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Sharon was thrilled when Patty inadvertently revealed that Sharon was really pregnant. Marisa was attacked. Stitch linked the missing hospital supplies to Hilary's disappearance. Gwen discovered that Neil was holding Hilary. Adam's true identity was exposed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 28, 2015 on Y&R
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Secrets and Lies Revealed

Secrets and Lies Revealed

Monday, September 28, 2015

At the Genoa City Police Station, Devon, escorted by a uniformed officer after his arrest for punching a pilot, yelled that the officer wasn't aware of the whole story. Michael pleaded with Devon not to speak another word. The pilot, eager to leave, said he wouldn't press charges. When Paul stepped out of his office, Dylan informed Paul that the pilot knew where to find Hilary. While Paul talked to the pilot in his office, Michael instructed Devon to keep quiet because the public already viewed him as a murder suspect.

After the officer escorted Devon to the booking room, Michael reminded Dylan that they'd been warned about investigating Hilary's disappearance on their own. In Paul's office, the pilot insisted that he didn't know Hilary and had never heard about her disappearance. The pilot added that he didn't appreciate being treated like a criminal. Paul released the pilot. Dylan was upset, but Paul explained that evidence supporting probable cause had to be obtained within the confines of the law.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's dining room, Dylan approached the pilot. The anxious man was on the phone, arranging a flight. Dylan joined the pilot. After the man ended the call, Dylan accused him of attempting to flee. When Dylan phoned an FBI agent, the pilot pleaded with Dylan to end the call. Dylan asked the pilot where he'd flown a woman on gurney after the plane he'd been flying had landed in Dallas. The pilot admitted his role in Hilary's disappearance.

After questioning the pilot, Dylan returned to the police station. Paul said, "Where have you been?" Along with Paul, Michael and Devon waited to hear Dylan's response. Dylan replied, "I went after the pilot." Devon asked if the man had been forthcoming. Dylan said that the pilot had confirmed their suspicions. The pilot, Dylan added, had admitted that the woman on the gurney was Hilary. Dylan said, "She's right here in Genoa City."

In the boathouse at Neil's lake home, Hilary remained comatose in a bed partially shrouded with mosquito netting. Neil, talking aloud, told Hilary that he'd panicked when he'd seen Devon standing at his front door. Neil admitted that Devon, Lily, and Gwen were concerned about him. Neil said he wasn't sure why Hilary hadn't awakened. He pleaded with Hilary to awaken so she could clear his name and explain that he'd saved her life.

Neil recalled his budding relationship with Gwen and the lies he'd told his family. Neil, pleading with a comatose Hilary, cried, "So much shame and guilt. I need you to wake up and make it stop." Gwen phoned Neil, believing he'd taken a trip to New York City to interview for a job. Neil lied about visiting a New York City museum. Neil promised Gwen that they'd make up canceled plans for a date after he returned to town.

At the Underground, Noah broke up with Marisa because she'd been untruthful about her past. Marisa vowed to tell Noah a secret about Marco, Victor, and Jack that she'd once vowed to keep confidential. Marisa swore that her story was the truth. Noah repeated details Marisa had told him. Noah said, "So you're saying that Marco Annicelli looks exactly like Jack, and my grandfather brought him here to take Jack's place while Jack was being held captive?"

Noah said his grandfather would never play God with another man's life. Marisa explained that Phyllis knew about Marco, but both she and Jack had decided not to divulge the truth. Noah asked why. Marisa said that Victor had warned Jack about being culpable for the deaths that had occurred when he'd escaped his captors. To Jack and Phyllis, Marisa pointed out, being reunited and spending time together meant more than speaking out. Marisa said she was praying that Noah might be able to forgive her past mistakes and embrace being together.

Noah questioned Marisa about her claim that Marco would no longer be a threat. Marisa admitted that she'd made love to Marco. Marisa said it was the only way she had been able to capture Marco so Victor and Jack could "get rid of that bastard forever." Noah cried that he couldn't forgive Marisa for lying to him about everything and sleeping with Marco. Noah said he intended to confront his grandfather. Marisa tried to stop Noah, but he rushed out.

At Jabot, Kyle expressed his concern when he learned that Billy would be in charge while Ashley was away handling business in Europe. Gwen stopped by and told Billy and Kyle that the IRS would be investigating Jabot. Billy advised Gwen to stall the agents and not hand over any documents. Gwen explained that as vice president of accounting, she'd sworn to follow the rules set forth by the IRS. Gwen added that she could be jailed, and Jabot could be fined for noncompliance. Billy told Gwen to take a few days off so he could handle Victor and the IRS himself.

Gwen phoned Neil and told him that she'd been given time off. Gwen offered to join Neil in New York so they could sightsee and enjoy an evening at her favorite restaurant. Neil said he'd be busy with job interviews. Gwen was disappointed. Neil cut her call short when he received another call. Neil answered the second call. It was the pilot. Neil said, "I thought I told you never to call me again. Our association is over." The pilot said, "We need to meet. It's urgent."

At Chancellor Park, Neil met with the pilot. Neil said, "I'm not even supposed to be in town. What's the emergency?" The pilot explained that Dylan, using a fake name, had cornered him and threatened to contact the FBI. Neil said, "Did you keep your mouth shut?" The pilot said he hadn't implicated Neil, but he'd admitted to Dylan that after receiving an envelope filled with cash, he'd readied his plane as instructed.

Neil grew increasingly anxious and worried. The pilot said he'd told Dylan that an emergency medical technician had shown up with Hilary lying on a gurney. The pilot added, "McAvoy knows she's in town somewhere." While Neil and the pilot were talking, Gwen, walking along a path outside the courtyard, spotted them. Gwen quickly ducked down so Neil couldn't see her.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Abby and Victoria entered and overheard Victor instructing two FBI agents. Victor ordered the agents to access his files related to the "pillaging of shipping line" by members of the Abbott family. After the two agents left, Victor said that all of the Abbotts, including Ashley, would be arrested. Abby explained that the guilty person was the one who'd unleashed the Paragon Project computer virus. Victoria agreed. Victor replied, "The Abbott family is behind Paragon."

Victoria insisted to her father that Billy had not been involved with Paragon. Victoria added that had Jack been involved, he wouldn't have offered to sell back the shipping company. Victor said that Ashley had proven her guilt by not nullifying the sale of the Newman-owned shipping company for pennies on the dollar. Abby maintained that her mother would never try to ruin Victor's company. Victor angrily replied, "Your mother would love to see me go down in flames." Victor claimed that Ashley's sudden escape to Europe was added proof of her guilt. Abby said, "Dad, you are wrong, and I will not let you go after her."

Victoria refused to side with Abby by vouching for Ashley. Abby was visibly miffed. Victoria explained that Ashley, perhaps seeking revenge for Jabot's loss of Chelsea's clothing line, had refused to back out of the purchase of Newman's shipping line. Victor insisted that Abby pledge her allegiance to Newman Enterprises because he'd believed in her abilities even when Ashley hadn't. Victor also warned Victoria that Billy had turned against him completely. Victor, seething, cried, "I won't stand for it!"

At the poolside lounge atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis, Jack, and Summer sat together eating salads. Phyllis said she was impressed with Kyle for having sided with Jack on the board vote. Phyllis expressed displeasure about Billy and Ashley having taken advantage of a computer glitch to acquire a Newman Enterprises' shipping company. Jack said, "Victor is coming after the Abbott family, and I'd feel a whole lot better if we were a united front." Jack checked his phone and informed Phyllis and Summer that the IRS was auditing Jabot.

Kyle showed up and joined Jack, Phyllis, and Summer. Kyle complained that Billy was in charge at Jabot and seemed unconcerned about the audit. Phyllis suggested that Kyle take some days off and let her and Jack handle the matter. Summer agreed that Kyle should take Phyllis' advice. After Summer and Kyle left, Phyllis told Jack that Gabriel had expressed concern that her new friend, Fred, might be involved. She also said that Ashley might have hired someone to tamper with Newman Enterprises' computer system. Jack dismissed Phyllis' theories and said he'd approach Victor himself.

