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Marco was sent back to prison. Paul killed Harding. Sharon accepted Dylan's marriage proposal. Sharon miscarried, but she plotted to get pregnant again rather than tell Dylan the truth. Nick and Sage wed. Newman retained control of Chelsea's clothing line.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 24, 2015 on Y&R
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Harding's Death Prompts Questions

Harding's Death Prompts Questions

Monday, August 24, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop deck, Paul aimed his handgun toward Detective Harding. Harding pointed his handgun toward Dylan, who was unarmed. Dylan, with his arms raised, stood between Harding and Paul. Back at the police station, Kevin, Summer, Mariah, and Noah watched and listened to the tense confrontation via closed-circuit surveillance. Paul attempted to defuse the situation and promised fair treatment if Detective Harding ended the standoff without bloodshed. Detective Harding replied, "With three people dead? I'm looking at the rest of my life in prison! The only way that Dylan gets out of here alive is if you let me go." When Paul said he couldn't comply, Harding replied, "Then say goodbye to your son!"

Detective Harding became agitated when Dylan ordered Paul not to follow Harding's demands. Back at the police station, Sharon cried out and collapsed when she and the others heard a gunshot. The camera angle didn't show who the bullet had struck. On the rooftop deck, Detective Harding, wounded and bleeding, fell to the floor. Paul kept his weapon aimed at Harding while Dylan asked who he'd been working for and why he'd killed Austin and Courtney. Detective Harding mumbled, "At the cabin." Paul summoned an ambulance. Detective Harding lost consciousness.

Kevin and Noah felt compelled to face Detective Harding in person. Together, they rushed out of the police station. The women, terrified, refused to wait around. Mariah, Summer, and Sharon decided to follow after the men. Mariah and Summer exited the station. Sharon stayed back. Sensing pain, Sharon stopped in the entrance area and pressed her hand against her abdomen.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack, Phyllis, Marisa, and Victor stood around a bed on which Marco Annicelli, a drug lord who looked exactly like Jack, was bound to by his wrists and ankles. Jack had threatened to end Marco's life, but Victor noted that Jack wasn't a murderer. Jack said, "I want to hear you confess." Marco said, "According to you, I'm the mastermind of some intricate, diabolical plot against you and half the people in Genoa City. For the record, I wasn't working alone!" Jack, Phyllis, and Marisa turned their heads and glared at Victor. Victor proclaimed his innocence and said, "I would never knowingly hurt my grandchildren by killing those they loved." Marco replied, "Everyone in this room knows you're the one who found me and brought me here to replace your rival."

Victor said that Marco had made the decision to play by his own rules, which included murder. Marco said that Detective Mark Harding had committed the murders after Marco had hired the police officer cover up incriminating evidence. Marco explained that both Austin and Courtney had discovered video evidence indicating the existence of two Jack Abbotts. Marco noted that Harding had done whatever had been necessary to guard his secrets, including ending the life of Tobias Gray. Victor claimed that the people had died because of Marco's carelessness. Marco, addressing Victor, replied, "No, boss, those people are dead because your plan had to be protected at all costs."

Victor refused to accept any responsibility for the deaths. Jack said, "I accept your claim that Marco took this to a more violent level." Marco asked about his fate, noting that both Victor and Jack would have to explain their own grave actions. Marisa spoke up for Jack and said he'd acted in self-defense. Marco said that Marissa, a known liar, wasn't a credible witness.

Victor told Marco that he would be transported back to the "hellhole of a prison cell" where he'd previously been locked up back in Peru. Marco, standing with his hands bound behind his back, glared menacingly at Victor. Two bodyguards held on to Marco as Victor instructed the two men to transport Marco via helicopter to the airstrip, where the Newman jet awaited to fly Marco to Lima. Victor told his men to shoot Marco if he caused trouble. Marco said, "I look forward to seeing you all soon! I promise you it will happen." In Spanish, Marisa told Marco to go to hell. The bodyguards took Marco away.

Phyllis and Jack thanked Marisa for trapping Marco at the cabin. Victor was angry with Marisa. Victor said that if Marisa had told him she'd been in contact with Marco, he could've handled the situation before it had escalated. Victor said, "You lied to me. Never lie to me!" Jack said that Marco had victimized Marisa, and she deserved the opportunity to start her life over. Victor warned Marisa not to reveal that she'd arrived in Genoa City with Jack and to keep quiet about what had taken place in the cabin.

After Marisa left, Victor asked that Jack and Phyllis not talk about what had happened. Jack replied, "After you basically confessed to all of us what you did? I have a very important story to tell to the authorities about how you damn well nearly eliminated me from the face of the earth." Victor reminded Jack that he'd killed Kelly Andrews in her sleep and had set off an explosion that had killed a ship's crew. Jack insisted that those charges wouldn't stick. Victor replied, "How do you think a judge in a backwater, sweltering banana republic country is going to deal with you?" Victor added that Jack would be a fool to gamble with his life that way. Jack said he'd take his chances and attempted to phone Paul.

Phyllis interceded and told Jack she couldn't handle losing him again. Phyllis pleaded with Jack not to throw away their future just to get back at Victor. To appease Phyllis, Jack said he'd try to find a way to coexist with Victor. Victor glanced at his phone and saw a text message that read, "It's done." Jack told Victor he wanted to ensure that Marco couldn't masquerade as him again in the future. Victor replied, "I've taken certain measures to make sure that won't happen. We'll be able to identify him."

Aboard a helicopter, Marco looked down at the lights of Genoa City as the aircraft made its way to an airstrip. Marco's hands were bound in front of him. Marco winced. When he turned his head, he frowned and placed his hand against a large gauze bandage covering the area near his ear. He shifted and leaned against the backrest. Marco's piercing eyes made him look evil and even more determined.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby noticed that Ben didn't seem to be enjoying their cozy dinner. Ben claimed he'd had a busy day at the hospital. Abby frowned when Ben shrugged off her invitation to discuss the details of his stressful day. Abby seemed disappointed and suggested they retire to their room. Ben offered to enjoy a nightcap at the rooftop bar. Abby smiled and nodded her approval.

When Abby and Ben stepped through the doorway to the rooftop deck, they saw Paul, Dylan, and Detective Harding. Paul asked Summer to leave the area while entreating Ben to help. Ben immediately attended to Detective Harding. Paul asked Dylan what had happened before he'd arrived. Dylan explained that Kevin had tapped into the hotel's surveillance system. Dylan said he'd arrived and overheard Detective Harding on the phone, demanding a passport. Paul said he'd have Harding's phone analyzed. Ben pronounced Harding dead. Dylan said he doubted they'd ever learn the whole story.

Summer, Noah, Mariah, Kevin, and Sharon arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Ben, accompanied by Abby, announced that Detective Harding was dead. Dylan greeted Sharon and explained that though Detective Harding had implied involvement and didn't deny being the murderer, he didn't offer crucial details. Summer asked if the threat to their safety had ended. Dylan nodded and said he believed Detective Harding had killed Austin, Courtney, and Tobias Gray. Dylan left.

Sharon comforted Summer and Noah. Kevin told Mariah that if Detective Harding was the murderer, it wouldn't explain Annicelli's connection to the crimes. Kevin recalled that Marisa had disappeared at the same time Harding's involvement had been exposed. Mariah wondered aloud what had been stored on Austin's computer and why Harding had wanted to keep it secret. Summer cried that there had been no justice for Austin because Harding would never have to answer for what he'd done. Summer, Noah, Kevin, and Mariah agreed that they were safe, since the killer was dead.

Later, Abby told Ben she was relieved that the threat to her safety had been eliminated. She said she felt like celebrating. Ben, reserved and disheartened, admitted that he didn't feel up to it. Abby explained that she'd moved into a suite with Ben to be protected. She told Ben that she intended to move back to her home alone because it was better to be truly alone than to feel alone when she was with him. Ben admitted that he'd suffered many losses and had been unable to open up about it. Ben said he'd try to connect with Abby on a deeper level.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin, Noah, and Summer discussed the loss of their friends. They pondered Detective Harding's connection to the crimes. Noah said that Harding had murdered Austin because Austin's computer had contained something the detective hadn't wanted exposed. Kevin said he didn't believe that the DNA mistake, which had implicated Sharon, and Annicelli's presence in Genoa City at the time of the murders had been coincidences. Noah seemed ready to let the matter rest.

