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Jack made Ashley CEO of Jabot. Neil held an unconscious Hilary in a boathouse. Noah and Marisa professed their love. Katherine's remembrance ceremony commenced. Adam worked with Ian Ward to initiate the Paragon Project.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 31, 2015 on Y&R
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Jack Cedes Control to Ashley

Jack Cedes Control to Ashley

Monday, August 31, 2015

In the lobby of the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon, distraught, entered with Lily and Michael. Lily instructed Devon to retreat to his room to rest. Devon cried that he couldn't close his eyes without being tortured by images of Hilary pleading for help. Devon said he would contact the authorities at Virgin Gorda to learn the latest news. Michael said, "Devon, if there was news, we'd know about it." Neil and Cane approached Devon. Neil embraced Devon. Cane said, "Devon, I'm sorry for your loss." Devon replied, "What loss? Hilary's not dead."

Devon explained that he'd returned home in order to stay out of jail, so he could organize a team to search for Hilary. Neil said, "But you look exhausted." Devon, defiant, told Neil that Neil was the one who'd encouraged him not to give up on Hilary. Devon added that he was confident Hilary was still alive. Though somewhat reserved and stiff, Neil again embraced Devon and pretended to offer comfort.

Michael approached Devon and announced that DNA tests indicated that Hilary's blood was on her recovered shoe. Devon was shocked when he learned he would be extradited to the British Virgin Islands to face a homicide charge. Neil told Devon to fight extradition. Devon said that perhaps the universe was punishing him for having fallen in love with his father's wife. Devon seemed overwhelmed.

While they dined together at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack offered the co-CEO position to Ashley. Ashley said she didn't feel Jack's offer was sincere after the sudden, unexpected dissolution of Newman-Abbott. Phyllis joined her husband and sister-in-law. Siding with Jack, Phyllis told Ashley they should stand united in order to compete with their rival. Jack's jaw dropped when Ashley refused to accept his offer. Jack said Ashley's leadership was strategic to Jabot because she had the ability to spar with Victor without be undermined by his deceptions.

Referring to Jack's underhanded schemes, namely the formation of a shell company, Ashley demanded Jack tell her the truth. Ashley asked what had motivated Jack to join forces with Annicelli only later to dissolve the merger. Jack said that Annicelli had left the country. Should Annicelli return, Jack added, he would trigger his own downfall because federal agents would capture the dangerous criminal. Jack said he should've ended the merger the day he had been shot in the park. Jack abruptly left the table to greet Devon.

When Jack returned to Ashley and Phyllis, he surprised Ashley by announcing that she alone should run the company. Ashley questioned Jack's sudden decision to put her in charge. Jack explained that what had happened to Devon had been a reminder not to hold grudges. Ashley was touched and accepted Jack's offer. Phyllis seemed puzzled, but Ashley was elated.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Chelsea was shocked when Victor mentioned the non-compete clause in the contract she'd signed with the company. Victor explained that his company owned Chelsea's clothing line in its entirety, so Chelsea couldn't move to Paris. Chelsea insisted that Connor would be better off raised somewhere other than Genoa City. Angry, Chelsea left. Victor directed his attention to Adam and asked if he'd give up both Chelsea and Connor for "everything." Adam didn't respond before walking out.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop pool and bar, newlyweds Nick and Sage were feted with a surprise wedding reception. Billy greeted Sage and asked how it felt to be the spouse of someone who wasn't as despised as Gabe. Sage smiled and said, "It's a relief." Sage's attention was diverted when Summer, Marisa, and Kyle presented a towering wedding cake. An aloof and sullen Mariah sat alone at the bar after refusing to help serve wedding cake to guests.

Billy and Victoria sparred over Victor's power play to claim ownership of Chelsea's clothing line. Victoria suggested that Jack was to blame for having merged Jabot with Newman, a move she said had made Jabot's assets vulnerable. Billy said Victor would soon stake a claim on the baby Sage was carrying. Victoria staunchly defended her father and noted that family was vital to Victor. Billy noted that Victoria sounded exactly like Victor. Miffed, Victoria said Billy had insulted her, and she angrily walked away.

Nick approached a moping Mariah. Nick explained that his wedding had been an intimate one without family in attendance. Mariah nodded that she understood. Nick told Mariah he was grateful for her support to Sharon while she was pregnant. Mariah kept mum about Sharon's miscarriage, and her mood improved when guests lined up to catch the bridal bouquet.

Adam and Chelsea had just arrived when Sage tossed her bridal bouquet. A throng of single women earnestly waited to catch the prize. The tossed bouquet sailed over their heads and honed in on Chelsea. She was surprised by her unintentional honor. Adam and Chelsea, still clutching the tossed bouquet, apologized and said they were just passing through. Sage invited Adam and Chelsea to stay. Sage and Adam joined the celebration.

After Noah toasted the beaming newlyweds, Chelsea approached Billy. Still reeling, Chelsea informed Billy that she couldn't leave Genoa City if she hoped to maintain control of her clothing line. Billy warned Chelsea to keep Connor out of Victor's clutches. Victor approached and shooed Billy away. Victor reminded Chelsea that Connor would always be a Newman, no matter what.

While Victor was speaking to Chelsea, Adam warned Sage about Victor's menacing threat to all Newman family members. Sage pleaded with Adam to leave Genoa City because his lie might threaten her happiness. Chelsea reunited with Adam and said she wanted to leave. Adam refused and escorted her to the dessert table to get cake. Sage looked on anxiously.

Victor sat down at a table occupied by Marisa. Victor threatened to reveal Marco's connection to Courtney's murder. Marisa tried to persuade Victor to keep mum because Noah cared for her. Victor said he'd deposit half a million dollars into Marisa's bank account so she'd leave town. Noah and Nikki approached. Noah noticed that Marisa seemed uncomfortable.

Later, alone with Marisa, Noah privately questioned her about her conversation with Victor. Marisa said Victor had only mentioned that his family was important. Noah nodded in agreement. Noah admired Marisa with a sparkle in his eyes and said the minute he'd met her, he'd known she would change everything. Marisa smiled, but she seemed nervous.

Ashley wandered up to the rooftop party in search of Billy. Ashley told Billy about Jack stepping down and placing her in charge of the company. Billy grabbed drinks for a private toast. Ashley said she was concerned that Jack might have ulterior motives. Ashley said she was worried that Jack might launch an attack at Victor at her expense. Billy nodded in agreement.

At Chancellor Park, Phyllis questioned Jack's motives for stepping aside and promoting Ashley to CEO of Jabot. Jack insisted that Ashley deserved the position and would prove to be an able asset to their father's legacy. Phyllis said she believed Jack feared that Ashley might find out about Marco -- or the real reason Jack and Victor had agreed to break up Newman-Abbott. Jack said he was tired of lies and had promised himself while he'd been held captive that he'd change his ways if released. Jack cried that he'd initially failed to live up to that promise and had tussled with Victor, a mistake he didn't intend to repeat. Jack embraced Phyllis, but she seemed concerned about Jack's true intentions.

Victor and Nikki left the reception and entered the dining room. Nikki spied Devon with Michael, Cane, and Lily and noted that Neil had his arm around Devon's shoulder. Victor asked Nikki if she was still uncertain about the veracity of Neil's alibi. Nikki said she'd feel better if she knew for certain that Neil had visited Canada. Victor said he'd check with his investigator. Neil joined Nikki and Victor and asked Victor to do whatever was possible to prevent Devon's extradition.

Adam and Chelsea walked to Chancellor Park. Adam told Chelsea that he'd waited a long time to reunite his family. Chelsea urged Adam to prepare to return to Paris, so they and their son could resume their lives. Adam said he needed a few more days in Genoa City. Chelsea insisted that she no longer cared about her clothing line. Adam insisted that Victor had no right to steal her dreams. Chelsea agreed to remain in town a few more days. Adam embraced Chelsea and thanked her.