Sitting alone in his rented condo, Ian Ward, talking aloud to himself, said his patience would soon be rewarded when he'd send Victor "crashing into oblivion." Gazing at a photo of Phyllis displayed on the screen of his laptop, Ian blew a kiss and said, "Hello, Phyllis." Ian phoned Phyllis. Phyllis seemed pleased to hear from her new friend and was unaware that Fred was Ian Ward. Ian asked Phyllis to meet with him, and she agreed. After the call ended, Ian smiled and stroked the image of Phyllis' face on the screen of his laptop.

At Chancellor Park, Phyllis met with Ian, the man she believed was Fred. Ian said, "Though absent, her voice remained in my soul, and I must, must see her before I grow old." Phyllis asked if her friend had recited a sonnet. Ian laughed and said, "Could be." Phyllis said she'd become upset after she found his note explaining that he'd left town.

Phyllis told Ian that she'd been stressed because Jack and Victor had become mortal enemies again. Ian asked what had happened. Phyllis said that Victor had implicated the Abbotts in a cyberattack against Newman Enterprises. Phyllis cried that the fiasco had escalated out of control. Phyllis mentioned that having met Fred in the woods seemed to be a strange coincidence. Ian said, "I thought we were talking about your family's issues."

Ian acted taken aback by Phyllis' accusation. Phyllis explained, "I can't stop thinking about our timing. Right after the first hack into Newman's system, the cause of all this trouble, you walked into my life." Ian said that Phyllis was accusing him of lying and using his computer for something other than writing a novel. Phyllis replied, "There's been a lot of talk, Fred. There's been a lot of pointing of fingers in different directions and a lot of suspicion floating around lately."

Ian grew anxious. He told Phyllis that he had to get back to his novel. Before Ian was out of sight, Summer entered the courtyard. Summer caught a glimpse of Ian before he walked away. Summer hurriedly approached her mother and said, "That man! What were you doing with him?" Phyllis replied, "Fred? He's a friend of mine. Why?" Summer, panicked, cried, "That is Ian Ward. That psycho is supposed to be locked up in prison right now."

Summer and Kyle later returned to Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop pool. Summer said she feared that the Newmans and Abbotts would again become embattled and force her and Kyle to choose sides. Kyle said he was sorry that the conflict was troubling Summer. Summer said, "My grandpa really likes you. That's why he's left us alone so far, but when he gets this fired up about Jack, I get scared that that could change." Kyle noted that they'd already overcome adversity and would weather their family's battles because they loved each other. Kyle kissed Summer.

At Jabot, Abby and Victoria met with Billy. Billy told Abby and Victoria that Victor had arranged for the IRS to audit Jabot. Billy said he wouldn't allow the IRS access. Abby warned that Victor had contacted the FBI and planned to have members of the Abbott family arrested. Billy dismissed the threat.

Victoria explained that her father believed that the Abbott family, with Ashley leading the charge, was behind the Paragon Project. Billy said, "We're not going down just because Victor can't stand to lose to us." Victoria warned Billy that if Victor did win, it would threaten the livelihood of thousands of Jabot employees. Uniformed officers arrived and told Billy that they'd been instructed by the FBI to place him under arrest.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Jack told Victor that he'd made a big mistake by sending federal agents to investigate Jabot. Jack added, "Nobody in my family enabled Paragon. We are not out to get you. You are retaliating against the wrong enemy. Call off the dogs before it's too late!" Victor refused.

Jack told Victor that an investigation would prove that Jabot had done nothing wrong. Victor insisted that Jabot had hacked Newman's system so Jabot could purchase Newman's shipping line for pennies on the dollar. Jack denied involvement. Victor noted that Ashley, before leaving the country, had backed the purchase of Newman's company even though she'd known it had been fraudulent. Victor phoned the FBI to inform them of Jack's whereabouts so he could be arrested.

Jack said that Victor's aim was to destroy the Abbotts. Victor insisted that Jack and his family always fired the first shot. Victor added, "Paragon is a perfect example of that." Noah arrived and entered through the open door. Noah said, "You're both here, conspiring behind closed doors again. I know what you did, Grandpa. You lied to me. You lied to everybody."

Gwen Discovers Neil's Secret

Gwen Discovers Neil's Secret

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

At Jabot, two police officers prepared to arrest Billy for computer fraud, and Billy surmised that the officers had been "sucked into Victor Newman's vortex of destruction." Abby asserted that it was a miscarriage of justice, and she stood in front of Billy to prevent the officers from handcuffing him. An officer took Abby into custody, and when Victoria protested, the officer announced that they were all under arrest.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor refused to allow Noah to call him a liar, but Noah accused Victor of hiring a look-alike to impersonate Jack while Jack had been held on an island. Jack feigned ignorance, but Noah scoffed at the idea that the woman who'd saved Jack's life on the freighter had made it up. Jack argued that there were different perspectives about what had happened, but Noah maintained that people deserved to know that Victor had been responsible for putting everyone Noah cared about in danger. Jack asserted that he had been the victim, so he wanted to decide who knew about it.

Noah countered that the only reason Jack didn't want anyone else to know was to avoid going to jail, and Jack conceded that he didn't want to subject himself to extradition and foreign court systems. Victor huffed that Marisa had put Noah at risk by telling him everything, but Noah blasted Jack for not having the courage to let everyone know that a crime lord had been masquerading as him. Jack argued that he'd been kept away from his wife and family for months, and he refused to do it again. Jack insisted that it was safer for everyone to keep quiet, but Noah bellowed that he'd make the truth known if Jack and Victor wouldn't. Victor barked that Noah wasn't going anywhere.

Victor contended that he had always been concerned about his family's security, and he thought sharing the information with the world would cause more damage than had already been done. Noah spat that the lie only protected Victor and Jack, but Jack reiterated that they had to keep mum to keep their loved ones safe, since the danger still existed. Jack argued that the fact that he and Victor agreed showed how important it was to stay quiet. There was a knock at the door. Noah hoped it was Summer, so both men had to look her in the eye and explain why her husband was really dead, but Victor announced that it was the authorities, who were there to arrest Jack.

After the police hauled Jack away, Victor told Noah that Jack and the Abbotts had introduced the virus into Newman's system to take Victor down. Noah admonished Victor for caring more about profits than human lives, and Victor recognized that he'd paid attention to profits when he'd built the company so that Noah could be born into riches. Noah demanded to know why Harding had confessed to the murders, and he realized that Harding and Marco had been working together. Victor said he was sorry about Courtney and Austin, and he wished he could undo it all, but he couldn't. Victor sincerely added that he deeply regretted what he'd done, and Noah silently walked out.

In the park, Summer explained to Phyllis that Ian was a cult leader, and she'd met him when Phyllis had been in a coma. Phyllis asked if Ian had tried to hurt Summer, and Summer recalled that he'd seemed to have all the answers when she'd needed someone to be understanding and supportive. Phyllis compared the situation to how Fred had become her instant friend, and Summer rambled on about Ian's past misdeeds. Summer expected Victor to freak out when he learned that Ian was free, and Phyllis realized that Victor was the reason why Ian was there.

At the police station, Dylan informed Devon that Hilary was alive and in Genoa City, but Paul pointed out that they didn't know anything for sure. Devon worried that Hilary had been injured or sick if she'd been on a gurney, and Dylan relayed that the pilot had said he'd gotten paid in cash to pick up Hilary from some EMTs in the Virgin Islands. Paul wanted to double-check all the details, and Michael speculated that Hilary could have arranged her own return to town. Devon insisted that she would have contacted him if she had, and he vowed to tear apart whoever was keeping him from his wife.

Michael announced that the D.A.'s office wasn't pressing assault charges against Devon, and Devon took off as Michael yelled after him not to take the law into his own hands. Paul prepared to quietly put out an APB to avoid tipping anyone off, but Michael felt like the situation was already spiraling out of control. Paul mentioned that they had another crisis to deal with.

Later, an officer hauled Jack to the police station, and Jack was surprised to see Billy, Victoria, and Abby handcuffed to chairs. The women explained that they'd been defending Billy's honor, and Jack envisioned walking out together when the authorities realized that Jabot hadn't had anything to do with the Paragon Project. Paul advised that the Feds likely had supporting evidence if they'd issued arrest warrants, and Billy insinuated that Victor had planted the evidence. Michael said he could help Victoria and Abby, but the federal charges were another issue. Phyllis arrived and demanded that Jack be released, since Paragon had been Ian Ward's doing.