On the coffeehouse's patio, Mariah visited with Sharon, who was tackling a pile of paperwork. Sharon admitted that she felt antsy just thinking about Dylan having put his life on the line. Sharon pressed her hand against her abdomen and grimaced. Mariah asked what was going on. Sharon replied, "Just a little cramp. I had one earlier. I'm sure it will pass." Sharon agreed to visit her doctor, and she asked Mariah to put the paperwork away in the office.

After Sharon left, Mariah joined Kevin, Noah, and Summer in the main dining area. Summer walked out to the patio to return Kyle's message. Noah told Kevin to let the matter rest. Mariah said, "Kevin is the person who suspected Harding in the first place. Had he not been so tenacious, we might all still be in danger." Kevin said there was still something out of place. Marisa arrived. Noah embraced her and said he'd been worried.

Kevin grew even more uneasy after Marisa's arrival. Summer rejoined the group and said that Kyle was shocked to hear that Harding was dead. Marisa said, "Harding is dead? What happened?" Noah explained that Paul had shot him. Kevin said it was possible that Harding had been working with Marco Annicelli. Marisa said, "Marco won't be a problem anymore." Noah asked Marisa how she knew that. Marisa replied, "I just do."

In Paul's office at the police station, Paul recalled the details of the deadly incident on the rooftop to Christine. Paul said that before he had been able to assess the situation, he'd been frightened by the sight of Dylan in harm's way. Christine said, "And you thought of Ricky." Paul admitted he had because it had been a similar scenario, though this time he'd shot someone else in order to save his son. Dylan arrived. Christine admitted that she should've heeded his advice to secure a warrant for Harding.

After Christine left, Dylan told Paul that the case was far from over. Paul said that the person Harding had called had been using an untraceable phone. Dylan said that when he'd questioned Harding about the murders, he'd said that someone had paid him to keep secrets. Paul said, "Annicelli?" Dylan agreed and pondered what secret Harding wanted protected. Both men decided to probe the issue deeper at a later time. Paul said he'd be proud to work alongside his son. After Dylan left, Christine told Paul that she'd support his decision to return to duty.

At the hospital, Sharon sought an evaluation from her doctor. Sharon sobbed softly as her doctor consoled her. The doctor acknowledged that Sharon had suffered a miscarriage. Attempting to look on the bright side, the doctor said that Sharon was healthy and could conceive again. Sharon nodded, and the doctor walked away. Sharon cried quietly over her loss.

At Sharon's house, Dylan had lit candles and arranged a bouquet of fresh flowers. When Sharon arrived, she said, "What's all this?" Dylan noted that he was offering an apology. Dylan recalled Sharon's frantic voicemail and the look of horror on her face after the confrontation with Harding. Dylan added that he could've jeopardized their future and their baby's future. Sharon started to say something, but Dylan interrupted.

Dylan told Sharon he didn't want to risk the one thing he'd always wanted. Dylan added that his dream was to have a family of his own. Tears ran down Sharon's cheeks when Dylan said he'd decided not to join the police force. He explained that becoming a dad was more important than anything else in the world. Dylan knelt down on one knee and proposed. Sharon, first sobbing, regained her composure and happily agreed to marry Dylan. The couple celebrated with an embrace.

From Rescue to Recovery

From Rescue to Recovery

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At the police station, Paul handed Dylan some files to review to get his feet wet, but Dylan announced that he wouldn't be joining the force because he didn't want to make Sharon worry. Paul agreed that a police officer's whole family had to be on board, and he suggested that Dylan reconsider the opportunity once his child was grown. Dylan gushed that all he thought about was being a dad, and Paul advised him not to waste a moment of fatherhood. Dylan assumed that he'd let Paul down, but Paul said that wasn't possible, and he was sure Dylan would feel that way about his own kid one day. Paul hoped he'd be around to say he'd told Dylan so, and Dylan replied that he was counting on it.

Kevin saw Mariah approach his desk, and he began to ramble that he wouldn't stop digging to find Marco, but she told him that normal people said hello. She asked him to go with her to Sage's baby shower, and he sarcastically said that sounded great. Mariah explained that she was an honorary family member, but Kevin curtly replied that he wasn't, and she ordered him to stop being a jerk. She clarified that she wanted him to be her date, and he readily accepted.

At the cottage, Sharon flashed back to her doctor expressing sympathy for her loss and telling her that there was no reason she couldn't conceive again. Faith plopped down next to Sharon on the stairs and mentioned that Dylan had said Sharon had news for her. Sharon revealed that Dylan had asked her to marry him, and she'd said yes. Faith hugged Sharon and happily squealed that her family was getting bigger, and she suggested that Sharon tell everyone about the engagement at Sage's baby shower. Faith anticipated having a party for Sharon's baby, too, and she couldn't wait until her younger sibling arrived. Sharon struggled not to cry.

Dylan returned home, and he asked if Sharon had told Faith, who rushed into his arms. Faith asked what the baby's name would be, and she suggested Charlotte, since she was sure the baby would be a girl. Dylan suggested that Faith write down some ideas about what the baby would be when she grew up, and after Faith ran off, Dylan wondered why Sharon was in tears. Sharon said Faith had loved Dylan from the first moment they'd met, even though the girl had always wanted her parents to get back together. Sharon swore that she was shedding happy tears, and Dylan replied that they had a lot to be excited about, since he had everything he could ever want.

At the Underground, Nick, Sage, Summer, Noah, and Marisa discussed the revelation that Harding had been the killer. Summer lamented that they still had no idea why Harding had killed Austin and Courtney, and Sage understood if they weren't up to attending her baby shower. Summer was happy to have something to celebrate, and Noah said Sage needed backup. Noah explained that Newman events were never boring, and Summer pointed out that usually something happened to cut their family get-togethers short. Sage asked what she should be scared of, and Victor walked in, carrying a gift. "I guess that's supposed to be me," Victor declared.

Summer greeted Victor with a hug, and she assured Sage that he was a big softy with a grandchild in his arms. Victor asserted that he always protected his family, and Sage looked forward to being part of a group that looked out for one another. Victor stated that their family was very complex, but family was the only thing they could turn to in the end. He added that he couldn't be at the day's event, since he had business to discuss with Paul, and he handed Sage his gift. Sage found stock certificates inside, and Victor pointed out that the stocks were for Newman Enterprises and not Newman-Abbott. Sage pulled a toy car from the box, and Victor explained that it had been Nick's. Victor welcomed Sage to the family.

Noah praised Victor for making Sage feel welcome, and Victor surmised that Noah hoped he would extend the same courtesy to Marisa. Noah asserted that he and Marisa would be spending a lot of time together, and Victor remarked that it would be a chance to get to know her better. Marisa said she hadn't grown up with people who had treated one another with kindness and respect, and she was glad being there had changed her.

Victor stopped by the police station and asked why Paul had summoned him there. Victor pointed out that the murder investigation was closed, but Paul countered that they still hadn't figured out Harding's motive. Paul revealed that the police had found a large sum of cash hidden in Harding's apartment and that Harding had admitted being paid to keep secrets. Victor defended that he'd hardly known Harding, and Paul explained that he was just trying to piece the facts together. Paul inquired whether Victor had ever encountered Marco.

Victor claimed that he hadn't had any exchanges with Harding or Marco, and he huffed that he wouldn't have paid hush money to someone who'd killed members of his family. Victor suggested that Marco had been a figment of Harding's imagination, but Paul thought there was more to it. Victor suggested that Paul felt guilty because he'd had no clue that the killer had been working right under his nose, but he respected Paul for shooting Harding to save Dylan. Paul reiterated that the investigation hadn't died with Harding, but Victor ordered him to let it rest and move on.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki was glad to see that Neil was back from his trip, and she said his photos of the Canadian Rockies were beautiful. She asked if he'd gotten enough time away, and he replied that it had been the quality of the time, not the quantity. Neil added that he'd needed a change of scenery after Devon and Hilary's wedding, and the time away had been productive, since he'd gotten the closure he'd needed.

In the foyer, Cane and Lauren talked about the events that had transpired during Devon and Hilary's honeymoon, and Cane realized that Neil didn't know about it. Cane recalled that Neil had been very protective of Hilary when their plane had gone down, and he and Lauren headed over to Neil and Nikki's table. Cane informed Neil that Hilary had gone missing in the Virgin Islands, and Neil feigned shock and concern.

In Devon's island hotel suite, Lily hugged Devon and asked if he was okay, and Michael inquired whether there had been any news about Hilary. Devon complained that the authorities hadn't allowed him to look for his own wife and that they'd put him into a police lineup. Devon fretted that the police believed Hilary might be dead and that he had been responsible for it. Devon continued that he'd been up all night, answering questions, when Hilary might be lost or hurt, and he wondered if someone had grabbed her.