A matter of trust

A matter of trust

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Devon informed Neil, Lily, and Cane that Michael was trying to stop the extradition process, and Neil said he'd been working from other angles to help. Devon couldn't believe he had to deal with accusations of wrongdoing when he had to find his wife, and he revealed that he'd hired helicopter crews to find Hilary. Paul approached and informed Devon that he was under arrest. Neil protested when Paul handcuffed Devon, and Paul explained that he was just doing his job to hold Devon until the extradition order was complete.

Neil argued that there was no reason to lock up Devon while they were sorting through the situation, but Paul noted that Devon was a flight risk. Neil and Lily defended that Devon was trying to find Hilary, and Paul reported that the island authorities weren't happy that Devon's men were compromising the crime scene. Devon countered that the police had given up by turning it into a recovery mission, but Paul maintained that he had to follow police protocol while the investigation was underway. Paul led Devon away.

Nikki entered Victor's office as he finished a business call, and she asked if he'd heard from his private investigator about whether or not Neil's alibi had checked out. Victor pointed out that she had her own problems to deal with, but she asserted that she was concerned about an old, dear friend. She recalled that it had been frightening to hear Neil go on about revenge against Devon and Hilary, but Victor noted that Neil had talked about forgiveness at the couple's wedding. Nikki doubted Neil had meant one word, and she knew how easy it was for a recovering alcoholic to slide into destructive behavior.

Victor informed Nikki that his investigator had discovered that credit card transactions had placed Neil in Canada on the day Hilary had disappeared. Nikki was relieved, and Victor asked if she still thought Neil had been involved. Nikki said she'd worried Neil had followed through on his revenge fantasies, and she hated that she'd thought Neil might have done it.

Nikki was shocked when Neil stopped by with the news that Devon had been arrested, and Neil explained that the local police had found Hilary's room key and bloody shoe near the cliff. Neil added that a witness had seen Hilary arguing with a man who had matched Devon's description, and Victor argued that none of those things proved Devon had been involved. Neil remarked that innocent people went to jail all the time, and Nikki excused herself to go to an appointment. After she left, Neil pointed out that Victor had the connections to make the charges go away, and Victor divulged that he'd had his investigator look into Neil's alibi for the time when Hilary had disappeared.

Neil showed Victor photos from his vacation in the Canadian Rockies, and Victor reflected back on visiting the area when his kids had been young. Victor quizzed Neil about details of the region, and Neil grappled for answers. Victor revealed that his investigator had discovered that Neil had cashed a substantial check just before he'd left Genoa City and that Neil had hired a charter pilot to fly him to the Virgin Islands. Victor continued that Neil had hired a limousine driver to take him to the hotel next to the one where Devon and Hilary had stayed, and Neil had checked in under an assumed name and had paid in cash.

Neil admitted he'd gone to the islands, and Victor insinuated that Neil had had every reason to want tragedy to befall the ex-wife who had started an affair with his son. Victor noted that Neil had gone to great lengths to lie about being in Canada, and Neil asked if Victor had gone to the police yet. Victor replied that he hadn't, and Neil guessed Victor wanted Neil to serve as a spy at Jabot in return for staying silent. Victor ordered Neil to stay away from Nikki, and Neil swore that there was nothing going on between them. Victor said Neil had become a bad influence on her.

Victor revealed that Nikki had been concerned about Neil's state of mind, and he was afraid she might revert back to drinking if she knew how vengeful Neil was. Victor threatened to show Neil's real travel itinerary to Neil's family and the cops unless Neil kept his distance from Nikki, and Neil growled that Victor had won yet again. Neil asked if Victor wanted to know if he'd done something to Hilary, but Victor simply told him to close the door on his way out. Once alone, Victor made a call.

At the police station, Michael informed Devon and Paul that he'd been trying to get before a judge, but the dockets were booked solid. Paul sent Devon to booking, and Michael vowed to keep working to block the extradition. Michael asked Paul why he'd arrested Devon, since there was no way Devon had harmed Hilary, and Paul replied that he hadn't been able to ignore a warrant. Michael pleaded for time to get in front of a judge, but Paul flatly stated that Michael had until the next day, when the authorities would take Devon back to Virgin Gorda to face charges.

Michael regretfully informed Devon that he hadn't been able to slow things down, and Devon said he had faith in Michael, but he was frustrated. Devon worried that he'd be completely helpless if he was stuck in a cell in the Virgin Islands.

Nikki arrived at the station and asked what Paul could do to help Devon, but he said there was nothing. She clucked that she knew Paul could be resourceful, and she didn't want to see Neil's family suffer. Paul coolly remarked that he knew how close she and Neil were, and Nikki incredulously inquired whether Paul was punishing Devon because of Neil's part in Christine's accident. Paul refused to ignore the law because the mess was inconvenient for Nikki's friend, and he huffed that he didn't use his power and authority to further his personal agenda the way her husband did.

Nikki cheerfully greeted Judge Gates, who had just left his wife on the golf course in order to block Devon's extradition. He announced that he'd hear the petition for bail in his chambers in 20 minutes, and Nikki exclaimed that it was wonderful news. She hurried out, and Paul stepped out to be sure Devon wasn't late for the hearing. Michael asked Judge Gates who he should thank, and the judge vaguely replied that all that mattered was that things had worked out for Michael's client. Michael worried that if something seemed too good to be true, it probably was.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Cane assured Lily that Devon had great connections, and he asked if she was worried Devon wouldn't get a fair trial. Cane realized Lily thought Devon was guilty, and she clarified that she didn't want to think it. Cane demanded to know what she wasn't telling him, and Lily hesitantly admitted that something had happened on the night of the bachelor party that could have led to a huge fight if Hilary had found out. Cane recalled that he'd left the party early, since he'd had no interest when Colin had turned up with the call girls. Cane sternly reminded Lily that they'd agreed not to keep secrets from one another anymore.

Lily revealed that Devon might have had sex with a hooker, but he had no memory of it. Lily mentioned that she'd advised Devon not to say anything, but she imagined Devon and Hilary had fought if Hilary had found out. Cane noted that a witness had seen Hilary arguing with a man, and Lily confessed that she'd had nagging doubts since Hilary had disappeared. Cane wondered why Lily had withheld the truth from him after their trust had already been broken so badly.

Lily reasoned that a one-night stand had almost ended her marriage to Cane, and she hadn't wanted that for Devon and Hilary, especially when Devon wasn't even sure if he'd cheated. Cane questioned whether Lily would lie about what had happened with Joe if she had a chance to do it over again, but she insisted that it had been right to tell Cane. Cane contended that he and Lily still had problems with honesty because she'd been keeping things from him, but she defended that she'd been loyal to her brother. Devon appeared on the rooftop, and Lily rushed over to him.

Devon said he didn't have any details because things had happened so quickly, but he hoped to resolve the situation by finding Hilary. Lily excused herself to tend to a problem with the new chef, and Cane confronted Devon about the incident with the prostitute at the bachelor party. Devon was stunned that Lily had told him, and he stammered that he didn't know if he'd had sex with the hooker, but he had more important things to think about. Cane speculated that Hilary had found out and that Devon had been the man she'd been arguing with, and Devon punched him.

At the club bar, Nikki excitedly told Neil that the judge had blocked Devon's extradition, and she imagined Neil was relieved. Neil thought she was really wondering why he'd be relieved, since she thought he'd sought revenge on his ex-wife. Nikki insisted that she didn't think Neil had had anything to do with it, but Neil was convinced that she had been suspicious after she'd heard him talking about getting revenge. He ordered her not to deny it, since he could see it in her eyes, and he told her to go home to her husband.