Summer insisted that she'd seen Ian in the park, and Phyllis informed Jack that Ian had been posing as Fred. Abby questioned how Phyllis hadn't known who Ian was, and Summer explained that her mother had been in a coma when everything with Ian had happened. Paul said he had to check with the prison, and he told the group to try not to rack up more charges while he made the call. Phyllis couldn't believe that she'd fallen for Fred's sob story, and Summer said Ian was an expert at making people trust him. Jack lamented that Ian was roaming around free while Jack was handcuffed, and he thought only one person could put an end to it sooner rather than later.

Michael recognized that Ian was brilliant enough to execute a revenge plan, but he was stymied about how Ian had gotten out of prison. Jack suspected that Ian had convinced a guard to be part of the Path. Paul reported that the warden had said Ian was still in a prison hospital room with no computer access, being treated for a chronic condition.

Ian returned to his penthouse, and he ran into Adam in the hallway. Adam coolly remarked that Ian had been rolling around town like he was someone who wasn't supposed to be incarcerated, and he swore that he wouldn't go down with Ian. Adam guessed that Ian had seen Phyllis, and Ian reasoned that it would have been cruel to abandon her without saying a word. Ian divulged that someone had tipped her off that Ian was behind Paragon, and he pointedly wondered who would betray him in such an underhanded manner.

Adam admitted that he'd warned Phyllis about Fred, and Ian was sure he'd quashed her concerns, but Adam cautioned that Phyllis' friends and family knew Ian's face and hated his guts. Adam recounted arranging for another inmate to be admitted to the prison hospital in Ian's place, and he warned that Ian would be busted if the wrong person saw the patient. Adam advised Ian to stay in the apartment, but Ian was determined to follow his path to justice and vengeance. Ian said the one thing that had kept him going in his cell had been visions of Victor suffering, and he wanted to watch as they became real. Adam decided to pull the plug on Paragon, but Ian suggested that they do something else entirely.

Ian clucked that Adam's weakness was a shame, but the Paragon Project couldn't be contained. Adam thought they could just delete the code, and Ian suspected that Adam's fear of Victor ran deep. Adam insisted that he wasn't afraid of anyone, and he pledged to find a way to get to Victor without Ian's help. Adam said their plan was enabling a "rage monster" inside Ian that wanted to destroy Victor and everything around him, but they needed to shut it down. Ian pointed out that Adam had known that revenge had a cost, and shutting the program down wasn't possible, since Ian couldn't stop it even if he wanted to -- and he didn't. Ian crowed that it was going to be "a hell of a show."

Adam was sure that Ian could kill something that he'd created, but Ian explained that the program had become a living creature with a mind of its own. Ian continued that if they tried to cut Paragon in half like a worm, it would keep moving and create twice the chaos. Adam commanded Ian to grab his laptop so they could figure out how to stop the virus, and he turned toward his penthouse to fetch his own computer. Ian whacked Adam over the head, knocking Adam unconscious. Ian snarled that he didn't take orders.

Later, Adam groaned as he regained consciousness, and he rubbed his head. He left a message for Ian, giving Ian a choice to either help him put an end to the Paragon virus or to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life, since Ian couldn't run from him.

Over the phone, Victor confirmed that the authorities were forcing Ashley to return to America, and he declared that the Abbotts were about to pay for their crimes. Phyllis stormed in and announced that there was something Victor needed to hear, and he ordered her out, but she said she had information about Paragon. Victor reluctantly ended the call, and Phyllis revealed that Ian had been behind the project, not the Abbotts or Jack. Phyllis said they had to find Ian, but after everything Ian had done to Summer, however Victor wanted to handle him worked for her.

Phyllis relayed that Summer had practically been shaking when she'd recognized Ian, and Victor refused to allow Ian to do any more damage to him or his family. Phyllis implored Victor to drop the charges against Jack, but Victor speculated that perhaps Ian had been working with the Abbotts. Phyllis doubted that it had been a coincidence that Ian had found a way out of prison around the time Paragon had been unleashed, and she argued that Victor owed her. She demanded that he let Jack out.

At the police station, Paul reported that the FBI had dropped the computer fraud charges, and Michael assumed that Victor had arranged for Jack and Billy to be "unarrested." Jack guessed that Phyllis had forced Victor to do it, and he worried that Ian might panic if he knew they were aware he was out of prison. Abby expected to be released next, but Michael explained that while the cybercrime charges had been dropped, Victoria and Abby's offenses fell under another category. Billy teased that the sisters were the troublemakers, and Abby incredulously asked if he was going to leave them there after they'd tried to help him.

Paul said Ian's medical condition had landed him in the prison hospital, and Michael imagined that Ian had switched identities with another prisoner during the transfer. Dylan realized that Ian had preyed on women and that Ian might have been free when Hilary had gone missing. Paul noted that Hilary wasn't part of Victor's universe, and Dylan admitted that it was a stretch, but he wondered if it was a coincidence that they'd learned Hilary was in town on the same day they'd discovered Ian was also there.

Jack arrived at Adam's penthouse as Adam iced the lump on his head. Jack announced that he knew who had been behind Paragon, since "Fisherman Fred" had really been Ian Ward. Adam feigned surprise that Ian wasn't behind bars, but he mused that it made sense for Ian to go after Victor and Nikki if Ian had escaped. Jack said they needed to find a way to shut Ian down before he destroyed both the Newmans and the Abbotts.

At the prison, Victor chided the warden for endangering everyone in town by allowing a pervert to roam the streets, but the warden replied that he could prove that Victor was wrong. The warden made a call, and the door opened. Ian shuffled in and asked with a grin, "Victor, my friend, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

At the Athletic Club bar, Summer informed Noah that Ian was back after escaping from prison, and she pointed out that Ian could have just run away, but he'd opted to return to hurt Victor instead. Noah chugged his drink and grumbled that Victor didn't "give a damn" about anyone or anything, and Summer questioned why Noah was so mad. Summer understood that Noah was upset with Victor for trying to scare off Marisa, but Noah said that wasn't all there was to it. Noah received a text message, and he revealed that Marisa had left town and wasn't returning.

In the park, Neil hissed that he'd paid the pilot to fly the plane and to keep his mouth shut, but the pilot panicked that Hilary's disappearance and Devon's arrest had been all over the news. Neil noted that the pilot had taken money not to register a flight plan, and he suggested that the pilot leave town until everything blew over. Neil worried that he stood to lose his freedom if his plan unraveled, and he vowed not to let that happen. Meanwhile, Gwen watched the exchange from across the park, and the men took off separately.

At the boathouse, Neil begged Hilary to open her eyes and end the whole nightmare. Gwen called Neil and asked how his meeting had gone, and he replied that it had been productive. He remarked that he hadn't been sure he'd hear from her because of the time difference, and he abruptly said he had to run, but he'd be in touch when he got back to town. At the Athletic Club, Gwen approached Lily and fretted that Neil's lies kept piling up, since he was hiding out in Genoa City when he'd claimed to be in New York.

Lily wondered if Neil really was drinking again, and Gwen mentioned the intense conversation she'd witnessed between Neil and another man in the park. Gwen revealed that she'd given Neil a chance to tell the truth, but he'd still pretended to be in New York. Gwen found his behavior suspicious, and Lily imagined that Neil was handling Hilary's disappearance worse than everyone had thought. Devon burst in and announced that Hilary was alive and in town, since the pilot had verified that he'd flown an unconscious Hilary to Genoa City. Gwen asked when the flight had taken place, and Devon replied that it had been the same day Hilary had gone missing.

Lily couldn't fathom why the person who had transported Hilary home hadn't told anyone, and Devon said it was driving him crazy not to be able to get to his wife. Gwen said her thoughts were with them, and she departed. Devon couldn't believe all the time he'd wasted in Virgin Gorda when Hilary had been in Genoa City, but Lily stressed that the important thing had been that he hadn't lost hope. Devon vowed to find Hilary.

Gwen met Emma in the park, and she asked if any supplies or drugs had gone missing when Emma's hospital badge had disappeared. Emma reported that some random things had been unaccounted for, like nutritional supplements provided through an I.V. when a patient couldn't eat. Emma added that there was no way to get high off that, so Neil had stolen her badge for nothing if that had been what he'd been after.