Michael offered to make sure the police were exploring all the possibilities, and Devon mentioned the eyewitness accounts of seeing Hilary argue with a man and hearing a woman scream. Devon was tortured by what he pictured in his head, and Michael advised him not to show any more displays of anger. Michael left to talk to the police, and Devon grumbled that Hilary was just another tourist to the authorities. Lily asked if Hilary could have run off, and she assumed Michael didn't know about the call girl. Lily questioned whether Hilary had found out about it, and Devon demanded to know whether Lily thought Hilary had run off or if she believed he had killed Hilary.

Devon incredulously asked if Lily thought he'd pushed Hilary off a cliff because of something that might not even have happened, and Lily urged him to keep his voice down. Lily recalled that Hilary had made it look like Neil had murdered Rose, but Devon insisted that he and Hilary hadn't quarreled and that she'd gone off to hike on her own. Lily said she believed him, but she worried that the police might not, and she encouraged him to tell her exactly what had happened. He said it had been the perfect start to their honeymoon, and there had been no way Hilary had walked off of her own free will.

Devon recounted that the motion sickness had taken him out, and he and Hilary had decided that she would go on the hike while he rested. Devon bemoaned that he never should have let her go, but Lily pointed out that Hilary might just be lost. Devon answered a call from Neil, who offered to jump on a plane to be there, and Devon was stunned that Neil would do that. Neil insisted that Devon was his son, and he told Devon to just say the word about where he needed Neil to be. Devon told Neil that Lily and Michael were there to help him find Hilary, and Neil assured him that Hilary was tough and resourceful.

After he hung up, Neil bemoaned that Devon and Hilary were supposed to find happiness to make their affair worth it. Cane was sure that Michael and Lily would do whatever it took to find out what had happened, and Colin eavesdropped from the bar as Neil blathered on about how Devon and Hilary had just started their life together.

Lily was surprised that Neil had volunteered to travel there, and Devon believed that Neil had meant everything he'd said at the wedding about forgiveness. Devon lamented that he was stuck there, unable to look for Hilary, but Lily argued that he wasn't helpless. Lily contended that Devon knew Hilary better than anyone, so he had the best chance of figuring out what had happened. Devon wondered if Hilary had argued with the tour guide, and Lily questioned why they would have exchanged words. Lily considered whether Colin had told Hilary about the bachelor party.

Lily called Cane and asked if he'd seen Colin, and Cane reported that Colin was at the club. Cane offered to put his father on the phone, but Lily said she'd just wanted to know where Colin was, and she quickly ended the call. She contacted Colin directly, and Devon grabbed the phone and demanded to know if Colin had told Hilary about the hooker. Colin swore that he'd kept his mouth shut, and Devon relayed the urgency of the situation. Devon told Colin to name his price if he knew anything about where Hilary might be, but Colin maintained that he didn't know anything as he knowingly eyed Neil.

Neil approached Colin, who dryly extended his sympathies about Hilary. Colin said he took no joy in the situation, but he pointed out that Neil had been one of Hilary's victims. Neil warned Colin against implying that Neil had had something to do with her disappearance, and he pointed out that he hadn't been the only one with an axe to grind, since he'd pulled the plug on Colin blackmailing Devon. Neil hissed that Colin was the one with dirty hands at the poker table.

Later, Neil flashed back to showing Hilary the incriminating footage, and they had argued about his choice to wait until after the wedding ceremony to tell her. Neil recalled picking up his phone from the ground after Hilary had stalked off. Moments later, he'd heard a scream.

Michael spoke with the island cop, and he painted Hilary and Devon as soul mates who were deeply in love and completely committed. The officer replied that no one knew what went on inside a marriage, and he found it strange that a honeymooning couple had split up for the day. Michael contended that Devon had generously encouraged Hilary to have a good time while Devon hadn't been feeling well, and tourists took guided hikes all the time. The cop replied that there was a piece of evidence Michael hadn't heard about.

Michael returned to Devon's suite, and Devon anxiously asked if there had been any sign of Hilary. Michael reported that there hadn't been, but the officer in charge had informed him that someone had called from that hotel to cancel the guided tour. Lily suggested that Hilary had done it, but Devon argued that it wouldn't have made sense for Hilary to go on the hike by herself. Michael lectured that he'd be useless without having all available information, and Devon confessed that there was a chance he'd slept with another woman.

Devon said only Colin had known about the call girl, but Colin had sworn he hadn't said anything to Hilary. Michael recalled that Devon hadn't seemed inclined to participate in any such activities at the bachelor party, and he pointed out that Devon had no memory of being unfaithful. Devon explained that he hadn't wanted Hilary to know if there was even a chance he had been, and he contemplated telling the cops about it. Michael cautioned that it would be easy for the police to assume an argument between a wife and her unfaithful husband had gotten out of control. An officer arrived with an article of clothing that had washed up on shore, and Devon identified it as Hilary's. The cop announced that the search had changed from rescue to recovery.

Kyle arrived on the club rooftop as Abby and Victoria prepared for Sage's shower, and they joked about Abby's attempt to diaper a baby doll. Kyle was happy to play along with a coed baby shower instead of looking over their shoulders for a killer, and Abby was flabbergasted and relieved that Harding was dead. Victoria mentioned the other big news about the dissolution of the Newman-Abbott merger. Abby remarked that she'd have to figure out where to report for duty, and Victoria assumed that Abby would work for Newman, while Kyle was confident Abby would go back to Jabot.

Abby recalled that Victoria hadn't even wanted her at Newman-Abbott, and Kyle contended that it was good reason for Abby to return to Jabot. Victoria declared that Victor believed in Abby, who was glad to call attention to Nick and Sage's arrival. Nick explained to Sage that family events meant getting all the pushy people in one place, and he worried that it was too much for her to handle. Sage gushed that their little one would have a family, and their baby would never feel alone in the world. They hugged.

After playing a game with the baby dolls, Nick declared himself the diaper champion. Nikki distributed paper and pens for the guests to write down words of wisdom and advice. Sharon entered with Dylan and Faith, and Victoria started to head over to tell them to leave, but Sage hugged Sharon hello. Mariah pulled Sharon aside and mentioned that Sharon had never called after her doctor's appointment, and Sharon fibbed that her pains had just been the "usual stress." Mariah worried that stress shouldn't be a usual thing, and Sharon informed Mariah that it wouldn't be, since Dylan wasn't joining the force.

Mariah noticed Sharon's engagement ring, but Sharon protested that it was Sage's day. Victoria and Nikki glowered as word about Dylan and Sharon's engagement spread, and Nikki remarked that both of her sons were too good-hearted for their own good. Nick congratulated Dylan, who apologetically said he hadn't planned to announce his engagement that way. Nick insisted that he was psyched for Dylan and Sharon, since she seemed to be happy and grounded, and the men imagined their kids growing up together.

Sage showed Nick the baby sling Dylan and Sharon had given them, and Sharon looked stricken when Nick said he would get Dylan a matching one. Victoria toasted to the new Newman baby, and Abby said she couldn't wait to meet the tot. Summer implored Dylan to add to the toast, and Dylan said he'd been making up for lost time with the family he'd never known, but he was grateful that he'd have plenty of help when he became a dad, too. Sharon ducked out.

Nikki announced that it was time to read the advice from the guests, and Nick read a card that advised the baby to give all its candy to its big sister. He jokingly guessed that Summer had written the anonymous suggestion, but Faith admitted it had been her. Sage read Mariah's note that potty jokes were always funny, and she moved on to advice from Victoria, who had written that if parents always put family first, children would grow up knowing they were loved, cherished, and always protected.

Sage read Nikki's suggestion to let one's children make their own decisions while never letting them see the panic in one's eyes. Meanwhile, Kyle remarked to Marisa that Summer had told him Marisa was certain Marco had left town, and Summer asked if Marisa had done something. Marisa coldly questioned whether that was the kind of person Summer thought she was, and she stalked off to refresh her drink. Dylan asked if Mariah had seen Sharon, and Mariah hoped Sharon wasn't feeling sick again. Dylan commented that he hadn't known there had been a first time.

Noah found Sharon in the park, and she swore that everything was fine. He wondered if she was upset about Nick moving on, but she insisted that she was happy for both Nick and Sage. Sharon added that she was also moving on, since she had her beautiful children, Dylan, and their baby. Sharon questioned whether she could be happy, too, and Noah hugged her.