At the Underground, Mariah flashed back to Sharon confiding that she'd miscarried and that she planned to get pregnant again right away to keep Dylan from finding out. Noah interrupted Mariah's thoughts and said they needed to talk about their mother, since he was worried about Sharon's recent behavior. Noah suspected something was going on, and he realized from Mariah's reaction that she'd noticed something was off, too. Mariah denied it, but Noah told her not to pretend everything was fine when it wasn't. Marisa listened as Noah asserted that Dylan had a right to know what was going on.

Noah reported that both he and Dylan had observed that Sharon had been moody and touchy, and he'd told Dylan that irrational or anxious behavior could be a sign of a bipolar episode. Mariah scolded Noah for making Dylan think it was a symptom every time Sharon was in a bad mood, but Noah argued that Dylan had already known about Sharon's condition. Mariah wondered how Noah would feel if people kept dragging up Marisa's past, but Noah insisted that Dylan's feelings about Sharon wouldn't change and that Dylan only wanted to help.

Noah pressed Mariah to tell him whether something was going on, and Mariah referred to how freaked out Sharon had been when she'd thought Dylan had been shot. Noah countered that Dylan had decided not to join the police force, so Sharon should have been fine, but things felt fragile. Marisa abruptly asked Noah to cover for her, and she stalked out. Marisa thought Noah had been right to share his concerns about his mom with Dylan, and Noah explained that Mariah found it hard to trust people, so he wasn't surprised that Mariah had assumed Dylan would think the worst.

Noah believed Dylan understood that Sharon was a complicated person who'd struggled to overcome her mistakes, but that had made Sharon the woman Dylan had fallen in love with. Noah compared it to the way he felt about Marisa, and he mentioned that Summer had overheard Marisa asking Sage about how to know if a feeling was love. Noah recalled the day Marisa had kissed him before she'd gone out to get supplies, and he'd thought it might have been the last time he would see her. He continued that he'd realized how bleak his life would be without Marisa in it, and that had been when he'd known he was falling in love with her. They tenderly kissed.

Noah gushed that when he kissed Marisa and looked into her eyes, he had all he needed to know, and he just had to listen to his heart to know it was really love. Marisa worried that they were moving too fast, but he thought they were going at exactly the right speed, and he wanted her to move in with him. Marisa balked at moving into the loft he'd shared with Courtney, and Noah suggested that they make a fresh start in their own place. He observed that Marisa didn't seem enthused, and he encouraged her to tell him if he was off the mark.

Marisa said everything Noah was feeling was the same for her, since she was falling in love with him, too. He wondered why she didn't seem thrilled about living together, and she claimed that she didn't want him to feel like she was trying to erase Courtney from his life. He said Courtney would always be a part of his life because he'd loved her, and he'd asked himself if he was being disloyal, but he was done questioning whether what he felt for Marisa was real. He swore that he wanted to be with Marisa, and she replied that it scared her how much she wanted it, too.

A messenger arrived with a delivery from Newman Enterprises for Marisa, who opened the envelope and found a check for a half-million dollars inside. Marisa said Victor wasn't happy about her and Noah being together, and she revealed that Victor had tried to bribe her to leave town. Noah asked if that was why she didn't want to move in with him, and Marisa swore that she wasn't going anywhere. Noah wanted to believe her after he'd put his heart on the line, but he contemplated whether she cared more about the money. She protested that she hadn't accepted the offer or even considered it, but Victor strode in and announced, "You most certainly did."

At the cottage, Sharon offered to make Dylan a big breakfast, but he said he had to get to work. She mentioned that one of the baristas was opening the coffeehouse for him, but he pointed out that he'd cut out early the day before to spend the day in bed with Sharon. He wondered what was going on, but Sharon insisted that she just happened to be in love with an amazing guy, and she wanted to make the most of their time before the baby got there. They embraced, but Dylan continued to look concerned.

Dylan and Sharon made out on the couch, and he assured her that he wouldn't want her less as the pregnancy progressed. Mariah burst in and apologized for not knocking, and she awkwardly explained that she'd thought Dylan was at work. Dylan went to clean up before heading out, and Mariah asked if Sharon was determined to go through with her plan. Sharon maintained that she wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible, but Mariah warned her that it was only a beautiful dream.

Sharon reminded Mariah of her promise not to tell anyone, and Mariah insisted that she was trying to help Sharon, since she expected the plan to blow up in Sharon's face. Mariah resented Sharon for putting her in that position, but Sharon refused to hurt Dylan after he'd already suffered great pain and loss. Sharon asserted that she and Dylan deserved to be happy, and she thought they would be as long as Mariah didn't repeat Sharon's confession. Mariah warned that Noah and Dylan had been talking about Sharon's moods, and Noah suspected that Sharon was about to have a bipolar relapse.

Upstairs, Dylan retrieved Sharon's pill organizer from her dresser drawer, and he breathed a sigh of relief when it appeared that she'd been taking her medication.

Sharon promised that she'd tell Dylan the truth if she didn't get pregnant again soon, and Dylan reentered the room. Mariah took off, and Dylan hoped he hadn't chased her away. Sharon wanted to get back to their amorous activities, but Dylan said they had to discuss something. He declared that he appreciated that they were open and honest with one another, since they had nothing without trust. Sharon agreed, and Dylan confessed that he'd gone through her pillbox to see if she'd been taking her meds.

Dylan regretted going behind Sharon's back, and he apologized for not just asking if something was wrong and dealing with it together. He explained that his imagination had been working overtime, and Sharon understood why he'd been concerned. She said she was sorry, too, since he hadn't been imagining things. Sharon admitted that she'd been acting strangely because she had been keeping something from him.

You've Been Served

You've Been Served

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

At the cottage, Sharon understood that Dylan felt guilty for going through her pillbox, but she also felt guilty because she'd gone off her medication for a few days. She explained that she'd been doing research online, and she'd discovered some scary information about how her meds could be harmful to an unborn child, so she'd stopped taking them. Sharon fibbed that Mariah had figured it out and had called her out on it, and she had realized that she'd let her fears get the best of her.

Dylan asked if Sharon was back on her meds, and she claimed her psychiatrist had said she just needed a few days for her moods to stabilize. Dylan was relieved that Sharon was okay, but he wished she had felt like she could have told him about her feelings. She said she'd thought he would be disappointed in her, and he hugged her and assured her that she could never disappoint him. She prepared to take a shower before heading to the coffeehouse, and he said he would meet her there. She flirtatiously suggested that they pick up where they'd left off when they got home.

Sage and Nick strolled through the park, and she remembered how perfect their sweet, simple wedding ceremony had been. She thought his parents had been gracious about not being invited, and Nick remarked that his dad could be surprising in a good way. Sage was glad she and Victor had gotten off on the right foot by setting boundaries, and Nick was sure that Victor was too consumed with other things to control his and Sage's lives. Nick pledged to leave the company if Victor ever started interfering.

Nick pointed out that he and Sage were in the very spot where they'd exchanged vows, and he could still feel the love behind the words. He thought that could get them through anything, even his father, and he and Sage professed their love. She marveled that she couldn't wait to take their baby to the park, and she resolved not to let her insecurities ruin even a moment of their lives. They kissed, but a call from Dylan interrupted them. Nick asked what was wrong, and Dylan replied that it was Sharon.

At the Athletic Club bar, Dylan informed Nick that Sharon had impulsively gone off her meds. Dylan recognized that Nick had been through similar issues with Sharon in the past, but Nick clarified that she hadn't yet been diagnosed when they'd been together. Nick thought some of the signs were obvious in hindsight, and he admitted that some of his choices had contributed to the problem, like cheating with Phyllis. Nick recalled that Sharon had a bad history with men and he imagined that a pregnant Sharon was feeling vulnerable and wondering if what she had with Dylan would last.