Neil told an unconscious Hilary that the police knew she was in town, and they had enough resources to find her. He vowed that they couldn't do so until she woke up, since there was too much to misinterpret. He realized that he had to make a move, and he hoped it wasn't the wrong one. Neil made a call to a medical transportation service, and he claimed that the doctors in Genoa City couldn't give his loved one the right attention.

Neil explained that they were private people who wanted to move with discretion, and he offered to pay well. He breathed a sigh of relief when he learned the service could be there in an hour, and he hung up. Neil jumped when he looked up and saw an open-mouthed Gwen staring at him.

Kevin Investigates Ian's Partner

Kevin Investigates Ian's Partner

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

After Neil made arrangements for a medical transport service to move Hilary within the hour, he was shocked when he turned and saw Gwen in the boathouse. Gwen incredulously asked if Hilary had been there the entire time, and Neil swore that it wasn't what Gwen was thinking. Neil grabbed Gwen's arm to stop her from leaving, and he begged her to let him explain. Neil revealed that he'd found Hilary at the bottom of the cliff in Virgin Gorda, and she was recovering, but he didn't know what had happened.

Neil admitted that he'd followed Devon and Hilary on their honeymoon with the intent of ruining their relationship, and he told Gwen about the incriminating video of Devon. Gwen defended that Devon would never cheat on Hilary, and Neil added that he'd paid someone to make it look like Devon had. Neil continued that an upset Hilary had run away after she'd seen the video, and he'd seen her at the bottom of the cliff after he'd heard a scream. Neil said he didn't know if she'd jumped or fallen, but the cops believed Hilary and Devon had fought on the summit.

Neil recapped how he'd rescued Hilary from the water and taken her to a doctor, and once he'd confirmed that she had been okay to travel, he'd whisked her off on his private plane. Neil recognized what it looked like, but he guaranteed that when Hilary woke up, she'd verify that his only crime had been to try to hurt Hilary and Devon as much as they'd hurt Neil. Gwen cried that Neil had let his son think that his wife had been kidnapped, hurt, or even dead, and she suspected that Neil had liked making Devon suffer the worst pain imaginable.

Neil said watching over Hilary had been killing him, and Gwen asked if he expected her to feel sorry for him, but he replied that he only wanted to tell her what had really happened. Neil confided that dark thoughts of revenge had consumed his mind after the plane crash, and he'd tried to suppress the feelings, but he'd felt like Devon and Hilary had been making fun of him every time he'd seen them happy together. Neil admitted that he'd wanted to make them feel the same pain they'd caused him, but he swore he hadn't expected or wanted things to happen the way they had. He added that the ordeal had allowed him to see how much Devon loved Hilary, and it had allowed him to become closer to Gwen. Gwen snapped not to touch her.

Gwen skeptically asked if Neil was saying he cared for her after he'd used her sister's stolen identification badge to obtain medical supplies, and she blasted Neil for involving her in something that sick. Neil acknowledged that it had been wrong, and Gwen spat that their entire relationship had been a lie. He swore that it hadn't been, and he hadn't planned on falling for her, but he'd started imagining a future for them. Neil contended that he and Gwen could be together once he was exonerated, and he asked Gwen to walk out the door and forget she'd ever seen Hilary.

Neil pledged to take care of Hilary until she woke up, but Gwen wondered what would happen if Hilary never awakened. Neil said Hilary had to regain consciousness to tell everyone what had happened on the island, so Devon and the police would understand why Neil hadn't told anyone that Hilary was alive. Gwen pleaded with Neil to tell everyone the truth, but Neil proclaimed that he was going to do it his way. Gwen responded that she had to do what she needed to do, and if he wouldn't end it, she would. She ran off, and Neil made a call to cancel the medical transport.

Neil told Hilary that he'd done his best to take care of her, but it was time for her to go home to her husband, where she belonged. Neil planned to take her to the hospital then leave town for a while. He realized that the police would be there soon, so they had to go.

At the police station, Paul informed Cane that he'd poured resources into trying to find Hilary in Genoa City, but it wasn't the police's only case. Cane cautioned that there was only so long he could keep Devon from interfering, and Paul warned that he'd lock Devon up if Devon assaulted anyone else. Devon and Lily showed up, and Paul reported that the police were checking all hospitals within 50 miles for anyone matching Hilary's description. Devon thought it made no sense that there hadn't been any sign of Hilary, but Cane pointed out that it did if she wasn't in the area.

Devon asked if Paul hadn't believed the pilot, and Paul clarified that they'd been unable to corroborate the pilot's story. Cane reasoned that Paul wouldn't have allocated that much manpower to the search if he hadn't believed the story, and Paul confirmed that they were looking at all possible scenarios. Devon inquired whether they were considering a kidnapping, since it was no secret that Devon had billions. Paul advised Devon to be patient, and Devon suggested that they try to figure out why the person who'd taken Hilary had done it.

Paul said he had a profiler working on the case, but they didn't have much to go on. Paul urged Devon to get some rest while the police did their jobs, and Lily offered to take Devon back to the Athletic Club. Devon wanted to keep looking, and Paul threatened to throw him in a holding cell if he interfered with the investigation. Paul advised that they didn't want to make the kidnapper nervous, since experience told him that if the person felt backed up against a wall, they might do something even more desperate.

After Devon and Lily left, Cane speculated that no one had demanded a ransom because the kidnapper wanted to make sure Devon was devastated enough to pay any amount of money. Paul hoped it hadn't been a kidnapping, since not getting a call likely meant that a kidnapper no longer had anything to bargain with. Cane asked if Paul believed that they'd find Hilary, and Paul said it would make their job more difficult if Hilary had been moved from Genoa City. Paul wanted to concentrate on the theory that Hilary was nearby and that it was in the best interest of her captor to keep her alive.

Paul promised that he'd update Cane if he heard anything, and Cane stepped out of Paul's office as Paul took a call from Dylan. Cane eavesdropped as Dylan tipped Paul off to check something out at Memorial Hospital.

Reporters swarmed around Devon when he and Lily entered the club, and Lily said they had no comment, but Devon calmly stated that the search for his wife was ongoing in the Virgin Islands. Lily threatened to call security, and the press left. Lily said she was proud of Devon, and he recognized that he had to keep his emotions under control. He mentioned that he'd fallen asleep long enough to dream about Hilary, who had told him she'd been at home, but she'd disappeared when he'd reached out to touch her. Devon wailed that when Hilary had said she'd been home the whole time, he'd wanted very badly for it to be true.

Devon implored Lily to get back to work, but she swore to always be there for him. Devon bemoaned that she was the only one who believed Hilary would return. Gwen rushed in and said there was something Devon needed to know, and he assumed she wanted to talk about Neil. Cane interrupted with the news that Paul had just received a call about an unconscious, dark-haired Jane Doe in her late 20s being admitted to the hospital. Devon ran out over Gwen's protests.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Jack couldn't believe that no one could figure out the virus, and he worried that Ian planned to attack Jabot next. Adam asked how Jack had found out that Ian had been behind Paragon, and Jack mentioned that Summer had seen Ian talking to Phyllis in the park. Jack said he'd recognized Ian's voice but hadn't been able to place it, and Phyllis had nearly lost it when Summer had told her about what Ian had put Summer through. Chelsea and Kevin joined them, and Jack informed them that Ian had launched the virus, but he had reason to think Ian had been working with someone else.

Kevin noted that Ian had clearly been working on the virus for a long time, and Jack recalled that Victor had become aware of the initial threat around the first of the year. Kevin wondered who might have helped Ian, and Adam remarked that Ian seemed capable of pulling it off on his own. Jack was skeptical that Ian possessed the technical skills, but Adam commented that plenty of people in prison had them. Kevin contemplated how a prisoner would have had the Newman password, and Jack asked if Kevin could track down Ian's partner. Kevin declared that Ian's partner couldn't hide from him, and he walked out.

At the prison hospital, Ian asked why Victor looked surprised to see him, since Ian was the reason Victor was there. Victor growled that it wasn't a social call, and he accused Ian of infecting Newman's computer system with a virus. Ian scoffed at the idea that he'd done it from prison, but Victor stated that Ian had been out and about, and he guessed that Ian would still be roaming the streets if Summer hadn't seen him in the park. Ian wished his and Summer's paths had crossed, but he claimed that he had no idea "what the hell" Victor was talking about. Victor snarled that Ian was still the same slimeball he'd been when Victor had put him behind bars, and Ian suggested that perhaps he had a doppelgänger.