Chelsea's Line Becomes a Pawn

Chelsea's Line Becomes a Pawn

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

At the Underground, Noah informed Marisa that he'd found his mom crying in the park, and Marisa pointed out that it could have just been from pregnancy hormones. Noah explained that Sharon had once freaked out at the idea of anyone else having a kid with his dad. He looked over at Nick and Sage in a booth, and Marisa wondered if Noah thought it would happen again.

Nick told Sage that he had to attend a mandatory company meeting, and he recognized that his family could be overbearing and demanding. Nick imagined that she had gotten a healthy dose of the Newmans the day before, and she said it had been sweet of Nikki and Victoria to throw a party for the baby, but she could only imagine the huge deal they'd make out of Nick and Sage's wedding. Nick proposed that they keep the ceremony simple with just Sage, himself, and his kids, and Sage thought a small wedding sounded perfect. Nick contended that it would be even more perfect to do it that night, and Sage couldn't think of a reason why they should wait.

Nick informed Noah that he and Sage were getting married that night at sunset, and Sage suggested they do it in Chancellor Park. She quickly retracted the idea because of Nick's unfortunate history there, but Nick refused to allow superstition to dictate their choices. Nick relayed that only Noah, Summer, and Faith were invited, and he steeled himself to fill in the rest of the family at the meeting. Noah offered to start making the wedding arrangements, and he thought he should tell Sharon to avoid her finding out from Faith after the fact. Sage walked out with Nick, and Noah admitted to Marisa that he was worried about how his mom would take the news.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon called her doctor to find out how soon she could start trying to get pregnant again. Sharon seemed disappointed by how long she should wait, and she hung up in dismay. Dylan asked if everything was okay with the baby, and Sharon fibbed that she'd called the doctor about the tiredness she'd been experiencing, but it was nothing to worry about. Dylan said he didn't know what he would do if anything happened to Sharon or their baby, and she looked guilty as they hugged.

Noah and Marisa arrived at the coffeehouse, and Sharon sensed from Noah's expression that something was wrong. Noah gently informed her that Nick and Sage were getting married that night, and she innocently wondered if he was there to invite her. Noah clammed up, and Sharon demanded to know why he'd felt the need to tell her in person. Noah explained that he hadn't wanted her to be caught off guard, but she realized he'd thought she'd freak out. Dylan defended Noah, but Sharon ranted that she was fine and that she'd moved on from Nick. She ordered Noah to stop waiting for her to do something crazy, and she stormed off.

Dylan presented Noah with some coffee on the patio, and Noah said he hadn't meant to upset Sharon. Dylan explained that she was tired of people expecting her to implode, but Noah countered that Sharon had experienced the worst breakdown she'd ever had when Nick had moved on before. Dylan reasoned that Sharon hadn't been feeling well from her pregnancy, and Noah hoped that had been the reason for her overreaction. Dylan promised he would keep an eye on her.

Sharon assumed that Noah had told Marisa about Sharon's disorder, and she hoped it didn't scare Marisa off. Marisa remarked that people had judged her for her whole life, and she was focused on the fact that Sharon had raised Noah into the amazing gentleman he was. Sharon was clearly touched, and Noah returned and asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon said she hadn't been feeling well lately, and she hadn't expected the news, but she was okay with it. Sharon told Noah to give Nick and Sage her best, and Noah and Marisa left to handle the wedding arrangements.

At the cottage, Dylan rubbed Sharon's shoulders, and she asked how he knew exactly what to do to make her feel better. He replied that it was easy because he loved her, and they kissed, but she pulled away. He asked what was wrong, and she claimed that she was just tired. He said she had no reason to apologize, and they cuddled on the couch.

Sharon napped on the sofa, and she dreamed about Dylan holding their baby. Dylan softly questioned if the baby knew how long he had waited to be a dad, and Sharon gushed that Dylan would be a wonderful father. Suddenly, the blanket in Dylan's arms was empty, and he angrily demanded to know what had happened. Sharon awakened with a start, and Dylan assured her it had just been a bad dream.

In the park, Marisa noticed that Noah was distracted, and she assured him that his mom would be fine, since Sharon was a strong woman who had Dylan. Marisa advised that if Noah kept expecting his mom to freak out, Sharon would doubt herself, so he needed to stop worrying. Marisa urged Noah to focus on his father for the night, and they picked out a spot where Nick and Sage should stand during the ceremony. Marisa imagined that it would be really romantic with the moonlight and flowers, and she asked if Noah could picture it. He mused that he had the most beautiful view in the park right there, and they kissed.

In Victor's office, the Newmans and the Abbotts congregated to finalize the end of the merger, but Victor protested that Nick wasn't there yet, and Victoria volunteered to fill her brother in. Jack declared that the plan was for the companies to be separate entities, and each family would walk away with everything it had had prior to the merger. "Well, not quite everything," Victor replied. Victor asserted that the families had agreed to go their separate ways, but Abby was a Newman, and he wanted her to stay and work for him.

Ashley argued that Abby was also an Abbott, and Victoria and Billy butted heads about which company was best for Abby to work for. Nick arrived as Abby announced that she wanted to stay at Newman, and Billy chided her for choosing a title over family. Abby explained that she was part of the Newman family, too, and she had an opportunity to do things at Newman that she'd never been able to do at Jabot. Kyle assured her that he had no hard feelings, but a surly Billy told Kyle to speak for himself. Jack said he hated losing Abby, but he wanted what was best for her, and she thanked him. Ashley hugged Abby and reminded her not to forget that she was also an Abbott.

Victor declared that there was one more thing -- he wanted Chelsea's fashion line to continue under the Newman umbrella. Billy testily noted that it was called "Chelsea by Jabot" for a reason, and Jack contended that they'd sunk millions into her line. Victor recognized that Jabot had discovered Chelsea, but Victoria had been running the division for months, and Victoria added that Newman had the resources to rebrand and grow the design company. Nick suggested that they ask what Chelsea wanted, but Victor was adamant that the clothing line continue under the Newman name.

Jack growled that Victor wouldn't get what he wanted that time, but Victor contended that Chelsea was a Newman, and Newman Enterprises was Connor's legacy. Billy pointed out that Connor considered Billy to be his father, but Victor huffed that Connor would always be Adam's son. Billy snarled that neither Adam nor Victor had deserved to have Connor in their lives, and Abby suggested that they table the discussion. Jack hissed that the last thing Adam would have wanted was for Victor to be part of his son's life.

After Jack, Ashley, Billy, and Kyle left, Victor proposed having a Newman celebration that night with all of his children, but Nick said he had plans. Victor ordered Nick to put them on hold, but Nick revealed that his wedding was that night. Abby and Victoria fretted that they needed time to get ready, but Nick informed them that only his kids would be in attendance. Nick hoped Victoria would tell Nikki for him, and Victoria joked that it would be his wedding gift. Victor wished Nick the best, and Nick said his family's support meant a lot.

Once alone, Victoria was surprised by Victor's calm demeanor, and she asked if he was disappointed that Nick hadn't invited him to the wedding. Victor accepted that Nick loved Sage and that she was carrying Victor's grandchild, so there was nothing more for him to do. Victoria commended him for not fighting Nick's decision, but she urged Victor to fight for Chelsea's designs. Victoria warned that the Abbotts would go after them with everything they had, and Victor expected them to.

Victor planned to wait for Chelsea to return, but Victoria wasn't sure that would happen, since she'd heard Chelsea was planning to start a new life in Paris with Gabriel. Victor was certain that Gabriel wouldn't be able to stand the idea of Victor winning anything, and he was sure Gabriel would convince Chelsea to return with Connor. Victor confidently stated that he would have both his company and his grandson back.

At the Athletic Club, Summer lamented to Phyllis that she couldn't understand why Harding had killed three people, and Phyllis replied that they'd probably never know, but Summer was sure there was more to it. Summer received a text message from Noah and was surprised to learn that Nick and Sage were getting married that night. Phyllis asked how Summer felt about it, and Summer replied that she was happy if her dad was happy. Phyllis sincerely hoped it worked out, and she thought Nick was right not to wait if he was sure about marrying Sage. Phyllis added that people should grab a chance at happiness, since they never knew what life would throw at them.

