd met Noah. Marco said if Marisa let Jack kill him, she'd be next, and she'd never see her "precious Newman boy" again.

Marco asked what reason Jack had to keep Marisa around, since she was a witness, but she insisted Jack wasn't like that. Marco tried to convince her that he and Jack were a lot alike, and he contended that the people of Genoa City might seem upstanding, but they were willing to steal, lie, and kill for what they wanted. Marco thought Jack had something very dark and ugly planned, and he speculated that Jack would pin it on her. Marco added that if Jack didn't turn on her, Victor would, since she'd hopped into bed with his grandson. Marco cautioned that Victor didn't like loose ends, and that was all Marco and Marisa were to him.

At Crimson Lights, Noah fretted that Marisa hadn't responded to his messages, and Mariah said Marisa could still be picking up supplies. Noah reported that Marisa had never shown up, and he recalled that it had felt like she'd been saying goodbye when they'd last kissed. Kevin asked what had happened right before Marisa had left, and Mariah recounted that they'd been trying to fit the pieces of the murder mystery puzzle together. Kevin suggested that talking about Marco had upset Marisa, and he said the only other thing they'd discussed had been the surveillance footage of Jack. Noah wondered what that had to do with Marisa, but Summer rushed in and announced that she remembered seeing Harding at the cabin on the night of Austin's death.

Mariah got Summer some water and asked if she should call Kyle, but Summer said Kyle was out of town. Summer swore she remembered seeing Harding pull out his phone while he'd been standing next to the armoire, and Harding had seen her looking at him, but he had run out. Summer said she'd then picked up the bookend that had been covered in Austin's blood, and she guessed she'd blocked it out because she hadn't wanted to remember it. Noah proclaimed that they had Harding, and he moved to leave, but Kevin and Mariah refused to let him go.

Noah was determined to tell the cops that Harding had killed Courtney, but Kevin urged him to let Dylan gather evidence first. Noah worried that Harding would just cover things up again, but Mariah argued that Harding might kill Noah if Noah confronted him. Kevin insisted that they needed proof, and Summer asked if he didn't believe her. Mariah reasoned that they had thought they'd caught the killer before, but they had ended up with nothing. Noah ranted that Harding was armed and carrying a badge, and Harding might kill again if they took too long to say anything.

Noah pondered whether Harding was a serial killer or if he was covering the larger crimes of a bigger criminal like Marco. Noah panicked that Marco could have Marisa, but Kevin said Paul had trusted Dylan to be part of the investigation. Kevin offered to find Dylan if Noah agreed to stay put, and Noah swore he would wait -- but not forever. Kevin rushed out.

Summer apologized for blocking out the memory, but Mariah said Summer had been drugged and traumatized, so she didn't blame Summer. Summer wished she'd remembered sooner, and Noah realized that she felt guilty for not being able to prevent Courtney's death. Noah agreed that Summer wasn't to blame, and he credited her with allowing them to finally know who had been responsible. Mariah said proving it would be another thing, since Harding might still walk. Noah declared that he couldn't wait any longer, and he stormed off.

In Victor's office, Harding griped that walking through the shooting was a waste of time, but Dylan considered it a training exercise. Harding snapped that he had no time to tutor Dylan, and Victor returned. Dylan said he had a few more questions, but Victor pointed out that Harding was the cop who'd taken the bullet. Dylan contended that he had a different perspective as an observer, and Victor replied that he had a few questions of his own.

Victor asked how close the police were to catching Marco, and Harding reported that Marco had been able to cover his tracks. Harding revealed that Jack had given a statement about inadvertently doing business with Marco through a dummy corporation, and he imagined that Marco hadn't been happy when Jack had broken their deal. Dylan pointed out that Victor and Jack were business partners, but Victor announced that they'd dissolved the merger, and he would have done it earlier if he'd known Jack had been cavorting with known criminals. Harding thanked Victor for his time and started to head out, but Dylan noted that Victor seemed anxious to catch Marco, and he asked if Victor had been doing business with Marco, too.

Victor defended that his office had been used as a place of ambush, and he pointed out that Dylan was supposedly only there to observe. Victor was impressed that Harding had taken the bullet, and Dylan dryly wished Harding had gotten a good look at the shooter. Harding snapped that he'd been too busy bleeding, and Victor thanked Harding for his sacrifice. Harding promised the police would do everything they could to find Marco, and Victor requested a word alone with the "observer." Harding departed, and Dylan asked if Nikki was okay. Victor replied that it depended on Dylan.