Victor inquired whether Ian was denying being behind the Paragon Project, and Ian feigned ignorance about what it was. Phyllis appeared in the doorway and asked whether "Fred" remembered her, and Ian replied that he would recognize a beautiful woman like her anywhere, but he insisted that she had him confused with someone else. She asked if it had been fun to pretend to have insight into a stranger when he'd known all along that she was Jack's wife and Summer's mother, and Ian said he was more confused than ever, since he'd thought Jack was involved with a beautiful blonde from the Athletic Club. Phyllis recognized that Ian was attempting to press her buttons, but she hissed that he wouldn't get away with any of it.

Ian chided Victor for always trying to figure out the how and not the why, and Victor guessed that Ian had tried to exact revenge because Victor had put him in prison. Ian claimed that he'd evolved, and he taunted that Victor had easily bought into the possibility of the virus plot because he'd been anxious to vilify Ian. Phyllis pointed out that Ian hadn't been in jail, but Ian chuckled at the thought of going in and out of prison as he pleased. Victor maintained that Ian was behind the Paragon Project, and Ian wondered if Victor was going to have his thugs beat Ian up again.

Victor roughly grabbed Ian and barked that it was just them that time, but Phyllis convinced Victor to back off, and Ian called for the guard. Phyllis accepted that Ian was going to pretend they'd never met, but she ominously stated that she really disliked when someone messed with her daughter, and whatever Victor was cooking up would be a slap on the wrist compared to what she'd do to Ian. A guard led Ian out.

Victor asked the warden how it had been possible for Ian to leave the prison, but the warden asserted that Ian hadn't been able to do it. Phyllis confirmed that Ian had been living near Genoa City, but the warden maintained that all inmates had been accounted for. Phyllis contended that it hadn't been Ian's head the prison had counted, since she'd talked to Ian for hours in the woods and in the park. Victor added that Ian had been wreaking havoc on his company, and he warned that the warden would be in a lot of trouble if he couldn't explain how Ian had slipped in and out of prison.

Victor and Phyllis arrived at Victor's office and found Kevin and Jack there, and Jack explained that they were trying to save Victor's company. Phyllis explained that she and Victor had run into one another at the prison, and Jack guessed that they'd found Ian's empty bed. She revealed that Ian had been there, claiming that he'd been incarcerated the whole time, and the warden had backed Ian up. Kevin informed Victor that he'd been trying to establish a connection between Ian and a partner, and Victor said he already knew who else wanted to exact revenge on him.

Victor theorized that Billy and Ashley had partnered with Ian, but Jack countered that the FBI had dropped the charges. Victor said it proved nothing, and Jack pointed out that he wouldn't be going out of his way to find out who Ian's partner was if his siblings had been involved. Jack urged Victor to help get Billy out of jail, since even though the cybercrime charges had been dropped, an altercation had happened during the arrest. Victor haughtily stated that he wasn't surprised, but Jack divulged that Victoria and Abby were also being held. Victor instructed Kevin to keep working to uncover the identity of Ian's partner.

Phyllis complained when Jack stopped by Jabot on their way home, and he hoped to find contact information for Ashley. Phyllis reminded him that Ashley had left Billy in charge, and she hoped Billy decided to give back Newman's shipping company in light of Ian's involvement. Phyllis was embarrassed by her recent track record of trusting despicable humans, but Jack replied that she'd figured Ian out, and it wouldn't be long before they put a stop to what Ian had started, since Ian was back where he belonged -- behind bars. Meanwhile, as alarms sounded at the prison, the warden called Victor and warned that Ian had escaped.

At the penthouse, Chelsea worried that it would only be a matter of time before Newman collapsed if Kevin was unable stop the virus, but Adam assured her that her line would survive, since she didn't need Newman to succeed. Chelsea wondered whether it had been Ian's goal to take down Victor's family and not just the business, and Adam thought Ian might end up doing both. Chelsea inquired whether it would make Adam happy to see his father crumble, but Adam claimed that he'd let go of his need for vengeance when they'd agreed to move to Paris. She imagined that there would be no better closure for him than seeing Victor in complete ruin, but she unknowingly noted that Adam wouldn't have the satisfaction of being the one who'd caused it.

Chelsea asked how it felt for Adam to finally see Victor's demise, and Adam mused that it hadn't been the way he'd imagined. He explained that he didn't like that Chelsea was involved or that Jabot might be collateral damage, and Chelsea remarked that it looked like Ian didn't care who he hurt. Adam looked away, and Chelsea pressed to know what was wrong. Adam said he'd made a big mistake.

Adam recalled when he'd encouraged Chelsea to return from Paris to fight for her company, and he wished he hadn't pressured her to return, since she'd been caught in the middle of the mess. Chelsea insisted that it hadn't been his fault, but Adam thought they should be in Paris. Chelsea tenderly told Adam that her designs were in her head, and her love for Adam and Connor was in her heart, and no one could take those away from her. He hoped she was right, and they kissed. She headed upstairs to bed, and he chugged his drink and exited the penthouse.

Chelsea returned downstairs and called out for Adam, but she received no response. She looked around and opened the door to the hallway, where Adam was closing the door to the adjacent penthouse. Kevin stepped off the elevator, and Adam claimed that he'd been up on the roof to get some air. Kevin announced that he'd traced the most recent activity by the person who'd launched the cyber attack, and the person had used an IP address in that building.

Chelsea Realizes Adam Partnered With Ian

Chelsea Realizes Adam Partnered With Ian

Thursday, October 1, 2015

In the hallway outside the penthouse, Kevin reported to "Gabriel" and Chelsea that he'd traced the most recent cyber attack activity to an IP address in that building. Kevin explained that the signal had run through multiple countries, but it had led back to Gabriel's old apartment. Kevin assumed that Ian had been there the whole time with no one knowing it, and Chelsea stared at Adam. They retreated inside Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, and Kevin imagined that Ian had gotten a sick thrill from being that close while manipulating Newman's sales lines.

Chelsea remarked that Ian hadn't worked alone, and Kevin guessed that even if Ian had created the malware, someone else had sneaked into Victor's office to insert the code. Kevin confirmed that it had occurred on the night of Katherine's memorial, when the power had been out everywhere except Newman Tower. Chelsea watched Adam intently as he answered a call from Jack, and Adam relayed that Ian had escaped from prison again. Kevin stressed that it was even more imperative to find Ian's accomplice, since finding one of the partners in crime might lead directly to the other.

After Kevin departed, Adam suggested that they beef up security in case Ian returned. Chelsea silently turned away, and Adam assured her that he would protect her, but she replied that she wasn't frightened of Ian. She informed Adam that she'd seen him leaving his old apartment right before Kevin had arrived, and she asked what Adam had been doing there. Adam claimed that he'd had a bad feeling about their new neighbors, so he'd stopped by to check things out, and he'd found the door ajar.

Chelsea compared it to the night someone had entered Victor's office and planted the virus on Victor's computer, but Adam countered that no one was sure how the virus had infected the system. Chelsea recalled that Adam had skipped the memorial service and had lied to her about meeting the Realtor, and she suspiciously stated that there had been a lot of coincidences. Chelsea became increasingly furious as she put the pieces together and realized that Adam had been Ian's partner. She confronted Adam about being the mastermind behind Paragon.

Adam denied that he'd initiated the plot, and he claimed that he'd been trapped when Ian had threatened to expose his true identity. Adam admitted that he'd agreed to help by planting a bug in Victor's computer, but he'd had no idea how massive the thing would be. Chelsea spat that Adam knew no difference between telling the truth and lying, and she guessed that he'd involved Ian because of Ian's history with the Newmans. Adam contended that he'd returned from the grave with a plan to win her heart and put his family back together, but he'd also wanted to take down Victor.

Adam regretted his association with Ian, but he refused to apologize for trying to take down a horrible human being like Victor, who had stolen Chelsea's company and manipulated her by holding Connor under his thumb. Chelsea argued that Victor loved Connor in his own way, but Adam had promised to protect their son while letting an escaped convict live next door. Chelsea started to make a call, but Adam grabbed the phone away from her and insisted that things had gotten twisted inside Chelsea's head.