Sage arrived at the club, and Summer imagined that Sage was excited about the wedding. Sage confided that she was nervous about not inviting Nick's parents, but Phyllis said Victor and Nikki didn't get a vote in how Nick and Sage lived their lives. Summer insisted that her grandparents just wanted Nick to be happy, and she pointed out that Jack's family had understood when he and Phyllis had wanted to elope. Summer remarked that Jack and Phyllis had no regrets, but Phyllis quickly turned the topic to Sage's wedding, and she asserted that the couple's happiness was all that mattered. Sage vowed not to let anything ruin that night.

Later, Jack joined Phyllis at the club, and she was thrilled to hear that he had Jabot back. Jack revealed that Victor wanted to keep Chelsea's line, but he wasn't willing to let Victor win. Phyllis marveled that Jack had gotten his family company back, and he'd get to work with people who shared the same passion. She suggested that maybe it was time to let Victor go, and Jack thought it might be time to let go of a lot of things. He noted that the past few months had been some of the darkest in his life, and he was worn out physically and emotionally. He pondered whether it was time for him to back away for a while.

Phyllis was stunned at the thought of Jack not running Jabot, but he considered handing the reins to Ashley. Phyllis said the company was more important to him than anything, but Jack contended that he and Phyllis had been robbed of months together, and he didn't want to take things for granted anymore. She insisted that he didn't have to give up his job for her, and she was afraid he wouldn't be happy if Jabot wasn't part of his life. She suggested making Ashley co-CEO, and Jack agreed to try it Phyllis' way, but he swore that she was his priority.

Over drinks on the club rooftop, Abby asked if Ashley thought she'd made the wrong choice. Ashley said she just wanted Abby to be happy, but she believed Abby would be treated better at Jabot. Abby said her dad loved her, but Ashley warned that it didn't stop him from pitting his children against one another, and she advised Abby to be careful. Abby said she had to get going to pack, since she was moving back into her house. Ashley told Abby to speak up if she felt lonely, since Ashley felt like a third wheel at the Abbott mansion. Abby replied that Ashley might feel that way at her place, too, since Stitch was moving in.

At the Underground, Sage wondered if the dress she'd chosen was too boring, but Summer was certain that Nick would love it. Kyle arrived in response to Summer's message, and he hoped she had good news after the meeting he'd had. Summer assumed that Victor had done something, and Kyle reported that it had been the usual lying and backstabbing, but Nick had tried to keep the peace. Nick appeared and remarked that he'd tried and failed, but he didn't care, since he had a wedding to prepare for. Summer informed Kyle that Nick and Sage were getting married that night, and Kyle congratulated the couple.

Nick revealed that everything was good to go except for someone to perform the ceremony on such short notice. Kyle announced that he could do it, since he'd gotten ordained online when some friends in New York had wanted him to marry them. Nick immediately hired "Reverend Abbott," and Summer remarked that everything was falling into place. Nick said the universe was trying to tell them that it was exactly how he and Sage were supposed to get married.

Later, Nick went over a mental checklist, and he wondered if Sage needed anything else to make their wedding perfect. She said she wanted a photographer to take their picture so they'd always remember the day. Nick mentioned that Noah was a great photographer, but he wanted to take the first shot, and they smiled as he snapped a picture of them on his cell phone.

In the hotel suite in Paris, Adam met with a real estate agent about purchasing a house, and Chelsea walked in with Connor. Chelsea pointed out that she'd never agreed to buy a home, and Adam said he'd wanted to surprise her, so he'd made an offer. Chelsea incredulously asked if it was a done deal, and the agent mentioned that the owner wanted to meet "Gabriel" before approving the sale. After Adam showed the agent to the door, Chelsea demanded to know what he'd been thinking.

Adam argued that he didn't want to lose another moment together, but Chelsea countered that it didn't justify him lying or going behind her back. Adam professed that he loved her and Connor, and he recognized that he would probably mess up again, but he promised that he would be a wonderful husband and father. He insisted that they could be the family they'd always dreamed about, and he just needed Chelsea to tell him that she wanted it as badly as he did. She excitedly told him that he'd better call the real estate agent, since they had to convince the owner of the house to give it to them.

The homeowner visited Adam and Chelsea, and she explained that the house was very special, so she'd wanted to be sure the people who moved in appreciated it the same way she and her husband had. Adam recognized that it wasn't just a house but a home, and he stated that he and Chelsea were moving to Paris to start fresh after a few rough years. Chelsea marveled that she'd felt the love in the house, and she could imagine Connor playing in the nursery and the garden. Chelsea envisioned the three of them watching the boats go down the Seine, and Adam added that it might be four of them one day.

The owner mentioned that she'd raised her children there, and she and her husband had shared many happy years in the home before his recent passing. The owner said her heart was full of memories, and even ordinary days had seemed special there. Chelsea remarked that the owner made the house sound magical, and the owner hoped they'd be as happy as she and her husband had been, since the house was theirs if they wanted it. Later, the real estate agent processed the paperwork and announced that Adam and Chelsea had purchased a beautiful home.

Over Champagne, Adam recalled when he'd been fighting to get back, and he'd pictured that exact moment. He proposed a toast to Chelsea, since she had been what had gotten him through, and he said there weren't words to describe how he felt. She told him to stop talking, and they made love. Afterward, Chelsea declared that she never wanted to go back to Genoa City, and Adam replied that they never had to.

Adam protested when Chelsea's phone rang, but she answered, and Billy informed her that there were things she needed to know about. Billy reported that the good news was that the merger had been undone, but Victor was trying to claim her line as part of the deal. Chelsea exclaimed that Victor couldn't do that, and Billy said she needed to get back to tell Victor that herself.

Chelsea grappled with what to do, but Adam firmly stated that she knew what she had to do. He reminded her that she'd built her company with her bare hands, and it was a part of her, so she couldn't just hand it over to Victor.

Nick and Sage Get Married

Nick and Sage Get Married

Thursday, August 27, 2015

In Paris, Adam implored Chelsea to think about what she'd accomplished by creating a fashion line from nothing, and he couldn't believe she wanted to hand it over to his father. Chelsea grinned happily and declared that she didn't care if Newman and Jabot fought over the line, since she could start something new in the fashion capital of the world. She added that she and her brilliant husband could do it together, but she noticed that he didn't seem excited about the idea. She quickly realized that he was more thrilled by the prospect of fighting Victor.

Adam voiced surprise that Chelsea didn't want to fight harder, and he argued that it would only be a matter of time before Victor started controlling every aspect of her business. Adam cautioned that Victor would twist her label into whatever he wanted, but she nonchalantly stated that she'd be basking in the bliss of Paris. Adam incredulously wondered if she intended to just give up, and she asserted that it was about what she wanted, not what Adam wanted. They bickered about Adam's obsession with getting revenge on his father. Adam refused to let Victor defeat him again.

Chelsea maintained that it was her decision, and it would be her defeat if she lost what she'd created. Chelsea groused that Adam's war with Victor was all that mattered to Adam, but Adam insisted that she and Connor were the most important things to him. Adam urged her to consider how she'd feel if she saw advertisements for tacky clothes under her label, and he thought it would be baggage hanging over them when they were trying to move on. He believed they had to go back and take care of their unfinished business, and she wondered what he needed to finish.

Adam said he had to figure out how to be in a room with Victor without wanting to explode, and he wanted to stop caring about Victor's latest scheme or victim. A skeptical Chelsea contemplated whether the answer was to go back, and Adam replied that he had to conquer it in order to start a new life with her. Chelsea worried that he'd end up throwing away everything they'd worked on and planned, and she questioned whether he'd throw Connor away. Adam swore that he'd never do anything to destroy their family or future, and she asked if he needed to destroy his father to get closure.

Adam insisted that he wanted to go back to put his hatred to rest, and he was determined to see Victor for the person he was and to realize that Victor had no power or control over him. Chelsea fretted that Adam had never had been able to do it, and Adam explained that he'd always been concerned about what he could get, but he was more focused on what he had. Adam counted on his love for her to be stronger than his instinct to destroy his father, and he pleaded with her to take the trip with him.

Chelsea agreed to go back and fight for her company but only if she and Adam immediately returned to Paris within a couple of days. He asked what would happen if it wasn't enough time, but she flatly stated that it was enough, and she insisted that they leave sooner if his old feelings about Victor resurfaced. She called it a deal-breaker, and she asked him to promise her that nothing and no one would keep them in Genoa City for any longer than 48 hours.

Adam swore that it would be all the time he needed to sever his emotional ties with Victor, and he suggested that Chelsea start packing. They hugged, and Adam assured her they'd be fine. She wondered if they would really be happy.