Dylan said he'd reassured Sharon every way he had known how, and she knew how important the baby was to him. He wondered if Sharon thought he'd only proposed because of the baby, and Nick asked if that had been the reason. Dylan pointed out that he'd already moved in before a baby had been on his radar, and he hoped Sharon knew how important she was to him. Nick pointed out that many factors about her condition were out of their control, and he suggested that Dylan talk to her doctor. Dylan wasn't comfortable doing that, and he thought he and Sharon needed to work on trusting one another.

At the Underground, Victor asserted that Marisa had considered his bribe to leave town, but Marisa retorted that he was lying, since she'd wanted nothing to do with his spiteful gesture. Noah asked if Marisa had gone to Victor for money, and Victor reminded Noah that she'd cavorted with a known drug lord who had been involved in Courtney's murder. Marisa insisted that she'd been honest about her relationship with Marco, and Victor implied that he'd tested Marisa to see if she was after money. Marisa swore that she hadn't agreed to anything, but Victor countered that she had neither refused nor expressed undying love for Noah.

Marisa spat that Victor didn't care how she felt, since he'd already decided she wasn't good enough for his grandson, so Victor wanted her gone. She tore up the check and snapped that Victor could keep his money, and Noah said Victor had been out of line to interfere in his life. Victor insisted that he'd been protecting Noah, but Noah replied that he was a grown man who didn't need protection. Victor advised Noah to be careful, and he stalked out. Marisa thanked Noah for believing in her, but he told her not to make any assumptions.

Noah knew Victor wanted what was best for him, but he found Marisa's intentions less clear. She imagined that Victor had sent the check to make Noah doubt her, but she only cared what Noah thought. Noah mumbled that he didn't know what to think, and Marisa said she'd had money before, but she'd never had something like what she had with him. She insisted that feeling loved meant more than a bunch of zeroes on a piece of paper, but she suspected that Noah shared Victor's opinion that she wasn't good enough for him. Marisa started to walk away, but Noah grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

Sage interrupted Noah and Marisa's kiss, and she teased that she'd report to the boss that morale was high. Noah went to fetch something from downstairs, and Sage observed that the couple seemed to be doing well. Marisa revealed that it would have been a different story earlier, since Victor had sent her a check for a half-million dollars to bribe her to leave town. Marisa continued that Victor had tried to convince Noah that she'd intended to accept the money when she hadn't, and Noah had started to buy into Victor's story. Marisa warned that Victor had power over his family, and Sage could be his next target if he decided she was in the way. Nick listened from the doorway.

Nick assured Sage that the incident between Marisa and Victor had nothing to do with Nick and Sage, but Sage pointed out that Victor had disregarded Noah's love for Marisa. Sage worried that Victor got what he wanted, and nothing would stop him if he wanted to push her aside after she produced a Newman heir.

At Jabot, Billy informed Ashley that the IT department had scoured the company's files for anything that linked Jack to the Paragon Project, and Jack overheard as he walked in. Jack admonished Ashley for having him investigated after he'd named her CEO, but she coolly asked Billy what IT had found. Billy reported that the technical crew had turned up empty-handed, but he refused to apologize after Jack's erratic behavior, and he worried that Victor was gearing up for war. Ashley added that she hadn't been able to take Jack on faith, given his questionable judgment, and she found the timing of his sabbatical suspect. She contemplated whether he'd named her CEO to set her up as a scapegoat, but Jack swore he had no plans against Victor, and he resented that his family thought he would lie to them.

Ashley demanded to know why Jack was there, and he explained that he had stopped by to pack his things and to answer questions, since he wanted to aid in Ashley's transition. He questioned whether she really thought he'd set her up, and Ashley noted that it wouldn't have been the first time he'd hurt her. She declared that her first order of business was to get back Chelsea's line, and she sauntered out. Jack recognized that his behavior had been inconsistent, and Billy observed that it had been out of character for Jack to promote Ashley.

Jack questioned whether it was incomprehensible that he wanted to spend more time with Phyllis, but Billy countered that they were no longer newlyweds, and he wondered why Jack had handed over the reins of the company. Jack bemoaned that he was tired of fighting, but Billy was skeptical. Jack maintained that the change was best for the family and the company, and he thought it might go a long way to rebuilding their trust. Billy said Jack had his work had cut out for him, but he promised to be there for Jack. Billy left, and Jack gazed at a photo of John as he began to pack up his things. Jack pulled out a handwritten letter from John, and he sat down and began to write his own letter to Ashley.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria instructed someone over the phone to be sure no one was able to hack the company's servers, and Adam walked in and noted that the Newmans were still paranoid that someone was out to destroy them. Victoria pointedly huffed that it had been how their ancestors had stayed one step ahead of the saber-toothed tiger, but Adam pointed out that he wouldn't even be in town if it hadn't been for Victor's underhanded tactics. Adam asserted that Victor only cared about Chelsea's line because of Connor, but Victoria countered that she believed in Chelsea's talent and the potential for the line. Adam urged Victoria to consider Chelsea's position from a mother's perspective.

Adam argued that Chelsea wanted to raise her son outside of the infighting, but Victor was forcing her to choose between her son's well-being and a clothing line that Victor didn't even care about. Victoria said it was just business, and she noted that Chelsea had known about the non-compete clause when she'd signed the contract. Victoria added that Chelsea had the choice to either sit on the sidelines or show up for work, but Adam lectured that Victoria hadn't treated Chelsea with professionalism or respect before. Adam accused Victor of taking over the label to make sure Connor remained in town, so Victor could try to make Connor another Newman clone.

Victoria guessed that Gabriel had created the idea of Victor being an evil tyrant in order to justify having a motive for revenge, and Adam implored Victoria to think about where Victor had left the women in his life, including Nikki. Adam vowed not to allow Victor to take control of Connor's life, but Victoria asserted that Victor had been a wonderful grandfather to Connor. Victor entered and told Victoria that there was no need to defend him, and Adam snarled that Victor's actions were indefensible, since Victor acted out of control, not love. Adam announced that he, Chelsea, and Connor were going to Paris, with no intention of moving back, and Victor pledged not to let Gabriel prevent him from doing what was best for his family. "Well, we'll see about that, won't we?" Adam shot back.

After Adam departed, Victoria counseled that she didn't think antagonizing the man Chelsea loved was a good strategy unless Victor was planning to take Connor away from Chelsea. Victor swore that Connor belonged with his mother, but he refused to let an outsider influence Chelsea into moving to Paris, since he wanted his family close to him. Victoria relayed that Gabriel had overheard her instruct IT to ensure the firewall was secure, and he'd accused her of being paranoid. She mentioned that she'd deliberately taunted Gabriel to try to see if he knew anything about the Paragon Project, and he hadn't taken the bait, but it was clear he despised Victor.

Ashley arrived and informed Victor and Victoria that Jabot's attorneys had looked deeper into the sealed bid clause, and Chelsea didn't have to hand over her line. Victoria said Chelsea had to keep her home base in Genoa City to maintain control of it, and Ashley realized that it was all about Connor. Ashley chided Victor for being willing to send the company into chaos to get a bargaining chip, and Victoria chirped that she looked forward to changing the name and expanding the line. Victoria departed, and Ashley announced that she was the new CEO of Jabot. With a smirk, Victor said he thought his day couldn't get any better.

Billy and Victoria met at the Dive Bar, and she mentioned that she'd had a nice talk about Chelsea and Connor with Victor. Billy wondered if it had been about Victor's plan to induct the kid into his cult, and Victoria stated that Victor had no intention of keeping Chelsea from her son, but Billy didn't trust Victor to keep his word. Victoria asked why it was hard for Billy to accept that Victor cared about Connor, and Billy imagined what would happen if he and Victoria decided to move away to start over with their kids. Billy asked what would stop Victor from doing the same thing to them, and Victoria reasoned that they'd have to be back together for that to happen. "Are we?" she queried.