Victor asked if Dylan honestly thought he'd lured Jack and Phyllis there to be shot, and Dylan pointed out that Victor had shot Jack himself not long before. Victor argued that Jack had admitted it had been self-defense, and Dylan conceded that he wanted to believe Victor hadn't been involved in the latest shooting. Dylan said to give Nikki his love, and he walked out. In the hallway, Kevin informed Dylan that Summer had remembered seeing Harding at the cabin on the night of Austin's death and that Noah wanted to go after Harding. Dylan noted that it would be hard to arrest a decorated cop who'd just been shot in the line of duty, and he wanted to make sure they could prove Summer actually remembered it.

Dylan and Kevin rushed into the coffeehouse, and Dylan wanted to hear Summer's account first-hand. She insisted she'd seen Harding at the cabin, but Dylan wondered if the memory could have resulted from the power of suggestion, since he couldn't go to Paul and accuse the lead detective of murder if her story didn't hold up. Kevin realized that Noah wasn't there, and Mariah said Noah had gone to find Harding on his own.

Noah lingered outside the police chief's office, and he overheard Harding on the phone, saying he'd run out of fingers to plug the holes. Harding warned that he wouldn't be left behind to clean up the person's mess. Noah entered the office, and Harding groused that he didn't have time for spoiled rich kids. Noah said he knew what Harding had done, and everyone else would soon know, too. Noah accused Harding of killing Austin and Courtney.

Over the phone, Victor condemned Paul for relaxing on taxpayer dollars when there had been a shooting in Victor's office. Victor reported that Harding had just been there with Paul's "little boy," and the only reason he hadn't called his lawyer had been out of respect for Paul. Victor griped about the amateur investigation, and he thought Paul putting a badge on Dylan was the height of nepotism. Victor added that Nikki loved Dylan, and she'd be worried to death if her son was in the line of fire. Victor sternly suggested that Paul have the professionals go after Marco and send his boy back to making cappuccinos.

Victor was surprised when Jack showed up at the office, but Jack, posing as Marco, told Victor to guess again. "Marco" said he hadn't seen Victor since the night Victor had put a slug in Jack, and he hoped the misunderstanding hadn't been too inconvenient. A skeptical Victor asked what he wanted, and "Marco" said he wanted what Victor owed him. "Marco" added that he was sorry he'd wasted a bullet on a cop, since it should have been for Jack or Phyllis, but he guessed both of them had to go. "Nice try, Jack," Victor huffed.

Victor poured some drinks, and he offered one to Jack, but he pointed out that Jack didn't drink. Jack imagined that Victor had chugged back quite a few while he'd been helping Marco pretend to be Jack, but Victor claimed that Marco had arrived in town on his own, and Victor had been one of his victims. Jack asked if Victor was willing to prove that his unholy alliance with Marco was actually over, and Victor asked where Marco was. Jack divulged that Marco was right where Jack wanted him, and he hoped Victor would help see to it that Marco paid the ultimate price.

On a tropical island, Devon awakened, and he answered a knock at the door, expecting to see Hilary. The concierge presented him with some medication that the staff physician had recommended, and Devon asked for her help with trying to track Hilary and the tour guide down so he could join them. Devon suddenly became dizzy, and the concierge suggested that he rest and take the medicine. Later, Devon left a voicemail for Hilary, and he mentioned that he was feeling much better and was ready to join her. He grabbed his backpack and headed out.

On the hiking trail, Neil remarked that the place was beautiful, and it was hard to look at the view and think that it was a small world. Hilary demanded to know what he was doing there, and he replied that he could chalk it up to fate or coincidence, but he would be lying. Hilary took a step back and almost stumbled, and Neil warned that the rescue rail might not be strong enough to keep her from falling. He ominously added that it was a long way down.