At the Athletic Club, Neil informed Nikki and Victor that he's spoken with an upset Devon, and Nikki was thankful Neil had made peace with Devon and Hilary before the newlyweds had left. Victor offered to provide a lawyer for Devon and to have his people look for Hilary, but Neil curtly stated that it wasn't a good idea. Nikki questioned whether Neil wanted Hilary to be found, and Neil insisted that he did, but he voiced concern that the island authorities would think Devon's family and friends were interfering.

Neil mentioned that Michael was on the case, and Victor expressed confidence that Michael would be able to prove Devon was innocent. Nikki said someone else had been responsible if foul play had been involved, and she looked suspiciously at Neil. Neil excused himself to check on Devon, and Nikki shuddered at the horror of the situation. Victor assured her that Michael was an excellent lawyer who would help Devon, but Nikki replied that Devon wasn't the one she was worried about.

Nikki confided to Victor that Neil had told her that he was still hurt and angry by Hilary and Devon's betrayal, and Neil had been having fantasies about ways to punish them. Victor questioned whether Nikki thought Neil had been behind Hilary's disappearance, and Nikki said she didn't want to believe it, but she needed to know for sure. She disclosed that Neil had left town right after wedding and had supposedly gone to the mountains in Canada, and Victor offered to find out if it was true.

On the island, Michael reported that Hilary hadn't turned up at any of the hospitals, but Devon contended that she also hadn't shown up at the morgue. A police officer knocked on the door and reported that there had been traces of blood on Hilary's shoe. Michael surmised that they wanted to test the DNA, and Lily fetched Hilary's hairbrush. After the cop left, Devon griped that he couldn't just wait around for something bad to happen. Michael announced that he'd made arrangements for Devon to go home.

Devon refused to leave until they figured out what had happened to Hilary. Michael argued that the longer Devon stayed, the more likely someone would discover a motive that would implicate Devon. Devon regretted the night with the call girl, but Lily said it was plausible to think it had led to an ugly fight, and the people on the island didn't know him. Michael mentioned the witness who had seen Hilary arguing with a man, and Devon was adamant that they find the person who'd last seen Hilary before she'd disappeared.

Over the phone, Neil asked Lily how Devon was holding up, and Lily bemoaned that the situation was taking a toll on her brother. Neil wished he could do more, and he told her to let him know if there were any more developments. Meanwhile, Devon pointed out that it was possible the blood on Hilary's shoe had belonged to the person who'd hurt her. He confronted the cop outside the door and vowed to find the man Hilary had argued with, and he tried to shove the officer aside. The cop handcuffed Devon.

In the park, Noah complimented Marisa's efforts with the wedding decorations, and he wondered how she'd known how to make everything perfect. Marisa replied that she had pictures in her head from stories she'd heard in her youth about what weddings looked like. Noah assumed she'd attended weddings before, but she noted that she hadn't had a storybook life. Noah pointed out that the heroines in fairy tales started out with rough lives, but they always got happy endings.

At the Underground, Kyle remarked that he'd been ordained as a random thing to marry his friends, but he'd never thought he'd use it again. Summer asked what else she needed to know about him, and he assured her that he had no deep, dark secrets. He wished he had more time to plan the wedding, and Summer worried that something would go wrong, just like it had with Nick's last two attempts at getting married. Sage rushed in and wailed that her dress was falling apart, and she worried that she couldn't fix it.

Summer led Sage to the back office to take a look, and Kyle advised them not to keep the groom waiting. Mariah and Kevin heard Kyle's comment as they entered the bar, and Kyle divulged that Nick and Sage were getting married that day, but he quickly added that it was just a small ceremony with only Nick's kids in attendance. Mariah noted that Kyle was also going, and Summer announced that the dress crisis had been averted. Sage, Summer, and Kyle hurried out, and Mariah began to vigorously wipe down the bar. Kevin asked if Mariah was upset she hadn't been invited, but she reasoned that she wasn't family. Kevin pointed out that it had been starting to feel like she was.

Mariah said Kevin was making a big deal out of nothing, since Nick was Summer and Noah's father. Kevin noted that Nick had also been Cassie's father, but Mariah countered that Nick wasn't her dad. Kevin said he didn't blame Mariah if she wished Nick were her father, and he said he would have loved to have had a dad like Nick instead of "Terrible Tom." Mariah asked how Kevin and Michael hadn't been totally messed up by having a drunk for a father, and Kevin said he'd put Tom behind him by talking about it.

Kevin stressed that talking helped, and Mariah looked away. Kevin mused that sometimes he felt really close to her, but he wasn't sure at other times, and Mariah explained that it was hard for her to talk about her past. She said she had some things she needed to work out on her own, and Kevin promised he'd stop pushing her. He started to leave, but she called to him and told him not to stop pushing.

Nick arrived at the cottage, and he asked Sharon if Faith was ready. Sharon coolly went upstairs to get their daughter, and Nick asked Dylan how Sharon was doing. Dylan mentioned the bad dream she'd had, and he noted that she'd been a little down. Nick said he'd known Sharon a long time, and he theorized that Sharon was concerned about what it would mean for Faith to have a new stepmother. Sharon returned with Faith, and she wished Nick and Sage happiness.

Sharon told Faith that she would be the best flower girl ever, and Faith chirped that she'd had a lot of practice, since her dad kept getting married. Nick looked embarrassed, and Dylan wished him luck, but Nick hoped he wouldn't need it. Nick and Faith left, and Dylan suggested that he and Sharon start thinking about their own wedding. Dylan inquired whether she wanted to get married before the baby was born, but Sharon spotted a gift on the table, and she thought Nick had left it behind. Dylan revealed that it was a present from him to their baby.

As Sharon stared at the baby outfit inside the gift box, Dylan said he'd seen everyone giving presents to Sage at the shower, and he'd wanted Sharon to feel special, too. He added that he knew he was getting ahead of himself, but he couldn't help thinking about the cool things they'd be able to do with their baby. Sharon asked if it was similar to how it had been when Avery had been pregnant, and he explained that the pregnancy had strengthened his and Avery's relationship by taking them beyond love to commitment.

Dylan added that Avery's miscarriage had torn them apart, and he'd focused on all those unrealized hopes and dreams with Connor, so he'd nearly lost his mind when he'd learned Connor wasn't his. Sharon pointed out that Dylan had healed, but he didn't think he could ever go through something like that again. Sharon realized that he couldn't survive another loss like that, and Dylan said he hadn't meant for the gift to upset her. Dylan marveled that he couldn't tell her how grateful he was to have a child with the woman he loved, and Sharon hastily exited to get some air.

In the park, Faith squealed that the wedding site looked twinkly, and Noah credited Marisa, who started to leave. Noah wanted Marisa to stay, but she protested that the ceremony was just for family. Nick extended an invitation to Marisa, and Faith pulled Marisa aside to watch her practice walking down the aisle. Noah insisted on imparting some wisdom to Nick, and Nick joked that Noah had inherited it from him.

Noah said he saw the mutual respect, trust, and hope between Nick and Sage, and he advised Nick not to take it for granted. The men hugged, and everyone took their places when Kyle and Summer arrived with Sage. Noah started the music, and Faith beamed at Nick as she scattered flowers down the aisle. Nick's gaze followed Sage as she walked toward him, and he and Sage smiled at one another as Kyle started the ceremony.

Kyle said Nick and Sage had written their own vows, and Nick recounted that Sage had literally saved his life the first time he'd seen her. Nick continued that she'd also saved his life in another way, since he'd been at a low point in his life, and he hadn't known if he'd ever be able to fall in love again. He proclaimed that stepping into the bear trap had been the luckiest thing that had ever happened to him, and he wanted to make her happy every day for the rest of their lives. He pledged his love, and he declared that he was hers forever.

Sage said she'd had no real understanding of true love before she'd met Nick, but watching him with his children had shown her what it looked like, and she felt blessed to be part of that. She stated that she not only knew what true love looked like, but she also felt it. Sage professed that she would love Nick with all her heart and soul forever, and Kyle requested that the bride and groom place written copies of their vows inside a wooden box.

Kyle added a bottle of wine and glasses to the box, and he said there would be disagreements and moments of strain, but he hoped the couple would look at the box and remember the words that were sealed inside. He instructed Nick and Sage to open the box again in 50 years, repeat their vows, and toast with the wine. Kyle asked them to latch it, and he pronounced them husband and wife. Nick and Sage kissed as the guests clapped.