Ashley returned to her office and found John's original letter to Jack, saying John was proud of Jack and that he knew Jack would do great things. Clipped to it was a letter Jack had penned to Ashley, expressing the same sentiment and saying he'd always be there for her.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Anita that Victor had claimed keeping her clothing line was about profits, but she was sure he just wanted to control how and where she raised her son. Anita questioned whether Chelsea wanted to antagonize the guy who held the golden ticket to Connor's future, but Chelsea contended that the boy's future was in Paris with her and Gabriel. Anita inquired whether Chelsea was willing to give up her career for a guy who'd tried to run off with Connor, but Chelsea defended that Gabriel was a complicated man who was passionate and intense. Anita warned that Chelsea had already been with a man like that, but Chelsea insisted that she loved Gabriel, and they only stood a chance if they stayed far away from Victor's orbit.

Sharon arrived and complimented how big and handsome Connor was becoming. Sharon picked up one of his toys from the floor, and Chelsea remarked that Sharon would be in the same position before she knew it. Chelsea added that she was happy for Sharon and Dylan, and she was glad things had turned out that way, since she knew how important it was to Dylan to have a child of his own.

Over the phone, Sharon repeated what she'd told Dylan to Mariah so the women could keep their stories straight. Sharon said she hated putting Mariah in that position, but it would all be over once she got pregnant again. Sharon peered at an ovulation test kit in her purse.

Adam entered the coffeehouse, and Anita took Connor up to the counter to get a treat. Adam informed Chelsea that he'd stopped by to see Victoria to appeal to her as a mother, but Victoria had only parroted back Victor's words. Adam thought they needed someone who had influence over Victor to stop him from dictating the way they raised their son, and he looked alarmed when Anita overheard him.

Anita said if Gabriel loved Connor enough to think of the boy as his own, it was good enough for her, and she gave her blessing for the threesome to go to Paris. Anita asked how much longer they'd be in town, and Chelsea expected to cut their losses within a few days. Adam questioned why there were still there, beating their heads against the wall, and he proposed that they go home on the next flight. Chelsea gushed that nothing would make her happier than to get back to their beautiful life.

A process server handed Chelsea an envelope, and Adam cursed when he read the contents. He revealed that Victor had filed a petition for visitation, and while it was pending, neither Chelsea nor Connor could leave town.

Sharon returned home, and she stared across the room at the ovulation kit that had spilled out of her open purse. Dylan entered and was surprised she wasn't at Crimson Lights, and she nonchalantly crossed the room and reassembled the contents of her purse. She fibbed that she'd forgotten the register key, and Dylan was glad to have the chance to talk in private. She was ashamed that she'd planted doubts in his head because she'd gone off her meds, and he reiterated that she could trust him with anything. Dylan softly said he loved her and was with her because he'd chosen to be. He stressed that he wasn't there because of the baby but because of her, and they kissed.

At the Athletic Club, Victor congratulated Jack on his early retirement, but Jack clarified that it was just a sabbatical. Jack warned that Ashley and Billy were looking into the Paragon Project, but they'd turned up no evidence it had ever existed, so Victor's plot with Marco had been for naught. Jack flippantly wished Victor luck sleeping at night, but Victor grabbed Jack's arm and asked if he thought it was over.

Victor said he'd always viewed Jack as a worthy adversary, and they both had concerns about the safety of their families. Victor cautioned that Jack was a liar or a fool if he doubted the Paragon Project was real, and if the Abbotts weren't behind it, someone else wanted to see both their companies go down in flames. "Ignore me at your peril," Victor warned.

Hilary Is Alive ... And Neil Has Her

Hilary Is Alive ... And Neil Has Her

Thursday, September 3, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Nikki asked if Victor thought the judge would award him weekly visitation with Connor, and Victor confidently replied that both he and his attorney did. Nikki questioned the lengths to which Victor was willing to go to keep Chelsea from moving away, and she pointed out that Chelsea had never tried to keep Victor out of Connor's life, but Victor griped that Chelsea wanted to take Connor halfway around the world. Nikki recognized that Victor had never had the relationship he'd wanted with Adam, and Victor abruptly stated that he had to go to the office. Nikki warned that if he pushed Chelsea too hard, he might lose Connor forever.

Across the dining room, Lily asked about Cane's black eye, and she reasoned that Cane couldn't blame Devon for lashing out when Cane had practically accused him of causing Hilary's disappearance. Lily maintained that Devon would never hurt Hilary, but Cane pointed out that the authorities felt otherwise, and he wished Lily had given him all the facts from the start. Cane stressed that they had to be honest with one another if their marriage was going to work, and Lily confessed that someone else had known about Devon and the hooker. Cane guessed she meant Colin, and Lily revealed that Colin had been using the information to blackmail Devon.

Cane asked if Lily thought Colin had said something to Hilary, and Lily explained that it was why she'd called Cane from the Virgin Islands to confirm Colin's whereabouts. Lily didn't think Colin had been involved in Hilary's disappearance, and she thought they should move on, but Cane couldn't.

At the Dive Bar, Neil asked Devon what he could do to help, but Colin suddenly announced that Jill was back from Hong Kong. Jill hugged Devon, and he was glad she'd made it in time for Katherine's remembrance. Jill promised that she and Tucker would be there for Devon, and Devon replied that Lily and Neil had been fantastic. Jill incredulously asked if Neil had stood by Devon after everything Devon and Hilary had done, and Devon revealed that Neil had forgiven them. Jill recalled Neil's dramatic revelation about the couple's affair on the plane, and she found it hard to believe that Neil had put his anger behind him.

Neil claimed that he'd seen that Hilary and Devon loved one another and that they'd never set out to purposely hurt him, and he'd realized he'd had to make peace to move on. Michael arrived and welcomed Jill back with a hug, and Jill informed him that she was meeting Lauren at the remembrance. Jill asked if Michael was going to be there, but he explained that he was headed back to the islands to try to clear Devon's name. Michael pulled Devon aside and asked why he'd left an urgent message, and Devon acknowledged that Michael was doing a lot, but he needed something else.

After Michael and Devon left, Jill greeted Lily and Cane, and Colin suggested they get a drink. The ladies headed downstairs, but Cane held Colin back. Cane revealed that he knew that Colin had been blackmailing Devon, but Colin called it a business arrangement that had since ended. Cane understood why Colin didn't want to be connected to Hilary, and Colin pointed out that the media attention was already a nightmare, so he could only imagine what would happen if anyone found out about Devon's indiscretion. Cane agreed to keep quiet for Devon's sake, but he wouldn't just let it go.

Later, Jill informed Colin that she and Tucker had honored the anniversary of Katherine's death by going to the karaoke bar where Katherine had spent her final night. She added that they'd sung songs that had reminded them of Katherine, but she'd known it had been time to go home. Colin said he'd missed Jill, and she said she'd heard he'd been busy. He swore he hadn't been running around with other women, but she revealed that her accountant had advised that there had been a large deposit in their account. Jill questioned how Colin had gotten that kind of money, and he claimed that he'd won big at gambling.

Nikki chased after Neil in the foyer, and she asked if he'd received her messages. He coldly acknowledged that he had, and she begged him to hear her out. She apologized for mistakenly suggesting that he'd had something to do with Hilary's disappearance, but Neil spat that Nikki had accused him of being behind it. He snarled that she'd killed their friendship the second she'd gone to Victor to ask him to check Neil's alibi.