Hilary testily asked why Neil had shown up during her honeymoon, and Neil claimed that he'd tried to stay away, but his conscience hadn't let him, since there was something she had to see. He pulled out his phone, but she snapped that she was sure it could wait until they got back to Genoa City. Neil said it would be very painful for her to see, but he was just the messenger, and she needed to know the truth about the man she'd married. Hilary insisted that she already knew the kind, loving man Devon was, but Neil cackled and said Devon didn't deserve her praise or loyalty, since he had been unfaithful. Hilary stared incredulously at Neil, and he revealed that Devon had cheated on her and had lied about it ever since the bachelor party.

Hilary wondered why Neil had amicably reached out to her before and during the wedding, and she suspected that he'd been setting her and Devon up to trust him again. She repeated Neil's words that she couldn't find a finer man than his son, and Neil remarked that there had been a time when it had been true. She guessed that it had been before Devon had fallen in love with her, but Neil clarified that Devon had cheated with her. Hilary asked if Neil was showing his forgiveness by ruining her honeymoon with wild accusations, but he held up his phone and displayed the incriminating video as proof. Hilary grabbed the phone and spat that Neil should have saved himself the trip, since she wasn't looking at his so-called proof, and she threw the phone into the bushes.

Hilary moved to leave, but Neil refused to let her go while he looked for the expensive phone she'd tossed away. She maintained that she wouldn't look at the video, but he was sure that she wouldn't be able to forget about what was on the phone. Neil imagined that she'd promise herself that she'd be strong, but curiosity would consume her until it turned into doubt and corrupted her love and faith. As he retrieved the phone from the brush, Neil predicted that she would eventually run to him and beg to see what had been caught on camera.

Hilary snatched the phone and watched the footage of Devon entering the bedroom with a hooker. Hilary accused Neil of staging it to look like something it hadn't been, but Neil said the proof was right there. She wondered why he hadn't shown it to her before the ceremony, and he compared it to how she'd waited until after she and Neil had been married to have a sordid relationship with Devon. "Payback's a bitch, ain't it, my love?" Neil coldly asked, and she threw the phone at him and walked off.

Later, Devon approached a man on the hiking path, and he explained that he was trying to track down his wife, since they'd scheduled a climb with a guide named Peter. The man said he was Peter, and he revealed that he'd assigned a guide to take Hilary up the mountain, but the hike had been canceled. Devon relayed that Hilary had shown up for the hike, and Peter said people shouldn't go up there alone, since that particular part could be treacherous.

Devon suggested that he and Peter start climbing to catch up to Hilary, but Peter pointed out that they weren't sure she'd started the hike alone. Devon worried that she might be on a dangerous trail, and Peter offered to check to see if she'd joined another group. Peter assured Devon that the island patrol would find her if she hadn't already returned to the hotel. Devon went back to the hotel suite and called out for Hilary, but he found it empty. He left her another voicemail, and he called someone on the hotel phone and said they might have a problem.

Devon asked the concierge if there had been any messages, and she reported that security had searched the property, but there had been no sign of Hilary. Devon said the tour company would call if they spotted Hilary on the hiking trails, but he wanted to contact the police. A police officer arrived with news about Devon's wife.

Two Confrontations, One Gunshot

Two Confrontations, One Gunshot

Friday, August 21, 2015

In Devon's hotel suite on the tropical island, a local cop advised Devon that the police had received a call from the tour guide company about a missing tourist who'd gone off on her own. The officer reported that a woman walking out by the summit had heard a scream, and he'd found a room key to that hotel nearby. The cop tried the key in the door to Devon's suite, and it worked. Devon numbly realized that it was Hilary's key, and the officer suspected that Hilary might have fallen.

Devon worriedly said he'd heard the path was dangerous, and he wanted to go out and look for Hilary. The officer coldly stated that Devon wasn't going anywhere, and Devon wondered why the cop wouldn't let him leave. The officer informed him that a rescue crew was searching for Hilary, but Devon could answer some questions that might help locate her, since Devon had been the last one to see his wife before she'd gone missing. Devon recounted getting sick on the helicopter ride and telling Hilary to join the tour guide on her own, and the cop asked if Devon had encouraged her to go alone.

Devon explained that he hadn't wanted to disappoint Hilary, and he'd thought she'd been meeting a guide, but the guide had left when Hilary had been late. The officer queried how Devon had known that, and Devon revealed that he'd run into the owner of the tour agency when he'd tried to catch up with Hilary. The cop continued to question why Devon hadn't tried to find Hilary, and Devon repeated the owner's instructions to wait for Hilary at the hotel. The officer insinuated that Devon and Hilary had argued before she'd left, and Devon demanded to know why the police were interrogating him. Devon begged the officer to help him find Hilary.