Adam swore that he'd let go of his obsession with getting back at Victor, but Chelsea believed that revenge had been all that had ever mattered to him. He asserted that she and Connor were all he cared about, but she snapped that Adam would never change. Adam admitted that he'd been guilty of a lot of things, including working with Ian, but he'd collaborated with Jack to end Paragon when things had started spiraling. Adam pleaded that he'd tried to keep his promise to leave the past behind and start over as a family, but Chelsea slapped him and yelled at him to stop lying.

Adam recognized that Chelsea had no reason to believe him, but he maintained that he'd been trying to get out of the alliance. She ordered him to prove it, and he said he had no confession tape, but he'd known that if he'd told anyone, he would have put her at risk. Chelsea ranted that Adam had inserted Ian into their lives, but Adam was sure that Ian had fled the country, so the knowledge of Adam's collusion with Ian could die there. Chelsea wailed that it couldn't end, since she knew everything. Chelsea crossed over to the door and opened it, and she demanded that Adam get out.

Adam said they were both exhausted, and he suggested that they talk the next day. Chelsea spat that there was "no tomorrow," and she bellowed for him to get out. He protested that she'd wake up Connor, but she snapped that Connor was no longer his concern, since he'd never see her son again. Adam clarified that Connor was his son, too, but Chelsea pledged to make sure Adam paid for all the rotten things he'd done, starting with Delia's death. Adam stepped into the hallway, but he stopped her from closing the door and told her that she was right -- it wasn't the end.

Devon rushed into the hospital with Lily and Cane close behind him, and a nurse gave him Jane Doe's room number. Paul tried to stop Devon from entering the room, but Devon pushed past him, frantically calling Hilary's name. Devon's face fell when he discovered a cowering Marisa in the hospital bed, and Devon apologized as Paul escorted him out. Meanwhile, Gwen approached Emma, who explained that Devon had gotten word about an unidentified woman who'd been admitted, and Gwen covered her surprise that it wasn't Hilary.

Emma observed that Devon looked crushed, and Gwen listened as Devon swore to kill the "son of a bitch" who had taken Hilary. Paul understood that revenge seemed like the answer, but he stressed that it wouldn't help them find Hilary. Paul answered a call and learned that Ian had escaped, and he ordered the department to be placed on high alert. Devon noted that Paul had many priorities, but Devon's only priority was Hilary, and he vowed to find her. Emma mused to Gwen that if she loved someone that much, she didn't know if she could handle losing them.

At the Underground, Mariah noted that Noah had broken three glasses that day, and she surmised that he was upset about Marisa. He revealed that Marisa had sent him a text message to tell him that she was leaving town, and he claimed that it would be a relief not to have to deal with her lies anymore. Mariah reminded him of Sharon's statement that sometimes people lied for good reasons, but Noah griped that constantly lying wasn't an attractive quality. Mariah understood how easy it was for one lie to turn into another when someone was trying to erase the past.

Mariah recounted that she'd had her own set of secrets when she'd arrived in Genoa City, but she'd still become a member of Noah's family. Noah argued that things were different with Marisa, but Mariah reasoned that he had even more reason to make things work because he loved Marisa. Noah received a call from a police officer, and he found out that Marisa had been mugged before she'd had a chance to leave town. Noah mused that he and Marisa weren't together anymore, but Mariah said it didn't matter if he loved Marisa, and she ordered him to go to the hospital.

Later, Kevin arrived at the Underground, and Mariah informed him that she was closing up after a dismal night. He assumed that she'd heard about Ian's escape, but he quickly realized that she hadn't. Mariah refused to let Ian scare her, and she envisioned letting Ian have it if he walked through the door. They both stared at the entryway, and they agreed that they'd both expected to see Ian there for a moment. Mariah imagined cracking a bottle over Ian's head, and Kevin promised to have her back. He asked why her night had been awful, and she relayed that Marisa was in the hospital after being clocked over the head.

Kevin asked where Marisa had been attacked, and he pulled out his laptop to try to figure out who had done it. Mariah looked admiringly at Kevin as he worked, and she said it was a shame that they were really good at most things together and really bad at other things. Kevin surmised that she meant sex, and she purred that it was a waste when they were alone in a locked bar. They started to lean in close to one another, but they backed off and agreed to focus.

Paul entered Marisa's hospital room and asked if she could identify who had attacked her. She replied that she didn't know, and he said she had been lucky that a possible concussion had been her only injury. He gently pressed for any details she remembered about her attacker, but she only recalled that someone had jumped her from behind when she'd been waiting for a car to take her to the airport. Paul asked her to be honest about any enemies who might have hurt her, and Noah entered the room.

Noah said he wanted to talk to Marisa if she was up to it, and Paul stepped out. Marisa explained that the police hadn't known who to call, but they'd found Noah's photo on her phone. Noah sat down at her bedside and asked how she was feeling. She replied that she felt worse than she looked. She informed him that she'd told Paul that she'd been blindsided, but the person had done a good job if they'd meant to scare her. Marisa lamented that she'd broken another promise by not getting out of Noah's life, and Noah asked if she was lying to protect Luca.

Marisa insisted that she'd never lie to protect Luca, and Noah pointed out that she'd lied in the past, but she countered that she'd only done it to protect herself. Noah asked if she was sure that Luca hadn't ordered the attack, but she was convinced that Luca would never physically hurt her. She added that she didn't love Luca, but Noah recalled that she'd gone to great lengths to protect Marco when she'd claimed not to love Marco, either. Noah flatly stated that she needed rest, and he headed for the door. She pleaded with him not to go after Luca, but he walked out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Noah snatched a drink away from Luca, who warned him to be careful with the finest brandy available, since it was irreplaceable. "So is Marisa," Noah snarled as he poured the contents of the glass onto the floor. Noah demanded to know if Luca had been trying to teach her a lesson, and he wondered if it was Luca's routine to beat on women and go drinking afterward. Luca worriedly asked whether something had happened to Marisa, and Noah revealed that she was lying in a hospital bed after someone had tried to shatter her skull. Luca prepared to go see her, but Noah roughly grabbed him and growled that Luca wouldn't get away with it.

Luca suggested that he and Noah trade punches outside, but he warned that only one of them would feel better. Luca swore that he'd never raise a hand to Marisa, and Noah insinuated that Luca had hired someone else to do it. Luca maintained that it wasn't his style, but he couldn't rule out the possibility that his father had given the order, and he offered to look into whether his family had been behind it. Luca was certain that Marisa would confirm that he'd never do something like that.

In the club foyer, Lily told Devon to get some rest, but he groused that it wouldn't do any good, since Hilary would still be missing. Lily acknowledged that the false lead had been a huge disappointment, but she assured him that it was just a matter of time. Devon fretted that the odds of finding Hilary would get worse as the search dragged out, and Cane urged him not to quit. Devon conceded that he was feeling sorry for himself, but that wouldn't get Hilary back, nor would sleeping. He headed for the door and asked why Cane and Lily were just standing there, since they had work to do.

Noah returned to the hospital and told Marisa that he believed Luca hadn't hurt her. She was glad the men hadn't fought, and Noah informed her that Luca had thought his father might have been responsible, but he wondered what kind of people would take things that far. Marisa reminded Noah that Victor had offered her money to leave town, and Noah acknowledged that his grandfather was ruthless in business, but he was sure Victor wouldn't resort to violence. She pointed out that it wouldn't be the first time things had gone too far when Victor had tried to shut someone up.

At the boathouse, Neil told an unconscious Hilary that he needed to get her to a hospital so he could disappear. He checked her I.V. and realized that he couldn't move her without making things worse, and he anticipated that the police would be there any minute. He said he had to leave, but he didn't want Hilary to worry, since the police would get her the care she needed. He repeated that he was sorry, but he had to get a head start, and he told her to take care. Neil walked out, but he hesitated outside the boathouse door.

Neil slipped back inside the boathouse and hoped that once he was gone, Hilary would recover and have a beautiful future with Devon. Neil answered a call from Gwen, and she asked if he was still where she'd left him. He surmised that the police would arrange for Hilary to get proper care once they got there, but Gwen inquired about how Neil was doing. Gwen begged him not to go until they talked in person, and she swore that she hadn't told anyone his secret. She reminded him that he'd implored her to trust him, and she asked him to do the same thing with her.