Nikki defended that she'd been scared for Neil, since she knew how easy it was to go to a dark place when everything in life seemed to be falling down. She admitted that she'd done horrible things when she'd been drinking, but Neil snapped that just because she'd had to jump back into rehab didn't mean he had to. Nikki pleaded with him to find a way to fix it, but he growled that they were done being friends, and he wanted nothing to do with her. Nikki begged him to reconsider, but he took a call from Gwen and ignored Nikki, who ran out in tears.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin presented Mariah with a fancy coffee drink, but she jokingly refused to forgive him for using up all the milk at home. He wondered how they'd gone from being friends to roommates to an old married couple when he hadn't even gotten to second base, and she flatly asked if he wanted to put his hand up her shirt. She asked if he wanted more from their relationship, and he pointed out that they'd skipped the fun steps that normal couples took, like flirting and dating. Mariah balked at trying to be normal, since even good couples crashed and burned. She began to name all the couples they knew who had split up, and he told her to forget it.

At the cottage, Dylan remarked that it was nice to see Sharon happy and relaxed, and he wanted her to be like that every day. She promised not to go off her medication again, since he deserved a happy family, and she wouldn't let anything stop her from giving him one. Later, Mariah arrived, and Dylan thanked her for figuring out that Sharon had gone off her meds. Mariah uncomfortably told him not to give her too much credit, since Sharon made her own decisions, and Sharon was good at keeping things hidden.

Dylan said he was working on getting Sharon to open up, but he was grateful that Mariah was watching out for Sharon and the baby. Sharon entered and was surprised to see Mariah, and Dylan affectionately kissed Sharon's belly before he left for work. Sharon assumed Mariah had gotten her message, and Mariah dryly surmised that Sharon had attributed her manic need for sex to going off her meds. Sharon thanked Mariah for not telling anyone that Sharon was trying to conceive, and she declared that Mariah wouldn't have to lie anymore because Sharon was pregnant.

Sharon explained that she hadn't taken the test yet, but she gushed about how often she and Dylan had been having sex. Mariah cringed and lectured that it didn't make a baby every time, but Sharon revealed that her ovulation kit had indicated that the timing had been exactly right. Mariah warned that it was only wishful thinking if Sharon hadn't confirmed her pregnancy, and Sharon wondered why Mariah was being such a pessimist.

Mariah complained that life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, and Sharon understood that Mariah knew what it felt like not to get her share of love and happiness. Mariah griped that she couldn't miss what she'd never had, and Sharon advised that it was within Mariah's reach but only if she went for it. Mariah hesitated to set herself up for disappointment, but Sharon refused to give up hope that good things would happen, since they had nothing without hope.

At the police station, Chelsea informed Paul that she'd spoken with her lawyer, and the court usually sided with a child's parents when a grandparent demanded visitation. Paul pointed out that most cases didn't involve Victor, and Chelsea grumbled that Victor couldn't get away with it. Paul pointed out that he and the police had nothing to do with a civil case, and Adam questioned what would happen if they left the country with Connor. Paul replied that he'd have to arrest both Chelsea and Gabriel if they disobeyed a court order.

Later, Devon met with Paul with a request to send someone to the Virgin Islands to figure out who had canceled the guided tour and who Hilary had been arguing with. Paul said he had no jurisdiction there, and Devon suggested that they send someone who wasn't on the force, like Dylan. Paul reported that Dylan had decided not to become a cop because of the danger involved, and he doubted Dylan would be willing to travel to search for a missing person when he had a baby on the way. Devon thought he could get through to Dylan.

Over the phone, Paul told Christine that they'd have plenty of time that evening to celebrate their anniversary, and he'd see her at the park. After he hung up, he handed a file to Kevin and told him to do what he had to do. Michael wished Paul and Christine a happy anniversary, and Paul marveled that it had been two years since he'd read Katherine's letter advising him to ask Christine to marry him. Paul added that the two years had been wonderful, and Michael was sure they'd have plenty more. Paul excused himself to finish work, and Kevin asked if Michael really believed that Paul and Christine's marriage would last.

Michael commented that he knew plenty of happily married people, and Kevin sourly referred to Michael and Lauren. Michael conceded that unexpected things happened, and Kevin questioned why people bothered when they just ended up getting hurt. Michael argued that the idea of a lonely, miserable life wasn't appealing, but Kevin countered that being alone didn't mean a person was miserable. Michael warned that Kevin would regret closing off his heart, and Kevin hurried to his desk to get to work. Michael recognized that Chloe had hurt Kevin deeply, but he advised that although Kevin might not love again, Kevin could at least try.

Mariah tracked down Kevin at the station and blurted out that she thought they should "do it," but when she saw his shocked reaction, she told him to get his mind out of the gutter. She clarified that they should take the next step in their relationship, since even though it might end up being horrible, they'd never know unless they tried. Kevin suggested they go on a date that night, but Mariah mentioned that it was Katherine's remembrance. Kevin thought it was a chance for Mariah to find out how great Katherine had been, and he proposed that they attend it together and have a real date afterward.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea asked David Sherman if Victor could force weekly visits, and David advised her to offer a compromise. Adam refused, but David cautioned them against butting heads with Victor in court, and he suggested that they propose bimonthly visits instead. David explained that the order keeping them in the country might be lifted if Victor agreed to the change, and it would be harder to enforce the agreement once Chelsea and Connor were on French soil. David added that it might be the only chance they had of getting Victor out of their lives, and Adam and Chelsea agreed to do it.

David stopped by Victor's office and informed Victor that he was representing Chelsea, so he was there to discuss the visitation request. Victor said the fact that she'd hired someone of David's caliber proved Victor needed to stay involved in Connor's life, and David revealed that Chelsea was willing offer the fair compromise of allowing visits every other month. Victor ordered David to get out of his office.

Adam suggested Chelsea get a massage to relax, but she couldn't think of anything else until the situation was settled. She answered a call and looked exasperated, and Adam guessed that Victor hadn't agreed to the deal. Chelsea ranted that it wouldn't end with weekly visits, since Victor wouldn't stop until he had complete control. Adam vowed not to let that happen, and he told her to go back to their hotel room while he talked to Victor.

Victor wasn't surprised when Adam entered his office, and Adam huffed that Victor should have taken the compromise. Victor asserted that he was only concerned about his grandson, but Adam said Victor's proclamation that family was everything was a tired cliché, since Victor was emotionally bankrupt, and he had no idea what it was like to form a meaningful relationship with anyone. Victor stepped in close and stared Adam down, but he eventually turned away. Adam taunted that the truth hurt, and he expected any self-respecting judge to see Victor for the cold-hearted manipulator he was. Victor growled that when he won the court case, Gabriel would never see the boy again. Adam hissed that they would see what happened, and he stalked out.

Later, Nikki asked Victor if he'd told Neil that she'd requested that Victor check out Neil's alibi, and Victor speculated that the pilot had told Neil that someone had been asking questions. Nikki relayed that Neil was furious with her, and Victor thought it said something about their friendship. Victor recommended that she devote her energy to her family and her recovery, and Nikki realized that Victor had told Neil to stay away from her. She couldn't believe Victor was jealous, but Victor bellowed that he was embarrassed that she'd been seen cavorting with a fellow lush. Their argument became increasingly bitter, and she stormed out.

Over the phone, Chelsea asked Anita to pack Connor's bag because there had been a change of plans, and she needed to pick him up right away. Adam returned to the hotel room and discovered that Chelsea had packed her bags. She told him not to try to stop her, since she was leaving while she still had a chance. She insisted that she had to take Connor somewhere Victor couldn't find them, and Adam declared that he was all for it. He started to grab his things, but he realized that she planned to leave without him.

Chelsea was adamant that only she and Connor leave town, but Adam refused to let her leave without him. Chelsea pointed out that they'd both be arrested if the police learned they'd defied the court order, and Adam's identity would be exposed if he were fingerprinted. She wailed that she'd never forgive herself if he was sent to prison for helping her and Connor, but Adam contended that he'd just gotten his family back, and he wouldn't lose her again.