The officer learned over the phone that a positive identification had been made, and he informed Devon that an eyewitness had seen Hilary arguing with a man at the summit. Devon said they had to find the man, and the cop knowingly said it wouldn't be too difficult. Devon incredulously asked if the officer thought it had been him.

In Victor's office, Jack informed Victor that Marco was tied to the bed at the Abbott cabin. Victor wondered how Jack was sure Marco hadn't escaped already, but Jack reported that Marco was being closely guarded. Jack declared that he intended to do what he should have done from the start, and Victor surmised that Jack planned to kill Marco. Jack snarled that Marco deserved to die after what he'd done to Jack's wife, and Phyllis eavesdropped from outside the door.

Phyllis listened as Victor warned Jack that killing Marco would mess up Jack's life, and Jack suggested that Victor do it. Victor acknowledged that he was ruthless in business, but he wasn't a killer, and Jack huffed that Victor hired other people to do his dirty work. Jack demanded that Victor make a call to ensure Marco would be gone, and Phyllis took off without making her presence known.

Victor suggested that he arrange for Marco to be put back into the Peruvian jail instead, but Jack argued that Victor could pluck Marco out again to have him take Jack's place. Victor contended that Marco had threatened his family, so there was no reason for him to associate with Marco again. Jack questioned why Victor had continued to work with Marco, and Victor insisted that he hadn't known about Marco's involvement in the murders. Jack maintained that there was only one way to get Marco out of their lives for good, and he wanted to deal with it that night. Jack ordered Victor to make the call.

At the Abbott cabin, Marco said Marisa was a smart girl who knew that people looked out for themselves, and Victor was at the top of the list. Marisa argued that she was no threat to Victor, but Marco pointed out that she had enough dirt to put Victor behind bars, and she was sleeping with Victor's grandson. Marco scoffed at the thought that Victor would let one of his heirs wind up with someone like her, but she countered that it wasn't up to Victor. Marco guessed that she had fallen for Noah, but he warned that Victor would convince Noah to dump her and find another rich American girl.

Marco contended that he and Marisa weren't part of that world, and they were expendable to both Victor and Jack. Marco anticipated that one day, he and Marisa would laugh about it, but he insisted that she had to untie him so they could get to safety together. Marisa anticipated that Marco would kill her in a heartbeat if he had a chance, but he questioned why she wasn't already dead if that were true. He swore that she was the one person he couldn't do without, but she pointed out that he'd been dying to get back to Phyllis an hour earlier. He teased her for being jealous.

Marco insisted that there was still a connection between him and Marisa, since he was the only man who had gotten into her heart, and she couldn't deny it. He begged her to let him take her somewhere safe and show her how much he loved her. Marisa sat down at his bedside and reached for his bindings, but she tightened the ropes, spat in his face, and bellowed that his time was up. She continued that Jack would kill him slowly and painfully, and she'd enjoy watching every second of it. "So will I," Phyllis said as she sauntered in.

Pretending to be Jack, Marco said he was glad Phyllis was there, and he pleaded with "Red" to untie him. Phyllis snapped that she'd bought his act for months, but it wouldn't happen anymore. Marco said she couldn't blame him for trying, and Phyllis replied that she blamed him for a lot of things that she intended to hold him accountable for. She rummaged through a kitchen drawer and pulled out a large butcher knife and a roll of duct tape. Marco taunted that he knew her intimately, and she didn't have it in her, but she plastered a piece of tape over his mouth.

As Phyllis brandished the knife close to Marco's neck, she snarled that he was used to manipulating other people, and she wanted him to feel what it was like to be on the other end. Phyllis marveled that there were so many ways to end it and so little time, and Marisa asked Marco how it felt to be at the mercy of someone he'd thought he could trust with his life. Marisa conceded that she would have done anything for him, but meeting up with him again had opened her eyes, and she'd realized he'd been using her all along.