Faith exclaimed that it had been the best wedding ever, and the guests good-naturedly groaned when Nick wanted to make a speech. Nick said his bride knew how he felt about her, but he wanted his kids to know that their support for the next chapter in his and Sage's lives meant more than he could say. He praised his children for welcoming Sage into the family and for preparing to welcome their new sibling, and the best way he could thank them was to wish that they all found the same happiness he'd discovered. Nick took his new wife home.

At the tack house, Sage gushed that the box had been a great idea, and Nick suggested they nail it shut so they wouldn't be tempted to look at their vows again. She pledged to wait the 50 years to have the toast with him, and he began to kiss her neck. He said he didn't need reasons why he loved her, and they began to make love.

Summer and Kyle returned to the Underground, gushing about how special the wedding had been, and Kevin requested that they not tell Mariah about how great it had been to be included. Kevin explained that Mariah was touchy about family stuff, and even though she pretended not to care, she really did. He requested that they be sensitive to Mariah's feelings, and Summer quipped that she hadn't known Mariah had any. Kyle guessed that Kevin had feelings for Mariah.

Noah and Marisa dropped off Faith at the cottage, and the girl asked Marisa to help her put her bouquet in some water. Marisa and Faith went upstairs, and Dylan told Noah that Sharon had gone out for a walk, but he wasn't sure if everything was okay. Dylan recalled that things had been great a few days earlier, but Sharon had been moody after she'd had a nightmare. Dylan added that he'd given her a present for the baby, but she had ducked out to be alone when he'd started talking about dreams for their child. Dylan chalked it up to pregnancy hormones, but Noah was concerned that mood swings and sleep problems were also symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Dylan said Sharon had been on her meds and was being monitored by her doctor, and she hadn't experienced any episodes since they'd been together. Noah tried to convince himself that it was just hormones, but he thought they should keep an eye out for signs that things might be about to turn, since Sharon needed to stay stable.

Mariah approached Sharon in the park and said she'd needed a walk to clear her head, and Sharon said she was there for the same reason. They looked at the remnants of the wedding decorations, and Mariah guessed it had been a fun event. Mariah wondered if Sharon had also felt excluded, and Sharon recognized that everyone thought that, but she had made peace with Nick. Sharon confirmed that she was upset because she hadn't been honest with Mariah or with Dylan.

Sharon tearfully said she should have told truth the right away, but she hadn't been able to. Sharon confessed that she'd miscarried, so the baby was gone. Mariah pulled Sharon into her arms.

Sharon Plots to Get Pregnant Again

Sharon Plots to Get Pregnant Again

Friday, August 28, 2015

At the Dive Bar, Ashley told a bikini-clad Abby that she'd planned to drive to their business meeting together, but she assumed that Abby had forgotten about it. Abby replied that she intended to be there, but she'd wanted to get her adrenalin up before she went into battle over Chelsea's line. Ashley hoped Abby would be on the right side, and Abby surmised Ashley meant Jabot's. Stitch approached and asked if Ashley was there for a dip, but Ashley brusquely stated that she had more important things on her mind, like protecting her family's company. Abby snapped that "all hell" was about to break loose, and her mother was trying to turn Abby against her father.

Ashley swore that she'd just been encouraging Abby to do the right thing, but Abby questioned why Newman shouldn't retain Chelsea's line. Stitch suggested that the women agree to disagree, but Ashley ordered Abby not to enflame the war between the families. Abby admonished Ashley for putting it on her when Abby hadn't started the feud, and she proclaimed that she was her own person who wasn't defined by either side. Abby asserted that she'd make her decision as a businesswoman, and she sauntered off.

Ashley doubted Abby could remain objective, and Stitch replied that it would be a challenge when Ashley was trying to manipulate Abby. Ashley argued that a lot of money was involved, and the stakes were high, since the company meant everything to her family. Stitch wondered what her daughter meant to her, and he scolded Ashley for having little regard for the tough position Abby was in. He acknowledged that Ashley wanted to win the war against Victor, but he urged her to rethink whether using her daughter was the way to do it.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea instructed a Realtor to sell both her and "Gabriel's" penthouses as quickly as possible. After the agent took off, Billy approached and said he'd wondered if Chelsea would be there in person for the meeting. He marveled that Connor was getting big, and he chalked it up to the French food. Chelsea claimed that the boy loved Paris, and Billy asked if she was serious about making a life with Gabriel. She insisted that Gabriel made her happy and that he was good with Connor, but Billy questioned what had changed, since she'd gone to Paris to get away from Gabriel.

Chelsea explained that she hadn't been running from Gabriel as much as she'd been running from herself, since she'd been struggling with her guilt over what she'd done to Billy. She added that she'd needed to escape to figure out her feelings for Gabriel, but Billy maintained that there was something off about Gabriel. Chelsea conceded that Gabriel wasn't perfect, but he was willing to change and make sacrifices for her, and she wanted to make a life with him more than anything. Billy agreed to back off, but he said Gabriel had better take good care of her and Connor.

At the Athletic Club, Jack warned Adam that it was a mistake for Adam to be there, but Adam insisted he had returned to save Jack and Chelsea, and he refused to hand her label over to his father. Adam griped that Victor should be rotting in prison, and he vowed to make sure Victor didn't score another victory. Jack argued that Adam had no power as Gabriel, and he hoped Adam got back to France before anyone figured out who he really was. Jack recognized that Adam wanted nothing more than to take Victor down, but not just as Gabriel Bingham -- as Adam Newman.

Adam admitted that it would be a rush to take Victor down, but that hadn't been why he'd returned, and he was only there to protect Chelsea's business interests. Jack wondered whether Adam could resist the opportunity to one-up Victor, and Adam revealed that Chelsea had asked the same question. Adam insisted that he had everything he'd ever wanted, and he swore he wouldn't risk it to get revenge. Jack contemplated what would happen if Victor pushed Adam, but Adam refused to let Chelsea walk into the meeting alone.

At the Underground, Sage and Nick playfully bantered as they entered the club, and Noah and Summer reminded the couple that the siblings had agreed to set up the club as part of Nick and Sage's wedding present. Summer complimented Sage's necklace, which Nick had given his wife as a wedding gift. Sage gushed that she was happy to be Mrs. Nick Newman, and Nick replied that he was happy to be Mr. Sage Warner. Sage cautioned that Nick would be late, and Kyle guessed he and Nick were headed to the same place for "Abbott vs. Newman 2.0."

Summer asked if Noah thought Nick and Sage had missed out on the complete wedding experience, and Noah replied that it was over. "Not necessarily," Summer said. Meanwhile, Marisa handed Sage some orange juice, and she commented that Sage had entered into a much different marriage than the one Sage had shared with "the not-so-late Adam Newman." Sage panicked that Marisa was going to hold that information over her head, but Marisa swore she wouldn't.

Marisa explained that she'd only meant that Sage had ended up with the right Newman, and she was happy for Sage. Marisa admitted that she was jealous, since Nick was obviously crazy about Sage, but Sage pointed out that Noah was obviously crazy about Marisa. Marisa questioned how she'd know if it was real love, but Noah interrupted and said he and Summer had to take off to complete a project. Noah kissed Marisa goodbye, and after the siblings left, Sage observed that the look in his eyes had seemed real.

Marisa confided that she'd thought she'd been in love with her ex, and Sage advised that Marisa didn't have to put a label on what she was feeling. Sage speculated that Marisa might end up with a husband, too, and Marisa noted that Nick and Sage had gone through a lot to get there. Sage regretted not being honest from the start, and Marisa mused that it was sometimes better to keep a secret. Marisa pointed out that they shared the secret about Adam, and she thought it was better than Nick and Noah finding out. The women agreed to keep the secret between themselves.

Summer and Noah rented the Athletic Club rooftop and prepared to invite some guests. Summer asked how serious Noah and Marisa were, since she'd overheard Marisa asking Sage about how to tell when love was real. Noah was surprised, and he said he cared about Marisa and wanted to see where things went. Summer empathized that it was strange for him to move on after Courtney, but it didn't mean that he couldn't love someone else. Noah inquired whether that was how Summer felt about Kyle, and Summer said she didn't have to question if it was real because she knew it was. Summer said she wanted Noah to be happy, and maybe Marisa could make that happen.

In Victor's office, Victor commented that it was a beautiful day, and Victoria noted that he seemed optimistic. She pointed out that Jabot had a strong claim, since they'd put Chelsea's designs on the map, but Victor contended that Victoria had run the division. Victoria asked how far he was willing to go, and he replied that there was more at stake than a few dresses. Victoria realized that he was talking about Connor, and she warned that he couldn't force Chelsea to stay in Genoa City. "Just watch me," Victor declared.