On the coffeehouse patio, Devon explained his situation to Dylan, and Dylan realized Devon wanted him to help, but he had to stay in town for his family. Dylan offered to help with anything he could take care of from Genoa City, and Neil entered as Dylan returned to work. Devon informed Neil that he'd asked Dylan to help him find Hilary, but Dylan couldn't leave town. Devon was determined to find someone else to go to the islands, but Neil urged him to consider the possibility that they might never get to the bottom of it. Devon pledged to never stop until he knew the truth and Hilary was home.

Neil said he would go if he thought it would help, but he thought it might backfire, since Hilary was his ex-wife. Devon recognized that the media would have a field day, and Neil added that it might be additional ammunition for the prosecution. Devon said Neil being there for him meant everything, and Neil promised his support if Devon needed anything.

Sharon imagined that Devon was out of his mind with worry, and she was surprised a rich man like Devon hadn't hired someone to look into Hilary's disappearance further. Dylan reported that Devon was looking for someone he could trust to be his point person, and Sharon guessed that Devon had asked Dylan to fill the role. Sharon noted that helping people in trouble was in Dylan's nature, but Dylan insisted that he had other obligations. Sharon wondered if he didn't think she could take care of herself and the baby, and she asked if Dylan was afraid she'd stop taking her meds if she was alone.

Dylan explained that it might be a dangerous situation, since a woman had already disappeared, but Sharon didn't want him to think he had to give up a part of who he was for her. He assured her that the life he wanted was right there, and any sacrifice he made was worth it. She apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion, but she was used to people thinking the worst of her. Dylan understood that the feeling that one thing could send things spiraling in the wrong direction never really went away. Sharon hugged him and said she'd do anything to make sure that never happened, and he vowed to do the same thing.

Devon returned to the Athletic Club, where Lily offered to go to the Virgin Islands on his behalf, but Devon preferred to find someone else. Cane said Devon could ask him.

Neil entered a boathouse, and he checked an I.V. bag next to a bed. He noted to an unconscious Hilary that they might need to replace the fluids, but everything else seemed normal.

The Paragon Project Mastermind is Revealed

The Paragon Project Mastermind is Revealed

Friday, September 4, 2015

At the Athletic Club, a shocked Lily asked if Cane would really go to Virgin Gorda to help Devon, and Cane confirmed he would. Cane and Devon shook hands, and Cane offered to take the first flight out after Katherine's remembrance. Nikki approached and asked Devon when he'd last seen Neil, but Victoria pulled Nikki away. A reporter cornered Devon and peppered him with questions about Hilary's disappearance, and Devon's first instinct was to shoo the press away, but he suddenly thought perhaps it was the only way find Hilary.

The reporter asked Devon to tell her viewers more about what Hilary had been like. Devon clarified that he'd tell them what Hilary was like because he wanted the viewers to help find her. He described Hilary as a smart woman who would have fought whoever had taken her, and the newswoman asked how a billionaire like Devon had fallen in love with Hilary. Devon called Hilary a beautiful woman who could have any man in the world, and the reporter referred to his father. Devon said it was remarkable that such an amazing woman had chosen him to spend the rest of life with, and he wouldn't rest until she was home with him.

In a boathouse, Neil assumed that an unconscious Hilary would have a lot of questions when she woke up, and he swore he'd be right there to explain everything. Neil said Hilary had survived a "hell of a fall" down the slope before she'd landed in the water, and the undertow would have carried her out to sea if it hadn't been for him. Neil recalled that he'd dived in, pulled her out, and given her the breath of life, but no one knew he'd saved her. His phone chimed, and he saw video footage of Devon's interview. Devon stated that it was killing him not to know where his wife was or if she was safe, and he begged the audience to step forward with any information.

At the club bar, Victoria inquired why Nikki was anxious to find Neil, and Nikki sarcastically replied that it was obvious she wanted to have an affair with him. Nikki explained that Victor was jealous of her former friendship with Neil, but Neil thought she'd betrayed his trust, so Neil had cut her out of his life completely. Nikki added that Victor had no reason to be jealous, but it was easier for her to talk to Neil.

Neil entered the club, and Nikki asked him if Victor had ordered him not to see her anymore. Neil coldly stated that it was a moot point because he wasn't interested in her version of friendship, and he approached Devon at the bar. Neil mentioned that he'd seen the interview, and he thought it had been smart for Devon to try to set the record straight. Devon revealed that Cane was going to the Virgin Islands for him.

In her hotel suite, Chelsea insisted that she and Connor were going to leave town alone, but Adam refused to let her walk out the door without him. He pleaded that they were a family, so they had to stick together whether they stayed or left. Chelsea warned that his life would be over if he got caught, but Adam countered that it would also be over if he lost her and Connor. Adam argued that Victor had a long reach, so running wasn't the answer. Chelsea asserted that she had money, but Adam didn't want his son growing up under an assumed name, and he proposed that they stay and give Victor what he wanted.

Chelsea incredulously asked if Adam expected her to agree to give visitation to Victor, and Adam reasoned that they'd have a better case with the judge if they didn't put up a huge fight. Chelsea contemplated what Adam's reaction would be when Victor stopped by for a play date, but Adam anticipated that if they didn't start a war, Victor would eventually lose interest. She observed that he was acting calm and rational, but she imagined he'd go for Victor's throat the second he saw Victor with Connor. Adam swore he wouldn't risk losing Chelsea and Connor to get back at his father, and he planned to continue to masquerade as Gabriel. Adam asserted that he'd secretly be getting back at Victor by living right under a clueless Victor's nose.

Later, Adam listened from the stairway as Nikki bemoaned that it had been a difficult day, and she asked Victoria if Victor was planning on going to the remembrance. Victoria was sure that Victor wouldn't miss it, and the women took off for the park. Adam sent a text message saying, "Tonight's our chance."

Adam returned to the hotel room and told Chelsea that the real estate agent wanted to meet at their condos, since someone had made an offer. Chelsea wondered which penthouse they should keep, and Adam said he wouldn't mind keeping the original one. She gushed that they'd made great memories there, and he added that they'd make new ones. She suggested that they all go together once Anita dropped off Connor, but Adam claimed the agent was in a hurry. Chelsea questioned whether Adam was really ready to live in Victor's world again, but Adam insisted that it wasn't Victor's world anymore -- it was theirs for the taking. He kissed her goodbye, but she looked perplexed.

At the tack house, Nick hesitated to leave Sage with a grumpy kid while he attended the remembrance, but Sage just thought Faith was under the weather. Faith whined that she was bored, and Sage suggested that the girl talk to her baby brother or sister. Faith introduced herself as the baby's big sister, and she asked if it was a boy or a girl and if it had hair yet. Faith inquired whether the baby already loved her as much as she loved it, and she put her head down on Sage's belly. Faith suddenly sat up and asked what had happened, and Sage declared that the baby had just answered Faith by moving.

Later, Nick noticed that Sage had fallen asleep, and he explained to Faith that pregnant women needed rest. He noted that Faith was up past her bedtime, and he offered to read her some books upstairs. Meanwhile, Sage dreamed about holding her baby, but Victor appeared and declared that "he" was the brightest and strongest baby in the world. Sage asked how Victor had known the baby was a boy, and Victor replied that he knew everything. Victor ordered Sage to say goodbye to her boy, and he and the baby suddenly disappeared.

Sage awakened and told herself that it had just been a stupid dream, but she suffered an abdominal pain. Nick returned downstairs and prepared to help Sage to bed, but she became woozy when she tried to stand up. She admitted that she felt a little pain, and she grabbed her belly. She said the prior twinge had been worse, and he wanted to see a doctor. He insisted on calling someone to watch Faith while he took Sage to the hospital.