Marisa recognized that when she'd been done serving her purpose, Marco had been ready to put her down like a dog so he could cash in. She added that what he'd done to her had been bad enough, but what he'd done to Phyllis had been worse, since at least Marisa had known who he was. Marisa admonished him for taking away Phyllis' power and choice each time he'd gotten into bed with her, and she suggested that Phyllis do the same thing to him. Phyllis said she liked the idea of an eye for an eye as she pointedly glanced down to his groin. Marco's eyes grew wide with panic.

Phyllis lectured that intimacy implied mutual understanding, and there had been none between her and Marco. Phyllis coldly stated that the woman he'd conned and assaulted was gone, and she berated him for using her husband's real injuries to explain the changes she'd felt. Jack listened from outside as Phyllis told Marco that the woman she once had been would have slit his throat if she'd had a chance, but she was no longer that woman, and she wouldn't give Marco the satisfaction. Jack entered as Phyllis dropped the knife, but Jack picked it up and said that wouldn't stop him. Marisa cried out, "Jack, don't!"

Jack hissed that he'd waited a long time, and he vowed that Marco would never hurt another woman again. Marisa asserted that it wasn't worth it, and Phyllis pleaded with Jack not to sacrifice his own life to take Marco's. Jack pointed out that no one would ever know, since Marco was already missing, and everyone would assume he'd gotten away. Phyllis warned Jack not to stoop to Marco's level, since Jack had a conscience, and she asked him to put the knife down. Jack slowly lowered it as Victor entered, and Victor said Jack had made the right choice.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah informed Dylan and Kevin that Noah had gone off to find Harding on his own. Summer insisted that she'd seen Harding at the cabin just after he'd put Austin inside the armoire, and Dylan worried that Noah would tip Harding off. Dylan rushed out to stop Noah, and Sharon arrived and inquired why Dylan had hurried off. Mariah simply said that Dylan hadn't said where he was going, but Sharon sensed that she was lying, and she demanded to know what was going on.

Sharon surmised that Mariah was holding something back to protect Sharon, but Mariah reasoned that she just wasn't that considerate, and Summer readily backed up the statement. Sharon was unconvinced, and she asked if there had been a new development in the murder case. Mariah pointed out that Dylan wasn't a cop, so he couldn't investigate, but Sharon realized that had been exactly what he'd done. Sharon contended that someone had framed her for the murders, and she ordered Summer to tell her what was happening. Summer blurted out that they knew who the killer had been.

Mariah and Summer explained to Sharon how they'd learned Harding had killed Austin and Summer, and Summer wished she'd woken up sooner and stopped him. Sharon commented that Harding had just been named a hero for being shot while trying to catch a drug dealer, and she imagined he was more desperate and dangerous than ever before. Sharon fretted that Dylan could be killed, and she wanted to go after him, but Mariah and Summer insisted that it was too dangerous for both Sharon and the baby.

Sharon left Dylan a voicemail message, urging him to consider turning around, since Harding had nothing to lose, but she and Dylan did. Sharon said she needed Dylan to return home to her and the baby, and she loved him. After Sharon hung up, Mariah assured her that Dylan wanted a life with her, but Sharon noted that he also wanted justice. Sharon knew that Dylan would see it through to the end, and she couldn't stand there and wait. Sharon took off with Mariah and Summer close behind her.

At the police station, Noah confronted Harding about killing Courtney and Austin. Harding understood that Noah wanted justice, but Noah yelled at him to shut up, since Summer had seen Harding at the cabin. Harding reasoned that Summer had been messed up from the drugs, but Noah growled that Harding had done a good job of hiding his guilt by looking like he'd been trying to find the killer. Noah grabbed Harding by the collar, but Harding pulled out his gun and ordered Noah to back off.

Noah asked if Harding planned to kill him like Harding had killed the others, and Harding barked that Noah would be in lockup if he'd put his hands on any other cop, but he wrote it off as Noah's grief talking. Noah ranted that Harding had resented Courtney from the moment she'd joined the force, but Harding defended that he'd only tried to toughen her skin, since he'd believed she could have been a first-rate cop. Harding claimed that he'd admired Courtney and that he missed her, so he was trying to do right by her. Harding implored Noah to let him do it, and he asked a fellow officer to keep an eye on Noah.