Later, Gwen called out for Neil at the boathouse, but she received no response. She cursed and wondered why he hadn't trusted her, and she couldn't believe he'd just taken off. Neil suddenly approached her from behind, and he explained that he'd stayed out of sight until he'd known the police hadn't been there, but they had to make the conversation quick. Gwen whimpered that she couldn't let Neil leave forever, since he'd never have a moment's peace once the police found Hilary. Gwen continued that everyone would blame Neil if Hilary was never able to explain that Neil hadn't caused her to fall, and Devon would never forgive him.

Gwen pointed out that she'd had a chance to tell Paul the truth, but she didn't want to lose Neil. Neil asked why Gwen had changed her mind, and she recounted that she'd gone straight to Devon to tell him everything, but she'd realized what it might do to Devon if he found out what Neil had done. Gwen asserted that Neil needed help with Hilary to resolve the situation with the least amount of suffering, but Neil firmly stated that he didn't want her help.

Neil called Gwen an incredible woman that any man would fall in love with, but that was why he couldn't let her help him. He didn't want to implicate her as an accomplice, and he considered the worst possible case if Hilary didn't wake up. Gwen told him to stop, and she insisted that she wanted to help him. She argued that she had a resource in Emma, and they could get Hilary the treatment she needed to recover. Gwen hugged Neil, and he said he didn't deserve her.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan complained to Stitch that the loose ends in Hilary's case had been frustrating, and he asked Stitch where he'd take an unconscious woman for medical attention without alerting the authorities. Stitch guessed that Hilary hadn't been in a healthcare facility since her disappearance, since Hilary's face had been all over the news, and someone likely would have stepped forward to claim Devon's reward money. Dylan imagined that Hilary was in a place where she could receive medical treatment, and Stitch noted that someone would need certain things to keep her alive.

Stitch suddenly remembered that some medical supplies had gone missing from the hospital right around the time Hilary had been flown back to Genoa City, and he suggested that they investigate who had taken them. Dylan inquired whether someone without medical training could keep Hilary alive, and Stitch said there were plenty of videos online about how to set up an I.V. Dylan realized that whoever had stolen the supplies would eventually need more.

At the police station, Devon, Cane, and Lily entered Paul's office, and Devon said he wanted to help find his wife any way he could. Devon recognized that the police were busy, and he offered to help Dylan go through false leads until they found Hilary. Paul said they were doing everything they could, but Devon was determined to do more. Dylan and Stitch arrived, and Dylan announced that Stitch had thought of a lead that hopefully would take them right to Hilary.

Stitch explained about the missing supplies, and Dylan reasoned that Hilary's captor was bound to run out and need more. Paul suggested that they put trackers on similar supplies to send a signal if they were removed from the hospital, since the trace might lead them straight to Hilary. Devon exclaimed that they were getting somewhere.

Adam's Real Identity Is Exposed

Adam's Real Identity Is Exposed

Friday, October 2, 2015

At Fairview, Paul admired the baby booties that Patty had knit, and he asked if she'd been eating and taking her meds. She promised that she was looking after herself while he looked after the entire city, and she gushed that she was proud of him. Paul replied that he was proud of her for doing well, and Patty admitted that it was hard work. She wanted her doctor to see how hard she was trying, but she thought it was unfair when another patient was lying through her teeth and getting away with it.

Sharon winced as Dr. Anderson drew a blood sample, and the doctor explained that she was running a standard blood panel to make sure Sharon's body was properly absorbing the medication. Later, Sharon was surprised when Paul stopped by her room, and he explained that he'd been checking up on Patty, so he'd thought he would also make sure Sharon and the baby were doing fine. She said she was feeling pretty good, and she asked about Dylan. Paul mentioned that he'd been keeping Dylan busy, but she and the baby were Dylan's priority, and he expected that Dylan would be a great father.

Sharon said she missed Dylan and her kids, but the facility was restful, and she thought Patty had seemed better. Paul hoped so, and he wished he understood how Patty's mind worked. He suspected that Patty had wanted to tell him something earlier, but she hadn't been able to say the words. Sharon advised him to be patient, and Patty would eventually open up.

Patty requested some advice from Dr. Anderson, and she said she hadn't told her brother that she'd overheard Sharon saying that she wasn't really pregnant. Patty recognized that it had been wrong to eavesdrop, but telling Paul seemed to be the right thing to do. Patty worried that if she told him the truth, he might think she was paranoid, and she wondered if she was. Patty swore that she knew what she'd heard, and Dr. Anderson confided that she'd run a pregnancy test on Sharon.

Patty excitedly burst into Sharon's room, and she promised that she would knock the next time. Patty confessed that she'd done something bad, and it had been wrong, but Sharon had been right. Patty explained that she'd thought Sharon had been lying about giving Paul a grandchild, but she'd learned that Sharon was having a little one, after all. Patty rambled that the blood test was supposed to be a secret, but family didn't keep secrets from one another, and the test had proven that Sharon was pregnant. A joyful Sharon covered her surprise, and Patty asked if Sharon was mad at her. Sharon exclaimed that they were family, and the women hugged.

Dr. Anderson stopped by to see Sharon, and she observed that Sharon looked better than she had earlier. Sharon said she felt wonderful, and the doctor inquired about Sharon's mood shift. Sharon claimed that needles made her nervous, but she felt great, and she thought the time there had done what she'd needed it to do. Sharon declared that she was ready to sign out and go home, but Dr. Anderson advised against basing the decision on Sharon's mood at a given moment. The doctor revealed that Sharon's blood work had indicated that Sharon was in the middle of a bipolar episode.

Sharon reiterated that she felt happy and healthy, but Dr. Anderson reminded her that she'd checked in to make sure she managed the pregnancy hormones after going off her meds, and Sharon's levels weren't where they needed to be. Sharon asked if she could be treated as an outpatient, but Dr. Anderson thought staying at the facility for a little longer would be best. Sharon agreed that she had to be healthy for the baby's sake, and the doctor pulled out a syringe and said she had a new protocol to help with Sharon's symptoms. Sharon reluctantly consented to receive the shot, and Dr. Anderson said the medication would work quickly to help Sharon rest.

Later, Patty whispered Sharon's name as she entered the room, and she asked if the baby had made Sharon tired. Sharon stirred, and Patty said she'd made some booties for the baby. She set the booties next to Sharon and made suggestions for baby names. Dr. Anderson entered and asked what Patty was doing in there.

Through the penthouse door, Chelsea told Adam to go away, and she threatened to call the police. Adam protested that his son was in there, and she opened the door. He argued that she couldn't cut him out of his son's life, but she pointed out that Adam had gotten a new face and a new life, and Gabriel Bingham didn't have a son. Chelsea ordered Adam to walk away unless he was willing to tell the whole world who he really was.

Adam argued that Connor deserved to have a father who loved him, and he reminded Chelsea that they'd agreed to tell Connor who Adam really was when the timing was right. She admitted that she'd let herself think they could have a life together, but everything about Adam was a lie. She spat that every fiber of him was consumed by hate, and he wasn't a good role model for Connor. She added that she didn't want Connor to be around Adam when he was spewing hatred, and she thought Connor needed to know kind, loving people, like Delia. Adam snapped that he wanted to forget Delia, and Chelsea called him disgusting for wanting to forget that a child had died.

Adam swore that he was riddled with regret every day, and Chelsea condemned him for not using that regret to become a better person. Chelsea accused Adam of being completely focused on revenge, but she realized it was who he was, and he would never change. She added that the truth was that inside his soul, Adam was the one who was dead. Adam asserted that he and Chelsea had gotten through the worst when she'd learned who he was, and he was confident they could get through the rest. She called him a compulsive liar who'd chosen to attack his father rather than be with his son, and she said he was an awful son and an awful father.

Chelsea continued that Adam was an awful person for telling her to forget Delia, and she was sick of his lies and excuses. Chelsea demanded that Adam leave her alone, or she'd take Connor and run somewhere Adam couldn't find them. Adam vowed to fix things and to show her that they deserved a chance, but she sadly stated that they'd never had a chance, since there had always been something in their way, and she accepted it. "I don't want this anymore," she firmly told him, and she turned and closed the door in his face. She sat down on the stairs and sobbed. Meanwhile, Adam left a voicemail for Ian, ordering him to kill the virus right away.