Nick arrived and asked if there was room for an old married man, and Victoria congratulated him on his wedding. Victor was surprised Nick wasn't on his honeymoon, but Nick reported that he and Sage would do it later. Nick said he'd been thinking about the Chelsea situation, and he believed they should give the line back to Jabot to avoid a fight. Victor lectured that Nick wasn't looking at the whole picture, and Nick surmised that Victor's main intent was to keep his grandson in town.

Victor reasoned that he wanted Connor to have the best life possible, but Nick questioned what Chelsea and Connor wanted. Nick mentioned the stock certificates that Victor had given to Sage at her baby shower, and he noted that Victor was already grooming the next generation of moguls. Nick acknowledged that it had been a generous gift, but he pointed out that Victor put pressure on his family to follow in his footsteps. Victor huffed that he hadn't built an empire for his children and grandchildren to turn their backs on it, but Nick countered that Victor had a hard time accepting that some people had different goals in life.

Jack arrived with Ashley, Billy, and Kyle, and Ashley jokingly assumed no one was armed. Abby entered and remarked that she hadn't worn her bulletproof vest, and she stood with the Newmans. Chelsea and Adam walked in, and he announced that Victor had already lost the fight. "Who the hell asked you to come here?" Victor snarled. Adam and Victor exchanged barbs until Nick intervened, and Adam said he was there to support Chelsea. Victoria preferred that Gabriel leave during the negotiations, but Chelsea insisted that he stay.

Victor agreed to make an exception, and Chelsea said she needed to get back to Paris as soon as possible. Victoria frowned at the idea of Chelsea designing from there, but Ashley piped up that Jabot had no problem with Chelsea being based in France. Adam declared that Chelsea's loyalty was to Jabot, but Victor advised that it was sometimes important to move on to the big leagues. Chelsea asserted that she didn't care about the size of Newman's bank account, and her decision to stay with Jabot was final. Victor said he was afraid it wasn't.

Victoria pulled out the original merger contract and announced that any disputes in the dissolution process were to be resolved based on bids in sealed envelopes. Victoria explained that the bids would remain anonymous, so Chelsea wouldn't know which company she'd chosen until the decision had been made. Jack couldn't believe Victor would pull such a move after everything that had happened, and Chelsea insisted that they settle things right away. Both sides agreed to submit a bid, and Victor proclaimed, "May the best company win."

Chelsea and Adam privately reviewed the bids, and she said she didn't care about the money, but she couldn't work for Victor. Adam tried to determine which bid was from Jabot, and Chelsea looked the paperwork over and noted that the offers were the same other than the money. She guessed that Victor had intentionally bid low so she'd think the bid was from the smaller company, and Adam said if anyone knew how Victor's brain worked, it was him.

Abby approached Billy, and he scornfully noted that she'd crossed the line into Abbott territory. She defended that she'd made the choice that had been best for her career, and she hoped he would accept it and not freeze her out. She hoped he wasn't the same way with Victoria, and she insisted that Victoria loved him and wanted things to work out. Billy wasn't so sure, since he and Victoria were on opposite sides of the fight, whether they liked it or not. Meanwhile, Nick received a text message from Summer, summoning him to the Athletic Club.

Jack told Victor that he had a lot of nerve to force Jack to abide by a contract Victor had made Jack's impostor sign, but Victor said it was a fair deal. Victor added that Chelsea was a Newman and not an Abbott, but Jack warned that it wouldn't end well to push Gabriel and Chelsea. Chelsea and Adam reentered the room, and she announced that she'd chosen the winning bid. Victoria grinned broadly when she saw the bid Chelsea had chosen, and Chelsea protested that there was no way she would have chosen Newman.

Jack begrudgingly confirmed that Chelsea had selected Newman's bid. Victor said Chelsea had made a wise choice, but Billy threatened to see what their lawyers had to say. Jack growled that it wasn't over, and the Abbott clan filed out. Victor suggested that they break out Champagne, but Adam snarled that Victor would be toasting alone. Abby conceded that it hadn't turned out the way Chelsea had wanted, but she promised to do her best to make Newman a supportive home for Chelsea. Victor welcomed Chelsea to Newman Enterprises.

Adam pledged to find a way out of it, but Victor noted that his bid had been higher than Jack's. Chelsea snapped that she hadn't picked it for the money, and Victor taunted Gabriel for thinking he'd known Victor's strategy, but Gabriel didn't know him as well as Gabriel thought he did. Adam snarled that Victor had no idea, and Chelsea said she'd walk away and start her own line in Paris. Victor reminded her of the non-compete clause in the original contract she'd signed, and he crowed, "I own Chelsea Lawson."

Over drinks at the Athletic Club, Jack told Ashley that it was a setback, but they could deal with it in court. He noticed that she was distracted, and she asked if he thought she was too set in her ways. Jack replied that she was stuck in all the right ways, and she ordered another martini. Jack clarified that he'd meant it as a compliment, since Ashley had a strong sense of right and wrong, and she'd inherited integrity and good judgment from their dad. Jack added that those things had helped him make a major decision, and he proclaimed that he wanted her to be co-CEO of Jabot.

Nick and Sage arrived separately on the club rooftop in response to Summer's text messages, and suddenly, their friends and family jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!"

At the cottage, Mariah stopped by to see Sharon, who said Mariah hadn't needed to check on her. Mariah said she hadn't been able to stay away after she'd learned Sharon had lost the baby, and Sharon shushed her. Mariah insisted that Sharon tell Dylan, and she couldn't imagine the pain Sharon was going through, but Sharon contended that it would be even more painful for Dylan. Mariah asserted that he deserved to know, and she encouraged Sharon to be honest with him. Dylan entered and asked what Sharon needed to be honest with him about.

Sharon claimed that she wasn't keeping anything from Dylan, and he assured her that she could tell him anything. Sharon said she'd been feeling tired, and she needed to take the day off work. Mariah pointedly stated that Sharon had to feel relieved after getting that off her chest, and Dylan wondered why Sharon had been hesitant to tell him. Sharon stammered that she hadn't felt comfortable addressing her fatigue after she'd given him a speech about not treating her with kid gloves, and Dylan swore that she could ask for anything, since he had whatever she and the baby needed.

Sharon said she didn't like taking days off, and Dylan pointed out that her days would soon be filled with diapers and feedings. Mariah awkwardly asked if Sharon had anything to add, and Sharon babbled about how they wouldn't get any sleep for the first two years. Dylan marveled that it would be worth it to be a dad, and he kissed Sharon goodbye. After Dylan left, Mariah worried that it would only get harder if Sharon kept lying, but Sharon revealed that she had a plan to get pregnant again, so Dylan would never even know she'd lost the baby.

Mariah cautioned that Sharon's scheme could end up in disaster, since she'd just miscarried, and she questioned whether it was okay for Sharon to get pregnant again. Sharon divulged that her doctor had advised her to wait a few weeks, but she didn't have time, and it was a risk she was willing to take. Mariah worried that Sharon could get sick or worse, and Sharon asked if she had to worry about Mariah telling anyone her secret.

Mariah said she didn't want to tell people that Sharon had lost the baby, but she struggled with what to do if Sharon wouldn't do it herself. Sharon demanded to know when the truth had become important to Mariah, but Mariah contended that the truth always got out. Sharon wailed that it would ruin Dylan's whole life, and she revealed that he had poured his heart out about not being able to survive losing another baby. Mariah asked if those had been his exact words, and Sharon pleaded that it was why she had to keep the miscarriage from him. Sharon begged Mariah to keep her secret to protect Dylan.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch ordered some decaf from Dylan, and he commented that he was already wound up enough, but he didn't want to get into it. Dylan said Stitch sounded like Sharon, who didn't want to talk about what was bothering her. Stitch pointed out that at least she wasn't worried about Dylan putting his life on the line every day, and he said not joining the police force had been the smartest move Dylan had ever made other than getting together with Sharon. Dylan fretted that something was off, and he mentioned that Noah had said mood swings could be a sign of bipolar disorder. Stitch recognized that Dylan needed to look out for his child as well as for Sharon.

Later, Sharon entered the empty coffeehouse and asked where all the customers were. Dylan explained that it was free doughnut day at another café, and she excitedly locked the door and posted the "closed" sign in the window. Dylan mentioned that she'd wanted the day off, and she hoped he'd join her. She began to kiss him passionately, but he looked unnerved.

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