Jack showed up at Victor's office to discuss the Paragon Project with Victor, and Victor questioned whether Jack was there to confess his sins. Jack reiterated that he wasn't behind it and that he wasn't even sure it existed, but he wanted to work together in case it was a real threat. Jack implored Victor to consider what day it was and to do it in the spirit of a "terrific old broad."

Victor pointed out that Jack was no longer in a position to make a deal, and Jack conceded that Ashley was running Jabot, but he vowed to always protect his family's interests. Jack contended that Jabot could be a target if the Paragon Project really was a threat, and he proposed that he and Victor work independently to find out who was behind it and share their findings. Jack noted that he and Victor had dealt with Marco together, so they could deal with another threat together, and Victor agreed. Victor's private line rang, but the caller didn't identify who it was.

Jill and Esther bickered as they set up Katherine's portrait in Chancellor Park for the remembrance ceremony. Esther couldn't wait to see what "Mrs. C" had in store, but Jill doubted that Katherine had prepared for two years past her death. Lauren recalled that Katherine's last letter had referred to "next year," and Paul revealed that he had another letter from their dearly departed friend. Lauren wondered what Katherine would have thought about what was going on in the lives of her family and friends. Jill imagined Katherine's voice saying, "Oh, dear God in heaven."

Kevin and Mariah arrived at the park, and he remarked that Katherine would have liked Mariah, who grumbled that most people didn't appreciate her charms. Kevin contended that Katherine would have appreciated that Mariah said what was on her mind and that Mariah was kind. Mariah dared him to name one time she'd been kind, and Kevin pointed out that she always was with Faith. Lauren approached and was glad to see Kevin had made it, and he hoped to introduce Mariah to Murphy.

Lauren reported that Murphy had broken his leg, and Paul declared that the rest of them were there to carry on with Katherine's request to do something that would have made her proud. Jill suggested getting a facelift, and Mariah was aghast at the rude comment, but Kevin explained that Katherine and Jill had enjoyed sniping at one another. Esther added that Jill still acted like Katherine was torturing her, and Jill conceded that she and Katherine had shared a complicated relationship. Jill gazed at Katherine's portrait, and she flashed back to bantering with Katherine when they'd been locked in a bathroom together.

Victor and Nikki arrived in the park separately, followed by Neil, who glared at both of them and stepped away. Esther told Kevin that he and Mariah made a good couple, and he started to protest, but he thanked her. Esther reported that Chloe was doing much better, and Kevin said he wanted Chloe to be happy, too. Paul welcomed everyone, and he proclaimed that they were there to celebrate Katherine's life.

Paul announced that he had a letter from Katherine, and he'd abided by her instructions not to open it until then. Paul opened the letter, and Katherine had written that she wanted to begin her posthumous tribute by having Jill read something. Katherine had referred to Jill with a string of her numerous married names, and she had apologized if she'd left anyone out or if Jill had added a husband or three. Katherine had requested that Jill read the rest of the letter -- if Jill hadn't lost her eyesight, hips, or mobility due to her advancing age. Jill affectionately griped that Katherine hadn't been able to resist taking a shot from the grave, and the crowd applauded as Jill took her place before them.

Jill read that Katherine had wanted her life to be celebrated and not cried over, and Katherine had requested that her loved ones remember her in the spirit she'd lived. Katherine had wanted everyone to speak of how their lives had improved since the prior year's remembrance, since she hadn't been around to smack sense into them in person. Victor flashed back to Katherine telling him that speaking to him was like talking to a brick wall, and she'd appealed to him not to punish Nikki for finding her independence. Katherine had warned that he would be old and lonely one day unless he realized that he couldn't control everything.

Victor stepped away, and Victoria asked where he was going. He replied that he'd rather remember Katherine in private. Nikki flashed back to showing Katherine her engagement ring, and Katherine had been relieved that Nikki and Victor had found their way back to one another. Nikki had marveled that Victor had reassessed where he'd been and where he'd been going, and Katherine had said she'd dispensed that smart advice. Katherine had hoped the changes were permanent, since it was hard for an unwavering man like Victor to reinvent himself.

Jill declared that her marriage was better than ever, and her finest accomplishment had been reclaiming Katherine's company, so she finally felt like she'd lived up to Katherine's final challenge for her. Victoria mentioned the beautiful daughter she'd named after Katherine, and Nikki announced that she'd rediscovered sobriety. Paul said it gave him comfort to know the daughter he and Christine had lost was in heaven with Katherine. Cane and Lily discussed the challenges they'd faced in their marriage and Katherine's faith that they would stay together. Colin thought Katherine would have approved of how happy and crazy he made Jill, and Esther stated that she missed her boss and friend and always would.

Mariah received an emergency text message from Nick, and she told Kevin she had to babysit Faith. Kevin said they'd catch up later, but he looked disappointed. Kevin told the rest of the guests that Katherine had taught him a lesson about moving on with life. Devon revealed that he'd confessed his love for his wife when he'd written to Katherine the prior year, and although Hilary was gone, he was grateful he still had his family, since Katherine had taught him how to win back someone's trust. Devon flashed back to Katherine telling him that family was the bottom line, and he sent a prayer up to Katherine to watch over Hilary and have her return to him.

Lily prompted Neil to speak, but he didn't think Katherine wanted to hear anything he had to say, since his life hadn't improved much. Jack recalled that his and Katherine's paths had crossed many times in business, and he'd had many ups and downs in the past year, but he'd realized something Katherine had known all along -- there were more valuable things in life than companies.

Adam sneaked into Victor's office, and he pulled out a piece of paper. He began to type something on Victor's laptop computer, and he called someone and said he had time while everyone else was at the remembrance. A computer tech told him to double-check a number, and Victor's computer beeped. Adam relayed that he was in, and a message appeared, indicating a remote entity was controlling the machine.

Victor stepped off the elevator, but his phone rang as he approached his office door. He learned that Nick had driven Sage to the hospital, and he headed back toward the elevator. Adam watched as Victor's computer prepared to download the Paragon Project.

At the hospital, Sage fretted to Nick that it was a miracle she'd gotten pregnant, and she wondered if she couldn't carry to term. Nick refused to think that way, and he pointed out that she hadn't experienced more pains. He marveled that she and Faith had felt the baby move earlier that night, and Sage realized she'd almost forgotten how nice that had been. She resolved to stop worrying, but Nick sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him. She reluctantly mentioned that she'd had nightmare that Victor had taken their baby. Victor peered into the hospital room as Nikki approached.

At the remembrance, Paul said Katherine had possessed the unique ability to share her wisdom and to be truthful about her faults, and she'd affected all their lives in a positive way. He added that it was amazing that she continued to do that, even from her heavenly resting place. "Or someplace a little hotter," Jill mumbled, and she asked if there was anyone else with something to say. There was a clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning, and the candles suddenly blew out. Various phones started ringing and buzzing, and they all displayed a pink, shimmery screen. As the power went out around town, Kevin guessed that it was an electromagnetic signal.

Kevin entered the tack house with a flashlight, and he found Mariah on the couch with Faith asleep on her lap. Kevin said he'd worried about Mariah during the blackout, and Mariah said Faith tended to wake up every time she moved. Kevin maintained that Mariah was sweet, and he started to head out, but Mariah asked him to stay. She regretted that their hot date hadn't worked out, and she noted that they'd skipped another step by going straight to a parents' night in.

Esther thought Katherine was sending a message to show them that she was still there with them, but Jill wondered if maybe Katherine was giving them a warning. Lily noticed Victoria peering into the sky, and Victoria noted that there was only one building with power for miles -- Newman Tower.

Adam asked the tech if the power was out all over the city, and the tech replied that he'd done it to ensure no security programs caught Adam. The file finished downloading, and the tech asked who wanted to light the fire. "Do it," Ian Ward instructed with an evil grin, and the Paragon Project initialized on Victor's computer.

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