At Jabot, Kyle blasted Billy for snapping up Newman's assets at bargain prices, and he compared it to buying stolen car parts from a chop shop. Billy speculated that Newman was secretly in the toilet, and the company was having a fire sale to raise capital and using the Paragon story as a cover. Kyle urged Billy to shut it down, but Billy refused, and he pointed out that Kyle's hands were clean. Kyle warned that Victor would have Billy's head, but Billy haughtily dared Victor to try.

Billy said Victor didn't control everything, and he imagined that Victor would do the same thing to Jabot if he had a chance. Kyle pointed out that Victor had gotten Billy out of jail, but Billy countered that Victor had had him arrested in the first place. Kyle inquired whether Ashley knew that Billy was spending Jabot's money on assets that hadn't been up for sale, and Billy snapped not to tell him how to run his father's company. Kyle thought John never would have approved of what Billy was doing, and he asserted that they both knew Billy was dragging John's company through the mud. Kyle walked out.

Phyllis and Jack tracked down Summer at the Dive Bar, and Summer guessed from their expressions that Phyllis had seen Ian again. Jack revealed that Ian had sneaked back into prison, and Phyllis added that she'd confronted Ian, but he'd acted like he had never met her. Summer was relieved that Ian was back in prison, but Phyllis explained that they'd just learned he was back out again. Jack guessed that Ian was making his final move by taking such a big risk, and Phyllis cautioned that Ian could be anywhere.

Jack announced that he'd arranged for a guard to protect Summer everywhere she went, and he stepped aside to take a call from Kyle. Kyle reported that Billy was buying Newman assets, and he worried how Victor would react. Jack told Phyllis and Summer that he had to get to Jabot, but he swore he wouldn't let Ian get near either of them.

After Jack took off, Summer pointed out that Ian had been stalking Phyllis, and Phyllis informed her that Ian had lit up when he'd heard Summer's name. Summer was glad Phyllis had told her, since she wasn't a kid anymore. Phyllis remarked that Summer would always be her kid, and she looked at a text message on her phone. Phyllis assured Summer that it was nothing to worry about, and she had other fish to fry besides Ian.

In the park, Ian sang a song to himself about the Paragon Project, and he evilly snickered at the thought of everyone finding out what it could really do. Ian was pleased when Phyllis showed up to see him, and she chided him for suddenly knowing her again. He apologized for denying their friendship earlier, and he said he was touched that their connection meant a lot to her. He imagined that if he'd wounded her with his deception, his next bit of news would break her heart.

Phyllis accused Ian of using her to dig for information about her husband and the Paragon Project, but Ian defended that he'd made a sincere effort to get to know her. He contended that an enemy of his enemy was his friend, and Victor was Jack's enemy, too. Ian referred to Victor's plot to take Jack away from her, and Phyllis demanded to know what Ian thought he knew. Ian cryptically replied that he knew a lot of things, and he wanted to share them all with her.

Phyllis asked if Ian had a secret worth her time or if she could call Paul. Ian told her to say hi for him, and she suggested that she call Victor instead. Ian questioned why she would rat him out to Victor after what Victor had done to her, and he insinuated that he'd worked with someone who hated Victor as much as he did to unleash Paragon. Phyllis noted that Victor had lots of enemies, and Ian narrowed the pool down to Victor's dead enemies. Ian urged her to make a guess, but she refused to play games. Ian revealed that his brother-in-arms had been Victor's not-so-dearly-departed son, Adam.

Later, Adam called Ian again, and Ian cheerfully answered. Adam insisted that the virus had to die that night, and Ian apologized for being unreachable earlier because he'd been having a conversation with a redhead. Adam panicked that Ian had hurt Phyllis, but Ian said they'd merely had an open, frank discussion, and he pointedly added that he hadn't caused any injuries -- to Phyllis. Adam demanded to know what Ian had done, and Ian swore that he'd never do anything to harm Phyllis, but it was too late for Adam to threaten him.

Adam commanded Ian to put the Paragon Project out of commission, and Ian teased that Adam had a resistance to reality, since the virus couldn't be stopped. "Goodbye, Gabriel Bingham. Rest in peace," Ian said before he hung up. Paul and a police officer approached Ian, and Ian applauded Paul for being punctual. Paul announced that due to Ian's obvious good health, Ian had been released from the prison hospital, and Paul had a maximum-security cell for him.

Jack arrived at Jabot, and Billy unapologetically informed Jack that he'd bought Newman's assets when they'd gone up for sale. Billy proclaimed that he was the hero, not the enemy, but Jack lectured that antagonizing Victor wasn't leadership. Jack recognized that it had been a tough few years for Billy, but Billy warned Jack not to use Delia's death to slap him down. Billy asserted that he'd done exactly what Victor would have done if the tables had been turned, but Jack pointed out that it was why it was wrong, since they should do the opposite of what Victor would do. Billy pledged to take Victor down and make sure he didn't get back up.

Victoria and Abby entered Victor's office as Victor bellowed over the phone that he wanted the virus stopped before it sold off what was left of his company. Victoria imagined that there had to be code to shut Paragon down, and Abby asked what they could do to help. Victor blasted them for getting arrested for protecting the enemy, and Victoria defended that they were there then. Victor yelled that it was too late, blaring, "My company is being brought down to its knees!"

Victor ranted that the virus was out of control, and nothing could stop it. He imagined Billy cackling and telling the world that he had beaten Victor, but Victoria argued that the Abbotts hadn't had anything to do with it. Victor growled that Jabot was buying up Newman's assets, and he regretted not having Ashley hauled back by Interpol. He accused Ashley of turning a blind eye when Billy had bought the shipping line, but Victoria insisted that the enemy was Ian Ward. Victor barked that the Abbotts were their enemies as well.

Victor groused that the virus had already penetrated the system, and remote servers had already stolen the company's memory banks. Abby suggested that they distract the media with a publicity stunt, and Victoria scoffed at the thought of Abby riding around naked on a horse. Abby snapped that she'd just been brainstorming, and Victor ordered them to stop quibbling. Victor noted that Abby had been the first victim of the virus, since she'd thought she'd been responsible for the sales uptick, and Abby questioned whether he thought the virus was her fault. Victor huffed that he didn't want to deal with Abby's moods or hurt feelings, and Abby stormed out.

Over the phone, Victor ordered his legal team to negate any sales caused by the virus, and Victoria made calls to reassure key customers. Jack entered, and Victor threatened to throw him out. Jack announced that he didn't want any of Newman's subsidiaries, but Billy hadn't listened to him, and he was counting on Victoria to talk Billy down. Victor grumbled not to waste her breath, but Victoria wanted to try, and she headed out. Jack expected Victor to thank him for the favor.

Victor said it wouldn't happen, and Jack suggested that Victor apologize for assuming the Abbotts had been behind Paragon. Victor wondered if Jack was there to watch Newman fail, but Jack contended that he wanted to end the insanity for the sake of their families. Victor proclaimed that there would never be peace between them, since he felt in his gut that someone close to the Abbotts had been involved in the plot.

Victoria arrived at Jabot, and Billy quipped that Victor had sent in the cavalry. Billy told Victoria to take her best shot to show him the error of his ways, but she thought he already knew that what he was doing was wrong. Billy reasoned that a stranger would buy Newman's assets if Jabot didn't, but Victoria retorted that he couldn't plead ignorance, since he was aware that the deals weren't legitimate. Billy countered that his legal team didn't agree, and Victoria thought he was getting a high from beating her father, just like the thrill Billy had gotten from gambling. She warned that Billy was an accessory to Ian's crime, but Billy expected that Victor would have gone on a buying spree if the same thing had happened to Jabot, and he imagined that Victoria would have found a million reasons to defend Victor.

Chelsea rushed in and said she needed to talk to Billy about Adam, but Victoria griped that they didn't have time to deal with Chelsea, since they had a crisis. Chelsea insisted that Billy needed to hear what she had to say, but Victoria ordered her to leave. Chelsea blurted out that Adam was alive, and Billy asked if it was a sick joke. Chelsea revealed that Adam was alive and in town -- and calling himself Gabriel Bingham. A murderous look crossed Billy's face.

Jack taunted that Victor thought the whole world was against him, and Phyllis entered and remarked that Victor's enemies were everywhere. She commented that it had been a very big puzzle, but she had the last piece, and things were starting to make sense. Phyllis announced that Adam wasn't dead, and Victor called the idea absurd. Phyllis recognized that it sounded impossible, but she insisted that Victor's son was alive.

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