At the Athletic Club, Christine praised the healthy choices Paul had made over dinner, but she wondered if he made them when she wasn't around. He swore that he'd cut out all fun and everything that tasted good, and she told him it was okay to cheat every once in a while. He anxiously checked his phone, and she asked if he was expecting a call. Paul mentioned that Dylan was going to check in, and Christine remarked that she'd seen Dylan talking to Harding earlier. She guessed that Paul was using Dylan to keep tabs on what was happening at work.

Paul reasoned that he was doing Dylan a favor, since Dylan had expressed interest in doing more to help people. Christine suspected that it was just as much for Paul as it was for Dylan, but Paul argued that he'd work less if he had Dylan as his eyes and ears. Christine griped that Paul might as well be at work if he was monitoring everything from home, and he cheered at the thought. She swore that she was only being overbearing because she cared about him, and the stress could cause another heart attack. Paul said Dylan had decided he'd wanted a career in law enforcement, so Paul was just providing a window into the job while they finalized the arrangements.

Christine objected to Dylan doing fieldwork and investigating cases, but Harding interrupted and announced that the inmates had been running the asylum ever since Paul had deputized his son. Harding complained that Noah and his friends had been interfering with the triple homicide investigation, and Christine wondered why Harding was bothering Paul when Harding was in charge. Harding relayed that Noah had just accused him of being a dirty cop, and Paul offered to talk to Noah. Christine agreed that Paul had to put a stop to it.

After Harding left, Christine lectured that evidence gathered by a civilian would be inadmissible, and Paul said he trusted Dylan to do the right thing, but she worried that Paul's faith in his son could cost them the case. Paul answered a call from Dylan, who asked him to get to a judge to issue a warrant for Harding's arrest. Paul reported that Harding had just been at the club, and Dylan revealed that an eyewitness had placed Harding at the scene of Austin's murder, so he thought Harding would run. Paul said he would be right there, and he told Christine that he'd explain everything on the way.

At the police station, Dylan and Kevin ran in and asked if Noah was all right. Noah revealed that Harding had denied being at the cabin, and he confirmed that Harding was aware that Summer had positively placed him at the murder scene. Noah added that Harding had made a quick getaway, and Kevin went online to see if he could track Harding down. Noah explained that he'd had to look Harding in the eye and ask why he'd done it, and Dylan said that was what he intended to find out.

Kevin tapped into a security camera that indicated Harding was on the Athletic Club rooftop, and he wanted to call Paul. Dylan worried that Paul couldn't handle a confrontation in his condition, and he insisted on taking care of it himself. Moments after Dylan departed, Paul and Christine arrived at the station, and Christine scolded Noah and Kevin for taking things into their own hands. Kevin defended that without Paul there, they hadn't known who they could trust. Christine was summoned to a hearing, and Paul promised to be careful. After Christine left, Paul asked where his son was.

Over the phone, Harding testily ordered someone to get his passport to him as soon as possible, and Dylan appeared and asked if Harding was planning a trip. Meanwhile, Kevin tried to pick up the sound on the security camera, and he and Noah watched as Dylan said he knew Harding had killed the kids, but Dylan was sure someone else had been pulling the strings. Dylan told Harding to put the gun down, and Sharon entered the station with Summer and Mariah. Kevin tried to shield Sharon from seeing the video, but she heard Dylan's voice as he begged Harding to let Dylan help him.

Sharon freaked out when she saw that Harding had a gun pointed at Dylan, and Harding mocked Dylan for trying to talk him down when Dylan had no idea what it took to be a cop. Harding recognized that maybe it wasn't very different from being a soldier who put his life on the line for a paycheck that barely paid the rent. Dylan asked if Marco had contracted Harding to commit the murders, but Harding only admitted to being paid to keep secrets that he wouldn't give up. Paul suddenly arrived on the rooftop with his gun drawn, and he commanded Harding to drop his weapon.

Harding threatened to kill Dylan, but Paul promised to make sure Harding was treated fairly if he surrendered. Harding pointed out that he'd said those words himself, and he wouldn't fall for it. Paul insisted that he was a man of his word, and they could salvage the situation, but Harding contended that three people were dead. Harding warned that Dylan would only get out alive if Paul let Harding go, and Paul started to lower his gun. Harding pointed his gun away from Dylan and at Paul, and Dylan lunged at Harding. A shot rang out as the group at the police station gasped in horror.

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